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lāden v.
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(a) To supply (a ship or vehicle with cargo, provisions, supplies, etc.), fill, load; (b) ppl. laden, of ships, vehicles, etc.: loaded (with men or things), charged; of trees or branches: loaded (with fruits); also fig.; fraught and laden; lasted and laden; -- with of or with; whete laden, loaded with wheat; (c) ppl. laden, loaded with food, stuffed; (d) ppl. laden, burdened (with old age, hardships, and the like).
(a) To load (cargo) on a vessel; stock (merchandise or goods); (b) to ship (sth.), transport.
(a) To pile up (sth.), heap; (b) to cover (sb. or sth. with sth.); overspread (a dish with sth.).
(a) To draw (water); ~ out, draw out (water), bail out; also, drain off (water); ~ up, draw out (water), scoop up; (b) lade-bolle, ?a bowl for dipping up liquid; (c) of a ship: to allow (water) to leak in.