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lāter(e adj. (comparative)
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Note: Cp. lat(e, last(e.
(a) Less early, later; produced, originating, born, brought out, uttered, coming, or occurring at a later time; of ~ date (yeres), of later date (years), more recent; (b) ~ ende, the latter part of a period of time; the conclusion of one's life, a state or condition, a poem, a religious service; bi the ~ ende, in the conclusion or outcome; oure ladi ~ dai, the ~ seint marie dai, seint marie dai the ~, the later feast of St. Mary, the Feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, September 8; (c) second, latter; ~ come, the Second Coming; ~ mete, a meal served after the regular meal, second table; holi rode dai the ~, the latter feast of the Cross, Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, September 14; as noun: the latter; (d) more recent; ~ lede, a latecomer; (e) slower.
(a) Farther in space; ?also, lower; ~ ende, the latter or last part; (b) most distant; (c) farther on in a book, passage, or sentence; as noun: a word occurring farther on.