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lēr(e adj.(1)
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(a) Of receptacles, vessels, grains, and the like: empty, having no content; of a house: unoccupied, vacant; (b) of a hawk: empty-stomached; (c) of the body:?depleted of humors; (d) of branches or boughs: bare.
(a) Of a country or land: cleared (of certain people); (b) of an ecclesiastical office: without an incumbent; (c) of persons: empty-handed, without any possessions.
Useless, worthless, unnecessary.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1400(c1303) Mannyng HS (Hrl 1701)7853 : Hyt was a lore [vr. ler; F void] vessel, An empty vessel þat marked was From þe and þyne, syre Satanas.
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