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neigh adj.
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(a) Near (in space), nearby; close together; adjacent, surrounding; ~ costes, borders; to ~, too close together; ~ biside, near; fer and ~, ~ and fer (wid), far and near, near and far; -- often as metrical filler with reduced meaning; (b) near (in time), soon to come, approaching, imminent; weies ~, immediate means; (c) sup. neighest, next in a series.
(a) Near by kinship, friendship, or allegiance; also fig.; ~ kin, ~ kinrede, ~ kinnes-man, ~ sibbe, ~ cosine, close relative; ~ of blood, ~ of linage, ~ of allie, close by blood or kinship; (b) in various fig. senses: near, close, friendly; reconciled (with sb.); ~ cause, proximate cause.
As quasi-prep.: close to (sb. or sth.), near; intimate with (sb.), familiar to; comp. closer to (sb. or sth.); more in accord with (sb.) [quot.: (c1450)]; ful ~, very near (sth.); ~ that, on the point of (doing sth.), about to (do sth.).