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drinken v.
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Note: Cp. drenchen, drinchen & dronken ppl.
(a) To drink, take a drink, engage in drinking; eten and ~; (b) to drink (water, wine, a potion, etc.); ~ drinche (drinke, a draught); (c) to drink the contents of (a cup or bowl); (d) ~ of, to partake of (a drink); (e) ~ of, to drink from (a cup, a spring, etc.); (f) ~ to, to drink the health of (sb.), pledge (sb.) in drink; fig. ~ wassail to, kill (sb.); (g) ~ blod, to take the sacrament of wine; ~ drie, drain (the cup); ~ fille, ~ bodi ful, drink (one's) fill; ~ in, swallow (a drink); ~ of, toss off (a drink); ~ to the ground, drink (sth.) to the lees; ~ al out, ~ depe, ~ out, ~ up.
Ppl. drinking, fit or good to drink, potable.
Fig. (a) To acquire (knowledge, wisdom, etc.); ~ of; (b) to experience (sth.), enjoy, endure, suffer; incur (punishment); (c) ~ dethes drinche, to drink Death's cup, die; ~ of King Richardes cuppe, be killed; (d)?to be infected with (simony); (e)?to take a beating, suffer.
In proverbs & proverbial expressions: ~ as breuen, to drink as (one) brews or has brewed; ~ of another tonne, to have the tables turned, sing out of the other side of one's mouth; ~ withouten cuppe, have trouble, take a beating, do (sth.) the hard way; ~ with the doke, drink water; etc.
(a) To absorb (a liquid), soak up; ~ in, ~ up; ben dronken in, be absorbed; also fig.; (b) of a liquid: to penetrate, be absorbed; soak (sth.); also fig.; ben dronken in with, be saturated with (sth.).
Misc. uses [cp. drenchen]: (a) to offer or give (sb.) a drink; also fig.; (b) to spend (money) on drinks; (c) to drown (sb.).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1425 KAlex.(LinI 150)4184 : He schal sitte at his table And Whan my lord him drynkiþ to Þe coppe he schal to wille vp do.
  • Note: Needed for date in sense 1a.(f).--per MLL
  • a1450 Eagle Magic in Tul.SE 22 (Add 34111)25/66 : Þe reyns of þe egle wiþ þe ballokes y-dryed and i-poudrede in þe maner forsaid and y-dronk in wyne ʒif loue of man and of woman.
  • Note: New Form: ppl. idronk.
    Note: New subsense--probably belongs to sense 1a.(b): ppl. idronken as adj.: consumed, ingested.--notes per MLL