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hōr(e n.(1)
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(a) Physical filth; dirt, mud, slime, etc.; werpen ~, to defecate; (b) moral foulness, corruption, sin; alre horene ~, sin of all sins, worst of sins; tonges ~, slander; withouten ~, immaculate; (c) in place names [see Smith PNElem. 1.263].

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1450 Treat.Horses (Sln 2584)109/331 : Fike is an euel þat wol gendri in hore of hym.
  • a1450 Treat.Horses (Sln 2584)109/334 : A fyke..is neysche gaderynge of humorus of rede colour or of blo colour or blak with-oute hooro spryngynges oute of þe skyn in þe manere of a rype fyge.
  • Note: New sense: humor, mucus

Supplemental Materials (draft)

Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. hore.