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fẹ̄den v.
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(a) To supply (a person, an animal, etc.) with something to eat or drink; to furnish with a meal; to feed; (b) to supply (the young) with milk from the breast; to nurse, suckle; (c) to partake of food and drink; eat and drink; of animals: feed; -- refl. or intr.; (d) to pasture (sheep, etc.).
To serve as food or nourishment to (somebody), to nourish.
(a) To feed (an animal) amply, feed to fatten; fedde foules, well-fed poultry; feding, fattening; (b) to surfeit or pamper (someone); also fig.
(a) To keep (a person, etc.) supplied with food and other necessities; to keep in sustenance or livelihood; sustain, support; feden and fostren; ~ and shrouden (clothen); (b) to support (oneself), gain (one's) livelihood; (c) to nurture, rear, bring up; boren and fed, born and raised.
(a) To provide (a person, the soul) with spiritual nourishment; to nurture, sustain, comfort; (b) to serve as spiritual food to (the soul, etc.), give comfort to (somebody).
(a) To provide (the senses, the heart, etc.) with sensuous or emotional experience; feden eien, feast (one's) eyes; to give pleasure or satisfaction (to someone), satisfy, please; finliche ifed, fully satisfied; (b) refl. take pleasure, enjoy; feden herte upon, feast upon, take pleasure in (something); (c) to fill (someone with joy, grief, etc.).
Miscell. uses: (a) feed or stoke (a fire); (b) kindle (grief); further (one's purpose); (c) lead (someone) on; deceive; ~ forth; (d) baste (a dish); (e) physiol. provide nutrition for (the body); stimulate or produce (phlegm).