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ē̆verī pron.
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Note: Cp. ever & ech.
As attrib. adj.
Stressing inclusiveness, totality: (a) one and all, everyone (of a class or group); (b) withouten everi, without any whatever.
Stressing inclusiveness as to kind or manner: every kind of, any kind of.
Stressing the discreteness or individuality of the several entities constituting a whole, a class, a group, or a series: (a) each; every single (person, blow, etc.); al and everi, one and all, all without exception; (b) each or either (of two); (c) everi dai, eridai, every day, once a day, daily, per day; day after day, constantly; everi yer, every year, once a year, annually; year after year.
Noun phrases and adv. phrases: (a) everi a before a noun = everi; (b) everi (a) bodi, everybody; (c) everi (a) del, q.v.; (d) everi (a) grot, every bit, every single one; completely; (e) everi kin or kindes, every kind of; (f) everi man, everybody, everyone; (g) everi maner (of), every or any kind of; every, any; (h) everich-on, q.v.; (i) everi thing, q.v.; (j) everi throwe, all the time; (k) everi weies, in all possible dimensions; (1) everi whil, at all times, always; (m) everi whitherward, in every direction; (n) everiwho, everyone; (o) everi wight, q.v.
Prep. phrases: (a) bi ~ wei, in every direction, everywhere; (b) in ~ ende (halve, place, side, stede), in every quarter, everywhere; (c) in ~ houre (time), everi houre, at all times, always; (d) in ~ parte, everi part, in every particular, in every respect; (e) on ~ ende (halve, parte, side, stede), on all sides, in every quarter, everywhere.
As noun.
Stressing inclusiveness or totality: (a) everyone; (b) both.
Stressing discreteness, separateness: (a) each one, each one separately; anyone; (b) each of the two, either one; (c) al and everi, one and all, all without exception.
everi..other, each one..the other(s; each other, one another: (a) of more than two; (b) of two.