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ēven adj.
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(a) Of a surface: level or flat; smooth; (b) horizontal; perpendicular.
On the same level; level (with the ground); in line or alignment, flush.
(a) Straight; even line, straight line; (b) even gut, the rectum.
Equal (in number, magnitude, quantity, degree, or measure).
Math. Of numbers: even, not odd.
Of a paste: of uniform consistency or texture, smooth; of flour: fine, not coarse.
Of a person or the heart: tranquil, calm, unruffled; stable, steadfast.
(a) Impartial, equitable, fair, just; with even hand, impartially; (b) of weight or measure: right, true, not fraudulent; (c) of a reckoning or computation: correct, exact.
Medium, moderate, average.
Of sound: harmonious.
Clear of debt or obligation, even, square; ben or standen even; maken (oneself) even, to square one's account.
(a) Primarily of persons: equal (in rank, dignity, authority or power); as a noun: one's equal in rank; of authority, power: equal, on a par; (b) on even-hand, as equals; (c) equal (in quality or excellence); (d) well-matched, congenial; (e) like as to kind, character, or appearance; -- as noun: likeness, shape; in lik and even maner, similarly; (f) even of voice, having the same name, homonymous; (g) even speche, analogy; (h) even with, equivalent or tantamount to.
Of movement or arrangement: uniform, continuous, regular; measured or slow (steps).
(a) Adequate or sufficient; (b) bi even acorde, by mutual agreement or consent.
Phrases: (a) ben an (at) evene, to be agreed; bringen til evene, to reconcile; holden (oneself) an evene, to remain quiet, inactive; setten in evene, to compose, settle; stonden in evene, to be in equilibrium, at rest, quiet, or inactive; (b) with other thinges even, other things being equal; (c) even and odde, all, everything, completely; both even and odde, everyone; even or odde, (anyone) whatever, at all; for even or odde, in any event, come what may; for even ne for odde, on no account; (d) of even, impartially; even and even, on an equality.
Compounds (mostly coined to render Latin words with co- prefix): (a) even-biinge, purchasing, purchase; (b) even-caitif, fellow prisoner; (c) even-cristen, emcristen, fellow Christian; fellow man, neighbor (in the Biblical sense); (d) even-disciple, fellow disciple; (e) even-elde, the same age; (f) even-eldre, fellow elder; (g) even-hangere, a plumb line; (h) even-heir, joint heir; (i) even-helpere, fellow worker, partner; (j) even-kin kinsmen, relations; (k) even-knight, fellow fighter (for a cause); (l) even-liknesse, imitation; (m) even-linages, members of one and the same tribe or nation; (n) even-nexte, neighbor (in the Biblical sense); (o) even-right, impartial administration of the law, justice; (p) even-servaunt, fellow servant; (q) even-sukere, one suckled at the same breast, brother or foster brother; (r) even-weigoer, fellow pilgrim; (s) even-weight, equal weight; in even weight, in equilibrium; (t) even-worchere, fellow worker.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500 Trin-C.R.14.45 Recipes (Trin-C R.14.45) 123/32 : Take þe faire wernysch and ley hit on þy skynne on thre places or on foure, and þanne stroke hit al abrode with þe pawme of thyn honde until hit be ovyralle olike heven.
  • a1500 Trin-C.R.14.45 Recipes (Trin-C R.14.45) 123/16 : Þanne make hit inne hevyn cakes, and ley þem in þe sonne to dryen.
  • Note: Glossary: "hevyn, heven adj. 'even'."
    Note: New spellings (with initial h, with final -in).
    Note: Additional quotes, senses 1.(a) and 4., respectively.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?a1425 Cmb.Dd.6.29 Artist.Recipes (Cmb Dd.6.29) 70/19 : Schaue hit to hit be ʒeuene wiþout any balke.
  • Note: Additional quot., sense 1.(a). New spelling (ʒeuene).