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glouen v.(1)
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(a) Of combustibles, fire: to radiate heat and light without flame, glow with partial combustion; glouing glede, a glowing ember; ~ as a glede, glow as an ember; also fig.; ~ red, glow red with heat; (b) of souls in hell: to suffer the torture of heat; (c) ~ on fir, to catch fire, ignite, burn.
Of metal, tile, etc.: to be heated to a red glow; ~ afir, ~ hot, ~ red, be red-hot; hot-glouing, red-glouing, red-hot.
(a) To shine brightly; ~ as fir (gledes, the sonne); (b) to be brightly colored; bright glowand, brilliantly colored.
(a) To be inflamed with emotion; ~ for anger, burn with anger; (b) of the cheeks: to flush with annoyance; of the ears: turn red because one is being talked about.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?a1425 *MS Htrn.95 (Htrn 95)107a/a : Brenne þe place þat is corupte wiþ ane hote iren & wiþ manie iteraciouns remewe aweie alle þat is corrupte oþer ellis do it aweie wiþ a corrosiue medicine but ane iren glowinge hote is þe better.
  • Note: Additional quote(s) for 2.
  • a1475 *Sidrak & B.(Lnsd 793)4154 : Hise enemyes ben beiþe þerfore And on hise membres ben glowynge sore.
  • Note: Need date
    Note: ?Sense 4.(a) with added gl.--per MJW
    Note: *Trin-C (in BMP; photostat available) has 'on his men ben gloweynge sore', with men for membres a few lines above, too.--MJW