Historical and business compendium of Ottawa county, Michigan ... [Vol. 2]
[Potts, Hiram]

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Page  1 HISTORICAL AND BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OP OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. IN TWO VOLUMES. \ZVOLUM TEl 1 F' II. A Complete Historical, Statistical, Biograghical and Geographical Compendium of Ottawa County's Public and Private Interests and Institutions AND A BUSINESS DIRECTORY AND COMPENDIUM or GENERAL INFORMATION FOR 1892-3. This Volume contains the Names, Postoffice Address and Occupation of every Permanent Male Resident of Ottawa County, and a Vast Fund in Valuable Business Information. POTTS & CONGER, Publishers, GRAND HAVEN, MICH. i

Page  2 i I I II e i I i i,-t, "I I 0 0 04 I' Ii I i 0

Page  3 GRfIND tflVEN GITY DIREGTORY. BUSINESS FIRMS. Akeley Institute, Mrs J E Wilkinson, principal; Rev Jas E Wilkinson, Ph D, rector. Albers Bros, painters. American Express Co, C H Lilley, agt. American House, Warren Skutt, prop. Andres House, Joseph N Rue, prop (see adv p 5.) Angell Wm N, city recorder. Asman Wm, baker. Addison C N, prop bazaar (see adv p 5.) Baar Henry, druggist. Baar Jacob, real estate, loan sag {see adv p 6.) Bakker & Son, lumber mfrs. Ball & Co, general store. Barlow Mrs Adora, boarding house (see adv p 6) Barns James, furniture and undertaker (see adv p 6.) Beaudry & Co, dry goods (see adv p io.) Bennett George E, barber. Blair Edwin D, oil inspector. Bloecker Henry & Co, foundry, machinists (see adv p.8.) Boer & Bolt, general store. Boomgaard & Sons, hardware (see adv p Io.) Bos Cornelius, celery grower (see adv p io.) Bottje Gerrit A, hardware. Bottje Derk, fat stock dealer (see adv p io.) Boyden Charles, lumberman. Brandstetter John, jewelry, sporting goods. Briggs Egbert L, superintendent schools. Brouwer Ruth, boots and shoes. Bruggeman Rev, (St. John's German Lutheran.) Challenge Corn Planter Co, W C Sheldon, pres; Geo Stickney, sec and treas. Cutler House, Andres Bros, props (see adv p 12.) Chambers Samuel M, barber.

Page  4 4 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Chippewa Lumber Co, H P Wyman, sec. City Hotel, L Vandrezer, prop (see adv p 12.) Christmas Charles Jr, sec. Furniture Co. Clark & Knight, flour and feed (see adv p 12.) Cook John M, grocer (see adv p I6.) Courier-Journal, H G Nichols, prop (see adv p 14.) Cumings Enoch P, dentist (see adv inside cover.) Custom House, Geo W McBride, collector. Cook John, grocer (see adv p I4.) Dake Engine Mfg Co, T Cairns pres, J P Armstead sec. Danhof James J, lawyer. Danhof John J, tailor. Danhof John J Jr, insurance. Danhof Peter J, prosecuting attorney. De Bruyn Rev P (First Reformed.) De Glopper & Yonker, blacksmiths, wagonmakers (see adv p i6.) De Jong Rev G, (Second Christian Reformed.) De Vlieger Cornelius, dairyman. De Vries John H, second-hand store. Doddington Mark, painter (see adv p 25.) Dodge Alvan, U S inspector of hulls. Doege Herman, tailor (see adv p I6.) Duncan Robert W, lawyer and justice. Duryea R C, U S harbor inspector. Dunrsema John D, baker and confectioner (see adv p i6.) Enouy Mrs Lena, boats and restaurant (see adv p I8.) Ensing Gerrit, shoemaker. Evening Tribune, H. G. Nichols, prop (see p i8.) Express, D C Wachs, prop (see adv p 20.) Farr Geo A, lawyer (see adv p t8.) Felger George W, U S signal officer. Ferguson Augustus M, billiards, restaurant. Fisher A & A, wholesale fish. Five Bros Express Co, (Nicholas, Albert, Lambert, John and MMartin Vyn (see adv p 22.) Gale Daniel, grocer. Gerow Mrs Sarah E, confectioner. Glerum C, contractor and builder. Godhardt Joseph, junk dealer.

Page  5 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 5 ANDRES HOUSE JOSEPH N. RUE, Prop'r. One Block South D., G. tl. & M. Depot. Opposite Ghicauo and Milwaukee Boat Landing. GOOD BARN IN CONNECTION. MEALS 25 CENTS. $1.00 PERI DAY., FINE SAMPLE ROOM. CRAND HAVREN, MICH. speoGal BarUaln for Gashn onu "THE ALMIQHTY DOLLAR," The Many Have Too Few and the Few Too Many. THAVE the pleasure to announce a new departure-the location of an agency in New York City for the purchase and selection of my stock, in order to obtain and quote lower prices than others who buy on long time and ask big prices in these days of panic and hard times. My agent has instructions to watch every sale and every failure; to look after every house on the verge of bankruptcy and ruin, and with cash in hand to buy every class of merchandise that I can get at less than its value, so that I can mark in plain figures on my bargains prices that have not been named or quoted in this city or any other,. deal in good goods and not trash, and believe the masses will patronize that house that sells the best goods for the least money. I invite an early and repeated visit and inspection. My stock will be replenished every few days (and to merchants I offer some special leaders, fully 15 to 20 per cent. lower than current prices). Respectfully submitted to cash trade only, by ADDISON'S BARGAIN BAZAAR, Near Postpffice, GRAND HAVEN,-MICH.

Page  6 6 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Df.OIRfiBLE PROPERTY JRB B RlRy In farms and wild lands for sale or exchange. A large list of city prok l ttft t a I anls perty, improved and unimproved, teal Jsll a an. Loa and fine acre property, suitable for platting. Dock property andchoice ODD FELLOW8 BUILDING. manufacturing sites can be bought Notary Public, with Seal. atverylowprices. GRAND HAVEN, MICH. GRAND HAVEN Is Well named. ITS HARBOR is Grand Haven's manufacturing is steadily in- the greatest and most commodious creasing, and it is in every way the best place and natural harbor on eastern shore in Michigan for new manufacturers. of Lake Michigan. Madison House, MRS. fDORf BARLOW, Proo'r. MADISON STREET, GRAND HAVEN, MICH. NEAR 0. & W. M. DEPOT. RATES $1.00 PER DAY OR $4.00 PER WEEK. JAMES BARNS. DEALER IN FURNITURE \nd Unelertaer5' eood5. ALWAYS A FULL LINE. OUR long experience in the business enables us to fully compete --- with other houses, and confidently believe we can always please our customers as to prices and quality of goods. All are invited to GfrLL, fND EXftMIHE OUR GOODS. 60 Washington St., GRAND HAVEN, MICH.

Page  7 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 7 Goodrich Transportation Co, N Robbins Jr, agt. Grand Haven City Water Works, J Palmer, supt. Grand Haven Furniture Co, (see adv p 26.) Grand Haven Gas Light Co, A. J. Emlaw pres, J J Danhof Jr sec. Grand Haven Leather Co, A J Nyland pres, John Vaupell sec, Geo Stickney treas (see adv p 24.) Grand Haven Mfg Co, (Gustav and August Hubert) wagonmakers (see adv p 28.) Grand Haven Ship Building Co., Duncan Robertson mgr, John Budge sec. (see adv p 26.) Grand Haven Union School Library, Isa Thompson librarian. Grand Haven Water Works Co, A S Cosgrove supt. Gringhuis G, clothing. Groenendal & Van Zanten, ice and coal, (see adv p 28.) Grooters, Francis H, boots and shoes. Grand Haven Match Co., Geo D Turner, secy and treas (see adv p 28.) Hancock George, florist and celery grower (see adv p 30.) Harbeck Miss Minnie, dressmaker. Haines & Vanderzalm, painters. Hass Charles, saloon. Highland Park Association, T A Parish pres. Highland Park Hotel, F A Mansfield, prop (see adv p 32.) Hoebeke Henry, dry goods. Hofma Edward, physician. Hofman John, groceries and meats, (see adv p 34.) Hollestelle & Vanwestrienen, groceries, meats, etc (see adv p 34.) Holstein Eisa, furniture. Hovey F L, upholsterer. Howlett Nelson R, lumber. Hunton David F, lawyer. Hutty, Frederick A, druggist (see adv p 34.) Johnston Hamilton W Jr, plumber. Juistema Albert, boots and shoes (see adv p 34.) Juistema Bros, boots and shoes (see adv p 36.) Kuiper Rev (First Christian Reformed.) Kamhout Marinus, saloon (see adv p 36.)


Page  9 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 9 Kedzie & Co, props Grand Haven Herald (see adv p 38.) Kennedy Mattie, milliner (see adv p 36.) Kieft Frederick W, grocer. Kieft Martin, celery grower. Kiel Albert, furniture and undertaking. Kilbourn Silas & Co, cooperage and woodenware (see adv p 36.) Kirby House, Ph Rosbach prop (see adv p 40.) Kirby Thomas W, vessel owner, fish dealer (see adv p 40.) Kits Wieher, boots and shoes. Klaver Bros, painters. Koch John H A, watchmaker. Koeltz Joseph, cigar mnfr (see adv p 40.) Kooiman Joost, saloon. Kraai Enne, flour and feed (see adv p 42.)Lane Dwight A, stationer (see adv p 42.) Lehman Bros, barbers (see adv p 42.) Lewis Rev Richard (Congregational.) Lewis James, manufacturer. Lillie Walter I, lawyer, (see adv.) Luhm Herman, saloon. Luinenga Klaas, meat market. McBride Geo W, lawyer and U S collector customs. McLean Mordecai M, harnessmaker. McNett Jacob B, physician. Macfie & Son, lumbermen. Mansfield B C & Co, jewelers (see adv p 44.) Mansfield Fred A, prop of Highland Park Hotel. Mechanics Dry Dock Co, T W Kirby agt. Michigan Bell Telephone Co, H W Vint mgr. Miller George W, hardware. National Bank, D Cutler pres, Geo Stickney cashr. Norris The, J F Smallman prop (see adv p 44.) Obeke & Co, fish dealers.O'Connor Rev, St. Patrick's (Catholic) church. O'Connell James, plumber (see adv p 42.) Orr James W, agt D G H & M Ry. Ottawa House, M Pellegrom prop. Pagelson Charles T, justice and circuit court comr. Pellegrom Mathias, Ottawa House. Pfaff F & Co, hardware. Pfaff John A, insurance (see adv p 46.)

Page  10 10 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF LE BON MARCHE. BEAUDRY & COMPANY. DrU 6ood andl GarDBtnlls. GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS. WALL PAPER. GRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN. BOOMGAARD & SONS, DEALERS IN GENERAL HARDWARE PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES. Doors, Sash, Glass, Pumps and Water Works Supplies. GRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN. C. BOS, Orders bU telephone # and telegraph C l, O e l rog'oe7 # Promptlu attended V I 1 to, and Mail Orders caretullu filled. FULTON 8T., Gorrespondence Sollcited. GRAND HAVEN, MICH. GRAND HAVEN, MICH. DIRK BOTTiE, DEALER IN FPAT STOCK

Page  11 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I I Poel Abel, merchant tailor. Postal Telegraph Cable Co, D A Lane mgr. Powell John, meat market. Root Rev (Unitarian) Reynolds John N, physician. Riley James, omnibus line. Reitsma Jacob D, grocer. Robbins Nathaniel Sr, supt life saving service. Robbins Nathaniel Jr, coal, lime,etc (see adv p46.) Roese Rev A, (St Paul's German Evangelical.) Roossien Bros, groceries, shoes. Rosbach Phillip, prop Kirby House. Rysdorp Albert D D S, dentist (see adv p 46.) Sanford George D, insurance. Schlitz Jos Brewing Company, Wm Theleman agt. Scott Myron, U S boiler inspector. Seifert Ignatz, meat market (see adv p 48.) Seligman Charles, cigar manufacturer. Sellman Mrs B C, corset agent. Smallman Joshua F, prop The Norris and captain steamer City of Milwaukee. Schmidt Fred, dairyman. Smith Rev L M S, (Presbyterian.) Smith & Field, lumbermen. Soule Charles E, judge of probate (see adv p 48.) Sprague F M, lumber inspector. Sprague Mrs Mattie, milliner (see adv p 48.) Sprick Henry, livery (see adv p 50.) Standard Oil Co, N Robbins Jr agt. Stap Anne, flour and feed (see adv p 50.) Stone Enos, livery (see adv p 50.) Stuveling Simeon, contractor and builder. Stuveling Arend, contractor and builder. Stuveling & Glerum, contractors and builders (see adv p 52.) Temple Reinder, mason contractor. Thieleman Wn, saloon. Valom Klaas, merchant tailor. Vandenberg Albert G, meat market. Van den Bosch G & Bro, dry goods (see adv P 54.) Van den Bosch T & Bro, clothing (see adv p cL.) Vanderveen Arend, physician. Lurner George D, abstract office (see adv p 60.

Page  12 12 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF 3utler -House: REBUILT 8EPT. 1st, 1891. fINDRES BROS., Proprs. Washington St., GRAND HAVEN. IN THE BUSINESS CENTER OF THE CITY. N EW and First-Class in all its Appointments; Complete in every Detail; Steam Heat, Electric Light, Return Call Bells, Hot and Cold Water and Fire Alarm. THE CUISINE is of the Highest Standard. and the Service throughout the house second to none. RATES $2.00 TO. $3OO,-P.ER DAY. 'CITY nOTEL AND L.VANDREZER, DINING MALL. PROPRIETOR. REFITTED AND REFURNISHED. RATES, $1.00 PER DAY. BARN IN CONNECTION Qriand Haven, Micb WITH HHO UMlI. eL6ARK & KNIGHT, DEALERS IN Flour, Fe66, HaU, Straw, Produ6, Eto. Wf$StlHlNTON ST., Post Office Block, GRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN. Market Price paid for Grain. Pillsbury's Best and Paine's Patent Flour a Specialty.

Page  13 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I3 Vanderveen Jacob, druggist, news counter. Vandervere Henry, barber. Vandervere Cornelius, fisherman. Vandrezer Luman E, prop City Hotel. Vandrezer Wm E, restaurant (see adv p 52.) Van Lopik & Son, groceries, crockery. Van Slyck Walter G, lawyer. Vanweelden Gerrit, meat market. Vanwormer E L, restaurant, confectioner. Van Zanten Miss Kate, milliner. Van Zylen Cornelius, flour and feed. Van Zanten Rev (Second Reformed.) Ver Berkmoes C, cigar mnfr (see adv p 54.) Verduin Peter, grocer. Ver Hoeks John W & Co, general store (see adv P 54.) Ver Hoeks Solomon, meat market. Vos Fred D, groceries and crockery (see adv p 56.) Wachs & Waehs, pub Express (see adv p 58.) Walkley Willis D, physician. Walsh John, contractor. Washington House, J C Young prop. White & Finch, marine contractors. Wickham Levi B, barber. Wilkinson Rev James E Ph D, rector Akeley Institute. Wyman Chas E, lumberman. Young John C, prop Washington House. MISCELLANEOUS. Acterhoef Jacob, laborer. Adams Joseph W, carpenter. Addison Christian, Addison Cornelius, shoemaker. Albers Johannes M Jr, painter. Allen Herbert W. Anderson August. Anderson Benjamin, shipping clerk. Anderson Bonnie, carpenter. Anderson David F, woodworker. Anderson Edward, printer. Anderson Frank. Anderson John, ship carpenter.

Page  14 14 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Jo1ln ~ook's jorner ( rovcrC. ALL KINDS OF Stadpl and FanGc GROCERIES HEADQUARTERS FOR Bulk Oysters and Fruit flighest Market Price Paid for Farm Produce. For everything that is Nice in the Grocery Line give me a Gall at the GORNER 7TH fiND WAfSHINGTON STS., GRAND HAVEN, MICH. "GOURI[ERJOURNtL," II REBUBLICAN WEEKLY. GRAND HAVEN, MICH. 00ook and Jol0b riintn.

Page  15 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. Anderson Peter, ship carpenter. Anderson Peter, ship carpenter. Anderson William, railroader. Andrews Washington. Angel Geo E. Arkema Hendrik, laborer. Arnold Freeman. Armstead Henry T, retired. Armstead James P, manufacturer. Avery Edward J, carpenter. Andrews Wm H, hotel runner. Andrew W L R A, hotel proprietor. Albers Fred, painter. Albers Johannes M, painter. Avery James C, jeweler. Ader Charles. Allan Jacob, laborer. Andres Edward, hotel proprietor. Albers Henry, painter. Acker Willis E. Anderson Wm, railroader. Allen Layman S. Bahre George W, woodworker. Bakker Henry, laborer. Bakker Jan, laborer. Balcom Moses. Ballhouse Eben, mason. Barnett Alexander, ship carpenter. Bidgood Walter J, ship carpenter. Biggar Wm F, laborer. Blunt Harvey, laborer. Boer Arend, wagonmaker. Boejing Albert, gardner. Boejing Barend, laborer. Bolt Jacob, teamster. Boomsluiter Charles, sailor. Boomsluiter Marinus, sailor. Bos Cornelius, butcher. Bottje Antoine, sailor retired. Bottje Derk, butcher. Bottje John, painter. Brown John M H, carpenter. Brons Roelof, tailor. Bryce John, machinist. 15

Page  16 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM.: O.F JOIN M. COOK, DEALER IN Dry Goods, qrocerits, Proisions FfRM PRODUGE, GHOIGE BUTTER fiND E3OS. BEST 50 Cent Japan Tea in the city. For good goods at small profits call and see us. We are pleased to compare prices with other dealers. Live and let live is our motto. Highest market price paid for Farm Produce. GRAND HAVEN, MICH. DE GLOFPER & YONKER, BLACKSMITHS AND Xie2ofl Makrers. WACONS AND CARRIAGES MADE TO ORDER SATISFACTION GIVEN IN HORSE SHOEING. GRAND HAVEN, /MVICHIGAN, H. DOCEGE, TAILOR @leaning, lfepairin,~ aned I' Veing. GOOD WORK AND LOW PRICES. GRAND HAVEN, - MICHIGAN. JNO. D. DUURSEMA, BAKER AND CONFECTIONER. Manufacturtr of S*w et qoods, GONFEGTIONERY fiND FINE GiOGOLiTES. GITAN') HAVEN, MICHIGAN.

Page  17 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I7 Bryce Elmer E, machinist. Boer Arend, wagonmaker. Buiten Jacob, sailor. Buiten Jan, sailor. Burmeister William, woodworker. Burton Wm N, sailor. Brandt John, laborer. Bruno Benjamin. Bruin Klass, laborer. Balgooyen John, turner. Burns Robert. Bulthuis Jurrien, laborer. Bottje Peter, laborer. Boiten Jacob, sailor. Bruin Marinus, laborer. Baker Walter, drummer. Baker Jacob. Baker Toney J, sawyer. Baker Wm J, painter. > Brown Wallace H. / Bolt John Jr! Brown Wmn H. Burnett Henry D. Bolt Richard, cooper. Brine Cornelius D, laborer. Baker Yelta, laborer. Barlow James, engineer. Baker Cornelius, woodworker. Bolt J J, teacher. Buitenwek Tys, laborer. Bryce Edgar I, engineer, machinist. Ball John, watchman. Buxton Francis E, carpenter. Boejing Arend, laborer. Bowman Klaas, farmer. Boet Peter, laborer. Boet John, laborer. Brown Klass, farmer. Burmeister Peter, laborer. Barnett Wm J, ship carpenter. Baird John Jr. Buxton Francis C, carpenter BotByl Henry, mason. BotByl Joseph, laborer. ii

Page  18 I8 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF ALPFRED ENOUY, loatCs FiS~lim Actle., \irnnoWS. AND.. RESTAUIRANT, MEfILS fT flLL fHOURS. Foot of Washington Street. CRAND HAVEN, MICH. DAILY ~ EVENING a TRIBUNEI GRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN. ~eneral Job Printing. Grand lJaen, NficNi.

Page  19 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I9 Burch William H, engineer. Bruton William A. Bryce John Jr, machinist. Brown Axel A. Barnes John W Jr, machinist. Bliaels Lawrence. Baker Edward. / Brower Helmers, laborer./ Benson A, laborer. Baker Henry. Burd Mark, engineer. Blakeney Benona A, county treasurer. Brown Thomas. Baar Simon, laborer. Bronson Ammund, cooper. Blair Edwin D, oil inspector. Beaudry Nasaire I, merchant. Buswelf Henry W, manufacturer. Bennette Eugene H, laborer. Bryant John L. Bakker Teunis. Bronsema Jacob. Ball Gerrit, merchant. Botbyl John, sexton. Ball Peter, clerk. Blodgett Charles R, laborer. Budge John, shipbuilder. Bennett George E, barber. Butler Patrick, sailor. Bramick Jefferson. Boet John, fisherman. Betzler Joseph. Bernice Napoleon. Bowman J. Behm Charles lifesaver. Barron C L, engineer. Bronson Amend, painter. Bates Charles, engineer. Biahl W H. Boyce Sherman H, lumberman. Barnes Jerry H. Broman Axel. Buikema Henry, laborer. Behm Frederick, ship carpenter.

Page  20 20 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF TJ-IE EXp FESS. * *... DAILY AND WEEKLY. ESTABLISHED IN 1889 * * GRAND HAVEN, MIICH. The Only Newspaper in Ottawa County Receiving Daily Telegraphic News. THE WEEKLY EXPRESS Contains Eight Pages of Six Columns each, with an average of Forty Columns of Solid Reading Matter in each issue. In Politics it is Independent, and will always be found advocating the rights of the People, and against the encroachments of Syndicates and Monopolies. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE $1.25 PER YEAR. When Paid in fidvance, $1.00. A FIRST-S JOB OFIC In Connection with The Express. * * D.6. W. Gf, WfGfiSS & WGt f S, Proprietor. Publishers.

Page  21 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 21 Brouwer Gerrit, retired laborer. Behm Ludwig, ship Carpenter. Bakker Dirk, mill owner. Bell John, engineer. Bennett Weltscher C, railroader. Bussy Louis, sailor. Bailey Sidney. Bronsema Jacob, laborer. Ball Cornelius, engineer. Brown Thomas, jointer. Baggat Samuel, railroader. Bloecker Hago H, moulder. Barnes Edward, laborer. Balgooyen Albert, student. Bakema Peter, crater. Boyenton John H, doctor. Blakeley Edgar L. Brown Helmus, laborer. Brockema Jacob, gardener. Bolt John, farmer. Byl Leendert, carpenter. Borck Charles, gardener. Bimholdt Henry, gardener. Boijank Bernard, gardener. Bolt John H, merchant. Brough Peter B. Buckema Albert C. Boiten William. Brockway Oliver. Bolt Henry J, teamster. Bishop Thomas C, tanner. Beutenwett John, laborer. Broekema Berent. Boer John. Chambers James, farmer. Cummings Enoch P, dentist. Clark Sydney, farmer. Callister John W, ship carpenter. Cole Spencer L. Craw Edward S, architect. Craw ldward L, speculator. Callister Wm H, ship carpenter. Cairns Thomas, manufacturer. Conners Martin, laborer.

Page  22 22 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF D. VYN SON, DEALERS IN Hiard and.So ft * UOOD: BRICK, SHINGLES, FENCE POSTS, STONE. ETC. ALSO City Drtaymen USING 18 HORSES Constantly in our business. We always have on hand from eight to ten Horses for Sale or to Trade. We are always ready and have the necessary equipments for Moving PIANOS and SAFES of every description. Gorner Fulton and Third Sts., GRAND HAVEN. MICHIGAN.

Page  23 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 23 Colson Charles J, laborer. Cherry James, carpenter. Cook Peter, watchman. Cato Frank, railroader. Christmas Chas, bookkeeper. Campbell Archie, foundryman. Conger Charles E, printer. Church George E. Cornwell W H. Cade Franz, laborer. Clark A J. Clark Edwin. Cusens Joseph. Cassady Capt B, sailor. Collins Robert W, musician. Clark Dwight. Cullan Thomas, engineer. Curtis William, ship carpenter. Coops John. Courtwright Steve. Cambell Archie, moulder. Carmell Peter. Calaway James. Cadee Franz, laborer. Cutler D, lumberman. Cutler D Jr, lumberman. Cambell Wm J, machinist. Clark Wm S, merchant. Camhout Wright, sander. Carson George M. Caldar John, laborer. Cleveringa Barney, life saver. Campbell Haley, railroader. Cook Dirk, peddler. Criddle Wm R. Cook Edward. Cook George. Chuenga Minno. Cosgrove A M, supt water works. Cazermier Able, gardener. Chatfield H B, engineer. DeVries John, secondhand store. Dykhuis Jurrien, laborer. DeVos Adriance, fisherman.


Page  25 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 25 Dykema Henry, teamster. DeBruin Arie, gardener. DeBruin John, log runner. Danhof Derk, machinist. DeKiep Cornelius. Dykhuis Minke, teamster. Douglas Joseph, engineer. DeHaan Frank, laborer. DeGroot John, laborer. Dykema Henry P, laborer. Dornbos Luitje J, shoemaker. DeWit Johannes, laborer. DeWit Carlos. DeKeep Jacobus, laborer. Danhof John J Jr, insurance agent. DeVries Edward, peddler. Downey Wm D, drummer. Dronkers John, woodworker. Dykema Jacob, cooper. Dykhuise Klass, laborer. DeJong John H, laborer. DeRyke Andres, gardener. DeJong Gabriel, preacher. DeYoung Lauwrie. Dekkor Isaac, mason. Dake Chas H, machinist. DeBruin Marinus, laborer. Dykema Peter, teamster. DeHeer Peter, fisherman. Drew George W. Dykestra Stephen, teamster. DeYoung John, janitor. MARK DODDINGTON. SIGN WRITING, Garrla6e, Ornamental House Paintino GRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN.

Page  26 26 3 r o I 3i 40 = - 9 L o wi _ f BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF 1 =m ge1 _C = 9= co ~*S 2. 3 - VC a: =o (. - CZ (V (3 Granu Hlav6n Furnitur6 Go. CRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN. Manufacturers of SUPERIOR LINES OP MEDIU/M-PRICED CHAMBER SUITES ARTISTIC, ELEGANT, CHEAP. TH GRAND AVEN SHIP BUILDING C2 ShiP Bulldln. REBUILDING AND REPAIRING. TuOs, Flslino Boats, Yaclts t LaunGBes A SPECIALTY. GRAND HAVEN, MICH. P. 0 BOX 5C3. t:* ' ' i: * *A.. ' < 1*. ^ '**!. "

Page  27 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 27 Dawson Andres. Denno Joseph. Davidson Andrew, sailor. Donahue Hugh, moulder. Dykema Albert 0, laborer. Davidson Lesander, fisherman. Diekema Charles, laborer. Davison Emanuel. Docstider George L. DeHeer Peter, fisherman. Dickinson Charles, deputy postmaster. Denean Petter. Doyle John, engineer. Dickinson Sherman, turner. Dodge Alvin, hull inspector. Drinkert Leendeert, laborer. Dean Charles V. Decatur John, finisher. Dake Wm F, manufacturer. Dake Henry F, laborer. DeJonge Johannes, retired merchant. Donker Henry, laborer. Davis John T, retired capitalist. Dundas William, sailor. DeWird John, laborer. DeBoer Charles, sailor-/ Dennis Francis M, baggagemaster. Drager Julias, laborer. DeGlopper Martinus, blacksmith. Devries Tydse D, carpenter. Dolman Henry, laborer. DeSpelder John, retired. Donker Aart, tanner. Donker Henry J. Doddington Mark, painter. Dykes Thomas J, sailor. Dykes Edward H, sailor. DeWeir Albert. Doddington Orrin, painter. DeKok Adrience, laborer. Dykema Richard, sailor. DeVries Bernard. Deikere Peter. Doddington George, painter.

Page  28 28 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF A. HUBERT, Treas. G. HUBERT, Mgr. qrand *Ia1en Mfg. Co. MANUPACTURIERS OP TaH OULUBRATID FOLDING SELF- ACTING SWING. Universal Foot Power Machine, best in the world. Also all kinds of Blacksmithing and Wagon Work. Iron Monuments of all Styles less than one-half the cost of Marble. Office and Factory No. 255 Third St. P. 0. Box 431. GRAND HAVEN, MICH. T. GROENENDAL P. VAN ZANTEN GROENENDAL & VAN ZANTEN, IE C ALSO HARD AI A, AND SOFT \ ORDERS PROMPTLY PILLED. GRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN. MATCH, or GRAND C-MPNY HAVEN. MANUFACTURERS. OF.. Parlor arld Sulphl ur A MflTG6HfS GEO. D. TURNER, Set'U. GRAND HAVEN, MICH.

Page  29 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 29 Dotman Jacob. Eames Samuel 0, tailor. Emlaw Andrew J, gas manufacturer. Everts Martin, carpenter. Erkes William. Enenga Berend, laborer. Ezelinkpas Samuel. Enenga Folgert, laborer. Eckens John, laborer. Ekkens Roelof, dairymen. Erikson Loe, carpenter. Erickson Hans C, carpenter. Ericson Andrew. Ellman Rudolph. Erell Thomas. Erickson Hans, ship carpenter. Estes Wm E, farmer. Eustace John, railroader. Eleng John. Elferdink George. Emlaw Minor J, tallyman. Foster H V. Fritz Herman, laborer. Fisher John 2nd, fisherman. Foppen Aart H J, fisherman. Face Hendrik, merchant. Finch Robert, engineer. Farnham Byron L, engineer. Fisher John, fisherman. Fisher Henry, farmer. Findley Charles C, finisher. Fisher Tabe, gardener. Fox George H, carpenter. Fox Frank N, carpenter. Frazer Herman. Felt August, laborer. Finn Charles, laborer. Fisher Lenard, fisherman. Ferch John, laborer. Felger Geo W, signal officer. Fritz Harmon, laborer. Fraga Frank, sailor. Fisher Frank, fisherman. Fisher Walter, fisherman.

Page  30 30 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF.....,,.............., I|. GEO. HANCOCKM WHOLESALE AMo RETAIL FIORIST ~. AND,. ~apket Gapderpep GRAND HAVEN. MICH. Birdseye View showing Canning Factory and Green Houses, containing 25,000 square feet of glass. CARNATI ONS, GBleru and Gannoe Tomatoes, LEADING SPECIALTIES.

Page  31 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 3I Fisher Honas, fisherman. Fisher John, fishermen. Foote Alfanzo W. Fisher George, fisherman. Fisher Adrianness, fisherman. Fisher John Jr, fisherman. Fisher Frank Jr, fisherman. Fisher Abram, fisherman. Fritz William, baker. Fisher Walter, Jr, fisherman. Fisher Abram Jr, fisherman. Fisher Johannes Jr, fisherman. Frickle Joseph. Fisher John Jr, fisherman. Fisher Henry, fisherman. Friess Joseph, laborer. Farnum John, engineer. Fisher Cornelius, fisherman. Fisher Frank Jr, fisherman. Fordham Clarence, fisherman. Fisher John, fisherman. Fisher Johannes, fisherman. Fisher John, fisherman. Fisher Walter, fisherman. Fritz Emil, engineer. Fritz Herman, laborer. Fisher George Jr, fisherman. Frage John, cabinetmaker. Ferch Herman, laborer. Fritz Henry, carpenter. Ferry Thomas W, ex U S senator. Ferch August, laborer. Frederick Charles, watchman. Forresman Nils Jr, laborer. Fordham Ulysses, laborer. Fisher Peter, fisherman. Frierr Joseph, laborer. Falksma H-enry, laborer. Fisher Abram, fisherman. Falksma Henry, gardener..Fisher Walter, fisherman. Fisher Johannes. Fase Hendrik P, merchant. Fant John J, hostler.

Page  32 32 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF tHighlanild Parl t GI-AND HAVEN, VM MOST DELIGHTFUL SUMMER RES IN THE STATE. GOOD FISHING BOATING AN) F:. lotol. [ICIH. ORT BA THING. 1l1 I;!;iirIII I Il -- -CF ja; -.::: rhi II l il'5111l1 I I -~ HIGHLAND PARK HOTEL. T HIS beautifully situated hotel is one mile from Grand Haven on the shore of Lake Michigan, 80 feet above the water level. It has many advantages for families seeking a cool and delightful place to spend the warm summer season. They have one of the finest sand beaches in the Northwest for bathing, with bath houses and bathing suits. Excellent fishing and boating adds much to the pleasure of visitors. From the broad verandas of the Highland Park Hotel we have the grandest view of Lake Michigan. This hotel is new and newly furnished. A first-class table, with fruit, vegetables, and fresh fish in abundance. Conveyances meet the arrival of every boat and train for a drive of one mile to the Park Hotel. The air is pure and bracing, but so clear, dry and invigorating, that the weakest constitution may enjoy its life-restoring qualities without any danger of ill effect. It is particularly efficacious in the building up of convalescents or invalids. RfRTES $2.00 PER DfY. Special terms bu the week given to families desiring to stay during the season. Address MRS. M. J. RICE, Manager.

Page  33 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. Franks James A, gardener. / *1 Fisher John, butcher. Gibbs L Colfax. Groenendal Thys, coal and ice dealer. Gringhuis Geert J, merchant. Gerber Abram, gardener. Groeneveldt Dick, carpenter. Gleerum Jan, laborer.. Garbrecht Charles, laborer. Gronendal John, cooper. Gibbs Edward P, preacher. Graves Frederick, laborer. Green Mackenzie L, cooper. Gill D C. Garber Abel, laborer. Green Frederick S, cooper. Grunst F, laborer. Goontijes Harm. Gillen Edward, machinist. Glerum Jacob, checker. Gorham Geo W, gardener. Gaulke Lewis, laborer. Garbe Charles. Gillen William, assistant inspector. Gibbs Edward J, woodworker. Gillen Hugh, pier inspector. Gringhuis Albert, clerk. Gerber John, laborerS " Garbe Albert, laborer. Golden John, engineer. Gray Curtis W, tanner. Gardiner J G. Gleason Wm. Griffin Michael. Gleason John J, purser. Glesion Wm. Gill Chas M, teacher. Gillen John, ship carpenter. Glazet Max, machinist. Glazet Herman, manufacturer. Gatfield Edward, porter. Galster John, laborer. Glacier Newman B, laborer. Gezclostoski Joseph, fisherman. 111 33

Page  34 34 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF J. HOFMANi DEALER IN GROCERIES, MEATS, ETC., ETC. headquarters for Coffee, Teas, Cigars, Butter and Eggs. Keeps the Best Goods for the Lowest Pries and Pans the Highest Price for Produce. Sixth St., Grand Haven, Mich. HOLLESTELLE & VAN WESTRIENEN, DEALERS IN STAPLE AND FANCY GI'HOCIZPISLS M FRESH AND SALT MEATS. Cor, Fifth and F ranklin Streets. ORIIND t1f1VN, MICH. MANUFACTURER AOF SPIKICK'S SPAVIN DRuGGisT.! ~A'I CURIE Cor. Washington and 3econd Sts., Guaranteed to Cure. C;-IAND AVE, MI14. $1.00 PER BOX. GRAND HAVEN, 1M[ICH Tru and be Convinced, EXCELSIOR SHOE STORE, A. JIISThMA. Prop'F, THIRD STREET, GRAND HAVEN, MICHIIGAN. Best place in the city to buy your Boots, Shoes, Siippers and Rubber Goods. Good, Honest Goods at Low Prices.

Page  35 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 35 Grimes Wm C, laborer. Glass John B. Gatfield John E, telegraph operator. Groenevelt Fred, carpenter. Gustafson Frank, tanner. Groenevelt Derk, teamster. Gravengoed Henry, sewing machine agent. Hofman John, merchant. Hazenburg Garm, cabinetmaker. Hollestelle Egbert H, merchant. Hansen George F. Holman John, gardener. Hosman Jan A. Hoffman John A, carpenter. Hague John, laborer. Henry John. Helmers Brower, laborer. Huisenga Bernardus, gardener. Hoel Lodner H. Howlett John. Howlet Robert, sailor. Holstein Eise. Hewit George. Hommes Klaas, laborer. Harrington Sephus, Helder Wm, laborer. Highhouse Earnest, tanner. Heinmey J H Hollman Chas, laborer. Heiftje Jake, carpenter. Hill Andrew. Holmes James H. Harring John. Hancock James G, gardener, florist. Hacklander John, laborer. Hiler J D, laborer. Hosmer Charles, teamster. Haenberg Germ Hofma John. Hardy Frank, teamster. Hofsteen Nicholas. Hiler Gilles, painter. Hopson Wm. Holmes John.


Page  37 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 37 Harris John. Holbrook James, tallyman. Herman Clarence. Hanagan Jacob. Haines Henry H, painter. Harris Judson. Herben Frank, cook. Hall Charles. Hunt Harry H, cooper. Hall F W. Holloran John E. Hennels John. Hoadley M E. Harmon George A. Harper William, agent. Harrigan Frederick. Hanrahan David, engineer. Hammon John. Hunt Cornelius. Hanson C S. Harlan F A. Holmes E B, railroader. Hoogs William H. Hanna Wald Stiver. Holden George. Hayes Michael. Hanrhan Michael. Howe Patrick. Hughes John F. Hoag W. H. Hamilton Alexander, bookkeeper. Hunt William. Hubert Gustav, manufacturer. Hilderink Gerrit, painter. Hanson Henry, cabinetmaker. Hanna James Jr, ship carpenter. Hartelle August, tinsmith. Heislop Thomas. Hines Charles. Hanson Julius, teamster. Harvey Wm D, machinist. Harbeck Ferdinand W, bookkeeper. Hart Thomas, railroader. Howlet, Nelson R, lumberman.

Page  38 38 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF dRfND ftlVEN tBERfLD. Gran0 tlaven tlerald GRAND HAVEN, MICH. IN ITS ELEVENTH VOLUME 1869 T- 1892 Ottawa Gountu's Oldest Paper in English Print. FOR THE LAST ELEVEN YEARS Edited by A. S. KEDZIE Published by NEDZIE & CO. STEADFASTLY REPUBLICAN EflRNESTLY REFORMATORY. TERMS $1.50 PER YEAI l. STRICTLY IN ADVANCE $1.00! GRflND:ueN..Rf.LD. HUM... L 01 1 m1igm f'flpm Wpm i!

Page  39 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 39 Honner Thomas, sailor. Hanson Emil, tinsmith. Humphrey WillaF, purser. Hill Andrew. / Harbeck Frafk B, bookkeeper. Harvey Silas H, cooper. Heiftje Lewis. Hancock George, gardener. Harvey George D, carpenter. Hollander Bokke G, doctor. Huizenga Harm, gardener. Halsema Klass, teamster. Herron John. Haak Christ, laborer. Hocksma John, laborer. Hoogenstijn L, tanner. Hiler Giles P, painter. Harvey Geo A, laborers/ Holman Hendrik, laborer. Ingraham Chas W, county register. Johnson Gustorf, laborer. Jonker Hartgen, mason. Johnston Hamilton W jr, plumber. Jenson Peter, fisherman. Jong de Jan, laborer. Jager Jurrien, gardener. Joldersma L, laborer. Jager Christ, laborer. Jonker Fred, mason. Janson Charles. Jaldersma Jacob. Johnson James B, machinist. Joyce John, sailor. Jansen Herman. Juistema Herman, preacher. Juistema John, merchant. Jennings Thomas. Juistema Garrett. Jobbin Peter, laborer. Johnson Martin, gunsmith. obbin Peter Jr, laborer. Jobbin Joseph, laborer. ohnson Charles W, railroader. Jackson Joseph L, ship carpenter.


Page  41 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 41I Kedzie Adam S, editor. Kirby Maurice S, student. Kok John, laborer. Kooiman Peter, bartender. Kraai John E, laborer. Koener Johennes. Kieft Fred D, cooper. Kirkland Joseph, machinist. Kock Joost, laborer. Kinkema Harm, laborer. Konnes Johannes, laborer. Kraai Lebertus. Kooiman John, bartender. Kamphuis Gerret, teamster. Koening Peter W, laborer. Kniphuisen Fred, baker. Koek Adrianas. Kinkema Peter, laborer. Kohlof John, laborer. Kohlof Fred W, laborer. Koch Adolph. Koht William. Kniken Peter, fisherman. Kieft John, laborer. Kreny Robert. Kieft William, laborer. Kraai John T, teamster. Kimball Chas J, teamster. Kraai Thomas, fisherman. Kilbourn Silas, manufacturer. Kameraad Liendert, saloonkeeper. Kelly William, laborer. Kibler Joseph. Kavanaugh Philip, sailor. Klasson John. Kinkema Peter, laborer. Kasdorph August. Kelly Barney. Koops G T. Kinnema Wm. Kane John. Kastooff Henry. Kraai John T. Knudson Joshua A. -0

Page  42 42 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF E. KRAAI, DEALER IN FLOUR, FEED, HAY, GRAIN, OIL MEAL AND COUNTRY PRODUCE. Cor. Fulton and Third Sts. GRAND HA VEN, MICH. GfEIPEST 15 fiT In Ottawa Gounty '5 ~i to BuU 0 s BOOKS Book & stationeru. o o jfnd School Supplies GRAND HAVEN LEHMAN BROS., PROPRIETORS OF THE 'utlep ouae BarbP ep op AND THE ONLY BATH ROOMS / IN THE CITY. GIAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN. JAMES O'CONNELL, RLL KINDS OF PLUMBERS' GOODS. plumbing, team and GQas Eitting Dealer in Brass and Iron Goods, Wrought Iron Fipe. Fittings, Rubber Goods, Etc. GI1AND HAVEN, MICHIGAN.

Page  43 43 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. Krause Gustaf, fisherman. Kelty William, cook. Kramer Frederick, ship carpenter. Kinney James, laborer. Kieft Martin, celery grower. Kooiman Marinus, peddler. Kaatz Franz. Kaatz August. Kaatz Emiel, woodworker. Kinney Thomas, laborer. Klugas Henry, laborer. Kolloff Frederick, laborer. Kimball Frederick, machinist. Kimball Samuel, sailor. Kraatz August, mason. Kremmell Ferdinand, car repairer. Knight Thomas, merchant. Kraai Edward, laborer. Kinkema Peter, laborer. Kinkema Edward, cooper. Klaveringa Dirk, teamster. Kimerly Luke B. Kennedy James, lumberman. Klaver Peter, painter. Keno Klass. Klugar Frederick, laborer. Klaver Arend J, marshall. Kooiman Aart, gardener. Kalson Charles, carpenter. Kamhout Gerrit. Lock Christ, gardener. Lefeber John, butcher. Louttit Wm R, vessel owner. Landon Alfred, watchman. Lefeber Jacob, shoemaker. Long Robert. Lommerts Heyo, gardener. Laman Klass. Luiti Rens. Lewis Albert. Louttit Wm H, ship owner. Lummets Edward, laborer. Lewis Richard. preacher. Laman John, shoemaker.

Page  44 44 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF B.C. MT\NSFIELD Jeweler and Optician. rINE GOLD AND SILVER latches Diamonds, Jewelru and MuSiGal instruments, COR. WASHINGTON AND SECOND STS. OGAND HANVEN, MICHI(,A-N. TheCdlebrated grand Hagen Mineral Water ON DRfIUGUiT FOR GUESTS OF 'ThfS OUSE. 1 -4 I Iv- of 0 GRAND HAVEN, rIMICHIGAN. Hotel are devoted to Lawn Tennis, Croquet, etc., while its Spacious Porches and Large Airy Rooms make it an Ideal Home.

Page  45 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 45 Laman Luke, laborer. Lumb J B, fruit grower. Lasson Andrew P. Lindermulder Garrett, laborer. Lock John, gardener. Laffin Michael, laborer. Langdon Alge. Lester William. Loarned Harry. Lymburn Harry. Lehman Louis, barber. Little I S. Lane Henry. Lehde Henry B. Locke Charles H. Lehde Henry. Little Charles W. Luben Edward. Lilley Henry. Lilley Chas H, express agent. Lilley Geo H. Luikens John, engineer. Luhm Herman, saloon keeper. Lysaght John, life saver captain. Leenhouts John. Laman Simon N. Lick Fred. Lockie John M. foreman. Lemke Carl, dairyman. Loch Cornelius, gardener. Lubben Geert, laborer. Lievense William, tanner. Lock James, gardener. Lock Christopher, gardener. Mulder Jacob, laborer. Martin Wallace. Milliman Edwin L, laborer. Musk Geert, laborer. McKenzie Alexander, carpenter. Moll Bernard, carpenter. Mul John, cooper. Macfie Graham R, lumberman. Misner Thomas. Miller Joseph. - 4.


Page  47 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 47 Miller Daniel F, sailor. Modrac William, fisherman. Moll John, cooper. Musle Leonard. Mull Edward, cooper. Musk David, clerk. Mulder Jacob. Meyer Henry, merchant. Mansfield Bert C, jeweler. Moll Harry, cooper. Marling Hendrik. Modrack John. Munson James. Mitchell Frank, laborer. Morrow Benjamin. McCracken Lewis. Mulder Lammert J, tailor. Macfie John, lumberman. Mieras William, loans, real estate (see adv p 58.) Miller Jeremiah. Morroson Daniel H. McMillin Neil, foreman. Mulligan John, sailor. Murray Francis E, tanner. McGinney Thomas. Meinke Christian, farmer. Moss Seth, engineer. Munson George. Mull James A. Mulligan John F, sailor. McDermott Walter. Murphy James. McRay Roderick. Monroe Stephen L, lumberman. McKenzie Simon. Miller Joseph. McTaggart Archibald. McCambridge Wm H, clerk. Matthews August. McIntyre James. Merill Emery. McKim Wm', carpenter. Morgan W F. Mahr Michael, engineer.

Page  48 48 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF -Go* -'ws- 4- ' _ u'r - I. SE IFiERT, DEALER IN FRESH. SALT AND SMOKED - MEATS - SAUSAGE, LARD, POULTRY, ETC. Washington Street, GRAND HAVEN, MlICH. CHAS. E. SOULE, ATTORNEY GRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN. Judge of Probate of Ottawa County. Practices in all the Courts. Especial attention given to Examination and Settlement of Land Titles and Foreclosing Mortgages. Financial Agent - Money Loaned and Borrowed. Mortgages Bought and Sold. MRS. F. M. SPRAGUE. JaSionable Milliner AND DEALER IN FANCY GOODS. fll Orders Promptlu fttended To. Orders Taken for Bleaching and Pressing Hats. GRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN.

Page  49 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 49 Michell Geo A. McGragar T. McLeod Robert R, cook. Misner Christopher. McCambridge Thomas, sailor.o Maher John, laborer. McDonald James E. McLeod Wm. M'cKay RoLbert, "sairr.Meilike Ferdinand, mason. Maybee Byron, sailor. Maloney James, ship carpenter. McLoan Norman, laborer. Moody George W, engineer. McMann Abram, teamster. McMann Henry, teamster. McNeely Robert. McDonald Archibald, ship carpenter. Mulder Henry, teamster. Mulder William, laborer. Mulder Harman, laborer. Mulder John, laborer. Mastenbroek John P, engineer. Muller Geert B, laborer. Moody Eugene. McDonald Nicholas, woodturner. Nokken Harm, laborer. Nemire Albert, laborer. Nietering Cornelius, laborer. Nyhof Jan, laborer. Nemire Jacob, marl dealer. Noordhuis Rip, teamster. Noordhuis Harm. Neitering Albert, laborer. Noordhuis Cornelius. Nunsmen James. Nash George. Neil John, ship carpenter. Nesser George F, laborer. Nysen Cornelius, millwright. Nedervelt Peter, carpenter. Nedervelt Edward, laborer. Nolden Joseph, sailor. Nyland Henry, tanner. iv I


Page  51 %(.000" OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. Norcross Silas E, woodworker. t0 G Nichols Horace G, publisher. Norcross Warner A, carpenter. Nyland A J, tanner. c c Nyland Cojnelius, tannerO0 tf Nyland A Jr, tanner., Nyland Albert.l/ d 6O O D> 0 Nyland Herman. Ott Paul. )I 5 l Ott Julius. 11 / / Olsen Johannes, railroader. U rq Olsen Jens, steward. /$ Olsen Nels, railroader. 13 O'Brien Joseph W, insurance agt./J Outman Able, laborer./ 7 O'Beke Adrance, fisherman. /4 O'Brien Thomas. % 6 O'Brien Jeremiah, laborer.4/I Ossiginac Louis, sailor. r I O'Beke Jacob, fisherman. O'Hara Harry, engineer./ i \ Olson Peter, engineer. - 1 / / Ott Herman, ship carpenter..O l O'Brien Jeremiah, sailor. Osborn Peter. O'Brien John. Oakes Harry, marl dealer. Olesen J A. Olthmos Haeike. Overhuel Gysbert, laborer. Poel Klass, laborer. Poel Isaac, labore r- C7, Powers Ben B. Peppel Teunis, carpenter. c ~ O / Pouwell Jan, butcher. Poel Harm, laborer. Parisien John. Palmgren Chas, laborer. Peterson Andres, laborer. Primas Herman, laborer. Pierson John. Peterson John, merchant.: Porter Frank, laborer. 5I,) / 5 O. /,0/

Page  52 52 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF STUVELING & GLERUM, C(ntracto rs and juill ers CRAND HAVEN, MICHICAN. Over Twenty Years Experience. Estimates Furnished on Application. XV. E. Verq Drezer, RESTflURRNT RND LUNGfl GOUNTER. BILLIARD HALL. A Pull Line of Confectionery and Cigars. Washington St., near D., O. t. & M. Depot. GRfIND tflVEUN, MIGtI. T. Van Den BOsGil & Bro. DEALERS IN [CLOTHING HATS, CAPS, fi a UMBRELLAS, CENTLEMEN'S UNDERWEAR OF ALL KINDS, SHIRTS, COLLARS, CUFFS AND NECKWEAR, AND JEWELRY, TRUNKS AND VALISES THIRD STREET, GRAND HAVEN, MICH.

Page  53 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 53 Peck George P. Peterson Peter, ship carpenter. Plating John. Poel Harm, laborer. Parker Edward B, engineer Pfaff Fred, merchant. Perkins Miner G, student. Potts Hiram, printer. Poel Melle, clerk. Peterson Albert. Pols Leendert. Parish Thomas A, postmaster. Pol Johannas, carpenter. Peak Andrew. Petter John. Pennoyer Edwin T, bank clerk. Parker Orlando J, sailor. Peterson Anton. Peterson Ole. Peterson James. Pol John, carpenter. Pol Jacob, carpenter. Pfaff Charles, merchant. Patterson Robert. Page Robert, engineer. Parks George B, purser. Peterson Anthon. Parks Byron W, bookkeeper. Pfaff Chris, clerk. Pellegrom Baltus, carpenter. Palmer Joseph, engineer. Pellegrom Henry, carpenter. Peterson Peterson, laborer. Pennoyer John, cook. Palmer John, carpenter. Pell Peter, cabinetmaker. Payne Wm H. Poel Klass, laborer. Ruse William. Ruster Marinus, laborer. Ruster John, fisherman. Ruster Marinus Jr, peddler. Rosie Donald, sailor, Ruster Marinus Sr, sailor,


Page  55 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. Ruster Simon, laborer. Reynolds Albert H. Reenders Martin, watchman. Robertson George, sailor. Rosie Walter, clerk. Robinson Robert C, foreman. Robinson David. Raymond Wm, cook. Rengelberg Hendric, laborer. Roads Edward H. Rietsema Derk, gardener. Regelien Christ, laborer. Reimer Heinrich. Rosie Wm, sailor. Reinke Klass. Ruster Marinus, laborer. Roosien Derk, gardener. Rocker Frank A. Rosien Joen, gardener. Reitsema Jan, merchant. Russett Joseph. Ronda Ete, laborer. Reasoner William, laborer. Reus Louwe, doctor. Rymer Hendrick. Root Herbert T. Ribbink John J, finisher. Rankes Sent. Regelene John, laborer. Richardson George. Reenders Everet K, engineer. Rhat Leubhort. Robertson Duncan, ship builder. Rosseter Arthur. Retz Christ: Robinson Williamson, engineer. Remelts Remelt. Radley W. Rosbach Philip, hotel proprietor. Ross Fred. Roney J H. Rosbach Philip Jr, hotel clerk. Reno Jacob. Rue Joseph, hotel proprietor. 55.

Page  56 55 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Established 1866. F. D). VOS, GORN[R FULTON fND SIXTHf STS. DEALER roceries Provisions AND FAMILY SUPPLIES. Fruits', (onfqctioner? to' School Materials ALSO. GROGK[RY 6Lf1SSVWflI1[ Fancy Chinaware, Brown and Yellow Ware, Stone Ware, P lower Pots and Vases. WE OCCUPY TWO STORES AND CARRY FULL STOCKS. Fruit and Produce Sold on Commission. Consignments Solicited,

Page  57 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 57 Russell Bert. Raymond James. Roney Edward. Reghil Chas. Robinson David H. Radeke Robert W, govt clerk. Regelen John, laborer. Ringelburg Nicholas, organ grinder. Ranger Wm, ship carpenter. Rundy Peter, laborer. Reynolds Fred E, dentist. Rosett Joseph. Ribbink William, laborer. Ribbink Nicholas, laborer. Richter Charles, tanner. Rossien Harm, merchant. Roosien Peter, gardener. Ronge Charles, real estate agent. Ronda John, laborer. Ronda Derk, laborer. Rymer Henry. Reeks Charlie. Rodgers James, gardener. Ritzema Bette, laborer. Roozema Peter. Roossien Henry, gardener. Roozema William. Rietzma Jan. Rice John. Ritsma Klass D, laborer. Roger Henry, gardener. Racter Charles. Rillema Jacob, laborer. Rietzema Klass, laborer. Robinson Frank, laborer. Smith Geo W A, lumberman. Scott Ahira, ship carpenter. Saunders Wm J H, bookkeeper.: Schippers Johannes, fisherman. Stickney George, bank cashier. Stuiveling Egbert, carpenter. Sheldon Willard C, pres Challenge Corn Planter, Spielman Peter, laborer. Schippers Andrew, cook,


Page  59 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 59 Southwell Henry, ship carpenter. Simmonds Oliver C. Spielman Charles W, laborer. Scott John, ship carpenter. Schouwenaar Isaac, gardener. Scofield Levi, supt Challenge Corn Planter. Shouwenaar Adrian, gardener. Stap Thiman A, laborer. Smith Peter, laborer. Sickman Henry, laborer. Schowschow Frank, laborer. Smith George A. Sheldon Willard C Jr, bookkeeper. Seaver John N. Smith Gerrit. Sluiter Jacob P, laborer. Stone Burt L, teamster. Schroder John, laborer. Staal Arend, laborer. Smith Henry, teamster. Stout Smith, laborer. Seeman Julius. Swanson Levi, railroader. Shouwner John, teamster. Smith Ernest, teamster. Solms Henry W, laborer. Steele Fred W, laborer. Schalte Garret. Sullivan James J, laborer. Sullivan James, hostler. Stuveling John. Solms Fred, sailor. Scott Isaac W, ship carpenter. Stuveling Simon A, contractor. Streechan Antooneaies. Stap Martin, merchant. Shamway Frank, laborer. Swanson Olos, laborer. Sronder John. Snay John. Streng John, cabinetmaker. Scott Eugene, engineer. Sanford Henry C, engineer. Stewart James D, engineer.

Page  60 60 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF flBSTRIlTS OF TITLE MADE AT THE Ottawa County Abstract Ofce FROM THE ONLY SET OF ABSTRACT BOOKS IN THE COUNTY. All Orders Receive Prompt Attention in their Order. Call on or Address CEORCE D. TURNER, GRAND HAVEN, MICH. WALTER I. LILLI., Attornot and Counselor at Law GRAND HAVEN, MICH. Practice in State and Federal Courts. Mortgages Foreclosed. Collections Promptly Made. All General Law Business Transacted Promptly.' Charges Reasonable. -GEO. D. SANFORD, eneralG Inrsurance f\eenr GRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN. V M. THIELEMAN, Sole fluent for Jos. Schlitz Brewino Go's Milwaukee Lauer. Dealer in Ghoice Wines, Liquors and Gigars. Washington Street. GRAND HAVEN, MICH. Bottled Lager a Specialty. H. GRAVENGOED, DEALER IN:Oran Qnd evwinS r Mrac liriwA. 6RANP HAVEN, * 'ICOGA^$

Page  61 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. Savidge Wm, telegraph operator. Stark John, engineer. Stokes Frederick, farmer. Smith Alexander, sailor. Shrope Edgar W. Stone Leonard, laborer. Senneur Frederick. Seaman Odalph, sailor. Stewart Wm, purser. Summers Wm, head clerk. Sanborn Wm. Smith J M. Simpson J. Swartz Frank. Sargeant Isaac. Stevenson Joseph. Smit Gerrit. Strang James. Smith Richard. Surprise J C, foreman. Snyder H P. Sole George C, ship carpenter. Smith H W. Savery George, railroader. Shehad Jeremiah. Smith Richard, engineer. Sole George H. Sanford Isaac H, tailor. Shubert Oscar, foreman. Stowe Leonard. Scott Thomas J, ship carpenter. Scofield Sidney, carpenter. Sluitel William, supervisor. Streng John A, sawyer. Schippers Henry, sailor. Swartz Daniel, fisherman. Schroder John, laborer. Schotte John, laborer. Stokes Edward, machinist. Saverys George, railroader. Schocther Klass, laborer. Shaw Wm. Schwontick Frederick, car repairer. Scanlon T G, fisherman.

Page  62 A:::D A; 62 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Swartz Nicholas, fisherman. Stone Leonard, laborer. Swanson Levi, laborer. Stegenga Albert, laborer. Speitel Louis, fisherman. Spear Henry A, cooper. Smallman J. F, sailor. Smith John H sailor. Sprague Frank M, tallyman. Sinclair Peter ship carpenter. Smith Edward, laborer. Smith John. Smith Henry. Smith LeMoyne S, preacher. Schossow William, laborer. Schmidt Frederick, gardener. Smith William, teamster. Sill Michael, farmer. Stap Henry, teamster. Stap Temen Anna, teamster. Smith Washington L, dairyman. Salters Johannes, gardener. Smith John H, sailor. Schaaftener Henry. Swartz George, laborer. Stap Woume, laborer. Thomson Andrew, deputy collector customs. Turner Geo D, abstract office (see adv p 60.) Tremper Wm, sailor. Trail Thomas, sailor. Trip Henry, laborer. Therson Thos, sailor. Tobey Charles. Thieler Xaver, engineer. Thomas A Z, laborer. Turner Charles P, railroader. i Thieleman Robert, blacksmith Tietz William, farmer. Tietz Charles, sailor. Trissman Leo. Tragar Michael, watchman. Tuiben Guiben. Tappan Wm. cooper. Tripp Theodore, laborer.

Page  63 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 63 Utter David J, carpenter. Uitermark Gysbert, laborer. Uitermark Rochus, farmer. Uitermark Jesper, woodworker. Veenstra Gerbert Lue, shoemaker. VanLopik John, merchant. VanWeelden Peter Jr, laborer. Verault Anthony, laborer. VanToll August, cooper. Vanduin Art, laborer. Verberkmoes Adrian, contractor. Verhoeks James, cabinetmaker. Van Loo John, laborer. VanHampen Hendrik. Vankoeveren Christ, laborer. VanLopik Gerritt, merchant. VanHall Henry J, laborer. VanHall Arie, laborer. Verhoeks John W, merchant. VerHoeks Johannes, teamster. Volkema Peter, laborer. VanToll Adrianus, fisherman. Vandermolen Jan, laborer. Vanderhoef Orson, engineer. VanLoo Andrew, foreman. Vandongen Johannes, laborer. VanZanten Folgert, coal and ice dealer. VanWeelden Peter, carpenter. Verberkmoes Kryn, laborer. VanLoo William, carpenter. Vanderploeg Harm, tailor. VandenBosch Marinus, merchant. Vanzantwick Govert, laborer. Verhoekes Wm, gardener. VanZylen Peter, dairyman. Verhoeks John, merchant. Vaupell Edward, sheriff. Vinkemulder Albert, cooper. VanLoo Josias, carpenter. VanZanten Cornelius, fisherman. Veenekamp Klass, laborer. VanWoerkom Gerrit, laborer. Vissir John, laborer. Vankember Wm. ^.~ i

Page  64 64 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF VandenBosch Koeran, bookkeeper. VanToll Aart, tinsmith. Vanbalgooyen Gerrit, laborer. Visser Johannes. VanDyken Gerrit, cabinetmaker. Verhoeks Leendert, laborer. VanLopik lHenry. Vetter John, flagman. Verberg Gerrit, cabinetmaker. Verberg Franz, laborer. Vanbalgooje Jan, cooper. VanNoard Roelof, gardener. VanFarowe Cornelius. Velders Gerrit Jan, laborer. Vanderploeg Mels. Verwy D, house mover (see adv p 58.) Vinkemulder Philip, cooper. VandenBosch Tamma, carpenter. Vanuithouen Jan, laborer. Verberkmoes Pete, railroader. Visser Otto, gardener. Vork Albert. Vanderveen Jacob, pharmacist and druggist (see adv p 58.) VanWoerkom Henry, clerk. VanSchelven Jan, laborer. VanWeelden Isaac, sailor. VanDyk; Genern. Van den Bosch Henry K, merchant. Verhoeks Peter, laborer. Vandermeiden John P, laborer. Vandenberg Henry, woodworker. Vankoeveringe Henry, gardener. Vermeulen Anna. VanToll Antonia, clerk. Vanderveere Tony, fisherman. VanWeelden Arie, laborer. Vanwestrienen Gerritt, woodworker. Vanhoef Andrew, fisherman. Van den Bosch Gerrit, merchant. VanHerwynen Adrien, laborer. Vanderzalm Edward, painter. Van Stratten Omge, laborer. VanDyke Jerry, gardener.

Page  65 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 05 VanDongen John, mason. VanSyke John. Vandenboomgaard John, tinner. Vandongen Phillip, mason. Vanwestrienen Art, merchant. Vandervere Henry, barber. VanSchelven Wm, butcher. VanZantwick Herman, cook. VanZanten Jacob J. laborer. Vandyk John H. Verwy Charles, laborer. VanDrezer Luman, hotel proprietor. Vanderberg John, railroader. Ver Duin John, fisherman. Verhoeks Antonia. Van Weelden Klaas, sailor. Veenstra Louis, teamster. Van Toll Aart, sailor. Van Toll Antonia, sailor. Verhoeks John, fisher. Vandenboomgaard B, merchant. Vaslier John. Vesser John Jr, fisherman. Van Patten Geo, sailor. Van Weelden Jacob, sailor. Van Patten F W, sailor. Vanderberg Peter, fisherman. Vander Zalm James, clerk. Van Toll John A, bartender. Vandenberg Paul F, fisherman. Vandenberg John H, fisherman. Verduin Peter, merchant. Van Toll John A. Verduin Louis, fisherman. Van Toll Arie. Verspoor Leendert, ship carpenter. Vermeulen Cornelius, laborer. Van Bendergom Peter, fisherman. Van Wyk John, retired laborer. Vanmaaren Peter, fisherman. Van Hall Art, fisherman. Vanmaaren Sanders, fisherman. Vyn Martin, teamster. Vanmaaren Gysbert, fisherman. v

Page  66 66 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Verhoeks Garret, laborer. Vegter Henry, laborer. Vyn Nicholas D, teamster. Vandermeiden Wm, merchant. Vyn Derk, capitalist. Vanderveere Henry, fisherman. Verhoeks John, butcher. Vos John, retired merchant. Van Uithoven Christ, finisher. Van Zantwick Dirk, teamster. Vanbalgooyen Hendrick, janitor. Vyn Albert, teamster. Van den Bosch Thos, merchant. Vyn Lambert, teamster. VandenBosch K, bookkeeper. Vander Meiden W A, barber. Van Hall John, engineer. VanderMeiden Wm P, teamster. Verhoeks Henry, butcher. Van Lopik Gerrit, merchant. Vos Michael, fisherman. Van Dyk Albertus, teamster. Van Hall Orrie, teamster. Vint Harry W, telephone manager. Van Raalte Peter. Van Balgooyen John. Van Drunen P. Van Drunen Daniel. Van Drunen Jan. Vander Noot Cornelius, fireman. Vos Johannes F, farmer. Vandenboomgaard C, merchant. Vanderven Johannes, preacher. Vander Plass Ader J, gardener. Van Dyk Peter, tanner. Verwy Derk, house mover. Van Der Wynen Govert, laborer. Van Holten Jan, laborer. Van Holten Wm, laborer. Vander Meiden Aart, laborer. Vette Gamert, laborer. Vyn Dyken Gerhard, laborer. Vaupell John, sec'y G H Leather Co. Vandenboomgaard J, tinsmith.

Page  67 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 67 Van Toll John, farmer. Van Kueren Irwin, railroader. Veta Hermint, laborer. Vetta Dengenis, laborer. Van Bemmelen Wallie, gardener. Vos Bernardus D, sawyer. Van Dyke Lamster, laborer. Verkuyl John, steward. Van Toll Art, laborer. Van Hermynen Adrian, laborer. Van Dyke Martinus, laborer. Halme Wm. Wright Silas M, bank teller. Williams John E. Welling Arie, laborer. Westcombe Robert J, laborer. Westing Derk Jr, painter. Wiersma Harm. Weeses Cornelius, laborer. Wandeson Joseph E. Westerhof Elbertus, baker. Welch John, teamster. Wykes Edward. Woeling Sjord D, gardener. Wollner William C, cabinetmaker. Wollner John, ironworker. Willemson Tony. Wallboff Louis. Wilds John, clerk. WTesterhof Fred, laborer. Watch T J. Westeeing Dork J. Welch Joen. Wilsborg Peter, laborer. Willing Lamdert, laborer. Webb Smith N. Wallace Wm, laborer. Wallace Walter. Wise Henry, carpenter. Webber James, sailor. Walker John Sr, sailor. Wild Peter, mason. Wolf William G, cigar maker. Williams George. I

Page  68 68 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Wissell Joseph. Williams H D. Willett David P, gas man. Walters Jas, fisherman. Wilson Wm. Wilbert Gust, butcher. Wilbert William, clerk. Willis Charles W. Wissel John, life saver. Walters Willie, fisher. Wissel Jacob, fisher. Wilson James C. Williams Eugene. White Harvey L, county clerk. Woltman Jurien, drummer. Watson John, watchman. Wesch Henry, watchman. Walsh Martin, railroader. Walker Henry, ship carpenter. Wentt W Frederick, railroader. Wortelboer Frederick. Waters Wm Sr, locomotive engineer. Walsh Michael, railroader. Walker Wm, life saver. Wise Cyrus, carpenter. Williams Thomas, laborer. Wollenga Sjord D, gardener. Wallenga Logel D, gardener. Weevets Gerrit Jan, laborer. Warber George, dairyman. Warber Frederick, farmer. Werkman Cornelius. Wedelar Tennis. Wiebenga Peter, laborer. Weevers Bernardus, laborer. Wall Elbridge F, lumberman. Williamson Tomar. Wiebenga Harry, laborer. Wright Oscar. Wheeler C E, engineer. Wiebenga John, laborer. Walsma Thys, laborer. Wevers John, laborer. Yonker Henry K, wagonmaker.

Page  69 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 69 Young James K, sailor. Young William, foreman. Young Ed. Yonker Charles H, laborer. Yonker Morris H, finisher. Yagar F W, laborer. Young Edwin C. Yonkers Cornelius. Yonkers Klaas, gardener. Zeldenrust Albert, laborer. Zwagman Barend, peddler. Zaagman Jan, laborer. Zantig Peter. Zeldeprust Klaas, laborer. Zeldenrust Heilka, laborer. Zerner Adolph, blacksmith. Zietlow Charles, laborer. Zeldenrust Gerritt, laborer. Zoerner William, laborer. Zietlow Edward. fisher. Zietlow Frank, fisher. Zuiderersma Jelte J, laborer. Zwarts Cornelius, laborer.

Page  70 70 70 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF WHEN YOU CO TO...BE SURE TO TAKE THE SHORT AND PLEASANT ROUTE..VIA... THE GODIHLINE OF MAGNIFICENT NEW STEAMSHIPS,,"ATLANTA" AND""CITY OF RACINE"" BUILT EXPRESSLY FOR THIS ROUTE. These Steamships have immense reserve power, which enables them to make their regulIar schedules in the most unfavorable weather.Each 1,200 tons burthen, with sleeping accommodations for 300 passengers. wilt leave MUSKEGON for CHICAGO daily, except Satrnday, at 5:00 P. M., and GRAND HAVEN same days at 8:30 p. m. Passengers who cannot leave Muskegon at 5:00 p. m. can leave Muskegon on the D., G. H. & M. R'y steamers at 7:00 p. in., and make sure connections with Chicage 'boat at Grand Haven without extra charge. Extra Saturday Trips to CHICACO, commencing May 14th, and ending Sept. 3d, both days inclusive. Arriving in CHICAGO the following morning in time for the outgoing trains. FARE, berth included M M $3.00 ROUND TRIP, good for season $5.00 Returniniz, leave CHICAGO daily. ex ept Sunday, at 7:30 p. in., arriving at, GRAND HAVEN at 5:00 a. m. and MUSKEGON at 7:30 a. in., in time for early train East and North.I Extra Sunday tr~ips to CRAND HAVEN and MUSKECON., commencing May 15th and ending Sept. 4th, both days Inclusive. This is the SHORT'LINE to the WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION, landing passengers in Chicage only one block from the Illinois Central R. R., rnigtains direct to the EXPOSITION BUILDINGS. THROUHTICKETS to all Points via CHIC AGO can be had of all Agents on D. G. H. &M. R'y, C. &W. M. R'y T., S. & M. R'y, G. R. &1.R. R.,ofP. H.HRolbrook, Opera House Block, Muskegon; N. Robbins, Jr., at Dock at Grand Haven, and of Pursers on board Steamers. A, W. GOODRICH, Prcs't, CHICAGO. G. HURSON, Gen'I T'raffic M'gr, MILWAUKEE. JNO. W. OILMAN Superintendent, CHICAGO. JNO. SINGLETON, Gee' Pass. Agt, CH1CAGQ.

Page  71 HfL0LlND GITY DIREGTORY. BUSINESS FIRMS. Alberti John, undertaker and livery. Alblas J, fish. American Express Co. Anderson Anton, ship yard. Bargelt Rev Henry S, (methodist.) Baumgartel Wm, barber. Beach Win H, grain and produce (see adv p 82.) Becker Conrad P, flour mill. Bender Mrs H, carpet weaver. Benjaminse Wm, prop De Hollander. Bertsch Daniel, dry goods. Bertsch John, tanner. Bertsch Mrs Minnie, milliner (see adv p 82.) Blom Cornelius, saloonkeeper. Blom Cornelius Jr, baker. Boone Hermanus, livery (see adv p 72.) Boot & Kramer, general store. Bos Rev Ebert (Christian Church.) Bosman John W, clothing. Burton W H, meat market (see adv p 82.) Breyman Otto & Son, jewelers. Brink A H & Co, furniture manufacturers. Brockway Rev Nelson L, (Methodist.) Brouwer James A, furniture (see adv following L *_._ _ \ nistory.) Brown Peter, saloon. Brusse & Co, clothing. Burgess Azariah M, photographer. 'Burgess & Schregardus, cigar mfs. Cappon Isaac. Cappon & Bertsch, tanners. City Hotel, Geo N Williams, prop. Cathcart Geo H, saloonkeeper. Coppock & Meengs, meat market. Crandell Stephen R, notions. [7I]

Page  72 72 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF H. BOONE'S LIVERY, BOARD. SALE AND PEED Stables, MARKET STREET, REAR OF FIRST STATE BANK. HOLLAND, MICHIGAN. First-Class Rigs Always on Hand, Day or Night. Hack and Bus to and and from All Trains. Telephone in Connection. ALBERT CURTIS. resident [eterinary uurgeon. Graduate of Ontario Veterinary College, Toronto, Canada, will Professionally Attend to ALL DISEASES OF HORSES AND CATTLE. Orders by Mail or Telegraph will receive prompt attention. A First-Class Stock of Medicines always on hand. Horses examined as to soundness. Hospital for Lame and Diseased Horses. If not professionally engaged can be seen at all hours. HORSE DENTISTRY A SPECIALTY. HOLLAND, MICHIGAN. J. G IUIZINGA. syici1\n 1 an4d e)ur eon. HOLLAND, MICH. OPPICE: River Street, Opposite Brouwer's furniture Store....... — -

Page  73 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 73 Cronkwright Henry, barber. Curtis Albert, veterinary surgeon (see adv p 72.) Davis & Wise, dressmakers. De Grondwet, L Mulder, prop. De Groot Leendert, barber. De Groot Simon, barber. De Hollander, Wm Benjaminse, prop. De Hope, Rokus Kanters, pub. De Kraker Peter, boots and shoes. De Kraker & De Koster, meats. De Merrell Richard, marble works. Deming Geo. W, foundry. De Roo Cornelius J, sec and treas Walsh, De Roo Milling Co. De Vries Bernard J, dentist. De Vries Dirk, general store. De Vries Henry, cooper. De Vries Ulysses, harnessmaker. De Watchter, Rev G E Boer, editor. De Waymar Daniel, painter. De Witt Gerrit, cattle breeder. Doesburg Jacob 0, druggist. Dosker Rev Henry D, (Reformed.) Dupond Charles, poultry and florist. Dykema Cornelius, blacksmith. Diekema Gerrit J, lawyer and justice. Facer Mrs Maryett, notions. Fairbanks Isaac, justice and pension agent. First State Bank, I Cappon, pres; I Marsilje, cash. Fixter Joseph, cooperage. Flieman Jacob & Co, wagonmakers, blacksmiths. Gee Mrs D M & Co, milliners. Gillespie Frank M, dentist. Grootenhuis John, carriage painter. Gunst Peter, wagonmaker. Harmon Charles H, barber. Harrington Edward J, general store. Helder John D, boots and shoes. Henderson Ludolph, clothing. Herold E & Co, boots and shoes. Higgins Benjamin P, photographer. Holcomb John C, agent C & W M Ry. Holland City band.

Page  74 74 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF GR-NDWET NEWS PRINTING L. MULDER Proprietor. M-USE HOLLAND, MICHIGAN. ie Grondet t A Weekly Newspaper published in the Holland Language. Weekly Issue, 5,: Circulates in 25 States of the Union. + MBie + 4Haolland (itg New A Weekly English Newspaper. Esl lished in 1872. Circulation 1,200. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Q@ @ @ BOOK AND JOB PRINTIN IN VARIOUS LANGUAGES, 300. 3 tab G

Page  75 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 75 Holland City Bank, J Van Putten, pres; C Ver Schure, cashier. Holland City Brewery, A Seif, prop. Holland City News, L. Mulder, prop; G J Van Schelven, editor. Holland City Water Works, F O Nye, supt. Holland Real Estate Exchange, J. C. Post, secy. Hope College, Rev Peter Moerdyke, sec;' Isaac Cappon, treas; Rev N M Steffens, D D, dean theo dept. Hotel Ottawa, Rice & Nash, props (see adv p 76.) Huizinga Gerrit T, vice pres Walsh DeRoo Mlg Co. Huizinga John G, physician (see adv p 72.) Hunt Robert A, saloon. Huntley Alfred, engineer and machinist (see adv p 76.) Huntley Miss Gertrude, mgr Telephone Co. Huntley James, lumber dealer, contractor. Husen L Paul, jeweler. Ilishan Henry, shoemaker. Jones Ranson N, gunsmith. Jones Wm S, tinner and stoves. Jonkman & Dykema, clothing. Kane Peter N, druggist and stationer, Kanters Bros, hardware (see adv p 78.) Kanters John D, job printer (see adv p 78.) Kanters Rokus, pub De Hope. Karsten Gerrit, W, painter. Kellogg Wm, horse buyer. Keppel Bastian, city marshal. Keppel Tunis, coal and lumber. Kole James, blacksmith, wagonmkr (see adv p 76.) Kiekenveld John H, grocer. Kiekenveld 31, bks and stationery (see adv p 78.) King C L & Co, basket manufacturers. Kleis Peter A, meat market. Kleyn John R, planing mill. Kremers Henry, druggist. Kruisenga John, general store. Kuite Jacob, meat market. Lakeside Furniture Co, H Takken, C Cook, P De Spelder. Lanting Louis, blacksmith. Levense Simon, building mover.

Page  76 76 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Jlotel OttawIa. Now Open... OTTAWA BEACH, MICH. J. E. R ICE, Proprietor Bridge Street House, Grand Rapids, and H. W. NASH, Formerly Cashier Fourth Nat'l Bank, Grand Rapids, LESSEES AND PROPRIETORS, who have leased itfor Five Years. fHE HOTEL OTTAWA again comes before the public for its share of favors for the season of 1892 greatly enlarged, generally improved and under New Management. For Rooms, Rates, etc., a~Iress RICE & NASH, at Grand Rapids, Mich., until June 15th, after which, Ottawa Beach, Mich. ESTrABLISH1.ED I 882. ALPRED lUNTLIY. En ineer a\rnA N'jGclpru5 t. IRON fID MISS GfiSTINOS. ENGINE AND MILL REPAIRS A SPECIALTY. HOEL LANDP - - M ICH1=1. JAMES KOLE'S Smith and Wagon Shop. HtIORSESt10O1N6,.N JOBBING fND RIMlRINO. MANUFACTURER OF r Light and Mleavu Wagons, AND CARRIAGE DEALER. HOLLAND, MICH.

Page  77 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 77 McBride P H, lawyer, real estate, insurance. Mabbs James A, physician. Macatawa Park Co, H Walsh, pres; J C Post, sec. Macatawa Park Hotel, Mrs M A Ryder, prop. Markle Margaret, laundry. Martin Henry, justice. Meengs Henry, carpet weaver. Meeusen James, meat market. Metcalf Theron, restaurant. Meyer H & Son, pianos, organs, sewing machines. Mohr Michael, soap manufacturer. Mulder Leendert, prop De Grondwet and Holland City News (see adv p 74.) Nibbelink Jacobus, livery and undertaker. Notier & Lokker, creamery. Notier & Ver Schure, general store. Oosting Peter, mason, contractor (see adv p 80.) Opera House, Wm Breyman, mgr. Ottawa County Building and Loan Association. Ottawa County Timnes, M G Manting, editor and pub (see adv p 84.) Pessink John, baker. Phcenix Hotel, O F Phillips, prop. Pond Geo M, furniture repairer. Post Henry D, insurance, collections, real estate, justice. Post John C, lawyer and real estate (see adv p 8o.) Postina Hessel, cigar mfr. Prins & Rooks, general store. Reidsema Simon, furniture. Richardson Chas J, saloonkeeper. Roost John A, druggist. Ryder Mrs Mary A, prop Macatawa Park Hotel. Scheerhoorn Eije, tailor. Schoon & Son, tanners. Schouten Dr. Frederick J, druggist. Schreck M R, cigar mfr. Scott & Schuulrmal, lumber (see adv p 80.) Seif Anton, prop Holland City Brewery. Shadyside Hotel, Macatawa Park. Smeenga Mrs Jacoba, general store. Sprietsma Simon L, boots and shoes. Storing Mrs Minnie, dressmaker. Steffens Rev Nicholas M, prof at Hope College.

Page  78 78 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF LANTERS BROS... GDNERlRL - HfARDWfARE LICENSED CITY PLUMBERS. M. KIEKIN TVELD,... DEALER IN.., looks g StatiornePr IMPORTER AND clOBBER OP HOLLAND BIBLES AND PSALM BOOKS. HOLLAND, MICHIGAN. U/yE PPIN \T Letter, Note, Memorandum and Bill Heads, Notes, Checks, Receipts and all L I PfI V kinds of Legal Blanks, Business Cards, Wedding Invitations, Calling and 8ociety Cards, all Kinds of Labels, Tickets, Shippiny Tags, Enuelopes. JOB PRINTING. Circulars, Shipping Bills, Sign Cards, Dodgers, Posters, Pamphlets, Books, in fact Everything in the Printing Line. WRITE FOR PRIGES. Prompt flttention paid to Mail Orders. JOHN D. KANTERS, Prop'r. HOLLAND, MICHIGAN.

Page  79 OTTAWA COUNTY; MICHIGAN. 79 Steketee Andries, general store. Steketee Bastian, general store. Steketee Cornelius, grocer. Stevenson Chas A, jeweler. Strovejans Derk, mason and plasterer. Sutton E F, bottler. Takken E, blacksmith, wagonmkr (see adv p 86.) Thomas Wm A, painter. Van der Haar Hein, grocer. Van der Vries Rev E (Christian Reformed. Van Drezer L Edward, restaurant. Van Duren Bros, shoes. Van Landegend. Tyler, plumber. Van Oort Johans B, hardware. Van Putten & Sons, general store. Van Duren G J, postmaster. Van Putten J & A, butter tub mfs (see adv p 80.) Van Putten Win, physician, druggist, horseman (see adv p 86.) Van Raalte Benjamin, farm implts (see adv p 88.) Van Schelven Gerrit, editor Holland City News, justice. Vaupell Mrs Herman, saddler. Verwy Isaac, editor De Grondwet. Vindicator Fanning Mill Co. Visscher Arend, lawyer, insurance. Visser Henry, blacksmith. Visser & Son, general store Waffle Fredrick N, painter. Waffle F W, painter. Wagenaar John, baker. Walsh-De Roo Milling Co, I Cappon, pres; G T Huizinga, vice pres; C J De Roo, sec-treas (see adv following history. Walsh Heber, druggist. Waverly Stone Co, H D Post, pres. Werkman Henry D, general store. Werkmen Misses, milliners. West Michigan Furniture Co, E W Richmond, pres; F J Metz, vice pres; G P Hummer, sectreas and mgr (see adv p 88.) West Mich Park Association. Wetmore Jared D, physician. Whitbeck Mrs P C, milliner.


Page  81 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 8I Williams George N, prop City Hotel. Wilms Peter H, farm implements. Winter Eije, blacksmith. Wise Jacob, dry goods. Wyckhuisen & Rinck, furniture. Yates Oscar E, physician. MISCELLANEOUS. Annis E E, painter. Annis Elmore, painter. Astra Meindert, nightwatch. Aldering Albert, laborer. Alderink Gerrit Jan, laborer. Astra Rollin, conductor. Avery J B. Alberti Jaeal. Altena John. Altena Egbert. Appeldoorn Gerritt, laborer. Askins Newton D. Astra John J, railroader. Annesley B A. Avery W L. Avery W B, laborer. Anderson Gunder, tanner. Allen Joseph P, tanner. Anderson Jesse G, tanner. Aldrink K. Boot Pieter, grocer. Boot Arie, laborer. Bos Cornelis, grocer. Bosman Jan W, real estate dealer. Baarman Pieter, tanner. Bos Simon, clerk on steamer. Breyman Otto, jeweler. Boggs Thomas J, tanner. Beekman Engbert H, tanner. Beekman Herman, tanner. Bakker Martinus, watchman. Breyman Will, jeweler. Ballard George, tanner. Bouman Roelof, laborer. Bowense Anthony. vi


Page  83 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 83 Beekman Albert, carpenter. Bosman Adrian B, tailor. Boyd David L, tanner. Bakker Wm, shoemaker. Beardslee John W, prof at Hope College. Bedell Frank, cabinetmaker. Benjamin J E, shoemaker. Bosman Arend, lumber dresser. Bontekoe Martin, tanner. Bedell John, cabinet. Bosman F H. Boyd Wm N Jr, tanner. Bemelt F G. Browning Geo W, cabinetmaker. Bentley Van W. Briggs F G. Booth James. Brockway W B. Boers Henry, prof at Hope College. Bos Peter, cabinetmaker. Birney John, railroader. Blum John J, railroader. Beamish Thomas, railroader. Buursma Henne. Boeve Henry, laborer. Bartlett George, railroader. Braam Cornelis, laborer. Beeuwkes William G T, tinsmith. Bakker Fokke, cabinetmaker. Boersema Lippe, milk peddler. Beuwkes Lambert, tinsmith. Baldus Lewis D, laborer. Batema Riep, brakeman. Benjamin Curtis. Becker Elias, miller. Brooks Geo H, gunsmith. Beamish James, engineer. Brockway W B. Brink Evert, laborer. Bosch Hermanis. Bos Frik, retired laborer. Beuwkes John, tinsmith. Brandt Lane, laborer. Bloemendaal Barend, sexton at Hope College.

Page  84 84 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF ADVERTISE.. IN... TnME OTTAWA COUNTY... --- TIMES..,. IT... HAS A LARGE CIRCULATION In Ottawa and Allegan Counties; is the Only English Paper in Ottawa County all printed at home, and the OnlU D6moGratls rPaer Published in the English Language in the County. It is therefore one of tle best Advertising Mediums in the County. THE TIMES JOB DEPARTMENT Is Supplied with unsurpassed facilities for doing Pamphlet, Catalogue, Book and General -JOB PRINTINGBeing supplied with New Presses and Type we can guarantee satisfaction. Fine Commercial work a specialty. Read "The Ottawa County Times." It gives all the news for only $1.00 per year in Advance. Published every Friday. M. G. MANTING, Edltor and Publisher. HOLLAN D, MICHIGAN.

Page  85 OTTAVWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 85 Brower George. Boeve Dirk, laborer. Bouwma Bert. Brown J B, ticket agent. Bamach John. Bos Evert. Benson Joseph. Brink Henry. Batema U. Beukema M, tugman. Bender H S. Blink K J, laborer. Brown James. Bontekoe T, laborer. Bouwman Eeltje, laborer. Bontekoe Cornelis, laborer. Boezel Jan, carpenter. Bertsch E T, tanner. Bearce Fred W. Brockway Wade B, laborer. Bertsch - avid, tanner. Bird Fillmore, engineer. Beukema Cornelius, carpenter. Bradford Lewis C. Beukema Cornelius. Brown George H. Bender T H, laborer. Boyd Daniel L, tanner. Boyd William J, tanner. Becker C N. Bontekoe Taeke, laborer. Borgman Jan, sailor. Borgman Abraham, tanner. Block Gerrit. Brusse Johannes. Brown J C. Beukema Martin. Brinks Roelof, laborer. Borgman Ralph, tanner. Bertsch Charles. Blom David, bartender. Boven Thomas, laborer. Brown George. Cook H D, student.

Page  86 86 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF -- 2:23 TURK. 15,213 RECORD 2:27. 2:16k Ghestnut Horse, Foaled 1881. Sired bu frthur S. ISt dam Nellie Spoon by Blue Bull 75, sire of Georgetown 2:I6y, Zoe B 2:I74, Bessie 2:I7U Lena Swallow 2:19, Royal Bounce 2:19, Will Cody 2:I9Y, and 59 others with records of 2:30 and better; Arthur S. by Oceana Chief 2:23, sire of Maggie Knox 2:244, Oceana Chief 4532 by Aldrich Colt, son of Nero by Vermont Boy by Black Hawk 5, by Sherman Morgan son of Justin Morgan, dam a Canadian mare s. t. b. the dam of Clifton Boy 2:23. TURK will make the Season of 1892 at Holland, Michigan. TERMS: $25.00 for the Season. The Rules and Regulations will govern as adopted by other breeders throughout the country regarding the return of mares, their accidents, escapes, attention and keeping. For further information address WILLIAM VAN PUTTEN. M. D.. HOLLAND, MICCHIGAN. E. TAKKEN, MANUFACTURER OF Iu ies, C arts, ETC. REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS. Market Street. HOLLAND. MICHIGAN. rn E.TaKK6n St i661 S nh6I1 I I I __. 14 - -: -.I. - " M E%. - -- l TERRITORY FOR SAfLE. W- f - mB

Page  87 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 87 Clark Andrew J. Cook D G, retired farmer. Cappon John J, tanner. Cook Geo E, student. Copyan Charles F. Conkwright H J, barber. Clement Arthur. Chappell Arthur. Clark Theodore M, conductor. Cunningham John, laborer. Conley Peter, assistant superintendent of railway. Carr Frank H, telegraph operator. Craig Abram, railroader. Cunningham H, laborer. Crabbe W G, railroader. Chapman W M, yardmaster. Cooley F, railroader. Castle S B, telegraph operator. Copeyon Charles. Cills Silas, laborer. Clark H, cabinetmaker. Clark M, ship carpenter. Carter Alonzo. Clark James M, cabinetmaker. Chase H G. Colester James. Crandall Edgar, dentist. Clark E A, cabinetmaker. Clark T L. Charter Alvin B, tanner. Charter Frank, barber. Cats Lieuw C, carpenter. Cronin David, tanner. De Vries George. Dyk John C, carpenter. Dykema Klaas. De Boe Cornelius W, carpenter. Doty Ira, engineer. De Slegte John Henry, laborer. Dykema Wybe, blacksmith. De Jong John, grocery keeper. Dok Burt, butcher. De Slegte Henry F, laborer. De Weert Lucas, tanner.

Page  88 88 88 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF F. METZ, President A. VERSCHURE, Vice-Pres't G. P. HUMMER, Sec'y & Manager Tll 1~ M~hani Foroituro Go. WHOLESALE MANUFACTURERS OF ANND IBEDS. tArmual Output S250,OOO. HIOLLIAND, MICHIIGA\N. DE~ALEFRIN WAGONS AND BUGGIES, ETC. PIVEP STPI2I2T, COR. NINTH, IHOLILAND, 1\4 MI CHF1IGC"AN. De Kraker Isaac R. De Koey er Ed. De Boer Jan, cabinetmaker. -Dilman, Benjamin F, tanner. -Dyke Frank, carpenter. De Young James, cooper. Dalman W H. De Pree C, druggist. De Haan John, laborer. De~ries Benj. Douma Peter. De Boer John, drayman. De Kraker Isaac, shoemaker. De Keyzer C, clerk at post office. Den Uyl Teunis, carpenter. Dykema Johannes, clothier. De John Cornelius Sr. Doornbos, Peter, laborer. Dyk Jacobus, carpenter. De Boe Marinus, carpenter. De Feytcr Arnout, sailor. De Vries Age, laborer.

Page  89 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 89 De Vries Pieter, clerk. Dalman Geert, carpenter. De Vries Harm, laborer. Dykstra Jochem, farmer. De Vries A. Dutton Chas S, preacher. De Vries Volkert, laborer. De Kraker Louis, butcher. De Feyter Pieter, sailor. Derks Jan, tailor. De Vries Ulke, harnessmaker. De Jongh Henry, grocer. De Koster Jacob, laborer. De Weerd John, laborer. Den Uyl Simon, carpenter. De Jongh John, grocer. Dorenbos Cornelis, laborer. De Pooter Jan, clerk. De Vries H J. Dereg Leendert. De Feyter Jacob P, laborer. De Jong C, retired merchant. De Waard Cornelius, laborer. Dupont Charles, greenhouse. Dinkeloo Jan, painter. Dogger Antonie, laborer. Dogger Jacob A, rag peddler. De Jong John. De Roo Cornelius J, miller. Doesburg Harry R, druggist. Douma John, laborer. Daniels C F. Doesburg G S, printer. Decker D. De Vries Bernard J, dentist. Dufournee L, laborer. Doesburg C A, cabinetmaker. Dowen James. Davis E W. Darbie William, bus driver. Dykhuis Henry J, shoemaker. De Feyter M, laborer. De Feyter Jacob, drayman. De Young James.

Page  90 9o BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF De Weert Fred, laborer. Doty C M, railroader. De Spelder J, cabinetmaker. De Vries Peter, clerk. De Weert Gerrit, laborer. Donoghue John, laborer. De Spelder Pieter, furniture mfr. De Matt K, printer. De Graaf Jan, cabinetmaker. Drig A. Doodge C N. De Walle H. De Wit Lowie, laborer. Douma Peter, laborer. Drinkwater Arthur, laborer. Dulyea Francis. De Haan Menno. Doot Harm. Dewitt John, laborer. Dewitt Benj. Dekker William, conductor. Danesth Joseph, railroader. Deur William, drayman. Davis Mart. De Matt Ralph, painter. Doesburg Hermanus. Doesburg Cornelius, Prof at Hope College. Dykema Willem, laborer. De Matt Klaas, printer. Dykema P, peddler. De Weert Johannes, tanner. Doyle Patrick J, tanner. Damson William, tanner. Dehn Gust M, tanner. De Young John, engineer. De Feyter J M, laborer. Doornbos Willem, laborer. Davidson W J, tanner. De Kraker J 0. Donkelaar J, laborer. Dyk Fred De Haan William, engineer. Doorn Adrian. Dykema Wybe, blacksmith.

Page  91 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 91 Doesburg Chas A, cabinetmaker. De Boe Marinus, carpenter. De Boe Johannes. De Haan A B. Elferdink George H, tanner. Elferdink John Sr, tanner. Everhart Evert, retired laborer. Elferdink William, tanner. Elferdink John Jr, tanner. Essenbaggers Jozua, laborer. Ellen D M, engineer. Elferdink Henry, tanner. Ellis C W, cabinetmaker. Edson L S. Exo Wm, laborer. Eckles Geo, railroader. Elwell Wm, railroader. Eelhart Pieter. Ellis Dan. Evans Walter. Ellis D M, cabinetmaker. Eddy Geo W. Fairbanks I H, farmer. Facer C S, merchant. Facer C Jr, merchant. Flieman J W, blacksmith. Fletcher William R. Filkins W C. Farley H C. engineer. Fik Klaas, laborer. Fik Rolf, laborer. Flanner W L. Flander Len. Fansher E L. Finch Alford A, mason. Finch William H, building mover. Farlardem Isaac. Fricke John, laborer. Geerens John. Gaze Geo Wm. Genshow Charles, tanner. Geerlings Henry, preacher. Glerum Adrian, baker. Gillespie J H, prof at Hope College.

Page  92 I 92 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Good Ride Fred, cabinetmaker. Geerling Jacob, printer. Grevengoed Arie, laborer. Gage Burt. Gable Adam. Gage H B. Giebink H. Grimes P, telegraph operator. Grace James, car repairer. Guild George. Goodrich A D, freight agent. Grant B F. Grevengoed Cornelis, laborer. Hering Andrew, sailor. Hoekstra Jan, laborer. Huizinga Albert G, student. Huizinga Bernardus. Harmelink Peter. Holkeboer Oepke, carpenter. Holkeboer Eeltje, carpenter. Harper Herbert W. Haam C G. Haal Eleyer. Harrington Ed J Jr, liveryman. Harper Herbert W. Hovenga John, teamster. Hall F C, foreman of stone quarry. Harrington Austin, dealer in produce. Hogenstein James, tanner. Hayes Joseph, laborer. Hoek Jacob, painter. Hilaridas Peter, laborer. Himes Richard B. Heiftje Cornelius, tanner. Holkeboer Eeltje, carpenter. Huizinga T. Hermis E F. Harrington Edward J, mayor. Haines Charles H, railroader. Hillman Fred, railroader. Huling N C, railroader. Harvey F M, carpenter. Hill George, railroader. Hamlin H G. A ~~

Page  93 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 93 Hemingway F L. Hemingway J. Henry W I. Hartigh Pieter, retired farmer. Heitohrends John. Houting John, tanner. Hummel John, tanner. Hayes Wm, wagonmaker. Hlolley W A, miller. Hart Fred. Hart Marten. Hayes W, laborer. Huizinga A J. Huizinga Thomas. Houting G J, tanner. Haven Frank, sailor. Hoet Arie. Horten J. Harmon C H, barber. Hopkins \W D, photographer. Heyboer Wm, laborer. Hissgen J B. Houting Isaac, blacksmith. Higgins O R, cabinetmaker. Hesslink Garret, laborer. Hanson H G. Hadden Frank W, cabinetmaker. Holkeboer Eeltje S, carpenter. Hieftje Louis, tanner. Holkeboer Schelte, carpenter. Heuvel Cornelis. Hansen Olef J, tanner. Haberman R H, tanner. Hieftje John, tanner. Hensen Dirk. I-lopkins Clarence, laborer. Hanson H G. Habing Samuel, mason. Higgins S E, superintendent of public schools. Hyma Andreas. 1-ladden J B, cabinetmaker. Hadden Geo L, cabinetmaker. Henrichon Eugene. Hayes James, laborer. 9

Page  94 94 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Harkema Reiner, carpenter. Hofman A, laborer. Harmsen John. Hummer Geo P, secy West Mich Furniture Co. Hanson C M, tanner. Heetebry John, carpenter. Hoogenstyn James, tanner. Hopkins John. Hayes John. Hallguist John E. Heiftje Cornelius, tanner. Hayes Frank. Hoek John, painter. Hennesy L. Israel Hann. Johnson James, laborer. Jones Wm, gunsmith. Johnson Jno J. Johns Geo A. Johnson John Jr. Jones R A. Japinga Martin, laborer. Jonkman Pritz, laborer. Johnson John, tanner. Johnson Julius, tanner. Jonkman Martinus, clothier. Jekel Jan, teamster. Jansen Marinus, plumber. Jordan H D. Jacobus C H, hotelkeeper. Koning Pieter, contractor. Kramer John, grocer. Koning Jacobus, nightwatch. Krokkee Jacobus, tanner. Kuite Leendert, tanner. Koning John, engineer. Kleyn Martin, tanner. Kramer Lawrence, druggist. Kamferbeek B -H, printer. Klassen H, laborer. * Kramer' Abraham, laborer. Koning P J. Koster Harm, laborer. Kouw Jan, laborer.

Page  95 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 95 Kramer L, laborer. Kiekintveld H W, dealer in books. Koenigsberg Chas, laborer. Kuite Jacob G, butcher. Koning G A, laborer. Kole James, blacksmith. Kuite Cornelius L, tanner. Kremers Harry, student. Kooman Edward, laborer. Keeper Jacob. Kiekentveld John H, merchant. Klaasen John, laborer. Keppel Teunis D, merchant. Kanters Rokus A, salesmen. Kok Jacobus, clerk. Kok Cornelis, cabinetmaker. Klooster Albert, printer. Kempton Robert, car repairer. Kleyn Leonard, carpenter. Kok Gerardus, clerk. Kloosterman Jacob, laborer. Kamper Hendrik, laborer. Kamp.er Gerrit, laborer. Kleyn Henry, bookkeeper. Keppel Albert, clerk. Kok H Rokus, wagonmaker. Kleinheksel John H, prof at Hope College. Kapenga William, laborer. Kool Lucas, merchant. Kleyn Simon, carpenter. Kooistra R. Koomen E, laborer. Kieft B, tanner. Krygsman Marinus, laborer. Kamferbeck Albert, printer. Krygsman Jacob. laborer. Kellog Charles N, saw filing. Kervink John. Kochlen Albert. Karsten John, painter. Kaashoek Adriaan, laborer. Kooman Aart, laborer. Kellogg F NW, cabinet finisher. Karel Hann. I

Page  96 96 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Kole James, blacksmith. Kasel Wm H. Kuite Jacob, butcher. Kuite Frank, butcher. Kieft Frederik, cabinetmaker. Kollen Gerrit J, prof at Hope College. Knol Jan, retired merchant. Kamp Reintje, teamster. Knutson Peter, tanner. Kuite Adriaan, butcher. Koffers T, capitalist. Kammeraad Adrianus. Knutson Jacob, tanner. Kanters G A, hardware. Klein Jan. Klaveringa Abel, laborer. Koenigsberg C T, laborer. Koenigsberg H P, tanner. Koenigsberg H, tanner. Kuite C L, butcher. Kuite C J. Kardux William, laborer. Kellogg D C. King Frank. Kroll Gust. Kroll Ferdinand. Laepple Gotlieb, tanner. Lubbers Hendrik, carpenter. Luidens H G, bookkeeper. Langerwisch Albert. Lugger William. Lokker C I, dairyman. Luxen John, student. Looyengoed Bessel, laborer. Lokker Jacob, dairyman. Lauson George E, railroader. Looman J. Lokker C, dairyman. Louwis John, laborer. Lindemier Henry, laborer. Ledeboer Seba, express deliverer. Lyons George, laborer. Lemley C E, dentist. Leet W, railroader.,;. * %

Page  97 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 97 Lagestee J, carpenter. Landaal Henry, laborer. Lamoreaux Wm, barber. Lamoreaux I H, retired. Leet W. Leedom E, bookkeeper. Meertens Cornelis, nightwatch. Mulder Marinus, carpenter. Meerman Jan, carpenter. Murray G H. Mulder John, printer. Mollegraaf Jacob, laborer. Marsilje John, sexton of church. Mead W H. Mulder John B, carpenter. Meengs Wm H. Myers Henry. Mepling A. Mapling S. Manting M G, printer, editor. Marshes J H. Meeng H A. Meyers L S. Manting A. Moes Peter A, laborer. Markham Charles, railroader. Moes Adrian, laborer. Mason C C. McCance 0, carpenter. Manly James. Moes John, conductor. Mors George. Myers F P, railroader. McNabb Adam, bridge carpenter. McAntee Owen, engineer. McKay John E. Mabbs W J, fireman. Meengs W H. Murdick A M, laborer. Mohr Nick, engineer. Mepyans G, laborer. Moes Jake, railroader. Molenaar G.. Mosher J H, cabinetmaker. vii V11

Page  98 98 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF 1Moolegraaf G, tanner. McMartin C, blacksmith. Moose N, laundryman. Markham C, railroader. Merrill F A. McLalin A E. Murray H R. Monroe F, laborer. Metcalf R, restaurant keeper. McMartin D W, blacksmith. Minoger D S. Mulder John B, printer. Murphy William. Murphy James. Metz Fred, president West Mich Furniture Co. Mollegraaf Frank, tanner. Mohr Aberhr. Mulder Johannes, printer. McKay C P, tanner. McKay J N, tanner. Mokma Germ W, banker. Mulder John, printer. McConnell George. Meyer C. Notier M, merchant.,Nagelkerke Pieter, retired laborer. Nibbelink Dick, laborer. Nyssen Adrianus, gardener. Nibbelink Seth, liveryman. Nye W N, fireman. Nibbelink W C, drayman. Norton Ordell. Newcom I L. Nyklerk G J, tutor at Hope College. Nykerk A J. Neuman L W, laborer. Neuman C W, laborer. Norberhuis Ulike, laborer. Neumiester Louis J, tanner. Nauta J. Nauta Tjart. Norbenkas Ulke. Oggel John P, salesman. Oudman Jacob.

Page  99 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 99 Ormen Harry. Osborne Charles, railroader. Oosterbaan Jacob. Olert Henry F. Oggel J P, carpenter. Ochampaugh W. Osborne T T. Owen Ziba S. Ossewaarde Cornelis, laborer. Ochampaugh Watson. Oban L. Oosting Frans, mason. Oosting Will, mason. Oostema Roelof, carpenter. Overbeek Johannes, retired farmer. Oxner John, clerk. Oxner Cornelius, tanner. Penne Willem, laborer. Prakken Jan, carpenter. Penne Martinus, laborer. Peerebolte Leendert, cabinetmaker. Peerebolte Gerrit, tailor. Paulus Jan, church sexton. Prakken Nicholas. carpenter. Porter Tell, clerk. Piper Frank. Pessink Gerrit, laundryman. Platsschorre Daniel. Pietenpol H J, preacher. Pieten Pol H J. Pool John, laborer. Purdy John W, retired farmer. Purdy James H, farmer. Prins Pieter, grocer. Pfanstiehl P F, retired merchant. Pieters Adriaan J, student. Prins Cornelis, laborer. Phillips O F. Pittwood Alfred. Prins John, laborer. Pfanstiehl P, tug captain. Palmer F M, cabinetmaker. Pattengale Luther, dealer in fish. Pluim Jacob, laborer.

Page  100 I00 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Peister J A. Porter C H, cooper. Pluim John P. Parkes Harry. Plakke Gerrit, laborer. Plakke John. Plaggenhoef C, laborer. Preston Wm H. Platscheere Daniel. Plaggerman E, teamster. Pauels Otto J, laborer. Peterson Peter, tanner. Philips Zachery T, tanner. Pulman W N, laborer. Prath J E, laborer. Robinson F J, laborer. Remink Albert. Richmond E, engineer. Raven John H, jeweler. Rooks John A. Robinson Geo C, laborer. Roost Richard, machinist. Roos Adrian K, printer. Rooks William, student. Roos Adrian, carpenter. Ruppert C L, telegraph operator. Roos Cornelis, cabinetmaker. Rustine Byron. Reynolds A. Riemersma Henry, painter. Roos Simon, printer. Rumyn Peter. Roose William A. Reidsema J M, cabinet maker. Reidsema P, cabinetmaker. Roseboom H, teamster. Rosendaal B J, laborer. Roscoe S H. Ryder Rollen. Reynolds E A. Reynolds J W. Risedorph Henry B. Raffenaud Harry, sailor. Rogers J H, tanner.

Page  101 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. IOI Roseboom Jacob, laborer. Reidsema Jelte, tanner. Rosin Ch, bartender. Rineveld Andreas, laborer. Rockwood Lyman G, tanner. Riddle Robert M, harnessmaker. Steketee Cornelis, grocer. Stroop John, laborer. Steenaart Pieter, miller. Stroop Jacob, mason. Smits Jacob, laborer. Slag Barteld, retired farmer. Strong L L, laborer. Steketee Antonie, cabinetmaker. Scott Benjamin L, prop planing mill. Sprietsma L S, retired laborer. Schuitema Gerrit. Stephen E P, clerk. Smit Timme, carpenter. Smit Leman. Slansbury Frank. Steketee Paul, dealer in crockery. Stark J W. Shaw G H, cabinetmaker. Schaftenaar H, laborer. Spoon John. Serier John, bartender. Sutphen James G, prof at Hope College. Smith P W. Shoelb Geo. Semeyn Henry. Sluyter D J, clerk. Sheinfort Dirk. Souter F L, laborer. Sutherland E J. Speyet J M, carpenter. Scott B G, carpenter. Scott Wm J, hotel keeper. Smith F M. Schaddelee Kommer, dealer in real estate. Scott Charles, ex-president of Hope College. Schrader Jacobus, carpenter. Smit Jan, mason. Slooter Adrian, broommaker.

Page  102 I02 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Serier Lowrens, gardener. Seery Michael, bartender. Swift William, conductor. Slooter Frank, carpenter. Steffens Nicholas M, prof at Hope College. Swift Chancy. Schultz Charles. Steffens C M, student. Schuurman G J, prop planing mill. Stillman Charles L, railroader. Swift Frank, conductor. Smeenge Geert, grocer. Shoup Dwight. Sims, W C, railroader. Stegenga G. Smith P, mason. Souter F L, laborer. Smith Peter, mason. Spaulding W, railroader. Smith H E. Schemerhorn B, laborer. Snarrowk A N. Smith P T. Schaftenaar G, laborer. Schregardus R M, cigarmaker. Shank G, railroader. Steggarda John, laborer. Steggarda H, laborer. Schoon P M, tanner. Smith James. Schaftenaar H, laborer. Straks Henry, preacher. Stilman Charley L. Schoon Louis, tanner. Souter J E, laborer. Stephan J M, painter. Shaw George H, cabinetmaker. Steketee R A, clerk. Steggerda H, laborer. Sipp Geo H, city clerk. Schmid Nicholas, tanner. Slooter Peter, tanner. Smith J B, mason. Stam Gerrit, laborer.

Page  103 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I03 Slooter Jake, tanner. Slooter Edward, tanner. Starken John G. Simonds Thos H. Slagh Tim, carpenter. Stephan E P, clerk. Stephan J M, painter. Snyder Peter. Thompson Abraham, tanner. Thompson Joseph, nightwatch. Traas Cornelis, laborer. Thompson Hans, school sexton. Tuls G H, laborer. Tubergen G M, cabinetmaker. Treck Yde. Thompson John, laborer. Traas M, laborer. Tinholt Hendrik W, bartender. Trimbel William. Talmen S M. Takken Evert, blacksmith. Trenck Geo Y, carpenter. toren Hendrik, school sexton. Ter Vree John A, farmer. Te Roller Johannes, harnessmaker. Tubergen John W. Ter Beek Gerrit, carpenter. Thorp Beauril. Thumble Mahlon. Ter Beek John Jr, laborer. Tcr Vree Gerrit, cabinetmaker. Te Roller Derk J, miller. Trimble Will. Ter Vree Fred, teamster. Ter Beek L, carpenter. Tasker Reuben, gardener. Takken J E, carpenter. Tabbert Klaas. Tilma Geo, laborer. Takken E, blacksmith. Tindal Henry, tanner. Tabbert Klaas. Takken H, manufacturer of tables. Tackaberry G.

Page  104 Io4 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Ter Beek John, laborer. Terpstra Jacob, laborer. Tubbs Willard. Te Winkle W V. Toppen Jacob, laborer. Ten Brink J, tanner. Toppen Alle, tanner. Ten Brink Gerrit, tanner. Tabbert Klaas, laborer. Ten Hagen William, carpenter. Thompson A J. Toppen K, laborer. Ten Brink John. Uiterwyk Hendrikus, carpenter. Van Putten Adriaan, banker. Vegter Hendrik, tanner. Verbeek Wm, broommaker. Van Putten Jacob Jr, manufacturer. Vincent Pieter, retired laborer. Van Leeuwen Pieter, peddler. Van Anrooi John, carpenter. Van der Veen Engbertus, hardware. Van Doesburg Klaas, carpenter. Van der Bie Cornelis, tanner. Van Houten Teunis, mason. Verschure Dingenis. laborer. Van der Veere C, retired butcher. Van Langeveld P, tanner. Van Vijven Cs, laborer. Visser Jan, retired farmer. Van Dyk J, retired merchant. Veele 'Louis, laborer. Van der Meulen Jan, cabinetmaker. Van der'Veen J, hardware. Van der Veere W, butcher. Van Haaften Gerrit, teamster. Verhulst Arnold, laborer. 'Volmari Bernardus, retired farmer. Van Raalte R, carpenter. Volkert Gerrit, laborer. Van Doesburg Henry, tanner. Van der Bosch John J. Van Alsburg John, laborer. Van Doesburg Henry, laborer. 4

Page  105 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. Io5 Van Raalte R Jr, laborer. Van Lente Henry, carpenter. Van Ann R J. Vrieling Henry. Van der Ploeg Herman, student. Van Tatenhove Marinus, laborer. Van Dort Peter, cooper. Van der Water Willem, laborer. Vennema Ame, cooper. Vliek Johannes, carpenter. Van den Tak Pieter, laborer. Van Ry Henry, clerk. Vaupell Herman, harnessmaker. Van Duren Gerrit J, postmaster. Vannoflan J. Van der Woude R, laborer. Vissers Gennes. Van Dort John, cooper. Van Dort Antonie, cabinetmaker. Van der Veldt Hendrik. Van der Vliet G J. Van Huis H. Van der Meulen B, cabinetmaker. Van Eyck Wm O. Volker H. Van den Berg Herman, laborer. Vinke C, express messenger. Van Ry B, sailor. Van Vuuren A, laborer. Van Ry Frank, sailor. Van den Berg John, painter. Van den Brink A, teamster. Van Oort D, laborer. Van Schure J, grocer. Van der Walle H. Valk James. Vissers John, laborer. Van der Nagel Alt, laborer. Van den Berg Gerrit. Vermeer John. Van Zanten Gerrit. Van den Berg William, laborer. Van Raalte Carl, tanner. Van Lente Henderikus, carpenter.

Page  106 io6 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Van Dyk Albertus. Van der Poel Marten, laborer. Van Kampen E, retired farmer. Verhoef Wouter, laborer. Van Anrooy Jacob, laborer. Van Raalte Albert, carpenter. Van Anrooy Gerrit, laborer. Van Zanten Gerrit, laborer. Van Putten M, banker. Van Kluijve A J. Van Putten Bennie. Vandernagle C, sailor. Verway George C. Van der Hill Johannes, laborer. Van Ark Herman, carpenter. Vant Putten Barend, clerk. Verhulst Johannes, laborer. Valkema Klaas, laborer. Visser Lubbertus, church sexton. Visser John, carpenter. Visser Lebertus Jr, carpenter. Visser Aart L, grocer. Van Slooten L, tanner. Verschure J. Van Anrooy John F, tanner. Verhulst Marinus, laborer. Volker Gerrit, laborer. Van Dyk J J. Van Landegend John, plumber. Van Anrooy Wm F, carpenter. Van Landegend Geo A, plumber. Van Landegend Homer, bookkeeper. Van Herwijnen K, gardener. Veenma Feitse. Van Raalte A J. Van Slooten Matt, farmer. Van Anrooy Gerrit, tanner. Vissers John C. - Van Den Hil Gerrit, cabinetmaker. Van Den Hil Arie, cabinetmaker. Van Ry Jacob, sailor. Van Gravegoed Arie, laborer. Valkema Isaac, drayman. Van der Meulen John, cabinetmaker.

Page  107 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. IO7 Veenma Jelte. Van Putten Rennie, laborer. Vos Tsebrand. Van den Heuvel C Jr, cabinetmaker. Veriee Arend, laborer. Van der Schel Jan, laborer. Van Putten Gabriel, grocer. Van Putten Jacob Sr, president of bank. Vissers Leendert D, grocer. Verschure Cornelis, cashier. Van den Berge Richard, teamster. Van Dyke William. Ver Hoef Walter. Walcote Henry, teamster. Winter Jerry, cabinetmaker. Westveld Rolof, blacksmith. Winter Pieter, engineer. Winter Geert, engineer. Wanrooy Willem, mason. Walsh F I. Wiersema Harm, carpenter. Wolters Jan, laborer. Winter J, student. Wijkhuijzen Hendrik, jeweler. Wing W H, shipping clerk. Wood H S. Westerveld J, blacksmith. Wierva Frank, cabinetmaker. Wierva T H, cabinetmaker. Wise J H. Windebrecht K. Westveer James, clerk. Wakker Gerrit, gardener. Weymar Daniel, painter. Wise Daniel, conductor. Wittervliet M, salesman. Wise John H, railroader. Waterman J C. Welch Nicholas, brakeman. Westveer Henry, miller. Wierda Bouke, laborer. Wierda Frank, laborer. Walsh Walter C, dealer in real estate. Wellman Geo.

Page  108 io8 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Wendelaar Teunis. Wierda Gerrit, laborer. Wensding Roelof H. Warren Henry F. Wierda Jesse, laborer. Wareham Thomas. Watkins W S. Zuidema Albert, tanner. Zimmerman Joseph, sailor. Zimmerman Joseph Jr. Zwemer William J, tanner. Zeerip Remp. Zalsman Fred, grocer. Zalsman Peter J, mason. Zoodsma P. Zalusky Joseph, cooper. fA

Page  109 fL66ENDIfLE TOWNSHIP. [NoTE.-The following alphabetical list gives the name, section, occupation and postoffice address of each permanent male resident in the township. By comparing the number of the section with figures upon the map, you can immediately find the residence of any man whose name appears in the list.] A Auldink John, section 28, farmer, Allendale. Ackerman, William, 25, farmer, Pearline. Abbey N B, 7, farmer, Allendale. Amigh George W, 7, farmer, Bass River. B Bennett William, 27, blacksmith, Allendale. Brink H, 21, farmer, Allendale. Benett Varney D, 27, farmer, Allendale. Brotherton Frank, 27, butcher, Allendale. Bernavelt John, 29, farmer, Allendale. Bennut Harry C, 30, farmer, Allendale. Bennett Lemuel, 30, farmer, Allendale. Bigsby Horace L, 36, farmer, Bauer. Broone Casper, 26, farmer, Allendale. Bierlink Frederick, 23, farmer, Allendale. Brower Peter, 24, farmer, Pearline. Block John, 24, farmer, Pearline. Bryant Amos, 7, farmer, Bass River. Bertram Charlott, I8, farmer, Bass River. Bosch Harm, 8, mill owner and farmer, Bass River. Brotherton Clark, 34, farmer, Allendale. Brotherton Orange, 27, millman, Allendale. Blakeney William, I8, farmer, Lamont. Blakeney Joseph, I9, farmer, Pearline. Brant John, 30, farmer, Pearline. Bameveld Hendrik, 33, farmer, Allendale. Burik Harm, 15, farmer, Allendale. Bushma Simon, 19, farmer, Bass River. C Comstock William, II, farmer, Allendale. I1o9]

Page  110 IIO BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Cooley Henry C, 22, farmer, Allendale. Camp Frank, 28, farmer, Allendale. Cole James W, 21, farmer, Allendale. Cooley Horace A, 14, farmer, Allendale. Cantrill Robert, I6, farmer, Allendale. Cobb David N, 32, farmer, Allendale, Coolingh Henry, 32, farmer, Allendale. Comstock Wallace B, 23, farmer, Allendale. Cooper Royal, I8, farmer, Bass River. Coath Nix, 27, farmer, Allendale. D Dyk Frederick, 22, farmer, Pearline. De Glopper Peter, i6, farmer, Allendale De Bame George, 15, farmer, Eastmanville. De Glopper William Sr, IO, farmer, Eastmanville. De Young Marcus, 32, farmer, Allendale. De Young Lon Sr, 31, farmer, Allendale. Dubois August, 36, farmer, Bauer. Dekker John, 26, farmer, Pearline. Dollman Henry, 25, farmer, Pearline. Dyk Hendrick J, 13, farmer, Pearline. * Dyk John, 13, farmer, Pearline. Dyk Albert, I3, farmer, Pearline. De Glopper William Jr, I9, farmer, Allendale. Dragt Rudolph, to, farmer, Allendale. Dutmar Jacobs 28, farmer, Allendale. De Young Peter, 26, farmer, Allendale. David James, 17, farmer, Bass River. Deneff Ira W, 15, farmw, Allendale. E Eling Wiebe, I5, farmer, Allendale. Everhart Jno, 25, poatmaster, merchant, Pearline. Eisen Albert, 21, farmer, Allendale. Embra Isaac, 17, farmer, Bass River. Easton George, i8, farmer, Lamont. Engle Frederick, 30, farmer. Allendale. Everhart A, I6, farmer, Eastmanville. F Farrowe Derk, 26, farmer, Pearline. Fligle John, 15, farmer, Allendale. Fox Frank J, 14, millman and farmer, Allendale.

Page  111 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. III Fountain Cornelius, 24, farmer, Pearline. French Matthew C, i8, farmer, Bass River. French Lincoln, I8, farmer, Bass River. Frabratis John, 35, farmer, Bauer, G Gee James M, 29, farmer, Allendale. Graveling Klass, 35, farmer, Bauer. H Hemmeke Garrett, 15, farmer, Eastmanville. Hocksema Frederick, 9, farmer, Eastmanville. Haam Gilbert, io, farmer, Eastmanville. Hornstra Rinke, 21, farmer, Allendale. Hofmeyer John H, 26, farmer, Pearline. Holland Theodore, 36, farmer, Pearline. Hendrick H H, 36, farmer, Pearline. Hansen Peter, 25, farmer, Pearline. Hinken Jacob, 24, farmer, Pearline. Hinken John, 25, farmer, Pearline. Horlings Johannus, 13, farmer, Lamont. Horlings John W, 13 farmer, Lamont. Horlings Burt, 13, farmer, Lamont. Hodges Charles, 7, farmer, Bass River. Hoogland John, 7, farmer, Bass River. Harrington Harmon, i8, farmer, Bass River. Hill Horace L, 34, farmer, Allendale. Huxtable John, 34, farmer, Allendale. Huxtable Wm, 34, farmer, Allendale. Hulett Albin, 28, farmer, Allendale. Hartley Andrew, 27, farmer, Allendale. Davis Wm, i8, farmer, Lamont. Hock John, I8, farmer, Lamont. Hunger August, 30, farmer, Bauer. Hollebone Albert, IO, farmer, Eastmanville. 1 Ingraham Chas W, 6, farmer, Bass River. J Juring John, 28, farmer, Allendale. Jones John E, 23, farmer, Allendale. Jinkens George, 27, farmer, Allendale. Jasper Antony, 9, farmer, Allendale.

Page  112 112 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Jasper Charles, I6, farmer, Allendale. Johnson Peter, 35, farmer, Bauer. Jamison Robert, 33, farmer, Allendale. Jenkins Robert,. 27, farmer, Allendale. Jenkins John, 35, shoemaker, Allendale. K. Krake Albert, 22, farmer, Allendale. Knowlton Wm H, 30, farmer, Allendale. Knoper Hiram, 35, farmer, Bauer. Kling Henry, 17, farmer, Bass River. Kloster Albert, i8, farmer, Bass River. Knowlton Hiram, I8, farmer, Bass River. Knoper Henry, 35, farmer, Pearline. Krotz John, I9, farmer, Lamont. L Lenters Samuel, 22, farmer, Allendale. Lutterman Henry, 25, farmer, Pearline. Lockhart David, 36, farmer, Bauer. Lockhart Thomas, 36, farmer, Bauer. Lemke August, 36, farmer, Bauer. Lorimer Joseph, 36, farmer, Bauer. Luissma Wm, 25, farmer, Allendale. Latham George, 23, farmer, Allendale. Liffiers Johannes, ii, farmer, Eastmanville. Leggatt Wm, 17, farmer, Bass River. Lemmen Benjamin, 20, farmer, Allendale. Lemmen Lamburtus, 20, farmer, Allendale. M Mortimer Thomas, 27, farmer, Allendale. Milne David, 27, farmer, Allendale. Morsman Darius D, 14, farmer, Allendale. Mohr David, 36, farmer, Bauer. Myers Frederick E, 35, farmer, Bauer. McMillan Peter, I9, farmer, Bass River. Molyneux Loyd A, 7, farmer, Bass River. Molyneux Jesse, 7, farmer, Bass River. Mensing John W, 26, farmer, Allendale. McKinney Frederick, 34, farmer, Allendale. Miller Bernhard, 34, farmer, Allendale. McCue Henry, 7, general merchant, Bass River.

Page  113 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I I 3 0 Owen Richard, 26, farmer. Allendale. Ossewaarda Wm, Io, farmer, Eastmanville. Ossewaarda John, io, farmer, Eastmanville. Olsen Peter, 25, farmer, Pearline. Olsen Jorgen, 25, farmer Pearline. Orthoff John, 35, farmer, Pearline. P Perrv Horace L, 21, farmer, Allendale. Pritchard Robert, 23, farmer, Allendale. Potgetter Albert, 22, farmer, Allendale. Pixley Ebenezer, 26, farmer, Allendale. Parish Wells, 27 grist mill prop, Allendale. Pierson Henry T, i6, farmer, Eastmanville. Palmer Andrew, 31, farmer, Allendale. Potter Samuel, 30, farmer, Allendale. Phillips James, 32, saw mill prop, Allendale. Potgetter Earnest, 25, farmer, Pearline. Potgetter Stephen G, 25, farmer, Pearline. Pierson Carl, 35, farmer, Pearline. Polderman Charles, 25, farmer, Pearline. Plescher H H, 24, farmer, Allendale. Post Egbert Jr, 13, farmer, Allendale. Post Peter, 14, farmer Allendale. Post Cornelius, 13, farmer, Pearline. Post Egbert Sr, 13, farmer, Pearline. Peters Henry, I9, farmer, Bass River. Parish Fred, 17, farmer, Bass River. Parish Enos, 17, farmer, Bass River. Parish John, 17, farmer, Bass River. Porter Asa, 17, farmer, Bass River. Parady James, 35, farmer, Bauer. Post Rense T, 33, farmer, Allendale. Pierson August, 35, farmer, Bauer. Phillips James, 34, farmer, Lamont. Parker Louis, 26, farmer, Allendale. Parker Charles, 33, farmer, Allendale. Parish & Parker, 27, props saw mill, Allendale. Parady Alfred, 35, farmer, Bauer. Q Quick Isaac J, 27, merchant, postmaster, - Allendale. Quick Charles, 31, farmer, Bauer. viii

Page  114 t I 14 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF R Robertson David W, 22, farmer, Bauer. Rutman Henry, 23, farmer, Bauer. Robinson Moses, 29, farmer, Allendale. Rozema Matthew, 36, farmer, Bauer. Rittenburg Wm, 36, farmer, Bauer. Rypma Garrett, I9, farmer, Bass River. Ringnolds Frank, 7, farmer, Bass River. Rosie Wm, 7, prop ferry, farmer, Bass River. Rose Antonia, 33, farmer, Allendale. Rogers John A, 27, farmer, Allendale. Rister Andrew, 29, farmer, Allendale. Rice George, I8, farmer, Bass River. s Scott Avery J, 22, farmer, Bass River. Scott Walter, 27, farmer, Bass River. Smith Daniel, 22, farmer, Bass River. Stevens Ransom, I6, farmer, Eastmanville. Stevens Harrison, I6, farmer, Eastmanville. See Wm, I6, farmer, Eastmanville. Smead Ezra, I6, farmer, Eastinanville. Smead Elmer, 16, farmer, Eastmanville. Stone James 0, I5, farmer, Eastmanville. Stevens Milo, 9, farmer, Eastmanville. Sweet Lewis, 30, farmer, Bass River. Stoddard Joseph, 29, farmer, Allendale. Swat J, 36, farmer, Bauer. Swansen Benjamin, 25, farmer, Pearline. Sheridan John, 2, farmer, Pearline. Shogonobey Jacob, 17, farmer. Bass River. Shaw Jacob, 17, farmer, Bass River. Sheffield Egbert, 20, farmer, Bass River. Sheffield H H, 20, farmer. Bass River. Schippers Wm, 20, farmer, Bass River. Schippers Leonard, 20, farmer. Bass River. Stratsma George, I9, farmer, Bass River. Stratsma Peter, 19, farmer, Bass River. Stagenk Cornelius, 21, farmer, Allendale. Sherman Benjamin, 7, blacksmith, Bass River. Smead Elijah, 7, farmer, Bass River. Savinskie Martin, 35, farmer, Bass River. Simmonds Harvey, 27, farmer, Allendale. Scott Justus A, 27, farmer, Allendale.

Page  115 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. "15 Sweet S, 27, farmer, Allendale. Sweet R, 27, farmer, Allendale. T Topp John, 25, farmer, Pe Lrline. Teem Herman, 24, farmer, Pearline. Thurkettle John, 13, farmer, Lamont. Ten Brink Henry, 8, farmer, Eastmanville. Tursink Garrett, 35, farmer, Bauer. Taylor Isaac, 30, farmer, Pearline. Todd George, i6, farmer, Eastmanville. lurpstra G, 30, farmer, Allendale. Vanwieren Hendrik, o1, farmer, Allendale. Vos John D, 16, farmer, Allendale. Van Kovering Antony, 30, farmer, Allendale. Vructeerveen Johannes, 31, farmer, Allendale. Velzy Henry, 3I, farmer, Allendale. Vanwike John, 24, farmer, Pearline. Valdink Lucas, 26, farmer, Allendale. Vanhuizen John, 7, farmer, Bass River. Verlee Jacob, 33, farmer, Allendale. Velthouse G H, 28, farmer, Allendale. Verlee Peter, I9, farmer, Allendale. Velthuis John, farmer, Allendale. Wonder G W, 23, farmer, Allendale. Walbrink G H, 22, farmer, Allendale. \Vyatt Thomas, Io, farmer, Eastmanville. Wiessma Derk, 32, farmer, Allendale. Walbrink John, 28, farmer, Allendale. Wright Edward Sr, 13, farmer, Pearline. Woodbury Jesse, 11, farmer, Allendale. Wiersma Wm, 21, farmer, Allendale. Walcott Hann, 21, farmer, Allendale. White Andrew, 7, postmaster, gen mer, Bass River. Warbus Charles, i8, farmer, Bass River. Westfall Frederick, 27, farmer, Allendale. Westfall Benjamin, 28, farmer, Allendale. Way David S, 34, farmer, Allendale. Walbrink G H, 34, farmer, Allendale. Wierda Jacob, 19, farmer, Bass River. Wiebe Eling, Allendale. Zylstra Jacob, 14, farmer, Allendale.

Page  116 BLENDON TOWNSfIP. [NOTE.-The following alphahetical list gives the name section, occupation and postoffice address of each permanent male resident in the township. By comparing the number of the section with figures upon the map, you cnn immediately find the res;dence of any man whose name appears in the list: A Aylworth J H, section 2, farmer, Blendon. Annams Ralf, 4, farmer, Allendale. Atwood Horace B, 13, farmer, Blendon. Avink Egbert, 22, farmer, South Blendon Avink Arend J, 22, farmer, South Blendon. Avink Harm, 22, farmer, South Blendon. Ameral John, 31, farmer, Zeeland. Abel John W, 34, farmer, Beaver Dam. Bing Conrad, i, farmer, Bauer. Begeman Gust, 12, merchant, South Blendon. Begeman & Otto, 12, gen store, South Blendon. Blaukamp, Berend, 17, farmer, South Blendon. Borveman Rolf, 19, farmer, Borculo. Byer Wuncie, I9, farmer, Borculo. Berghuis Gerrit, 20, farmer, Borculo. Belt Lyman, 21, farmer, South Blendon. Bustes Garret, 21, farmer, South Blendon. Brink John, 24, farmer, South Blendon. Bloeming Henry, 25, farmer, South Blendon. Bekius Douwe, 28, farmer, South Blendon. Berghorst Peter, 28, farmer, South Blendon. Brunink Evert, 29, farmer, South Blendon. Boertje Cornelius, 29, farmer, Rusk. Bosch John, 30, farmer, Borculo. Bosch Albert, 31, farmer, Zeeland. Borghorst Sabes, 33, farmer, Beaver Dam. Bohl John, 35, farmer, Beaver Dam., e Corwin Milton N, 16, farmer, South Blendon. Corwin Coe N, 22, farmer, South Blendon. 1I61

Page  117 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 117 D Dunchee Cyrus D, 4, farmer, Allendale. Dunchee Deland, 4. farmer, Allendale. Dunchee John, 5, farmer, Rusk. Dykstra Sabes, 7, farmer, Rusk. Dunchee Deal, 7, farmer, Rusk. De Graft A, 10, farmer, Rusk. Dys John, 12, farmer, South Blendon. Dykstra Leambert, I5, farmer, South Blendon. De Boer William, 17, farmer, South Blendon. Driesinga Henry, 17, farmer, South Blendon. De Haan- Bokke, I9, farmer, Borculo. Deepenhorst Bros, 20, farmer, Borculo. De Roo IElzie, 21, farmer, South Blendon. Dykstra Jelle, 24, farmer, South Blendon. Densen Johannees, 28, farmer, South Blendon. De Jonug Merenus, 29, farmer, South Blendon. De Groot Arie, 30, farmer, Borculo. De Vries Jacob, 31, farmer, Zeeland. Dykhouse Peter, 31, farmer, Zeeland. De Koejer Johannes, 3I, farmer, Zeeland. De Koejer John, 31, farmer, Zeeland. De Jounge Adriane, 3I, farmer, Zeeland. De Vries Johannes, 32, farmer, Zeeland. De Young Cornelius, 33, farmer, Beaver Dam. De Regt Josias, 36, farmer, Hudsonville. E Elhers Charles, i, farmer, Bauer. Elingbass Cornelius, 6, farmer, Rusk. Eilkelberg Ernest, I, farmer, South Blendon. Emmert Edward, I, farmer, South Blendon. Elzinga Klass, I5, farmer, South Blendon. Elnigbaas Antony, I9, farmer, Borculo. Elzinga Garret, 23, farmer, South Blendon. Ernzer Mathias, 24, farmer, South Blendon. Emmert William, 24, farmer, South Blendon. Ervers Adrian Jr, 25, farmer, South Blendon. F Fahrnon August, i, farmer, Bauer. Fieldstra Jacob, 3, farmer, South Blendon. Flipsey Abram, 3, farmer, South Blendon. Francis Henry, 12, farmer, South Blendon.

Page  118 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Fisher Albert, 23, farmer, South Blendon. Flier Gevret, 26, farmer, South Blendon. G Grow Darius H, 12, farmer, South Blendon. Goeman Solomon, 13, farmer, South Blendon. Guetschew Lewis, 15, farmer, South Blendon. Groetler John H, 17, farmer, South Blendon. H Hyde Joshua, I, farmer, Bauer. Huckstable Henry, 2, farmer, South Blendon. Hague Samuel, 3, farmer, South Blendon, Huizenga, 3, farmer, South Blendon. Huizenga John, 3, farmer, South Blendon. Hofman William, 7, farmer, Rusk. Hague Joshua, io, farmer, Rusk. Hall Orlando, 13, farmer, South Blendon. Hoadley Thomas, 14, farmer, South Blendon. Hall Clarence, 15, farmer, South Blendon. Hill Thomas, 21, farmer, South Blendon. Harmon John, 23, farmer, South Blendon. Hall Richard, 23, farmer, South Ilendon. Hall William P, 24, farmer, South Blendon. Harmon Lewis, 25, farmer, South Blendon. Havikhorst Henry, 26, postmaster, South Blendon. Hop Jacob Jr, 28, farmer, South Blendon. Huyser Qurnnius, 28, farmer, South Blendon. Holstage Hendricks, 28, farmer, South Blendon. Huyser Cornelius, 28. farmer, South Blendon. Heyboer John, 29, farmer, Rusk. Huiser Peter, 30, farmer, Borculo. Helder Jacobe, 32, farmer, Zeeland. Heyboer Cornelius, 33, farmer, Beaver Dam. Heyser Qurinerus, 33, farmer, Beaver Dam. Hop William, 33, farmer, Beaver Dam. Heyboer John, 33, farmer, Beaver Dam. Huyser Cornelius, 33, farmer, Beaver Dam. Hop Brant, 33, farmer, Beaver Dam. Heyser Johannes, 33, farmer, Beaver Dam. Huyser Derk, 33, farmer, Beaver Dam. Holsteig Henry, 35, farmer, Beaver Dam. Hop Jacob B, 34, farmer, Beaver Dam. Hop Jacob, 35, farmer, Beaver Dam, Hop John, 35, farmer, Beaver Dam. i 5 *

Page  119 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. II9 I Isenhoff Peter, 22, farmer, South Blendon. Idema Harke, 24, farmer, South Blendon. J Jongekraig Herbert, 3, farmer, South Blendon. Jacobetz Henry, 13. farmer, South Blendon. Johnson Franklin H, 14, farmer, South Blendon. Jacobetz F, 24, farmer, South Blendon. Johnson George, 25, farmer, South Blendon. Jager Jacob, 34, farmer, Beaver Dam. K Knoper Harmon, I, farmer, Bauer. Kaptenberger Mathias, 2, farmer, South Blendon. Krause Fedreca, Io, farmer, Rusk. Kunjie, Normrn, I4, farmer, South Blendon. Kowllins Charles E, I6, farmer, South Blendon Katerink Berend, I8, farmer, South Blendon. Klanderman Henry, I9, farmer, Borculo. Klingerberg Gerrett, I9, farmer, Borculo. Konnig William, 19, farmer, Borculo. Kowvers Dirk, 26, farmer, South Blendon. Koster Harm, 26, farmer, South Blendon. Kisviet Jacob, 27, farmer. South Blendon. Kaai Bros, 29, saw mill, South Blendon. Klingstra Loeker, 33, farmer, Beaver Dam. Kuite Lambert, 34, farmer, Beaver Dam. Klamer John, 36, farmer, Hudsonville. L Langins Mans, I9, farmer, Borculo. La Huis K, 29, farmer, Rusk. Languis Garret, 30, farmer, Borculo. La Huis Geertje, 30, farmer, Borculo. Lamer Peter, 30, farmer, Borculo. Lamer A. 3r, farmer, Zeeland. Lucasse Jacob, 35, farmer, Beaver Dam. Lubbas Gerrit J, 36, farmer, Hudsonville. M Milne Robert G, 6, farmer, Rusk. Maas Frederick, IO, farmer, Rusk. McDonald Angus, ii, farmer, South Blendon.

Page  120 120 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF McDonald Alexander, i, farmer, South Blendon. Mosher Lyman D, 12, farmer, South Blendon. Mertes Jacob, I3, farmer, South Blendon. Mosher Ellis, 14, farmer, South Blendon. Marren John, I6, farmer, South Blendon. Martine Bauke, 17, farmer, South Blendon. Marsink Lambert, S8, farmer, South Blendon. Marlink Albert, I9, farmer, Borculo. M1etternick M, 24, farmer, South Blendon. Morren J & J, 27, farmers, South Blendon. McQuide Arther, 28, farmer, South Blendon. Mol Peter, 28, farmer, South Blendon. Marlink Albert, 29, farmer, South Blendon. Marlink Albert, 30, farmer, Borculo. Mildehoek John, 30, farmer, Borculo. Musen John, 31, farmer, Zeeland. Mewsen L, 32, farmer, Zeeland. Morren Jacob, 35, farmer, Beaver Dam. N Nijhuis Henry J, 23,.farmer, South Blendon. Nightingale Geo H, 24, farmer, South Blendon. Nibblink Henry J, 24, farmer, South Blendon. Newhouse Henry J, 25, farmer, South Blendon. Notting Gertje, 36, farmer, Hudsonville. O Otto John, I, farmer, Bauer. Otto Wm, 2, farmer, South Blendon. Olson Peter J, 4, farmer, Allendale. Olson Thomas, 4, farmer, Allendale. Overweigh Wm, 17, farmer, South Blendon. Overweigh John, 17, farmer, South Blendon. Overweigh Henry, J8, farmer, South Blendon. Oshman Casper, 27, farmer, South Blendon. Ohlman George, 34, farmer, Beaver Dam. Ohlman Casper, 34, farmer, Beaver Dam. P Parm James, 2, farmer, South Blendon. Parady Lincoln, 3, farmer, South Blendon. Postma Edward, 3, farmer, South Blendon. Parmr John, ii, farmer, South Blendon. Puls Wm, 13, farmer, South Blendon.

Page  121 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 121 Petrolia Peter, 20, farmer, Borculo. Purchase Alfred, 26, farmer, South Blendon. Philipsen Peter, 26, farmer, South Blendon. Rogers Caleb P, r, farmer, Bauer. Rollins John H, II, farmer, South Blendon. Reansma Fadda, 30, farmer, Borculo. S Smedley Frank W, i, farmer, Bauer. Styoff Arend, 5, farmer, Rusk. Schipper George, 6, farmer, Rusk. Scott Eva, 7, farmer, Rusk. Scott Robert, 7, farmer, Rusk. Snay Joseph, I2, farmer, South Blendon. Snyder Peter, 13, farmer, South Blendon. Schulmaster Frederick, I4, farmer, Souih Blendon, Seydell Ernest, 13, farmer, South Blendon. Seydell Fred, 15, farmer, South Blendon. Stegenga Jacob, I8, farmer, South Blendon. Schrotenboer Gehardes, IS, farmer, South Blendon. Seydell Charles, 22, farmer, South Blendon. Steffens Ralf, 23, farmer, South Blendon. Steffens John, 23, farmer, South Blendon. Suit Henry, 23, farmer, South Blendon. Snyder Olin H, 24, farmer, South Blendon. Sherburne Oscar M, 25, farmer, South Blendon. Stegeman Peter, 25, farmer, South Blendon. Sikkink John, 26, farmer, South Blendon. Steffins, Henry, 26, farmer, South Blendon. Schut Geretze, 27, farmer, South Blendon. Scheele Marenius, 28, farmer, South Blendon. Stahl Peter, 32, farmer, Zeeland. Schut Gerrit, 34, farmer, Beaver Dam. Schut Gertze, 34, farmer, Beaver Dam. Schut Laber, 34, farmer, Beaver Dam. Spoelman Cornelius, 36, farmer, Hudsonville. Spoelman John, 36, farmer, Hudsonville. Steffins John. 36, farmer, Hudsonville. Steffins R, 36, farmer, Hudsonville. T Thayer Ezra, i, farmer, Bauer.

Page  122 122 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF I- - -.. Thompson Samuel, 2, farmer, South Blendon. Talsma Egbert A, 7, farmer, Rusk. Tenbroecke John, 17, farmer, South Blendon. Te Haar Wm, 23, farmer, South Blendon. Timmer WVm, 25, farmer, South Blendon. Tenbrockhuis Arend J, 30, farmer, Borculo. Top Tymon, 35, farmer, Beaver Dam. V Volker, Albert, 2, farmer, South Blendon. Visser John, 3, farmer, South Blendon. Visser Peter, 3, farmer, South Blendon. Verberg Gelmer, 4, farmer, Aflendale. Vanderhyde John, 6, farmer, Rusk. Van J(amp, Martin, 13, farmer, South Blendon. Van Loo & De Jonge, I6, saw mill, South Blendon. Van den Bosch Kone, I9, farmer, Borculo. Van Den Bosch & Huysar, 19, saw mill, Borculo.. Vollink Gerret, 20, farmer, Borculo. Vanduine Martin, 20, farmer, Borculo. Van de Berg Jackobus, 20, farmer, Borculo. Vinke John, 22, farmer, South Blendon. Vruggint John H, 22, farmer, South Blendon. Vruggint Henry, 24, farmer, South Blendon. Vanfarowa John, 25, farmer, South Blendon. Verhoven Meaveres, 25, farmer, South Blendon.. Vruggink Brened, 26, farmer, South Blendon. Vruggink John, 26, farmer, South Blendon. Vanputten Alt, 26, farmer, South Blendon. Vanputten Jacob, 26, farmer, South Blendon. Vanniel James, 27, farmer, South Blendon. Vreeke Peter, 28, farmer, South Blendon. Vangelderren J, 28, farmer, South Blendon. Volkers Frederick, 30, farmer, Borculo. Vangelder Peter, 32, farmer, Zeeland. Vreeke Peter Jr, 33, farmer, Beaver Dam. Vanfarowa Cornelius, 33, farmer, Beaver Dam.. Vanwyke Gerret, 34, farmer, Beaver Dam. Vreeke David, 34, farmer, Beaver Dam. Vanleeven Cornelius, 36, farmer, Hudsonville. w Waldie James, 3, farmer, South Blendon. Waldie Wm, 4, farmer, Allendale.

Page  123 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 123 Wooster Peter M, 5, farmer, Rusk. Weiten Harm, 6, farmer, Rusk. Wilson John, 7, farmer, Rusk. Witters Robert, i, farmer, South Blendon. Wilson Win, 12, farmer, South Blendon. Woodruff Geo M, 12, farmer, South Blendon. Wilson & Conklin, 12, feed mill, Bauer. Wesseldyk Henry, I9, farmer, Borculo. Williams James, 24, farmer, South Blendon. Wittenger Henry J, 28, farmer, South Blendon. Wierenga Jacob, 30, farmer, Borculo. Whittenger Cornelius, 33, farmer, Beaver Dam. z Zaverlink Gerrit, 20, farmer, Borculo. Zavering Berend, 21, farmer, South Blendon. Zwaagerman Martin, 28, farmer, South Blendon. Zwaagerman Garret, 29, farmer, Rusk. Zoet Johannes, 35, farmer, Beaver Dam. Zoet Lambert, 35, farmer, Beaver Dam. Zoet Hannas, 35, farmer, Beaver Dam.

Page  124 GtWSTIR TOWNSH~IP. CuN'KLIN CI. A~SIFJED BUSIINEIS DIRECTORY. Hardwaire ai11( AgricititturalI Lla-lemtellts. Henry Miller & Co. Dry Goo(ds atiid Gr'oceries. John Hogstrat. Norman Harris. Wilson McWilliams. Hariiessimaklwrs. Monroe Bros. Elevator. Muskegon Milling Co. Grist Mill1. Muskegon & Ottawa Milling Co. Saw~ Mill. William Cromwell. Hotels tand Salooits. E F Lillie. Clarence Rodea. C A Gronberg. Henry Kramer. Box Fac-tor-y. Grand Rapids Berry Box Co. [NOTE.-The foll1owing alphabetical list gives, the nam~e, section, occupation and postoffice address ot each permanent mnale resident in the township. Bly comparing the number of the section with figures upon the map. you catn inint~diatei)y find the residence of any man %whose nanme appe;Irs in the list.] [124]

Page  125 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 125 A Austin David, section i, farmer, Gooding. Averill Walter S, 9, farmer, Harrisburg. Averill Edward F, 9, farmer, Harrisburg. Austin Joseph M, 12, farmer, Gooding. Austin Henry F, I2, farmer, Gooding. Austin Henry J, 12, farmer, Gooding. Alt Daniel, 12, farmer, Gooding. Austing Samuel, 13, farmer, Gooding. Arnold Conrad, 17, farmer, Conklin. Arnold Eli, 19, farmer, Conklin. Atkins Wm, 24, farmer, Lisbon. Atkins George, 25, farmer, Lisbon. Ade Frederick, 32, farmer, Conklin. B Barrett Harrison T, 2, farmer, Casnovia. Brown Sherman, 4, farmer, Harrisburg. Bodell Henry, 5, farmer, Harrisburg. Bunce Chester, 5, farmer, Harrisburg. Bennitt James K, 6, farmer, Harrisburg. Benschel George, 7, farmer, Harrisburg. Bennitt Daniel, 9, farmer, Harrisburg.;, ' Bersene Frederick, 13, farmer, Gooding. Baumbower Daniel, 14, farmer, Gooding. Benschel Philip, 14, farmer, Gooding. Battels Frederick, 18, farmer, Ravenna. Burns Edwin, 18, farmer, Ravenna. Braker Grades, 21, farmer, Conklin. Brown Jacob, 22, farmer, Conklin. Baischel John, 22, farmer, Gooding. Beerbowm Derk, 22, farmer, Conkliin. Boisch Michael, 18, farmer, Conklin. Burgturf, Wm, 28, farmer, Conklin. Bishop William, 28, farmer, Conklin. Boozer Wm, 30, farmer, Conklin. Brown Robert, 3r, farmer, Conklin. Boeynton Wm, 31, farmer, Conklin. Bean Johnnie, 32, farmer, Conklin. Benton James, 32, engineer, Conklin. Bishop Charles, 33, farmer, Conklin. Batson David, 34, farmer, Conklin. Bradburg Wim, 23, farmer, Lisbon. Brown Chris, 25, Lisbon.

Page  126 126 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF C Craft Clinton, 6, farmer, Harrisburg. Chase Arnold, 12, farmer, Gooding. Chubb Lorenzo, 17, farmer, Harrisburg. Coffman Christian, 17, farmer, Conklin. Chittick James, 31, farmer, Conklin. Coats Lewis, 32, farmer, Conklin. Cornwell Wm, 32, farmer, Conklin. Chubb G S, 25, farmer, Lisbon. Chittick John, 32, bartender, Conklin. D Dinning James, I, farmer, Casnovia. Debore Dowey, 13, farmer, Gooding. Dutmer James, 13, farmer, Gooding.' Denhoff Jacob, 14, farmer, Gooding. Devall Oscar, 16, farmer, Conklin. Dingle Lewis, 17, farmer, Ravenna. Den Hoff Nicholas, 20, farmer, Conklin. Dingle Christian, 29, farmer, Conklin. Davenport Jasper, 32, farmer, Conklin. Daggett Solon, 32, farmer, Conklin. Ioame Edwin, 32, farmer. Conklin. Doane L B, 33, farmer, Conklin. I)etrict Joseph, 35, farmer, Wright. Dohm Frederick, 36, farmer, Gooding. E Ebesberger John C, ii, farmer, Gooding. Ebesberger Wm, 13, farmer, Lisbon. F Fuller Mark, 2, farmer, Harrisburg. Fales Noah, 6, farmer, Harrisburg. Fox Osbert, 6, farmer, Harrisburg. Fryback Alfred, 8, farmer, Harrisburg. Fryback Eliet, 8, farmer, Harrisburg. Failling John, 14, farmer, Gooding. Failling George, 15, farmer, Gooding. Fluhrer John, 17, farmer, Ravenna. Ferguson Thomas, 19, farmer, Conklin. Failling Phillip, 25, farmer, Lisbon. Finkler Jacob, 28, farmer, Conklin. Fryer Joseph, 29, farmer, Conklin.

Page  127 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. Frank Michael, 34, farmer, Conklin. Faylor Samuel, 17, farmer, Harrisburg. G Grill Fred, 4, farmer, Harrisburg. Gilbert Joseph, 8, farmer, Harrisburg. Gilbert John, r7, farmer, Harrisburg, Goddard Benjamin, 17, farmer, Harrisburg. Gilbert Jackson, 20, farmer, Harrisburg. Gilhespy Frank, 20, farmer, Conklin. Graftama VWm, 20, farmer, Lisbon. Gilhespy John, 29, farmer Conklin. Gilhespy Charles, -o, farmer, Conklin. Gilhespy Thomas, 30, farmer, Conklin. Graves Curtis L, 30, farmer, Conklin. Gates Lewis, 14, farmer, Lisbon. Gates Frank, I4, farmer, Lisbon. Gilhespy Eugene, 32, farmer, Conklin. Gilhespy James, 32, farmer, Conklin. Gromberg C A, 32, farmer, Conklin. Gazier John, 33, farmer, Conklin. }I Holt W\m, 3, farmer, Casnovia. Herrod Robert, 3, farmer, Casnovia. Harrison C W, 4, farmer, Harrisburg. Hartman Wm, 7, farmer, Harrisburg. Harrison Wm H, 8, postmaster, Harrisburr. Hasse Fred, 17, farmer, Harrisburg. Hoffmeyer John, I8, farmer, Ravenna. Hemming Joseph, 20, farmer, Conklin. Hoogstraat John, 32, merchant, Conklin. Hoffmeyer Henry, 23, farmer, Lisbon. Hatten Albert, 28, farmer, Conklin. Harris John, 29, farmer, Conklin. Heffelmeyer Benjamin, 32, farmer, Conklin. Haskins Wm H, 32, physician, Conklin. Harris Geo W, 32, farmer, Big Springs. Hillard Henry, 33, farmer, Conklin. Hook Frank, 36, farmer, Lisbon. Hawkins Richard, 25, farmer, Lisbon. 1 Isenhart Isaac, 5, farmer, Harrisburg 127

Page  128 128 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Irish Wm, 36, farmer, Wright. Irish Otis, 36, farmer, Wright. J Johnson Sherman, 3, farmer, Harrisburg. Jones A B, 4, farmer, Harrisburg. Kraft Conrad, 24, farmer, Gooding. Krey Peter, 26, farmer, Lisbon. Klider John, 29, farmer, Conklin. Knowlton Wm, 31, farmer, Conklin. Krey August, 34, farmer, Conklin. Kremer Henry, 34, blacksmith, Conklin. Kline Clements, 36, farmer, Lisbon. Kline Charles, 36, farmer, Lisbon. Kline Anthony, 36, farmer, Lisbon. Keeler Ambrose, 24, farmer, Lisbon. Kirchner Frederick, 25, shoemaker, Lisbon. I.J Lewis James, 2, farmer, Casnovia. Lang Robert, 15, farmer, Harrisburg. Lawback Christian, 18, farmer, Ravenna. Lachman Henry, 23, farmer, Iisbon. Lachman Adam, 25, farmer, Lisbon. Lachman George, 25, farmer, Lisbon. Lampy Henry, 28, farmer, Conklin. T illi F F. '2 h-ntpl nron Conklin 0I. i- rr~ J-M, -- - _, 1 McGaw Wm, I, farmer, Gooding. Miller John, 1, farmer, Gooding. McCune Samuel, i, farmer, Casnovia. McCune Wm, i, farmer, Casnovia. Mauterstock Edward, 2, farmer, Harrisburg. Miller Edwin J, 2, farmer, Casnovia. Miller Lery, 2, farmer, Casnovia. Mauterstock David, 3, farmer, Harrisburg. MIcGinnis Britian, 6, farmer, Ravenna..McGaw Stewart, 7, farmer, Ravenna. McLain A J, 7, farmer. Ravenna. McWilliams Richard, 7, farmer, Ravenna. Mlauterstock John, 9, farmer, Harrisburg.

Page  129 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I29 McGinnis Henry, I5, farmer, Conklin. Mauterstock Jonas, I6, farmer, Harrisburg. Mauterstock Wm, I6, farmer, Harrisburg. McGinnis Hugh, 16, farmer, Conklin. McNitt Wm, 19, farmer, Ravenna. McCauley John, 20, farmer, Conklin. McCauley Voight, 20, farmer, Conklin. McLain Lafayette, 20, farmer, Conklin. Miller Geo M Sr, 26, farmer, Conklin. Miller Joseph, 27, farmer, Lisbon. Miller Henry A, 27, farmer, Conklin. Miller Henry Sr, 27, postmtr, merchant, Conklin. Miller Geo M Jr, 27, farmer, Conklin. Moreley Thomas, 29, farmer, Conklin. Moreley Wm, 30, farmer, Conklin. Martin Luther, 31, farmer, Conklin. McWilliams Wm, 31, farmer, Conklin. McWilliams Geo W, 31, farmer, Conklin. Mclnnis John, 32, farmer, Conklin. Maycroft Wm, 31, farmer, Conklin. Morey Adelbert, 32, farmer, Conklin. Mierrick John M, 32, farmer, Conklin. Mang Jacob, 32, saloonist, Conkiin. Mansfield C L, 32, farmer, Conklin. Muskegon & Ottawa Mlg Co, 32, millers, Conklin. Muskegon Milling Co, 32, elevator, Conklin. Mines Matthew, 33, farmer, Conklin. Miller Frederick, 32, farmer, Conklin. Merrick Oliver H, 34, 'farmer, Conklin. Merrick Horace, 34, farmer, Conklin. Merrick Jonathan, 34, farmer, Conklin. Miller Philip, 34, farmer, Conklin. N Nolan James, 4, farmer, Harrisburg. Nostrant Hiram, I9, farmer, Conklin. 0 Olmstead Ellis, 2, farmer, Casnovia. O'Coner Lisle, 3, farmer, Harrisburg. P Porter Eugene, 2, farmer, Gooding. Porter Geo F, 2, farmer, Gooding. ix

Page  130 I30 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Parker A W, 4, farmer, Harrisburg. Peters Benjamin, I6, farmer, Harrisburg. Pierce George, I9, farmer, Conklin. Pierce Lewis, I9, farmer, Conklin. Pierce Wm, 20, farmer, Conklin. Pheiffer Joseph D, 21, farmer, Conklin. Peters Charles, 23, farmer, Lisbon. Pierce Sylvester, 29, farmer, Conklin. Pintler Curtis, 24, Lisbon. R Rockwell Greenwell, 7, farmer, Ravenna. Rockwell James, 7, farmer, Ravenna. Rann D C, 8 farmer, Harrisburg. Root Warren, 8, farmer, Harrisburg. Rhoda C, 14, boarding house and saloon, Conklin. Reister Frederick, 15, farmer, Lisbon. Rapp Anthony, i6, farmer, Conklin. Rogers Austin, i8, farmer, Ravenna, Riplo John, 20, farmer, Conklin. Riplo Jacob, 21, farmer, Conklin. Rauber Adam, 33, farmer, Conklin. Rosenberg, Henry, 24, farmer, Lisbon. Ritz John, 25, farmer, Lisbon. Ritmier Charles, 29, farmer, Conklin. Rogers Milo, 32, section boss, Conklin. Rosenberg Benjamin, 24, farmer, Lisbon. Rieves John W, 25, farmer, Lisbon. S Shear Mrs Wm, 3, farmer, Harrisburg. Shear Byron, farmer, Harrisburg. Smith Wessels, 3, farmer, Harrisburg. Sherk Samuel, 4, farmer, Harrisburg. Street Samuel, 6, farmer, Harrisburg. Seelman Michael, 7, farmer, Ravenna. Snowden Wm, 7, farmer, Ravenna. Stauffer Wesley, 9, farmer, Harrisburg. Shear Alonzo, io, farmer, Harrisburg. Swartz Phillip, ii, farmer, Gooding. Swartz John, ii, farmer, Gooding. Swartz Henry, i, farmer, Gooding. Stauffer Samuel, i, farmer, Gooding. Stauffer Andrew, 11, farmer, Gooding.

Page  131 I OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 131 Snowden Wm, i8, farmer, Ravenna. Shiffler Jacob, i8, farmer, Ravenna. Seelman John, 21, farmer, Conklin. Seelman George, 21, farmer, Conklin. Smith Rev H 0, 24, clergyman, Lisbon. Steig, Gustaves, 26, farmer, Lisbon. Shaffer Philip, 26, farmer, Lisbon. Shaffer John, 26, farmer, Lisbon. Sheal Axel, 27, farmer, Lisbon. Smoker Frank, 28, farmer, Conklin. Seelman Johnnie, 30, farmer, Conklin. Sinclair Gordon, 31, farmer, Conklin. Scott James, 31, farmer, Conklin.;ebert Valentine, 32, farmer, Conklin. Shafer Simon W, 34, farmer, Conklin. Swartz Peter, 35, farmer, Wright. Shafer Valentine, 35, farmer, Lisbon. Shaffer Henry, 36, farmer, Libson. Suchart Wm, 36, farmer, Wright. T Thatcher Fred, 5, farmer, Harrisburg. Tuttle H C, 7, farmer, Harrisburg. Tuttle C F, 7, farmer, Harrisburg. Thomas Daniel F, Io, farmer, Harrisburg. Trofast Exel, 12, farmer, Gooding. Thurston Benton, 23, farmer, Lisbon. Tanner John, 32, farmer, Conklin. Taylor M V, 31, farmer, Conklin. U Ulmer George, 14, farmer, Lisbon. Umlor John, 21, farmer, Conklin. V Van Skiver James, 2, farmer, Gooding. Vanderhoff Henry, 4, farmer, Harrisburg. Vanderhoff Clarence, 4, farmer, Harrisburg. Vanbrunt Thomas, 5, farmer, Harrisburg. Vanbrunt Geo W, 5, farmer, Harrisburg. Vanderlane Nicholas, 1, farmer, Gooding. Vanderhoff Giles, 15, farmer, Harrisburg. Vandyk Gert, i6, farmer, Conklin. Vandyk Benjamin, I6, farmer, Conklin.

Page  132 I32 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Vanderlane John, 20, farmer, Conklin. Vandyk Paul, 2I, farmer, Conklin. Vanoffelen, 22, Conklin. Vandyk John, 22, Conklin. w Waugh Ralph, 3, farmer, Harrisburg. Wood Joseph, 5, farmer, Harrisburg. Wilson Herbert, 8, farmer, Harrisburg. Whitney Wm, 8, farmer, Harrisburg. Waller Mason, io, farmer, Harrisburg. Waller Horace, io, farmer, Harrisburg. Watters John, io, farmer, Harrisburg. Walter Frederick, Io, farmer, Harrisburg. Wagner Peter, io, farmer, Harrisburg. Wolfardt Paul, 18, farmer, Ravenna. Wierenga Alja, 22, farmer, Conklin. Wagner Edward, 26, farmer, Lisbon. Waters Daniel, 27, farmer, Lisbon. Wiltenberg Henry D V, 27, farmer, Conklin. Waller David, 28, farmer, Conklin. Wiltenberg John C V D, 28, farmer, Conklin. Wilkinson Almon, 31, farmer, Conklin. Wheeler Charles, 32, farmer, Conklin. Whitman John, 32, mason, Conklin. Wright Wm, 34, farmer, Conklin. Wood Wm, 34, farmer, Conklin. Wright Silas, 34, farmer, Conklin. Wittenberg B V D, 35, farmer, Conklin; Wittenberg John V D, 35, farmer, Conklin. Zimmerman Zoll John, 2t Zimmer Nici z George, 4, farmer, Harrisburg. 3, farmer, Conklin. holas, 35, farmer, Wright.

Page  133 GROGKERY TOWNSHIP. NUNICA CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Grist Mill. Joseph Brown & Son. Groceries. John D Pickett Jr. Drugs, School Books and Groceries. P M Cleveland & Son. General Stores. William Mines. Parkhurst Bros. Restaurant. A Warner. Wagon Slhop. Jonathan Westover. Physician. J S Wright, M D. Saloon. Robert Green. Blacksmiths. J Treloar. G Pluves. Confectionery. William Hensley. [NoTE.-The following alphabetical list gives the name section, occupation and postoffice address of each permanent male resident in the township. By comparing the number of the section with figures upon the map, you can immediately find the residence of any man whose name appears in the list: ] [I33]

Page  134 I 11 I; I I34 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Nunica t Jaoljcs Mi11 CUSTOM CRINDINC - 'i' JOSEPH BROWN & SON, PnOPRIITOts.I NUNIGf, MIGIL Roller Flour Buck Graham Flour Buck Rye Flour No. i Bolted Corn Meal No. 2 Granulated Meal Whe Fine Middlings Whe Sc2ool gupplieS F. M. GLEVE PHARI NUNICA, Tobacco i Blooded H01 MARE JOSEPHINE-Age 6 y months training. FLORA —RYSDIK —Age 4 yea DELLA-RYSDIK-Age 3 yeai A TOM PATCHIN MARE-8 Two TWO-YEAR-OLD COLTS MARE. All for Sale Cheap con J. S. WRIG wheat Flour wheat Middlings I Feed 2 Feed at Bran;at Middlings Ships Rye Bran Corn Meal Rye Meal Buckwheat Bran Wall Papet LIfND & SON, MAOISTS MICHIGAN. igarS onfectionerp rses For sale ears; trotted a mile in 2:46 with two rs..s. years old.;, one SPRING COLT, and WHITE Isidering Blood and Style. IT, M. D, Nunica, Mich.

Page  135 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I35 A Ahrens Henry, section 20, farmer, Nunica. Anderson Andrew, io, farmer, Nunica. Anning George, 15, saloonkeeper, Nunica. Ashley Byron, Nunica. B Ball Samuel, 27, farmer, Nunica. Barden Edward, 34, farmer, Nunica. Barrenger Lucius, 36, farmer, Nunica. Borchers John, 20, farmer, Nunica. Bruce Wm M, 25, farmer, Nunica. Buffy August, 30, farmer, Nunica. Boekhoudt John, 30, farmer, Nunica. Bond W C, I, farmer, Nunica. Bond Wm H, i, farmer, Nunica. Bond Joel A, i, farmer, Nunica. Brown Julias, 2, farmer, Nunica. Bixby N W, 5, farmer, Nunica. Beebe Charles, 14, farmer, Nunica. Beebe L D, 15, farmer, Nunica. Brown & Son, 15, millers, Nunica (see adv p I34.) Borchers Klaas, 21, farmer, Nunica. Brown Ed A, I5, miller, Nunica. Bouton D S, 9, farmer, Nunica. Brough Benj, 3, farmer, Nunica. Bates Clara, 3, farmer, Nunica. C Chittenden B F, 19, farmer, Nunica. Chittenden W B, 30, farmer, Nunica. Cross James A, 31, farmer, Spring Lake. Cavanaugh James, I3, farmer, Nunica. Catlin Frank, 12, farmer, Nunica. Conley Bros, 13, farmer, Nunica. Carr Matilda, 13, farmer, Nunica. Cooper F D, Io, farmer, Nunica. Calkins George, 5, farmer, Nunica. Chapman David, 6, farmer, Spring Lake. Cornwell Jonathan, I5, farmer Nunica. Carpenter M C, 15, farmer, Nunica. Carpenter Elizabeth, 15, farmer, Nunica. Cleveland Guy, 15, druggist, Nunica (see advp 134.) Cavanaugh John, 15, farmer, Nunica.

Page  136 I36 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF JOHN D. FICKETT, JR. FULL LINE OF In ency roceries PROVISIONS, FLOUR AND FEED. Postoffice Building. NUNICA, MICH. Cornell D C, I6, farmer, Nunica. Cook George, 15, farmer, Nunica. Cornell Martha, i6, farmer, Nunica. Card John, 16, farmer, Nunica. D Dickinson G L, I, farmer, Nunica. Damas Emma, 35, farmer, Nunica. Davison Mrs J H, 26, farmer, Nunica. De Haan Tony, 20, farmer, Nunica. Deisterwinkle Eike, 30, farmer, Nunica. Doering Louise, I9, farmer, Nunica. Dell Samuel, 12, farmer, Nunica. Davidson Frank, 12, farmer, Nunica. De Vries S V, 11, farmer, Nunica. De Haan Frank, 7, farmer, Spring Lake. Douck Chris, 22, farmer, Nunica. Douck Fred F, 14, farmer, Nunica. Damman Frank, 21, farmer, Nunica. Dandy Thomas, I5, farmer, Nunica. De Mull Peter, 4, farmer, Nunica Douck Charles, Nunica. E Edwards Egbert, 35, farmer, Nunica. Erhan John, 21, farmer, Nunica. Easterly Jacob, 21, farmer, Nunica. Echoff John, 20, farmer, Nunica. Englert Peter, I, farmer, Nunica. Ekster John, 17, farmer, Nunica. Ernst Henry, 14, farmer, Nunica. Englert Joseph, i, farmer, Nunica. Foner Oliver 36, farmer, Nunica. Fonger Rober, 36, farmer, Nunica. Fonger Robert, 36, farmer, Nunica.

Page  137 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I37 Fonger John, 36, farmer,. Nunica. Fox John, 31, farmer, Nunica. Fenning Casper, 20, farmer, Nunica. Fiddler John, 29, farrter, Nunica. Floyd A C, i, farmer, Nunica. French M L, 15, farmer, Nunica. Flanders Torrants, 23, farmer, Nunica. French Bros, 9, sawmill, Nunica. Flanders Ed, 2, farmer, Nunica. G Griswold Nathan, 36, farmer, Nunica. Griswold Sarah, 36, farmer, Nunica. Gleason Oliver, 24, farmer, Nunica. Gray David, 30, farmer, Nunica. Gardner F M, 3I, farmer, Spring Lake. Green W J, i, farmer, Nunica. Gleason Bros, 12, farmer, Nunica. Gordon W E, 12, farmer, Nunica. Gibbs Joseph, 12, farmer, Nunica. Gibbs Eugene, i, farmer, Nunica. Gordon Oliver, 22, farmer, Nunica. Gordon Fred, 22, farmer, Nunica. Green A B, 9, farmer, Nunica. H Holmes John, 22, farmer, Nunica. Hunter Charles, 26, farmer, Nunica. Hunter T F, 25, farmer, Nunica. Hunter Silas, 26, farmer, Nunica. Hunter Seth, 26, farmer, Nunica. Hill Charles, 30, farmer, Nunica. Helle John, 29, farmer, Nunica. Holst John, 21, farmer, Nunica. Hagan Charles, I5, farmer, Nunica. Holland John, 22, farmer, Nunica. Henke Chas, I5, farmer, Nunica. Hatch Charles L, 14, farmer, Nunica. Humphrey Wm, 15, farmer, Nunica. Hullinger Wm, 15, farmer, Nunica. Hayward A G, 9, farmer, Nunica. Hunt Peter C, I6, farmer, Nunica. Hartwell A E, 9, farmer, Nunica. Hartley E S, 3, farmer, Nunica. Hunter 0 J, Nunica.

Page  138 b I38 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF 1 Ickes George, 3, farmer, Nunica. J Jubb 0 A, 14, farmer, Nunica. ohnson Andrew, io, farmer,Nunica. ubb Ch1rles, 14, farmer, Nunica. Johnson John, 9, farmer, Nunica. Kirkby Joseph, 26, farmer, Nunica. Kirkby George, 27, farmer, Nunica. Koster John, 29, farmer, Nunica. Kinney Albert, 30, farmer, Nunica. Klintworth Barthol. 20. farmer. Nunica. Klunder Peter, 17, farn Kinney George, 15, far Keeler James, 8, farme Kiper Joseph, 3, farmej Kiper James, 2, farmer Kiper Stephen, 2, farm Lane Mirs Asher, 24, fa Landon Mrs A E, 26, Lex Peit, 30, farmer, Lawrence Sidney, 12, fi Lejeune A, I6, farmer, Lawton Silas, 15, farme Legar D C, 15, farmer, Lindberg Gus, 5, farme Maibe John, I, farmer, Murray J B, 25, farmer Moore James, 24, farm( Marrin E L, 24, farmei Muzzall, T J, 24, farme McCarty H, 36, farmer, Moore John J, 20, farm Mergener Adam, 29, fa Majers John B, 29, farr Merz John Mrs, 19, far Meirs Fred, 20, farmer, tUS * *: ' S * * ner, Nunica. mer, Nunica. r, Nunica. r, Nunica., Nunica. er, Nunica. L Lrmer, Nunica. farmer, Nunica. Nunica. armer, Nunica. Nunica. er, Nunica.,Nunica.;r, Nunica. M Nunica. r, Nunica. er, Nunica. r, Nunica..r, Nunica., Nunica. er, Nunica. rmer, Nunica. ner, Nunica. mer, Nunica. Nunica.

Page  139 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN.'3 139 Moore Geo P, io, farmer, Nunica. (Y Molendyk A, i i, farmer, Nunica. ~4 Mersman B, 8, farmer, Nunica.~/I/ Mink Roelf, 6, farmer, Spring Lake.~ 00 Markins Lewis,' 2I,' farmer, Nunica. // Mensoff John Mrs, 15, farmer, Nunica./ Mines Win, i5', farmer, Nunica./-S McMann Charles, 3, famr uia/6'$ p& Mergener Nicholas, 2, farmer, Nynica./' Melthorp John, Nunica. '~./ 76 Neeha Jhn 14 frmrN uia / Neehamo John, 14, farmer, Nunica. 6 / Nehmer Fred, 29, farmer, Nunica4. '9x NiChols Daniel, 14, farmer, Nunica./}1 II Nellthorpe John,, I4, farmer, Nunica.'~ 666 Nequist Gustoff, 15, farmer, Nunica. Oliver Eliza,, farmer, Spring Lake. /~ P Palen James, 26, farmer, Nunica.Q Plant H E, 2I, farmer, NuniCa. 3 fq ~ Plant L D, 28, farmer, Nunica.N Peterson Swan, 27, farmer, Nunica. Pollie Mike, i0, farmer, Nunica. Plant Alvan, s, farmer, Fruitport. Peterson John, 7, farmer, Spring Lake. Parkhurst Bros, 15, Merchants, Nunica. Pickett John D, i5, farmer, Nunica. Pickett John D Jr, postmaster and groceryman, Nunica (see adv p I36.) Palen John G, i6, farmer, Nunica. Plant Margaret, 1,5, farmer, Nunica. Palen Mrs Andrew, i5, farmer, Nunica. Porter E R, 8, farmer, Nunica.. Pull Win, Nunica. PullS 5, Nuinica.' Q Q uigley Walter, i6, farmer, Nunica.

Page  140 140 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Rutherford Charles, 25, farmer, Nunica. Root John, 19, farmer, Nunica. Roth Andrew, 20, farmer, Spring Lake. Richmond E S, 15, hotelkeeper, Nunica. Rae James, 14, farmer, Nunica. Rolenhagen Earnest, 14, farmer, Nunica. Roach Thomas, I5, farmer, Nunica. Reese Nat, 4, farmer, Nunica. Rickner Rube, 2, farmer, Nunica. Redding Adam, 2, farmer, Nunica. s Seymour Monroe, 25, farmer, Nunica. Smith Eri, 26, farmer, Nunica. Seymour Lester, 25, farmer, Nunica. Sherwood Wm H, 24, farmer, Nunica. Steffin Wm, 35, farmer, Nunica. Spoon Daniel, 27, farmer, Nunica. Seymour, V J, 22, farmer, Nunica. Spencer Medad, 28, farmer, Nunica. Spoon Arthur J, 28, farmer, Nunica. Sanders Warren, 29, farmer, Nunica. Sparks O 0, 29, farmer, Nunica. Sims Henry, 21, farmer, Nunica. Steinback Peter, 19, farmer, Nunica. Somerset Thomas, 31, farmer, Nunica. Seifert Earnest, i, farmer, Nunica. Spoolma George, i8, farmer, Spring Lake. Swanson Swan, 15, farmer, Nunica. Scott H D, 22, farmer, Nunica. Sheeler David, I5. farmer, Nunica. Schuyler James, 22, agent and teacher, Nunica. Smant Henrich, 8, farmer, Nunica. Shears Geo W, 8, farmer, Nunica. Shears B A, 17, farmer, Nunica. Smith Chris, 17, farmer, Nunica. Shepperd O J, 2, farmer, Nunica. T Taylor A W, 25, farmer, Nunica. Taylor H A, 36, farmer, Nunica. Tissue Isaac, 13, farmer, Nunica. Treloar John, I5, blacksmith, Nunica.

Page  141 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I4I Tickner E S, 14, farmer, Nunica. Thorp J F, 3, farmer, Nunica. Treloar Mortimer, Nunica. u Upton Lucy, i, farmer, Nunica. v Vanetten Hannah, 22, farmer. Nunica. Vriebroeck Margaret, 28, farmer, Nunica. Vriebroeck Fred, 28, farmer, Nunica. Verplancke Joos, 30, farmer, Nunica. Vriebroeck Mary, 21, farmer, Nunica. Vanderswaag John, 17, farmer, Nunica. Vanderswaag Lambert, 8, farmer, Nunica. Vanetten Leah, 15, farmer, Nunica. Vanettenger C, 4, farmer, Nunica. Vandermolen Bourke, 9, farmer, Nunica. wx Warneka Gottlieb, 26, farmer, Nunica. Waite George, 26, farmer, Nunica. Weaver Wm, 26, farmer, Nunica. Wachter Wm, I9, farmer, Nunica. Warber John, 30, farmer, Nunica. Walberg John, 12, farmer, Nunica. Wilson Mrs F M, IO, farmer, Nunica. Wildey James, 11, farmer, Nunica. Wiseman George, 12, farmer, Nunica. Wright Dr J S, 15, physician, Nunica (see adv P 134.) Westover Jonathan G, 14, wagonmaker and blacksmith, Nunica. Withey James, I, farmer, Nunica. Y Yonker Garret. i8, farmer, Spring Lake. * s

Page  142 GEORGETOWN TOWNSlIP. JENISON CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Dry Goods and Groceries. L & L Jenison. Meat Market. Kiefer & Thurber. Flour Mill. L & L Jenison. Hotel. G C Jones. HUDSONVILLE CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY. General Stores. C K Hoyt & Co. L M Wolf. Druggist. John N Waite. Hotel. William D Clark. Blacksmith and Wagon Shop. Campbell & Wolf. Cheese Box Factory. George Sinclair. Stoves and Heading. William Rhodes. Hoop and Lumber Mill. Dedie Bros & Dehn. [142]

Page  143 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 143 Lumber Mill. Thomas Curry. Grain Elevator. B E Green. Physician. Byron Godfrey M D. Veterinary Surgeon. W Chas Covey. [NoTE.-The following alphabetical list gives the name, section, occupation and postoffice address of each permanent male resident in the township. By comparing the number of the section with figures upon the map, you can immediately find the residence of any man whose name appears in the list.] A Alward Robert, section 20, farmer, Hudsonville. Alexander William, I9, farmer, Hudsonville. Albrecht Iary, 31, farmer, Hudsonville. Albrecht William, 31, farmer, Hudsonville. Alberdy Michael, 17, farmer, Georgetown. Andree Hiram 24, farmer, Jenison. Andree Benjamin, 26, farmer, Jenison. Andree Jacob, 24, farmer, Jenison. Andree Cornelius, 24, farmer, Jenison. * B Burnham Ira Y, 30, farmer, Grand Ranids. Bennett William 33, farmer, Hudsonville. Brown C N, ii, farmer, Jenison. Bowmasler Walter, 20, farmer, Hudsonville. Barton Henry, 19, farmer, Hudsonville. Barnaby Samuel G, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. Barnaby Charles H, 29, farmer, Hudsonville. Barnaby Elmer, 29, farmer, Hudsonville. Barnaby Worden G, 29, farmer, Hudsonville. Burgess John, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. Boldt John, 31, farmer, Hudsonville. Boldt, Fred, 31, farmer, Hudsonville. Boldt William, 31, farmer, Hudsonville. Beaumont F P, 27, farmer, Hudsonville. Bishop William, 27, farmer, Hudsonville. Barton Myron, 21, farmer, Hudsonville.


Page  145 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 14; Bush William, ii, farmer, Jenison. Boynton Jerry, 2, farmer, Jenison. Bosworth Abe, 16, farmer, Georgetown. Brown Joseph, 13, farmer, Jenisbn. Bush Jacob D, 14, farmer, Jenison. Bukema Minno, Io, farmer, Jenison. Belvius John, 15, farmer, Jenison. Beadle James R, 33, farmer, I-ludsonville. Bamard Calista, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. Balkema Nicholas, 25, farmer, Jenison. Balkema Albert, 24, farmer, Jenison. Bush Michael, 24, farmer, Jenison. Bush Abel, 24, farmer, Jenison. Bursley Liberty, 23, farmer, Jenison. Bursley Asa, 23, farmer, Jenison. Bomers Garret, 24, farmer, Jenison. Bouma Peter, 23, farmer, Jenison. Bush Hiram, 13, farmer, Jenison. Botzum Belinda, 34, farmer, Hudsonville. Bylsma John, I6, f2rmer, Hudsonville. Bauer, Nicholas, 7, farmer, Bauer. Brandt John, 3I, farmer, Bauer. Baker Sickles, 17, farmer, Hudsonville. Baker John, 17, farmer, Hudsonville. Brown Joseph, 6, farmer, Bauer. Baragar John, 8. farmer, Hudsonville. Boss Cornelius, 5, farmer, Georgetown. Beatie George F, 8, farmer, Georgetown. Brainard Reuben, 8, farmer, Georgetown. Bowen Henry, 8, farmer, Georgetown. Bowen Lucy, 8, farmer, Georgetown. Bosworth E F, o1, farmer, Georgetown. Bush John, Io, farmer, Georgetown. Burton Roswell, 3, farmer, Jenison. Berenhan Simon. 3, farmer, Jenison. Broukema Joseph, 15. farmer. Jenison. Bartlett Fred, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. Brown Thomas A, 35, farmer, Hanley. Bush Jacob, 26, farmer, Jenison. Butterfield Frank G, 13, farmer, Jenison. Burton Frank, 3, farmer, Jenison. Burton Charles, 3, farmer, Jenison. Burton John, 3, farmer, Jenison. Burton William, 3, farmer, Jenison. x

Page  146 9 I46 146 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF DcJeIrs &Ihl MAN4UFACTURUER8 OF COILED BARREL MOO0PS IWPPLE fIND GRAUGEPR BARRELS% AND 3ASKIIT H=T-JDSONVIL[LE, - COVERS. MLC HIO(iA N fill Orders will Re(~6lve Proinpt fittention. W. 611$ (3VY V. SO, HUDSONVILLE_, MICH. Makes a Specialty of Delicate Operations in Veterinary Surgery, Veterinary Obstetrics. ~4~L1~LU~.i uwv~ i~rnuveu uprnu ous Growths Terms Rei Corey Colei Closterhous( Courson Irv Cahill, Thoi Church Isaa Curry Jame., Cowing Gec Chapman T 'Clover Nich Clark Willia and Excresences Removed, isonable. Calls receive prompt attention. nan, 27, farmer, Hudsonville. Renna, I13, farmer, jenison. ing, 35, farmer, Hanley. rnas, 36, farmer, Hanley.,c, 14, farmer, Jenison. ~,3, farmer, Georgetown. oA, 14, farmer, Jenison. ruman,, 21, farmer, Hudsonville. Lolas, 21, farmer, Vludsonville.' Lm D, 17, farmer, Hudsonville.

Page  147 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I47 Comstock Orin, 10, farmer, Georgetown. Comstock A N, IO, farmer, Georgetown. Cleyne, William, 2, farmer, Jenison. Clyne Mrs A, 2, farmer, Jenison. Clyne Daniel, 2, farmer, Jenison. Camp James, I6, farmer, Hudsonville. Chamberlin H H, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. Campbell F H, 29, farmer, Hudsonville. Covey Sarah, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. Covey Charles W, 32, farmer, veterinary surgeon, Hudsonville (see adv p I46.) Christler Edwin, 6, farmer, Bauer. Crew William, 6, farmer, Bauer. Combs William E, 6, farmer, Bauer. Conklin E C, 6, farmer, Bauer. Cook Livingston, 7, farmer, Bauer. Coelingh William, 17, farmer, Georgetown. Curry Thomas, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. Courtz Nicholas, 25, farmer, Jenison, D Dedie Bros. & Dehn, 33, manufacturers of barrels, and basket covers, Hudsonville (see adv p I46.) Dedie J, 33, Hudsonville. Dedie M, 33, Hudsonville. Decker Sytze, 25, farmer, Jenison. Daily Ann, 36, farmer, Jenison. Doombos Renna, 26, farmer, Jenison. Devries Henry, io, farmer, Jenison. Dewent Renna, 15, farmer, Jenison. Dewent George, 15, farmer, Jenison. Dearborn Joseph, 33, farmer, Hudsonville. Douwema D, 18, farmer, Bauer. Depuit John, 13, farmer, Jenison. Depuit Edward, 13, farmer, Jenison. Depuit Michael, 13, farmer, Jenison. Drake Roxanna, 13, farmer, Jenison. Devendorf Frank. 13, farmer, Jenison. Drew Hiram C, 34, farmer, Hudsonville. Dewent Occo, 23, farmer, Jenison. De Cator James M, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. Doan George, 19, farmer, Hudsonville. Densmore L P, 29, farmer, Hudsonville. Densmore George W, 32, farmer, Hudsonvil'le

Page  148 148 148 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF D~onnan John, 31armer, Hudsonville.. Donn an August, 1 farmer, Hudsonville. Dehn Carl, 1 farmer, Hudsonville. Dehn Charles F, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. Dehart Frank, 32, Hudsonville. Doig David, 5, farmer, Georgetown. IDevree` Martin,,farmer, Georgetown. Dahn L C, 7, farmer, Georgetown. Drew AlonZO, 29, farmer, Hudsonville. E Edson Dudley, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. Ellis Joseph, 34, farm'er, Hudsonville. Ellis Seth, 34, farmer, Hudsonville. Elliott George, 26, farmer, Hudsonville. Eizenga Hilbrant, 14, farmer., Jenison. Estes William, 13, farmer, Jenison. Edso'n Andrew, 34, farmer, Hudsonville. Ewing Henry D, i6, farmer, Georgtown. Ehiers Carl, 6, farmer, Bauer. Elzi nga Henke, 8, farmer, Georgetown. F Fellows Edwin, 28, farmer, Hludsonville. Fields Hiram, 10, farmer, Jenison. Fahrnon August, 6, farmer, Bauer. Finc~h Sarah, 8, farmer, Georgetown. Febig Ernst, 7, farmer, Georgetown. Far John, 30, farmer, Hudsonville. Feon George, 30, 'farmer, Hudsonville. G Green Benton E, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. Gillott 0 M, io, farmer, Georgetown. Gillott Elmer, i8, farmer, Georgetown. Giddi-ngs L E, 33, farmer, Hudsonville. Green' Martin, 22, farmer, Hudsonville. Guild Gilbert L, 29','farmer, Hudsonville. Graves Orvis, 3, farmer, Georgetown~. II 4Iu eL sonvi 'fG, 28, -1K, 33, Ile. farmer, Hudsonville.. postmaster and mercant, Hud

Page  149 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I49 Hludson H E, 33, farmer, Hudsonville. Hlouseman Derk, 23, farmer, Jenison. Hansen Albert, 37, farmer, Hanley. Hansen Ira, 36, farmer, Hanley. Hansen James, 36, farmer, Jenison. Hansen Edward, 36, farmer, Hanley. Hardy Alonzo, 33, farmer, Hudsonville. Hanley Charles, 35, farmer, Hanley. Hammond Richard, 26, farmer, Hudsonville. Hall John, I5, farmer, Jenison. Hart Freeman, 34, farmer, Hudsonville. Hughes Bernard, 33, farmer, Hudsonville. Hooker George W, 2, farmer, Jenison. Hardy George, I6, farmer, Georgetown. Hughes Thomas, 29, farmer, Hudsonville. Hage Adrian, IT, farmer, Jenison. Hansen Gilbert, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. Hubert Charles, 31, farmer, Bauer. Hood Andrew, 31, farmer, Bauer. Hangor August, 31, farmer, Bauer. Htubbard George, 5, farmer, Georgetown. Hall Orlanda, i9, farmer, Hudsonville. Hall James, 19, farmer, Hudsonville. Halstege Lamert, 30, farmer, Hudsonville. Halstege Garret, 30, farmer, Hudsonville. Halstege Henry, 19, farmer, Hudsonville. HI-oyt Ida E, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. J Jenness Thomas, 13, farmer, Jenison. Jenison Douglass, 23, farmer, Jenison. Jenison Eugene, 23, farmer, Jenison. Jones Evert, 2, farmer, Jenison. Jaynes Bernard, 20, farmer, Hudsonville. JeniHon L & L, 13, manufacturers, merchants, capitalists, Jenison (see adv p I44.) Jenison Luman, 13, postmaster, Jenison. K Kinckerbocker Cyrenus, i6, farmer, Georgetown. Knappen Oliver, 21, farmer, Hudsonville. Keyser Gelte, 21, farmer, Hudsonville. Kort Temon, I6, farmer, Georgetown. Koopman R, 21, farmer, Georgetown.

Page  150 I5o BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Kline James, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. Klawitter August, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. Kuizee Arnold, 31, farmer, Hudsonville. Kruizenga Fibe, 30, farmer, Hudsonville. Kooiman Jacob, 30, farmer, Hudsonville. Koekek Bernard, 30, farmer, Hudsonville. Kuipers Wybe, 24, farmer, Jenison. Knoper Fred, 24, farmer, Jenison. Krenze, Rolf, 24, farmer, Jenison. L Larson Sorel, 28, farmer, Hudsonville. Lamar Fred, 14, farmer, Jenison. Lamar Roelf, 14, farmer, Jenison. Landis Phillip, 26, farmer, Hudsonville. Lowing Otis, IO, farmer, Georgetown. Linacre W H, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. Larmer Joseph, 31, farmer, Bauer. Lowing James, 9, farmer, Georgetown. Lowing Holden C, 9, farmer, postmaster, George town. Lowing Lowing Lehnan Lowing Lowing Ludwig Lowing Lowing Lobdell Lobdell Lowing Willie, 9, farmer, Georgetown. William R, 17. farmer, Georgetown. Phillip, 7, farmer, Georgetown. Isaac, i8, farmer, Georgetowni. Emmett, I8, farmer, Georgetown. Charles, 7, farmer, Bauer. Isaac N, 30, farmer, Hudsonville. Joe, 30, farmer, Hudsonville. John, 30, farmer, Hudsonville. Abram, 19, farmer, Hudsonville. Luke, 32, farmer, Georgetown. M...I "rdl Morris E G, 28, farmer, Hudsonville. McLamen Levi, 28, farmer, Jenison. Mackus Nicholas, 14, farmer, Jenison. Minderhout Martin, 36, farmer, Hanley. Michaili Matthias, 7, farmer, Georgetown. Mowry Nathan, 19, farmer, Hudsonville. Machilson Mary, 25, farmer, Jenison. Mullen John, 36, farmer, Hanley. Minderhout Peter, 36, farmer, Hanley. Minderhout John, 35, farmer, Hanley.

Page  151 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 151 Mackus Benjamin, 15, farmer, Jenison. McTague Charles, 15, farmer, Jenison. Massack Louis, 13, farmer, Jenison. Moore Melvin, 13, farmer, Jenison. Mathews W R, 34, farmer, Hudsonville. MlcCoy M W, 35, farmer. Hanley. McCoy Clinton, 35, farmer, Hanley. McCoy John, 35, farmer, Hanley. Moody Charles, 13, farmer, Jenison. Morrill Delos A, 31, farmer, Hudsonville. Mosher Mrs, 31, farmer, Bauer. McEwan Charles, i6, farmer, Georgetown. Munn Datus, 8, farmer, Georgetown. Marshall Albert N, 20, farmer, Hudsonville. N Nordhouse Peter, 14, farmer, Jenison. O O'Connor Dan, 35, farmer, Hanley. O'Connor Dennis, 36, farmer, Hanley. Olmstead Anson, 36, farmer, Hanley. Oostland Albert, 23, farmer, Jenison. P Purchase Joel, 7, farmer, Georgetown. Purchase Willard, 7, farmer, Georgetown. Pompe Adrian, 28, farmer, Hudsonville. Pinney Edward, 3, farmer, Georgetown. Phelps Frank, 23, farmer, Jenison. Parker Isaac, 22, farmer, Hudsonville. Papp Ebert, 33, farmer, Hudsonville. Pixley John K, 3I, farmer, Bauer. Pelton Sidney, 3, farmer, Georgetown. Q Quigley John, 22, farmer, Hudsonville. R Riperda Hiram, 24, farmer, Jenison. Roberts Geo A, 24, farmer, Jenison. Rillema George, IO, farmer, Georgetown. Richardson Geo F, farmer, Hudsonville. Rodes Wm, 32, saw mill owner, Hudsonville.

Page  152 I52.BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Rosegrant Charles, 8, farmer, Georgetown. Rosegrant Covert, 8, farmer, Georgetown. Riddle John, 20, farmer, Hudsonville. Steketee Peter, 13, farmer, Jenison. Sinclair George, 28, saw mill owner, Hudsonville. Salter Harvey, 14, farmer, Jenison. Sponable John, 15, farmer, Jenison. Sawyer Dan, 21, farmer, Hudsonville. Sawyer J B, 21, farmer, Hudsonville. Steen Garret, 21, farmer, Hudsonville. Spikre Nicholas, to, farmer, Georgetown. Schreckengest George W, 33, farmer, -ludsonville. Skinner Henry, I6, farmer, Hudsonville. Surdam Harvey M, 20, farmer, Hudsonville. Spitzer Peter, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. Schoenwald Fred, 31, farmer, Bauer. Schoenwald Wm, 31, farmer, Bauer. Stuinke Otto, 32, farmer, Bauer. Shultz Godfrey, 31, farmer, Bauer. Schilling William, 31, farmer, Bauer. Schilling August, 31, farmer, Bauer. Skinner Robert, r7, farmer, Georgetown. Sweet Henry. 6 farmer, Bauer. Smith Fred, 5, farmer,. Bauer. Shokes John, 7, farmer, Georgetown. Smith Nathan, 20, farmer, Hudsonville. Spicer John, 17, farmer, Hudsonville. Sweet Henry W, 20, farmer. Hudsonville. Steen Klaas, I9, farmer, Hudsonville. Spoolman C, 30, farmer. Hudsonville. Siefert Herman, 36, farmer, Hanley. Topp Benjamine, Tillotson Edward Thomas William, Thompson Georg Thompson Ellen, Thrasher William Thompson Walla4 Tyler C H, 36, fc Tourlin Mary, 13, T 24, farmer, Jenison., 33, Hudsonville. 13, farmer, Jenison. e, 26, farmer, Jenison. 36, farmer, Jenison. H, 26, farmer, Jenison.:e, 26, farmer, Jenison. trmer, Hanley.,Jenison.

Page  153 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I53 Tibbett Andrew, 35, farmer, Hanley. Tibbett Henry, 35, farmer, Hanley. Taylor Anna M, 17, farmer, Georgetown. Tate Alfred, I6, farmer, Hudsonville. Tate John, 17, farmer, Georgetown. Taylor Joseph, 6, farmer, Bauer. Tibbet John, 33, Hudsonville. Timmerman Morrison, 7, farmer, Georgetown. Thurber Darius, 20, farmer, Hudsonville. Timmers William, 31, farmer, Hudsonville. u Ulberg P, 5, farmer, Georgetown. Ulberg Edward R, 5, farmer, Georgetown. V Vanstrat Abram, 24, farmer, Jenison. Vansloten Gilbert, io, farmer, Georgetown. Vanstrat Jacob, I3, farmer, Jenison. Vasbinder Jacob, I6, farmer, Georgetown. Vasbinder Phillip, 22, farmer, Hudsonville. Vredevoch John, i5, farmer, Jenison. Vanstrat John, 27, farmer, Hudsonville. Vanstrat Abram, 27, farmer, Hudsonville. Vansingle Peter M, 14, farmer, Jenison. Vanderwene William, 36, farmer, Hanley. Vasbinder P W D, 22, farmer, Hudsonville. Vanderwene Jacob, 23, farmer, Hudsonville. Vanderboegh A C, 28, farmer, Hudsonville. Vanderboegh M J, 28, farmer, Hudsonville. Vanderwene Hiram, 9, farmer, Georgetown. Vandyke P, 28, farmer, Hudsonville. Vandyke D, 28, farmer, Hudsonville. Vanderveen Jacob, 2, farmer, Jenison. Voss William, 2, farmer, Jenison. Van Allen Duncan, 8, farmer, Georgetown. Vanderwall Henry, i8, farmer, Georgetown. Vanaiken, George, 19, farmer, Hudsonville. Vasbinder Phineas, i6, farmer, Georgetown. Vansloten William, 13, Jenison. Vandermolen Klaas, 13, Jenison. Vanderveen Lucus, 13, farmer, Jenison. Vanoost Peter, 36, farmer, Hawley. Vanstraat Austin, 25, farmer, Jenison. Van Haar Dena, 19, farmer, Hudsonville. xi

Page  154 154 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF W Whipple William S, 33, farmer, Hudsonville. Warsum Fred 25, farmer, Jenison. Wierenga Renna, 26, farmer, Jenison. Wierenga Gerret, 26, farmer, Jenison. Wood Fred, 36, farmer, Hawley. Whipple Inman H, 35, farmer, Hanley. Wright Anson, I4, farmer, Jenison. Weatherwax H D, 15, farmer, Jenison. Woodman Hial, 13, farmer, Jenison. Wright James E, 9, farmer, Georgetown. Winchester Augustus, 21, farmer, Hudsonville. Whipple Stephen H, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. Wiezenkoff John, 35, farmer, Hanley. Wiers Egbert, 26, farmer, Hudsonville. Walters Charles, IO, farmer, Georgetown. Waite Thomas M, 33, Hudsonville. Waite Allen, 33, farmer, Hudsonville. Waite Anson, 34, farmer, Hudsonville. Whipple William Jr, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. Wolf Luther M, 29, merchant, Hudsonville. Wilkinson Jane, 21, farmer, Hudsonville. Wadsworth A D, io, farmer, Georgetown. Webb George, 29, farmer, Hudsonville. Wilson James, 5, farmer, Georgetown. Wilson Lyman, 7, farmer, Georgetown. Wilson H B, 7. farmer, Georgetown. Waite John N, 32, druggist, Hudsonville. Whippfe Edwin C, 29, farmer, Hudsonville. Wierenga H, 23, farmer, Jenison. Winks William, ii, farmer, Jenison. Y Yeomans William B. Yeomans Erastus J, 36, farmer, Hanley. Yeomans James B, 32, farmer, Hudsonville. z Zuidema Nicholas, 4, farmer, Georgetown.

Page  155 GRAND ttAVEN TOWNSHIP. [NOTE.-The following alphabetical list gives the name, section, occupation and postoffice address of each permanent male resident in the township. By comparing the number of the section with figures upon the map, you can immediately find the residence of any man whose name appears in the list.] A Aiken Geo W, i, fmr, Grand Haven (see adv p I58.) Ahrens Claus, I5, farmer, Grand Haven. B Bredchoft Lewis, 4, farmer, Grand Haven. Burmann Henry, 8, farmer, Grand Haven. Behm John Jr, 9, farmer, Grand Haven. Bignell Thomas, II, farmer, Grand Haven. Berg Fred, I3, farmer, Grand Haven. Behm John Sr, 16, farmer, Grand Haven. Bemrick John, 20, farmer, Grand Haven. Behm Wm, 21, farmer, Grand Haven. Barber Sophia, 22, farmer, Agnew. Brockway W B, 22, farmer, Agnew. Betka Wim, 24, farmer, Agnew. Burleton G, 26, farmer, Agnew. Burleton G D, 26, farmer, Agnew. Barrows Delos, 26, merchant, Agnew. Behm Ferdinand, 26, farmer, Agnew. Behm John C, 26, farmer, Agnew. Bishop John C, 26, doctor and lawyer, Agnew. Behm W W, 26, farmer, Grand Haven. Bottje Harm, 32, farmer, Grand Haven. Beckmann A, 33, farmer, Grand Haven. Bragg Anna, 35, farmer, Grand Haven. Branch E W, 3, farmer, Grand Haven. Ball Peter, 35, farmer, Grand Haven. C Christie Sam, I, farmer, Grand Haven. Cattrell John, 26, Agnew. Churchill, Fred 26, farmer, Agnew. Crow John, 28, farmer, Agnew. Lssfl


Page  157 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I57 Cable David, 32, farmer, Grand Haven. Curtis Wm, 34, farmer, Grand Haven. Cole A M, 35, farmer, Grand Haven. Crow Wm C, Agnew. D Dinse Gustav, 24, farmer, Agnew. Donohoe John, 27, farmer, Agnew. Donohoe Michael, 33, farmer, Agnew. Dushain Peter, 33, farmer, Agnew. Darow Wm, 36, farmer, Agnew. Denni Joseph, 32, farmer, Grand Haven. De Pender Jake, 34, farmer, Grand Haven. Deremo J J, 35, farmer, Grand Haven. E Ellmann Frederick, 13, farmer, Grand Haven. Ellmann Ernst, I3, farmer, Grand Haven. Ellmann August, 14, farmer, Grand Haven. Ellmann Wm, I6, farmer, Grand Haven. Edwards James, 26, mill owner, Agnew. Edwards Joseph, 27, farmer, Agnew. Edward & Churchill, 26, manufacturers, Agnew. (See adv. p. I56.) F Fart Wm, i, farmer, Grand Haven. Fuite John, 21, farmer, Grand Haven. Filemann Wm, 27, farmer, Agnew. Fop Johannes F, 25, farmer, Grand Haven. G Grambauer Ch, io, farmer, Grand Haven. Grambauer Charles, ii, farmer' Grand Haven. Gaul Peter, 36, farmer, Agnew. Goldberg John, 26, farmer, Grand Haven. Gidley Mary H, 27, farmer, Grand Haven. Godhart Lou, 32, farmer, Grand Haven. H Harry Balwin, 3, farmer, Grand Haven. Harry Joseph, 3, farmer, Grand Haven. Hoffmeister Wm, 14, farmer, Grand Haven. Harris Cyrus, 21, farmer, Grand Haven.

Page  158 i58 158 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF GOI1. WV. AIKEN, Gardeucr and iFruit Grou17. SPECIALTI ES: Green Onions and tlsoaraous, Currants and Grame. OTHEfR VE~GETABLE2S IN THEIR SE~ASON. ALL GOODS WARRANTED FIRST-CLASS River Road, east side frottawattomlec. GRf\ND HAtVEiN, MIClI. Harris Mary, 26, hotel, Agnew. Harris Geo N, 26, postmaster, Agnew. Harris judson, 28, farmer, Agnew. Hamilton L, 28, farmer, Agnew. Harris Lewis, 34, farmer, Agnew. H arrington Susan, 36, farmer, Agnew. Hutchison H R, 35, farmer, Grand Haven. Holcomb L M, 32, farmer, Grand Haven. Harris G R, 34, farmer, Grand Haven. Hluber John, 35, farmer, Grand Haven. J asenAlbrt,33, farmer, Grand Haven Klagers C1h, io, farmer, Grand Haven. Kolberg Ernst, io, farmer, Grand Haven. Kolberg 0, ii, farmer, Grand Haven. Kuicken Michael, 12, farmer, Grand Haven. Kuicken Godfried, I3, farmer, Grand Haven. Karthaus Martin, 23, farmer, Agnew. Klemke August, 24, farmer, Agnew. Klucas Michael, 35, farmer, Agnew. Kirsch Martin, 33, farmer, Grand Haven. L Lessien August, I2, farmer, Grand Haven. Mechr rnt, ameGadHvn Melcher Ernst, 2, farmer, Grand Haven. Midday Barret,3 farmer, Grand Haven. Mastenbroeck Nell4Qlie, I2, farmer, Grand Haven.

Page  159 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 159 Michlemann Anna, 15, farmer, Grand Haven. Miller Frank, I5, farmer, Grand Haven. Meyer Frank, 26, farmer, Agnew. Meyer Isaac, 26, farmer, Agnew. McCarty P, 33, farmer, Agnew. McCarty Th, 33, farmer, Agnew. McCarty P, 34, farmer, Agnew. Marble G W, 35, farmer, Agnew. Marble Jerome, 35, farmer, Agnew. Millmann Mary, 35, farmer, Agnew. Midday John, 34, farmer, Grand Haven. Man J, 34, farmer, Grand Haven. IN Northouse Peter, 4, farmer, Grand Haven. Northouse Albert, 4, farmer, Grand Haven. Norcross G W, 34, farmer, Grand Haven. Nowack Frank, 35, farmer, Grand Haven. o O'Connell Ellen, 28, farmer, Agnew. O'Connell Mrs Daniel, 33, farmer, Agnew. P Pilgrim Garret, 2, farmer, Grand Haven. Pitlinskegg Anderere, 13, farmer, Grand Haven. Pargert Chs, 14, farmer, Grand Haven. Podein Chris, 22, farmer, Agnew. Phillips Walter, 27, farmer, Grand Haven. Phillips Charles, 27, farmer, Grand Haven. R Robinson G W, i, farmer, Grand Haven. Robinson Ed, i, farmer, Grand Haven. Ringler John, I, farmer, Grand Haven. Retz Wm, I3, farmer, Grand Haven. Retzloff Fred, 14, farmer, Grand Haven. Rue Caspar, 15, farmer, Grand Haven. Roegelin Lewis, 15, farmer, Grand Haven. Remerick John, 21, farmer, Grand Haven. Rugh Philip Sr, 22, farmer, Grand Haven. Rugh Godlieb, 22, farmer, Grand Haven. Rugh Philip Jr, 22, farmer, Grand Haven. Rork W W, 25, farmer, Agnew.

Page  160 I6o BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Ryder Frank, 26, Agnew. Ryder O B, 26, farmer, Agnew. Ryder, W T, 26, farmer, Agnew. Reenders Alli, 33, farmer, Grand Haven. Roppien Roelf, 33, farmer, Grand Haven. Rapel Charles, 35, farmer, Grand Haven. S Stabelow Theodore, 8, farmer, Grand Haven. Saul Henry, 9, farmer, Grand Haven. Saul Fred, 9, farmer, Grand Haven. Schmidt Win, 9, farmer, Grand Haven. Strasburg Wm, o1, farmer, Grand Haven. Sew Stephen, Io, farmer, Grand Haven. Schroeder Carl, 12, farmer, Grand Haven. Schmidt Chs, 14, farmer, Grand Haven. Scheel Herman, 22, farmer, Agnew. Stile Henry, 24, farmer, Agnew. Schroeder Carl W, 24, farmer, Agnew. Suits H, 25, farmer, Agnew. Stiles Ed, 26, farmer, Agnew. Stone Ellen, 26, farmer, Agnew. Suits Daniel S, 26, farmer, Agnew. Steffen Henry, 26, farmer, Agnew. Smally A E, 27, farmer, Agnew. Stiles Elma, 27, farmer, Agnew. Steuter John, 36, farmer, Agnew. Sternsburg Sylvester, 32, farmer, Grand Haven. Sternsburg Emile, 32, farmer, Grand Haven. Stickney L, 32, farmer, Grand Haven. Seymour G H 34, farmer, Grand Haven. Sondee Jacobus, 34, farmer, Grand Haven. Suits E E, Agnew. V Van Maren Folkert, 3, farmer, Grand Haven. Van Doorne Martin, 4, farmer, Grand Haven. Van Doorne John M, 4, farmer, Grand Haven. Vop Wdie Fred, 9, farmer, Grand Haven. Van Doorne C, io, farmer, Grand Haven. Vincent Henry, 32, farmer, Grand Haven. Wilbrett Wilmer j w Wm, IO, farmer, Grand Haven. John, II, farmer, Grand Haven.

Page  161 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 16i Wenger Charles, I5, farmer, Grand Haven. Wenger Fred, I5, farmer, Grand Haven. Wuineke Wm, 26, farmer, Agnew. Weaver Philip, 28, farmer, Agnew. Witney L B, 28, farmer, Agnew. White James, 35, farmer, Agnew. Wolcott Sarah, 35, farmer, Grand Haven. Wells Charles W, 35, farmer, Grand Haven. z Zillmann W, 3, farmer, Grand Haven. Zillman William, 4, farmer, Grand Haven. Zimmerman Fred, 27, farmer, Agnew. Zimmerman A, 27, farmer, Agnew. Zwaagman John, 26, farmer, Grand Haven. Zimmerman A, 27, farmer, Grand Haven. X1}

Page  162 flOLLfLND TOWNSHIP. [NOTE.-The following alphabetical list gives the name section, occupation and postoffice address of each permanent male resident in the township. By comparing the number of the section with figures upon the map, you can immediately find the residence of any man whose name appears in the list:] A Range 5-16. Annis E C. Alverson Mrs M, section I8, farmer, Holland. Alverson Simon, i8, farmer, Holland. Aalting Albert, 25, farmer, East Holland. Arnold Avah N, 27, farmer, Holland. Ausicker August, 3, farmer, Holland. Ausicker John, 2, farmer, Holland. Ausicker Henry, 9, farmer, Holland. Anderson Hans, 34, farmer, Holland. Range 5-15. Baks Michel, 30, tanner, Holland. Baas Willem, 30, farmer, Holland. Brouwer Arend, 4, farmer, New Holland. Bloemers J D, 27, farmer, Holland. Bloemers J A, 27, farmer, Holland. Boersma L, 28, milkman, Holland. Brenecke Frank, 27, carpenter, Holland. Bremer Harm, 32, farmer, Holland. Bruischaart Mrs G, 32, farmer, Holland. Beckman Albert, 32, farmer, Holland. Bos Tennis, 21, farmer, Holland. Boer Klaas, I6, farmer, Holland. Boonstra Jacob, I6, farmer, Holland. Beukema Wm, i6, farmer, Holland. Bos Tennis, 15, farmer, Holland. Berghuis Paul, 28, farmer, Holland. Booyenga Gelt, 27, farmer, Holland. Broek Henry, 26, farmer, Holland. Broek Harm, 26, farmer, Holland. Brummel Henry, 23, farmer, New Groningen, [I62J

Page  163 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I63 Brummel Frank, 26, New Groningen. Bor Henry, 35, farmer, Holland. Boes Jan, I, farmer, Noordeloos. Brummel Henry, 2, farmer, Noordeloos. Bos Albert, 2, farmer, Noordeloos. Bisschop Henry, 2, farmer, Noordeloos. Bultema Reendert, ii, farmer, Noordeloos. Baaremen Len, i, farmer, Noordeloos. Baaremen Wm, i, farmer, Noordeloos. Baaremen Kryn, 12, farmer, Zeeland. Bukker Roelof, i, farmer, Zeeland. Bakker Andries, I, farmer, Zeeland. Brandt D, 36, farmer, postmaster, East Holland. Bisschop H J, 2, farmer, Noordeloos. Bisschop H Sr, 2, farmer, Noordeloos. Beukema C, 25, farmer, Holland. Boone & De Vries, 23, farmer, New Groningen. Bos Doeke, 15, farmer, Noordeloos. Balders H, 2, farmer, Noordeloos. Boonstra Renze, 25, farmer, Holland. Beukema Jan, 25, farmer, Holland. Brinks Mrs E, 23, postmistress, New Groningen. Boone G J, 23, farmer, New Groningen. Borgers John, 32, laborer, Holland. Bos Galrandt, 15, farmer, Noordeloos. Brouwer Gerrit, IO, farmer, Holland. Bosman B, 5, farmer, New Holland. Bronhorst J, 8, farmer, New Holland. Boone J H, 23, farmer, New Groningen, Baareman L, milkman, Holland. Baareman J, 13, carpenter, Zeeland. Bos Walter, 2, farmer. Noordeloos. Bos John, 2, farmer, Noordeloos. Buter Hendrik, 14, laborer, New Groningen. Range 5-16. Bottom 0, 2i, farmer, Holland. Bredeweg Klaas, 27, farmer, Holland. Bosman Anke, 28, farmer, Ottawa Beach. Bakkes Hendrik, 28, farmer, Ottawa Beach. Bredeweg E, i6, farmer, Holland. Bos Michel, 13, farmer, Holland. Baas Berend, 24, farmer, Holland. Baks Adriaan, 23, farmer, Holland. Brown John, 2, farmer, Ventura.

Page  164 164 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Brown E, 2, farmer, Ventura. Bazan Izak, 2, farmer, Holland. Buchanan Oris, 9, farmer, Ventura. Booyenga Gelt, 27, farmer, Holland. c Range 5-15. Conkright J M and F, 33, farmers, Holland. Coster M J Mrs, 33, farmer, Holland. Chapel M A, farmer, Holland. Curdur Joseph, 4, laborer, Holland. Cole Marinus, 17, farmer, Holland. Credeit Jan, 3, farmer, New Holland. Coburn Phineas, I3, horseman, Zeeland. Cardux D, 9, farmer, Holland. Clark D H, 36, farmer, Holland. Crofoot Benj, ii, farmer, Holland. Cochrane Norman, Io, teamster, Holland. Chapman Wm, 9, farmer, Ventura. Caswell M, 10, farmer, Ventura. Chaffee Susan M, 4, farmer, Ventura. Cochrane John, 21, farmer, Holland. Cochrane J D, I6, farmer, Holland. Campbell G W, i6, farmer, Holland. D Deur G J, 33, farmer, Holland. Deikema W, 31, farmer, Holland. De Kraker & De Koster, 17, butchers, Holland. Deur Mrs G, 33, farmer, Holland. Duttun, C A, 33, farmer, Holland. Dogger John, 31, farmer, Holland. Dunnewind H, 31, farmer, Holland. De Teyter Mrs M, 32, farmer, Holland. Dreisinga James, 23, farmer, New Groningen. De Fiel A, 25, farmer, New Groningen. De Vreis Jurien, 36, farmer, East Holland. De Fonn Wm, Io, farmer, New Holland. De Fonn C, Io, farmer, New Holland. De Fonn W L, IO, New Holland. De Haan Jan, 35, Holland. De Weerd G, 32, tanner, Holland. Davis R Z, 20, tanner, Holland. Den Dekke Wm, 20, tanner, Holland.

Page  165 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. De Blaay A, i6, farmer, Holland. Dykema Tammo, 7, farmer, Holland. Deksen D, 8, farmer, Holland. Dekker F, 24, farmer, New Groningen. De Koster C Sr, 24, farmer, Zeeland. De Kane C, i6, farmer, Holland. De Vreis Jan, 22, farmer, Holland. Deipenhorst A, 2, farmer, New Holland. De Koyer John, 11, farmer, New Holland. Dekker D, I5, farmer, New Groningen. Derks John, 23, farmer, New Groningen. De Sein Jasper, 8, farmer, Holland. De Koster C Jr, i, farmer, Zeeland. Douwma W, 3, farmer, Noordeloos. De Jongh Chris, I3, lumberman, Zeeland. Deur Wm, 32, drayman, Holland. De Koeyser John, 4, New Holland. De Jager A, 13, retired farmer, Zeeland. De Doyer M, I3, watchman, Zeeland. De Jonge Wm, 24, horse doctor, Zeeland. De Boer Gerret, I3, butcher, Zeeland. De Haan J, 13, farmer, Zeeland. Dykgraaf C, 15, carpenter, Holland. De Witt John, 23, farmer, Holland. De Weerd R, 23, farmer, Holland. Deaer John, 14, farmer, Holland. De Weerd Metgen, 24, farmer, Holland. Drake Mrs D, 35, farmer, Holland. Deikema E, 35, farmer, Holland. Dunnewind Mrs E, 36, farmer, Graafschap. Daneson Fritz, 36, tanner, Holland. Dekker Gerret, I3, farmer, Holland. Dekker H D, 12, farmer, Ventura. Dekker Lambert, 13, farmer, Holland. De Feyter A, 14, lumberman, Holland. De Feyter Mrs M, 14, farmer, Holland. Dolph Alvin, IO, farmer, Holland. De Plige Wm, 15, farmer, Holland. E Eilander Cors, 7, farmer, Holland. Exo G, I9, farmer, Holland. Elferdink A, 34, farmer, Holland.

Page  166 I66 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Evers Alburtus, 34, farmer, Holland. Exo J B, 19, farmer, Holland. Evans James, 21, farmer, Holland. Essenberg Johannes, 4, New Holland. Elfers Jan, 4, farmer, New Holland. Everts Rodof, 13, farmer, Zeeland. Everts Evert, 13, farmer, Zeeland. Eilander Mrs G, 8, farmer, Holland. Eldridge Mrs A, 3, farmer, Ventura. Essenberg Jacob, 13, tanner, Holland. F Fewerda A, 33, farmer, Holland. Fuller M C, 18, farmer, Holland. Fairbanks August, 32, cooper, Holland. G Gosselaar H, 23, tanner, New Groningen. Glass R, 20, laborer, Holland. Gale E S, 30, fisherman, Holland. Groate Jan, 4, blacksmith, New Holland. Gurts Henry, 15, farmer, New Groningen. Grasmeyer Jacob, 14, farmer, New Groningen. Gurlings Jacob, 35, farmer, Holland. Glerum Mrs A, 24, retired farmer, Zeeland. Grootenhuis B, 32, retired farmer, Holland. Grooters Egbert, 2, farmer, Holland. Gunn B F, ii, farmer, Holland. Gillet V H, 9, farmer, Holland. H Harrington M, 32, farmer, Holland. Harkema Wm, 32, farmer, Holland. Huntley J & Mrs, 32, contractors, Holland. Hidding Henry, 32, farmer, Holland. Haklander Wm, 8, farmer, New Holland. Haklander J, 5, farmer, New Holland. Haklander M, 9, farmer, New Holland. Hazekamp R, 26, farmer, Holland. Hazekamp A, 26, farmer, Holland. Helder H, 35, farmer, Holland. Hoeksma Peter, 35, farmer, Holland. Hoeksma L, 35, farmer, Holland. Hesselink G J34, surveyor.

Page  167 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I67 Hoekstra Peter, 24, farmer, New Groningen. Hyma Abe, 25, farmer, New Groningen. Howlett H C & Mrs, 32, farmers, Holland. Huizinga Wm, 23, farmer, New Groningen. Huizinga Gpe, 24, farmer, New Groningen. Howard Isaac, 2I, farmer, Holland. Howard Peter, 21, farmer, Holland. Heiboer Mrs P, 2, retired farmer, Noordeloos. Huizinga L, 6, farmer, Holland. Huizinga John, 6, farmer, Holland. Hartgerink J P, I4, carpenter, New Groningen. Harrington G, I8, farmer, Holland. Hopkins Wm, I9, engineer. Holland. HillebrandsA J, 23, notary public, New Groningen. Hillebrands A C, 23, farmer, New Groningen. Hauson Nels, 31, farmer, Holland. Heyboer F, Io, farmer, New Holland. Heyboer P. io, farmer, New Holland. Harrington Wm, 31, farmer, Holland. Hop J & L, 5, farmers, New Holland. Hoovenga John, 6, farmer, Holland. Heyboer P J, o1, farmer, New Holland. Heyboer Matthew, Io, clerk, New Holland. Helmink W, 35, farmer, Graafschap. Harrington E J, 34, farmer, Graafschap. Hathaway F, 26, farmer, Holland. Hofman Mrs J, 13, farmer, Holland. Huiskes Hendrik, I, farmer, Holland. Huff D C, 3, farmer, Ventura. Huff Melissa, 3, farmer, Ventura. Hughes Mrs C, II, farmer, Ventura. Huiskes Albert, 36, farmer, Graafschap. Huizinga John, 27, celery grower, Holland. J Jonkman Jan, 32, laborer, Holland. ekel Henry, 15, farmer, Holland. Jongekryg Jacob, 2, farmer, Noordeloos. Jonker Lucas, I6, farmer, Holland. ekel Johannes, 24, farmer, New Groningen. Jekel John, i5, farmer, New Groningen. Jonker Daniel, 29, Holland. Johnston Mrs M A, 32, Holland.

Page  168 I68 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Johnston Charles, 32, carpenter, Holland. Jaaps Jacob, 26, farmer, New Holland. Johnston Solomon, 14, farmer, Holland. Jalving Klaas, 23, farmer, Ventura. Jennings Jasper, Io, farmer, Ventura. Joscelyn Mrs L, 4, farmer, Ventura. Joscelyn G W, 4, farmer, Ventura. Johnston R E, Io, farmer, Holland. Jager Aalt, 21, farmer, Holland. K Kamper John, 33, farmer, Holland. Keppel Mrs, 28, Holland. Klanderman Mrs, 13, Zeeland. Krunthof C, 13, farmer, Zeeland. Kuite Jacob, 28, farmer, Holland. Kramer John, 32, farmer, Holland. Kameraad L, I8, farmer, Holland. Kerkhof Cors, 32, currier, Holland. Kragt, Henry, 26, farmer, Holland. Kamps Mrs J, 25, farmer, New Groningen. Kampenga James, 27, farmer, Holland. Kampenga Gerret, 35, farmer, East Holland. Kragt Harm, 15, farmer, New Groningen. Kromendyk J H, 23, farmer, New Groningen. Kamperman D, 24, miller, Zeeland. Kramer L, II, farmer, New Holland. Koffers Mrs G A, 4, farmer, New Holland. Kruit Jan 12, farmer, Zeeland. Kuiper Hendrik, i, farmer, Noordeloos. Kooiyers J H, 3, farmer, Noordeloos. Kent Elmer M, 6, farmer, Holland. Kenyon H, 8, farmer, Holland. Koetsier Aart, 8, farmer, Holland. Kamphuis H J, i6, farmer, Holland. Klaus John, 30, watchman, Holland. Kerkhof John, 32, supervisor, Holland. Kain John A, 30, farmer, Holland. Kooyers I A, 32, bookbinder, Holland. Kamphuis G, 32, gardener, Holland. Kleinkeksel Mrs A, 28, farmer, Holland. Knutzen Charles, 31, farmer, Holland. Knickelbeen L, 31, farmer, Holland. Kuhlmian Mrs, 32, farmer, Holland,

Page  169 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I69 Klein Derk, 32, farmer, Holland. Klein Dreist, 22, farmer, Holland. Knutzen Nels H, 31, farmer, Holland. Kerkhof Mrs R, 32, farmer, Holland. Knutzen Hans, 31, farmer, Holland. Kuyer Peter, 9, farmer, New Holland. Kossen S, 28, farmer, Ottawa Beach. Kramer Jan, 23, farmer, Holland. Kleis Wm, 24, farmer, Holland. Kameraad B, 13, drain commissioner, Holland. Kodman Mrs Fanny, 36, farmer, Holland. L Lahuis Kasper, I4, farmer, Zeeland. Lahuis Gerrit, 14, farmer, Zeeland. Lahuis Casper K, 14, teacher, Zeeland. Leamer Jan, 24, retired farmer, Zeeland. Lindens Jacob, 9, farmer, New Holland. Laarewan H, 21, farmer, Holland. Laarewan H J, 17, farmer, Holland. Lys Danker, 17, farmer, Holland. Last Thomas, 15, farmer, New Groningen. Laareman, Manus. 29, farmer, Holland. Laareman G, 32, R R section foreman, Holland. Lawrence L R, 15, Ventura. Lunn Delora, 4, farmer, Ventura. Loskemets Henry, 12, farmer, Graafschap. Lyons Mrs Wm, 9, farmer, Ventura. Lockhardt Wm, Io, farmer, Ventura. Lougars Lucas, 36, farmer, Holland. Lucas Kate, 35, farmer, Holland. M Mantingh Mrs W, 3I, farmer, Holland. Marsilje Isaac, 33, farmer, Holland. Mepyans L, 9, farmer, New Holland. Middlehoek Peter, 35, farmer, Holland. Mulder Bouke, 25, farmer, Zeeland. Meyering John, 3, merchant, postmtr, Noordeloos. Meyer J & A, 3, farmer, Noordeloos. Meengs Anthony, 3, mason, Noordeloos. Meeuwsen Jan, I, cattle buyer, Noordeloos. Mast Henry, 23, farmer, New Groningen. Medema D, 27, highway commissioner, Holland. xiii

Page  170 I70 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Meyer Jan, 4, retired farmer, New Holland. Meeboer G, I6, farmer, Holland. Meeboer Jakob, I6, farmer, Holland. Mastenbroek Klaas, 17, farmer, Holland. Metcalf T, 30, farmer, Holland. Miller Chris, I9, teamster, Holland. McFall Wm, 12, farmer, Holland. Meboer Cors, 13, farmer, Holland. Metcalf Fred, 30, farmer. Monster B, 23, farmer, Holland. Maddison A H, 35, farmer, Graafschap. N Nienhuis E K, I8, miller and farmer, IHolland. Nyson W, 3I, farmer, Holland. Naber J P, 34, farmer, Holland. Naber Peter, 35, farmer, Holland. Nies Nies, 36, farmer, East Holland. Naber John, 35, farmer, East Holland. Nichols Lewi, II, farmer, Holland. Nichols Geo H, Io, farmer, Holland. Nichols C C, 14, farmer, Ventura. Nichols G W, 10, farmer, Ventura. Naije Izak, 8, gardener, Holland. 0 Osterbaan J, 24, farmer, New Groningen. Osborne Charles, 32, railroad engineer, Holland. Osborne Mrs A, 32, farmer, Holland. O'Brien J, i, farmer, Holland. Oldermool Aart, 14, farmer, Holland. Ogden A J, I5, farmer, Holland. Ogden N W, 16, farmer, Holland. Ogden Chancey, 27, farmer, Holland. Ogden Wm E, Io, farmer. Owens Amelia K, 2, farmer, Ventura. P Plagermars J, 22, farmer, Holland. Poest John, 25, farmer, Zeeland. Plakmeyer R, 7, farmer, Holland. Pelon Martin, 35, farmer, Holland. Prins Klaas, 25, farmer, Zeeland. Pul Henry, 24, farmer, Zeeland. Poutsma H D, 24, farmer, Zeeland.

Page  171 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. Pov Wm, 33, farmer, Holland. Plagermars H J, 27, farmer, Holland. Parks Harry, 32, currier, Holland. Peterson Oele, 31, farmer, Holland. Pov Luwwe, 33, farmer, Holland. Ias H J Eeselink, 33, farmer, Holland. Post C F, 17, farmer, Holland. Plasman Fred, 31, farmer, Holland. Pyl Henry, 12, farmer, Zeeland. Pelgrim H- and G, 4, farmers, New Holland. Pyl Roelof, 12, farmer, Zeeland. Pyl Derk, 12, farmer, Zeeland. Poest Derk, 13, farmer, Zeeland. Poest Berend, i, farmer, Zeeland. Poest Henry, 12, farmer, Zeeland. Poest B J, 12, farmer, Zeeland. Plakke Berend, 30, tanner, Holland. Plegsma Johs, 23, farmer, Holland. Pop Klaas, i, farmer, Zeeland. Purdy Thomas H, 36, farmer, Holland. It Ryder Mrs Mary, Ottawa Beach. Ruterink J G, 24, Holland. Reed T, 4, farmer, Ventura. Riksen B, 23, farmer, Holland. Riksen Henry, 7, farmer, Holland. Reyley Mrs H, I8, farmer, Holland. Ruiersma G, 8, farmer, Holland. Ruisma Geert, 14, farmer, New Groningen. Raaterink T, 23, farmer, New Groningen. Rokus Peter, 13, farmer, Zeeland. Robinson Frank, I9, tanner, Holland. Raak Albert, 2, farmer, Noordeloos. Raak Arend, 3, farmer, Noordeloos. Raterink Harm, I, farmer, Noordeloos. Rosbach G A A, 2, farmer, Noordeloos. Rokus Jacob, io, farmer, Noordeloos. Rokus Jan, 36, farmer, East Holland. Rooks Gerret, 36, farmer, East Holland. Reimersma Cors, 15, farmer, Holland. Reimersma Jacob, i, farmer, Noordeloos. Reus L T, ii, teacher, Noordeloos. I71

Page  172 172 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF 8 Stegeman John, 26, farmer, New Groningen. Souter G H, 19, tree agent, Holland. Scott Henry, I9, tanner, North Holland. Schipper Henry, 23, mail carrier, New Groningen. Schuitema R, I5, farmer, Holland. Schuiteman Mrs, 36, farmer, Zeeland. Smidderks J H, 25, farmer, Zeeland. Schuiteman L, 24, farmer, Zeeland. Smit Jan, 4, farmer, New Holland. Slag Koert, 5, farmer, New Holland. Slag Jan, 4, farmer, New Holland. Stegmik J H, 14, farmer, New Groningen. Sterken B, 14, farmer, New Groningen. Smit Gysbert, 14, farmer, New Groningen. Smit Johannes, 14, laborer, New Groningen. Sterken A, 15, farmer, Noordeloos. Schipper Laubertus, 24, laborer, Zeeland. Shoemaker L, 24, farmer, Zeeland. Smit J & P, 8, farmers, New Holland. Schillemen C D, Io, notary public, Noordeloos. Smit Samuel, I8, farmer, Holland. Shaffer James, 3, farmer, Ventura. Smith Sarah R, 4, farmer, Ventura. Sherman Wm, 4, farmer, Ventura. Smith Robert, 28, farmer, Ventura. Scott Agna, I5, farmer, Ventura. Sjoersma A, 24, Holland. Schuttet Harry, i, Holland. Steenberg S, 12, Holland. Schols C H, 20, farmer. T Ter Have Roelof Sr, 13, farmer, Zeeland. Trowbridge E L, 20, painter, Holland. Troost Jan, 4, wooden shoe mfr, New Holland. 'en Have Roelof Jr, 24, miller, Zeeland. Ter Beek Henry, I6, farmer, Holland. Ter Beek John, i6, milkman and farmer, Holland. Ten Have John, 4, farmer, New Holland. Ten Have Harm, 3, farmer, New Holland. Terpstra Jacob, farmer and tanner, Holland. Timmer Albert, 36, farmer, Graafschap. Timmer R, 8, farmer, Holland.

Page  173 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I73 V Veldheer, Henry, 3, farmer, New Holland. Van Dyk Otto, 4, farmer, New Holland. Vanden Brink T, 9, farmer, New Holland. Van Dyk Jacob, 4, farmer, New Holland. Van der Poel P, 9, farmer, Holland. Van Duin Mrs A, 13, farmer, Zeeland. Ver Meulen B, 23, laborer, New Groningen. Van Werden Jan, 32, tanner, Holland. Vanden Berg K, iS, farmer, Holland. Van Kampen H, 7, farmer, Holland. Van Kampen G, 7, farmer, Holland. Visser Elte, 8, farmer, Holland. Van Raalte R, 8, farmer, Holland. Van I)am J, 6, farmer, Iolland. Van Kampen Chris, 7, farmer, Holland. Van Kooy A, iS, retired farmer, Holland. Van der Vusse T, tanner and carpenter, Holland. Van Munsteren H, 8, farmer, Holland. Van den Bosch J, 32, miller, Holland. Van der Haar Mrs, 28, farmer, Holland. Van der Haar A, 27, township clerk, Holland. Van Raalte D B, 28, lumberman, Holland. Visscher Arend, 32, attorney, Holland. Van Haitsema T, 25, farmer, New Groningen. Ver Meulen Derk,. 23, farmer, New Groningen. Vrede Veld Harm, 24, farmer, New Groningen. Van Voorst John, 35, farmer, Holland. Van Leire P C, 26, veterinary surgeon, Holland. Van Apeldoorn J, 33, farmer, Holland. Van Putten John, 35, farmer, East Holland. Van Slooten F, 35, farmer, Holland. Van Dyk Sakke, 36, farmer, Holland. Van Eyck Mrs G J, 26, farmer, Holland. Van Eyck, R, 26, farmer, Holland. Van Duuren Mrs, 34, farmer, Holland. Van Leute Johannes, 32, milkman, Holland. Van Raalte Mrs H, 28, farmer, Holland. Ven Huizen John, 33, farmer, stockman, Holland. Ven Huizen Wm, 33, farmer, Holland. Ven Huizen Peter, 33, farmer, Holland. Van den Beldt G, 33, farmer, Holland. Van de Eude C, 32, gardener, Holland. Van Vulpen A, 31, farmer, Holland.

Page  174 I74 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Van Vulpen J, 3I, farmer, Iolland. Van Noorden Jacob, 17, farmer, Holland. Vanden Berg Dr, 3, physician, New Holland. Veneklasen J, 12, brickmaker, farmer, Zeeland. Vogel Arei, io, farmer, Noordeloos. Vanden Berge Zoenth, 32, farmer, Htolland. Van den Berge Wm, 32, milkman, Holland. Van Dyk J Sr, 30, lumberman, farmer, Holland. Van Dyk Albert, 19, farmer, Holland. Van Dyk Jacob J, 30, engineer, Holland. Van der Scraaf, 22, farmer, Holland. Van Dyk P A, II, farmer, Noordeloos. Vander Hulst W, 12, farmer, Zeeland. Vleik Henry, i6, farmer, Holland. Vander Poel Miss B, i6, farmer, Holland. Van Kampen Gez, 16, farmer, Holland. Van Kampen 1H, 17, milkman, Holland. Van Ette Wm, 30, gardener, Holland. Van Nuil H, 14, farmer, New Groningen. Van Belois Pranke, I3, farmer, Zeeland. Ver Lire Geraard, 13, farmer, Zeeland. Van Doomuik J, 34, farmer, Holland. Van Loo Dirk, 12, farmer, Zeeland. Van Ark G, 32, contractor, Holland. Van Laaren Wm, I3, farmer, Zeeland. Vander Pels T, 24, farmer, New Groningen. Van Neuren H, 13, farmer, Zeeland. Vis Gerret, 13, teamster, Zeeland. Van Noorden H, 24, retired farmer, Zeeland. Van Lire H, 23, laborer, Zeeland. Vande Waterweg M, i6, farmer, Holland. Vanden Brink E, 22, farmer, Holland. Vanden Brink W B, I6, farmer, Holland. Van Regenmoster M, 22, light house keeper, Ottawa Beach. Vos Jan and Evert, 21, farmers, Holland. Van den Brink R, 27, farmer, Holland. Vander Wonde D, 2, farmer, Ventura. Vander Brink Wm, 14, farmer, Holland. Vanden Brink G, 23, farmer, Holland. Vanden Brink Mrs J, 23, farmer, Holland. Vanden Brink E B, 26, farmer, Holland. Van Dyk B, 23, farmer, Holland. Vander Hewel J, 13, farmer, Holland.

Page  175 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I75 Vander Kolk A, 12, farmer, Holland. Van Lente F, I, farmer, Holland. Van Lente B, I2, farmer, Holland. Visscher John W, 32, teacher, Holland. Vredeveld G, 36, farmer, Holland. Van de Vere A, 15, sheep raiser, farmer, Holland. w Waggenaar A, 4, merchant, postm'r, New Holland. Willink J H, 3, farmer, Noordeloos. Westrate Cors, 11, farmer, Noordeloos. Wiersma Yonke, 8, farmer, Holland. Wolfert Plennis, 17, farmer, Holland. Westenbroek John, 15, township treas'r, Holland. Westerhof A B M, 32, milkman and gardener, Holland. Westerhof E B M, farmer, Holland. Waverly Stone Works, 22, Holland. Warners Ruept, 35, farmer, Holland. Weersing Jacob, 36, farmer, Holland. Wagenveld E, 26, farmer, Holland. Wissink A J, 25, farmer, Zeeland. Wissink G J, 25, farmer, Zeeland. Wagenveld E Mrs, 26, farmer, Zeeland. Wilterdink J A, 34, farmer, Holland. Wilterdink J W, 34, farmer, Holland. Wilteveen Aart, 22, farmer, Holland. Wilteveen Alt A, 21, farmer, Holland. Wilteveen M A, 26, farmer, Holland. Werida Bouke, 24, farmer, Holland. Wilteveen M G, 13, farmer, Holland. Weemiek H J, I3, farmer, Holland. Weemiek J H, 13, farmer, Holland. West Geo M, 9, farmer, Holland. Witteveen Jacob, 28, farmer, Holland. Witteveen M J, 27, farmer, Ottawa Beach. Witteveen Alt G, 22, farmer, Holland. Witteveen J G, 22, farmer, Holland. Wolma A J, 36, farmer, Graafschap. z Zonnebeldt Wm, 9, farmer, New Holland. Zuryp Sjabbe, 26, farmer, East Holland. Zuigweg Henry, 31, farmer, Holland.

Page  176 JAMESTOWN TOWNSHIP. [NOTE.-The following alphabetical list gives the name, section, occupation and postoffice address of each permanent male resident in the township. By comparing the number of the section with figures upon the map, you can immediately find the residence of any man whose name appears in the list.] A Austin Sanford, section i, farmer, Hanley. Arnold C W, 15, farmer, Jamestown. Arnold Harvey, 15, farmer, Jamestown. Arnold Abraham, 15, farmer, Jamestown. Avery Gardener, 21, farmer, Forest Grove. Arndt Fred, 22, farmer, Forest Grove. Arendsen Peter, 30, farmer, Forest Grove. Alflen Peter, 35, farmer, Burnips Corners. B Brown John, 2, farmer, Hanley. Bronsink Berend, I, farmer, Hanley. Brown Thomas A, 2, farmer, Hanley. Beals W, 3, farmer, Jamestown. Beals Harvey M, 3, farmer, Jamestown. Brouwer Isaac, 6, farmer, Hudsonville. Berends Henry, 7, farmer, Zutphen. Bowman Henry, 9, farmer, Jamestown. Buwalda Paulus, 9, farmer, Jamestown. Brown George A, Io, farmer, Jamestown. Barclay Wm, 15, farmer, Jamestown. Bouwerman Thomas, 15, farmer, Jamestown. Byers John, 15, farmer, Jamestown. Beek Garret, i6, farmer, Jamestown. Bredeweg Jacob, i6, farmer, Jamestown. Bosch Henry, I8, farmer, Zutphen. Bonenberg John, I9, farmer, Forest Grove. Bonenberg Stephen, I9, farmer, Zutphen. Brown Thomas W, 21, farmer, Forest Grove. Bonestro John, 28, farmer, Gitchell. Baron Henry S, 29, physician, Forest Grove. Bok Egbert H, 29, blacksmith, Forest Grove. Boone Evert 29, farmer, Forest Grove. [I76]

Page  177 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I77 Branderhorst Jacob, 9, farmer, Jamestown. Bredeweg Art, 32, farmer, Gitchell. Brandt James, 32, farmer, Gitchell. Ball Chancy A, 33, farmer, Gitchell. Bieber John 36, farmer, Dorr. Bieber Michael, 36, farmer, Dorr. Bos Albert, 17, farmer, Forest Grove. Bos Arend, 29, farmer, Forest Grove. Bredeweg Roelf, 23, farmer, Byron Center. Bosch Albert, 8, farmer, Zutphen. Brink Henry J, 8, farmer, Zutphen. Bake William, 8, farmer, Zutphen. c Curtis W H, I, postmaster, farmer, Hanley. Cook Walter, i, farmer, Hanley. Cooper Henry, 5, farmer, Hudsonville. Crofoot James, 9, farmer, Jamestown. Cooper Salvenus, 14, merchant, Jamestown. Cooper Eugene 14, farmer, Jamestown. Cutler W R, 14, farmer, Jamestown. Clark Josiah, 15, well digger, Jamestown. Cats Jacob, i6, farmer, Jamestown. Clark Luther M, 26, farmer, Byron Center. Christie John, 26, farmer, Byron Center. Commissaris Cornelius, 30, farmer, Forest Grove. Christie Charles, 25, Byron Center. Coburn Seth, teacher, Forest Grove. D Donnelly Augustus, i. farmer, Hanley. Dykman Jan, 3, farmer, Jamestown. Dearborn Chas D, 4, farmer, Hudsonville. Dearborn Henry, 4, farmer, Hudsonville. De Weerd Henry, 4, farmer, Zutphen. De Groot Nicholas, 4, farmer, Jamestown. De Weerd John, 6, farmer Hudsonville. De Weerd Ernst, 7, farmer, Zutphen. De Weerd Peter, 7, farmer, Zutphen. Dean Herbert, I6, farmer, Jamestown. De Vries John, o1, merchant, postm'r, Jamestown. Dean Chester H, i, farmer, Jamestown. De Vries George, 15, farmer, Jamestown. De Vries Nicholas, I5, farmer, Jamestown. xiv

Page  178 i78 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF De Leeun Daniel, 15, shoemaker, Jamestown. Dykman Henry, 15, farmer, Jamestown. De Kleine Henry, i6, farmer, Jamestown. De Vries Rolof, i8, farmer, Zutphen. De Kleine Hilbert, I9, farmer, Forest Grove. De Zwaan Jacob, I9, farmer, Forest Grove. Dykstra Siege, 29, shoemaker, Forest Grove. Deshong Dennis, 21, farmer, Forest Grove. De Groot John, 21, farmer, Jamestown. De Weerd Peter H, 24, farmer, Byron Center. Dekker Abel, 27, farmer, Gitchell. De Kline Geert, 29, farmer, Forest Grove. Doorn Cornelis, 31, farmer, Drenthe. E Edson Orin, 3, farmer, Jamestown. Edwards Henry, 3, farmer, Jamestown. Ensink Frederick, 5, farmer. Zutphen. Ensink Wm, 6, farmer, Zutphen. Elders Rudolph, 6, farmer, Zutphen. Elliot Wm, 14, farmer, Jamestown. Elliot Robert, 14, farmer, Jamestown. Elliot James, 14, farmer, Jamestown. Elders Egbert, 15, farmer, Jamestown. Ellis Wm, 23, farmer, Jamestown. F Fox George, i, farmer, Hanley. Freeman Homer, I3, farmer, Byron Center. Freeman John, I5, farmer, Jamestown. Fetz Melchor, 23, farmer, Jamestown. Foerner John, 25, farmer, Byron Center. Feldes Philip, 25, farmer, Byron Center. Freriks Bert, 28, farmer, Gitchell. Frenstra Fedde, 33, farmer, Gitchell. Feine B, 35, farmer, Burnips Corners. Fritzen John, 36, farmer, Dorr. i G Godfrey Byron B, 5, physician and farmer, Hudsonville. Geerlings John, 8, farmer, Zutphen. Golden Rodney, i, farmer, Zutphen. Garfield Thomas, i, farmer, Zutphen.

Page  179 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I79 Geukes John, 12, farmer, Jamestown. Gibbs, Albert, 13, farmer, Byron Center. Geerlings Gerrit, 8, farmer, Zutphen. Gregory, Philo, 17, farmer, Jamestown. Gregory Bradley, 17, farmer, Jamestown. Gitchell George W, 33, farmer, Gitchell. Grimois Dirk, 33, farmer, Gitchell. H Harkness Charles, i, farmer, Hanley. Holleman Arie, 3, farmer, Jamestown. Hiemstra Hendrik, 7, farmer, Zutphen. Hunderman Berend, 13, farmer, Jamestown. Huizinga John, io, farmer, Jamestown. Haight Hiram i, farmer, Jamestown. Horton Charles, 12, farmer, Hanley. Haveman James, 16, farmer, Jamestown. Haveman Henry, i8, farmer, Zutphen. Haveman John, I8, farmer, Zutphen. Hollis M D L, 21, farmer, Jamestown. Hunderman Klaas, 22, farmer, Jamestown. Hunderman Henry, 22, farmer, Jamestown. Helsey Henry, 22, farmer, Jamestown. Helsey Henry, 25, farmer, Byron Center. Hyman George, 27, farmer, Gitchell. Hop Garret, 29, farmer, Forest Grove. Hasberger H L, 34, farmer, Gitchell. Hofman Ryk, 8, farmer, Zutphen. Hideman John, 12, farmer, Jamestown. I Irwin Leroy F, I, farmer, Jamestown. J Joldersma Seije, 21, farmer, Jamestown. Joppe Martin, 31, farmer, Drenthe. K Knowlton Franklin, i, farmer, Hanley. Krenze Berend, 2, farmer, Hanley. Kellog E G, 2, farmer, Hanley. Kamps John J, 4, farmer, Jamestown. Klunder Wm, 6, farmer, Zutphen. Krenze Klaas, 7, farmer, Zutphen.

Page  180 I80o BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Kamps Harm, 8, farmer, Zutphen. Kamps John A, 8, farmer, Zutphen. Kok Klaas, 6, farmer, Zutphen. Kesler Jacob, ii, farmer, Jamestown. Kellog Simeon J, 12, farmer, Hanley. Keefer Furman, 12, farmer, Hanley. Kosten Cornelius, 17, farmer, Zutphen. Kampen Egge, I8, farmer, Zutphen. Kruythof John, 19, farmer, Forest Grove. Kamer Henry, 19, farmer, Forest Grove. Karsten Peter, I9, farmer, Forest Grove. Kridler Rienze, 23, farmer, Jamestown. Kridler Wm, 23, farmer, Jamestown. Kridler Samuel, 24, farmer, Byron Center. Kridler Albert, 24, farmer, Byron Center. Klooster KQene, 27, farmer, Gitchell. Kriedler Josephus, 27, farmer, Gitchell. Kole Wm, 22, farmer, Gitchell. Koster Gerrit, 28, farmer, Gitchell. Kiekover Art, 29, farmer, Forest Grove. Klooster Zander, 29, farmer, Forest Grove. Keizer Cyrus, 29, farmer, Forest Grove. Kote Paul, 30, farmer, Forest Grove. Kruythof Gerrit, 31, farmer, Drenthe. Kruythof Peter, 31, farmer, Drenthe. Kropschot Henry J, 32, farmer, Gitchell. Karsten A, 33, farmer, Gitchell. L Laprarie Alle, 2, farmer, Hanley. Lamberts Lambetus, 4, farmer, Jamestown. Loeks John H, 6, farmer, Hudsonville. Loeks Gerrit, 6; farmer, Hudsonville. Leenheer John, lo, farmer, Jamestown. Lucas Steven, 16, farmer, Jamestown. Leonard L P, 24, farmer, Byron Center. Lanning Henry K, 28, farmer, Gitchell. Lanning Henry A, 31, merchant, postm'r, Drenthe. Lydens John, 32, farmer, Gitchell. Loen Calvin, 33, farmer, Gitchell. Loen Elisha, 34, farmer, Gitchell. Loen Thomas, 34, farmer, Gitchell. Len Hart Celestin, 36, farmer, Dorr.

Page  181 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. i8i M Minderhout Miner, I, merchant, Hanley. McEachron Wm H, 2, farmer, Hanley. McDuffee Daniel, 2, farmer, Hanley. Minderhout Hiram, 2, farmer, Hanley. Monroe Elliot, 3, farmer, Jamestown. Meyer, Wm, 4, farmer, Jamestown. Meyering Henry, io, merchant, Jamestown. Metcalf Samuel H, 12, farmer, Hanley. Morman George, 12, farmer, Hanley. Mollema John, 13, farmer, Hanley. Marshall Robert, 13, farmer, Hanley. Marshall Herbert, 14, farmer, Jamestown. Matzen John, 24, farmer, Byron Center. Miller Martin, 26, farmer, Byron Center. Mast Nicholas, 33, farmer, Gitchell. Matzen Nicholas, 34, farmer, Gitchell. Martenden Joseph, 34, farmer, Gitchell. N Nederveld John, 7, farmer, Zutphen. Nyenhuis Bert, 17, farmer, Zutphen. Nyenhuis Jacob, 17, farmer, Zutphen. Nagel John, 17, farmer, Zutphen. Nyenhuis John R, I8, farmer, Zutphen. Nyenhuis John, 20, farmer, Forest Grove. Newell John, 35, farmer. 0 Ocobock Martin, 22, farmer, Jamestown. Overzet Jacob, 27, farmer, Gitchell. Overzet John, 28, farmer, Gitchell. P Peuler Hendrik J, 6, farmer, Zutphen. Patmos Marten, 6, farmer, Zutphen. Proes Marten, 9, farmer, Jamestown. Park James K, 21, farmer, Jamestown. Pepper John, 13, farmer, Hanley. Philips James, 13, farmer, Hanley. Peet Frank H, I5, farmer, Jamestown. Peet F J, I5, farmer, Jamestown. Pikaart John, I9, farmer, Forest Grove. Park Bielbe, 23, farmer, Jamestown.

Page  182 i82 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Plant Wilson, 23, farmer, Jamestown. Poutsma Abel, 25, farmer, Forest Grove. Plidgen Wm, 36, farmer, Dorr. Pikaart Leonard, 29, postmaster, Forest Grove. R Richmond Martin, i, farmer, Hanley. Roberts John L, 3, farmer, Jamestown. Rooker Jan, 3, farmer, Jamestown. Raterink Hendrik, 3, farmer, Jamestown. Rikkers Conelis, 4, farmer, Zutphen. Rolleman Albert, 6, farmer, Zutphen. Roelofs Stephen, 6, farmer, Zutphen. Ringerwohlen Albert, 6, farmer, Zutphen. Rynbrandt Cryn, 6, farmer, Zutphen. Raterink Tennis, Io, farmer, Jamestown. Raterink John L, II, farmer, Jamestown. Richardson Josiah, 11, farmer, Jamestown. Ran Frederick, 13, farmer, Byron Center. Ruys John, 2, farmer, Hanley. Rynbrand Abram, 29, farmer, Forest Grove. Renkema Wm, 29, farmer, Forest Grove. Rynbrand Paul, 31, farmer, Drenthe. Rumalt Charles, 34, farmer, Gitchell. Rodenhousen C, 36, farmer, Dorr. Rikkers Peter, I, farmer, Hanley. s Soper Wm N, i, farmer, Hanley. Sadler Nathan B, i, farmer, Hanley. Sadler Frank, 2, farmer, Hanley. Sinke John, 5, farmer, Hudsonville. Sterken J, 8, merchant, Zutphen. Sterkin B, 8, postmaster, merchant, Zutphen. Spitzer Wm, 9, farmer, Jamestown. Sterken Henry, 9, farmer, Jamestown. Sage Sidney M, o1, farmer, Jamestown. Steward S S, i, farmer, Jamestown. Stilwell, Ruswell B, 16, blacksmith, Jamestown. Schoemaker Lambertus, i6, farmer, Jamestown. Strick Roelof, i8, farmer, Zutphen. Stririk Cornelius, 20, farmer, Forest Grove. Snyders Harm, 20, farmer, Forest Grove. Smallegange Dirk, 20, farmer, Forest Grove.

Page  183 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. i83 Sweet David, 21, farmer, Forest Grove. Sneden Herman, 23, farmer, Jamestown. Sneden Edmund, 23, farmer, Jamestown. Sneden, Owen, 23, farmer, Jamestown. Struik W D, 23, merchant, Jamestown. Steffes Peter, 24, farmer, Byron Center. Simon Joseph, 25, farmer, Byron Center. Shaffer Thomas, 26, farmer, Byron Center. Schneider John J, 27, farmer, Gitchell. Schuitema Bert, 27, farmer, Gitchell. Siebes Siebe, 27, farmer, Gitchell. Schipper Jacob, 28, farmer, Gitchell. Smallegange & Pikaart, 29, merchants, Forest Grove. Sytzema Erit, 31, farmer, Drenthe. Strick Jacob, 32, farmer, Gitchell. Schreur B 32, farmer, Gitchell. Snyder Peter, 34, farmer, Gitchell. Schneider Joseph, 34, farmer, Burnips Corners. Schneider Joseph, 36, farmer, Burnips Corners. Steinbach Joseph, 36, farmer, Dorr. Schut Peter Rev, 7, minister, Zutphen. T Tibbet Hiram, i, farmer, Hanley. Ten Brink Bart, 4, farmer, Jamestown. Timmer John 6, farmer, Hudsonville. Trompen Nicholas, 7, farmer, Zutphen. Tolgenhof A, I, farmer, Jamestown. Tolgenhof C, I, farmer, Jamestown. Tanis Edward, 8, farmer, Zutphen. Tumner Mathias, 13, farmer, Byron Center. Talsma Atte, I5, blacksmith, Jamestown. Tien Albert, i6, wagonmaker, Jamestown. Tiesenga John, 20, merchant, Forest Grove. Tiglar Jacob, 25, farmer, Forest Grove. Tenhoor Gerhardus, 29, merchant, Forest Grove. Ter Haar Berend Jr, 3I, farmer, Drenthe. Ter Haar Albert, 33, farmer, Gitchell. Tuffs Alonzo, 14, farmer, Jamestown. Tiesenga Andrew, I6, farmer, Forest Grove.. u Ulberg John, 17, farmer, Zutphen.

Page  184 184 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF V Van Hoven John, 4, farmer, Jamestown. Van Haitsma Peter, 5, farmer, Zutphen. Van Haitsma Titus, 7, farmer, Zutphen. Van Noord Rolof, 9, farmer, Jamestown. Van Der Kooi Rypke, o1, farmer, Jamestown. Van Noord Henry, 16, merchant, Jamestown. Van der Kolk John, 17, farmer, Forest Grove. Van Euwen Peter, i8, farmer, Zutphen. Van Koeveringe Gerret, 18, farmer, Zutphen. Van Bronkhorst Rein, 20, farmer, Forest Grove. Van De Bunte Henrietta, 20, farmer, Forest Grove. Van De Bunte Herman, 21, farmer, Forest Grove. Vande Bunte Hiram, 21, farmer, Forest Grove. Vande Bunte Dirk, 28, farmer, Gitchell. Van Bronkhorst Wm, 28, farmer, Gitchell. Van Spyker Henry, 28, farmer, Forest Grove. Van den Bosch Rutger, 28, farmer, Forest Grove. Vanderwall Elkes, 29, farmer, Forest Grove. Van Spyker Egbert, 30, farmer. Forest Grove. Vis Reyer, 30, farmer, Forest Grove. Van Bronkhorst M, 31, farmer, Drenthe. Van Denberg John, 31, farmer, Drenthe. Van Essen Kars, 32, farmer, Gitchell. Vant Hull Hendrik, 33, farmer, Gitchell. w Walton Philander, 2, farmer, Hanley. Whipple Job L, 3, farmer. Jamestown. Wolf Albert, 6, farmer, Zutphen. Whitney Albert, io, farmer, Jamestown. Woodward John M, 20, farmer, Forest Grove Weller Jacob, 35, farmer, Burnips Corners. Y Young Phillip, 36, farmer, Dorr. z Zwiers Henry, 7, farmer, Zutphen. Zandbergen Lubbert, 9, farmer, Jamestown. Zwiers Gerrit, 9, farmer, Jamestown. Zytstra Lambert, I6, farmer, Jamestown. Zelstra Nicholas, 22, farmer. Jamestown. Zylstra Cornelius, 26, farmer, Byron Center. Zylstra Koop, 31, farmer, Drenthe.

Page  185 OLIVE TOWNSHIP. [NOTE.-The following alphabetical list gives the name, section, occupation and postoffice address of each permanent male resident in the township. By comparing the number of the section with figures upon the map, you can immediately find the residence of any man whose name appears in the list.] A Arnold Elic, section 1, farmer, Olive Center. Anoldink F, 20, farmer, Olive Center. Avery Benjamin J, 6, farmer, West Olive. Achterhof Peter, 21, farmer, Olive Center. Assink Frederick, I9, farmer, New Holland. Alkins Thomas D and E, 31, farmers, New Holland. Adams Edward H, 30, farmer, New Holland. Adams Geo H, 30, farmer, West Olive. Anys John 22, farmer, West Olive. Austin Mrs Annette, 12, farmer, West Olive. Alger Alponzo, II, farmier, West Olive. B Bedell John, 6, farmer, West Olive. Brandsen Brand, 28, farmer, New Holland. Beskompas Abe, 29, farmer, New Holland. Bakhuis F, 32, farmer, New Holland. Bult Jan, 32, farmer, New Holland. Bakker John J, 32, farmer, New Holland. Brouwer Klaas, 32. farmer, New Holland. Brouwer Wm, 33, farmer, New Holland. Brouwer Wigger, 21, farmer, New Holland. Bange Jan, i6, farmer, Olive Center. Brat Hero, 23, farmer, New Holland. Brandsen Jan, 27, farmer, New Holland. Brouwer Jan, 34, farmer, New Holland. Brouwer Jan K, 27, farmer New Holland. Barighorst Jan, 27, farmer, New Holland. Bement Martha, 5, Ottawa Station. Brown Hannah L, 5, farmer, Ottawa Station. Boerman Hendrik, 25, farmer, New Holland. Batema Jan, 25, farmer, New Holland. [I85]

Page  186 I86 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM QF Boersien Manes, 36, farmer, New Holland. Boes Doek, 24, farmer, New Holland. Bush J T, 4, farmer, Ottawa Station. Bush Harriet C, 4, farmer, Ottawa Station. Bovendam Jan, 20, farmer, New Holland. Boetsma Jan, 13, farmer, Olive Center. Bartels Gerrit, i6, farmer, Olive Center. Baldewyn Jan, 21, farmer, Olive Center. Bosenkool Jan, 26, farmer, New Holland. Barlow E S, 2, farmer, Ottawa Station. Baily Orry A. 2, farmer, Ottawa Station. Barlon Geo 0, 8, farmer, Ottawa Station. Blackford George A, 2, farmer, Ottawa Station. Brouwer K, 22, farmer, Olive Center. Brown John, io, farmer, Olive Center. Burch Willard, i, farmer, Ottawa Station. Brewer Francis B, 3, farmer, Ottawa Station. Bartels Berend, I6, farmer, Olive Center. Boers Jan, 9, farmer, Olive Center. Boreman Jake, 25, farmer, New Holland. Boreman Gerrit, 25, farmer, New Holland. Brooks George, 8, farmer, West Olive. Barry Franklin, i, farmer, West Olive. Bush Peter, 4, farmer, Ottawa Station. Bange Harm, 8, farmer, Olive Center. Boyer Abraham, 12, farmer, West Olive. Black Daniel and Matilda, 12, farmers, West Olive. Baker A S, 12, farmer, West Olive. Brewer John, 35, farmer, Ventura. Brecker August, I2, farmer, West Olive. Barry Thomas, 12, farmer, West Olive. Bacon R D, 12, farmer, West Olive. I C Clans Julia, 6, farmer, West Olive. Cole Charles, 5, farmer, West Olive. Cole Mrs Thomas, 5, farmer, West Olive. Cole Edward C, 5, West Olive. Cole Wm, 5, farmer, West Olive. Cain James, 14, farmer, Olive Center. Cheseman Henry, Io, farmer, Olive Center. Carey Charles D, 3, farmer, Ottawa Station. Connel Thomas, 4, farmer, West Olive. Connel John, 9, farmer, West Olive.

Page  187 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. Cook Christian J, 22, farmer, West Olive. Cook Christian B, 22, farmer, West Olive. D Diekema Berend, 17, farmer, Borculo. Diekema Anna, 29, farmer, New Holland. Douma Hulba, 27, farmer, New Holland. Douma Gabe P, 27, farmer, New Holland. Dogger Sakom, 34, farmer, New Holland. De Vries Jan, 27, farmer, New Holland. Dyk Jan, io, Olive Center. Dyk Jan Jr, I3, farmer, Olive Center. Dyk Guoy, ii, farmer, Olive Center. Dalmyer Mrs Wm, 21, farmer, New Holland. Dalmyer Jan, 21, farmer, Olive Center. De Haas Breein, I8, farmer, West Olive. Diepenhorst Leendert, 35, farmer, New Holland. Diepenhorst Hermanes, 35, farmer, New Holland. Diepenhorst H and L, 35, farmers, New Holland. Diepenhorst & Hyboar, 26, farmers, New Holland. Dams Jane, 21, farmer, New Holland. De Wit George, 12, farmer, Olive Center. Dunham John, 3, farmer, Ottawa Station. De Wit Simon, 12, farmer, Olive Center. Dick R C, 33, farmer, Ventura. Duyhuys Arend, 28, farmer, Ventura. Drinkwater Margaret, 33, farmer, Ventura. Davis Hiram J, 34. Dreese Nelson, ii, farmer, West Olive. Davidson G W, 12, farmer, West Olive. De Freel Tunis, 14, farmer, West Olive. Doering Charles, 22, farmer, West Olive. E Eelman Aris J, 28, farmer, New Holland. Eelman Wm A, 17, farmer, Olive Center. Eilander S L, 29, farmer, New Holland. Esseburg Ralph, 2 farmer, New Holland. Eble Charles, II, farmer, West Olive. Emery Wm J, Io, farmer, West Olive. F Fellows Joel M and Levi, 2, fmrs, Ottawa Station. Fletcher Wm J, i, farmer, Ottawa Station.

Page  188 I88 BUSINESS.COMPENDIUM OF Fletcher Hiel, 2, farmer, Ottawa Station. Fletcher James L, 2, farmer, Ottawa Station. Fonger Foscari F, 9, farmer, Olive Center. Flieman George H, 8, farmer, West Olive. G Groenewoud Gerret Sr, 23, farmer, Olive Center. Groenewoud Henry, 11, farmer, Olive Center. Groenewoud Aart Jr, Ii, farmer, Olive Center. Groenewoud Gerrit J, 22, farmer, Olive Center. Groenewoud Aart Sr, 26, farmer, New Holland. Gebben J H,' 3, farmer, Olive Center. Graver James M, 3, general store, Ottawa Station. Greving John William, 22, farmer, Olive Center. Genrink Hendrik, 12, farmer, Olive Center. Garvelink Henry, 2, farmer, Ottawa Station. Gillmore Newel, 2, farmer, Ottawa Station. Gokey Mrs H M, 7, general store, West Olive. Goodwin Wm, 15, farmer, West Olive. Goodwin Hiram, i5, farmer, West Olive. Goodwin John, I5, farmer, West Olive. Garbrecht Charles, I, farmer, West Olive. H Hop Jan Jr, 29, farmer, New Holland. Hop Lubbert, 28, farmer, New Holland. Hop Jacob, 32, farmer, New Holland. Hop Bert, 32, farmer, New Holland. Hop Wm, 29, farmer, New Holland. Hop Henry, 33, farmer, New Holland. Hoag Myric, 9, farmer, Olive Centre. Hoag Wm, 9, farmer, Olive Centre. Habers Evert, 24, farmer, Olive Center. Harsevoort Mrs Jane, 35, farmer, New Holland. Hagen Herman, 24, farmer, Borculo. Harsevoort Hendrik, 20, farmer, New Holland. Hughes John, 14, farmer, Olive Centre. Hoet Jan, 27, farmer, New Holland. Huested Daniel, 9, farmer, Olive Center. Headley F W, 4, farmer, Ottawa Station. Headley Baldwin, 3, farmer, Ottawa Station. Harrington Henry W, 30, farmer, New Holland. Hulst Hiram, 34, farmer, New Holland. Harrison Courtland, 14, farmer, Olive Center.

Page  189 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 189 Heinenga Jan, 24, farmer, Borculo. Harsevoort Herman, I9, farmer, New Holland. Howard George, 25, farmer, West Olive. Howard Isaac, 25, farmer, New Holland. J Jacobsen John, 26, farmer, New Holland. Jacobson Henrietta, 28, farmer, New Holland. Jacobsen Nuy, i6, farmer, New Holland. Jacobsen Peter, 21, farmer, Olive Centre. Joscelyn James, 14, farmer, West Olive. oscelyn Wm, 13, farmer, West Olive. ackson John, I6, farmer, West Olive. Johnson J A & Son, 34, farmer, Ventura. Jacques Wm M, 12, farmer, West Olive. E Kraai Klaazzina, 22, farmer, New Holland. Kraai Frank, 23, farmer, New Holland. Kooyer Wm, 14, farmer, New Holland. Kooyer Eldert, 14, farmer, New Holland. Kooyer Jan, 14, farmer, New Holland. Kuizenga Marcus, 23, farmer, New Holland. Kieskamp Herman, 23, farmer, New Holland. Kraak Jan, 23, farmer, New Holland. Knoonihuizen Remt, 27, farmer, New Holland. Knoonihuizen Bert, 27, farmer, New Holland. Kraai Jacob, 22, farmer, Olive Center. Kante Mense, i6, farmer, Olive Center. Koetsier Frederic, 25, farmer, Borculo. Kamphuis Jacob, i8, farmer, West Olive. Kemme Klaas, 36, farmer, New Holland. Klanderman Jacob, 25, farmer, New Holland. Kuizers Berend, 23, farmer, New Holland. Kooiker Hendrik, 20, farmer, New Holland. Klanderman Henreka, 24, farmer,. New Holland. Knol Jan, i6, farmer, Olive Center. Kol Harm, 22, farmer, New Holland. Kraght Nicholas, 20, farmer, New Holland. Kruithof Wm, I3, farmer, West Olive. King Joseph, 3, farmer, West Olive., Klyne Lendert, 22, farmer, West Olive.

Page  190 I9go BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF L Lievense Jacob, 23, farmer, New Holland. Lamers Hendrik, 25, farmer. New Holland. Luidens John, 34, farmer, New Holland. Looman Harm, I6, farmer, Olive Center. Looman Hendrik, 23, farmer, New Holland. Lick Adam, 3, postmstr, gen store, Ottawa Station. Luideman Cornelius, 32, farmer, New Holland. Lyon Fordyce, 15, farmer, Olive Center. Lappinga Johannes, 28, farmer, Ventura. Lappinga Bros, 28, farmer, Ventura. Lappenga Klaas, 28, farmer, Ventura. Lamers John, 26, farmer, Ventura. M Merritt John, blacksmith, Olive Center. Mulder Johannes, 27, farmer, New Holland. Meuwsen John, farmer, New Holland. Moren Wm, 35, farmer, New Holland. Moren John, 35, farmer, New Holland. Maatman G J, 25, farmer. Meir Rudolph, 2, farmer, Ottawa Station. Moeke Gerrit, 25, farmer, Borculo. Mountford Samuel, 5, postmaster, grocer, West Olive. Meier J H, 25, farmer, New Holland. Mulder A, i6, farmer, Olive Center. McCall Samuel, 3, farmer, Ottawa Station. Meuwsen Salmon, 3, farmer, Olive Center. Mass John, 36, farmer, New Holland. Munday Andrew, 3, farmer, Ottawa Station. Merrit M R, 15, farmer, Olive Center. Munn Albert, 35, farmer, Ventura. Miles Charles, 35, farmer, Ventura. McCarthy Charles, 4, farmer, West Olive. McCarthy Catherine, 3, farmer, West Olive. Morrisy Wm, 4, farmer, West Olive. Miles Francis M, 4, farmer, West Olive. Mayo Freeman, I5, farmer, West Olive. Monjar Richard S, I, farmer, West Olive. Miles Lyddia E, io, farmer, West Olive. Marehouse Daniel, 12, farmer, West Olive. Marble Wm, 12, farmer, West Olive. rl

Page  191 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN, I9I Marble Frederic, I, farmer, West Olive. McKinley Calvin, 12, farmer, West Olive. N Nienhuis Catherine, 34, farmer, New Holland. Northrop N W, 14, farmer, Olive Center. Nuyboor Roelof, 23, farmer, Olive Center. Neinhuis Able, 33, farmer, New Holland. Neinhuis Eldert J, 35, farmer, New Holland. Norde Jan, 25, farmer, Borculo. Names Augustus, 4, farmer, Ottawa Station. Names John, 6, farmer, Ottawa Station. Names Fred, 5, farmer, Ottawa Station. Nivison Carlos, Io, farmer, Olive Center. Nienhuis Eldert and Lubber Hop, 21, farmers New Holland. Nienhuis Eldert, 28, farmer, New Holland. Nienhuis Peter M, 28, farmer, New Holland. Nyenbrink Hendrik, 32, farmer, New Holland. Norrington John W, 7, farmer, West Olive. Neinhouse Bros, 22, farmers, New Holland. Nokes Napoleon B, 34, farmer, Ventura. Neels Nelson, 3, farmer, West Olive. Nykamp Henry, 13, farmer, West Olive. o Ovens John, 14, farmer, Olive Center. Osterban Jan, 25, farmer, New Holland. Overbeck Wm, 36, farmer, New Holland. Overbeck Peter, 36, farmer, New Holland. O'Brien Ellen, 3, farmer, West Olive. O'Brien Dennis, 9, farmer, West Olive. O'Brien Jerry, 4, farmer, West Olive. Oleman Antone, 14, farmer, West Olive. Oleman John, 15, farmer, West Olive. P Pierce P P, I5, farmer, Olive Center. Pelgrim Hubert, 33, farmer, New Holland. Pelgrim Henry and George, 20, farmers, New Holland. Purchase Laban, 2, farmer, Ottawa Station. Purchase James E, i, farmer, Ottawa Station. Purchase Samuel, 2, farmer, Ottawa Station.

Page  192 I92 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Prins Klaas, 21, farmer, New Holland. Porter, Charles H, 3, farmer, Ottawa Station. Pixley F C, 3, farmer, Ottawa Station. Peck John, 7, farmer, West Olive. Peck Abraham, I6, farmer, West Olive. Peterson Peter A, Io, farmer, West Olive. Pike E B, 12, farmer, West Olive. Peck J, general merchant, West Olive. B Rozema Elsje, 22, farmer, New Holland. Rozema Nanning, 26, farmer, New Holland. Rawhoorst Klaas, 22, farmer, New Holland. Rozema John, 23, farmer, New Holland. Rawhorst Klaazzie. 22, farmer, New Holland. Redder Klaas, 28, farmer, New Holland. Raak Albert, 35, farmer, New Holland. Roberts Wm, 4, farmer, Ottawa Station. Rhoades Enoch and Sarah J, 3, farmers, Ottawa Station. Roo Roelof, 21, farmer, New Holland. Roo Albert, 20, farmer, New Holland. Roo Klaas, 21, farmer, New Holland. Rhoades Elizabeth, 4, farmer, Ottawa Station. Risselada Johan, 20, farmer, New Holland. Redderman Berrend, 13, farmer, Olive Center. Rues Lendert, 34, farmer, New Holland. Riemsma Derk, 27, farmer, Ventura. Robart John C, 24, farmer, West Olive. Rosenberger John, 27, farmer, Ventura. s Soerheid Henrick, 14, farmer, Olive Center. Scott Jane M, 3, farmer, Ottawa Station. Stegenga Ale P, 8, farmer, Olive Center. Smith C J, 33, farmer, New Holland. Smith Jan, 33, farmer, New Holland. Smith Conrad, 33, farmer, New Holland. Smith John A, 32, farmer, New Holland. Slag John, 28, farmer, New Holland. Stegenga Minnie P, 33, farmer, New Holland. Schout Huibricht, 24, farmer, Borculo. Siersma Henry, 34, farmer, New Holland.

Page  193 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 193 Siersma Peter, 34, farmer, New Holland. Schemper Harm, 2I, farmer, New Holland. Schemper Harm and Chas, i6, fmrs, Olive Center. Smeyers H M, I5, farmer, Olive Center. Slag Hiram J and Anthony, 29, fmrs, New Holland. Smith C A, 29, farmer, New Holland. Skudt Derk, 29, farmer, New Holland. Stevens Charles, 3, farmer, Ottawa Station. Smith Henry, 32, farmer, New Holland. Smalley Zehariah, IO, farmer, Olive Center. Stegenga,Seibolt, 34, farmer, New Holland. Stremler Simon, 24, farmer, Borculo. Smith Derk, 29, farmer, New Holland. Strutker John, 31, farmer, New Holland. Schmidt P W, 2, farmer, Ottawa Station. Smith Richard, 27, farmer, Ventura. Schroder John, 27, farmer, Ventura. Schreiber Hendrik, 2, farmer, West Olive. Sankey Wm, 2, farmer, West Olive. Sankey Patterson, i, farmer, West Olive. Schumaker Andres, 3, farmer, West Olive. Sheehan Peter, 3, farmer, West Olive. Sheehan Thomas, 3, farmer, West Olive. Stewart Frank, i, farmer, West Olive. Sankey Eli, I, farmer, West Olive. Schmidt Julius, 3, farmer, West Olive. Sheares Mrs Pamie, I2, farmer, West Olive. Sieber John, I6, farmer, West Olive. Schoemaker Albert, 24, farmer, West Olive. T Timmer Wm, 32, farmer, New Holland. Tinkink Doek, 31, farmer, New Holland. Timmer Hendrik, 28, farmer, New Holland. Talen Jacob, 28, farmer, New Holland. Tjietjema Tjietje, 28, farmer, New Holland. Timmerman Roelof, 12, farmer, Olive Center. Timmerman Klaas, ii, farmer, Olive Center. Ten Broke Jan, 25, farmer, Borculo. Tjietjema C S, I6, farmer, Olive Center. Timmer Wm H, 29, farmer New Holland. Troost Klaas, 20, farmer, New Holland. Tuttle Charles, 8, farmer, Olive Center. Ten Brink Gerrit J, 17, farmer, Olive Center.. Ten Hagen John, 27, farmer, Ventura. xv

Page  194 Il Ja I94 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF V Van Raalte Albert & Ale, 7, fmrs, West Olive. Visser Einte, i8, farmer, West Olive. Van der Vorst Jan, 17, farmer, Olive Center. Van der Sluis Mrs O D, 28, farmer, New Holland. Van der Berg Klaas Jr, 32, farmer, New Halland. Van Arendonk H, 34, farmer, New Holland. Van Dyk Gerrit O, 15, farmer, Olive Center. Van Dyk Jacob, 33, farmer, New Holland. Van der Haffe Derk, 23, farmer, New Holland. Van der Zwaag Bertheld, 27, fmr, New Holland. Van Wingeren Derk, 35, farmer, New Holland. Van der Kooi Minnie D, I, farmer, Borculo. Van Lente John, 31, farmer, New Holland. Van der Zwaag Henry, 27, farmer, New Holland. Van Gosbeck A H, 2, farmer, Ottawa Station. Van Weenum Wm, 25, farmer, Borculo. Van Weenum Jacob, 24, farmer, Borculo. Vinkemulder Cornelius, 17, merchant, Olive Center. Van Dyk Simon, 17, farmer, New Holland. Van der Hoek Derk, 27, farmer, New Holland. Vinkemulder Wabenus, 13, merchant, Olive Center. Veyer Mrs Jane, i6, farmer, New Holland. Vellenga Frang, 29, farmer, New Holland. Vork Jan, 33, farmer, New Holland. Van Beek Cornelius, 13, farmer, Borculo. Vinkemulder F, 33, farmer, New Holland. Voo Hendrik, 26, farmer, New Holland. Veldheer Harm, i6, farmer, Olive Center. Van Raalte A R, i6, farmer, Olive Center. Vreeling Gerrit B, 23, farmer, New Holland. Van der Heide Menzo, 7, farmer, West Olive. Volkert Harm, 31, farmer, New Holland. Vogle Cornelius, 28, farmer, Ventura. Van der Woud Ed, 22, farmer, Ventura. Vanderberg Tunis, 34, farmer, Ventura. Van Slooten M, 13, farmer, West Olive. w Watson Edward, I5, farmer, Olive Center. Watson E G, Io, farmer, Olive Center. Watson Thomas, io, farmer, Olive Center. Wabeke Jacob, 30, farmer, New Holland. Welling Jacob, 27, farmer, New Holland.

Page  195 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. I95 Waiting Harm, 36, farmer, New Holland. Waiting John Jr, 35, farmer, New Holland. Waiting Egbert, 35, farmer, New Holland. Waiting Geert, 35, farmer, New Holland. Walting Wm, 36, farmer, New Holland. Waiting Herman, 36, farmer, New Holland. Walters Jan, 36, farmer, New Holland. Wierda Bourke, 36, farmer, New Holland. Wonnink Jan, 24, farmer, Borculo. Wonnink Herman, 24, farmer, Borculo. Welton John F, 2, farmer, Ottawa Station. Welton Burton, 2, farmer, Ottawa Station. Wallace Frank, 8, farmer, West Olive. Wallace Mary E, 7, farmer, West Olive. Weersing John, 21, farmer, New Holland. Waffle Charles L, 4, farmer, Ottawa Station. Westmaas Adam, 21, farmer, New Holland. Welling Wm, Io, farmer, Olive Center. Warmelink B J, 9, farmer, Olive Center. Walter Thomas, 6, farmer, West Olive. Weener Kerst, 34, farmer, New Holland. Westrate C, 34, farmer, New Holland. Wellwert B, 24, farmer, Borculo. Walker Andrew, 35, farmer, Ventura. Wabbel A R, i6, farmer, West Olive. Winters Charles, 4, farmer, West Olive. Wyma Jan, 35, farmer, Ventura. Wassink John, 36, farmer, New Holland. z Zuidveld, Johannes, 23, farmer, Olive Center.

Page  196 I FOLKTON TOWNSfHIP. COOPERSVILLE CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTDRY. Hotels. Maxfield House. Commercial Hotel. Banker. D C Gakes. Physicians. Walling Ezra. Ginley James H. Smith F. D. Fallas W A. Gillet John H. Jewelers. Schreuder las S. Mitchell W H. Huck~ster Wagon. Treadway E. Grain Elevator. Oakes & Lillie. Lumber Dealers. Goodrich & Son. McNaughton E J. Brick Manufacturer. Lillie, J B & Co. General Stores. D Cleland & Son. Watson D 0. 'McNaughton R D. Lillie Charles P. Fancy Goods, Shoes. Lutkins Mrs E [196



Page  199 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 199 Furniture, Undertaker. Vanalsburg A L. Furniture and Cabinet Maker. Brown D D. Blacksmith and Wagon Shops. Deshane Charles. Bates Samuel W. Grist Mills. Peck Bros. Hermance John. Saloons. Hoban John. Higgins James. Graham Robert. Malone Thomas. Well Diggers and Supplies. Smith & Storrs. Lillie Joseph. Hinulberger Joseph. Cooper Shop. Barnard Frank. Tannery. Phelps J S. Saw and Planing Mill. Lillie Warren. Public Halls. Maxfield O G. Campbell F T. Parker E N. [NOTE.-The following alphabetical list gives the name, section, occupation and postoffice address of each permanent male resident in the township. By comparing the number of the section with figures upon the map, you can immediately find the residence of any man whose name appears in the list.] A Ackerman E R, carpenter, Eastmanville. Averill H H, section 24, farmer, Coopersville.

Page  200 w: 200 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Goollorsviliii Agri6Iulural Asso6iation HOLD THEIR ANNUAL SUMMER TROTTING - - MEETING ON JULY 4 AND 5 PURSES AGGREGATING $600 ARE OFFERED. AN INUAL FAIR OF THIS ASSOCIATION IS ALWAYS HELD ON THE LAST WEEK IN SEPTEMBER, Commencing on the LAST TUESDAY in that month and continuing Four Days. The Association has a very enviable reputation for Fair and Liberal Dealing and uniform courtesy to all. Drop a postal card to the Secretary asking him to mail you Folder for Summer Meeting and Premium List of Annual Fair. A. H. CLELAND, Sec'y. D. 0. WATSON, Pres't. OOOPERSVILLE, OTTAWA COUNTY, MICH. OPPICERS. D. O. WATSON, President. JOHN HOBAN, Vice-President. A. H. CLELAND, Secretary. E. N. PARKER, Treasurer. DIRECTORS. D. 0. WATSON,, JOHN HOBAN, E. N. PARKER, GEO. LANE, I. J. QUICK, A. H. CLELAND, FRED FLAGEL, F. D. SMITH, HENRY KETTLE, A. BABCOCK, J. B WATSON. I i

Page  201 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 20I Averill Wm, 24, farmer, Coopersville. Averill Paul R, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Averill W W, 26, farmer, Coopersville. Averill Zara, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Averill John, 24, farmer, Coopersville. Allen Oscar 23, farmer, Coopersville. Arnold Jacob, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Arumk John, 27, farmer, Coopersville. Austin Hosea, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Amos Jacob, 31, farmer, Dennison. Austin Adelbert, o1, farmer, Coopersville. Amos Jacob, 34, farmer, Coopersville. B Basenfetter John, 12, farmer, Coopersville. Bailard Wm, 26, farmer, Coopersville. Blanchard W H, 23, carpenter, Coopersville. Brown D D, 23, cabinetmaker, Coopersville. Barnard Frank, 23, cooper, Coopersville. Burman A. 26, farmer, Coopersville. Bach Samuel, I9, blacksmith, Coopersville. Boynton W R, 23, hardware, Coopersville. Barnes W G, 23, editor, Coopersville (see adv p 198) Buck Erastus, capitalist, Coopersville. Burgess N B, farmer, Nunica. Beers W J, 16, farmer, Dennison. Bushman Hiram, 22, farmer, Coopersville. Bergamaster John, I5, farmer, Coopersville. Berkle John, 22, farmer, Coopersville. Bush John, I9, farmer, Dennison. Baldus Simon, 5, farmer, Eastmanville. Baldus Peter, 5, farmer, Eastmanville. Baldus Charles, 5, farmer, Eastmanville. Baldus John, 32, farmer, Eastmanville. Blakesley Robert, 31, farmer, Nunica. Blakesley Nelson, 31, farmer, Nunica. Bliss Charles, 5, farmer, Eastmanville. Burke Sarshall, 4, farmer, Eastmanville. Burke John, 5, farmer, Eastmanville. Baldus M, 7, farmer, Eastmanville. Bromley Charles, 2, farmer, Coopersville. Birdsall John, i, farmer, Coopersville. Barnes Charles, i, farmer, Coopersville. Brennan John, 8 farmer, Dennison.

Page  202 I r1I 202 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF COODRICH & SON, DEALERS iN All Kinds of Roujh and Dressed Lumber Mouldings, Lath, Shingles, etc. Special Prices given on Large Orders. All kinds of Carpenter Work done with Neatness and Dispatch. Cistern Building a Specialty. Cash paid for Lumber, Yard and Shop on Watson Street, near West Main Street. COOPERSV'ILLE, MICH. JcdEr LSLLFH T ILIE, SHOPS AT COOPERSVILLE. Tubular, Tile and Well Work of all Descriptions. All kinds of Tanks, Well and Wind Mill Supplies. Manufacturer of Extension Ladders and the "LADIES' FRIEND" Washing Machine. COOPERSVILLE, MICH. axfield JIodse. 0. G. MAXFIELD, Proprietor. Headquarters for the Coopersville, Eastmanville and Lamont Stage Lines. First-Class Livery in connection with Hotel. Convenient Sample Room on First Floor. Good Hall for Entertainments. COO ERSVILLE, MICH.. D. McN\UGNHTN.. DEALER IN... 17SSC04 Boo 1. C. a MI:: z S. NOTIONS,:ts, Shoes and Groceries. SOLE AGENT FOR nd M. Japan Tea, and for Rindge, ~Imbach & Co's Boots and Shoes. COOPERSVILLE, MICH.

Page  203 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 203 Brown John P, 6, farmer, Dennison. Burgess G R, 6, farmer, Nunica. Bromley Joseph, 4, farmer, Coopersville. Bromley A F, Io, farmer, Coopersville. Bromley Bruce, 3, farmer, Coopersville. Bunnell A M, 10, farmer, Coopersville. Barnett John, 3, farmer, Coopersville. Barrett Win R, 9, farmer, Coopersville. Balhuis John, 34, farmer, Coopersville. Bannink G & E H, 28, farmer, Coopersville. Bosink Geert, 28, farmer, Coopersville. Bos Derk, 28, farmer, Coopersville. Busman August, 27, farmer, Coopersville. Baker Dick, 2, farmer, Eastmanville. Borgman Blos, 2, farmer, Eastmanville. Bowcamp W, 2, farmer, Eastmanville. Barnes L H, i, farmer, Lamont. Bolhuis Leonard, 35, farmer, Coopersville. Banink G, I, farmer, Eastmanville. Blackmers L, I, farmer, Coopersville. c Coolycamp A, 4, farmer, Eastmanville. Coopersville Agricultural Association. (See adv p 200.) Carr Gideon, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Cusick W R, minister, Coopersville. Cole Walter S, clerk, Coopersville. Cole Geo W, 24, teacher, Coopersville. Cleland & Son, merchants, Coopersville.(see adv p 276.) Campbell F S, hotelkeeper, Coopersville. Cournyer C, laborer, Coopersville. Campbell Hally, laborer, Coopersville. Cooney John, 21, farmer, Dennison. Chase Levi, 21, farmer, Dennison. Culligan Martin, 17, farmer, Dennison. Carney Alexander, 30, farmer, Nunica. Carney Hiram, 20, farmer, Nunica. Castle Heman, 8, farmer, Eastmanville. Castle John, 8, farmer, Eastmanville. Coe W H, 6, farmer, Eastmanville. Conklin James, I, farmer, Coopersville. Constantine August, I, farmer, Coopersville. Creager Jacob, 6, farmer, Dennison. Calahan Patrick, 5, farmer, Coopersville.

Page  204 204 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF E. J. McNAUGHTON DEALER IN GENERAL Farm Machin0rU M......'1"QZ IM07 Z CARRIAGES, ENGINES, SEWING MACHINES, HARNESS, ETC. COOPERSVILLE, hICH. He has a Large and Varied Stock of the Latest Improved Machinery. If in need of anything in his line call and examine goods or write for Prices. Having been established in business ten years he knows the wants of farmers and also the reliability of manufacturers. Prices guaranteed to be as Low as any Reliable House in Western Michigan S. A.A. McLELLAN, DEALER IN jr (goods, G(roCries, ffHRDWARE fND NOTIONS. DENNISON, - MICH. D. C OAKES, BANKED-T COOPEIZSVIILE, MICH. Interest Paid on Time Deposits. Collections on Eastmanville, Allendale, Bass River, Lament, Berlin, Herrington, Reno, Conklin and Dennison.

Page  205 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 205 Clark Edwin, 5, farmer, Coopersville. Cook Arie, 2, farmer, Eastmanville. Cook John, 2, farmer, Eastmanville. Cook Sybrand, I, farmer, Lamont. D De Keep Gisbert, 36, farmer, Coopersville. Duschane Charles, blacksmith, Coopersville. Dell Bas, grocer, Coopersville. Davis G R, gardener, Coopersville. Dorgan, Wm, laborer, Coopersville. De Voist M, 14, farmer, Coopersville. De Cann Abram, 23, farmer, Coopersville. De Cann P. 23, farmer, Coopersville. Dickinson A, laborer, Coopersville. Durphey Henry, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Durham Millard, 14, farmer, Coopersville. Dimmock C W, I6, farmer, Dennison. De Cann Abram, 15, farmer, Coopersville. Durphy L E, 22, farmer, Coopersville. De Cann Philip, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Damerell James, I8, painter, Coopersville. Doane Henry, 32, farmer, Coopersville. Dickinson G L, 6, farmer, Eastmanville. Downs J W, ii, farmer, Coopersville. Durham Charles, 2, farmer, Coopersville. De Cann John, 2, farmer, Coopersville. De Smith A A, 9, farmer, Dennison. De Smith A D, 9, farmer, Dennison. De Vries Ed, 34, farmer, C6opersville. De Vries John, 2, farmer, Eastmanville. E Ernst L P, lawyer, Coopersville. Easted Wm, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Elmandorph John, 3, farmer, Coopersville. Elbers Henry, 27, farmer, Coopersville. Elgersma Elsie, I, farmer, Lamont. F Flagel Fred, 3, farmer, Eastmanville. Fallas Wm A, 23, physician, Coopersville. Fosgate James, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Fisk Alenzo, 27, farmer, Coopersville. Foster R J, 23, surveyor, Coopersville.

Page  206 2o6 206 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF GEOE:~()GK~ L.~ ROOTC)rr MANUFACTURER OF LIGHT AND HEAVY HARNESS. Brackets, Wood Turning, Iron Lathe Work, All Kinds of Scroll Sawing, dealer in Trunks, Valises, Satchels and Shawl Straps. Repairing of Machinery, and Engineers' Supplies. Also a Fine Line of Robes and Blankets. COOPERSVILLE, MVICH. W —. D. I~EYNOL DS & CO. DEALERS IN OroGcrics AND BOOTS SHOES. We make a Specialty of FINE TRas and Spiuts. Corner Store. Opp. Depot, COOPERSVILLE, i'XICHI. F. D. SMITH, M. D., l'fYSIGHIfI MID SURGEON And Dealer in Drug,,.s, Medicines, School Books, Watches, Clocks, Yewelry, Silverware, U/all'Paper, Paints, Oils, etc. Repairing of Watches and Clocks a Speily COOPERSVILLE, MVICH. A FR. VANALLSBURG, DEALER IN Furniture and Undqcr'LaIqrs qoodS All Work Guaranteed. COOPERSVILLE, MICH. DEALER IN Oro6re~s, alrdwarc, Farw I woI cwno Wagjons, Road Carts, Lime, Cement, Cedar Posts, Flour, Salt Meats, Etc. L/XSTMANVILLE, MICHIGAN.

Page  207 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 207 Ferguson I M, 24, farmer, Coopersville. Fitzpatrick & Hanrahan, 23, agriculturists, Coopersville. Fletcher Peter, I9, farmer, Dennison. Fitzpatrick James, 17, farmer, Dennison. Fonger John, 31, farmer, Nunica. Fisher Martin, 35, farmer, Coopersville. G Garner George, 9, farmer, Eastmanville. Garrison M, 3, farmer, Eastmanville. Goodrich J V B, 26, lawyer, Coopersville. Gates Lewis, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Goodrich & Son, lumberman, Coopersville. (See adv p 202.) Goodrich B 0, lumberman, Coopersville. Griffin M R, auctioneer, Coopersville. Grimes Thomas Sr, laborer, Coopersville. Grimes John, laborer, Coopersville. Grase John, 24, laborer, Coopersville. Ginley J H, physician, Coopersville. Gordon Squire, laborer, Coopersville. Graham Robert, saloonkeeper, Coopersville. Gates Lewis, I6, farmer, Dennison. Golden Dennis, 15, farmer, Dennison. Gibbs & Dell, i8, farmers, Nunica. Glinn James, I8, farmer, Dennison. Golden Patrick Sr, 19, farmer, Dennison. Golden Patrick Jr, 7, farmer, Dennison. Griswold Ashley, 30, farmer, Coopersville. Garter Clinton, 12, farmer, Coopersville. Golden Thomas, 7, box I02 Dennison. Geddis Thomas, 7, farmer, Dennison. Glinn Patrick, 7, farmer, Dennison. Glinn Michael, 5, farmer, Dennison. Green George 6, farmer, Nunica. Gremaquet Henry, 5, farmer, Dennison. Grieves Wm, io, farmer, Nunica. Guidebeek Jacob, 27, farmer, Coopersville. Glover James, Eastmanville. Golden Martin, Dennison. H HusingaiC, 3, farmer, Eastmanville. Hammond Wm, 3, laborer, Eastmanville.

Page  208 208 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF YOU It will pay you, no matter where you live in Ottawa County, to do your trading at the GREAT EMPORIUM of D. O. WATSON AT COOPERSVILLE, MICH, He keeps the Most Complete Line of ': DRY GOODS: And makes a Specialty in this Department of Ladies' and Misses' Cloaks and Jackets and Dress Goods. A Full Stock of Men's, Youths' and Boys' GI6OTHINi fiT VERY LOW PRIGES. A Complete Line of BOOTS fiND SHOES - Manufactured by Selz. Schwab & Co., the Largest manufacturers of Shoes in America. Ask for them. Take no other. A separate Floor for an Immense Stock of 6flRPETS fiND GURTfINS HATS AND CAPS. CROCKERY. Last but not least: GROGERIES: We guarantee to make LOWER PRICES than any other firm in the county. You will always be welcome at our store whether you wish to buy or not. D. O. WATSON.

Page  209 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 209 Husinga & Son, merchants, Eastmanville. Hunt John T, 12, farmer, Coopersville. Hamilton E A, 24, farmer, Coopersville. Handlaghton H H, 36, farmer, Coopersville. Haan Peter, 26, farmer, Coopersville. Hill Benjamin, 26, farmer, Coopersville. Hill Rush, 36, farmer, Lamont. * Hill Z, 36, farmer, Lamont. Hoffmeyer Geert, 26, farmer, Coopersville. Hutchings H E, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Hall Nathan, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Higgins James, saloonkeeper, Coopersville. Huitsman Charles, laborer, Coopersville. Hanrahan James, clerk, Coopersville. Hutchings Lyman, 23, laborer, Coopersville. Hermance John H, miller, Coopersville. Hosmer Harvey, 23, laborer, Coopersville. Hoban John, saloonkeeper, Coopersville. Harter Stephen, 14, farmer, Coopersville. Harmalink John, 29, farmer, Nunica. Hoystead George, 20, farmer, Dennison. Hillard Benjamin, 20, farmer. Dennison. Harper John, 31, farmer, Nunica. Hodges Isaac, 6, farmer, Eastmanville. Hosmer Lewis, 2, farmer, Coopersville. Hosmer Charles L S, 2, farmer, Coopersville. Harvey Albert, 6, farmer, Dennison. Hoban Michael, 5, farmer, Coopersville. Harris Ed and Ira, 4, farmers, Coopersville. Hill J F, 3, farmer, Coopersville. Hutchings Sabin, IO, farmer, Coopersville. Hintz John, 33, farmer, Eastmanville. Hintz Ferdinand, 33, farmer, Eastmanville. Hofmyer Geert, 29, farmer, Dennison. Heyboer Matthoen, 33, farmer, Eastmanville. Husinga C, 2, farmer, Eastmanville. Hiler E F, Eastmanville. 1 Ives Chancy, butcher, Coopersville. Irish S B, 14, farmer, Coopersville. Ives Ed, 23, farmer, Coopersville. J Jackson E H, 3, farmer, Eastmanville. Jackson John, 13, farmer, Coopersville. xvi

Page  210 210 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF J. B. WATSON, 1 DRUGS iSchool Books, Clocks, Watches, Wall Paper, Paints, Oils, Jewelry and Silverware. REPAIRING A SPECIALTY. COOPEItSVJILLE, - MICHIGAN. Jackson Henry, 13, farmer, Coopersville. Johnson John, 14, farmer, Coopersville. Jewett E, i6, farmer, Coopersville. Jones L M H, 6, farmer, Eastmanville. Johnson John, 2, farmer, Coopersville. Jordan Frank, 4, farmer, Dennison. Jones Wm A, drayman, Coopersville. K Kooiman Wm, 3, farmer, Eastmanville. King Wm, 4, farmer, Eastmanville. King Frank, 4, farmer, Eastmanville. Knowlton John R, carpenter, Coopersville. Knowlton Enos, 24, laborer, Coopersville. Kelso Thomas, 24, farmer, Coopersville. Kelley Nathan, 22, farmer, Coopersville. Klosterhouse H & F, 32, farmers, Nunica. Kettle Henry, I2, farmer, Coopersville. Kendall Ira, 2, farmer, Coopersville. Klott Michael, 6, farmer, Nunica. Kearney Amos, 3, farmer, Coopersville. Kearney Eli, 3, farmer, Coopersville. Kirkbride S P, 3, farmer, Coopersville. Klocksene Wm, 33, farmer, Eastmanville. Klosterhouse Klaas, 34, farmer, Eastmanville. Kreimer Peter, 33, farmer, Eastmanville. Kooiman Peter, 35, farmer, Eastmanville. I, L Lieffers S, merchant, postmaster, Eastmanville. Lull Ozro, 3, farmer, Eastmanville. Lull & Lull, 3, millers, Eastmanville. Lillie B C, 25, farmer, Coopersville. Lang Harmon, 25, farmer, Coopersville.

Page  211 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 211 Luther B, 36, farmer, Lamont. Lillie Joseph, well work, Coopersville (see adv p 202.) Lawton Henry, farmer, Coopersville. Laubach George, 24, music teacher, Coopersville. Lillie J B, brickmaker, Coopersville. Lillie Warren, mill man, Coopersville. Lee Reuben, 24, capitalist, Coopersville. Lang Wm, II, farmer, Coopersville. Lillie David, I, farmer, Coopersville. Luke Gustavus, 6, farmer, Nunica. Lawrence Ed, 8, farmer, Dennison. Lawton Charles, 5, farmer, Coopersville. Lake A B, 6, farmer, Dennison. Lillie George A, 4, farmer, Dennison. i Ludolf Michael, 33, farmer, Eastmanville. Leubin Barney, 28, farmer, Coopersville. Lillie C W, Coopersville. M McKinon A, 3, farmer, Eastmanville. Matterson E, 12, farmer, Coopersville. Messinger Chester, 24, farmer, Coopersville. Merrick James H, 23, carpenter, Coopersville. Marshall Simeon R, wagonmaker, Coopersville. Maxfield O G, hotel prop, Coopersville (see adv p 202.) Miller Wesley, 23, farmer, Coopersville. McNaughton R D, merchant, Coopersville (see adv p 202.) McNaughton E J, agricultural implements, Coopersville (see adv p 204.) Martin Joseph, harnessmaker, Coopersville. McEwing Walter, 23, farmer, Coopersville. McLain Aaron, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Moore Luther, 26, laborer, Coopersville. Mosher M P, laborer, Coopersville. Mills Daniel, laborer, Coopersville. Malone Thomas E Jr, saloon keeper, Dennison. Mead Cornelius, farmer, Coopersville. Marshall George, i6, farmer, Coopersville. Mead George, 22, farmer, Coopersville. McLellan S C, 21, farmer, Dennison. McLellan S F, i6, farmer, Dennison.

Page  212 212 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF McLellan S W, 20, farmer, Dennison. Malone Thomas, i8, farmer, Dennison. McGrath M, 18, farmer, Dennison. Michael Dennis, 17, farmer, Dennison. Murry B & O W, 30, farmers, Nunica. Muzzall A C, I9, farmer, Nunica. Muzzall E W, 19, farmer, Nunica. Muzzall J T, I9, farmer, Nunica. Morrison Wm, i, farmer, Coopersville. Malone Patrick, 4, farmer, Dennison. McCue Michael, 7, farmer, Dennison. Munger Wilson, 8, farmer, Dennison. Malone Michael, 4, farmer, Dennison. Manchester Isaac, 4, farmer, Coopersville. Mead Joseph C, o1, farmer, Coopersville. Munger Ed, 3, farmer, Coopersville. McIntyre J R, 27, farmer, Coopersville. Maloney James, 34, farmer, Dennison. Mastenbroek Paul, 2, farmer, Eastmanville. Morse Stephen, i, farmer, Lamont. Mulder John, 2, farmer, Eastmanville. McLellan Susan A, postmistress, general store, Denison (see adv p 204.) N Norton B F, 23, agent, Coopersville. Noble Alexander, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Newton Frank, 16, farmer, Coopersville. Nixon James, 9, farmer, Coopersville, Nipe Jacob, 20, farmer, Dennison. Noble Ozias, 2, farmer, Coopersville. Npewman Charles, 6, farmer, Dennison. Nixon Richard, 9, farmer, Coopersville. Newell David, o1, farmer, Coopersville. 0 Oakes D C, banker, Coopersville (see adv p 204.) Owen S G, o1, farmer, Coopersville. P Palmer L H, 3, laborer, Eastmanville. Proper Wm, laborer, Eastmanville. Peck Charles, farmer, Eastmanville. Pierce Loren W, 24, farmer, Cooperville. Peck Emmett, 25, surveyor, Coopersville.

Page  213 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 213 Peck A V, miller, Coopersville. Parker E N, hardware, Coopersville. Peck Bros, millers, Coopersville. Phelps Sumner, tanner, Coopersville. Parker Peter, tanner, Coopersville. Platt Milton, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Powers John, carpenter, Coopersville. Powers Edgar, painter, Coopersville. Parkins Wm, 21, farmer, Dennison. Peabody James, i6, farmer, Coopersville. Pierce C L, 17, farmer, Dennison. Porter James, 30, farmer, Nunica. Parsons Henry, 6, farmer, Eastmanville. Pluewes John, 30, farmer, Nunica. Plewes Edward, 6, farmer, Eastmanville. Perkins A P, 2, farmer, Coopersville. Porter Wm, Io, farmer, Coopersville. Platt Milton, 27, farmer, Coopersville. Peck George T, postmaster, Coopersville. R Relay Daniel, 3, farmer, Eastmanville. Rankans Geert, 25, farmer, Coopersville. Rankans H, 12, farmer, Lamont. Randall S, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Reed T M, deputy sheriff, Coopersville. Reynolds Henry, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Rice Wm, laborer, Coopersville. Root George L, harnessmaker, Coopersville. (See adv p 206.) Randall James, laborer, Coopersville. Rogers, Sanford, 24, minister, Coopersville. Rice Wm, 8, farmer, Eastmanville. Richards C W, 9, farmer, Dennison. Rosegrant T, 3, farmer, Coopersville. Rankans H, i, Lamont. Reynolds XW D, merchant, Coopersville. (See adv p 206.) S Sietsma M A, 3, farmer, Eastmanville. Spencer D R, farmer, Eastmanville. Slaughter L G, 3, farmer, Eastmanville. Seitsma Elza, 3, farmer, Eastmanville. Snider Rate, hotel keeper, Eastmanville. Sherman G J, 13, farmer, Coopersville.

Page  214 ii 214 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Stiles Justus, 25, farmer, Coopersville. Stiles Harvey, 25, farmer, Coopersville. Smith Theodore, 12, farmer, Lamont. Spooner Dennison, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Stevens Frank, liveryman, Coopersville. Stevens Aronia, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Saueres Bernard, carpenter, Coopersville. Smith Elijah, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Smith Frank, well digger, Coopersville. Smith Charles, 23, laborer, Coopersville. Smith F D, physician, druggist, Coopersville. (See adv p 206.) Spencer John, laborer, Coopersville. Stamp Wm, 14, farmer, Coopersville. Sullivan John, 23, section boss, Coopersville. Spanger Thomas, miller, Coopersville. Scott Daniel M, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Sickles John, laborer, Coopersville. Sherman Wm, clerk, Coopersville. Squier Herbert A, butcher, Coopersville. Seymour Virgil, I6, farmer, Dennison. Stamp George R, 14, farmer, Coopersville. Stamp Levi, 14, farmer, Coopersville. Stapleton Michael. i6, farmer, Dennison. Swafink Arie, 21, farmer, Dennison. Scutcheon Henry, 20 farmer, Dennison. Smith Samuel, 6, farmer, Eastmanville. Spinner Leon, 5, farmer, Eastmanville. Stevens Joseph, 32, farmer, Eastmanville. Starling R, 31, farmer, Eastmanville. Stevens Hiram, i, farmer, Coopersville. Sickles Ludo, 12, farmer, Coopersville. Stevens Calvin, 12, farmer, Coopersville. Shafer C F, 7, farmer, Dennison. Sheers C L, 7, farmer, Dennison. Sweet Lyman, 3, farmer, Coopersville. Sadler Lewis, 28, farmer, Coopersville. Schippers Leonard, 33, farmer, Eastmanville. Seitsma Herman, 33, farmer, Eastmanville. Seitsma Jacob, 27, farmer, Coopersville. Smith Wm, 33, farmer, Eastmanville. Sweet Gilbert, 28, farmer, Coopersville. Spencer George. 29, farmer, Eastmanville. Spencer D K, Eastmanville. 1,

Page  215 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 215 T Taylor Benjamin, butcher, Coopersville. Tuxbury E F, clerk, Coopersville. Taylor Marvin, barber, Coopersville. Taylor Amos, farmer, Coopersville. Taylor George H, carpenter, Dennison. Treloar S J, blacksmith, Coopersville. Treat B F, dentist, Coopersville. Toothacher Roswell, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Thomas W A, clerk, Coopersville. Turner Philip, I6, farmer, Dennison. Taylor George, i6, farmer. Dennison. Timmerman Daniel, 30, farmer, Dennison. Timmerman H C, I9, farmer, Dennison. Taylor Hoyt, 9, farmer, Dennison. Titus Jasper, 6, farmer, Dennison. Twogood George, 9, farmer, Dennison. Twogood Thomas, 9, farmer, Dennison. Twogood Hiram, 9, farmer, Dennison. Terpstra John, 28, farmer, Coopersville. u Upton George F, farmer,,Coopersville. Ulmer John, i, farmer, Coopersville. V Vannett Gert, farmer, Eastmanville. Vannett Avert, farmer, Eastmanville. Vandermeer S, farmer, Eastmanville. Vanalsburg Arie R, 35, furniture, Coopersville (see adv p 206). Vanalsburg John, 33, farmer, Coopersville. Vanalsburg Fred, 25, farmer, Coopersville. Vandersingle John, 24, farmer, Coopersville. Vandersingle M, 12, farmer, Lamont. Vashall Cornelius, 29, farmer, Dennison. Vashall Joseph, 32, farmer, Dennison. Vannattier A, 2, farmer, Coopersville. Vanehr John, 3, farmer, Coopersville. Vandermeer J, 34, farmer, Eastmanville. Vander Plou A, 33, farmer, Eastmanville. Vine John, 34, farmer, Eastmanville. Vanderbolten Martin, i, farmer, Lamont. Vanalsburg E, 35, farmer, Coopersville. Vanallsburg D, 35, farmer, Coopersville.

Page  216 2L6 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF W Wagner John A, hardware merchant, Eastmanville (see adv p 206). Wagner John, 23, prop ferry, farmer, Eastmanville Witcob Jacob, 35, farmer, Coopersville. Wood Virgil 0, laborer, Coopersville. Washburn E L, 24, carpenter, Coopersville. Watson Robert, 23, farmer, Coopersville. Watson J B, druggist, Coopersville (see adv p 210). Watson D 0, gen merchant, Coopersville (see adv p 208). Watson Geo W, mason, Coopersville. Walter Joel A, 15, farmer, Coopersville. Wicks J S, 23, farmer, Coopersville. White James H, mason, Coopersville. Woodhull George, 14, farmer, Coopersville. Woodman Henry, 21, farmer, Dennison. Walt Peter, 34, farmer, Coopersville. Wagner John, 31, farmer, Coopersville. Walker Ferris, farmer, Coopersville. Wilton W J, 6, farmer, Dennison. Wilton Bristol, 6, farmer, Dennison. White H L, 4, farmer, Dennison. White Fred, 4, farmer, Dennison. White Hiram, 4, farmer, Coopersville. White Wing A, 3, farmer, Coopersville. Walt Peter, 34, farmer, Eastmanville. Workman John, 28, farmer, Coopersville. Workman C, 33, farmer, Eastmanville. Werkman Mick, 2, farmer, Eastmanville. Westerloo M, 36, farmer, Lamont. Y Yerden B F, 2i, farmer, Coopersville. Yerden James, 9, farmer, Coopersville. Yerden Frank, o1, farmer, Dennison. z Zimmer John, 32, farmer, Eastmanville.

Page  217 ROBINSON TOWNSHIP. [NOTE.-The following alphabetical list gives the name, section, occupation and postoffice address of each permanent male resident in the township. By comparing the number of the section with figures upon the map, you can immediately find the residence of any man whose name appears in the list.] A Allgene David, section 8, farmer, Grand Haven. Angel Silas, 36, mechanic, Robinson. B Butrick Erastus, i, farmer, Bass River. Butrick Adelbert, Ii, farmer, Bass River. Bartholomew Harry, 12, farmer, Bass River. Balcom Moses. 12, farmer, Bass River. Brady Wm, Sr, 14, farmer, Robinson. Bullis Marenus, 7, farmer, Grand Haven. Blease Wm, 5, farmer, Grand Haven. Bethkee Fred, 17, farmer, Robinson. Bethkee Rinold, 17, farmer, Robinson. Brady Wm, Jr, 17, farmer, Robinson. Berg William, I9, farmer, Agnew. Beckett Samuel, i6, farmer, Robinson. Brady John, 15, farmer, Robinson. Beckett Sampson, 16, farmer, Robinson. Ball Jesse, 15, farmer, Robinson. Barton George, 28, farmer, Robinson. Burch Amos, 35, farmer, Ottawa Station. Cobb Lyman, 3, farmer, Robinson. Cook Edward, 2, farmer, Robinson. Crandall E B, 6, farmer, Grand Haven. Carter Aionzo, 6, farmer, Grand Haven. Clark Charles H, 6, farmer, Grand Haven. Clark Walter. 6, farmer, Grand Haven. Clark Fred, 6, farmer, Grand Haven. Conley Olive M, 36, farmer, Ottawa Station. Conant James, 26, farmer, Robinson. Conant John, 26, farmer, Robinson. Conant R H, 25, farmer, Robinson. [217]

Page  218 2I8 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF D Daniels Reuben Mrs, 12, farmer, Bass River. Denio Charles D, i, farmer, Bass River. Darbee Asa, I4, farmer, Robinson. De Witt Otto, Robinson. Dennis V E, 35, cigarmaker, Olive Station. E Eastway Elias, 35, farmer, Ottawa Station. Eastway Reuben, 35, farmer, Ottawa Station. F Foster Edmond, 24, farmer, Bass River. Foster A D, 13, farmer, Bass River. Foster William, 22, merchant, postmaster, Robinson. French Matthew C, 13, farmer, Bass River. French Byron C, 13, farmer, Bass River. Fumer Arthur E, 13, farmer, Robinson. Fritz John, I8, farmer, Grand Haven. Fritz Gietleif, 18, farmer, Grand Haven. Fellows Eugene, 35, farmer, Ottawa Station. Fisher Mrs O B, 22, farmer, Robinson. Fister Wm, Robinson. G Griswold William, Guisler Fred, i, far Graham Thomas, i Graham Fred, I4, f Generich Ernst, 7, Hannan Isaac, 2, fa Hyma R A, 6, farn Hatch Milo, 22, far Johnson James, 6, f; Keeler Charles, I4, Keeler George, 14, Kalsker Charles, 5, I I, farmer, Bass River.:mer, Bass River. 3, farmer, Bass River. farmer, Bass River. farmer, Grand Haven. H,rmer, Bass River. ier, Grand Haven. mer, Robinson. J armer, Grand Haven. K farmer, Robinson. farmer, Robinson. farmer, Grand Haven.

Page  219 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 2I9 Knight, J W, I8, farmer, Grand Haven. Knight A J, I8, farmer, Grand Haven. Keeler Alexander, 15, farmer, Robinson. L Luther Christopher, 6, farmer, Grand Haven. Logan Andrew, 8, farmer, Grand Haven. M McCue N E, 12, farmer, Bass River. Miller John, 6, farmer, Grand Haven. Minel William, 33, farmer, Grand Haven. McCarty David, 25, farmer, Robinson. N Newton George W, 12, farmer, Bass River. Nichols John E, 13, farmer, Bass River. Nichols W B, 24, farmer, Bass River. Nichols James, 13, farmer, Bass River. P Prentice John, 3, farmer, Bass River. Parrish Eli, 23, farmer, Robinson. Pelton Aldridge, 33, farmer, Robinson. Peffle Kaase, io, farmer, Robinson. Parkenson John, 22, farmer, Robinson. Powell John, 22, farmer, Robinson. Powell G J, Robinson. Poel John, 36, farmer, Ottawa Station. Robinson Charles, 3, farmer, Bass River. Robinson Charles, 3, farmer, Bass River. Robinson Alfredansom H,, farmer, Bass River. Robinson Ransom H,, farmer, Bass River. Robinson Iralya Wm,, farmer, Bass River. Ralya Wm, 24, farmer, Bass River. Ralya Charles W, 13, farmer, Bass River. Robinson Hiram, 32, farmer, Grand Haven. Robinson Frank L, 32, farmer, Grand Haven. Robinson Benj F, 5, farmer, Grand Haven. Richardson William, 8, farmer, Robinson. Richardson James, 8, farmer, Robinson. Rawlings Edward, 22, farmer, Robinson. Robinson Fred, 32, farmer, Grand Haven.

Page  220 220 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF S Stearnes Charles E, 8, farmer, Grand Haven. Shire John, IS, farmer, Robinson. Salisbury Frank, 36, farmer, Ottawa Station. Sanders Oscar, 25, farmer, Robinson. Sanders Charles, 25, farmer, Robinson. T Thompson Gilbert, i, farmer, Bass River. Taylor Lewis, 36, farmer, Ottawa Station. Taylor Frank, 36, farmer, Ottawa Station. Trumbull Alva, 25, farmer, Robinson. Trumbull Henry, 25, farmer, Robinson. V Van der Hyden, 36, farmer, Ottawa Station. Van Single S, 22, farmer, Robinson. w Walter William, 13, farmer, Robinson. Wiggins, Frank, 24, farmer, Robinson. Willus Fred, 7, farmer, Grand Haven. Weilanel William Sr, 19, farmer, Robinson. Weilanel William Jr, Robinson.

Page  221 SPRING LbKE TOWNSHIP. SPRING LAKE CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Hotels. Central House, Mrs E Killen, prop. Rideout House, John Castle, prop. Spring Lake House, Calkins Bros, props; Chas H Southwick, mgr. Druggists. Dewit & Rideout. Messinger 0 W. Perham L 0. Physicians. Newell 0 W. Phelps E J. Short U M. General Stores. Perham J B. Walsh Martin. Groceries. Falls Andrew. Mulder Mrs A & Sons. Schwab George. Hardware. Bilz Aloys. Buckley William. Pruim Enno & Son. 'Fancy Goods. Westerhouse C W H. Furniture and Undertakers' Goods. Buckley William H. Bilz Aloys. Pruim Enno & Son. [221]

Page  222 i~ 222 BU, SINESS COMPENDIUM OF DO NOT LET TRAVELING PICTURE AGENTS.. am Gull You any Longer, but go to Brown ' OR... Fine,, Spring Lake, Mic2igan, PI oto Work OF ALL KINDS. HEOR.T.R COPYING AND ENLARGING ALL WORK GUARANTEED. W. H. BUCKLEY, UNDIRTfIKER.I 4 AND DEAL ER IN Hardware, Furniture, STEAM FITTINGS, WIND MILLS, PUMPS, AND DRIVE WELLS. I make a Specialty of both Cavity and Arterial Embalming, and give Special Attention to Undertaking in all its Branches. Calls either Night or Day promptly attended to. SPRING LAKE, MICH.

Page  223 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 223 Meat Markets. Devries & Co. Vos John. Barbers. Gosset James. Molson E. Harness Shop. McLean M M. Restaurant and Confectionery. Burbank Mrs M. Millinery. Campbell Mrs Duane., Wagon Shop and Undertakers' Goods. Dewit Otto. Blackslmiths. Ross Peter. Wood Alexander. Livery. Falls Andrew. Real Estate and Insurance. Bilz Aloys. Emery James. Kay Charles M. Photographer. Brown Fred. Floral Stock- Farm. Savidge Thomas. Mainufacturers. Cutler & Savidge Lumber Co. Cuson A, Boat Factory. Spring Lake Clinker Boat Co. Spring Lake Basket Co. The Bertschy Brick and Tile Co.

Page  224 224 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Aloys Bilz DEALER IN tflARDWAfRE \.. AND.. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. WOODENWARE Paints, Oils, Rosin, Varnishes and Brushes, Iron, Chain, Nails, Axes, Files, Gas Pipe, Lead Pipe, Doors, Sash, Glass, Lime, Brick and Shingles. FISHING TAGKLE, GUNS fiND SPORTING MATERIAL. - STOVES - FARM IMPLEMENTS, WAGONS AND BUGGIES. Steam Fitting, Plumbing, Tin, Copper, Sheet Iron and Galvanized Iron work of every description. Wooden and Iron Pumps and Drive Wells. Real Estate and Insuran6e. SPRING LAKE. L- - MICHIGAN

Page  225 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 225 [NoTE.-The following alphabetical list gives the name, section, occupation and postoffice address of each permanent male resident in the township. By comparing the number of the section with figures upon the map, you can immediately find the residence of any man whose name appears in the list.] A Allen Charles, 23, farmer, Spring Lake. Allison Benjamin, 15, village marshal, Spring Lake. Axter Eilke, I5, laborer, Spring Lake. Abbey Samuel W, 24, farmer, Spring Lake. Ainsworth Dewitt, 14, horseman, Spring Lake. Alston David G, o1, farmer, Spring Lake. Allen Martin, io, farmer, Spring Lake. Anderson Oli, 12, farmer, Spring Lake. B Brongersma Cornelius, 15, sexton, Spring Lake. Boyle Thomas, 15, section boss, Spring Lake. Blakesley Wm W Jr, 15, Spring Lake. Buteau Joseph, 15, lake captain, Spring Lake. Bronsema John, I6, laborer, Ferrysburg. Bremer John, 9, farmer, Ferrysburg. Brown Fred, 15, photographer, Spring Lake (see adv p 222). Bottema Girhart, 23, farmer, Spring Lake. Bulthuis Reuvert, I6, laborer, Ferrysburg. Berghuis Peter, I6, laborer, Ferrysburg. Bell Thomas, 15, laborer, Spring Lake. Baker Geert, 15, laborer, Spring Lake. Bulthuis Charles, I6, Ferrysburg. Bulthuis Hiram, 9, farmer, Ferrysburg. Bell Wm H, I5, Spring Lake. Bulthuis Henry, I6, farmer, Ferrysburg. Bulthuis Krien, 9, farmer, Ferrysburg. Bulthuis Klaas, I6, boilermaker, Ferrysburg. Baker Tunis, 23, farmer, Spring Lake. Balk Hielke, 23, farmer, Spring Lake. Branda Charles, 25, farmer, Spring Lake. Bonema Cutje, IO, farmer, Ferrysburg. Buikema Jurien, Spring Lake. Blom Klaas, 24, farmer, Spring Lake. Barton George, 15, laborer, Spring Lake. Buikema Martin, I5, baker, Spring Lake. xvii

Page  226 II 226 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Wlat Will Our Friends Sau WHEN WE ARE CONE? WILL NOT THEIR FIRST INQUIRY BE.. WAS HE WELL INSURED? IS IT NOT YOUR DUTY To Provide for your Relatives and increase your Estate by Securing SAFE INSURANCE at the Lowest Cost consistent with the GREATEST SECURITY? YOU NEED NOT DIE TO WIN. Modern Insurance will pay you richly as an investment alone aside from its protective advantages. I REPRESENT VARIOUS LIFE, FIRE AND ACCIDENT Companies, and can suit you with a Policy on the Straight Life, 10, 15 or 20 Year, Investment Bond, or on Annuity or Expectation of Life plan. Write me for Plans and Rates. JAMES EMERY, SPECIAL AGT. SPRING LAKE, MICH. /

Page  227 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 227 Barrett William, I5, boat builder, Spring Lake. Burbank Mrs M, notions, Spring Lake (see adv p 228). Buckley W H, hardware, undertaker, Spring Lake. (See adv p 222.) Barden Erastus Sr, I6, farmer, Ferrysburg. Barden Erastus Jr, 7, farmer, Ferrysburg. Bosema Roelof, 15, wooden shoe mnfr, Spring Lake. Bilz Aloys, 15, hardware merchant, real estate, Spring Lake. (See adv p 224.) Bouley Charles, 15, mechanic, Spring Lake. Bertschy Fred & Co, brick manufacturers, Spring Lake. (See adv p 228.) C Convey Robert, I6, bridge tender, Ferrysburg. Clark Robert, I5, farmer, Spring Lake. Conemyer W H, Ferrysburg. Cristofferson Lars P, 12, farmer, Spring Lake. Christianson Emanuel, 12, farmer, Spring Lake. Cutler & Savidge Lumber Co, 15, lumbermen, Spring Lake. Cristoferson James, 12, farmer, Spring Lake. Cornelius J M, 3, farmer, Ferrysburg. Coveney Michael, 15, laborer, Spring Lake. Cole Franklin, I3, farmer, Spring Lake. Christman G W, Spring Lake. Cross Jas A, Spring Lake. Chambers James, i, farmer, Spring Lake. Cournier Wm, 13, farmer, Ferrysburg. Clark Ethan R, 15, clergyman, Ferrysburg. Calkins G G, prop Spring Lake House, Spring Lake. Cuson Mitchel, 22, boat builder, Spring Lake. Chadwick Byron, I6, railway agent, Ferrysburg. Castle John, I5, hotel propr, Spring Lake. D Doherty Wm, I5, laborer, Spring Lake. Deremo Frank, 25, farmer, Spring Lake. Dobb Frederik, 4, farmer, Ferrysburg. Dykema Tony, 15, laborer, Spring Lake.

Page  228 228 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF BUILDERS WILL FIND The Bertschy Brick aid Tile Co. Works HEADQUARTERS FOR WESTERN MICHIGAN. MATERIAL- THE BEST IN EVERYTHING AND PRICES ROCK BOTTOM. FRED BERTSCHY & CO. SPRING LAKE, MICH. GEORGEI HAMMOND, SPRING LA\KE, Boats and Fishing Tackle To Rent BY THE. DIY OR HOUR fT REIIONIBLEI RIUES& Call upon him for everything in this Line. Boats for Sale. MRS. M. BURBANK,. Confectionery, Notions, Cigars, Tobacco, Etc. SPRING LAKE, MICHIGAN. CHAPLES HAMMOND, ~ou,5e a pQPiage DaipteP PAPER HANGER AND DECORATOR. Speial fittention given to Gountru work. SPRINGIG LfKE, MIGHI. MRS. E. KILLEN, PROPRIETOR OF CENTRAL HOUSE SPRING LAKE. MICHIGAN. Perfect Accommodations and Convenient t) the Z3?lSinesi Portion of die Gity. RATES $1.00 PER DAY.

Page  229 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 229 De Witt Evert, 10, farmer, Spring Lake. De Witt Derk, 4, farmer, Spring Lake. De Witt Atte, 15, wagonmaker, undertaker, Spring Lake. De Witt Chas and Otto, 5, farmers, Ferrysburg. De Witt Jacob, 9, farmer, Ferrysburg. De Vries Evert, 15, butcher, Ferrysburg. De Vries Manes, 4, farmer, Ferrysburg. De Vries Alerick, 26, farmer, Spring Lake. De Groot Fies, i6, laborer, Ferrysburg. De Witt Peter. 14, druggist, Spring Lake. De Witt & Rideout, 15, druggists, Spring Lake. Dykstra John, io, farmer, Ferrysburg. Dykema Flores, 17, butcher, Ferrysburg. De Witt Klaas, I6, laborer, Ferrysburg. Diephuis Wm, i6, laborer, Spring Lake. Dolman Oli, boilermaker, Ferrysburg. Dykema Erze, 13, farmer, Spring Lake. Duphuis Derk, 5, farmer, Ferrysburg. Dixon George D, 15, machinist, Ferrysburg. E Emiery James, 15, insurance agent, Spring Lake (see adv p 226). Eames Uzell B, 8, farmer, Ferrysburg. F Finch Thomas F Jr, I5, mason, Spring Lake. Fiddler Louis, 15, saloonkeeper, Spring Lake. Fox Jonathan, 13, farmer, Spring Lake. Falls Andrew, 15, merchant, Spring Lake. Fox Franklin, 15, drayman, Spring Lake. Frink Eli D, 22, farmer, Spring Lake. French Wm, I6, farmer, Ferrysburg. Frazier James, 15, farmer, Ferrysburg. Finch Thomas Sr, 24, farmer, Spring Lake. Flanders Milan, I6, engineer, Ferrysburg. G Gray David, 25, farmer, Spring Lake. Gero Grant, I6, railway bridge'tender, Ferrysburg. Gruno John, 9, farmer, Ferrysburg. Griffin Frederick, I5, filer, Spring Lake. Gardner Eugene, 25, farmer, Spring Lake. Gossett James, 15, barber, Spring Lake.

Page  230 230 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF T. dOHNSTON. d. B. dOHNSTON. JOHNSTON BROTHERS, PROPRIETORS OF THE FRRYSBURG STEfIM BOILER - WORKS - Locomoti;e, Stationary.. AND.. AND. DIIRIPIE BOIhERS TANKS AND SHEET IRON WORK. Repairs Promptlu fttended to. FEIRYSBURIiG, MICHIGAN BRANCH: 71 and 73 Mather St., Between Canal and GClinton Sts., (jicago.

Page  231 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 231 H Hamilton David, 24, farmer, Spring Lake. Holcomb Jeremiah, 24, farmer, Spring Lake. Holtrop Cornelius,'4, farmer, Ferrysburg. Honholt Herman, 9, farmer, Ferrysburg. Hale Andrew Jr, 24, carpenter, Spring Lake. Howe H, Spring Lake. Hill C J, Spring Lake. Holstee August, 12, laborer, Spring Lake. Helder Egbert, 23, horticulturist, Spring Lake. Hayden Wm, i6, carpenter, Ferrysburg. Heath Leroy D, I5, lumberman, Spring Lake. Hunter Grant, 5, farmer, Ferrysburg. Hammond George, i6, boatman, Spring Lake. (See adv p 228.) Hall Frank, ii, farmer, Spring Lake. Hammond Wm H, I3, farmer, Spring Lake. Heathcote Elijah, I6, boilermaker, Ferrysburg. Hale George, 13, farmer, Spring Lake. Hammond Thomas, 24, farmer, Spring Lake. Hyde Charles, i5, carpenter, Spring Lake. Harbeck Herman F, 5, lumberman, Ferrysburg. Hammond Chas, painter, Spring Lake. (See adv p 228.) J Jonsema Ides, 4, farmer, Ferrysburg. Jeffers Harrison, 24, dairy, Spring Lake. Johnston Thomas, I6, boiler manfr, Ferrysburg. Johnston John W, I6, boiler manfr, Ferrysburg. Janinga Evert, 26, farmer, Spring Lake. Johnston Bros, boiler shops, Ferrysburg. (See adv p 230.) Joscelyn Guy, 15, boatman, Spring Lake. Jones Wm H, Spring Lake. K Kay Charles M, 24, lawyer, justice, Spring Lake. Kneudson Andrew, I6. locksmith, Ferrysburg. Knol Hilderbrant, 4, farmer, Spring Lake. Kooning Meno R, 26, farmer, Spring Lake. Kuipers Harm, 8, farmer, Ferrysburg. Kruizenga Derk, o1, farmer, Spring Lake. Klouw Cornelius, 15, laborer, Spring Lake. Kenestra Reender, 26, farmer, Spring Lake.

Page  232 232 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF JAY McCLUR, PROPRIETOR OF THE Spring LaK6 Flour' foUM Mill CORNER DIVISION AND BARBER STREETS. Everything New and First-Class in this Mill, and Best Grades of Flour Made. BLfGKSMITfHING IN GONNEGTION. MARiTIN V ALSH, DEALER IN Genrdal Mer61andlse GROWER OF AND DEALER IN Fruits, Vegttables and Farm Products GEN ERAL LY. Potatoes and Onions made a Specialtu. SPRING LfKE, MIG1i. E. PRUIM & SON, DEALERS IN HARDWARE PAINTS, FURNITURE. PICTURE MOULDINGS L Our Fi Suites, Spri] Cost, and F about trade. Cash, hence I AND JNDERTAKING GOODS irniture Department is well stocked with Bed Room ngs, Mattresses, Tables, Chairs, etc. We do not sell at orced Sensations are not resorted to in our store to bring We mean business and are here to stay. We buy for. can sell our goods at Reasonable Prices. E. PRUIM & SON, STATE STRlIT, SPRING LAKE, MICHIGAN.

Page  233 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 233 Katt John 0, 16, farmer, Ferrysburg. Katt John H, 7, merchant, Ferrysburg. Katt Menzo, i6, laborer, Ferrysburg. Kloun Gerrit, 15, laborer, Spring Lake. Kuipers Enno, I6, farmer, Ferrysburg. Klouw Barney, I5, laborer, Spring Lake. Knol Klaas, 13, farmer, Spring Lake. Killeln Mrs E, hotel prop, Spring Lake adv p 228). L (see Lumberg John, I5, captain, Spring Lake. Loosemore Robert, I5, sawyer, Spring Lake. Langland John, i6, bridge tender, Ferrysburg. Lyman Lucius, t6, millwright, Spring Lake. Lovell George G, I I, fmr, lumberman, Spring Lake. M Millard Wm H, 15, butcher, Spring Lake. Miner Thomas, 6, farmer, Ferrysburg. McMaster George, I5, engineer Spring Lake. Mulder Mrs A & Sons, I5, merchants, Spring Lake. Moniger Peter, 25, farmer, Spring Lake. Mahony Jeremiah, I5, section boss, Spring Lake. Mulder John, Spring Lake. McCarty Andrew, I5, farmer, Spring Lake. Molema John, i6, laborer, Ferrysburg. McCluer J, I5, gristmill, Spring Lake (see adv P 232). Moore John J, I5, engineer, Spring Lake. Martin Hiram, 25, farmer, Spring Lake. Martineau Albert, 15, laborer, Spring Lake. Martin Reuben, 24, farmer, Spring Lake. Miller Adolph, 4, farmer, Ferrysburg. Messinger Ormand W, 15, druggist, Spring Lake. McLean Mordecai, 15, harhessmkr, Spring Lake. McCoey Frank, I6, boat builder, Ferrysburg. Myer Hans, 5, farmer, Ferrysburg. Musk Albert, I5, laborer, Spring Lake. Messinger Merrit, 15, filer, Spring Lake. Molson E, 15, barber, Spring Lake. Miller E W, Spring Lake. "I N Northolt Herman, I5, carpenter, Spring Lake. Nienhuis Louis, 4, farmer, Ferrysburg.


Page  235 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 235 Neibor Albert, 9, farmer, Ferrysburg. Nusmer Yelmer, 22, laborer, Spring Lake. Nevils Levi, I5, Spring Lake. N'ewell O W, 15, physician, Spring Lake (see adv p 234). Naberhuis Esje, 5, farmer, Ferrysburg. 0 Oosinga Frederik, 23, farmer, Spring Lake. Otto Albert, 15, tailor, Spring Lake. Osterhoff Roelof, i6, merchant, Ferrysburg. Osterhoff Hessel D, 15, laborer, Spring Lake. Olsen Eric, i6, ship carpenter, Ferrysburg. Olsen Martin, 15, bridge tender, Spring Lake. P Phelps E J, 15, physician, Spring Lake. Priest Milfard, I6, farmer, Ferrysburg. Pool Jacob, I5, shoemaker, Spring Lake. (See adv p 242.) Perry Geo L, 15, mechanic, Spring Lake. Perhain John B, 15, merchant, Spring Lake. (See adv p 238.) Perham Loren O, 15, druggist, Spring Lake. Pruim Enno J, 15, hardware, Spring Lake. Pruim E & Son, hardware, undertakers, Spring Lake. (See adv p 232.) Pruim Klaas J, I5, laborer, Spring Lake. Pryor A B, 3, farmer, Spring Lake. Quinton Anthony, 24, farmer, Spring Lake. Quinton Anthony, 24, farmer, Spring Lake. Robins Wm A, 26, farmer, Spring Lake. Rideout Sylvester S, 15, postmaster, Spring Lake. Ruiter Tome, 4, farmer, Ferrysburg. Reed Asa Jr, I5, calker and carptr, Spring Lake. Rosie John, i6, bridge tender, Ferrysburg. Richardson Benjamin, I5, Filer, Spring Lake. Ruis Martines, o1, farmer, Ferrysburg. Ruiter Bartel, 8, farmer, Ferrysburg. Reender Reenders, 15, sw'g mach agt, Spring Lake. Reitsema Johannes, 22, carpenter, Spring Lake. Rosema Bros, 17, farmers, Ferrysburg. Ruikema John, 26, farmer, Spring Lake.

Page  236 236 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF FLORAL STOCK FARM. SPRING LAKE, MICH. The 11ome of Michiignl's Chlampioll 3-Yo r-O1d, IGeo. St. elair Race Record 2:20 1-4. Quarters at the Rate of 2:08. Foaled April, 1888; in color a bay, stands 16 hands high and weighs 1,200 pounds. As yet he has never drawn less than 200 pounds in the sulky, but, barring accidents, he will start to best the 4-year-old mark in 1892. Those most competent to judge, after carefully considering his limited advantages, back their opinions freely and publicly, and have gone on record as saying that George St. Clair is the greatest, race-colt of his age yet produced. 8lrod b v B1ET 1lt FrOV Sl1tt a speed-producingc son of Geo.o Wilkes, who was out of the great brood mare Mother Lumps, by Pearsall 24.3. The dam of George St. Clair is [II Wind, by Yousug Jm 200, the sire of thirteen t-otters and one pacer, with records f rom 2:19 to 2:30, and of the dams of B urns McGregor 12 yrs.), 2:29; Frenzy (2 yrs.), 2:27%; George St. Clair 13 yrs.), 2:20%, and Kingbolt (4 yrs ), 2:2914. His second dam Is by Hambletonian 10, and his third dam by Black Bashaw. Summed up then, briefly as possible, we find that his blood lines trace twice each to Geo. Wilkes, Henry Clay and Imp Diomed; four times each to Hambletonian 10, Imp. Beilfounder. Young Bashaw and Imp. Grand Bashaw; six times to Abdailla 1;three times to Andrew Jackson; once each to Pearsall, Jupiter, Black Hawk and En-.gineer, and thirty-two times to Imp. Messenger; the whole backed with the bebt of thoroughbred blood and six producing dams, four of them great brood mares. He will make the season of 1892 as the stable companion of hiable Guy at Dowagiac, ich.. at $250. Mares not proving In foal can be returned free next season or money refunded at my option. Hunter Savidge 8952, steel gray horse, foaled June, 1886, stands 16 hands high and weighs 1,200 pounds. Klred by PRALLA14 CHIPE F 2709, Firsit 11am Curiossity. dsm of Beulabh (2:29%l, by Enquiirer, thoroughbred; second dam Mollie Higgins by Joe D)owuning 71 0; third datm by Plere4oia; fourth dam by Robert liruee. Phallas C"hief, by Phs.Iaae 1440 (record 2:13Y4), by Itietator 113. first dam by Lakeland Albdailah 3.iI. Phallas 2:133/, dam Betsy Trotwood, by Clark Chief 89. Will make the season at the Floral Stock Farm at $50 the season, with usual return privilege. H. J. S. 8t579, black roan horse, foaled July 18344, 15% hands high and weighs 1,100 nounds. Sired by William Ryt~dyk 527. sire of Robt. IRysdyk 2:13%, Beulah -2:29Y4, and three others with records f rom 2:25% to 2-27%. One son the sire of Mab 2:27 and of the dams of Motor 2:29Y2 and Grit 2:29%. First, second, third and fourth dams same as Hunter Savidge 8952. Will make the season of 1892 at $25, with usual return privilege. Both Hunter Savidge and H. J. S, are for sale at one-half their value, and both should have colts,enter the charmed circle this season. Among the brood mares the visitor can find Curiosity, by Enquirer, dam by Joe Donning 710: Beulab 2:29%, trial 2:21, by William Rysdyk 527, first dam Curiosity; Nellie S., by Win. B. Hamilton son of Cuyler 100, dam the dam of Charley Hilton 2:17%i; Owosso Queen, by Byerly's Abdallah, first dam by Rook Miranda; May. dlower, by Win. Rysdyk, first dam Lottie Bell:, Lizzie Shore, by Louis Napoleon 207, first dam NIllie S.; Nettle Savidge, by Louis Napoleon, first dam Nellie S.; Dahlia, by Frank Rowell 5276; first dam'Owo-4so Quett:i; At nita Blaine, by Ambassador 2:21%, first dam Beulah 2:29%, by William Ityadyk 527; and Lorna Doone, by Hunter Savidge, dam Nellie S., by Win. B. Hamilton. For tabulated pedigrees and further information address THOMAS SAVIDGE, PROP.

Page  237 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 237 S Short U M, 15, physician, Spring Lake. Staal Hendrik, 9, farmer, Ferrygburg. Spring Lake Basket Mfg Co, 15, basket factory, Spring Lake. Sheldon Cornelius, 15, horseman, Spring Lake. Stark Hildbrant, 22, farmer, Spring Lake. Staple John, 15, laborer, Spring Lake. Schwab George, 24, grocer, Spring Lake. Seagrove George, 14, farmer, Spring Lake. Stroebe Chas, 9, merchant, postmtr, Ferrysburg. Shoemaker Michael, 15, filer, Spring Lake. Slinger Jacob, I5, laborer, Spring Lake. Savidge Wm, lumberman, Spring Lake. Stark George, I5, laborer, Spring Lake. Stark Bernardes, 15, laborer, Spring Lake. Slager Jacob, I5, farmer, Spring Lake. Spring Lake Clinker Boat Mfg Co, I5, boat builders, Spring Lake. Sutherly Charles, 6, farmer, Ferrysburg. Savidge Thomnas, 25, stock raiser, Spring Lake (see adv p 236). Stratman Johannes, i6, laborer, Ferrysburg. Smith Hezekiah, 9, farmer, Ferrysburg. Stark Chancy, 15, carpenter, Spring Lake. Smith Theodore, painter, Spring Lake (see adv p 242). Sessions Frederick, 22, agent, Spring Lake. Strating Walter, 4, farmer, Ferrysburg. Siekman Louis, 15, laborer, Spring Lake. Safford Joseph, 2, farmer, Spring Lake. Spring Lake House, resort hotel, Spring Lake (see adv p 240). T Thayer Martin, 15, boat builder, Spring Lake. Tasche Frederick, 23, farmer, Spring Lake. Trotter Richard, 15, carpenter, Spring Lake. Thorp Henry, Io, farmer, Spring Lake. Taylor George, 13, farmer, Spring Lake. Tobeson Charles, 12, farmer, Spring Lake. V Visser Martin P, 15, farmer, Spring Lake. Vos Onne, 22, laborer, Spring Lake. 11

Page  238 238 238 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF DEALER IN GROCERMES?RO VISIONS C-:rockery, GlIasswvare MEWS', YOUTHiS' WiMD GtIILDREN'S RE~ADY-MADIZ CLOTHING, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Gents' f~urnishingj Goods. TRUNKS AND VALISES,9 CARPETSW YANKEE NOTIONS,9 And all goods usually kept in a PlFRST-CLASS GE~NERAL STORE~j. Cash~ or Trade paid for Butter. E~ggs and rarmers' Produce. Jo B. PERHAM, S P1 IING LT AKE, MICHIGrAN.

Page  239 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 239 Vercade John P, 22, farmer, Spring Lake. Vanderwal Dowe, 22, laborer, Spring Lake. Vandermolen Alfred, 15, laborer, Spring Lake. Vanderwagen Age, 9 farmer, Ferrysburg. Vos Warner R, I5, millwright, Spring Lake. Vegter John, Ferrysburg. Volmer George, 25, farmer, Spring Lake. Vandyke Klaas, I5, laborer, Spring Lake. Vink Hermanes, 26, farmer, Spring Lake. Vos Anthony, 15, laborer, Spring Lake. Vroma Jurien, 15, laborer, Spring Lake. Vanderwal Remke J, 13, farmer, Spring Lake. Vos John, 15, butcher, Spring Lake. Vanderkolk L J, I6, boilermaker, Ferrysburg. Welch James, 14, farmer, Spring Lake. Wissink Henry, 23, farmer, Spring Lake. Wallace Wm, 15, railway agent, Spring Lake. Westenhuis John, i6, farmer, Ferrysburg. W\ooley Stephen, 15, laborer, Spring Lake. Wilde James, I6, boilermaker, Spring Lake. Walsh Martill, 15, gen merchant, Spring Lake. (See adv p 232.) Wilson Frank S, 15, telegraph operator, Spring Lake. \\Wills John, 25, farmer, Spring Lake. Warber, Charles, 25, farmer, Spring Lake. Wood Alexander, I5, blacksmith, Spring Lake. (See adv p 242.) Wagenmaker Roelof, 23, farmer, Spring Lake. Wilson Hans, 25, farmer, Spring Lake. Williams Merriman, 24, farmer, Spring Lake. Wierenga Jacob, 23, farmer, Spring Lake. Wills Henry, 25, farmer, Spring Lake. Winn James, i, farmer, Spring Lake. Werkman Reenders, 23, farmer, Spring Lake. White O D, 15, butcher, Spring Lake. Winn John J, 13, farmer. Spring Lake. Wagenaar Wm, 22, farmer, Spring Lake. Weller George, 2, farmer, Spring Lake. Weller Clarence, II, farmer, Spring Lake. Wilde Charles, 15, drayman, Spring Lake.

Page  240 WHERE WILL YOU * SPEND THrin ake se SPRING LAKE, SUMMER? AT THE hk Couse MICH. — _ -:L ADVANTAGES OF SPRING LAKE. ACCESSIBILITY. Only a few hours ride by Rail or Boat from Chicago. BEAUTY OF SURROUNDI NGS. It is the Gem of Michigan Lakes AM USEM ENTS Fishing, boating, yachting,lawn tennis, billiards,bowling,&c. HEALTH. The Hotel Co. own the Finest Mineral pring in America. ECONOMY. Fare only $2 50, including stateroom from Chicago. CLIMATE. Is Unequalled, WIlLKINS BROS., Froprictm.S 6OfltRLb6 t. SOUTftWIGK, Manager,

Page  241 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 24I Y Yellier Derk, I6, farmer, Ferrysburg. Yurk Peter, 12, farmer, Spring Lake. Young George Sr, 25, farmer, Spring Lake. Yonker Henry F, 9, carpenter, Ferrysburg. Yonker Klaas, i6, farmer, Ferrysburg. z Zaph Frederik, 24, shoemaker, Spring Lake. Zuidema Albert, 4, farmer, Ferrysburg. Zimmer Matthew, 15, sawyer, Spring Lake. Castle John, I5, hotel propr, Spring Lake (see adv p 242.) >. Vii

Page  242 242 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF T. D. SMITH, I eouse i Darria e P in tinG PftPER HftNGING, DEGORATING, ETG. SPRINGx LAKE,9 MICH. ALEX. WOOD, BlacGKsmitliln and wao0onmalinf GENERAL REPAIRING, HORSESHOEING. Spring Lake, Michigan. 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE. fQideodt Iodbse. SPRING LAKE. MICH. JOHN CASTLE, PROPRIETOR. B with C to Spn SR Rep I~0:w oard by the Day or Week at Lowest Prices consistent 7ood Fare. Remember the Rideout House zewen you go ing Lake. F-J c> cz L. HOE MAKEI. lairing and Gustom-Made Work. SPRING LUKE, MWIGh.,

Page  243 ThLMBDGE TOWNSHIP. LAMONT CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes. Gunstre John. Squiers M L. Groceries. Moore Marshall. Blacksmith Shop. Kramer D. Wagon Shop. Fuller A M. Jeweler and Gunsmith. Rogers Henry. Picket aud Handle Factory. Tucker Robert. Physician. Hopkins John W, M D. Lamont Hotel. [NOTE.-The following alphabetical list gives the name,section, occupation and postoffice address of each permanent male resident in the township. By comparing the number of the section with figures upon the map, you can immediately find the residence of any man whose name appears in the list.] A Angell D M, section 17, farmer, Lamont. Allen Frank, 7, ferryman, Lamont. Alford Charles, 22, farmer, Talmadge. Alford George, 22, farmer, Talmadge. B Bigam Thomas, 7, farmer, Iamont. [243]

Page  244 244 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Burdick Daniel, 7, farmer, Lamont. Balfour James, 15, farmer, Talmadge. Burch George, i6, farmer, Talmadge. Ballard Elias, ii, farmer, Berlin. Bronner George, 14, farmer, Berlin. Bronkema Roleff, 14, farmer, Berlin. Baldwin Chancy, 34, farmer, Berlin. Baldwin Frank, 34, farmer, Berlin. Baxter Lendal, 29, farmer, Elgin. Breed H A, 28, farmer, Talmadge. Burydich M, 26, farmer, Talmadge. Bassett Henry W, 6, farmer, Lamont. Burrell Louisa, 5, farmer, Berlin. Baukema Peter, 36, farmer, Talmadge. Borker Albert, i, farmer, Talmadge. Combs Dennis, 5, farmer, Lamont. Combs Maria, 7, farmer, Lamont. Corbett Ruel, 7, farmer, Lamont. Craig Dora, 7, farmer, Lamont. Caise Daniel, 7, farmer, Lamont. Coe Alfred, 7, farmer, Lamont. Coe Burt, 7, farmer, Lamont. Crystler David, 22, farmer, Talmadge. Crystler Edward, 22, farmer, Talmadge. Cross Hiram, 23, farmer, Talmadge. Craig James, 21, farmer, Elgin. Craig Andrew,. 2I, farmer, Elgin. Cross Isaac; 15, farmer, Lamont. Cross John, I8, farmer, Lamont. Cooper Peter, 22, farmer, Talmadge. Connell John, 24, farmer, Talmadge. Crowley Daniel, 24, farmer, Talmadge. Crowley Jeremiah, 24, farmer, Talmadge. Conolly Wm, 36, farmer, Talmadge. Cross Hiram, 14, farmer, Talmadge. Cross James A, 14, farmer, Talmadge. Church Roswell, 28, farmer, Talmadge. Cole Rollin, 23, farmer, Talmadge. Clark John, 28, farmer, Elgin. Clark Bros, 27, farmers, Talmadge. Champion Daniel, i, farmer, Berlin.,Clinson Newman, i, farmer, Talmadge.

Page  245 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 245 Curtis Michael, 12, farmer, Berlin. Conolly William, 35, farmer, Talmadge. Chappell Philo, 35, farmer, Talmadge. Cross Royal S, 14, farmer, Talmadge. Cross James A, 14, farmer, Talmadge. D Dykstra Bros, 7, farmers, Lamont. Delaney John, 24, farmer, Talmadge. Dickerson H L, 12, farmer, Berlin. Devowe Frank, farmer, Elgin. Dudley Cyrus, 20, farmer, Elgin. Dudley Clarence, 21, farmer, Talmadge. Douris James, 28, farmer, Talmadge. Duthiewicy Martin, 26, farmer, Talmadge. Dombus Isaac, 12, farmer, Lamont. Dickerson Frank, 2, farmer, Berlin Dickinson W W, 2, farmer, Berlin. Dickerson Fred, 2, farmer, Berlin. Doud Ransom, 4, farmer, Berlin. Dean Patrick, 3, farmer, Berlin. Doyle Bros, 12, farmers, Berlin. Dent John, 12, farmer, Berlin. E Ellis James, 15, farmer, Lamont, Eddington, William, 25, farmer, Talmadge. Evans William, 12, farmer, Berlin. Egan James, 2, farmer, Berlin. F Fuller O F, 7, farmer, Lamont. Fuller Alanson, 7, farmer, Lamont. Friar Martin, io, farmer, Berlin. Friar Frank, io, farmer, Berlin. Friar Thomas, 9, farmer, Talmadge. Friar Bernard, 13, farmer, Berlin. Fuller Nathan, II, farmer, Berlin. Fuller George, XI, farmer, Berlin. Faulkner Patrick, 27, farmer, Talmadge. Friz A J, 28, farmer, Elgin. Fuller Bargillia, i, firmer, Berlin. Friar Roger, o1, farmer, Talmadge. Faulkner Patrick, 22, farmer, Talmadge.

Page  246 246 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Gunstra John, 7, merchant, Lamont. Gregg C E, 7, farmer, Lamont. Graves Allen, 7, farmer, Lamont. Grinnell Allen, 8, farmer, Lamont. Gleadell James, 16, farmer, Lamont. Goodenow Isaiah, 9, Berlin. Goodale Thomas, 25, farmer, Talmadge. Goodale Lawrence, 25, farmer, Talmadge. Gill L W, I4, farmer, Berlin. Golden John, 27, farmer, Talmadge. Gorman James, 35, farmer, Talmadge. Goued William A, 12, farmer, Berlin. Grutzviller Anthony, 4, farmer, Berlin. Goodall Lawrence, 36, farmer, Talmadge. H Hopkins J W Dr, 7, physician, Lamont. Hedges Adison, 7, farmer, Lamont. Hill Ruth, 7, farmer, Lamont. Hatch Burt, 6, farmer, Lamont. Hedges Stephen, 17, farmer, Lamont. Hoys Homer, I6, farmer, Talmage. Heileman George, I6, farmer, Talmadge. Heileman Albert, I6, farmer, Talmadge. Hedges Osborn J, 9, farmer, Talmadge. Hass Wm E, iI, farmer, Berlin. Hatch George, 34, farmer, Talmadge. Hatch G E Jr, 33, farmer,,Talmadge. Harm Harvey, 28, farmer, Talmadge. Handloyten Henry, 6, farmer, Lamont. Hughes Phillip, 3, farmer, Berlin. Hand James A, 4, farmer, Berlin. Hendricks Lawrence, 12, farmer, Berlin. Huntley John, i, farmer, Berlin. Harmsen Henry, i, farmer, Lamont. Handloyten Henry, 6, farmer, Lamont. Hendricks Lawrence, 12, farmer, Talmadge. Huntley John, i, farmer, Talmadge. K Kooistra Frank K, 8, farmer, Lamont. Kooistra M, 8, farmer, Lamont. Kramer Douwe, 7, farmer, Lamont. King John, Io, farmer, Lamont.

Page  247 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 247 Kelley John, io, farmer, Lamont. Kishman Michael, ii, farmer, Berlin. King Patrick, I, farmer, Berlin. Keech William, 12, farmer, Berlin. Kimble Leander, 13, farmer, Berlin. Kensella Dennis, 35, farmer, Talmadge. Kemps Frederick, 34, farmer, Talmadge. Kwialkowski Staius, 27, farmer, Talmadge. Kennedy John, 8, farmer, Lamont. L Lynn Elbert, 7, farmer, Lamont. Lord Francis, i6, farmer, Talmadge. Lynn Walter, I, farmer, Lamont. Luther John A, 5, farmer, Lamont. Lawton Lewis, 6, farmer, Lamont. Lillie Colon C, 5, farmer, Coopersville. M Moore Marshall, 7, groceries, Lamont. Maxfield Edwin, 8, farmer, Lamont. Mickam Charles, 8, farmer, Lamont. Malone Peter, 17, farmer; Lamont. Miller Cyrus, 7, farmer, Lamont. Maxfield John, 8, farmer, Lamont. Mickam L D, 17, farmer, Lamont. Mickam Malcolm, I6, farmer, Lamont. Monroe James, I5, farmer, Lamont. Masterson John, 26, farmer, Talmadge. Millard William, 11, farmer, Berlin. Malcolm James, 13, farmer, Berlin. Monroe William, 14, farmer, Berlin. McNamara Patrick, 13, farmer, Berlin. M\ais Peter, 28, farmer, Talmadge. Maroty William, 34, farmer, Talmadge. Mahar John, 3, farmer, Berlin. Molloy John, 3, farmer, Berlin. Markam Chancy, I, farmer, Berlin. McMahon John, I, Berlin. N Nichols William, 7, farmer, Lamont. Nichol Joseph Jr, 13, farmer, Talmadge. O O'Brien Patrick Sr, 24, farmer, Talmadge.

Page  248 I 248 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF O'Brien Stephen, 24, farmer, Talmadge. O'Brien Patrick Jr, 24, farmer, Talmadge. O'Neil Dennis, 12, farmer, Berlin. O'Heran Dominick, I, farmer, Berlin. O'Heran Thomas, 2, farmer, Berlin. O'Heran Francis J, 2, farmer, Berlin. P Phillips Jacob, 5, mill owner and farmer, Lamont. Phillips Nicholas, 5, farmer, Lamont. Porter Edwin, I5, farmer, Lamont. Pelton R H, 23, farmer, Talmadge. Perrin Alfred, I2, farmer, Berlin. Palmer Joseph, 28, farmer, Elgin. Patterson A M, 34, farmer, Talmadge. Padden Patrick, 5, farmer, Berlin. Pierce Levi, 5, farmer, Berlin. Pike William, 5, farmer, Berlin. Parmenter James, 4, farmer, Berlin. Pelton Ephriam, 36, farmer, Talmadge. Parmenter Ephriam, Talmadge. Q Quigley Amos, 36, farmer, Talmadge. R Randall Reuben, 7, carpenter, Lamont. Rice Bethuel, 7, justice of peace, Lamont. Robinson J J, 7, farmer, Lamont. Randall Benjamin, 7, farmer, Lamont. Root Warren S, postmaster, merchant, miller, Talmadge. Rice Norman, 12, farmer, Berlin. Rodgers Henry, 7, watchm'kr, gunsmith, Lamont. Roberts William, i, farmer, Berlin. S Scanlon Michael, 7, farmer, Lamont. Simmonds Oliver, 7, carpenter, Lamont. Stark George, 7, farmer, Lamont. Sutton John, 7, farmer,Lamont. Smith E W, 21, farmer, Talmadge. St. John Richard, 23, farmer, Talmadge. Stratton S D, 1, farmer, Berlin. Stoddard William, 20, farmer, Elgin.

Page  249 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 249 Stafford William, 7, farmer, Lamont. Strovenjens J, 6, farmer, Lamont. Snyder John, 12, farmer, Berlin. T Tucker Robert, 7, farmer, Lamont. Thompson Edward, I5, farmer, Lamont. Thirkettle Emanuel, 14, farmer, Talmadge. Tooley Robert, 20, farmer, Elgin. Tripp Charles, 27, farmer, Talmadge. Temple Peter, 12, farmer, Lamont. Temple Henry, 12, farmer, Lamont. Turner J W A, i, farmer, Berlin. Turner John A, i, farmer, Berlin. v Visser Leonard, 33, farmer, Talmadge. Van De Ploeg Douwe, 32, farmer, Talmadge. Vlugt Wopke, 33, farmer, Talmadge. Vandercingle Peter, 12, farmer, Lamont. Velzy Frank, 6, farmer, Lamont. Vandercingle Peter. Vandenhoten Martin, 7, farmer, Lamont. Vogle Joseph, 12, farmer, Berlin. Vanslyck C A, 4, farmer, Lamont. w Walling Millard, 7, farmer, Lamont. Weatherwax John, 7, butcher, Lamont. Waters Henry, 7, farmer, Lamont. White Bros, 23, farmer, Talmadge. Williams William, ii, farmer, Talmadge. Williams Gert, 12, farmer, Berlin. Whittam Richard, 6, farmer, Lamont. Walker Bros, I, farmer, Berlin. Walsh James, 3, farmer, Berlin. Walsh John, 3, farmer, Berlin. Walsh William, 3, farmer, Berlin. Woodman F B, 3, farmer, Berlin. Woodman H, 19, farmer, Lamont. Walling Elihu, 7, farmer, Lamont. Wheeler John, 36, farmer, Talmadge.

Page  250 WRIGHT TOWNSHIP. BERLIN CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Druggist. McCulloch R B. Dry Goods and Groceries. Lawton W R. Mead J W. Hardware. Raymond Joseph. Robinson M M. Harness Maker. Monroe S. Meat Market. Kennedy E. Hotels. Berlin House, William Willard, prop. Fiske House, Mrs J Fiske, prop. Blacksmith Shop. Stroh C E. Grist Mill. t Burl Cha] Haa ing Bros ppell R s Benj.,. Wool Dealer. S. Grain Elevator. A Armock Tebault, section 2, farmer, Wright. Arthur Wm W, 7, farmer, Wright. Averill Charles, I9, farmer, Reno. Allen Daniel, I9, farmer, Coopersville. Ayer Rev Josiah, 22, farmer, Herrington. Arnock Christopher, 25, farmer, Berlin. Apps John, 35, farmer, Berlin. B Bower Joseph, i, farmer, Wright. [250]

Page  251 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 251I 1) Bean John, 5, farmer, Conklin. Barigar Eli H, 5, farmer, Conklin. Babcock John F, 6, farmer, Conklin. Brill John, 8, farmer, Conklin. Brugal Adam, 8, farmer, Conklin. Bargewell Frederick, 9, farmer, Reno. Bullard Asa, io, farmer, Reno. Brown Peter, 13, farmer, Wright. Barranoski Joseph, 13, farmer, Herrington. Brace Horace, 15, farmer, Herrington. Brown Stewart L, 15, farmer, Berlin. Brittain Walter, I5, farmer, Reno. Bauman Benuel, 22, farmer, Reno. Brittain Anson, 22, farmer, Reno. Burlingame George H, 23, farmer, Herrington. Barronoski Joseph Sr, 25, farmer, Herrington. Bingham John Sr, 26, farmer, Berlin. Bingham John Jr, 35, farmer, Berlin. Brace Julius, 27, farmer, Herrington. Bresnahan Thomas, 28, farmer, Berlin. Burke James and Patrick, 28, farmers, Berlin. Bresnahan Timothy, 29, farmer, Berlin. Buckley M T, 34, farmer, Berlin. Burling Seymour S, 34, miller. Berlin. Bauman Joseph S, 36, miller, Berlin. Brittain Henry, 9, Conklin. Barden Alfred, 35, laborer, Berlin. c Cramer Henry, 2, farmer, Wright. Carlisle Richard, 5, farmer, Conklin. Card M L, 9, farmer, Conklin. Collar Charles T, 17, farmer, Coopersville. Collar Augustin, 17, farmer, Coopersville. Collar Allen P, 17, farmer, Coopersville. Conklin George, I8, farmer, Coopersville. Cramer James, 20, farmer, Coopersville. Chittick Samuel, 20, farmer, Coopersville. Covey Joseph, 20, general store, Reno. Clayton Aaron J, 26, farmer, Herrington. Cunningham Timothy, 28, farmer, Berlin. Cole Lucian A, 34, farmer, Berlin. Cole Ira A, 34, farmer, Berlin. Cole Charles E, 34, farmer, Berlin.

Page  252 252 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Champion Daniel C, 36, farmer, Berlin. Chappell R S, 35, dealer in wool, Berlin. Chappell C E, 35, physician, Berlin. D Deitrich Joseph, i, farmer, Wright. Deitrich John, 12, farmer, Wright. Deitrich Victor A, 13, farmer, Wright. Dunning Carpenter, 15, farmer, Reno. Dillon Edward, 17, farmer, Reno. Davis Irwin, 17, farmer, Coopersville. Dunning Charles, I8, farmer, Coopersville. Doyle James, 21, farmer, Reno. Dickerson Laster, 22, farmer, Reno. Dressander Jacob, 24, farmer, Herrington. Dillon William, 28, farmer, Herrington. De Cook Rickle, 31, farmer, Coopersville. Danforth Chester, 34, farmer, Berlin. Dayton John T, Dr, 35, farmer, Berlin. E Emmons Charles, 3, farmer, Conklin. Emmons Theron, 3, farmer, Conklin. Ellcey Charles F, 6, farmer, Conklin. Esner Hiram H. 16, farmer, Reno. Edge John, 27, farmer, Berlin. Everhart Samuel, 35, wagonmaker, Berlin. F Finkler John, 8, farmer, Conklin. Fritz Joseph, 8, farmer, Wright. Finkler Henry, 14, farmer, Wright. Farrell John, i6, farmer, Reno. Fox Calvin, 21, farmer, Herrington. Flemming Michael, 21, farmer, Berlin. Flemming Edward, 21, farmer, Berlin. Farrell Kieran, 27, farmer, Berlin. Fuller Mark, 35, farmer, Berlin. Fox Silas, 36, farmer, Berlin. G Griner Charles, i, farmer, Wright. Griner Fred, i, farmer, Wright. Griner Theodore, I, farmer, Wright. Griner Fred Jr, I, farmer, Wright. 4 I -;,

Page  253 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 253 Garter Fred, 6, farmer, Conklin. Gilbert Warren, 7, farmer, Coopersville. Gross Charles, Ii, farmer, Wright. George F F, 20, farmer, Reno. Grand Rapids Stave Co, 23, barrel factory, Herrington. Gillett Albert, 23, farmer, Herrington. Gillett William, 26, farmer, Herrington. Garter Thomas, 26, farmer, Berlin. Gavin William and Michael, 33, farmer, Berlin. H Host Michael, 2, farmer, Wright. Host Joseph, 2, farmer, Wright. Host Anthony, 2, farmer, Wright. Hibel Jacob, 2, farmer, Wright. Hastings Seymour, 4, farmer, Conklin. Higley Charles, 4, farmer, Conklin. Harris Aaron, 5, farmer, Conklin. Harris Benton, 5, farmer, Conklin. Haas Geo W, 7, farmer, Coopersville. Haas Benj F, 7, farmer, Coopersville. Hooper George, 7, farmer, Coopersville. Haas Fred, 8, farmer, Coopersville. Horter Charles, 13, farmer, Wright. Houlihan Thomas, I6, farmer, Reno. Hamilton B F, 19, farmer, Coopersville. Higley Emulous, 20, farmer, Coopersville. Holmes Frank W, 20, farmer, Coopersville. Hughes John, 21, farmer, Coopersville. Huntley G M, 22, station agent, Reno. Herrington P 0, 23, mill and elevator, Herrington. Hendershot Daniel, 24, farmer, Herrington. Hughes John, 28, farmer, Berlin. Hughes Patrick, 29, farmer, Berlin. Hamilton Paul, 31, farmer, Lamont. Haas Penjamin B, 35, Berlin. Hurst Benjamin, 35, railway agent, Berlin. 1 Irish Alfred W, 3, farmer, Conklin. Irish A A, 4, farmer, Conklin. J Judson Charles, 29, farmer, Coopersville.

Page  254 254 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF K Krupp Jacob, i, farmer, Wright. Kluting Joseph, IO, farmer, Reno. Krupp Daniel, 12, farmer, Wright. Knauff George, 15, farmer, Reno. Kelley Wm H, 23, farmer, Herrington. Kelley John W, 26, farmer, Herrington. Kennedy Ellsworth, 34, meat market, Berlin. Kettle Wm, 6, farmer, Conklin. Kettle Peter, 6, farmer, Conklin. L 'Lothschintz Michael, i, farmer, Wright. Laferski Michael, 2, farmer, Wright. Lillie Edward F, 6, farmer, Conklin. Lane George, 7, farmer, Coopersville. Lothschintz Peter A, II, farmer, Coopersville. Link John, I4,';farmer, Wright. Lawton Irvin, |8, farmer, Coopersville. Lillie Timothy, 20, farmer, Berlin. Lillibridge Alden, 25, farmer, Herrington. Lawton Chester, 29, farmer, Coopersville. Lawton George, 30, farmer, Coopersville. Lawton Harvey S, 30, farmer, Coopersville. Lawton Perley, 30, farmer, Coopersville. Lillie Clinton, 31, farmer, Coopersville. Lillie Colon C, 32, farmer, Coopersville. Luther James, 32, farmer, Lamont. Lee Henry, 33, farmer, Berlin. Lillibridge Wm J, 35, farmer, Berlin. Lillibridge Chauncey A, 36, farmer, Berlin. Lillibridge Wm A, 36, farmer, Berlin. Lee Nathaniel, 35, clerk, Berlin. Lawton Wellington, 34, merchant, Berlin. M McWilliams Nelson, 3, farmer, Conklin. Mills Marshal B, 6, farmer, Coopersville. Maycroft Wm, 6, farmer, Conklin. McKay Warren, 9, farmer, Coopersville. Mueller Peter, 12, farmer, Wright. Miller Michael, 12, farmer, Wright. Morehead Thomas A, 14, farmer, Reno. McKay Leartus, i8, farmer, Coopersville. s

Page  255 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 255 Meyers Albert, 20, farmer, Herrington. McClure Orrin, 23, farmer, Herrington. Martin Andrew, 24, farmer, Herrington. Markham James B, 25, farmer, Berlin. Markham Chauncey A, 25, farmer, Berlin. Miller Peter, 26, farmer, Berlin. Martin Reuben, 27, farmer, Berlin. Mohns Fred, 32, farmer, Coopersville. Mangan Thomas, 33, farmer, Berlin. Mangan Peter, 28, farmer, Berlin. Molloy Thomas, 33, farmer, Berlin. Monroe Stanley, 35, harnessmaker, Berlin. McCann Orlando M B, 36, farmer, Berlin. Marvin Stiles D, 35, farmer, Berlin. Murphy James, 35, farmer, Berlin. Mead John W, 35, dry goods, postmaster, Berlin. Mitchell Ambrose, 35, carpenter, Berlin. McCulloch Thomas J, 35, blacksmith, Berlin. McCulloch Chas E, 35, carpenter, Berlin. McCulloch A E, 35, clerk, Berlin. McCulloch R B, 35, druggist, Berlin. Murphy Thomas, 23, farmer, Herrington. N Noble C B, I6, Reno. Nallis James, 2I, farmer, Berlin. Norton William L, 35, farmer, Berlin. o Overholt Jacob, 5, farmer, Conklin. O'Brien Daniel, 17, farmer, Coopersville. O'Brien Wm, 17, farmer, Coopersville. O'Brien John, I9, farmer, Coopersville. O'Donnell John, 23, farmer, Herrington. O'Hearn Bernard, 34, farmer, Berlin. P Preston Reuben, 3, farmer, Conklin. Pratt Aaron C, 5, farmer, Conklin. Pratt Emory 0, 7, farmer, Coopersville. Parmenter Amos, 9, farmer, Conklin. Pierce Edward, 18, farmer, Coopersville. Pierce Marshall S, 19, farmer, Coopersville. Purdy Jason, 22, farmer, Herrington. Purdy Frank, 22, farmer, Herrington.

Page  256 f I 256 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Pierce Sherman, 22, farmer, Herrington. Powers John, 28, farmer, Berlin. Powers Walter, 28, farmer, Berlin. Park John M, 3I, farmer, Lamont. Prendergast Michael, 33, farmer, Berlin. Prendergast Henry, 33, farmer, Berlin. Pool Asa, 35, farmer, Berlin. Ploughman James, 36, farmer, Berlin. Ploughman Hugh, 36, farmer, Berlin. Pell Robert E, 35, farmer, Berlin. II Rasch Alois, i, farmer, Wright. Rogers Isaac, 4, farmer, Conklin. Raddamacher Frank, 9,'farmer, Conklin. Rogers James H, 9, farmer, Conklin. Rasch Adolph, 13, farmer, Wright. Root Ephraim H, 19, farmer, Coopersville. Root James E, I9, farmer, Coopersville. Root James E, I9, farmer, Coopersville. Rolph Horace, 20, farmer, Coopersville. Reagan Patrick, 35, farmer, Berlin. Robson M M, 35, hardware, Berlin. Roseberrv Isaac, 34, laborer, Berlin. Raymond Joseph, 34, hardware, Berlin. Raddamacher John, postmaster, Wright. s Schoenborn Henry, 2, farmer, Wright. Schoenborn Lewis, 3, farmer, Wright. Schoenborn Joseph, 3, farmer, Wright. Scott James, 6, farmer, Conklin. Squier Horace C, 7, farmer, Coopersville. Sickles A D, 8, farmer, Coopersville. Sanford John H, 8, farmer, Berlin. Stephens Samuel, 9, farmer, Reno. Stephens Cornelius, 8, farmer, Reno. Shoemacher Jacob, IO, farmer, Wright. Schneider John, II, farmer, Wright. Shuster Henry E, I2, farmer, Wright. Schwallier Stephen, 14, farmer, Wright. Schwallier John, 14, farmer, Wright. Sivers Wm H, 14, farmer, Reno. Starks Leslie, I5, farmer, Reno.

Page  257 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 257 Schoenborn Conrad, 15, farmer, Reno. Starks Albert, i6, farmer, Reno. Stephens Joseph, 16, farmer, Reno. Sevey Wm C, 20, farmer, Coopersville. Starkes Edward, 22, farmer, Reno. Siviers Sanford, 23, postmaster, Reno. Seavy & Harrington, 23, general merchants, Herrington. Seavy George, 26, merchant, postmr, Herrington. Sheldon Suel A, 25, farmer, Berlin. Squire Charles, 29, farmer, Coopersville. Slaughter Silas, 30, farmer, Coopersville. Streeter Edward, 30, farmer, Coopersville. Streeter Henry, 30, farmer, Coopersville. Shire Samuel, 29, farmer, Berlin. Shimmel A E, 35, physician, Berlin. Shimmel Edward, 35, farmer, Berlin. Spoor Henry, 35, farmer, Berlin. Stroh Conrad, 34, blacksmith, Berlin. T Thomas Albert, 5, Conklin. Terwilliger Chas H, i6, farmer, Reno. Terry Lyman, 17, farmer, Coopersville. Titus Lester A, I9, farmer, Coopersville. Tyman John, 21, farmer, Berlin. Taylor Moses E, 32, farmer, Berlin. Teft Eugene, 29, farmer, Coopersville. U Umlor John, 2, farmer, Wright. Umlor William, 14, farmer, Wright. V Van Wiltenburg Henry, 4, farmer, Conklin. Vreeland Charles, I8, farmer, Coopersville. Vandervoort Charles, 22, blacksmith, Reno. Voorhees James, 35, blacksmith, Berlin. w Wood Henry, 9, farmer, Reno. Wolverton Amos, 10, farmer, Reno. Walcott Albert, i1, farmer, Berlin. Weisen Peter, 13, farmer, Wright. Walcott Lyman, 14, farmer, Berlin. xix

Page  258 258 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Wolverton Vinson, 15, farmer, Reno. Walcott Elijah, 18, farmer, Berlin. Wright Richard, 20, farmer, Coopersville. Wilde Thomas, 20, farmer, Herrington. Wasson John, 22, farmer, Reno. Woodman Reuben, 22, farmer, Herrington. Weatherbee Albert and Roland, 22, farmers, Herrington. Wells D C, 23, farmer, Berlin. Wells Charles, 23, farmer, Berlin. Wilde Frank, 26, farmer, Herrington. Walcott Elijah, 27, farmer, Berlin. Ward L C, 30, farmer, Berlin. Woodworth Lewis H T, 32, farmer, Coopersville. Walsh William, 33, farmer, Berlin. Woodman Albert, 34, farmer, Berlin. Wells Arlington, 34, farmer, Berlin. Weaver Theodore, 35, farmer, Berlin. Walker Isaac C, 36, farmer, jeweler, gunsmith, Berlin. Wood Samuel H, 35, paper hanger, Berlin. Wells William, 35, deputy postmaster, Berlin. z Zimmer Nicholas, 12, farmer, Wright. Zahm John, 13, farmer, Wright. Zahm Julius, 23, farmer, Herrington. Zahm George, 24, farmer, Wright. Zahm Anthony, 33, farmer, Berlin.

Page  259 ZEELIND) VILLflGE DIREGTORY. Aling Lukas, retired. Baert Daniel, doctor. Barendse Arnolt, retired farmer. Benjamin Pieter, retired merchant. Bergmans Cornelius, painter. Boone Cornelius, horseman. Boone Egbert, merchant. Boone Hendrik J, farmer. Boone & De Vries, merchants. Boone Jacobus, carpenter. Boonstra Frank, clothier. Borst Peter, teacher. Bos Libbe, teamster. Bos Leeuwe, blacksmith. Bosch Fred, retired. Brouwe Sikke, cheesemaker. Brusse Gerrit, merchant. Brusse Peter, merchant. Buwalda P J, merchant. Caton & De Kruif, horse breeders (see adv p 260). De Jonge J C, harnessmaker. De Bruyn Robert, wagonmaker. De Jorge: Wm, retired farmer. Dekker D H, merchant. De Koster Jacob, farmer. De Kruif Antollie, druggist (see adv p 260). De Kruif Wm, clerk. De Kruif Henry Sr, farmer. De Kruif Henry Jr, dealer in farm implements (see adv first fly leaf). De Kruif John, driving wells. De Jonge Jan, laborer. Demkes Jan, retired farmer. Den Herder C J, merchant. Den Herder Jacob, banker. Den:Herder & Son, boots and shoes (see adv p262). Den Herder Jan, retired farmer. De Nys C, retired farmer. De Pree & Elenbaas, wagon mfs (see adv p 260). [259]

Page  260 200 260 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Gaton & DeMrIMI PROPRIETORS OF THE STANDARD Breeding Stables And Breeders of High Bred Trotting Stock. The Service Fees of our Horses are Very Low considering the. Breeding and Individuality. Would be pleased to haye you call and see ear stock. ZEELAND, MICH. 7 A. DE ij" IKRI? jJJ F, DE2AL~R IN T~r\.t5, N edicinze 5 aint5,l8rkit5,e5 GROUND OIL CAKE, ETC. FPure Medicines and Prices Rleasonabie. Lr.ELAND, MIGtl. J. P. D.PREE P. ELENBAAS D1:eFiree &c El~eubaas,) MANUFACTURERS OF AND DEALERS IN PUMPS. Carriages, Wagons, Sleighs, Cutters IET Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash and Door's. Planing, Matching and Re-Sawijng, ALL WORK WARRANTED. ZEE~LAND. MICHIGAN DEiAL~R IN WIILLS PfIFErd, GURTtIINS fIND FIXTURES. PIGTURr5 FlRIMrS, ETG. ZEELAND, MICHIGAN.

Page  261 OT~TAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN.26 26i De Pree D C,. tailor. De Pree J P, Iwag-onmaker. De Pree Johannes, expressman. De Pree & Bros, hardwr (see adv p 262). De Pree Willem, carpenter. De Pree P Henry, merc'hatnt.' De Pree & Bro, merchants~ De Winter Arie, mason. Duimkerke Jacob, retired f armers. Dunnink Jacob, retired farmer. Elenhaas Peter, carpenter. Elzin-ga, & Huizinga, merchants. Engberts, Arend, merchant. Everhard J D, tinsmith. Fox John, tinker. Fox & Fischer, merchants. Goo-zen J W, railroad agent. Grinwis M, retired farmer. Hasselman E K, laborer.,Hendriks, F H, gardener. Hrieftje J F, butcher. Hoekert Jan, barber. HuijserJ ohannes, retired farmer. Huij~ser Lukas, peddler. Huij~ser- Quirinus, farmer. Huizinga. Jan, painter. Huizinga Thos G, doctor. J onkers J, laborer. Kamps, Berend, blacksmith. Kamps, & Co, blacksmiths. Karsten Harm H, flour and feed. Keppe'l H & Son, maillers. Keppel Govert, miller. Keppel Huiber't, miller. Kremers Jan, minister. Lahuis Albert, general store. (See adv p 262.) Langins. Mans, meat market. Naber Joh, capitalist. Naeije Abram, retired farmer. Oosterba'an J., laborer. Ossewaarde Bros, merchants. Ossewaa~rde Jacobus, retired farmer. Ossewaarde Win merchant. Pruim John, merchant.

Page  262 262 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Albert Leiat is, ZEELAND, MICHIGAN. Largest Line of DRESS GOODS. Largest Line of CARPETS. Largest Line of NOTIONS. Largest Line of UNDERWEAR AND.HOSIERY. Largest Line of SHAWLS and Ladies' CLOAKS and JACKETS IN SEASON, Dress Buttons of all Sizes made to match Dress Goods. Large Stocks of DRY GOODS, CROCERIES and CROCKERY PRICES ALWAYS THE LOWEST. All Kinds of Farm Produce Bought and Sold.-:; R.. WM. DE PREE & BRO... DEALERS IN... 4 ardaiarc.',iniOare, Stores and gXrickultural Implements. BIGY6LES a Specialtu. ZEELfND, MIUTIGflt.. J. DEN HERIDER SON, Boots, s oaCes abbres PRIGES fLWfiYS THE LOWEST. ZEELAND, - - MICHIGAN

Page  263 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 263 Pycock Wm, retired farmer. Pyl John, wagonmaker. Romeyn A, laborer. Roosenraad Cors., furniture. (See adv p 260.) Rijchel Peter, retired farmer. Sakkers Peter, merchant. Schepers Harm, laborer. Schippers K, cigar manufacturer. Schippers Jan, laborer. Slabbekoom Bros, farmers. Spitsbergen J H, farmer. Spoelman L, retired farmer. Staal Wm, mason. Tromp Gerrit, photographer. Van Bree Francis, druggist. Van den Bosch Melle, retired merchant. Van den Bosch J M, merchant. Van den Bosch Pieter, merchant. Van den Bosch Jacob, retired farmer. Van Duine Adrian, peddler. Van Tongeren H, cigar manufacturer. Van Dijk H B, weaver. Van Eenenaam Dirk, livery. (See adv p 264.) Van Eenenaam Jan, hotelkeeper. Van Eenenaam Thomas, merchant. Van Gelderen Jan, harnessmaker. Van Loo Beert, agent. Van Loo Cornelius, postmaster and bookkeeper. Van Loo Jacob, painter. Van Loo Wm D, painter. Van Slooten Wm, flour and feed. Van Voorst Fredk, laborer. Van den Bosch Jan J, laborer. Vegter Jan, baker. Veneklasen B J, brick manufacturer. Veneklasen Rolf, brick manufacturer. Vereeke Adrian, laborer. Vereeke David, retired farmer. Verhulst Antonie, retired farmer. Ver Lee Isaac, books and stationery. Van Hees Albertus G. Ver Planke F, mason. Van Dyk & Krokee, carpet weavers (see adv p 264). Wagenaar L, painter.

Page  264 264 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF H. VAN TONGEREN K. SCHIPPERS West MiGhigan Gigar Gompanu MANUFACTURERS OF FINE HAVANA AND... r... DOMESTIC U ZEELAND, MICHICAN. VfN DYK & KROKEE, arPpet Weaxeks, AND MANUFACTURERS OF RAG AND JUTE CARPETS Sold at Reasonable Rates.... ZEELAND, MICHIGAN. D. VAN EENENAAM. LIv6ru, F0ed and Sale StaDle. HEARSE IN CONNECTION. ZEELAND - MICH. A. C. WIERENGA & CO. DEALERS IN: Furniture: Wall PaDer, Window Shades, Picture Frames, Room Mouldings, etc. We also do Undertaking. Opposite Unity Mills. ZEELAND, MICHIGAN

Page  265 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 265 Wagenaar J lvi, retired wagonmaker. Wagenaar M, blacksmith. Wagenaar R, wagonmaker. Wentzel Win, barber. West Michigan Cigar Co, (see adv p 264). Westhoek Win, carpenter. Wierda L, laborer. Wierenga A C & Co, furn'tr de 'alers (see adv p264). Zoutendam Jan, miller. Zeeland Furniture Mfg Go, manfs of sideboards and suites.

Page  266 ZEELfND TOWNSHIP. [NoTE.-The following alphabetical list gives the name, section, occupation and postoffice address of each permanent male resident in the township. By comparing the number of the section with figures upon the map, you can immediately find the residence of any man whose name appears in the list.] A Achterhof Dirk, section 4, farmer, Beaver Dam. Amsink Hermanus, 29, farmer, Zeeland. B Bakker Hendrik, 35, merchant, Drenthe. Bakker Harm, 35, merchant, Drenthe. Bareman Pieter, 17, farmer, Zeeland. Barendse Arnout, 17, farmer, Zeeland. Bakker & Son, 26, farmers, Drenthe. Barendse A & J, 20, farmers, Zeeland. Barendse Jacob, 9, farmer, Zeeland. Barkhof Sybrant, I7, farmer, Zeeland. Baron Melle, 31, farmer, Zeeland. Beekman James, 6, farmer, Zeeland. Bekius Sjoerd, 3, farmer, Beaver Dam. Belt Tieman, 4, farmer, Beaver Dam. Benjaminse Pieter, I9, farmer, Zeeland. Berghorst P & A, 8, farmers, Zeeland. Beyer Teunis, 26, farmer, Vriesland. Boer Albert, 29, farmer, Zeeland. Boer Derk A, 16, farmer, Zeeland. Boes Egbert, 5, farmer, Zeeland. Boer Klaas, 33, farmer, Drenthe. Bolt A J, 14, farmer, Vriesland. Boone Adrian, 8, farmer, Zeeland. Boonstra Derk, 30, farmer, Zeeland. Boonstra R & S, 3I, farmers, Zeeland. Borgards Jan, 10, farmer, Beaver Dam. Bootsma Hendrik, 23, farmer, Vriesland. Borst Harry, 22, farmer, Vriesland. Borst John, I5, farmer, Vriesland. Borst Wm, 23, farmer, Vriesland. Bos Jan, 25, farmer, Drenthe. [266]

Page  267 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 267 Bos Simon, II, farmer, Beaver Dam. Bouwma Plulus, I9, farmer, Zeeland., Bouwens Jan, 7, farmer, Zeeland. Brant M & J, 15, farmers, Vriesland. Brink H J, I3, farmer, Vriesland. Brouwer Gerrit, 35, farmer, Drenthe. Brouwer Lammert, 27, farmer, Vriesland. Brouwer Sikke, i8, farmer, Zeeland. Brummel Dries, 18, farmer, Zeeland. Beyer Johannes, 22, farmer, Drenthe. Brouwer Klaas, 34, farmer, Drenthe. Cats Jacob, 8, farmer, Zeeland. Coburn Marinus, 2, farmer, Beaver Dam. Coburn Milan, 2, farmer, Beaver Dam. D Dalman Hendrik, 3, farmer, Beaver Dam. Dalman Marinus, II, farmer, Beaver Dam. Dalman Roelf, 3, farmer, Beaver Dam. De Graaf Adriaan, 30, baker, Zeeland. De Graaf Ide, 31, baker, Zeeland. De Haan Geert, 32, farmer, Zeeland. De Hoop Sybrant, 15, farmer, Vriesland. De Jonge Adriaan, 5, farmer, Beaver Dam. De Jonge Bros, I8, Sawmill, Zeeland. De Jonge Chris, I8, farmer, Zeeland. De Jonge Jacob, '8, farmer, Zeeland. De Jonge Jan Sr, 17, farmer, Zeeland. De Jonge John, i8, farmer, Zeeland. De Jonge Wm, 17, farmer, Zeeland. Dekker Jan, 30, farmer, Zeeland. De Koster Jacob, 6, farmer, Zeeland. Den Herder Chris, I4, mer and postmtr, Vriesland. Den Herder Cors J, 14 farmer, Vriesland. Den Herder & Tanis, 14, merchants, Vriesland. Dening Albert, 27, mail carrier, Vriesland. De Pree Derk, I9, farmer, Zeeland. De Pree Derk C, 20, farmer, Zeeland. De Roo Jan, 7, farmer, Zeeland. De Spelder Elias, 27, doctor, Drenthe. De Vree Andrew, 22, carpenter, Vriesland. De Vree Jan, 13, farmer, Vriesland.

Page  268 I 268 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF De Vries Folkert, 9, farmer, Zeeland. De Vries Jacob, 6, farmer, Zeeland. De Vries Johannus, 5, farmer, Zeeland. DeVries Renke, 27, farmer, Vriesland. De Wit Jan, 24, farmer.Vriesland. Dorst Pieter, 20, Zeeland. Dunnink Arend, 33, farmer, Zeeland. Dunhink Jan, 27, farmer, Vriesland. Dyhuis Tjark, 7, farmer, Zeeland. Dykstra Lenwe, 15, farmer, Vriesland. Dykstra L & R, I, farmer, Beaver Dam. De Fouw Marinus, i8, farmer, Zeeland. De Hoop John, 14, drover, Vriesland. Dozeman Hendrik, 34, farmer, Drenthe, E Ebels Jacob, 6, farmer, Zeeland. Eding Albert, I8, farmer, Zeeland. Elenbaas Antonie, 8, farmer, Zeeland. Elsma Jakkle, 22, farmer, Vriesland. Elsma Jan, 22, farmer, Vriesland. Elzenga Derk, 6, farmer, Zeeland. Elzenga Martin, I9, farmer, Zeeland. Ensing Evert, 12, farmer, Beaver Dam. Essenburg Tennis, 35, farmer, Drenthe. Essing Hendrik, 26, farmer, Vriesland. F Faber Albert, 23, farmer, Vriesland. Faber Henry, 25, farmer, Vriesland. Farma Hendrik, 20, farmer, Zeeland. Farma Jan, I5, farmer, Vriesland. Feenstra Klaas, 2, farmer, Beaver Dam. Freeriks Hendrik, 25, farmer, Drenthe. G Giebel Jan, i8, farmer, Zeeland. Glas Jan, 21, farmer, Zeeland. Gortemaker Berend, 25, farmer, Drenthe. Gras Jan, 21, farmer, Zeeland. Grinwis Geesje, 24, farmer, Drenthe. Grinwis Marten, 27, farmer, Vriesland. Groen John B, 22, farmer, Vriesland. H Haverman Albert, i, farmer, Beaver Dam. ~_

Page  269 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 269 Hellenthral Albertus, 17, farmer, Zeeland. Hendrikse Fred, i8, farmer, Zeeland. Hendrikse Wm, 7. farmer, Zeeland. Hoeve Jan G, 27, farmer, Drenthe. Hoeve Pieter, 34, farmer, Drenthe. Hofma Simon, 27, farmer, Drenthe. Hofman Jan, 8, farmer, Zeeland. Hofman Koop, 15, farmer, Vriesland. Hop Hendrik, 12, farmer, Beaver Dam. Hornstra Frank, 23, farmer, Vriesland. Housma Jan, 22, farmer, Vriesland. Huyser Derk, 3, farmer, Beaver Dam. Huyser Pieter, 9, farmer, Vriesland. Huizenga Albert T, 5, farmer, Zeeland. Hulst Jan, 28, farmer, Zeeland. Hunderman Gerrit, 34, farmer, Drenthe. Hunderman Hendrikus, 34, farmer, Drenthe. Hunderman Jan, 34, farmer, Drenthe. Hungering G H, I6, farmer, Vriesland. J Jansen Jan Jr, 31, farmer, Zeeland. Jarrsma A, 21, farmer, Vriesland. Jonker Lamert, 2, farmer, Beaver Dam. Jonker Bros, o1, farmers, Beaver Dam. K Kalman Geert, 12, farmer, Beaver Dam. Klamer Luitje, I9, farmer, Zeeland. Kampen Andries, 24, farmer, Vriesland. Kamps Roelof, 26, farmer, Drenthe. Kamps Hendrik, 35, farmer, Drenthe. Karsten Pieter, ii, farmer, Beaver Dam. Karsten Hendrik, 21, farmer, Zeeland. Karsten Wiegert, 26, Drenthe. Karsten Wm, 3, merchant, postmtr, Beaver Dam. Kaslander Leendert, 27, farmer, Vriesland. Katte Marinus, I9, farmer, Zeeland. Kiel Berend, i, farmer, Beaver Dam. Kieviet Jacob, 4, farmer, Beaver Dam. Kloosterman Albert, 8, farmer, Zeeland. Kloosterman Jan, 27, farmer, Zeeland. Kok Gerrit, 5, farmer, Zeeland. Kok Peter, 29, farmer, Zeeland. Koning Hendrik, 24, farmer, Vriesland.

Page  270 e 270 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Kooistra J B, 21, farmer, Zeeland. Kossen Jan, 29, farmer, Zeeland. Kossen Marinus, I9, farmer, Zeeland. Kraus Hendrik, 8, farmer, Zeeland. Kruithof Hendrik, 12, farmer, Vriesland. Kruithof Cornelius, I3, farmer, Vriesland. Kruithof Mary, 28, farmer, Zeeland. Kroodsma R, 23, farmer, Vriesland. Kossent Jan Jr, 6, farmer, Zeeland. L Lamer Andries, 6, farmer, Zeeland. Lampen Fredk, i, farmer, Beaver Dam. Lanning Klaas, 36, farmer, Drenthe. Lanning Tamme, 35, farmer, Drenthe. Leenhouts Cornelius, io, Beaver Dam. Leenhouts Pieter, 9, farmer, Vriesland. Leenhouts Wm, 9, farmer, Vriesland. Lippinga Hendrik, 24, farmer, Vriesland. Lokerse Pieter, I6, Zeeland. Lubbers Gradus, 28, farmer, Zeeland. Lubbers Harm, 36, farmer, Drenthe. Lubbers Hendrik, 36, farmer, Drenthe. Leestma Peter, ii, farmer, Vriesland. M Marling Derk, 29, farmer, Zeeland. Marling H, 18, farmer, Zeeland. Marling Wm, 21, farmer, Zeeland. Mast H & R, 28, farmer, Zeeland. Mast H & K, 32, farmer, Zeeland. Maurits W J, I5, farmer, Vriesland. Meengs G W H, 21, farmer, Vriesland. Meengs Jan, 21, farmer, Vriesland. Meeusen Jan J, 30, farmer; Zeeland. M-eeusen Levinus, 6, farmer, Zeeland. Meyer Klaas, 12, farmer, Beaver Dam. Meyer Pieter, 12, farmer, Beaver Dam. Meyering Ryndert, 22, farmer, Vriesland. Moes Hendrik, 32, farmer, Zeeland. Mulder Johs, I9, farmer, Zeeland. Meeusen Peter, 6, farmer, Zeeland. N Naye Matthews, 17, farmer, Zeeland. Nagelkerke A, 21, farmer, Zeeland.

Page  271 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIG\ N. 27I Nederveld Abram, 12, farmer, Vriesland. Nederveld Joseph, 22, farmer, Vriesland. Nederveld P, 12, farmer, Vriesland. Neyenhuis Hendrik, 26, farmer, Drenthe. Neyenhuis Roelof, 26, farmer, Drenthe. Nykamp G J, 30, farmer, Zeeland. Nykamp Rynt, 17, farmer, Zeeland. Nykamp B & J, 33, farmers, Drenthe. Noordhof G, 19, farmer, Zeeland. P Padding Jan, 36, farmer, Drenthe. Padding Wm, 36, farmer, Drenthe. Pelgrim Arie A, 15, farmer, Vriesland. Poest J, I9, farmer, Zeeland. Pool Simon, 36, farmer, Drenthe. Poppen Jan, 31, farmer, Zeeland. Post Lamert, i8, farmer, Zeeland. Postmus Simon, 22, farmer, Vriesland. Prins Jacob, 7, farmer, Zeeland. Prins Johs, 2, farmer, Beaver Dam. Pyl Johs, I9 farmer, Zeeland. Reef Wm, 3, farmer, Beaver Dam. Reef Wilson, 3, Beaver Dam. Rhynberg Jan, 27, farmer, Vriesland. Riddering Albert, 26, farmer, Vriesland. Riddering John, 26, merchant, postmstr, Lrenthe. Roek Hendrik, 24, farmer, Vriesland. Roek Johannes, 24, farmer, Vriesland. Roek Klaas, 12, farmer, Beaver Dam. Roelofs Albert, I9, farmer, Zeeland. Roelofs & Co, 34, farmers, Drenthe. Roelofs Derk, 29, farmer, Zeeland. Roelofs Frits, 13, farmer, Vriesland. Roelofs Jan, 32, farmer, Zeeland.. Roelofs H, ii, farmer, Vriesland. Roersma Pieter, 22, farmer, Vriesland. Roon Jacob, 25, farmer, Vriesland. Roozendaal Cors, I9, farmer, Zeeland. Rychel Joseph, 26, farmer, Vriesland. Rypma Marten, I, farmer, Beaver Dam. S Scheele Marinus, 3, farmer, Beaver Dam.

Page  272 272 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Schermer Cor Jr, 22, farmer, Vriesland. Schermer Cor Sr, i6, farmer, Zeeland. Scholten Jan, 16, farmer, Zeeland. Scholten Tamme, I7, farmer, Zeeland. Schout B & M, i8, farmer, Zeeland. Schram Marinus, I9, farmer, Zeeland. Schreur Arend, ii, farmer, Vriesland. Schultz J H, 31, farmer, Zeeland. Seinei Arend, 32, farmer, Zeeland. Seinen Egbert, 32, farmer, Zeeland. Seinen Hendrik, 27, farmer, Drenthe. Semelink Petrus, 10, farmer, Vriesland. Sikman Adolf, 5, farmer, Zeeland. Slabberkoorn Bros, 19, farmers, Zeeland. Smits Klaas, 17, farmer, Zeeland. Sneller Aalt, 35, farmer, Drenthe. Sprik G J, 21, farmer, Zeeland. Stanton Nelson, 2, Beaver Dam. Stegink A, 2, farmer, Beaver Dam. Stoel Leendert, I9, farmer, Zeeland. Stremler Folkert, 23, farmer, Vriesland. Stremler Bokke, 26, farmer, Vriesland. Sturing Jamres, 6, farmer, Zeeland. Sturing Lukas, 4, farmer, Beaver Dam. Swartwold Cors, 4, farmer, Beaver Dam. Schermer Bastian, 17, carpenter, Zeeland. Tinholt H J, 19, farmer, Zeeland. Trompen Ane, 14, farmer, Vriesland. Troost Paulus, ii, farmer, Beaver Dam. Tanis Derk, 23, farmer, Vriesland. Tanis Wm, 27, farmer, Vriesland. Ter Haar Berend, 35, farmer, Drenthe. Thield Frederick 31, farmer, Zeeland. Timmer Jan, i, farmer, Vriesland. Timmer Jan, 13, farmer, Vriesland. Timmer Lamert, i8, farmer, Zeeland. Timmer Jan, I9, mason, Zeeland. Tippen Albert, 28, farmer, Drenthe. Van de Van dei Van dei V Luister J, 8, farmer, Zeeland. n Berge Dr Wm, 19, Zeeland. n Bosch G, 7, farmer, Zeeland.

Page  273 OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 273 Van den Bosch G & J, 7, farmers, Zeeland. Van der Baan Cors, 15, farmer, Vriesland. Van der Heyde J, i, farmer, Vriesland. Van der Kolk H, 33, farmer, Drenthe. Van der Meer Siestse, 14, farmer, Vriesland. Van der Stad Cors, 27, farmer, Vriesland. Van der Velde Tjesse. 19, farmer Zeeland. Van Dommelen H, 31, farmer, Zeeland. Van Dulst Gerrit, 21, farmer, Zeeland. Van Essen Kars, 26, farmer, Vriesland. Van Farowe A, 4, farmer, Beaver Dam. Van Gelderen J Jr, I9, farmer, Zeeland. Van Haitsma A, 23, farmer, Vriesland. Van Haitsma Jetse, 27, farmer, Vriesland. Van Haitsma Johs, 23, farmer, Vriesland. Van Haitsma R, 23, farmer Vriesland. Van Gelderen P, 5, farmer, Zeeland. Van Haitsma W, 15, farmer, Vriesland. Van Hees A J, 19, farmer, Zeeland. Van Hoven Gysbert, 21, farmer. Zeeland. Van Loo Martin, 7, farmer, Zeeland. Van Noort G J, 15, farmer, Vriesland. Van Regermerter Simon, 26, farmer, Drenthe. Van Kley A, 20, farmer, Zeeland. Van Spyker Evert. Van Vliet Albert, 22, farmer, Vriesland. Van Hoven Arie, I8, farmer, Zeeland. Van Hoven Jacob, i8, farmer, Zeeland. Van Zoeren Ane, 14, farmer, Vriesland. Van Zoeren Arend, 14, farmer, Vriesland. Van Zoeren Gerret, 14, farmer, Vriesland. Van Zoeren Gerrit J, 14, farmer, Vriesland. Van Zoeren Hendrik, 13, farmer, Vriesland. Van Zoeren J G J, IO, farmer, Vriesland. Van Zoeren Martin, io, farmer, Vriesland. Van Zoeren Marinus, 14, Vriesland. Van Zoeren Johs, 14, farmer, Vriesland. Velderman Jan, 9, farmer, Zeeland. Verduin Pieter, 23, farmer, Vriesland. Vereeke Cors, i6, farmer, Zeeland. Vereeke James, 3, farmer, Beaver Dam. Vereeke Pieter, 3, farmer, Beaver Dam. Ver Hage Cors, 15, farmer, Vriesland. Ver Hage Derk C, 15, farmer, Vriesland. xx

Page  274 274 BUSINESS COMPENDIUM OF Ver Hage Derk T, 12, farmer, Beaver Dam. Ver Hage Evert, i, farmer, Beaver Dam. Ver Hage Jan, I6, farmer, Zeeland. Ver Hage Marten, 12, farmer, Beaver Dam. Ver Hey Wm 6, farmer, Zeeland. Ver Hulst Cors, 27, farmer, Drenthe. Ver Meulen Steven, 3, farmer, Beaver Dam. Ver Muelen Wm, 4, merchant, Beaver Dam. Visscher Klaas, 33, farmer, Zeeland. Vogel Klaas, 22, farmer, Vriesland. Vos Jacobus. 8, farmer, Zeeland. Van Hoorn C, 2, farmer, Vriesland. w Wabeke Gillis, 20, farmer, Zeeland. Wabeke Jan, 20, Zeeland. Wentzel Johs, 16, farmer, Zeeland. Westrate Joos, 2, farmer, Beaver Dam. Wevers Hendrik, 26, farmer, Vriesland. Weavers Johs, 26, farmer, Vriesland. Wichers Wm, I9, farmer, Zeeland. Wierda Cors, 31, farmer, Zeeland. Wiers Hendrik, 12, farmer, Vriesland, Wiggers Hendrik, 35, farmer, Drenthe. Wiggers Hendrikus, 35, farmer, Drenthe. Willems Manus, 8, farmer, Zeeland. Witfliet Pieter, 24, farmer, Vriesland. Wyngaarden Gerrit, Io, farmer, Vriesland. Wyngaarden Marten, 16, farmer, Zeeland. Wyngaarden Pieter, Io, farmer, Vriesland. Y Yntema, 25, farmer, Drenthe. Yntema O H. z Zoet Jan, 2, Beaver Dam. Zwagerman Marten, 6, Zeeland. Zwagerman Johs. 2, Beaver Dam. Zwagerman Wm; 4, Beaver Dam. Zwiers Jan, I6, Zeeland.

Page  275 I I' rF' 4 - ttt; ' a. -. ',',,._, A,.~.~ j: t. I27 275 4 1 '. $.. BTTOI1ME.~.* O 'T'.' 0 T.. ftTTORNEy& OF OTTflWf GOUNTY. ROBERT W. DUNCAN.. WM. N. ANGEL CHAJ. E. SOULE GEO. W. MCBRIDE GEORGE A. FARR WALTER I. LILLIE. WALTER G. VANSLYCK DAVID '. HUNTON PETER J. DANHOF, JR. CHAS. T. PAGELSON JAMES DANHOF P. H. MCBRIDE GERRIT J. DIEKEMA.. JOHN C. POST'. AREND VISSCHER ROSWELL LILLIE.. JAMES CILLEY J. V. B. GOODRICH LEWIS P. ERNST C. M. KAY... Grand Haven Grand Haven.... Grand Haven Grand Haven.Grand Haven Grand Haven Grand Haven Grand Haven.. Grand Haven Grand Haven.. Grand Haven Holland.Holland Holland Holland Coopersville Coopersville Coopersville Coopersville Spring Lake

Page  276 I 276 BUSINESS C \,j. 4 OMPENDIUMI OF 0. CLELAND - A. H. CLELANqr D. 6LLfIND& SON Genera Dealers OOOPERSVILLE, MICH. Stand above all others as a Center for Bargain Seekers. TRADE NOWHERE ELSE.. We Gan and Will Save You Moncu. THE FINEST THE LARGEST THE MOST COMPLETE 'Stock of Reliable Goods at all seasons of the year. to select from. Remember,'we carry the Best-we sell the Cheapest. We buy all kinds of merchantable Produce' at the [Highest Market Price. Call and see, us. D. CLELAND & SON. $1.25 to $1.50 Per Dan. BRIDGrE STREEIT ti0US~, J. E~. RIGC, rrOD. *1

Page  277 SfIP BUILDING IN OTTfIWf GOUNTY. The Following four pages comprise a list, so far as obtainable, of the vessels built at different ship yards of Ottawa county up to 1892, and in a measure proves the importance of our ship building as an industry. GRAND HAVEN. NAME. RIG. Agnes.......................................... Prop......... A Jackson.......................... Schr.......... Albert Soper........................................ rop.... B. M Maria.........................................Prop......... Bruce....................................... Prop......... Carrie A.Po. erson....................................ro... Cent-lnial................................... Pro....... I harls i. Wyman........................... Scir........... Charlie J. Gnewnch...................... Prop.......... Charlotte Gray........................................ Prop.......... City of Grand Haven..............................Barge City of Grand Rapids..................................arge........ City of Grand Rapids................ Prop......... Claude............................................Prop.... C. 0. D................................................ Barge........ David Macy........................................ Schr.......... Dwiuht Cutler Jr........Prop......... E. C Oggel.....................Tug......... Geo. 1 Sanford, J r...Prop......... Geo. P. Savidge................................... Prop......... Geo. Stickney....................................... Prop......... Grace Patterson.....................................Prop....... Gracie Barker...................Prop......... Hunter Savidge.....................................Barge........ — —I- — ` --- - -I- — I — I —` TONNAGE. 9 229 410 3.3 50 58 30 234 37 12 230 225 236 42 208 192 24 25 51 20 17 110 73 190 BY WHOM BUILT. Robertson.............. Callister.................. Robertson................ Robertson................ Robertson................ Rn bertson................ Callister.................. Robertson................ Robertson................ T W. Kirby.............. Robertson................ (lllister.................. Robertson............... Robertson.............. Callister.................. Robertson................ Robtson....... Robertson................ Uoberton................ Robertson............... Van Toll................. Callister.................. Callister.................. Robertson................ WHEN BUILT. 1877 1874 1881 1869 1883 1883 1876 1882 1880 1870 1872 1873 1879 1879 1873 1878 1874 1874 1882 1881 18G6 1880 1876 1878 OWNER. Hitchcok.................. Hackley et al............. L B Fortier.............. C. T. Burnham........... Fortd. Lumber Co....... Henry Jacobs.............. Seth Lee.............. C. E. Wyman et al......... A. O. Wheeler et al........ Cook...................... H. V. O'Brien............. H. V. O'rien............. Hannah, Lay & Co........ T. S. White et al........... Michigan Barge Co........ D. Cutler et al............. Oterling................... A. Fisher................. J. W. Zimmerman........ J. F. Smallman............ C Fleming................ Patterson........... T. W. Kirby.............. Cutler & Savidge.......... CLASS AND GRADE B 1 00 00 Al Al A2 B 1 B 1 A 11~ A 2 B 1 A2 A2 iB 1 A2 B 12 Al Al 0 0 co H 0o C) =r

Page  278 WHEN CLASS NAME. RIG. TONNAGE. BY WHOM BUILT. OWNER. AND BUILT GRADE Henry F. Brouwer.................................... Prop......... 39 Robertson................ 1873 W. E. Richards et al....... A 2y H. C. Akeley..........................................Str............ 140 Callister.................. 1880 Kirby & Akely............A 1 Homer E. Reeves.................................... Prop. 11 Robertson............... 1883 Jas. A Travis............. Hunter Savidge............................ Prop......... 14 Piersons.................. 1866 Canfield Tug Line........ B 1 I. M. Weston........................................ Prop.......... 95 Robertson............... 1883 D. Whitney, Jr............ A2 J. G. Campbell........................................ Prop........ 34 Beckwith................. 1868 Kirby Kaiser Wilhelm....................................... Prop......... 28 Callister.................. 1874 John Zietlow.............. B 1i J. W. Johnson....................................... Tug.......... 25 Robertson................ 1874 7'. W. Kirby............... A 2 Lady Washington....................................Prop......... 76 Callister.................. 1877 J. B. Ketchen............ A 2 Lizzie Walsh........................................ Prop......... 37 Robertson 1884 J. McCleur....... Lou A. Cummings.................................... Prop......... 62 Robertson............... 1883 Geo Robertson et al...... Major H. B. Pickands................................ Prop......... 1000 Callister.................. 1884 T. W. Kirby............... Mary Ellen Cook..................................... Schr........... 174 Robertson................ 1875 John R Cook et al......... Michigan 3d......................................... Prop......... 40 Pierson.................. 1868 Michigan Barge Co........ A 23 n.. W Wright.......................................Prop...... 30 Elliott.................. 1873 Jeseph J. Bennett......... B 1 Mystic................................................ Schr........... 38......................... 1866 J. A. Reed.00 N. McGrafft......................................... Prop......... 11 Robertson................ 1880 Muskegon Booming Co.... A 2 Ottawa............................... Schr........... 163 Robertson................ 1874 Wm. R Loutitt........... B Pearl.................................................. Prop......... 24 Robertson................ 1874 A. Obeke & Co........... A 21 Peter Dalton......................................... Prop......... 47 Robertson.1879 E. P. Dowling et al....... A 1 Robert Howlett....................... Schr........... 157 Robertson............... 1870 Wm Tremper et al........ B 1 S. B. Barker........................................... Prop...... 78 Callister.................. 1882 Frank A. Brower et al.... A 1 Stephen C Hall...................................... Prop......... 447 Robertson................ 1880 F. W. Gilchrist et al....... A 1 Stewart Edward.......................................Prop.......... 18 Robertson............... 1876 T. Stewart White et al..... A 2 Tempest............................................Prop......... 283 Robertson................ 1876 White, Dalton & Co...... A 2 Transfer Barge....... 361 Callister.................. 1874 Michigan Barge Co........ B 1 T. W. Ferry.......................................... Prop......... 27 Callister................ 1875 C. Vandervere............ A 2 Una................................................. Schr........... 44 J. M cCarty................ 1877 F. Patshon................ Uriah H. Joscelyn................................ Schr........... 7.......................... 1872 Thos. Henderson.......... Webster Batcheller.................................... Prop.......... 46 Callister.1880 T. W. Kirby............... A2 White & Friant.............................. Prop......... 299 Robertson................ 1882 Chas. T. Brown........... A 1 Wolverine............................................ Barge 195 Robert-on................ 1871 Michigan Barge Co........ McCormick.................................. Str............ 120 Callister.................. 1887 McCormick............... Al Mark Hopkins........................................ Str........... 700 Callister................. 1887 T. W. Kirby.............. A 1 Samuel Marshal.......................................Str............ 1000 Callister.................. 1887 T. W. Kirby............... Al Joe...................................................Str............ 60 Callister.............T. W... A 1 Sprite...............................................Str.......... 30 Callister...........188 T. W. Kirby. A J. C. Ford....................................Str............ 700 Callister.................. 1889 T. W. Kirby........... Al t14 W t4 M 00 z Itl ('2 0 t4 z 0 xIt

Page  279 II -. NAME. Emma Bloecker...................................... J. W. Callister....................................... Thomas Friant..................................... Duncan Robertson............. Nellie............................. Alice M. Gill................:............' Thos. R. Scott......................... Chas. A. Street....................................... Mary H. Boyce....................................... Mary A. McGregor................................... Sachem.................................... Ionia...................... Frank Edward....................................... Crescent.................... E.M B.A....................................... Henry Troy........................ Frank P. Geiken..................................... Alice............................................. A. Meister.............................. Charles Augur...................................... Peter Coates........................................... Major Dana.......................................... Vane.................................... Spray................................................ Augustus............................................. J. Stephens.......................................... Marauda............................... RIG Tug........... Str......... Str......... Tug......... Str........... Barge........ Barge........ Barge........ Barge........ Barge........ Barge. Barge........ Tug Str. Tug.......... Tug. Tug.......... Tug.......... Tug.......... Tug.......... Tug.......... Tug.......... Tug.......... Str............ Scow.......... Scow.......... Tug Tug.......... TONNAGE 30 30 81 37 21 264 268 612 812 812 739 12,17 40 71 60 46 55 45 35 37 53 65 7 40 80 60 40 BY WHOM BUILT. Callister.................. Calli.ter.................. Robertson................ Robertson............... Robertson................ Robertson................ Robertson................ Robertson................ Robertson................ Robertson................ Robertson.............. Robertson............... Robertson................ Robertson Robertson................ Robertson................ Robertson................ Robertson................ Robertson................ Robertson................ Robertson................ Robertson................ E. H. Truscott............ Reese.................... Reese................ Beckwith................. Be.kwith................ WHEN BUILT 1889 1889 1884 188i 1885 1887 1887 1881 1888 1889 1889 1890 189, 189: 1890 1891 1891 1891 1887 1888 1886 1891 1874 1870 1883 1868 1865 OWNER. Vandervere Bros......... T. W. Kirby............. R. Vanderhoef........... (*. W. Miller............. E Bradley................ Wm. Gill & Sons.......... John Lang................ Wm. H. Loutitt........... Munroe, Boyce & Co...... Munroe, Boyce & Co...... Wmi. 1. Loutitt........... W'm. H. Loutitt........... John Zietlow.............. H G. Webb.............. L. Coates................. Henry Troy............... John Geiken.............. Smith & Sons.............. Obeke & Vanzanten....... Fisher Bros.............. Coates & Arnold.......... Thompson, Smith & Sons. J. McCluer............. Reese.................... Reese..................... Stephens.................. Heber Squier............ CLASS AND GRADE Al Al Al Al A1 Al Al Al Al Al A 1 Al Al A Al A 1 Al Al A 1 Al Al Al Al Al 0 H H C) 0 ci H (-7 C4 CC I. I 1 I - _.. - - _ - | _ __ Besides thirteen steam yachts ranging from three to eight tons, (whose nanmes could not be ascertained) built by Robertson. For vessels built at other places in the county see next page. \D

Page  280 VESSELS BUILT AT OTHER PORTS IN THE COUNTY. WHEN CLASS NAME. RIG. TONNAGE. WHERE BUILT. BY WHOM BUILT. ENOWNER AND UILT GRADE Alice E. Getty........... Andelle.................... Beloit..................... Ceol. Ferry................. ontEarly sird....... Eliza...................... Fearless................ Flora Carvette............. Florence................... F. M. Knapp............ Four Brothers............. Hattie..................... Jas G. Warts............. Jessie A. Slyfield.......... Joseph Heald.............. Jones................... Kate E. Howard........... Laketon................... Magnet................... Major N. H. Ferry......... Mary Amanda............. Maud Lilley.......... Maumee Valley............ Merchant........... Myrtle L. McCluer. Reindeer.................. Restle................... R. P. Mason............... The Hope............ W. H. Dunham............ Wm. H. Browne........... The Josies................. Willie Loutit.............. Hattie Smallman.......... The Francis............... Twilight................... Wmi. Smith....... ew Era. Prop......... Schr.......... Schl.......... Prop......... Schr........... Schr.......... Schr........ Schr........... Schr........... Prop,...... Schr.......... Schr........... Schr........... Schr........... Prop...... Prop.. Schr........... Schr.......... Prop......... Prop......... Schr........... Schr.... Prop......... Prop.. Prop.......... Schr.......... Schr........... Schr........... Schr........... Prop.......... Stchr........... Schr........... Str............ Str........... Prop...... chr........... Prop..... 45 9 105 14 96 28 28 165 210 4 344 95 72 377 7 38 170 96 147 43 152 183 13 204 16 14 24 75 169 14 185 39. 120 181 7 7 18 180 335 Ferrysburg............... Holland.................. Holland................... Ferrysburg............... Hollia d..................... Eastmanville............. Spring Lake.............. Ferrysburg............. Spring Lake.............. Spring Lake.............. Ferrysburg.............. Holland................... Holland... Spring Lake.............. Spring Lake.............. Ferrysburg............... Holland................... Holland................... Ferrysburg........... Ferrysburg............... Ferrysburg............... Eastmanville.............. Spring Lake.............. Ferrysburg............ Ferrysburg............... Spring Lake.............. Ferrysburg.............. Holland................. Ferrysburg............... Holland................... Eastmnnville.............. Ferrysburg............... Holland................... Eastmanville.............. Spring Lake.............. Spring Lake.............. Crockery.................. Holland.................. B1a.r.airma nllat! i. Pierson................... Beckwith............... Piersons.......... Hopkins................. Perew..................... Brown................... Jamieson............... Parson................... Scotch................... Goudie... Jamieson................. J. McCluer............... Piersons................. Beckwith................ Waring................... Pierson.................. Piersons.................. Pierson................... Pike...................... McCluer.... Bugbie................... J. McCluer................ Pierson.................. Robertson................ Pierson.................. Peterson.................. J. McCluer............... Gray...................... Beckwith................. M41ra 1883 1879 1862 1867 1863 1874 1868 1867 1873 1874 1867 1870 1872 1874 1882 1873 1867 1867 1868 1871 1867 1869 1880 1868 1860 1882 1878 1867 1867 1870 1873 1868 1867 1873 1874 1874 1869 1865 1867 Barney, Wilds & Co...... Geo. A. Groff........... Hi: chcock............... Leou Smith et al......... P. W. Symonds........... E. F. Ault................. F. W. Croissant........... G. W. Hanson............ W. B. Butterfield......... Chas. C. Bronse........... Henry Leisk.............. P. Sefriansen............. De Condries............... A. Taylor................. Chas. Slyfield............. Chas. Waiteman et al...... P. Schaddler.............. A.M. M DeCondries......... W. Mitchell et al.......... Chas Smith.......... Brice A. Miller........... Michigan Barge Co........ L J.McGim............. E. Winchesteret al........ Wm. Osborne............. J. H. Graham............. E. Thurkettle............ E. Nickerson.............. John Leish et al.......... F. Smith................. John Lang................ J. Fisher.................. J. Budge.................. J. Bryce................. J. M cCleur............... J. N. Upham.............. Ryerson, Hills............. Mfi"hiran n l rav Coro r. A2 I: 2 B 1 A2 A2 B2 A2 A2 (00 00 B1 B1 B 1% A 2 A2 A 2> B2 A 21, B 1 '/ A2 A1 A1 A1 A1 Al1 00 0 Pt C n W uo 0 (I '4 I JlIPLLz'lliIYI.....~...... J.. I j............... - _ -^a _w. I * 1. -- -—

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