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hem-self pron.
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Note: Cp. hem pron. & self.
Emphatic pl. pron., having the same referent as the subject: themselves: (a) as appositive to the subject of a clause; (b) as reflexive object of a verb, inf., or ger.; (c) as object of a prep.; (d) as dative of interest.
Emphatic pl. pron. used independently: (a) as subject of a clause: they themselves; (b) as object of a verb, or an impersonal verb: themselves; (c) as object of a prep.: themselves.
Without companions, alone; ~ alone; ~ two (twein), just the two of them; bi ~, by themselves, separately; with ~, unaided.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1475 Sidrak & B.(Lnsd 793)4234 : If þe flewmes be swete..Sle þei and hemself spring And lordshipe þei haue..Ouer þe humours.
  • Note: Prob. add to 2.(a)--per REL
  • a1450(a1396) Hilton CPerf.(Paris angl.41)13/196 : And ʒit also be-war of hem þat seyen hem-silf han gete þe spirit of fredom, and þat þei han so myche grace of loue þat þei may lyue as hem lust.
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