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list n.(2)
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(a) Desire, wish, will; longing, craving; sexual desire or appetite; also, evil or immoral desire; listes of love, desires of love; (b) at (on, to) ~, at (one's) will or pleasure; as (one) chooses; when (one) pleases; at your ~, to your will; cacchne ~, to take a notion to (do sth.); haven his ~, do his will, have his way; haven ~ to (forto), desire or want (sth.), desire or want to (do sth.); mid (with, bi) ~, eagerly, willingly; of hire fre ~, of her free will.
Pleasure, joy; enjoyment; also, a source of pleasure or joy; mid ~, with pleasure, gladly; haven ~ to (in), to take pleasure in (sth.), enjoy (sth.).