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mō̆rwe-tīde n.
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Definitions (Senses and Subsenses)

(a) The dawn, daybreak; early morning; forenoon; houre of ~, the canonical hour of matins; (b) at ~, in the ~, upon a ~, in the morning, at dawn; ayen the ~, toward daybreak; in that ~, in the forenoon, during that morning; fro ~, from morning (until night); on the ~, on the next morning; (c) ech ~, every morning; that ~, on a given morning; during a period between midnight and sunrise; the ~, in the morning; at dawn; (d) ~ fasting, abstinence from food in the morning; ~ light, tomorrow's daylight; the morning light, the next day; ~ sterres, morning stars; ~ wacche, the morning watch, the period between midnight and dawn.
The next day; ~ dai; thridde ~, the third day.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1450(1438)GLeg.Assump.Virgin (GiL112) (Eg 876) 564/48 : The palme shined wonderly bryght and the tree therof was al grene, but the leues therof shyned as morted sterres.
  • Note: Editor: "morted: a reduced form for morwtide, not recorded in MED." Cf. sense 1.(d) ~ sterres.
    Note: New spelling.