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lō̆ken v.(1)
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(a) To secure (a door, gate, etc.) with lock and key; lock the entrance to (a sepulcher); (b) to lock the lid of (a chest or the like).
(a) To lock (sb.) in a dwelling, prison, or the like; ~ up; also, lock (a dead body) in a sepulcher; ~ under ston, entomb (sb.); (b) fig. ~ under a keie, to imprison (sb.) emotionally; ppl. loked, securely established.
(a) To lock (sth.) in a container; ~ up; (b) fig.; (c) ~ up, to hold (sth.) in safekeeping or concealment (from sb.).
(a) To fasten (parts of armor) together; ~ togeder, join (parts of a flower) together; shut (the eyes); (b) fig. to join (hearts) together, link; (c) of persons: to embrace (each other).
(a) To shut (sb.) in a place, hem in; ~ in; (b) ~ withinnen, to enclose (sth.) within (something else); (c) ~ out, to turn or keep (sb.) out (of a place).
Phrase: ~ alleluia, to discontinue the singing of Alleluia at Septuagesima.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1450(1408) Vegetius(1) (Dc 291)96/8 : Halfendel profites of þe ʒiftes..þat kniʒtes and sowdiours resceyued for her trauaille..schuld ben sikerliche sequestred and loken vp vndir þe principal standard, and þere it schulde be treuliche ykept.
  • Note: Need date in 2b.(c)
    Note: !Quot. already taken under louken v.(1) 1.(d)--JL