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hāten v.
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(a) To feel hatred for (sb.); -- also intr.; ~ in (with) herte; ~ to deth, ~ dedli, have a mortal hatred for (sb.); (b) to hate (sth.), loathe; dislike (sth.) intensely; strongly disapprove of; ~ dedli, ~ in herte; (c) to have little regard for (sb. or sth.); despise, scorn, regard with contempt; (d) to be reluctant (to do sth.).
(a) To show hatred toward (sb.); assail, punish, persecute; speak out against, revile; ?to fight, do battle [quot.: Tristrem]; henen and ~, humiliate (oppress) and assail; ppl. as noun: hatend, an enemy (to sb.); (b) to injure or destroy (sth.); (c) to shun (sth.), avoid; refrain from; (d) of things: to be naturally incompatible with (sth.).