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drauen v.
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(a) To pull, tug, draw; pull in harness; (b) to pull (sb. or sth.), drag, tug at; pull up (a drawbridge); (c) to draw or withdraw (a part of the body); (d) to pull (a vehicle), tow (a ship), turn (millstones); also, haul (sth.) in a vehicle; (e) to drag or pull (a fishing net); also, fish (a pond) with a net; (f) to hoist (a sail, one's sails); ~ up; ~ doun, cause (a sail) to be lowered; (g) to drag (sth.) on the ground, trail (sth.); ~ guttes (tharmes), drag one's guts after being disemboweled.
(a) To unsheathe (a sword), draw (a weapon); (b) to draw (an arrow) on the bowstring, shoot (an arrow); draw (a bow).
(a) To draw (breath), breathe (air); ~ out a laughter, burst out laughing; (b) ~ at, ~ in, to drink (a liquid); draw in (water) through gills; (c) of a seed or plant: to draw (nourishment, moisture), absorb; (d) ~ up, ~ upwardes, of the sun: to draw up (moisture); ~ of, of heat: to draw off (fat).
(a) To pull up (water) from a well or spring; also fig.; ~ out, empty (a well), exhaust (a source of water); (b) to draw (drink) from a vessel or cask; (c) to cause (blood) to flow; ~ blod of (at, on); also, remove (blood).
(a) To pull out (hair, beard), tear (one's hair), depilate (oneself); ~ awei, tear up (skin, flesh); ~ up, pull (sth.) up by the roots; also fig.; ~ out (up) bi the rote(s, uproot (sth.), eradicate; (b) to draw (sb.) asunder, tear limb from limb; tear (flesh) to pieces; ~ asonder, ~ atwo; (c) to torture (sb.), maltreat (sb. or sth.); (d) ~ doun (adoun), to tear down (a building), fell (a tree), smash (an idol), beat down (grass or weeds); kill (an animal); ~ up, pull up or break up (a gate).
To punish (sb.) by dragging (behind a horse, on a cart or sledge, etc.), draw (sb.); also, to be drawn; hongen and ~.
(a) ~ abrod, to distend (sth.); ~ along (in lengthe), stretch (sth.), extend; (b) to spread (sth.) out; sprinkle (blood); ~ abrod, ~ out, ~ over; (c) to cover (sth.), spread (a table); (d) to prolong (a time, speech, tale, etc.); ~ along (a lengthe, on lengthe); drawende, prolonging, prolonged; (e) to delay (an action), put off (doing sth.); put (sb.) off with excuses; ~ a lengthe (on dregh, on lite), postpone (sth.); ~ alite (on lite), draw back, hesitate.
Misc. (a) ~ cut (lot, lottes), to draw lots; (b) ~ dore, to draw a door shut; (c) ~ hond, to turn (one's) hand, have strength or power; (d) ~ oven, ?to empty an oven; (e) ~ the snek, to lift the latch; (f) ~ wolle, to card wool; (g) ~ shep (swin), to sort out sheep (swine), cull a flock or herd of sheep (swine).
(a) To bring (sb. to a place); take, lead, carry, drag; (b) to bring or take (sth.), pull, carry, carry away; (c) to attract (sth.); also fig.; (d) to put or place (sth.); ~ out, put out (the tongue); (e) to make a move in chess; ~ draught, make a move; ~ merel, move a piece in the game called merels; (f) to remove (one's hat); ~ doun, turn down (one's coat); ~ of, take off (a garment, etc.); ~ over, put (a hood) over (one's head); (g) ~ bord (cloth, clothes), to remove the table (the cloth or cloths) after a meal.
(a) To lead (sb.) mentally or spiritually; attract (to or away from sb. or sth.), entice, lure; persuade (sb. to do sth.); attract (the heart); (b) to bring or put (sb. into a state or condition); ~ forth, promote (sb.), advance; ~ of live, ~ to deth, put (sb.) to death, kill; ~ to clergie, send (sb.) to school, put (sb.) in training for the priesthood; (c) ~ forth, to bring up (a child), rear; raise (the young of an animal).
With fig. senses, abstract objects, etc.: (a) ~ cours (wei), to make (one's) way, go; ~ herte (love, spel), turn or direct (one's) heart (love, preaching); ~ ayen, retract (sth.), withdraw; ~ in, lead to (sth.), cause, produce; ~ out, remove (sth.); also, produce (an effect); ~ with hir, imply (sth.); fer drawen, far removed; (b) ~ into memorie (mind, remembraunce), ~ to memorie, to call (sth.) to mind, remember (sth.); (c) ~ upon, to take (sth.) upon (oneself), presume (to do sth.); (d) ~ to waraunt, to offer (sth.) as a pledge of (one's) good faith, call on (sb. or sth.) as (one's) authority or witness, appeal to (sb.) for confirmation; ~ into ensaumple, use (sth.) as an example or precedent; ~ til (to) witnesse, cite (sth.) as an authority, cite (sth.) in (one's) support; ~ to defense, adduce (sth.) in support (of an opinion); ~ to record of, call on (sb.) to witness (sth.).
(a) To get (sth.), obtain; ~ to rent, bring in as rent; refl. ~ to name, take (a title) as one's name, assume (a title); (b) to derive (sth. from a source); get (an idea, evidence, knowledge, etc., from a book, tale, account); inherit (a condition or quality from an ancestor); derive (sth. from a relationship); (c) to receive or suffer (harm), endure (hardship, suffering, death).
(a) To turn (sb. or sth. into sth.), change; ~ to the peni, convert (property) into cash; ~ to laue, enact as law; (b) to translate (sth.).
(a) To move, come, go, travel; ~ adrigh, go aside, draw back or away, retreat; ~ bihalves, move aside; ~ togeder, come together, unite; ~ abouten, ~ apart, ~ doun (dounward); (b) refl. to draw oneself, betake oneself, come, go, move; ~ aboven (up), exalt oneself; ~ in twin (on sonder), draw apart, divide; ~ abak, ~ adrigh, ~ alone, ~ arrere, etc.; (c) to extend one's hand, reach; (d) to contract, shrink; ~ samen; (e) to cling (to sth.), adhere, stick; (f) to extend; (g) of sound: to spread.
(a) To go (toward or into a state or condition); ~ in, ~ til, ~ to, ~ toward, ~ unto, reach or approach (death, etc.); ~ to man, reach manhood; (b) refl.; (c) of abstractions: to go, come; ben drauen on, come upon (sb.), last into (old age); ben (worthen) drauen, be gone, be past; ~ nere (nigh), approach; ~ on, advance; ~ to, come upon (sb.), enter (one's heart); (d) impers. ~ further, ~ into, ~ nere, ~ to, ~ toward; it draueth to winter, winter is approaching, winter comes; it drou to the dai, it was near daybreak, day was at hand, (a certain) day approached; it drou to forth-daies, it was late (or later) in the day; it drou further of the dai, the day advanced; etc.
(a) To turn (to sb.) for aid or comfort, be obedient (to sb.), side (with sb.); -- with til, to; to turn (away from sb.); -- with fro; (b) ~ after, to follow the advice of (sb.); resemble (sb.); (c) ~ to, to enter into a union with (sb.); ~ to housbonde, take a husband, be married.
(a) Of persons: ~ after, to seek (sth.), desire; follow (advice); imitate (speech, manners); (b) ~ to (til, unto), to desire (sth.), seek after; be inclined to (a quality, condition, purpose); resort to (sth.), practice; of the heart: desire (to do sth.); ~ fro, avoid (sth.); (c) refl. ~ to, to seek (sth.), be inclined to, practice, follow (one's nature); ~ fro (from), avoid (sth.), refrain from, withdraw from; (d) of things, actions, qualities: ~ to, to tend toward (an effect, a quality, a condition), incline to be (sth.); ~ til on, tend to one conclusion or purpose, agree; (e) ~ to, to turn into (sth.), become.
(a) To draw (a line, figure, etc.), make a design or drawing; make (a track in the dust); (b) to make (sth.), cause, produce; perform (an action), strike (a blow), do (business, penance), commit (sin); (c) to compose or write (a song, story, poem, treatise); give an account of (sth.); ~ of, write about (sth.).
Cook. (a) To remove the entrails from (a fowl, a fish); (b) to pass (sth. through a strainer), strain; (c) to mix or blend (ingredients, esp. a solid with a liquid) so as to make a paste, puree, or thick liquid; ~ up (togeder).
(a) Math. drauen to, to add (one number) to (another); ~ togeder, add (numbers); ~ out of, subtract; ~ out the rot, extract the root; (b) to come or amount to (a certain number, sum, or quantity); -- usu. with ~ to, ~ unto; (c) drauen to a nombre, to reckon (sth.) at a (certain) number, reduce to a number.
Med. & surg. (a) Of a medicine: to draw out diseased humors or poison; ~ out, ~ up; drauing medicine; (b) ~ blod, to let blood; of a leech: suck blood; ~ out, to drain off (a fluid in the body).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (a1470) Malory Wks.(Win-C)526/3 : So he rode with hys swerde idrawyn in hys honde to seke sir Trystram.
  • Note: Additional quote(s)
    Note: Belongs to sense 1b.(a).
  • (1442) RParl.5.59b : Item, Vetaillyng for a month, drawith atte xiii d the man in the weke, summa cv xxvii li. vi s. viii d.
  • Note: Quot. should be added to drauen v., sense 6.(b) which has no ~ at construction attested.--per MG
    Note: Add phrase ~ at after "--usu. with..~ unto;".--per MLL
  • (1340) Ayenb.(Arun 57)205/22 : Þe leuayne zoureþ þet doʒ, and hit draʒþ to smac.
  • Note: Needed for date in sense 2e.(a).--per JP
    Note: This quot. has been taken back to books.--per MLL
  • c1325(c1300) Glo.Chron.A (Clg A.11)5534 : Þe king to is suerde drou.
  • Note: Antedates sense 3a.(c).--per MJW
    Note: This is the only example with to prep.--per MJW
  • ?a1425 Chauliac(2) (Paris angl.25)135/25 : In þe encresynge, wommanis mylk spedeþ and muscilage of quynces and of femygreek drauen out [L extractis].
  • Note: Perhaps refers to juice extracted from some part of the plant or its seeds by infusion, pressure, or distillation.--per MLL
  • c1475 A philosophre (Hrl 372)p.40 : Thei drouhe handes, as wedding asketh of riht.
  • Note: Needed for form: 3rd pret. pl.: drouhe.
    Note: This appears to refer to the ritual of handfasting.
    Note: Perhaps belongs to sense 1h.Misc in subsense (c):~ hondes, of an affianced couple: to engage in a betrothal or marriage contract with each other by joining their right hands.--notes per MLL

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1400Mirror(Htrn 250) 3/9 : Ich haue sette myn herte for to drawen out a litel tretice of diuinite.
  • a1400Mirror(Htrn 250) 15/9 : Þe godspelles of sonnendays & a parti of the seyntes þat ben in heuen, ich haue drawen hem out into englische, first efter þe letter, & þen þe vnderstonding & vndoinge schortliche.
  • Note: Editor: "drawen out: 'write', or perhaps 'translate', if the 'litel tretice of diuinite' (3/9) refers to the source, the AN Miroir; there is no equivalent in the French."
    Note: Glossary (15/9>: "~ out 'translated'."
    Note: Additional quotes, sense 2e.(b). Perh. ?modify sense to include 'to write (sth.).'

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500 Sln.122 Artist.Recipes (Sln 122) 115/6 : Take a pensel oþer a florischyng penne and drawe smale drawthis vpon þe blewe lettere.
  • Note: Postdates sense 4.(a).
  • a1500 Sln.122 Artist.Recipes (Sln 122) 117/14 : With a pensel drawe thy drawthes [Add 18216: þraʒ þy þraʒtes] on yron or copere.
  • Note: ?New spelling (þraʒ). See p. 352 for Clarke's commentary.