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fọ̄de n.(1)
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(a) Nourishment or sustenance for the human body or a part of the body; food, provender, provisions; (b) manne(s ~, bodili (lichamli) ~, erthli ~, lives ~, bredes ~, fleshes (fleshli) ~, etc.
(a) Food for animals or birds; bestes ~; (b) pasture; (c) wormes ~, foules ~, food or prey for worms or birds.
aungeles fode, hevenli ~, divine sustenance; esp., manna.
Fig. (a) Spiritual sustenance, comfort, or support; ?salvation; gostli ~, soule(s ~; (b) mental stimulus, emotional satisfaction; hertes ~, (c) fires ~, fuel.

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  • a1425 Swete Ihesu now (Add 37787)45 : Swete ihesu my soule fode, Alle werkes of þe ben gode.
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