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aliēnen v.
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Law (a) To transfer or surrender one's title to property or rights, alienate (property or a right); ~ awei; ~ in fe simple (taille); (b) to divert (property to a different purpose).
Chiefly theol. (a) To break away (from sb.), desert; ~ fro; -- refl.; (b) to alienate (affections, etc.), unmoor; ben aliened, be estranged (from God, etc.), be apostate; to be estranged (from worldly concerns), be sequestered; (c) to exclude (sb. from the enjoyment of benefits), deprive; alienate (sb.).
aliened fro mind (of wit), irrational, deranged.
Miscell. uses: (a) alter, tranfigure (sth.); (b) deviate; (c) withdraw; (d) separate, remove (sth.); ~ awei; (e) squander.