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half adv.
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Note: Cp. n. & adj.
To the extent or amount of half, half, half-; also, to a partial extent or degree, partially: (a) with an infinitive or a finite verb; slen hem ~, to kill half of them; (b) with ppl.: ~ brent, half burned; ~ changed, half naturalized; ~ cocte, half boiled; ~ rosted, half roasted; ~ soden [OE healf-soden], half boiled; etc.; hit was ~ gon prime, the period of prime (6:00 A.M. -9:00 A.M.) was half over; (c) with an adj. or adj. phr.: ~ alive, ~ lives, half alive; ~ circuler, ~ round, semicircular; ~ courteis, partially refined; ~ ded [OE healf-dēad], half dead; ~ double feste, a church festival having two vespers, nine lessons in matins, and ending with compline; ~ ful, half full; ~ mad, ~ wod, half mad; ~ naked [OE healf-nacod], half naked; ~ quik [OE h(e)alf-cwic], half alive; ~ of corage, ~ hertus, half-hearted; etc.; (d) with an adv., adv. phr., or adv. cl.; ~ so; (e) in the correlative ~..~ or ~..halvendel; -- joining nouns, adjectives, ppls., phrases.
In surnames & place names.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1425 *Medulla (Stnh A.1.10)59b/a : Semiminus: half lesese.
  • Note: New comb.: 1.(c) ~ lesse, ?less by half.
  • a1425(?a1400) PCounsel.(Hrl 674)149/20 : Lateþ be ʒoure manly obieccions, ʒe half-mekyd soulys.
  • Note: New comb.