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gā̆ngen v.
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(a) Of persons, animals: to walk, travel on foot, go; ~ abouten, wander from place to place; (b) comen ganging, to come walking; riden and ~, ride and walk; speken and ~, talk and walk, pass out of infancy; ganging beste, an animal that walks, ?any land animal; ganging fot, a walking foot; fig. an active person; (c) ~ gate(s, to go (one's) way, depart; ~ message, go on an errand; (d) of persons, animals, things: to move; ride, climb, crawl, fly, etc.; of a plow: move in the field, be in operation; fig. ~ henne, to die; ~ on ground, go on the earth, live; when he mai nought ~, when he is dead; (e) of news: to spread; (f) of money, rent: to come (from a source), be derived or obtained; (g) of the world: to pass (from or into a certain age).
(a) To be or become; ~ gret, ~ with child, be with child, be pregnant; ~ hal and sound, be well and sound; ~ il, fare badly; ~ in clothes, wear clothes; ~ under, submit to (sth.); ~ withouten felaueshipe, be alone; ~ wod, go mad, become insane; (b) to act or do; ~ of mis, do wrong, go astray; ~ thurgh in (with), [Scot.] to go through with (sth.), proceed with, carry out; ~ to putting, engage in putting the stone; ~ quest, hold an inquiry.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1275 *Body & S.(4) (Trin-C B.14.39)92 : Vp a sulen arisen and to dome þange [read: gange].
  • Note: Need form and date, sense 1.(a)
    Note: Need x-ref at thange
  • c1300 SLeg.Magd.(2) (LdMisc 108)144 : Ore louerd..a-mong heom þare gan ʒongue And ʒaf hire is swete blessingue.
  • Note: New spelling ?error