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imāken v.
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(a) To make (sth. from a material or materials); make or fashion (sth.); (b) to erect (a castle, city, etc.), construct; lay out (paths or walks); (c) to build (a fire with combustibles); prepare (a dish, food, medication, etc., from ingredients); ppl. ima(ke)d, cooked, made; also, fig.
(a) To beget (descendants); (b) to transform into (sth.); ~ of, make (a bird) from (an egg), etc.; (c) of God: to create (heaven, earth, angels, man, etc.); ppl. ima(ke)d, created; (d) ppl. ima(ke)d, of living creatures, bodily parts, substances, natural phenomena: formed; composed (of parts, elements, or components); of apparitions, fantasies: raised (by magic); wel ima(ke)d, of persons, features: well-formed, well-shaped.
(a) To compose (a tale, psalm, tune); write (a gospel); concoct (a falsehood); (b) to draw up (a document, will, deed, charter, etc.); write (a letter); (c) to formulate (a rule).
(a) To cause (sb. to do sth.); also, constrain, compel; (b) to cause (sb.) to be (glad, guilty, rich, spiritually healthy, at ease, etc.); make (a door shut, an oil thick, etc.); (c) to cause (sb. or sth.) to be or become (sth.); turn (sb.) into (a beast); change (the heart); ~ to, turn (God) into (a man); (d) ppl. of officials: appointed, installed, constituted; crowned as (king), ordained as (canon), dubbed as (knight), etc.; also fig.
(a) To perform (an action, a ceremony); accomplish (sth.); make (an assault), render (an accounting), say (a prayer); do (penance); make (an agreement, a pledge); etc.; (b) to bring about (peace).
(a) To arrange (sth.), plan; plot (a conspiracy); (b) to prepare (a bed, seat) for use, make; ~ berd, trim or dress (one's) beard; fig. cheat or delude (sb.).