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fal n.
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(a) Physical descent from a higher to a lower position; a fall, a drop; fal doun; also fig.; (b) fal of water, a waterfall; (c) fal windou, a shutter so hinged at the bottom that it can be dropped.
Descent from spiritual grace or moral rectitude; transgression, a lapse (into sin).
(a) Descent from prosperity or high estate; a decline in fortune, misfortune; haven a fal; also fig.; (b) whatever befalls or happens; fate.
A falling to the ground from a standing or riding position; also, a dropping dead.
The striking down (of a person) to the ground; also, the condition of being brought to the ground or overcome in conflict; defeat or destruction; yeven a fal.
Collapse, destruction, or ruin (of buildings, etc.).
A lineal measure of land shorter than a rod; also, the corresponding square measure. [See Craigie DOS fall n. (1).]
A jocular 'proper term' for a covey (of woodcocks).

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Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. fall.