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folwen v.
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(a) To come after (something)in space; ~ face, to go forward without looking back; intr. to come after or behind, move later; (b) to come or occur after (something) in time, to succeed (something); intr. to happen later, to occur in succession; (c) to be next after (something); to follow (something in a book, in the zodiac, upon an astrolabe, in a list or enumeration, etc.); (d) to proceed, continue, persevere.
(a) To advance along (a path, etc.); ~ for, ~ steppes, ~ sti; also fig.: ~ fet, ~ steppes, ~ trace(s), ~ treden, to follow in the footsteps (of someone), take as a guide, authority, or model; (b) to be guided by (an authority), to translate (a book); ~ the letter, ~ word bi word, to translate literally; (c) to imitate (someone), follow (an example); to resemble (an ancestor).
(a) Of persons: to accompany (someone); esp., to attend (as disciple, servant, or helper); to follow (a leader in battle); (b) of things, actions, conditions, qualities: to be connected or associated with (something), to belong to, to attend.
(a) To obey or be subservient to (someone); (b) to keep or observe (a rule, a law), to act in accordance with (advice, a command); (c) to accept or approve (an opinion, a desire); (d) to be in accordance with, correspond to, agree with.
(a) To pursue, persecute, or attack (someone); to hunt (a game animal); (b) to follow through, keep on doing; (c) to prosecute (at law); (d) of a disease or vice: to afflict (someone), to seize upon; (e) to urge or prod.
(a) To seek after (something), to seek out (someone); to search for; to strive for (a virtue); (b) to attempt or undertake (a task), compete (for a prize); (c) to reach or arrive at (something); (d) to frequent or engage in (tournaments); to consort with (a woman).
(a) To result from (something), to be caused by, to follow as a consequence; (b) to follow (as a consequence in logic); to be the conclusion of a syllogism; hit folweth, therof folweth, etc.