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gēren v.
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(a) To prepare or equip (oneself); prepare (a corpse for burial); ~ aweiward, prepare (oneself) to go away; (b) to equip (oneself) for fighting, arm (oneself); (c) to dress (sb., oneself); ppl. gered, clothed (in a certain manner); (d) to ornament (sth.), adorn; (e) ppl. gered, ?parti-colored.
(a) To make (sth.); (b) to cause (sth.), bring about, produce; do (sth.); (c) with adj. or ppl.: to make (the heart glad), get (sb. armed or shriven); (d)?to come into being.
As auxiliary or quasi-auxiliary: (a) with inf.: to cause (sth. to be done), have (sth. done), order (sth. done); ~ maken, have (sth.) made; don and ~ don, do and have done; sufferen and ~ sufferen, permit and cause to be permitted; (b) with inf. having a personal subject: to cause (sb. to do sth.), make or compel (sb. to do or experience sth.); lead (sb. to do sth.); (c) with inf. having an animal or a thing as subject: to cause or make (sth. do or suffer sth.); cause (a command to be carried out).
To treat (sb. in a certain manner).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1325(c1250) Gen.& Ex.(Corp-C 444)138 : Sunne, and mone, and ilc sterre bright..He settes in ðe firmament..Ðe seuene he bad on fligte faren, And toknes ben and times garen.
  • Note: We don't have this sense--per MJW
    Note: Ed. gl.: 'show' show the time.
    Note: Quot. already under 2.(b) 'to cause (sth.), bring about, produce; do (sth.)'--JL