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jeuel n.
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(a) A valuable object, a treasure; something made usually of precious metal, gems, etc.; (b) collective pl.: treasures; (c) a piece of decorative jewelry, jeweled ornament; fig. a city; (d) a precious stone, gem; (e) a testicle.
(a) Something valued for religious, magical, or human reasons; fair ~ is god neighebor; (b) a beautiful artefact, good piece of workmanship; -- also, iron. of an instrument of torture; (c) a beloved person, admirable woman; -- also coll.
(a) A gift, present, bribe; (b) a bauble, toy.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (1460-65) Acc.St.Andrew Hubbard in BMag.31395 : Item, for a baskett to put in the Juellys.
Note: Not clear what sort of church-related jewels (treasures? relics? donations?) are in view.