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mọ̄d n.
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(a) Mind as opposed to body; also, translating L animus, mens: mind as that constituent of the soul possessing the faculties of knowing, understanding, etc.; mid mod, in the mind or heart, intellectually; (b) the mind as governing instincts, thoughts, etc.; ben of on mod, to be of one mind, be loyal or supportive; ben of other mod, think otherwise; man of o mod, one who is congenial or of kindred spirit; (c) the seat of man's spiritual life, religious beliefs, moral consciousness, etc.; bothe in herte and ek in mod, in heart and mind, deeply; mid alle mod, with herte and mod, whole-heartedly; (d) haven in mod, to keep (sth.) in mind, remember; hit com him on mod, it came to his mind (that sth. is so); hit ranne in mod, it occurred to (somebody's) mind (how sb. did sth.); hit was on his mod, he wished (to do sth.); thinken in mod, intend (to do sth.); (e) bithinken in mod, to consider in (one's) mind; monen in mod, think about (sth.); thinken on (upon) mod, think (sth.), think about (sth.); -- often with clause; refl. umthinken in mod, reflect in (one's) mind; wenen on mod, think of (sth.) in (one's) mind; (f) chaungen (turnen, wenden) mod, to change (one's) mind; turnen his (hire) mod, convert him (her); turnen (wenden) mod, turn (one's) mind (to God, etc.); (g) mengen mod [see mengen 6. (c)]; menged is mi mod, I am confused; merren (merveillen) mod, to trouble or upset (somebody's) mind [see also merren 4. (a), merveillen 2. (a)]; meven mod [see meven 4. (d)]; (h) a thought, thoughts; a way of thinking, frame of mind.
(a) The seat of emotions, feelings, etc.; heart; in mod, in heart; also, truly, sincerely, genuinely; with mod, passionately, intensely; modes wille, heart's desire, will of the heart; mod and main, heart and strength, heart and mind; (b) amenden (menden, turnen, wenden) mod, to have a change of heart; mengen mod, stir up (somebody's) heart.
(a) Character, personality, disposition, temperament; heigh (mek, milde, povre, stille) of mod, arrogant (humble, kind, pleasing, merciful, peaceful, etc.) in disposition; (b) an individual of a certain character; (c) the state of a person's feelings or spirits at a given time, frame of mind, temper, mood; blithe (egre, loue, mad, mighti, milde) of mod, happy (grim, confounded, etc.) in spirits; (d) amenden mod, to improve (one's) spirits, cheer up; chaungen mod, change in mood; change (one's) spirits; also, change (somebody's) attitude; menden mod, raise (somebody's, one's own) spirits; mengen mod, upset (somebody's) feelings [see also mengen 6. (c)]; mesen mod, ease (somebody's) mind; remuen mod, change (somebody's) mood or attitude. [It is sometimes difficult to distinguish 3. (a) and (b) from 2. (a), to which some quotes here may belong.]
(a) Manners, mien; appearance; ?also, a feature; (b) ?conduct, behavior; (c) speech, words; also, that which is written.
(a) Wish, desire; will; a purpose or intention; also, strength of will; ayen (his) mod, against his will; god modes, good will; mod and main; (b) in adv. phrases: with (main) mod, in earnest, with determination; in (with) mod and main, in mod and might, with main (might) and mod, fervently, earnestly; faithfully, zealously; with determination; -- ?sometimes used as a verse tag [quot.: ?c1375].
(a) Courage, vigor, high spirit; with main and mod, in a spirited manner, vigorously; (b) pride, arrogance; audacity, presumption; (c) grief, sorrow; distress.
(a) Anger, wrath; (b) battle fury; a fit of rage in battle or fighting; (c) fecchen (pekken) mod, to be incensed, become angry.
An undertaking, a venture.
In cpds. & combs.: mod care (sorwe), sorrow, grief; mod leste, pusillanimity, timidity; aðel mod, blithe mod, dreri mod, ed mod, ethe mod, lang-mode, orgel mod, over mod, sori mod, tholemode, q.v.