Jay Cassidy Photograph Collection, 1967-1970

Highland Park, IL
Am. Culture
Jan. 1971
Daily Staff

Jay Cassidy photographing Sen. Robert Kennedy on 1968 campaign trail. Photo by Andy Sacks.

At The Daily: Cassidy was a photographer for the Daily, 1967-1970 and photo editor during the winter 1970 semester. His photography during this period captured subjects as diverse as the 1968 presidential campaign, a 1967 homecoming concert featuring the Doors, and scenes of anti-Vietnam War demonstrations in Ann Arbor. His off campus photography covered events such as the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, the 1969 March on Washington, Richard Nixon's inauguration, the 1968 campaigns of Robert F. Kennedy and George Wallace for President and the 1969 Ann Arbor Blues Festival. Cassidy was also a photographer for the campus yearbook Michiganensian, 1967-1968.

After The Daily: Cassidy began his career as a film editor in the 1970s working on documentaries and political advertisements. Over the course of his professional career, Cassidy has edited more than 30 films. He has collaborated with Sean Penn on all the films he's directed, most notably Into The Wild (2007) for which Cassidy was nominated for an Academy Award for Film Editing. Other credits include An Inconvenient Truth (2006), which won the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2007, Brothers (2009), Conviction (2010) and Waiting for Superman (2010). Cassidy is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and American Cinema Editors.

The Cassidy Collection: The Jay Cassidy photograph collection covers Cassidy's student days at the University of Michigan (1967-1970). The collection consists of approximately 5000 original 35mm negatives and 4,882 digitized copies of the negatives. The images in the collection were taken while Cassidy was a photographer for the student publications The Michigan Daily and Michiganensian. Cassidy took the original images on Kodak 35mm black and white film. The scanned images are black and white, 5904 by 4000 resolution uncompressed tiff files. The scans were created by Cassidy and he supplied the titles and descriptive information as well. Bentley Library staff added some subject terms and made minor modifications to some titles.

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