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allǒuen v.
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(a) To commend or praise (sth.); worship (God); recommend (a virtue); (b) approve of, be pleased with (sth.); be pleasing (to sb.); favor (sb.); (c) appreciate or value (sth.); esteem.
(a) Law To recognize or admit (a privilege, an excuse, etc.) as valid or binding; validate, confirm; (b) phil. to admit the validity of (a statement, etc.), grant.
To sanction or permit (a certain practice); be tolerant (of offenders), condone.
Of business matters: (a) to take into account or allow for (expenses incurred, services rendered, payments made, proper fees, etc.); give credit, grant a rebate, reimburse, etc.; (b) to compensate, pay, reward (sb.); repay (a service); ~ for shot, pay one's share; (c) to certify (an account).
(a) To take into account or give credit for (good intentions, etc.); ~ wil; (b) to repay in kind, requite; allouing grace, retributive mercy; reward (good deeds, etc.); pay (sb.) back.
Miscell.: (a) to have (sth.) as an attribute; (b) to set aside or allow (space).