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arnement n.
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Note: Cp. atrament.
(a) A black coloring matter or pigment; black ink; (b) a pigment used in glass painting; prob., ferric oxide [cp. Knowles in Antiq.50].
Med. Vitriol; iron sulphate, copper sulphate, or a mixture of the two: (a) used externally for its corrosive and astringent properties; poudre of ~; (b) used as an emetic and cathartic; (c) used as a suppository.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500 Sln.122 Artist.Recipes (Sln 122) 112/24 : To make ynke Lombard..sethe þyn water with 3 vnces of arnement, and kepe þe waters eche be hemself.
  • a1500 Ashm.1393 Artist.Recipes (Ashm 1393) 158/22 : Forto make blak water..Tak li. .ij. of alren ryndis..and li. .j. of arnement roche, and poune well.
  • Note: Clarke's gloss = 'green vitriol (iron sulphate)'.