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lēnen v.(3)
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(a) To give or grant (sth.) to (sb.); give to (the poor); pay (tribute); give, be generous; ~ to, give (sth.) to (sb.); (b) to give (sb. a woman) in marriage; (c) to grant or give (sb. strength, good will, love, etc.); spare (the life of sb.); give (sb.) permission, allow; give (law), afford (shade), allow (a longer time) for repayment of a loan; ~ love in, give (one's) love to (sth.); (d) to give (sb. a blow), address (words) to (sb.), shoot (an arrow) at (sb.); ~ livere (to, assault (sb.); (e) to offer (sb. one's hand); ~ ere to, lend an ear to (someone's voice), listen to.
With God, Christ, the Virgin Mary, Fortune, etc., as agent: (a) to bestow (money, wealth, possessions) on (sb.); give (the earth) to (mankind); -- often with contextual implication that the gift is temporary [cp. sense 3.]; godes lent, good things given or lent; lent lone, a lent loan, a transitory gift; (b) to give (sb. a quality, condition, faculty, etc.); grant (sb. grace, life, light, joy, strength, wit, a favorable wind, etc.); bestow (grace, light); ~ of, give (sb.) a portion of (light); ~ to, give (life) to (the dead); ~ with, endow (sb.) with (grace), reward (sb.) with (sorrow); (c) to grant or permit (sb. to do or be sth.); grant (that sb. do or be sth., that sth. happen or not happen, etc.).
(a) To lend (money or goods) to (sb.); lend (money or goods), lend to (sb.); lend, be a moneylender; also fig.; ~ to, lend (sth.) to (sb.), make a loan to (sb.), lend (sth.) for (a purpose); ~ a wed, make a loan against something, something pledged as security; (b) to grant the temporary use or services of (sth. or sb.) to (sb.); entrust (sth.) to (sb.), commit (sth.) to (sb.) for safekeeping; (c) ppl. as noun: something lent.
(a) To sell (sth. to sb.), sell to (sb.); (b) to borrow (money or goods); (c) to receive (love, permission), obtain; (d) to exchange (money); (e) math. to be borrowed from in subtraction; ten to ~, ten to spare, ten in addition.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500(c1410) Dives & P.(Htrn 270)2.203 : Holy chirche dampnyth it in hem þat lendyn up usure but nout in hem þat borwyn for nede.
  • Note: New phrase