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fasten v.(1)
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Note: Cp. fastnen.
(a) To make firm, stable, or stationary; to place or fix (in position), to plant firmly (in the ground); (b) to establish securely; pass. be established; refl. establish oneself (in a place), stay; (c) solidify, congeal.
(a) To attach or tie (to something); (b) to tie (a rope or string).
To put or place (one thing on or against another): (a) put (one's hand on something); ~ hond, ~ fingers, to grasp or clutch; (b) land (a blow); cast (light on something); (c) to attack (someone or something); ?make contact; (d) bestow (wealth, courage on someone); inflict (suffering).
(a) To join (things together); pass. to interlock; (b) to join or unite (in marriage); ~ ayain, reunite (body and soul); to include (in a brotherhood); -- often pass.
(a) To confine (someone in a place); (b) to secure with fetters, to fetter or shackle; ~ in (with) bondes; also fig.
?To fortify (a place).
(a) To strengthen (the body, the mind); comfort (the heart); (b) to confirm (someone in faith, a virtue, a vice); -- often pass.
To pledge or promise solemnly; ~ treuthes, ~ faith, ~ seurte, ~ covenaunt, make a solemn agreement or promise; ~ pes, make peace by agreement; ~ with hond, confirm with a handshake.
(a) To set (one's heart or thoughts on something); ~ hope, to trust; ~ faith, have faith; refl. become attached (to a vice); (b) to fix or keep (something in mind); (c) to make up one's mind, decide.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?a1425(?a1350) Castleford Chron.(Göt Hist 740)22199 : Adint on arthur for to feste. Arthur his schelde bitwix þam keste.
  • Note: New gloss for 1.(a) to plant or drive home (a blow)--per MLL
  • a1425 HBk.GDei (Hnt HM 148)85/14 : Yhitt thynk how he [Christ] was strenned on þe croice þat layd was on þe erth..and to þat tree he on lay, what þai festented him with iren nailes.
  • Note: New spelling

Supplemental Materials (draft)

Note: Removed 2nd quot. under 2.(a) Bestiary 417, per slip--JL