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frẹ̄sen v.
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Of the weather: to be cold enough to freeze water, to be severely cold; it freseth, the frost freseth, it is freezing weather, it freezes.
(a) Of water or water vapor: to turn to ice, freeze; ~ togider [modeled on L con-gelare]; ~ is, freeze to ice; of a body of water: to freeze over; (b) of ice or frost: to form by freezing, to form; (c) to adhere by freezing, freeze (to something).
Phys. & physiol. (a) Of minerals: to become solid, solidify; fig. consolidate, become fixed; (b) of physiol. conditions or processes, or of an activity: to arrest or stop (the flow of blood, pain, a fever); to become immobilized or ineffective.
(a) Of living things: to affect with, or be affected by, cold; to suffer from exposure to severe cold; to perish from cold, freeze to death; also fig.; (b) of the heart as the seat of the emotions: to make unfeeling or callous; the froren, the hard-hearted; of a part of the body: to make numb; (c) of a person: to feel cold or chilly.