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fastnen v.
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Note: Cp. fasten.
(a) To make firm, stable, or stationary; to set or plant firmly in place; to anchor (a boat); (b) to get, or be, stuck (in sand or a bog); also fig.; (c) to cling (to something), be lodged (in something); (d) to establish securely; pass. be established, dwell (in a place); ~ degre, take one's stand; reside.
To attach or tie (to something); put close to (the ground); (b) to tie (a rope or string); tie up (with ropes); (c) to affect (something); inflict (a wound); to put (the blame on someone), to charge (someone with a crime).
(a) To join, combine (things); gather; ~ togeder or in fere; (b) to join or unite (in marriage); (c) to unite (in spirit, in mystic union); (d) to associate (with someone); to include (in a brotherhood); to unify (a people); (e) pass. to be connected (with something), to accompany (an action).
(a) To envelop; to stop up; (b) close up or seal (a wound); enclose or confine (in something).
(a) To make or grow hard or solid; -- usu. pass.; (b) of broken bones: pass. to become solid, knit; (c) harden (the heart).
(a) To make strong, give strength or support; to grow vigorous; a sparke mai festen up fir, a spark may grow into a fire (?start a fire); (b) of a disease: to bring about recovery, to cure.
To fortify (a place); to build (walls, castles) as fortifications.
To strengthen (faith, virtue, love, etc.), make steadfast; (b) to confirm or strengthen (someone in faith, virtue, etc.); (c) to aggravate (an unfavorable condition).
To pledge or promise solemnly; ~ forward, ~ covenant, make a solemn promise or agreement; ~ red, agree to a plot; ~ mid word, pledge one's word; ~ mid mel, ~ mid eien, swear by the Cross, by one's eyes; ~ with hond, confirm a promise with a handshake.
(a) To fix (one's eyes on something); (b) to set (one's heart or attention on something); (c) to fix or keep (in mind); (d) to make up one's mind, decide; (e) fastnen warde, keep watch.