Standard atlas of Barry County, Michigan : including a plat book of the villages, cities and townships of the county...patrons directory, reference business directory and departments devoted to general information
Geo. A. Ogle. & Co.

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Page  3 ------------ ' H 11 11-11 II 11 11 " " 11 11 11 11VII-11 " " " " F, -I, 11 j INCLUUDIN& OF THE VILLAGES, CITIES AND TOWNSHIPS OF THE COUNTY. MAR OF- T-H-E- ST-ATE, —UNAThED- STTES K- WD-~Patrons Directory, Reference Business Directory and Departments devoted to General Information. ANIALYSIS'OF THE SYSTEM OF U. S. LAND SURVEYS, DIGEST OF THE SYSTEM OF CIVIL GOVERNMrVENT, ETC. ETC. @mpiled and ~ublished C)D CHICAGO. (~rpT/913 I 44I

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Page  5 TfHBLE OF OONTBNTS GEDN1FURXL INDEX PAGE TITLE PAGE................................................... 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS......................................5 OUTLINE MAP OF BARRY COUNTY......................... 7 MAP OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN...................... 66-67 MAP OF THE UNITED STATES............................ 70-71 MAP OF THE WORLD...................................... 74-75 HISTORY OF BARRY COUNTY................................ 77 PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY, BARRY COUNTY...... 82 ILLUSTRATIONS........................................... 87 PAGE ANALYSIS OF THE SYSTEM OF UNITED STATES LAND SURVEYS........................................... I-II DIGEST OF THE SYSTEM OF CIVIL GOVERNMENT.......................................................... III-VI GENERAL INFORMATION REGARDING BANKING AND BUSINESS METHODS................. Supplement VII-VIII ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY CHRONOLOGICALLY ARRANGED........... Supplement X-XXIII BERFRY COUNTY INDEX PAGE ASSYRIA, PLAT OF..............................27 ASSYRIA TOWNSHIP...............................33 BALTIMORE TOWNSHIP................................ 43 BANFIELD, PLAT OF............................. 30 BARRY COUNTY OUTLINE MAP OF................. 7 BARRY TOWNSHIP.................................. 37 BEECHWOOD, PLAT OF............................ 31 BONIFACE POINT, PLAT OF......................... 31 CARLTON TOWNSHIP.............................. 59 CASTLETON TOWNSHIP........................... 49 CEDAR CREEK, PLAT OF.......................... 30 CLOVERDALE, PLAT OF............................. 19 COAT'S GROVE, PLAT OF.......................... 31 CROOKED LAKE SUMMER RESORT, PLAT OF..... 31 DELTON, PLAT OF................................. 22 DOWLING, PLAT OF.................................31 ELMS, THE, PLAT OF............................... 30 ENGLEWOOD, PLAT OF............................. 31 ENLARGED PLAT OF N. I OF N. W. i SEC. 2, BARRY TOWNSHIP............................ 37 FINE LAKE, RESORT PLATS ON...............26-27 FINE LAKE PARK, PLATS ON.....................27 FREEPORT, PLAT OF..............................19 GULL LAKE, PLAT OF..............................31 GUN LAKE, PLATS ON.......................... 30-31 GWIN'S GROVE, PLAT OF.........................31 HASTINGS, PLAT OF NORTH PART OF........................ 10-11 SOUTH PART OF............................ 14-15 HASTINGS TOWNSHIP............................. 51 HICKORY CORNERS, PLAT OF................. 30 HIGHLAND POINT RESORT, PLAT OF.............. 30 PAGEB HOPE TOWNSHIP.................................. 45 IRVING, PLAT OF..................................... 22 IRVING TOWNSH [P............................... 61 ISLAND PLAT, PLAT OF.........................31 JOHNSTOWN TOWNSHIP............................. 35 LAKE VIEW PARK, PLAT OF..................... 30 LEACH LAKE RESORT, PLAT OF..................... 31 MAPLE GROVE TOWNSHIP........................ 41 MIDDLEVILLE, PLAT OF......................... I8-19 MILO, PLAT OF............................... 30 MORGAN, PLAT OF............................. 27 NASHVILLE, PLAT OF.......................... 22-23 ORANGEVILLE, PLAT OF......................... 22 ORANGEVILLE TOWNSHIP....................... 47 PAULINA BEACH, PLAT OF.....................26-27 PRAIRIEVILLE TOWNSHIP......................... 39 PRAIRIEVILLE, PLAT OF..,.......................... PRICHARDVILLE, PLAT OF......................... 31 RUTLAND TOWNSHIP.............................. 53 SHERIDAN, PLAT OF............................... 27 SHORE ACRES, BLAT OF..........................27 SHULTZ, PLAT OF................................... 31 THORNAPPLE TOWNSHIP.......................... 63 WALLDORFF RESORT, PLAT OF................... 31 WEST GUN LAKE RESORT, PLAT OF............30-31 WIGWAMS, THE, PLAT OF.......................... 31 WILDWOOD, PLAT OF...........................30-31 WOODLAND, PLAT OF..................... 26 WOODLAND, RECORDED PLATS OF............ 26-27 WOODLAND TOWNSHIP............................ 57 WOODLAWN, PLAT OF............................27 YANKEE SPRINGS TOWNSHIP...................... 55

Page  6 / I. INDEX TO ILLUSTRATIONS PAGE Adams, Grant, Residence of........................97 Adamson, J., Residence of.......................103 Althouse, Henry, Residence of............... 101 Anderson, A. A., Residence of...................93 Armour, H., Residence of..........................103 Armstrong Drug Co., the...........................91 Babcock, H. M., Residence of.....................97 Baines, J. W., Scene on farm of.................103 Barlow, F. H. & Co................................... 95 Barnum, Austin, Residence of.................. 93, Orville C.................................89 Barry Hotel, The, Hastings.......................95 Bauer, Chas. H..........................................87 Beach, Walter, Residence of....................105 Belson, Mr. and Mrs. John C......................91 Belson, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B.....................91 Belson, Vm. B., Residence of.....................93 Belhaul, Bion H., Farm Residence of.........97 Bishop, Alfred, Residence of......................99 Bishop, Chauncey R..................................89 Blake, E. F. & Co.....................................95 Blivin, C. F., Residence of..........................97 Bodendorf, Chas., Residence of.................. 95 Bowser, Joseph H.......................................87 Bowser, J. H., Residence of........................97 Brininstool, H., Residence of....................105 Brooks, I. D., Residence of.....................93 Cc-mpbell, D., Residence of....................... 99 Campbell, J. L., Residence of....................101 Carpenter, W. H., Residence of..................97 Carveth & Stebbins, Drug Store of..............95 Cedar Creek Roller Mills...........................95 Chaffee, O., Residence of.........................101 C4hamberlin, NVnm., Residence of.................101 Chapman, H. J., Residence of.....................99 C hidester, (. F......................................87 City Bank, Hastings..................................95 City Hall, Hastings..................................89 Clark, R. S., Residence of........................89 Clemence, N. F., Residence of.................105 *Cleveland, M. O., Residence of..................99 Cline, Mason G., Residence of....................99 Cobb, Lee S................................... 89 Cole, J. I.................................................89 Colgrove, P. T..................................87 Colgrove, P. T., Residence of.....................93 Collins, Chas., Residence of.......................93 Congregational Church, Middleville............93 Consolidated Press & Tool Co.....................95 Court House, Hastings................................87 Crandall, E., Residence of....................101 Crook, Guy E...................................... 89 -Culver, S. S., Residence of........................99 Cutler, C. A......................................... 87 Davis, Chas. E., Residence of....................105 Decker, George, Residence of....................97 De Golia, Bernard, Residence of..................99 De Vine, Mr. and Mrs. WV. N.....................91 D ietrich, Mlonroe A................................. -87 Doster, Geo. J., Residence of........... 101 D oster, S. C., Store of................................95 Downs, S. H.................................89 D unkley, S., Residence of........................105 3tunning, W. H., Residence of.................105 7aton, Wallace, Residence of....................101 Eaton, W. H., Residence of.......................101 Eddy, Geo., Residence of..........................99 Elliott, WVm.................................. 87 nz, George, Barn of............................. 103 Farr, Ernest..............................................89 F tarr, Ernest, Residence of......................... 99 PAGU Flower, H. J., Farm Home of.....................99 Freellan, \Vnl. H., Residence of.................97 Episcopal Church, Hastings.........................89 Funk, Mr. and.MIrs. Jacob.........................87 Garrison, G. IV., Residence of....................99 Gaskill, Silas, Residence of.......................103 Gates, VW m., Residence of...........................97 Gibson, A. D., Residence of.......................101 Glasner, Helen......................................91 Glasner, Henry C............................... 87 Glasner, Lillian............................... 91 Glasner, M rs. M aud................................91 Godfrey, Irs. WV. S., Store of.....................95 Goodyear Bros, Building, Hastings............95 G reen, D. A............................................. S9 Groat, Delbert, Residence of.....................101 Groth, J. H., Residence of.........................99 Hager, P., Residence of................... 03 Hall, Eli D., Residence of...............99 Hart, Frank, Residence of........................103 Hastings Cabinet Co............... 95 Hastings Motor Shaft Co............................95 Hastings National Bank.........................91-95 Hastings Table Co......................... 95 Hastings W\ool Boot Co........................ 95 Hathaway, A. G., Home of...................103 Havens, W nl., Residence of.......................97 Hayman, G. H., Residence of.....................97 Hayward, XV. J., Office of.........................91 -Hefflebower Si, Si on, Poto from..................91 Hendrick, H. E., Residence of....................97 H igh School, Nashville.............................91 Hine, Lewis, Residence of........................97 Hoffman, Chas., Reside ce of......................97 Hoffman, VWm., Residence and Barn of......91 Hough, C. A., Residence of.......................97 Hull. Richard, Rdesidence of..................105 Hyde. a s................................... Hyde, Mr. and Mrs. L. A...........................91 Ickes, WValter, Scene on Farm of.................99 International Seal & Lock Co....95 Johnson, Mr. and iIrs. F. 1H.....................S7 Jones, W. R., Residence of......................103 Jordan, M. F., Office of..............................91 Kenyon, Chas., Scene on Farm of..............105 Kidder, Arthur- E............................... 87 Knoll, M. S., Residence of.......................105 Knox, M rs. C. M...................................91 K nox, E. C..........................................91 PAGJS Murphy, James, Residence of......................105 MIyres, E. D., Resi ence of.......................105 Nashville, hain Street......................... 91 Nashville, River Scene at........................91 Nausel, F. K., Village Residence of...........97 Nelson & Co, liddleville......................... 91 Nevins, A. l........... 89 Newland, Mr. and MSrs. C. A.......................87 Newland, C. A., Farm Holle of................103 Norton, Mr. a. d rs. allace....................91 "Oak Hill," Residence of Jesse Townsend...93 Ogden, Wrn., Residence of........................103 Palmatier, C. H., Residence of..................105 Pennels, Ed., Residence of...........1...........105 Pierson, J. T. & Son, Store of.................95 Pope, Rev. David Berge............................. 89 Potter, W illiam \.................................... 89 Presbyterian Church, Hastings.................... 59 Public School, Hastings............................89 Public School, M iddleville..........................93 Public School, W oodland...........................93 Putnam Park, Nashville............................93 Reaims, Leander..............................87 Reynolds; Delbert. Residence of................01 Risbridger, Jesse, Residence of..................103 Robinson, Mrs. H., Residence of:..............101 Shelp's Resort................................. 93 Shepherd, Evert, Residence of..................105 Slocum, E., Residence of..........................103 Smith, Clement................................... 87 Smnith, Elbert V........................................89 Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Frank.......................91 Smith, J. H., Residence of...................... 103 Smith, M., rResidence of.............................99 Soldiers' Monument, Hastings....................89 Spencer, O. L., Residence of....................105 Stafford, Ml rs. Caroline.............................91 Stafford, G eo. W.......................................89 Stanton, W., Residence of.........................93 Stanton, V., Residence of.........................97 State Street, Hastings.................................89 Stem, Keller, Residence of............ 101 Stowell, Perry A., Residece of..................93 Strickland. C. H., Residence of.................99 Swift, M. D., Birge Carlto......................89 Thomas, G. V., Residence of...................101 Thompson, H. L., Residence of..................99 Thornapple Knitting Mills.......................95 Town Hall, oodland.............................. 93 Townsend, Jesse, Residence of, "Oak Hill" '...93 Towvnsend, Jesse......................................89 Tuckertman, C. W., Residence and barn of...93 Tyden, E...............................................89 Union Block, Hastings.............................. 95 Van Syckle, H. L., Residence of...............101 Van Syckle, L. X., Residence of..............101 Wagner, Fred, Residence of..................93 Walton, Enos, Residence of...............105 Ward, Dennis, Residence of......................101 W arner, A., Store of...................................95 Warner, D. C., Residence of.....................101 Wellman, W. W., Residence of.................93 W ertman, J., Residence of........................103 Weyerman, Jacob, Residence of.................103 Wickwire, Geo., Residence of....................97 W ilber, A lice............................................91 Wilber, Frank................................ 91 Williams, A. N., Residence of...................101 Woodland, Main Street Views.................... 93 Zerbel, Henry A., Residence of..................99 Lammers, Arnold, photo from.............. Larabee, C. P., Residence of............... Lawrence, Fred J., Farm Residence of.. Lee, Frank............................ Lowrys, Dr.. W., Residence of...............95......97....103......89...... 93 McCann, Wm., Residence of................99 McGlynn, Edward, Residence of..................101 Mack, Chas. M..........................................87 McNaughton, E. J., Residence of..............103 McQuarrie, John, Residence of..................103 Masonic Temple, Hastings..........................95 M. E. Church, Hastings.............................89 M. E. Church, Woorlland.........................93 Meyers, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley.....................87 Meyers, W esley, Residence of.....................97 Michigan Central R. R. Depot, Nashville.....91 Middleville, Street Scene at........................93 Middleville Roller Mills.............................95 M iller, H., Residence of.............................99 Mohler, M. D., Chas. D..........................81 Mosher, Peter, Residence of......................103


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Page  10 F i I N7~oR TH PA RT OF Lo eSONTY; SEAT OF BARRY COUN MArrnyhBowiO MICHIGAN NSIG G1 e0h OtT (BNSO AVE 6 OO6DLANDAE 'A URM E VE. A6 04HLL $ LI _____5 6 6 6 6 6 0 67 0 5666666 66666676 669666666666 N 6EN666N 66 IL J 96J 6 87 i6 666A Mffh4R 6AT6O6IC E 6 6HR 6666 666 66 666AA6 666666666 766 6666I 67666 _ _ _ 1 1 6 6 6 6 6 666 6666 6 665666 66 666666 665 I I -C ITi 'TY 5 TWP. '1,61 — I0, C e muez,4 Eon, Jo~s. R MtAo(Iews 4O C , I O 0N 01 36 S0 T 5 6, 6 6 (6 60 ro6 STT m I '11: A loeP6 Tobcey 6' WjJ6 j 166 6666 2 ~ < 0 -6 7666"S 711767J17fi; 77766 AU 66UR Fc-t-r-r- - - - -44 s 60 fOTRTI AT 7 T/CSK 66666 67603 /66.660 66 66666 66 6 66( 1766 PI 6 A ~STyS I I Title: NORTH PART OF HASTINGS, COUNTY SEAT OF BARRY COUNTY, MICHIGAN, Hastings Twp. Keywords: Chester & R.B. Messer; CATHOLIC CEMETERY; RIVERSIDE CEMETERY; Lute Dryer; Morris Bowler; Jason E. McElwain; WOODLAWN CEM.; THORNAPPLE RIVER; A.A. Anderson; CEMETERY AVE. OR STATE ROAD; ROBERT I. HENDERSHOTT'S 1ST. ADD.; R.J. GRANT'S ADD.; Albert Atoft.; H. Shively; Rose B. Andrus; G.L. Heath Est.; AMY AVE.; BENSON AVE.; MURIEL AVE.; OAK ST.; ELM ST.; THE HARDENDORF ADD.; R.J. GRANT'S 2ND ADD.; HILL ST.; VALLEY ST.; Green House; John Brinker; Chester & R.B. Messer; Fabius De Planta; Albert Tobey; HIGH ST.; SEMINARY SQUARE; THORN ST.; Kitchen Cabinet Co.; ST.; BENTON ST.; YOUNG ST.; MARKET ST.; WASHINGTON ST.; PARK ST.; BROADWAY; MILL ST.; Fair Grounds; RACE TRACK; GRAND RAPIDS BOOKCASE & CHAIR CO.; ORIGINAL TOWN; MICHIGAN CENTRAL R.R.; APPLE ST.; Store; Lumber; City Hall; Soldiers' Monument; STATE ST.; COURT ST.; CENTER ST.; Chapel; Episcopal Church; WOODLAND AVE.; FRANCIS ST.; WILLIAM ST.; CHAS. H. BAUER'S ADD.; CHARLES ST.; LINCOLN ST.; Mrs. John Renkes; G. Forman; Jas. H. Wolf; KIRK ST.; E.L. Raymond; B.A. Matthews; Chas. B. Graves; MAPLE ST.; STATE ROAD; M.E. Church; BLAIR ST.; School; COLFAX ST.; GRANT ST.; DANIEL STRIKER'S ADD.; P.G. Bennet; Deloe Hopkins; H.A. Matthews; L. Standley, Est.; Lemuel A. Eaton; George Sweet; Jas. R. Matthews; Rose Colgrove; Goodyear Bros. & J.S. Goodyear; Westley Andrews; BUTLER CREEK; HIGH ST.; THORN ST.; City Water Works; Opera House; Public Hitching Place; Grain Warehouse; Roller Mills; Storage; Garage; Elevator; Warehouse; Warehouse; Elevator; Depot; Hotel; Livery; Nat'l. Bank; City Bank; COURTHOUSE SQUARE; Court House; Jail; Bapt. Church; Presby. Church; LIVERY; CHURCH ST.; JEFFERSON ST.; CREEK ST.; MICHIGAN AVE.; BOLTWOOD ST.; ELIZABETH ST.; HENRY ST.; PUBLIC SQUARE; MILL ST.; Consolidated Pres. & Tool Co.; International Seal & Lock Co.; Table Factory; J.S. Goodyear; Motor Shaft Co.; Garage; LIvery & Feed Stables; C.K. & S.R.R.; WATER ST.; HANOVER ST.; RICKELS ISLAND PARK; MICH.; E. Burdick; Dawson Bros.; John Shawman; EAST THORN ST.; BUTLER'S ADD.; FIRST ST.; SECOND ST.; THIRD ST.; EAST MILL ST.; Dawson Bros.; Wm Hirst; J. Hirst; A. Hirst; Perry Wisemor; Hy Knickerbacker; C S Burton Est.; Chas. H. Hicks; W.F. Hicks; Clement Smith; Wool Boot Co. Factory; RAILROAD ST.; BENNETT & KENFIELD'S ADD.; Sophia Webber; Allen St.; Bennett St. Note: Copyright 1913 by Geo. A. Ogle & Co.; FOR SOUTH PART OF HASTINGS, SEE PAGES 14 AND 15

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Page  14 SOUTHP I.PTQOF HAST NOS 15 COUNTY SEAT OFpf CENTER -Alerl Tobey 6' 5 0WALNUT G AN -— D -- - 14A1 UND ST LL~JLLLLJ to", MAD SON CLINTON U IVL&pTG -0- -H-T-V- -K-T-1 - MADSOUT 8 1 2 I 4 6 - Il Il 11I 'l P;1 I 04 43 ~~4~ OM? 7C,77C C Af~on~Li aWet h a MAA.L Le ny s -l LIoil 6 '~f~oe SI eC A /booC~o~o~s U~oS2 5 L7 vl 1/i U o lL A ~ 00 R I C h 0 Pl M oU 022 5 4 3 I 'I 7 8:OLIVER G, 7 8 X7,nerua I I I I i I gqk i Title: SOUTH PART OF HASTINGS, COUNTY SEAT OF BARRY COUNTY, MICHIGAN, HASTINGS TWP. Keywords: Albert Tobey; CASS ST.; BENTON ST.; YOUNG ST.; H.D. Trim; Chester & R.B. Messer; West Creek; GREEN ST.; CENTER ST.; Kellar Stem; Ironside Estate; Chas. Yutz; Geo Coleman; A.F. Sylvester; Ellen McOmber Est.; Morris Pierson; Hannah Waters; W. Finley; E.J. Edger; H.O. Young; C.F. Brooks; O.L. Crook; R. Mudge; Phyllis Reynolds; WALNUT ST.; PARK; JAS. DUNNING'S ADD.; CASS ST.; BENTON ST.; YOUNG ST.; BROADWAY; GRAND ST.; BOND ST.; MADISON ST.; CLINTON ST.; MARSHALL ST.; Philip T. Colgrove; LINCOLN PARK ADD.; McNAIR ST.; CASS ST.; BENTON ST.; YOUNG ST.; MARKET ST.; WASHINGTON ST.; PARK ST.; ORIGINAL TOWN; South St.; M.E. Church; Litch Sponable; Depot; Freight Depot; CENTRAL R.R.; BENNETT ST.; BENNETT AND KENFIELD'S ADD.; UNION ST.; JACKSON ST.; L.F. Est.; D. Ashalter; Mrs. H.J. Kenfield; John McPherson; John Olmstead; CHICAGO, KALAMAZOO AND SAGINAW R.R.; FALL CREEK; St. Rose Hill; Catholic Church; Union School; School; TOWN ADD.; BOND ST.; TEMPLE SQUARE PARK; CHURCH ST.; JEFFERSON ST.; CREEK ST.; POND; EASTERN ADD.; H.J. KENFIELD'S ADD.; KENFIELD'S 2ND ADD.; WATER ST.; HANOVER ST.; EAST ST.; DIBBLE ST.; MONTGOMERY ST.; HAYS ST.; U.B. Church; Ad. Church; JOHN LICHTY'S FIRST ADD.; John Lichty; Henry F. Naylor; Al. Wood, Est.; Mrs. N. Elliott; D. & M. Manee; W. Rowley; J.H. Chambers; Richard M. Bates; A.H. Bates est; John Freeman; W. Icker; F. Muhlitner; Baker Shriner; A.T.; OLIVER ST.; CHAMBERLAIN'S ADD.; NELSON ST.; Minnie McNee; D. Striker, Est.; Minerva Hunt; Pat Slaitery Jr.; Wm. Jennings; P. & M. Slattery; Marco Barbert; A.L. Kelley; Whit Benham; John McGurn; FALL CREEK ST.; John Ketcham; Henry Mishler Est.; Afton Smith; Frank Pierce; J. Wardell; Geo. Clary; G. Giddings; Eva Murry; Chas J. Burch; S.A. Slawson; Robt. Burch; Art. Chase; John G. Kirschner; Wm. Mishler; Obadiah Blaugh; L.H. Evarts; Frank Beamer; Aldrich Seibel; Alice G. Bates; E.N. Hinman; A.G. Eaton; Daniel & Mary H. Manee; Hattie Withey; D. Van Sloten; F. Giddings; B.F. Gaskill Note: FOR NORTH PART OF HASTINGS SEE PAGES 10 and 11; Copyright 1913 by Geo. A. Ogle & Co.

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Page  18 19 II1 Title: Middleville, Thornapple Twp.; Cloverdale, Hope Twp.; Freeport, Irving Twp. Keywords: A.H. Leonard; Michael Cryan; Henry Barton; J.W. Wyman; Chas. Schondelmayer; Chas. Converse; Jacob De Smidt; E.M. Brown; Chase E. Harper; R.I. Kenyon; C. Howard; C.M. Bixler; E.P. Whitmore Est.; David Mattson; G. & M. Cook; Sherman St.; Johnson St.; Lem Paull St.; Arlington St.; Main St.; Ed. Morgan; Hannah Wilson; Henry Barton; D. Thurber; Thornapple River; Merritt Thompson; David Hooper; James Irving; A.D. Thomas; Elias Gray; Elias Gray; David R. Hooper; John Tinker; Siven Abrams; C.M. Bixler; W.H. Corson; W.H. Corson; Pickle Factory; Geo. Walker; W.H. Corson Sr.; Lampson Bros.; Emory Street Closed; Lincoln St.; R. & I. Dampson; Street Closed; W. Moe; M. Boyce; J. Timm; R. & I. Lampson; Washington St.; W.W. Watson; Street Closed; Street Closed; Lafayette St. Closed; St.; W. Moe; S. Zerby; F. Busker; Mrs. W. Watson; Tewksbury; W. Watson; Street Closed; Street Closed; George A. Doan; W. Corson Jr.; Pump; Michigan Central R.R.; Michigan Central R.R.; Nancy Wyman; Clara Cook; W.L. Cobb; W.L. Cobb; O. White; V. McK.; W. McK.; Clara Cook; Nettie Russell; Mary Paul; Mattie Lynn; G. Wilson; Clara Cook; Liberty St.; Street Closed; Clara Cook; Spring Street Closed; Co-operative Co-partnership Creamery Association (Limited); Formerly Lot 8; R.T. French; T.E. Deveamer; R.T. French; R.R. Co.; M.A. Detrich; Freight House; W. Moe; Shupe's Add.; A; B; High St.; Mill St.; Shupe's Add.; Middleville Lumber Co.; Stock Yards; Coal Sheds; Railroad; Park; Mill; Town Hall; Dept Store; Dept. Store; P.O.; Opera House; Hotel; Bank; Law Off.; Main St.; H.J. Chapman; F. Lee; M.A. Dietrich; Geo. Finkbeiner; W.J. Hayward; M.J. Severance; S. & F.; Church; A. Armstrong; S.P. Barnum; G. Pratt; Gardner & Son; F. Lee; Hdw.; Mill Race; Keeler Street Closed; Keeler St.; Dayton St.; Fremont St.; Dibble St.; Church St.; Ellis St.; Grand Rapids St.; Arnold St.; Arnold Street Closed; Keeler Bros Add.; Keeler's Add.; Emory St.; Paul St.; Keeler Park; High St.; W. Johnson; F. Rock; Travis; F. Rock; R.T. French; Margaret Curtis; Elmer Fenton; R. Ullery; Mrs. Sanford; Theo. Woods; W.H. Corson Sr; Noah Craft; W. Watson; High School; H. Caldwell; M.E. Church; Parsonage; Res.; R.T. French; Res.; W.J. Hayward; J.S.M.; A.V.; J.B.; L.B.; F. Linzenmayer; Gen. Mdse.; Livery; E.M. Brown; C.M. Smith; E. Sylvester; Johnson's Add.; Street Closed; M.E. Watkins; Street Closed; D. Rogers; Street Closed; A. Martin; J. Clark; Mrs. O.L. Parkhurst; First St.; M.E. Watkins; E.D. Thomas Est.; B. Johnson; D. Rogers; J. Clark; Chas Harper; Charles Harper; Mrs. Kittie Otto; J.E.M.; S.P. Pierson; Broadway; Second St.; Road Closed; Frank Gibbs; M. Parkhurst; Frank Pratt; S.G. Davis; D. Johnson; Third St.; Charles randstetter; Frank Gibbs; Street Clo; Thos Ronan; D. Johnson; A. Free; Johnson; D. Jo; Fourth St.; Fourth St.; Third St.; Second St.; First St.; A.D. Babcock's Add.; Fifth St.; H.E. Hendrick; Dearborn St.; State St.; Market St.; Cherry St.; Russl St.; Larkin St.; A.I. Stokoe; W.S.; A.I. Stokoe; F. Lee; F. Lee; O.M. White; R.T. French; Dam; Mill Race; Globe Knitting Works; T.L. Wood; J. Clark; Thos. Amy; c.H. Dietrich; A.M. Gardner; D.W. Johnson; W. McKevitt; J.S. Johnson; J. Clark; Mary McQueen; M. Roland; E. Hall; F. B.; C.J. Kenyon; E.J. Lee; W. Gardner; C. Fenton Est.; E.S. Grosfend; W. Shontell; E.S. Grosfend; Mrs. T. Saunders; S.F. Hull; Thon Coats; Moses Schondelmayer; H. Turner; J. Sprague; A.C. Hindma; MILL POND; St. Closed; Street Closed; Cherry St. Closed; Market St. Closed; ORIGINAL TOWN; Larkin St. Closed; Mr. John Winger; J. Clark; market St. Closed; Ruby Yeon; R. Yerring; O.L. Parkhurst; H.E. Hendrick; A.C. Hindman; Clayton B. Lazenby; M.S. Keeler; Globe Knitting Co.; Chas Branstoffer; Campbell & Campbell; O.L. Parkhurst; Michigan Central R.R. co.; Church; H.E. Hendricks; Jacob Schondelmayer; Irving Road; Mrs. T.A. Dereimer; W.W. Watson; C. Allison; Worthy More; Goodnough; R.H. Riggs; Ludwig & Foster; Long Lake; Ludwig & Foster; Campbell Bros.; I. Brocks; C. Kahler; Church; center st.; Original town; Sayles Add.; M. Sayles; Ryan Bros; Obed Chamberlain; L. Dayton; Ludwig & Foster; Mud Lake; Chicago Kalamazoo & Saginaw R.R.; F.H. Wilkinson; John Ashby; Ludwig & Foster; Mary McKee; John Ashby; Mrs. M. Ashby; H. Mosher; Chas. Kingsbury; G.E. Taylor; P.O.; Mdse.; Mdse.; Depot; School; Hdwe; Kent co.; Braytona Childs; Freeport Cooperative Creamery; No Branch of; James Godfrey; Cemetery; Carpenter; Karcher; Lictke; Henney; Haskins; Walnut St.; Race St.; Oak St.; Nye's Add.; Abram Steekler; Thornapple River; Abram Steekler; Race St.; Oak St.; Division St.; Original Town; Cherry St.; Beech St.; St. Johns St.; South Division St.; State St.; Warren St.; Maple St.; Green St.; Irving St.; Cressey St.; East St.; Church; Furniture; Gen Store; Meat Mar.; Hdw.; Hotel; Gen. Store.; Hotel; Farm Produce; Saw Mill; Mill; Office; C.A. Curtis; Lumber Yard; Depot; Esek Yule; Church; Pere Marquette R.R.; Lumber Yard; Saw Mill; Line Between Irving and Carlton Twps.; Sam'l Roush; Ransom Wolcott; A. Hinkley; Val. Dipp; Isaac Seger; Fox & Son; W. Washburn; W. Fox; Mrs. W. Rickert; Jas. Baker; Emery Wait; John Draper; S. Smith; H. Rogers Note:

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Page  22 *0 N N 7 A I q I Title: Delton, Barry Twp.; Irving, Irving Twp.; Orangeville, Orangeville Twp.; Nashville, Castleton Twp. Keywords: F.A. Blackman; Ford St.; Thomas St.; Blackman & Bush's Add.; Orin Barrett; Orchard St.; Hardware; Chicago Kalamazoo & Saginaw R.R.; Geo. Main; L.N. Bush; W. Gillespie; L. Williams; Original Town; Maple St.; M.M. Manning; Nell Locher; H. Khler; C. Risbriger; Nellie Locher; W.L. Hall; L. Williams; F. Doster; School; L. templeton; Frank Doster; H. Khler; E. horton; M. Cross; E. Morehouse; J. Underhill; W. Gellis; C. Glossipie; J.D. Murdock; E.E. Faulkner; M.H. McWelane; F. Green; Mrs. Geo. Main; O.B. Diamond; Mrs. S.C. Brandstetter; W.B. Zuick; Lumber; Depot; Warehouse; Main st.; Elev.; J.R. Bush's 1st Add.; Mill St.; Scribner St.; Bush St.; Low St.; A.B. Bush; C. McDermott; H. Adams; A.B. Bush; Ferd Storr; P. Gaskill; L. Bush; Chas. Gaskill; M. Waite; Grove St.; Church; I. Shurlo; J. Adrianson; J. Springstead; M. Norwood; Peter Adrianson; Mervin Gwin; B.F. Coolridge; Thornapple River; Emma Strong; E. Strong; J. Hendershott Est.; Albian College; P.O.; Mill; C. Watson; John Perry; Will Fifield; Oak St.; E. Strong; Stephen Kennedy; Lampson; Alice Reece; Beacon; Sarah William; Jos. Adams; W. Chubb; Thos. Betts; Parsonage; church; John J. Hendershott; F.H. Gillet; Frank Damoth; Frank Damoth; D.H. Lake; Church St.; E.E. Warner; M.E. Church; Will McCann; John Rogers; School; Race St.; Wm. Chase; Maple St.; E.R. Dunlap; Will Chase; Mill St.; John J. Hendershott; Ida B. Jordan; Depot; Michigan Central R.r.; Will. McCann; W.V. Jacobs; Cambridge St.; Water St.; Town Hall; Robert Beattie; H. Pike; Wagon Shop; Blacksith Shop; School; Hdwe. Store; Union (Main) St.; Reserved Mill Race; R. Van Valkenberg; J.J. Jenson; Church; Grange Hall; K.O.T.M. Hall; Nichols St.; Store & P.O.; D. Klingsmith; Hotel; J.N. Pike; Gris. Mill; Cemetery; J.N. Pike; Carl Nichols; E.B. Deforest; M. Crawford; Timothy Elsworth; W.O. Pierce; Dr Buckner; D.C. Buckner; Store; Philip Saddler; Frank Harper; S.S. Cummings; J.N. Pike; S. Blocker; Caroline Evarts; R. Kuhlman; Water Tower; Putnam Park; David Hullinger; Ed. Brumm; O. Huwe; R. Mead; F. Watering; M. Kellogg; W. Howell; W. Leebaugh; Pearl Staup; Mary kellogg; J. Habersaal; Spring Ditch; A. Kinney; A. Kinney; W. Gunn; Ed. Kinney; Downing & Bullis; Maple Sugar & Syrup Factory; Store; E. Downing; Grant St.; Mill St.; Staley's Add.; holler's Add.; Philadelphia St.; Division St.; John Roe; J. Habersaat; Pumping Station; F.L. Keyser; Dam; Mill; W. Howell; A.C. Buxton; Alley; Hiram Coe; C.L. Glasgow; C.M. Putnam; W.H. Burd; A.C. Buxton; A. Lentz; J. Lentz; A.C. Buxton; Furniture Store; Kocher Bros.; Bank; Bank; Hdw.; Cherry Alley; C.L. Glasgow; G.V. Barker; H. roe; George Long; W.K.; Von Furnies; Drugs; O.M. Becker; E.V. Barker; H.G. Hale; H. Glasner; H. Roe; R.C.S.; A.W.; G.W. Gribbin; I. Strong; Mary Kellogg; Island; MILL POND; F.L. Keyser; C.E. Roscoe; Jane Hart; Reed St.; A. Stocking; B. Furniss; H. Atchinson; E.V. Smith; P. Garlinger; J.I. Baker; A. Bivens; F.H. Rarick; O.D. Freeman; F.K. Bullis; E. Mix; Town Hall; Church; Church; Washington St.; Opera House; S.F.; J.R.; J.R.; E.L.; D.C.; O.M. Mc; H. Setterington; C. Scheidt; J.A.H.; C.P.; Original Town; Church; News Office; L.A.N.; B.J.C.; Sherman St.; Mabel Roscoe; J. Habersaat; R.B. Gregg's Add.; Gregg St.; Church; Church; Rose Alley; Maple St.; P. Feighner Est.; B.W. Aus; P. Rothaar; Alley; School; Alley; Middle St.; O.A. Phillip's Add.; F.M. Quick; E.B. Townsend; S. Powers; L.A. Nichols; L.B. Patter; I. Offley; Church; Phillip's 2nd Add.; Phillip's 3rd Add.; Church; Chas. D. Ayres; H. Vincent; Mix Add.; Phillips St.; H.C. Glasner; Cleveland St.; Lentz St.; Mrs. A.J. Beebe; Alley; Gregg St.; Alley; Hardendorf Add.; Perrine St.; Edna St.; Lentz Table Co.; Factory; Asa Bivens; Mixing Bldg.; Thornapple River; Serol Powers; Mrs. P. Deller; Nashville Baseball Association; Grand Stand; L.G. Clark; Mrs. C.J. Scheidt; T. Miller; J.B. Mix; M. Shores; B. Schulze Estate; Elevator; Townsend Bros.; Downing & Bullis; L.G. Clark; Mrs. VanO.; H. Brooks; Geo. Gribbin Est.; J.E. Hurd; F.J. Feighner; E.T. Morris; E. Mallery; H. Brooks; G.W.F.; A.H.; R.F.G.; G.P.B. Co.; J. Caley & Son; H.L.W.; J.M. Drice; J.E.B. Est.; Church St.; J. Taylor; F.M. Quick; J.F. Taylor; H.E.; C.S.; Townsend Bros.; Phillips' Add.; State St.; Railroad; Depot; Queen St.; F. Griffin; Mrs. M. Chappel; H.E. Downing; W.K. Cole; Michigan Central R.R.; Roy Everts; W. Flory; H. Reynolds; Bert Hart; I. Naune; W. Sample; Theo. Barnes; Mary Phillips; T.C. Downing; A.G. Murray; Hattie Bunn; Mrs. H. Laskins; T. Castleline; James Harper; Chas. M. Parrott; Seth Graham; J.B. Marshall; M.H. Reynolds; Mrs. H. McKelvey; Mrs. D. Jones; Mrs. W. Hummel; J. Baird; Durkee St.; Fuller St.; Freight Depot; Michigan Central R.R. Co.; Francis St.; R.C. Smith; H.H. Bennett; Henry Clever; E.V. keyes; D.F. Wells; Pearl St.; A.W. Phillip's Add.; Main St.; State St.; Maple St.; Bidlack; E. McNeil; Walter Stillwell; W.A. Quick; J.A. Hoffner; E.D. Frink; Elmer Greenfield; I. Newton; Fred Van Orsdall; D.A. Wells; C.H. Reynolds; Saw Mill; Lumber Yard; J. Hamilton; H.E. Downing; O. Simmons; Quaker Brook; Ditch; C.H. Reynolds; G.W. Gallatin; G.W. Swan; C.M. Parrott; W. Woodard; M.D. Smith; A. Lawrence; Asa Bivens; Lake One Drain; Lakeside Cem.; Lake One Drain; H. Feighner; Lake One; Marshall & Schantz; C. Tarble; Frank Beard; L. Howell; G.W. Gribbin; W. Howell; Seth. Graham; H. Feighner; John Ehret Note:

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Page  [unnumbered]

Page  26 0:0 5aole '8Y00 Po0 to I onCo! 0 /T571 Thos mop 9n/oeo /vooolono' 005 aloooo'e!y x~eles &~.o01oono'o Poe onles a") no! PcIeo t eo r 00,voc pats 4,len ' 0.0 2nsP os. 003 o OzerYooo ZZ oo SW ~ Ooooeo co 09000~ 00 0007o 0 Oos4 M 0v 6i.00 0 00/~ 00 000, 100 0 AMA ~L~oo00 0. 0. 0 0 0000 ' /0 00,Oooo o0o00r7 0000005070 II I I i I...L 7 1: 6 rIL I s II I-I I — L-,, 11 Z I Y I - I WAPLL -A-. 0000 Z 01zen ) o 17 I 0 I I. ", I - ST PtCOoDEDPLT 6 7 6 OODLAXAT] j6%Tip.+~~-Aaw-~~ — a- - -) IL I Oo9Ooo - Chss. Cadwlladter' 14. 0 00/007 00026 7 0 0 5 A 000Co WOODLAWN," BARRY 2001VP Scale. goof/Iolo IZntc$ I.1 C.D. Q:main,, J.,,r. I 504o.9. I I w. Af,HhUr Ii 0 01, ~1,0 000' 00 I'VIV&IN 5 41 IAi Tq'I An Za nice, ozive a ZZICY 5eaec. r,;,, /M edon POPS oaiye, XIo /Y,0/10 /00 10 0 N I I I RE2SORT JOHNSTOWN T~ 00 600000 0' /1 ebb p Soooo 0 M 00 Soplo9 INoooo I 4i 00 I.11 , fe'net"-Ock jj ml I, I I- C.tI,17SA", A F., 11171._ 1 1/. M 11 bATS8 ON PINE /f 4 I __M Ul El i ).- c-;1 I,A I G,. Y, T-pk I= Mwv I f IV 0 b 0 I, 4 115, 1 N. N I A 0 P " 99 r; -1 __ - 00 \0 Z0.00 LAKE - Sc e3 0 00 07 / 00 0 0 00 AIOI96AN. PLATW0 A0 SHERIDAN CASTETON TWP Scale 30oot!. O0 osooc3 9Vosm 7kf7_0e~C-Z,*M1nt2 YPo oe 02d0 yoo SSYkIA ASSYPIA 0 000P Title: Woodland, Woodland Twp.; Woodland, Recorded Plats, Woodland Twp.; Woodlawn, Barry Twp.; Assyria, Assyria Twp.; Resort Plats on Fine Lake, Johnstown Twp.; Morgan.; Platted as Sheridan Keywords: J.S. Reisinger; G.C. Garlick; L.E. Royer; Geo. Harrington; David Landis; Geo. Palmerton; C. Burkle; L. Parrott; J. Covert; A. Oler; Mrs. S.W. Cree; Olive Barnes; Church; Geo. Palmerton; Ed. Leonard; C.J. Manktelow; Dr. L.E. Benson; C.J. & D. Manktelow; A.E. Thompson; J.S. Reisinger; Ditch; Mrs. A. Thompson; Livery; C. Miller; A. Cooper; Moore Est.; D. Early; Ger. M.E. church; Mrs. S. Miller; S.D. Katherman; C. Cassel; L. Christian; S.C. Van Houten; Store; Dr. Benson; Mrs. Batfinger; F.F. Hilbert; Grozinger Est.; L. Hynes; O.D. Stevens; Eva Parrott; Lafayette Parrott; E. Bizer; P.R. Holmes; D.B. Kilpatrick Est.; John Hynes; P.O. Flory; O. Barnes; S.W. Thomas; Ed. Hynes; A. Hill; A. Fuller; Amasa St.; Frank Nash; N. & M. Nash; I. Rairigh; P.M. Schray; C.D. Garn; W. Meyers; H.J. Schaibley; J.H.; Ben Landis; Woodland Village; C.B.; E. Wheeler; Lawrence St.; A. Hill; S. & O. McArthur; W.J. McArthur; J.H. Sawdy; E.R. Burton; B. Whiting; Chicago Kalamazoo & Saginaw R.R.; Main St.; L. Hilbert; C. Burkle; John Bulling; C.J. Manktelow; Elmer Hynes; J. Fuller; Mrs. Emma Bolton; Dell Williams; Ed. Leonard; D. Miller Est.; L. parrott; D. Miller; F. Easton; R. Coatbaugh; Parrott's Add.; L. Parrott; L. Parrott; Morton St.; L. Parrott; Hotel; Thatcher St.; F.L.; J.R. Valentine; H. Wheeler; H.P.; J. Phillips; C. Grezinger; P.L. Wright; C.T.; A. Faul; L. Hilbert; Atchinson; C.S. McIntyre; H.C. Beard; L.L. Faul; M. Fuller; D.S. England; Guy Boyce; J.S. Munton; Geo. Faul; L. hilbert; A.W. Dillenback; Villa Cornell; John Velte; Florence St.; Hannah Priest; John Hauer; Smoth Bros. Velter Co.; Harrison St.; Woodland Creamery; Depot; Rowlader Bros.; H.V. Sweitzer; Smith Bros. Velter Co.; H.V. Sweitzer; Mill St.; Broadway; E.P.; Glasgow; N. Whiting; John Summ; L. Faul; U.B. Parsonage; J.L. Smith; Woodland Twp.; R.L. Wright; State St.; R.Y. Rowlader; A. Hill; B.S. Holly; F.F. Hilbert; Jacob hofer; E. Wolfe; Chas. E. Rowlader; Franklin St.; W. Mohler; N. Saway; Ed. Leonard; John Kahler; D.S. England; L. Sidman; High School; John Kahler; 1st U.B. Church; Truman C. & Maggie Munion; S. Varney; Olive & Lucy Sease; C.S. & L.J. Palmerton; F. Ragla; R.U.B. Parsonage; Wm. Finefrock; Mary M. Holly; G.C. Garlick; Maple St.; A. Oler; Geo. Palmerton; Ed. Leonard; C.J. Manktelow; D. Early; Ger. M.E. Church; Mrs. S. Miller; S.D. Katherman; C. Cassel; Original Town; Eva Parrott; North St.; Amasa St.; L. Parrott; Thatcher St.; Broadway; Florence St.; Harrison St.; Morton St.; Parrott's Add.; Depot; East St.; Broadway; Frank Nash; N. & M. Nash; I. Rairigh; P.M. Schray; C.D. Garn; W. Meyers; H.J. Schaibley; B; E. Wheel; A. Hill; McArthur; J.H. Sawdy; E. Burton; B. Whiting; J. McArthur; Chicago Kalamazoo & Saginaw R.R.; Town Hall; Franklin St.; Lawrence (Not Open); Church; pring St. (not Open); Olive & Lucy Sease; S. & L.J. Palmerton; F. Ragla; R.U.B. Parsonage; Wm. Finefrock; State St.; R.Y. Rowlader; A. Hill; B.S. Holly; F.F. Hilbert; Jacob Hofer; Mary Holly; C.E. Rowlader; E. Wolfe; E. Pettinger; Chas. Cadwaller; Grove St.; Main St.; H. Schafer; Chas. Cadwaller; Mrs. Peter Israel; GULL LAKE; Kalamazoo Co.; Calvin Smith; A.W. Wilcox; W. Seyer Est.; G.S. Tompkins; P.K. Jewell; F. Schroeder; School; Church; C.W. Crowfoot; H.A. Powers; Oscar Crowfoot; A.T. Shepard; Town hall; Geo. W. Tompkins; A. Fisher; A. Wilcox; K.O.T.M. Hall; FINE LAKE; J.J. Fish; Hickory Lane; Lovers Lane; Lake Ct.; South Shore Drive; Paulina Beach; Chas. Pau; Sylvan St.; Gaskill Drive; Jos. Brininstool; Fine Lake; Shore Acres; Hotel; Jos. Brininstool; Louise Standley; Fine Lake; Fine Lake Park; Cottage Drive; Castleton Twp,.; Jermima Morgan; Mrs. Alice L. Munton; Wm. Jarrd; Main St.; Michigan Central R.R.; Gen. Store; Lake St.; Mill; Depot; Mrs. Alice L. munton; D. Hagerman; Jefferson St.; Railroad St.; Mill St.; Queen St.; East St.; D. Bollinger Note:

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Page  30 30 PRAIkIEVILLE PR4/R/I/LL TKVP Sco/e'400/ la / t~ncA. PAa/ a Ceff e 'er Aa~ AzE cc~ IDa1ea' Ifo D'am hailz DW A Cho PR ~CIRVZ fA l ~a.e 90 laloI/yCA I MfUIAbOJNJ1 PLATS O GUN LA PRA/R/EV/LIE TWP0PNBIL W ScalZe 3001// zII/a. Sco ae,300/IZ Z Ic lw2cA A'" 3cc/aHICKOcY GNUS 1 3 (O/a/aLi <'1 Ic 'V ]i4ANPI]TLD CEDAR CREEK IV. ' Hh Occc lc O/'aO J A lea7A c 71a wa - dcaaa, WALED 011F RES0R~T LOCATED IN SECTIaON DDAND/33 I T" I.1,,,.11 70 0 33?I3 fr,?, IfJac'101?32 IN 7o0 D 1D LAKE VIEW: PARK YAccKEE PRNOD TWP I Title: Prairieville, Prairieville Twp.; Highland Point Resort, Prairieville Twp.; Plats on Gun Lake, Orangeville Twp.; Leach Lake Resort, Carlton Twp.; Walldorff Resort; Beechwood; Cedar Creek, Hope Twp.; Hickory Corners, Barry Twp.; Gull Lake, Prairieville Twp.; Coats Grove, Castleton Twp.; Banfield, Johnstown Twp.; Shultz, Hope Twp.; Boniface Point and Island Plat, Prairieville Twp.; Englewood, Prairieville Twp.; Milo, Prairieville Twp.; Lake View Park, Yankee Springs Twp.; West Gun Lake Resort, Yankee Springs Twp.; Dowling, Baltimore Twp.; Prichardville, Baltimore Twp.; Gwins Grove and Crooked Lake Summer Resort, Barry Twp. 28; 33; 32 Keywords: E. Armstrong; D. Palmetier; T.A. Woodman; C.B.; Kate Perkins; Wm. H.; Cemetery; Geo. Brightfall; Bap. Church; Mrs. Hannah Falk.; H. Benson; Mark Norris; Fred Hughes; A.T. Murray; Cairns & Brown; C. Smith; Furniture; J. Drummond; M. Doster; Dr. McLeah; Mrs. B. Pane; Hdw.; P.O.; Dr. McLeay; School No. 3; D.I. Van Horn; Dennis Collins; M.E. Church; Wm. Mullen; Blacksmith Shop; Mrs A. Nelson; J.G. Hughes; Bap. Parsonage; Fred Hauser; A. N. Higgins; Printing Office; J.G. Hughes; J.P. Hart; Tom Fox; E. Clement; M. Lehman; Daniel Doyle; Michael Doster; M.E. Parsonage Church; Mary Mosier; Cora Summerville; John Earl; L. Gibbs; I. Koes; Mrs. M. Vanderbrook; M.M. Chase; Mrs. Clara Hughes; J.W. Earl; M.M. Chase; W. Perigo; Res. Ed. Parker; C.A. Blackman; Mark Norris; Mrs. Geo. Mullen; Wm. Mead; G.A. Blackman; Promenade; Park; Promenade; Grove St.; Crooked Lake; Line between Barry & Prairieville Twps.; F.A. Blackman; Gun Lake; Gun Lake; The Wigwams; W.H. Herrick; The Elms; Porter & Walker; Wildwood; W. Crawford; John Crawford; Leach Lake; H. Meloy; Carlton Twp.; Hastings Twp.; Oscar Mathews; Hope Twp.; W H. Carpenter; Milan Waldorff Est.; Walldorff Resor First Add.t; Wall Lake; Drive; Wall Lake; George Eddy; J.L. Campbell; Arnold Lammers; Mill; D.L. Mortland; a. Lammers; C.H. Kopf; W. Johncox; Wm. Johncox; A.L. Campbell; A.W. Pease; Church; School; O.P. Campbell; O.D. Campbell; H.R. Casey; H.J. Forshey; Mrs. E.M. Mott; Estella Van Luster; Ambrose Cox; Mrs. Y. Cortright; John Mourey; Bap. Parsonage; E. Andrews; D. Talles; Rachel Rockwell Est.; Wm.Elliott; M.M. Rockwell; Helen M. Bush; A. Roach; E. Tack; S. Elliott; Mrs. Ballanger; C.M. Elliott; A.A. Aldrich; Church; T.A. Aldrich; Mrs. G. Williams; E. Deiterich; T.A. Aldrich; D.B. Pope; J. Albertson; H. Bartlett; Church Prop.; Mrs. Geo. Swanson; School Grounds; Mrs. Y. Cortright; B.J. Barber; T.G. Rockwell; Edwin Bissell; P.H. Lawrence; H.L. Nobles; S.S. Willison; F. Deitrdk; Mrs. F. Glassner; J.L. Houvener; C.M. Elliott; E. Pennock; A.A. Aldrich; H. Aldrich; H.M. Tethrick; W. Montgomery; H. Aldrich; T.A. & A.A. Aldrich; P.O.; A.P. Lawrence; M.M. Rockwell; Tel.; Church; J. Cadwallader; E. Pennock; M. Bush; Churhc; W. Mott; H. Aldrich; M. Messenger; H.M. Byington; Alb. McAllister; M.C. Geiger; Henry Crouse Chanler; Almena Geiger; Wm. Wm. Murphy; Prairieville Twp.; Barry Twp.; Sarah Allison; Brunges Store; Honeywell; H. Brunges; Park; Mrs. A. Geiger; Chas. Turner; Chas. B. Hays; Mrs. E. Pittinger; Libby Pittinger; Gull Lake; Carlton Twp; Woodland Twp; Mrs. H. Young; Geo. Coats; Mrs. M. Barnum; E. Sprauge; Wm. Demond; Line Between Woodland and Castleton Twps.; John J. Fuller; Line Between Hastings and Castleton Twps.; A.C. Wate; Mrs. E. Demond; L. Barnum; S. Munion; E. Coats; D. Sprague; J. Townsend; Mrs. L. M. Smith; Chicago, Kalamazoo & Saginaw R.R.; Ed. Coats; Irv. Brunne Est.; Mary Putnam; Church; E. Tungate; P. Houghteling; Delia Tungate; L. Palmatier; Gen. Store; E.L. Edmunds; E. Tungate; Gen Store; A.M. Edmunds; Gene Sweet; J. Hart; Chas. Shultz; Church; A.N. McCarty; A.N. McCarty; Blacksmith Shop; Store; P.O.; Mrs. Moore; Babcock; C. Bodendorf; L. Bugbee; Chicago Kalamazoo & Saginaw R.R.; Depot; Henry Craven; W. Boniface; Pine Lake; Boniface Point; Island Plat; J.t. Shelp; Pine Lake; Mrs. Addison Spaulding; Depot, Store & P.O.; Elev. 200; Stock Yds.; Mrs. M. Johnson; Green St.; Vine St.; M.F. Johnson; W.A.S.; Chicago Kalamazoo & Saginaw R.R.; Main St.; M.E. Church; J.E. Brandstretter; Emerson Lewis; Gun Lake; North W.; Shady Lanes; High St.; Hastings Gun Lake Resort; Hasting St.; W.L. Herrick; Dan Duffy; Gun Lake; J.B. Chilson; Dixon Ave.; C.B. Dixon; Allegan Co.; Bernice Ave.; Second St.; First St.; C.B. Dixon; Gun Lake; W.B. Rice; H. Johnson; J. Kemerling; Mary Ormsbee; M.L. Ormsbee; C A. Lester; S.E. Lester; R.V. Gallagher; C. Rice; F. Webster; R.G. Rice; W.N. Renkes; Store; N.F. Clemence; J.E. Herrington; Emil Schwocho; Mary Ormsbee; P.O.; J.L. Ormsbee; Ed. Thethrick; A. Woodmansee; F.S.; S.F.H.; Store; F.S.; J.D.; E. Cassidy; Frank Webster; C. McMannis; A. Woodmansee; H.M. Emmons; E. Hoffman; Geo. Robertson; W. Clemence; F. Garrison; E.W. Thethrick; R.K. Stanton; Walter Ormsbee; Jesse Warner; H. Gaskell; V. & L. Prichard; Hattie Prichard; Bert Stanton; Hattie Prichard; C. Prichard; S. Prichard; J.W. Clark; Geo. Prichard; W. Norton; Bert Stanton; Cedar Creek; F. Sulsbaugh; Pond; Mill; G. Sulsbaugh; Mason Jones; M. Gwin; A; B; Crooked lake Summer Resort; Crooked Lake; Lake Boul; Gwin Ave.; Central Ave.; E; D; First Add; To Gwin Grove; Gwin's Grove; Cottage Ave; F; Mervin Gwin; C; Hotel Note: Point 2587 Ft. North & 634.75 Ft. East of the S.W Cor. of Sec. 8

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Page  33 2- 9"~~4~-"' '72-~ ~"',?~~~'~~,-"'~ ~'~ — '-"-."2) -'' '9-7"'2) ~NA CIA,, -A TOWNSHIP inches to I mile Cownship Y -94-orth, Aange 7 West of the Mlichigan Mleridian -M 33 M3A PTL [) t-GROVE'-A — I Ei - - - - -- -—. - -- --- - - - - "A'. - - - - - - --- - 1. -, — - 5oio- z z 7 I 7727 71Z,-22Z ~2'~-7 9 i2 7 - 7.7 &'.of 772'.91,39 L7'6..7O.977.76 37'ozdozs 7 -* 27976 --— '9 ZI4~7 29 Oy \ Coefi(s/j4o 22; 29.,K 29'22 93 (5'. c280.22. 770 11 -.477 97 I. 477 160 C622A-l t,VL.A7? n"" Ap 29 K 29n ~~22 29 '22,2 I - -11,.2- -:9 '79 S K29 Ko I29. 2 2;7. 77 I3;o &/?221 `2 7777 73 29 2 ', N (29 29 2947 747 M I t,, 5)7 -29 *797q ~-6n2 29 -72' Z'A' 607A 2'7 27277 3772- e 8. / 2 (2.I7. 80Z'Nz - 22772621., 1 0. 67' 29 o w.ft,TeizeS (2)229.250.98 Gsz-rzsonA29,oz'e 75 9 2 a o ____ 729 { 29 JO. erd 2929 A772 (29.3 21 77-72- - I /7re2 77 722e29ca -'i9s c 7rc27.97 - 77.0.702,77'472 7 - 0. 0. 297r'/ A2VZ72 -~7'zC7czya? 7792s7 77 _____ 4, I I I I. 5 C9s/.' 72 c ce 777' 292922937 00- 9 770 o l 2) 29oj k X4e CZc72z- - - C, 7/C>.897),'31722-.171 472O 292. I I..-I. 2)29 9(i 22)T 29. 229.2 Q 42,O 27. GO.C Ooyge k;7; ZZ' 22. 72 z't4 77 87 10 29).4 fleZZ 00 - fN 7~ sc2- (5 --- 992 Q '2 29 (527),~ 2, 29 -, 7:27 7772 (9 2929~ 29 9 2 i 9 2~h.[: 4a (229 - p6Ia2)8 cc -- I.9-7 -'I= - - 279. -9 -! -.1 C?7-~.7j.72 877,A-css Soz'oV729l1.7;a?57Sse47l t2,.292 7'~ 99799 222 22. —I 99 2292Z, I 291 29 22 2922.1 Ccc ZZ..) Z 2 77,.1 2994 '229 K) "I2 -727l Kc., ZZ — 271 299.L.28 '- J129,2~ 7242j "I. I I 2~2,L L97=69 -4)~ - ~,~., —7 I -47, A S4 -. 47-5 , _ 1 7,',, Fa,12C/, A Z/- _ _ \ r, L, 6 7 -Y: —'7Z77%.72 7' la757S6 2~".29 K) Z 729 ZP. 1 — Z 2, 6711-1 29I 1. -zz7 rc7(3S.. -.,, --- I..1 - -,Z I N ( i lff.,77. 14. Q).3 6(1i -, -Ii? 11'11 222 '.2729 N ' 29~i 9j 297Q) 2229v2 Y5.27 c,797 7.6. 5.72e'p/zz S27,222,7)947 22 T ze77,-1- 2.97Z2?z'Cidl el eqcod 877r~cZ 2727% ('z;.(292 (529'9.t -,, '2 772 29a 777 f-K 02o 2929C)7 87';2 11~.~ -Z o5 7732 V "I 7 I 29 22 I 29, 152 72742. 7', -fV. 60d.eF2zz 8~''5.77Izb~7-Z27/2 2) 294 — K ",(5291 293 W-,7/1 7o? Z29 2, '9) '.I, 29 29 '22 72929 ' IQ5 307223.7V2f9297 29 I 2- - 780 Z '-72 (7, Q0 74, I., L. N -29" ~ 70 2929V Q 29) I2 29 05 2929 '2C' 22 1 22 29-~7 -I. I -2 72 477 //I47, 722I 257! 1.792 ) =-AL= I ',I'-I '-, ( —' --— 4 ---- -I 77 ",j2 t 74.1) 2277.2 i' 429MMM 9 L-29,6r W r) I 7~ 7, 22I!..4 N, I -II - I I= _- - A- - - -3 - 2222297; p 2927.7777 -2)'az'r'12.77727S P7/i'4-Z Es572- 477 - 0777 S.79 Z Z C 61.2~ Iic 727 7272~ - -.- 4.7 I,C)-. 3.7 K)1. 2) 29(5 71 2 9 ) 72) ~, It, C ~ I 1 I K I -. --. I. - - -.AM w AF H I - I ==:,i 1- 4 7'. - --- I - -. - -- ---- I - I. 77.77 -7 -727:-0.7Y3a70.qZ- 797Z ZZ2 -? KZ. C 13 I 877V5 z r 22-r eD 877::: rc~n2nO. - 712707.?yc 3.37S. 1 7Sf2 77.77~zn o/Z. 2 J47i//zsc I 22 r-Pz277478 o 29 z 2e4,9 ( 273~7227727 2.2290 70 7-2 0 972727 I 7057 I '"O-737 2 12) I5 22l Q2 tt I,2929 — 7 — — 6 —: c'6279 — I 4 Ik- 29 8999227 i 23'2-7777 7722/2. 74222 72 -zz 29 -;11.5 =A 1 a C —177-(!t N N r -t R.Hi r2 Z2 Clrer R C> D46? 47- 292-, (5~.I P7,1 r'2 \Z22, 29/ - 729 Ge C>. 52 ~,,7z~a,-2 o7'O, C-r- % 276 29 -22 99~. I I I If'2 If 22 22 2299 29 22 Q2 22.22 I27) 2 _ __ -.J9999 [ -77 - m - AP. ' =2! == _. ---"' — -1 - --. 4 -. I~ 2 27,29 4-7 4To7.297729 72 477 32227-)A 3e77 7 275 2 -zec) 29(52; 2 74~') 77225271 29299 ~2) co.;e - -- - -- --. - - 22228.727 22~lro S~2e 2't 27 A2 07277 77377 — 2(5) 729 v Kj, f2 I P;C,7'-0&o L~. 29294 C::, IzT 2.7 - CDz9 ( t-.) 7I737 2 67.22 I 2;0 (56.,.. "I I.1.. -f! r-11 C 9ILR-O UwA I i -Q/11 ----5 - - 1, if - — l' , <9 I - - - i iA - 0 -.1VIMMIN"Pulp"1011 2,Lqms9 M1. Title: Map of Assyria Township 1 N 7 W Keywords: Maple Grove Twp.; Samuel Jones; Minnie Brandt; E. Clark; S. Jones; Geo. Munger; A. Cartwright; F.E. Wilber; H.V. Muncer Est; I.D. Briggs; E.H.; School; Church; W.H. Stanton; I. Briggs; Olive Tompkins; M.F. Strickland; Spg.; Ray Miller; C.S. Mason; David Conklin; Taylor Lake; G.S. Cumming; Wills.; Mrs. J. Loomis; Spg.; Fred Miller; J.H. Miller; G.S. Cummings; John Miller; Geo. Campbell; Mayo Bros.; Harry L. Mayo; R.F.D.; Arthur Miller; School; John Miller; Arthur Miller; E.J. Bach; John Wertz; Orres Mapes; A.D. Olmstead; A.D. Olmstead; Eliza Tulley; Albert Spire; L. Kenyon; A. Miller; H.G. Green; Oliver Lindsley; W. Lehmer; John Miller Est.; A. Treat; F. Mapes; E. Clark; E. Harmon; H.V. Munger; Maud Courtright; A.A. Durfee; Frank Falk; J. Cadart; Orin Dunham; G.S. Case; Harry Cotton; H.M. Case; J.B. Hendrick; D. Durfee; A.H. Durfee; J.E. Cole; H.H. Curtis; E.A. Tobias; Andrew Whalen; W. Dunham; O.B. Coon; G. Swift; Cem; C.T. Jones; Garrison Moore; J. Cashmore; P.B. Harwood; G.O. Kent; Wm. Harwood; C.W. Tuckerman; R.F.D.; Uretta Briggs; Uceba Archer; Uceba Archer; Bert Jones; C.H. Mayo; C.C. Miller; C.E. Cox; G.O. Kent; A.G. Kent; Will Fruin; Frank Van Nocker; C.H. Mayo; M.M. Elston; Chas Schaffhauser; Bert Jones; I.W. Cargo; Mary Schaffhauser; Geo. Leonard; G W Tuckerman; S.J. Palmiter; C.E. Cox; J. Shaffhauser; L. Reams; Lydia Hawley; W. Wedder; L. Reams; Henry Wiles; W.H. Carter; M.J. Smith; S.J. Palmatier; Butler Bros.; L.A. Hyde; Wabascon Creek; M.R. Lawrence; A.C. Butler; G. Hyland; L.W. Van Syckle; O. Durham; C. Durham; A. Brand; C. Durham; W.H. Campbell; Wm. Packer; E.A. Tobias; W.H. Campbell; E.A. Tobias; M. Packer; C.C. Gage; A.F. Russell; M.J. Butler; Cassady Lake; Curtis Russell; Ed. Keys; Sarah Russell; Nancy Russell; Mott Russell; A.F. Davis; J. Cashmore; R.D. Barnhart; E.M. Newman; E. Rouch; M. Miller; Lizzie Tasker; Lizzie Tasker; Mrs. E.A. Fox Est; Henry Tasker; A.F. Russell; O. Crowfoot; Calvin Smith; M. Harry; C. Tuckerman; Walter Vickers; J.E. Wright; O. Durham; G. Meacham; A.T. Shepard; Assyria P.O.; Eliz. Hartom; Milton J. Hartom; J.W. Tasker; W.W. Case; I.W. Cargo; L. Tungate; I W. Cargo; C.E. Cox; Frank Blank; R.F.D.; R.D. Chapman; M. Morehouse; School; Wm. Wiles; N.E. Wiles Est.; M.J. Smith; Wm. Lehmer; M. Elmdorf; Sam Moon Jr.; John Hill; F.B. Spaulding; Clyde Holmes; School; H.M. Rathbun; Wm. Packer; Frank Thompson; S.L. Roach; C.S. Clark; James McLee; Henry Pitt; J.J. Pitt; V. Holmes; John Russell; T.L. Packer; O.H. Philip; West Lake; C.C. Gage; Geo. Packer; Jennie McDonald; F.C.N. Leonard; W.J. Brady; John Jordan; High Hill Lake; C.B. Van Auken; Martin Olson; J.C. Tompkins; G.S. Tompkins; John Holds; Day Pugh; Geo. W. Tompkins; O.E. Crandall; E.F. Everts; Chas. Serven Jr.; Lou Coombs; M. Sylvester; J. Frost; F. & P.; K.O.T.M. Hall; Cem.; A.T. Shepard; Milton J. Hartom; Everett Shepard; Mrs. J. Tuckerman; A.W. Wilcox; G. & T. Watson; A.C. Fisher; A. Wilcox; Ward Bros.; Spring Brook; M.J. Harton; A.J. Palmer; H. Corliss; A. Fruin; R. Stevens; E. Shepard; H.V. Hoag; Bert Wood; Onondaga Cr.; V.L. Farley; W.E. Brown; John J. Robinson; Sam. Moon; John Hill; Sam. Moon; Dan Olmstead; H.L. Thomson; W.E. Brown; M. Dibble; John Mulvaney; Henry Pitt; Vance Roley; Vance Holmes Est.; J.J. Pitt; Lyman Harris; Geo Shafe; Mrs. Ismon; Oscar Fox; A.V. Spire; D. Harper; Wm. Ogden; Ed. Busk; C.E. Corey; Walter Powers; D.M. Sylvester; J. Vandengaet; S.A. Mulvany; E. Nash; C. Atkins; F. Martin; E. Willison; Geo. Bennett; C. Pufpaff; F.E. Cashmore; Lancaster Bros.; Jennings Bros.; W.R. Holder; John Olmsted; E.S. Van Auken; School; J.J. Nielson; O.M. Cleveland; F.J. Wing; V.L. Farley; M.O. Cleveland; Earl Thompson; Cem; A.E. Stine; Thomas Kennedy; School; E.P. Abbott; Frank Beardslee; M.W. Thompson; C. Huggett; A.G. Fruin (F. Hurd); H. Hamilton; A.T. Wing; H.L. Thompson; E.E. Berry; D. Stumpf; D. Stumpf.; Andrew Johnson; C. Woods; E. Callahan; Ann. Hunt; E. Callahan; School; Cem; J. Callahan; Hiram Vanncker; Johnstown Twp.; John Easey; Anthony Buckner; Calhoun Co.; G. Hunt; E. Murphy; Wm. Easey; Fay Hunt; Geo. Perrett; G.S. Decker; Joel Hopkins; T. Trainer; F. Romans; L.T. Metcalf; Geo. Perrett; H.E Berry; F.W. Luce; Grass Lake; F.W. Berry; Loon Lake; Geo. Perrett; Bert Harper; Geo. Perrett; F.W. Luce; Henry Crapoff; Ed. Crapoff; E.E. Berry; A.C. Pierce; E.A. Wilbur; F.J. Wilbur; A. Willison; A.E. Peck; W. Wilson; A.N. Wilbur; Lewis Strewin; G.W. McDermid; R.W. Wilbur; Thomas Phillips; A. Corliss; Fred Wing; John Brady; A.T. Wing; W.T. Willison; S. Smith; F.J. Wing; Robert Smith; J.G. Moore; Andrew Johnson; H.M. Allen; E. Reynolds; Bert Wilkinson; Thomas O'Toole; S. Moon; Chas Mulvany; Eaton Co. Note:

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Page  35 Umu::.:urn:, Cownship, I X~orth, SAange 8 W~est of the 5Miehigan f77'e-r'idan, 135 ~' PA T. IPTA[OF 8 62oz 9;,;1 0 - -, --- =(I/,wAw-'L. * __~_ F - _ - -.- = - - __, - - - - J6 ]_ z I 72 shel I 7 4 21' 310! aA -. I- I - - I - - I — 2m5 ACZo7Z gOuaZ" 04 8 I_.. - - - - I Z,._- (O 0,,Ij I 1-0 INI rII C Q, 0i -, i z I __ - - - -. J2 _&aS'. e4 T6.sAl' Ac~z22 e2 mark-n iz, I tf I-ff P-;I Ar67' 2 n,221-2 ZbI 1CAj XYP <? J0z2e3 Jio eaI _ - 'm I - I I. I '. -.. - - I - I Ar1,-y& J~722zze S ZzfZ 7Z3 3 TF — rrr`1=1._T 1- I= T1 77..=.1AR_ _ Ir,-11. n)[, 007.1C-,> j, 66C C3) Clzc.,9" ~CZ 2 2m S. -760 C-20 1 ~9oj r" so~N I2. A'g RPZS suri dye A _"zzs5z Z7? 2%9.-'.z-* S ~,-Z ca ) ~7 c'zrk Z iZ2 Fm = MM 7 2?. 7-1 -A 01. 0 QJ -Z Zf> 0 A\ 01.72 7:ICI__ Z72 CA-7 oil 7r 1- 0 Y-2 Z-2 Y6 C) IZZ Qj 71n Me Y _Z,3 11 Gi 2,6 Q LiCL -9 C- Y4 -zc — z 7 _7 6 C> 172cz 1., z Z 2-2 Zen;, All TV. AVE. ItVA; j 'a Qj Sc 4.0- -_ _-, Qj Z19 C5 cr) (3 -cj V) _,7 cv C-Ili rcz Fq y 3 'k 0. A/ _Z/ e- It-_Z's 7-Y U) cl - I C s7i zed__r U) 9C> P, u, Qj j CID qj q - I le y zycz 212. Z 72CIZ22 na 0 M." Y j NrIEL D V aging -,E. 3pk z _-Z.5Z_-Z2e Q,_,De4 - 7r?ZZZ_?,! S 0) 6$ -2 I,T Z,::?- 2 )V:72 aj, 'b a r_> Z3 7 ZY2;; 72 2 0 _Hiz 1, zz (j Q) 0 u) 71,5-72? Ij lo,- 17.2;Z M-72 11Z 10 1_7- C, gc> T -Yo C,7:, YM OZ72 Q) ri CZcz Z Z S W,'7201.72 57 ct. oacco6_3wv2 IQ -Z 7 Z7 9 Z,:)_V QA Ylaz fz 6!nn ie X42 ZI 6 LZ 02 z:z 70.3 9c) 7Vaw I i9 CAbff) 0 UAT Nq 59. aj(0"t (5 9\ Geo. 'IF' Cc_.:le Coom 1z 7 6,0-;>2_622 1 '5. Y)4i1103 m~-os Fr87 So7-,:IC: 5022 0, 7-'CIZ-2 80 C (J) Q)".tP0_ZW2Q IY.j-61 27771 - I -i q 4Y 90 6I> 26 IS? z-a 800 J-zzz12S.1~b,-~ 2? zz-zc I ~~ t;J' ) 1 I JF-01~' 1 If~ ~~~-I 9 =7& i4Bdo S0 - C-.'l 015z N177' 0 - K23 rj 11.45 - 87Gcii I Cy 790! A'z-Z.722.1Z 94~ 004A 17.Go~olo 76'. - -1Sc o.Lf11 3ye t I -117. L- _.x.11 I I _ZLZ Z2 _Z-Z II I~. -7, -_ < p - I.,I CA C,~Loi P a. c c/s In 00 V) q:!it- I R. I' — I I. I I -— el.11 I F, ___ - - - - - - __ __ __ __ _*_ _ _* 4,1-129v-s Title: Map of Johnstown Township 1 N 8 W Keywords: Baltimore Twp.; E. Horn; A. Cox; Grant Adams; Ben Stanton; Frank Whitworth; F. Hallock; A Tungate; Chas. Huffman; Elmer Tungate; Nelson Rogers; Johial Rogers; Clara Adams; Clear Lake; G.E. Van Syckle; R.T. Jones; Vet. Munger; C.S. Bristol; R.F.D.; Hiram Bristol; Walter Beach; School; O.A. Risbridger; Austin Ferris; E. Bristol; Amby Ferris; J.H. McGrath; John Lashel; R. Webster Est.; Walter Beach; Bert Ferris; McGrath; Geo. Conklin; B.W. Conklin; Frank Kemerling; Henry Garrett; F.H. Warner; W.F. Warner; Wm. Schreiner; F.E. Corey; W.H. Hampton; Geo. Conklin; C. Benson; Benjamin Thomas; C.A. Stanton; F. Babcok; W. Mack; Chas Schreiner; W.R. Jones; W.R. Jones; James Hill; E. Clark; R.E. Webster; School; Evan Poor; J. Chandler; Geo. Main; S. Norris; F. Fisher; H. Powers; R.V. Gallagher; Adel Groat; Mud Lake; A. McKee; Delos. Neal; Mrs. C.E. Moore; F. Wilkes; R.V. Gallagher; Sherman Zimmerman; F. Stamm; Fred Van Syckle; Homer Merrimann; Wm. Burroughs; Bristol Lake; B.W. Conklin; Joseph Bowser; H. Babcock; Ed Hill; G.W. Bird; J. Babcock; Gilbert Eleming; Hiram Webster; Silas Gaskill; Frank H. Clark; L. Case; Geo. M. Miller; C.H. Stevens; R.F.D.; School; H.K. Stevens; G.R. Grayburn; Mrs. H Adams; Church; Cem; Jasper Miller; C. Pursell; John Cadart; Glen Bristol; R.F.D.; W. Lyon; D.A. Stiles; Cem; H.W. Bellinger; W.V.; Clayton C. Pettengill; John Gilding; Chas Palmatier; Carl Bellinger; F.A. Robinson; School; Irv. Brunie Est; Geo Wickwire; G. Sheffield; R.F.D.; R.F.D.; Mary Putnam; Andrew Adams; O.H. Bristol; H.E. Bresee; Grange Hall; Joseph Bowser; Ferd Merrill; Fred Bristol; Ferd Merrill; E.R.; W. Fisher; Wm. Warner; R.W. Babcock; Long Lake; A.D. Lee; W & M. Beach; A.D. Lee; C. Davis; James Parrot; G.H. Lee; Warren Van Syckle; L. Case; R.F.D.; School; Geo Trick; F.J. Cox; Benjamin Cox Est.; Frank Bullis; Powers & Gribben; R. McLee; T. & W. Butler; R.F.D.; Geo. Willison; W. Willison Est.; S. Willison; A.E. Dewey; F.C. E. Van Horn; Gene Sweet; R.F.D.; F.E. Bellinger; Wm. Fry; F.E. Dellinger; F.E. Doty; Banfield; A.M. Edmunds; A.F.; Lyda E. Jones; Geo. Tungate; J.P. Jones; W.W.; R.F.D.; Joseph Powers; J.C.; A.M. Edmunds; Ernest Crandall; C.E. Moore; Geo. Cole; P.E. Darling; E. Simmons; W.B. Wandall; Mill Lake; Peter Fisher; S.B. Nay; Loy Cross; S.S. Culver; S.T. Van Sickle; G.W. Bird; Culver Lake; Jos. Arnold; Res. S S. Culver; A. Collis; John Culver; P. Darling; A Collis; H.L. Van Syckle; G.W. Bird; V.G. Bird; D. Brower; Warren Bird; L. Wardwell; M. Smith; E. Smith; Francis Covill; Wm. Lembke; H Lembke; Wm. Holden; W.M. Vick; Wm. Quine Est.; E. Rustine; W. Rustine; R.F.D.; Mrs. Spaulding; A.D. Cole; Thomas Pooley; Fine Lake; Homer Marshall; J.J. Fish; Chas Paul; Paulina Beach; Andrew Breese; S.D. Standley; Henry Bowman; Fine Lake Park; Hotel; Shore Acres; Louise Standley; Henry King; Jos. Brininstool; Henry Budd; F. Doty; Orin A. Johnson; C. Elden; Cem; School; G. Simpson; F. Doty; M.V. Bird; School; Elmer Bird; Jesse Risbridger; Thos. Johnson; Ed. Darling; C. Wills; James Wall Est.; Jos. Wall; Roy Rice; Wm. Lembke; T. Daniels; School; H. Lambkee; G. Holden; C. Cole; J. Schmidt Est.; Annie Wall; Geo. Frey Est.; G. Holden; L.I. Russell; W. Noud; T. Daniels; A. Crandall; John Marriott; Jacob Brunt; W.J. Baker; C. Cole; V.L. Carey; A. Foster; Myers; Barry Twp.; C. Porter; W Goble; W. Hamilton; J. Oberlin; A.K. & M.A. Brown; P.R. Fick; M. Lignian; Art. Searles; E.M. Barton; R.J. Kirk; School; C.M. Davis; W.H. Convers; Calhoun Co.; Geo. Gasser; Geo. Coleman; F. Coleman; C. Pickworth Est.; P.R. Fick; H. Budde; E. Godde; L. Megley; W. Frey; R.F.D.; Jos. Wilkes; H.B. Willison; R.F.D.; Frank Parmalee; H.L. Parmalee; Sam Hinkman; E. Godde; D. Kunt; James Wall Est.; Ed. Clemence; Margaret Quine; R.F.D.; E. Allen; Ed. Monroe; P. Cole; School; P. Hager; L.C. Snerley; R.F.D.; J. Adamson; Res.; Thomas Adamson; W.S. Nye; R.F.D.; Jay Foster; Fred Adamson; Jas. Noud; Mary Woods; J. Burns; Chas Woods; Buckner; P. Burns; David Woods; Chas. H. Woods; A. Dunn; W.S. Nye; W.H. Woods; David Woods; A. Foster; Assyria Twp. Note:

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Page  37 - 11:1 __111. _. _.?I __. _'. _.- _,_ /, 171 P, ,. * 5 1 \,> IMIME;M 3T1,1,0 xi LUvGIIPTi WI N7o, ~-,17 K~l zT-z 8 k-;%2, ig22 5o 5 — N, r 7_ 1 4it, i i I i I __ _1 KLIV - 6-p - 11 11 - _._ - - r BARRY( ~/7JP1VP. Scale 2 inhes to 4I mle wrownship I' Xrorth,.9ange.9 7iWest of the.51fiehigan Meridian __j -.r 1 Z.57 I I.. 0= 7 -! N2 zz 1111. - - -;;Pl - - - 17-.- 1, ,,4 -Cofo 7 -` -1 77-, 5 "' - 0 -9. j q q) Q), I4 11 t — - - _, - - . 2 pi 1_ I, M 1-6 -_r - 112' L _-,-", _a K? _7K I0 27 I/ 9260? p ~2 r pan779/21 It-~ 2 -1. lks1-. I-i Ah1- 6 772jez I- I - -.1. 277,y 62__z- z 2. _/ 2; —,.L2- ol -- IL, _-II i — Z,5,zz /11, -,I -.1 6-I I, f: 0 -7 I I I. I i I I I II I1 R i-/ - I 1A ilI.*JOo j36-l k "Is I _" 1-7. - _a W I - - _. - -,, -.-Im. -., -,. - - __ I - I I I.- - - - I - -. - - I ~22y I 7-/ 7222-1- Lb 22.2272- im &.k.. I >2 Ii'0I I!'i2 3.. -......r- -- -/-Y,Zz__ Z",40 11 40 11 _z_ 7_110Y 0. "f/ _-10.4-.22 - - 1 22.220127 - eI 4-z'z-'s. 5C. 'r._ tt - I 14 7, — 6 -_ I L 11 - 179-z A /266 2 ' 222 1162222 K 2 2 Y2-2Y22 ZZ~~' -~2221 952720 _Z 2-320e2 I?-40 7 - 'r, 40? -,6 JE3. 4., _- czr 196. A` 71l,'CZ I /Z L : -I. z:7. ,. 1 729// -02-2.2292 -~-19,9 J 17o; 0'7 i *.~~"~ ~, - 40 ==9=2I72I"I -.01,~ 2 - - - -M, -. -. - - a. er. ~. 7~ 27 7247 < 2G el2 5 - - Ioo I 03~b122 '< 1 IF 7 2-. ec, I .,4 —.- - - I. MO I'll. I _N - - - 14 —77 z J-Ze I. I '10 V -1,0 A-,- Z 424_=I I "IH._. V 9I __01! -. - -. - i7 -49.0 VW P-51 pq. 20 0- M -6's 9 1. A - '1 zzz_20 I — zE-.72-7z6z —dZ C 17.5 _e_11 - 2'zzez-z -40 _ 1__, 42,~ I -7.41 - fLIZZ71-z_10 z 7 -11 -&. Q) zMr 1.0 ezcre., 1.' X17,51 I 2 5 1 2 I I F 222.7 C/279_2 )20.2 3e127~74 1-9o &I9, - 2 _ _ _l OVz=Z2oo.22AC222922 KQ5 4 7 Zj~ ~ J- - ~ - ~ 20.2 - 22227 2 257O00 6722 92. 2;2, 27~ "A_ 7 ye-brl S 2242 72 1 222~ '22 ) S - __:422 K11 _11 k 6702 -2Le 4 C7 A62 2022 K K. 22' 4 I ---- 75'/120 2 6762227 22Z_ ~ zciz~i- NR~49 22 K,0 >2 ~ ~> 21' ~ K 722 I 29eU7,2 - K R S 47 SCsz,>'I ') 2 ~> 672AIV __N0 2 26 7 4/0 Q 2 -1213 K K> K~ 2K~~> I -227 II2 I dC I 1 3 lj_ - i M;,7 CZ6769s5 JC ~~60K 222222 722 062 i Q I1_. - tl_ I L I flo, 11z, I IT -b'2,s - 4g._!7-0 N ' S.,)-K >2K N I I R-2622 d -= 2.-4 - =9_ _M - ~ 2 -1. I =01 ---- __ I'l I2s.7 -.-7 __ 272.- - _. B _ _. —. _.-O"?D _- Af 1-14 A-IN;f _EYzu4 r 25z_ z I Z_- -f-49 z k1111 [I 1(Q Eq -il- S " "".72 -~ Ili 72 V I 1( 7 ~/?2 0.22 I072di72 4 "I-, , 1, (.r,,1 , -z:n, zz/, _5L za.:1:___z_612_Z_ 02229 2.J K. 0.... - - I I.... I I I I.. I,. M _ - - - - -. -...&...... A- -- -4 J1- - - . - - -, z - M. _Q/\11____eA.11_____11_ _ - M N 94# 11__G_ --- Title: Enlarged Plat, Barry Twp.; Map of Barry Township 1 N 9 W 2 Keywords: A.C. Hampton; H. Smith; Ida Pifer; Thos. Morthland; Hope Twp.; Geo. Davenport; Erb; A.L. Clark; F.A. Blackman; F.A. Blackman; Delton; M. Gwin; Arisel Bush; Wm. Leonard; Orin Barrett; M. Fisher; Geo. Mosier; C. Aldrich; B. Norwood; A.W. Burpee; H. Barrett; Res.; Peter Adrianson; Frank Doster; E. Barrett; J. Snell; F. Adams; W. Seibel Sr.; C. Dubois; Henry Forbes; E. Horton; Chas Kahlo; C. McGime & L. Kane; School; Ray Van Horn; Big Cedar Lake; F. Warner; A.C. Hampton; Wm. Gunsenhauser; A.E. Madden; Garrison Rogers; Jay Bartlett; A.C. Hampton; H. Smith; For Lotting See Enlarge Plat; Lyman Andrus; F.D. Newton; Thos. Morthland; Ids. Pifer; Chas Lechlitner; M. Hampton; Church; A. Newton; S.J. Dudley; Res.; Albert I Tungate; Chas. Dudley; A.I. Tungate; Milton Nobles; R.F.D.; W. Kelley; Rob. Campbell; School; A.S. Bunnell; W.P. Kelley; Wm Litts; Jesse Litts; Geo. Roach; V.O. Webster; Crooked Lake; Mervin Gwin; Crooked Lake Summer Resort; Addison Pennock; Gwins Grove; Lacy A. Jones; Geo. Sprague; Nora Gillispie; P. Van Luster; Chicago Kalamazoo & Saginaw R.R.; Lacy A. Jones; Addison Pennock; Pleasant Lake; Harry Payne; A. Pennock; Chas. Norwood; Mud Lake; Jay Bartlett; M. Newton; James Underhill; Wm. Seibel Sr.; F.E. Collison; Geo. Watson; F.W. Boulter; Bowker Lake; Matthew Hazzell; L. & C. Pennock; Big Gilkey Lake; Henry A. Seibel; Albert Roach; L. Dudley; Clara J. Clark; S. Dudley; M. Kahler; Fair Lake; Dewit Colister; Willison Bros.; Albert Tungate; M.V.B. Willison; Earl McGlocklin; E.A. Willison Est.; R. Dunn; School; M. Morris; J.G. Hughes; Mrs. B. Sedgwick; Mrs S. Main; Mrs. B. Sedgwick Est.; E. Shedd; Mrs. B. Sedwich Est.; Bessie & Carl Bissell; Geo. McLoughon; R.A. Polley; Henry Storr; R. VanHorn; Mrs. Warner; Seth Gainder; Res.; H.C. Louden; R.F.D.; Dake Lake; Alvah Pennock; M. Nickols; John Willison; L. & c. Pennock; Edmund I. Pennock; Mrs. Wm. Louden; R. Walters; W.H. Rockwell; C. Pennock; E. Monroe; Wm. Evans; S. Van Hallen; Quincy Tolles; A.J. Hopkins; Pitchfork Lake; John Stratton; W.C. Robinson; Henry Whidby; Harry V. Bellinger; W.H. Quick; A. Leonard Est.; C. Scharpstein; W. Town; Frank Rorabeck; H.J. Wright; M. Bellinger Est.; A. Griffin; Henry Whidby; Mortimer Pickle; John Whidby; Harry W. Bellinger; Albert Knowles; L. Patdum et al.; Harry W. Bellinger; Karl Bellinger; R.B. Lewis; Res.; Res.; School; Wm. Dunning; F.E. Lawrence; M. Barbour; Lewis Williams; Bull Head Lake; Margaret Bush; Res; Duncan McBain; Ellison L.; Edmund Pennock; M. Dethrick; Edmund Pennock; Grace Johnson; Ida Coddington; M. Barbour; E.L. Hursley; M.M. Dewey; A. Loomis; Cem; A. Pennock; Byron Tungate; H. Barnes; G.F. Wilkerson; W.H. Rockwell; R.F.D.; School; G.W. Rockwell; A.B. Pennock; Fred. Brunney; Minnie Tethrick; Wm. Willison; Frank Rorabeck; W. Town; Frank Town; Wm. Mason; Nelson R. Willison; O.P. Knowles; Frank Bassett; H.L. Bellingewr & G.E. Marshall; J. Winslow; Church; T. Searles; D. Russell; Thos. Searles; John Malay; Wm Pooley; Thos. Searles; Albert Forshey; R.M. Bellinger; Harry Jones; Res; Florence Mott; C.C. Dewey; J.D. Griffith; G.F. Swanson; C.W. Backus; T.W. Rockwell; R.F.D.; Monroe Lake; Geo. W. Monroe; A.E. Monroe; Res.; M.M. Dewey; R. McElwain; E. Pennock; Chas. Williams; E. Hursley; Wm. Elliott; Res; Mrs. Geo. Williams; Frank Lawrence; Mrs. Mary Lawrence; Hickory Corners; School; Mrs. Y. Cortright; P.H. Lawrence; H.M. Byington; Church; Cem.; S. Perrin; Wm. Perrin; Alfred Lawrence; B.B. Willison; M. Williamson; John Trick; B. Bretz; P.H. Lawrence; George Lawrence; A.A. Aldrich; Twelve Mile Creek; G.W. Williamson; Wm. Marshall; School; J.M. Williamson; N. Wing; Mrs. Grover; Young; W.F. Ford; H. Marshall; F. Piper; B.F. Burdick; Chas. Marshall; G.H. Brewer; Homer Marshall; R.F.D.; B.F. Burdick; Geo. H. Winslow; H.L. Nobles; H.L. Nobles; Prairieville Twp.; John Baker; Shady Lawn Farm; I. Allison; J.W. Baines; M. Williams; P.D. Dekilder; Baines; E. Pettinger; Chas. Cadwallader; Woodlawn; Gull Lake; H. Shafer; Mrs. Peter Israel; A. Leinaar; Kalamazoo Co.; C.W. Backers et al.; Gainder; Wm. Smith; Isaac Tack; Ottie S. Lawrence; Mrs. M. Ayers; J. Haskens; Ford Elm Farm; Elwin Butler; Res.; Base Line; Henry Germain; James Cadwalader; James A. Elliott; H.M. Byington; I.X.L. Farm; Albert Lawrence; Res.; C.M. Aldrich; F.H. Elliott; Clark C. Aldrich; A.M. North; Tyler & Martin; F.H. Elliott; John Lepper; B.H. Allen; John Brandstretter; O. Williamson; A. Merritt; Clare Pettingale; John Lepper; Chas. Lamont; Henry Wing; S. Willison; F. Wing; Philip Solomon; J.E. Lang; F.E. Romans; Ed. Mahoney; Theo. Orns; R Porter; F. Wing; Albert Chase; J. Harrison; H. Toose; J.E. Lang; Jos. Struine; Johnstown Twp. Note:

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Page  39 I.4 I -11`5 — 51F ----121 1 -11 — 111M-L - I 11 I* - - -&, F,'- -,* 11 - 1-11 ---., - - 9 — - I- - -- M--. *4A-, 4- 4, T I1.;*;kl It, 4D -0; ',( T D - ~PRAIRIE VILLE.-~ TOWNSHIP,7ownship I' X'4orith, 5?ange IC Wiest of the M/iichigan MJleridian 2 2 ~C2 2 -t22 Q7/6~ 97. u - I - I 2.27 7 7-6-27., 741 ~.92,12 J97 0 22 22 2.,9 Co t7~7' a 1666 2747. 7/a' r i I 6i I 9D 7.,:, ' J/3K P 2 41;2 I K fr) I 272. LEzs I 319 CobJv A-Cz 7* 7 22 7772 128-1zE-ZZ 7 =.=~=~=~66 ~ i 16 ` I..-4-C".? I- I. = I - 7,7. - V::- -1 - - - L - -- ,"t I 171 6622227/y 9.1127~7 27 1 1 I 77.Z —w2 7'2'-I 927'222j 7770 a4 /3222. /3/3~1 167 2752 727 - -7 7 -- 12 YJ24i IP7 i /3 K I I 4.4 g4a2o'6 5 6662 O,444/~'~- I, -40.2o1/e I /3 3 2 INJ 2~2a7 7,7 86,2csz- 2 126222274 * 272662~86.1?1716/S 7' / -72-692766 K /7 86 202772 ~ 0 ~84 *S222C-.5(11/ -.-a-b d _7 M-,. Mla. 88 AZ 2 _7 426 t 77 7 / ____68.72272 ' 7.Choz17It "l-_26 2-. fl~"~6/767A-27267j86 I I I C I I II I.1I C, 1I I I II I I I I I ES 2. 7.. /2 7.. /2' 7. 77 2 2 2) 5: 1/3/,,j "l, Q) Q J. ty- P t I i 1. /3I. ' 22)( /7711fr6 I 7882 — C 2247 7) 76S-SE'. Y - - st9C r ,. q) &. - -p0 k 0 f3..k I -I. - \,, h-i C, I - - - - -, - -- '2 '0 ' 7.74/9 ~ 22le22 S 22 ~768C. 2776Z, —Z 4 >AAAZO MA2L"A00 217-' J72 I ~TssbA- iK P, Z 3 K -1 q ~ 3R 7661* '2 ~ 57~$ 7Co. X x -2 '- ~Z# -.- -- - I 4 P 01- -.M. I'M- I-qrew-4;, I -a-lu 7~2"/ a/ 4 Y /6-1, Title: Map of Prairieville Township 1 N 10 W Keywords: Orangeville Twp.; L.B. Terpening; John Kellick; E.J. Hall; Victor Anson; B.G. Terpening; W. Boniface; J.T. Shelps Resort; Pine Lake; Island Plat; C.R. Doster; E.W. Lindsey; School; Cem.; J.B.; Mrs. O. Lindsey; Shelp Lake; C.H. Ford; Durkee; E.W. Lindsey; Fred. Hughes; G.H. Moorehouse; Frank Hughes; Sara Harthorn; L. Warner; G.F.; S.R. Rogers; John Freeman; Frank Hughes; F.J. Tiemann; R.F.D.; W.H.; Caroline Hathorn; W.D. Hughes; J.G. Hughes; J. Perkins; R.F.D.; Willard Harrington; Bert B. Brown; John J. Perkins; Mark Norris; Jas. Brown; Prairieville; J.G Hughes; Michael Doster; M.M. Chase; A.C.B.; Res. Ed. Parker; Geo. E. Mullen; Wm. Mead; G.A. Blackman; James Chapman; M. Wood; Holcomb Lake; Samuel Wise; Jacob Adrianson; Res. R.W. Richard; Frank Wales; Highland Point Resort; Boniface Point; J.T. Shelp; Geo. Doster Boat House; C.A. Merlau; M. Mussel; Dora Minar; John Rogers; Church; C.C. Merleau; E.B. Frost; L.W. Scott; Chas. Ford; Englewood; Adron Kyes; Sarah Merlau; School; B.H. Farr & Sons; Mrs. F. Farr & Son; C.W. Freeman; James Colthorp; R.H. Marshall; W.J. Warrant; Manley Billings; School; Almond Farr; H. Waters; Silas Doster; Levi Waters; Maurice Mills; Lucy Waters; Udara Thompson; Silas Doster; Clarence Doolittle; G. Mullen; Crooked Lake; Hannah Falk; E. Shedd; H. Falk; L. Jones; John Doster; Walter Warner; Lester Warner; J. Burchett; Doster P.O.; Start Lake; N.H. Brouard; Warner Lake; Jacob Tombs; S.; T. Kyes; Geo. E. Brainard; Augusta Brainard; Willis Carpenter; H.C. Rogers; B.H. Farr & sons; Mrs. F. Farr & Son; Emma & Hattie Doster; E.C. & E.B. Farr; Rob't Ray; Jacob Van Hout; R.F.D.; Res. Of F.F. Vantyne; Lakeview; A.H. Mills; H.H. Honeywell Est.; A.H. Mills; J Holden; Udara Thompson; Glen Boyle; Homer Flower; Herbert McBain; Thos. Gorham; Ellen G. De Wolf; Peter Van Luster; J.C. Hughes; E. & C. Flower; Emaline Kershaw; N.H. Orr; Eugene Shedd; Alb. Chase; Mark Chase; C.R. Doster; G.J. Doster; C.C. Merleau; Silver Lake; Wm. Burchett; John Doster; Michigan Central R.R.; Clarence Hammond; Thos. Frey; J.M. Hammond; Mrs. Emma Anson; Thos. Frey; I. Frey; Mrs. A.I. Davenport; J. Thomas; I. Frey; Jacob Van Hout; Mrs. M.A. Brandstetter; J.M. Hall; A.D. Francisco; Vander Walker; Wm. Hennessey; Mrs. Mary O. Hill Est.; E. & E. Woodhams; Hall; B.B.; D. Fellows Est.; Adolph Kammerer; O.B. Garrett; Hy. Pennels; Robt. Ray; Mrs. Addison Spaulding; School; Mrs. M. Johnson; Milo; W.A. Spaulding; Res. of E.C Towne; W.C. Towne; J.E. Brandstretter; M.F. Johnson; J.J. Doster; Fred Van Luke; Alb. Quick; Res. Of John Straghton; Emerson Lewis; H.W. Williams; James Burchett; School; C. Cook; Caldwell Lake; A C.; Emma Miller & Dora Travis; Mrs. M. Haffenden; C. Hicks; Chas. Enzian; Mary Cook; G.H Anson; J. Thomas; Alfred Anson; S. Lynes; Theo. Traister; Mrs. H. Caldwell; Geo. Conyer; Robt. Burchett; Mary Harmon & Nettie Doolittle; Mrs. Mary O. Hill Est.; J.W. Gilkey; D.P. Flower; Gilkey Lake; Warren Fisher; B.N. Fenner; Henry Woodhams; C.L. Barber; Willard Waters; Indian Lake; Mrs. B.R. Fenner; Mrs. M.J. Teller; G.W. Dunning; F. Jackson; B.N. Fenner; John Holden; W.L. Thorpe; Clayton Pettingill; E. Lewis; M. Anson; H.W. Williams; Art. Sootsma; A. Summerville; School; John Baker; Mud Lake; Allegan Co.; Leon Chapman; Ira Blanchard; Mrs. C.L. Brignell; Jas. Gay; F.O. Spieler; Mathew P. Bressen; Chas. Hicks; Mrs. James Honeysett; Kalamazoo Co.; Sarah Wiswell; Miss C.O. Gilkey; H. Train; Mrs. Lizzie Gilkey; R.F.D.; Arthur W. Shorter; Miller Lake; Wm. Stocking; Wm. White; C. Honeysett; Cem; Elmer Reynolds; J.F. Oswarld; C.M.; Clay Barber; Cressey Corners; Store; Chicago Kalamazoo & Saginaw R.R.; School; Enos. Barber; Newill Barber; Cresse; Warren Fisher; C.L. Barber; Clifford Doolittle; Mrs. Fannie Jackson; Mrs. Sara Blom; Res. of Frank Holden; John Holden; Long Lake; Abe Johnson; J.H. Brunges; E.B. Jennings; Almena Geiger; A. McAllister; Henry Crouse; Gull Lake; Wm. Chalker; J. Brunges; A. Janson; L.H. Lloyd; Gull Lake; Barry Twp.; W. C. Note:

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Page  41 '. - Oak — Q^ 19 5 *!,I M,;5 - wzj I." ',` i 1-6 C9 X 411. T, - - 19, C MA~PLE GROV,)NE C5ownship 2 L.9iorth, RZange, 7 Wlest of the!J/iehigan Yleridiaw CA1ILS TEE T02\-T -- - -. - - - - - - - - - A- - - - -- -- - I - I -1,% '1_5' -Y,:6: -5 Y's - Y 7,f- i. q _z_9_9 C. i C. (:TQ) e_I zJ,- 1 7v? Z, -7, 5 N - it I -- - - "I I. I I I Q 11. t -,Q ) 0, L (1-1 qrV 0) 1-4 PT, Ii,, ZIN ( 2z~z Z2 Or ~s 02'2 5 IQ)5., ~C~ r)0 C2Z2 R)j1Q.22. z-~z~2~'e2l2'2 C 276. C1 Z3- c'~ '2 - 3-27 -252227 42.0c Zl ~_z7zse > ZI 6~~ 2-,~9.! q) Ij - i67~, 24 Ie~1 * 222' 2',22 I'RV _TC-,752 -2222 Yihe H — 2.27014, 2227 "" 3927-zc' r-127 292C2 I'~ >?eN2 22 5 (a iles 22~f 2) I52)2 WF C 1 ly-z-,5. Bel - 7 4 1 B2022.2) CZ0 222Z 2C 5oz,-~e& 62 C7 742 2 '22 2 "j74 26 ~ 2e~ Z' 71Zs 77. k22279~Z [4~ 0 0.7'rj~l5(~.U p22 2 2 7 3 -_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ C, 05 r-,2l75. Vc l Os7 Zce IA 0.752 C..2 C 22$?A 222' ele.Q4' 2 c'215' - 2 12 Vcls -~~ti 7 Icez'e /)7Z 572~l eei 292 _5Vc AIea ZZ Q17 1~o. - /7cI'z'.z 2) 042)2 ' '2 22~elP Q4Th eh2_2.3? Ce C14sl~z'z~7", 2' Ple-i' O 52. 6964 CZ I *Q) If) 1 Ge o'h-9j22 2'~J0222'.'~e"Sc'02 40 7' l 0 Q' 2wA 'h2) Se '2' C) PIPGeo,'C> 7, r): 042 Bees 'N ' Z.7/m r' 5=x S77 -4 72'- 7 -Z N~20 72 l ~ 64 ( 52226 237i2 2 -G "c'T- F9225 -A~. 2'eey14oT I 2 0K z'34 * wFzho? Bl Z)42-.,!.'n 772( V 128V 1 Ii I NN 623. 42? (r52 5 -2)223-5 Z3c — <D - —, a5 Z —,-71 eh Q)Q.I k-, S % - c::, C — Ili -1 "I P I.9 2,9,::) 141. I 2 1922 i - - - A I / 2 / C.2i 22772~32)5 29- Z ~71 -22 7~7,2/scle.7 / 2 Qc y22z 8-0.'7z2'7 hFCZ'2l 80Z 232 ") -I - (AlY6 0-en A'R7SIcsnM I34e I~ Q, CZ~72C IS.32eI2 2' 2 74 IQ C~ Il.1 43'~ 74Zri 7h7l 77en- 42' 2':fC) A. 2. 2'. I 32222. '15 I., 4-r 21 Q >N441 1~ -t I I., - I Q '.6 2'. u2 04~ (2223 2) ~~I.~ `(2 '22 ' 2O r I$2eZ~ 22250 ~32' 32s1 23'v 'li,A20 qj I- I -. - I - I I I . " I I -. - I I I. 2) - - - - '''2 2 I I 51 VV * 4 '-71 ~2 Title: Map of Maple Grove Township 2 N 7 W Keywords: Castleton Twp.; Fred Rose; Guy Golden; L.E. Mudge; Isaac Golden; M. Farley; Orion Fassett; C. Maurer; O. Roush; C Roush; E. Hanes; A. Tabbs; Henry Burton; School; Mrs. C.J. Norris; Maurer Bros.; Mrs. D.G. Deller; J.B. Marshall; C.H. Charlton; Mrs. K.J. Fowler; Mrs. Chas. Fowler; Samuel Ostroth; F.H. Parks; Philip Maurer; G.J. Kunz; T.A. Bell; Church; K.R. Hummel; P. Dallhouser; J.L. Smith; Richard Graham; Fred Smith; Harriet Moore; Peter Maurer; C.O. Elliston; Wm. Bivens; Thos. Griffin; E.M. Pennock; Res; F.E. Van Arsdale; B. Runaldo; E. Durham; Reynolds; Hart; J. Green; W. Boston; Ora Chaffee; F.B; R. Basset; Robert Shoup; Jesse Miller; Philip Ayers; Jess. Shoup; A.H. Mason; H. Roe; J.A.; Chas Ackett; D. Clever; E. Surine; Allen Feighner; H. Feighner; John Ehre; Lucy Griffin; Wilbur Maxon; Henry Roe; D. Wolf; Daniel Clever; S.H. Downs; W.C. Fisher; Mrs. L.E. Mudge; High Bank Cr.; John Bell; C. Putnam; Curtis Marshall; Samuel Marshall; M.E. Calkins; Mrs. J. Marshall; Willard Buxton; Albert Mills; Maurer Bros.; Chas Fowler; W.N. Hawks; Curtis Marshall; G.O. Dean; Danl. Ostroth; J. Forman; Cem; Fred Hanes; School; Orvil Flook; L.T. Flook; J.J. Marshall; Chris. Marshall; Harvey Marshall; David L. Marshall; Carl Morgantha; Wm. Bivens; S. Agers; W.H. Guy; Downing & Bullis; W.M. Dickerson; James Demary Est.; W.N. Hawks; F.H. Oversmith; D. Crowse; School; Wm. Bivens; A.T. Rowley; Verdan Knoll; T.J. Navue; F.J. Feighner; E. Messimer; Geo & Thos. Kay; W.J. Jarrard; C.W. Pennock; E.M.L.; Quaker Brook; Mrs. D.G. Cassell; School; T.J. Navue; Mandy Heath Est.; Dennis Ward; Gus. Morganthaler; C.W. Pennock; Zerno Emory; F.A. Foster; Wm. Hawlits; J. Hawlits; Wm. Hawlits; M.P. Basore; F.A. Foster; Mrs. Belle Norton; Res. L. Norton; L. Norton; Mrs. Mary Campbell; H.J. Chapman; Mrs. W.C. Meek; W.C. Meek; Geo. Hoffman; Geo. J. Hoffman Sr,; G.S. Marshall; E.E. Moore; David Marshall; Geo. J. Hoffman; Church; Geo. O. Dean; Wm. Haight; Kate Bolo; F. Weeber; C.W. Sliger; T. Webber; George Mason; Mason & Lowell; W.C. Clark; Geo. Reese; Geo. Mason; John Mason; W.N. Hawks; N. Conlin; Geo. Hill; Harry Mason; Maple Grove; Mrs. C.S. Dunham; E. Cove; S. Reynolds; Eva Brum; L. Sparks; E Merrit; Cass Oversmith; C.P. Gray; Henry Glasoner; Geo. McCartney; A.D. Wolf; P.O. Dunham; J. McCartney; C. McCartney; C.W. Pennock; H. Roe; W. Noyse; R.A. Bivens; A. Cazter; F.P. Burnham; D.M. Van Wagner; Herbert Calkins; E.W. Penfold; G. Hall; R.F.D.; Lee Campbell; M. Greenhoe; R. Rodgers; Clyde Walton; H.L. McKelvey; Catherine Walton; Geo. Cheeseman; School; E. Savage; J.W. Smith; A.P. Cook & Co.; E. Walton; Geo. Hecker; R.F.D.; Res. Enos Walton; Sam Norton; John Cheeseman; Angeline Smith; Geo. Cannon; J.C. Elliott; Levi Elliott; Leander Lapham; Addie Smith; R. Lapham; R. Lapham; A.D. Wolf; C.W. Knoll; D.L. Marshall; Jacob Endinger; R.F.D.; James Elliott; L.A. Abbey; C.R. Palmer; O.H. McLaughlin; School; R.F.D.; Peter S. Maurer; Church; Wesley DeBolt; Cem.; G.A. Lowell; Claud Wolf; Fred Smith; J.N. McOmber; M.R. Mead Est; Frank Downs; C.W. Brooks; Frank Purchis; O.H. McLaughlin; A.J. Hollister; Wm. Evans; J. Traxler; W. Emery; Paulina Emery; Thos E. Fuller; School; Walter Ruse; Verna Andrews; F.S. Norton; Milan Andrew; Geo. Siebert; Dell Shoup; Mrs. Decker; T. Gould; Lorenzo Andrews; M.J. Manning; Chas. Strickland; Geo. Cheeseman; W. Cheeseman; D. Donkelberger; Geo. Cheeseman; Mark Skillman; Ida Cheeseman; J. Cheeseman; School; Geo. Cheeseman; Church; W.H. Donovan; Wm. Harding; Francis M. Cummins; T.O. Pearce; L. Jerrard; Sam Buxton; Darius Buxton; C.R. Buxton; W.C. Clark; Res.; S.B. Norton; V.W. Norton; D.H. Evans; R. Swift; Church; E. Reese Est; A. Green; Mathew Balch; Edw. Liechauser; C. Evans; School; McK.; Lee Gould; Geo. Belson; Wm. Eno.; Elmer Shafer; W.C. Clark; J.K. Smith; P.H. Wooley; Ed. Wood; J.I. Baker; Cem; Delbert Deller; Fred Fuller; Dillie Lawrence; J.K. Smith; W.C. Smith; Henry Schaffer; Chas Parrott; Thos. E. Fuller; Sam Gutches; Lawrence DeBolt; Arthur Hill; Selah Mapes; Emily Lewis; Baltimore Twp.; School; Frank Hyde; W. Elliott; Albert Harding; Alfred A. Durfee; W. Boas; L. Shafer; John Hinckley; Cem; Mable Moody; C.M. Hawthorne; Assyria Twp.; Geo. Ostroth; W.E. Blowers; Mary McIntyre; C. & G. Millard; R.E. Stanton; Mrs. H. Janson; A.L. Clark; I.I. Wills; C.W. Maps; Chas. Book; Frank Elston; James Elston; E. Mayo; A.D. Wolf; H. Green Est.; Joe Mix; M. Ely; Frank Elston; T.B. Wilkinson; R.F.D.; F.J. Mayo; Mrs. J. Lentz; Res. F.J. Mayo; Frank Kohler; W. Ayers; Frank Ward; Dell Olmstead; F.L. Dingman; A.D. Olmsted; Chas. Hoffman Est.; Frank Yourex; Walter Vickers; L. DeBolt; A.L. Calkins; Fred Barnes; Wm. Martin; Ida G. Wilkinson; Albert Spies; Ida G. Wilkinson; Walter Vickers; Walter Mapes; Eaton Co. Note:

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Page  43 - - - - - , - PI 19, "I "I - I,- I — 'Z ,- - -, - -, IF-, , $Z II -1 t -, z. -. - 11 - - -.,> "IN I-. I -:!,.. a! I- MW w. 313 -0 Mxr<- - - I N I 11JILAS4` 'TIA7T(5`; Uoumphip ~ q 2XWorth, 5/g( e~tfle i. gnCeridian 43 TYVP -— ri I-A cc - 0.9. — J I — I I. I-Al. -4 lf, 1. I I or, _r i II q 11 C q Q I -r "I"I SV 19 I i I I!Zl. -. iL-! IN 9 -T. Q, E-4 N) IN 3 \' " (b tj I Q f to?9 -'E I. Q I e.5 I C ---griLZ&- 7) (.9-,2'Lzz /29622 )7 22.C d I II II 1.1 — q t i I - I 41 16 9 0 ). C) J) 1).1 (3. 6, j 13 Q,q, -,-j ,t 'IO Q I l 1 N - 7-111),.1 r1l),-ji 94 i.222 Q2 cc77.. 2.e~e.2 XCI) 05) 0 Si 252z2.2. -- sI l 22(2 I V)1 t5 1:. 52.223 -1..57~q 27?2.~ z2Z, ~y27s2 I z, 2.7 I I;I, i I( I I Ii I I I I I I I I I I.1I )P' Q 4 - 5577tz 27 CA 672.,7V/2 022l~2.zo2 Z te72 257 IlpjICZZeS 0 * 90 2 cl 22zZ-. Z k. I 7v2-/cok.()~ - i 707.2..2RI' IN I C" I 2. (527 — I I 220i f~ 2. >2.2P I I --- - -.- - - I. — I I. I - -- -1 5-- --- I0 N (2. i f N2. 0apl F \1 P i I 77 54#-wS22crI22~ly 17227225 51271.12:7 262 752.7.. ~ CZ ZdA -,-: ~. E I~. C122 wooSI~ 2Q7 y Go Wl22y~.926 I 272-, -~1i - -. - -4 LI A1 222z — 0/23- - 2zZ~.7zo 322222z) z < J/C 3)2:?M~, eZo; 722 -.. - --- -— k c702ct 22.22 77:77 Y 25-) ZA77 6. a 5 W.7) O- 2 N7 ft ' 11 11. 6 96 2. I 26 ~). Eft 2. W. —z-o3 I.- - -.. - m I -11-211 I I i r I LZ 222 (e7 2722 K1Ly727SC~ ft 727794 F)0 - 727 7 2 _ r - 6 — -e -,"/I f. 7777 odo 2227. 5 j5(5 I: /F.51)~ A -2Z I k 'ft 2.277 iz 2.2.2 C~ I cx z Zr 77e-c172Z7z.22. 7972 ET e2? II: Q IZ, 7L 1 7,1 1 A r 16> 6 L I - i _2_72e7027?a7s e2? I IQ, i i IZ, 77 N 1 1 bz 17 f i.1 2272 2 I __ @1 &gow 0ZZ i -r 7%&272 - 277272 0)41 rQ 5 0 F0 2 I I 7.99 7.7 h6lz,5C0 Q 1.7-5.2.72 '52.2'.22. - q ~.2 I0 222 5-2.757 1/ceZ 5f 2 -- 4 II 2.I. 77272 ~.7V22c/e4/ 67-(:2J"/27Z /7772-Z c2'Z e_2Z o-. - 722 - Y-N-12 1 - 0 I Y0N 7 27, 2.) + - 7.2z z\ I 77267.2 229. IZE 4 Stl I- i. I I 22c'C22 0'D 2977.77.s.XI o 77.720)6)ilZ CT077iW70 252?072S ~ 2Z.C Y22eZ 12'117 Q ID 7-? 2. ft~ 27i 5.4 U-9.7221 A t2 7-72 p G,!2//-7. ~: 2.92272022.Ze7cz2 Z.72722 a) /222227225 5ec zQe 272Z k -/2. K 2- 2 - LI.13 —:o. Z F zc -Ti -6 1 I 4 I I 529273/22.272.S -/- Z r I-"! 7 -,rl-isezG 7i lj C -9- -,,F a I 5 Q2 050"',~ Q 52 2 x~ 7f. Q 2). 6 *(ft..2227 - 22 0 1 5176-~ 2722.7. 5e!I. Z- 76 I f,0 -1 1 Qr4I4 52297.7' 2) >.2.2251//z72w5 526292(ft7 I2..7/1l 22 52 22 0 2. fto 22 2.22' ft K ,.270 A'ice I If.122.-Z' CIee."c2,. r.727.27 5>.40'.5 eoe 7720 7oJ A'1z22~2 cm 2. I6. - gm, -.. -. MIK39- v 2.L 25p- -,757 if 1.2 tr122.92 AMM 5 -k i2) 02.I42 0 t I C 2.52 1670 Q I 2 5 ~1 a.- 7& 47 022, ) I I -3Z-.57252_72 K ~222.222 Iq_ (1) (n Q). 1 [_. 2222 Q ft)~) $ (2 52 - 22 N022 7 'P,, 2. ~ 01- 20 2), st1Q (52)2.1 I~,. P~ -4 p (. 4 N. qj. R 0 I. 1), X.L2.222 7_ 727,I), 2,- Z 1 C Q 2. 1 - 1 1 -- k* <~ M - 1-1 I --- I - I - II.. - - - I - I - I — i w "C' -- - -. Golan I i I&I Z " di. e 7225 I -22 I..2) 2222 ~ s'2"'1 5.7,- (O I IQ,.0 I I. (I Q E. I L. ql LL2L K 1io 5.a N '~ 07.72 r722.2927 i -1 Iq I I -_ - " - I - I -, 1. I I - L -r, _72;, 7 - -901 -1-A-r (July" V,~ IL- Z J17vLV1v ]1JTJP 7.22 -, 5* - - I O' I- I -Z lV.\5 ----l-%l- — ll l. 11 l* V, - — l - -, I — 15-1 -I& ". Title: Map of Baltimore Township 2 N 8 W Keywords: Hastings Twp.; C.F. Blivin; Horace Blivin; F.O. Bush; Clarence Mead; Hardy; James Bryans; O.B. Wilcox; Robert Bechter; O.B. Wilcox; C. Payne; G. Gregory; J. Daly; P. Turner; Chris Christianson; R.F. Garrison; Curtis Farr; M.L. Williams Est; C. Babcock; Adelia Holcomb; R. Warner; A.N. Williams; H.M. Babcock; W. Green; J.W. Foley; R.F.D.; Charles Strumback; Edward McGlynn; A.N. Williams; O.W. Struble; Geo. Crawley; D. McDonald; A. Callaghan; Lydia Calahan; Maggie Houghtalin; A. Millard; Nancy Houghtalin; Wm. McDonald; G.D. Scott; Cem; I.N. Golden; Samuel Geiger; H.A. Lagear; West Lake; Wm. Cramer; Chas Casteline; Frank Bidelman; Delbert Reynolds; H.D. West; M.J. Kesler; C.W. Furnish; School; A.H. Eaton Est.; Jane Smith; Geo. Elliott; East Lake; H. Scott; David Ickes; J. Roush; R.N. Root; D.C. Gregory; Round Lake; Long Lake; W. Crittenden; Geo. Roush; E.A. Smith; R.F.D.; J. Mead; H. Hill; E.G. Day; Edward N. Gesler; E.M. Slocum; W. Garrison; Ed. Mowry; H.J. Forshey; Milton Gesler; W.A. Hendershot; School; R.H. Mott; Robert Bryans; C.E. Beach; Elmer Slocum; David Goodyear; Matthew Hall; Geo. W. Garrison; C.M. Hendershott; John McOmber; Jas. Crawley; R. Traver Est; Geo. Crawley; Jos. Crawley; School; Arola Lathrop; Emil Schwocho; Arola Lathrop; Lizzie Bauleh; Geo. Baulch; Jacob Rhoades Est.; Chas. Hammond; Ont. Lichty; Nicholas Tebo; Elery Houghtalin; T.J. Norris; Middle Lake; T.H. Eaton; W.L. Ickes; Geo. Baker; W. Underhill Est; W.H. Eaton; Will Ickes; David Baulch Est; W.L. Coykendall; Leonora Striker; Church; Oliver Ickes; Willard Ickes; Allen Houghtalin; L.M. Mudge; E.C. Day; Wm. Willett; L. Campbell; Eugene Calkins; A.J. Henry; J.G. Brogan; Jerry Haynes; J. Lechlieter; H.L. Tobias; Ernest Haynes; Charles Thomas; E.C. Mattson; Elmer Slocum; A.B. Glasgow; R.F.D.; Ernest Haynes; A. & L. Glasgow; John McOmber; Geo. Rickle; Frank Potts; E. Hammond; A.E. Durfee; Monroe G. Merritt; Orson Johnson; Town Hall; A.B. Glasgow; John McOmber; Chas. Gillespie; W.H. Spence; Elery Houghtalin; A. Greenfield; Wallace Eaton; J.S. Hunt; Jas. Hammond; Chas. Hammond; P.G. Henry; Wm. Hoffman; John Fancher; Glen Marshall; H. Hammond; R.F.D.; M.J. Kessler; School; H. Padelford; G.R. Padelford; Ray Clafton; G.H. Skidmore; D.B. Freeman; Louis Norton; N. Purcell; W.H. Birman; White Fish Lake; J.F.T.; I.L. Tobias; H.C. VanVranken; C.F. Van Vranken; C. Strobridge; Lizzie Smith; Hannah Fry; Silas Dickerson; Prichardville; John Gurd; C.B.L.; D. Smith; F. Sulsbaugh; W Norton; R.H. Dixon; V. & L. Prichard; Bert Stanton; Cedar Creek; Geo. Prichard; F. Sulsbaugh; A. Weeks; Mason Jones; R.F.D.; James Crawley; Chas. Gillespie; C.B. Mackinder; Charles Gorham; John DePriester; A. Bryan; Ray Freeman; Mud Lake; N. Edmonds; Church; John De Priester; Ccem; C.U. Edmonds; N. Edmonds; P.G. Henry; R.F.D.; C.B. Mackinder; W.G.; D.C. Warner; Wm. Aldrich; N. Latham; Ed. Whitney; A.L. Mc; J.T. Moon; F.A. Wilcox; Wm. Hoffman; High Bank Creek; Perry Strickland; M.J. Kessler; Leon Moon; David Aspinall; Clyde Cole; M.J. Messler; R.F.D.; C.H. Gaskill; R.F.D.; Ed. Mowry; F. Mattison; J. Bush; McMannis; H.H. Byington; Ed. Schoff; Frank Whitworth; School; Mrs. A.C. Weeks; William DeLano; G. & I. Griffin; S.A. Weeks; Leroy Emmons; David Searles; W.N. French; Mary Ormsbee; Hook; M. Hook; M. & D. Hook; Chas. Du Bois; School; Geo. E. Bryant; Ed. Day; H.O. Eldridge; J.E. Herrington; R.F.D.; W.B. Rice; C.T. Ormsbee; C.F. Baker; Mary Ormsbee; Dowling; Mary A. Kiser; Geo Ferguson; M. Smith; M. Stevens; N.F. Clemence; R Smith; Cyrus Altman Est; R.F.D.; George Fry; W.H. Birman; H.M. Babcock; Jacob Hoffman; E. Babcock; Edward Coats; S. Babcock; B. Williams; Geo. Woodmansee; S. Babcock; Carrie Babcock; H.M. Babcock; Mark Seger; I. & J. Powell; David Aspinall; Wm. Matthews; O.G. Dunn; L. Hill; R. Morgan; B. Munger; James Cheeseman; Edgar Fisher; Sanderson A. Wertman; S.F. Hinchman; Hope Twp.; Phoebe Horn; A. Thomas; Mrs. F.E. Jones; Mary Peake; George Norris; Johnstown Twp.; C.P. Larabee; S.F. Hinchman; Res. L.R. Emmons; M. Emmons; Geo. Norris; S.F. Hinchman; Clear Lake; C. Lester Est; Wm. Herrington; Emil Schwooh; R.F.D.; Walter Ormsbee; W.J. Paterson; R.F.D.; Jesse Warner; I. & J. Powell; M. Smith; N.F. Clemence; L. Altman; W. Irwin; A. Waud; Walter Ormsbee; Carl Tuttle; Orlando Rice; T. Clemence; B. Ketchum; S.A. Clark; M. Smith; A. Humphrey; B.R. Stanton; C. Grange; G.M. Fox; School; S.E. Warner Est.; James Green; Ed. Babcock; G.P. Woodmansee; L.E. Phillips; W.T. Garrett; G.P. Woodmansee; S.E. Warner Est.; A.J. Winslow; Byron Munger; J. Winslow; E. Lamb; Georgiana; Hecly; W.B. Garrett; Margaret Baker; Frank Van Syckle; F. Hyde; A. Harding; A.J. Winslow; H. Baulch; Mrs M.J. Babcock; Maple Grove Twp. Note:

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Page  45 45 TOWNSHIP Scale 2 inches to l mile,7ownship 2 X4orth, 2'ange 9?'test of the M7'ichigan!7/iYeridian I 7 —b Y-r P7,% 7- A -A -r Vi? tL-C (2 If YL.3t7L-V LJ -— I ~ - 11.-1 -. - -. - -. - - - - t K z z U C - 54- 7-23 3447. _ U~'U 2)2 -7- 95 2 72 eZ16~ ' ~7-a ~zz I 572. C9 I9c;, 1. -7-ILL J,7c~rpes2, 2 u 1?1 k I-N I 33.<.3 357-3 Z2 0 73~ 412673 K' 22 I - U r.zCc'Z/vm k U -, N 332. 3,9 6- -- - I Y. Ja.s. C~cs ScAs7 12d31' 233 73 73 U732j 23'3 I/ I 12. - -U3z ~T~21.6~.ev ez_'5 -5rZ ~,~,7-'9zel 13 -,V — -- —.- -.. -- - I -—.1 iKs. J I P366*3 ij zel - I I - "I -.1 -..., I --- — I I. I 1)4 27 7 61 Z1713 111 36) -U I, dU Q i 1T;-", J~r '3 0 -. I 62 77IU 1 I 0 Z251 e Y42- Z -,. - -. -,. - -... "I I I 33/en I~2 F'4 Q I QJ -" 11"i 1 I82) 2421 SU) 4 173 > 73C- 5 0 2337 12,7Yj.-a 0171) 27 - 22 5-23~ ('U *5,2 2 - 25Zd231 -733 11,:.7753 3 Hs-.) S. BZj-C,.73 13-'Y _.,2 C Se -' ZA.A J IWIi Q- I A-1 >,I 15lozac I I I;5P/6 15a/l(9iio VCz 3 F 0i 7 0,, - -- - UNij0 q "S -<~ (, Q. ~2-'IU5'1.! 22272 3=136?p2 32 -2C I 71m I... PIZPr-2 7) 1,) [2;0 727)~ K>.~o 0p_ QU. I I I 0 II 1M.L r 2425- 522222212~' I I I - g~ i ~. — - -- 1 1.. ~ -Z -irU, ~~~~~~~1-73-4L- 2 -i I ' 77.3cicdz U) o1 22222 -25$331 I25,0~Z-ZZA 2v5v'. Z.21 J~- — 2 22 CZ -54 325221 I*rs,3-2-2 d'3722e2 _7-CZ 7C 41), (2)o 333 - "3Q F, U.7 VZb 6 ct s 1 Ba -6 Z -U 5-: 16-2) 1 /0'~enz-y 73' 9 77 Z -n2<I / I~ C ' -11eW - - -Irfrl I - - - - - -11 -7.2 '54 0 U) 27 3211 3/ 1 C,2 79&A2 - N U) C -.1-I 2' '22'Z17-,o 73 7~2-753 -539 22 4 40 U 2777 *25 yI:,7)5 0I.o z32, 37 - o- 't 4 F- - II -, - -. - -1. 2 37 7. 741W ~ 12-; I Ci 06 33C.22 1 -4; "I../21 V ( I) rz722- - 5 Zc — -- (') 73 -(2) 0 i-f 7221 2I7'wc '73> 25422-1 L'323-2-2272 eczs 25ZAIAOJ- - 3623-Xz2 -~,ff 29 - '0 I(,, - 111. - - - - - -11 - --- - - -- - ~ - 37, -2w 2 _XIa;3751 -/3.7-31 73jg 77.1y5~ PV27el?z(m~e 2;(Z I 1K.474/l 21;"q 71. '732D q Z 11 /52::) W-;,-2 2.ZS3,,24927. I 39-2 I \'24 ~0 IN -2 (1-21 U Yw O ~ 706 3 ~.7 zy 'F0 )1 lao/7 4/12)22 3324622~ ~ 3 ~ ' 21 - - - ' ---.2 22.- - ~I2 2 N N..46 1 r\r - V' 62234 12 /2.25 ~ q C2(t32'7- - N p. 2 -,) 78125. - '575 17/47y7 9Ce/7" k-233 -ZfZZZ2:- 127 3-3,Z 4 76n%?7- oc e~6 20 Ml '6f2 - 77 2. 203.214'522422zl.t?, X3./ rU~ Q. r. 5' ~ _. 271.. -.1 *121-7 &CU) 111!-: ~q, 7)1- ':3./ I79 '7 3 11 71;U)4 I., J117 J U U -U) K~~ N~ Uj 25._ _7_r/r2277p26 4Z/1 512173113/.11 "I 11 r7-u=, -.74. ~ I, 1; 77162 3 ~2fn fj>~ V1;10 —7 7 (2-z 2U tl 1 9;412: T5 I - JU - - -Z's I I - - I I _- - - —, 3.77 "c7272 t3C1e.7226222,_-a4 2 212126 272233 o-leI 73 73 - 75.:3.. - -- I y73 r732.42 -Z 526.6. I ~- —, - I — BAR IR Y Title: Map of Hope Township 2 N 9 W Keywords: Rutland Twp.; R.F.D.; Wm. Havan; Ruth Douglas; Minerva Jenkins; Francis Gorham; R. McKibben; Edgar Otis; Eli D. Hall; Fred Chant; S.E. Wichman; Jane R Campbell; A.A. Bugbee; Evert McCallum; C. Anders Est.; Augustus Peake; Ray Hull; R. Rickard; C.A. Hart; Dan Hull; C. Crump; J. Prohaska; Herm Neotzel; John Anders; A. Field; Perch Lake; N.E. Harrison Est.; I. Noetzel; John Wurm; John Prohaska; I. Roush; Gust Wurm; William Anders; Jennet Harrison; R.A. Carpenter; Wallace Montgomery; H. Hart; Eli D. Hall; D. Karens; F.A. Smith; J. Hart; Tillison Lake; H. Hart; Hugh Johnson et al.; S. Titus; Jas. Hinds; P. Wetherall; Chas. Shultz; L. Terpenning; J.E. Taggart; Wm. Bush; Jacob Weuerman; Geo. Robinson; R. Newton; Alice Robinson; A. Phillips; L. Sweet; G.W. Demott; E.R. Newton; Samuel Howe; J.C. Snyder; Alice Robinson; M. Skidmore; Ed. Gesler; M. McCallum; W.W. McCallum; John Anders; R.F.D.; School; Jas. Anders; Chas Wise; School; Jerry Collins; Evert McCallum; Sherman Harrison; Chas. Harrison; School; Donald McCallum; H. Fuhr; G.D. Tidd; G.E. Payne; Pine Lake; A. Peake; H. Rankin; John Pronska; John Wurm; Cem.; Ray Pierce; Wm. Anders; Head Lake; J. Graham; Chilson Bros.; J. Birch; Gust Wurm; C. Bodendorf; Henry Zeibel; W.O. Chamberlain; Wm Hallock; Herm Zeibel; J. Pits; Hannah Hallock; C. Kenyon; C. Gibson; Nancy Nash; Shultz; Henry Craven; Andrew Smith; William Tobias; Adelbert Craven; Fred Weyerman; Hiram Payne; Geo. Wilkinson; R.F.D.; May Payne; School; John Hinds Est.; Byron Lewis; J.G. Brown; Jacob Kline; Wm. Wilkinson; C.C. Robinson; E.R. Newton; W. Waters; L. Woodman; T.A. Osgood; Jesse Osgood; J.A. Osgood; Jas. Murphy; H. Hart; S. Murphy; Frank Hart; F. Nausel; James Murphy; Hannah Jones; John Hine; Letitia Hine; Lewis Hine; John A. Acker; Ackers Point; Hannah Hallock; G. Gibson; Fred Horn; Henry Craven; G.E. Kenyon; W. Peake; Ernest Peake; Lewis Acker; John Horn; John Acker; Peter Mosher; C. Summerville; R.F.D.; G.N. Gates; Maurice Cock; C.F. Cock; C.T. Gillespie; Fred Horn; H.R. Casey; Jos. Hammond; C.N. Tobias; Barbara Hopkins; Milton Gesler; J.W. Harding; A.J. Henry; R.F.D.; A. Bishop; H.M. Moore; C. Loomis; J. Liechleiter; W.B. Hayward; R.F.D.; Gurnsey Lake; C. Collins; M. McCallum; Ray Barnes; Ned Mead; M. Mead; Art Johncox; Jess Kenyon; M. Nagle; Ed. Pennels; H.B. Robichung; Eva & Marion Davenport; Wm. Monica; G. Dickinson; W.M.; Ira Brooks; Henry Pennel; Bernard De Golia; Ludwig Fosters; W.M. Clancy; W. Brooks; Milton Conyer; Cloverdale; Chas. Kingsbury; Long Lake; Ryan Bros; Jacob Sierlsem; Ryan Bros.; Ollie Kinsbury; Twenty One Lake; G.E. Taylor; Howard Mosher; R.F.D.; Julia H. Gibson; Peter Grant; Horse Shoe Lake; Geo. Kahler; Gesler Lake; O. Gesler; N. Acker; Sister Lakes; E.P. Larabee; C. & C. Morford; E.B. Gates; Martin Chandler; Harry Watters; F.E. Morford; J.H. Vanlentine; And. Dowd; H.L. Tobias Jr.; Pine Lake; Henry Wright; A.C. Loomis; John Hallock; White Fish Lake; D.L. Morthland; R. Hull; Calvin Stanton; M. Stanton; Dennis Collins; M. Nagle; Mud Lake; Jas. Collins; Geo. Main; Henry Mahus; Chicago Kalamazoo & Saginaw R.R.; Theo. Geib; J. Wilkinson; John Ashby; E. Titus; J.N. Barnes; W.H. Carpenter; C.F. Townsend; Wall Lake; John McQuarrie; M. Phillips; G.E. Payne; Samuel Williams; C.B. McDermott; Milan Walldorff Est; Walldorff Resort; F. Ashby; A. Whitney; School; E.B. Payne; Mrs. J. Griswold; John Bush; Wm. Geib; M.S. Bagley; Shallow Lake; Gertie Peace; E.J. BuBois; W.H. Wertman; Richard Hull; W.H. Tauch; School; Wm. Geib; J.B. Wertman; W.H. Carl; R.I. Norris; Little Cedar Lake; C.W. Collins; Jacob Albertson; H.W. Williams; J.L. Campbell; R.F.D.; C.E. Bailey; E.B. Payne; Otto & Lewis Maier; F. Bergman; R.F.D.; A. Carl; J.J. Campbell; Wm. Gurd; J.L. Campbell; E.R. Campbell; E.O. McMannis; Orangeville Twp.; Jas. Collins; Bransteter; L.M. Drury; Dales; A. Chandler; Dipney; R.F.D.; S. Stevens; W.L. Whittmore; G.W.; Geo. Davenport; Higgins; L.C. Clark; B. Titus; Lewis Clark; School; J.B. Williams; Barry Twp.; C. Mahone; H. Chamberlain; Beechwood; Resort; Mahone; W.J. Mahone; M.C. Sensiba; O. Barrett; George Eddy; Vreeland; Youngs; J.B. Williams; Carl DuBois Est.; Wm. Whittemore; Chas. Laubaugh; John & chas. Kahler; Abel Craven; M.A. Atlee; J.C. Benedict; John Kahler; Bert Forbes; R.F.D.; Phoebe Harrington; H. Forbes; Henry Kahler; Big Cedar Lake; Mary Owens; J. Albertson; B. Dudley; A.E. Owen; Albertson; Cedar Creek; H.R. Casey; C. Pease; Mrs. E.M. Mott; L. Cox; Henry Smith; H. Armour; R.F.D.; O.D. Campbell; J. Card; Flannery; Ambrose Cox; H.R. Casey; Milton Nobles; O.D. Campbell; Cem; W. Wertman; R.F.D.; Chris. Hartman; A. Thomas; Baltimore Twp. Note:

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Page  47 N~~~,OANEVLLI.417r. -— _ - - - I - I -. -. -. -1. -. - -. -. -. - I -. -. -. -. -. -. -. - -. -. -, -. - - I -. - - T 0 W N S H I P I P_ Scale 2 inches to -1 difle 47ownship,.2 _17,c-ort1.-, Aange -0 West of the _%lichigan jlepidjan ___JFT YAATACEE SPRZAS 0 A-ow koooo 00 '284-h2 N2N+ 50 2000/9 UNNocoek 0,0/ N N '20 $22A-2 -k 0 2) 2 2 -N 7N-o /2o-2 ThKIP - M -t- _ I..I _ / -CI2o,,Fcooo6 g ~.N Q 207c-: 022 /' I22 N0/>I,,5402 Z 0/ NZ.g 1 27 1 ~ 77,2 )-" 27 7)_ JY&KZ ~ 7)2 OAC6 SI'42 S0o V - -_ _L - - - - 1 - ~7.~ 67sLz-zzl I 2/ - -I' - Z726671~_ '4,zzNIj272605p zz 52-22.2&o Jlboo, K _Z L'oo 2 — 772 -0 9C ', _ M 0 20 [0,T_F2 OF'__ _ _ _-., ~, = = - - --- - - ~2 C Co'~i - 7012 (76' / 'C0oy 0/?4xA: 20 2 72720 62oz2 16 - 2 I 02- ooooooo Q> K) O Zjj N 4-0 )2 >3~422~ -/ —N- N 20 Z/2 - Z-C O L4 Eo -4 -/ 4-/, /I 'N/NO ooy 7) 2/2 7-22)220 020 ON, - I " I 72220 >~77~-K o6~o/el _too \/ tOz 7/,2, 4-7 -- - - *~-do N 20 $ 10 ~~7/ olo I ~, obo~o.I204 ~-rn2 202 76 sAocooc6/ O20 2 h 0$4~ / 0 J~oizo7/o2'2W2Y 80/~ ~~ Joro 0 22 N~')~ ~ Lo __ _ _ 2 00 7). /N 2 7)/77/>AC ~ oohocoo I 77/-,2/72202 ~-Z 0,00, 02252$,02 'N 6 20 oho~ocorl <~ 2Z/ 7/7 0 2042 2 - 2,'C,8 2oo 2 ZV0M ICL7-Im;~2 6O i4'7 l2Y-1z~ Q o147 27 V O,' 1 _ _ _ 2 7-,27,C — oosl 272.0 I l 120 82r I 7 - I 2? 40 Ni 128I I/ 6-._4 - X.,A, -,a,,,!. 6 ", Z 'VI I',' q I q 1i; 's 1!.111) 11, -,1_ - I It /42zr,7s-Z 220220 002 i- oo 22 ___ 80 299 CI?2 do1Z?_~ t 2 12007,77_ d 4o 0 'N 196 I 77 NO 7k2 4'7~o7. 7/M N1 182, i 0/ S Voe %-O /.. 5x, _- Z dob _ CAZ i. I - - I I I __. I - - __ -II- - - _ I - - _- C= PRAIZRI-EVJ2~ Z-W',". Title: MAP OF ORANGEVILLE TOWNSHIP 2 N 10 W Keywords: YANKEE SPRINGS TWP.; C.O. Gilkey Est.; Wm. P. Johncock; Jenning's Land Co.; A. Mattison; W.E. Harding; A. Mattison; Leighton Mattison; GUN LAKE; P. Boat Co.; Morris England; J.S. Collison; Wm. England; Frankie Dwight; Frankie Dwight; H.H. Badger; THE ELMS; WILDWOOD; John Crawford; THE WIGWAMS; H.B. Hoyt; J.A. Japhet; W. Herrick; Laura Powers; W. Powers; T.L. Young; W. & B. Thomas; Mary De Leys; E.O. Conner; A. Allen; John Carter; John Carter; Lula Ludlong; Harvey Count; Jacob Cappon; School; John L. Young; Jas. Shea; Geo. Doster; Cora Osgood; Silas Doster; Wm. Ward; W. Scott Cook; K. McLeod; John Holden; J.T. Warner; W. Scott Cook; S.L. Count; Ernest Cook; Bert McKibbon; R. McKibbon; R. Dinwiddie; Adron Johnson; A.M. Clem; Wm. Brinkert; Edward Cook; J.R. Stillings et al; E.J. Carey; R. Murdock; Joseph Deal; Jennings Land Co.; W.V. Jacobs; Frankie Dwight; School; A.H. Dwight; Emma Harshbarger; G.; Porter & Walker; Chris Merlan; Frankie Dwight; T.W. Crawford; John Crawford; Townsend Brothers; Miss Jordan; E. Wilcox; John Holden; Cornelius Cappon; Ed. Furlong; John J. McNaughton; T.A. Woodman; Jane Smith; Res. of Geo. Mullen; James Collison; Wm. Keller; STEWART LAKE; W.P.J.; M. Potter; W.S. Cook; G.B.M. Keller; H. Fuhr; Bert. McKibbon; J.D.; M. McCollum; J.D.; J. Smith; Jas. P. Collison; J. Andrew; H. Fuhr; T.A. Woodman; Jas. Andrews; E. Harper; A.R. Jessup; H.C. Saddler; C. Saddler; A. Montineth; Rob't Murdock; Murdock Est.; Joe Deal; W. Beckwith; M. Earl; Phil. Saddler; Jennings Land Co.; James Reed; Fred. Livingston; D.C. Buchner; A.E. Jessup; O. Boulter; W.V. Jacobs; Rob't Beattie; H. Pike; ORANGEVILLE; Cem.; J.J. Jensen; A.M. Carpenter; Merritt Cole; Lydia Monroe; Geo. McCausley; Fred. Brown; W.H. Jordan; L.D. Livingston; Samuel Harper; FISH LAKE; Smith; C.J. Warren; E. Wilcox; Eugene Wilcox; Jennings Land Co.; I. Rice; John Castle; Andrew Johncock; School; Jacob Jansen; A.L. Hovener; L.M. Bugbee; Sarah Cook; Frank Boniface; Chas. Cook; R.F.D.; Fred Cook; Cappon Est.; Thos. Murphy; W.P. Johncock; R. Johncock; James Johncock; Eugene Johncock; John Hart; John Hart; R. Johncock; J. & H. Ryan; Mark Fox; W.F. Farmworth; A.G. Snook; Z. Crawford; Susie Livingston; Frank Harper; D.V. Hine; W.E. Dutcher et al.; Dutcher; Emma Norton; E.B. Deforest; Timothy Ellsworth; E.H. Harper; Abe. Herminitt; Frank Harper; S.S. Cummings; J.N. Pike; H. Henry; A. Snook; Melinda Crawford;Jennings Land Co.; H. Collison; E. Holbrook; W.V. Jacobs; M. Doster; E.A. Holbrook; Geo. Hough; L. Bugbee; Geo. Chapman; Chas. Foot; F. Brown; Losina Felder; M. Doster; Peter DeLeys; Lucy Bugbee; P. Lianaar; J. Felder; P.C. Merlau; M.T. Jones; Isaac Deback; Jacob Deback; F. Nausel; Mrs. Annie Lewis; A. Warner; W.P. Johncock; W.E. Johncock; Wm. A. Mullen; Ed. Johnson; H.L. Johncock; A.F. Johncock; School; Earnest Johncock; W.R. Johncock; A.S. Hathaway; Alvin Hathaway; Elery Hathaway; Bunson & Bunson; Mrs. Joseph & Robt. Kelley; John Porter; E. Porter; R.F.D.; John Porter; W.E. Dutcher; J. Brown; E. Lewis; E. Crans; M. Crans; Earnest Brown; Mary Morehouse; R. Cross; Morehouse Bros.; Edgar Brown; Ely Lindsay; Dan Bagley; Frank Bagley; D.W. Shepard; James Perrigo; E. Weigle; I. Cappon; Will Linaar; Fred. Nausal; John Johnson; Bert. Patton; Geo. Chatman; Roy. Chatman; Donald McLeay; Clara Castle; School; P. Niskens; John Carlyle; Mrs. Olive Burgdorf; Peter Ballie Sr.; N. Hyde; Geo. Merlau; Thos. Silcox; G.R. Hyde; Geo. Wilkins; Geo. Hayward; J.W. Silcox; ALLEGAN CO.; PRAIRIEVILLE TWP.; H. Kelluck; C. Boniface; Mrs. Joseph & Robt. Kelly; E. Porter; Harry Kellick; F.H. Gale; L. Terpenning; Cem.; Alfred Nevins; James Brown; Brown Bros.; Cross Est.; F. Hughes; D. Bagley; Geo. Morehouse; F. Hughes; R. Hughes; F. Hughes; James M. Hathorn Est.; J.G. Hughes; BLUE L.; Clint Hughes; W.D. Hughes; Fred. & C. Hughes; Chas. Hughes; Jay Wilkinson; Donald McLeay; Samuel Deback; G.R. Hyde; A.D. Storms; John Holden; M. Wood; C. Smith; W.; Mrs. Mary Fuhr; Guy Higgins; Norwood; HOPE TWP. Note:

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Page  49 11 11 - -Ql I I -49-4 7W]? C5ownship J X"i-orth,!?ange 7 Wiest of th~e Mlichigan Y5?Zeridl-an - *Q~ f) 1) 7., A -ATY)7 - -rI -- I - 0 r-*.z 90. 3- 7 a.~0 Q)ovN U 0o0 ~ ~ i 0 _ _ _ _ _ _ 7 Z Q0 of -7o~ eod~ ~0~~ La0 0 l TClz b-i. ICr - ) -o3C 3 z~ C)) P0 j) 0 I tc ce nSIl - (c = 7041' *& "'~ '~ ~ " ~z- ~~ I ~ ~') 0) 0~Z-7 —y)st - Z? 0 F a) 'CC(.C, qb'' e e ozz Cvo..zeA~ 1.5 00 j 0 CZ)027150)~- 1=7 O Qioz 11C1.0JC.O 21 Az70SIV ) 0 j 0. rooes oyj5 ffZ'.0 Z4le (C,, o Pot'0A C. 0 'o -s' goYs C Cr- ~ ~ CO 0 __ o '. ~ o~z -012 o~ 0 -2 C ' -,rk0.'2 -Z72 IZIO, 0P - _ C'g 2o<70- -4c ~ 0 0 4 )CF_ 5)0 _)) S /Z2-olt gr2eo )C65Co ~oo' ~0 N4- 2-0 01 CC I0 K0 0 QJ)ry'N 00 72ah.ool 00. rclz:s 0 Z* C>0o?0 of -. 'o '=~ ~0 0(00 i 050 Ui N 3 o 00 'lljo'q~' 0 U0110 QK bQI7, P pq~o 06 Q)-io0..I 2`i ('t~~T. 2 ___ O C.S7,0.01.3 6kC)1l(o A~. N-o Z? S_ -I el.. olqih4 Q) Q I I I L I.IC~ I 3o1it" FUC2 ' eYe> P,12-3 ROJPE' 4- in -'L -"F. -Dc-z y -7,v4-= rlezzcz-nc -Z.-,10 -Z-, C.) I ~2422 v2) 76 _,57t- _1<o_112 Z- &6 '0 74 oo I -4. aN U -X ") 14-l 1) J' C I. j (r Ir-4 - K 0) % qj "" cf) 11.5,1.5 oi1$ I 5 f IV, I EN 0 20=.2)7=.. I — ' -. I I..1 -1 I., I I I I — l - I - - - - --. — - - - -- - I a_ - -- -# -1 -'M N *- I '- 00- -4,0061WA 'M - W — - -0 — - Title: MAP OF CASTLETON TOWNSHIP 3 N 7 W Keywords: WOODLAND TWP.; C.K. & S.R.R.; G.E. Coats; Geo. Bump; A. Oter; COATS GROVE; J. Ham; Wm. Smith; C.C. Stowell; C.J. Barry; D.D. Townsend; Wm. Bayne; David Demond; Harvey Woodman; Frank Brumbaugh; W. Demond; R.F.D.; Wm. H. Brooks; J. Ehret; R. Demond; John Mead; J.M. Brooks Est.; S. Blocker; Lowell Demond; L.R. Perkins; Church; John Blocher; Geo. Kepner; John Smith; E. Mead; J. Hamp; Lowell Demond; Wm. Moorman; W. English; John Hazelton; Matilda Meyers; C.A. Perkins; L.C. Oakes; S.W. Smith; J.L. Wotring; W.H. Sears; Peter Mullenix; Cem.; Owen Smith; Isaac Smith; O.A. Arent; G.A. Dillenbeck Est.; Jas. Harvey; MUD CR.; John Barker; Sylvia Rupe; John Rupe; Fred Nolan; Mary Dillenbeck; E. Furlong; W.H. Fox; Frank Furlong; Townsend Bros.; Marion Shores; R.F.D.; A.H. Jurgensen; Sol. Barker; M. Guy; E. Barnum; Sarah Shores; Marion Shores; School; Orson Sheldon; Marion Swift; Oscar Pennington; Francis Wolf; E. Barnum; Kate Wolf; Wm. Joslyn; Wm. Merrick; Sherman Endsley; C.J. Barry; Thos. Crawley; Bert Foster; A. Slocum; John Whetstone; Joe Meade; Geo. Flory; Fred. Flory Est.; Fred. S. Barry; Church; Orr Fisher; O.P. Wellman; E. Hilton Est.; J. Messenger; S. Osborn Est.; H. Osborne; E.R. Crab; School; C.O. Evarts; Chas. Evarts; Nellie Logan; Ray Perkins; O.B. Hager; Geo. Rowlader; E.R. Crabb; Geo. Rowlader; M.S. Knoll; Dan Evarts; V.B. Furniss; S. Shopbell; Ford Carr; Wm. Titmarsh; R.F.D.; Philip Schnur; E. Lucas; Geo. Thomas; Geo. Frank; Martha Dickinson; Philip Garlinger; H.C. Warner; H.G. Atchison; J.L. Woltring; R.F.D.; Marion Shores; J.L. Wotring; Wm. Goltry; Hattie Bass; L. Brown; Claud Kennedy; L. Gardner; Gideon Kennedy; R.F.D.; Claude Kennedy; C. Spellman; P. Bayne; E.L. Sincleir; E. Fister; Alex Gillespie; T. Demond; Geo. Townsend; H. Coggswell; W. Patton; Sherman Endsley; M.L. Firster; Sherman Endsley; R.F.D.; School; Fred S. Barry; Wallace Townsend; Ed. Harrington; J.P. Hale; James Fisher; B.H. Coolbaugh; Lewis Hilton; Hortense Paine; A. Coggswell; Asher Osborn; J. Varney; S. Osborn Est.; Church; C. Osborn; J.M.; Cem.; Asher Osborn; W. Mead Est.; A. Graves; Ann Varney; O.A. Bolton; W. Meade; E. Meade; A. Guntrip; MUD LAKE; Wm. Troxill; G.C. Linsea; John Varney; G. Smith; G. Graves; Peter Bass; A. & J. Mead; A.V. Mead (H. Robinson); A. & J. Mead; W.H. Offley; J.C. Irland; Wm. Howe; Otilla Huwe; Peter Garlinger; School; Frank Grohe; J. Oversmith; Peter Garlinger; N.F. Sheldon; J.W. Ellerton; M. Ehret; J.L. Wotring; J. Bahl; Elmer Mater; Church; Peter Snore; Wm. Titmarsh; Wm. Goltry; G. Appleman; John Mater; E. Mater; Peter Bass; E. Mater; School; L. Lockhart; M. Wilkinson; W.C. Williams; Chas. Raymond; E.V. Smith; F.C. Browne; W.J. Gillespie; School; Peter Little; Al. Gillespie; W. Keagle; Wm. Cogswell; Sherman Endsley; Wm. Cogswell; THORNAPPLE LAKE; Jas. Bolter; W. Charlton; N.D. Church; Carl Troutwine; Claud Troutwine; A.I. Troutwine; F. Troutwine; John Varney; C. Farley; Mary Shafer; W. Haus; Will Fox; James Meade; J.N. Parker; THORNAPPLE RIVER; Jas. Aspinal; Ed. Varney; O. Warren; W.H. Carpenter; Barbara Furniss; S.W. Price; John Varney; Geo. McDowell; E. Brumm; John Furniss; S.W. Price; A.J. McClelland; Church; John Bahs; Tubal Garlinger; H.A. Offley; Roy G. Brumm; Frank Price; R.F.D.; John Litzau; Cem.; E. Hosmer; Frank Peck; H.A. Offley; Geo. Austin; Frank Price; Austin DeLong; Frank Feighner; Frank Hart; E.D. Myers; John Hobson; Mable Marble; Eleanor Hosmer; C.C. Price; J. Cousins; Asa Noyes Est.; D. Wilkinson; Victor Furness; E.B. Smith; Lewis Lockhart; Elizabeth Palmer; Otto Kaiser; Chas. Nease; R.F.D.; THORNAPPLE STA.; L.P. Cole Est.; Ambrose Reid; Henry Hyde; Morgan Jermima; Wm. Hill Est.; Wm. Strong; Mrs. A.L. Munten; Wm. Jarrd; MORGAN; D. Hagerman;David Bollinger; Ed. Liebhausser; School; John Meade; MICHIGAN CENTRAL R.R.; Sam Bollinger; Elgin Meade; D.P. Bollinger; Wm. Hyde; Albert Deller; C.H. Northrop; A.D. Gibson; Elzey Meade; Wm. Devine; Merritt Mead; Frank Price; R.F.D.; Tubal Garlinger; P. Feighner Est.; Caroline Feighner; Tubal Garlinger; A.D. Gibson; Frank Price; Rosalia Miller; Kate Miller; Jacob Miller Est.; C.C. Furniss; R.F.D.; F.J. Maurer; Frank Feighner; Fred Brumm; School; Philip Garlinger; W.J. Noyes; Chas. Feighner; C.G. Brumm; C. Brumm; C. Hyde; B.D.; W. Noyes; Etta Coe; F.M. Wotring; V.S. Knoll; Lorenzo Noyes; Ira Bacheller Est.; Bert Hackathorn; E.M. Palmer; Philip Franck; N. Applemore; HASTINGS TWP.; Archie McIntyre; E. Golden; H. Lathrop; Wm. Whitlock; Wm. & J.B. Whitlock; Ed. Hamlin; H.P. Feagles; R.H. Lathrop; BARRYVILLE; John Higdon; J.L. Bezz; Willis Lathrop; G. Gillen; S.S.; C. Vanipps; Church; Cem.; D.H. Webb; Orion Fassett; Edwin Day; B.B. Meade; School; Geo. Hayman;Chas. Hyde; Wm. Hyde; D.A. McClelland; Sylvester Oversmith; Ida Strong; Chas Deller; Mary A. Deller; Samuel Ostroth; Ed Liebhausser; Geo. Gribbon; C.H. Oversmith; W.A. Smith; Alice Stillwell; John M. Offley; Henry L. Deller; Wenger Bros.; J. McBeth; Chester Smith; E.W. Green; Geo. Dull; J.H. Dull; Wesley Baker; S. Blocher; Hiram Coe; J.R.; NASHVILLE; Ida Strong; Otto Schultze; F. Moore; A.G. Murry; V.B. Furniss; Mrs. P. Deller; S. Powers; Mrs. Murdock; C.M. Parrot; MILL POND; Oscar Warren; D. Wells; M.B. Brooks; C.T.; E.B.; D.S.; M.R.;. L. Howell; Sam. Warren; W. Howell; G.W. Gribbon; Cem.; H. Feighner; Seth Graham; John Ehret; MAPLE GROVE TWP.; EATON CO. Note:

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Page  51 5 1 / HAST~IN4GS~ TOWNS HI --- VI P 1 - -~~ Scale 2 inches to 1 mile tOwnshi j Xorth.?anyge 8 ZA7st of the.5'/ichigan!Tleridian.0 —A ZDT - 17Tf) AT 1<11vP. i - - I PI -... - - - - - _ _ _. - - -, - i i - - -, '_ I -, -, --- 1- 1 - I __. 3736ez 070161 2 V1;O 9& # 7ew 7N lP "x ~1 701 z J2 CZ 622-. 23 '34/1-2 102. 7fZ, a'8z o "j~027,,.I t 002240 1222027200.,I I i __ - T ~I' i 1. ' 217/2-' W,7_-z,2cM C -40 1.4,0 _' AsI2zzlb/how 820 - 82 I- 0hi~ 1PU, /f3,Z Zogo'342 0 (72_- - ~7 1-4 N NI J L ~1-0 I. _-,. 21-0112 72222 10 ~10 3.93-1220 21 2 119 21 2.992 1229/2.0 -02 2 09/102 1222732 9127~7 122 7172/016 olA ____ [-3 --- II- - JZ.q i i I i I I I - I.,. - -. - I -1 - - - - - - -!,_ ztl? -. _lk, 6 - __ I C411-2-2-ZC _z3Cr_-6e_-2_1 17-10x~ - jw~ t', ~- F7,_. 1 - 2 71.!:7-z,. 1YZ,6er-Z -/Yzz, - /Z 1160 1 _-O - I!Ij _-V - -_ f il O, -.3 1, P io i,. N . - 4_z 32 10 42- 8 ~2112 ------ o,: o I 2 I 7121/.a, 72z"Z,/92.2~2IJ 212 z-2 614oooo1k, * 0312.-4 — -. - '11010 F"~~,_ 2al ~q 1 0 ~,~1 1 I 2210 -2) 22j ON1. I " A. I, Qj. 4 , VI (j) b o 3 I Q L- ID 6 6 1. % I v - 4 I., 71/0- / "6i-T / 27 4I IN, & I -3 i —. "- i.Ip ~iI — I -.1 V '1 ~ /11-621021K I 10 12 2107 I -3262221. 'I I - - 210 2o q o2~ 00 0-7 — Z i '7. I u- l 2 fj"~ 102- ~ '3: %7 502 160 3-F2z, W&ooooJZ — 11.1 0 0 010 I 2 I. T.j: 7-oZ'ol _fC, C, 11 i - - ' 2. 3- 3-,. - 1 21. 272~ 82 - Koicozo{,,p'p02. 317 10) 0022022 7200 K 22422327. 2) 2 12 5 70. 20006001208 42 07yo.717oooo 0292201203 32~7202 __ 2 / 4.02 1721 12 6'.8<9/203-0. 392 2 .00 _______ - 210/0/ 1oo9O-'o-2o..074,,, -02 22 L 92001 '10 61o-/c %1202h2 4207 122/ '120 1 o11 176 ~ I 1-03 20. 21 2. t '30~ 10&Iu 21r t o ii~ FO~, /282 JO/-3w/-Z 411 -10 1 0 _ ~.020 2lb (Z., 1207 1139 6~'.21r6 21~ f ' SJ Z 21/1 - ~ 13 A/1 ~,R 1 0 Q I'l L-1 --N~2~l 2 1~N j0 2 f 21 71. 21~I O1~Is 150 i1 2IQ) N~I 0 I"1 627-,1. 2 144z~z.40( = (10.6 MR 2 2-,- +-1 1! H~ I i -C I I~22 4 I Z 2 * ~ -- + o.(q 2 3 4I. L I I - - - I I I I I I- - I,.-.- - - -,, - __,it -,.._. u" it - __ - _ - - - - - _ _ - -I* (7/ 1 F 0 - -_o0o - 302 _ 0032- Z-10' 8 Joopo22Z602Ll4 1 2110321 0 1. a Qo.016. ~ to, 027 I 1~2?.p 3' /1-'.zo 122 222 200 -46i-V_, I 1233~2Y.11 A211> _Z I 4~2722 3.-I -142 K K.3.70622262 3 216.110 1t1 I _j Z. I - - - - - PIqw IM _-Y-_, I I rr-, 7:7* - o ffNA~z1_ -& I I - I -", I -V/ I. /., — -I _-Z22 I 2j112 ~370 3.7 I "" OS 899.7127 f.721017 2/~Yo~-4'z _ ~86-y O71O ~ 8o< 122 H 611021 70792 o lo o C-1 Z 22,'2, p.C 01 073 - t It"I' t"", -1 I 21pO2100J.120Y23 ~Z 522 ~~ 12.0 Z- ) __l 8.,, I I - -, - 04 — fy~ 1 1.fl 0 2.100 2.2 (') 3~.8 110 42, A2. 82a, '32,0 1-$7o 021 2 220 2 CO2oo.o 10"..17071/2 200 21 8o 122122922 2 - - 6721.o~/72.0 -- 8'Z 211100707)1 4 Ch rz _- - -,Y. I , "5,azz.,4 j 1 - MG-1-ZA 37132- J74 K9 11l - - p - r- ~,4 I Ill-, I 'T) BAB- YAIMQRE.1 R, Jv Title: MAP OF HASTINGS TOWNSHIP 3 N 8 W Keywords: CARLTON TWP.; Zellon Kaiser; Robt. Newton; L.J. Mathews; Horace Palmer; Frank Trego; M. Stedge; John Roush; W. Helmer; Wm. Andrews; CORPORATION LINE; Oscar Matthews; Mrs. W.R. Barber; John Shea; C.F. Hastings; Mrs. P.N. Bump; Walker Matthews; L.J. Matthews; Jas. W. Hopkins; A.C. Brown; Mrs. P.N. Bump; Clark Barber; Birney McIntyre; Randall Grames; School; Jas. Montgomery; R.F.D.; Clark Barber; Wallace Matthews; David Ragla; Fred. Bump; Jas. Bragdon; W.B. Herron; James Swanson; Chas. Becker; Geo. Burgess; James Townsend; Phil. W. Burgess; Caleb. Risbridger; Jas. Endsley; Frank Kinne; Philip Bayne; F. Kinnie; A. Benner; A.K. Richardson; Warren Kelsey; Philip Bayne; John Johnson; Dwight Barnum; Alonzo Woods; Harley Kelsey; Anna Boyce; Louis Koble; M.M. Keyth; Frank Wood; Chas. Fuller; Church; Royce Bayne; Wm. Dean; CASTLETON TWP.; Chester & R.B. Messer; Catholic Cem.; Riverside Cemetery; Cem.; Lute Dryer; J.E. McElwain; W.W. Wellman; Anna Bowler; C.J. Sutton; Ella Sutton; John Usborn; Fred. Bignall; A.A. Anderson; J.E. McElwain; Albert Altoft; L. Standley Est.; C.P. Hughson; L.A. Eaton; Geo. Sweet; Jas. P. Matthews; P.G. Bennet; Rose Colgrove; W. Andrews; Goodyear Bros. & J.S. Goodyear; D.H. Grow; B.P. Risbridger; John Renkes; M. Nichols; Harriet Peckham; John R. Parker; E.W. Butler; Frank Kurtz; Fred. Andrus; Hamilton Fisher; R.F.D.; Wm. Montgomery; Luman Woolcott; Chas. Becker; E.M. Davis; Chas. Waters; Mary Cowles; Fred Noyes; L.L. McKnight; W.S. Brown; E. Davis; Frank Kennedy; A.D. Kennedy Est.; Lester Kinne; Albert Kinne; Thos. Fisher; Lillian Murray; Adam Smith; School; Albert O. Kinne; Mrs. Jas. Shelby Est.; Cordelia Chamberlin; Albert Kinne; Church; Thos. Fisher; David Ragla; Newton Benner; Henry Chamberlain; Lizzie McIntyre; Wm. J. Fisher; C.C. Stowell; R.H. Altoft; Lyle Fisher; Jas. Fisher; W. Bayne; John Brinker; Chester & R.B. Messer; Fabius DePlanto; Albert Tobey; Chester & R.B. Messer; P.T. Colgrove; H.D. Trim; WEST CR.; Rufus Turner; HASTINGS; J. Shawman; C.H. Hicks; C.S. Burton Est.; John Harding; W.F. Hicks; John Olmstead; M. Barnum; CORPORATION LINE; Esau Cannom; Geo. Roush; Res. of Wm. O'Connor; Pierce O'Connor; Geo. & Wm. Craig; O. Douglas; Slaughter House; W. Pettengill; Phil. Bayne; Ed. N. Butler; Frank Kennedy; Jasper Cooley; Frank Prentice; Frances Ellis; W.J. Fisher; Henry Fisher; M. Snyder; John Marks; Jabez Olmstead; Wallace A. Hobbs; John M. Payne; Elihu Larkin; Gilbert Todd; Jas. Benham; M.B. Todd; Martha Kennedy; Thos. Fisher; R.F.D.; Mrs. O. Fisher; W.H. Merrick; Adam Smith; Alex Bolter; Nelson J. Kennedy; James Brown; Henry Fisher; James Brown; R.T. Martin; Frank Charlton; Peter Kunz; Wm. Gillespie; J.H. Chambers; Richard M. Bates; A.H. Bates Est.; CORPORATION LINE; Richard M. Bates; Chas. Russell; PONDLILY LAKE; Dan & Mary Manee; Alice G. Bates; Henry Osborn; S. Anderson; M.S.; Ellen Pennock; H.A. Goodyear; Elmer Cotant; J. Young; John Sinclair; Henry Osborn; Geo. Osborn; Duffy Tinkler; Mary Manee; Henry Osborn; R.F.D.; J. Bessmer; John Fincham; Wm. H. Schantz; John Worst; Town Hall; School; Geo. Cronk; THORNAPPLE RIVER; Oliver Roush; Martin Tinkler Est.; MICHIGAN CENTRAL R.R.; School; H.F. Naylor; Wm. Tinkler; P. Little; Wm. Coburn; Mary Hughe; Chas. Winslow; C.J. Clarke; Mable Miller; Lloyd Eaton; A.J. Sponable; L.M. Campbell; Lizzie Wallace; M.B. Todd; S. Robart; A. Robart; C.M. & D. Karcher; I. Jacobs; Chas. Smith; H.B. & R. Lewis; Ella & Wm. Cronk; C.J. Clarke; Reason Naylor; Geo. Osborn; H.F. Munn; J.M. Waite; State; Chas. Smith; Warren Evarts Est.; Floyd McKay; Frank Johnson; C.A. Cutler; R.H. Larabee Est.; Gordon Jenner; C.P. Flynn; James Dooley; McPHARLIN LAKE; Fred. Benham; E. Bush; Alex Young; Cole Newton; Elmer J. Ingram; Thos. Clark; R.F.D.; CHICAGO KALAMAZOO & SAGINAW R.R.; Lawrence Arehart; W. Methodist Camp Grounds; Wm. L. Pennock; W.J. Norris; Geo. Sprisher; School; I.J. Travis; Peter Little; Wm. Baldwin; Jasper Reid; M.H. Burton; Grange Hall; Carrie Skinner; C.E. Eaton; F.D. Eaton; A.F. Eaton; F.F. McNair; Summer Sponable; Grant Osgood; Mrs. C. Osgood; Wm. L. Brew; Chr. Merritt; J.C. Lipkey; Albinus Lowell; R.F.D.; Henry Crockford; Barry Poor Farm; Geo. Rockwell; Isaac Sponable; Cem.; Walter Bidelman; QUIMBY P.O.; School; Percy Winslow; H.R. Castelein; School; Frank Smith; Frank Purcell; B.L. Edmonds; Ella Cronk; Wm. Ritzman; Chas. Cruso; Henry Althouse; I. & A. Jacobs; Myron Shorten; James Cambron; Leon Shorten; THORNAPPLE LAKE; H.W.; RUTLAND TWP.; Diana Hall; O.H. DeMott; B. Benham; Frank C. Bush; Frank Slocum; Elmer J. Ingraham; Edw. Groat; Eugene Bush; Wm. Antony; Chas. Baldwin; F.R. Live; BALTIMORE TWP.; John English; R. Newton; School; J.W. Stewart; Ed. DeMott; A.E. Harris; Lester Terpening; Chas. A. Hall; N. Tebo; Duncan McDonald; Mary J. Reed; Willard Perry; John Christy; A. Vanduine; A. McDonald; Melvin Mead Est.; L.B. Beadle; P.A. Coburn; Alice Smith; CEDAR CR.; W.F. Castelein; John Young; E.D. Reid; S. Page; Wm. A. Bidelman; Chas. Bidelman; Geo. Scott Sr.; S.J. Bidelman; Wm. Cramer; H. Lehigh; Lafayette Calkins; Mark Peak; Church; Chas. Castelein; Preston Rose; Scott McIntosh; C.A. Gaskil; Frank Chaffee; R.F.D.; Geo. Scott Jr.; Chas. Callahan; Edwin Chaffee; Mrs. Ambrose Reid; Jas. McIntyre; Wm. Hill Est.; Jas. Golden; Leon Shorton; Bryant Carr; LONG LAKE; CASTLETON TWP. Note:

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Page  53 I' --- —"/-,, --- —Ia-\,> ----W.,51,-, - ',, '), ",, - Coal. - -911 -' -- - i i i m 9M WROM M. I - 1. 53 Scal1 2 inches to 1mile C5ownship J' XNorth, Aiange 9 W2est of the!Jiichigan., 5Keridsanv ITR VJNVG 244 - 7 374 29225. 229-7~72P S2D z Cccm72prz I c ":44I, 23.3F - - S.,SC 5. 2:112 O22C2/ - -1 -. 7 04,I-'I 742- -- ~1V.54 2:13 I r- - 2471 1/ 67.rrz-zI6TV ~TEVI? '42247I 67 72 22223A~z72J 3712 (77%. S2. 7 Z792 L. LI 6-71423 S Yzz'o'-c r. 7223 C I-1. I i I 0 6 — 14 3 —k 672~ 2 3 32.2 2 -~ I. I II I I i I I I I I I v 7- TYl'keC2222z Z 2)9 7-2727 ra/z 9. 0 2 624 Z1 22)21 LZ:C-22x 062422?4 4 72272 -SO2 _ _2___ 4y- 7tZ I2C>C 0)72 2. — 0 ie 2 - 2e~ 2 y~.2/v. 247 Jc4c/'2 121Ze Z 72272 - 923 221224-5 - T2I 1AO~ 2213'row 2772373Z-Y2 mzs3Gae723 4U2 2)_9. 147 62325B-233 Z ~~ 2-2 1/z27 - 7 t66l 0 /72232? 23722~;Ed 7 27225. 2 r~.2? I I 7 27 ~ 9,~E-232532 22 9 223 2Z327 2~ __ (V~c~ocf 2 M J 4 23 2-3 M62 W.2323552-232 - I 2)0 - 7N0j2) 21 224) -2-44 29Z. 6 2- 144-7 222.27a5L'23/ cV. 7/. 4 - I I I I I I) 6:4);2 VPcrz.enr723-23< (7 4 2?232227I v Q w- w 2.2 4 17772323 C 27?V-923c s 2) ). Z2 C>.27422 Y)0-2.7Cn c672122Z222 ~-n~'5;2Z7 K;: -10t 222-'72 92.2234;266224 9 2 2).932 2) 22.611 9I,2. F /keecb I1 1~1: -f S. 1/7229-s 772e,2a 1_ 14 4 k)4j, N 42A0 -22 o 7 2:37"t 22227 2920 22777k%.:-:7.zz -, I -Z:"'2,f;-' -r 1711, 6 — C- C L7, 9 G V ___-: "I "I (Z),Z, r'-, q, m eL-! I I I I I T --- -All 7- Hi/ I ) I I 'I I / / IIIL ----Ia 1. -.j......... W'; N4j4`27; - V 445 NI 492~' -i 29 7 Q >2( P 2. N. ~?C 23221424 72322207 7)9667. -92.I I.I - Ir.1 I.1.1 I Ar 2 Q) 10 r?'2 -- I - I 0-, 92 137~q I9 3 42 0 Q 3729 _ I — - - 1 7 1!9c> --- Y. itX2 -11cl 297/ 31 7-?z~ 2"7s2 I I I f I E I 1 I 3 M -):1 27250 -- 75\R I (%( F c, W 2 22 921 7 1- - _17997_2_9231S 0-22 7623) 6.M i 120 1-pq.1.. I - - --- -iL —.;"- " 14' *-2311 ----- -l -________ Wf-VI". -' -!-1, 1 ii 11 WIMMWOIMOIM1'. a_-_- *. -4 pqmp.l-m.4. I __ 5A3 Title: MAP OF RUTLAND TOWNSHIP 3 N 9 W Keywords: IRVING TWP.; A.E. Shaw; Omar Shaw; Anna Mickel; E.J. Hall; C. McCann; H. Wilson; L.D. Hall; F. Adams; Res.; D. Shellenbarger; L.D. Blackford; John Campbell; Chas. Wilcox; R.S. Sowerby; RIVERSIDE STOCK FARM; Adelbert Wilcox; A.G. Hathaway; R.I. Hendershott; Hastings City Bank; MICHIGAN CENTRAL R.R.; C.J. Olner; Walter Robinson; J.M. Johnson; Res.; Frank Olner; THORNAPPLE RIVER; Frank Olner; J.C.O.; John Smith; Wm. Haywood; L.F. Feldspaugh; Daniel Smith; Gregor Feldspaugh; W. Kronewitter; Albert Feldspaugh; R.M. Bates; School; R.F.D.; G. Feldspaugh et al; Lydia Haywood; W. Calkins; C.F. Brooks; C.A. Woodruff; Res.; Robt. Newton; Adelbert Southward; Wm. Stowe; A.S. Craig; LONG LAKE; R.F.D.; Wm. Pattison; Deborah Rogers; Mary Mills; Wm. C. Glading; C.W. Craig; D.A. Bowels; C. Hastings; Chas. Hastings; L.D. Hall; G.H. Blowers; C.S. Carpenter; School; E.M. Craig; Sam Pratt; S. Healy; Wm. Hall; Lydia Osborn; John W. Mead; Res.; F.W. Barons; R.F.D.; W.L. Chase; C.W. Mead; John Brown; Cem.; Cem.; Burwell Scudder; John W. Mead; J.L. Howe; Jas. Springer; M.; E.N. Boyce; C. Mead; John W. Mead; J. Rizor; C.F. Belson; D.J. Rizor; Wm. Damer; Mrs. Isabella Lane; Robert Newton; Chas. Powell; M. Straus; C.J. Moore; James McGuinness; C.J. Moore; Reynolds; L. Beadle; Luke Waters; E.D. Springer; Fred Renkes; H.J. Hammond; J. Nies; John Brinker; L. Matthews; P.T. Colgrove; F.E. Pierce; Emma Crouch; L.H. Howard; E.L. Knickerbocker; L. Hager; J.E. Whitright; M.D. Mills; Hattie Withey; Ira Hart; L.D. Hall; School; C.R. Randall; D. Goodyear; Geo. Campbell; Chas. Wilcox; George Edger; Isaac Edger; L.H. Edger; Geo. Edger; Del Dimond; L.H. Edger; John W. Mead; I.L. Dimond; Jacob Edger; School; A.J. Belson Est.; Jos. Matthews; Chas. Oakes; J.C. Belson; Town Hall; P.M. Blake; W.B. Belson; S. Lord; R.H. Weaver; John Earl; R. Oakes; John Earl; C. Belson; Wm. Knickerbocker; Lee Knickerbocker; C. Daniels; Dell Cotton; BELSON LAKE; Lee Reynolds; J.H. Knickerbocker; C.J. Ferris; Wm. Martin; Abram Martin; School; Chas. Powell; Frank Ferris; Clarence Bennett; James McGuinness; Isabella Lane; J.C. Lampman; W.S. Langston; Wm. Gorham; Will Sheffield; Frank Ickes; R.F.D.; H.G. Barber; Asa Luther; Mark Ritchie; Philo Dibble; Ruby Erway; John Holden; E.M. Brown; Eva F. Howe et al; A.F. Burroughs; R.F.D.; John E. Whitright; S. Lenington; E. Shipman; H. Shipman; W. Forman; H. Lenington; J.W. Sickles; H. Bronson; Church; GLASS CR.; Res.; Emerson G. Edger; H. Bronson; L.H. Edger; P.J. Vanderbrook; John W. Mead; P.T. Colgrove; Jas. F. Waters; D.G. Matthews; SPRING BROOK FARM; Theron Cain; Geo. Kelley; C. Belson; B.C. Smith; PURDY LAKE; J. Laubaugh; Henry Hine; Chester Beach; J. Waters; C.W. Biggs; W.E. Perry; Clarence Bennett; SUNSET FARM; P.T. Colgrove; School; I.A. Yeckley; Lucy Martin; John Whitmore; Delbert Lancaster; A.C. Boyes; P.T. Colgrove; S.R. Doud; Res.; C. Peck; W.S. Langston; Oliver Hale; F.B. McPharlin; R.F.D.; John Turner; F.M. Roberts; Cook Bros.; R. Dawson; A.E. Kenaston Est.; C.H. Osborn; OTIS LAKE; R. Burghduf; W. Georgenson; Orville Burghduf; J.L. Burghduf; Sarah Burghduf; W.A. Kerr; T.C. Williams; R. Walters; Homer Warner; Parker G. Erway; C.W. Whittemore; Kate Erway; Homer Warner; J.E. Grames; Kate Erway; A. Powell; J. Ransom; Cassius Hubbel; E. Horr; G. Ransom; Geo. T. Lankerd; M. Ransom; John Lenz; C. Bachman; John Lienz; A.D. Smith; E. Laubaugh; Geo. Ransom; C.H. Osborn; T.C.; D.D.; Church; PODUNK LAKE; F.H. Smith; P.T. Colgrove; C.W. Biggs; P. Hall; Ira Baldwin; R.F.D.; E. Hendricks; A.E. Robinson; R.F.D.; S.R. Doud; D. Hall; Cem.; Andrew Myers; M. Munsee; F. Keech; D.S. Headlee; S.R. Doud; E. Stedge; F. Hendrick; Res.; Geo. Benedict; H. Richardson; Cook Bros.; Ed. McPharlin; J.W. Reed; McPHARLIN LAKE; YANKEE SPRINGS TWP.; HOPE TWP.; Geo. Jordan; Francis Gorham; C.A. Newland; Hulda Otis; W.H. Otis; School; R.F.D.; Grange Hall; Wm. Havens; R.F.D.; W.A. Kerr; Res.; W.H. Otis; Res.; C.A. Newland; Chas. A. Newland; F. Havens; Mary Havens; Fred E. Otis; Fred Ruth; R.H. Games; A. McCarty; D. Hull; G. Hayward; Res.; F.E. Smith; L. Locher; M. Ransom; F. Otis; E. Montgomery; L.G. Bates; C.H. Osborne; F.H. Smith; Loami McCarty Est.; M. Ransom; J. Laubaugh; Fred Smith; Carrie & Mandy Loehr; J.H. Bliss; W. Montgomery; C.H. Loehr; Carrie Schultz; G.A. Murrell; E.C. Stedge; H.K. Johnson; M. Smith; A.A. Seeber; E.B. Hathaway; Res.; F.E. Johnson; School; Whitney Tanner; TANNER LAKE; Res.; G.H. Vandenburg; A.E. Robinson; Mary A. Lankhard; J. Russell Est.; Sam Howe; R.J. Eggleston; B.H. Benham; Res.; A.E. Phillips; C.K. & S. R.R.; Res.; A.E. Phillips Note:

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Page  55 55 YANK<EE SPRINGS TOWNSHIP %7ownahip a5 X`4orth,.57ange ICO W'.e.t of the 59tYichigan M7/eridian ]7LQN PRE__ _ _'3 __.79,T *5f 4,f O9R I,7,'A _'-7- 7IA'; 1 43.44 4 ~ ' 4 ' ' -4 'I"' 47 N 52~d-, H /1/1 7/1rlI 4,7 ~ 534' I A' '3 I I 7'z -11 N ' '4'-.4 N0 4 82 6'Z'_ -44, /44,4,i. -5-" 1L4lf,," 2%27 7 ~ 45, 0N:7-S~ -2 ~j42J ___ -Z_ Z I i ) - 2, _0 el6? '5/44 474: 480W1(V$'/M"'?- -O r2"~fjj77 ~77 i 4oI~ k~'>r 4 ___ ~ K I.L _ A' '~ J0 zz 2/7 - C\ 4) — - 7747 I278 I74/ Z221/ N> 4/,' '1 'K ___ /1 I 422445 N 4,,, 7144. N H" -'I ') 2o ') oh "I 3 - N> N1 aJ>'t,7 /2o C-r.. l,-hZ,/%7~. -4 54, 8 44747477/7,4,4 - I 8o 74 K> K> I K - 7z-sM -H' 6'744,66 '3 ________ N,,f NP zcA4KsfH21l K AK 444, 444 N>.44. - &E — ------- N, 4 N N1 ZN- A'. 44144543. 81 o,5 _ 04 ~ '4K ' 24: 7cna Z4,4,4a9 rz Tr 4 G. /440?~h - 4444 I 70 I -, c. /46' 0,444 HI I ZN ~-.Z s A~ 5i-0w ' J2,1~-4 H -7. 1 '. 47)4740 7,42 C 8o7Z -25 27 6:444 C34'9{6'-c 8o 6 s " I I 486'6Z. - -E -A'20 hi 'N, --- - I -- -. N" ) j9+s s I N> I;Z 0z:, 077/-,Z - AZ.-.17 p;- 20 I rzl -. -I,51 Q I ' E I I ---. I I - I - -. I I I I N I I 4, 14 I-ii i1H C8Z -_-.420e 9240 6' 7" 4004.74".4~4475, A444. 11. -. I /20 '4 * All 04)zea, '-f~b/ I., I I I - -- - I — 0,4 4 -7..460 J-l/517/o'r~ r- -493 -7 I. kV47/.4 i A: 11 IN. I - ------ 411HIAMIM 444 -4- - -~2' — -- - (I 'J4"J-' -Y I Title: MAP OF YANKEE SPRINGS TOWNSHIP 3 N 10 W Keywords: THORNAPPLE TWP.; School; R.C. Jackson; Church; W.J. Bedford; A.J. Ogden; E.C. Knox; Oscar Standish; L.I. Campbell; Jos. Jackson; E.C. Knox; H. Mapes; F.Q. Stokoe; B. Briggs; Jennings Land Co.; BARLOW LAKE; Geo. Seeley; Geo. Paxson; J.E. Downs; C.H. Purdy; C.E. Sleeman; G.O. Pierce; Cem.; L.L. Hyman; School; Geo. Paxson et al.; Jas. N. Jones; J.H. Stafford; Res. of G. Stafford; Caroline Stafford; A.H. Ayres; Eliza Fleming; O.H. Matteson; H. Chase; J.H. Stafford; Wm. Shaw; Frank Rider; W. Shaw; J.A. Young; H.E. Marks; P. Keiser; W.S. Miller; J. Wiley; School; A. Stevens; R.F.D.; H.E. Hendrick; THORNAPPLE RIVER; O.R. Shaw; C. Clearwater; Thomas Gammage; W.A. Kent; O.R. Shaw; RUTLAND TWP.; Addie E. Bowen; Fred Dumaresq; E.C. Crispe; Frances. Hunt; Verne Warner; School; HOAG LAKE; D.E. Pierson; B. Briggs; A.M. Keeney; Burdett Briggs; Frank West; BOWENS MILLS; James Holes; Eugene Davis; E.F. Ahern; K.H. Purcell; A. Howe; M. Miller; Martin Hensel; J.E. Sensiba; Luke Sensiba; BASSETT L.; C. Brady; J. Cisler; F. Emcke; R. Brown; M.J. Gilliam; C. Bowerman; Jos. Bowerman; Cem.; Jos. Bowerman; H. DeFries; School; J.A. Young; John Bickle; J.L. Bowerman; Orange Hill; H. Battjes; Fred. Mohns; S.W. Clark; E. Fields; Chas. Rogers; M.A. Ritchie; R.F.D.; F. Stanley; Henry Hartwell; F.D. Cutler; F.D. Cutler; E.C. Crispe; J.E. Jackson; J.H. Buxton; J.B. King; C. Sias; W.E. Bowen; C.B. Oberly; Amy Dean Garbutt; A. Baird; PAYNES LAKE; MUD LAKE; BAKER LAKE; F. West; A. Lush; M. Sprinkle; F.E. Meyers; E. Andler; J.E. Sensiba; Chas. Crookston; J.E. Sensiba; School; C.E. Crookston; M.J. Myers; T. Wubbell; J.E. Sensiba; C. Fiala; Mattie Teeter; Jas. Storkan; J.A. Dogeman; A. Wieringea; Lewis M. Johnson; R.F.D.; H. DeFries; Peter Simot; N.E. McLaughlin; B.E. Ullery; O. Yerden; E.C. Bigelow; Farmers State Bank of Middleville; Glenn Fisher; J. Andler; Ira M. Chubb; C.H. Sickels; Calvin Hill; E. Barber; Dan Poland; E.J. Sharpe; A.Z. Anderson; A.A. Headly; Frank Zimmer; John Kasbohn; Cem.; School; Ross Robbins; F. Kratky; Wendel Tichvon; A. Headley Est.; Jennings Land Co.; W.C. Sensiba; L. Mastenbrook; Josephine Hurley; Rose Sensiba; John A. Headley; Jennings Land Co.; O. Bradley; Sam Shoemaker; J.C. Stein; W.C. Sensiba; T.M.W.; W.E. Pickard; Susan Sensiba; H.D. Shrively; A.P. Melling; LONG LAKE; E.E. Shook; Mrs. Francis Hunt; Ben Park; E. Holly; G.W. Park; Ben Park; Mary Holley; F.E. Raymond; E. Cheney; C.J. Lazenby; F.E. Raymond; J.E. Buskirk; G.E. Todd; Mattie Teeter; E. McKibbon; A.J. Southard; F.M. Turner Est.; A.E. Wilson; Calvin Hill; H.E. Turner; Lizzie Stevens; A.E. Wilson; Rolla Ullery; School; E. Barber; R.F.D.; John Holden; Olin Seymour; T. Goodenough; E. Barber; T. Goodenough; T. Goodenough; Geo. Chamberlain; M. Dibble; F. Kratky; J.B. Chilson; C.B. Dixon; G.A. Barnes; C.H. Garrett; WEST GUN LAKE RESORT; Jennings Land Co.; B. Briggs; Ida M. Streeter et al.; STREETER RESORT; S.B. Lewis; Jennings Land Co.; J.L. Williams; S. Sensiba; D. Mench; Fred. Ritchie; School; John Hall; W.J. Ritchie; E.M. Hall; Chas. Duffey; B.F. Norris; Dan Duffey; E. McKibbin; W.E. Prichard; M.C. Auble; Geo. Dawson; E.M. Brown; DEEP LAKE; J.C. Raymond; M.C. Auble; James Leaven; Lewis Wellman; John Norris; W.W. Johnson; G.W. Stafford; W. Maynard; P. Dibble; E.M. Brown; C.H. Osborne; W.A. Count; H.H. Johnson; Abigail Count; M.W. Kerr; Wayland Gun Lake Assn.; ALLEGAN CO.; Electa England; GUN LAKE; ORANGEVILLE TWP.; HASTINGS GUN LAKE RESORT; W.L. Herrick; A. Baird; P.T. Colgrove; Dan Duffy; LAKEVIEW PARK; A. Baird; J. & D. Duffy; John Duffy; C.W. Burpee; J.N. Stuart; D. Duffy; Edward O'Connor; Horace W. Snow; S.L. Conrad; C. Montgomery; Cem.; J.E.B.; School; S.L. Conrad; F.J. Tracy; Church; B.D. Travis; W.L. Potter; M. Potter; W.B. Webb; F.F. Williams; Myron Potter; W.E. Courtney; J.P. Schantz; Leroy Courtney; A.E. Palmer; Dell Smith; Jas. M. Smith; D. & M. Douglas; G.W. McKibbon Note: This atlas is the property of Cook Bros. Hastings Mich.

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Page  57 111 0, -- - C, WOO)DL-AN4D.. TO WNS HIP.5'ownship 4!Xorth, - Aange 7 Wtest of the Mliehigan MeZridian 'Ioil N\-TTA ___ ___ __ _____ — 77- -.7 -75 -. --.'I- --- -,.. — --. —. -. C.Z~2zzrzl q -:i,,2C br c::7 -ZY/-,cZZ 1179-27 'b 99-7,. SZCi?Slk.s - - "I I p" q. ft 74q21or- 22279CA RZ 3,2 L;J..IS-CIyc~ yIlo2 >52 ad~5'-la~.11, - I I L L -zz I'l 75I I02 O) - (J9 IS~-_ - - - - - - - - - I - - I." - -- -- I - I ' I - ZSZ)9 775 CX5 7'A l -7-ms OerZ. 66 1z~9d' <52 oON;~ if E~25)IS 23z-oh I 2~ ho Z:. Q - -' 'k-,,, q F f'-A -~ -jj m3 9Z10 0)r- (~ '-0 322711 4. 5 TON1 JF9'7den -7s- z 2 - - 5u7,q 1q. &7-7 -' C z-0C -eC-).i 757' -zz-2 2i G Co >.. 1c I- TOI-,:z 525 Al -i 1' - __ ~ 9, -'_ ~ __ 7'~ '-""- -7 -- - M5) ~ ' "TG1 Ocs. A'1ss —Cca 2-2 - _ _ )_,0> C r9"" ~.I — 9~'. - '7:.'- 0225 c~ 7 —: i'- A"z' C --- - 0>Z 2w l 1oe~ A- ze Z 'zv2io zj(zz 3 Q))) 9)5 57 ', ), 279~9?97 I- Y'o 7-71- -9C,-A9C * ~ o~02 ~ Y~losoll 2'1eN~ 7,,,5 0 0~~"Z2Z22 (7 ZZ7y927 jY5oz's o 0. - ~9 ~ 6~" 7' *- 0 ~~ ~ ~ 0''~~"- A"'~- 0) J97-2. 0)~ 9. { o t 739?-. NQ A~r-eo Z'o/serfon~ ~ -~.6' -7-;79 1 co- - // 05 -~ ~,,~rr-,J'01ic -J. 797 -05 'O IZe 6/rss' IZ f,'Z>~~ N'9 %o 222k,779 Z7931,Z'~e" -r 5 5'- s~ 370.5.72o7-,, — 7 q195- 0)7' IS 22 ~ 0 ~ 0~'z7 90 757 022 ON Q N N N I 0 _ _ _ 5e _ 15 i.b9, JI f5-I27~ 4'1- 0So I -9''2 79. - ON2 A;;;;; ~ 5~ 2 c' Lo77 '7-75,I5019W~9I ~27c9222)79277/ leN -E _ _ _ __4 2 0)_7Z Idt6 -7So79'-N - 2 ovAe- Qyck (J, 7pz *Y ol0 '0:0 5 79-7 0? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ 0)5)z: pu \x o — - - O.JA" - -+O 7779. 5)4 0)) ) Oj 7 jA15 N5 w I ~~022~ 0 '- ozelc~~~tfl Q 159/2 p 5 -i0)( -- L59 e 202220zP20 2'-02.0 (0 GA -( 71e. z$) 9 ' C — '395 -Z 7- i5_ 7 ' ---- a-=- V, --- - ___ 9. I I (-72 —, t9L~5I IJ Z a#, —, -- -. % i*W;Mm m w Title: MAP OF WOODLAND TOWNSHIP 4 N 7 W Keywords: Edward Cunningham; Geo. Jastifer; Chas. King; R.R. Curtis; H. Anspauger; C.C. Demaray; Steven Branch; C.L. Hatton; D. Haskell; Frank Short; Julia Shellenberger; Church; IONIA CO.; J. Shellenberger; Mrs. J. Purdun; B.F. Dunkin; Geo. Clum; Mary J. King; Wm. Aiton; F. Branch; E.C. Houghton; W.F. Eddy; T. Curtis; L. Purdun; B. Cotton; John Winey; JORDAN LAKE; B.L. Smith; R.F.D.; Willie Smith; Res.; Geo Enz; A.J. Roberts; Cem.; J. Monosmith; Dayton Jordan; F. Richards; W.L. Schmaltzried; Dayton Jorden; O. Roberts; School; Res.; D.F. Roberts; G.D. Roberts; Lydia Storms; Dora Richards; Geo. Richards; Reuben Gerlinger; T. & A.A. Pickens; Geo. Funk; Res.; R.F.D.; Andrew Ream; Jacob Griebel; Res.; John Smith; Warren Meyers; Res.; Jesse B. Meyers; PERE MARQUETTE R.R.; Phil. Gerlinger; Wm. Bollmann; Res.; Henry Gerlinger Est.; E.B. Bishop; H.J. Gerlinger; Christian Eckardt; Fred Eckardt Est.; J.J. Eckardt; Res.; Res.; Church; Ben Shellhorn; Jos. Statsick; C. Miller; B.R. Schneider; C. Eckardt; J. Kramer Est.; P. Meyers; Dan Smith; Ricka Eckardt; G. Gerlinger; CHICAGO KALAMAZOO & SAGINAW R.R.; Dennis Haskell; Leslie N. Rush; V.C. Lockwood; Ed McFadden; A. Haggerty; B. Valentine; Abe Haggerty; Norman Barker; J.C. Barker; Frank Short; Mrs. J. Myers; School; W. Gavit; Wm. Underwood; J.W. Smith; Geo. Cunningham; DUNKIN LAKE; A.W. Dillenback; John Springett; H.E. Rising; LITTLE THORNAPPLE RIVER; A.W. Dillenback; Earl Curtis; Geo. Sears; D.F. Densmore; Wm. Purdun; P.H. Stowell; J.F. Stinchcomb; H. McMillan; F.E. Parrott; Jasper Jordan; Jonathan Smith; Willard Jordan; Res.; Mary A. Katherman; Geo. Enz; Jacob Walter; Geo. Enz; Geo. Niethammer; John J. Reiser; R.F.D.; Res.; Geo. Funk; Jacob Funk; John J. Reiser; Simeon Niethammer; Church; J.A. Smith; F.A. Reuther; Res.; Res.; Frank Smith; J.J. Eckardt; Mrs. Adam Baitinger Est.; G.C. Gerlick; R. & G. Born; Fred Wagner; Geo. Funk; Michael Smith; School; Conrad Schuler; John Wagner; Res.; Res.; S.C. Schuler; Ernest Dassell; J.J. Eckardt; C.E. Rowlader; Emanuel Brodbeck; Michael Sweitzer; Emanuel Winter; Res.; Bert Valenline; John Geiger; Frank Schaibly; John Geiger; Andrew Geiger; C. Mast Est.; Wm. Hauer; A.R. King; Joseph Reesor; Bernie Jordan; School; R.F.D.; J. & A. Palmerton; H.E. Rising; P.A. Stowell; Res.; D.N. Stowell; L.R. Forman; H.F. Stowell; Gertrude Stowell; Lewis Christian; Reuben Wolcott; Birney C. Smith; CORPORATION LINE; T.E. Wadell; C. Burkle; Chris Grozinger Est.; Jacob Reisinger; G.C. Garlick; F. Nash; WOODLAND; Hannah Reiser; Chris Grozinger Est.; Eva Parrott; L. Parrott; CORPORATION LINE; Geo. Burckle; E.A. Sawdy; C.E. Rowlader; Jacob F. Velte; Chas. Velte; Mrs. Henry Schwartz; Res.; W.J. Walker; John Stairs; Ed. Stairs; O.D. Stevens; F. & A. Reuther; Geo. Niethamer; J.H. Townsend; S.C. Schuler; Fred. Wagner; Res.; B.E. Sawdy; John C. Ketchum; Jacob Velte; Martin Euper; Leo. Sawdy; J.W. Kilpatrick; H. Townsend; D.S. England; Peter Fender; H. Walts; H.V. Sweitzer; Frank Schaibly; Milo Anspaugh; Frank Schaibly; Albert Booher; Geo. Hauer; Chas. Heise; Frank Oversmith; J.H. Durkee; H. Yerty; A.F. Geiger; C. Center; Henry Schaibly; Alex Gavitt; Eliza Palmer; F.P. Palmerton; Della Smith; Geo. Palmerton; Horace Curtis; Geo. Leffler; Calvin Rairigh; John & Ellen Landis; C.F. Grozinger; W.J. McArthur; Hiram Walts; Res.; R.F.D.; W. Finefrock; Mary M. Holly; Carl Walts; C.E. Rowlader; Res.; Oscar Cooper; Albert Burkle; Henry Cousins; Alvan D. Miller; Jacob F. Velte; Chas. Velte; Mrs. Daisy Tyler; John Tyler; Ira Cotton; Wilbur Hynes; Susan Scofield; H. & F. Bulling; H. Nichols; Joel St. John; H. Haines; Church; MUD CREEK; Geo. W. Smith; W.E. Bennett; A.C. Kilpatrick; W. & S. Euper; Chester & Viola Hecker; G. Raffle; Frank Smith; Chas. Grozinger; Hynes, Parrott & McIntyre; J.L. Smith; E.A. Sawdy; H. Sawdy; Willard Sawdy; KILPATRICK LAKE; CARP LAKE; SADDLE BAG LAKE; C. Rowlader; S.N. Durkee; Edwin Parmalee; Lafayette Townsend; Jesse Townsend; Mrs. Ida Wood; Wm. Flory; Sylvester Oversmith; P.R. Holmes; Frank Aspinall; Julia Dove; R. Wade; Chas Stricklen; Res.; Milton Hebel; I.H. Eddy; Isaac Williams; T. Townsend; Otto Townsend; Isaac Williams; Geo. Spindler; John Kahler; Chas. Anderson; P.N. Cool; Chas. Farley; David Landis; J.L. Barnum; M. Barnum; Fred Jordan; Ephriam Lucas; F.C. Densmore; A.L. Cooper; G.M. & E.D. Davenport; Mrs. C. Barnum; Hiram Miller; Landis Bros.; Edward Fisher; J. Schantz; W.H. Coons; E. Wheeler; J.H. Hitt; J.L. Bitzer; Geo. Hitt; R.F.D.; Emma Barry; W. Hitt; John Lehman; O.B. Hager; R. Warner; Albert Barry; R. Mahler; Henry Hitt; C.E. Rowlader; Homer Hager; SECOND LAKE; FIRST LAKE; O.B. Hager; CARLTON TWP.; CASTLETON TWP.; C.E. Rowlander; Geo. E. Coats; Mrs. H. Young; Mrs. M. Barnum; Sprague; Wm. Demond; C. Wood; O.E. Wood; L. Chase; Mrs. Harriet Young; Jesse Chase; Jerial Wood; M.C. Ville; Isaac Pettingill; Oliver Sease; Eugene Hall; Chas. Stricklen; J.L. Hazeldine; J.H. Woodman; J.R. Barnum; A. Townsend; J.R. Barnum; R.F.D.; Henry Yertie; Jessie Spindler; R. Gill; Levi Kantner; John Spindler; Daniel Shopbell; O.B. Grant Est.; Alice Grant; J.J. England; Jerome England; F.C. Densmore; Jos. D. Wise; Harrison Blocher; Lewis Christian; Sylvester Hynes; Mary Ayres; Church; Richard Stockdale; Eugene Davenport; G.W. Peck; Jos. Wagamor; Owen Smith; Geo. Culler; Jacob Mate; J. Fisher; School; Store; Joe Sease; Henry Warner; U. Bailey; John Lehman; Ora Lehman; EATON CO.; C.E. Welch; Bordy Hager; E.T. Cole; M.L. Cole; John Furlong; D.S. Sheldon; L.C. Hosmer; Henry Hecker; Julius Hager; O.B. Hager Note:

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Page  59 539 C5own8hip 4 XOVorth,.5?ange S W~est of the MliZchigan 3Wieridian IQATMLA CcI __? Z 6 w- _,,- 40 I~DI 30 24 C4<e-Z'2-_l _ _ _ _ _ _ 0 I /4 _ 8 '>06 -v2o 0220 s2o < 0222 ~.A700o 2,z <ZI<' bo - Vj~ 2 oy 8'C 8 -<oi ~8 ~ " -/ ~17 2-9oA~ ~7022<' 4)~ A7o -'-~ ---~- ___ 9h 0 <'2979/ 770X'72 - 7022/227 ~ 2970 ~ 222/h ~ h<' O299 <'l /2 <'22-/00a 3 16I <'<'14 _ __0 P0 _______ V9C-N<'2-720 -' —,' I <'ro -4-0 2 6<~I- 2- - 32 j:I' 12 77 119 9<' 277<' 9977 - HASKZYNGS '71) S.6. 29 `4f 79 -9O. C. 9 7-s p --- I-,- -, bee'.-g:'s 1:,1-7, 0. - 40 95779<) 7< 2 099227 27047 I 12 9-17 67-1 8<' 40 --47920222202 6<7.099029/Z 97( C4oz ~0<',,,S I 1. 11I 1. I I. 145- f4111i 222lyl,"<1II 92 I (l- ' 6<212/22I29I2-,-S<'<I7 (3 17' I Ii ( k1 r9 9< I 12(7 9,7;9 *2q ' 9149,,8o-14942920I -9927oz ' I %fR O/f'I,0 '8 I I "Z 1.11, -- -Z. - - - - -- -5-1 -.- I - I ----- VI, _ _ -- U*q u Title: Map of Carlton Township 4 N 8 W Keywords: Ionia Co.; Woodland Twp.; Hastings Twp.; Irving Twp.; Abram Steekler; A. Steekler; Wm. Moore; Terry Corrigan; Sam'l Roush; Ed. Wait; Mrs. W Rickert; Ransom Wolcott; John Freeland; David Hefflebower; Irving Seger; R.S. Newton Est.; School; Geo. Bywater; North Branch Thornapple River; John Freeland; Chris Lawyer; P.H. Seger; John Bushton; W. Moffit; Geo. Gurnsey; Jay Ware; Neal & Ray Newton; Otis Yarger; J.J. Freeland; R.F.D.; Oliver Wait; Frank Demmings; C.L. Henney; Joseph R. Henney; Warren Foglesong; C.L. Henney; Mathias Allerding; Res.; Wm. Allerding; W.H. Brooks; W. Hecht Est.; Eliza Hecht; W.H. Brooks; Church; Carpenter; I. Cain; Jacob Wolf; Simon Hefflebower; Geo. Brecheiser Est.; W. Hecht Est.; M.D. Fry; Jacob Wolf; Eliza Cain; Carpenter; Irving Cain; Jos. Brovont; M.B. Fry; I.N. Raymond; res.; Geo. E. Hatch; Oliver Chenney; R.F.D.; F. Tisher; D. Anspaugh; J. Clem; Sidney Thomas; John Gerkey; Emanuel Stadel; Jos. Wortley; Hiram Rogers; E.W. Tooker; M.E Sisson; M.L. Sisson; N.M. Hinkley Est.; David Hefflebower; A. Gifford; D. Allerding; D. Parks; O.F. Newton; William Wallace; John Wolf; D.H. Hefflebower; J.F. Hoevenair (Cont.); John Kick; Bert Frisby; Geo. Fisher; John Richardson; Wm. Fingleston; J.J. Henney; Jul. Carpenter; Colonel Yarger; Andrew Allerding; G. Allerding; W. Marlow; Josiah Allerding; John Carpenter; Joseph Keeler; School; Wm. Zuschnit; Wm. Crockford; E.T. Brecheiser; Jacob Tebo; Mary E. Knowles; Hiram H. Anspaugh; Chas. Steel; W. Marlow; Frank Allerding; Fred. Studt; School; William Tasker; John Abbott; Alex Elliott; John Abbott; C. Hinkerson; W. Wickham; Res; Lester Van Brocklen; Cem; J. Shellenbarger; Herb Shellenbarger; John Aspinall; Carrie Cassel; Wm. Beard; David Stairs; Lester Van Brocklen; W. Woodard; Chas. Brisbin; E McFadden; M.L. Sisson; B.W. Sisson; H.C. Rogers; John Blaser; Loren Burd; Tobias Garn; J.H. Milbourn; F.S. Henney Est.; Louis Neeb; Clarence Rogers; School; Frank W. Clark; John Burd; Grant Keeler; W.W. Eisenhood; W. Nash; Leo Allerding; Warren Stadel; R.H. Henney; J.D. Eissenhood; H.L. Todd; R.H. Henney; T.P. Barnum; J.R. Smith; Church; Sarah Henney; Store; M.F. Shupp; W.H. Barber; Geo. Cole; W. Marlow; L. Allerding; Curtis Parkhurst; Church; Otis Landon; Millie Austin; E. pettitt; F.J. Lawrence; Res.; J.L. Cole; R.F.D.; John Allerding Est.; William Williams; Lewis Lydy; Oliver Lydy; A.M. Decker; Frank Crawford; E. Cain; W Cole Est.; Mahlon Senter; Res.; W.H. Barry; Bull Head Lakes; J.E. Scudder; Busdorf; Lewis Stadtel; R. Haynes; Cora Hickerson; Allie Cheney; W. Smith; M.M. Brockney; Louis Neeb; Peter Henney; L.S. Fuller; J.E. Edwards; Res.; Frank Yarger; C.H. Edwards; S.R. Edwards; H.M. Allerding; Barbara Allerding; Messer Bros; Res.; Solomon Allerding; Theo. Jones; Philo Fuller; Sanford Rogers; N.O. Allerding; Cem.; W.W. McKibben; R.B. Hosmer; Res; Store; Otis Landon; Wm. Nash; Thornapple River; J.S.; C.L. Smith; John Usborne; C.O. Fleming Est.; John Fleming; School; Res.; Carlton Centre; Josiah Knowles; Frank Andruw; J.L. Cole; J. Shupp; W. McCauley; Mrs. J. Smith; Geo. Bell; E. Coats; S.B. Leavens; Sarah Swank; B. Rice; D. Ragla; Seymour Olmstead; Chas. Aspinall; Steve Barry; E. Carpenter; C. Helsul; School; James Friend; P. English; Chas. Aspinwall; John Crawford; C. Terry; E.P. Farrell; Res.; E.L. Daniels; J.V. Wickham; J.L. Crockford; L.A. McIntyre; Frank Bragdon; Geo. Bragdon; Frank Shailby; L.N. Durkee; Cem.; Henry Ragla; L.N. Durkee; F.W. Durkee; Geo. S. Fuller; Church; Chas. Crockford; S.R. Edwards; Hy. Tryon; J.E. Edwards; Michael Fingleton; Harry Blough; Frank Haight; S.F. Boylan; M.D. Falconer; A.F. Fausey; O.W. Kaiser; G.W. Cook; O.N. Kaiser; Orlie Fausey; Jacob Ballie; O.L. Spencer; Res.; Anna Shivley; W.W. McKibbon; E.E. Gorham; Church; Res.; H.M Humphrey; Art Kenyon; H.A. Cuddeback; J.J. Strodtbeck; Res.; Frank Schriber; David Stark; W.c. Savacool; G.F. Altoft; H.A. Nichols; James Bowler; Frank Berry; Francis Wilkes; Wm. Heisser; Res.; F.D. Wilson; Lower Lake; Sarah Walters; Walter Sackett; John McLeod; Frank Shaibly; J.L. Lancaster; C. Young; J.C. Blood; J.F. Blood; Lancaster Bros. Res.; School; Della Ragla; Sam Zellner; R.F.D.; Levan McIntyre; Walter Barnum; School; Lorina Barnum; Glen Fuller; George Goodel; Charles Youngs; G.W. Cook; John Sherman; J.P. Willitts; School; Res.; R.C. Leach; Albert Van Patten; Martin; Rose; John Harper; J.P. Willitts; J.C. Brant; P. Whitefleet; N. Wellman; J. Scoby; Nile Wellman; Fred Gasser; Middle Lake; R.C. Leach; F. Starks; E. Starks; W.S. Meloy; D. Brant; Mrs. Scidmore; Leach Lake; J. Henry; C. Woolston; Leach Lake Resort; H. Meloy; A.B. Cadwallader; Mrs. Mary Renker; J. Hopkins; E.M. Brown; G.C. Nichols; C.A. Barber; Eliza Barber; M.V. Fuller; C.A. & Eliza Barber; Earl McKibbe; Jess. Altoft; Lower Lake; Geo. E. Nichols; Henry Clark Geo. Clark; E. Bump; L.E. Barnum; Mathias Young; O.B. Kenyon; A.J. Senter; John Blood; E.A. Kenyon; J. Strickland; A. Connor; E.I. Barnum; A. Connor; O.C. & E.J. Barnum; Res.; C.V. Kenney; Mrs. Wm. Thomas; Wm. Richardson; Sunny Slope Farm; J.C. Bray; Res.; Chas Rowlander; Mrs. E. Barnum; Res.; D.P. Sprague; Annie Wood; Minnie Wood; A. Wood; Chas. E. Fuller; School Note:

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Page  61 61 4i~ ") T (P - 'E - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ J7ounship 4 _X-orth, SAange.9 W~est of the M~ichigan MJeridian Ak'_71;N) AT'T' - - -. _L_ - Z- -.I- 11 -X__ - --- ___ - --- - - - -. - - -_ -. __ - - - - - - [`JZ~;zz7e yK aZ?S; JK6cZez2 cCJ 0 Jiaz~rreZl -'61' II BnS n~ed! *EMM 9Z74 C7Vec 1. Bao~~e 15.,.1,,ka:9 2 Z B c - ~ 'q il I(J, z Jq -— Z/-Z" C"-C'. e-z'nz 'ff -:. _n IQ) 1k) (2_I~:~. - - - I mEft - - - - - —:-, =r= - A . B-3 7. - aw~ chin Cre21 K5,; KQJ -.7' line/ic 7' c I 4 5 I qI -c'~ -— ~ - P VA./7e2 2-2 Y3hiez/ I C.-I (r>I I L: N12mmip-pw- 0 P - - I _ __.I. - I. I I - I 40 oi2. o 61a2dcceCr)g0Z~_-Z n % 5cc C_!.eecc J7 ~ f (:c1Z5 ~<? e Zryz 7/Li a.t;e ) cccz. a. ME Izc ~Ze~er~ A' zz.crzI/, a Z'_C>c 2iCeZ SA I I Qd. BP. 18/e - ~ '& -— ~ -h -;j-" 0 -- - cZ 22 ccfle.zcncrs.,Cr zn irn c2 -cc~ Cb 1 o c /5,.77 /crce 627/2ei2, g Zl ec_~cr 7/) 00 J/~d -ez7!- I ~I C2 N 07crZo2r! z 40 ~ C) - 0 isszl/z r' (90 -51. 0 tg ciJZ -- 1 E. 'CC fY N. 5025-~22~-Jo~ ~__IF 40Z eaSs7'1S'x-! /~ Gezzrza - 5c, an B -~.. 4c. a 40K!. ~ onk- 'INE2~4~ 67c-s 7c7 0 7/2.I aee /anCiL -c~~c f3raz C2 en) 1-7 1K 0 z d- I-Z laS C Z& e0 c N 27zosecc Chas Z c 1Zl~/cc757A I 4"'B 7VZ 30IL6 22a27. -c-7i.4~ ) 1~ 1 0 7 I cc c7zcc'Z c mel e/r,?cccac.7e - sczgl IZ2zChoilers Cr) Z eI 2, C, Y 4C - Ba~ - I2 I U).7z9c'~ rz72~1~11 4c 40 0 ___Z___:_ ___6 2)0Z 2 C ~ 3 -I f CIt --- N1 (c.5 A'CZ 7c -- AZ20. Z.2 - - ' CZ ct- i -c N.I c ac cc Arl.3 lit l024 26.5N -II, 7 C) P,~ 2720Z - 42 I'l 2,5c> I #& 21 I 3012C. cl cc7c-2 Zc IJ I i - S 21;; 52-o -. re ~ -c-c- -. 27.7 4 5 I a p1' -4. C) -4 I.,,,, - - -? 27l7/zecz - 20 clOaliC cc 2/c 4AL -' Sl 1K-crz - (5c. IC Cs-c/fl! - -- I Q 1:3' 'b. _" 11%ftL_ Q-1 __ t T /P ' z 00''= 5,- C)C)6. 55 5 0 B.z-ecnlr - Sco6y A12/ices, )76 0./ca S cim 222cc. '(icC tiler f/alley I5,II Bill, - CC757ffZhe AC1AJ 'I Ba '2727 Afory feep '1Ka/A' 27 /6cc 8 - Se/c,,c/. I 0.505 Orcoc. * - -0 Os C)qJ 27.5cr/one Aer 1K c-J i. II I I I I I 1. II II.70 2 -'C) C) ~2 '0 i '5I -fc~22crlo ~/clr/soz9 Q C).,ill cz. a 11 1, I I Q,, V,1 1611 t. I :i Z -1 I- -Y i4 r1_7 1, U) I -J C 1171 A. I, 1C.0 Q i I I.R U T_1AAWV Title: Map of Irving Township 4 N 9 W Keywords: Kent Co.; Carlton Twp.; Rutland Twp.; Thornapple Twp.; J.L. Curley; Wm. Burns; Res. Of F. Burns; Ida Foster; Farrell Burns; H. Beatty Est; G.D. Whitmore; Wm. McNee; C. & F. Beatty; John McNee; Dudley Foster; John McNee; Mary Delaney Est; W. Ogden; Z. Manker; Henry Miller; Res of Floyd Miller; B. Hall; R.F.D.; L. Donald; Frank Hahn; Margrete Dooley; J. Licta et. Al.; C. Whitney; M. Humphrey; E.H. Adams; Sarah Whitney; P.T. Colgrove; E.A. Stowe; E.H. Adams; Ivan Murry; Emory E. Lowe; J.H. Bancroft; Orin Schmelicher; Wm. Ekert; C. Young; O. Darling; Mina Brew; Undivided; Geo. Schmelicher; School; William Ekert; Chas. Wibert; Frank Richards; John Schmelicher; Conrad Schmelicher; Henry Schmelicher; Elray Schmelicher; Cem.; Henry Ekert; E. Eckert; G.A. Reuter; School; Jacob Schmelicher; N. Br. ofThornapple R.; Freeport; Esek Yule; Fred washburn; S. Ekert; T.J. Coleman; A. Hinkley; Asa Steckle; B. Walker; Val. Dipp; Isaac Seger; Pere marquette R.R.; Leon Potts; G.E. Poland; School; Annie Cutler; Wm. Poland; Wm. Cheney; W. Skinner; Wm. Cisler; Gard Dundas; Elick Harrett; C. Hubbell; W.A. Read; Wm. Degolia; James Johnson; P. Corrigan; John Hoelragle; Grant Schemerhorn; P. Corrigan; W. Erwin; Austin Loftus; Geo Schmeliker; Martin Morehaus; School; J.E. Pratt; Chas. Smith; Geo. Schmelicker; C. Price; R.F.D.; Fred Ball; Wilbur Smith; Warren Kidder; Wel. Kidder; E.E. Cairns; Mrs. H.L. Smith; John Buehler; L. Kipp; R. Buehler; S. Peckham; Sarah Malcolm; Sugar Bush Lake; Theo Buehler; David Moulton; Bryon Walker; Otto Lightfoot; Valentine Dipp; Geo. Segar; C.H. Gardner; L. Jones; Jas. Batson; Claud Fighter; A. Brace; Wm. Cisler; J.C. & A.D. Smith; Abe Vermeulin; E.M. Brown; E.J. McNaughton; A.J. Gott; Henry Cisler; F. Johnson; M.W. Poland; Arthur Brace; Geo. Smith; S.B. Nibbs; Richard Rounds; W.H. Johnson; Chas. Bennett; Geo. Marble; School; S.W. Johnson; Henry Palmer; W. Spaith; R. Billingsly; A.N. Hale Est.; J. Olney; J. Kensemberger; Wm. Duke; R.J. Williams; Hubbard & Henderschot; W.E. Kidder; C. & L. Hall; O.C. Kidder; C.H. Strong; Owen Hoonan; John W. Cairns; Chas. Blost; Ezra Leonard; Warren Cairns; Chas Bruce; Chas Blost; George Mitte; David Lewis; O. Bunnell; Sam Yeiter; M.E. Moore; L.F. Sisson; church; Isaac Moulton; Louis Sisson; H.L. Sisson; John Moulton; Harriet Jarmon; School; S. Lockwood; Jos Sage; Elvina Brown; Sarah Burling; w. Forby; P. Miller; George Hanna; Albert Carter; Fred Johnson; Segmour Jordan; P.S. Jordor; Pearl Johnson; Caroline Bedford; Boot L.; E.M. Brown; C.H. Strong; C.W. Benton; Wm. Mugridge; James Lewis; Wm. Mugridge; Byron Travis; C.W. Benton; Daniel Rich; John Nagler; P.J. Konzen; Henry Hammond; Bingham Lewis; Susanna Hammond Est; Clement Smith; Geo. Churchell; Will Kronewitter; Laura Norton; H. Gillett; Town Hall; Alonzo Wood; L. Matthews; D.R. Smith; C.H. Osborn; Wesley Smith; School; Frank Anderson; G. Walker; Homer Ingram; C.W. Wing; Jos. Wing; Wm. Olner; Fred Cushing; R. Billingsly; F. Cushing; R.F.D.; Jacob Kesler; Levi Matthews; Ed Walters; Fred Cushing; S.C. Geise; Harry Scobey; Ben Bowman; T.W. Hammond; Susannah Hammond Est.; Geo. Fingleton; Walter Robertson; Frank Pratt; Geo. Hubbard; B.F. Coolridge; Bryon Travis; Chas. Shondelmayer; A.B Rice; P. Campbell; Frank Pratt; Rock Elm Farm; Geo. Bedford; Marcia Hubbard; John Hendershott Est.; J. Dennis; W.Z. Moore; Mary Trego; F. Lancaster; Wm Trego; Isaac Wolfe; Allen Matthews; R.B. Walker; Geo. Hubbard Est.; G. Walker; Sidney Fifield; nettie Brooks et al; F. Cunningham; W.Z. Moore; E. Cunningham; Will Kronemitter; Ira Cobb; Jos. Willitts; John Kelley; J. Yule; Roy Tift; John Ryan; B. Fuller; Ira Cobb; B. Fuller; C.S. Burton Est.; Edith Goodenough; W.S. Benham; M. Fingleton; J.K. Strouse; S. Bull; Orley Smith; John Ryan; Homer Bates; B.R. Pettit; J.A. Johnson; Geo. Strause; John Terpening; E. Strong; Albian College; F.G Daniels; Thronapple River; Albian College; Irving; Michigan Central R.R.; Wm. McCann; John Hendershott Est.; Ed. Johnson; James Kelley; School; W.L. Chase; Fannie Pratt; Harry Bennett; Ed Johnson; G.A. Baumgarten; Frank Wellman; W.R. Trego; Grange Hall; Emeline Trego; C. Olney; Res. Walter Scobey; Frank Scoby; R.T. Hendenshott; R.C. Sowerby; Chas Olner; Emma Kelley; F. Olney; G. Ingraham; Ed. Mathews; Church; James Matthews; Mary Trego; R.B. Walker; School; Cem.; A. Schmelicher; Emeline Trego; Levi Mead; A. Haywood; J.W. Texter; F. Southerland; A.H. Bates; Homer Bates; John Draper; Wm Page; J.A. Johnson; Constantine Feldspaugh; A.B. Richer; Lewis Tuttle; School Note:

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Page  63 __QA11 - 111/-\-, --- —" -1 -I — - - - N.N '' 0 I. 41 --- t.- -I-1.. THOiCRN1*4APPLE~.7ownship.4 Xorth, 5?ange, fo Vegt of the M~ichigan MTferidian 63.c. alv Z' t -20 4 8oj- Z4:7-: -cozzzz-' ) 0__ o'2 Zt o06oz 'ItI 41j I-C Nj14 %~ tJ I 0542 42 'I So 5_. 2.0 o t=__ -. - -.-. 1-30_ t ~ I. I:Z,' II N_ - _L _ dI Zi2ooko 01 I0,11 J= I. - - - - i __, i? -.f- - - Q__ -I — q fj 2. , Q 1, R -Z-, _- - wl-elL v. -40 110 t? _, -. q - -, ",?. L"3_"~,4z4 07 H 1& 1. -A o 0 I I-1,5'::r-7zz rnz,-Z _'Zo,Y, I '0~. 0..1;%I0 6 K I ~ I I 5 I Ir I - 'i:3 "EZ,5. la %..PI 9-z-n. 2? -1-0 &as.1212, _t6o I I - 2000~072 AYR4 160 1z & ex-." I:. -,,-5;"7 ha-z-z Z 60. 440. -4-, 7- 60 7 900 -~~ - (32-,th720 - o0 -02243' ~ '- iSO 444224 072 T-V 0ozz P4 EzZ4ez -77 600 Qi -4: I IC0 z.oI 57_ 87-So_ 0-(U 14 44 ~ 0Q I., 4,0 "04\.47-oil 0 0.l9ero-'oooK So.120 - 0.-: . F 4,61~002.1 A1016 ZI- "Z 1 "19. _- -Y!70 — N u R, % 1-1 w4 Ili:) 1 f4 0_i 17ZI I- :;,Zzz Z. 4 15PL__1 - (I) q 1- Z 17 -40 '5YZ " 1:9110 lloo 6;kk2 Nlzzl_:_ -Alto. -.610 I ll! I '00 I.q!g -I Z I,0, I I _N I .1 Qj. j I V Z' -'*- 4_1 N I, _10 2_9 IC? IV7- I"?, 40 C 7z- Z 16- C: -Z e -lzzzeorz-1 4, oSl 07444440. 4 Y-, _4 0 11222.5 i.14,6~ez 0 ~ ---- I __ 47075,J ahZrz 24072 1167 fVi F., T t I I I I. -1 - 1f77. J~so.02 g, I Z "i 'Q 6 -V-, % a). 1111 -4,rl-e Z Z 448 -~ 0~o 4 waawip"'.0 I - 3?:27 Z — Z C z 160 IF.400 I IZC~ I Z -2 _f0;E:i C, -:21 -44'. -1..-4 I __11 "!! I. 211C11 2_ IZ-&, Al, ii S I. C n 7 0 l.L ---------------- /_.. - _ ------- 7=r. _ I A I 11 -92~C7Zz-,44'a, 2'4 --",Gye , ei_, -Z;, C519 - _. I - L.,. - ---. - --- -T — --- — RV;== -7-1. 17T r4 7 - YAM\gE SRIG IF, — __,A,__ _ 2, z, , ', \I.,- _, 11.1, q - :,,, _, - i Title: Map of Thornapple Township 4 N 10 W Keywords: Kent Co.; Irving Twp.; Yankee Springs Twp.; Allegan Co.; John Shiflea; H. Snyder; Paul S atsic Est.; Wm Scott; Chris Kachele; Ben Carpenter; Louis Jettings; Mrs E. CarpenterHenry Vollwiler; John Schrocler; Wendell Bowman; Barbara Bowman; Res. I.D. Adams; W. McNulty; Orange Thomas; School; R.F.D.; Phillip Brower; Amos Freeland; H. Simons; Michigan Central R.R.; J. Overholt; E. Kermeen Sr.; E. Kermeen Jr.; Vern Thomas; M.W. Stutz; V.H. Adams; Henry Adams; Church; Ocar Sherk; H. Freshney; A.L. Miller; W.D. Wood; Aaron Sherk; Parmelee P.O.; School; S.E. Lane; Hattie Carpenter; John Kermeen; Cem.; A.D. Williams; M Mead; Thornapple Gas & Electric Co.; Baker & Sanborn; Wm. England; John Allen; J.L. Broughton; Frank Moxon; A. Alderdice; G. & J. Hair; O England; Grover Guest; Spring Brook Farm; Wm. Freeman; J. Hettzel; R.S. Clarke; John C. Smith Est.; Glenn Freeman; Henry Potts; Lewis Potts; Geo. Shiefla; W.E. Ogden; Barney Guenter; Duncan Lake; H. Noffke; Fred Hupp; Mrs. C. Gillespie; T. Finkbeiner; Sam Finkbeiner; Allen Bechtel; W. Green; G. Adgate; Harlow Moore; Wesley Moored; Church; J.L. Smith; Nancy Ackerson; Frank Ogden; Jasper Moffit; Jos. Schnurr; Frank Sensiba; W.H. Wood; Chas. Kermeen; Mason G. Cline; Americus Cline; Carrie Balke; Israel Haff; R.F.D.; Henry Brogg; A.E. Bass; John M. Mungerson; J.F. Morgan; J. Moffit; Otto Wood; S.E. Lande; Lydia Cline; R.F.D.; T.R. Allen; A. Zerby; Frank Stimson; H. Sherk; J.A. Mungerson; W. Carpenter; Mary Lewis; W. Ten Eyck; School; Worthy Moe; C.E. Davis; Geo. Van Arsdale; Wm. Schleh; Estes Rork; Wm. Lowden Est.; C.E. Davis; Res. Of C.E. Davis; J.C. & A.D. Smith; E.C. Skinner; Lewis Skinner; R. Morgan; Richard Clark; Harry Poland; J. Potts; Geo.Potts; W.E. Skinner; R.F.D.; Rachel Maichele; Claude Rosenburg; Melvin Chanler; Mary Maichele; Wm. Gakeler; Adam Klump; John Schneider; J.F. Klump; R. Converse; J. Schnider; T. Scott; Thos. Murphy; N.V. Moffit; Samuel Allen; Geo. Finkbinder; David Klump; M. Leonard; Allen Pender; John Finkbinder; R.F.D.; John J. Wadd; D.H. Perrault; M.A. Hamilton; Jas. Carlile; Chas. E. Harper; Wm. R. Harper; Chas. McLeischy; Aaron Adams; David Kermeen; Amos Hanlon; Arthur Griffin; J. Mungerson; Parker Est.; A.H. Leonard; Ella Freeman; Scott Sherwood; Chas. H. Davis; R.F.D.; W.J. Stimpson; W.H. Moore; Albert Morgan; M.S. Robinson; Alfred England; A.E. Anderson; Art Smith; Emma Metzger; E.M. Brown; F. Gibbs; Dell E. Bovee; Frank Shultz; Geo. Baird; Fred Lyons; Mrs. A. Munn; Rachel Maichele; Chas. Maichele; Percy Herman; Jacob Finkbinder; John Aubil; J.B. Campbell; Geo. Davis; Mose Schondelmayer; Gottlieb Kachele; Wm. Kepkey; David Benawa; Jud. Cook; chas. E. Harper; Henry Beck; Andrew Finkbeiner; Geo. Davis; Judson Cook; Carl S. Pfendesteller; Henry Helrigle; Arthur L. Cridler; Levi Stamp; R.F.D; A. Wilcox; A. Van Allen; School; Michael Cryan; A.H. Leonard; Amos Hanlon; Carl Lowing; Henry Barton; W.H. Wyman; D. Thurber; M. Thompson; E.M. Brown; C. Harper; Chas. Schondelmayer; Middleville; Thornapple River; Matthew Parker; Jas. Irving; R. Tewkberry; David Hooper; E. Gray; A.D. Thomas; W.W. Watson; Dell E. Bovee; J. Irving; Ball Park; F. Linzenmayer; C. Allison; Cem.; Mary Mugridge; B. & G. Buzzle; D. Clever; Carson; Jacob Smith; Sam Schleh; Jennie Morgan; L.L. Gibson; Frank D. Pratt; Kittie Otto; M. Schondelmayer; Fred Aubil; Robert Pryor; John Kachele; C.O. Kenyon; Frank Marsh; Edwin DeBarr; S.G. Davis; A.C. Johnson; Edward Hubbard; E.B. Johnson; J.S. Johnson; School; Chas. Finkbeiner; Andrew Wieringa; D.E. Pender; Tuttle Garret; Andrew Finkbeiner; T. Heaney; Howard Russel; Ebenezer Garret; M.A. Jackson; G.C. Whitlock; Thos. H. Heany; R.F.D.; Chas. M. Smith; H.E. Hendrick; O.L. Parkhurst; James Sumner; W.E. Holes; Fred Corning; R.F.D.; W. Moe; Mathew Johnson;Goodnough; McConnell; Corwin; C.L.; R.H. Riggs; A.C. Hindman; G.S. Thorpe; Mrs L.M. Grosfend; Sybil Bullis (Life Lease); E.J. Naughton; Walter J. Robertson; Samuel Campbell; C.B. Campbell; Carl Dietrich; Ceres Lake; Harwood Lake; Andrew I. Stokoe; R.F.D.; Lewis Standish; S.G. Davis; Levi Stamp; Eliza Fleming; Geo. Davis; Emanuel Sharp; Horace German; R.F.D.; Maria Bass; Alice Mapes; Hiram M. French; Nellie Pender; Chas. Baker; Chas. Baughman; Wm. German; G.T. Coman;William Coman; Wm. Steeby; J.H. Stafford; C. Andler; Edgar Tolhurst; Marvin Cisler; Chas. C. Guffin; C. Andler; Giles Hatton; Marshall Hoyt; H.A. Johnson; Chas. B. Campbell; S. Campbell; J.C. Carter; Chas. B. Johnson; J. B. Minges; Winfield Miller; T.D. Campbell; B.H. Lee; Elizabeth Earl; Susan Williams; C.H. Kidney; H.E. Hendricks; Frank Lee; Kent; O. Shaw Note:

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Page  66 I 4 ~ ~LW~ b4 I 44 SE 1. > >~~ 4 4 4 ~ % > >244~ 4 44>4 ~ ~~ 4 4i 4> I> > tl 2 V 4>4 4,4 i>>w,0 / 4"s4 4 JI~ 4 44H44 >0 > 4 N44 4 4 4 4 4 4 31, -4 ~"I> ~ I ---- NEMEREEMN Title: Michigan; Part of Keweenaw County Keywords: KEWEENAW; Delaware Mine; Eagle Harbor; Gratiot Lake; Deer Lake; Lac La Belle; Copper Har.; Manitou Isl.; Keewenaw Pt.; Bete Grise Bay; Pt. Isabell; CA; Pt. Abbaye; Huron Islands; Huron Pt.; Pine Riv.; Pine River Pt.; Pine L.; Mountain L.; Huron R.; Huron Mts.; Ives L.; Salmon Trout R.; Ransom; Big Bay; Bigbay; Big Bay Pt.; L. Independence; M. & S.E.; Antlers; Yellow Dog; Powell; Jean; Ross; Birch; Sauks Head; Duncan; Garlick Isl.; Garlick Pt.; Garlic Lake; Garlic R.; Michigamme; C. & N.W.; Beck; D.S.S. & A.; Beacon; Dishno; Brown; Pascoe Mine; Champion; Clowry; Dead R.; Humboldt; Clarksburg; Boston Mine; Ishpeming; Teel L.; Negaunee; Maas Mine; Hoist; Eagle Mills; Dead River; Whitman; Bancroft; Forestville; L. SUPERIOR; Granite Isl.; Buckroe; Granite Pt.; Pickeral Lake; Middle Isl.; Presque Isl.; Superior; MARQUETTE; Valley Mills Spur; Carp Furnace; Gillett; Harvey P.O. or Chocolay; Gordons; Short Pt.; Dul. So Sh. & Atl.; Sand River; Whitefish; Laughing Fish Pt.; Tyoga; Deer Lake; Autrian Isl.; Wood Isl.; Grand Isl.; Trout Bay; Trout Pt.; Castle Pt.; Grand Portal; Pt. au Sable; Grand Marais; Grand Marais Harbor; Grand Sable Lake; Beaver; Man.; Man.; Grand Marais Jc.; Bennett; Sucker Cr.; Summit; Two Hearted R.; Whitefish Pt.; Vermilion Pt.; Vermilion; Lit. Two Hearted R.; Shelldrake R.; Tahquamenaw River; Emerson; Tahquamenaw Bay; Pancake Pt.; Corbay Pt.; Bachewauaung Isl.; Bachewauaung; North Sandy Isl.; South Sandy Isl.; Whitefish Pt.; Maple Isl.; Parisian Isl.; Goulais Pt.; Goulais Bay; White Fish Bay; Sault Ste. Marie; Iroquois Isl.; S. Shore Jc.; Ft. Brady; M.R.; Payment; Wabik; L. Michigamme; Erie; B. Jc.; D. Jc.; Greenwood; Stone V; Saginaw Mine; Milwaukee Jc.; C & N W.; W. Jc.; Mineral Branch; C. & N W.; Columbia; MARQUETTE; Republic; Granite; Winthrop Mine; Tilden; W. Br. Escanaba R.; Nat. Mine; Palmer; Partridge; Goose; Suomi; Witch Lake; Witbeck; Camp No. 7; Kates; E. & L S.; Princeton; Michigamme R.; Floodwood; Golden; E. & L.S.; Turner; Henderson; West Branch; Wolverine; Russell; Lindsley; McRae; Alfred; Gleason; Channing; Sagola; Ralph; Ward; Ford R.; Northland; Mashek; DICKINSON; E. Br. Cedar R.; Metropolitan; Arnold P.O. or Watson; Goose L.; Cascade Jc.; Basil; Gentian; Flynn; M. & S.E.; Mangum; Green Garden; Yalmar Sta.; Deerton; Onoto; Taylors; E. Br. Escanaba R.; C. & N.W.; Taylors; Sands; Yalmar; Skandia; New Dalton; Selma; Dukes; Lawson; Roberts; Dorsey; Block; Diemling; Rumely; Ferguson; Plains; Cheshire Jc.; Cedar Back; Anderson; Carlshend; Manigold; Mun.; Ladoga; Gwinn; C. & N.W.; Oro; Little L.; Helena; Forsyth P.O.; Little Lake Sta.; Turin P.O. or McFarland; Ross; Reade; Lathrop; Rapid R.; Osier; E. & L.S.; Rock P.O. or Maple Ridge; Defiance P.O. or Campbell; Friday; C. & N.W.; Taycoosh R.; Beaver; Yoga Jc.; Shelter Bay; Rock River; Brownstone; Autrian Bay; Autrain; Wilcox; Lowre; Hallston; Ridge; Kirby; MUNISING; Grand Isl. B.; Sandy Pt.; Merriam; Wetmore; Mabel; Boogrens; Evelyn; Blueberry; Juniper; Autrian L.; Jenks; Eben; Finns; Calciferous; Munising Jc.; Valley; Zerbel; Mun.; Grey; Chatham; Dixon; Dewey; Mud L.; Stillman; Glacier; Coalwood; Boven; Roscoe; Ames; Autrian; Buckeye; Limestone; Jenny; Morans; M. & L.S.; Winters; Diffin; Trenary; McNiels; Smiths; SCHOOLCRAFT; Hoop; Odetts; Uno; Steuben; White Fish R.; Fish Dam R.; Iron Creek; Masters; Haggins; Boucha; Cusino; Leroux; State Roads; Wards; Doty; Hartho; Ethel; Percy; Chapman; Samson; Metser; Brabant; Petrel; Creighton; Walsh; Driggs; Camp Seven; Bing; Baldy; Shingleton; Richardson; McInnes; Scotts; Germfask; N.W. Branch of Manistique R.; W. Br. Manistique R.; Hiawatha; Hiawatha Sta.; Branch; Camp 22; Big Spring; Spruceville; Manistique R.; Fordville; Parkington; White Dale; Gulliver; LUCE; Stary; Liston; Dannaher; Laketon; McMillan; Dul. So. Sh. & Atl.; Dollarville; Seney; Man.; N. Manistique L.; Ackley; Manistique L.; Helmer; Curtis; Wilman; Donald; Diller; S. Manistique L.; Bear Cr.; B. & S.; Blaney; Mooreville; Bryan; Viola P.O. or Yatton; Bovee; MACKINAC; Blaney Jc.; Huntspur; Carruthers; Pike Lake; Gould City P.O. or Corinne; Staats Spur; Haslemere; Perrons; Engadine; Greylock; NEWBERRY; E. Br. Of Tahquamenaw River; CHIPPEWA; Sage; Middle Fk. Of Tahquamenaw River; Sage; Soo Juntion P.O. or Sault Jc.; Hulbert P.O. or Hurlbut; Eckerman; Fiborn; Quarry; Hendrie; Fiborn Jc.; Kemp; Milakoki Lake; Gilchrist; Garnet; Rexton; Caffey; Diamond; Mille Coquins; Biddle Pt.; Stony Pt.; Naubinway; Ozark; Epoufette; Pt. Epoufette; Brevort; Salt Pt.; Waiska Bay; Bay Mills; Dorgans; Strongs; Woods Branch; Rexford; Wellers; Duff; Wellsburg; Red Carp R.; Brimley; Cottage Park Spur; Dick; Dell P.O. or Cordell; Fibre P.O. or Dryburg; Troutlake; Haff; Strongville; Rudyard; Palms; Carp River; Greene; St. Martins Bay; Hessel; St. Marys River; Baie De Wasai; Sugar Isl.; Great Lake; Hay Lake; Laramie; George; Gladys; Rosedale; Dafter; Duck Is. Rapids; McCarron; Donaldson; Sailors Encampment Isl.; Thorice; Kinross; Neebish; Tone; Kelden; McVille; Stirlingville; Munnasca B.; Mud Lake; ST. JOSEPH ISLAND; Mannasca R.; Pickford; Stalwart; Raber; Lime Isl.; Ash Pt.; Round Is.; Les Cheneaux; Cedarville; Gatesville; CA; Montreal Channel; Worsley Bay; Bruce Pt.; Burnt Is.; Potagannissing Bay; Harbor Isl.; Maxton; Drummond; Pirate Harbor; Grants Is.; NORTH; Marble Head; Thompsons Pt.; Randville; Calumet Mine; Merriman; Chi. & N.W.; Cedar R.; Hardwood; Hylas; Foster City; Faunus; River Siding; Antoine or Traders Jc.; Loop Line Jc.; Fumee; L. Antoine; L. Fumee; Quinnesec; King; W.M. & N.; Orway; C. & N.W.; Appleton Mine; Sturgeon; Sumac; Waucedah; Leaper; Vega; Oro; Cleeremans; IRON MOUNTAIN; Vulcan; Sturgeon Falls; Lorett; Cedar; Spalding Spur; Farnham; Radfords; Aragon Mine; MARINETTE; M. St. P. & S.S.M.; Pembine; Aragon Jc.; Faithorn; Malacca; Hermans; Powers; W. & M.; Menominee River; Blum; Blount P.O. or Kloman; C. & N.W.; Ronda; Hammond; Nadeau; Carney; M. & St. P.; Phee; Congo; Menominee River; Nathan; Everett; Arnold; Lit. Cedar Riv.; Ballous; Mumfords; Bagley; MENOMINEE; Ames; Talbot; Hendricks; C. & N.W.; Perkins; Woodlawn; Kingsley; Lemay; Cornell; Chaison; Gladstone; Grant; Winde; Brampton; Camp No. 2; Camp No. 5 & 6; Dryads; DELTA; Salva; Whitney; Perronville; Alecto; Shaffer; Felch; Nobles; Newhall; Masrangers; Chandler; Gladstone; Cross; Bichler; Groos; Bay Siding; de Noquette; Larch; Flat Rock; Wells; Larsons; Parsons; Eustis; C. & N.W.; Spalding; Wilson; Houles; Cedar R.; Indian Town Sta.; De Loughary; Harris; Bark River; Narenta; Hyde P.O. or Ford River Sta.; Pine Ridge; ESCANABA; Ford River; Sand Isl.; Rapid River; Setif; Ensign; Picket Cr.; Sturgeon Riv.; Farrell; Russell; Masonville; Lit. Bay; Kipling; Gladstone; St. Jacques; Ogontz; Minn. St. P. & Sault Ste. Mar.; Isabella; Nahma; Ogontz Bay; Stony Pt.; St. Vital Is.; Stonington; Round Isl.; Chippewa Pt.; Big Bay de Noquette; Vans Harbor; Garden; Snake Isl.; Fayette; Burnt Bluff; Peninsula Pt.; Lit. Summer Isl.; Pt. De Tour; Summer Isl.; Ann Arbor Car Ferry; Gravely Isl.; Poverty Isl.; Gull Isl.; Murphys; Manistique L.; Manistique Riv.; L. Co.; Delta Jc.; Cooks; Haco; Camp 20; Wiggins Pt.; Camp 1 Jc.; Thompson; South Manistique; MANISTIQUE; Cherry Valley; Marblehead; Pt. au Barque; Portage Bay; McDonald Lake; McDonald L.; Pt. Soul Croix; Gulliver L.; Hughes Pt.; Scotts Pt; Pt. Patterson; Simmons; Potters Reef; Timbered Isl.; Squaw Isl.; Whiskey Isl.; Garden Isl.; Trout Isl.; St. James; Gull Isl.; High Isl.; Manitou Payment Shoal; Simmons Reef; Pt. aux Chenes; White Shoal; St. Helena Isl.; Hat Is.; Grays Reef; STRAITS OF MACKINAC; Hog Isl.; Waugoshance Isl.; Triangular Isl.; Stony Isl.; Temperance Isl.; Beaver Harbor; Temperance Pt.; BEAVER ISL.; Sturgeonbay; Cross Village; Isle au Gales; Pierce Lake; Larks; EMMET; Goodhart; Logging Camp; Crystal Sprs.; Stootsman; H S.; Wequeponsing; Roaring Brook; Indian Garden; L. Brevort; Moran; Allenville; Gross Pt.; St. Martins Isl.; Lit. St. Martins Isl.; Pt. St. Martins; ST. IGNACE; Nero; E. Moran Bay; Mackinac Isl.; Mackinac Isl.; W. Moran Bay; Pt. St. Ignace; Round Isl.; McGulpin Pt.; Mackinaw; Boisblanc; L. Duncan; Pte. Aux Pins; SOUTH CHANNEL; McLeods Bay; Cecile L.; Cecil; Carp R.; Freedom; M.C.; Carplake; Bliss; Carp L.; Lakeside; Walkers; Hebron; CHEBOYGAN; Levering; Lyonstown; Monroe L.; Weadock; Turtle L.; Mullett Lake; Bogardus; Pellston; Van; Riggs V.; Pleasantview; Brutus; Bushville; Lakewood; Mulletts Lake; Goose Isl.; Pt. Fugard; Marquette Isl.; Lasalle Isl.; Prentice Bay; Beaver Tail Pt; Detour; Pt. St. Vital; Bois Blanc Isl.; Mary Lake; LAKE HURON; Walkers Point; L. Thompson; Pt. Au Sable; Cheboygan R.; Alverno; Inverness; Long L.; Grace; Aloha; Manning; Hammonds Bay; DRUMMOND ISL.; Pt. Detour; Detour Passage; Pt. La Barb; Island Harbor; Huron Bay; False Detour Channel; 40 Mile Pt.; Cockburn Island; Pt. Smith; Strait of Mississagua; Mildram Pt.; Mildram Bay; Green Isl.; Peninsula Pt.; Western Duck; Great Duck; Cresceh; Vidal Isl.; Barrie Island; Bayfield Sd.; Elizabeth Bay; Helen Bay; MANITOULIN ISL.; Lake Wolsey; Inner Duck; Portage Bay; Middle Duck; Outer Duck; Swanson; White Rapids; Kells; Daggett; Anderson; Koss; Stephenson; Ingalls; Wallace; Noquebay; Ellis Jc.; Kitsons; W.M. & N.; Osborne; Carbondale; Peshtigo R.; Porterfield; Kew; Birch Creek Sta.; MENOMINEE; Beaver; MARINETTE; Peshtigo; Cavoit; Cedar River; Whales Back; Washington Isl.; Shoals; Plum Isl.; Porte des Mortes; Arthur Bay; Pt. Rochereau; Hedgehog Bay; Devil's Door Bluff; Ingallston; Sister Isl.; Sister Bay; Chambers Isl.; Hawleys Bay; Green Isl.; Egg Harbor; Mud Bay; Bagleys Bay; St. Martins Isl.; Little Gull Isl.; Washington Har.; Rock Isl.; Hog Isl.; Detroit Isl.; Detroit Isl.; Gravel Isl.; Spider Isl.; Manitou Lake; North Manitou Isl.; South Manitou Isl.; South Manitou; North Fox Isl.; South Fox Isl.; Fishermans Isl.; Cat Head Bay; Norwood; New York Pt.; Cat Head Pt.; North Manitou Island; Northport; Northport Pt.; Northport Bay; Bellows Isl.; Argosa; Gills Pier; Omena; Grand Traverse Bay; LELAND; Manseau; New Mission Pt.; Harbor Springs; Menonaqua Beach; Little Traverse Bay; PETOSKEY; Bayshore; Burgess; CHARLEVOIX; Belvedere; Horton Bay; Susan Lake; Wabmemee; Cherrie; P.M.; Pine Lake; Walloon Lake; Bay Sprs.; B.C.G. & A.; Inwood; Ironton; CHARLEVOIX; Ellsworth; Phelps; Boyne City; Advance; Doyles; Cushman; Atwood; Essex; Dix; E.U. Sta.; E. Jordan; Eastport; Echo; Windling; Intermediate Lake; Webster; Brown; Wards; Chestonia; Torch Light Lake; Central L.; Brickerville State Rd.; Snowflake; Finkton; Hitchcock; Jordan Riv.; Madden; Torch lake; Ayr; Topinasee; Conway; Oden; Alanson; Cases; Burts Lake; Burtlake; Perry; CHEBOYGAN; Kegomic; Bayview; Epsilom; Crooked Lake; Indian River; Hamby; Wildwood; Rondo; M.C.; M.C.; Bear L.; Haakwood; Clarion; W. Jc.; Smiths; Springvale; Wolverine; McMana; Maltbys; Easton; Waggoner; Von Platen; Thumb L.; Camp 1; Sturgeon; Thumb Lake; Trowbridge; Thorn; Moore; Project; Goo; Camp 10; Boyne Fs.; Robbins; Spring Water; Summit; Camp 2; McDonald; Vanderbilt; Berryville; Yuill; Meeford; Branch L.; N. Elmira; Dow; Kentucky; Elmira; Hallock P.O. or Hazzard; East End; Simons; OTSEGO; Thelma; Thelma Spur; GAYLORD; Cedardale; Indian Pt.; Cheboygan or Black L.; Ocqucoc R; Legrand; Black L.; Afton; Arva; Rainy R.; PRESQUE ISLE; Pigeon Riv.; Tower; Allis P.O. or Conovens; Onaway; Det. & Mac.; Case; Milliken; Greenfield; or Austin Sid.; Hawks P.O. or La Rocque; Cornwells; Pike L.; N. Fk. Thunder Bay R.; Long L.; Jackson L.; Quick; MONTMORENCY; Johannesburg; Hetherton; Hammond; Trout R.; ROGERS; Adams Pt.; Millersburg; Bunton; Hagensville; Southrogers; Metz; Presque Isle; May Lake Jc.; Hurst; Posen; Grand Lake; Polaski; Leer; Bolton; Long L.; Orchard Hill; Long Rapids; D. & M.; Godfrey; Brask L.; Hillman; Flanders; Hobson; Dafoe; Alpena Jc.; Presque Isle Bay; Lake Esau; False Presque Isle; Bell; Middle Isl.; ALPENA; Lit. Thunder Bay; Crooked Isl.; Gull Isl.; Sugar Isl.; Thunder Bay Is.; Thunder Bay; North Pt.; OCONTO; Peshtigo Pt.; Peshtigo Harbor; OCONTO; Surgeon Pt.; Lit. Sturgeon Bay; C. & N.W.; Brookside; GREEN BAY; Little Tail Pt.; Namur; Ann Arbor Car Ferry; Cave Pt.; White Fish Bay; White Fish Pt. STURGEON BAY; Ship Canal; DOOR; Algoma; Pyramid Pt.; Port Oneida; North Unity; Glen Arbor; Sleeping Bear Pt.; Glenhaven; Ann Arbor Car Ferry; Glen Lake; Burdickville; Empire; E. & S.E.; E. Empire; Lake Jc.; Peterville; Osborn; Platte; Empire Jc.; Platte River Pt.; Edgewater; Pt. aux Becs Scie; Platte L.; Achas; HONOR; Hayes; Crystal Lake; Beulah; State Rd.; BENZIE; Frankfort; kfort; Benzonia; D; Good Harbor Bay; Suttons Bay; Provemont; Suttons Bay; Fox Islands; Old Mission; Good Harbor; Lime L.; Shetland; Keswick; Mapleton; LEELANAU; Hog Isl.; Elk Rapids; Isadore; Leelanau L; Bingham; Maple City; M. & N.E.; Cedar; Hainforth; Fouch; G.R. & I.; Hatch Crg; West Arm; Archie; East Arm; Solon; Ruthardt; Traverse Resort; NorrisV.; TRAVERSE CY.; Oviatt; Cedarrun; Neal; Lake Ann; Platte River; Long Lake; Boardman; Kerry; P.M.; Allyn; M. & N.E.; P.M.; Inland; Bendon; Filers Sw.; Interlochen; P.M.; GRAND; Beitners; Keystone; Slights; Boardman R.; Grawn; Wylies; TRAVERSE; Clary; Green L.; Mayfield; Kingsley; ANTRIM; Birch L.; Kewadin; Clamlake; Grass Lake; BELLAIRE; Wolcott; Green River; Wetzell; Mancelona Rd.; Elk L.; S. Milton; Alden; Lull; Comfort; Mancelona; Antrim; Angell; Yuba; Round L.; Rapid City; Westwood; P.M.; Barkercreek; Wilkins Spur; Ricker; Rugg; Wilkins; Leetsville; Darbys; Acme; Bates; Williamsburg; Mabel; Leiphart; Mahan; Lewis Br.; Fairbanks; Excelsior; KALKASKA; Culver; KALKASKA; Soules; P.; Mitchell Jc.; Crofton; Saunders; Cobbs Jc.; R. & I.; South Boardman; Harts; Sands; pivand; Lodi; Spencer; Manistee R.; Harnett; M C.; Trowbleys; Burns; Davis; L. Harold; Alba; D. & C.; Otsego Lake; McGraw Jc.; Kings Mill; Pratts; Blue L. Jc.; Fayette; Otsego Lake; N. Branch Au Sable; Crooked; Squaw L.; Deward; Blue Lake; Hard Grove; Clear Lake; Lovells; Darragh; Frederic; M.C.; Hanson; Mich. Cen.; Bucks; Kneelands; Alexander; Sigsbee; Tylers; GRAYLINGS; Au Sable; CRAWFORD; Horrigan; Mic Cen.; Becmene P.O.; Bigrock; ATLANTA; Vienna; C.B. Jc.; Sherwood L.; Crooked L.; M.C.; Twin Lakes; M.C.; Vienna Jc.; Avery Lakes; Lewiston; Rust; Hunts Cr.; Gilchrist Cr.; Herrick; Dana; Putnams; L. & S.E.; Au. & Nor; Comins; Principal Meridian; Redoak; Wood; Fairview; OSCODA; Biggs; Kneeland; McKinley; MIO; Eldorado; Luzerne; Thunder Bay River; ALPENA; Klen; Spratt; Walburg; Devil L.; Lockwood Lake; Beaver L.; Turtle L.; Ossineke; Hubbard Lake; Spruce; Hubbard Lake; Newton R.; McCAllum; Hardy; Curran; R; Russell; Mudlake; Lincoln; ALCONA; Bamfields; Lennie; Killmaster; Mikado; Pardridge Pt.; Scarecrow Isl.; Det. & M; South Pt.; Black R.; Black River Isl.; Blackriver; Roe Lake; Alcona; Hawes; Lodge; Sturgeon Pt.; HARRISVILLE; Gustin; Greenbush; KEWAUNEE; W. Twin R.; E. Twin R.; G. & N.W.; Manitowoc R.; MANITOWOC; MANITOWOC; Twin Rivers; Ann Arbor Car Ferry; Rawleys Pt.; Pere Marquette Car Ferry; Big Pt. Sable; Hamlin Lake; Pierport; Bear L.; Glover; Hump; Springdae; Henry; Thompson; Onekama; Bear Lake; Tanner; Portage Lake; Onekama Jc.; Chief; Camp Two; Norwalk; P.M.; Arendal; MANISTEE; Polock Hill; Newland; Manistee R.; MANISTEE; M. & N.; Eastlake; Oakhill; P.M. & G.R.; Stronach; Little Riv.; Hoopers Jc.; Lit. Manistee R.; Clement; Oak Park; Filer Cy.; Marsh; Hoags; Sable; Tomlins; Freesoil; Siddons; Elmton; Big Sable L.; Poulsen; MASON; Sugar Grove; Fountain; Millerton; Bachelor; Sheepdale; Copemish; Demon L.; Buc; Mitche; Bagnall; Walls; Sherman; Mystic; Cleon; Maple Grove; Marilla; Kaleva; M.; Harmons; Glengarry; Mesick; Soper; Wards Sid.; WEXFORD; Yuma; Meauwataka; Brethren; Derrys Sid.; Pecks Sid.; Harriette; Duforts Sid.; Boon; Millersville; Missaukee Jc.; A.A.; L. Mitchell; Wellston; Dublin; Florence; Clay Hill; Eleanor; Axin; Rosenburgs; L. Cadillac; Benson; Thorp; Irons; Hoxeyville; Olga; Bristol; Collins; Hewitts; Riverbank; Edgetts; Hoist; Keenan; Hansens; Luther; Peacock; Syres; States; M. & G.R.; South Allen; Hayes; OSCEOLA; Haire; Clare; Mosey; Stittsville; Seamans; Manton; Gilbert; Gilbert; MISSAUKEE; Missaukee L.; LAKE CITY; Missaukee; Jennings; Valda; G.R. & I.; Section; Dudley; G.R. & I.; Ardis; Harring; Round; Wagner; CADILLAC; Browns Sid.; Brinks Sid.; Nelsons; Lucas; McGee; Cranmer; Mynning; Widdicomb; Veneer Jc.; Veneer; Dinca; Koopman; Gerbers; Hobart; Elton; Ann Arb.; Littlefields Sid.; McBain; Prosper; Falmouth; Clam R.; Vogel Cen.; Forward; Osceola; Delphos; Comptons; Tustin; Parklake; Crocker; Marion; Winterfield; Grandon; Anderson; Dighton; Rose L.; Roselake; Leroy; Hartwick; Pennocks; Surprise L.; Lake; Moores; Hydaron; Star City; Michelson; Tierney; Centreville; Leander; Houghton Lake; Houghton Lake; Nellsville; Prudenville; M.C.; Williams Jc.; Butterfield; ROSCOMMON; Loxley; Dolph; Moddersville; Nolan; Mich. Cen.; Leota; Second Correction Line; Longlake; P.M.; Frost; Butman; Skeelsi; Arnold Lake; Levington Sid.; Lit. Sugar R.; Temple; P.M.; Clarence; HARRISON; McClure; GLADWIN; Cedar R.; Giels; St. Helen; Rose City; D.; Lupton; Lake; Beaver Lake; Millers; Selkirk; Canfield; Sage; Long Bridge; Ogemaw; OGEMAW; Campbells Cors.; WEST BRANCH; Hardwood Lake; Hauptman; Mich. Cen.; Loranger; Prescott; Norns; Edward; M.C.; Greenwood; Culvers; Alger; Mapleridge; Rifle R.; Bricks; Babcocks; Quinns; Ogden; Durham; Sterling; Secord; Moores Jc.; Jc.; G. & M.; Long Lake; Sages L.; Hale; IOSCO; Wilber; Taft; East Tawas; T.B. Jc.; Siloam P.O. or Coppers Cros.; Mills; Whittemore; Emery Jc.; Vine; D. & M.; D. & M.; Turtle; McIvor; E.Br. Au Gres R.; Marks; Alabaster Jc.; Alabaster; Au Gres R.; Turner; Santiago; White Stone Pt.; Melita; Twining; Umstead; Souveigny; Augres; Sand Pt.; Omer; Duck L.; Deepriver; D. & M.; Arenac; Ausable; Ottawa L.; Au Sable Pt.; Kunze Siding; Tawas Beach; Tawas Pt.; Tawa Bay; TAWAS CITY; Flat Rock Pt.; Port Austin; North Charity Isl.; S. Charity Isl.; Hat Pt.; Pte. Aux Barques; Pointe Aux Barques; Burnt Cabin Pt.; Grind Stone City; Eagle Bay; Huron; Sheboygan Falls; Mosel; Sheboygan R.; C. & N.W.; SHEBOYGAN; Onion R.; Adell; Oostburg; Cedar Grove; Lit. Sable L.; Lincoln; LUDINGTON; Buttersville; Ferry; Wesley; Bass Lake; Bass L.; Pentwater; Pentwater L.; Smiths Corner; Au Sable Lake; Little Pt. Sable; Mears; Peachridge; Hoffman; Bradyville; Benona; Claybanks; Lit. Sable R.; Scottville; Amber; Custer; Weldon Cr.; Walhalla; Tallman; Branch; Pere Marquette L.; P.M.; Pere Marquette R.; S. Br. Pere Marquette R.; Riverton; Mas. & Oce.; Wiley; Bow L.; Squireville; Fern; Carrs.; BALDWIN; Camp; Peachville; Crystal Val.; Weare; Lake; Allencreek; Kirk; HART; P.M.; Pentwater R.; Walker V.; Shaw; Tigris; Elbridge; Volney; Beaver Cr.; Cobmoosa; Lattin; Klondike; Campbell L.; Gale; OCEANA; Shelby; Ferry; Helperia; Stony L.; New Era; Wagar; AEtna; Cranston; Holstein; Conley; LAKE; P.M.; Winglet; P.M.; Forman; Crooked L.; Ungers; Nirvana; Chase; Oliver; G.R. & I.; Star L.; Alderson; Lilley; Sisson; McDaffies Mill; Hawkins; Parks; Jacksons; Up. Paris; Paris; Stimson Jc.; Biteley; Phelps Mill; W. Troy; Brookings; Kopje; Otia; Keno; Woodville; Stimson; Hungerford; Lumberton; Huber; P.M.; NEWAYGO; Field; Ramona; Whitecloud; Alleyton; Ryerson; Wooster; Goodwell; Borland; Bigprairie; Dewings; Carlsons; Ashton; Milton Jc.; Orono; Crooked L.; Avondale; Evart; Muskegon R.; CLARE; Lake George; L. George; Sears; Chippewa Sta.; Cranberry L.; P.M.; Tiff L.; Big L.; HERSEY; Orient; Lake; Crapo; Upper Big Rapids; Pogy; Weaver; Chippewa L.; Chippewa L.; Emerald; Hill; Barryton; Fork; Brinton; P.M.; Littleford L.; BIG RAPIDS; Sherman City; Winchester; ISABELLA; P.M.; Rodney; Byers; P.M.; Titus; Horr; Weidman; Mecosta; Imec; P.M.; Foster; Caldwell; Stanwood; Rem; Remus; Broomfield; MECOSTA; Higbee; Altona; W. Millbrook; Sylvester; Blanchard; Millbrook; Dodge; Wheatley; Stephens Sid.; Bliss Branch; N. Br. Tobacco R.; Manns Sid.; Alward; Atwoods Sid.; Hatton; Mid. Br. Tobacco R.; Beaverton; Dover; Moores Sid.; Tobacoo R.; Farwell; Colonville; Clare; Curriers Sid.; Gilmore; Loomis; Edenville; A.A.; Herrick; P.M.; Coleman; Burnham; Alamando; P.M.; Wise; Salt R.; Van Decar; Rosebush; Isabella; Beal City; Delwin; Leaton; Jordan; MIDLAND; Drew; Ind. Res.; Isabella; Boyden; MT. PLEASANT; Coomer; Chippewa R.; Alembic; Stearns; Gordonville; Rowland; Winn; Crawford; A.A.; Shepherd; Salt R.; Porter; GLADWIN; Winegars; Glover; Bentley; Norn Branch; Gorman; Campbells; Mic. Cen.; McRaes; Saganing Cr.; Mount Forest; Howry; Highwood; Littibawasse R.; Smiths; Rhodes; Fishers Jc.; Estey; Bertie; Nine Mile; Brier; Garfield; Woodville; Tebo; Luman; Crump; Hope; Cummings; Linwood; N. Bradley; Larkin; Kawkawlin R.; Duel; Loehne; Sanford; Averill; Mine No. 3; Wolverine; Willard; Upsla; Monttoh Sta.; Wolverine Jc.; Wolverine Mine No. 1; Olson; MIDLAND; Floyd; Colden; Laredo; Rooneys; Auburn; Barnes; Smiths Cros; Monitor; Salzb'g; Amelith; Freeland; Posyville; Littibawasse R.; Lawndale; Koch V.; Melbourne; Pine River; Pt. Au Gres; STANDISH; Saganing; Worth; White Feather; Pinconning; Beardsley; M.C.; Michie; Lengsville; Linwood Park; SAGINAW BAY; Pt. Charities; North Isl.; Stony Isl.; Kate-chai or Mai-son Isl.; Pond Isl.; Sebewaing; Fish Pt.; Tobico; Kawkawlin; Aatka Beach; Wenona Beach; N. Bay Cy.; Bayside; Saginaw R.; Essexville; Unionville; Millers; Banks; Foss; Wisner; Columbia; W. Bay Cy.; G. T.; BAY CITY; Jc.; Quanicassee; S. Bay City; Cheboyganing; Post; Munger; Fitch; Watrousville; Fairgrove; Oak Pt.; Caseville; Pte. Aux Barques R.; Bush Lake; Wild Fowl Bay; Gotts; Pinnebog; Hayes; Soule; HURON; Berne; Crown; Bayport; Weale; Bart; Ribble; Pigeon R.; Pigeon; Elkton; P.M.; Grassmere; Wolfton; Linkville; Kilmanagh; Ashmore; Canboro; Owendale; Popple; Northburns; Ivanhoe; Rescue; P.M.; Gagetown; Greenleaf; N. Fk. Cass R.; Colwood; Akron; Elmwood; Cass City; Wickware; Ellington; Cass River S. Fk.; CARO; Whites Cr.; Deford; Novesta; Varney P.O. or Johnson; Kinde; Glencoe; Willow R.; Port Hope; Redman; Filion; Clarks; Harbor Beach; P.M.; Rapson; Verona Mills; BADAXE; Sigel; Helena; Har. Of Refuge; Wadsworth; Ubly; Pawlowski; Ruth; Whiterock; Appin; Parisville; Tyre; Minden City; Mill Cr.; Forestville; Holbrook; Cumber; Charleston; Freiburgers; Palms; P.M; Chevingston; Argyle; Shabbona; Laing; Cedardale; Deckerville; Mills; Richmondville; Leitch; Belgium; Chi. & Nor. W'N; PORT WASHIN; C.M. & St. P.; OZAUKEE; MILWAUKEE; Gr. Trunk Car Ferry; Crosby Trans Co.; Bay View; Flowercreek; Rothbury; White R.; Fremont; P.M.; Montague; White L.; Whitehall; Big Blue L.; Reeman; Brunswick; Holton; Sitka; Michillinda; Wabaningo; Duck L.; N. Muskegon; Sweet; Dalton; Berry; Twin Lake; McLeans; Muskegon River; Bixby; Bear Lake; MUSKEGON; Muskegon L.; Moorland; Hines Crg.; MUSKEGON; Gr. Tr.; Halls; Port Sherman; Simpson; Henshaws; Muskegon Heights; P.M.; P.M.; G.R. & I.; Kanitz; Sullivan; Ravenna; Lake Harbor; Black Lake; Lake Harbor Sta.; Pickand; Fruitport; Crockery Cr.; Kirk; Ferrysburg; Spring L.; Gr. Tr.; Nunica; Spring L.; Coopersville; Eastmanville Note: Published by Geo. F. Cram, Chicago, Ill.; Electric Lines are shown on map thus; Benton Harbor-St. Joseph Ry. & Light, U 5; Detroit United, U.S. Ex. U 14; Escanaba, G 3; Grand Rapids, R 7; Grand Rapids, Grand Haven & Muskegon, Am. Ex. R 6; Grand Rapids, Holland & Chicago, Am., U.S. Ex. S 6; Grand Rapids & Kalamazoo Traction, T 7; Houghton County Traction, B 15; Jackson, Ann Arbor & Detroit, T 13; Manistee Light & Traction, M 5; Marquette City & Presque Isle, D 3; Marquette County Gas & Electric, D 2; Menominee & Marinette Light & Traction, J 2; Michigan United Railways, U.S. Ex. T 8; Muskegon Traction & Lighting, Q 5; Owosso & Corunna, R 11; Saginaw-Bay City Ry. & Light, P 12; Saginaw & Flint, Q 12; Southern Michigan, U.S. Ex. W 5; Toledo & Michigan, V 10; Toledo Railways & Light, U.S. Ex. W 12; Trans-St. Marys Traction, E 11; Twin City General Electric, uourd D 11; Michigan; Ann Arbor, Pac. Ex. R 10; Arcadia & Betsey River, Am. Ex. L 6; Arnold & Eagle Harbor, A 16; Atlantic & Lake Superior, Loc. Ex. B 14; AuSable & Northwestern, Am. Ex. K 12; Blaney & Southern, F 6; Boyne City, Gaylord & Alpena, Ad. Ex. J 9; Chicago, Kalamazoo & Saginaw, Am. Ex. T 8; Chi., Milwaukee & St. Paul, W.F.Ex. F 1-D 15; Cincinnati Northern, Am. Ex., V 11; Chicago & Northwestern, Am. Ex. F 13-E 13; Cleve., Cin., Chi. & St. Louis, Am. Ex. V 5; Copper Range, W.F.Ex. B 14; Delray Connecting, U 14; Delta Lumber Co. G 5; Detroit & Charlevoix, Am. Ex. J 9; Detroit & Mackinac, Am. Ex. K 13; Detroit & Toledo Shore Line, W 13; Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic, W.Ex. E 17; Detroit, Toledo & Ironton, Am. Ex. U 13; East Jordan & Southern, Am. Ex. J 9; Empire & Southeastern, Am. Ex. K 6; Erie & Michigan Ry. & Nav. Co., Am. Ex. M 13; Escanaba & Lake Superior, W.F. Ex. F 2; Grand Rapids & Indiana, Ad. Ex. P 8; Grand Trunk, Natl. Ex. S 7; Harbor Springs, H 9; Huron & Western, O 12; Hecla & Torch Lake, A 15; Jackson & Northern, U 11; Kalamazoo, Lake Shore & Chi., Am. Ex. U 6; Kenton & Houghton, D 14; Keweenaw Central, W.F. Ex. A 15; Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, Am. Ex. V 9; Lake City & Northeastern, M 8; Lake Superior & Ishpeming, Am. Ex. D 2; Lewiston & Southeastern, K 11; Ludington & Northern, M 5; Mancelona & Northwestern, J 8; Manistee & Grand Rapids, Ad. Ex. N 6; Manistee & Luther, N 6; Manistee & Northeastern, Am. Ex. L 6; Manistique, E 6; Manistique & Lake Superior, W. Ex. F 5; Marquette & Southeastern, Am. Ex. E 3; Michigau Central, Am. Ex. M 11; Mason & Oceana, Am. Ex. M 11; Mason & Oceana, O 5; Minn., St. Paul & Sault Ste Marie, W. Ex. F 9; Mineral Range & Monawk, W. Ex. B 15; Munising, Am. Ex. E 4; Nahma Northern, F 4; Onaway & North Michigan, J 11; Ontonagon, B 13; Pere Marquette, U.S. Ex. Q 9; Pontiac, Oxford & Northern, Am. Ex. Q 14; Port Huron & Southern, R 16; Sturgeon River & Nester Lake, D 15; Wabash, Pac. Ex U 13; Wisconsin & Michigan, Am. Ex. I 2; George F. Cram, Engraver & Publisher, Chicago, Ill.; Forty miles Northwest of main part of County Title: Michigan; Part of Keweenaw County Keywords: Gilbert; Reynolds; Marl Lake; McCool; Bishop; Brookside; NEWAYGO; Croton; Lit. Muskegon R.; Howard City; Ashland; Bridgeton; Dickinson; Brooks; Grant; A. Sta.; Sun; Lake; Ensley; Grove; White Fish L.; Plumville; Bailey; Perrins; Sandlake; Trent; Canada Cors; Casnovia; Kent City; Velzy; Cedar Springs; Gooding; Reeds; Camp L.; Burchs Ms.; Harrisburg; Conklin; Lisbon; Sparta; Ballards; Saxon; Edgerton; Cortland Cen.; Oakfield Cen.; Wright; English V.; G.R. & I.; Rockford; Dennison; Herrington; Reno; Alpine; Belmont; Silver L.; Austerltz; Chauncey; Berlin; Ula; KENT; Comstock Pk.; Rustpordi; Morley; Murphy; MONTCALM; Amble; Townline L.; Sixlakes; Wyman; P.M.; Lakeview; Townline; Summerville; Edmore; Maplehill; P.M.; Coral; Long L.; Entrican; Westville; McBrides; Hiram; Pierson; Langston; Trufant; Clifford L.; STANTON; Cloud; Sheffield; Evans; Gowen; Spencers Ms.; Griswold; Gr. Tr.; Lincoln L.; Flat R.; P.M.; Sidney; Colby; Wagers; Virgil; Sheridan; Harvard; N. Green V.; Green V.; Eureka Pl.; Miller; Amsden; Bushnell; Butternut; Fenwick; P.M.; Wabasis Lake; P.M.; Bostwick L.; Bostwick; Otisco; Belding; Kidd; Chadwick; Shiloh; Cannonsburg; Parnell; Grattan; Slayton; Smyrna; Miriam; Avor; Woods Cors.; Orleans; Prairie Cr.; Haynor; Pleasant Valley; Jerseyville; Coe; Brooks Cr.; Cedarlake; Rockland; Summerton; Foresthill; Vestaburg; Riverdale; Elwell; N. Wheeler; Breckenridge; St. Louis; P.M.; Alma; Elmhall; Ferris; Sumner; Eugene; ITHACA; Pine R.; A.A.; Beebe; Langport; Rathbone; Lafayette; Fishville; Crystal L.; Crystal; Vickeryville; GRATIOT; New Haven Cen.; Sethton; Newark; Northstar; Gr. Tr.; Middleton; Perrinton; Carson City; Brice; Pine Cr.; Pompeii; Ola; Ashley; Bannister; Palo; Hubbardston; Union Home; Maple Rapids; Hayworth Cr.; Matherton; Duplain; Shepardsville; Nickelplate; Muir; Maple Riv.; Pewamo; Fowler; Clear Cr.; Redstone; Jam; Laporte; Ryan; Iva; Dice; Frost; SAGINAW; Malts; P.M.; Eaton; Porters; Sand Ridge; Shields; Wheeler; Beaver Cr.; Merrill; Hemlock; Grahams; Orr; Swan Cr.; Paines; Fordney; Lakefield; SAGINAW; Bad R.; Nelson; Eastwood; Edgewood; Fordney; Miner; St. Charles; Sickels; Brant; McDonough; Carbon; Marion Sprs.; Leutz; Fergus; Groveton; Luce; Fenmore; Racy; Chesaning; Layton Corners; Chapin; Brady; Oakley; Shiawassee R.; Eureka; Elsie; Olney; Henderson; Easton; Westhaven; Ann Ar.; Carland; A.A.; Judds Corners; Ovid; SHIAWASSEE; McClure; Waukee; Arn; Gilford; Carrollton; Mershon; P.M.; Crow Isl.; Greens; Reese; P.M.; Denmark; Kulmbach; Arthur; TUSCOLA; Denmark Jc.; Buena Vista; Veenfliets; Richville; C. Jc.; Jc.; Saginaw; Hoyt; P.M.; Gera; Bridgeport; Tuscola Sta.; Ready; Frankenmuth; Vassar; Orv; Fosters; Flint R.; Cassbridge; Blackmar; Cass River; Tuscola; Verne; Taymouth; Burt; P.M.; Birchrun; Countyline; Millington; Elva; Arbela; Mich. Cen.; Navan; Thetford; Clio; E. Thetford; Montrose; Pinerun; Brentcreek; Genesee; P.M.; Rogersville; New Lothrop; Mt. Morris; Hazelton; Clay Tr; McGrew; N. Fk. Flint R.; GENESEE; Flushing; Gr. Tr.; Lewis; FLINT; Belsay; Kersley Cr.; Davison; M.C.; Wahjamega; Ross Cross.; Wilmot; P.O. & N.; Decker; Noko; Snover; P.M.; SANILAC; W. Sta.; E. Dayton; Northgrove; Kingston; Lamotte; Germania; Juniata; Shays Lake; Mayville; Silverwood; Braidwood; Markell; Clifford; Wait; Marlette; P.M.; Fostoria; Weeks; Drake; North Branch; Otter Lake; Flint R.; Burnside; Burns La.; Millers L.; Deanville; Tisville; Columbiaville; Five Lakes; Kings Mill; Elliott; Oregon P.O. or Carpenters; Lum; Mill Cr.; Richfield; Mippissing L.; Elba; LAPEER; Gr. Tr.; Attica; Imlay City; LAPEER; Urban; McGregor; Burden; Downington; Forester; Elmer; Polane; Port Sanilac; SANDUSKY; Berkshire; Carsonville; Junl; Cash; Applegate; Laurel; Redstar; Watertown; Aitken; Lewis Siding; Flynn; Omard; Elk Cr.; Peck; Croswell; Lexington; Brown City; Valley Center; Melvin; Speaker; P.M.; East Fremont; Amadore; Sharpsville; Roseburg; East Greenwood; Jeddo; Yale; Hartsuff; Blaine; Brockway; Fargo; Zion; Lakeport; Atkins; Eighty Foot Grade; Mt. Salem; SAINT CLAIR; Avoca; Ruby; Northstreet; Gardendale; Huronia Beach; Mich. Cent.; MILWAUKEE; Root R.; Chi. Mil. & St. P.; RACINE; Wind Pt.; RACINE; W.U. Jc.; WISCONSIN; KENOSHA; KENOSHA; GRAND HAVEN; Sheldon; Bass River; Robinson; Agnew; Rusk; Allendale; Ottawa Sta.; Conger; OTTAWA; West Olive; Pearline; Port Sheldon; Olive Cen.; Borculo; New Holland; Crisp; S. Blendon; Ventura; Noordeloos; P.M.; Beaver Dam; Zeeland; Waverly; Cronje; Black L.; Ottawa Beach; New Groningen; Idrenthe; E. Holland; Macatawa Park; Holland; Graffschap; Gibson; May; Overisel; Fillmore Cen.; Bentheim; P.M.; E. Saugatuck; Saugatuck; Douglas; Dunningville; New Richmond; Peachbelt; Fennville; Ganges; ALLEGAN; Belknap; Glenn; Avis; P.M.; Pearl; Bravo; Millgrove; Lamont; Tallmadge; Kinney; Fuller; W. Gr. Rapids; GRAND RAPIDS; Dewey; G.T.; Elgin; Eagle Ms.; Oakdale Pk.; Heath; Bauer; George T.; Farowe; Grandville; Enison; Hanley; N. Byron; Gr. Rapids; P.M.; Fox; E. Paris; Crosby; Eardly; Fishers Sta.; Hudson V.; Jamestown; G.R. & I.; Dutton; Byron Cen.; Vriesland; Zutphen; W. Carlisle; Debri; Gitchel; Forest Grove; Ross; Caledonia; Oakland; North Dorr; Greenlake; Duncan L.; S Cors; New Salem; Moline; Dorr; Corning; Diamond Sprs.; Middleville; Hamilton; Hilliards; Dallas; Monterey; Maplewood; S. Monterey; Rabbit R.; Wayland; Hopkins; Bradley; Sunlake; Gun L.; Minerlake; Shelbyville; L.S. & M.S.; Miner Lake; Kellogg; Watson; Martin; Cloverdale; Orange V. Mills; ALLEGAN; Monteith; Chapel; Vergennes; Ada; Lowell; Flat R.; Malta; Bolster; Prison Siding; Dildine; IONIA; Lyons Sta.; Webber; Grand River; Cascade; Whitney V.; McCords; Alto; P.M.; Pratt Lake; IONIA; Saranac; Gridley; Collins; Chandler; Doris; Orange; Thorn Apple Riv.; Alaska; Lyman; Labarge; Logan; Bowne; W. Campbell; Cambell; Elmdale; Algodon; Clarksville; West Sebewa; P.M.; Lake Odessa; Rosina; Parmelee; N. Irving; Freeport; Gerkey; Carlton Cen.; Woodbury; Woodland; Dellwood; Coats Gr.; Mud Cr.; Irving; Bowens Mills; Yankee Spr.; Maple L.; Shultz; Quimby; HASTINGS; M.C.; Morgan; Thorn Apple; Kelly; Vermontville; Nashville; BARRY; Kalamo; CHARLOTTE; Watt L.; Cedar Creek; Clear L.; Pritchard V.; Highbank; Dowling; Maple Gr.; Carlisle; EATON; Lyons; Stony Cr.; Gr. Tr.; ST. JOHNS; Maple; CLINTON; Muskrat Cr.; Bengal; P.M.; Westphalia; Riley; Merlebeach; Geary; Portland; South Riley; Round L.; Rew; Wacousta; DeWitt; Jeffery; Mulliken; Sebewa; Ingersoll; Eagle; Lookingglass R.; Gunnisonville; Chandler; P.M.; Sunfield; Grandlege; Hoyt V.; Delta; LANSING; N. Lansing; Bismarck; Shaytown; Roxana; Fair Ground; Millett; Trowbridge; West Windsor; Packard; Gresham; Chester; Potterville; Dimondale; Westholt; Kings L.; Kingsland; Aurelius; Petreville; INGHAM; Klink; Kilwinning; M.C.; Aurelius; Jessie; Burton; O. Jc.; Owosso; Kerby; CORUNNA; Gr. Tr.; Vernon; Victor; Laingsburg; Sagerville; Bennington; Hartwellville; Pittsburg; M.C.; Bath; arkes L.; Morrice; Bancroft; Perry; Shaftsburg; Nicholson; E. Lansing; Haslett; Gr. Tr.; Okemos; Locke; Meridian; Williamston; Oakgrove Sta.; Holt; P M.; Webberville; Pollok; Fowlerville; LIVINGSTON; HOWELL; MASON; Dansville; Iosco; Annpere; Eden; Whiteoak; Deweyville; Backus; Lennon; Otterburn; Gr. Tr.; Thread R.; Swartz Creek; Atlab; Crapo Farm; Duffield; Durand; Gaines; Rankin; Grand Blanc; P.M; Newark; A.A.; B. Sta.; Long L.; Thayer; Groveland; Byron; Argentine; Linden; Paxton; Egypt; Fenton; Ortonville; Holly; Cohoctah; Deercreek; Davisburg; Indian L.; Madison; Rose P.O. or Rose Cen.; Anderson V. P.O. or C. Sta.; Oakgrove; Hallers; Parshallville; Fleming; West Highland; Hartland; Clyde; White Lake; OAKLAND; Hollister; Oxbow; Fourtowns; Summit; Long Lake; Highland; Milford; Commerce; Walled Lake; Pingree; Chilson; P.M.; Brighton; New Hudson; Wixom; L. Hasler; Hunters Creek; Hadley; Farmers Creek; Metamora; Dryden; Thornville; Farmers Cr.; M.C.; Goodrich; Almont; Hopkins Road; Thomas; Oakwood; Leonard; Shoup; N. Br. Clinton R.; Bastidos; Seymour Lake; Oxford; Lakeville; Baileys Sta.; Austin; Orion; Rome; Clarkston; Cole; Alert; Clinton V.; Gr. Tr.; Cole; P.O. & N.; Waterford; Drayton; Eames; Plains; Alert; Mount Vernon; Goodison; Three Mile L.; Rochester; R. Jc.; Macomb; Sylvan L.; MACOMB; Cass L.; Amy; Yates; De Pews; Utica; Disco; Cass L.; PONTIAC; Troy; M.C.; Clinton R.; Myrtle; Orchard Lake; G.T.; Walled L.; North Farmington; P.M.; Walnut; Circle; Oak Grove; Walnut L.; Franklin; Birmingham; Clawson; Colerain; Big Beaver; Warren; Capac; Belle R.; Belleriver; Riley Center; P.M.; M. Sta.; Emmett; Abbottsford; Goodells; Lamb; Thornton; Wadhams; Tunnel Jc.; Ft. Gratiot; Smith; P.M.; Berville; Doyle; Armada; Richmond; Memphis; Wales; Burns; Kimball; Tappan; Smiths Cr.; Marysville; Columbus; G.T.; Rattlerun; Columbus; Butlins; M.C.; Lenox; Ray Cen.; Adair; Carltons Crg.; Washington; Davis; Omo; Newhaven; Casco; Peters; Meade; Marine City; Anchor V.; Chesterfield; Waldenburg; Milton; New Baltimore; Anchor Bay; Fairhaven; Mt. Clemens Sta.; MT. CLEMENS; Pearlbeach; Cady; Dickinson Isl.; San Solo; Pt. Huron; Walpole Isl.; Fraser; PT. HURON; Sarina; Upton Wks.; Port Huron Salt Works; St. Clair Sprs.; St. Clair; St. Clair R.; LAMBTON; Roberts L'dg; Algonac; Hansons Isl.; LAKE; Benton; Wadsworth; ILLINOIS; WAUKEGAN; Lake Forest; Rondout; Highland Pa.; Deerfield; Des Plaines; Glencoe; W.C.; C. & N.W.; Evanston; COOK; South Evanston; L MICHIGAN; Hagar; Twelve Cors.; Benton Harbor; ST. JOSEPH; Hill Top; Glen Lord; Vineland; Stevensville; Springgrove; Scott Lake; West Casco; Hawkhead; Leisure; Black R.; Pullman; Lee; Horseshoe; South Haven; Long Siding; Fruitland; Kibbie; Lacota; Maple Forest; Grand Jc.; Columbia; Berlamont; Gobleville; Pinegrove Mills; Packard; Breedsville; Bangor; VAN BUREN; K.L.; Covert; P.M.; Elmwood; Windermere; Blakes; Lake Point; Paw Paw L.; Coloma; P.M.; McDonald; Toquin P.O. or Paw Paw Lake Jc.; Paw Paw R.; Lawrence; Riverside; Watervliet; Hartford; Barrison; Millburg; Bainbridge; Spinks Cors.; Pennyann; Corwin; Decatur; Keeler; Sister L.; Sister Lakes; M.B.H. &; Hollywood; Carl; Royalton; C.C.C. & St. L.; Sodus; Pipestone; Arden; Hartman; Naomi; Dowagiac R.; Cushing; Glenwood; Volinia; Kalamazoo R.; Abronia; Hooper; Neely; Prairie V.; Doster; Chicora; Cheshire; Merson; Otsego; Plainwell; Silver Creek; Argenta; Bloomingdale; Cooper Sta.; Kendall; Alamo; Williams; Springbrook; C.K. & S.; E. Cooper; Streeter; Mentha; Hopkins; Waverly; Brownell; K. Jc.; Nazareth; KALAMAZOO; Comstock; Glendale; Almena; Lauren Lake; Miller; C.K. & S.; Oshtemo; Paper Mill; Lake Cora; PAW PAW; Essom; Walker; Rix; Brighton; KALAMAZOO; Portage; G.R. & I.; Indian Field; Lawton; Mattawan; Newbre; Pike L.; Texas; Austin Lake; Banksons L.; Grass L.; Round L.; Cedar L.; Schoolcraft; Gr. T.; Vicksburg; Prairie; Ronde; Marcellus; Leesburg; Howardsville; Flowerfield; Mint; Parkville; Delton; Fair L.; Bristol L.; Ceylon; Lacey; Milo; Cressey; Gull Lake; Hickory Cors.; Banfield; Assyria; Bellevue; Gull L.; Nev; Base Line; Richland; Yorkville; Bedford; Convis; M.C.; Camp St Louis; Hume; Bedford St; Peneiel; Battle Creek; Nichols; Eadle P.O. or Beadle Lake; Wheatfield; Ceresco; M.C.; Galesburg; Renton; Climax; Adams; Sonoma; Stanley; Walterville; W. Leroy; Scotts; Pavilion; E. Leroy; Joppa; CALHOUN; Indian L.; Pinecreek; Abscota; Browns Sid.; M.C.; Burlington; Tekonsha; Fulton; Athens; Burlington Sta.; Portage Lake; Factoryville; Mendon; Leonidas; Union City; Hog R.; Hodunk; Girard; Eaton Rapids; Ainger P.O. or Olivet Sta. Gr. Tr.; Charlesworth; Winfield; Olivet; Brookfield; Onondaga; Partello; Duck Lake; Duck L.; Ottercreek; Arland; East Springport; Springport; Rice Creek; Henrys Crg.; Tompkins; Tokio; Devereaux; Minard; Van Horn; Rice Cr.; MARSHALL; Spring Cr.; Parma; Sandstone; Marengo; N. Concord; JACKSON; JACKSON; Bath Mills; M.C.; Eckford; L.S. & M.S.; Condit; Spring Arbor; Reynolds; Snyder; Haires; Concord; Morrison; Clarendon; Homer; Grover; Pulaski; Osborn; M.C.; L.S. & M.S.; Pulaski; Stonypoint; Hanover; Butler; Mosherville; Scipio; Litchfield; S. Butler; Milnes; L.S. & M.; Moscow; Jerome; Bunkerhill; Lowe L.; Plainfield; Bullis; Gregory; Leslie; Stockbridge; Fitchburg; Unadilla; Bruin L.; Henrietta; Rives Jc.; Henrietta Sta.; Munith; South L.; Portage L.; Waterloo; M.C.; Portage R.; Portage L.; Roots; Big Portage L.; Trist; Withington; Chelsea; Mill Cr.; G.Tr.; Gillet L.; Goose L.; M.C.; Prison Side Tr.; Jc.; Francisco; Grass Lake; Leoni; Michigan Cen.; WASHTENAW; L.S. Jc.; Bayonett; L.S. & M.S.; Eldred; Napoleon; Sharonville; Norvell; Manchester; S. Jackson; Ackerson L.; Cranberry L.; Horton; Clarklake; Liberty; Clark L.; Brooklyn; M. Jc.; Watkins; Cedarbank; Johnson; Vineyard L.; Watkins; Wampler L.; Somerset; Somerset Cen.; Cowham; Cement Cy.; Cambridge; Springville; Knorr; Addison; Devils L.; Lake Rest; Sand L.; Onsted; Putnam; Pentecost; D.S. Jc.; Anderson; Pinckney; Island Lake; Greenoak; South Lyon; Four Towns; Lakeland; Hamburg; Whitmore L.; W.L. Sta.; Rushton; G.T.; North V.; Gilti; Salem; Webster; Northfield; Emery; Worden; Geer; Plymouth; Dexter; Scio; Fosters; Cherryhill; Dixbor; Delhi Mills; Lima; ANN ARBOR; Geddes; Denton; Canton; Wiard; Fredonia; Ypsilanti; Rawsonville; Saline; A.A.; Pittsfield P.O. or P. Jc.; Belleville; Bridgewater; Urania; Stonycreek; Willis; River Raisin; York; Milan; Whittaker; W. Sumpter; Clinton; Macon; Lakeridge; Saline R.; Milan Jc.; Oakville; Exeter; Tecumesh; Steavens; Cone; Britton; Azalia; Raisinville; Exeter; London; Maybee; Novi; Beddow; Farmington; Southfield; Clarenceville; Royaloak; Mt. Olivet; Plank Road; Redford; N. Detroit; Livonia; Bellbranch; Elm; Beech; Redford Jc.; Greenfield; Highland Pk.; Masson; Kenwood; Milwaukee; Stark; P.M.; Oak; Yew; Howlett; W. End; Nankin; Wallace V.; Pikes Peak; Michigan Ave.; Swift; Inkster; Dearborn; T. Line; Rougemere; Wayne Jc.; Eloise; Wayne; Navarre; Windsor; Detroit; Woodmere; Delray; Riverrouge; M.C.; Hand Sta.; WAYNE; Preston; Ecorse; Romulus; Huron R.; Frenchlanding; P.M.; Taylor Cen.; Fighting Isl.; New Boston; Wyandotte; Sibley; Trenton; Grosse Isle; Martinsville; Chandler; Slocum Jc.; Willow; Waltz; Flatrock; Sta.; Briar Hill; Carleton; Gibraltar; S. Rockwood; Rockwood; Grafton; D.T. & I.; Athlone; Scofield; Newport; Pt. Millee; Centerline; Lakeshore; Roseville; LAKE; Halfway; Greiner; Claireview; Connors Gr.; Lees V.; St. Clair Hts.; ST. CLAIR; Waukee Jc.; Grosse Pointe Farms; Hauvin; Grossepointe; Paye; Cottagegrove; DETROIT; Gr. Tr.; Rochester; Stony Pt.; C.P.; KENT; C.P.; L.E. & D.R.; ESSEX; Essex Center; Ruscum R.; Romney; Mic. Cen.; Whatty; Olinda; Ruthven; ONTARIO; Kingsville; Oxley; Pigeon Bay; Leamington; Mayfair; C.M. & St. P.; C. & N.W.; C.G.W.; I.C.; CHICAGO; C.B. & Q.; C.T.T.; T. & S.F.; Q. & A.; C.J.; Hyde Park; Grand Crossing; G.T.; Wab.; C.J.; Blue Island; R.I. & P.; South Chicago; LAKE; Harvey; Whiting; L.S. & M.S.; Hammond; Tylleston; Baileytown; Michigan City; M.C.; Hageman; INDIANA; PORTER; M.C.; Hinchman; Livingston; BERRIEN; Baroda; Bridgman; M.C; Sawyer; Harbert; P.M.; New Troy; Lakeside; Galien R.; Union Pier; Avery; Galien; New Buffalo; Three Oaks; Barnett Siding; M.C.; Alfred; P.M.; New Carlisle; Webbers; SOUTH BEND; LA PORTE; Otis; LA PORTE; Stemm; Eau Claire; Mic. Cen.; Dowagiac; Lagrange; Berrien Springs; Berrien Cen.; CASS; CASSOPOLIS; Fairland; Pokagon; Glendora; Troy; Sumnerville; St. Joseph R.; M.C.; Dailey; Barron L.; Buchanan; Niles; Jefferson; Gr. Tr.; Redfield; Dayton; W. Niles; Bertrand; Edwardsburg; Truitts; Baldwin L.; Adamsville; Granger; ST. JOSEPH; Crums Point; G.T.; Osceola; ELKHART; Pleasant L.; Moorepark; Portage R.; Wakelee; Penn; Forest Hall; Sandy Beach; Vandalia; Corey L.; Fabius; Florence; T.R. Sta.; St. Joseph River; Wasepi; M.C.; CENTER V.; Newburg; Browns; Jones; Corey; St. JOSEPH; Day; Williamsville; Constantine; Perrin; Long L.; Mottville; White Pigeon; Klingers; Sailor; Union; White Pigeon Riv.; L.S. & M.S.; Fawn R.; Elkhart; Bristol; L.S. & M.S.; L.S. & M.S.; LA GRANGE; LA GRANGE; Longitude West from Greenwich; Sherwood; Sturgis L.; Fairfax; BRANCH; Colon; COLDWATER; Nottawa; Mattison; M.C.; Findley; Batavia; Bronson; Lockwood; Sturgis; Burroak; Prairie R.; Bethel; Coldwater L.; Fawn River; Gilead; E. Gilead; Lima; Fremont; STEUBEN; L.S. & M.S.; Allen Sta.; Jonesville; Allen; Ft. W. Jc.; N. Adams; Wheatland; Stafford; Quincy; Marble L.; HILLSDALE; Hoxie; Bankers; Baw Beese; Purchase; Gorton Towns; Algansee; Lester; Steamb'g; Osseo; HILLSDALE; Pittsford; Reading; Jefferson; Kinderhook; California; Cambria; Frontier; Shadyside; Montgomery; Camden; Ransom; Prattville; Betzer; Buckeye; White; Waldron; S. Camden; Amboy; ANGOLA; WILLIAMS; Alvordton; OHIO; Bakers; A. Jc.; Stoddard; Tipton; Prairie Sid.; Abbot; Man. Beach; Devils L.; Wolfcreek; LENAWEE; Townley; Quaker; Geneva; Rome; Birdsall; Church; Rollin; Woodward; ADRIAN; Locust; Fairport; Walworth; Cadmus; Mallory; Hudson; Clayton; Medina; Sand Cr.; Adrian; Madison; Lenawee Jc.; Gorman; Anandaigua; Lenawee; Fruitridge; Jasper; Fairfield; N. Morenci; Limecreek; Ontario; Munson; Marvin; Weston; Bimo; Ridge V.; S. Fairfield; W.W.N.; L.S. & M.S.; Morenci; Denson; Fayette; FULTON; Swanton; Ridgeway; W.W.W.; D. Jc.; Rea; Dundee; Raisin R.; Grape; Strasburg; Sutton; Holloway; Raisin Cen.; Chase; Wells V.; Sisson; Corbus; Deerfield; Petersburg; A.A.; Ida; Palmyra; L.S. & M.S.; Grosvenor; Federman; Lulu; MONROE; L.S. & M.S.; Blissfield; Morocco; Windchester; Yargerville; Ogden; Bateman; Gert; Samaria; Riga; Victors V.; Ogden Center; Momberry; Ottawa Lake; Temperance; Erie; Whiteford Cen.; Lambert V.; Ottawa Lake; Alexis; LUCAS; TOLEDO; M.C.; L.S. & M.S.; Air Line Jc.; Steiner; Raisin; Colchester; Stony Creek; Warner; Brest; MONROE; Raisin Pt.; LAKE ERIE; La Salle; Mid. Sister Isl.; La Plaisance Bay; Vienna; W. Sister Isl.; Cape North; Maumee Bay; Cedar Pt.; W. & L.E.; Manhattan Jc.; E. Toledo; Locust Pt.; Littles Pt.; Pt. Pelee; E. Sister Isl.; Pt. Pelee Island; North Bass Isl.; Mid. Bass Isl.; South Bass Isl.Canada; Pie Isl.; Amygdaloid Isl.; Passage Isl.; Gull Isl.; Blakes Pt.; ISLE ROYALE; Todds Har.; Minong; Rock Harbor; Chippewa Har.; Siskawit Lake; Washington Harbor; Johns; Siskawit Bay; Isle Royale Light; Siskawit Is.; Washington Isl.; Rainbow Cove; LAKE SUPERIOR; Ontonagon; Ind. Res.; EAGLE RIVER; Allouez Mill; Kearsarge; Wolverine; Centennial; Belt Line Jc.; Red Jacket; Opechee P.O. or Osceola; Laurium; Highway; Desmond; Demmon; Paavola P.O. or Franklin Jc.; Franklin; Swedetown; Oskar; Hancock; Mine; Ripley; HOUGHTON; Redridge; Redridge Jc.; Stanwood; Edgemere; Edgemere Jc.; Beacon Hill; Freda; Liminga; Salmon Trout; Onnela; Obenhoff; Atlantic Mine; Mill Mine Jc.; South Range; Huron; E. Houghton; Messner; Baltic; Portage L.; Elm R.; Trimountain; Ricedale; Portage R.; Copper Falls Mine; Eagle Harbor; Delaware; Gate Har.; Lit; Wyoming; L. La B. Jc.; Central; Lac La Belle; Crestview; Phoenix Mine; Crestview Jc.; L. Gratiot; Cliff; Ojibway; Phoenix; KEWEENAW; Mohawk; Allouez; Fulton; Hebbards; Quarry; Deer L.; Ahneek P.O. or Copper City; Gay; Calumet; L. Linden; Hubbell; Pier Mills; Torch L.; Lake Jc.; Mazon; Traverse Pte.; Hooeside; Gitab Bay; Point Mills; Gross Point; Traverse Isl.; Jacobsville; B. Jc.; Mosquito; Mandan; Montreal R.; Mt. Houghton; Fish Cove; Bete Grise Bay; Lac la Belle; Pt. Isabelle; LAKE SUPERIOR; Lit. Girls Pt.; Black Riv.; GOGEBIC; Montreal R.; Montreal; Black River; N. Bessemer; Bessemer Jc.; Union Bay; ONTONAGON; Green; Carp R.; Porcupine Mts.; Lit. Carp R.; Presque Isle R.; Little Iron R.; Iron R.; ONTONAGON; Ballentine; W. Br. Ontonagon R.; Abitosse; Tula; Beryl; Duke; Gogebic Lake; Groesbeck; Matchwood; 14 Mile Pt.; Sterling R.; Misery R.; Fire Steel R.; O.R.R.; Cranberry R.; Potato R.; Ontonagon R.; Chi. Mil. & St. Paul; Wood Spur; Evergreen; Greenland; Adventure; Greenland; Seager; Belt; Peppard; Mass; Rockland; Victoria; Riddle Jc.; Range Jc.; Ontonagon R., E. Branch; Mid. Branch Ontonagon R.; South Branch Ontonagon R.; Outlet; Ewen; Paynesville; Ruby; Toivola; Stonington; Beaver Dam; Painesdale; Chassell; Elm River; Tapiola; Arnheim; Askel; Otter L.; Bellaire; Stackpole; Pelkie; Elo; Hazel; White; Otter; Motley; D.S.S. & A.; Simar; Alston; Assinins; Rubicon P.O. or Hubbells Mill; Sturgeon R.; Silver; Pori; Findley Jc.; Frost Jc.; Taylor Mine; Perch; Robinson; Murphy; Covington; Leo; S. Branch Sturgeon R.; Kenton; Keweenaw Bay; KEWEENAW; Pequaming; Pt. Abbaye; Huron Bay; Skanee; Bridge; Ro; Baraga; Silver R.; Slate Cr.; Huron R.; Huron Mts.; L'Anse B.; L'ANSE; L'Anse Ind. Res.; Taylor Jc.; Summit; Hibbard; Pope; Sturgeon; Michigamme; C. & N.W; Beck; Brown; Pascoe Mine; Vermillac; Bess; Tredeau; Tioga; Bode; Nestoria; Redruth; Beaufort Jc.; L. Michigamme; Huron Is.; Huron Pt.; Pine L.; Ives L.; Dishno; Humboldt; Clowry; Chi. & Nor. W'N; BESSEMER; Siemens; Ironwood; Wakefield Jc.; Thomaston; Wakefield; Ramsay; Marenisco; Gogebic; WISCONSIN; Nester; Collins; Choate; Bruce Cros.; Basco; Finland; C.& N.W.; Dermont; Calderwood; Radford; Sandhurst; Roselawn; Craigsmere; Robbins; Paulding; Barclay; Croziers Mill; Interior Jc.; Tamarack; Blemers; Watersmeet; Elmwood; State Line; Trout Cr.; Lewis; Onyx; Hanvey; Kitchi; Anthony; Read; Sidnaw; Nestor Cross; Tunis; Perch L.; Paint River; Atkinson; Chi. & Nor. W'N.; Basswood; Beechwood; Hazel; CRYSTAL FALLS; Iron River; Stambaugh; Palatka; Saunders; Beacon; Champion; Wabik; Erie; Parks Siding; Michigan Riv.; Columbia; Republic; Granite; Witbeck; Amasa; Witch Lake; Balsam; Michigamme R.; Ponca; DICKINSON; Tobin Mine; Dunn Mine; Mastodon Mine; Kelso; Mansfield; Channing; Sagola; Panola; C & N.W.; Mastodon; Mil. Jc.; Clarksburg; MARQUETTE; Floodwood; Golden; Turner; Henderson; Pentoga; Armstrong; Pine R.; Brule River; Brule; FLORENCE; Stager; Randville; Granite Bluff; Merriman; Spread Eagle Sta.; River Siding; C.M. & St. P.; Loop; Line Jc.; C. & N.W.; Antoine; IRON MOUNTAIN; Fumee; Quinnebec; King; Norway; Vulcan Note:

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Page  69 KA`Z6f.Z I I0 ~VaR~~ Rip ~, mkal -~O A n ' aaa P a"aa,~a 'Ourt CARRAPO J 14201CMAPGC OF THIIleEona I'~~ LaO Iaa ~a~aa ~ a A Mao C R IMEi) CAUN/ AU lae jGO,CM hcgIl 4 SC~~~A IEO F ILS 0 a a L a,,,A CRa, WIaa~ R, fk ULIP 0 Title: Map of the United States Keywords: British Columbia; Okanogan; Crawford; whead; Galena; Cochr; Gerard; Vernon; Lower; Nakusp; Lardo; Calgary; Rocky Mts.; Gleiche; Cassils; Steerford; High River; Nanton; Alberta; Parkland; Kininvie; Stair; Medicine Hat; Mackinnon; S. Saskatchewan R.; Sidewood; beverly; Waldeck; Dundurn; Outlook; Nokomis; Strassburg; Kenaston; Mountain L.; Hawarden; Elbow; Davidson; Bulyea; Aylesbury; Markinch; Tugaski; Brownlee; Bethune; Craven; Qu'Appelle; Lumsden; Tuxford; Dafo; El Fros; Sheho;F; Kamsac; Benito; Sc; ton Jc.; Dauphin; Grand View; Touchwood; Kelliher; Hubbard; Melville; Insinger; yorkton; Saltcoats; Togo; Lipton; Balcarres; Neudorf; Dubuc; Atwater; Welby; Langenburg; Russell; Manitoba; Binscarth; Vibank; Indian Head; Wolseley; Grenfell; Appelle R.; Broadview; Whitewood; Moosomin; Welby; Esterhazy; Binscarth; Birtle; Strathcla; Tyvan; Kendall; Kaiser; Fleming; Rap ity; Brand; Lake Duuphin; McCreary Jc; Minnedosa; Neepawa; Glad; Selkirk; White Mouth;Cat L.; Cat R.; Pipestone L.; Gull Rock L.; St. Joseph Lake; English R.; Lac Seul; Superior Jc.; Albany River; Martens Falls; Ogoki R.; Makoki R.; Kenogami R.; Bay; Missanabie R.; Mattagami R.; Abittibe R.; Harricanaw R.; Nottawa R.; stassini R.; Albertie; Str. Of Juan de Fuca; Cape Flattery; Flattery Rocks; Pacific Ocean; Cape Johnson; Grays Harbor; Greys Harbor; Willape Har.; Oysterville; Cape Dissapointment; Fort Stevens; Cape Lookout; ait of Georgia; Vancouver; New-Westmins; Port Moody; Mission; North bend; Yale; Okanogan Lake; Nanaimo; Chemanis; Cloverdale; Sumas; Agassiz; Dominion of Canada; Victoria; Blaine; Bellingham; Fairhaven; Sedr; Woolley; Excelsior; Hamilton; Rockport; Anacortes; Mt. Vernon; Lake Chelan; Olympia mts.; Port; Pt. Townsend; Everett; Monte Crist; Snohomish; Washington; Shelton; Puget Sound; Ballard; Seattle; Fall City; Sallal Pr.; Waterville; Wenatchee; Hochiam; Montesano; Elma; Tacoma; Palmer; Buckley; Orting; Roslyn; Ellensburg; Gats; Ocgsta; Olympia; Centralia; Chehalis; Mt. Rainier (Mt. Tacoma); Nahcotta; South Bend; North Yakima; Astoria; Kalama Yacolt; Golden Dale; Prosser R.; Seaside; Astoria; Portland; Vancouver; Columbia R.; Tillamook; Hillsboro; Newberg; E. Portland; Oregon Cy.; Mt. Hood; The Dalles; Biggs; Condon; McMinn V.; Sheridan; Woodburg; Shaniko; Arrow Lake; Penticton; Greenwood; Grandforks; Rossland; Slocan L.; nelson; Robson; Trail; Kaslo; Kootenai Lake; Kuskano; Kootenai; Crows Nest; Cranbrook; Northport; Okanogan; Republic; Columbia R.; Colville; Springdale; Bonners Ferry; Octena Falls; Jennings; Sand Point; L. Pend l'Oreille; Flathead Lake; Coulee Cy.; Davenport; Spokane; Harrison; Idaho; Rathdrum; Coeur de Alene; Murray; Mission; Burke; Mullan; Odessa; Cheney; Tekoa; Wardner; Wallace; Farmington; Bitter Root Mts.; Ritzville; Oakesdale; Winona; Colfax; Pullman; Garfield; Moscow; Genesee; Kendrick; Juliaetta; Ahsahka; Ft. Missoula; Connell; Paso; Sanke Riv.; Wallula; Starbuck; Pomeroy; Dayton; Waitsburg; Dudley; Lewiston; Hamilton; Grantsdale; Grangeville; Willows; Umatilla; Walla Walla; Milton; Athena; Pendleton; Salmon riv.; Mt. Idaho; Heppner; Blue Mts.; Elgin; La Grange; Union; Frank; Crow Nest pass; Fernie; Macleod; McGrath; Cardston; Lethbridge; Sterling; Wetmore; Bow Island; Coleridge; Kalispell; Columbia Falls; Carlow; Shelby Jc.; Austin; Summit; Valier; Conrad; Marias Riv.; Ft. Assiniboine; Big Sandy; Dutton; Ft. Benton; Plains; Montana; great Falls; Farmington; Quartz; Arlee; Marysville; Wolf Creek; Craig; Monarch; Neihart; Barker; Desmet; Missoula; Austin; Helena; White Sulphur Sprs.; Castle; Carlan; Drummond; Garrison; Jefferson; Townsend; Phillipsburg; Deer Lodge; Calvin; Elkhorn; harlowton; Anaconda; Stuart; Butte; Boulder Valley; Lombard; Silverbow; Logan; Whitehall; Sappington; Norris; Bozeman; Livingston; Salmon; Dillon; Laurin; Virginia City; Red Lodge; Cinnabar; Forres; Maple Creek; Crane Lake; Swift Current; old Wives Lake; Herbert; Moose Jaw; Pasqua; Regina; Rouleau; Pacific Jc.; Havrs; Toledo; Milk riv.; Savoy; Ashfield; Hinsdale; Glasgow; Nashua; Lenox; Wolf Point; Missouri Riv.; Lewistown; Flat Willow; Garnell; Musselshell Riv.; Musselshell; Blenheim; Yellowstone River; Terry; Big Timber; Merrill; Laurel; Billinog; Bull; Junction; Fort custer; Forsyth; Rosebud; Ft. Keogh; Miles City; Rockvale; Bridger; Lodge Grass; Tongue R.; Bowler; Lajord; Lang; Yellow Grass; Coteau du Missouri; Weyburn; Stoughton; Macoun; Estevan; Fillmore; Kennedy; Kisbey; Walpole; Arcola; Antler; Oxbow; Alameda; Vandura; Kirkella; Butler; Reston; Verden; Demnat; Souris; Hartney; Melit; celgraine; Poplar; Culbertson; Buford; Ambrose; Bowsell; White Earth; North Dakota; Portal; Sherwood; Kenmare; Stanley; Antler; Souris; Bottinea; Lansford; Minot; St. John; Onece; Towner; Williston; Missouri Riv.; Wallace; Plaza; Garrison; Voltaire; Drake; Minnewaukon; Esmond; Fessenden; Sykeston; Glendive; Wibag; Sentinel Butte; Medora; Dickinson; Hebron; Washburn; Bismarck; Sterling; Fallon; Westmore; Sims; Mandan; Braddock; Napoleon; Marmarth; Cannon R.; Linton; Hettinger; Aschroft; Lemmon; Pollock; Bowdle; Duroc; Glenham; Evarts; South Dakota; Moreau River; Lebeau; Carberry; White Mouth; Boissevain; Carma; Green; Manitou; Boniface; terbourne; erson; Sarles; Rolla; Han; ondent; War Boad; Llock; Beaudette; Greenbush; Rugby; Leeds; Cando; Churchs fy.; Devil; Warren; Thief River Falls; Oberon; Devils L.; P. R; Crookston; Sykeston; McHenry; A; Fosston; Fertile; Bemidji; Carrington; Coopers T; Halstad; Ada; L. Itasca; Steele; Dawson; Medina; James; ton; rod; Glyndon; Winnipeg Jc.; Adrian; Lamoure; Edgeley; Barnesville; Minnesota; Breckenridge; Wadena; Wishek; Kulm; Monango; Ellendale; Fergus Fs.; Evansville; Eureka; Leola; Aberdeen; Sauk Center; rown Valley; Morris; Roscoe; Ipswich; B; Baulkton; So; Benson; Paynes; Gortonville; Wilmar; Litchfield; Kenora; Barclay; Lake of the Woods; English River; Carlstad; international Falls; Hunters Isl.; Red Lake; Black Duck; Vermilion; Lake; Tower; McKinley; Virginia; Soudan; Ely; Biwabik; Winton; Gunflint; Grand Marais; Hibbing; Allen Jc.; Iron; Leech L.; Walker; Aitkin; Stony Brook; Cloquet; Carlton; Two Harbors; Duluth; Superior; Iron R.; L. Superior; Apostle Ids.; Bayfield; Mason; Ashland; Staples; Brainerd; Mille Lacs; Marengo; Hurley; Ironwood; Little Falls; Milaca; Sauk Rapids; Hinckley; Spooner; Superior; Butternut; Cameron; Ladysmith; Lac du Flambeau; Munocqua; Rhinelander; St. Cloud; Minneapolis; L. Minnetonka; Anoka; St. Paul; Stillwater; Hudson; Turtlelake; Eau Claire; Kennan; Prentice; Chippewa Falls; Tomahawk; Merrill; Lake Nipigon; Linkooping; Fort William; Port Arthur; Nipigon; Long Lake; Middleton; Trudeau; White river; Josephine; Isle Royale; Michipicoten Isl.; Allouez; Keweenaw Point; Houghton; Ontonagon; Mass; Keweenaw Bay; Bessemer; Michigan; L'Anse; nestoria; Champion; Ishpeming; Marquette; Munising; Seney; Soo Jc.; Groesbeck; Watersmeet; Sidnaw; Republic; Crystal Falls; channing; Lathrop; Manistique; Iron Mtn.; Gladstone; Beaver Is.; Tomahawk; Antigo; Monico; Menominee; Marinette; Pembine; Powers; Escanaba; Petoskey; Charlevoix; Otter; Dalton; Pardee; Michipicoten Harbor; Chapleau; Woman River; Montreal River; Goulais; Bisootasing; Pogamasing; Cartier; Trout Lake; St. Ignace; Sault St. Marie; Thessalon; Algoma; Spanish river; Whitefish; Sudbury; Mackinaw City; Cheboygan; L. Huron; Grand Manitoulin Isl.; Lake Nipissing; Gaylord; Alpena; Georgian Bay; Parry Sound; Lake Abittibe; Haileybury; lake Temiscaming; Lake Victoria; Lake Bouchette; Cobalt; Lake Keepawa; Lake Kekebonga; Sturgeon Falls; North Bay; Nipissing Jc.; Quebec; Mattawa; Deux Riviere; Chalk River; Ft. Coulogne; Gatineau Riv.; Buckingham; Greenville; Hawkesbury; Powassan; Emsdale; Pembroke; Renfrew; Ottawa R.; Hull; Huntsville; Haliburton; Bracebridge; Arnprior; Ottawa; Carleton; Cornwall;Chamouchouan R.; Bersimis R.; R. St. Maurice; Roberval; Lake St. John; Chicoutimi; kiskisink; R. Saguenay; Trois Pistoles; Rivierre a Pierre; Quebec; Ste. Anne; Jolliette; Three Rivers; Shawenegan; Nicole; St. Lawrence River; Evis; Elgin Road; St. Henri; Kingsbury; Doucets Landing; Chamberlain L.; St. Jerome; St. Hyacinthe; Drummondville; Marbleton; Arthabaska; Beauce Jo; Chesuncoote L.; Moosehead L.; Valleyfield; Rouses Pt.; St. John; Montreal; St. Constant; Farnham; Foster; Actonvale; Foster; Richmond; Sherbrooke; Coaticook; Rangeley; Greenville; Bingham; Maine; Bersimis; Grosses Roo; Rimouski; Little Metis; Paspebiac; Metapedia; Dalhousie; Chaleurs Bay; Riviere du Loup; Campbellton; Petit Rocher; St. Louis; Mouth of St. Francis; Edmundston; Bartibog; New Casti; New Brunswick; R. St. John; Van Buren; Grand Falls; Caribou; plaster Rock; Presque Isle; Ashland; A. Jc.; Newburg Jc.; Woodstock; Houlton; A. Jc.; patten; Debec; Frederickton; Seboots; mattawankeag; Schoo L.; McAdams Jc.; F.J; Brownville; princeto; St. Steph; Dover; Milo; St. Cala; Cape Foulweather; Umpqua River; Cape Blanco; Port Orford; Gold Beach; Pt. St. George; Cape Mendocino; Yaquina; Toledo; Dallas; Airlie; Williamett R.; Salem; John Day River; Corvallis; Albany; Scio; Lebanon; Prineville; Eugene; Coburg; Natron; Des Cutes R.; Crooked R.; Oregon; Cottage Grove; Marshfield; Empire; Coquille; Yoncalla; Roseburg; Summer Lake; Harney Lake; Bandon; Range; Myrtle; Albert lake; Grants Pass; jacksonville; Eagle Point; Medford; Ashland; Upper Klamath Lake; Klamath Falls; Lower Klamath L.; Lakeview; Crescent City; Heka; Montague; California; Mt. Shasta; Rhett Lake; Upton; McCloud; Alturas; Madeline; Arcata; Ferndale; North Fork; Eureka; Smiths; Pitt River; Scotia; Redding; Sierra Nevada; Eagle Lake; Blocksburg; Red bluff; Tehama; Busanville; Honey lake; Amedee; Virginia City; Sumpter; Baker City; Council; Durkee; Huntington; Weiser; Indian Valley; Burns; Payette; Ontario; Vale; Payette R.; Placerville; Idaho city; Burns; Malheur R.; Caldwell; Emmett; Boise; Nampa; Malheur Lake; Murphy; Glenns Ferry; Warner Lake; Stein Mts.; Owyhee R.; Mountain Home; Delamar; Silver City; Sanke River; Shoshone Falls; Buhl Twin Falls; Goose Lake; Black Rock Desert; Smoke Cr. Desert; Winnemucca; paradise Valley; Golconda; iron Point; Coin; Mill City; Battle Mtn.; Shoshone; Palisade; Elko; Halleck; Deeth; Wells; Wadsworth; Pyramid Lake; Oreano; Browns; Lewis Jc.; Bridges; Franklin L.; Ruby L.; Challis; Beaver; Crab Tree; yellowstone National Park; Shoshone Mts.; Mackey; Ketchum; Hailey; Bellevue; Market Lake; Arco; American Falls; Pocatello; St. Anthony; Wind river Range; Rexburg; Idaho Falls; Blackfoot; Shoshone; Mindoka; Wapi; Soda springs; Albion; McCammon; Swan Lake; Malad City; Bear R.; paris; Preston; Montpelier; Big Piney; Wells; Toana; Cobre; Ullin; Lugin; Terrace; Kelton; Kolmar; Great Salt L.; Lakeside; Salt L.; Cache Jc.; Smithfield; Logan Hyrum; Brigham; Ogden; Kaysville; Bouontiful; Sage; Waterfall; Almy; Bridger; Evanston; Echo City; Coalville; Ft. Douglas; Park Cy; Great American Desert; Salt Lake Cy.; Garfield Beach; Grantsville; Tooele; Sandy; Bingham; Lehi City; Mercur; Pleasant Grove; Utah L.; Alta; Heber; American Fork; Provo City; Springville; Spanish Fortk; Uintah Mts.; Frannie; Cody; Stinking Water R.; Bull R.; Owen; Big Horn Riv.; Sermopolis; Basin; No Water Cr.; Big Horn mts.; Basin; Sheridan; Buffalo; Ft. Mc Kinney; Parkman; Clearmont; Gillette; Sundance; Moorcroft; New Castle; Wyoming; Lander; Atlantic City; Shoshoni; Sweetwater R.; Mokona; Casper; Platte; Glen Rock; Douglas; Orin; Wendover; Hartville Jc.; Granger; Green River; Rock Springs; Patrick; Red Desert; Creston; Rawlins; N. platte Riv.; Walcott; Dana; Hanna; Allen; Green R.; encampment; Centennial; Collins; Laramie; Wyocolo; Horse Creek; Hahns Peak; Steamboat Springs; Ft. Collins; Stout; Loveland; Arkin; Longmont; Vernal; Bear R.; White R.; Glenwood Sprs.; Meeker; Sunset; Boulder; Erie; Aladdin; Spearfish; Black Hills; Lead; Belle Fourche; Deadwood; Whitewood; Sturgis; Piedmont; Rapid City; Cheyenne River; Philip; Murdo; Ft. Pierre; Pierre; Forest City; Gettysburg; Blunt; Hill city; Keystone; Custer; Buffalo Gap; Hot Springs; White Riv.; Pine Ridge; Fosters; Merriman; Cody; Chamberlain; Gregory; Edgemont; Lusk; Dakota Jc.; Crawford; Chadron; Rushville; Niobrara River; Valentine; Ft. Niobrara; Ainsworth; Cambria; Minnekahta; Sunrise; Gurrnsey; Hemingford; Allmags; Heannie; Mullen; Thedford; Bordeau; Nebraska; Ellsworth; North Platte; Dunnng; Broken Bow; Ft. Russell; Cheyenne; Burns; Bridgeport; Kimball; Sidney; Northport Jc.; Julesburg; Sidney; Ogalalla; Vroman; Cozad; Lexington; Callaway; Grover; Carr; Greeley; Hardin; Brighton; Ft. Lupton; Hudson; Wiggins; Buckingham; Willard; Sterling; Goodrich; Ft. Morgan; Brush; Akron; Crook; Fleming; Holyoke; Laird; Grant; Wallace; Imperial; Culbertson; Benkelman; Curt; McCook; Republican R.; Beaver City; Elwood; Platte; Holdrege; Orient; Highmore; Miller; Redfield; Dola; Ir; Huron; Wessington Sprs.; Wolsey; Woonsocket; Mitchell; Platte; Armour; Bonestee; Trop; Madison; Hutchinson; Granite Falls; Redwood Falls; shall; Tracy; New Ulm; L. crystal; pestone; Windom; St. James; ehne; Fairmont; Worthington; Rock Rapids; Sheldon; Estherville; Sisley; spencer; Tyndale; Bassett; Stuart; Verdigris; Creighton; Plainville; O'Neill; No; Merna; Sargent; Burwell; Ord; Ericson; Greeley; Albion; Arcadia; St. Paul; Palmer; Cedar Res; Col; Boelba; Strom; Central Cy.; Grand Isl.; Kearney; Kenesaw; Aurora; Harvard Sutt; Minden; Alma; Hastings; Republican Cy. Lester; Fair; Red Cloud; ville; ilion; le; ars; Elk Point; Sioux City; Cherokee; Storm Lake; Sac Cy.; Sioux Rapids; fonda; Sioux; Moville; Iowa; Wall Lake; Ida Gr.; Rodney; Ontwa; ute; Denison; Takamah; Mondamin; Manilla; Harlan; Blair; Tremont; Mo. Val; Avoca; Council Bluffs; Omaha; Land; Plattsmouth; Red Oak; Glenwood; Villisca; N.C. Jc.; Sidney; Shenandoah; nebraska Cy.; Tecumseh; Beatrice; Aubrun; Falls Cy.; more; Roseberry; Corning; Bigelow; Napier; Minnetonka; Glencoe; Shakopee; Norwood; Red Wing; Menomonie; Hastings; Wisconsin; Fairchild; Abbotsford; Marshfield; St. Peter; Mankat; Faribault; Zumbrota; Wabasha; Trevino; Merrillan; Grand Rapids; Stevens Pt.; Waseca; Albert; Wells; Lea; Owatonna; rochester; Springval; Sinona; La Crosse; Preston; Marshland; Sparta; Necedah; New Lisbon; Elroy; Desoto; Emmetsburg; Algona; Armstrong; Burt; Garner; Mason Cy; Osage; Charles cy.; Cresco; New hampton; Decorah; Waukon; Viroqua; Prairie du Chien; Lone Rock Woodman; rolfe; Rockwell Cy.; Ft. Dodge; Eagle Grove; Webster Cy.; Clarion; Iowa Fs.; Belmond; Hampton; cedar Fs.; Waverly; N. McGregor; Sumner; oelwein; Manchester; Independence; Montfort; Platte V.; Oneida; Madison; Lancaster; Darlington; Monroe; Lake Cy.; Jefferson; Carroll; Boone; Marshalltown; Story Cy.; Nevada; State Cen.; Eldora; Waterloo; Traer; Vinton; Tama; Cedar Rap; Marion; Delaware; Dubuque; Anamosa; Maquoketa; Sabula; Galena; Savanna; Fulton; Perry; Des Moines; Newton; Monroe; Bell Plaine; Grinnell; Pella; Montezuma; Iowa city; Davenport; W. Liberty; Denrock; Rock Island; Atlantic; Winterset; Afton; Orient; Chariton; Knoxville; Indianoe; Ottumwa; Albia; Evans; Oskaloosa; Hedrick; Washington; Muscaine; W. Liberty; Wapello; Mt. Pleasant; keithsburg; Creston; Clarinda; Diagonal; Seymour; Osceola; Centerville; Ft. Madison; Burlington; Dallas Cy.; Monmouth; Galesburg; Grant Cy.; mary V.; Missouri; Albany; Pattonsburg; Bethany; Caines V.; Princeton; Trenton; Milan; Galt; Memphis; Lancaster; Keokuk; Alexandria; Kirksville; Edina; La Plata; Carthage; Beardstown; Bushnell; LaHarpe; Havana; Delavan; Wausau; Eland; Clinton V.; Oconto; Green Bay; Sturgeon bay; Alcoma; frankfort; Traverse Cy.; Waupaca; New London; Appleton; Neenah; Menasha; Green Bay; Kewaunee; Two rivers; Manistee; Copemish; Walton; Cadillac; oshkosh; Berlin; Ripon; Waupun; Fond du Lac; Chilton; Manitowoc; Plymouth; Sheboygan; pentwater; Ludington; Big Rapids; Baldwin; Clare; Portage; Watertown; Oconomowoc; Port Washington; Milwaukee; Muskegon; Howard City; Stanton; Madison; Darlington; Janesville; L. Geneva; Renoit; Waukesha; Burlington; L. geneva; Racine; kenosha; Grand Haven; Grand Rapids; Holland; Allegan; Hastings; Cedar Sprs.; Illinois; Freeport; Rockford; Forreston; Elgin; Waukegan; Evanston; Chicago; L. michigan; South Haven; Benton Har.; St. Joseph; Kalamazoo; Coldwater; Niles; Charlotte; Battle Creek; Jackson; Sturgis; Dixon; Buda; Wyanet; Aurora; Rochelle; Aurora; Joliet; Hammond; Michigan Cy.; Laporte; South Bend; Elkhart; Goshen; Lacon; Galva; Peoria; Streaton; La Salle; Ottawa; Kanakakee; Pontiac; El paso; Dwight; Momence; Valparaiso; Logansport; Monon; N. Hudson; Huntington; Ft. Wayne; wabash; Delihos; Decatur; Pekin; Mackinaw; Bloomington; Gilman; Gibson Cy.; Lafayette; Delphi; Kokomo; Frankfort; Peru; Marion; Lincoln; Champaign; Clinton; Danville; Crawfordsville; Elwood; Anderson; Muncie; Union Cy.; Mancelona; Grayling; Vienna; Harrisville; Wiarton; Meafort; Houghton L.; Alger; harrison; Standish; Au Sable; Kincardine; Owen Sound; Collingwood; Harriston; Orangeville; Toronto; Barrie; W. Bay Cy.; Saginaw; Ithaca; Ashley; Bay Cy.; Saginaw Bay; Pt. Austin; Bad Axe; Harbor Beach; Palms; Wingham; Goderich; Stratford; Berlin; Guelph; Galt; Burlington; Brantford; Ionia; owosso; Flint; Durand; Lansing; Lapeer; Port Huron; Sarnia; Glencoe; London; Woodstock; St. Thomas; St. Catharines; Howell; Ann Arbor; Ypsilanti; Hillsdale; Adrian; Monroe; L. St. Clair; Detroit; Windsor; Sandusky; L. erie; Loran; Cleveland; Chatham; Port Burwell; Paines v; Ashtabula; Birar; Union Cy.; Erie; Mayville; Chautaugud L.; Toledo; Montpelier; Fremont; Deshler; Bellevue; Akron; Youngstown; Warren; Sharon; Meadville; Oil City; Defiance; Findlay; Kenton; Lima; Ohio Cy.; Fostoria; Tiffin;Bucyrus; Calion; Marion; Mt. Vernon; Lodi; Mansfield; New Castle; Canton; Massillon; Steubenville; Allegheny; Butler; Pennsylvania; Ohio; Sidney; Piqua; Bellefontaine; Newark; Zanesville; Cambridge; Bellaire; Wellsburg; Wheeling; Benwood; Midland; Orillia; L. Simcoe; Lindsay; Coe Hill; Peterborough; Sharbot L.; Smiths Falls; Belleville; Brock V.; Kingston; prescott; Norwood; Ogdensburg; Gouverneur; Hamilton; L. Ontario; Lockport; Whitby; Pt. Hope; Coburg; Picton; Clayton; Kent; Rochester; Charlotte; Lyons; Oswego; Richland; Sackets Har.; Watertown; Carthage; Niagara Falls; Ft. Erie; Buffalo; Attica; Springville; Batavia; Avon; Mt. Morris; Wayland; Geneva; Cayoga; Syracuse; Fulton; Auburn; Cortland; Oneida L.; Oneida; Rome; Utica; Herkimer; Norwich; Dunkirk; Dayton; New York; Jamestown; Cuba; Lean; Ulysses; Addison; Hornellsville; Bath; Corning; Elmira; Van Etten; Elmira; Owego; Oneonta; Bloomville; Walton; Binghamton; Hancock Jc.; Cory; Warren; Bradford; Mt. Jewett; Coudersport; Blossburg; Lawrenceville; Sayre; Lowanda; Ganton Carbondale; Montrose; Honesdale; Ridgway; Brockwayville; Clarion; Emporium; Driftwood; Lockhaven; Williamsport; Scranton; Pt. Jervis; Boonton; Stroudsburg; Punxsutawney; Indiana; Pittsburg; McKeesport; Connells V.; Confluence; Clearfield; Bellefonte; Tyrone; Altoona; Cresson; Johns T.; Harrisburg; Shippensburg; Bedford; Mt. Union; Carlisle; york; Sunbury; Pottsville; Port Royal; Lebanon; Pottstown; Lancaster; Bloomsburg; Shamokry; Easton; Mauchchunk; Bouncbrook; Perthamboy; New Brunswick; Malone; Moira; Adirondack mts.; Swanton; St. Albans; Plattsburg; L. Champlain; Barton; Cambridge; Burlington; Newport; Cole Brook; Coos; Berlin; St. Johnsbury; Whitefield; Kingfield; Newport; Strong; Rumford Falls; Bethel; N. Conway; Auburn; Turper L.; Montpelier; Barre; Wood V.; Ticonderoga; N. Creek; Rutland; Claremont; Leicester; Woodstock; West Pt.; Bristol; W.E. Jc.; Franklin Jc.; New hampshire; Conway; Mechanics Falls; Warren; Laconia; Rochester; Lewiston; Brunswick; Portland; Saco; Biddeford; Berwick; Johns T.; Fonda; Amsterdam; Schenectady; S. Londonderry; Glens Fs.; Saratoga Sprs.; Ochoeg; Troy; Brattleboro; Vermont; Bennington; Keent; Manchester; Nashua; Concord; Dover; Sun Cook; York Beach; Portsmouth; Rockport; Albany; Hudson; Cairo; Catskill Mts.; N. Adams; Greenfield; Pittsfield; Mass.; Holyoke; Westfield; Fitchburg; Athol; North Hampton; Worcester; Springfield; Lowell; Marlboro; Framingham; Taunton; Newburyport; Lawrence; Salem; Lynn; Boston; Quincy; Cape cod; Provincetown; Brockton; Plymouth; Kingston; Poughkeepsie; Hartford; Litchfield; Providence; Woonsocket; Williaantic; R.I.; New Bedford; Buzzards Bay; Fall River; Newburgh; Campbell; Hall; Conn.; Middletwon; Watersbury; Danbury; Norwich; New London; Westerly; Narragansett Bay; Newport; Siasconset; Nantucket; Paterson; Passaic; West Pt.; Pompton; Yonkers; Bridgeport; New Haven; Babylon; Jefferson; Long Island; Greenport; Sag Harbor; Amagansett; Montauk; Newark; Trenton; Long Branch; Sandy Hook; Jersey City; New York; Brooklyn; Hempstead; Newport; Burnham; Bangor; Milford; Machias; Eastpo; Waterville; Augusta; Mt. Desert Cy; Belfast; Penobscot Bay; Mt. Desert; Bath; Wiscasset; Rockland; Fort Bragg; Sherwood; Pt. Arena; Covelo; Shasta Mts.; Willows; Fruto; Sites; Lakeport; Ukiah; Rumsey; Colusa; Woodland; Davisville; Chico; Oroville; Marysville; Sacramento R.; Yuba Cy.; Nevada City; Grass Val.; L. Tahoe; Truckee; Reno; Healdsburg; Calistoga; Guerneville; Markham; Santa Rosa; St. helena; Auburn; Sacramento; Colfax; placerville; San Anselmo; San Rafael; Sausalito; San Francisco; Lejod; keleyo; Oakland; Alameda; inara; Elmira; Suisun; Benicia; Avon; Galt; Ione; Lodi; Valley Springs; Stockton; Milton; Sonora; Mono Lake; San Mateo; Santa Clara; Felton; Santa cruz; Niles; Coast Range; San Jose; Newman; Tracy; Joaquin R.; Oakdale; Modesto; Merced; Gilroy; Watsonville; Hollister; Tres Pinos; Los Banos; Madera; Salinas; Monterey; Pt. Sur; Gonzales; San Lucas; Kerman; Hanford; Armona; Cape San Martin; San Ardo; Alcalde; Tulate l.; San Miguel; paso Robles; San Luis Obispo; Pt. harford; Guadaloupe; Santa Maria; Hot Springs; Alpha; Cherry Cr.; Nevada; Dayton; Ft. Churchill; Catons; Austin; Eureka; Carson City; mason; Rawhide; Gillis; Hot Creek Mts.; Hamilton; Duck Water; Walker L.; Bodie; Hawthorne; Luning; Belmont; Tonopah; Gayger; Wood Camp; Candelaria; Queen; Hammill; Goldfield; Silver Peak; Fryberg; Caliente; Raymond; Pollasky; Fresno; Alvord; Mt. Whitney; Bullfrog; Keeler; Rhyolite; Goldcenter; Desert Mts.; St. Thomas; Moapa; Goshen; Visaln; Tulare; Owens L.; Death Valley; Armagosa R.; Las Vegas; Famoso; Olig; Bakersfield; Kern; Kern L.; Freeman; Randsburg; Mojave; Borate; Searchlight; Ivanpah; Purdy; Chloride; Plano; Ironton; Silver City; Nephi; Moroni; Eureka; Payson; Scofield; Thistle; Pleasant Val. Jc.; price; Grand Jc.; Leaminston; Ephraim; Mt. Pleasant; Grass; Ely; Utah; Manti; Sevier Lake; Black Rock; Fillmore; Salina; Richfield; Monroe; Castle Dale; Green River; Desert; Milford; Frisco; Lund; Sevier R.; Marysville; Beaver; Junction; Teasdale; Cainesville; Pioche; Uvada; Mineral Range; Cedar City; Mormon R; St. George; Panguitch; Parowan; Kanab; Wasatch Mts.; Escalante; Monticello; San Juan River; Virgin Riv.; Grand Canon; Colorado River; White Hills; Peach Sprs.; hackberry; Seligman; Borman; Ash Fork; Williams; Flagstaff; Babbit; Canon Diablo; Little Colorado R.; St. Joseph; Holbrook; Green R.; utaline; Grand Jc.; De Beque; New Castle; Colorado; Gypsum; Georget; Frisco; Idaho Sprs.; Central Cy; Golden; Lafayette; Cisco; Moab; Delta; Montrose; Aspen Jc.; Anthracite; Ruby; Crested Butte; Baldwin; Red Cliff; Leadville; Aspen; Granite; Gunnison; Como; London; Buena Vista; Cripple Cr; Salida; Ft. Logan; Colorado Cy.; Manitou; Pikes Pk.; Canyon Cy.; Ridgeway; Telluride; Vance Jc.; Lake Jc.; Aberdeen; Ourky; Clark City; Ironton; Farlin; Monarch; Viela Grove; Saguache; Moffatt; Florence; Orient; West Cliffe; Salt Cr.; Delores; Rico; Bluff; Mancos; Durango; Silverton; Rockwood; Pagosa Sprs.; Creede; Wagon Wheel Gap; Del Norte; Alamosa; Antonito; Watsonburg; Rouse; Garland; Lumberton; Chama; Catskill; Blossburg; Farmington; Aztec; Elvada; Tierra Amarilla; No Agua; Corta; Caliente; Springer; Espanola; Levy; Navajo; Houck; Gallup; Wingate; Ft. Wingate; Eldridge; Thoreau; Blue Water; Cubero; Albuquerque; New Mexico; Bernalill; San Pedro; Cerrillos; Santa Fe; Shoemaker; Hot Springs; Lamy; Fulton; Las Vegas; Scranton; Byers; Claremont; Burlington; St. Francis; Goodland; Atwood; Herndon; oberlin; Norton; Phillipsburg; Lenora; Hoxie; Denver; Elizabeth; Palmer L.; Ramah; Agate; Limon; Flagle; Cheyenne; Wells; Sharon Sprs.; Wallace; Colby; Winona; Hill City; Oakley; Plainville; Falcon; Colorado Sprs.; Hugo; Kit Carson; Smoky Hill; Wa Keeney; La Crosse; Ness city; Pinon; Pueblo; Nepesta; Ordway; Rocky Ford; La Junta; Galatza; Sheridan Lake; Horace; Leoti; Kansas; Syracuse; Lakin; Scott; Dighton; Utica; Ness City; Garden Cy.; Jetmore; Kinsley; Cucharas Jc.; Rouse Jc.; Delhi; Trinidad; Las Animas; Lamar; Springfield; Holly; Coolidge; Arkansas Riv.; Ulyssess; Lineral; Cimarron; Dodge City; Meade; Bucklin; Coldwater; Ashland; Haton; Folsom; Des Moines; Cliftonhouse; Grenville; Oklahoma; Guymon; N. Fk. Of Canadian; Optima; Beaver; Englewood; Buffalo; Clayton; Stratford; Hansford; Ochiltree; Woodward; Gage; Salona; Dalhart; Bravo; Channing; Oumas; Canadian; Arnett; East Las Vegas; Tucumcari; Naravisa; Logan; Bard Cy.; Tascosa; panhandle; Armarillo; Canyon; Claude; Jericho; Miami; Mclean; Sayre; Almena; Long Island; Manicato; Belle V.; Logan; Kirwin; Smith Cen.; Stockton; Alton; Downs; Concord; Beloit; Minneapolis; Luray; Lincoln; Manchester; Russell; Solomon; Hays; Ellsworth; Salina; Hoisington; Genesee; Great Bend; Lyon; Larned; Sterling; Hutchinson; Macksville; Medicine Lodge; Pratt; Kingman; hazelton; Kiowa; Seneca; Savannah; St. Joseph; Sabetha; Hiawatha; Horton; Troy; Goff; Holton; Atchison; West Moreland; Meriden; Kansas R.; St. marys; Leavenworth; Alma; Topeka; Burlngame; Lawrence; Argentine; Olathe; Reno; Strong; Council Gr.; Ottawa; Osage Cy.; Emporia; Garnett; Burlington; Leon Yates Cen.; Ft. Scott; Eureka; Chanute; Iola; Girard; Fredonia; Cherryvale; Parsons; Oswego; field; Moline; Independence; Oakvale; Columbus; Oswego; Alva; Anthony; Medford; Ingersoll; Waynoka; Augusta; Homestead; Enid; Keene; Hennessey; Stillwat; Kingfisher; Watonga; Karche; Jammon; Weatherford; Arapaho; Geary; Ft. Reno; El Reno; Edmond; Elk Cy.; Hobart; Anadarko; Oklahoma Cy.; Tecu; Coffeyville; Hetcha; Galena; Miami; Afton; Nowata; esville; Chelsea; Vinita; S.W. City; Collinsville; Pawnee; Siloam Sprs.; Claremort; Arkansas Riv.; Tulsa; Wagoner; Ft. Gibson; Sapulpa; Muskogee; Checotah; Eufaula; Holdenvillle; Poteau; Wister Note: Published by Geo. F. Cram, Chicago, Ill. Title: Map of the United States Keywords: St. Joseph; Cameron; Mays V.; Gallatin; Laclede; Chillicothe; Linneus; Brookfield; Bucklin; Bevier; Macon; W. Quincy; Shelby V.; Monroe; Clayton; Quincy; Bluffs; Jacksonville; Springfield; Kingston; Plattsburg; Platte Cy. Liberty; Macon; Carrollton; Brunswick; Monroe; Paris; Moberly; hannibal; perry; Louisiana; Rodonhouse; Auburn; Girard; Kansas Cy; Independence; Richmond; Salisbury; Marshall; Lexington; Glasgow; New Franklin; Boon V.; Tipton; Centralia; Mexico; Troy; Columbia; Fulton; Portland; Warrenton; St. Peters; St. Charles; Pleasant Hill; Paola; Osawatomie; Holden; Sedalia; Versailles; Clinton; Butler; Rich Hill; Harrison V.; Warsaw; Jefferson Cy.; Osage R.; Bagnell; Dixon; Belle; Hermann; Owens; Union; Pacific; St. Louis; E. St. Louis; Crystal Cy.; De Soto; Nevada; Lamar; Minden; Osceola; Buffalo; Bolivar; Greenfield; Richalnd; Lebanon; Rolla; Cuba; Salem; Hillsboro; Potosi; Bonne Terre; Farmington; Ste. Genevieve; Pittsburg; Ash Grove; Carthage; Joplin; Marshfield; Springfield; Mansfield; Mountain Gr.; Eminence; Ellington; Piedmont; Ironton; Fredericktown; Green V.; Doe Run; Jackson; C. Girardeau; Delta; Mingo; Neosho; Granby; Pierce Cy.; Caseville; Monett; Aurora; Ozark Forsyth; Willow Sprs.; West Plains; Thayer; Van Buren; Williamsville; Grandin; Doniphan; Poplar Bluff; Malden; Benton V.; Westville; Gravett; Rogers; Fayette V. Eureka Sprs.; Berryville; Harrison; Yellville; Buffalo; Knobel; Paragould; Hoxie; Jonesboro; New Madr; Kennett; Caruthers; Blythe V.; Tahlequah; Stillwell; Pettigrew; Cushman; Bates V.; Bald Knob; Searcy; Newport; Lake Cy. Sallisaw; Van Buren; Ft. Smith; Ozark; Clarksville; paris; Russellville; Ardanelle; Morrillton; Conway; W. Point; Forest City; White Riv.; Augusta; Wynne; W Memphis; Decker V.; Covington; Memphis; Decatur; Dement; Indianapolis; New Castle; Talor V.; Charleston; paris; Shelbyville; Rusville; Richmond; Pawnee; Pana; Cowden; Mattoon; Neog; Marshall; Terre Haute; Brazil; Columbus; Greensburg; Cincinnati; Hamilton; Lawrenceburg; Ramsey; Alton; Altamont; Vandalia; Effingham; Olney; Lawrence V.; Vincennes; Bloomington; Robinson; Sullivan; Washington; Seymour; Bedford; Covington; Lawrenceburg; Madison; Belleville; Centralia; Salem; Mt. Vernon; Flora; Fairfield; Mt. Carmel; Paoli; Jeffersonville; Ohio r.; Covington; La Grange; Sparta; Chester; Duquoin; Benton; Carmi; El Dorado; Mt. Vernon; Evansville; Princeton; Huntingburg; New Albany; Rockport; Cannelton; Louisville; Perry V.; Carbondale; Murphysboro; Shawnee; T.; Henderson; Dixon; Central Cy.; Wensboro; West Pt.; Leitchfield; Cecilian; Hodgens V.; Lebanon; Shelby; Lawrenceburg; Springfield; Commerce; Bird Pt; Catro; Metropolis; E. Cairo; Paducah; Princeton; Hopkinsville; Grace; Madison V.; Nortonville; Mammoth Cave; Dexter; Charleston; Belmont; Columbus; Kentucky; Mayfield; Wickliffe; Fulton; Murray; Cadiz; Erin; Guthrie; Adair v.; Clarksville; Gallatin; Bowling Green; Scotts V.; Rogana; Hartsville; Glasgow; Madrid; Highman; Union city; Dyersburg; Trenton; Tennesse; Waverly; Edgefield; Cumberland; Cumberland; Lebanon; Carthage; Sunbright; Cookeville; Bonair; Luxora; Tennessee; Milan; Jackson; Lexington; Dickson; Centerville; Murfreesboro; Bonair; Pike v.; Browns V.; Bolivar; Moscow; Perryville; Henderson; Napier; lawrenceburg; Middleton; Colombia; Shelbyville; Tullahoma; Fayette V.; Eldra; McMinnville; Dayton; Cleveland; Detherd; madisonville; Athens; Chattanooga; Springfield; Dayton; Franklin; Xenia; Lancaster; Columbus; Thurston; Logan; Moundsville; New Martins V.; Sisters V.; Uniontown; Mannington; Washington c.H.; Midland; portsmouth; Circle V.; Athens; Chillicothe; Gallipolis; Marietta; Mason; Parkersburg; Clarksburg; Weston; Burning Sprs.; Fairmont; St. Marys; Buckhannon; Newport; Falmouth; Cynthiana; Maysville; Greenup; Gallipolis; Ironton; Huntington; Pt. Pleasant; Spencer; Beverly; Frankfort; George; Paris; Lexington; Catlettsburg; Morehead; Ashland; Wayne; Kenova; West Virginia; Clendenin; Clay; Sutton; Holly; Addison; Burgin; Winchester; Louisa; Charleston; Williamson; Coalburg; Jaeger; Fayette; Hinton; Richwood; Danville; Richmond; Jackson; Welch; Powhatan; Raleight; Bluefield; Ronoeverte; New Castle; Somerset; Middlesboro; Livingston; London; Corbin; Cumberland Mts.; Bristol; Big Stone Gap; Pocahontas; Marion; Abingdon; Tazewell; New River Dep.; Wytheville; Gossan; Rocky Mt.; Pulaski; Gossan; Stuart; Jellico; Cumberland Gap; Clinton; Cross V.; Knoxville; Dorryton; Morristown; Rogersville; newport; Johnson Cy.; Green V.; Rutherfordton; Hot Spr.; Morganton; Marion; Hickory; Mountain Cy.; Elizabethton; Wilkesboro; North Carolina; Lenoir; Hickory; Statesville; Mt. Airy; Taylors v.; Winston Salem; Leaksville; Rockwood; Appalachia Mts.; Asheville; Wayes v.; Hendersonville; Bryson city; Murphy; Spartanburg; newton; Lincolnton; Shelby; Blacksburg; Salisbury; Concord; Norwood; Gastonia; Charlotte; Monroe; Aberdeen; Grafton; Maryland; Cumberland; Rockwood; Oakland; Piedmont; Keyser; Green Sprs.; Chambersburg; Gettysburg; Hagerstown; Martinsburg; Charles t; Winchester; Romney; Harpers Ferry; Brunswick; Westminster; Frederick; Baltimore; Leesburg; Havre de Grace; Chester T.; Annapolis; Queens; Smyrna; Bridgeton; Elkton; Del.; New Castle; Wilmington; Philadelphia; Elkins; hendricks; Thomas; Davis; Strasburg; Luray; Calverton; Manassas; Alexandria; Mechanics V.; Upper Marlboro; Washington; Claiborne; Oxford; Cambridge; Dover; Long Beach; Easton; Monterey; Durbin; Harrisonburg; Fredericksburg; Elkton; Popes Cr.; Seaford; Delaware Bay; Lewes; Georgetown; Harrisonburg; Marlinton; Staunton; basic Cy.; Orange; Gordons V.; Potomac R.; Chesapeake Bay; laurel Salisbury; Ocean City; Clifton; Forge; Lexington; Roanoke; Warren; Charlottesville; James R.; Columbia; Doswell; Richmond; Agcomac; Lynchburg; S. Boston; Danville; Cumberland; Manchester; Farmville; Keysville; Burkeville; Claremont; Petersburg; Franklin; Emporia; Clarksville; Newport News; Portsmouth; Suffolk; West Pt.; Williamsburg; Cape charles; Fortress Monroe; Norfolk; Virginia Beach; Munden; Madison; Reidsville; Oxford; Roxboro; Henderson; Ridgeway; halifax; Weldon; Elizabeth City; Edenton; Greensboro; Burlington; Raleight; durham; Springhope; Rocky Mt.; Lewiston; Tarboro; Albemarle Sd.; Plymouth; Hight Pt.; Ashborn; Pittsboro; Selma; Wilson; Green V.; Washington; Bethel; Troy; Carthage; Gulf; Colon; Sanford; Fayetteville; Goldsboro; Kinston; Newbern; Pamlico Sound; Cape Hatteras; Camden; Freehold; Seaside Park; Barnegat; Millville; Beach haven; Tuckerton; New Jer; Atlantic City; Ocean Ctiy; Cape May; pt. Arquello; Lompoc; Santa Cruz Isl.; Santa Rosa Isl.; San Nicolas Isl.; Los olivos; Elwood; Santa Barbara; Ventura; Lancaster; Kramer; Pt. of Crooks; Barstow; Daggett; San bernardino Mts.; Ludlow; Ash Hill; Goffs; Danby; Stedman; Oxnard; Saugus; Chatsworth; Log Angeles; pasadena; Monrovia; Chino; San Bernardino; redlands; Seven Palms; Parker; Santa Monica; Redondo; San Pedro; Orange; Santa Ana; Pomona; Corona; Colton; Riverside; San Jacinto; Perris; Salton; Old Beach; Santa Catalina Isl.; San Clemente Isl.; San Juan; L.A. Jc.; E. Jc.; Temecula; Fall Brook; Escondido; Tortuga; Fosters; San Diego; Coronado; National City; La Preba; Tia Juana; Araz; Mexicala; Pt. Banda; Ensenada de Todos Santos; Baja California (Lower); Guadalupe; San Quentin; Cape San Quentin; Needles; Kingman; Arizona; Jerome Jc.; Prescott; Gorman; P.Jc.; Jerome; Babbitt; Winslow; Colorado R.; Congress; C. Jc.; Poland; A. & C. Jc.; Mayer; Crownking; Salome; Wickenburg; Phoenix; Peoria; Roosevelt; Gila bend; Estrella; Hassayampa; Phoenix; Sacaton; Gila r.; Tempe; Salt R.; Mesa; Higley; Florence; Melvin; Ray; Globe; S. Pedro R.; Dudleyville; Christmas; San Carlos; Solomonsville; Gila River; Yuma; Tacna; Aztec; Sentinel; Maricopa; Casagrande; Redrock; Silverbell; Quijotoa; Jaynes; Tucson; Cochise; wilcox; Teviston; Twin Buttes; Benson; Fairbank; Crittenden; Calabasas; Nogales; Naco; San Jorges Bay; S. Isabel; Gulf of California; Rio del Altar; Mex; Lomas; Del Rio; La Cananea; Magdalena; St. Johns; Rio Puerco; Belen; Sabinal; A. & P. Jc.; Los Lunas; Abo; Moriarty; Willard; Santa Rosa; Vaugh; Magdalena; San Antonio; San Marcial; Rio Grande del Norte; Socorro; Carrizozo; Ancho; Torrance; Capitan; Ft. Stanton; Cooney; Ft. Thomas; Morenci; etcalf; lifton; Pinos Altos; Kingston; Fierro; Hanover; Lava; Cutter; Temporal; Alamogordo; Lincoln; Duncan; Lordsburg; Ft. Bayard; Silver City; White Water; Lake Valley; Deming; Santa rita; Nutt; Rio Grande; Rincon; Brice; las Cruces; Cox Canon; Steins; Gleason; Tombstone; Bisbee; Osborn; Douglas; Wilna; Hermanas; Hachita; Aden; Ciudad Juarez; San Pedro; El Paso; Texas; Clint; Ft. hancoc; Fronteras; nacozari; Samalayuca; San Pedro Jc.; Casas Grandes; Terrazas; Sierra; San Jose; Ojo Caliente; Sierr Blanca; Conant; Puerto de Luna; Hereford; Dimmitt; Tulia; Clarendon; Memphis; Mangum; Wellington; Yesso; La Lenda; Clovis; Farwell; Texico; Portales; Plain View; Floydada; Childress; Paducah; Acme; Crowell; Elida; Campbell; Lubbock; Slaton; Crosbyton; Brazos Riv.; Dickens; Aspermont; Roswell; Hagerman; Artesia; Lamesa; Slaton; Post; Augustus; Champ; Snyder; Rotan; Hamlin; Roby; Dayton; Malaga; Carlsbad; Pecos River; Midland; Stanton; Big Spring; Colorado; Roscoe; Sweetwater; Abilene; Palermo; Riverton; Odessa; Sterling city; San Angelo; Ballinger; Van Horn; Dalberg; Kent; Toyah; Pecos; Toyahvale; Barstow; Monahans; Sherwood; Colorado; Eden; Valentine; Marfa; Paisano; Ft. Davis; Ft. Stockton; Alpine; haymond; Longfellow; Ozona; Eldorado; Ft. Mckavett; Juno; Sonora; Fredericksburg; Hollis; Ft. Sill; Oklahoma Cy.; Chickasha; Purcell; Altus; Frederick; Quanah; Lawton; Comanche; Devol; Marlow; Duncan; Day; Vernon; Iowa park; Wichita Falls; Ryan; Ardi; Gainesville; St. Jo; Benjamin; Henrietta; Seymour; Bowie; Haskell; Stamford; Graham; Bridgeport; Decatur; Jacksboro; Fort Worth; Anson; Weatherford; Albany; Strawn; Baird; Cisco; Stephenville; Granbury; Cleburne; May; Millslord; Coleman; Brownwood; Dublin; hamilton; Morgan; Goldthwaite; Gatesville; Wal; San Saba; Lometa; Belton; Temple; Brady; Menard; Lampasas; Georgetown; Cameron; Rockdale; Mason; Llano; Burnet; Marble Falls; Kerrville; Austin; Bastrop; Calester; Kiowa; Hartshorne; Heavener; Coalgate; Atoka; mingo; Caddo; Antlers; Duran; erson; Bonham; Honey Grove; paris; De Kalb; Mt. Pleasant; Wolfe; Commerce; Plano; Greenville; Sulphur Sprs.; Terrell; Jefferson; Mineola; Marshall; Kaufman; Garrett; Ennis; Tyler; Corsicana; Jacksonville; Palestine; Mexia; Naoogdoches; San Augustine; Crockett; Trinity R.; rlin; Bremond; Franklin; Crockett; Lufkin; Corrigan; Alvert; Hearne; Trinity; Huntsville; Colmesneil; Bryan; Navasota; Conroe; Hempstead; Liberty; Howe; Monroe; Arkansas; Mansfield; Waldron; Danville; Perry V.; Argenta; Lonoke; Hazen; Des arc; Brinkley; Marianna; Senatobia; Mena; Little Rock; Hot Springs; Malvern; Sheridan; Benton; Clarendon; De Witt; Altheimer; Stuttgart; Helena; Frair Pt.; Lula; Coahoma; Eagles Nest; Horatio; Arkadelphia; Gurdon; Pine Bluff; Tutwiler; Clarksdale; Riverside; Prescott; Hope Camden; Dumas; Kingsland; Warren; Dumas; McGehee; Rosedale; Winona; Huntington; Texarkana; Magnolia; New Lewisville; Hamburg; Portland; El Dorado; percy; Greenville; Leland; Itta Bena; Greenwood; Linden; Waskom; Minden; Gibsland; Homer; Louisiana; Shreveport; Junction Cy.; Bastrop; Ructon; Monroe; Rayville; Mississipi Riv.; Rolling Fork; ; Yazoo Cy.; Tchula; Djraw; Long View; Henderson; Carthage; Bienville; Coushatta; Mansfield; Campti; Winnsboro; Colmbia; Winnfield; Port Gibson; Delta; Jackson; Vicksburg; Pearl R.; Natchitoches; Many; Cypress; Colfax; Jones V.; Vidalia; Natchez; Hazelhurst; Harriston; Saratoga; Wesson; Brookhaven; Williamsburg; Rockland; Cheneyville; mansura; Woodville; Jackson; St. Francis; McComb; Columbia; Lumberton; Kountze; Beaumont; Buna; Call; De Quincy; Midland; Oakdale; Opelcusas; Eunice; Midland; New Roads; Arnaud V.; Flaquemine; St. Martins V.; Ft. Allen; Slaughter; Clinton; Kentwood; Amite; Baton Rouge; Pearl Riv.; Ponchatoula; L. Pontchartrain; Donaldson; Corinth; Iuka; Tuscombia; Florence; Sheffield; Athens; Stevenson; Huntsville; Lafayette; Sardis; Oxford; Holly Springs; New Albany; Turelo; Winfield; Decatur; Russellville; New Decatur; Ft. Payne; Cullman; Rome; Pontotoc; Okolona; Amory; Jasper; Birmingham; pratt cy.; Attala; Piedmont; Anniston; Gadsden; Austell; Tallapoosa; Winona; Eupora; Grenada; Aberdeen; West Point; Columbus; Fayette; Bessemer; Ensley; Columbiana; Talladega; Oxford; Carrollton; Lexington; Stark V.; macon; Ackerman; Woodstock; Tuscaloosa; Akron; Center V.; Blocton; Calera; Sylacauga; Roanoke; Lafayette; La Grange; Kosciosko; Alabama; Canton; Lauderdale; Meridan; Demopolis; york; Tembigbee R.; Marion; Selma; Montgomery; Greensboro; Prattville; Dadeville; Wetumpka; Opelika; Tuskegee; Phoenix; Girard; Forest; Braxton; Mendenhall; Laurel; Pine Hill; Jackson; Georgiana; Alabama R.; Camden; Greenville; Searight; Luverne; Union springs; Hurtsboro; Lumpkin; Troy; Eufaula; Clayton; Waynesboro; Ellisville; Hattiesburg; Calvert; Repton; Evergreen; Andalusia; Flomaton; Brantley; Elba; pera; Ft. Gaines; Ozark; Columbia; Geneva; Abbe V.; Dothan; Beaumont; Merrill; Muscogee; Crestview; Milton; Florida; Ba St. Louis; Gulf Port; Mississipi Sd.; new Orleans; Scranton; Muscogee; Mobile; Mobile Bay; Mill View; Pensacola; Milton; De Funiak Springs; Marianna; River Jc.; Chattahoochie; Tallahassee; Blueridge; Tallulah; Es. Toccoa; Walhalla; Seneca; Anderson; Greenville; Clinton; Union; Yorkville; Chester; Rock Hill; Wadesboro; Cheraw; Lancaster; Ellijay; Gainesville; Cartersville; Lula; Hartwell; Greenwood; Abbeville; Laurens; Newberry; South Carolina; Carlisle; Sumter; Camden; Dallas; Lawrence V.; Marietta; Athens; Elberton; McCormick; lexington; Edgefield; Alston; Columbia; Atlanta; Covington; Madison; lexington; Washington; Thomson; Augusta; Aiken; Seivern; Kingsville; Fairburn; Newnan; Greenville; Griffin; McDonough; Warrenton; Milledgeville; Tennille; Louis V.; Blackville; Denmark; Savannah R.; Barnwell; Orangeburg; Branchville; Pregnalls; Greenville; Barnesville; Milledgeville; Tennille; Louis V.; Barnwell; Walterboro; Georgia; Talbotton; Thomaston; Macon; Wadley; Swainsboro; Millen; Sylvania; Green Pond; Columbus; Hawkinsville; Cordele; Abbeville; Fort Valley; McRae; Dublin; Empire; Lyons; Statesboro; Stillmore; Beaufort; Port Royal; Americus; Cuthbert; Dawson; Albany; Worth; Fitzgerald; Otamaha R.; Reidsville; Baxley; Walthourville; Jesup; Darien; Arlington; Flint; Bainbridge; Tifton; Moultrie; Thomasville; Quitman; Valdosta; Ocilla; Douglas; Dupont; Waycross; Okefenokee; Swamp; Brunswick; Forkston; Fernandina; Monticello; Drifton; Madison; live Oak; Perry; jasper; Callahan; Lake city; High Sprs.; Baldwin; Starke; Jacksonville; Mayport; Pablo Beach; hamlet; Clinton; Warsaw; Beaufort; Maxton; Jacksonville; Morehead City; Bennettsville; Clio; Lumberton; Burgaw; Cape Lookout; Darlington; Florence; Peedee; Clarion; Chadbourn; Southport; Wilmington; Cape Fear; Conway; Lanes; Georgetown; Santee River; Charleston; Fort Sumter; Atlantic Ocean; San Andres; Cerros I.; Pt. San Eugenia; Carbo; Tubay; Sonora; R. de Sonora; Hermosillo; Pt. S. Gabriel; Ortiz; Cumuripa; Sebastian Viscaino Bay; Guaymas; oroz; San Maria; San Lorenzo; Mulege; Navojoa; Lopeto; Soledad; Dolores; Montezuma; Madera; Gallego; Temosachic; Laguna; Aldama; Hormigas; Santa Eulalia; Falomin; Tonichi; R. Yaqua; Guerrero; Minaca; Bachimba; Sauz; Chihuahua; Corral; La Junta; Bocoyna; Chavita; Rio Conchas; Saucillo; La Cruz; Santa Rosalia; Alamos; Minas Nuevas; Rincon; Jimenez; Masiaca; R. del Fuerte; Fuerte; Parral; Mochis; Topolobampo; Fenochio; Sinai; Llano Blanco; Mesa de Sandia; Rosario; Descrubidora; Guamochil; Caimanero; Guanacevi; Alamito; Eloro; Presidio; Dryden; Langtry; Shumla; Rock Springs; Comstock; Puerto Gato; Boquillas; El rio; Cline; Spofford; Batesville; Zaragosa; Nova; Eagle Pass Ciudad; Porfirio Diaz; Rosita; Muzquizo; Sabinas; Nuevo Laredo; Carrizo Springs; Minera; Sierra Mojada; Cuatro Cienegas; Hondo; Rodriguez; Corralitos; Escalon; Monclova; Panuco; Lampazos de Neranjo; Guadalupe; Personal; Bermejillo; Mapimi; Torreon; Pedricena; Tlahualilo; Horizonte; Hornos; Viesca; Jalisco; Coahuil; parras; Alamito; Paila; Venadito; Reata; paredon; Saltillo; Cisneros; Nuevo Leon; Loma; Monterrey; San Pedro; Leon; Carneros; Waring; San Marcos; Smith V.; Lockhart; New Braunfels; Luling; Seguin; San Antonio; Gonzales; Hondo; Halletts; Floresville; Stockdale; Pearsale; Kenedy; Victoria; Beeville; Cotulla; Skidmore; Burro; Sinton; San Diego; Rosstown; Alice; Copel; Laredo; Hebronville; Aguilares; Falfurrias; Riviera; Zapata;Rio Grande; Arguellos; Samfordyce; San Miguel; Edinburg; Raymondville; San Juan; San; Marling; Sa; Los Herreras; Hidalgo; Brownsville; Reynosa; Matamora; Montemorelos; Orange; Houston; Sealy; Eagle Lake; Galveston Bay; Alvin; Richmond; Wharton; Columbia; Algoa; enna; Bay City; Van Vleck; Hawkinsville; Angleton; Velasco; Blessing; College Pt.; Palacios; Matagorda Bay; Port O'Connor; lavaca; ristl Bay; Gulf of Mexico; Orange; Echo; Lake Charles; Iowa; Crowley; Gueydan; Lafayette; Abbeville; New Iberia; Franklin; Thibodau; Gretna; Port Arthur; Sabine Pass; Morgan City; Napoleonville; Schriever; Houma; Port Bolivar; Galveston; St. Bernard; Apalachicola; Belair; Cape San Blas; Buras; Delta of the Mississippi; St. Marks; Carrabelle; Apalachee Bay; Mayo; Gainesville; Archer; Palatka; Hampton; St. Augustine; E. Palatka; Cedar Keys; Morriston; Ocala; Astor; Silver Spring; Deland; Daytona; New Smyrna; Dunnellon; Homosassa; Wildwood; Leesburg; Tavares; Apopka; Sanford; Titusville; Brooksville; Port Tampa; Plant City; Tampa; Dade City; Orlando; Kissimmee; Rockledge; Melbourne; St. Petersburg; Tampa Bay; Braidentown; Ft. Meade; Manatee; Wauchula; Lakeland; Bartow; Lake Kissimmee; Avon Park; Sebastian; Arcadia; Ft. Pierce; Jensen; Punta Gorda; Charlotte Harbor; Bocagrande; Ft. Myers; Lake Okeechobee; Jupiter; Juno; W. Palm Beach; The Everglades; Ft. Lauderdale; Lemon City; Ten Thousand Isles; Miami; Ponce de Leon Bay; Cape Sable; Florida Bay; Great Bahama Isl.; Providence Channel N.W.; great Abaco Isl.; Ma; Pelican Harbor; Abaco; bahama; New Providence Isl.; Egg Isl.; Royal Isl.; Rose Isl.; Dunmore Town; Eleuthera Isl.; Governor Harbour; Nassau; Tarpum Bay; Bahia de Magdalena; Magdalena Bay; Altata; Culiacan; Tepehuanes; Durango; Velardena; Concepcion; Linares; R.P.; Dry Tortugas; Fort Jefferson (U.S. Naval Station); Pine Islands; Key West (U.S. Naval Station); Ft. Taylor; Florida Reefs; Planter; Florida Strait; Cay Sal Bank; Great Bahama; Andros; Semints; yellow cay Islands; Big Wood Cay; Tongue of the Ocean; Exuma Sound; Cat Isl. (Possible Landfall of Columbus); Espiritu Santo; Great Exuma Isl.; Rum Cay; Little Exuma Isl.; Long Isl.; Anguilla Islands; Rocks; Wolf Rocks; Larks Nest; Water Cays; Flamingo Cay; Clarence; Fortune Isl.; Watl; San; Crooke Isl; Boat hannel Note:

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Taimur; Legato R.; Papigaiskoe; Sakalova; North East Cape; St. Thaddeus Bay; Khatanga Bay; Nordwik Bay; Ust Anabarkoe; Olenek; Anabara R.; Govriga; Longitude East from Greenwich; Saunikot Land; LIAKOF ISLANDS OR NEW SIBERIA; Bielkova Isl.; Nordenskjold Sea; Kotelnoi Isl.; Barkin; Mouths of the Lena River; Borkhaya B.; Bulun; Bennett Isl.; Fadievskoi Isl.; New Siberia; C. Medvedshu; Maloi Isl.; Liakof Isl.; C. Sviatoi; Manic Isl.; Ust Yansk; Kromskaia B.; Kroma R.; Henrietta Isl.; Jeannette Isl.; Mouths of the Indigirka River; Allaika; Bear Is.; C. Medvett; MIDNIGHT; ARCTIC OCEAN; Weangel Isl.; Aiun Isl.; C. Chelakhskai; Herald Isl.; Icy Cape; Point Barrow; Smith Bay; C. Halket; Comparitive Time when Noon at London; BEAUFORT SEA; Nigalek; Martin Pt.; Mackenzie Bay; Cape Dalhousie; Pringe Patrick Isl.; Lands End; Eglinton Isl.; McClure Strait; C. Prince Albert; Banks Land; C. Kellett; Nelson Head; Cape Bathurst; Franklin B.; Prince Albert Sound; Parry Islands; Melville Isl.; Melville Sound; McClintock Channel; Pr. Albert Land; Minto Inlet; Victoria Land; Longitude West from Greenwich; Noreoh; Grinnell; Bathurst Isl.; Byam Isl.; Barrow Strait; Prince of Wales Isl.; Mor Hev; Fra; Soo; Magall Polo; ch; ind; Baghe Isl.; shmere Land; Smith Sound; North Lincoln; C. Parry; Clarence Head; Sound; Cobourg Isl.; Devon; ier Sound; C. Liverpool; Bylot Isl.; Ponds Inlet; BAFFIN LAND; Burn Land; Kane Basin; Prudhoe Land; Pt. Foulke; Hayes Penensula; Inglefield Gulf; Wolstenholme Sound; C. York; Melville Bay; BAFFIN BAY; C. Shackleton; Upernavik; C. Bowen; C. Adair; Scott Inlet; Omenak Fiord; C. Walker; GREENLAND (Denmark); Peterman Pk.; Scoresby Land; Jameson Land; Edamland; C. Bismarck; King William Land; Koldewey Isl.; Shannon Isl.; Gael Hamkes Bay; Francis Joseph Fiord; Bontekoe Isl.; C. Parry; Davy Sound; Liverpool Isl.; Scoresby Sound; C. Brewster; NOON; Prince Charles Foreland; GREENLAND SEA; Jan. Mayen Isl.; Amsterdam Isl.; King B. SPITZBERGEN; Ice Fiord; Bell Sound; Horn Sound; North East Land; Olga Strait; Barents Isl.; Wybe Jans Water; Edge Isl.; Thousand Is.; Hope Isl.; Bear Isl.; North Cape; Hammerfest; Longitude East from Greenwich; Wiches or King Charles Land; BARENTS SEA; Vardoehuus; Waranger Fiord; Northbrook Isl.; Hooker Isl.; Salm Isl.; Great Ice Cape; Cape Lutke; Admirality Pen.; Goose Bay; NOVA ZEMBLA; Matochkin Strait; Strait of Kara; Cape Mauritius; Barents Ld.; C. Fern; KARA SEA; Gulf of Yenisei; White Isl.; Gulf of Ob; Vaigach Isl.; P.M.; Lonely Isl.; Rechesnoi Is.; Piasina R.; Swerevo; Kheta Riv.; Khatanga R.; Turishshk; Tunguska R.; RUSSIAN EMPIRE; Seganka; Michaelova; Krasnoi; Marka R.; Shigansk; Villiui R.; Taen Arinskaia; Olekminsk; SIBERIA; Olenek River; Lena River; VERKHOIANSKOI MTS.; Yana R.; Arctic Circle; Verkhalansk; E. Viliuisk; Yakutsk; Lena R.; Amginskaia; Indigirka R.; Sredni Kolymsk; Zashiversk; Alakh Yunskaia; Tauiskaia; Alazeia R.; Nijni Kolymsk; Kolyma R.; Ghijiga; C. Yakan; Ciwoun R.; Takokagin; Anadir R.; Anadirskoi; Penjinsk; Olutorsk; St. Matthew Isl. (U.S.); C. Lisburne; Pt. Hope; Ketzebue Sound; Gulf of Anadir; C. Chukotski; Bering Strait; C. Pr. of Wales; Nome; St. Lawrence Isl. (U.S.); C. Navarin; Norton Sd.; St. Michael; C. Romanzof; Nelson Isl.; Initkilly; Colville R.; Ft. Morton; Koukuk R.; ALASKA (United States); Nuklukayet; Yukon R.; Tanana R.; Anvik; Euskoquim R.; Mt. Wrangel; Kenai; Peavy; Porcupine R.; Yukon; Ft. Good Hope; Circle; Eagle; Dawson; Ft. Selkirk; Mt. Logan; Mt. St. Elias; Orca; Dolphin & Union S; Ft. McPherson; Old Ft. Good Hope; Ft. Norman; Mackenzie R.; DOMINION OF CANADA; Ft. Rae; Ft. Simpson; Ft. Frances; Ft. Liard; Wollaston Land; Coronation G; Great Bear Lake Point; L. Pelly; Clinton; Doobaunt L.; Great Slave L.; Ft. Resolution; Victoria Str; L. Garry; Chesterfield Inlet; Golden L.; Yathkyeo L.; Island L.; HUDSON BAY; C. Wison; Fox Channel; Southampton; Strait; nsfield Isl.; C. Wolstenholme; Mosquito Bay; C. Kater; C. Dyer; C. Mercy; Cumberland Sound; Hall Isl.; Erobisher Bay; Hudson Strait; Resolution Isl.; Ungava Bay; c. Chidley; Davis Strait; Disco Isl.; Godhavn; Disco B.; Christianshaab; Holsteinborg; Godthaab; Lichtenfels; Frederikshaab; Ivigtut; Egede Land; Mt. Rigby; Christianix Land; Horror Bay; Kjoge Bay; Brede Fiord; Faxa Fiord; C. Juel; Cape Bille; Cape Discord; Denmark Strait; Knighton Inlet; Nord C.; ICELAND (Den.); Reykjavik; Arctic Circle; Langanaes; Faroe Is. (Den.); Shetland Is.; Tromsoel; Lofoden Is.; West Fiord; Trondhjem; NORWAY; Kiolen Mts.; SWEDEN; Gefle; Christiania; Tornea R.; Karva; LAPLAND; Kniaja; Tornea; Pitea; Uleaborg; Umea; Gulf of Bothnia; Wasa; FINLAND; Kuopio; Viborg; Kola; Kolguev Isl.; C. Kanin; Barzuga; White Sea; Kem; Archangel; Onega; Dwina R.; L. Onega; L. Ladoga; Gulf of Cheskoi; Petchora Bay; Pustosensk; Petchora R.; Mezen; Mezen R.; Ural Mts.; Kara B.; Mura; Obdorsk; Nadym R.; Berezof; SIBERIA; Ob River; Surgut; Tarda R.; Dudinsk; Yenisei R.; Taz R.; Turukhansk; Kazimsk; Bakhtinsk; ASIA; Angara R.; Yeniseisk; Bratskoi; Krasnoiarsk; Saiansk Mts.; Irkutsk; Dzindzilik; Vitimsk; Vitim R.; Lake Baikal; Chita; Onon R.; Olekma R.; Aldan R.; Nelkan; STANOVOI MOUNTAINS; Udskoi; Nikolaievsk; Amur R.; Blagovestchensk; MANCHURIA; Okhotsk; Sea of Okhotsk; Port Aiane; Shantarski Is.; C. Elizabeth; Langri; Bolsheretsk; Sakhatin (Russia) Isl. (Japan); Paramushir Isl.; Yamsk; G. of Ghijinsk; G. of Penjinsk; Tigilsk; C. Ozernoi; Nijni Kamchatka; KAMCHATKA; G. of Kronotski; Petropavlovsk; Kuril Strait; Cape Lopatka; C. Olutorsk; Karaginski Isl.; BERING SEA; Monday; Sunday; Bering Isl. (Rus.); Copper Isl. (Rus.); Near Isl.; Andreanof Is.; Rat Is.; ALEUTIAN ISLANDS (U.S.); Nunivak Isl.; Kuskoquin B.; C. Nevenham; Pribilof Is. (U.S.); Dutch Harbor; Umak Isl.; Ounalaska Isl.; Hiawna L.; Ft. Alexander; Gulf of Alaska; Afognak Isl.; Bristol B.; Alaska Pen.; Kadiak Isl.; Trinity Is.; Shumagin Is.; Unimak Isl.; 1,130 M.; Yakutat; Dyea; Chichagof Isl.; Sitka; Baronof Isl.; Pr. of Wales Isl.; Jackson; Dixon Entrance; Queen Charlotte Is.; Queenstown; Ft. Halkett; Juneau; Laird R.; Ft. St. John; ROCKY MTS.; Ft. Wrangel; Heeate Strait; CASCADE RANGE; Lit. Slave L.; Ft. Chippewayan; L. Athabasca; Peace R.; NORTH AMERICA; Reindeer L.; Dunvegan; Edmonton; Saskatchewan R.; Battleford; Calgary; Manitoba L.; Fort Churchill; Indian L.; York Factory; Nelson R.; Pr. Albert; Lake Winnie; C. Portland; Severn; James Bay; Ft. George; Albany; ny R.; Moose Factory; Rama; Ft. Chimo; LABRADOR (Dep. Of Newfoundland); Hebron; Clearwater Lake; Nain; Mingan; Julianshaab; Hamilton Inlet; L. Melville; C. Charles; Belle Isl.; Cape Bauld; QUEBEC to LIVERPOOL 2,600 MILES; Cape Farewell; BRITISH ISLES; Orkney Is.; Stavanger; C. Lindesnaes; Hebrides; SCOTLAND; Dundee; Glasgow; Edinburgh; Belfast; Newcastle; IRELAND; Dublin; Liverpool; ENGLAND; Cork; London; Portsmouth; Brussels; Stockholm; North Sea; Skagerrack; Gottenborg; DENMARK; Copenhagen; Hull; Hamburg; Berlin; Netherlands; The Hague; Belgium; Leipsic; Frankfort; Dresden; G. of Finland; Reval; Sel Isl; Riga; Vilna; Baltic Sea; Duna R.; Konigsberg; Warsaw; Dnieper R.; St. Petersburg; Novgorod; Vologda; RUSSIAN EMPIRE; Volga R.; Nijni Novogorod; Moscow; Kaluga; Simbirsk; RUSSIA; Kursk; Don R.; Saratof; Kief; Viatka; Perm; Kazan; Kama R.; Ufa; Orenburg; Tobolsk; Ekaterinburg; Petropaulovsk; Omsk; Tobol R.; Ishim R.; Irtish R; Orsk; Akmolinsk; Narim; Tomsk; L. Chany; Semipalatins; Jungazia; Selenga; Elliassuta; MONGOLIA; EAST TURKESTAN; CHINA; Barkul; Pichan; Shashau; Urga; Argoon R.; Tsitsikar; Mukden; Pekin; Kailar; Aigun; Khabarovka; Mergen; Sungari R.; Petuua; Ningouta; Kirin; Vladivostok; KOREA; Japan Sea; G. of Tartary; Patience B.; Le Perouse Strait; YEZO; Kunashiri Isl.; Sapporo; Hakodate; Aomori; Kurile Is. (Japan); NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN; Vancouver; 1,302 M.; Westminster; Victoria; Seattle; Olympia; Tacoma; Columbia Riv.; Portland; Salem; Eureka; C. Mendocino; Great Salt Lake; Regina; Spokane; Helena; Butte; Snake Riv.; Boise; Deadwood; Laramie; Ogden; Salt Lake City; Fargo; Bismarck; Missouri R.; Minneapolis; Pierre; Cheyenne; Omaha; Lincoln; S; Des Moines; Nepigon; Sault Ste Marie; Ottawa; Kingston; Toronto; L. Ont.; Albany; Buffalo; L. Erie; Cleveland; Hartford; Trenton; Columbus; Pittsburg; Anticosti Isl.; Gulf of St. Lawrence; Quebec; St Lawrence R.; Fredericton; Pr. Edward Isl.; Montreal; Augusta; Portland; Fundy B.; Nova Scotia; Halifax; Concord; C. Sable; Boston; Providence; Newport; Long Island; New York; NEW YORK to LIVERPOOL 3,168 MILES; NEWFOUNDLAND (Br.); St. Johns; St. Pierre (Fr.); C. Race; Cape Breton Isl.; Sable Isl.; NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN; St. George's Channel; C. Finisterre; English Channel; Paris; Orleans; Nantes; FRANCE; Bay of Biscay; Bordeaux; Toulouse; Andorra; Sarapossa; Oporto; SPAIN; Luxemburg; GERMANY; EUROPE; Munich; Danube R.; Berne; Switzerland; Lyon; Milan; Venice; Trieste; Genoa; Monaca; Marseille; Adriatic Sea; ITALY; San Marino; Corsica; Barcelona; Rome; Sardinia; Naples; Lemberg; AUSTRIA-HUNGARY; Berditchef; Vienna; Jassy; Budapest; Belgrade; ROUMANIA; Bukharest; SERVIA; BULGARIA; Monte Negro; Sophia; Philippopolis; TURKEY; Constantinople; Kharkof; Taganrog; Odessa; Astrakhan; Sea of Azof; Stavropol; Caucasus Mts.; Black Sea; Batum; Brusa; Trebizond; Volga R.; Ural R.; ASIA; Turgai; Guriev; Caspian Sea; Aral Sea; Kungrad; Baku; TURKESTAN; Balkash Lake; Kasalinsk; Choo R.; Sir Daria R; Tashkend; Amu R; Thian Gran Mts.; Sergiopol; Zaistin L.; Iti R.; Kuldja; Tarim R.; Koko L.; Hoangho or Yellow R.; TIBET; Lassa; Chingtu; Vulin; Yenngan; Tientsin; G. of Pechili; Taiyuan; Nig; Tsina; Singanfu; Hankau; Nankin; Wuchang; Shanghai; Weihaiwai (Br.); Seoul; Sado Isl.; Kyoto; Kiaochau (Ger.); Yellow Sea; Korea Strait; Osaka; Nagasaki; Shikoki; Kiushu; HONDO; Tokyo; Yokohama; JAPAN; YOKOHAMA to PORT TOWNSEND 4,202 MILES; YOKOHAMA to SAN FRANCISCO 4,791 MILES; Sacramento; San Francisco; San Jose; San Luis Obispo; Pt. Conception; Los Angelos; San Diego; Carson; Lead V.; UNITED STATES; Pioche; Durango; Fresno; Santa Fe; Phoenix; Colorado R.; Rio Grande del Norte; El Paso; Lower California; G. of California; Hermosillo; Denver; Topeka; Pueblo; Kanas City; Wichita; Trinidad; R.; Guthrie; Little Rock; Re; Dallas; Austin; Houston; field; Baltimore; Cincinnati; Washington; Norfolk; Chesapeake Bay; Melville; Raleigh; Chattanooga; Atlanta; Columbia; Wilmington; Montgomery; Charleston; Jacksonville; Philadelphia; NEW YORK to GIBRALTAR 3,215 MILES; Delaware Bay; C. Hatteras; 1,425 M.; Bermuda Is. (Br.); Flores; Azores Is. (Por.); Terceira; S. Miguel; S. Maria; C. St. Vincent; Str. Of Gibraltar; Madeira Isl. (Por.); Mogador; Lisbon; Madrid; Seville; Gibraltar (Br.); El Arish; Tangier; Mekinsz; Fez; MOROCCO; Morocco; El Golea; Balearic Is.; Messina; Palerma; Mediterranean Sea; Algiers; Oran; TUNIS (Fr.); Tunis; G. of Cabes; Tripoli; Wargla; Ghadames; GREECE; Smyrna; Adalia; Sicily; Malta (Br.); Athens; Crete (TY.); G. of Sidra; Benghazi; Pt. Said; Alexandria; Angora; Erzerum; Konieb; Tigris R.; Cyprus I. (Br.); Aleppo; Tripoli; Yafa; Damascus; Bagdad; Jerusalem; ARABIA; Krasnovodsk; Askabad; Tabriz; Rasht; Meshed; Teheran; Khaf; Sehna; Kashan; PERSIA; Ispahan; Basra; Yezd; Neh; Bokhara; Faizabad; Herat; AFGHANISTAN; Kabul; Serinogen; Kandahar; Lahore; Kashgar; CHINA; Knotan; Himalaya Mts.; Mt. Everest; Sanakh (Br.); Yangtze R.; INDIA (British); Yunnan; Bhamo; Chittagong; Mandalay; Tonkin; CHINA; Changsha; Nanchang; Queiyang; Fuchau; Queling; Canton; Amoy; Macao (Por.); Formosa Strait; Hongkong (Br.); Kwanchauwan (Fr.); Sanmun; Oshima; Shuri; Riu Kiu Is. (Japan); Formosa (Japan); 1,560 M.; Volcano Is.; Bonin Is. (Japan); Marcus Isl.; Los Jardines Isl.; Midway Isl.; Tropic of Cancer; Cure Isl.; Lisiansky Isl.; Laysan Isl.; Gardner Isl.; Birds Isl.; HAWAII (U.S.); Kauai Isl.; Honolulu; Maui Isl.; 2,089 MILES; Guadalupe Isl.; Pt. Eugenia; MEXICO; Chihuahua; Guaymas; 3,277 MILES; La Paz; C. San Lucas; Mazatlan; San Blas; C. Corrientes; San Antonio; Saltillo; Gulf of Mexico; Mata; Monterey; Tula; Tallahassee; Tampa; Sable; Nassau; BAHAMA Is. (Brit.); West; 1,215 M.; CUBA; Greater Jamaica (Br.); San Salvador; Port au Prince; Santo Domingo; West Indies; Tropic of Cancer; Canary Is. (Sp.); Teneriff; Palma; Jerro; Cape Blanco; Tatta; El Abbas; Zemur; RIO DE ORO (Sp.); Wadan; SAHARA DESERT; TRIPOLI (Turkey); FEZZAN; Murzuk; Rhat; Cairo; Siout; EGYPT; Esneh; Libyan Desert; Assouan; Nile; Suez; Leina; Hail; Medina; Red Sea; Yembo; Korosko; Mekka; Shiraz; Bam; Bushire; Lar; Jask; Persian Gulf; G. of Oman; Riad; OMAN; Kelat; Baluchistan; Indus R.; Bela; Delhi; Haidarabad; INDIA (British); Muskat; C. ElHadd; G. of Cutch; Moseirah Isl.; Daman; Smilo; NEPAL; Agra; Khatmando; Ganges; Patna; Calcutta; Nagpore; Bay of Bengal; Kiangmai; Rangoon; FR. INDO CHINA; SIAM; Bangkok; G. of Martaban; Mergui; Andaman Is.; Gulf of Siam; G. of Tonkin; Kiungchau; Hainan; Balintang Channel; Hue; China Sea; Manka; Mindoro Isl.; Cambodia; Palawan Isl.; Apari; Luzon; MANILA to HONOLULU 1,700 MILES; HONGKONG to APIA 4,868 MILES; Samar Isl.; Panay I.; Philippine Islands (U.S.); Ladrone Islands (Ger.); Saypan; Guam (U.S.); Wake Isl. (U.S.); INTERNATIONAL DATE LINE; Hawaii Isl.; HONOLULU to PANAMA 1,665; HONOLULU to NEW YORK 13,200 MILES; Revillaggedo Is.; Socorro Isl.; Manzanillo; Popocatepeil Vol.; Acapulco; Clipperton Isl. (Fr.); Mexico; Vera; Tehuantepeo; G. of Tehaunio; Guatemala; CENTRAL AMERICA; San S; Jamaica (Br.); Haiti; Kingston; Antilles; Caribbean Sea; elgalpa; Maracaibo; Camagena; GUA; Colon; San Juan; Porto Rico (U.S.); S. Croix (Br.); Anguilla (Br.); Barbuda (Br.); Antigua (B.); Guadeloupe (Fr.); Dominica (Br.); Martinique (Fr.); S. Lucia (Br.); 385 M.; Pt. Gallinas; G. of Maracaibo; Curacao Isl (Dut.); Lesser Antilles; Barbados (Br.); Grenada (Br.); Trinidad (Br.); NEW YORK to CAPE TOWN 6,640 MILES; Cape Verde Is. (Port.); St. Louis; Senegal R.; C. Verde; Gambia (Br); Bathurst (Br.); Guinea (Pt.); Bissagos Is. (Port.); FRENCH SUDAN; AFRICA; Arawan; Timbuktu; Medina; SUDAN; Niger R.; Guinea (Fr.); Sierra Leone (Br.); Segu Sikoro; Warno; L. Tchad; Northern Nigeria (Br.); Yakoba; New Dongola; Tao; Khartum; El Fasher; Massenia; El Obeid; Suakin; Coomfidah; Berber; Massaua; Suna; Eritrea (It.); Aden (Br.); Blue Nile; Nile; Gondar; Berbera; Fr.; G. of Aden; Kuria Muria Is. (Brit.); Kamar B.; Makallan; Arabian Sea; Cocotra (Brit.); C. Guardafui; Ras Hafun; G. of Cambay; Bombay; Haidarabad; New Goa (Pt.); Mahe (Fr.); Laccadive Is.; Yanaon (Fr.); Bay of Bengal; Masulipatam; Madras; Puducheri (Fr.); Karikal (Fr.); Nicobar Is.; Str. Of Malacca; Penang; MATAY PEN.; Sungora; Achees; Hog (D.); SUMATRA; Malacca; Malacca; Pulo (D.); Nias; Singapore; C. Cambodia; 1,440 M.; 1,380 M.; Jolo Sea; Elopura; Gt. Natunas Isl.; Brunel; N. Borneo (Br.); Kuching; Sawarak; Celebes Sea; Mindanao; Mindanao; Jolo Isl.; Molucca Pass; Gilolo Isl.; Palaos Is. (Ger.); Yap; Egoi Is.; MICRONESIA; Caroline Islands (Ger.); MELANESIA; Ponapi Isl.; Greenwich Isl. (Ger.); Marshall Is. (Ger.); Gilbert Is. (Br.); Palmyra Isl. (Br.); Howland Isl. (Br.); Washington Isl. (Br.); Fanning Isl. (Br.); Christmas Isl. (Br.); EQUATOR; SAN FRANCISCO to VALPARAISO MILES; Galapagos Is.; ose; Rica; Panama; Panama; Gulf of panama; Mompox; Tolima Vol.; Choco B.; COLOMBIA; Popayan; Caracas; VENEZUELA; Rogota; Rio Negro; Orinoco R.; Georgetown; Paramaribo; Cayenne; C. Orange; (Brit.); GUIANA (Dut.); (Fr.); Mouth of the Amazon R.; Marajo Isl.; Para R.; PERNAMBUCO to PLYMOUTH 3,867 MILES; Freetown; Monrovia; EQUATOR; GUINEA; Coomassie; Ashanti; C. Palmas; Bingerville; Akkra (Br.); Whydah; (Sp.) Fernando Po I.; (Por.) Princes I.; Togo (B); Dahomey; Br. Lagos; S. Nigeria (Br.); Kamerun (Ger.); Lagos; Asaba; Buen; FRENCH EQUATORIAL AFRICA; Sobai; Ladoi; Mobang R.; Kongo R.; Wadela; Stanley Falls; Adis; Abeba; Somaliland; ABYSSINIA (Italy); BR. EAST AFRICA; Rudolf L.; Victoria; SOMALI; Brava; Mukhdisho; Comorin; Colombo; Maldive Is. (Brit.); Ceylon Isl. (Brit.); 1,560 M.; 3,380 M; Batu Isl. (D); Siriu Isl. (Dut.); Bencoolen; Sunda Strait; SUNDA ISLANDS; Banka Isl.; BORNEO (Dutch); Pasir; Batavia; Java Sea; Macassar; Floris Sea; JAVA (Dut); CELEBES (Dutch); Molucca Pass; Ceram I. (D); Boeroe I. (D.); Banda Sea; Floris Isl. (Dut.); (Port.); Fred Henry Isl.; Arafura Sea; Admiralty Is. (Ger.); Bismarck Arch.; NEW GUINEA (Br.); (Ger.) Kaiser Wilhelm Ld.; Aroe Isl.; Terres Str.; New Mecklenburg Isl. (Ger.); Solomon Islands; New Britain (Ger.); Bougainville (Ger.); Choiseul; Ysapel (Ger.); N. Georgia (Br.); Malayta (Br.); POLYNESIA; Lagoonior; Ellice (Br.); Phoenix Is. (Br.); Union or Tokelau Is (Br.); Jarvis Isl. (Brit.); Manihiki Group (Br.); Marquesas Is. (Fr.); Albemar (Equa.); Quito; Chimborazo Vol.; ayaoul; ECUADOR; Loja; Balla; uxillo; Huaraz; ANDES MOUNTAINS; PERU; Manaos; Amazon River; Jurua R.; Purus; SOUTH AMERICA; Tirol; Villa Nova; Santarem; Para; Tapajos R.; Carolina; St. Louiz de Maranhao; Parnahiba; Ceara; Fernando; Noronha; Nata; Theresina; Pernai; LIVERPOOL to MELBOURNE 13,290 MILES; Ascension Isl. (Br.); (Por.) St. Thomas I.; (Sp.) Annobon i.; Gulf of Guinea; C. Lopez; Leopoldville; Banana; Boma; Loanda; Equatorville; BELGIAN; Kageky; Nyangwe; KONGO; L. Tanganyika; L. Moero; S. Salvador; Kabango; Nyanza; Mt. Kenia; Kismayu; Kilimanjaro; Witu; GERMAN; EAST AFRICA; Tabora; Mombasa; Pemba I. (Br.); Zanzibar (Br.); Bagamoyo; Quiloa; Aldabra Is.; Amirante Is. (Br.); Seychelles Is. (Br.); Chagos Is. (Br.); INDIAN OCEAN; MALAYSIA; Sumbawa Isl. (Dut.); Sandal Wood Isl. (Dut.); C. Preston; Timor Isl.; Bathurst; Cambridge G.; Palmerston; OCEANIA; Kings Sound; Broome; Normantown; NORTHERN TERRITORY; C. 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Cram, Engraver & Publisher, Chicago, Ill.

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Page  74 BRIEF HISTORY -— F F --- BARRY COUNTY, MICHIGAN BY WILLIAM W. POTTER TOPOGRAPHY. / EARLY all of the surface of Barry county is covered with glacial J drift of varying depth; so that while nlany fossils are found, but. 4 few of thenl are in tile locatiotn where thle were fornled. As the icy masses of the glacial period loved southward the Inmoraines left their traces behind in the lines of granite bouladers which reach across the county in a northerly and southerly direction. It is due perhaps to the fact that these great masses were breaking up when they reached this region that the surface of the county is so broken. Post glacial evidences of great antiquity are abundant in the bogs and marshes; and ill the beds of peat and marl may be read the open book of later geological periods. Here-1 roamed the elk, the nloose, the mastodon and with them primeval man \ with rude implements of stone struggled for mastery. Cut front east to west by the Tllrnapple river, which drains perhaps nlore than one half of the county, the southern portion belongs to the valley of the Kalamazoo. Its undulating surface of hills and dales is dotted by more than two hundred small lakes of varying sizes. The southern portion was originally covered with oak, openinlgs for centuries kept clear of underbrush by the forest fires of the natives. The northern, eastern, and central portions were covered with beech and maple, plentifully besprinkled with ash and basswood; while here and there a clump of giant pines towered above the surrounding forest. Swvanlps and nlarshes abounded, and fronl their stagnant waters arose swarnls of mosquitoes now unknown. No other portion of Michigan of similar size is more diversifiea5 ill soil. The height of land between the Kalanlazoo river vallev and that of the Thornapple is called by Professor Wincllell, who has written much on the topography of Michigan, Barry Summit, and it reaches all elevation of more than two hundred and fifty feet above the waters of Lake Michigan. The highest altitude is believed to be just south of Pine lake in the township of Hope, at a point designated onll the early county maps as Mt. Hope. LOCAL HISTORY NOT EASY. It is not an easy thing to write a history of any county in Alichligan. The region about the Great Lakes has been the scene of events of inighty significance in the fate of nations. It was here that the current of civilization starting fromt Plymouth Rock and Janlestown, grappled with that from Quebec, Ottawa, and Montreal. It was the keystone in the arch of French' influence radiating from Louisiana and New France. It was likewise the connecting link sought to be acquired to join the chain of Briti-h posts emanating fronl New York and fronl Hudsons Bay. For a century the struggle for this territory continued The tragedy on the Plains of Abraham put an end to French rule in Canada, and thenceforth the English and their descendants have controlled the affairs of the Peninsula. THE FIRST WHITE VISITORS. When the region now known as Barry county was first visited by white men is not certainly known. No sooner was New France settled than the fur trade excited the cupidity of the settlers; and hundreds of young men tired of the tales of gold, which still lured onil Spanish chivalry, embarked in the fur trade. Through their influence the savages were prevailed upon to bring their furs to market on the St. Lawrence. Conlpetition and greed drove them on relelltlessly. Soon thev were not content to await the action of the shiftless savages; but they plunged into tle wilderness and visited the Illdiall ill his native haunlts. Every river in the whlole nlorthwest echoed with the wild chansons of these woods runners, as bending with each glittering paddle stroke, they drove forward their frail craft, upon the water highways of the north. They learned the Indian language, courted the dusky maidens of the forest, and formed with thetl famlilv ties which bound the tribes to thenl, and in all things shared the rude life and reckless abandon of the savages, but plied industriously their avocation as traders with their friends. Tile fur trader left no records. It is probable that the streams of Barry county were familiar to the Grand River traders long before the Revolution. BRITISH RECORDS. Soon after the Fleur de lis was supplanted by the Cross of St. George, we find authentic records showing that tile Ind:an department of tilhe British had a knowledge of the interior of Michigan. Ill 1772 a list of the distances to various places was made, and anlong them is given the distance: "to one of the -branches of the Grand River or Washtenongs that falls into Lake Michigan;" the distance "to Reccanamazoo river," the distance "to the Prairie Ronde, " and to other places, in the interior. In 1779, Major De Peyster, then in command of Mackinac sent Charles Langlade as an emissary to incite the Indianls of the Grand river valley to assist Captain Hamilton in his expedition for the recapture of Vincennes. After Colonel Clark retook from Hamilton this place, in February, 1779, DePeyster speaks of the Virginians having sent belts among the Ottawas and Chippewas of the Grand River urging them to stay at home; and, later in the same year, of the Grand River Traders being on their way to Mackinac. It was then expected that Clark would attempt to take Detroit, and Lieut. Bennett was sent to St. Joseph to intercept an expedition to pass that way, and the report shows that he was at Ke Kalanlazoo, fifteen leagues this side of St. Joseph. In 1795 General Wayne was in command of the armly of the Northwest and in active pursuit of the Indians. Alexander McKenzie employed by the Indian department at Detroit, reported that, starting from Detroit on February 5, 1795, he arrived on the ninth at the house of "a trader naned Pepan on the KeKalamazoo river, who is furnished goods by George McDougall, merchant of Detroit," and later still on February 11, 1795, of arriving at KeCalallazoo and going to the house of Mr. Burrill, where he ascertained that persons whom he met there were messengers from the army of General Wayne on their way to visit the Indians at Muskegon, and invite them to Fort VWayne the following spring. These documents show that before the United States obtained control of this region that Kalamazoo, Muskegon, the Grand River, Prairie Ronde, and that branch. of the Grand river now called Thornapple were known to the traders and to the Indian department of the British. THE FIRST TRADER ON THE THORNAPPLE. / After the organization of the American Fur Company of which John Jacob Astor became the moving spirit and financial head, the fur trade in the interior was reduced to a system. That institution sought-to stifle as far as possible individual initiative in the business, and to bring under thle control of its posts all of the fur trade not only of Iichigan but of the nleighborilng states, and to stretch the line of its influence even to the Pacific; to perpetuate a great nlDop-ly ill what was then thie source of the forests, greatest wealth; much as the Hudsons Bay Company did for two hundred years in Canada. To that end, trading posts were established on all tile ilportauit streans thlt fltwed fronl the interior to such points as would be nlost likely to intercept the trade with thile Inldians visiting that vicinity. In 1796 one La Franlboise, anl employe of the American Fur Company, established a post at the junction of the Grand river and the Thornapple. He was killed by the Indians in 1809; and from that time nntil 1821 this post was continued under the control of Madam La Framboise, his widow. 11 1821 it was taken oser by Rix Robinson who assuanied control of this post and of those of the American Fur Collpalny on tile K-!lmazoo. THE INDIAN TITLE. Tlie United States acquired title to Michigan by the treaty of Paris in 1783, but the British did not surrender the possession of the posts in the Northwest until after the treaty of Greenville ill 1795 had put an end to their power among the Indians and so by the terms of Jay's treaty made in 1796 Great Britian surrendered these posts. When they surrendered the posts they surrendered little else, for they still exercised a considerable influence with the savages. The Chippeways relinquished their title to the south-eastern part of the county by the treaty of Saginaw in 1819, and the combined tribes of the Chippew-ys, Ottawas, and Pottawatanlies gave up theirs by the treaty of Chicago in 1821. / / SURVEY. As soonl as the Indiall title to the interior of the territory was extinguished active preparations were male to survey the country al l to throw it open to settlement Surveyors were busy. Barry county was surveyed ill 1825 and 1827 and it was n3t long before the advancing tide of emigration reached its borders. TRADING POSTS IN BARRY COUNTY. In 1827 James MIoreau established, and for nearly a decade maintained a trating post ill Barry county, near what was afterwards known as Bulls Prairie, close to where the Grand River Valley Railroad now crosses the Thornapple. An Indian Village was near by, and not far away an Indian burying ground, where the members of the tribe had for centuries been buried according to savage rites. Another enterprising trader, -careless that his natne might not appear herein, at a date, it is thought, even earlier than whlich nl rked the coming of Ioreau. erected a blockhouse of hewn logs near the iaiddl. Village on what was afterward knoxvwn as Scales Prairie in the townlship of Thornapple. The narrative of 1772 mentions that near the branch of the Grand River, "there is another village of Pottawatamies of eight large cabins." We mav ask who built the block house and the year thought it was raised, but the only answer from the forests gloom of long ago is, we do not kown. THE INDIAN INHABITANTS OF BARRY COUNTY. /' Barry county was ideal Indian ground. Here the red man held sway in barbarous majesty, or crouched cold and shivering, ill his rude bark wigwanl. drenched with rain and sleet. Here he danlced the wierd war dance, recounted his valorous deeds in war, and performed that sacred rite of sacrifice the burning of a snow white dog to appease the Maniteau. The dense timber sheltered his wigwam, generally put up near some bublbling spring, from the severity of natures storms. Wild grapes, plu.s, berries, and paw paws in season were abundant. The walnut, butternut, tile hickory and the beech furnished the richest nuts ana everywhere they grew in wild profusion. The broad sheets of bark from the massive elm seemed designed for the wigwam covering, the white wood tall, soft, and light grew especially for tile making of pirogues, so well adapted to navigate the rocky rapids of the inland streanls. The soil yielded bountiful crops of cornl. The myriad stnall lakes set like diatnondls against a background of emerald green teenled with all varieties of fish. Deer were plentiful, and here also the black bear, an object of totenmism among the Ottawas was to be found. WVheli the first white settlers came to occupy Barry county the beaver had already disappeared before the fierce onslaughts of the furtraders, who for a century and more had plies their trade assiduously ill all the forest wilas of Michigan. The otter, nink, raccoon. and fox have either disappeared, like the wild pigeons which once darkened the skies, or their numbers have been decimated by the rapacity of later trappers. Wild turkeys roamed the openings and timber lands, and ducks and geese sought honles on all the lakes and streams. In a region possessed of such a wealth of resources it was but natural that the Indians should live in great numbers. In 1835 when Joseph S. Blaisdell, the first settler of Assyria calne there he found two Indian villages located on sections twentyfour and twenty-five of that township; the one of about thirty lodges and the other of twenty. Rude fences of brush protected their patches of corn from the nightly visits of the roanming deer. Close at hand was the grave yard. The council house of this village was still standing, in part, in 1850, when Captain C. D. Morris built his residence upon its site. This settlenlent was on the upper Wanaildaga, a different stream however than the Wanandaga Sippy of the narrative of 1772. During the winter many of these villagers camped in the north west part of the township near the lakes and marshes that formed the head waters of the Wabascon. Oil the shores of Bristol lake in Johnstown there was a village, when the first settlers came-of twenlty or more wigwams over whotn presided a chief whose nalme is now forgotten. When Cleveland Ellis built his framle house ill the early forties it was dubbed by the Indians the "big wigwam " Eli Lapham, the first settler in the township of Maple Grove was the owner of the first horse brought into that part of the county. This pony was much coveted by the Indians and they stole her at every opportunity. If she got away she would invariably return honle, only to be stolen again at the first opportunity by the redskins. Many times savage hunters delaved beyond nightfall would lift the latch string at the cabin of this Ouaker preacher and sleep on the floor before the open fire till daylight. When the early settlers came, on the "Harwood" farm on section thirty-five of this township could be seen the fleshless form of an Indian in a sitting posture, his back against a tree, surroundered by a triangular pen of brush to protect him fronm the prowling animals, buried as became the rank of a Pottawatamie brave. In 1837 when Lorenzo Mudge came to Castleton as its first settler he lived for somle time inll an Indian wigwarn, founld uponl his land. There were nlany red nlen near Thornapple lake, the home of fish and fur; but the only thing which now suggests it is the nanle ''Illdian Landing," which still clings to the old lauding place near the outlet. After the government ordered the removal of the Pottawatamies west of tile Mississippi in 1840 Ilany of them living ill the vicinity of the lake, acting on the advice of the white settlers, took title to small parcels of land, and for years remained ill that vicinity, simple and harmless citizens. The late Mrs. Willard Hayes, who with her father, Daniel McClellan, came to Hastings township in 1837, tells of an Indian "medicine dance" near their earlv home, at which two thousand Indians were present. As late as 1855 school district number five of the Township of Hastings was organized onil the petition of seven Indians who held land on section twenty-five of that township. Gun lake was border land between the Pottawatainies and the Ottawas and Chippeways; all branches of the Algonquin family. Under the provisions of the treaty of Washington in 1836, it was agreed that at a council to be held for that purpose the chiefs should designate three classes of half breeds who should be entitled to share in the sumn of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, set apart by said treaty 'as a fund for said half breeds. " The classes of persons entitled to share in this fund was determined by their relative influence in the tribe. Classes one and two were made up of chiefs. Class three was not chiefs and anlong those ill class three is mentioned Penasee or Gun Lake. One of the inost prominent bands in the western part of Barry county was the one of Ottawas and Pottawatamies of which Sagamaw or Saginaw was the chief, which in 1833 numbered about one hundred and fifty persons and who were located onil a peninsula jutting into the eastern border of Gun Lake on the site now occupied by the Hastings Gun Lake Club. From a history of Kalamazoo county we learn that Saginaw was a Pottawatamie chief of great good sense of noble bearing and of strict integrity and in every way a distinguished gentleman. Ve hope all this is true. This band was removed by Reverand James Selkirk in 1838, to Wayland township, in Allegan county near which some of them still reside. Saginaw was killed, distinguished gentleman though he may have been, in 1845, by his son in law, itl a drunken brawl. Pen-ah-see or "Bird" the half breed mentioned in connection with the treaty of Washington then became the chief and upon his death he was succeeded by Moses Foster or "She-pe-quonk" meaning "Big Thunder." One MIcKnight. who in 1836 or 1837, lived on section nine in Orangeville and Joseph Coffin, who prior to 1840 lived on section three in the same township, kept up a brisk trade' with the Gun Lake Indians in furs, peltries, and whiskey. There was the Middle Village, on Scales Prairie, which name was afterward changed by Lucius Lyon when in Congress to Middleville, and given to the first postoffice in the vicinity. As long as the Indians remained ill Michigan they returned each year to the Middle Village. In the summer of 1840 there were more than one hundred families encasllped there. There too was a -considerable band alnong the oak openings onl the south bank of the Coldwater or Little Thornapple ill the northern part of the township. Large numbers nlade their homes in the northeastern part of the county around Jordan and Sobby lakes under the leadership of chief "Sawba" who had the disagreeable habit of going to the houses of the settlers, intimidating the women and children, ransacking the cupboardl. and carrying off whatever he wanted. Rev. Leonard Sl1 ter who in 1826 had founded a mnission at the rapids of the Granlld, fearful that the degrading influences of civilization would counteract his effo: ts to Christianize these worshippers of Pagan leities, decided to remove his mission to Prairieville, and in 1836 and 1837 he brought to sections twenty-six and twenty-sevenl of that township perhaps three hundred followers. Here he erected a church and a school house and here the Indians dwelt until 1852, when they were removed west of the "Father of Waters." Easily the most distinguished of the Slater Indians was the chief Noonday, a man over six feet in height, broad shouldered, well porportioned, with broad high cheek bones and coarse black hair which hung down to his shoulders. He possessed wonderful muscular power, and for nlanv years easily maintained his suprenlacy among the savage tribes of the Grand river, whose legions he led against the American armv during the war of 1812. It is claimed that he was present at the battle of the Thames and witnessed in person the death of Tecumseh. He became attached to the Slater missiol at Grand Rapids, professed conversion to the Christian faith, and came to Prairieville with the mission at the time of its removal. Here he died and was buried. Mrs. Noonday, his wife is thus faceteously described by the late Henry Little: "Her ladyship, Mrs. Noonday, was a short dumpy unassuming lady of the old school. Nature had not seen fit to make her very attractive by the bewildering fascinating charms of personal beauty, but what little there might have been of feminine comeliness in her features had been sadly marred by an ugly scar on the left side of her face. " After stores were established in Hastings it became the center of the Indian trade and the streets were often thronged with squaws peddling baskets and bead work while the bucks filled up with fire water. Whatever may be said of the treatment of the settler by the Indians elsewhere there was never any serious complaint here. DIFFICULTIES OF TRAVEL. The Detroit and Chicago road from Fort Wavne to Fort Dearborn, was laid out in 1825 in accordance with an act of Congress. It xwas established largely through the influence of Gen. Cass, having been urged by him uponl Congress as a mihltary necessity. Soon afterward it was built and opened at a cost of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Along this line of travel the settlers moved westward. Many towls sprang up by the way. But the settlers wereloth to leave the open road and, with ox teams and heavy wagons, without roads or bridges, seek to make their way through woods and swamps into the interior. In 1831 a mail route was established from Jackson to Gull Prairie and to other places. The same year Amnasa S. Parker, a native of Connecticut, obtained title to a parcel of land on section thirty-five in what is now the township of Prairieville, and erected thereon, it is said without assistance, a small log house. He was the first white settler not only of Prairieville township but of Barry county who took title to the soil. THE BLACK HAWK WAR. Early in the spring of 1832 the Black Hawk war broke out.' At Kalamazoo four companies of militia were formed and marched to Niles, where it was learned that the wild rumors carried by couriers on horseb tck to the

Page  78 78 HISTORY OF BARRY COUNTY, MIC111GAN-. The Iet -ere il-vitd to jointhe upising of w1118111no tIe township of Prairieville, April 4, 1836. At thisheeilg Black Hawk. A gra1d4ou1181 If 181s101ge waheld at Gull Lake tode1er- Calvil G. Hill was elected as Superisor 0rvi111 Barns a Township 1ine hethe the salge1 of t18 locality wou.1d join the ilsuretio1o Clerk, Benjamin HIPf, Henry U eo1a-d and Chales1 XW. Spauldinga nolt. This council is t8us described by Frank itt1le in the Michiga1 A1sessors, Arnaa8. Par-ker, Nihlas Ca1pbell and Cal-it G., H-ill as Pilleer andHl 1 ~~y~o ' 1 ll111 hlIt111 Commisioners of Hig-hwo-1, 0s1-lrille Bar-nes, Charles WV. Spalljg Renjanii gra14 counill of 18e India1 chief hldt il a 1 ma10ith wigl-am near the HofP and Calvil H. Hill justices of the Peace, XWilliI Campbell Tax shore of wes Glull1 Lake. This w1s to1 1s1e-til the tyoper of 1he Indians Collector, Cla1les XV. Spaulding, Luther Hill and -Benja-in Hofl. School 1111 dress1 were1 se1te1 in great c0ircl u1pon valuable robes, 11116, an11 ad bLeis Mora and1 XWillia1 Calpbell Costables. Thil was Proalyh skins o a8 iria11 1s1re10 uplol the groId. A oredignified, graveI ilpops- the-. otly reglg r to H1.ship meeting eoer held i1 Bally 110u1t- at wilethe orntain tl woklanship was slo1-ly passed arold th cirleya1d eah Calv.i1G.I-il yitler-1-oigled orfiled olqualify foallloflthe ollle took awhiPf in siletnce. Then the speeclhes began in legular order accrd- to whilhlieh was e111e1; hor, o11 ML., 10. 1836, a pecial e1lecto V0 he0d fig Ho agad rank. It ws fou8111 1811 the youog en were for war but at wichl Is a I Otis waseecte Sapevisor. an0 Mlose Lawrll Coin181 o1der experillnld sac11e1s cou11s11111 peace."' trisiolo1r of Higbways. Isoac Otis ws the 0111t person1 w8o actd a Supervisor in the Itew townsihip. Al thle annua1 towlsip mee1i611 il 18e THRRITORIAL HIGHWVAYS. spring of 1837 held at the hbous of Charles XV. Spa1lding 1811111111111t Il 1833 alteritorial roa4 belgiilg at the Middle Village so called i six voters present1. Ialely: Hus1ton Lister, XWilliain Lewis, Saottel Wicyk Baryounty, lbhence1rulling inthe tiostldirect1a14 lygible outethrough 81111,aHillIsa bOil. JZhplRiar, G~rties 10ron Fargo, 011111 HII.ICok or near Gll riverplain, to t1le territoriallroad near he forksof the Paw LTlold, Ca11bell, vn BrpownBAlasa. 81. Farkgr Wpiyllla TCilke, Paw1 was established. But this highwa~y cou1d lot 4(i-er1 the 111111r1 lintTe lICohl.Cl~lB~l AIIIS ~kl VIIoT011 of dvace Frm imeimemoialanIndantralalog hich 181 Geor-ge Jones, Eli WV1ite, Nicholas CamIpbell, Lilns E~llison MoIes saae 814 travelled iln single Pily, 814 114 froIl lbe PotlIa100111 village Duty Belson, Ashe~l Tillotson, George BrotwIl Joln M11111 Charles1W near 111 lite If Ka1lamazoo to 181 Goad River. The Middly Village If Spllg. M ilIAII,11111.Blky,1110H8(1 SprilngI,,cosn the Thornappleea Middleville 1114 81ro1 180111 keep- 011 lbe rnalitn 181 dispute between~ 181 11111.180 1111 Federa1l gov1er1I1e1 p1111k roa4 inl 1852. in 1111 lolltly' THORNAPPIIE RIVER. HARRY COUNTY ORGANIZED. the 4da-I If 18e fur 11141 the 11111r iglhwoI If 1111 w111 wer relatively If orgallize 1111 county If Barry, 11111n lthe8 fi111 M1o11a ill April, 1839. a 1811 18e navigable w11111 leadling into tle Milsislippi 1114 the St. officersto IIhich by law1 1111 Illuly wa1 yntitleO, a11d on April 13, 1839, highways1a1dforever free. Tlis Irdinanc savyy t I ltle 811111 1111 1111 18111 1111111 powe-rssubstatllially- similarto 111o11 1111111 in 1111 8111d18 P181111111 throulghout 1881 s1a11 the water higllwa.- s 1u1e1 Id traXvelled by Superisors at 1111 present titlly, 1111 ill 1111 villge If Hastings 1a10 181 fur 1114rs or Ig~linize. Calvil H. Hill If ThornlapplI, Jolln 111111 tf Bory. 110 by 8arges was take dow4111 1111 TllI,-1ppl 1114 up 1th 011114 iler to ill 118 Ba1r-. Joln XV. Bralely If Yallkee Springs. 1110 XWilliaI P. Bristol If destlination. TheII 1111 nav1igatill If 1111 111111111 1111ea1 118 the 111111 was Jo1111t1 we111 1811111 Superintendelts If 1111 Polr, 18111 wlhichte Asl 111111 1837, whe8n1 1111 legislature 118 Micibgan1 author1ized 1111 eletil If a July 17, 8839, 18er1 isa abst181111111 1111 Pillt a11s1111111e11 olf the1v1r111 len1gtl 111d 1si11111 feet inl 1101111 f111 18 passage 11f boats canoes1, rafts Tp._____ _ Al, YaI.R E. Val.P.P. TIIIIl 1141 wate 11181Hsig.................. -1111 - - -69451 $241246 $2398 7243,644 L0111 this 11t1e11 was1 11110 for floailg logs, 8fr11 as 811 ea11 as Johstwn........................ 63692 189826 2(097 191.926 YyermIntville to 011114 Rapids. Mud crek w111 also utlizedI for si1ila Bar1................... 011 - - - 50581 151743 9768 161,511 purposes. After t8e construtllion If 18e r1ilroa1, logs wer 81111g81 111 Yankee Sprilgs......- - -.....31913 96888 48216 181,714 81111e 11 Quimoby 114 1t Thornapplela118. Now a11 1811 is chalnged, 8u1 TiornapplI- - - —...............28281 88833 2395 87,839 LAND SPECULATION A-ND EARLY SETTLEMIENT. Tetota11 11x1s spread accor11ing to 1111 report If 1111 Clout, CoaNeitherI 111 81111111 If 1111 block blots on 811111 Pr11111, nor 5J1111 Tp. St.TlI- Co.Til TpTax Hy. TI-i Pr Tax Totil 119111 (811114 by t81 B1a1k Hawk war1 su811014, 11111111 11111 111111-11 i1 YanlkeeSprings $283.43 $152157 211331 S58,.18....81253 great111u1bers. Thtt d11111 o181v1181 govern1ent1in a111 811111811he Bally- —....... 283.43 242.27 39914.....$11880 97254 rife. Cities a81d villages 11111 p111111 w-11i11 1111181 ha 11111111e ecept on1 Johns~tow..... 383.86 287.89 271 73 13784 6 82923 paper 184 111111 lo11 1110 by s1hrewd88 Illarpel on1 thit ea111r1 mar11ket. HostingsI.... 487.29 365.46 203.49 1842.64.......2898 88 Traditiln says 1811 If 111111 paper 11111111 01111 county 814 lull, 0111 on1 _ 011111 Pr11r11 in tht 11111110- o8 Iit old block 11o111 8118h was clled Totall..........$1572.89 $1179.85 $1251.84 64415.38 $1 13 88 $8432 1_6 Middl1vi1le; 11141111l o1111r 18111 three 111l1s south in1 Yalnk1 Springs, StephenI Y.R. Rork, tht Port Pro8bate 1T111 If 01118 cou1111- tt0 toward4 titt we11. III 1836 a1l111 lninety 111111e11 114111 11118 passegers 11111-, Il 1842 tht 111114 If Supe 1sor 1sgin 1ubtitte 1111, t1.111 1111111114 1111114 waIgols Ilborillsy wendin8g 111111 waly toward ti 111 THE FIRST SETTLERS IN THE SEVERAL, TGXWNSHIPS. BARRY CGUNTY CREATED. Ao1ias S. Parker, w11o ca1111t Prairievllly in 18.1 1111 1111108 111e1 11111111111 as lit fir11 white 1111111 Whll took litlly to tht 1.a11 not n181 iI 18291 l'lng with a 11111111 Ifo111111 co11n1ies taking 111111 1111111 frob r1.11 1111114 in the s1111e townslhip. In 1834 Rev. 811s11 Lawrence~ 111-etI 81111 Bally coun1ty takilng its 1111111 81111 1V1illia1 T. 0111r-, Post1aste1 Ge0111111 W.5 Spaulding 1111114 111811 on 1se11ion tuw-lliy-11i1 If Prl vi1l111 CA1-,,,Leanrd 1111111o thet sa111 towllnslip. Josepli S. B11114111 111111 11411811. BARRY COUNTY ATTACHED TO ST. JOSEPH. — in 1836 1114 the 1s111 year 810111 Wilkhao 1111114 in Carl118o1 Itollltlip, By ato Noebr4, 189tecute fCalhoun, Ralamatzoo, C-olev 114 Estel Ribh ill Rulan1d, Calvin Lywis ill Yankee 87ri811, AlBranch,4 parrl If Etnn SI allpl 1111 181te1111t 811111 h of11thel bys tlln a111d bert tlt 6111 in1111r111111 a 1 hi HalwMlilpltt a Idlilliam~pl P. 11,to ii oh appartofdt. hoslpl cognty; 0111 Bhd 1111 dait NoeIbIf 51111_ 111182.alat DvdBwe is ete in Hope; a1n1111 il1842I 1114ew801111 1111 111111 Ayirgat 1111 Shavritlsi C towgsII p 11818 U houyd seIII t e 11183 Mthe lacg11114 th Union g and t~llhep Ifta Ropulato1110 tllky Sp-)iilgy which h0- 1ee1 8111 pt11le 11 ffirst 1 All dowgs pI 1 11111wa onk the1wes1834i18 11f11rbidie11o1111 hundred 1181 t 11v tin 183 hadreached 18111 Ifusn andkl Beet-ih88511 Ibllll'lI11Ih~l~lobyC~g~~lI ligit I~ h~l 1111187, 11118 ibItE~II 11181 811 11171 0115-1-14114011 fipg If 181 1111 111w11817 1111 hit holly If 011111 Lewi; 111d the plac1 18 71811nttownshillp of Barly, Hickor-yCornels. InI 1842 Hasillgsltow1-1hi7, 1as 6111igin111111 organizedg wa 11111e-1181 act CIofI the 8118111ur 11111t11 1pres1ent Ionsip Yofkl Sprlton, I l11111 1o1dland abtdy Hastilgsldhe 0irs1towshi X meeiii111 in1411 1oo11nd111 81181 11181 tII hioe 8o1 Allnz Ball in Pil18481 ByIle I Leisaur ttseda Lg clt~ If P181111- 29, 1844, 161 1the tol~lhi IfrllplIGtetoiYneeSrng1n byllIP that'.1 IOeIthePtoI ship is1still1known 1111111-4 ville llBly Ic fteLgsaueofHyFebr011, u11147th 29, 118441f thetloeasl4ld ern1towns1ps1 ofil~ 1114s11w10111 1rig 111117 rgilzldilwgre1setloff ad or 1849,s11ip -htPil elatI1lhl ltlihus o leve11litd Elit. tb 18111 If 0110 -nys.i w11s111811d ati 1110ous of111p Aeol 811111 Ii 1858 the 111w111hip If HIPlaIllas s111 off 1 11188 Iritg andth 1f1irst1 township 1e1t1111 11s 1881a11118 llohnstyBn asBoiginallldbkyaiAiIIe IyIaclofItIILeislatuICreI of Aac -- 184911 a111h fist Byll-ulyip HeetingI.a (flild 81111h Rilouse of 1111s111111 Blalt. 011 1i1 sailltwgsip.l HAl-dl 0n1.1i 1 81111 Blel ConsiI 8f byop1 118 setlboff frol 501111 an Htile igI. 0111s 8111 Pe 1ingwas Iel 18 11181 hoseO Alvah Mott.' 118010- 011111ote.)gl~llil.Olf1llh RAILROTADS RAND CNAS out ag111 esalis 01111 1111117 114ds Aoig 11111 11111in Barrpyll 1111117wa oIe cotpid 4111111t p1o11t1 11811 the~1 1111en 1111117uI 11111 1118 frollGlll Prairie ihl1 tl1e countv1ofbKalayazooviayYfn111 1pr11, t Gra111111d1 11pid IfosAes the 81a11s lin 44t111and 1 Bem llyn 11111ce by theinmot libgibIf Arougelt, rout01117 111111s M11Itgl y 1-1 ill a11aeAln oth ieo 81l_81dllt Iuty 1833 An place.ylOlelfro1 1836le11a5 111111111e81181 1837f811 Battl 11111 711 181yo Onehbcomdencingatthl Gan riiill erllb rolidp 1183 t ection l1 iIe betwee n1ingl t 1enc1 westerly acrossth out111 If XiLiog lakei 11eYrskid plakegon andprctca route1117t1 o 1Ithl 1411181 085111 fl01111CIn. 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Page  79 HISTORY OF BARRY COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 79 HISTORY OF BARRY COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 79 She afterward married George Sheffield, whom she outlived, and she is now the last of the pioneer school teachers of the townships of Barry W: ounty. With the settlement of the several townships of the county there were subdivided into school districts, until now there are upwards of one hundred fifty districts in the county. THE NEEDED SAW MILLS. The first settlers were compelled to go to Jar-kson and later to Bellvue, Battle Creek, Gull -Prairie, Yorkville, and Kalamazoo to obtain flour. Bnt ill a new country, heavily timbered saw mills were a necessity. In 1836 a saw mill was erected in Hastings, aud a grist mlill was built in 1839. A saw mill was built in Bagley hollow il what is now tile township of Orangeville inl 1837 and the same year the Mott mill on Quaker Brook in Maple Grove was built. Cleveland Ellis built what was afterward known as the Arthurn mill in Assyria ill 1841, and the saume vear tile Sprague mill was erected in the township of Carlton. There was a mill at Middleville as early as 1836 and in 1849 the McOmber mill on Cedar creek, in Baltimore, was erected. These are a few of the early milling ventures ill the new county; but with its settlements mills sprang up every-vhere-so that there is hardly a section of land ill tie whole county which has not, at one time or another, had a saw mill upon it. EARLY POSTAL FACILITIES. Where the first pioneer of the county, Amasa S. Parker got his mail in 1831 is unknown. The post office at Kalamazoo was not established until 1832. For some time this was the post office from which most of the -pioneer residents of Barry county received their mail. In 1837 the was established at Yankee Springs and William Lewis was the first postmaster. Prior to 1839 the res;dents of Hlastings received their mail uat Yankee Springs, Gull Prairie and Kalamazoo; but in that year a post,office was established at Hastings, onl a mlail route running from Coldwater, and Willard Haves was appointed the first postmaster. The same year another post office was opened at the Middle Village called Middleville on the stage route running from Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids;and B. S. Dibble was appointed the first postmaster. In 1841 or 1842 a post office was established in Assyria, and Cleveland Ellis was the first postmaster. Carlton post office was established in 1844, Jared S. Rogers being the first postmaster. Tie post office at Irving on the stage route -from battle Creek by way of Hastings was established in 1846, A. E. Bull being the first postmaster. In 1849 the post office at Woodland was estab-lished and Nehemiah Lovewell was the first Postmaster. From this time -on post offices increased. with great rapidity, and twenty years ago there were many more than there is todav. The system of rural delivery has dispensed with tile necessity of nmany of the milnor offices, and they have been discontinued. THE FIRST RELIGIOUS EFFORTS. f Joseph S. Blaisdell who came to Assyria as the first pioneer, in 1836, was a Free-will Baptist minister, and it is said that lie held public worship l -even at that early date. Certain it is that he organized a Free-will Baptist 'cihurch Ass-ria, which was dissolved after his death, in 1848. Perhaps the mission church of Rev. Leonard Slater il the township of Prairievllle was the first church in Barry County. Religious services were held at the "Mansion Hlouse" in Yankee Spring by Rev. Calvin Clark in 1837. Rev. Williaml Daubnet then known as "Father Daubney," in 1839 held religious services at the douse of Charles V. Bassett in the northwest orner of the township of Yankee Springs. In 1839 or 1840 a Methodist -Class was organized at North Pine Lake in the townships of Prairieville uand Orangeville. Services were held ill Voodland by "Father Daubney" in 1840. The first religious service held in Hastings was the funeral of Mr. DeGroat -who died il Rutland in 1536 and who was the first person buried in the - newly laid out cemetery at Hastings. Rev. Calvin Clark naed above;preached the sermon' In 1839 "Father Daubney" held services in Hast-ings at the house of Slocutn H. Bunker. Il 1840 Isaac Messer ca ne to Hastings and stopping at the tavern of Levi Chase the pioneer hotel keeper of that place, held religious services there next day. In the fall,of 1840 or thie spring of 1841 Rev. John iEreanbrach, then the presiding ielder of the Kalamazoo district, held a quarterly meeting at Hastings. In 1838 Elder Emlery Cherrv and Elder York held services in the township,of Johnstownll The Congregational disciples of Thornapple claim to have held services in 1835. Calvin G. Hill atd Henry Leonard, who cate to that township front Mollroe, New York, belonging to that denomination. In 1843 the Congregational church of Middleville was organized. In 1840 the Carlton Methodist class was organized. and in 1840 Rev. 3Daniel Bush came to Hastings as a mlissionary, and was the first resident -preacher who had a regular charge of a church in the country, except the church of the Slader Indiall Mission. From this time on churches grew apace. The institutions nletioned above and many others that have since comne into existence were Protestant. Bat there was in tile communnity.about Yankee Springs a number of Catholics and about 1850 they bought Lewis McClouds resident in that townshlip and converted it into a house of worship, and there they had occasional services. A cemetery was laid out in tie vicinity which still remains. Wth tile removal of tile fanlilies from thie neighborhood the organization fell apart and services have long since been discontilued, though there are prosperous churches of this lenlominaEtion at Hastings and Nashville. THE FIRSTiCIRCUIT COURT IN BARRY COUNTY. / The first circuit court in Barrv county was held in a building which -stood where the Hastings City now stands, Mav 6, 1840, and the first jail was back of where Isaac Hendersllott'sresitlence now is. Thlis jail was a square log house, set il a hole ill thle ground without windowvs or doors, -the logs being hewl smooth on the illside. Wien the prisoner was lower1ed from the top on a ladder and the ladder withdrawn there was no way for hill to get out. This jail was used but a short time, andt few persons were incarcerated thlerein; and these were almost uniformly let out each <day by the sheriff on their " parol of honor." Tile grand jury roomn was in a log house just west of tile south end of the river bridge then occupied by Levi Chase as a hotel. THE COUNTY COURT HOUSE AND JAIL. l —At the meeting of the County Colmmissioners January 13, 1842, the 'building of a jail, '"drafts and estimlates" of which hall been furnished to the board was taken up. The first action of the board was the passage of a resolution; that it was expedient for tile county to erect a jail together with a roomn suitable for holding courts anltl thereupon it was resolved that.a plan be adopted andi the board receive proposals anl let the jolb of tile building to the lowest bidder. At tile nieeting of July 4, 1842, the board allowed Hiram J. Kenfieltd two h-ln reed dollars toward compensating him for builling the court house an jI il. These were strenuouls tillles onl tile board, for, Oct 14, 1844, the board adjournlei to meet at five o'clock the following morning, and thlere are tnanlly adljournments- of record to six,o'clock in the nornillng during the early forties. The court house andl jail were undoubtecldly completed at this time, for at this session of the board, Frederick Illgrarm was appointed agent of the county to procure stoves for -tile court house. This court hlouse was burnled in 1S46. D DEFALCATION OF COUNTY TREASURER. This would have been passed over gwithout comnlent if it were not so intimately ~onnected with the building of the second court house. A. C. Parmlelee, who was treasurer of the county, from 1839 to 1845, undoubtediv did not account satisfactorily for the county fullds; because, in 1844, hle, togethler with sureties upon his bonld, were requested to confess judgment in the circuit court for the amount of his defalcation as treasurer, the county thus in 1845 procured a judigment against them. At the October session of 1846 the issuance of executio against thtem was postponed, pending and started the Independent. The print shop -burned and a subscription negotiation to rebuild the court house then recently burned, for the reason was taken up and a new paper started by Young called the Democrat. that the Board of Supervisors contemplated "swapping" the judgment to- The name of this paper was afterward c gd tcha tnged to them ward the contract price of rebuilding the court house. At the meeting of Jourtlal and later to The Journal. the Board of Supervisors of January 6, 1847, it was resolved to let the job of building a new court house; the plans of John Lewis were accepted, and FROST OF JUNE 10, 1859. the contract for its erection awarded to Alvin \. Bailev, who was to receive therefor, the judigment in favor of the county against Parmelee June 10. 1859, was a dite long remembered by the pioneers of Michiand tile sureties upon his bond, Cleveland Ellis, George Brown, and Calvin gan. On this date the country was visited by a cold wave whose influence G. Hill as the first payment of fifteen hundred dollars onl the contract was felt from Maine to Minnesota. In Hastings and ill other parts of the price. Bailey was slow in fulfilling, and ohn March 16, 1848, tie was asked county ice formed a quarter of an inch thick. Wheat was almost a failure by the board to show cause whv he had not carried out his contract. much of the acreage not being worth cutting. Garden truck of all kinds, This he undoubtedly did to the satisfaction of the board, for the next day a was ruined, corn was killed, fruit blasted, hay killed and every one disnew contract was tlace with hinl for the comnpletion of the job. Oct. 9, heartened by the unexpected action of the elernents. It was looked upon 1848, it was resolved by tile board that E. D. Alden be employed to furnish as a great calamity and rry county on accont of its high elevation seven sets of Winsdor chairs for court house, said chairs to be made of two especially suffered. inch stuff in bottoms and proportioned according, otherwise well painted and lettered on the back with the word "county'' i and that he receive twenty CHANGES IN POLITICS. four dollars ttlerefor ill county orders. Prior to the organization of the republican party under the oaks of THE COURT — OUSE SQUARE. Jackson, in 1854, Barry 'county had always been a democratic stronghold. But in that year anid until long after the close of the civil war the majority After the first court house burned in 1846, and before the second one of the voters at each election cast a majority of the votes for republican was erected, the proceedings of the Board of Supervisors show, that on governors. ith a population of less than fifteen thousand the vote for motion, the ic t huse Austt in Blair th'e "War Governor" was in 1860 eighteen hundred and eightysqure idi thle s fliting psattep lati of 18t foi tie 1o868st o f hist-nt staisquare in te spring and sumer of 1 for the purpose of soing said three to ten hundred and eighty-three for John S. arry. Substantially groud with oats an seeling it down wi4th clover seted, aid that lie wtas similar majorities were given in 1862 for Blair over S'out and in 1864 for to have the net avails of the crop if he sowed atnd seeded the same in a Crapo over Fenton. The sentiment was uncompromisingly for the union good workmanlike ianner. On October 10, 1849, it was voted that during the war. Nathan Barlow, Jr., be allowed to go on. agreeably to the old conttract, and grub the stumps in the court house yard. On January 4, 1855 the THE CIVI, WtAR. sheriff of the county was instructed to keep the fence around the court house square in repair atd to keep the gate locked, except when court Barry county takes a just pride in the part she played in the Civil was in sessi1n, so as to exclude therefrom all cattle, hogs, and other War. No county in Michigan in porportion to resources and population domestic animals. contributed more liberally in men and resources than did this. Notwithstanding tht e pulation of thattati te county in 1860 was only thirteen thousu THiE COUNTY Ei. and, eight hundred and fifty-eight the county furnished to the Union army Wlhen Hiram J. Kenfieldl built the first court house and jail he was to more than sixteen hundred nen, upwards of thirty of whom became put down a cout ell. He failed to do so, and at the commissioned officers, anll average of more than one hundred for every ing of the Board of Supervisors inll 1845 the Prosecuting Attorney of the toship in the county. June 121861, te ard of Supervisors first too county was diree-d to) proceed against hitl, for his failure to dig tile xvell steps to give temporary relief to the families of the soldiers who were at at the'court house. Kenfield then dug a well, but not one deep enoug the front and between that time and the close of the war the county paid to suppy water to-the satisfaction of the Board; for, at the October session, ot t such families more than ity five thousd dollars. o raise this 1845, Willard Haves was instructed to emnploy Peter CoSbb to take up and great sum the Board of Supervisors bonded the county for twenty thoussink the county well of sufficient depth so that three feet or over of water for ollars ay d wlnt e thebsnds appearsot the feet I addition to this could be obtained. each of the townships plid bounties sometimes as high as six hundred STAGE LINE. dollars. per man, so the amount raised and paid out by the county and the townships for bouuties and for the support of the families of soldiers was Prior to 1869 there was no railroad that intersected any part of the undoubtedlv more than one hundred thousand dollars. oet thetimes county. In 1846 there was stage line running from Battle Creek via were not hpeless in the ne c ity. Tle population of te county Hastigs to Grand Rapids that made the trip in one da either way. An- increased fromn 1860 to 1864 when it was fourteen thousand four hundred other that run frotn Hastings via Yankee Springs to Kalamazoo. Another and forty-one. elax telt Fsathlrv~~ne ouse~~;n Pbraslel mapjles ana~lru a ale:prlg Hastings, Charlotte and Eaton Rapids to Jackson; and another that run from Kalamazoo via Yankee Springs to Grand Rapids. This mneans of travel whlile not luxuriant was well patronized. THE PLANK ROAD ERA. In 1848 the state legislature passed a general law for the incorporation of plank road companies. There was immediately a great demlland for special plank road comlpany charters. In 1848 forty five-plank road company charters were granted. Ill 1819 seventeen. Inll 1850 fortv-nline. In 1851 twenty-one. So that the period froti 1845-to 1855 may well be called the plank road era of Michigall. Two plank road companies were chartered to build plank roads which affected Barry county. The first charter was granted Mlarch 28, 1849 to Alonzo Noble. Jonathan Hart, Reuben Pew, and E. K. Ward of Calhoun county and William P. Bristol Salmnon C. Hall, Henry A. Goodyear, Alvin W. Bailey, and Nathan BarlowJr., of Barry counlty under the name if the Battle Creek and Hastings Plank Road Company with a capital stock of forty thousand dollars; authorizing the corporation to build an-t put in operation a plank road frotn Battle Creek to Hastings by the tost feasible route. This road was built in part. The second charter was granted March 20, 1850, to Philip Leonard, David Rork and Heman J. Knappen, under the name of the Hastings and Yankee Springs Plank Road Comlpany, with an authorized capital of thirty thousand dollars, with power to lay out and construct a plank road from the village of Hastings through the township of Yankee Springts, with the privilege uniting said road at ally point with the plank road of ally other conpaly. No part of this road was ever built. TtIE BARRY COUNTY POOR FARM. At tile January session of the Board of Supervisors il 1855 the question of the purchase of a poor farm was considered at length, alld, while tile project was once defeated, the board changed its mind and January 5, 1855, John Miles, O. B. Sheldon and Silas Bowker were appointed a committee to purchase a poor farnm for the use of the Superintendenl's of the Poor and to use their discretion in the location and.purchase thereof; if they saw fit to employ a superintendent to look after the farm; and to draw from the treasury of the county not to exceed eight hundred dollars therefor. As a result of their action the present site was selected and this was the beginning of tile counrty poor farm of Barry county. BARRY COUNTY FAIR GROUNDS. The earlv fairs in Hastings were held on the court house square; the court house being used a place of meeting. For some time before 1859 the Board of Supervisors of tile county were accustomed to make appropriations for the support of the county fair. January 8, 1858 the Board of Supervisors of the county directed by resolution that the money raised for agricultural purposes be applied to the purchase and improvement of a fair ground in the itllitlediate vicinity of Hastings and that a coimmittee be appointed to locate and purchase a site. Nathan Barlow Jr., John Miles and Leander Laphamn were appoillted by the chairman of the Board of Supervisors as such cotnnlittee, and their action resulted in the location and purchase of the present grounds of the Agricultural Society of Barry County. LOCAL NEWSPAPERS. Tile Barry County Pioneer, a weekly demlocratic paper, was first published in Hastings il Hiastings in 1851. Mr. G. A. Smlith being the editor and proprietor. By the terms of subscription it appears that the editor for a surt in addition to the regular price would deliver the paper any where in the village. Oil one occasion the paper suspended publication for the reason announced. therein that the editor had an increase ill his family. Sometimes tie editor was comnpelled to miss an issue il account of his paper not arriving in time. In tle fall of 1851 Silith sold the Pioneer to A. A. Knappen, who for some tithe continued in control. In 1853 Smith again embarked in the newspaper business at Hastings, publishing tile Barry Coauty Review. In 1.854 Snrlith bought the Pioneer of Knappen, and.the two papers were rlerged inlto the Pioneer. Tile Republican Banner was first published in 1856, Norman E: Bailey being the first editor. Ill the fall of 1856 George \V. M'ills became the editor, and remained so until J. I. Nevins purchased the paper in 1857. About this time the Pioneer suspended publication. During the campaign of 1860 the Pioneer was resurrected ad was published continuously during the Civil War. The same issue of the Banner that announced the assassination of Lincoln, noted the suspension of the Pioneer. In the spring of 1867 V. Roscoe Young took over the material of the Pioneer RAILROADS. In May. 1846, the legislature of this state incorporated bv special charter the Battle Creek and Grand Rapids railroad with an authorized capital of six hundred thousand dollars giving it authority to build a single or double track road between Battle Creek and Grand Rapids. This charter was to be void if the road was not built in tell years. It was not built. The state had sonle bitter experiences in the building of railroads, and during the next twenty years the state may be said to have passed thlroughl what inly be called the plank road era. in the nleantime the constitution of 1850, providing that thereafter all corporations should incorporate under general laws applicable to that class of corporations, and that no more special charters would be granted, was adopted. On February 12, 1857, a railroad meeting was held at Hastings to interest the public in the building of a railroad frotn Jonesville via Mlarshall,. omer, Bellevue and Hastings to Grand Rapids; anti on March 4, 1857, tlirtv-four delegates were elected at a public meetinlg held at Hastings to attend a railroad meeting to he held at Marshall oil thile eighteenth of the same inonth. Nothing further seems to hive been done toward aiding this road. Notwithstanlding that the constitution of 1850 prohibited the state from being interested in ally work of internal improvement except i the expenditure of land grants made to it for that purpose; it was thought that the same thiln in effect could be accomplished by way of municipal aid. February 5, 1864, the legislature passed an act authorizing the city of Battle Creek and the several townships of Calhoun alll of Barry colnties to issue bonds and sell the samie and to loan the money to be derived froi their sale to a railroad buildling a line fronl Battle Creek to Hastings. Henry Willis, always an intelligent but eccentric promnoter of Battle Creek, was earl ol the ground. On May 12, 1864, a meeting was called at the court huse ill Hastings to consider the propriety of pledging the credit of the township of Hastings to aid the Battle Creek and Hastings Railroad. At this meeting there were but two dissenting votes cast. Botlds were to be issued to the ertent of ten percent of the value of the real estate and were to be payable one half in ten years and the othel half in twenty years. Subsequently it was found that itne action was invalid, the Battle'Creek and Hastings railroad not having filed its articles of association at the timle of this election. Henry A. Goodyear of Hastings was one of the directors of this road. On the same day thile legislature had passed anll act, similar in character to authorize among other things the several townships of Barry conint to issue bonds and to loan the proceeds of the sale thereof to any railroad company organized or to be organized for the construction of a railroad frorn the city of Jackson to the city of Grand Rapids. On December 28, 1864 a meeting was held at Hastings in the interest of the Grand River Valley Railroad Cotlpany. At this nieeting somte objected to taking any action oil account of the Battle Creek and Hastings road but the following resolution was passed: tile Grand River Valley Railroad route frotn Jackson to Grand Rapids and hereby pledge our cordial sympathy and material aid to the full extent of our ability to the exclusion of all other projects." The road was soon. surveyed. It was thought that the various townships of Barry county, and tile people, ought to raise one hunldredl ant rfift thousand dollars toward the new road. O(n August 16, 1865, it was reported in the press that fiftyfive thousand dollars of the stock of tie company hall been subscribed for by the citizens of Barry county. Meetings were called in the several townships for the purpose of authorizing the issue of the railroad aid bonds. The several statutes under which these and similar bonds were issued were held uncotstitutional by the Supreme court of this state ill 1870. but in the ineantinle the railroad had been built, the first trains reachitg Hastings in 1869. The Cincinnati, Jackson and Mackinac was built fromt Dundee to Allegan and opened in Noveirlber 1883. The Chicago, Kalamazoo and Saginaw was bunlt from Kalamazoo to Hastings and opened ill 1888, and tlhe Grand Rapids, Lansing and Detroit, now a part of tle Pere IMarquette system was opened for use ill this county in August, 1881. CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT. In 1864 Barry county was as nowv in the fourth Congressiollal district, but while there is now but six colunties in the district and those all ill the southwestern part of the state at that time the district was on what might be called thle frontier, for the district composed of thile counties of Kent, Ionia Ottawa, Barry, Muskegon, Oceana, Newaygo, Mecosta, Mason, Manistee, Grand Traverse, Ermmett, Chebogan,, Delta, Mackinac, Manitou, Leleneau and Antrim counties, stretching northward across the straits antd almost to the waters of Lake Superior.

Page  80 8o H-ISTORY OF BARRY COUNTY, HIICHIGAN. JUDICIAL IIISTORY. Under tit orititution of 1835 o'o had io Miohigaot foor judicial citcuits;oaod aSupr-ome Courot cnistinogof fivejustices; olecief jusic aod adfour associates. Tlioasociate jutics oldtcourntl le everl oirotoits. In eachlo 0ty1 there wer eleoted tw ounot asociateojustitces woho sato-ith the juticeof tle-Suprem ourt when lie held courot that coutyot. At the eletoni of1839 Nathan BalowoSr. tof Yanke Springs aod IsaacOtisohoolhad ee the spervisor of the to-nship of Barryoo-heoit included tloentir ouoty, were oleted a.thoe coutyassociate judges. Had it ot haveobe or0a orror itothe priotiog of th ballots'oWilliato Inograin oold havebeoen electedover IsaO~tis bo fouvotes. At the NNoveber electioto io 1842 Nathao Booloo wast aga elec ted a04 Williato P.Brisotol of Jobstow as lected iothe placeoflIsaacOtis. Hert again inct-oret hallots oltonged tleo result. Clevlatod Ellis gettiog 0or0 votes than W~illioto P. Bristol, but on the ballots useod int som of Ilto tow ships the Cbristitootam was spelled Cleavelaod and this wasfflicient Ho throwo theo electiooHo Brisotol, who refused to setrve. Ino Aptil, 1843, a specia1 election waso hold to fill theo vacn t ad at this electioo T ooas J. Hom phrey a eoletd tover ColeveladEllis. At the eI tiototof 1850 Hiraot Greenofield defeated Calt-io G. Hill of Thortoapple for foost county judge ad Dat-id G. Robinonoo dofoated Joseph WV. Bodoook. Thencm change itt the judicial systeoo of the s1a1e. Tho jodicial circuits still continned bot Ohe office of assooiate ooooty-jodge was abolished. The several circuit judgesheldourot iotheiroseveralocircuitsoandsat together as aSuprooe Courtoto persist in their ownerors. GeortgeMartin,oafterward Chief justice of tho Soproote Coort, waos the firot of tho circuit judges in this oircooit, holdiog offic froom 1852 to 1858. Looio L. Loveoll waos elected in 1857 ond re-electod io 1863 defeotiog John W. Chaomplin. afterwarod one of the josticoo of the Supremeoo ooort of this state. Io 1867 Birney Hoyt was0 eleoted ostcircoit jodge ood he held offioo ootil 1876. Philip T. Voo Zilo waso otootod circuit jodge of thio circuit ot tho olectioto io 1875 ood took tho ofice Jatooary 1, 1876. to 1878 jodgo Voo Zito rosigood to accept the positioo of UoitedStoatesttorneoyfor theotorritory ofUtahoond Frok A. Hookeor waschotento 10000000 hiot. Ho conotioue toodisohogod the 'dotieo of jodgo ouotil 1892 owhen he waot appointod 000 of tho justices of the Soprooto 000r1 of Ohis stato; UlemotooSotith was at ooce oppoiotod to fill the vacancy ooothleoircuit bnhoahnd hasoioefilled thatposition. BARRY COUNTY AND THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTIONS. Barrycounoty wasootorganioedountil 1839ondoat theotiooof the formation of tho coostitutioo of 1835 00s ottochod to Kotoorooooo 000017. Itn 1849 tho vote of Booty coun0ty wa00 ooooimooo io laot-o ofa ons0t~itu tionolcoooventioo. Thoreohoiogooevoohoodrodoondfooty-fiveovotosoiotfaoro of, ood noone agaist rovisioo. Dolegotos to thio convention -eooo elocted hy repreoootatio-o districts ood a1 tho oloctiono of Maoy 6, 1655, Mrt. J. W8. T. 000000s electedho b oaote of throehondoodoond forty-ono overJohno Miles, whooreceivedtwo hundredand siotpyvotes. Mo. Orr wao ot001001 known outsideof hisoo ownoouttyooad w000 tot a 000m600 of any imoportantootooittoos. He spokeohot twoico dooiog thooontioeooooeotioo, onceoupon thoohbjoot of freeosohools ood oneooo tho eooetption provoision, Pri~ortohis electionand afterwar0d heowos sopoovisoo of Iovinog an itt 1864 w0as 0 caodidateon0 tho dentoortooti tichot foo otoobho of tho logislotooo. Wheo tho coostitotion of 1855 waoo ohotitted to the people Barryooocooutcatosix hoodoetland twelty-oiooovotes foo it aod fifty-too againot. 0n tho coostitutioool coovention of 1867. Haroey Wroight ood Adooo Elliott ropreoetoed thio countyt, Upoo Ohis iootruooent heing sohtooittod to the peoplo it wa0s rojootod. Ba000y county oostifog eighteen hundredaod sixty-twooovotesfor itoandtwo -thousondoand fourtoo against it. Ito 1873 the constitotion proposeod hy Itoe coostitutiooal 0000 -mtittsion was shbmittedand thio instouoentowasoojectedhbyo vote of tio hundred andoninefor, ond twothousand,tw0ohundred and fortty-five against it. Itn 1906hBaroycounotyvoted infaoroofanothorgo nerol revioion oftheocoostitutionhy atoote of nioeteenhoodredoondnitootoeo for, aod fifteen hondrod ood forty-Dothr ogaitst tho propositiono. The delegates to Ohis coovention we000 oloote b y Senatoria1 distriots, J. M. C. Smoitho of Charlotte, S. A. Turnholl of Gooodl Lodge and C. H. Thto oo of Nastingo oopretooting 11e fiftoontoh tootatoriol distoict thon o00ptote3 of Boooy ond N 10o0 counties. POOR HOUSE. Tho old poor hoote, loctoed on thto coutooo poor foooo, Noo a long, loow, woodooostoootro aod itooconditionin Ohe lote seveoties w0000utoo as000 cau00 oooch onfavoorahle criticisoo. January 12, 1878 ooreolution wa0 passedhbytheoBoardofSupervisorsoof tho ooootyootloooiziogtho papy000t of three thoosaod dollors 001 of tho contingent fouod of tho coonoty foo tho huildiog ofaounoty pooo hooso,oondproovidiogfoooaisiog the holototoof the cos1 of construction hy taoatioo; ofter tho questiono 0000 oohbitted to the pooplo. Tloo Pooro Hoooo was buhilt ood 1100 question tohoittod to tho peoploocaooiod so Iloot the iroogolooity ito gottinog Ohis appropriation foo tho purpooo of tito hoildiog wa00 ratifiod. Thio 00as tho Poor toosetow00 intse THlE THIRD COURT OIOUSE. Octohor 18, 1888, Mbilo L., Williaoto, tloeo ooooohoo of tho Boood of Supoorvisoooo froo Ohe cily of Hastings, introducod a oosolotioo providing that the o 000t1 issuo hoods intheo oouo of fifty thousaood dollooo for tIleo purpose ofhouilding aooo couorthouseoaod jail. Thisoreoolution wa0 laid onth eo tohleo till the Janoooy, 1889, sotsion of tho hoord, 00600 it 0000 taketo up, an amendmetoooproviding forthel issoo of sixty thousand dolloosoio hoodsotoot suhotitotod io its ploto, carried, tho question sohbtittod to tho votero of Itoe couooty aot thoo April, 1889, elecotioo. oaod dofeotod 67 a votet of 0000 thousaod and severty-eight for aod twothousand,donehuodred andooev enty —oioht agaitoot it. Hoert tloo qoettiono reotod lot soome time. DOn Juto 28, 1891, I-Ioo. Pt-raok A. Hookert.hoot Itoe circoit jodgeofoithistcircoit, oddrotood a coOntlttOooiootion to tito Boord of Sopoervisors, ito 0hich ho colled theor attention to 160 fact that the joil 0000 ouoofe anod instofficientto oonfino prisoneors ito, thot it 0000 sooco as to maoke tho doties of tIleo Shot-id extra haozardoos, thot ito tootitary coonditioo teoodorod it ouofit for hobitatioo, thatit-s1 i re tra00psoOarranged that inocaseof firo 0007 prisooeos woho mtighthbeocotfioed thoerein woul1d almos01erti10Iperish, anod tlotits furotheros 000s0a dlisgraoo to the adominoistration of justice. Acting too. Ohis co totnicatiooo, tho Supoet-isors00 00000 tonodoeootd iho forthot utse of Ohe jail, ood deoignotod tho jail of Hotoot county as tho placo foo tho 000 -fieooeot of jail prisotors. DOn January 7, 1892, a reolotiooo tohboodtho 00001y tn the toum of fifty-four thoosand dollort foo 16e purpose of buildtog a0newcout-thouse and joil wasobotitte andtt caoied. Thios oeolutioo prooidod for Otoe iotoonoo of botods popoble eighteeno thoutood dolloot ino 1892, eoightoeto thousond dollars io 1893, ond oightooo thootoaod dollato itt 1894. Tltis pr-opooitioo was oubotitted to tho people ino Aptil, 1892, otod wa00 00rriol lbp a voteoof 100e017 soevot undredod twe00115tytwo tfoo, anod sixteen hunodtedoandsitiy1 —sov oagaiost As aoreslt of thisactionotleopresentojail oaod cour-1 house wero boilt ito 1.893. LOCAL OPTION LAWT. Barr.Pcounty hafori many yearsot-haod a decided majority ofher peoplo agaitot Olto salooto. lot 1687. boo the quesotiono of tho pt-olibitioo of 1100 liquor Otroafo by tonstitotionol ooooondrooot woos oobotittod to lloo peoplo, this ouoottbocat Othreeoothousaod adonioottottitootestoinolaor otf ooostitutioool proohibitio. otod nineoteen houodred ond thirtoy-throee agaitst it Iot 1692 it waso sotoght to toohotit the qotstioto of loool optioto 10ileo voters hoot the Bioard ofSupervisors oeuoeotodoct on the gouoond thot tho prelin-iitootp proceeditgs to-oe orreguloar. Ito tho opr-itg of 1896 it w000 sooght to ogoino subotit thequestio botoagaiothe boood rofusod 00 toochnioal grouoods, thottght by thoet to ho soffioiont, to tsubtit tho question. lot 1968 theo board did sobotit tho questbion to tho people and thoy dtcidod itt faoro of pr-oihibiton in tho coutooy by o tote of thirty-four Itoodrod and fortyeightbfor-and twoothousand -andonineoty.-threeogaioot, amjortiy in faoor of prohoibitionoof foutrteonthundredaod fove. Ino1910 loe questiont w00 agoittsobmoitoed toolooopopleooftht countoy tod agtaioheoydoi led int faoor of prohoibitionobt-a oteobofbthree thousandbatddoigttot lot aodtwoothooooaod, thoeo tuntredoaod sixbteen agointtoaoojoriot ofonioe huodred anod sixtbo-foot. AS A SUMMER RESORT. Life ito toletrlbl all the yeor ito Botry county. paoring 0000wame seas000 the rivttr, lakeo otod streoort toe otuool teortoti to. Po-oywtloot-t tho 0ae is 000elloot, tho focilities fot b-tranportatiotfot to aot oopplies otooredil,-hod, tool mafloaod teleplotoeokeepooonein tooi wtoO Otoe tootoideo tootlot. It itt difficuolt to capitalie olioooto. Teben6etfit to Batrrp 00outy of itstslady-nooks, its lakest, itstatshy hoortolotod forestt hooot boo gameo, toe ftmttetturo-ble. If oteowreoakedto ohonoo Ohe toitngo thaot toadotlife moottpleasan1 horeolio oould toot btelpbut thintkof tletsutty hills, anod shaod vatlles. Otoe foeldo of aoldeo goait. ripeooitt itt tho suooerotootslioto, tht potfume of tlote ineadoo-. tleo rttshing ttr0am0, the dartitog broot, lthe datop 4arkntoot of lbe woodod doll, lte balooy ho-toezto of the iolatod lakes, lto trustic cottage. tbo lake oido 00 ott. tlt ose olode spot, the oporttof rool aod gutt, tho wbirrig teel, tlio hotnk of blot goosebhe00w0istliog snipethe tbirotftho noisy duc, and tbe tileot otoodocok who000 dr-oppiog fliglot hot footled s0 000007 Ot*r shots." Thooo thiogo wh-blo otto-c 01etoroteot to Ohe sobots of Pitte hoo. Cleaot Laoke, Doll Laho. Goto Loho. Thottoopple 1,ake, BotlowoLako,&ookhdLake. Wall Loke, Loog Lako, Doottoop Loke, Pioo Loke otod toty otloersttohere fishing istotsurpassedandoshooting isgood,oall tetdtolinak Ohio ooootp too, ho boo thoto000e woh seek ecreion. ATo the torioot oioded. the lifet ito fortot, foeld tootd oltreot furtoitsh obdodoot opportuoioyotoioouloge ito -origioaltresearohinobiologyoand oolooo-. No historyttwotld bett worh~th tte-wileotevenlttooughieif oithouto soome menotionoof tbeCitv. of Hostitgs oaod of tho ovillogesoitcororteoohd and ooiooooportohd ito the ou00015. HASTINGS. Tho lotod otoopiod hot the origitool plot of tho City tf I-sotiogs 0000 told by Huototo P. Haootings 006000 protrait, done it oil, othoot otor ityO boll, July 26, 1836, to sotoe of tho propriethors of the otioinal "Hastitog Coon poop. "Thit totoopotoy ot-gooozd tot otto, decidded toylot to oillage and erect a Osaw 0mil o Fll Crek~ SlotomH.Buke aootho athhttlovtoaoeohere, probhably no1 a0 tho foost wohite peoplo, hot 00 tho fibs to bold o houose ott ~the future city. They coamettttt totwttthoheiteton of pertnaootttly residing ito Haostinogs hot foo the purpos0 of h'ootdtngtoIhe hottoo' otho 00r0 tottt foototodby tho Hootitoo tootpoato to erett asaohotoot hs oman ohootitog tot prtenotiouttly, atod plattino ho too gor ool vtilfige twot soon 00 theorocks, inotl ehandsooooot of eeieod its offaostwerttoutd up hoo Othe Chaocellorofltttoooogtgoo In 140 HeorytA. Doodveor ooootooHastitngstas itsopioteeroitoot-olooto In 1841lAltiotWA Baioleytopooitto Istor loe.I 1842 W~illiaot Upjooh enogogod too tootatiotle bhottotio thel06 toeth 0000, 1833, Williaot So Doodo tar cameo Ito 1844l ca00e Vteltotoo Toog otod thenteforwartoolmtrchatsttthavetotonttatdtgoote Tfohe thlotetl wtas kopt byLevtiChaoeo oho dioet in0sevice doutig tho Mlotot toot 101835 NathanoBarlow Jr. who had cometotHatingsod 1000 lotkot Sprtogso tot ounotyoclerk, to 1843, hoiltob otoloto tho prese0t stootof the Hoottoogs HootoeDoavid M. Dake wloo loctoed hoot too 083S a thot irolot photstoiato Ut-Williotot Upjolo 00a0e fto 1841, Do. Joht Roboots it lit tool Dot. C. S. Boobon anod A. P. Dtoke ito 1851. Tho firot Lawyer toas Martol Gdding twho cametto 0 Hastitgs ito 1842. I-Ito 000 ofteottoods otpireettto i~ to Otthtt State legiolatoto, Jodgo of Ptobate int Rolaoatooo 000000 otoober of lthe Constitotiotol Conveontiono of 1867, tond 00 the tioot ofhito doatl Dot-e0000 of Ntow Metico. Ito 1843 Isaa tA. Holbtrook locttoed hettod ftoronearlt 6al a ceturoy 0000 ptoooioently identifted woitO Oh progressotitho 001y Tho foost stage toote runoning a togulat hoot oas esotaoblishod foot 13stiongo Ito Baottle Cretok Juoly lot. 1846. Hostiogs toas itortoportooed too -logo Pohoouaot 13, 1855, Alvino W. Bailop boiog tho forsb Presideot. Sloth 611 1671 i1t0 Otstin toopoatot 4s to city; Hoot-p A. Goodyoear 6etog the fontMayort it to the 0c001t- 00a1 of So-r t outoty. The popolation is 00a lit thousantd. It has paveod strtooto, eloctrio lights, 800 lights, muticipal wa0e woorkt plant, aod to eotolloot fire departmetot. Thoeto 000 Advetist, IBtoptist, Catholto, Chr-istian Scieoot, Episcopal, Mebthotlist, Poothytotiotu WAesleyano Melthodist ondUtoitedS orthoo Chooroloo; manufacturoing iodastrioareowelltrepreoontoed,therobeiog oooooog theooooodworkoi giostotiootton ototoowotoll, oseveoral p1ltoitog otills atod shops, tito Hootihgo Tablo Conipoop the Gtood RapidsoBook Cate andChaoirComopany with bthre oodonhtolfaorostflooropato, and the Hastinogs Cabitot Cootpaoy. Motal torkiog inoootries, havet-oet Cootoolidatod Preos tood Tool Comopatny, H040060 iotor Soboft FREEPORT. Ebbe b 6 1100 prosopeot of a r011r0a4 ito Novemober, 1878, Satotol R~oush platted tloeovillage. TheorailrooadlditlnotoreachFreoport 000000 aswa eopeoted, butit oooo hasroilroad fotilities.boitogooa braotoolof tb Pereo MaroqueOtto. TIote tillago 00s ioooopooatod ito 1987 todr ha o popolation tot' approxiotatooloy boot hutolodred Theort are so-eral olootooota batok, weeokly newspapett le o reeport Ho-old, telgraphoaod telepboooto oooo ectiooo, floouing ondbfoeoooill, elevaotor and good schools. It it ott bte Little Tbtortoopple of Collwater r-it-eo. BOWENS MOILLS. Natloao Barlow, Sr., io 1837, oetblodoea tothbe lake owoito otill hoeo-t high too. Judge Boo-Ito atd boisono, 'Noaotoa Bar-low, Jr., io 1848 built Ohefirsttto saillonearltoeftoottofhtBarlowooaoe. Ito 1864 N. I.. Moweno purochaod theooilland ioo1871lbuiltbagoiobooill. Siooo this bitoto Ottl place toasobtee knootn oto Boo-ooo Mills. Tloreo-o otto 1al ooooiberof dwe-lliog houses ioobhehaotoole0. YANKEE SPRINGS. Tloio p1ace nowoot-tlatioly of bob little iooportaooo toot ooce Otto 00s1 itoportaooto ploto io the ou00001. Situtoooo twbere thto stago liot o noertg0804 onothelioeofoltheoold Indian to-il broot Rolatazooto tho Go-otd river,. otoolabtor 0n bto liot of Ohio btSa ptincipal higloway ito Ohio section of th0 st01te, it-was lbe ploct of the earoly ciotot, tho eotlp pootofflot and of the, both hotoel fofilitioo ito tho couty~~. No otheo, hostolry ito Michigantoa rorot!0widely and populoolyhktowo0t01bo tbboMansion House'of Yankee Bill Ltootio. Lew0is woto prom~ioent lin politics oand to toombor of tho log0 -isloture ito 1846, wohe Nit Rohisotot, Otto Dorand Riveo trodotr, o-opreeteod theodistrict'in'tboSenate. Prioo to1852 olmooot tovery 000001000000010 theGrand RiveroTalleypby'lantdoame by wy ofYankeooSprings, anodltere Le00is entertaoitod tho goverotst of the state otod 00007 other meo prooinent ito the offaito, toot ot~ly CfI Michigao hot of tbo 006010 ooootoo-, W~ith the opotiog of tho Kalaotazoo otod Doraod Rapids plotok road ino 1852, Otoe itoportootoe of Yankoe Spoiogo wast gretolp reducod, tho populatioto dw0indled too-ty, theoboildinogso er ttorn1004000 and tot tho pr00en1 timeo thete it nothoing to toll tho story of ito 000150 imtportance, IRVING. Theofirt fur trader, Moreao, located near Ohio plocetlH movot-dto tho blockhOoooe ott Scaleso prairito ohootly afteo tho coooitog of A. N.' Boll ito 1836. At soooto by tho Mtichtigano Doetteoot of 1837, Bolls Prairie to-to regardedotastotetofthe ourooioportanthplocesoinBarrypoouoty Whebn thoBattlo Cootok otod Gootd Ropios stage line opotood ito 1846, to postoffioo toot establisheod -lere otod A. H. Boll toot oppointetd tho foost postoaterott. Ito 1854 Athaol Huhbbarod tood Williotoo Hills oretettd to grist oill 0000 theo p0ese01 otto otod Iotheceooth foot sotoe titoe tho phto 0000 otollod Hubbaodvillo, ht toot platted ito 1859. ho 1865 the pootofo froot Pooto-to,,aotsot thbtriotty-asomoveo-d here Sincetheoopening oftho raflrootd thet plote boo booen knowo- oto Itt-fog. OTHER HAMLETS OF LOCAL IMPORTANCE, Theret 000 00007 otheor hotooloho it tho 000n1y of lotol imoportaoto. DOWLING. otootod froot tot- ecoetootic pioooeoo of Baltimoreo, who got-o to the ottownsip thet 000e of tho oily of bit birt-t; UtotDAo Coo oC, onthebstreaotby thoeostoenote, twot stotledo as talyotas 1. whenoits firottoill 0000 otootod; MoORAN, otigionally 0allod Sberidon; HICOooRY COoRNEtoo, wheret' heo foost -bibe sohool boote fo 06e btoonhip woas built, toentione4 ino tbe s00000e 00 the ploaco of toe firot otowtsoip oteetitg intthl towntbip woheot Spaulditng 0000 ott off froot it; ORooNGEVILLE,o foost stotlod ino 1858 tor 1851, oheto tho otill a1 Ooot place0000 boilt; Ohio plaoe twot bor a long titoe known too Orangeville Mills, hot of lateo- years it hot tokento lot ttoot of tho pool-. offceoOratoge-ille; CLotVoooDAi, tonotho, CR. & S. oroilrood, itttlm tootootof the boOt fishing 00000ry into he noroth cetraoo stoate; PRotoottotto., foost sottlod by Hiroto Lewis, abo-other tob the piotooto oottleo of Yankee Springs, likew0ise a hotol keopoo, whto ino 1841 openedltoefirsttbotel in wthat isnow thet-illage;itowos Othio housoe Oothat lth foost towtoobip otooting intohe towns0hip of Spaolding wato hold; DULTON, too the C. K. & S. o-ailroao, ploattod after Ohe lootion of thot road, bytFritz AlleooBlackotao, ha beooeoaooimportonttshippioog point; ithos aobaok st-eralgood sbototeo hotol, elot-atoo- ondoatweekly toewspaper; Aot-ROA CONTORO stillathrit-ing tradiog pointo, aod oneo tooth moto foopootoot tos a half 0ap-bous ontheOb old stage linto; LAoCY, BAO otoot, MAo~PLoGROoooCo Too otR D, COASGOE CARLroOo CooT- R, PRtTCIFEARtoVoLo.E- Cootot, DOStotR, A11LO0, Ptosto. 0 otod othero plotet, Otto -hobolet tott..o.tadgpoints.o Cootpoany, tho fotootootiotool Sool atod Look Companoy, ad Adotonto Mann- STANDARD CROPS. faturiag Co poop. Thot-otot oidot moills,fotouing millo. sotoerol feedltilit, cigoarototot- Tbeosoilof Barryouootytvaries ioodiffertot localities fromoalight sand foboorer; gas oroko, the Haotiogs SWool Boot Companyo. Thoreooetwtto to atoheavyt-laoy. Alost of it iso-ich,loamtyoad productiveo;well adaptedto good thotels, the f-bstiogs Houto otod the Hote 1Boooy~ Theoto it o High the raoising of oheaot, oa00, 00000, potoaooeo, re, baroby, boott, bay, otod 11l Schoolfb wtoo otootrollmentt oftwto hotodrod atod thioty-filo a ou000000 nooroto othor t 01101 coopo of the toothl cootool s0toos. Applot thriveo ito oll parts schoolood anoonolloontoinothepubiooschoolsoofoioooohononeothousand. of 160 county, oandono othot pool of thet stateooopooticanhoo Thereoiscitymi odeliveorytwo tolophono comopaniesto otolegoaphomto- of itsopeachsotodlgrapos. Sotoll fruito of all kilido grow0bo pooleotioot. panies; besidesthe oousuaol oofnumber ooof g frlnecuilfhoooo., eotoollent Sbtrawbeties,oraspberie, ioortoots, here-fiod thoioontiveohotoeo Tho low elovatoro facilities, tstockyotlostoodoshipping aoootogem ho, otto goof baoho, tohod 00olldpodotoooiogftoo, topodgooo a populatioo largely Aoeoicato oaod aprogrottiveo otofp to foate city got — tooth lnos aret 000001 foate bt11o th rai 000 otioint geolero ohd poodetn ernmentot tionor0 10 hbetter odoptod to toe raising of s1ock of 11l kiodo than Ohio,. -NASETILLE. SOME STATISTICAL INFDRMATION. Seototd only to the 0107 of Hoostiogsoi sitz000 Ithilohlage of Nashltillo, Thooto 000 10 Bartv ot unty1 approxoimately 3,500 lotms, 000000 by 2,888 locteold ontheoeatern-tbooderoof the ounotottoo theohooroppleoriveroatd toototo. Theo- oareSbootenat fatototo. The totol acoreagoof i prooved tho Dootod Rivot Tolloy Roilroad. This villago to-to loot p1va o160 oooio218 td ftoopoo od 688 ~ -loe of tbe laoods Robert DGregg, anod itotrporotetd ito 1869, Lemuoel Stoith hoiog tho folt otod boildiog gtoot1,o888 to ftooto p od f$,5,8 Pootidotot. It hot toa0n0 chuoches, oeotellot poblic sioools. tho hoot soto- io i toeObu hildings. ott Far ooblootey representto $688,888 otod thoeip 00080 0s01t00 of otoy plooe ito the couttoy, o muotofipol waterworks systoot, stock 81,675,888, oaod moreo There 10 paid ou0 foo fotto laboro -175,0to0 oleot-oroo tood sltippitog focilitiot, 0000 otill, flotooog omill to fino depot, good oaotoally. The acreage of otops, as00 a 0000 c00 6e etiooteotd, 10 annuaolly: totootottilo touses, Otwo batoko, ai oeahouse, oaod tke Leotzta ble con- Coro, 35,888; o010, 21,888; -hoot, 25,888; beaos, 3.588; olotveo boy, 27.888; poop wthioo hot boeto ito bosieto for ot-eo forty p0ar.0 i 101 suoroonded lbp othoo hop, 288805; pototoot, 3.000. Theo pie14, o0 tho to o hoofio of e001 -o foto foaotitg country.o toa0e, aoooall ito Coo-t, 1.388.888 boosools; oa1s, 660.000; 0000at. 468,588; beano. 58,885; olot-ot Ohay, 34,888 1000; otler boy, 28,888 boot; potatooto, -MIDDLNYILLE. 288,888 buhoobos. 6 00er 000 218,888 opplo trees tood the yield too the CaIt-ito G. Hill ws the first wboito proprietor of th land 0100 whOitl toooi ohhyto o oo 5888hooo htoio oo oto Ohio t-illage 10 hbtilt, It twot probably suot-eyed hbfo,1858, hot the plot seon wa00 no0 oeoooded unotil 1859. Poior- to 1843 the p 0 toot bnoow0 as LIST OF REPRESENTATIVSS IN STATE LEGISLATURE, Tbornapplo, Ohe toato Middle Tillage still cliogiog to Olto old IodiaotmoDitit Ssin 00000 a0 tbo block house 00 Scalot Praioie, 006106 Jote 'Moreau, tho firtb ooDoooStio toodor iooBarrycounty, occupietooslatotool. Isaac N.Kelerowastthefirst Hot-id B. Stool- —............Eaton, Barryad Allegan...-.....1839 otortbott, ond whenot Middleville toot inoroportoho in 8S67, was tbot foot Doniol Bareooh.........t... E-too, Boort- otod Allega........-.18480 Presidento W~illiato M.1 Cohbb 0000 the forth village ctleok., Thbis oillogo boo Nathan Booboo Sr..........Etoo, Booty otod Allea 8000 -....1841 etoolbotot choothot, o high sthool, to hook, ine depo0, electoic lights, tltio3 10 oo tdBtt - 13 g~oodmanufacturing instoitutionstaodbtihbhtary to iot a, sperior- faotoig FlaviiooJ. Little'h...o....Algaotood Baryto............-1843 00001ry. -Abnerot.UPareee.......... Allgaonotd Barty............. 1844 Pohte J. Cook__............Allegoto tood ttory p- - -.........1845 WTOODLAND. W~illiamo StLows........... Allogoto otod Baoty- —...........1846 Hoenry A. Goody a........ a r....................1847 Tho foost lotoioto 0000 tho presen0 otillago of Wotorllod -a00 in 1847 Nalotha 5001000..........Brr..................... 1848 by Johot MctArthuro Ito 1849 ooo Soydetr stt op o bltoksotobh shop toot. Nathoao Baroob r...........Broo................... 1849 Jaobo Stootss opotood 0 s0o00 io 18533. J. S. Eoodyeaoit 1861 stooted ho Nathban Barooboo..........Bry.................... 1858 openoaotore ito Woodland, hot wtbet Ito oooived wtoh loft goofo toolodod Salmotot C. Holl 07.......... ar...................... 1851 thatthe prospect was n01 good, anod, witout unloadiog, oetootood Ito Alvin W.Boileoy............Booy..................... 18,9 3 Hostioogo. Lawrenceo Hilbert otogoged io trafe thortily after, ond ito 1865 Geortgo 1855 bots ooooeonood to ho told. Tlos p1a0e waoo fooroerly knootnt tot Woodlond Joho M.O Nevn..........tbar.................... 1857-58 Ceotoe buh lb wasO inoroporatod itt 1892 as Woodlatod. Thoore 000 hooto tbooee Geortge Thooat............Bro...................... 1859 oboorches, abonk, oowekly toewspopoo, Tho W~oodlond Notot, 00me00- Geoooge K. Bootoot......... Booy..................... 1861 oobleooostore,oand good pobliooscools Itisonot he lione of Otto U.K. JamostA.Swe too........ Firt Ditrict....t- - —..........1863-64 & S.orilroadoondfiso srouded bythebest farmtinog lod lo the ouoooty, GeoogeThotiao............. Seonod Diotrict........... —....1863-64 -

Page  81 HISTORY OF BARRY COUNTY, MICHIGAN. 8S Name. District. Session. John G. Runan............ First District..........First District1865 Leander Lapham.....................Second District................1. 865 James A. Sweezy..................... First District......................................... 867 Richard Jones........................ Second District..........................1S67 Robert J. Grant......................First District............... 18........... 69 - Adam Elliot........................Second District.......................... 869 Robert J. Grant................... First District............................. 1871-72 HeN r- P. Cherry.....................Second District...............1..... 871-72 Frederick V. Collins...............First District............................. 1873-74 Gilbert Striker....................... Second District..... 18........... 73-74 Henry A. Goodyear.................First District........................... 1875 A. C. Townet.t........................ econd District...........................875 Joseph W. Stinchco b............First District......................... 1877 Asa D. Rork............................Second District........................ 1877 Porter Burton First.............First District................. 1879 George C. cAllister..............Second District........................... 1879 Samuel J. Bidle a F istrict.............................. s881 LeF wis-A. Nichols...................Second District......................... 1881 Lycurgus J. Wheeler.............................................................. 883 Orson- Swift......................Barry Couty................... 1885 Jeremiah M. Rogers.............. Barry County............... 1887 teremiah M. Rogers................Barr Count........................ 1889 Casper L. Boen..................... Barry Count......................... 1891 David H-uggett.......................Barry Count............................ 1893 David Hugegett.................... Barry Count-............................. 1895 M yron IW ing.:......................Barry v ouilty.........................1. 897 Myron Wing.......................Barry County............................1899-1900 Name. John J. Perkins..... John J. Perkins...... Williaml H. Shantz.. Xilliame H. Shantz.. William H. Shantz.. Henry C. Glasner............................... I............... I....i.......................................... 1 ISTAI Name Henry P. Bridge................. David E. Deinlinlg................. Digby V. Bell....................... William A. ichtmond.............. Willian l A. Ricl ond................ Rix Robinson.......................... Ri Robi nso l............. Ris Robinson......................... Rix Robiy soc...................... John Bow le........................... Jol n Bowlvne............................. Dacid Sturgis.......................:. Jaeles W. Hickock................... Henry A. Goodtear................. John Roberts......................... Norman Bailey....................... Norman Bailey....................... S. W. Fo ler........................ District. Session. Barry Co nty............................... 1901 Barry County............ 903 3arry County.........................................905 3arry Coun ty...........1907 larrv County.................................... 909 Barry Count.................................... 911-12 rE SENATORS. Session..................................................... 8 4 0................................................ 1841............................................... 184 2-43.................................................. 1844............................................... 1845............................................... l 846................................................ 1847............................................... 1848........................................... 1849........................................... 1850................................. 1851................................................. 1851................................................. 1853.............I................................... 1855........................................ 1857,........................................... 1859............................... 18............................ 61-62................................................ 1863-64 Name. Session. John M. Nevins................................... -....................1.. 65 A. L. Green............................................. 867 George Thomas........................................................... 869-70 Homer G. Barber........... 1871-72 George 31. Dewey.................................... 73-74 David R. Cook............................................................................. 875 D avid R. Cook...................................................................... 1 877 Jacob L. McPeek.................. 18789 Lewis Durkee................. 881 H enry F. Pennington.............................................................. 1883 John Carveth l..........................................1885 George N. Potter............................................... 1S87 Philip T. Colgrove............................t............... SS89 SWilliam liller................................ 1891 Milton F. Jordan....................... 1893 Samuel F. W ilkins.................................................... 1893 MI. S. Keeler...............8.... 95 A. D. Hughes.................................. 897 W illianl m W. Potter.............................-........................ 1899-190( A. B. Shoemaker.................. - - 19801 C. L. Glasgow.......................................1903 C. L. Glasgow............1905 K arl D. K eyes......................................................................907 L. D. D ickinson....................................................................1909 C. C. Vaughn.............................................1911 Wm. M. Smith.................... 1912 LIST OF OFFICIALS OF BARRY COUNTY FROM 1839 TO 1912. Compiled by Wm. L. Thorpe, County Clerk. - I I II Judge of Probate. Stephen V. R. York. Calvin S. Hill.......... Hiram Lewis............ Richard A. Hanna... T. J. Humphrey Orin L. Ray............. Sherman C. Prindle. Shermnan C. Prindle. Sherman C. Prindle. Sherman C. Prindle. Clement Smith......... Clement Smith........ Win. W. Cole.......... C. W. Armstrongg...... C. W. Arnstrong...... James B. Mills.......... Janes B. Mills......... Chas. M. Mack......... Chas. M. M1ack......... Chas. M. Mack......... Chas. 1. MSack......... Sheriff.Willrd Hays................. G eo. ro......... r..............W. J. enfield......................V. ctor P. Collier............... R ssell Sl e..................... Victo P. Collier....... Phillip Leonard...................Hira Wood........................W. K. Ferris.....................T Is. Ferris..:.....................O. E. Everts................ E Everts.....................D. I-I. Everts.................John. il........................ H. Mallory......................E. H. Mallory...................Isaac W. VrooMean.............. Issac W. Vrootnan.............Joh. Cressy.................. Cre sy....................Henry oulltalit................Herr oughtalin................oh. Cress................ Oliser F. LoF g..........Baker Sriner.......Baker Shriller...............James D. Beel am....e.......Jaoes H. McIievitt.......James H. McKevitt...... Samel C. Ritchie..........a.......luel C. RitchieN................A. G. Cortright.......... A. G. Cortright.................Victor B. Furniss..................Victor B. Furniss..................Harry S. Ritchie............ rry S. Ritchie...................Albert N. WVilliamlls s.... County Clerk..........T. S. Bunker.................. Willard Hays.........................Nathan Barlow Jr...............I. A. H olbrook.......................John W. Bradley....................Willard Hays........................enry E. Hovt.......................Henry E. Hoyt.......................Ienrv E. Hoyt.......................Geo. WV. Mills........................Daniel Striker................ Daniel Striker..................H. P. Cherrv......................... J. M. Cadwallader.........Daniel Striker.......................Daniel Striker................. W. H. Powers.......................V. H. Powers............... W. H. Powers.......................CN. H. Powers........................ Enoch Andrus.......................Enoch Andrus....................... Chas. M. Mack........................ Geo. V. Abbey......................Frank M Derby....................... Thos. S. Brice........................Tho S. Brice................... Joln G. aler.....................John G. Naglergl.-.-........... Wal ter W. Brow-...................... Walter W. Brownl.....................Sanuel Velte..........................Samuel Velte....................Orville C. Barnum................Orville C. Barnum..................Wi. L. Thorpe..................Wo. L. Thorpe.................... Roy Andrus.................. Register of Deeds..........A. C. Parmalee.......................A. C. I'armalee....................... A. C. P a r le e............. Salmnlon C. Hall....................O. B. Sheldon............... 0. B. Sheldone...................... Chas.V. Patrick......................W. n. Upjohn....................John S. VanBrunt......... Jolhn S. VanBrnnt...........R. B. 1Wightmano................Sylvanus H. Cook................... lvanus -. Cook...................Slvanus H. Cook..............W. H. Jewell......................Wm. H. Jewell......................John Hotchkiss..................John Hotchkiss.....................William M. Scusdder............ Villiam M. Scudder..............W m. 11. Sidnan............W\V. P. Sidnan...........John E Barry............... R........ B. Richards......................R. B. Richards.................... I. I1. Wickwire......................C. W. Jorda......................C.. Jordan..........................C. Fernando Brooks.................C. Eernando Brooks................Aaron Sherk..........................Aaron Sherk.......................Joh J. Doster.......................Joh J. Doster...................... Columbus W. Backus..............Columbs W. Backus............. Earl F. Townsend........ County Treasurer.........Chas. W7. Spaulding................Chas. W. Spaulding........A. C. Pralee.....................Natlan Barlo................Salmon C. Hall.....................Salmon C. Hall.....................0. B. Sheldon........................ Slleldon....... Harvey N.Shelddn........ Harvey N.Sheldon Harvey N.Sheldon........Harvey N Sheldon Harve y N.heldon.................Harvey N.Sheldon..........Harvey N.Seldone................ Asa D. Rork..........................Asa D. Rork...................Milo T. Wheeler..........Milo T. Wheeler...................Milo T. WVheeler..............Geo. Vileox........................John Lichty......................John Lichty..................... Fred Alexander.................W. D. Hayes........................ C. A. Hough......................... C. A. Hogh.................... J. P. Hale Kenyon.................J. P. Hale Kenyon........J. G. Hughes........................I.. Hughes......................A. F. Sylvester.....................A. F. Sylvester......................Geo. E. Colema..................Ge. ole an...................Chas. F. F. Cock............... Chas. F. Cock......... leander Reams.........Leander Reams. Prosecuting Attorney. Date of Election... I N. A. Balch............................N. A. Balch..........................H. Greenfield........................I. A. Holbrook......................I. A. Holbrook......................I. A. Holbrook.......................I. A. Holbrook.......................H. Greenfield........................James A. Sweezy....................I. A. Holbrook.......................Ja es A. Sweezy..................Frank Allen............ C.........has. G. Holbrook..........Ch. as. G. Holbrook......... Frank Allen..................J. R. VanVelsor...............Chas. G. Holbrook......... Chas... Bauer.......................Chas. H. Bauer..................... E. Knappen........................ Kappen........................P. T. Colgrove........................P. T. Colgrove........................P. T. Colgrove..s...................C. H. VanArm an................... Lowden.....................Ja es A. Sweezy........... Je......... Te A. Sweety............... Thos. Sullivan.......................C. H. Thon as.......................C. H. Tho as..................Fred W. Walker......................Lee H. Prvor.................... ee H. PFror......................... Wm. W. Potter........................Wm. -V. Potter.....T...hTomas Sullivan............. '::....... 1839............... 840....... 1842............... 44.........1846........ 1......48............850........................................................1858..... 18.. 8........ 1862............................... 66........... 18.. 68.... 0................1878........ 18...... 72...........1874.....187......... 88...............1878......... 188...............1882..........1886...... 898.........................1.........1890................1892................1894................1896. 1898...... 1902........... 19 2........... 194.......... 9086................908.......19......1910........1...... 912.......... V;otes............. 184..................... 232............ 315................. 484........... No Record........... No Record..................... 4 7................ 1220............. 1420.................. 2417....................2369..............2962..............2679.............. 2926................. 3314............ 4. 4484............... 3428.................. 3760..................... 3495................5480...........5272....................6252............. 5244..............6031............. 5730...:..... 6......;.6444....................5278....................5797........:......... 5229........;:........ - 6663....:... -.,-..5350..... 6228..............:....5159.............. 5860..................... 4250................... 5651............... 4136

Page  82 PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY OF Barry Countzy, M~ic Igor) EXPLANATION.-The date following a name indicates the length of time the party- has heen a resident in the county.- The abhreviatioils are as follo s: S. for Section; T. for Township; P. 0. for Post-office address. When no Section Numnber or Township is given, it will bie understood that the party, resides within the limits of the village nr city namned, and, in such cases, the post-office adidress is the same as the place of residence, unless otherwise stated. Adas, Grast, Fariier S.5,T 3Jsllistoi,P.00.DDowiig. Adasi, Ivaus 0., Fvmr.,T hsossisppi, P. 0. Aliddlaeville. Hir. Adlams wass bar ii Bassy LCsssiv ia 1869. Adsasion, J., Farser, S. 35s T. Joikstowsa, P. 0. aedford. Aidriscs Braotieri Cos, Dseiler ss Geserai Hasrdwasre, Delise. Aiierding, Matssiass Farsers S. 4, T. Carltoss, P. 0. Oastinsgs. 1863. Aiilerdieg, S., Farsers S, 20 T. Carslton, P. 0. oastigsg. i865. Althosesseny,s Fsarssr S. 25s T, Hastingsi, P. 0. Hastings. Air. Althouses is asa naie of Barry Cuissty. Adarsosa, A. A., CasherHastins City Bank, Hastingi. 1898. Arsour, H-. 0., PFsarr, S. 35 T. ospe, P. 0. Oritiss. Arsaitasig nrug Cs. J. WA Arsinstrog, Dssugs, Middlisille. 1863. Assbii, Fed, Fiaras S. 30, T. Thosssappi, P. 0. Middlavilie. Babcock, H. A.I., Farmer S. 26, T. Baliioae, P. 0. Hasings. 1857. Baines, J. W., ProprieorofShad Laor Farsins and Breeder ofHigii Gsside Stoak,S. 31 T. BOssi P0b Cesssey. 1908. Osarbr ClarkA., Farmer S 33sT CarlP.0.HssHasings. 1858. BariwsF PH. HCo. (F. H.Bro anssssd,.Luke Wates)ODalrsii Wool Grais iasi Straw, Seds, Csil Limss Cement, Hidla Pelsl, e Hslastigs Estabilise 1.880. BassimA.CFre S 36,. CLltosii P. 0. Hastins.l sro Barnum wasibori asrro ColuOt i11 1547 BSrsriisa0.C. Pamr S.35srT. CrltonP.oH FsitIIigs 185s Marry County Offfiaers:-sh li M.:UcjudseofPrbate;A. N.1illams Shariff Rus Ansrais Clisa. EariTownsiensd Registeriof Deeds; Thsnsasa H~lvn sctn Atiorney- iLeasder Re ans, Tresrr ErsistsiJ. lalge ComisinrsfSliHoolslil)aniel.5rs51.. Dai Coniso;Lee S. Coi s Hiaveyors Tsshsisp Supervsoras-si Assviss Albert T. Sheparsd Belle-tiR P C.) 3i Balfil.sses Waliter Ickss Quissbs Bsarr- Hoier %iashaiussitossR. F Dl1- Criton, Heryala Hastings, R.F PD. 7; Lstiitii Ciberi V. Ssinish iahille;ii Hastitgsi aiairny MIntyre, Haistings, P. Ps. 3 Hpe,.JosephL. C~aspbeli CloveraleR. C. D.i1 irvisg, FimeaC. EIsherti Freeiporti Johnstoiwns OHisA silsbissger Dowling; Maspie rosseAdasssD.Wolf, NsassviieR. F.1).2; Orssgeviile,Danie Glisgigasmih Oraingevillei Paisissial, Edlsard A-. Parker, Diiiiris, R. F. 115. 5; Rutland Chas. A. Woodruff, uastings; Thorraippie, Ciassia F. Passk-rs Middleialss 17ossilssd, Cuss. P. Gissdisiger, Woosdlaid; YaskeeSpainsgia A YoJ g dlissilli, R. P. D. 4; HastingsCityl y a,.d 4 Ward. J. L. Aiass Hastins;rHastingsgiCiiy, IBsuer, Cuas. H., Aittorney at aws Loans a d Iansurante, lissingsg. 1869. sMr. Baur ias servedslss Prosecuting Attorney ad Miember ofSchooi Boarsd. Bauer, Grace, Oeputy Lounty Clerk Haitins. Mah,`W s~ltr, FarmerS.4,T.Johnstown P Dwiisg. Beacb, W~iliei, Pisssr, S. is T. Josstssswss P. 0. Beahfrd. Bedforsd, Go. H.,Frir PsaS.9, T Irving P.O.Irvig. -Beissa, Josa C., Fsarar, is, T. Rsutssd, P. 0. lOsliegs. Mrs. Besons Meiedict, Geo.,isFamS25 1T. Rutlandii P.0. Hstlsings. Mri.SBenediit w Is born i Bsar Cssoirt 0n18789 Benham, Bss H. FartsabS36, T RutlandiP.0.Hastings. 1istS..Besiiera H. ieat Sauietasd Stoci Busla Hasttings 1876. aidelrianus Class Psarar S. 34, T. HStigs, P. 0. H~stiigs. i859. Bideiiuas Walter Famr.2,T Hastings, P. 0. Quiamby. Mrs. asisisias is nsissi if iarrs a ollv Siruss A Isu~ I astiags P 0 silig. Mrs. BideiS-anw sabs is Barra Coun-s-isii 1861. BishopAliredarteS 3.Ioe,i5P.Is eP Cloverdale. Sisho &LCrook, (C.kiihop aiiluy E. Crook)RealiEstatesand InuacHastiings. Esstabihei 19108 Sihp.(Ssp Crook)Ris-sstesi Insiuraie, Hastings. -Blake P. F. & Cs. E. P. B Pkr5oparietor Departisant Store, Middleaivie Estailshhed i1868 BiakE FakFarmeraS.S4,T, Assyra, P.O Assyria. BliinC.., armrS- 6 P. Baltimiorse P. 0. Haistisi. IBodendsossi Chas. F~arser, S.1, T Hspe, P.0. hiti.. BSliisatial Win. Fsaser S 2, T. IS udlaid, P. 0 Lake Odessa. 1884. Bowm5ai, Ben B.,FarmerS, 4,.IrvssgP..Hastings. iose, J. H.P Fame, S. 16, T. Josis1ilsswn, P.O0. Bediford. rasi, f. C., Fsare, S. 36. T. Caidiss, P O.Hastings. 1455. I' isirsitial, Hi., Pastsr and Proprsietor Ssiaasr Hotel, S. 29, T. Joinstowu, P. 0. Bedford. Bistoli, Hiras, PFarsir, S. 4, T. Johnstowns, P. 0. Dowihng. Mr. Bristo wsboan in Sarr County is, 1839. Brosoin, H., Firser, 5,. 28, T' Rutliand, P. 0. iasti'ligs. 1868. arosksk, I. 0., Faamer S. 20, T. Hope, P. 0. Cioseradle. arowa, H. M5., Fir er, Aliddleviiie. 5885. artswa, F. A., Tin, Coppar sad Siieit Irons Work, Hastiagi. istablished 1907. aBryansi,R. S., Firier, S.8, T.Batiitore, P. 0.Hastingsi. Buscbnei, Or., Piiysician, Ornsgevilile. 1850. Bu5d4 H P armrS.29,T. Johnstom P.. edford aseilsr John, Farsisr S. ii T. Iarving P. 0 Freeport. Os8 Bsrges~s iP -FreS,T Hasigss P. 0. Hiastigs 8866. Bais, Essgeise Fassar S. 3i T. Histigssa P. 0 Hasinshi 1864 BushhincolnN. RusaliClasrer, S. T.fBarysP.l. Dltoia 18663 Bak, i. J.,Frnr P sS. 30, T Assyi,a P.O.Ass,-a. Butiii, L- S. lroprietor ofsilmssird Fars Breeder i Host~ein Cattle, S.3 T. iarry P. 0 Augstals 1915 ii. Builer has servedasi Schooi Directtor. Caiksins -N.. FaPsissi S. 12 T. 'Psiioise, P. 0. iioran. Callahani, Elis,s PFarer S. 31, T. Ala ra P. 0. Assyia Casspbeill H. Dealier si Hsaiisware Ciseradle il7sI CasspbiiiJosssJ. Farmir S. 2s T.iHopeiP.O.Cloverusi Caispbell J. L, Parer, S. 268 r. ospe P. 0. CLisall CsispbellOO.. Fs.riaS 36,T.HopeP.O.Closeadale Csiiipbsdl Sn. Farer S. 26, T. Thrispplei P. 0. \liddleville. Cam pbesii 555s, Dealiers si Parml issipserens, Pai.t Oils asdiVsrisiiss Cliseia Ole. Carltiis Towshiasp ofH. R. Rsslas Ssuae si,o3S54, HenryXWilssi.1si Clrk,.i4,W.W. iis~senshssdJussieS. 16 C.LhHenneiiS.4. CretrW.H. Isrner S. -9 T. Hspi P. 0 Deltoss Lssveth, Albert H. (Lirieti & Stebbins) Orisgistis Hastigs, 1877. Liaills 83 Stebbins, (Alisesi ri is seti aid. ilir 61 Ttbins i ug galst ios ala s; Pstablisihed i906s C~stisiein, hsriesFrmes 51 5Lash Hasins, P. 0. Qirribyss 187ii2 s Biana-ing Bat' iCLak. Esial ishied 1903. Chaffhee (hi, FsarlerS. 2,T 'P SslslsGsose, 1. 0. Nshvilile CissssabriiiilsWrn.O- P-IusrSi T. T-1ope, P 0.Shilt, Chsspsslss H. -Fri n Unsdertakisng lidlev~lille, 1175. Lhspmssss. D.0 Farmerla S.141 T As.yrsssP I OBllevue. 1854. Cilses & 55 Vsliss Ploristls, Ha~stinsgs. i~stishssedi 1910. Chidstss rs G 01, Clotierl, Gssis'Pllssi,i~shnss ssisgs. 1895. Csisisssss Telephaons Cs. Hastinsgs. ssi 1896. Cit). Basnk5fBStlelCreek, Tisi E PR. Morts Vic SlPeis.sssld Cassiser, Geea Bssskirsg Bhttl C-reesis Isc 1671 City Bisllsiad Psrlsi, Jscob Rihos Prosprietor, Cigasa Tobsccassssd Boss linlgAlleys, i1-isssgs. 1892 ClaiC R. S. iFarsas S. 12 T. Thosaspleh P. 0 Misddleaille. 1857. Clarke, C,J. Fassar, S.223T Hastinsig P.0 Haistinsg. 1087. CLeriesassi N. P- F ssssr S. 23, T. Biltis ea P. 0. Hasslilgs. Cliislsisissi.iO.,Fre.S 26ss T.l6T ssyria, P. 0.P-1isas ClIine Masons 0 Ps Isaer S. 9 1. Tissssissple P. 0. Middiliailie. 50r. Ciews borai i BasrvyCssstlinsIS,4. CostsG E. 0 5 rIsris ansssi,;rvsissai S. 31 T.Woodland, P. 0. Coasi Gosvs. 18616 Cohis hiss S. Counity Surveyoisi 623 os WashilsgtI St., Haistings. 1858. Cobssrs, Peeiii nr S 3,T Hastinsgt P. 0 Ossinb~. Cock, C. P.,S. 14 T Hsopi, P.D0 Cloveisdlsl Cosle, J-L.,isiiii-,S. 51ST. Cssslton, P. 0. HOsulis. 1858. M~r. Csle lasilheld severalsoffices andis a rpreseslsiatiativ cti ssfsaryCosun ty. Cslgssosi, His Phlslst T., Attorssey ai isail Attorneyi fsor SMiihigsis Cintral asdChhcagos Kalssaiazo and Sagisnaw s. PrssidenstlMichigans Statit Gssd Roaids A'ssoisasioss Hassiiigs 1888. Cslgrsass & Pstter, Attornesi st Laws Hastisngs Collinss,Cliss. Fasssser S. 19 T. Hspe i. 0 Clioserdale. Csonilsolidaed Pssas & Tool Cs. Emisss Tyden, Irsis Maiifsctuetsi of The "Coisolsdsiid" Poaier Prssi Hassinigs Establisised 18055 Coniesise, Ciasss Faisier, S 22 T. Thrisssspple P. 0. Middlessille. 1866. Cssk, Csassley, Passera S. i T. Ossasgeislle P. 0. Clovserdsle. 1876. CoskisBros.,(W. R.&HM.L.CokkPss rpssietos oflThe Hstiisg Banners, Hasstinsig Couch, W.iH. GissraliAuctioseeriisdsivery, tHittisigs. 1890. Crantdali, lssesat Passisies- S. 21. T. Johnistowa P. 0 Bidfoid. Csssskfsssd, H., Fussier, S 27, T. Hastisigs, P. 0. Hastings. 1872. Croosk, Guy E., (Bishop & Croosk) Reat Estate ind Insuraiici, Iiastiig. 1879. Cilvess, S. S., Psassir, S. 22, T. Johstowns~s, P. 0. Bidforsd Cstliss, C.A, Fsssstes,,S. 24, T. Hastisigs. Mrs.Cutlersaas bsssiniBarriy Count, its 18660. Dsliels. EIayui L, Psiasess, S. 23, T. Carslton, P. 0. Hasitinigs. 1984. Dsiis, Calesssi F,, Passier, S. 12, T. Ttsssssapple, P. 0. 1i~ddleieuw. 1874. Davis. Ges. W., Fsiar is, S. 20, T. Thssisappli, P. 0. Mid~dlevlille. Deiker,A. M.,PFariis, S.i1, T.C Carltons,P, 0.Wssdlotts. tr. Decker wass bissi its missy Csssv in 1875. Decker, Ges., Fus-es. S. 33, T. Attyris, P. 0. Beiaive. 0 ~osila, Bersssasd, Fsiasmeis, S. 17, T. Hope, P. 0. Closseidale. oeltsis Ststi Baisk, Gessessal Btankiag, Oeltsi, Estiblithed 1984. Dennsis & Snyders, Puiblisherss Tise Hastlinsg journals, lasitiegs. Deviste. W9. N. Fsursses, S. 28, TP. Castiletsss, P. 0. Moregan. 1888. Dietrisih Mitsssre A. Drai Liner Ice 995usd, Bsale Hay sand Strai, Disy Storagi. Midsdle lii. MrO Dietrsils is sisi aS the best postued ittis in t s iiiti sf Mstsles~islleiand oselofltheplsionersaettlers. Heissise ts Ihlddliislle Feb 19. 866 sand wosia. lathsisstadeas wasgsaassakii till 1879, asd tsiispeisedsup hisidrasi he sad has icostinued isithis businssii Isis 33 iyeas.s He isis a metiihess of use Villsge Cssaeil Isis yarst alid Iis seisid asa Prsidsessi of the V.illage fsis asashber of N1~s Hi sssssried Kielissi Goidfrei uf Hastiags an 1874. ODilleabeus Des A. Faristiri S. 3 T. Castleitsn P. 0. Nashvylle. 1863. DpVFrisis S 1, T. Irisig P. 0 Isreeport. 1878. Doiieisr rti Stock Blsssisatd FssserisS.,T.SBarry-P,FO. Diltons, 1867. ossiess GeusgilJ \Manuacturer ansd DealerssinLamser, Ties, Postssand 995od, Doss r1866s Dostiis Johri J- Paiarer 5. 24, T. Pssaitevile P. Deltss. 1881. lis ter, s., iie Fassimer S. 2 T. Prairiesils P. 0. Praisieville. 1837. Dsitsr Stephs C. Dealer siseerali8Iirliiandsse, Dissess. 1864. Douglass, M- IF-tinSs6,T.tI-peP. 0 Shltzi Dossd, Atdreia Fsaimers S 24, T. lspeP 0. Closersdale. i852. Dosisiiss HP. Deaissiin Lumbersasd auiulbiag Alaterial,,Nashsille 1854. Do-isssig. s, uiss -Isisssfssctisren of MalephSugissasd Syrup. Nashville. Dowss si H.. IsitirS. 51 T.:splsGssove, P.0. Nashville. 1853. ii klsvii. isaissr S. 34 T. Hips, P. 0. Delsan. Didlis Siurius C. Fsriter S. 35. T. tiupe, P. 0. Dilisa.' Dau~oss C. P. Isis-er S 27, T. Baltissie, P, 0. Hastisigs. Dunii g W. II isrisers i 19, T. Barry, P. 0. Deltun. -1867. Fis 5t0l A, Esresrs S. 14 T. Baltiasre, P. 0. Quimaby. Oasis, W. I — Fsasieis S. 51 T. Bahtisiussi, P.O0. Hastinsgs. Eska.L,siF.lA-Frican lresse if Holstiins Cattle, SI, T. Woosdl ad. EckardtiJ J-.Presidentiiiarrierss&kMsechntis Baak, aad Psrssir, Si, T. X~odisand P. 0. Lak-, Odetss. 14517. Odds, Ge. H- Psarmet S. 33 T. Hipe. P. 0. Deltsa. FEgr -G-Faismers S. 21, T. Outlasd, P. 0. Hastings. 1865. Ediasasts Bssotheist (lssiiit C. sand Carey U. Hdstssads,) Wholslails and RtiDealerssiss0sl, Gssins, Wool- aisd Seeds, Hastiags. Esaish lisls~ed 1-987 EdwarssliO E.,FrerasiiS.9, Csrlton, P.0. Hastisigs. 5860. Illisitt Ssillia, SVeiersinr.Sisusaeo ass Denitisti Hickossy Cossnsss. 1837, asimosas 0. P- Faisier, S 32 T. Baltitaore Daowlang. Eaidile Shermanis lrsiseis S. iS T. Casts usa P. 0. Eashillte. 1874, Eu,, GisQ FPsir D r anS 4, T. Woodlsisd, P. 0. Oake Odessa. 18653 Farsiersss rhs Sashk Geissr~ Blasking L aki Odesiss. F,re,is&SMerchan~ts Batik, C. A. Hiugh CashiersGeneralBtankiag, Nasvisille Esabliashed 15888 Farisssss Stsie Bask, C. A. Robsersossa Csiss Giseral Bainkiig, Mtiddleilii. Estahblished 19835 Far ~nsFasississ S. 16. T. Prasissitsil P. 0 Dostsli. 1866. Feulaer Chast Farmtess atnd Hsglsss-s Cotnsiisioiesii, 5. 26, T. Castlitsn i. 0 'ashSilile. Sir Pssiliiss wass hiss, its iBrri Comsity in 1857 Peighsses, L- W- Iublisher The N~asliiille News, Nashville. 1862. FeighrieriS&Burd, (L,.W. Psglsssersssd W. H. Bsusd)ReastEstaie, NishFist4, C. F., Pubhlishers The Hast ings Hisald, Hastings. 1988., Fishies, Elgas, Esr isa, 5. 31. T. Bsaltinissre. P. o. Diwlinp. 1868. Flowes, i.-J-, Parsaer andStockniis, S. 14, T. Prarieville, P.0 Stilts. 1866. Esi,,Z.EF. &Son, awMill and 1s.iber Yard, Freeport. Freieliand, Atais, Fasises, S. 4: T. Thssisapple, P. 0. Middtievilie. 1869. Freiemai, 0. 0., Livessy anid Peed Stahli, Naslisitle. Estahlishedi1885. Freemasi, Wins. H., PFar5ei, 5. 1, T. Thosaippii, P. 0. Mtiddleville, Slrs PFreesan wat bori is Bsarry Coants its 1855. Fsseaet, R. T-, Prosprietori ii Thse Middlesitie Roller Mtills, Miiddllevile. 1873. Fitteis, R. C. & Ca,, Ritail Litasesrs Hastiigs. Establitshed 1911. Funsk, Gee.. Paissiei, S. 18, T. Woodsltand, P. 0. Like Odeassa. 1867. Faurtus, SVoi W-. PoprieterResallt Drig Siore, Nashvillte. 1878. Slrs Pasrisisa hasaserved as Caisscilsias sard Presideat V5illage Board. Gsindss, SethA.,Farmer, S. 17 T. Barry, P.O.ODeltts. 1900. Gatasige, Tosa sa, Pusrisi, S. i, T. Yianke Sprigsig, P. 0. SMiddleville. Gasseti NV, T-,Farmesr,S. 35,T.Baliiiire, P. 0. Dowlhg. Garrsosn, 0G W., Fsarmer, S 8, T. Baltimorse, P. o. Hastiings. 1854, Gisk-ill Silas, F ia, is, S. 11, T. juisastait, P. 0. Bedfard. Gatets, I,1- PsFasmer, 8. 23, T. Hipe, P. 0. Claverdale. Gates, Sillsiam N., Fasrmee, S. 14, T. Hospe, P. 0. Slslie.1t GetS, Was, Fsar r,S. 27, T. Halpe, P. 0. Cloverdale. Gibh nA. D. s Fame,S. 27, T. Castleia,P.0. Nashville, Glasgtss Arthutsr,Pi Frers,S. 16,T.hBltimoreP.O.Hastits Glsgsw C. L., ChairmsansState Rsilway Ctmissiots, Dealer inHardwaead Iasplemsests, Nashville. iB8i,

Page  83 oGlasner, Henrty C., State Representative, Barry County, 'Nashville. 1872. Mr. Glaser Ihas servet as Secretary Board of Education.,Glasner, Mrs. Maude Wilco., Pres. Nashville Worrians' Literary~ Club, Nashville.,C-dfrey, Mrs. W. S., Jay Hogk, Mantager, Cettts' Clothing Furnishing, Hastings. Established 1907. -4Goodyear Bros., (J. P. Goodyear and D. S. Goodiyear) Plunlbing and Heating, Dealers in Hardware, Implements and Vehicles, Hastings. Established 1840..Goodetutoot1,, T., FarPer, S. 25, T. Trying, P. 0. Hastings. -Grand Ra_ ~:x Bookcase and Chair Co., A. A. Barbter, President, Henry J. Heystekt, Vice-President, Kellar Stern, Secretary and Treasurer, Chas. Potts, Office Manager, Uastittgs. 1treert, A., FarPtert, S. 29 T. Maple Grove, P. 0. Nashville.,Groat, Delbert, Farmer, S. 1, T. Johnstownt, P. 0. Downlingt Grozinger, C, P., Publisher The Woodloo 4Nets Woodlaad. 1072. Mr. Grotoger has served as Supervisor Woodland Township. Guy, W. H., P.toer, S. 10, T. Maple Grove, P. F. Nashville. Hager, P., Farmer, S. 35, T. Johnstown, P. 0. Bedford. Haoight. W. A., Ptormer, S. 16, T. Maple Grove; P. 0. Morga.t. Hale, J.P., Farooer, S. 17, T. Castleton, P. 0. Coats Grove. Hall, Eli D., Farmer, 0. 3, T. Hope, P. 0. Shul~t, 5all, J. M.i, FarP er, S. 21, T. Prairieville, P. 0. Doster. 1877. Hall, L. D, Faroter, 0. 6. T. Rutland, P. 0. Irving. 1868. Harper, C. 10., Town Cle.k, Middleville. Harper, W. R., Farmer and Stock Breeder. S, 16, T. Thornapple, P. 0. Etddlevillt. Mt. Harper was born in Barry Countty it 1076. {Harrisoo, Charlie, Farmer, S. 0, T, Hope, P, 0. Shultz. Hart, PFrank, Farmer, S. 17, T. tlope, P. 0. Clooerdale..1tarthorn, Mrs. Sarao., FarmiPtg, S. 4, T. Prairieville, P. 0. Delton. 1897. Hiastigs Art Memtorial Works, Ironside Bros., Proprietors; Manufacturers and Dealers in Granite, Marble and Stone Work, Hastings. 1907. tastitogs Banner, The, CookBros, Proprietors, Newspaper, Hastiogs. Establiohe~d 1056. Hastings Cabinet Co., L. D. Waters, President, Kitchetn Cabinets, Hastitgs. istablished 1900. -oastings City Bank. A. A. Anderson, Casoiier, General Banking, Hastings. Establisheid 1886. Hastings Herald, Tihe, C. P. Field, Publisher, Newspaper, Hastings. Eostablished 1900. h:astings Journaal, The, Dennis i& Snd", Publishers, Newo.spaper, Hastings. OHastings Lttler & Coal Co., W. G. Bauer, Proprietor, Lumber and Coal, Hastilgs. 1903. Hoastingso National Bank, W. H. 1Hotes, Cashier, Ge3teral Banking, Hastings. Soastings Table Co., EmilTyden, Vice Presittdent t d General Manager, Hiih Ld"rad eotttetion Tables, 11 stittgo. EsHtbltshltd 1090. Hastings Wool Boot Co., A.A.Attdterson, Secretary and Treastrer, Felt Boots, H~astitgs. LEstablishetd 1690. 1Hastings, City of, C. H. Osborn, MayorI; Jtest I. Ptten, Citv Clerk; J. E. I14glt, City Treasurer; Thho. Sullioan, City Attorney; H. A. Barber, City Physician; Hltrmanot Colvin, Chief Fire Departttent; B. F. RickletChief of Police; C. H. 11o,0tr, President Coutcilt and Alder14 ato 3t4 Ward; Wollace Ketlet, Aldtertan 34 VWard; Johtt Wooten. Aldtrm" " 4th Witard; W. A. Schat.e, Alderttan 4th Ward; V. G. tauer, Aldoermtttn 2,1 War; W.V A Hobbst Aldiert"i.t 2Mn WarVt; Albert W. h-ilton, Aldernan 1.t Ward; Otthn J. Dawson, AIdtermtao Ist Wt~ard; C. R. hishop, justice of the Petce and James M. Smithi, ju-tice of tile Pe.-.ce. Mothottoy, A. G., Parto, OS. 0, 7. Rutolnd, P. 0. Irving. MIr. H3athaway was born it Barryt Counto it 10869 H tavens, WNot, Ptrni.ot, 5 31, 7. RFutlant1. P. 0. Shultz. Hayes, W. D., Cashier tllastitgs oNtiont. Bant, Hastintt. 1814. 2loayman. G. H, oarttert, S. 32, 7. Castliton, P. 0. Nashville. 1860. -oayward, W5. J., Real Estate, Loans and Insuraioce, STliddlevitle. 1884. Havword, P. H-., Farmer, S. 33, 7. Eutlantl, P. 0. Sholto. Sir. Hotttttd was born in Barry Couoty in 1680 Hecht, Chas. 7., 5lterch-t, S. 16, 7. Cartton, P. 0. Hastings. Mr. Hechtt-as born in Barry County io 1009. 5Itflebofter, Siotton, FarPtert, Hastintgs. 1865. -tendrich, H. F., Attortey at Law, iMliddieville. Mt. Hlendrick has Iserevd a, Court Comuiissisi ner. Hennet, Ralph hH., Farno-,,t S. 16, T. Csriton, P. 0. Hastings. 1869. Higgins, A. N., Publisher Press, Prairietitle. 109.. Hoibert, F. P., Pooprietor Woodland Etchattge Book, Notoodland. 1860. Siickliy, C. M., Livert, Iteed and SAle Stablt,, Middlttilbt. 1898. Mr. li otlty has sertet as Towns'hip Treasurer. Tltine, Dan V., PoFaritte, S. 19, T. 0tao,tilit, P. 0. Shelbyoille. 1.04. -Mine, John C., Farmer, S 1". T Hop", P. F. Sholt.. Hine, Lewis, Fartner, S. 16, 7. Hop", P. O. Shoulto tioelt-'l, 0. A., Livero, Delton. 1"09. tiloffttan, Chas., Farmer, S. 6, T. Jothstottt, P. 0. Doolitg. Sl1offioan, Wm., Farmer", S. 25, T Baltimore, P. 0t OuitOy. Holden, P. B., Farmer, S 35, T. Proiriitill", P 0 Ctt"tssev. 181. 10041y. B. S., Dealer in General S'oiMeotistte, Woodlatd. 1866. Ilosmer, R. B., Farmer, S. 21, T. Crlton. P. 0. Hastings. 5ull, Richard, FPoer, S. 26, T Ilopt. P. 0. Cloverottle itumphret, E. E., Farmer, S. 29, T. Caoiotm. P. Hoastingt. 1S98. Hunt, 3. 0., FaPotter, S. 15, T. Baltitotre. PJ. 0. O~irthy. 1-1 u nt, Mrs. Frances, F'arming,, S. 7, T. Yankee 1;prings, P. 0. W;tayland. 1875. 1I5 4t, Coas., FarPter, S. 32, T. Costtiton, P. 0. Nashtille. 1054. oyde, L- A., Farmer, S. 10, 7. Asstria, P. 0. Assyria. Mr. Hyde was born in Barry Countt it 10.1. loauch, iVttt., Farmer. S. 26, T. Hlopt, P. 0. Cloveridale. Ihkes, Walter, Fartter, S. 11, T. Baltimore, P. 0. ouib,.hy. IIlternational Seal & Lock; Co., Vinlil T~deri, Vice f'resitient, Manufacturers of The Tvden Seal, liotittyts. PtlIitisht 1 1900. Tronside B1-os-, PropriFtors Hastings Art Sltttt,riol Workst, Sloootf~cturers altol Dealers in Granite, M~arble andc Stone Wtork of all kinds, Hastioogs. ttrotoide Shoe Cotpany, F. R. Tronside. C A,. Irottsite and J. S. Ironside, Fite Foottear, HIastiogs. Establishetd 1909. Jtacobt, W. V., Real Estate, 1327 Stoct Echange Builditg, 30 North LaSalle Street, Chicago, llinois Jattieson, W. R., Proprietor Star B takery and Restaurant, Hasotittgo. 1910. Johtncock, William, Faroter, S. 24, 7. Oranttetille, P. 0. Delton. 1062. Johnson,t. P., PFarmer, S. 35, 7. RutltisT, P. 0. iistings. 1064. Franohlin 00. Johlnson tas born in Miltot, Wotne County, Ohio, Nov. 23, 1045, catto to P-ai-ietille, Barry Ctitnty, Michigot, with hit parents in December 1616. Ile movett with his paretts in tht spring of tl65 to Rutland Towtnsthip on the farm where he now resides. Mr. Johnson tas mtarried Sept. 8, 1878, to Mrs. Alice Mrerst Mrs. Alice "trat'on Johttson was born io Mtorrow Countyt Ohio, Oct, 7, 1046. oMarried Andrew D. iotvers March 28, 1009, It ohich union was born one son, Anttrewt L. Myers. Mr. Motto died it 1875. Mrs. Mottrs came to Barry County it Jtttne 1176. Was married, as before mentioned, to F. 1. Johnson, to wotich union was bort t five children, one son, Httgh K., and four doughters. PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY. Johnsono, James M.o, Farmer, S. 4, 7. Rutland, P. 0. Hastings. 300es, Harroo,., Proprietor Maple Leaf Farm, S. 30, 7. Barry, P. 0. Cressey. 1066. Jooes, Joho P., FarPter, 0. 20, 7. Johnstown, P. 0. Bedford. Jones, V. R., Farmer, S. 1, 7. Johnstown, P. 0. Assyria Center. Jordan, M. P., Attorney tt Law, Miitodleville. 1851. Jordan, Xillard, FarPter, S. 9, 7. Xoodlaod, P. 0. Wioodland. 1850. Sir. Jordan toas served as School Treasurer. Kachele, Gottlieb, Farmer, S. 19, 7. Thorn.pple, P. 0. Middleiille. 1801. Kay, John D. & Ct., Real lostate, Charlotte. Kelly, Robt. 0., FarPter, S. 31, 7. Orangevllt, P. 0. Doste,. 1878. Kennetdy. Claude, Farmer, S. 12, T. Castleton, P. 0. Nashville. Kenntdy, Gideon, Farmer, S. 12, 7. Castleton, P. 0. Nashville. 1iS.. Kennedy, N. 3., Faroter, S. 13, T. Hastings, P. F. Hastings. 18723 Kenoon, C. A., Farmer, S. 15, 7. Hopt, P. 0. Shultz. Kiddtt, Arthur B., Attornet at Law, Nashville. 1904. Klingensto ith, D., Merchant, tOrangevilte. 1071. KRoll, M1. S., Farmer, S. 10, 7. C tstleton, P. 0. Nashville. Knowles. Josiah F., FarmerP S. 22, 7. Corlton, P. 0. Hiastings. Mr. tooi-s 0as hborn in Borrt Coutnt it 1076. Knot, B. C., FarPot, 5. 6, 7. tankee Springs, P. 0. Mio'lleville. 1856. Laotttott, Arnold. Miller, 0. 36, 7. Hope, Cedar Creek, P. 0. Delton. Lancaster, Bert, FaPtoer, S. 19, 7. Hastings, P. 0. Hastings. Mr. Lancasttr was born in Barry Countt it 1075. Lancaster, 3. L., Farmer, S. 26, 7. Coarlton, P. 0. Hastings. iS59. Larabee, C. P., Farmer, S. 32, T. Boltimore, P. 0. Dowling. Lathtop, Dr. C. P., Phyvsiciat tnd Surgeon, Hastings. 1891, Latbaugh, Chas., FarPter, S. 33, 7. Hope, P. 0. Delton. Lawrence, Albert, Proprietor I. X. L. Farm,S.33,T. Barry, P. O. Ctessev. 1056. Lawrence, P. J., Farmer, S. 15, 7. Carlton, P. 0. Hastings. 1901. Lee, Frank, President of Village, Dealer in Staple and FPanty Groceries, MlidiIeville. 1809. Lento Table Ct., L. E. Lenttt, Secretarto ato Mianoger, Eotensioto Toables. F'otao lisiitl 1891. Leonard, A. H., Farmer. S. 22, 7. Thiornapple, P. 0. Middlevile. Mt. Leonard was bort in Barry Cotnto in 1861. Leonard, F. 0 N., FarIoer, S. 20, T. Assyria, P. 0. Asstria. Leonard 00.,C.rttott, S. 17, 7. Thornapple, P. 0. Miiodlevill. Leonardto.X -o, Brickyardo S. 6, T.B Barry, P.0. DeFtton. 1909. Lewis-, O.- -:, 'ioprietor Clear View FaLo, S. 19, T. Barry, P. 0. Deltono 1378. Letio, t. F., Townsohip Clerkp S. 29, 7. Orangetills, P. 0. Doster. 1861. Ligltfoot, O., FarP er, S. 12, T. Irving. P. 0. Freeport. Loppetthitt Company. Tht, R. H-i. Loppenthien, Ptoprietot, Department Storet, Xiholesai and Retail, Hlastings. Establishtdl 1851. Loudet, H. C, Farmer an I Breeder of Higo t Grade Stock S. 17, T. Barty, P.O toelton. 1878. Mt. Louden thas servo as School Treasurer. Lowry, Dr. G. XV., Pioysiciaot ond Surgeott, Hlasotio,-t 1003. ScBain. L C., Farmer, S. 20, T. Barry, P. 0. Delton. 1876. Mr. McBaih, itoas served as School Director. SICo1llo tol., FaPtter, S. 7. 7. Ilopt, P. 0. Shult. 1042. McCann, Wtioo, FarPoet, S. 31, 7. Irving, P,. IotA, MlcoClellan,, F. A., Farmer, S. 32, T. Castletolt, P. ). Nashville. ScGlooo, Edltoot, Faroter, S. 4. 7. Baltimore P. 0. Quirrtby. McGrati, 3. 14., Faroter, S. 3, T. Jtohnstown, P. F Doowling. Mltlotvre Birneto, FarPot r S.4,T. Ha'Otitg, P 0. Hasting. Mr. MoIttytre tos bot oin Barry County it 1071. MsIntyre, Dr. C. S., t hotsiciao and Srgteon, Xoodland. 1869. oKtelvety, H. L., FarPtter, S. i'-, 7. Maple Grove, P. 0. Otuimby. McLeaot, lt. Itooald, PhytIsician, Praitieviie. 1872. SIcNaughtto, E. J., Proptietor Pioneer Stock Farm, Dealer in Hoardware ano-Fl Pattto, ttplitotost, Sditdileville. 1899. Mr. StNot.oglitttth1 serled as a Meitber of School Board. McSIt aottt Donald, Farister, S. 20, T. Hope, P. 0. DeltonMlack;, Chas.hS., Judge of Probate, HostiLogs. 1868. SIt. Slac has served as Coon L Clerot Maokiohtode C.., oFarter, S. 21, 7. Boltimore, P. 0. Hastings. Mallory, E. D., Sitornet at Law, Has ings. 171. loanhert Zinoti, PFtooer, S. 5, 7. Itoing, P. 0. Siddletille. Iarshall, Glenn, Fartoer, S. 14, 7. Baltimore, P. 0. Qouimoty. Shot ool, SoottE., oartoer, S. 7, T. Maple Grove, P. F Mlorgao. MOho. i;. J., Farotert, S. 34. T. Ntple GLot-e, P. 0. Nashoilte, Meat, John, otiler, o. o. 7. Cotleton, P. F. Coats Grove. Xtevotrst i., 1ootier, S. 2, 7. Notooditold, P. 0. Lake Odtssa. 1870. Metoos. Wesleoy, Drugs, Clerk of Woodlaid Tolt olship and Notary Public, OWoodlanoi. 1050 Mtichigan Trust Co., TIot, Granto Ropids. SI olddletille Real Istate and Loot Agenct, The, W. A. Quioolan and H. E. Hendrickh Real Estate and Loans, tMilodllioolit. Middletilte SOt, The, Charles P. Sooithi Publisher, Newspaper, Middlevilit. Establishte1 1870. MIiller, A. J., Faroter, S. 3, T. Asstria, P. O- N'ashoille. Miller, Plood, Farmer, S. 5, T. Irving, P. 0. Pottport. Miller & Harris Fturniture Co., Ce-is C. Hoaotris, ' tesoloet and MLanageri Si. 3. trown, Secret.ot and Treasurer, GeIo P. AMiller, Vice tPresoi dent and ottol net HastiohgqsStore, Retailers and Johbber of Furniture, Rogs, Ctoptto anoi Pianos, Hastings. Eottblistted 1099. Mitte, Geto, otrmer, S. iS, 7. Irving, P. 0. Hastings. Shotiler, Dr. Chas. D., PiFvsician and Surgeon, Hastio gt. 1905. SItonroe, A. E., Farter, S 29, 7. Barro, P. 0. Crestvy. 1854. Moon, C. 3., Farter, S. 24, T. Boltinicre, P. 0. Quitob". Slosher, Peter, Farmer. S. 15, 7_ Hopt. P. 0. CIoverdale. 1056. Mthoultoto. David W.. Faroter, S. 11. 7. Itting, P. 0. Freeport. 1059. Mullen, Geto, FarPter, S. 11, 7. Oraoges ille, P. F. Clo erdole. 1070. Munn, H. P., Farmer, 9. 21, 7. Hasting,, P. 0. Hastings. 1910. Ihturdock, J. F., Lutolte, Delton. 1865. Murdock, J. D. & Co.,_t iuber, Lath, Shingles, Coal, Coke, Paints and Oils, Delton. Murphy, Jameso, Farmer, S. 17, 7. Hope, P. 0. Shultz. thoers, 1. 0., FarPmoer, S. 23, 7. Cootl,!oto, P. 0. Nashville. 1903. Myttrs, Georte, Proprietot SI. Jaotes Hotel, Mliololeville. 1907. Nashville News, The, L. WV. Itightner, Publishter, Netoospoper, Noashille. 1873. Nashville Real Esttate EPohotge, (L. WV. Ptighotner tl WV. H. Burd) Dealers i FarP Loanotl, Village and City Real Estate, Nashville. Est'blished 1910. Noansel. P. K0., ttireoi Faroter, 0. 2, 7. Ptoirieville, P. 0. Prairieville. 18067. Nelson & Cotopany, V. 1. telson. Ptoprietor, Departmtent Store, Mhiddleville. Nevins, A. M., Grain alot Fruit Grower, Stock Grower, Stokh Dealer, S. 32, 7. Orangetile, P. 0. Dosler. 1862. Notoolantt, C. A., FarPmer, S. 32, 7. Rutland, P. 0. Shultz. 1868. Niess, J. H, Horseshoer, Hasotings. 1886. Nortot, Couis, FarPter, 0. 10, 7. Moaple Grove, P. 0. Quimhy. Nottoto, Wallac, Farmer, S. 20, T. Boltimore, P. 0. Hastiogo. 1850. Nyet, X.V S., Farmer, 0.35, 7. Johnstown, P. 0. Bedford. O'Connor, Wm., Farmer, S. 16, 7. Hastings, P. 0. Hastings. Mr. O'Connor was bortt in Barry County in 1865. 83 Ogden, XV. E., FarPter, S. 30, 7. Assoria, P. 0, Assyria. Ogden, Wm. Farmer, 0. 7, 7. Thornapple, P. 0. hidttleoille. 19(0. Old Notional Bank of Bottlo Creek, The, General Banking, Battle Creek. Establishett 1351. Olmstead, Dan, Farmer, S 24, T. Assyria. P. 0. Bellevue. Osborn, C. H., Mlator of Hastings aotl Agent Overland Car, Autotobiles, Hastings. 1069. Osgood, Jesse A., FarPter, S. 10, 7. Htope, P. 0. Cloverdale. Otis, XV.. H., P ormer, S. 32, 7. Rutland, P. 0. S Itoit. SI. Otiswas born in Rutland Township it 1055. Paolnatier, Chas. H., FarPter, 0. 18, T. Johnstown, P. 0. Delton. Palmer, H. P. Farmer, S. 17, 7. Irving, P. 0. Irving. Parker, Albert H., Supervisor Thotnapple Toownshtp, Middleo.-ille. 1876, Parker, Edward, Supervisor, S. 2, T. Prairieville; P. 0. Delton. 1078. Payne, Geo., Farmer, S. 20, 7. Hopt, P. 0. Dtlton. Pearce, 7. 0., Farmer, S. 29, 7. Xitple Grove, P. 0. lortgoan Peck, Charles, FarPter, S. 23, 7. Rutland, P. 0. Hastitogs, Mt1. Pect was borh in Barry County in 1855. Petfohl, I. WV, Farmer, S 13, 7. Maple Grove, P. 0. Nashville. Pent els, Ed., FarPter, S. 20, T. Hopo, P. 0. Cloverdale. Pennock, Wm. C., Farmer, S. 29, 7. Hastings, P. 0. Hastings. ltr. Pennock was born in Barry Counto in 1861. Pennock, 1. 1., Farmer, S. 2, 7. Maple Grove, P. 0. Nashville. Perry, WVillaro, Farmer, S. 33, 7. Hastings, P. 0. Hastings. 1966. Philip, 0. H., Farmer, S 20, 7. A'ssyria, P. 0. Asstria. 1883. Phillipo, A. E.. FarPter, S. 36, 7. Rutlatid, P. 0. Hostings. 1073. Pierson, J. T.&Son, (T. T. Pierson and M. L. Piersto) Department Store. Dry Goods, Notions, Boots and Shoes, Hastings. Established 1904. Pike, J. N., Customo and Merchant House Milling, Orangeville. 1892, Pilgrimo, Si. R., Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Hastings. 1881. Pitt, John J., Farmer, S. 30, 7. Assyria, P. 0. Assvria. Poland, Geo. E., FarPter, 0. 7, 7. Irving, P. 0. Middleville. Popt, Rev. David Berge, Clergytman, Hiohory Corners. Rev. David Berge Pope was born Jan. 12, 1841, at Edithestoo, Otstgo County, tewYork. Earlyolifetas spenton farm. He received common School advantages and entered Slodison (now Colgate) University 1871 and frot 1075 until 1093 twas pastot of several churches int New York at d Michigan. At present acting Township Clerk and Notary Public at HIickohoy Corners. Potter, Xiliiao WV., Attornty, Hastiogs. 1809. Mr. Potter 1as served aslo Senator, City Attornty, Ptosecutino Attorney an0 Superioteride,-t of Schools. Potts, Frank, FarPter, S. 16, T. Baltimore, P. O. Ho1ostings. Pryto, Lee 13., Attorney at Law, I-o tings. 1881. Rayotonos, I. N., Farmer, S. 2, P. Carltoo, P. 0. WVoodlatd.o 1552. Reamt, Leandit. County Treasurer, Hastings. 1831. Rehor, Jacob, Proprietor City Billiard Parlors, Hastings. 1332. Mr. Rehor has serveo t as Meo ber of Scdoool Board and ForemanHasttogs Ta le Cotpooy for tt years Reutiher, FreP, Potttt't, S. 10, T. XVoo;llantl, P. 0. WVoodiland. 1898. Reynoldts, Delbert, Farmer, S. 2, T. Boltiotiore, P. 0. Hastitogs. Rhoades, Win., Potottt, S. II, 7. Boltiotore, P. 0. Hastings. Richard, R. V., Farmer, 5. 1, T. Ptairieviile, P'. 0. Delton. 1865. Richatdson, A. K., Farmer, S. 2, 7. itasinog, P. 0. Hastings. IS79. Risbridgter. 0. A., Potttoer, stock Poeeyer ando Riser, S. 4, P. Johnstown, P.. Dowliog. 1906. svt. [Zisbrirlters to Xserveti as Supervisor. Risb itgoer, Joesso Farotot, S. 27, P. (oliot toot, P. O BeOlford. Roberts, F. P., Proprietor Mople Grove Fart, S. 3, 7. Woodland, P. 0. thke Odessa. 1861. Robinson, Mrs. H., PFtoting, S. 15, T. Colttoton, P. 0. Nlashviiie. 1846. Roush, J. 0, Farmer, S. 6, T. Iastings, P. C). H oastiLog. 1905. Roolatier, Chot- E., Hot and Stohk Boter, XVoodlano. 1868. Rowloder Bt others, Dealers it Hto ato Pive Stock, Woodlan1s. Russell, Johto, Farmer, S 20, 7. Assoria, P, 0. Asstria. Rvan, Hitnry, Farmer, S. 01, 7. IHopo, P. 0. Clovetocale. St. JaeIts Hotel, George Myers, Proprietor, Oiodlot-ille. Schreiner, Woin., FPooer, S. 2, T. Jooottooto, P. 0. to~liog. Scthuler, S C Farer, S. 12, T. WVootdland, P. 0. Woololand. 1870. Mr. Schulet has served as Sctool Treasurer ten years. Scobey, WVlter, Poultry Breeder, S. 33, P. Irving. P. C. Irving. Sctldoer, R 1., FPrmer, S. 13. 7. Caritoo, P. 0. Fooodland. 1913. Seotteo, tahlon, Farmer, S. 14. 7. Carltot, P. 0 Woo loond. 1865. Shao,0 Ge7., Farner, S. 30 X T Asstria, P.O. Ass-ria. Sheldon, P. A., Abstract, Real Estato aott Loans, Hastingso. 1006. Shelp, John 7 Ptoprietor Sumter tesort, S. 7, 7. Ptoitietillt, Pine LakeP P. 0. Foster. ih36. Sir. Shetp is n old pioneer of Prairieoille Totthhip aood a veterato of the Ciil Xoar. ShepartdA. T., Farmer, S. 15, 7. Assyria, P. 0. Bellevue. Shepard, E0, Farot, S. 22, T. Aottoria, P. 0. tellevue. Shoop, Delil Farmert S. 24, T. Maple Grove, P. 0. Ntashsile. Sitocurt, Eliner Mi., Farer, S. 8, P. Baltimore, P. 0. Iastinolo. Smiith, Charlest P Publisher The M idtolletilt Sou,,, 1Xidoleviie. Smith, Cittoc., Circuit Judge, Hastiioog. 1845. Mr. Sooth has terved as Juodge of Probate. Smith, Elbert V., Retired Farmer, Nashville 1864. MrSt Sotith has ser lot as Chairniao Boaro of Sutpervisorsoor a ottbher of ettrs. Sttith, Frank, FarPter, S 2. T. Woodland, P.O XWoodland. 1874. Stoith, Fred, Farmer, S. 2, 7. \oaple trove, P. 0. Nashville. Sinith,.-Jai-ed, Farmier, S 2, T. 2,laple, Grove, P. 0. Nasahville. Smith, John, Proprietor Stock anto Grain Fart, S. 2, T. ooodlandi P. Oy Lake Odessa. 1888. Sotith, Jot. K_, Farmer, 5. 26, T. Maple Grove, P. 0. Nashville. Sttith, 51. L., Farmer, S. 13, T. oosyria, P. 0. Bellevue. Smith, Wilber F. H., Real ostate, FrePport. Soterby, Robert S., Farnier, S. 4, T. Rotland, P. 0. Irving. 1907. Spotter, F L., FarPoer, S. 20, 7. Carlton, P. 0. Hastings. io64, Stofitord. Geo. W., Farmer, S. 4, T. Yankee Springs, P. 0. Middleville. SItr. Stafford was bort in Barrt Cototy it 1881. Standish, Oscar, FP.-.toet, S 6, 7. Yankee Springs, P. 0. SMiddleville. 1903. Stantot, B. N., Pottoot, S. 35, 7. Baltimore, P. 0. Hastings. Stanton, W. H._ S o., Ptoter, S. 5, T. Asstria, P. 0. Dowliog. Star Bakeroh & Restaurattt, 0. R. Jarttietoot, Ptoprietor, Hastings. 1910. State Savings Bank, C.Mashol, Cashier, GtoneraloBanking, Nashville. Estaolishodl 1955. Stebbito, Villiaoo M., (Cottoth & StthJbins) Druggists, Hastings. 1879. Stokot, Fred O., Ptoprietot of Creatoerot, Iididlevie. Stowell, P. A., FarPter, Doirymto, Breetder of Siropshiit Sheep and Poland China Hogo, S. 17, 7. N todlotold, P. 0. Woo landi. 1057. Streeter Bros., Soottoer Resort, S. 29, 7. Yankee Sprintgs, P. 0. Middleville. Strickland, C. H., Farmer, S. 30, T. 8',Iople Grove, P 0. Qouimby. Stricklen, Chas. H., Farmer, S. 28, 7. Woodland, P. 0. Woodland. 1865. Sttodtbect,. J., Farmer, S. 28, T. Carlton, P. O. Hastings. 1908. Stut,-, 8. W., Farmer, S. 4, 7. Thottnopple, P. 0 Middledille. Sweitper, H. V., Lumber and Imtplemotots, S. 12, T. Woodland, P. O. Xoodland. 1861. Swift, Dr., B. C., Phscito, Middleville. 1904. Sullivan, Thot., Attorney tt Law, Hostings. 1S96. Teller, Charles H., Farmer, 0. 26, 7. Prairievillo, P. 0. Cressey. 1902.

Page  84 814 Ten HEyck, W., Feermer, S. 1 1, T. Theecepple, P. 0. Nliddlejille. 1872. Thomasc G. W., Blacks.eith, S. 3, T. H-lpe, P. 0. Sh.1t,. Thomso, H. L.., Fareer, S. 24, T. Assyia, P. 0. Bellneve. Thorcapple Gas & Electric Co., Hastiegs. Thorpe, W9. L., HE-eCouety Clerk. Hastings. 1881. Tobias, H. L., Perner, S. 88, T. Baltirtiore, P. 0. Hastiegs. Todd, -M. B., Farmere, S. 14, T. Hasctings, P. 0. Hastings. 1868. Tom~pkies, G. S., Fencer, S. 21, T. Assyria, P. 0. Bellevue. Tonend,GGe., Farmer,TS 8. CtseletP.0..Ce oats rove. Towneed, Jesse, Delecr in Fine Briggies, Read XWagoes, Haerness ad Agriceltural Imcplements, Hastings. Jesse Townend was here May 15, 1848, oi ea farm (or in the woeeds) in the VTowchip of Woodlaed, Berry Couteey. At this timetBary Couny wswlern4essad Mr. VTonendl is t erefre feaeiliar wtith pioneerlife. Por the pest twenty-five yeasr.Tovviiccerd las livd inllasticgstad hasbeen egaged ie the imp1e etbutinese. He 8s progressive, ine~lpeedeet ated enrgetic hesinets canerd Bet eveer bece owned, herked o coetrolled b ay Trust;cwcrkin~g oi tce principle thaet whatwa good fortile ruts ofhecmty was ot god flrtheggreat emajority of the peopleccc a o this principle hsc luilteupeacery substantial1 bsicests. I t1he year 1902 MrP. Towccseed bought alot inethecvey beuicescenterthofithecityad built hisstoe ad wr crooe. Vhis buildircg isofbrick, 40 by Ilfeet. istto sctory high and weith baseent. In 1910Mr' Towneec, builte a eder resideerce. Thiteisbuilto eHa vrrd presdbrick. Mr. ownened owsa95 acre fcrin Xn Wodlerd Toweship, the sam farco which he was beern anc the saefacr which his father, Jesse TowsenS., tookpiphfro thegoerneth nte year1837. VTowsedBothers, (R. B.cand R. C. Townec4) Graic,PFeed, Secede, Flrer, Salt, Licie, Stewe Pipe accil rile, etc., Necscville. Ectablished 1903. Towsen, F. B., (TowsedBrotersn)Nashville. 18071. Mr.T wneecd haservced asVillage Asteeter. Toettend, R. C., (Towceted Brotlcers) Nashville. 1876. Travis, Byroc, Perer, S. 29, T. Irvincg, P. 0. Irvicg. 1847. PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY. Trcernial, C.XW., Farmcer,. 15, T. Asscria P.G0 Bellevue. Tungate. Albert I.,Proprietor Ecergreec PFarm,S. iT. Berry, P.O0. Delter. 1658. Vadenburg, I. H., Pareer, S. 36, V. Ructland, P. 0. Hastings. 1869. Vanc Heel, Jaecob, Permere, S. 21, T. Pratirieville, P. 0. Docter. 1887. VanHecteu, S. C., Poprieter TI 1eop1e StoreDeae in enerael cllerchaljce, XW'olacccd. 1944. Vae Syekle, H. 1,., Parcccer, S- 22, T. Johnstown, P. 0. Bedlford. VateSyrkle, L. W, PeFrter, S. 16, T. Asc cei, P. 0. Assyria. Vaitccyne, P. P.. Farmer, S. 13, T. P-ariSeville, P. 0. Ilocter. 1555. Verrill, j. K., Farecer, S. 4, T. Prairieville, P. 0. Delio. 1884. Wac4d, John J., Pa-er~~, S. 17, T. Thcc-clapp~le, P. 0. Midldleville. Wa.gccer, Peed, Percecee, S. 14, T. Wooc, leccd, P. 0.,. XWagner, Johe, Parere, S. 9, V. XWoodland, P. 0. Woocdlanrd 1868. Welker, WV. J., Faecer, S. 14, T. XWoodland, P. 0. Woeelaccd. 1902. XWalton, NEmc, Fart-cer, S. 19, T. SXleple Grove, P. 0. XWaltst Hiramc, Farerte aned D,,irtecn, S. 22, V. XWoedlaccc, P. 0. XWoedlaccd. 1859. XWard, Dennis, Per-tile, S- 12, V. Ilaple Grove, P. 0. -Neasville. Warncer, A.,Dealer iccGroceries acdGeneral Merhandise, S. 26, T. Woodland4, Xal-ervccile, P. 0. XXocdlaed. Wareeer, D. C., Pareree, S. 22, V. Beltincere, P. 0. Quicmby. 1813. Watelrs, XV. H., Facriee1, S. 27, T. Praiicvlle, P. 0. Doster. 1860. XWetterc., H. C., Livere,,Niddle 4lle. XVeisetr, Chas. A., Newspapeprecac, Hestincgs. Weissert, Chas. G., De.,1er it H.rdware actd M1erchandise, H1astings. Wellmac, W.W.,PFarcnr, S. 7, V. Hastings, P.O0 Hastings. W~ertnian, J. B. Fer..e,e, S. 26, T. Hepe, P. 0. Cloe cledi. XWeyermace, Jareb, Pertner, S. 2, V. Hope. P. 0. Shulte-. XWhelcere, Hermone, Livery, Woodlac,, 18 5e7. Wh~itmore, G. 1)., Juti~ce of the Peace, Reel Estaete, Loscrc ec, Icesracee Middldeville. 1877. XWirkhacnr, John V., Parmere, S. 23, V. Carltone, P. 0. Idastiegs. Mr. Wickh 6-s brc in Becrcv Cccretc ic 1846. Xickirkei, Gee., Percere, S. 17, V. Johestoce, P. 0. IBedforcd. Whlbre, P. E., Perer, S. 6, V. Assyriae, P. 0. Bellevuce. XWilcoc., Adeibert, PFarmerc, S. 5, T. Rrtland, P. 0. Irvieg. Mre. Wilcow onic Batet. ie 1870. XW4ikinso, V. B., Frumer, 8. 34. T Macple G1oce P. 0. B~elleve W\illiecic, A. N., Farme,cccS 4,T. Balti1or, P.O0. Hactings. VX illjic,c, XV. C., F-accere. S. 13, T. C stieico, P. 0 Nechville. 1898. W~iIs, Chas. P., Farer,,, S. 26, V. Jcincto,%vei P. 0. Bedforcd. XViis-c, iEcmer, Farmeer, S. 29, T. AStveie, P. 0. Bellevue Will11tts, Jeoc, Faccec, S. 31, V. Porltee, P. 3. Hestirgst. 1672. XWil.,o,, P. D., Parccc,, S. 27, T Carlton, P. 0. Hstitgs. 1907. XX,Vlfe, I~c.,,, PFarmer, S. 28, T- Irvi,,g, P. 0. Heutings. XWoodlad,llE-,chge Back,PF.F. Hilbcert,Proprietor, Geceal Bankicig-, XX'ordlaud,4 PFstaeblisP d 1986. XWoodland News, Thle, C. P. Groziceger, Pebiscler, XWoodlacd. Pcstablishec, 1889. XVool.-cd Thclichip, C. P Grozicger, Supervisor, Wese~y Meyersc, Towns~-hip Clterk, XWoodland. XWoodland VOillge, Guy A. Bec ee, President, aced Allen XV. Pclier, HClrk, XXoodland. XXoocruff, Ches. A., Perere, S. 1. V. Rutlac4, P. 0. Hastiings. MrWoodruff was beern ine Borry County in 1874. XWcods, XWmc. H., Farier, S. 36, T. Johnsetown, P. 0. Assyriae. 1860. Voccrg. J. A., Parter, S. 3, T. Sceatkee Sprieece, P. 0. Mliddle,il1le. Vule, P. N., PFarcer, S. 1, V. Ircicg, P. 0. Fereeport. 1857. l'erbel, licnec A., Farere, S. 18, T. Hope, P. 0. S8ltz1,. Z.immer, Fra k, Far erS 19,T VYane Springs, P.0. Waycland I -1- i Citizens Telephone Comipany Incorporated 1896. Capital Stock $5,OOO,OOO Chas. F. Rood. President. W. J. Stuart, Treasurer. E. Fitzgerald, Vice Pros. E. B. Fisher, Secretary. C. E. Tarte, General Manager. General Office, Foot of Louis Street Grand Rapids, = - Michigan NV. A. Quinlanc, - Citizens Plcoce 87 H, E. Hesdrcik, Citizeees Phcoc 19 06ficr Phcoes 15 The Middleville Real Estate and Loan Agency Facrms, Sold cr Pxchangegc. Village Real Hstct Sold cr Pxcehacgcd. Peel Pst.,te accd Chattel Icoacs Negotiated, Nelson & Co. Suceccessor to XV, A. Qucinlan & Companey. The Big Double Store. Clothing Hats, Caps, PFotWCeer, Dr-, Goes, Grocenies, Laedices PF~r rithings, Caerpets crd Rugs. Star Bakery and Restaurant XV. K. Jamciceon, Prop. Phonee 381. The Ieer,re..t Sta.. arcd i-cwic Cleanliness, Qnality, Service and Low- Prices Eat Hastings Potato Bread Aed you wll tever 1,181 Ic gct thc belt. SeI ec specialtie in brcead alce -Sait Piiccg. Bestter Browtc, Rye, Grlhae, Creamt, Vicenna AO,,ii-ecln of pestries, pies, rekes, rills a111 ceekies always reedy. Follow the Crowd It our Rceetarant you ctill alerts fied gooed Clekig. Ecvery ealefrsetclass tcdiplentyeof t. NEat hereeocee andr8ou -,iltlwish ve tccrreldlive tile cr8est ofeyor dctas et Ithe Star Baekery [cand Restaurantc. Hastings, - - Michigan W. J. Hayward Broker FBuvsecd srell Bocdsc Iblertgccec Icier cecccritiec for iccvestorc. M. F. Jordan Attorney at Law Reel 0stcte, Fire Ieceratcre, Reel Estete Lecet. Cicetiel bleelgegae Leecs, Collectionst, Property reeted, reeeittaecrec et til cocllectotts tccetm d11(3a colrelectred. Notcry Pcublic ccitc cccl icc office. Citizensc Plcone Nc. 53. 11. E. Mi. COINNEt,, Clerk erid _Netace. Middl-eville, - Michigan LcewiscC. lartis, Prbet. acidllgr. Mead J. Bcr-c, Secreletay edTrea.c celtic C. tarris,c XIaecger Greand Rapidc stiore. Ge. ana~1~eger H ccticcc -tore. A. MI. ITacll. I\ccc.cger Beldiccg ccore. MI. J B. ccwc, Xlgr. Greeccville cstcre. Miller & Harris Furniture Company Retailets and Jccbbcrre of Sample Furniture, Rugs. Car-.pets and Pianos. FOUR STORES-Grecnd Rapids, Beildicng, Hasticcgc, Greecccille, Sleic 018icc 87-89 Soeth Dicisioc, StGran I Repids Stoe.e Citizens Photne 6872, Courtecctc treattcceet to all. Acrcouctcfclceperetioccs, fircceteccd indviciccclc receiced occ ifcvorable Of Battle Creek, Mich. cc. lI Mti, St., W~est. Beranch 251 TSiecc St., W~ect. Icorporeted 1071. Capital and Surplns $125,000 4 Pee centc ilctcrct cc savingc cdepcccitc OFPICERS CHec. Green, Presidecct; cc.R.teeeotecc, ViceePresidecctarid Cashicer; P. A. A~leerdt, 2ed Vicc President; N. E. Hebberci, 3d Vire Preciclent; N. V. Green, Ascictecnt DIRECTORS-P. A. Allceedt, H. P. Pechecee, S. B. Ceir, L_ A. Ded icy, XV. H. FPldced,Chcas. C. Greece, N. H. Plebiceed, Pracck J. Keliogg, MI. MG,s, (cc. XV. Ilercbec, H. K. MIDDLEVILLE, MTICI. IMIDDLEVILLE, MICII. G. D. WhitmoreI 1, C. Edmontds C. PU Nl:edtins Edmon ds, Bros. Ne ecrcccct tee lecge. ccc accoeunt tee smceli, toereceive crefuli eccd perA.A.Alricrc Atl. M Mnincg. T, A. Altec 0. Aldrich Brothers Co. General Hardware Stoves and Ranges, Buggies, Wagons Farm Machinery of all k-inds. Placerler 20 and P. M. F. 30Aueto cci bl et, Fu ernitte aced U c ertebcicg DELTON, - MICHIGAN LEE S. COBB The narry Connty Snrveyor. Doe-aegecceralbusinesscof Sucrvey iccg. Slept ccade eigict-ccnded regeice-ly. Pcrtiec vicsiting cccept maei left-icended ttlcst orcer tile c-cek specially. Depety Coccnty Sureeorc 5,eas Couccty Suree r cc -,er6 City Picecee 326.J freec 6:30 p. cc. Reseidence, 623 S. XWethington St. 11ASTINGS, MICHIGAN, CENTRAL N ational Bank of Battle Creek, Miceh. Scturdec, Nec. 21, 1903. Capital and Surplus, $280,000. Additional Shareholders LIABILITY $200,000. Depositors Security $480,000. OPPICRRS Edttccd C. Pilecne, Prs eniict; Pcrenk Woelfe Vice Preed denct; CerrollL. PostVce Pesicedct, Howeacl B. Sherecatt Vice Presientet; FranckG.Eeans, Cchicer; We,. W. Sectric, Attictaet Cechicer H. D. AlIcerttee, Accictect Cascicer Devici Sillier, Acuditor DIRECTORS-C. W. Feet, ChacirIanPoclerccCereaelCo Lid. I-dc C. _liccecac,, Preccilrct Aeccericne Frtp Co.; H. B.Shcecrmac Precidnct H. B. Siceremcc Micc Cc- 1. W97 PRob iccc, De Goodsc Mieerccant Carcroll L. Post, VieChaircmcan PosttuecCereal Ce. Ltd.; H. I. Scecarct Atctcney, of Stecwert Sabtinc Leopold Wersc trecn, Sire Prescidect Amcecriccc Steer, Peep Cc.; G. L. Gilkey, C-pctelcct, Keleamazoo; IFreck XXolf, Tire icesi d-ecct;crcktG. ierans, Cashier. Selety D~epesit Boee Ice K~ect, Peorectilelhaite of dig yorlecnketce thce Cecctra NStiottel Batnk E. F. Blake & Co. Department Store Vice Quality Sterer. VThe Buty Store. Dry Goods, Cloaks, Carpets, Mattinge, Drapecies. Etc., Clothing, Gent's Furnishings, Shoes, Groceertes. MIDDLEVIL-LE, MICH. W V. W.* Couch General Anctioneer Stocke ldefrceciec, I will geer alctee srtisfactioce accc etc price it reaececeable. Mecnc ofl cy sales i rbeacI of tlce invoiee Op severai licedeed dolears. Xheeeoe deceide to hace c crie, wreite to,cce cc pioetiee ctrtny expenste. Iracrclcrestplesed to glee ad igre fee fecce celes. Drtes eeay he rmcre aet tie Hastings Baccner Citileec Phonce 188-SR. Bell Picner 13 R. F. H. Nc. 9. HASTINGS, - MICHIGAN The Armstrong Drug Company Registered Pharmacists'. Middleville, Mich. J. WV. Arnittteccg, Sigr. Constantine. Mich. Rcss Armsttcceg, Mgr. Well Papee, XWindow Shcades, Statiocccry, Books, Sehool Supplires, Fest Ceccic, Ceedt, Piearre, ec eeytiling tlcat istfocndlinca first-, lacsidrug store. MIDDLEVILLE, MICHIGAN A.A.Berber, - - Presidect Henry J. Hecctek, - Vice Prescdecct Kellar Stemc, - Secretary red Treat, Grand Rapids Bookcase "A Chair Co. Life Time Furniture. Maerse coc ecery-thing Iore cte Hiciieg Recec, Lieing Rccr, Libcarycand Dec. Contsolidation ccl Grandcc Racpict Bookecase Cc. rand Barber Beet. Chaeir Ce, SeleteecceectBlcdgett Block, Grcnd Rapicls, -Michigac. HASTINGS, - MICHIGAN The Loppenthien Company Largest Department Store in Barry County. Wholesale and Retail. Strple aned Francy Grocercies, Pggc Buttle, ar4 Prodcuce, Cerpcts, Peetarite, Draperiee, Crockery accd Chiciweeee Cloeke, Srite, Skirts, Ladiee' Reedyto-weare Hey Gocods, Noctions, Ladies' cr4t ele'e Hastings,. - Michigan General Insurance Agency jutcet ocl tlce Percer Moer loacced onc reel estateccarldcicctlte elcuritN PClliectirns ca cpecialt7. Rep. rececitetiee Bettle Creek Bucilding accd Le cc Associtioce Pirer iccslcratce; ifecci property;ceiliage procperte; life inscaceee ic licce life, fi-etetreel oceeirnes, siek anecclrecident. Citieres Picccer No. 182. Office in Penele Buildintg. MIDDLEVILLE, MICHIGAN Grain, Coal, Wool.and Seeds Cemenrct, Limce. Plesteer, Sewer Pipe cnd Vile, Salt, Beaict, Stracw, PFccer, Peed, flee ancdXeood, Sueatorte aed Xarehouste ccn Si. C. K. P. HASTINGS, MI1CHIGAIN I I I

Page  85 M - FADVERTISING SECTION THE Hastings Journal DENNIS & SNYDER, Publishers. Phone 70. Book and Job Printing. The kind that gives satisfaction, Try a Journal Ad. It will bring you results. HASTINGS, - MICHIGAN Jesse Townsend Dealer in Fine Buggies, Road Wagons, Sleighs, Cutters, Harness, Robes, and Agricultural Implements. Not in the Trust. Citizens Phone No. S4. HASTINGS, MICHIGAN Thornapple Gas and Electric Co. Supplying Hastings, Lake Odessea, Middleville and Nashville. Main Office HASTINGS, MICHIGAN C. E. Rowlader. R. G. Rowlander. Rowlader Bros. Dealers in Hay and Live Stock Offices at HASTINGS, COATS' GROVE WOODBURY, LAKE ODESSA and WOODLAND, MICH. Len W. Feighner. Walter H. Burd. Nashville Real Estate Exchange Farm Lands, Vi lage and City Real Estate. Charles H. Bauer Attorney and Counselor at Law All legal business entrusted to his care will be attended to with promptness and fidelity. HASTINGS, MICHIGAN Bessmer's Market H. BESSOMER, Proprietor. Fresh and Salt Meats F. R. Ironside. G. A. Ironside. J. S. Ironside. IRONSIDE SHOE CO. Successors to 0. W. Clarke & Co. Fine Footwear A. A. -. P..d..I George J. Doster Manufacturer and Dealer in Lumber, Ties, Posts and Wood... A. A. Aldrich, - - President j. G. Hu.,ghes, Vice President C. F. MIoreau, - - - Cashier Delton State Bank Capital Stock - - $20,000 Surplus and Profits $5,000 DELTON, - MICHIGAN R. T. French Proprietor of Middleville Roller Mills MIDDLEVILLE, MICH. HASTINGS, MICHIGAN DOSTER, - MICHIGAN Shelp's Resort A. J. SHELP, Proprietor. Phone No. S7 2s. 1L., Plainwell Es Telephone 162. HASTINGS, MICHIIGAN PINE LAKE, MIC I. J. J. Eckardt, - President Geo. A. Weed, - Vice President Salu el Velte, - Cashier Farmers and Merchants Bank Capital - $25,000 Surplus - $10,000 LAKE ODESSA. MICHIGAN Wm. Elliott Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist Calls by telephone receive proRmpt attention. HICKORY CORNERS, MICH Consolidated Press and Tool Co. MIanufactutrers of The "Consolidated" Power Press. Chicago Office, 125 N. Canal Street. Detroit Office, 327 Ford Bldg. HASTINGS, MICHIGAN Philip T. Colgrove W\r. AV. Potter. Colgrove & Potter Attorneys at Law Chase &Wilcox Florists Establishsd 1910. Phone 411. HASTINGS, MICHIGAN Stephen C. Doster General Merchandise Hastings Art Memorial Works IRONSIDE BROS., Proprietors. MIanufacturers and Dealers in Granite, Marble and Stone Work of all kinds. Office and shop on N. Micihigan Ave. HASTINGS, MICII. Barry County Leading Clothing Store Gent's Clothing and Furnishings Mrs. W. S. Godfrey, Prop. Men's \vear that \'ears. HASTINGS, MICHIGAN International Seal and Lock Company haoo facturers of The Tyden Seal HASTINGS National Bank Capital $50,000 Surplus $50,000 HASTINGS, MICHIGAN Hastings, - Michigan DOSTER, - MICHIGAN. C. Fuller & Co. CA Houh C. H. Tuttle, - President Vice President - Cashier Assistant Cashier CITY Fred Eckardt Billiard Parlors Fred Eckardt K Dealers in all kinds of Building Material Phone 75. Farmers and Merchants Bank Capital and Surplus $50,000 JACOB REHOR, Proprietor. All kinds of Cigars and Tobaccos Holstein Cattle H-IASTINGS, AMICHIGAN NASHVILLE, - MICI-I. HASTINGS, MICHIGAN WOODLAND, - MICH FARMERS $Stati alnk CAPITAL, $37,000 SURPLUS, $5,500 Delton Elevator Company FRANK DOSTER, Proprietor Dealers in and Shippers of Flour, Feed, Grain and Grass Seed, Hogs, Cattle, Sheep and Wool. F. A. Brown Established 1907. Tin,- Copper and Sheet Iron Work, Eave Troughing, Roofing Furnaces, Chimney Tops, Repairing Phone 126. 0. D. Freeman Livery, Feed and Sale Stable I NASHVILLE, - MICH. HASTINGS, MiCICIIGAN MIDDLEVILLE, MICII. DELTON, - MIICIIIGAN HASTINGS, MICHIGAN NASHVILLE, - MICH. e R e F. H. Barlow. Luke Waters. F. H. Barlow & Co. Dealers in Wool, Grain, Hay Straw, Seeds, Coal, Lime Cement, Stucco, Hides, Pelts, Etc. THE NASHVILLE NEWS "A Good Paper in a Good Town." Established 1873. LEN \v. FEIGHNER, Publisher. High Grade Commercial Printing. NASHIVILLE, - MICH H. E. DOWNING M. A. Dietrich Dealer 111 Soft and Hardwood LUMBER Dray Line Ice, Wood. Baled Hay and Straw, Dry Storage. E. B, Townsend. R. C. Townsend. Townsend Bros. Elevator and Mill Feed Grain and Seeds, Beans, Salt, Flour, Ground Feed, Coal, Lime, Sewer Pipe and Tile. G. F. Chidester Clothier "The Best for the Money." HASTINGS, MICHIGAN Shingles, Lath and Building Citizen's Phones: Office 46; Res Material of all kinds, Office on Main Street I by the bridge. HASTINGS, MICHIGAN NASHVILLE, MICH. MIDDLEVILLE, MICHIGAN NASHVILLE, - MICH. - I M.

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Page  I I I h IIr = M - 1, r lr_ L- W VVWYr% C-I W-% s V 4J.01 -W. ^ ^A 1 A0 J — 11 i 0I V A R.CA O SUPPLEMENT I. ANALYSIS OF THE SYSTEM OF United States Land Surveys METTES AND BOUNDS IAGRAM P to the time of the Revolutionary War, or until about the beginning of the present century, land, when parcelled out, and sold or granted, was described by ' Metes and Bounds," and that system is still in existence in the following States, or in L those portions of them which had been sold or granted when the present plan of surveys was adopted, viz.: New York, l e Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, ea and the six New England States. To describe land by "Metes and Bounds," is to have a known land-mark for a place of beginning, and then follow a line according to the compass-needle (or magnetic bearing), or the course of a stream, or track of an ancient high-; " way. This plan has resulted in endless confusion and litigation, as land-marks decay and change, and it is a well-known fact that Ial qt~t 7 the compass-needle varies and does not always point due North. \\ As an example of this plan of dividing lands, the following description of a farm laid out by "-lMetes and Bounds," is given: " Beginning at a stone on the Bank of Doe River, at a point where the highway from A. to B. crosses said river (see point marked C.- \\ o / on Diagram 1); thence 40~ North of West 100 rods to a large stump; thence 10~ North of West 90 rods; thence 15 West of North 80 SO > rods to an oak tree (see Witness Tree on Diagram 1); thence due East 150 rods to the highway; thence following the course of the highway 50 rods due North; thence 5~ North of East 90 rods; thence 45' East of South 60 rods; thence 10~ North of East 200 rods -^ Cons " o olrs' of to the Doe River; thence following the course of the river Southwesterly to the place of beginning." This, which is a very simple hef, - for - 'e and moderate description by " Metes and Bounds," would leave the boundaries of the farm as shown in Diagram 1. a - - s I DIAGRAM 2 PACZFIC.,ZODARD TfIM' EouoTAo 0O 0 re Coo[A. eo-cr cc-.,sncc-Rre.ecn^ jn.- ^ su 5... 0ib~c,sr, I ~ scribing and dividing lands. It is called the "Rectangular System," that is, all System," and how the measurements are based on lines which run at right angles and fom it the territory governed by each Meridian ad Base Line may be readily East and West of the Meridian throughout the territory controlled by the Meridian. HEpeetsse fGvrmntlLn uvy a dpe byCogrs on the~ ditnuahed EahMrda n aeLiei akdwt t poe ubroae T 7thT ofMy 78 thsbona seoe iceadi helglmehdo o- Darm lutatswa s en he hsmthda ere h Retnua sciignd iiiglad ta cle h "etnuarSse, ta s ll Sse ndhwtemesrmns r ae o ie hihrna rgtage -isdsacsadhaig r esrdfo w ieswihaea ih nls t ahohrTehaylnernigNrhadSuh(akdA. nDarm3 toec thr i.: hs wolnsfrmwihth-maurmnsae ae re rpeetstePinia eida nthscs ayte5h rnia Mrda. h ev theP icplMrdaswihrnNot n otadteBs Lnswihrn ln unn East andp Wehrst~ (mared.B)i h aeLn hs ie r sda Eas n Wet. These Principal Meridians ar salsewt ra cuay ah tesatn onso ai falmaueet rsresmd ntrrioycnrle Principal~~ Meiinhsis aeLn nheetolnsfrmtebsso oundtin by the 5t rnia eiin Te aefc ple oal te rnia eiin for t~ ures or mesuemn of~ al h ad ihi h ertr wihte oto, an hi aeLie omnigat h rnia eiina nevl fsxmls Digam2shw alofte rncplMeiiasan as insinteUntd tte, lie aeru othad othprall oth eida Ti pa i oloedbt an Ijonitth tritrgoen byac Merdin ra Bae Ln mybe ~readil Es aoJnd Werst fteMrda hogot-h ertr otoldb h eiin _ I __ ___ I _____I__L__~____IC___ P --- —— lll- I I_ -----------— WI ------ - --- -— ^- A Entered Acaording to Act of Congress, in the year 1909, by Geo. A. Ogle & Co., in the office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington D. C.

Page  II UNITED STATES LAND SURVEYS SUPPLEMENT II. --— I -— 9 --- —-s ---p --- -— I --- —----- I~a8Ynrazu~ncl~~~ilarrrs -- ------- -- - -- - - - - --- -— ~ ---- --- —- -- ---- — — - — yl-"ua,,,,,.,_-Yaal --- —- ---------- --- -:RI _ ~_ __ __ __ These lines are termed "Lange Lines." They divide the land into strips or divisions six miles wide, extending North and South, parallel with the Meridian. Each division is called a Range. Ranges are numbered from one upward, commc eing at the Meridian; and their numbers are indicated by Roman characters. For instance, the first division (or first six miles) west of the Meridian is Range I. West; the next is Range II. West; then comes Range III., IV., V., VI., VII., and sJ on, until the territory governed by another Principal Meridian is reached. In the same manner the Ranges East of the Meridian are numbered, the words East or West being always used to indicate the direction from the Principal Meridian. See Diagram 3. Commencing at the Base Line, at intervals of six miles, lines are run East and West parallel with the Base L-ie. These are designated as Township Lines. They divide the land into strips or divisions six miles wide, extending East and West, parallel with the Base Line. This plan is followed both North and South of the Base Line until the territory governed by another Principal Meridian and Base Line is reached. These divisions or Townships are numbered from one upward, both North and South of the Base Line, and their numbers are indicated by figures. For instance: The first six mile division -i orth of the Base Line is Township 1 North; the next is Township 2 North; then comes Township 3, 4, 5, and 6, North, and so on. The same plan is followed South of the Base Line; the Townships being designated as Township 1 South, Township 2 South, and so on. The " North " or " South" (the initials N. or S. being generally used) indicates the direction from the Base Line. See Diagram 3. These Township and Range Lines, crossing each other, as shown in Diagram 3, form squares, which are called "Townships" or " Government Townships," which are six miles square, or as nearly that as it is possible to make them. These Townships are a very important feature in locating or describing a piece of land. The location of a Government Township, however, is very readily found when the number of the Township and Range is given, by merely counting the number indicated from the Base Line and Principal Meridian. As an example of this, Township 8 North, Range 4, West of the 5th Principal Meridian, is at once located on the square marked * on Diagram 3, by counting eight tiers north of the Base Line and 4 tiers west of the Meridian. DIAGRAMS *u *'zz[zz~zn-ii I _ ~ ~ ~ _ I _ _ __ ---~~~~__~ __1__PP~~~-~ - ~- --- -- ~-~-~ — _-~ _- - I W_ - 'A 0 i11 9-: TOWNSHIPS OF LAND. OWNSHIPS are the largest subdivisions of land run out by the United States Surveyors. In the Governmental Surveys Township Lines are the first to he run, and a Township Corner is established every six miles and marked. This is called "Townshipping." After the Township Corners have been carefully located,the Section and Quarter Section Corners are established. Each Township is six miles square and contains 23,040 acres, or 36 square miles, as near as it is possible to make them. This, however, is frequently made impossible by; (1st) the presence of lakes and large streams; (2nd) by State boundaries not falling exactly on Township Lines; (3rd) by the convergence of Meridians or curvature of the earth's surface; and (4th) by inaccurate surveys. Each Township, unless it is one of the exceptional cases referred to, is divided into 36 squares, which are called Sections. These Sections are intended to be one mile, or 320 rods, square and contain 640 acres of land. SectionF are numbered consecutively from 1 to 36, as shown on Diagram 4. Beginning with Section 1 in the Nortleast Corner, they run West to 6, then East to 12, then West to 18, and so on, back and forth, until they end with Section 36 in the Southeast Corner. Diagram 4 shows a, plat of a Township;R, it is divided and platted by the government surveyors. These Townships are called Government Townships or Congressional Townships, to distinguish them from Civil Townships or organized Townships, as frequently the lines of organized Townships do not conform to the Government Township lines. pl AG~O G~3F -Y~P --- U. t --- -~-~ C - DIAGQ I1 6 So R. i,,, I -- II j I. Id 1. _ __;j._ ^ — L"Ji - — AL- _ I I - I 8 S\ I7 11 98 R. os26 110. 20 1.3 4 R. I 15.8s R. 0 292 SECTIONS OF LAND. - — c -s32 -— 13-2 R.331 32 33 -IAGRAMI 5 illustrates how a section I,, may be subdivided, although the i laDiagram only gives a few of the I |. _ many subdivisions into which a _ _ section may be divided. All Sections (except fractional Sections) are supposed to be 320 rods, or one mile, square and therefore contain 640 acres-a number easily divisible. Sections are subdivided into fractional parts to suit the convenience of the owners of the land. A half-section contains 320 acres; a quarter-section contains 160 acres; half of a quarter contains 80 acres, and quarter of a quarter contains 40 acres, and so on. Each piece of land is described according to the portion of the section which it embraces-as the Northeast quarter of Section 10; or the Southeast quarter of the Southeast quarter of Section 10. Diagram 5 shows how many of these subdivisions are platted, and also shows the plan of designating and describing them by initial letters as each parcel of land on the Diagram is marked with its description. As has already been stated, all Sections (except Fractional Sections which are explained elsewhere) are supposed to contain 640 acres, and even though mistakes have been made in surveying, as is frequently the case, making sections larger or smaller than 640 acres, the Government recognizes no variation, but. sells or grants each regular section as containing 640 acres "more or less." The Government Surveyors are not required to subdivide sections by running lines within them, but they usually establish Quarter Posts on Section Lines on each side of a section at the noints marked A. B. C. and D. on Diagram 5. After establishing Township corners, Section Lines are the next to be run, and section corners are established. When these are carefully DIAG/RATi 5. 1 located the Quarter Posts are located at points as nearly equidistant between Section Corners as possible. These corners when established by Government Surveyors cannot be changed, even though it is conclusively shown that mistakes have been made which cause some sections or tN E. 1/4 quarter sections to be either larger or smaller.. than others. The laws, however, of all the C States provide certain rules for local surveyors < to follow in dividing Sections into smaller 160 A parcels of land than has been outlined in the A c 1 - Governmental surveys. For instance, in dividcg ing a quarter section into two parcels, the disN. 1/2 of S. E. 1/4 ance between the Government Corners is care< fully measured and the new post is located at a.5 80 A. point equidistant between them. This plan is N. of S.W.. followed in running out "eighties," "forties," 'ofS.E' E.4 S."s '"twenties," etc. In this way, if the Govern( 20A.) of S. E. /; ment division overruns or falls short, each S.'..i. portion gains or loses its proportion. This is -._(20 A.) 40 A. l not the case, however, with Fractional Sections STlJBDIVIDI2NG A SECTION. along the North or West sides of a Township, - or adioining a lake or large stream. o I2 - ' -i L considerably as to size and boundaries. Mistakes made in surveying and the fact that Meridians converge as they run North cause every Township to vary I6 1 1 9 more or less from the 23,040 acres which a perfect Township would contain. See Diagram 4. In arranging a Township into Sections all the surplus or deficiency of land. — - l is given to, or taken from, the North and West tiers of Sections. In other words, all \r. Sections in the Township are made full-. 4~h 9~ 640 acres-except those on the North and 22 - 23 g t 24 West, which are given all theland that is ~ ' Q lleft after forming the other 25 Sections., &.t I -S Diagram 4 illustrates how the surplus or t L.. " deficiency is distributed and the Sections it -- - - - t 2ects. It will be seen that Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 18, 19, 30 and 31, are the "Fractional Sections," or the Sections which are affected if the Township overruns 27 26 E lor falls short. Inside of these Fractional % I Sections, all of the surplus or deficiency of land (over or under 640 acres) is carried to ___ ^__ _ the "forties" or "eighties" that touch the -- I" "' J ' -: s' ''. Township Line. These pieces of land are \... called "Fractional Forties" or "Fractional Eighties," as the case may be. Diagrams 4 34 365. and 6 show the manner of marking the 4- 3. acreage and outlining the boundaries of these "Fractions." Diagram 6 illustrates how the surplus or deficiency of land inside of these Sections is.... distributed and which "forties"or "eighties" it affects. From this arrangement it will be seen that in any Section that touches the North or West Township Lines, the Southeast Quarter may be full-160 acres-while another quarter of the same Section may be much larger or smal or. Frequently these fractional "forties" or "eighties" are lotted as shown in Diagram 6. They are always described as fractional tracts of land, as the "fractional S.W. of Section 6," etc. Of course those portions of these Sections which are not affected by these variations are described in the usual manner-as Southeast i of Section 6. As a rule T ownships ar rower at the North than at the South side. The Meridians of Longitude (which run North and South) converge as they run North and South from the Equator. They begin at the Equator with a definite width between them and gradually converge untilthey all meet at the poles. Now, as the Range lines are run North and South, it will at once be seen that the convergence of Meridians will cause every Congressional Township (North of the Equator) to be narrower at its North than at its South side, as stated. See Diagram 4. In addition to this fact, mistakes of measurement are constantly and almost unavoidably made in running both Township and Range___________________ lines, and if no new starting points were established the lines would DIAGRAMI 6. become confused and unreliable, and 42-. the size and shape of Townships OT 4. LOT 3. LO 2. I LOT 1. materially affected by the time the surveys had extended even a hundred Pi 45 ii 42.5 Ii 40.5 miles from the Base Line and Princi- 123. AC. ACRES. nACRES. ACRE S. R pal Meridian. In order to correct the surveys and variations caused 5 3. a a ___ by the difference of latitude and LOT a. straighten the lines, "Correction. Lines" (or Guidy Meridians and I0 AC 40 l 80 ACRES E Standard Parallels) are established at A AC R E S. frequent intervals, usuallyasfollows: / ~ l North of the Base Line a Correction RI -58. 80 od^ Line is run East and West parallel 160 Ro with the Base Line, usually every 2. twenty-four miles. South of the s32 AC. $ Base Line a Correction Line is usually established every thirty miles. Both 64 R- ) P 160 ACRES. East and West of the Principal Lo 7 Meridian "Correction Lines" are. usually established every 48 miles. / a 37 AC. O All Correction Lines are located by careful measurement, and the suc- 74. 80 Rods. 160 Rods. ceeding surveys are based upon PLAT OF A FRACTIONAL SECTION. them. _ I -- ---- ---- -- ---- I- —~-u - ---- 41 — sru —s - -- - - ~ I - _ I _ __ Entered According to Act of Congress, in the year 1909, by Geo. A. Ogle & Co., in the office of the Librarian of Congress, Washington, D. C.

Page  III SUPPLEMENT III L - DIGEST OF THE SYSTEM OF 'CIVI L GOVERN MENT I DIGEST OF THE SYSTEM - - # OF CIVIL GOVERNMENT WITH A REVIEW OF THE Duties and Powers of the Principal Officials Connected with the Various Branches of National, State, County and Township Government. NATIONAL GOVERNMENT HE GOVERNMENT of the United States is one of limited and specific powers, strictly outlined and defined by a written constitution. The constitution was adopted in 1787, and, with the amendments that have since been made, it forms the basis of the entire fabric of government under which we live. The constitution created three distinct branches of government, each of which is entirely separate and distinct from the others. They are the executive, legislative and judicial departments. The constitution specifically vests the executive power in the President, but all members of the cabinet are usually classed with the executive department; the legislative power is held by Congress, and the judicial authority is vested in the Supreme Court and various other courts which Congress has provided for in pursuance of the provisions of the constitution. It has been the aim of these pages to explain each of these different branches of government, and to briefly review the duties and powers of the principal officials connected with each department. The President and Vice-President are elected by popular vote, but the vote of each State is separate, so that a candidate may have a large majority of the aggregate popular vote of the country and yet fail to be elected. The Presidential election is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, when Presidential electors are chosen in and for the various States, each State having as many electors as it has representatives in both branches of Congress. The electors are chosen by the ballots of the people of their States, and all the electors of a State constitute an electoral college. The electors meet in each State at the capital on the first Wednesday in December following a National election and vote for President and Vice-President, certificates of which are forwarded to the President of the Senate, at Washington, who, on the second Wednesday in February opens the certificates and counts the votes in the presence of both Houses of Congress and declares the result; and the final step is the inauguration, which takes place on the 4th of March. The law provides that if neither of the candidates have a majority then the House of Representatives shall elect a President from the three candidates receiving the highest electoral vote. In elections of this kind each State is entitled to only one vote, and twothirds of the States form a quorum. PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. The President is the highest executive officer of the United States. HIe is elected for the term of four years, and receives a salary of $75,000 per annum. He must be thirty-five years old or more, and a nativeborn citizen of the United States. The President is charged with a general supervision over the faithful execution of laws passed by Congress, and has supervision over all executive departments of the government. He appoints a Cabinet of nine officials who become the heads of the various departments, and these departmentorare intended to be managed and conducted as the President directs. The President is Commanderin-Chief of the Army and Navy. He has power to grant pardons and reprieves for all offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment; has power, with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties. He nominates, and with the advise and consent of the Senate, appoints Ambassadors and other public Ministers and Consuls, all Judges of the United States courts, and all other executive officers of the United States, except in such cases where the appointments may be vested in the various "departments." When the Senate is not in session he can appoint, subject to its action when it reassembles. He has power, in certain extraordinary occasions, to call together both iouses of Congress, or either of them, in extra session; and is required from time to titHe to communicate with Congress, as to the state of the Union, and offer such suggestions or recommendations as he may deem proper. He is empowered to approve or veto all measures adopted by Congress, but it is provided that any measure may be passed over hisveto by a two-thirds vote of Congress. - The President consults frequently with his Cabinet, and nearly all important official matters are discussed by that body. In case the office of President becomes vacant through the death, removal or resignation of the incumbent, the law provides that the office shall in turn be filled by the Vice-President, Secretary of State, and other Cabinet Ministers in regular order. VICE PRESIDENT. The Vice-President of the United States is elected for the term of four years, and receives a salary of $12,000. In case of the death, removal or resignation of the President, the Vice-President succeeds him. The chief duty of the Vice-President is to act as the presiding officer of the Senate. I-e has no vote in the Senate, except in case of a tie, or an equal division of the members of that body. The VicePresident administers the oath of office to the Senators. STATE DEPARTMENT. The head of this department is the Secretary of State, who is appointed by the President as a member of the Cabinet, and receives a salary of $8,000 per year. The law provides that in case the office of President becomes vacant, through the death, remtoval or resignation of both the President and Vice-President, the Secretary of State assumes the duties of the Presidency. The Secretary of State may be said to be the official Secretary of the President, and countersigns all commissions issued by the President., The Secretary of State is the head of the Department of State and is the chief diplomatic officer of the United States. In his department and under his supervision is conducted the public business relating to foreign affairs; to correspondence, commissions or instructions to or with public Ministers from the United States; or to negoitiations with Ministers from foreign States; or to memorials or other applications from foreigners, or foreign public Ministers, or citizens of this country in foreign lands, or complications arising therefrom. The Secretary of State also has charge of all other business connected with foreign affairs, extradition matters and diplomatic officers; furnishing passports to vessels going to foreign countries, etc., and has charge of the Great Seal of the United States. Connected with the Department of State and forming a part of it in the great work of performing and caring for the duties outlined are the following bureaus: The Diplomatic Bureau, which looks after the affairs pertaining to foreign governments. The Consular Bureau, correspondence with consulates. The Bureau of Indexes and Archives, the duties of which are to open the official mails, prepare an abstract of the daily correspondence and an index of it, and superintend miscellaneous work of department. The Bureau of Accounts, in which all of the finances of the department are looked after, such as the custody and disbursement of appropriations; also indemnity funds and bonds; also care of the building and property of the department, etc. I The Bureau of Rolls and Library, which is charged with the custody of treaties, rolls, public documents, etc.; has care of revolution ary archives, of international commissions, superintendence of library, etc. The Bureau of Statistics, for the preparation of reports on commercial relations. The chiefs of these bureaus receive from $2,100 per year to $2,300 per year. In addition to these there are connected with the State Department the offices of translator, at $2,100 per year; assistant secretary, $5,000; second assistant secretary, $4,500; third assistant secretary, $4,500; solicitor, $4,500; chief clerk, $3,000; clerk to Secretary of State, $2,500; passport clerk, $1,400. Besides these are the various comptrollers, auditors, clerks and assistants, which number well up into the thousands. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. This department was organized in 1789. The head of this department, known as the Secretary of the Treasury, is appointed by the President, is a member of the Cabinet, and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. The Treasury Department is one of the most important branches of the national government, as it has charge of the financial affairs of the government, custody of public funds, collection of revenue and mtaintenanlce of public credit. Among the many important duties devolving upon this department are the following: It attends to the collection of all internal revenues and duties on imports, and the prevention of frauds in these departments. All claims and demands, either by the United States or against them, and all the accounts in which the United States are interested, either as debtors or creditors, must be settled and adjusted in the Treasury Department. This department also includes the Bureau of the Mint, in which the government coin and moneys are manufactured. The Treasury Department authorizes the organization of national banks and has supervision over them; has charge of the coast surveys, the lighthouses, marine hospitals, etc. It has charge of all moneys belonging to the United States; designates depositories of public moneys, keeps a complete and accurate system of accounting, showing the receipts and disbursements of the Treasury, and makes reports at stated intervals showing the condition of public finances, public expenditures and the public debt.: There are a great many important officials connected with the Treasury Department, chief among which are the following, viz.: Private secretary of the head department, -it $2,500 per year; three assistant secretaries, at $5,000 each; chief clerk, $3,000; chief of appointment division, $3,000; chief of warrants division, $3,500; chief of public moneys division, $3,000; chief of customs division, $3,000; acting chief of revetnue marine division, $2,500; chief of stationery division, $2,500; chief of loans and currency division, $3,000; chief of miscellaneous division, $2,500; supervising special agent, $8 per day; government actuary, $1,800; supervising architect, $4,500; steamboat inspector, $3,500; chief Bureau of Statistics, $3,000; life saving service superintendent, $4,500; aosietant, $2,500; commissioner Bureaus of Navigation, $3,600; superintendent United States coast and geodetic survey, $6,000; supervising surgeon-geloeral marine hospital service, $4,000; Bureau of Engraving and Printing, director, $5,000; assistant director, $3,500; superintendent engraving division, $4,500. The foregoing will serve to show many of the lines of workl attended to in the Treasury Department, as the names of these offices explain the branch of work they are charged with attending to. There are a number of other important offices in the department that should be mentioned, among them being the following: The Solicitor of the Treasury, or chief attorney, who receives $4,500 per year for attending to the legal matters connected with the department. The Commissioner of Customs, who receives $4,000 per year and his deputy $2,250, has charge of all accounts of the revenue from customs and disbursements, and for the building and repairing of custom houses. The Treasurer of the United States receives $6,000 per year, assistant treasurer $3,600, and superintendent of national banks (Red. Div.) $3,500. The Treasurer receives and keeps the government funds, either at headquarters or in the Sub-Treasuries or government depositories, paying it out upon warrants drawn in accordance with the law, and pays all interest on the national debt. The Register of the Treasury is paid a salary of $4,000 per year and his assistant $2,500. The Registef keeps the accounts of public expenditures and receipts; receives the returns and makes out the official statements of United States commterce and navigation; receives from first comptroller and Commissioner of Customs all accounts and vouchers acted on by them and files the same. The Comptroller of the Currency receives $5,000 per year and his deputy $3,000. This bureau is charged with a general supervision of the national banks and matters connected with the issuing of paper money. The Director of the Mint receives $4,500 per annutn, and is charged with a general supervision over all the coinage of the government. The Comptroller of the Treasury receives $5,500 per year and his assistant $4,500. This bureau has charge of the auditing system of the Treasury. With the exception of the postal revenue accounts, the comptroller prescribes the forms of keeping and rendering all public accounts. Auditors. There are six auditors connected with the Treasury Department, each of whom receives a salary of $4,000 per year, and is allowed a deputy at a salary of $2,500 per annum. No one auditor takes rank over another. The first auditor receives and adjusts the accounts of the revenue and disbursements, appropriations and expenditures on account of the civil list and under special acts of Congress, reporting the balances to the commissioners of the customs and first comptroller respectively for their decision. The second auditor devotes most of his attention to army affairs; looks after all the accounts relating to the pay, clothing and recruiting of the army; the arsenals, arl-nories and ordnance; all accounts relating to the Indian Department; reporting to the second comptroller. The third auditor has all accounts for sustenance of the army, military academy, military roads, fortifications, quartermaster's department, certain pensions, claims arising for military service previous to 1817; for all property lost in the military service; he reports also to the second comptroller. The fourth auditor also reports to the second comptroller, and attends to all accounts of the service connected with the navy. The fifth auditor reports to the first comptroller, and adjusts all accounts connected with the diplomatic service of the Department of State. The sixth auditor adjusts all accounts growing from the service of the Post Office Department. WAR DEPARTMENT. The War Department was organized in August, 1789. The head of this department is known as the Secretary of WVar; is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. The Woar Department attends to the execution of all laws affecting the Regular Army, and carries out and performs such duties as may be provided for by law or directed by the President relative to military forces, military commissions and the warlike stores of the United States. In former years this department also had charge of Indian as well as military affairs, but this has been transferred to the Department of the Interior. The War Department is also required, among other duties, to maintain the signal service and provide for taking nleteor'ological observations at various points on the continent, and give telegraphic notice of the approach of storms. There is also maintained a Civil Engineering Department, through the aid of which is carried out such improvements in rivers and harbors as may be authorized by Congress. The Secretary of War also has supervision over the West Point Military Academy. The private clerk for the head of the War Department is paid $2,500 per year; assistant secretary, $5,000; chief clerk, $4,000. The most of the subordinates and assistants in the War Department, except those mentioned, are officers of the Regular Army, who are paid salaries and perquisites. The Commanding General, next to the Secretary, looks after the arrangement of military forces, superintends the recruiting service and discipline of the army, orders courts-martial, and in a general sense is charged with seeing to the enforcement of the laws and regulations of the army. The Adjutant-General keeps the rolls and the orders issued. The Quartermaster-General has charge of the barracks and the supplies, etc., that may be required for the army. The CommissaryGeneral is the head of the Subsistence Department, and has supervision over the purchasing and issuing army rations. The Judge Advocate General is the head of the department of military justice. The Surgeon'General, as the name implies, looks after the affairs of the army relating to sick, wounded, hospital, etc. The Paymaster-General is the disbursing officer for the money required by the department. There is also the Ordnance office, controlling ordnance store, arsenals, armories the manufacture of arms, etc. The Topographical office has charge of all plats and drawings of all surveys made for military purposes. Besides thes e there are the Inspector-General's Department and departments devoted to war records, publications, etc. In this connection it may be of interest to the general reader to refer briefly to a few facts concerning the Regular Army. The United States is divided for this purpose into a number of military districts. The head of each department receives his general instructions and orders from headquarters.,1Fhe term of service in the Regular Army is three years. The pay of private soldiers at the start is $15 per month and rations, and this is increased according to time of service. The pay of the officers is proportioned to their rank. The pay of officers in active service was fixed by an act of Congress May 11, 1908, as follows: lieutenant-general $11,000 per year; major-general $8,000; brigadier-general $6,000; colonels from $4,000 to $5,000; lieutenantcolonels from $3,500 to $4,500; majors from $3,000 to $4,000; captains from $2,400 to $3,360; first-lieutenants from $2,000 to $2,800; secondlieutenants from $1,700 to $2,380. In case any officer below the grade of major required to be mounted, provides himself with suitable mounts at his own expense, he receives an addition to his pay of $150 per annum if he provides one mount; and $200 per annum if he provides two mounts. The pay of retired officers was fixed as follows by the act of May 11, 1908: lieutenant-generals $8,250 per annum; major generals $6,000; brigadier-generals $4,500; colonels from $3,000 to $3,750; lieutenant-colonels from $2,625 to $3,375; majors from $2,250 to $3,000; captains from $1,800 to $2,520; first lieutenants from $1,500 to $2,100, and second-lieutenants $1.275 to $1,785. NAVY DEPARTMENT. The head of this department is the Secretary of the Navy, who is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. This department is charged with the duty of attending to the construction, armament, equipment and employment t 01 of v essels of war, as well as all other matters connected with naval affairs, and appropriations made therefor by Congress. The Secretary of the Navy has direct control of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, M/aryland; issues orders to the commanders of the various squadrons; has general authority over the Marine Corps; and has control of all the several bureaus of the Navy Department. There are a number of bureaus organized in the Navy Departmtent for the purpose of more thoroughly handling the work, among the most important of which may be mentioned the following: Bureau of Steam Engineering; Bureau of Medicine and Surgery; Bureau of Navigation; Bureau of Provisions and Clothing, Bureau of Yards and Docks; Bureau of Ordnance; Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting; Bureau of Construction and Repair. Attached to this department are also officials or bureaus to attend to the following matters: Marine Barracks, Washington, D. C.; Museum of Hygiene; Naval Dispensary; Board of Inspection and Survey; Navy Supplies and Accounts; Naval Observatory; Hydrographic Office; Library and War Records; Naval Intelligence; Nautical Almanac, etc., The admiral of the navy (line) is paid $13,500 per year; the first nine rear-admirals each receive $8,000 per year and the second nine $6,000; chiefs of bureaus are paid $6,000 per year; captains $4,000; commanders $3,500; lieutenant-commanders $3,000; lieutenants $2,400; junior grade lieutenants $2,000; ensigns $1,700; chief-boatswains, gunners, carpenters, sail makers, $1,700; midshipmen at sea $1,400; midshipmen at academy $600. In the Marine Corps the major general receives $8,000 per year; colonels $4,000; lieutenant-colonels $3,500; majors, $3,000; captains (line) $2,400; captains (staff) $2,600; first lieutenants $2,000; second-lieutenants $1,700. An increase of ten per cent is allowed them when on sea duty, or on "shore duty beyond the sea." Chaplains of the rank of lieutenant-commander or higher rank receive the pay antd allowance of a lieutenant-commander; those appointed prior to July 1, 1906, who have the rank of lieutenant receive $2,800; and others are paid according to their rank in the foregoing list. Naval constructors receive from $3,200 to $4,200 per year; assistant naval constructors $2,000 or the pay of rank according to the foregoing table; warrant officers $1,125 to $2,250. Petty officers and chief petty officers receive salary ranging from $33 to $77 per month. First class seamen receive $26 per month; seamen-gunners $28 per month; firemen, first-class, $38; ordinary seamen $21; firemen, second-class, $33; shipwrights $27; apprentice seamen $18; coal passers $24. The term of enlistment in the United States Navy is four years. POSTOFFICE DEPARTMENT. This is one of the most important branches of the National Government. Its head is the Postmaster-General, who is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. The Post Office Department has supervision over the execution of all laws passed by Congress affecting the postal service, and has general supervision over everything relating to the gathering, carrying and distribution of United States mails; superintends the distribution and disposal of all moneys belonging to, or appropriated for, the department; and the instruction of and supervision over all persons in the postal service, with reference to their duties. In providing for handling the general work of the Post Office Department it has been found necessary to create four bureaus, or offices, as they are termed, each of which is presided over by an assistant postmaster-general, who each receive $5,000 per annum; are all subject to the direction and supervision of the head of the department. A review of these various bureaus and their principal officials, with the name of the office, will show very clearly the work handled by each. The first assistant postmaster-general is all(owed a chief-clerk at $2,500 per year; superintendent of salaries and allowances $4,000; superintendent of division appointments $3,000; superintendent of city free-delivery service $3,000. The second assistant postmaster-general has charge of the following divisions, indicated by the following officials who are under his control: superintendent of railway adjustments $3,000 per year; chief of division inspection $2,000; chief of division of contracts $2,000; chief of division of mail equipment; general superintendent of railway mall service $4,000; superintendent of foreign mails $3,000. The third assistant postmaster general controls the following divisions: superintendent of money-order division $3,500; superintendent of registry system $2,500; superintendent of division of finance $2,250; superintendent of division of stamps $2,500; also the post-card agent and the stamped-envelope agent at $2,500 each. The fourth assistant postmaster-general controls the following dlivisions: Superintendent rural free delivery service $3,000; superintendent of post office supplies $2,500; superintendent of dead-letter office $2,750; topographer $2,750. Besides the various chiefs of divisions, mentioned above there are connected with the Post Office Department a law clerk, at $2,500 per year; appointment clerk, at $2,000; assistant attorney-general, $5,000; a disbursing clerk, $2,250; also the auditor of the post office department, at $4,000. I l _pegt 1910 by(e..Ole&5 J Copyright, lgxo, by (eo. A. Ogle & Co.

Page  IV I I SUPPLEMENT IV DIGESmT OF DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. The Interior Department is under the immediate control of the Secretary of the Interior. He is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per year. In this department, as the name imples, is conducted most of the public business relating to domestic or internal affairs, and, like most of the other executive departments, it is divided into a number of subdivisions and branches. The Secretary of the Interior is charged with a general supervision over public business connected with the following branches, viz.: 1st. The census of the United States. 2d. All matters connected with public lands. 3d. Everything relating to the Indians or Indian affairs. 4th. All matters concerning pensions or bounty lands. 5th. The issuance and filing of patents and caveats. 6th. The custody and distribution of publications. 7th. The compilation of statistics relating to educational matters in the various States. He also has oversight over several of the Government's charitable and benevolent institutions. For the purpose of handling properly the business connected with most of the subjects mentioned, there are bureaus organized for the purpose. The salaries paid to the principal officials connected with the Interior Department are a's folows: First assistant secretary of the interior, $5,000 per year; assistant secretary, $4,500; chief clerk, $3,000; assistant attorney-general (Dept. of Interior), $5,000; commissioner of the General Land Office, $5,000; commissioner of Indian affairs, $5,000; superintendent of Indian schools, $3,000; commissioner of the Pension Office, $5,000; medical referee, $3,000; commissioner of the Patent Office, $5,000; commissioner of the Education Office, $4,500; director of geological surveys, $6,000; director Reclamration Service, $7,500. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. This department was formerly connected with the Interior Department, but in 1889 it was reorganized and made independent, and the Secretary of Agriculture was made a member of the Cabinet. The head of this department is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. The general duty and design of the Department of Agriculture is to acquire and diffuse among the people of the United States useful information on subjects connected with agriculture in the most general and comprehensive sense of that word, and to procure, propagate and distribute among the people nsew and valuable seeds and plants. The following is a list of the chief officials connected with the Department of Agriculture and their salaries, and the list will also serve to indicate the various lines of work handled by and the various duties which devolve upon the department, viz.: Assistant secretary of agriculture receives $5,000 per annum; chief of Weather Bureau,, $6,000; chief of Bureau of Animal Industry, $5,000; statistician, $3,500; chemist, $5,000; entomologist, $4,000; botanist, $3,240; chief of forestry division, $5,000; pomologist, $3,000; plant pathologist and physiologist, $3,500; director of the office of experiment stations, $4,000; chief of division of accounts and disbursements, $3,250; editor, $3,000; agriculturist, $3,500; director of public roads, $3,000; statistical scientist in charge of investigations of production and distribution, $3,000; chief of biological survey, $3,000; chie f of bureau of soils, $3,500; chief of bureau of plant industry in charge of seed distribution, $5,000. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. The head of the Department of Justice is the Attorney-General, who is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. The principal assistant of the Attorney-General is the Solicitor-General, who receives $7,500 per year. There are a number of assistant attorney-generals who receive $5,000 per annum, and a special assistant attorney-general is appointed for nearly all of the various departments, including the Treasury, State, Post Office and Interior Departments. Besides these there are a number of special officials connected with the Department of Justice, such as attorney in charge of titles, $2,700; chief clerk and superintendent of buildings, $3,000; appointment clerk, $2,000; attorney in charge of pardons, $2,750; solicitor internal revenue, $4,500; superintendent of prisons and prisons and prisoners, $3,000; chief examiner, $2,750; chief of division of accounts, $2,500; disblrsing clerk, $2,750; solicitor for department of commerce and labor, $5,000. The Attorney-General is the legal adviser of the President, and it. is the duty of the Department of Justice to give all opinions and render all services requiring the skill of persons learned in the law necessary to enable the President and other officers of the various Government departments to discharge their respective duties. This department is also required to prosecute or defend all suits or procedings in which the United States is interested. The Attorney-General has general supervision over all the solicitors for the various departments; and also exercises general superintendence and direction over all United States marshals and United States district attorneys of all the districts of the United States and Territories. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND LABOR. The Department of Commerce and Labor was established in February, 1903. The general design of this department is to collect, assort and systematize statistical details relating to the different branches of labor and commerce in the United States. The head of this department, known as the Secretary of Commerce and Labor, is appointed by the President, is a member of the Cabinet and receives a salary of $12,000 per anntul. The following are the principal officials under his control together with the salary paid: The commissioner of the bureau of manufacturers, $4,000 per year; commissioner of the bureau of corporations, $5,000; commissioner of the bureau of labor, $5,000; director of bureau of the census, $7,000; superintendent of the coast and geodetic survey, $6,000; chief of bureau of statistics, $4,000; supervising inspector-general of steamboat inspection service, $4,000; commissioner of bureau of fisheries, $6,000; commissioner of bureau of navigation, $4,000; commissioner-general of bureau of immigration and naturalization at $5,000; director of bureau of standards, $5,000. INDEPENDENT DEPARTMENTS. There are several independent departments, which, although none of them are as important as the foregoing, and their heads are not Cabinet members, yet they form a very necessary part and attend to very important branches of the National Government. Government Printing Office. The head of this branch of public work is the Public Printer, who is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $5,500 per year. His chief clerk is paid $2,400 per year, and there is a foreman of printing and a foreman of binding, each of whom receive $2,100 per annum. Civil Service Commission. This commission consists of three commissioners, each of whom are paid $4,500 per year. The chief examiner connected with the commission is paid $3,000 per annum, and the secretary $2,500. Interstate Commerce Commission. This commission was crefor the purpose, and charged with the duty, of seeing that the laws regulating interstate commerce were faithfully executed and observed, and to prevent unjust discrimination on the part of railway corporations and common carriers. The commission consists of seven commissioners appointed from different sections of the United States, each of whom receives a salary of $10,000 per year. The secretary of the commission receives a salary of $5,000 per annum. JUDICIARY. The judicial powers of the United States are vested in the following named courts, viz.: The United States Supreme Court, consisting of one chief justice and eight associate justices; the United States Court of Claims, which consists of one chief justice and four judges; the United States Circuit Court of Appeals; and the United States Circuit and District Courts. All judges of United States Courts are appointed for THE SY STEM GOF CGIV8L GOV ERNMEN MT life, or during "good behavior." The chief justice of the United ation for various purposes. He States Supreme Court receives a salary of $13,000 per atanum, and laws passed by the Legislature,I the associate justices $12,000 each. The circuit judges receive a sal- be pa ssed over his veto by a tws ary of $7000 each per annum, district judges, $6000, and Court of ersta is commander-in-chief of tl Claims, judges receive $6,000, and chief justice $6,500 per year. has authority. to call out such f, The jurisdiction of the United States Courts extends to all cases the laws when the local authoritis in law and in equity arising under the Constitution, the laws of the may require the opinion of the United States, and treaties; to all cases affecting ambassadors, other ject relating to their respective ol public ministers and consuls; to all cases of admiralty and maritime bonds of State officials. In man jurisdiction; to controversies to which the United States shall be a grant reprieves and pardons, afts party; to controversies between two or more States; between a State the State except in cases of impe and a citizen of another State; between citizens of different States; the pardoning power is vested i between citizens of the same State claiming lands under grants of of which the Governor is general different States. In all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ain- has the appointment of a number isters and constls, and those in which a State is a party the Supreme if an elective office becomes vaca Court has original jurisdiction. In the other cases the Supreme pointaest; has power in many Sts Court has appellate jurisdiction. a county officer, pending a legal requisitions upon the executives LEGISLATIVE DEPARTMENT. with crime who escape to other S The legislative powers of the United States are vested in a Con- rants for fleeing criminals upon r gress, which consists of a Senate and House of Representatives, and LIEUTENAI] which meets annually at Washington on the first Monday of December. The office of Lieutenant-Go ~~~~Thoff i~ ceof i^ ^ Jtteut ~enant-Go The constitution gives to Congress the folsowing general powers: To Statss it the Utioa, at lsast t lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises; pay the debts of Statss this ofscs is oaly knost the United States; boarrow money on the credit of the United States; In stat at thy States the Litcta to regulate commerce; to establish uniform laws on naturalization and per day duriag sessioas o the IL bankruptcy; to coin money and regulate th al h o;fithe ivalue thereof; fix the th s llowed a fixed standard of weights and measures; to declare war; to raise andsup- dutis of Govs-nor should devols port armies (but it is provided that no appropriation for this purpose tinuanca ofasuchsemergency bese can be for a longer period than two years); to provide and maintain ptinsipaldutyoftheLieutenant a navy; to grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules con- offieof theStte sena-etTtUpcerning captures on land and water; to make rules for the government se a vacancy should occur in t and regulation of thesland and naval forces; to establish postoffices and Governor-stsldas Govsrnss postroads; to promote the progress of science and the useful arts by se- tioa;sadiallsssshttethe curing for limited times, to authostadinventttsthes exlsinvensight asp -esidingaosiers-fthe Srttat to their respective writings and discoveries; to constitute tribunals by that body. Thy Lieutenant-Gc inferior to the Supreme Court; to define and punish piracies and pt i cases of a tie or equal felonies committed on the high seas and offense against the law of nations; to exercise exclusivs legislation over the District of Columbia SECRETAR and place s purch ased for for ts, magazines, arsenals, etc.; and further ThetffceofSecretary oSts to make all laws necessary for the general welfare of the Untd ited hin the gift of the people of States, and for "carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and this name in every State in the U all other powers vested by the Constitution in the Government of the said t h the official secretary c United States, or in any department or officer thereof." The Con- sammissiots istued by the chief stitution expressly forbids Congress making any law respecting th the -at Seal t th Stat. As establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or o State to call the House of Re] abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the til a temporary presiding officer, people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a re- to see that the halls are prepare d ress of grievances. C ongress cannott susptend the privilege of h s ly; h ppas th lgislate writ of habeas corpus except in cases of rebellion or invasion when ad dittibuted; sesates thy psiati the public safety may require it. No bill of attainder or ex post facto idexes and files executive docurr la'w can be passed. No tax or duty can be laid on articles exported blanks; has charge of all books, from any State. No preference can be given by any regulation of and is practically "keeper of all commerce or-revenue to the ports of one State over thosefsanthse. TheSectetary of Sthet.iss-squi No title of nobility can be granted. Every law passed by Congress cial actsofthe Governor, atda must be submitted to the President for his approval. If he returns cialcomssions,setckspas-s it with his objections, or vetoes it, the measure may be passed over aypesoatcopyofthesames his veto by a twosthirds vote of both branches of Congress. th Secretary ot State is s fliu The Senate, or the "Upper House of Congress, is composed of basbut no list of these cot two Senators from each State in the Union. They are elected by States as they are different in tl the Legislatures of their respective States, for a term of six years, and receive a salary of $7,500 per annum. No person can be elected STATE to the United States Senate who has not attained the age of thirty The office of Auditor of Stat years, been nine years a citizen of the United States, and is when netatly every State in the Union. elected an inhabitant of the State from which he is chosen. The Sen- not alike in all tbe States, asn The House of Representatives is the "Lower House of Congress." Pennsy-lvantathea office iS called Sash Stats itt t1st Uttion is dividsed ittos congrs —sioaal disttists, ttf Stats-s Ohs publis assouats ass at tasntsr-ly equal paopaulationa as is pr-aticable. In sash distric t atsp- tsthe Stat est, th dtis tsentate his selectedbythe peoplefor ao tey f ia tstoyears, adeach StstsGovs-nment ard cps-tically is paid a salssary of $7,500 per year. Besides these, a delegate from oh tcope o wtrk handled by each organized Territory is adSmitted to the House of Representatives, apply, except as regardss minor who is not sentitled to a vote, but has the right to debate oa all sub- duty of the State Auditor to ke tss itsn thich thy Tessitosy twhih ht eprs-tnats hat an interest. No other state or Territory, and wit peson csan e a: Representasietho has sotattaissd Ohs ats-of twaty syto, sorporations atd idsisiduals fiveyeart, besa its- tseva stats a citiza aftOhs Ustend Statesi, ad to adis the aossiats so all publis at the time of his election an inhabittant of theS Stat e o hih h State Treasury, and all personsat is chosen. All bills for raisitang revenue must originate in the House of out of the State Treasury In f; Representatives. are to be paid out of the State Ti STATE GOVERNMENT warnspdadhbkn sass- therestith, aso settlesensst as HE method of State government throughout the United States statid tervals. Int a usberyoft foall ry oasest dess ly thesgenral plan degastgoefrn nt thttpse- agenesal supersfisio v w orhats i ~ails inanationaslaffairs. The-vas-iousfunctions of ex cent banin oat s rgatds bildir o State affaitrs ar handled n dpartmasot, with a State tffic- Statets ois i a m Bers so at the head of each branch,t and the lines are clearlydra llyhd t os athoa-t it o t ake ar between the eectitive, legislative and judiscial powterst. All the States inens treofyn beha y governes-abd statde a sattation, sthich outinay-e csddaor pations and defi ignastthes-o which eacsh of these departments shall exercise and possess. All of STATE thy masot imporas-ntt Stats officialt as-s slested by lbs ps-as-I, bat itt This is tat sof Ohs most itat many of the States the less important offices are filled by appointment the peopleot a State. Thy Sbat of the Governor, by and with the consent of the SttSeate pe opleaseny, and as a rule a GOVERNOR. 000 aem t ioris the millioas, is so ror sateypsteted tos demantd a The G aovernor is the highest executive officer int all the States of insufficient to fully protect the. the Unionta, and is elected by a direct vote of the people. The term The duties of the State Tre ttofaits sars-its mataos-itor, oter t t s the States, taging oss astw ta atse, sad they ars- vey ascht six yearss. As to the matter of salary that the Governor receives, it of the Union. The State Tres also differs widely throughout the different States and is subject to funads. He deposits these funds frequent changeS. At the present writing three States-New Yaork, the Treasurer or State asgainst Pennsylvania and New Jersey pay their Governors $10,000 per year; balances. The Treasurerts pays Illinois $12,000; California $6,000; Minnesota, Itndiana, Alabama, Col- sued or signed by the State At as-ada, Ltuisiattt, Hissasri, Montatnta, Virgittia sand W~itcoasin all pay fall recorsd sof all statrrants it $5,000 pers yeas; Kenstuscky $6500; Massachtsetts and Ohio,00; Ne- Treasurer's Office. The s anu by sada, Cottttcticut, Mishigan, Tettasstes, Teyas an td Washittgtan, $4,- enues sof ohs- Stats- is diferets-tat OOO' Maryland and Oklahoma $4,500; Mississippi, Arkansas, Florida Auditor issues an order s ora bias and South Carolina $3,500; Iowa, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, North Car- amount against the Treasurer.y olina, North Dakota and Rhode Island $3,000; West Virginia $2,700; eys which he is entitled to receive South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming $2,500; Delaware, Maine, New cies InO still sother States the Hampshires-adUtah$2,000; aand Oregon and Vermont $1,500. all moys paid in, which must About thestnly statettts oncernaiag thequaslificationsttrqais-edt for salid, antd on cof theseatst b this office that would be aascommon to all the States is that h st b ay haga Sthe aat against a citizen of the State in which he is elected. In most of the States, system is carried on-both Audi iaadditianto the stlaryamed,theGaovs- ors- f actishe wdsh at tht ountofallioeys y rsse-ivedraw sesiden thcive, gh is lsott as ohs Noseastive HManiot." aouats asst balanes, as ot states The ptowers and duties tat dyl p the Governor are about settlements with the Auditor an ohe staet ind all of thy Statto. nt Os chaged wsith a goenesral ssepvssitt Legislatu-e. Ot most s the os over thae faithl ti o he lawst, and is the legal custodian of to publish at stated tiames, oin the all thes prsorty t eth sts of thaa t bspsifsicilly saenterssted to thy-iere so sthe of th ptat h bli aScoa by last,and isauthoriaed totakessummas-yptossessiottoftsuchps- opersty. disburtsesyents. He is alsa s-sos Ho isexyctedto cov r noicate by anssag wtoseahsssiott othe ctottnadstatemSenttoyachsetei Stats- le-gislaturs tsuh informasation ts- r attdsions tegarding sof thoe States the last is vsry Stse affaiss as he atay deem acstsary atd pssoaser, ad h is sat States Tsasurset, Oth follyotwig be pataesd to tall extta sessioas so that body shenTaeerm The public selas to the aS, sis.: That a sTrpl asaydesars. HeA a s t o the samaebody fh atte moneys o received shosit gthe Uis rectsiedte Tpa asd paid tuoutt ndiperesntt estiates ofamonstt tobes-aisesdbyjtato- funds" msttbe eohibitsd its has a negative (or veto) upon all aut it is provided that measures may -thirds vote of that body. The Govhe State military or naval forces, and orces to preserve peac e and execute es are unable to accomplish this. He various State officers upon any subffices, and examines and approves the y States the Governor has power to er conviction for all offenses against eachment; but in a few of the States n a board selected for that purpose, Ily ex-officio member. The Govern or tof State officers, and in many cases.nt he has the power to fill it by apates to suspend a State officer, or even investigation. The Governor issues of other States for parties charged Otates, and he has power to issue warequisition of other Governors. IT-GOVERNOR. vernor does not exist in all of the under this name, as in a few of the as the President of the State Senate. ant-Governor is paid a certain amount Legislature or General Assembly, and salary, but it is provided that if the ve upon him, he shall during the contitled to the emoluments thereof. The -Governor is to act as the presiding er House of the State Legislature. in he office of Governor, the Lieutenantuntil such vacancy was filled by elecLieutenant-Governor is unable to act e, a President pro tesspore is chosen vernor has no vote in the Senate exdivision of the members. Y OF STATE. ate is one of the most important ofEces a State, and the office exists under 'nion. The Secretary of State may be sf the Governor, and countersigns all executive, and he is the custod;an of a rule it is the duty of the Secretary presentatives to order and preside unor Speaker, is elected. It is his duty d for the Legislature or General Asave manual and causes it to be printed ing and distribution of the State laws; sents; provides and distributes election bills, papers, etc., of the Legislature, public acts, laws, records, bontds, etc." red to keep a register of all the offiffixes the Seal of the State to all offi-cord of them, and is obliged to give when demanded. In all of the States sio member of a number of the State sld be given that would apply to all he various States. AUDITOR. e exists under one name or another in. The title of this office, however, is oany of them, notably California, Conand, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, as, and a few others, it is known as f the States, including Michigan and d Auditor-General, and in two of the udited by a Board ofAuditors. In all that devolve upon this branch of the the same, and a general explanation of the State Auditor in one State will details, to all of the States. It is the ep the accounts of the State with any h the United States and all public offiRs having accounts with this State. tHe officers who are to be paid out of the who are authorized to receive money act, all claims against the State which reasury must be presented to the Audted, issues warrants therefor payable at -rd of- each warrant is ket -p by theont with the State Treasurer, charging he Treasury, and giving credit for all d vouchers of the Treasury must balre made between these two officers at the States the Auditor is charged with in corporations, such as insurance and ng and loan associations, and in some a number of State boards. He gensd execute satisfactions of judgments lf of the State. TREASURER. sortant executive offices in the gift of e Treasurer handles vast sums of the very heavy bond, ranging from $500,uired of him; and generally the Govadditional bonds if he deems the bond State. asurer are implied by the title of the he same throughout all of the States asurer is custodian of all the State in banks, which give bonds to secure loss, and which pay interest on daily out State funds only, on warrants isuditor, or other proper official, and a kept in both the auditing office and which the Treasurer receives the revdifferent States. In some States the to receiveh sa ad ha the same and charges the In others he is charged with all mone, and then given credit for delinquen'reasurer issues duplicate receipts for be countersigned by the Auditor to be e deposited with the Auditor, so he the Treasurer. In this way a double tor and Treasurer keeping a full acid paid out, and their books and acd intervals the Treasurer must oalke d submit books, vouchers, etc., to the rates the State Treasurer is required newspapers at the capital, an itemized ss, expenditures, funds, receipts and 1ired to make a complete report and ion of the Legislature. In nearly all explicit in outlining the duties of the ing very common provisions in relation ete record of all moneys must be ket-, id out of the variots "funds," swhlich separate accounts. It several of e L lI %UpyrigtLU, j9X0, by -eo. A- -gl. O -.,

Page  V ;SUPPLEMENT V 1 I DIoGEST Or THE S-YSTEM OF OIVIL G OVER? N MEN T States the Governor and one or two other State officials constitute a board, which must at certain times examine and check up the accounts, books and vouchers of the State Treasurer and ascertain the amount of funds in the Treasury. ATTORNEY-GENERAL. The Attorney-General, as the name implies, is the general legal counsel or lawyer for the various branches of the State government. In all of the States the powers and duties of the Attorney-General are very similar. It is his duty to appear for the State in all actions and proceedings in the Supreme Court in which the State has an interest; to institute and prosecute in all courts all actions, either for or against a State officer, in which the State has an interest; to consult with and advise the various county or state's attorneys in matters relating to their official duties, and when public interest requires he assists them in criminal prosecutions. It is his duty to consult with and advise the Governor and other State officers, and give, when requested, written opinions on legal or constitutional questions relating to their official duties, and to give written opinions when requested by the Legislature or any committee thereof. It is also his duty to prepare, when necessary, drafts for contracts or other writings relating to subjects in which the State is interested. He is required to enforce the proper application of funds appropriated to the various State institutions, and prosecute breaches of trust in the administration of the same; and when necessary to prosecute corporations for failure or refusal to comply with the laws; to prosecute official bonds of delinquent officers or corporations in which the State has an interest. The Attorney-General is required to keep a record of all actions, complaints, opinions, etc. STATE SUPERINTENDENT OR SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION. This is an office which exists in nearly every State in the Union. In three or four of the States the management of the educational interests of the State is vested in a State Board of Education, but in these cases the secretary of the board assumes most of the detail work that in most of the States devolve upon the State Superintendent. The full title given to this office is not the same in all of the States, but it is generally called "State Superintendent of Public Instruction or Public Schools." In Ohio, Maine and Rhode Island, and a few others, this officer is termed "Commissioner of Schools." The duties of the State Superintendent are very much alike in all of the States, as he is charged with a general supervision over the educational interests of the State and of the public schools. In many States his authority is not limited to the public schools, and he his authorized by law to demand full reports from all colleges, academies or private schools. It is his duty to secure at regular intervals reports from all such educational institutions and file all papers, reports and documents transmitted to him by local or county school officers. He is the general adviser and assistant of the various county superintendents or school officers, to whom he must give, when requested his written opinion upon questions rising under the school law. It is also his duty to hear and determine controversies arising under the school laws coming to him by appeal from a county superintendent or school official. He prepares and distributes school registers, school blanks, etc., and is generally given the power to make such rules and regulations as are necessary to carry into efficient and uniform effect the provisions of the laws relating to schools. The State Superintendent is required to make a detailed report to each regular session of the State Legislature, showing an abstract of the common school reports; a statement of the condition of public schools and State educational institutions; the amount of money collected and expended, and all other matters relating to the schools or school funds that have been reported to him. He is forbidden from becoming interested in the sale of any school furniture, book or apparatus. STATE LIBRARIAN. In nearly all of the States the laws provide for a State officers under the title of "State Librarian." As a rule the office is filled by appointment of the Governor, although in a few States it is an elective office and is filled by direct vote of the people. The State Librarian is the custodian of all the books and property belonging to the State Library, and is required to give a bond for the proper discharge of his duties and safekeeping of the property intrusted to his care, as in many of the States the State Library is an immensely important and valuable collection. In some of the States the Supreme Court judges prescribe all library rules and regulations. In others they have a Library Board of Trustees, which is sometimes made up of the Governor and certain other State officials, who-constitute a board of commissioners for the management of the State Library. ADJUTANT-GENERAL. In nearly all of the States provision is made for an AdjutantGeneral, who is either elected by the people or appointed by the Governor. The name of the office implies the branch of work which is handled by its incumbent. It is the duty of the Adjutant-General to issue and transmit all orders of the Commander-ill-Chief with reference to the militia or military organizations of the State. He keeps a record of all military officers commissioned by the Governor, and of all general and special orders and regulations issued, and of other matters relating to the men, property, ordinance, stores, camp and garrison equipage pertaining to the State militia or military forces. PUBLIC EXAMINER OR BANK EXAMINER. This is a State office that is found in only about one-half of the States., In some States it is known as Bank Comptroller and in others the duties which devolve upon this officer are handled by a "department" in the State Auditor's office. The general duties and plan of conducting this work, in many respects, is very similar, but there is a great difference between the various States in the officers who attend to it. Where this made a separate State office, generally speaking, the requirements are that he must be a skilled accountant and expert bookkeeper, and cannot be an officer of any of the public institutions, nor interested in any of the financial corporations which it may be his duty to examine. He is charged with the duty of visiting and inspecting the financial accounts and standing of certain corporations and institutions organized under the State laws. In several of the States it is made his duty to visit certain county officials at stated intervals, and inspect their books and accounts, and enforce a uniform system of bookkeeping by State and county officers. CO-MMISSIONER OR SUPERINTENDENT OF INSURANCE. In all of the States of the Union the department relating to ilsurance has grown to b& an important branch of State government. The method of controlling the insurance business differs materially in many of the States, although they are all gradually moving in the same direction, viz., creating a department or State office in which all matters relating to insurance and insurance companies are attended to. In former years, in nearly all of the States, the insurance business formed a department in the State Auditor's office, and was handled by him or his appointees. NoH, however, in nearly all the Northern States and many of the Southern States, they have a separate and distinct insurance department, the head of which is either elected by the people or appointed by the Governor. The duties and powers of the insurance department of the various States are very similiar. A general provision is that the head of this department must be experienced in insurance matters, and he is prohibited from holding an interest in any insurance company. The Commissioner or Superintendent of Insurance has extensive powers concerning insurance matters, and it is his duty to see that all laws respecting and regulating insurance and insurance companies, are faithfully observed; he issues licenses to insur ance companies, and it is his duty to revoke the license of any company for by the laws of the various States, usually from four to six. Gennot conforming to law. Reports are made to him at stated times by erally these officers are elected by the people, either from the State at the various companies, and he has power to examine fully into their large or (in three of the States) as representing certain districts, but condition, assets, etc. He files in his office the various documents re- this is not the case always, as in several States they are chosen by the lating to insurance companies, together with their statements, etc., and Governor or Legislature. In all of the States the Supreme Court has at regular intervals makes full reports to the Governor or Legislature. appellate jurisdiction both in law and in equity, and has original jurisdiction in remedial cases, maodamus, habeas corpus and cases relating COMMISSIONER OF LABOR STATISTICS. to the revenue, but there is no trial by jury in this court. In several of the States a "Commissioner of Labor Statitiics" is Various other courts are provided for by the laws of the different appointed by the Governor, who is the hed of what may be termed States, sucht as appellate courts, circuit or district courts, probate courts, the labor bureau. In a great majority of the States, however, this otyaotsuperioraatm iialt atattio attft branch of work is taken care of by a board of labor commissioners, peace, etc. The jurisdiction of all these courts is, of course, inferior a bureau of statistics or by the State Auditor and his appointees. The to that of the Supreme Court, and varies greatly in the different States. general design of this bureau or commission is to collect, assort and Besides these, where there are large cities, various other courts are also systematize, and present in regular reports to the Legislature, statistical established to aid in caring for the enormous amount of judicial work details relating to the different departments of labor in the State, and that arises from such vast and complex business interests. The various make such recommendations as may be deemed proper and necessary courts are also provided with the necessary officials for carrying on the concerning the commercial, industrial, social, educational and san- judicial business-such as clerks of court, court reporters, bailiffs, etc. itary conditions of the laboring classes. OTHER STATE OFFICERS. COUTY GOVERMENT In all of the States there exist one or more other State offict COUNTY GOVERNMENTrs in addition to those already mentioned, which are made necessary by far as the principal county officesh are concernemad, the geneessal local condition or local business interests. It is, therefore, unneces- arrangement and method of handling te publicbusiness is ary tam.tiaaaaytftbaaooaloagahia oialo y arrange ment and method tof handling the publictbusiness is sary to mention any of these at length in this article. It may be much the same in all of the States; but the offices are stated, however, that in all of the States may be found two or more of nt al called by different names, and in minor details —such as transthe following State officers; and further, that each one of the follow- aala d yionl ooa to aothorcerdain dtinortltnes of b ' ing named officers is found in some State i the Union, viz.: SUper- a fa tatot aaim oiotto intetdoat oa tommitssionet of ga -there - aret a number of points in which the method of tcounty govsecretary of agricultural board, secretary of internal affairs, clerk and names of the ri ou Sts ffices which are most common iptn the reporter of the Supreme Court, commissioner of railways, commissioner Northern Staes, as in the Sothern and New England States there aret of immigration, State printer, State binder, land agent ort commiior, scarcely any two States n which the tnames or titles of all the countya commissioner, register or superintendent of State land office, register of scarceys a y t oeste sumes oreuites of lthe county cler lands, commissioner of schools and lands, surveyor-general, inspector- detial. general, State oil inspector-general, State oil inspector, dairy commis- AUDITING OFFICE AND CLERK OF THE CUNTY sioner.. BOARD. STATE BOARDS. Generally the principal auditing officer of the county is known as saldathe a flertsa tand deoparoatmeatas whicth Sve alrdady ht athe "county auditor" or "county clerk." In Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, mayeitdessaryot too aombt af e artmt htodato hootot that too r Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and many other States a th office is mentioned, there are a number of State boards or bureaus calld "county clerk." In Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, necessary in carrying on the complex business connected with the South Dakota, Ohio and others it is termed "county auditor." In a few gosernment of a State. Th followiong list of such State boards and ooth Sthate Oio totaino iti ths of i t gdt ita s bureaus includes all that can be found in the majority Sf the States; o e oa o. A not able example of this in the State of a itan some of them, however, are only found it a few of the States, becauser iat oty a o o t of "H is they are of a local nature and are only made necessayry by the exist- t of ence of certain local conditions or business interests. It will also be whlokaftaoha all oftt oh odaboaamaafabohaaadaoomadaaotba devolves upon bohth the county clerk and also clerk of court. In all of that has already been mentioned as belonging to some State officer. This ab to a d i aaa om ia a o b pryal grows from the fact that a few of the States place tle management of oo auditor, and he is paid a salary of from$1,500 to $3,500 per yea., toif fliromeas.f E to in thre foafor of th State s tdt iltaame p besides in some States being allowed certain fees, unless it is in a very ertain lines of w ork in the hands of aSt l d ily p ate counaty, where the salary paid it of necesinstead of havings State board they delegate the powers and duties to Stig or osit y much higher th an this amount. No county treasurer or member a I gth e State oarsil. All of thi Stalts l ismtt,the bnp a amet of hiy mc h ighmty tha i mot Noat the Stnate oatrs metiaAd Iof thSe iast, tha tomer of taa imply b of the county board is eligible to this office. In general terms it may be stated as a rule the auditor acts as the clerk or secretary of the line of work each attends to, viz.: Railroad and warehouse commmis- oi a oaaltogiafeotS attot yrstat shbodrtd Ur omm i ssioneRsfpubicoharititescan n- or'equired to look after this matter. The clerk of the county board keeps eJud atsfy t rustly board aor issioner on the pawbis cehri tesplcnt in miporitoaorusteepaboati oayatimbasitaaotn h tdo f ubtabedootaanm- at accurate record of the board's proceedings and carefully preserves misstoners, penitentiary commissioners, board of health, dental exam- all documents, records, books, maps and papers which may be bro intrs, trustees of historical library, board of phoartsacy, commismio d atdoima, lisae atoak aammricaaiaaoaa, Sbaammifpaaiaooaa, loapatotson before the board, or which the law provides shall be deposited In his of claims, live stock commissioners, fish commissioners, inspectors of ound in th the State of Illinois and issouri(a the are clmitt, lboh tommitaitont, Stood at edocatiot, Stood tf poblic office. In the auditing office an accurate account is kept with the county morks, baoardotatmibadonot.treasurer. Generally they file the duplicates of the re ceipts given by Stoodme of poadsinr. the county treasurer, charging him with all money paid into the treasury LEGISLATURE OR GENERAL ASSEMBLY. and giving credit for all warrants paid. The general plan of paying claims against a county is as follows: If the claim is one in which the The law-making power of every State is termed the "Legislative amount due is fixed by law, or is authorized to be fixed by some other Department." The legislative power, according to the constitutions of person or tribunal, theauditor assues a warrant or order which will be the various States, is vestead i a body termed the Logialature or GeC paid by the treasurer, the certificate upon which it is allowed being duly eral Assembly which consists of an Upper and Lower House, designated filed. In all other cases the claim must be allowed by the county board, usually as the Senate and House of Represeptatives. I a fewai of the ad thb chairman or presiding officer issues a warrant or order which States the Lower House is talled "The Assembly.' It mot of the i attested by the clerk. A complete record of all these county warrants States the Legislature meets in regular session every two years, but tradata it kept, and the accounts of the county treasurer must balance this is not the universal rule, as in a few of the States the law provides therewith The above it general terms outlites the moat important for annual sessions. In all of the States, however, a provision is made branch of work which the county clerk orcounty auditor looks after in whereby the Governor may, on extraordinary occasions, call special moat f thb States, but it all of the States the law requires him to look session by issuing a proclamation. after a number of other matters, although in these there is no uniform-.The Legislative Department has the power to pass all such laws -as ity between the various States, and no general description of these may be necessary for the welfare of the State, and carry into effect the minor or additional duties could be given that would apply to all the provisions of the constitution. The Legislature receives the reports States. of the Governor, together with the reports of the various other State COUNY TREASURER. officers; they provide by appropriation for the ordinary and contingent expenses of the government; at regular times provided by law they This is an office which exists in all of the States, and it is one of apportion the State into political districts, and make all other provisions the most important of the various offices necessary in carrying on the for carrying on the State government. There is a general prohibition business of a county. It is an elective office in all of the States, and against the passage of any e- post facto law, or law impairing the obli- the term of office is usually either two or four years, but a very comgation of contracts, or making any irrevocable grant of special privileges mon provision in the various States is that after serving for one term or immunities. Any measure to become a law must be passed by both as county treasurer a party shall be ineligible to the office until the branches of the Legislature, and then be presented to the Governor for intervention of at least one term after the expiration of the term for his approval. If he withholds his approval (or vetoes it), the measure which he was elected. This provision, however, does not exist in all of may be repassed by a two-thirds vote of the Legislature, when it will the States, as in some of them the county treasurer is eligible for rebecome a law notwithstanding the Governor's veto. election for any number of terms. The general duties of the county treasurers throughout the various SENATE. States Is very similar. The county treasurer is the principal custodian The Senate is the Upper House of the Legislature or General of the tfunds belonging to the county. It is his dty to receive and Assembly. The various States are divided into senatorial districts, in safely keep the revenues and other public moneys of the county, and each of hih a Senator s elected-the term of office varying from two all funds authorifd to be paid to him, and dibus the same pursuant to four years. Except in three or four of the States the presiding to law. He is required to keep proper books of accounts, in which he officer of the Senate is the Lieutenant-Governor, although a President must keep a regular, just and true account of all moneys, revenues and pro tem. is usually elected, who acts as presiding officer during the funds received by him, stating particularly the time, when, of whom absence of the Lieutenant-Governor. The presiding officer has no vote, and on what fund or account each particular sum was received; and however, in the Senate, except when that body is equally divided. Every also of all moneys, revenues and funds paid out by him according to Senator has one vote upon all questions, and the right to be heard in law, stating particularly the time when, to whom and on what fund advocating or opposing the passage of any measure brought before the payment is made from. The books of the county treasurer must Legislature. In filling all of the most important State offices that are always be subject to the inspection of the county board, which, at stated to be appointed by the Governor, the appointments must be approved or intervals, examines his books and makes settlements with him. In some confirmed by the Senate. of the States the provisions of, the law relating to county treasurer are very strict; some of them pro;Fide for a county board of auditors, who HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. are expected, several times a year, to examine the funds, accounts and The Lower House of the State Legislature, in nearly if not quite all vouchers of the treasury without previous notice to the treasurer; and the States of the Union, is termed the House of Representatives. Like an some it i provided that this board, or the county board, shall desigthe Senaatrs, every member of the House has the right to be heard n nate a bank (or banks) in ch the treasurer is required to keep thea advocating or opposing any measure brought before the body of which county funds deposited-the banks being required to pay interest on he is a member. The House it given the sole power of impeachment, doily or monthly balances and give bond to indemnify the county but all impeachments must be tried bythe Senate. Aag all against loss. As a general rule the county treasurer is only authorized there is a provision that all bills for raising revenue must originate in ayo to yfdo aatood dyth aima the House. of the county board and attested by the clerk, or in certain cases on warants or orders of the county auditing office. A complete record of JUDICIARY. these warrants or orders is kept, and the treasurer's accounts must balThe "Judicial Department" is justly regarded as one of the most ance therewith. In most of the States the law is very explicit in important and powerful branches of government of either the State or directing how the books and accounts of the county treasurer shall be Nation, as it becomes the duty of this department to pass upon and kept. interpret, and thereby either annul or give validity to all the most COUNTY RECORDER OR REGISTER OF DEEDS. important measures and acts of both the legislative and executive branches of the government. In a few of the States the office of county recorder or register of It is impossible in a general article to give a detailed review or deeds is merged with some other county office, in counties where the description of the construction and make-up of the judicial departments population falls below a certain amount. A notable example of this is of the various States. The courts are so differently arranged both as found in both the States of Illinois and Missouri (and there are to their make-up and jurisdiction that it would be useless totry to give others), where it is merged with the office of tircuit clerk in aany the reader a general description that would accurately cover the ground. counties. The title of the joint office is "circuio cer and recorder," In all of the States, except, possibly, one or two, the highest judi- and the duties of both offices are looked after by one official. cial authority of the State is known as the Supreme Court, and unless The duties of the county recorder or register of deeds are very questlons are involved which give the United States Courts jurisdiction, similar in the various States, although in some of the Eastern' and it is the court of last resort. The Supreme Court is made up of a chief Southern States the office is called by other names. The usual name, justice and the several associate justices or judges as may be provided however, is county recorder or register of deeds. In Illinois, Indiana, I L Coyigf 910 by Gee A. Ogl &Co Copyright, Igxo, by Geo. A. Ogle & Co.

Page  VI -StPPLErMEN-r VI R_ DMICESm OF TH E SYSTEEM CF- CV\/ L GO3VR\/NEFR M ENE l Iowa, Missouri, Ohio and many other States, it is called "county recorder." In Kansas, Michigan, Mionesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and many more it is called "register of deeds." In all of the States this office is the repository wherein are kept all records relating to deeds, mortgages, transfers and contracts affecting lands within the county. it is the duty of the recorder or register, as soon as practical after the filing of any instrument in writing in his office entitled to be recorded, to record the same at length, in the order of the time of its reception, in books provided by the county for that purpose; and it is his duty to endorse on all instruments a certificate of the time when the same was filed. All of the States have some of the following provisions concerning the duties of the recorder, but these provisions are not common to all of the States, viz.: The register or recorder is not allowed to record an instrument of any kind unless it is duly executed according to law; he is not obliged to record any instrument unless his fees are paid in advance; as a rule, it is unlawful for him to record any map, plat or subdivision of land situated within any incorporated city, town or village until it is approved by the proper officers of the same. In many States he is forbidden to enter a deed on the records until it has been endorsed "taxes paid" by the proper official; he is required to exhibit, free of charge, all records, and allow copies to be made; he is authorized to administer oaths and take acknowledgments. CIRCUIT OR DISTRICT CLERK, OR CLERK OF COURT. In nearly all of the States, each county elects a "clerk of court or courts," sometimes also known as circuit clerk or district clerk, indicating the court with which the office is connected. In some of the States, as has already been stated, the office of clerk of court is merged with some other county office. This is the case in Illinois and Missouri, where in many counties it is connected with the office of county recorder. In Michigan, one official under the name of "clerk" handles the business which usually is given to the clerk of court and county clerk or auditor. In Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois and other States the name used is "circuit clerk;" in Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota and many others the office is called "clerk of district court;" while in many of the States, including Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, South Dakota and others, it is called simply "clerk" or "clerk of the court or courts." The chief duty of this official is to act as clerk of the district or circuit court, and sometimes other courts of inferior jurisdiction. It is the clerk's duty to keep the seals and attend the sessions of their respective courts, preserve all the files and papers thereof, make, keep and preserve complete records of all the proceedings and determinations thereof, and carry out such other duties as may be required by the rules and orders of their respective courts. They must enter of record all judgments, decrees and orders of the court as soon as possible after they are rendered; keep all indictments on file as a public record, have authority to administer oaths, take acknowledgments; take and certify depositions, and are required to exhibit all records free of charge. In nearly all the States the law defines the character of the record books which the clerk of court must keep. Although there is no settled rule in this matter, the general provisions are that he shall keep: First, a general docket or register of actions, in which is entered the title of each action in the order in which they are commenced, and a description of each paper filed in the cause and all proceedings therein;- second, a plaintiff's index and defendant's index; third, a judgment book and execution docket, in which he enters the judgmtent in each action, time of issuing execution, satisfaction, etc., and such other books as the courts or the laws may prescribe. SHERIFF. In all of the States the office of sheriff is one of the most important of the county offices. The term of office varies in different States, being usually either two or four years, and in several of the States one party cannot hold the office a second term consecutively. The general provisions outlining the duties pertaining to this office are very much alike in the various States, and the following resume of his duties may be said to apply to all of the various States except in a few minor and unimportant details. The sheriff is charged with the duty of keeping and preserving the peace in his county; or, as has been written, "he is the conservator of peace," and it is his duty to keep the same, suppress riots, affrays, fighting, breaches of the peace and prevent crime, and may arrest offenders "on view" and cause them to be brought before the proper magistrate; and to do this, or to execute any writ, warrant, process, order or decree, he may call to his aid when necessary any person or the "power of the county." It is the duty of the sheriff to serve and execute within his county, and return, all writs, warrants, process; orders and decrees of every description that maty be legally directed and delivered to him. He is a court officer, and it is his duty to attend, either in person or by deputy, all courts of record held in his county; by virtot of his office he has custody of the jail. It is his duty to pursue and apprehend felons and persons charged with crime and has custody of prisoners. He is not allowed to purchase any property exposed for sale by him as sheriff. COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OR COMMISSIONER OF SCHOOLS. This is an office which exists under one name or another in nearly every State in the Union. The title of the office in a great majority of the States is "county superintendent," but in Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, New York, and possibly one or two other States, the office is termed 'school commissioner," and in several of the States the laws provide for a board of county examiners or school commissioners, who are given considerable of the work that in most of the other States is handled by the county superintendent. The name of this office implies the duties which devolve upon it, and they are very much alike in all of the States. The incumbent of this office is charged with a general supervision over the schools of the county, and must be a fitting person as to education and moral character. As a rule it is their duty to examine and license teachers, but in a few of the States provision is made for a board of examiners. County superintendents are required to visit and inspect the schools at regular intervals, and give such advice and instruction to teachers as may be deemed necessary and proper. They required to organize and conduct institutes for the instruction of teachers if deemed necessary, and encourage teachers' associations. They introduce to the notice of teachers and the people the best modes of instruction, the most approved plans of building and ventilating school-houses, etc., stimulate school officers to the prompt and proper discharge of their duties. They receive reports from the various school officers, and transmit an abstract of these reports to the State Superintendent, adding a report of the condition of the schools under their charge. In nearly all the States they are forbidden having any interest in the sale of any school furniture, apparatus or books used in the schools. In many States they have authority to annul a teacher's certificate for proper cause, and in general to take such steps and enforce such methods as will elevate and make more efficient the schools under their control. COUNTY, PROSECUTING OR STATE'S ATTORNEY. There is a great difference between the various States in the method of handling or attending to the legal business relating to county matters or growing from county affairs. In many of the States the official who attends to this line of work is known as the "county attorney," in other States he is called the State's attorney or prosecuting or district attor-ney. In a few of the States they divide the State into districts embracing a number of counties, and a district attorney is elected in each district, who in some cases attends to all the legal work of the various counties, and in others he assists the county attorneys in their most important duties and prosecutions. But whatever plan may be followed in the various States, and whatever title may be given to this office, the general duties of the office are very much the same throughout all of the States. It is the duty of the county attorney to commence and prosecute all actions, suits, indictments, and prosecutions, civil and criminal, in any court of record in his county in which the "people of the State or county" may be concerned; to prosecute all forfeited bonds and recognizances, and all actions for the recovery of debts, revenues, moneys, fines, etc., accruing to his county; to commence and prosecute tll actions and proceedings brought by any county officer in his official capacity; to defend all actions and proceedings brought against his county, or against any county officer in his official capacity; to give legal opinions and advice to the county board or other county officers in relation to their official duties; to attend, if possible all preliminary examinations of criminals. When requested, he is required to attend sessions of the grand jury, examine witnesses in their presence, give legal advice and see that proper subpoenas and processes are issued; draw up indictments and prosecute the same. The county attorney is required, when requested by the Attorney-General, to appear for the State in cases in his county in which the State is interested. The county attorney makes an annual report to his superior State officer of all the criminal cases prosecuted by him. PROBATE OR COUNTY JUDGE. The method of handling probate matters is not uniform throughout the various States. In many States the higher courts are given jurisdiction over probate matters, and in others they have created districts in which are held probate courts, whose jurisdiction extends over several counties and takes in other matters besides purely probate affairs. In a majority of the States, however, particularly the Western and Northern States, they elect a county or a probate judge, who holds court and handles the probate matters which arise within his county. The jurisdiction of these county or probate courts is not always confined exclusively to probate affairs, being frequently extended to many other matters, and they generally include such matters as apprenticeship affairs, adoptions, minors, etc. In some of the States they have both a couety judge and a probate judge, and in these cases the jurisdiction of the latter is confined to such matters as are in line with probate affairs. In Missouri they have a probate judge, and also a county court, composed of county judges, in whom the corporate powers of the county are vested-as the official county board. In Michigan they have a probate judge and a probate register. The probate judge is generally given original jurisdiction in all matters of probate, settlement of estates of deceased persons, appointment of guardians and conservators and settlement of their accounts. They take proof of wills, direct the administration of estates, grant and revoke letters testamentary-and of administration, appoint and remove guardians, etc. COUNTY SURVEYOR. This is an office which is common to nearly all of the States. It is the duty of the county surveyor to execute any survey which may be ordered by any court, or upon application of any individual or corporation, and preserve a record of the surveys made by him. Nearly all of the States provide that certain records shall be kept by the county surveyor, and provide penalties for his failure to place on record the surveys made by him. While he is the official county surveyor, yet the surveys made by him are not conclusive, but may be reviewed by any competent tribunal, and the correctness thereof may be disputed. COUNTY CORONER. This is another county office which exists in nearly all of the States. In the average county there is not much work for the coroner, but in the counties in which Iarge cities are located the office is a very important one. In general terms it may be stated that the coroner is required to hold inquests over the bodies of persons supposed to have met with violent or unnatural deaths. In most States he has power to impanel a jury to enquire into the cause of death; but in some of them this is not the case, and he is given poter to act alone. He can subpoena witnesses; administer oaths; in certain cases provide for a decent burial, and can bind over to the proper court any person implicated in the killing of the deceased. ' OTHER COUNTY OFFICES. The county offices that have already been mentioned are the principal ones found in all of the States. There are, however, a few other county officials besides those mentioned which exist in many of the States, and which should be briefly mentioned in this connection. These are such offices as county physician, county assessor, county collector, county poor commissioner or superintendent of the county poor-house, master in chancery or court commissioner, county examiners, board of equalization, board of review, etc. The names of these offices imply the duties. These offices do not exist in all of the States, but in nearly every State the law provides for one or more of these county officials. COUNTY BOARD. The powers of every county as a body politic and corporate are vested in a county board. This official county board is generally termed the county "board of supervisors," or "board of commissioners," but there are some exceptions to this, like Missouri, where the county board is known as the "county court." There is considerable difference in the make-up of the county board in the various States. In some it is made up of one member from each township in the county. In others the counties are divided into districts, and one member of the county board is chosen from each district. No general description of this could be given that would be accurate, as some of the States follow both of these plans. For instance, in Illinois some of the counties are governed by a board of supervisors, which is made op of one member from each township, while other counties in the same State are governed by a board of county commissioners, consisting of three or more members, each representing districts into which the counties in question are divided. The general powers of the county board throughout all of the States is about the same, except in minor details. It represents the legislative and corporate powers of the county. One of their number is always chosen as chairman or president, and acts as the presiding officer. The county board has general charge over the affairs of the county. It is their duty to provide county offices, provide desks, stationery, books, fuel, etc.; examine, investigate and adjust claims against 0the county, and have general care and custody of all the real and personal estate owned by the county. At regular intervals they settle with tile county treasurer; examine accounts and vouchers. They locate county roads; determine the amount of county tax, and regularly publish a statement of their proceedings; make statements of receipts, expenditures, etc.; and make all contracts, and do all other acts in relation to the property and concerns of the county necessary to exercise its corporate powers that are not specifically delegated to other county officials. TOWNSHIP GOVERNMENT HE method of township government throughout the different States varies so much that it is impossible in this article to treat of it more than in a general way. In many of the States the townships are not organized as bodies corporate, and in other States in some counties they may have township organization, while in other counties in the same State it does not exist. In cases where there is no township organization the law provides that certain county officials shall attend to the local work, or that work which in other localities as assumed by the township officials. But even where they have township organization the plan of township government in the different States where it exists differs so widely that scarcely any two States may be said to be alike. About the only statements concerning the organized townships that could be made which would apply to all the States are the following: Every organized township in its corporate capacity has power to sue and be sued; to acquire by purchase, gift or devise, and hold property, both real and personal, - for the use of its inhabitants, and again to sell and convey the same; and to make all such contracts as may be necessary in the exercise of its powers as a township. In a great many of the States the township government is carried on after a plan very similar to the county and State governments, having various executive officers and a township board in which the corporate and legislative powers, of the township are vested. In other States they follow a plan which reserves to the people all corporate and legislative powers, and therefore have no need for a township board, but have various other township officers to carry out the wishes and orders of the voters. Where this plan prevails they hold what is generally termed "town meetings," at which every legal voter of the township has a voice. At these meetings reports are had from the various township officials, and the necessary measures are adopted and directions given for carrying on the township business. Still other States combine good features from both of the plans above mentioned, and besides the other usual township officials they maintain a township board, which is given certain restricted powers, such as those of a review or an auditing board, but they are not vested with the complete corporate and legislative powers of the township, this being reserved in a large measure to the voters, and all questions calling for the exercise oS such authority are acted upon at the town meetings. In many of the States the township board just described is made up of three or more of the other township officers, who are ex-officio members of the township board, and they meet at certain times, perform the work required of them, and report to the town meetings. The principal officials in township organizations in nearly all the States are the following: "Supervisors, or trustees," "clerk," "treasurer," "assessor," "collector," "justices of the peace," "constables," "overseers, supervisors or commissioners of the highways," and "poundmasters," although as has been stated, many of the States do not have all of these officials. SCHOOL DISTRICT GOVERNMENT T HE "common school system," or, to speak with greater accuracy, the method of governing school districts, in the various States, differs widely, yet all follow in a general way one of two separate and clearly defined methods, being amended in minor respects to meet local conditions and ideas. All of these methods have their excellent points, and yet it has been claimed by eminent educators that no one of them is free from fault and objection, nor has reached perfection. It will be the aim of this article to briefly explain the principal features of the several methods, but it-is not possible to go into detail in the matter of giving the system of school government that is followed in each of the many States of the Unionis The constitution and statutes of all the States agree, however, upon several points. They aim to provide for a thorough and efficient system of free schools, whereby all the children of the States may receive a thorough common school education; they provide that all lands, moneys and other property donated, granted or received for school, college, seminary or university purposes, and the proceeds thereof, shall be faithfully applied to the objects stated; with two or three exceptions they provide that no appropriation shall be made or public funds applied in aid of any church or sectarian purpose, or to support or sustain any school, academy, seminary, college or university controlled or run in the interest of any church or for a sectarian purpose; and they prohibit the various school officials from holding any interest in the sale, proceeds or profits of any book, apparatus or furniture used in the schools in which they, as officers, are interested. In many of the States they follow what may be termed the "indepent school district" method, inasmuch as each district, so far as its corporate powers are concerned, is entirely separate and independent of other districts. Where this plan is followed the boundaries of each district are clearly defined, and each district is complete within itself. They elect a full set of district officials, and exercise their corporate powers and manage their district affairs within themselves. In this plan the corporate powers of the district are usually vested in a district board, which has general charge of the interests of the district, hires teachers, and makes such contracts, and carries into effect such methods as is deemed necessary to raise the grade or aid in the efficiency of the schools. The measure of the authority given to these district boards is not the same in all the States, and in many States it is restricted, and a part of the corporate power is reserved to the people' themselves, the officials being required, in all important matters, to carry out the wishes and orders of the people of the district as expressed and decided upon at the "district school meetings." Another method which is followed in many of the States may be termed the "township system." In such States the law provides for the organization of each township for school purposes, or as one large "district," and each township, so far as its educational interests are concerned, is organized, has the necessary officials and becomes a body politic and corporate. As a general rule, Hoer this method prevails, the townoships are divided into three or more sub-districts. All of these sub-districts are a part of the whole, and the finances and general business is generally managed by a township board made up of representatives from each sub-district. This board is generally clothed with the corporate powers, hires teachers, provides fuel and supplies and makes all the contracts necessary to carry on the various schools in the township. As with independent districts, the powers of this board are not alike in all States where the township system prevails, for in some States their powter is very much restricted, and is limited to certain official matters, the corporate powers and right to make important contracts being reserved to the people, who decide on these questions at what are termed the school meetings. In a few of the States where they follow the township system they have no ofEcial board. This is the case in Indiana, where they elect a township trustee, whose duty it is to look after all the educational interests of the township, subject to the approval of the people at the regular meetings. In most of the States where the township system prevails the law provides for the organization, under certain conditions, of sub-districts into independent districts, which gives them the power to elect their own officers and act independently of the other schools in the township. In nearly all of the States one of the two general methods given above is followed, with certain changes to make the plan more efficient and satisfactory, and to better meet the desires and needs of the people of the different States. Many of the States combine good features from both these systems, as some of the States have the township system, wherein each sub-district has its own board, and so far as controlling its own affairs is concerned, is independent of all other districts. But local conditions have in many instances made special and local provisions necessary that are different in each State, and while there may be a vast difference in the methods followed, their aim is the same, and, as a whole, the various systems have accomplished the result of giving throughout the length and breadth of the Union the grandest and most efficient system of free schools that the world has ever known. CITIES AND VILLAGES I N all of the States the laws provide for the local government of school matters and civil authority. In school affairs provision is pendent of, the township in which they are located, both as to they may be separated from, and thus manage their affairs indecities and villages, so that when they attain a certain population made for handling the more complex educational interests ofvillages and cities-the school boards being made larger, and in many cases the scope of their authority is very much extended. In civil matters provision is made in all of the States for the organization of villages and cities as corporate bodies, separate and distinct from the townships, and providing for tthe netessary officers to carry on the affairs of the municipality. ____ --- --- -_ - __ -~y~ll,1,Y Dy Le. -. ogle & %,o.

Page  VII GENERAL INF N SUPPLEMENT V GENERAL INFORMATION ON BANKING AND BUSINESS METHODS. - - I - -I I -. ----~ ---- -1 GENERAL INFORMATION ON Banking and Business Methods. RELATIONS BETWEEN A BANK AND ITS CUSTOMERS. N business life there is no more complex or important relation than that which exists between the business men generally and the banks, and it should be guarded with jealous care, so that both may retain the full confidence of the other. Business development in the United States has progressed with such gigantic strides that it has long since passed the stage where it is even possible to carry on business without the agency of banks. They are today a necessity in the transaction of usiness and Imaking exchanges. It has been said, and with a great deal of truth, that in the present day the entire and sole object and result of business is the transfer of credits on the books of the banking houses; and that about the only use to which money is put is in makio g small change or paying balances. Business, in the most general and comprehensive sense, is almost wholly carried on by the aid of banks with checks, drafts and exchange. And it will be seen what a very important part the element of confidence plays in boousiness life, when it is reembered that every chek or draft that changes hands, implies the confidence on the part of the party receiving and accepting it, that it will be honored at the bank when presented. OPENING AN ACCOUNT HE first step in the matter of becoming a depositor and customer of a bank is the interview with the banker, eisther t the President, or Cashier, as the case oay be. If unknown to the banker it is necessary for some one who is known to identfy and vouch for the applicant as being honorable and straightforward, for banks are compelled to be careful in this matter as they subsequently must handle all the checks, drafts and exchanges that the prospective cutoamer employs in his business, so that while the business of an honest man is valuable to theem and is appreciated, that of a dishonest man is shunned by them as an element of risk and danger-the same to them as to every one else with whom he deals. The identification and reference, however, being satisfactory the pro pective customer is giveno a pass book or account book, writes his signature in a book kept for that p...poe, i. m.ade know. to the aoeceiiag and paying btr makes his first deposit and is then a full fledged customer and depositor of the bank. DEPOSITS. EPOSITS are made in the following manner: A "Deposit Ticket" or "Deposit Blank" is furnished the customer, and he enters upon this a full description of all the items which he desires entered to his credit, stating whether it is gold, silver or currency and making a separate entry for each draft or check that he deposits. In entering such items as drafts and checks some banks require a separate entry for each item which will show upon what bank or at least what city or town each draft or check is drawn. After having endorsed his name on the back of all checks and drafts he hands the "Deposit Ticket," together with all the items named upon it, and his Pass Book, to the receiving teller, who examines it, checks off the various items to see that they are all there, and enters the total amount to the customer's credit in the "Pass Book;" and it is also carried to his credit from the Deposit Ticket onto the books of the bank. The "Deposit Ticket" is an important feature of the transaction, and the customer is required to fill this out with ink. It bears his name and the date and is carefully preserved for future reference by the bank to settle any dispute or difference that may arise. As all men are liable to error the depositor, to prevent mistakes, should always see that the amount of the deposit is correctly entered in his book before leaving the bank.If a deposit is made when a customer has not his "Pass Book" a duplicate ticket should be taken, and the amo unt entered properly when next t the bank. It will be seen from the above that all checks and drafts are entered to the credit of the customer at the time he deposits them, the same as cash items. The depositor, however, is held responsible for the non-payment of aL checks, drafts and other items deposited as cash until payment has been ascertained by the bank. The bank, however, must use due diligence in attending to then within a reasonable time.If a check or draft is held beyond a reasonable time and, meanwhile, the bank upon which it is drawn fails, the receiving bank would be coinpolled to lose it. What is a reasonable time, according to of the court., depends upon the ircumstances and varies in different cases. In cities, where they have a Clearing House, checks on other city banks are expected to reach the Clearing House on the next day succeeding the time of the deposit; but as to checks and drafts drawn upon other or distant cities, a reasonable time must be allowed aor thert to be presented for payment. If the banker, however, is n.egligent concerning it, he must stand the loss. Such cases very -rely, if ever, occur, and it may safely be stated that in the absence of any special or unusual conditions for all items such as checks, drafts, etc., the banker only receives them for collection for the account of the depositor and therefore acts only as his agent and as such is charged with using only due diligence in attending to the business. DISCOUNTS, LOANS, ETC. HT E word "Discount" is applied to interest when it is deducted from the amount at the time a loan is made-in other words, interest that is paid in advance. It is the general rule of banks in making "short time" loans to customers to give credit for the amount of the loan, less the interest. Many business men fail to obtain the full benefit that a bank can give them, through hesitancy or diffidence in asking for a loan and in any instances will borrow of a eghhboring business ma and thus, frequently embarrass him, rather than go to the bnter, whose business it is to help him through such times of need, when possible. This is what banks are established for, largely, and they are always glad to "get their money out and keep it out" provided they can be reasonably sure of its return. If an applicant is unable to furnish reasonable security, or is irresponsible or unworthy he must necessarily be refused, but in securing money which he cannot guarantee the return of, whether it be rom a banker or another business man he does an injustice to the interests of business generally. However, every business man in need of financial help, whether his needs be great or little, should go to the banker first and submit the situation, securities, etc., to him, as of all men he is by training the best judge and advisor in such matters. He may be compelled to decline to give the required aid, but this refusal should never be taken as a personal matter, as it must be remembered thhothat he has other interests to serve and depositors, toockholders and directors to protect before following his own personal desires. COLLECTIONS. N leaving notes or other items for collection the customer writes on the back of each the words: "For Collection for Account of," and places his signature below it. Upon receipt of this, the proper officer or clerk of the bank, will enter the items either in the back of the customer's "pass book" or give a separate receipt as the case may be. When the bank receives payment on the items the customer 1s notified and the amount is entered to his credit both on his Pass Book and on the books of the bank the same as any other deposit. A bank in receiving paper for collection acts only as the agent of the customer and does not assume any responsibility beyond due diligence on its pa-t. All banks make collections either in or out of the city where they are located for their customers at very moderate rates. These items should always be left at the bank before they become due, so as to give the bank time to give an abundant notice to the parties. If the customer desires to make a "sight" or "time draft. upon a debtor, upon application the bank will furnish him with blank drafts. STATEMENTS AND BALANCES. FEW words concerning statements and balances will not hbe inappropriate in this connection. Every customer of a bank should always and without fail, once in each month, have his "Pass Book" balanced by the banker. This rule should always be observed to correct any error that might occur and avoid loss and complications. The amount of deposits is added up and a balance is struck by deducting the total amount of the customer's checks which the bank has either paid or "accepted" (certified) during the month. The cancelled checks are returned to the customer. If any error is discovered it should be reported immediately to the bank so that it may be investigated and rectified. NEGOTIABLE PAPER. P ROBABLY the greatest factor in the business world of today is "Negotiable Paper," without which it is not probiable that business development could have assumed the vast proportions that it has reached in America; and without which the business of the civilized world could not be carried on. This term includes a varisety of instruments, such as promissory notes, checks, drafts and bills of exchange. The bill of exchange is on of the olde.t forms of negotiable paper, and has been in use for a number of centuries. The draft and check came into use at a much later day, and the promissory note a comparatively recent invention, and has very largely taken the place of the bill of exchange as it was used in former times. The most important attribute of promissory notes, bills of exchange, and other instruments of the same class, which distinguish them from all other contracts, is their onegotibility. This consists of two entirely distinct elements or branche-first, the power of transferring the paper from one owner to another, so that the assignee shall assume a complete title, and be able to sue on it; second, the effect upon the rights of the parties produced by such a transfer when ma de before maturity, in the regular course of business, for a consideration to a purchaser in good faith, and without notice of any defect or defense, whereby all defenses of the maker (with few exceptions) are cut off, and the holder becomes absolutely entitled to recover. A written order or promise may be perfectly valid as a contract; but it will not be negotiable unless certain requisites are complied with. Th e following requisites are indispensable: It must be written; must be signed; it must be absolute, not depending upon any contingency; it must be to pay money in a certain amount capable of being certain by computation; the time of payment m0est be certain or such as will become certain; but when no time 1is etressed the law implies that payment is due immediately; and 1ostly, the orde oord promise must hbe accompanied by words of negotiability-that is, payable to a certain payee's order or to bearer. PROMISSORY NOTES. CCORDING to the general "law merchant," unaffected by statute, a promissory note is the written promise of a person, called the "maker," to pay a certain sum of money at a certain time to a designated person termed the "payee" or to hisod order or bearer. It must have all the requisites that have been mentioned for negotiable paper, otherwise, if it fails in any of these matters it becomes a contract, as it thus loses the element of negotiability. Contracts may be perfectly valid without all of these requisites, but they do not possess the peculiar qualities which belong to promissory notes. It is customary in all promissory notes to write the words "value received" but this is not absolutely essential, as a consideration and value is implied in every note, draft, check, bill of exchange or endorsement. It is the common law of both England and this country that no proise can be enforced unless made for a consideration or sealed, but negotiable instruments as a rule are an exception to this. Between the original parties a want of consideration can be pleaded a defense and would operate to defeat a recovery. It would have the same effect as between an endorser and his endorsee, but this only applies to immediate parties or to those who had notice of the defense or became holders of the paper after maturity. It may be stated as an alaiost invariable rule that no defense will operate to defeat the recovery if the paper has been negotiated and passed into the hands of an innocent purchaser, 1in the regular course of business, before maturity and for value. The absence of any of these elelnents, however, will allow a defense to be set up and will defeat recovery even in the hands of third parties if it can be shown that there was either: a want of consideration, that it was obtained by duress, or fraud or circumvention, or larceny; or that the consideration was illegal. In order to cut off these defenses and give the holder the absolute right to recover, all of the conditions named mIust be fulfilled. If he purchases the note even one day after it becomes due it is then subject to any defense or set off which the maker may have against the original payee. Demand of payment for a note must be made at the place where i iis payable at the time of maturity; if not paid notice must immediately be given to the endorsers, otherwise, in a majority of the States, all endorsements that are not qualified will be released. If a note is not dated it will not defeat it, but will be considered as dated when it was made; but a written date is prima facie evidence of the time of making. When a note falls due on Sunday, or a legal holiday, it becomes payable the day previous. If a sum is written at length in the body and also in figures at the corner the written words control it. It destroys the negotiabiiity of a note to write in the body of it any conditions or contingencies. A valuabie consideration is not always tmoney. It may be either any gain or advantage to the promiser, or injury sustained by the promisee at the promisor's request. A previous debt, or a fluctuating balance, or a debt due from a third person, might be a valuable consideration. So is a moral consideration, if founded upon a previous legal consideration as, where one promises to pay a debt that is barred by limitation or by infancy. But a merely moral consideration as one founded upon natural love and affection is no legal consideration. N o onsoideration is suffiient in law if it be illegal in its nature, or if distinctly opposed to public policy. If a note is payable at a bank it is only necessary to have the note ath P the bank at the stipulated time to constitute a sutfficient demand; and if there are no funds there to meet it, this is sufficient refusal. DAYS OF GRACo.-In a great many States three "Days of Grace," as they are termed, are allowed on negotiable instruments beyond the date set for payment. This is not the universal rule, however, as the tendency of late years has been toward doing away with tthis custom, and a number of States have already passed laws abolishing the "Days of Grace." Where the rule is in effect, however, and it is not specifically waived in the instrument the payor is entitled to three days as fully as though it were so stipulated, and the holder cannot enforce collection until the expiration of three days after the date set for payment. BILLS OF EXCHANGE. p HE "bill of exchange" is an open letter or order whereby one person requests another to pay a third party (or order T or bearer) a certain fixed sun of money. They are of two kinds, the Inland and Foreign bills, the names of which imply the difference between them. The three parties to the bill are called the Drawer, Drawee and Payee. The bill must be presented to the Drawee and if he agrees to obey the order, he "accepts" the bill by writing the word "accepted" across its face and signs his name below it-and thus becomes the "Acceptor." The instrument is usually made negotiable and the payee can transfer it to others by endorsement, which method of transfer may go on indefinitely. The following is a common form of an inland bill of exchange: BILL OF EXCHANGE. $600 CHICAGO, IL00. June 1, 1894. Sixty days after sight pay to John Sims. or order, Six Hundred Dollars, and charge same to my account. To HENRY WO & Co., JOHN DOE. Boston,. CHECKS. A CHECI on a bank Is one form of "Inland Bill of Exchange," but there is some slight difference in the liability of the parties to it. A check requires no acceptance, as a bank is bound to pay the checks of its depositors while still in possession of their funds, and the drawer of a check having funds on deposit has an action for damage for refusal to honor his check, under such circumstances, on the ground of an implied obligation to pay checks according to the usual course of business. Checks are usually drawn payable immediately, but they may be made payable at a future day, and in this case their resemblance to a bill of exchange is very close. As stated, a check requies no acceptance, so far as payment or liability of the drawer is concerned, but it creates no obligation against a bank in favor of the holder until acceptance. When accepted by the bank the word "Accepted" is stamped on its fact with the signature of the banker. It is then said to be certified and thereafter the bank is liable to the holder. As soon as the check is "certified" the amount is charged against the account of the "drawer" the same as if paid, and it is considered paid so far as the "drawer" is concerned. The drawer of a check is not a surety in the same sense as is the drawer of a bill of exchange, but is the principal debtor like the maker of a note. He cannot complain of any delay in the presentment, for it is an absolute appropriation to the holder of so much money, in the hands of the bank, and there it may lie at the holder's pleasure. The delay, however, is at the hol0der's risk, and if the bank should fail after he could have got his monetoy the loss is his. If, before he presents the check, the bank pays out all the money of the drawer, then he may look to the drawer for payment. If the holder of a check transfers it to another he has the right to expect that it will be presented for payment within a reasonable time. i0e has the right to expect that it will either be presented the next day or started to the point o whichit is drawn. If it is held beyond a reasonable time and a loss is occasioned thereby, the party responsible for the delay must bear the loss. If a bank pays a forged check it is so far its own loss that it cannot charge the money to the depositor whose name was forged. But it is entitled to recover the money from the party who presented it. If it pay a check of which the amount has been falsentland fradulently increased, it can charge the drawer only with the original amount, provided the drawer himself has not caused or facilitated the forgery by carelessly writing it or leaving it in such hands as to make the forgery or alteration easy. In some of the States the Supreme Court has decided in cases -where checks were "raised" that the drawer must bear the loss as they had failed to take reasonable precaution to prevent it. Perforating and cutting machines are on the market which make it almost impossible to raise or alter the amounts so as to avoid detection, and the tendency of the decisions is to regard the use of these as only a reasonable precaution on the part of check drawers to save their bank from trouble and loss. Some, however, adopt the plan of writing the amount in red ink across their signature. If many persons, not partners, join in a deposit they must join in a check. If a payee's name is misspelled or wrong in a check, the usual plan is to endorse it first exactly as it appears and then sign the name correctly. There is no settled rule as to how checks should be drawn. In nearly all the cities it is an almost invariable rule to make them payable "to order" so as to require the endorsement of the payee; but in smaller towns many check drawers matke them payable "to bearer," in which case they require no endorsement, and if lost or stolen may cause loss-as whoever presents such a check at the bank is entitled to payment. DRAFTS. DRAFT is a form of an "inland bill of exchange." The two forms of bills of exchange called "drafts" are the bank draft (or exchange) and the "sight or time draft." The bank draft is, to all intents and purposes, the same as a check, but the term is usually applied to "checks" drawn by one bank upon funds which it may have in some other hbank, termed its "correspondent." A draft is but very seldom made payable to bearer, it being almost an invariable rule to make them payable to a certain payee or order. They are negotiable and can be transferred indefinitely by endorsement. If a draft is lost or stolen, by applying to the bank that issued it, the payment can be stopped, and after the expiration of thirty days a duplicate will be issued. The "Sight Draft"' or "Time Draft," in which case it reads to pay after a certain number of days, i a very 0ommo method of making collections to-day by creditors, and it serves the double purpose of being an order to pay to a bank or third party, and is also a receipt to the debtor. It is simple in its wording, the following being a general form: $1000 CHICAGO, June 1, 1894. At sight (or so many days after sight as the case may be) pay to the order of - Bank One Thousand Dollars and charge to my account. JOHN SIMS. T o GEO. SIMS, oEW YORK, N. Y. ENDORSEMENTS. IH-E signature of any payee or holder on the back of any check, draft, ote, bill of exchange or other negotiable instrument is termed his "endorsement." It simply means the placing of the name of the holder, or payee, on the back of the instrument, thus indicating that, for a consideration, he has relinquished his title to it, and in the absence of any condition or qualification expressed in the endorsement, it implies that the endorser will see that the instrument is paid in case it is not taken up by the maker or payor. Where the instrument is made payable to "bearer," as to "John Sims or bearer," no endorsement is necessary to pass the title-it passes with delivery and any holder may collect or sue upon it the same as if he were the payee named the-ren Tn a case of this kind if any holder endorses the instrument, the law is construed strictly against him, and, as it was not necessary for him to endorse to pass title, the law presumes in the absence of a positive qualification that his endorsement was made for the purpose of indicating that he would pay it if the payor failed to do so. Where several payees are named in the instrument it must bear the endorsement of all of them to pass the title and make one transfer of it. In this case, however, their liability as endorsers is joint, not several. But where two or more holders endorse one after the other in making a transfer from one to the other their liability is several, not joint. Every check, draft, bill of exchange, note or other negotiable instrument which is made payable to a certain "payee o o order" must bear the endorsement of the party named, to pass the title, and even in cases where they are made payable to "bearer" it is generally customary for the party to whom a transfer is made to require the person from whom he secures it to place his endorsement thereon. There are several kinds of endorsement which should be mentioned in this connection. The first is the "blank endorsement," or "endorsement in blank," in making which the payee simply places his signature on the back of the instrument, without condition or qualification of any kind. This passes the title to the instrument, and, from that tin0e on, it becomes payable to bearer, and th t title passes with delivery, until some subsequent holder sees fit to limit by making it payable to some other payee, or places some other qualification or condition in the endorsement. When a negotiable instrument bearing a "blank endorsement" has once been put into circulation, any subsequent holder of it has the right to limit or restrict it by writing the conditions over his own endorsement, or, by writing over the endorsement of the original payee, words making it payable to himself or some other party, "or order." This point has been decided by the supreme courts of several of the States. The endorsement may be restricted or qualified in a number of ways. One, which is called a "full endorsement," is vetry common in the business world. It is simply the act of the payee named making it payable to some other certain payee or order. To do this, the endorser writes on the back of the instrument, the directions, as: "Pay to John Sims, or order," and placs his signature below it. This does not limit his liability as an enorer but the title to the instrument must thtereafter pass through Jol0 Sims, and it must bear his endorsement before it will be paid or honored. I i I- --- COPYRIGHT 1910, BY GEO, A. OGLE & CO.

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Itt-watfirt iuitrduuuid unto thit oittitty it' thu btanks if itt ituy if Nit- Yorut hi~iiig.a otutuutltu, tude, thu utittu if thu Nut- Yorkt Cletrug wuhttiuch itutututd operatiuons Uct. ii, iu5ti At thitit iiu it uti'ttud tf iftY-tt-u hbakt, hiut five if thuem uuututtutulusd hecusutttfiiuubiiit'tuitytmettuits euiremeiutu Cle riug I-usestha-ti siutie bitet stabisthed itt nearl at' f utheii prinipulp' citiet of thet ttItnuuall tuthci itie uubn rcive.luge amundty.uhftbil. unicheck Putt hut, it iis drtieut, variouu sumst ithut due it Pp othei batti It it, it liki utuituti, iitself the debtti of otutu bauktt t-hlh havei duuinu itt duty rtceived itsilhuh and chuuk. drawn uupon it. Putt' itt the itabitiihiteitt of itte claiuuug houtte it Tutu neittitsutit fit' eahitbitk, vtiry mringt, toimthtiupitst ace...utwith-eryiither butuk.utud tutsed it. puutiuuurugentitu preueut theubill.ttduchecks soiiitid ito the dehbtor bhuti fuu puuttut. 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Page  X AINCIENT. MEDIEVA iL AkND MO(DERIN H ISTORY-A Cotyniglt, 1912, by tto. A. Ogle & Ca. The chief aim of this Chronological History is to give in a comprehensive and attractive form the principal events of the history of the world free from unnecessary details..For convenience this history is arranged under-I. Ancient History. II Medieval History. III. Modern History. The latter is given-First. From the heginning of the Sixteenth Century to American Revolution. Second. From the hirth of the United States to the present time hy countries. Ancient History 8800 trooo I th0g oftBhyloo 0000 'Tht Oot Egyptiot dyoooty 00000 htt-o 2000 toofro~totoogoptiantyooty. to hbooo boot pooplot by 10 Tothoo too tototot 0000 Tht 000 000000000 tyoooty bootto. r59 ho Pyootol Tooth, Yoootot. 000 trool Popi 00, OloOhW E opttto dy-oty.. 2008 Choltotosaidtbhyoohogttoooqtttootby 2440 Tho totogo. 0000 Tho Blooottto~ Otoqott. Tho Hittitoo to CoPppotoot. 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Page  XI I ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL. AND MODEEN HISTOEY. 836 M.,dCE Cf Philip. III, Afex..der dIeIt-y ThEEIeb;iD ch.IEP I lhEE CICIC, AtNICI h~i,,Sb-pit lEEd. Aflp4lp p ofteppplICCEEI C C Cii PSttEIC CECf I E"A"' PEI D-E.I.. P f -Id TPrC f PC I PIP. bypC A1 AlIeCEI p I. I AlEC.diE.h Egpt'..dd. h El 1t1 PP Be-plEE. SCbjC~II P C 1CC P1.r~ 111 P,,iI I IIPI ETIEPI ItePd flI. ~ lI D IIELE- p CaiIIEIP Ep th 1111 EP C27-E25 ICIfpAPECIEPP Ifex Per iE. id ElfyIEPIE CofC N-II- EPCC.-t Id.t VICEI`-p If PIIIEPdp EEC B~fEPIl CII C.11 I..d.acc 1ff til IPECIPIII CECEPEP-. l CCC L. P -iP. C WIrI,, BlEE BIIIPII.. A1PEI.IEIIPIEIPC CCCtIll tlE EE E CCCEPEIi EECrl dENIEt. AtI CECEISIENC.1iepICII PEP2 BEICICf I.El — ePIII P1tr111Clc 11th PEPICCEEiIIP lIf Agd EECI lECE CC PE-i111 CICCIedEtP ICEgyptEC.t. CCEIICCPIPCEIICI111 CECtIP11 ' li M 11C I20 PTNEC S~TEl WPI k. J.PECIII. RC-.Itf BPhECIP 11C fflBE-EI JCIIi h111111,. 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Page  XII STTPPLF-,MrN XTT. ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY. I I I A. D. 311 R-o- p33221232 C3320828ity. Edi3t of N23,-dir to top the persec3. ti.. of the Clu-isti.... 12 D g 2at 12d death of M 332ti233 313 Defeat..d d-t'n of M..i-i.n Eddkt of Mil.., by, C.-t-ati....d Licini.., for general -eligi...olrtir Brit.! 814 War between the two -mpe —rs 216 Birth of St. 2M-ti3, Bishop of T223s. 833 ~238381ti22 3ole 32223233. 324 C382232ti82332 founded; 31di32ted as the 33p2t1 of the 3-pi,., 330 (or 333). 325 First G-e-1 lCo-ncil of the Church meets at Ni-ea. 326 Ath'...ius Patrii-ch of Alrxa..dH.. Cotoes ith Ari... tf ' Death of AHiur. 337 Co~3223ti.2 IL., 33228882 83d C32stanti33 22. 13288 28233333. 333hila3 M232308thi gospels. 33 838 D3th of E3bi33. 340 Birth of St. Jer-m-died 420. 347 Synod of S-rdicm. 338 Ulfil33 Bishop of the 0oths (died 888). 350-5'2 233318t of M2822ti3. Defeated byo 854 Birth of St. A33.3ti:. (died 433). n 57 Vi(Aory of Julia..,, teAlman at A3333322333332 (St382382). 261 Julhau -peror. 862 J38118838111 the b3833hed bishop3, 233 pro-Jaimr general religious tole'ati... 223 P88232 8 War. J Iia killed.:364 VO-etini-i and Vale.. joffit._P —a.s F,,,.l divisl.. of the -mpi"'. 367 —'69 Th-d-fti.s i. Britain; aid. Bdtto...gainst PiA...d S-t... 370 Th. S....s I..d.. the e...t. of a..I. 387 Death of Ath 302 21383 3'75 War with the Q..di. Cratz -emer-r of the West with V.1 -_ntinia. 11 -Inv..!.. of the H..r. 876 Vale.. allow. the Hun. to settle in Th,-ce 377 Birth of St. 3at233k (died 4932). 378 3322822ti83Pl1 threatened by the 3oth3. 379 The3do3382 the Great, 3 2per3r of the East, 81 S2 233d 2 333233 held at.onPagan lit.. prohibited. 232 Al3322 I218g of the Goths. 283 03323lt of M38333 in Britain. 390 Final -ppressio. of PagagisiMass.' re at Death of Gregory at N232 322~:393 Ho-ori.. E-per., of the West. 394 Thnod-i.. -mater of the whole Rornan world, 395 Death of Theodosi's Ar-adius mpero of the East. The H038 inv232 the 832ter2 provinces. 3895 33832ti08 2ad3 Bishop of Hippo (died (313 27) Alarkc i. G-.ce Stiliieh. ttaii. hief power..der Ho.0 -ri,. 396 Th. Brit-i. ask aid of H-.orius the Pi233 31 d S12 2 83. 397 Deaths of M-rti. of T ---. and A-b-.,398 Chrysost.- Bishop of (died 407). 400 Alark rr-ge. Italy. 403 Battle, of P.11-nti.. 33228t of 333232 by Sti2823o. 406 The, Al33i and S2evi 33 2ad3 Spai.. 409 Th. R.-.. Irgions rr-Illed from Britain; ft.1l withdrawal about 418. 41-0 Sack of Ro-e by AIari.. Death of Al-io.. Pelagius b(egi.. to p-.,2h about this ti-e. 412 323-32, the philosopher, b32 (3died 485). 414 Marriage of Ataulph38, 832 g of the 08ths, to P323id3, daughter of The23 d..i.. the Great. P232338tio of the Christians i2 Per2ia 3332322; 2282 thirty 33222. 42,0 Death ofSt. Jel... (,,o,;i'., the Sp..ish presbyter and hi.022ia3, flourished. 423 Death of 2333 at R3 - 3428 Ad33281tr3ti23 of Etiu3 b3gi23, lasting about thirty year3. Th. Travel2333 S23g published. 428 Nest22833, P323ia23h of C32st22ti22pl3, 3232323A (435). 429 The Vandal...der Genseric i-.ade Afrl,,, Death of Theodore, Bishop of Mopsuestia. 431- Third General C-..IIl held at Ephesus. 332 St. 33tri0k 8riv32 i2 Ire222d. 433 Attila 222g of the H02. 338 2Th23 232an c232 published. 4 3 29 T h2 V a n d al8 s u r p r is e C 2 2th 2 2 2 440 L" L. the Great) Bishop of R-me 442 Treaty of peace between V233 ti22 and 447 Attila i. Tha-c and M-ced-ni.. 446 Message. of the Brit... to Etiu. for aid.gainat the S-..ns 447 Attila ravages the East323 E382323 Th-d-im. — lncldr.. treaty with Attila. 449 Tho Robb23 C3320il of Ep333223 La3di3g of the E3gli8h in Brit312. Hengist..d H —s in K —t. 450 Death of T02328si.. 133 451 I322232 of 0aul by Attila. vi,!t.,y of Eti-s at Cb.1-r.. Fourth General C..-iIl held at Chal-e d-.. 3323phy8ite 32 8tr 332y begin2. 312 2222212 of Italy by Attila. Venive f...drd. 453 D3238 of Attila. 3228oluti2 3 of hi. e1 -pire, 454 St - Pattik fiee. bi. s-e at A, 455 S223 of R232 by 0228eri2 383 02g223,23of Le23 457 H-ngirt f-unds the Khngd.- of IKeot. 460 The ep21 P328 of Beowulf (2). 461 —67 Rueof Rkiimer. Sever.. -i —nl empe -r 462-2'2 232232ests of the Visigoths in Sp28,.d Gall. 465 Great R-r at C..stanti-opl(e 370 Birth of B328thi3 (died 526). 475 R.-Ius Augurtuh, E-peror of the West (32203hed 476). 476 Od.,,-r capture. -d r-ck R. --- and 32332.3 Ki22 of Italy. S. of Wet-.r E-pero- -dr. Close of the period of Ancient History. Medieval History 476 Establisluumt of the Kiingd.- of the Frank. 477 S_-od Sa-o i-1-simn of Britai-. 480 Birth of St. B322di33 (died 543). 481 Cl3222 I. (2233212gi2) 21ig23 in Belgic Gaul, 482 P283132, phil32 3pher, died. 486 Battle of Soiason. Clo'i. 1. defeat. the Gauls. 489 Ostrogoth. invad.!taly. 497. EMl founds the Ki-gd.- of Susse.. A.. D. 493 Th2232330 establish2 2 the Ostr083thi2 Kigd23 of Italy, South 028232y 223 H3333ry, capital at 23232238. 495 Third S.... inv..i.. of B.-it.-n,erdi,! f... d the Kingd.- of We... - 496 Clovis of 338832 2333383 Chri2ti3ity. 23201 La3 of B33323dy p31bi32d. 232 Ch333de3, the P22028, 3882ge2 the 0reek E3pi-33 503 Fe 1383la1ds in Scot228d f0 3Irel82d. 506-3342 The f23333 Kiog Arthur.3id to.egnin Engl..d. 507 Clo-1., having e-qqerrd the e...U-y fr08 the Py332203 to the L232, 233233 the Kingd.- of.11 F-aks. 2210 Cl~vi3 83ke2 Paris the capital of tho F' 511 S303 L- 23tabli3032 by Clovis i8 Divi3822 of the 232323hy betw322 Cl2281' four '..s. 514 Vit3li8 s, the Goth, 3 022223 C330.30ti-..Plr. 519 C32di21 f3 23ds the 3230gd3 of W2282... Britai.. 527 Jostini.. 1. h - E020~3r of R-.8o Fourth S301 i2v..i. of 0132it23. E333 f-dded. 529 Jurtini?. Code published. 534 Beli -.u Afi-.a 338 The F23320 appear 2 3 Italy. 133 23833 32de 33 bj3 to Beli33233. 02th2 544 Birth of G0eg3ry of 22333 (diod 590). 545 The T.,k. enter Asia. 54'7 N-rth._bH.a f.-drd i. Britai.. 550 The A3gle for2 the Hept-h3y-32gli2, 33123, 822332, 283. 552 Totil, the Ostrogoth, defeated i Italy by tho i323ri01 ge82823s N232es 823 Beli-, is. 654 N.-,. — vethr.-s Gothi, P. —r in Italy. 558 Cl238ir2 0023333ler iO F32 e. 1 560 Ferg3 3 M233 02. of 833tl330 (1). 561 Death of Clotaii-. His four...a dbvid. the klogdo. between the3.,562 St. C.I.-b. l..d. i. S-tI..nd. 563 C3o 3ti-ople destroyed by82~-, 564 Hisoloo of Gild03 (1). 565 Drath of J-stinl.. I. Ethelbert be,!.-(? King of K',,t. 568 Italy 1033303 by the L3ogobbrdi fr23 G —..ny, who fo..d the Kingd.- of 3333233dy. 233222 g8333223 of Italy. 570 Birth of M333383d (died 832). 577 Battle of D302382; W22t-S2223 defeat the M-it.... 33833 P20,s 30tly destroyed by 3re. SJ-o.1-as.vvag, Thr.-.. 584 333232 i22083 Italy 30d 22 repelled. Th3 Mayo22 of the p31232 the real,.1-... 1. Fran —. 586 2233gd33 of Me2032 f2023d 23 82 22it2. 387 F23332 e22322ed fr2 2 Sp3 i by R32o3d 2 590 Gregory L., the Great, be —r.s Pop,. 595 Th. L.-b-rds b,.ieg. n.-e audoeru 597 St. Aginrti.,.-ive. i. England. 598 Eth0lbort, Ki3g of K30 t, 33 br-0 Ch0i.ti-nity. 600 Italy 3203333 by 80323231323 603 S3 3 i0 3de B00ici3; are dri32 b33k. 838 Th2 P000322. 33332332300222 in Syria, Egypt, 32d 3332 222333, and biokgo 612 J32s pe2232232d i S2302. 613 Clottir- 11. Kiig of Fr-ncr. 6124 J82230le3 03pt823 by Persian2 2 622 Mohh.-nd.-,rtly 1 —rs Me.....d eoter. Medi"' The H02383 or Arab 23igroti30 -20 flight 32 3028321y tr8232880d. 628 D0333333, the "Sol0030 of the F382 3," b —oes King. 2031802 23d publishe3 the S212 23d Ripari.. Laws. 030 M23382ed 32e-e238322 2203; installed as 302332 023 poophet. 632 D12th of M1 3 2222d. Hi. -11igi.. spread, through Perss624 Th, oa published. 238 Syria 0083pi2 by 3322332~ Cl321 IT., 238 of 38803208, 212g of 639 O-ar i-stitutes the.-w M-1-e C.Ir.d-r 640 A33003dr803 3133ry03 33t. 642 In ritaii he Mere...s defeat the Be-ni653 23333des t80 by the S322ens. 656 Clot.!,. III. be —me King of Frau-ne. 662 13 Italy, 33238323 II., 38230or of the East, is dfeted by the L2333232 228 3330323ti03330 besieged by Saracen2. 072 Sar83232 d32132 fr23 Spain. 672-377 W-3b.3 "good r3ig23 i8 S3312. 678 Cadwallader, the last 3232 of the B28it32, Bul2aria3 3 occupy Bulgaria, 8 Nort20232 681 Mebr2023, last of the M222vi3gi3, 82-,385 68 aosdrive Brit... int. W.I,...d Cornwall. 687 S,,..- nited to Wrsr... 22 322202, 32388 defeat3 Thi32ry. 694 K22t de3233032 by West S220323 C,97 A..ft.t beco. — the ~first dog. of Veu709 The S2222022 i2vit0d i222 Spain to oo 0 th332 Kiog R2der323. 711 The S r..escrs fr.- Afri-a to Spain. The. Bulgaria.. ravage the Eastern E — 712 The Gothob Kiogdo8 of Spain 0338thr322 by the Arab33 3282bli322333 of the Sar2332 k30gd30 of 7134 Ch33le Martel, 82333 of the p30832 82 real -uler of Fr.-... 716 Indrpend-nt Gothfia M-ebry founded in the sui. 718 Le333,1 d A32 3333 f2308d i333 2 Ki2fgdo3 by 30832, who 033338 t83 338 "eest. of the S —ces i. Sp.-n 720 Th. S3... 3 33s... defeated at C2 2 ta3ti23312. Charles M.,tj ereatA Duke of F-ene. The S —r -.invde F,.,,,e. 730 3ope G03g-33y 03333383223218 the E33 pri-r Le.. 782 Battle of 22333, or P3it3310; oo.bhiog de233t of the S-03333 by the Frank32 739 Charles Martel (?..q..,. Prove.ce. 746 Slovio settle01333 i2 032323 Pelopo. 747 C-1 —,a of Fr --- sbdi-ater. 832 32322, the Shoot, 203 of Charles Martel, Kimg of Fr..-.. 754 Pepi2 gives 8 2ve23 1 to the Pope. 755 312323ti30 i2 Merc, Briti13. 33Abd33bo- 3. b333323 K202 of Cordo33. 003 32312 2332308 2322233 to the See of 382 33213 of 3,3 -3 2 768 Death of Pep-,,who is su-reedrd by hi. two oons, CharI-.gune and Carl-.,n who -1.e i. Fr...' and G —may. 771 rules.1 —e 772-'85 Ch33221233, after 22223222123ggle, 33232222 the S3330; they 23 -32332 Chrioti-oty. 774 Ch32le03338 2000322 Italy after 323 q.-iing the L.-b-dr.. 778 Battle of it....... Uer Begi33223 of the age of 30hi22ry. Charree_.g.,.-_sssflly i-&sde Spain' 785 S232323 23bd33 by Ch333228230, be-om Christi-,s 787 Th. D..e. Nod i. England. 791-'96 Ch-rle.gen establish-s the M.,gra'iate of A-stri.. Reig. of Alf-..o, the Chart., 1. S,.in; ffidependdr.e of Chrirti.ns e tUblirhed. A. D. 799 Th2 A23rs subdued by Ch33le33823 800 (:! —ed at R.-e; be, 03822 E3per83 of the West by Pope Le. III. 802 Rorio, the 30333, establish2 3 the f83.regular, g.,e-,.et i. Zursi. at N.,g-.od,..d g,..d dukie. 807 War bet3303223 23023d P31yp33320003 Greek"s 814 Loo 2 L., 2223223, dethr322d, but 28-.tored to hi. d —...ns 8172 L33is, the 02333 (303232), c3023322 AurtriI. 820 21330el I2., of the By33tI0 E3pire, f.11.d. the A —i..a dy.asty. 323 22. 31333g'., Eo- 3 (303, two years later, I, o2o3oo33)2 382030322 _,.nt and N-rthu-bri.)ae nexdt weare.. 825 Th. Se-i-as..-upy D.I-.ti,,. 827 Th2 Sa283 Heptooohy 23ds 30d Egb2t, kiing of Werrr., h-.-(?. king of.11 Engl..d. 830 Louis the iumpri...ed i. Fr..-e 839-3340 L32is 0 ep0381te0 o ep130 f13 3 Fra-ce 840 Ch301- the 1.8d 03 io of 302203 841 Gr-.. PH --- — sset their independ344 Treaty of Ve3322; the so32 of Louis diSPdd, the e-lpire. 83323 r230ged by the North282. 8 46 Ti" Sarr'-.. -k R.-.. 848 Brdtt..y b-.-e.s indep-d-et. 850 Russia223 83 hy 3 st3bli3 d by R2033 850(8) 833ts 33d Pi32ts 0 ited o od 222822th. 851 Northmen pillg.e F,..-.. 865 Russia.. tt-ck C...t..U..opl.. 887 B2oillia. Dy338ty f32323d at C~..t..ti-ople. 839 E233223203 C3023il of Co22238tiopl. (Latin Church.) 8713 The D3332 defeat Alfred at battle of Merton. 873 2307gd3 of 23vooo, f233232 by 832033 231032 875 Ch32le3, the B331, 3303332 E2per2r; is 322032ed by 303hi3, Jewish phy0i875-2112 Aoglo83332 Ch33333131, 877 L3330233. 33g of Fr333 878 Alfred the Greent drive. fr.- Engl..d. 879 EcueVial Coun'il of osatnle (Greek ChL.2h.) 881 D333332333ge S0otl 23d. 888 P3332 3tt33332 by N23th332. 890 to the Eastern R-pire. Alfred of E3gl333 foood. Ooood, 383 establish21 3 33de of 1322; 0rg33iz03 3iliti3 33d 2 2323; 23bdi32id2 the cou-try..d (muse. survey. f the Kiing895 Alfred's rnltos 89 Tho Ge03832, 3332r A3old, 2eiz2 R28e. Alfred of England 233330322 the D3312 901 Death of Alfred the Great. 904 Russia i238des 3reek E3pi82 83der Olog. 907 The R23o230 re2222e tribute, fr23 C322 1 3 32ti3.30pl 910 A_~Ser'Ai life of Alfred — itten. 011 Death of Louis the Child, last of the G" a. C-211-igi.... 912 Rollo the North-.. be-. — Robert, Duke of 23o. 33dy. 918-33 Ooooy I., tioe F33212, 20ig8 in 0er-233; 33232033 the H..., D..r., 3V2 -921 Italy i3232333 by the B20233di233 928 F2iv3 E3pe3333323le the By332ti2 E2 -933 Ath3lst3333032 ge2 S30 3d. 984 HOooy 3 of G33338y defeat3 the Da332 231 Otho tho2 Great, in G03222. 337 Athel3322 223 232 great vi 3223y over the 33223, S3330, 3et3., 3d b303822 first 222ng of 3gl3d.3. 939 Ltooo IV. of F8380e 33bd33 Hugh C32 Net' C...t of Paris. 944 M.,'.]m L i. S,,,d. 95-L Oth. i-d-de Italy. 962 Otho the Great b300823 E3pe832 of the 33t; Italy 33d Ge0200y 32ited. 978 Otho 23. 2233023 F338302 979 A33233203ti3 of Edward, the Martyr, of EngI..d. 202 Battle of Ba313031213; Oth0 III. of Ger-..Yy defeated by G-k...dSaacns 837 Ilogh C3pet b300332 Ki2g of F323333 988 V33di33321003ie2 A323e, sister of B31il 3 0. of R33 32, 30 d 832~3233 Ch282223 tiU'it. 995 Elfric'r R.-ili-s 996 Oth. Ill. -.k-e the G-..a E-pe-rr el-cti-.. Paris 33de the -2pit33 of 32 F-.,!3. 907 3D2th of St. Adelbert, who fir2t i0tr0 -doood Chri3ti33ity i03 P323232 999 Gerbert, Sllvrster 11., Pop.. 000 33 Italy, be33323 832 h 23d powerful. 1002 2323332 of D3323 i8 Eoglhod by EthelReig of Robert I23 i0 23238dy. 1003 S33833, hiig of De202 3, 3ve3ges the 2thel3ed flos to N33833dy. 3333032. 2 Koog of 830tl38d. 8083 Sw0330033332 E03332d. 0204 Battle of Z. 3203; 232 il 2. of Co33 _d.tin '..t.fat the Bulg-....s 1015 V23dioir 3. die0; Russia is divided. 1016 Ethelred di-; Ed-..d Ir...ide. and C-.ute divide Engl..d. Italy i.,.6ed by N.,th-.n 33330138 of S3303323. 1017 3303te, the D330, b303382 3 28 of 32 33gl320. 1019 The Mooo 2 8ter Spai0. 1026 S233 3 22. of 233338 found0 the 2.33gdom f Castil'. 1035 A-rago. be.. — a Khgd.-..ude, R-m 1037 Uni.. of Le....d Austria with Castilr. 3039 D30383 I. of S!.tl..d -3rderrd by Maebeth, 1040 Slooly 2228338d 38d Servi3 lst to the Easter. E-pire. Th. Cid (Ruy Di-z) in Spai.. 1041 Da332 d82 fr2 S31 tla2d. 1042 The S233 Dy320ty r3033ed. Edward the 3330 3,King of E2gl8 d. Cooqo22t of BIohooolbyO233ry IIL1 1043 233 defe22 1 d before C322 22ti2pl3:1051 Rebellio- of Godf-ey i. K..t. 1032 War of 2oRde.ooi, the Cid, 3ith the Moo-s 1058 Moor2 333300ed fr23 ltoly..3bbet defeat ed.dnt;I:,ini MM, _.Im III. of S-otl. d. 1060 Ph3lip I.,2the3383310Ki0yg of F,..-. 33 32ert3 of E 23zf 32 3 1065 Jerr.,,e, -ptured by the Turk..s 1066 Willi33 of N130 33 o 0des E3gl23 d, 30d wi32 the battle of 233333 232 1 Harold d3,2at2 the N2 2,3gi233, 28d is 23 2333 d 3 238 of o3gl22d, J8202y 6. Death of th-old. Willi.- I --- the N —ma, around Kiing, 0333322r 253 2070 The feudal y 3te 3 intrd0 d in E3 gland. 1071 N 32. of Ki0gd3 1 of the t3 2 32. Olelo Her82 2 rd i. the Isle of 2 ly. 133123 ildebr21 d 32 de Pope 02283 VI3 13 322 23ry VI2 establish203. ereignty of the papavy,..d -efor-. abuse. in the Ch.-ch. eunry VI, -fGemn disputes hi. title. 1075 Oderiieu. Vitalis. 1076 Justic- of the P — e ppointed. 1077 Heury IV...b-it. and d... penance. 1081 Italy i.-aded by the G ----ns 1084 H-nry IV. takes R-.e Th3 Pop2 2 2332 to S32 by 0d die2 there, Cin 1085. — met III. Pope by Henry IV. A. D. 1086 D038238y Book c38123ted in E3gl22d; commenced in 1077. 2333 2303382 22. 0202222 Kiog of England. 1088 U0333 73 P333. 1090 M..tu. ial, ' by H..r-y IV. 1091 Th2 S2323020 of Sp233 12ite the Afri322 moors to their aid i. dri-,ing back the Chrirti.-s The M..r. defeat the ChHisti.....d rel.. the -arc. possesr-ir.. 1095 Portugal b —. -a spa-toe principality,_der H-nry of Be -non. Willia- of M. Jerbury. 32236 First Crusade b o3 2 2 Vrs Edd. c.-pildd() 109,9 War NA ---e Fr.-ce -d England. 1099 Death of the Cid. 3023 2133 03pt3330 by 0odfrey de 2ou2l83100 322y 3. cro32ed Kiog of 02gl32d. 0238ts 3 333022 2820ri3g the S233 1104 Cr03 3de3 3 2pt-2 3 A3 2 3 2 3 _LO6 Mij.. b., —e a, free -publk.. He.ry I. defeat. hi. brother Robert,..d 1107 I S-tl..d. 3323 33112 33 70 03 (the Lusty), KIog of 1110 H0220 V. of 323230y i233de2 Italy. 1114 Ooooy 3. 82320 0tild3 of E3gl23d. 1116 U2iv30ity of B3333333 f83232d. 33373lid t823233ted io EoglOh. 0309 Play of St. C3th31313 at 230333bl32 1120 2132 of the L3303rd (Italy) cities. 13ip-203k of 331238 Willi-. 1122 Treaty of W2303, b3twe22 the E382228.rd Pop.. 1124 David 1. Ki-ig of S(:!tl..d. 1125 E82 of the glory of Ve3322. Victories -_e the E-pi-e 1132 A1333d of 3032 2 o 3 113,5 Strpheu b —oes Ki.g of England. 2ry'3 d33gh32, M2ud, dispute2 the -rwn;!ivil w.,esus Lo."is VI. g31ts letters of f13303hie to 'iti-.nd tow... 1138 E333332 Maud's pooh 322. defeated at 33e battle of the St383rd, Aog. 222 2239 Portugal 3223330 2 ki3gd13. Maud 13233 13 E83gl08, 82d d332232 2823 phn is -wurnd at Winceser eh c 3' 1141. 11483 Moo.. rebel Oi Sp3l. 1144 Alph3308 of L3 defeat3 the Moor2. Wli-r of the L.-b-rd (Ati... 11-46 S —od Cr-drd; Louis VII. of Fr —!e 03d C3388d 2322 of G32330y 303defeated by r -ee techery, AA.lD. 1148. G — Pe lu.Lerd Y Roger S!icly. 1147 Maud is defeated by Steph33, and 32022 to Fr..c.. 28050 Arth3ri3 3og3232 p3bli3hed. 1152 F2233233k 13332 33332 2de E232.r of 1153 apec with Stephe.. 23203 2IV3. 2183 of 800tl32d. 1154 F33330ick 332122823. i20233 Italy. H-,22 23, 2123 of E3gl32d, the 0 rst 30233.g223t, 333222d D220332r 39. Adrian IV. Pop33 C...tituti... of Clm-end.. en-cted 1. Eoglood. 1156 2333332033, 3Austria, 33de a hereditary 333hy by 3223ri2003 2838 230 of 331lph3 30d Ghibelline32 1162 33rb33202a destroy3 Mil12. 11633 30232 f233330 by 3 0312y fr2 3the Neth-l-ads. 1165 Willi33 the Li32, Ki2g of S302132d. 1166 A3.32-. of Cl3232328332d N33th38pton. 1167 F-d-ierik B-bbaro... takes R-.e The L30332d League f233ed 2g3122t the 1,r -.or. 3020 332220ity of Paris fo33ded. 3172 Tho.2333 3 230t 838de38d in England 27 22 338r 29. 1172 Th. S.Ita. S.ladi. -.kes great rouquest. i. Asia. 200238d 32322ered by the English. 1176 Battle of Leg3383. 332322312a defeated by the L32333rd L32333 Si '.cit. for the d-hii't-rti.. of justice established i. Engl..d. 1180 Gla3vil Chief J32ti0 of E2gl03d. Philip 22. (Aog-tfo,) Kiog of Fr322e. 3181 0331vil 31ke3 3 digest of Enfglih 122. 11 83 P.-.e of C.-t..-c establishh- the free 3iti2 of Itfly. 1185 Poic of A-i-ns..d Valois...-.dd to F-ilce. 8 1-Saldin re es J' usalm 1189 Third Crusade by England, France and Siege of A3re 32 gu3. 213333 3I. 33233d 12 England, Sept. S. Terrible -. —cr of Jews i. L..d... 523 320 F3320k I. (Barb3333223, 322223d. Order of Teut2023 K3ight8 established. 022333y. 2323de2 Italy. 00013-ity of 0832rd f23233d. 1191 203 3d 3. jfoio the Cr31ad232 Acre -apt.-ed. J-rusle- op-ned to pilgrru. 223gd38 of Cyprus founded. Artois.....ed to Fr.-... 11)2 Richard I., Co- 2 de Li-o, p21.o 1. Gera.n by Henry IV.; (1194) foo 33400,000. Ricbard defeats Saladi.. 1193 I23320t 212. Pop3. 1199 Jo32 3330330 Ki2g of England, May 27. 1200 U231222ity of S33138222 founded. 1202 Fourth; e 3pt 233 of Zp3- y 1-203 C...t.. i-ople besrkged..d captured by the Cr...der.. 1204 n" 13 lost to 31g08d. L-ti.. p...r....d divid. Greece. 12003 Albig3112 2 Cru23de. 1208 0tho 232023d E3pe323 of 022232y at 33gl30d iterdic0213 by the Pop3 1209 Fr-Mc Cr...d. gai..t the Albegeoise. Inquisltio. established. 1210 War betw213 V3122323d 3 - 1213 Battle of 22221t; d3oa.t of Albigenses. 20terdi32 of 33gl30d r03oved. 1214 Ak-,ade, IL. of S,!.tl..d. defeat G —an at Bo-i...s 33215 M23- 3 2 Chart3 2ig0 d at R232-2de, J.-e 15; con -md..d renewed 30 I3i3t of flogor Ba30 (312d 1292). 1216 Hoooy 222. 32003301 Kiog of 38gl2.d, Octobe' 28. 1217 Fifth 0332332 by G020238 323 H..1220 F3-dodo 23. b302332 E333833 of Italy. 1222 Matthew Paris h.,.. The Tot-ooo Koights 33de32832 the 232 -qu312 of Poland. 1223 T3rt3rs 3332303 2 large part of Russia. 30822 3233. 2183 of 321233. 1 224 Louis free' hi., us II. ugofF-. 1226 St. 33012 b38033. Ki2g L.oo1 IX. of 1227 Gregory IX. Pop,. 1228 Si3th C028332; Fr323813k 23. at A32e. 1229 Tho I2qui8itio8 beg33. 3229 T20 years' 8023 2 with the S33022. Jeruale re'tored to the Chr. _rans Frederiek:ro-red King of Jrslm Albig283o1 defeated 12 F328e. 82381 U23332ity of C3 3bridg3 founded. 1232 Fall of Hubert de 232gh. 28233 W23 bet30223 33til2 32d M2202, and 23apt23 of 32rd332, Sevill3, 222023, and oth2 30it812 by 3erdinand III. 1225 Th. M8ogo3li1ns i2_33o23 3236 War bet-302 the E2 pe-838 0 d the Lo32 hard 0232 23 22 1237 Th. Grand Duke J.H. (R..9.i) slain in battle. A. D. 1288 Moorish Ki2gd03 of 0renada founded by M032333d 03 8239 S2228th C02223 by Thib232, Count of Ch. g...e 1241 Pr"'e Edda. 3242 2223232 establish the 23pir of 2ah2 of 23pt-2033. 1244 J32233028 10283 by the 3230333233. 33222 i0333de Ru320, 38d ooo defeated by Al-..d-e Ne-ski. 1245 Tho 03230 238 League f2323d.:1246 F-dderick II. of Austria killed 1. battle with the H0832203233 1250 L3232 d302233 Kiog 00223 of 233323d. 3330 28ptured by the S2322222; t228 for t88 year3. 238221332 2122 Egypt. 1251 R212 of M3di3 f23ily i2 Italy. 1-252 Al-Vede Ne-rki 1. -ad. G-ad Duke of Russia,..d reigns as Ale...der 1. 8254 Ott0220 of B233820 23qui32 the A332 tri.' 12,59 _Kubla Kh.h build. Peki.. 3260 Ottoear -.-s with H..g-ry,-e Styria. 1262 —68 Bar..,,' War in Enql..d. 1263 hnherit' Corinth,.. 1265 The 02rst regular P3rli3322 of England Birth of D..te; died 1321. 1266 N3pl31 32d 22kily 322quered by Charles of Aoj.. 1268 Ni2th C3228de, by Louis IX. 32d Ed-1-rd, Pri.-e of W.1,r. 2270 L3030 IX. di32 at Carthage. Philip III. (the Hardy) King of 322202, 1271 The English quit P.le-tinr. 1272 22ig2 of Edward 3. of 32 2 gl,0 d; 82 0o oed N232 20. Ott030r decline3 th1 I2333323 Crown of 0282123. 3273 Randolph, Count of Hapsburg, 333122 23332333 of G02833y; Ott023222efu-30 to ak..-wledg,- hi-. 1-274 N... r. P-. sto the royal fa-ily of Rudolph 82232 war upon Ott.oy, ood gain. Austria, C.,inthi...d Styrla. 1275 W232 of Robert B30ce 32d Jo32 B331. for the cr — of S-ftland. 3276 Hou02 of Hapsburg, of Austria, foooded. 12307 R23 of the Vi3232ti, 3il302 1278 Ott332r 32322 at the battle of M203022d. 1282 S 33ili 3 Vesp 332, 1as 33232 of 82 by the F,-nh. Cruradd. gi..t A-g..n; the Frec. e!h 32123d. 1283 Wales subjected to E8gl2d. 381285 Philip IV. (the Fair) Kiog of Fr32e. 1286 K-eigsberg -ad. the.apit.1 of P-rri... 1287 Jews b..i,:hed fr.- Engl..d. 1288 N2313313 IV. Pope. 1289 S2233d 32333232 of the Mongols. 1291 M3013 302s take A3 322 Chrl-ti-n Power 1. Syria destroyed. 1296 S33302d subdued by E37gl2d. 13297 Sir Willia2 Walla2 fights for the independene. of,.d. 322381 of 3 22tl31d.:1299 Battle of Falkrirkr; Bru-e and Douglas defeated by Edward 2. O.-I.. 1. est ablirh-s the Turkish E — 2300 232322 3233332 the capital of Russia. 3302 PhIlip IV. 3021rels with the Pop33 Charles of V.Ioi. in Italy. 1302 First 33123022ti3 of 3302220222231 i2 F,,,,,. 2223 Edward 3. i22020 S2 03tl 13d. 1305 Willi --- Wall --- Ex -— ted' 1306 Robert B-3ce crowned as King of Seotland. 1307 Edward II2 83ow323, July 8, King If England. 1307-'14 Philip suppr23222 the K.ight3 T233 -lar, and burns the Grand Marter at' 1308 Pope Cl3821 3. 228222s to Avig302, J2 Albert 2., of Austria, 2tte2pt2 to 233 -due the S2222, who h32e revolted 01 -der Willi2 Tell. (?) 1209 Tho S3202 20231t 230033233. 1310 00233 VI"33333033s the L03333 1313 Lo-i V. and Fr3 ri3k of Austria cont,?.d for the Gr-ma E-p-re. Birth of 233330031; died 1303 1314 Battle of B.. ckb-; the S322ts,2 -der Robert2 B333, defeat the English..d-r Edward. Louis 23. King of 022233y. Union of Fr of 312 N 313223. 2315-25 322102 1813228 E gli3h B3ro3 2, The Swir. totally defeat the Austria.. at Mo-03rte3. 8322 J30333, a p32th238330223 of Louis X., PKing, dier at the age of four days. 3hilip I2 (the Loog) Kiog of Franc33 1321 Death of D..te. 8322 Battle of 2122322rf; Louis V. defeats F-dr,,-iek. Charles IV. 2ing of France. 1324 Birth of John Wic20liff; died 1384. 1326 G0233.y 33 -2232 by Turks. 1227 Edward 223. 2202222, 332, 22, King of England. 223332332232 of 3330tl3d. 200,000 M3382 brought fr08 Af3300 by the Ki22 of Grenada. 1328 Ch33100 the Fair, of 323133, di32; Philip VI., of the House of Val320, 20ig38. T-a I.-I..e Russia. 23229 D3id II. King of S30tl31d. 2333 Tho Sfots defeated by Edward at H2.idon Hill. 1337 War between Fr223 1 and Flanders. Birth of Fr303,3rt; died 1401. 3339 First Dog3 of 03831 3pp3322d. 0340 Birth of 0erhard Groot; died 1380. 31ttl2 of T23if0 io S3311; 33032 t12221 -bly defeated by Alpho3so XI., of Ca3 -tile. 2346 Battle of 3233y; Fr3222, 23der Philip, 233ted by the English, under Edward2 III., and the BI..k Pri.-e 21022 3of D2rb3, in S30tl0323 Battle of Neville'. CZoss. 2347 Tho E8glih take 333313. Rie-32, last of the Trib2132, establishe2. destroay in R.-e. 1348 232iv223ty of P33gue f23332d. 13349 D20phi3y 323312 to France. Th2 bl030k death 1 England. 1350 03 31 of the 012223 instituted by Edw.'d and John II., King of France. 22352 Mari.. F3 03 2 2 at Ven 3323 1353 Turks 328,3r Gr2238 1354 R 32,3i slain at R 2 2e. 1356 Battle of P.Iti-.s, Septr-ber 19; 8,000 English defeat 60,000 Fm-h;~ the Biaek Prin-. takes John H. (mptiv. to 332331, 2her2 he di302 Charles 23., of G823332, 2ig8 the Gold3 Bull, the ba322 of the Ge0383 C.-rtit-ti.. until 1806. 1358 I2222222ti23 of the J3333231e i F323833 Sloo 32222 of Br22023, between 2nglish and Fre',h, 1831 Italy 8222232 by the Free Lance3. Turks -nter Gre-ce. 1362 The English 0130132 ordered to be used in legal pr3222di231, 31g23d. 1363 Austria..qiire. the Tyrol. 2334 Charles V. (the Wiso) Ki.g of France. PhIlip, the Bold, D333 of 232383y,. Treaty between A-stris,..d Boheuu.. 1366 H. Van Ey32k, p33212r, b1 321 1367 Th. M.-,,Ilrke...q.- Ai-mnia. 1369 E3pi302 of T22383203 f22 20 d. 3.3gl13d'. "P1er3 PI-..32." 1370 Pope 0regory XI. goes to 3vig3082 2371 Stuart 1322 begi32 1 with Robert I2. of 2 0 2tl 32d. 13'74 Dtah of Petrarr!b. Rebellio. gai..t the Pope. 1375 Death of Boceaccmo. I i I I I ___ __ _ _ L_ __ __ __ _1 I

Page  XIII ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL, AND MODEEN HOISTORY. t I - I 1377 000h022 IL big of EOglood, Joot 22. 0020 Btl 0. f th.o Do.; Di-it0i II, of ooWVo.kI'Oo'o 020000001000 of too Bilb pobThe-. A. K oopio G 22.r IL81C.02212 V00 Khlog 2f F2222.. Ghibooti, oo01t0, booo; diod 0000. 1002 -Li~g222 oO Good Wo-o,- Eoolood. 0000Dat o Jo22G ooO eOklff. 02002220-. h dofkot of th, Ao17212022e P~~t, bOooo dlod 1048. 02000020 Sooto ood EOlooob. 0000 Moogooot of 0000 Tho 000000. 00022 00020 200022 A!. Robo2t I00.00020 of Sootlood. Tho 002202y 021o0 pobliohod. 2. 122 te2, 1020,Ooo 0000 Tho Pootgoooo 20000202 tho ~0172 of Good WGoied ldT -lyo. ~ t0002 B2tt0o of Nloopolio, 002 02210, 02222 S.oooo7 Poololioo of 002 WpoOGOifloo or LoO0000 002221 IV. 2200000 Kiog of 02171222, 0200Oloo 30thPolo Rof to, 022001120dood 0000 02002 oO 0202 D.1 000000. Gooh00202 200 Doo p 0020 of Phloo. F.i.rt 02002 Baoth of Foo 711172 LippI, 1200 t20 th21T0.22k00222, -pt12122j,2010170 120 0200 of Aioofl 1 0,0i- go, 2 Joho1fUoooo 22200 oidrf..27o 0202 oatt 202 10102a, 00112 Op 11170200022.e 0000 Bitho22002 of Gooilpo 0002i 017 02000 02102000100 2202 off202 of. Odoo- do 14 02000tl VOL Ag 01 of 17,00000. ish 020 fo1 Vt-2220022 20 172250,0fo 172200 00010217170 of 01220 hoP —b. B41 oThe of 00000002 172200022217b.t 1.700 of 000000017. W.e 04221 Uolo of F022212222 0200 Jo... of 0100 02 01 lo 22022021. 001170020 VII. 00i.g fFa0202 7oof o1f 122q,0s M 22, IL THo 0012020201 of Ao 0,e 1,0001 0t202 Coo. oftAho 2217022 2t R.- oo 00.1.i 22 of,o0.. 0 2002h of Tho 7020 oodI o* r 002 1,5Tro 001211 01012, 1 022.F-... 022 tof 2002r oft Vo0- 120020 72 12007 J.-, It.,Pp of 0012.,-r~rd 120 bdooo IV dopo 2.y Hoo VI. ofd 0E00011 000 000 of17222 2102 boo,-i20 02f of 00e fo..,?td oo 0 111Th.2 11-00g- tO V 2212Al-tV. CAo of 01102 000p0000 Fodofok! '1210 000002 of L- lfloo o ifo oooo-~ 0000e of Dooo 00;20d 020 22121222217,~r ofe 002002,007101 000,i-it of 0 02g20 Co 010dd 1121 Edo 22gl00 by 2,-,2222 O-dof thdo2F- ooooo ood 202200 01470 Uoiooh of 00021701 ood170112,0221 02006 17170222120 MV. f022027 70222 02222~k. 0001 0000 0ooooood 00210 of 0217020, 172001221 21iod 1010. 0400 01210 of Ctohoo02000 d-odlelO 0200122i. V. 002220012 ofd 02210221 Ap 000O o ooodb 02200, boo oot- d FAdgoil 12,221 of 0120122~g 0.h. 342202 Hooop e020172 2022010 dlogheho2 of 0. 2122 V ooodo Copo ofGo Eflopo Ari 0002210 Bgdlo. t 171021222I blood to 1712072-'.',J. 5 of th of02222e117022d2154o 0410 ~02021 VdII h 00222 Aooo, ofB1 fop B.Di-oooooo Coo, Golobood0 202701 D 148 72217 ooI,t lOf 1022010011 of-b 1722222 Th,0001o2220o of theo.doogL- i 0-414 Chalk. VOLI 1202220 floIp ood Boooqooo ANopdelo I.PL,, 00111-do dooooooto hl h 120 oplooAoofhod 042020272 tootab. tol ~022120, ~gi 3 ofd 17000-e-00 t-~o,001001bo 0020 200 202. 0000.Otbr2;HyiD, 12010001 000. 0120 of- 1722022. Fl. SBoflO of Lopooo 1 1001 ofe tJ o020 0200000022100o 20170122. boow-polo.CBirhof1 tCo 1702000210 01020 dio 02020, 01009 Bo~r 00 to 02000000 Itob t. o So.., 0N20017202ble2070100 Sl.tISpoo 0p00f-001702 to og.dop 700 11000117~,.g'Ae.1-d Co96 oNeboor toO 00001020l 2172220 Hoodltooodoofoooobyooooohof~g 11028 Dol-O X[ ofiQooo f 2020 of11700 ofW 0f Loo-Ao, 200200 to thofo TNo110 o0000 Jo- 002001 diod tof 020wioo Tofed~oloyob,od 10017. 101 ho 001 Poootodofbt220010tod.20201 0020Pi. 01722-0 B 0020000.,., 2 600 Sobrlo ofhbeo V., --- of Oodo ifo Bo-i 010 H 21 Vrl. iptdt. 00122 f L221021b l 0 022172Sp 022217.. 0 0p11e to, 1002pot Coot. 0' B Vo. oofb22011do 01 Li.X.,of Floaoo -, 17022,202000 Do 2h of Gloogooo oi 0ooo.; d 172202:50Detoo 00 170170 20200l20 1 00122022o C2117210 I 2212 d tbo too 0,h Soa017' Plool Ooo-ioh pooSpaholoo.. 2000 Dooth of J17. N-ooo0 bieo 1502loo. 00171710th 0 Ol —, Myo2o C h. - Ltho 0202~ Goo-o-oto 0001702 boo toie 2172p58o2 t 00 R.I.ofo 0,-of V.ol, of op.od 201720 0. 0120 thol of tFo Clot of, Gold" 0052212o Food ' 0 00110. 2022217 ViOL Bolboorootot A ghooob 0golo 01120200 oftrooppd Soodos Italio It Pfood. Eoo-Aoo0 of Moo 20y 017 Cooo.. 0111 Coooo- 0002 222100 of Mookloob by, Tho 000220, Poali, 22000222. 0152 Oo~li172L71gof gOoo. Fooooi02021. ABooth of 021o2200d00d 2002006 tb 00004 S7ottI,-t oo o N 00000010.. od.Eoo Pho ateooo 200200tovoofofQol SFlo 0 1 dofooto Ib Ooogaoffooo -n Poo a02.db.?.Dk fEt 0000. Fe of 0202201d.od011 001 i0022102 20122012 t Flooi 220 22002 02 of 0200200 200010 Q.t 02120 ofT. 02202200th poiotooiad. 011 000 021 1 dyplooyf, Gooooop. Id 000Tyo Aogobo ~oofootoloo poblobod. Poooooflo of Pootooloo- sbopootd to Do odaoth of 0-ia112120. oop 012117 2f20q0222 017 ~21207V. Booth of 22B2 002 0t1I. d 5 011 X..12 oo V fo17e Oaaft: Ifot Ho2oDitop 0201700 toGe o,- 220000 ~000001S~i.4g trteoty of toPp-o of 112 ioo 100- Mof00 Thboo Mo, ioDog 010100 dat oofo 00172.17 ootooeoo 200020 2ako 01e 0101722 ooooodrtat.o 221La~ ho S 217020 '12-d of Ploobtoo oood1 Op 22i~ opodko Iltodblotb Op Cloiot'"Gvf, o 2p001 lo- ogfod 001717700of of~l booooo- lo48g4od Poodi-. ~hlo,-oootod. -r2001 tAoool M.otO~gebOdOiOd0159202 20 001 VII00. 22000020 00020 of Ctoh 2000b0222, Aogo I-. Cat0' ofdii. toUo th do.lf h 000017io of Coitgeal 2000000~d COhghofi dooieoo biod 1000. 0000. ofSi Thoor(172017200001 212 0000. 102 vC r tarooflp.0io'ooll ofM..-d 1 Ooboooolk 2017edlo to 00,b0 ft.c 002 bo by, ~ Tocpfoti2 lote o.tlo 02 Doothe2. of -oooo-t-1ioo 021. Ega QolO G. o _ootoo th fo'oo 00000. ~0021271. 0' th1 Jh of 0200 212d00.. o.. S ooooogofof oo 0020 Prt1g~Oo.o 00.ofed M.-, Choi...00 00223, Eooihol~ppo,oo.toofodth01002.tei. DPooh of 201701117 01 I 'It o'ood pti7222 th17002010fgl b1d F 0-10dt 02 of 00-002'. Bbepb Do00o1 V boh 01170Idooo1 to2 to oflo of t~o thoott.01720021 20020y oo'- Aoeo Q-'o~ oobS'otd.; e Dol of Cooooobi.. Booao.. Mol't o OooooofgO doiodd Op 0'o7 Birth of Gilbrtoooaooo- -o diooo Op03 20100I.. 0020~ do,.tho ofz. o 151G0a Ta0t,0od 17o'oi. dop 0ie. tDp Soto thp oo'OloOpp Qoi17001202-i, 20117.r 12,Co o100100d t Eoghood. 02000221002022-I.. ood020120 Bthof Spooooo diod159 1104 Lody 2121 hoop ood 0022 0000022d Sod' Moy 00200120 Philip of Spoio. Bthof 0Sho Philip SydoopyI diod 0002. P- -i.of 17ootoofoto1t ho Soglood. Wp100'looo oO.oo p017172002 io Eogtoot Tho EoolioO 00221170, LobfoooA Sidlop, Rogoroo, ood Cloo00o2Ol0do1t0th Philip 00. oofo to H0of12o2 200172222P — of 000210020 1551 Chao]oo of Soolo ood Gootoaop, ootooo POGip II. 012g of Sp~o Foodloood, 00. bOotho, ooooodo io GolR02000 of 000011, tho 0022000.,oooigoo Bottlo of ft. Qopotfo IPhi lip g~hof0510 20100. 2otoko Op tho Fooooh. 02217, of Gio-o, 0o Sepolaod, oooodoo tho Blitobth oooodo to Oog~oO 00100, NoRoolobliobo-thOb 000220 of EOoghod. TO59FloPiI~0000002000000 011702 Williooo Coof1 Sooooooplo i.oE2ftd. fool0 Chaloo 00. KIoog of 1002- 22000017o Tho hooo Bileb,"od. OBoth of SotIooO1%Wdb159f. f Poetj~b,. i 0021 0000h of Baoooo 1d202 0020 Mooop 000211 oobtoo o foo.tood. 15 2000020102 dofooP -tOA Hooo Op Ooioo 51011g22-0022d0002t0010t0D-1by01i000 Pool fopol, 00201010, Io..od2d Op 202 -1002 Goio killod of tho ofgo of Oofoooo To0po.... Y72202 0000 tho 20000220.t. Thoefoooil 170020000 Opofo foodod. 0000h of D2017002 d 22 01~31 0004 MaohoflloftIf.K.IgO20000022.. Floido ooboohod. by Hooooot. B1,10 of Goliloo I diod 1120. Tho To'oi-o, Pooh,, bgo~o. 0100 1701217 ootohlo~ho thotoobftool 20oMo~p Qooo of 000100022020 Lood DoooSt.Aog-flboo~, Floobdo,, fooodod Op MOl01026 Coofodoooo of "ooo' fbggooo) Moodo of 00'oO, Op Doolop, Ma0'h 0. Hog0oooO d&ootod 20 St. DooO. Aotooifooioo of 02101217, Fob. 001 Moop Moop 002021 BoothoOC May 011 obdicoo 00 fo 000 of heo 10. doooo VS., 2aof of Mooyo, 22g220. 0105 Moop 2121720. 0000 p~ooo, It dofootod Op Moloop, ot Loogobdo, Mop 02, tod 156 oH.,po BIblO Ioood. tool Rob~floo of Mo.oooo,, 1002211., poS 0020 002000000 10000 p70001 1t 000000 o od, floo 10. 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Page  XIV ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL, AND MODEEN HISTORY. I 12222286 f th862 222 2 I,7226y. 16g 02262.. 1628 882 72722 22 1Pki22hooo 222222722722. P1282.ofRih, P2612-2. 682282222 22222 B-Y2222di 212688 22 0862866li~ 662282 22e p22222822282 i 2C 00288222. A21p8d 22 22 22222, 22-l t 2221 Th' cty 8202222l2,82f26226222 022626. 262ol2222 222222 2fwd., 2 86 -2268 228p26 221 72 P21882222, 262 2622262 by 26228h 0622. 026226 2228226 82 28, P226 by 21128y 8222 22828t 2274 1820o2p861662- 2 6122286 -Th,882221828P.,26;188662.28 622226622ll, 2di6dp1704 8222 tP222 f L262222 62281282- y 82681-ah Ship422262y 166822y 16t 868662y. 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Page  XV 0 ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL, AND MODEEN HISTORY. 17063 Pont5a's waro; Iodloos sbpt-, Essgsh Tb, Sbody Hook ligblboos firstsigtd G4. 0Gm-il51, Esglisb Pri-8 Mi13i1t53. 1734 M1od43 51 Iossl VI., by rd41 sf lbs EsM815 fP.t-1s7 w117. 58st55,h pssSlsrssS 4371731 hseavy sbtlls Tbs 7P55the31, St. G33ev13oe, 7177, Modern History. Fro- lA.5D. 1765 t03bhepp11751t5t0, bY CHINA. 1711 581c171131 o1 lbs Englibb Esobl.y 1t 1811 74ist spbnslt 0575,1113557 b7010sl 81.1816 Foilol 51 Lossd Assb~st'. 585850137 11812 bssgdol 55 Kosso estlblibshd. 1114 071558 17103 7785555874. 5811 07558 sslssd, sls-Ssg tsso.bless.itb Hsongllonogssptossd. 1840o Tsode 58158 58131134 f1sb144 by lbs 1841 W158 sssssd 358113 Is 0hina'. bsd 13155. T58117 gisisg 583gS3d 0613 lHosg ssd 30,000,000, ssysdisls~d by 5858775.r 1841 Tsssty 51 73803, 51 N-sbin, wth~1 Es — losd, Asssst 15. llog Kosg ssdsd to Esglosd. lbs Obinsse 713875s1 Osslsst, A58oy, Fsoshofoos, N~isgpo 114 bshsgbss spsssd Is Psitish. 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Page  XVI SUPPLEMENT XVI. ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY. EooCtooo Loolo -,-.It ogoiot tht 0061.6 187 Tho NKodEo of Egypt, Vi —Py, tosoto 1870 Sip SOME 8ae SoOPt tEo ppPsooI-6 1S72 BoO- _6t__~, Eft-toyE id-.ble ht 1878 By th0 oio' Opoo6 5 Khglioeo E Egypt -oo1o oodopood.t 88 00680:1884 Ci60606 etotto to 88, P. —o, pE.t-oti.g 8880688 80608806 wtub Toihio toiboUEEEOtt bo too thE b0ttlEo. 8888 W1to 068th Abyo;ioio; thot Egyptiooo dbt Moo-oooy Aooboigo oI Ooooo lo' o Boigoio -poito ogofrt T-kisoh, Soopcido 06 MooIM: of 80680006 AbdoOI-Aoio. Nfoooo V.0 SoIt.o, Maoy 88th; 000-0606 Dftopli oooooooloool. to Moo o 0-tg C..f,,.tofo oG-.to06Ao-ot P.too-oo oboolo... ood, J-e yt 8;y oppopopd,, boy Aogid ot 88-806 Mooiooi opotod o NOONitOM;it ootof.. Pio..oSi o NyL~.1oOr-odP~o; gtpot E8i. Tolgh Aipgoooto21 _2o8to Pooho gooo Toot MooN., StoL 80;1 00606800 tosE. Ny btt0-id,Mo.; 00;ooooo oof~c. 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Page  XVII I I i i II r SUPPI-E-MENT XVIL ANCIENT. MEDIEVAL, AND MODEEN HISTORY. IS70. —d2., o Bl 2.2t F7002 A222.t.p2 Ca 22.222222, 22tA1-22, 022 2 -22 d2222t2 2ai,p22-1, F12222 222222 ADm.. C-2721 22,- At22.2F — 221 T7i.2,2,, 22i- 2,2, Nl..s. 22.toMd 2227.tdpti.2 t2-i2.t.2.it2th1.., e 222 22 0... Alf.....t12,,,.,, J... 21. 2222 t2,,,. Qp...2 22122d0,2221 222 727 222222721, 2.222,Ap.-, 22. 22222222. 22ile 0-..1222. 22.de22222- 22 th Ap7, Ahi~ll,,,.1,12,tP.,2N.-21 29.22, Att22p,d 2.122...... 2,2g 2.. q.-221.,. 2721..- 2230 22.. 22,L. -gd. b2202t.2.2 2f221, 012. 221.22 27b0,2F2., IS.72,27112 E.2 ---222.2 22 27h11 2,221 Oty, 0.2. 14. 0822,222 22222.,h 7.,. 2,22,.ty P 222 2222222 by2 th2 12 lp,.. Ap 2223212 2i.~ 2221, 02. — I2-2. 22021.2112 t.-22, 2.222227, 12 7212 -2, 21,22ge.21,~.-.1.2d.l. 212121222, 2... 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Page  XVIII SUPPLEMENT XVIII. r0 ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODEEN HISTOEYO 1010 Fooooh tlo-o "Ooooool Cboooy" 100 Si. yiv o food OtoPooood-g -otfooted ot ooo $200,000,000.:1012 Cooooh 211002. odoptod rOility -itoot.o poogot to $0,000,000a yeot. AUSTRIA-HUNGARY. 1000 Ao,Ootio oooooot Glicial, toO othto poooo0002010of 00-i000 Coo Q-1.Y I 5Tho A-triooo dtoootodot tooobootly to 001-t a M-tohoolod, Coo. 0ad tooo0o., -l-h Co00lol doloo ofd Aollo o 00007 Toooty of Pootbooo. Tho Aooooioo -lo —dlooto.byt 100 foooo of A.t. ythoAoodoo,oFMroi Lolo Ooohe,too ofCoot Itg-, toy; opoooo 0 004 000001 T- O fL —olle;.~~o - T80 o- Ooo.ofoodo-ootio 0100000 ot..ob000 bol of Cooo,;t oolood2.20,000 200000 000000F000f0010000110b. TCo AoO~oe dfoat oppototod.. VtooR-OA.tool of tlo tooioo Tyfoy 2.d! 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Page  XX I ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL, AND MODERN HISTOR.Y. 1-i. Ap y S. 0 0003 OSe'! — Ooodo io Qooolood, p-poyN~ 00000 fNs-~ooooo ii of Aootoolis poo.oloi-odoltlydooy. 1000 BooboIs N. S. W. ob-os Of ooyoltol. 5110 B11 ysoood oosoodooo Ooo o Fodooi solo fsooo of $85,000,000. tooth...ooosoby oppooso.Iof Oils fso fodosol ospitol Is diotolot sf Vs. CANADA. 1060 Esgioh Oiooop AoO ooooptsd by Ossodiso 1000 Sio Co"y bolfo Coooo. pyoolod. fssioof Cosodo by Ohs osofso oodooMosloosoooyooldB. A-sold. boos St. Jobs 11068 by Mostgoosoy, Moot-eloooptyoood, Nov. 12. A-oob'o ottsok oo Qoobso oooofood, Asoold ood Moslgooooy otto-b Qosbo, 00076 Tho Aiool-sso osl..ot fooo Cosd., 1004 hotleooolt of Olpyos Cosods. 0000 Cosodo l g-oos s ooolooosd i, 60000 ~t pe sod Oowoo 0500 1002 bFost Heoososf Asooobfy syos.d 00094 Voo-oloiosdotheoosiollslf UpperoCss 01804 5foooy obolbhd is Cosodo. Coytoos of Dolooit by tho Coltish, Ass. Sosoodo o0 Cooo Worswssooh, Sot. 1012 Aooolosooy Qoosot-so Ceightso Csyoo of Tooooto, Ap oil 10, sod F, Coooo Maoy 10, by Ohs Aooooooo.Dolool of tho Solids.1 sO Sodkotls Odsoho, ViCtooy of Aooskoos. st Stosy ho-ol, fodooisooe bottlo of Wil~isoobsog, Coo. 7. Cos-d-so Pbos~y' ololosy ooo sLok Esolo Coopoo of bools~h oqosdoooo So osl of P-ostos sO Ohs Thooo, osd sfhoooooo.d, M-ooh 4 Solo I of Ohs Bois ot Chiopoos, b1y BStsOOfsoLhsdy'shL... Noosl bottlO o Lose Choooyfoio. 10 Sooof L 5oh oood. oppoflo Coososoo. 1.101 Asogoiss1 gboloooo Oh. oso.s Osglish iohh~btsofo of hosso Cosods. 1100 Weolo.d Coosl ioooopooold. 1110 Agitofloo is Uyyoo Csoods oo Ohs i 01016 Oieieoooo p0101000 oloo doslooyod by 4112 botitlossgofisstooioss.,of ooesso-.. 1800 Flool ogittioo f-s osopoooiblo gOOS — soot ishlppos 0ooods. 0040 hood Ayhsoo~ boooooos lloosssoof 0Lowof. 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Page  XXI I I SUPPLEMENT XXI. ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN Fir2t t-eNI' 2122'82y tpt~ed 22 2t2 Pi.. f!2t 11222 by — 2h1222y. Fittl2V ht.y2122 f221222 itt Nt, 22222- t 02222 221102-tt 2222' p2232 22221 tttde, tA2... h213 -i222 tt 2.t], tt 22-! 2 22tt. 1t2 2lt. 22.J212 Q~itty A222t2 22 222si 222 d8 82t 2 2'2 122 1222 81 2221 222 li'22y 122222 2232 -2F2 21, 221 3.8832221222222121t222222322., Op,12 212P22221,2.2 2221 82222 o Th.-2 J812. 223 J.128 2220 d 222-221222 222222122 21212t 1 G811t 2221222212 22 it2d2222 222ti.Fiftiet228223-22.2 22 Ao,22y, 222222 2222e,- 2222222222222.y 2222 22222 23. 222212 2221222 bye 2.21, i- 222,p22122 p2111p2212 1827T-1y2withC..c11822l2'122222222 TI,11 2_21 2222t12122222...dth 122 22312 22122222, P2-g3,,2P22 12 p222222221211222222b282 22t, 22 2222. 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Page  XXII ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY. 1862 B066666 66 Peo,ry66., Kyt., b.ot-e.G-s B-11 03 B-gg6; o'f Phil.66Shrid66 -i66 th6 day, 0-t. S. 06666 Goo. 0. 66. M6iteel, 660, di73 66 66666666, 6. 0., 066. 66. L. 0666g6, T-66, -o.pie by 0666. Gr666 676666 1666,6,666. B66666 66 066666, N. 0. 06666366666 36666, 06. 66. 666670 666666 867 p1666606 3666666 066666666 6ol 6666666666 666.. D6666066, 06 6 6 06666b,066 66c.2728 66666 66 Dg6, 316.6 0666~B6ttl 76.rfo666-b 66 6 P6666 06660l 6666. 6666 6666, l66666ti6g 666 06660 66 L76y 6666066, 0. 06, 6663 66, 0.6.6 666- "060666"- -p600786660. 666 06666666 "066066," 66f 56666, 0676~,66 66 A3688- P..6 by 066. Mo66666660, 6.., by 06666 66666666 "W6 -P000t. S. 6666666666666666 6066063 i6 A66 66 p666i36 6 66t66661 6666666 06! 6666_ 6 6666, 7666. 66. C-6P6t, 666666 y 0. 6. th6666t 6667- 6. Ve~-, pi 6 66666 t6 06666 666g6, May 2. Aoo6O 66 0. 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