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lemman n.
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A loved one of the opposite sex: (a) a paramour, lover; haven (taken) to (unto) ~, to accept (sb.) as a paramour, lover; (b) a concubine; (c) a betrothed lover; (d) a wife; haven to ~, to have (sb.) as wife.
A spiritually beloved one: (a) a believer in Christ, redeemed soul; a bride of Christ, esp. a female saint vowed to chastity; desiren to ~, to desire (sb.) as a spiritually beloved one; (b) the Virgin Mary; (c) God, Christ; chesen (loven) crist to ~, to accept (cherish) Christ as lover; (d) fig. a personified abstraction.
As a term of intimate address to one's audience, a friend, paramour, spouse, Christ: beloved one, dear one, darling, sweetheart.