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leiser n.
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(a) An opportune time, opportunity, chance, occasion; with ~, as occasion arises; (b) possibility, ability; at ~, unhindered; (c) reason, cause.
(a) Time free from other duties, available time; at (more) ~, free (freer) from other duties, unoccupied (less occupied); at his ~, when he can find time, at his convenience; of ~, having time available; (b) an allowance of time, respite; time for consideration; at ful (god, long) ~, bi (god) ~, with full deliberation; (c) time, a space of time; at (grete) ~, of ~, at length, taking plenty of time; at more ~, at greater length; (d) lack of hurry; at (god) ~, bi (of) ~, without haste, taking one's own time.