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gessen v.
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(a) To infer (sth.) from observation, etc.; perceive, find out; ~ in, ~ of, perceive (sth.) in (sb.), suspect; (b) with clause as obj.: to conclude (that sth. is true or will happen); perceive (that sth. is true); predict (sth.); (c) to form an opinion, judge; decide (which of alternatives is best); pass judgment on (sb.); discern (between good and evil); ~ jugement, pass judgment; putten to ~, leave (sth.) to the verdict (of sb.); (d) ?impers. til the ~, until it seems to you, until you perceive or judge.
(a) To evaluate (sth.); estimate the number, greatness, importance, speed, or height of (sth.); to estimate (the size, number, amount, value, or greatness of sth.); (b) to make an estimate; (for) to ~, by estimate, approximately; (as) I gesse, according to my estimate; (c) to consider (sth.) to be (sth.), regard (sth.) as (sth.); regard (a place) as (strong), suppose (sb. drunk), consider (sth. worthy), etc.; ~ as, regard (sb.) as (sth.); ~ lik, compare (sb. to sth.); ~ with, reckon (sb.) among (a class of people); (d) ~ to, to add (sth.) without exact measurement.
(a) To assume or suppose (that sth. is true), guess; guess (whether sth. will happen), etc.; -- with clause or inf. phr. as obj.; (b) to suppose, think, guess; to ~, no doubt, I suppose; (as) I gesse, as I can (do) ~, etc.; -- often as a mere tag to fill out a line or provide a rime; (c) to conceive of (sth.), imagine; believe (that sth. is true); dream (sth.); (d) to suspect (sb.); (e) ~ upon, to impute (sth.) to (sb.).
(a) To plan (to do sth.), ordain (sb. to do sth.); decide to make (sth.); intend (malice); (b) ~ to, to aim at (sb.).