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ēch pron.
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Note: Cp. everi, ewilch.
Each and every individual, entity, instance, part, etc., of a group, class, series, or whole. (The emphasis may be on the discreteness and separateness of the units constituting the whole, or on totality and inclusiveness.)
As an adj.: (a) Each and every; each; every; (b) every kind of, all kinds of; (c) any, any kind of, any at all; but (withouten) ~, without any.
As a noun: Each and every one; each one, each (of two); every one;-- (a) alone, usually with ref. to a preceding noun; (b) accomp. by a gen. (early ME) or an of phrase; (c) ech..other, ech other.
Phrases and cpds.: (a) ech a(n, ilk a(n, euch a(n, ich a(n, each, every, any [cp. ech on]; (b) ech-dai(es (adv. and adj.), daily; daily (bread) [in the Lord's Prayer]; daily (work); every-day (dress); (c) ech-del, ech-a-del, ilk-a-del, il-del, every part; in entirety, entirely, completely, fully;--freq. as verse tag; (d) ech-fold, in every way; (e) in or on ech half, on every side, all around; of ~, from all directions; (f) ech(es kin(nes, ilkin, of every or any kind; (g) ech (a) man, ilk a man, each or every person, everybody; (h) ech maner = eches kinnes; (i) ech on, q.v.; (j) bi, in or on ech (a) side, on every side, in every direction, all around; in every way; (k) echewhere, everywhere.