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grāven v.(1)
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(a) To bury (a corpse), place (sb.) in a grave; fig. to swallow up (a damned soul); (b) to put (sth.) under the ground, cover with earth, bury; plant (grain); fig. obscure (light); ~ in grene, cover (sb.) with grass.
(a) To dig (a pit, cave, etc.), hollow out, excavate; dig, dig a hole; ~ doun; (b) to dig up (pieces of turf); ~ up, dig up (sth.), take out of the ground; also, dig up (earth); also fig.; (c) to dig the surface of the ground; cultivate (land); (d) to tear (the hands); ~ out, gouge out (an eye).
(a) To carve or engrave (metal, stone, etc.); decorate (sth.) with carvings or inscriptions; carve, work as a carver or engraver; ~ in, carve or engrave (steel, stone, etc.); (b) to inlay (sth. with gold or gems); (c) to carve or sculpture (a figure, statue), make (a die, seal) by carving or engraving; portray (sth.) by carvings; graven image, an idol; graven thing, an idol; also, any carved or engraved object; (d) to incise (words, letters, marks in metal or stone); ?also, write; (e) fig. to make an impression on (the heart or mind); imprint (sth. in the heart), fix (faith in sb., in one's mind); make (an impression).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (a1399) Oath Bk.Colchester7 : Un Graneston de ix pees.
  • Note: ?New cpd.
    Note: p.ppl. graue?--per REL
    Note: Quot. already used under grāve-stōn n. & stōn n.--JL