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gleuen v.(2)
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(a) To stick (things) together with some mucilaginous substance; ~ togeder(es; stick or fasten (sth. to a place), stick (sth.) to a surface; ~ with, cover (a surface) with parchment by gluing it on; (b) ~ ifere (in fere), to blend (liquids) in a mixture; ~ togeder, mix (ingredients); (c) ~ ayen, of particles of soil: to become stuck together; (d) fig. to implant (an error); ~ on, fasten (a name) on (sb.), give (sb. a name); ~ to, ~ with, join (sb., the soul) to (another, another's soul) with the power of love.
Med. & surg. (a) To reunite (the lips of a wound, the broken ends of a fracture); close up or seal (openings in the body); have a conglutinating effect; (b) to bind or constipate (the bowels).
To smear or daub (sth. with a sticky substance); calk (a vessel, a window).
(a) To smear (sth.) with birdlime; (b) fig. to snare or implicate (oneself); entangle (persons).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500 Cmb.Ee.1.13 Artist.Recipes (Cmb Ee.1.13) 112/10 : To mak a siment to glew al maner stonis. Take virgyn wex and rosyn elich moch, and put hem in a scherd, [etc.].
  • Note: Additional quote, sense 1.(a).