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dētermināciǒun n.
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Usually law (a) Disposition or settlement of a suit or dispute; decision, verdict; doom, undoing; (b) power to adjudicate, jurisdiction.
Eccl. Official interpretation of Scripture, etc.; declaration of doctrine; a doctrine or dogma.
(a) Investigation, disquisition, treatment of a subject; (b) definition, description; (c) a finding or conclusion.
Misc. uses: (a) the decisive turn or crisis of a disease; (b) withoute ~, ?without reservation or hesitation.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?c1400(1379) Daniel *Treat.Uroscopy (Roy 17.D.1)f.26vb (2.2) : A determinacioun..a certeyn-settyng..is comunely taken for cessyng of þe febre.
  • ?c1400(1379) Daniel *Treat.Uroscopy (Roy 17.D.1)f.2rb (2.2) : If it so be þat þe mater be sumdel mixte wiþ a mater of anoþer maladi, þan his determinacioun, i. his terme, abideþ til þe 17 or til þe 21 day.
Note: Antedates sense 4.(a). ?Modify gloss. Editor's gloss: 'of a disease: conclusion, final outcome'.