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līthen v.(1)
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(a) Of a ship: to sail; (b) of persons: to sail, travel by sea; (c) forth ~, to sail out; ~ thider, sail thither; comen ~, come sailing.
(a) To travel, journey; (b) ~ forth, to journey forth, depart; ~ hider (thider), travel hither (thither); ~ into, travel to and into (a place); ~ to, travel to (a person or place); ~ togeder(es, ~ tosamen, come together, assemble; -- also refl.
(a) To go, come, walk; comen ~, come walking or striding; ~ forth, go on, rush past; ~ to, go to (sth.); march against (sb.); ~ togeder, rush together, meet in combat; ~ tosamen, come together, be reconciled; (b) of spears: to fly; of love: come about, exist, be.