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eft adv.
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Note: Cp. after.
A second time, another time, once more, again.
Back, back again (to a starting point or to an original condition).
(a) Afterwards, then, next, thereupon; eft sitthen, ~ anon; (b) hereafter, later; presently, soon; (c) to or until ~, until later, until another time.
Likewise, moreover, also; also ~, ek ~, yet ~.
(a) In return, as a repayment or reward; (b) in reply, in answer.
Phrases: (a) eft agein, agein eft, once again, once more, back again, etc.; (b) eft and eft, again and again, repeatedly; (c) ever eft, ever afterward, evermore, ever again; never eft, nevermore, never again; (d) from this dai eft, henceforth; (e) nou and eft, now and again, repeatedly; (f) ones and eft, again and again; ones..and eft, at one time..and at another, first..and then; (g) eft-sitthen, eft-sone(s, q. v.
In phrases and cpds., often translating L re-: eft-akenned, born a second time; eft-behest, a promise of something in return; eft comen, to come back, return; eft dreien, to endure a second time; eft geten, to beget anew; eft-maker, one who re-creates; eft quiten, to pay back; eft-shipping, re-embarkation, return trip; eft threfold, twice threefold.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (a1387) Trev.Higd.(StJ-C H.1)8.187 : A knyʒt..was i-woned to pleie wiþ, and to make vers eyþer wiþ other, now bygynnynge and eft endynge.
  • Note: Supplementary material
    Note: Quot. belongs to sense 6.(e).
    Note: Modify gloss: 6.(e) nou and ~, now and again, repeatedly; nou..and ~.., now..and now, now..and then.--notes per MLL
    Note: The list of variant spellings in the form section is incomplete and needs revision to accord with standards of later volumes of the MED. Provisional revised form section: Also efte, efft(e, eʒft, ef, (error) est & (early) eaft, æft.--notes per MLL

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500 Hrl.3151 Limn.Recipes (Hrl 3151) 233/7,8 : Wete it eft and lay on thi gold and dry it and burnysh it eft.
  • Note: Additional quot., sense 1.