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heuen v.(1)
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(a) To chop (sth.), cut, hew; esp. to chop (trees), cut down; -- also intrans.; ~ a)doun, cut down (a tree, a wood); ~ in (on, upon), chop (sth.), cut into; ~ of (awei), cut off (a limb); ~ up, remove (a tree) by cutting; ~ to pece(s, cut or chop (sth.) to bits; ben i)hewed, of a tree: be pruned severely, be mutilated; up ihewe, removed by hewing; (b) in prov.; (c) to dismember or mutilate (sb., a part of the body); dress (an animal), cut up (a fish); ~ of, cut off (the head, hand, etc.); ~ asonder, ~ a (in) two, ~ to (in, on) peces, etc.; (d) to tear (sth.) with the teeth or tusks; (e) to strike (fire from a flint); (f) fig. to grieve (sb.); cut (love in two); of the tongue: be cutting; ~ up, destroy (sb.); ~ upon, think about (sth.) bitterly or violently; etc.
(a) To shape (wood) by hewing; cut (timbers, firewood) into lengths; -- also intrans.; (b) to hew (rock or stone); shape or quarry (stone); hew (a sepulcher, etc.) from stone; ~ in, ~ out; carve (tablets) out of stone; build (sth.) with stone; -- also intrans.; heuen ston, hewn or shaped stone; ~ on, hew at (a stone); clene heuen, q.v.; (c) to chop up (food), shred, mince; ben heuen as smal as flesh to the pot.
To cut or strike with a weapon in combat; cut (sb. or sth.) with a weapon; ~ of, strike off (an arm, etc.); ~ on, strike (sb. or sth.), strike at, attack; ~ togeder(es, fight; ~ doun, ~ upon, ~ to deth, ~ to pece(s, etc.
?In place names [see Smith PNElem. 1.246].