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halwen v.
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(a) To make (sb. or sth.) holy, sanctify, hallow; also, purify ceremonially; ~ fro, cleanse (sth.) from impurities; (b) ppl. as noun: one who is sanctified.
(a) To honor (God, His name, etc.) as holy; (b) to treat (sb., a name) with great honor or respect.
(a) To consecrate ritually (a church, a place, an object, etc.), bless; (b) to consecrate (the eucharistic elements); (c) ~ in (to) a name, to consecrate (a church or image) with the name of a saint or heathen god; (d) to consecrate or ordain (sb.) in an office; ~ to, ordain (sb.) as (archbishop), anoint (sb.) as (king).
(a) To dedicate or set apart (sb. or sth.) to God or His service; (b) to dedicate (sth.) to heathen gods or sacrifices; (c) to sacrifice (sb.).
To keep (a day, a period of time) holy, observe or celebrate (a festival): (a) with obj.; (b) without obj.
(a) To celebrate (a marriage ceremony); (b) to solemnize (a burial); perform (funeral rites); (c) to observe with solemnity (the performance or memory of a tragedy); (d) to hold (a church council).
Cpd.halwe the dai, ?one who was excused from work to keep a holy day.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (a1387) Trev.Higd.(StJ-C H.1)6.301 : I praye þat it greve ʒow nouʒt…þeyʒ I telle ʒow openliche what haþ longe tyme i-halowed [Hrl: walwed; Tbr: ywalwed] in myn herte.
  • Note: New spelling
    Note: L volutavit
    Note: error for walwen