Standard atlas of Antrim County, Michigan : including a plat book of the villages, cities and townships of the county...patrons directory, reference business directory and departments devoted to general information
Geo. A. Ogle & Co.

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Page  3 I NCLUDIN( -A PLAT 1 0IK OF THE VILLAGES, CITIES AND TOWNSHIPS OF THE COUNTY. M-A, — MF TE STATE, UNTE- STAS- A^9WOFeJRb LDPatrons Directory, Reference Business Directory and Departments devoted to General Information. ANALYSIS OF THE SYSTEM OF U.S. LAND SURVEYS, DIGEST OF THE SYSTEM OF CIVIL GOVERNMENT, ETC. ETC. (mpiled and Published ^ - __________ - BY — 9 c- -- PUBLI SHIE.R S & ENGRAEIER S. 134 VAN BUREN ST. CHICAGO. rrr yyt /~o0 byGeo.A4. 0e & Co.

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Page  5 TABLE OF CONTENTS GENERfI L INDEX TITLE PAGE...................................... TABLE OF CONTENTS.............................. OUTLINE MAP OF ANTRIM COUNTY............... MAP OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN.............. MAP OF THE UNITED STATES...................... MAP OF THE WORLD............................. PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY OF ANTRIM COUNTY.................................... ILLUSTRATIONS...................................... PAGE.........3....... a........ 7...68-69..... 72-73..... 76-77..S3 PAGE ANALYSIS OF THE SYSTEM OF UNITED STATES LAND SURVEYS............................Supplement 1-11 DIGEST OF THE SYSTEM OF CIVIL GOVERNMENT.... Supplement.................................... III-VI GENERAL INFORMATION REGARDING BANKING AND BUSINESS METHODS.................. Supplement VII-VII1 ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY, CHRONOLOGICALLY ARRANGED...... Supplement X-XXII fANTRIM COUNTY INDEOX. PAGE ALBA, PLAT OF............................ 23 ALDEN, PLAT OF............................ 22-23 ALDEN PARK, PLAT OF..........................22 ANTRIM COUNTY, OUTLINE MAP OF...............7 ATWOOD, PLAT OF............................... 23 BANKS TOWNSHIP............................29 BELLAIRE, PLAT OF............................10-11 BIRCH POINT, PLAT OF..........................23 CENTRAL LAKE, PLAT OF........................18-19 CENTRAL LAKE TOWNSHIP......................... 35 CHANEY'S COVE, PLAT OF........................ 27 CHERRY GROVE, PLAT OF........................26 CHESTONIA TOWNSHIP.......................... 45 CUSTER TOWNSHIP............................61 DO-DI-AH-TA, PLAT OF........................... 27 EASTPORT, PLAT OF...............................15 ECHO TOWNSHIP................................. 37 ELK RAPIDS, PLAT OF.......................56-57 ELK RAPIDS TOWNSHIP.........................57 ELMIRA, PLAT OF................................ 32 ELLSWORTH, PLAT OF.................... 33 FOREST HOME TOWNSHIP............................49 FURNACEVILLE, PLAT OF....................... 15 HARBOR BEACH, PLAT OF..................... 26 HELENA TOWNSHIP................................ 59 PAGE INDIAN LANDING, PLAT OF....................33 JORDAN TOWNSHIP........................... 39 KEARNEY TOWNSHIP........................ 47 KEWADIN. PLAT OF.............................19 LYON RESORT. PLAT OF...........................11 MANCELONA, PLAT OF................... 14-15 MANCELONA TOWNSHIP...................... 64-65 MAY BLOOM BEACH, PLAT OF....................26 MILTON TOWNSHIP........................52-53 NEW HIGHLANDS. PLAT OF........................27 OLD ELLSWORTH, PLAT OF........................ 23 PRAY'S HARBOR, PLAT OF................26-27 REX TERRACE, PLAT OF..........................19 SIMONS, PLAT OF.............................. 11 SNOWFLAKE. PLAT OF.............................11 SPENCER CREEK, PLAT OF........................22 STAR TOWNSHIP................................ 43 TORCH LAKE, PLAT OF......................... 27 TORCH LAKE RESORTS, PLAT OF................ 26-27 TORCH LAKE TOWNSHIP........................ 32-33 WARNER TOWNSHIP..................................41 WA-SE-O TERRACE, PLAT OF.....................26 WASWAHGONINK, PLAT OF........................26 WETZELL, PLAT OF..........................32-33 WIG-WASH-MISH RESORT, PLAT OF................26

Page  6 INDEX TO ILLUSTRATIONS Alba Bank........................................... Alba Customl Mills.............................. Amerson, H. S.................................. An Interesting Moment on Cedar River Antrim County Reward Road.............. Armstrong, L.;................................... Bailey, S. S., Residence of.................. Beam, W. B.............................. Burcholder, J. S., New Residence of.... Burcholder, J. S., Old Residence of...... Butts, Mh. E.H............................ Church, Mr. and Mrs. F. L.................. Clam River and Lake..................... Clark, Chas. T. and Family................ Colburn,. Fred, Residence of............... Coldren, H. Mi................................. County Officers.................................. Court House..................................... Coy, Chas. H., Residence of................ Craig, John, Residence of.................... Curtis, W. H.,................................... Dawson, W. G., Farm of................... Douglass, Marshall, New Residence of... Douglass, Marshall, Old Residence of.... PAGE......85.......89........83........85........85......83........89.......85......87.......87.......83......83......85......85...... 89......85......85......83......89.....87.... 87.....89.....89.....87 PAGE Eastcott, Mr. and MIrs. R. P.....................83 Eastcott, R. P., Daughters of.....................83 Eastcott, R. P., Residence of.....................89 Ehrhart, David, Farm Buildings of............87 Exterior View, Elk Rapids Savings Bank.....83 Ferree, Jos. D., Residence of....................89 Fisherman's Paradise on Grass Lake.......... 85 Fish from Intermediate Chain O' Lakes...... S 9 Flanagan, Jno. J. and Bertha A...............87 Gibbard, Isaac, Residence of....................... 87 Ginther, G. W., Residence of.....................89 Good Ol:1 ichigan Fruit...........................89 Guyer, -Thos.................. 83 Henderson, Perry, Residence of........87 Hosmer, F. T....... 89 Interior View, Elk Rapids Savings Bank.....83 Johnson, August E., Residence of...............87 Kidder, Geo. E., Residence of..................89 Kocher, J. H., Residence of.......................87 Lescher, Mr. and Mrs. Frank H..................87 Lichty, I. K., and Family.......................83 Loague, Isaac................................. 85 IcAlister, W. H..................... Alancelona Giiseng Garden...... MIorehouse, MIr. and Mrs. Geo.... Murphy, MIr. an5d M7rs. Ralph.... Newr Orient Hotel..................... Nicliols, A. X'..................... I'AGE.........83.........85..........83........ 87......... 85..........83 Old and the New (Street Scene, Bellaire).....S5 Ostrol8,, Geo. L., Residene5 of.................... 87 Pelham, MIr. andl Mrs. David..... Perry, Geo. WV........................ P. AI., Ry. Station. Alba, 5Mich. Public School, Bellaire, Alic5.... Scene on Grass River............... School House, District 4, Banks Staffordl, F. J....................... Stafford, F. J., Residellce of...... Steele, S. J., Residence of........ Wassenaar, Henry.................... Weirich, P. L., Residence of..... White Gable Hotel.................... X\Vright Family, Residence of..... Y. MI. C. A. on Torch Lake........................ 8 7..................8 3..............I... 8 9................. 85 Township...87................. 83..............89..................8 7...................85...................89...................89.................. S9........... 89

Page  7 i;NA1_ ;# - I V_* -ou ANT RIM4 COUNTY MICHIGAN )2_1 CHAAP.L&f VOfL_ co. A' ~~~I~~~ hALLL —i- " Wi___, L - -1 I 11 I Y15 -10,W —% i I IIL --- - - Y-1 I I.1, 43WA_, 2 /2~ 2I2 12 f 2 I~ A- - YjL. F -1. -I 1 7 V.1? 6kV P.15W. (- 22212 6 T 12 121.24 <GIPAND W AK 1PPAT/I~~S~E \ PW.7k a, /I/ 2' 5 co.;'lo ----— 4!z -4.. I. --... - - I I I I I - , k 258 l2 4 1 I I "I Ii I ff I V__1 ) 7N1 ILV 2XI 3S:e 3=_;' j LL. _==_. I I. N-M A 1 -r, -A, 114 i 2 2, I 22 — 2_ 2222 24 I _i~ 4 I22- 2 22 4,34 -3 C, ILJO_ _4n.. r_.r ~z co. 19 W 14<.P. 5 W. -— W, wn 1500_5101100 Title: Outline Map of Antrim County Michigan Keywords: Charlevoix Co.; Harwood Lake; Lime Lake; Chamberlain Lake; Lyman Lake; School; Lake Skinner; School; School; Church; Church; Church; Mud Lake; Moblo Lake; Cem.; Atwood; Old Antrim City; Ellsworth; Old Ellsworth; Cem.; Eaton Lake; Banks; Cem.; Cem.; Church; School; School; School; Essex; Church; Toad Lake; School; Mill Pond; Charlevoix Co.; Eastport; School; Essex Jct.; School; Cem.; Boyne City & Alpena R.R.; Jordan Cr.; Grand Rapids & Indiana R.R.; Cem.; Central Lake; School; School; Cem.; School; School; School; Cem; Church; School; Warner Creek; School; Do-Di-Anta; Mill Pond; East Jordan & Southern R.R.; Schroeder's Lake; Echo; Jordan; Warner; Torch Lake; School; Central Lake; Echo Lake; Fountain Lake; Chestonia-Jordan River; Town Hall; School; Cem.; Gardner Lake; Elmira; School; Cem.; Birch Point; School; School; Cem.; School; Hall; School; Hall; Jordan River; Cem; School; Hartwell Lake; Russel Point; Snowflake; Intermediate Lake; School; Bullhead Lake; School; Hitchcock P.O.; Simons; School; Grand Traverse Bay; Torch Lake; School; School; Forest Home; School; Hall; School; School; Kearney; Church; School; School; Chestonia; Green River; Star; School; School; Bellaire; Cem.; School; Cedar River; East Jordan Southern R.R.; School; Green River Sta.; Alba; School; Mud Lake; Church; School; Intermediate River; Pere Marquette R.R.; Home; School; School; School; Detroit & Charlevoix R.R.; School; Hall; Torch Lake; Grass Lake; Indian Landing; Cem.; School; Lake Harold; Lake Harold Sta.; Birch Lake; School; High Lake; School; Maybeloom Beach; Clamlake P.O.; Washwagonick; Wa-Se-O Terrace; Lyon Resort; School; Wetzell; Wetzell Lake; Kewadin P.O.; Lone Tree Point; Thayer Lake; School; Clam Lake; Hall; Cem.; School; Church; School; Grand Rapids & Indiana R.R.; Elk; Bass Lake; School; Helena; Comfort; Lake of the Woods; Custer; Fins L.; Town Hall; School; Mancelona; School; Mancelona; Elk Rapids; Milton; Trotter Cr.; Cem.; School; Furnaceville; Hawk Lake; Rapids; Cem.; Elk River; Sears; Wig-Washmish; Cem.; Church; Harbor Beach; Alden; School; Church; Hosmer Lake; Antrim Iron Co. R.R.; School; Sand Lake; Pere Marquette R.R.; School; Cherry Grove; Pray's Harbor; Chaney's Cove; Spencer Creek; School; School; Otsego Co.; Grand Traverse Co.; Elk Lake; Rex Terrace; New Highlands; Kalkaska Co.; Torch River; Round Lake Note:

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Page  10-11 QQSEATFOF AN ThIM CO. M ICH. 99 KEAENBY8&FIE S THOME TWP5 225 I bECOND J Fle55 5T ATNO A PI v 7 CdLYON RESOP 4(9 N ~~~~HELENA 7WP ciu.c~&' 12134 AVE ag RI 99eryI7c149dSNOWFLAIKE 9)1(9 999 7'located on Loll, 95501900Z. '9 ~FOE54HOME TWP Title: Bellaire, Co. Seat of Antrim Co. Mich., Kearney & Forest Home TWPS.; Lyon Resort, Helena TWP.; Snowflake, Forest Home TWP.; Simons, Star TWP. Keywords: E.M. Brown; H.T. Alcott; John Sampson; C.W. Ball; Hattie Pendock; Fourth St.; Third St.; Second St.; First St.; Forest Home Place; Mary Adamson; Sarah Hulburt; C.W. Ball; H. Richardi; F.W. Bechtold; E. Windnagle; A. Savage; Oliver Green; W.J. Dewey; Roswell Leavitt; C.L. Cleveland; W.J. Nixon; J.W. Willis; A.M. Russell; S.M. Young; Durham St.; High School; F.W. Bechtold; Mrs. Robt. Richardi; Mrs. W.J. Nixon; Sam Adams; Vet Mabley; O.E. Burch Est; G. Fate; E.J. Childs; Park St.; Hastings Ave.; Forest Home Ave.; M.E. Church; Richardi & Bechtold's Add.; Richardi St.; Richardi & Bechtold; Antrim St.; Hastings Add.; Forest Home; Town Hall; Grist Mill; North Bridge St.; South St; Henry Richari; H. Richardi; Pere Marquette R.R.; Private Road; Private Bridge; Village of Bellaire; Henry Richardi; Electric Light Co.; C.E. Dinsmor; R. Richardi; F.G. White; F. Besaw; Dr. Woolsey; A-Squa-Co-Na-Be St.; Steuben St.; Mound Park; Broad St.; Cook & Wadsworth's Add.; Mound St.; Gayuca St.; Genesee St.; Seneca St.; Charlevoix State Bank; F.E. Furrell; Intermediate River; Hy. Willis; Elmer Dickinson; F. Hocktritte; Mrs E.J. Evans; H. Richardi Creamery; I. Adams; Dr. Bodle; S.B. Owen; Jane White; I. Adams; J.F. Tickner; J.E. Cook; F.D. Flue; Dr. Close; C. Wiefenbach; Plat of Bellaire; Hydraulic Light & Power Co.; Riverside Hotel; Hotel; Bank; Kearney Town Hall; Planing Mill; Roswell Leavitt; Saw Mill; H. Richardi; Jail; Warehouse; Warehouse; P.O.; Livery; Depot; Court; Court Square; River; Fr't Depot; Water Tank; Cath. Church; Cedar; Richardi's Add.; Saw Mill; Vacated; Wetmores Add.; Kearney St.; Fair St.; City Elec. LIght & Power Co; Pond; E.L. Biledeau; E.L. Biledeau; Columbia St.; Rankin's Add.; State St.; Zone; James Rankin; Livery; Bridge St.; Mesick & Wadsworth's Add.; Thayer Alley; Allcott Ave.; Church Lot; Broadway; Grove St.; Allcott's Add.; Eureka St.; W.W. Phelps Est.; Park St.; Maple St.; George Humiston; S. Beech St.; Brigg's & Adam's Add.; S. Birch St.; C.C. Potter; East Jordan & Southern R.R.; S. Division St.; Est W.W. Phelps; Antrim Co. Farm; Clam Lake; Lake Shore; H.D. Rauch; A F Anderson; A Turk; Central Lake TWP.; N & R Johnson; D B Cutler; Pere Marquette R.R.; Spiritualist Association; Forest Home; Intermediate Lake; W W Johnson Est; J Schopht; W W Johnson; Chas. Dewey; Cameron Lumber Co.; Mrs. T A Johnson; Res. Of Wm W Johnson; School; C C Cutler; B. Lushen; W W Phelps Est; J. L. & S. R.R. Co.; Grove St.; Queen St.; Cass St.; Frederick St.; Williams St.; Main St.; Grand Rapids & Indiana R.R.; Antrim Iron Co.; Crozier St.; H. C. Stanley; W.S. Hale Note:

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Page  14-15 LT ao [Oa go 00_ 00 ~zo/N0I " ZZ~'400 ~ ~oo i I~I7.00 00 E~,k00 0 NNN N~'N ~ ~'ti' 0 PolN '0 00 "0" loN o N7 '0, '0 00 00 0 "'N' o0 00 'NJJV0 K Nay N' 0 r I I I I 14W UNoANN{Q Val0 00 I 00( 430 0NO AN g 00 I Title: Mancelona, Mancelona TWP.; Eastport, Torch Lake TWP. Keywords: Frank Bender; C.H. Kemp; G H Edgar; Robert Campbell; Campbell Ave.; Hudson Dowling, Bailey, & Campbell's Add; Washtington St.; Jefferson Ave.; Monroe Ave; E.R. Nickerson; John Culverson; Mary Johnson; John Carlson; A.S. Culbertson; D W Marsh; C.E. Palmer; W.R. Rice Est; Rice's Add; John Otis; Washington St.; Franklin St.; Hamilton St.; Hull; West Hinman St.; J.W. Mathewson; Mrs. I Inwinham; C Beaver; G.A. Burk; Joe McCauley; Jefferson Ave.; W.W. Sweetland's Add; Monroe Ave.; G.R. & I. Add; Hotel; Maple Ave.; W.H. Eldred; Merrit Hoyt; Chas. Paguette; W.E. Smith; J.P. Hulbert; A.S. Culbertson; D.A. Line; R.E. Mason; F Besaw; E.L. Berry; John Lutz; A. Kimball; Saw Mill; Frank Besaw's 3rd Add; Mancelona Hoop Co.; Mary Nolds Add; V. Culbertson; F Beers; S Fleet; W A Taylor; G.W. Johnson; S. Brown; W.O. Brown; John Mc. Beath; Frank Besaw's 2nd Add; L.D.; Maple St.; J.S.; W.W.; Frank Besaw's Add.; F. Besaw; Edw. Kemp; Spence's Add; Rose St.; Geo Simon; Machine Shop; Wm Mitchell; S Mason; Division St.; Forest St.; Mancelona Handle Co; Joseph Coles; Second Eastern; C.C. Woodruff; Center St.; Freeman's Add; Elm St.; Church; William St.; Calhoun St.; Broom Foot; John Otis; C. Church; F.L.; L.; Mrs. J; J.A. J.; C.; William St.; Bank; North Park; Planing Mill; Howard St.; East Hinman St.; Add; Pierce St.; Fire Hall; Church; Eastern Add; G.W. Lesher; A S Culbertson; L Watt; Guy Swan; R H Underwood; C.W Brown; John Fallen; E.E. Spicher; M. Boyd; J. Young; C M. Sharp; Cemetary; E.S. Ashdon; C Weaver; C Fleet; Mrs R N Middleton; C. Beaver; W.T. Sherman; J.F. Hoover; J Carroll; Wm Baker; Wm. Palmer; Rolph; J.G. Peterson; Karl Karlson; A. Bengson; Wm Baker; Downey Ave.; A. Schwab; N.M. Langdon; Mrs. G.V.; F Palzell; State St.; Main St.; Carralton St.; Andress St.; Plat of Mancelona; Michigan St.; Grand Rapids & Indiana R.R.; Reserved for Raceway Purposes; Brown Ave.; St. Johns Add; St. Johns Ave.; Grove Ave.; Church; Misk Chapman; H. Junker; F. Gifford; Mancelona Screen Co; Church; P. Leuck; H Thomas; Wm. Martin; B. Coatla; G.R. & I. R.R.; F L Knapp; Guinther & Neelan; Wm. Palmer; Re-survey of B.A.; South Park; Depot; Rose St.; Lybarker's Add; L.M. B.; I N R; W W; G. F; S W.; H. E; C.J. Hoppins; Lybarker's 2nd Add; Asbury St.; Danforth St.; Lake St.; J. Cornwell & Son; Geo Hamblin; Ellen Kleinhouse; Jessie Wisler; J.H. Williams; Sam'l Wisler; Water Works; Wm. Puckett; D.A. & R.M. Foote; C.M. Hoppins; F.E. Hoppins; L E Slussar; Fred Tompkins; W Neeland; L. Lobdell; Mathewson & Evans; L.E. Slussar; A.J. Francis; W.H. Downey; Church; Wm Parker; Antrim Iron Co.; J. Anderson; Wabash Ave.; North Green St.; North Front St.; South Green St.; Furnaceville; Park Add; Park Ave.; Michigan Ave.; Plat of Furnaceville; South Front St.; Store; Depot; Paint Shop; Wagon; Blacksmith Shop; Casting Room; Ovens; Engine Room; Machine Shop; Boiler Room; Stock House; Coal Kilns; Antrim Iron Co.; W H Downey; Wm. Strehl; Antrim Iron Co; Cath. Church; A. Murphy; H. Pantz; Chas Montieth; Antrim Iron Co; Lake St.; Fuller St.; Irondale Add; Iron St.; W.E. Carroll; S.E. Murphy; Frank Lesher; L. Johnson; Wm Palmer; G.F. Richardson; Nelson's Lake; Chas. Bechstein; Tobias Bechstein; G.J. Millard; Chas. Pahl; Chestnut St.; Jos. Gosiger; Euclid Ave.; Antrim Iron Co; Antrim Chemical Co; Estelle Bierboun; S. Montagne; E.L. Chapman; D.C. Eckard; D.S. Davis and wife; Cyrus Chamberlain; H.M. Blakely; W.F. Blakely; J.H. McPherson; J.H. McPherson; W.P. Evans; McPherson St.; Baker St.; Original Town; Henry St.; Pearl St.; S.A. Gates; W.F. Blakely; J. Dawson; Maria Chamerlin; School Lot; P. Sweet; Thos. B Kirby; Kirby Cider Mill; Guy McPherson; Mary Euller; F. Wood; H.H. Chamberlin; Nettie Harris; Seventh Day Adventist Church; C.L. Harris; Cameron Lumber Co.; Nettie Harris; Cong Church; A.J. Coburn; Mary Blakely; Rob't Rowe; Bap. Church; C. Evans; Robert Rowe; J. H. McPherson; D.D. Blakely; W.P. Evans; H Dawson; C. Chamberlin; Joel Sweet; K.O.T.M.; East Port P.O.; L.T. Ball; I. Kirby; Jos. Williams; John W. Pearl; Torch Lake; Anna H. Smith; Clara Sweet; Robert Rowe; D. & J.S. Arnold; W.G. Mudge; C. Chamberlin Note:

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Page  18-19 /~ 22 C I l IK 0N K?7Y ZT ',$ V N76N 17~ * c 1~ /VT -1~l 1/ M/ J.77? 90i &~ K~Z04II KL ha! N, cK Title: Central Lake, Central Lake TWP.; Rex Terrace, Milton TWP.; Kewadin, Milton TWP. Keywords: Jas Cameron; L Keefe; E.B. Gill; A.A. White; E.B Gill; A.A. White; O P Barber; Rowe; Liken & Brown Stave & Hoop Mills; F.H Thurston; Piate Johnson; R. Cary; E.D. Born; Minnie Capin; John Mathers; Frank Cryderman; Ed Wolverton; Chas. O'Dell; W.W. Clow; Garfield St.; Cedar St.; Clow's Add; Washington St.; Chestnut St.; Central Lake Canning Co; Havene & Geer; Smallegan & Smith; Pine St.; Thurston's Add; North St.; Cherry St.; Depot; Elm St.; Jennie McLaughlin; Lincoln St.; A Gibson; C Rogers; Phil Roach; Jos Blakely; U J Ackley; John Cameron; Guy Brown; A.F. Walbrecht; High School; Davis St.; Sisson's 2nd Add; Maple St.; Sisson's Add; Bank; Post Office; State St.; Bank; Brooks St.; Howard St.; Bradford St.; Chestnut St.; Intermediate VAlley Roller Mills; Hotel; Hasting's Add; HaU; F H Thurston; Grove St.; Original Town of Central Lake; Lake St.; Thomas St.; State St.; Fountain; T. M. Rushton; John Triplett; G W Cross; Chris Williams; J M Malhes; State St.; Green St.; George ST.; Jennie McLaughlin; W J. V. Lober; J. Ogletree; John Ogletree; Geo. Dawson; C. Sherman; S Washburn; T Meggison; E. Goodwin; Maple St.; Covert's 3rd Add; Cover St.; Mrs L.S. Stevens; Covert's 2nd Add; Covert's Add; Sisley's Add; Pere Marquette R.R.; Ballard St.; Cameron Lbr. Co's Add; Main St.; Sisley's 2nd Add; Lake St.; Cameron St.; Phil Roach; Saw & Planing Mill; Geo Bishop; T M Rushton; L.A. Smith; Eliza Wilson; Mary McKay; Guy Brown; Fred Rayworth; Thomas Add; Park St.; West St.; E.L. Cavaness; Cameron Lumber Co.; Intermediate Lake; Geo Ames; Mrs Rockefellow; Hiram & Stephen Rockefellow; Lot 1; North Alley; O.L. 1; Campus Circle; O.L. 2; Tennis Court; Ravinia Ramble; O.L. 4; O.L. 3; Walk; Bluff Promenade; O.L. 5; Campus Circle; O.L. 7; Campus Cirle; Glendare Ave.; Reserve; O.L. 8; Forest Alley; O.L. 9; Marvin Bronson; Cut Off; Flower Park; Fairview Ave.; The Pike; O.L. 6; Lovers Lane; Woodland Walk; East Alley; Elk Lake; Dock; Flower Park; Fairview Ave.; Campus Drive; Cedar Alley; The Midway; Kings Highway; Agnes Curtis; Lot 3; Rex Terrace; Sacred Heart Cemetery; Jacob Anderson; Peter White; Nancy Martin; W H. Anderson; Kewadin Post Office & Telephone Exch.; Town Hall; R.W. Wilson Creamery; Anna M. Odell; Indian Mission M.E. Church; Indian Camp Ground; Parsonage; Kewadin M.E. Church; Locust Grove Cottage; Stafford Bros; T J Mitchell; State Road; T J. Mitchell; Geo Manners; F.M. Bosworth; W.H. Anderson; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; Stafford Bros; John Robinson; Jeff Mitchell; T.J. Mitchell; John Frazine; Jacob Yaeger; Elk Lake Note:

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Page  22-23 IIIIIY.Vic Zs L ~70 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Title: Alden including Plats of Spencer Creek & Alden Park, Helena TWP.; Old Ellsworth Comprising Gov't. Lot 2, Banks TWP.; Birch Point, Central Lake TWP., Unrecorded Plat.; Atwood, Banks Twp.; Alba, Chestonia & Star TWPS. 3 N 8 W 13 Keywords: Torch Lake; Chas. M. Ayre; W. Drake; E. Rose; P. Anderson; Wm. Simpson; W. H. Green; E.F. Foster's Add. (To Alden); John McCrachen; Tyler's Add. (To Alden); Tyler's Add. (To Spencer Creek); Elder's Add. (To Spencer Creek); J. W. Tyler; Union St.; Bluff St.; Pleasant St.; Victor St.; Lake St.; Helena St.; Village Dock; Dexter Noble Land Co.; Advent Ch.; Dr. Hoags Office; I. O. O. F. Hall; Telephone Exch.; Store; Town Hall; C. Coy; Coy's Store; Post Office; L. Armstrong Gen'l. Store; Spencer Creek; Bank; Thos. Armstrong; John Armstrong; Granger Hall; Bapt. Church; M. E. Chu.; Armstrong's Add. To Spencer Creek; James St.; Frankling St.; Smalley's Add. (To Spencer Creek); First St.; School; Mrs. E. F. Foster; Railroad Depot & Ground; Reserve No. 2; Reserve No. 1; Jas. Kknight; Armstrong Reserve; D. B. Oviatt; H. D. Rauch; Geo. Dunn; Spencer Creek Reserve; O. D. Park; Park St.; Oak St.; Fern Drive; Valley St.; Elias Alspaugh; H. Paris; O. P. Smalley; Alden Park; Reserve No. 4; Reserve No. 3; Reserve No. 5; Charles St.; Chapelle St.; Terrace St.; Burnett Dr.; Park; Spring Valley Park Drive; Wander Drive; Loop Drive; Smalley St.; Mary Lee; L. Armstrong; Spencer Creek; Saw Mill; Pere Marquette R. R.; Lake St.; Coy St.; Forest Reserve; Loop Drive; Lookout Reserve; Elm Valley Drive; Loop Drive; Reserve No. 7; Reserve No. 6; G. B. Thomas; J. H. Hyatt; Anna Doerr; J. F. Main; F. J. Chappell; North Road; Jordan Road; Lake Road; Intermediate Lake; Drained Mill Pond; Off. Cr.; Pere Marquette R. R.; Lakeside Park; Park; Intermediate Lake; G. G. Haan; Atwood Creamery; M. E. Church; Christian Ref. Church; Blacksmith Shop; E. Mason; C. R. Church Parsonage; Town Hall; Henry Kloster; Smallagan & Smith; John Van Hooten; M. Kanagy; F. W. Collard; H. A. Post; W. W. Burdick; J. H. Botsford; H. A. Post; Est. David Ward; A. Strickland; J. Kester; Geo. Garvey; Est. D. Ward; Dr. Nelley; R. C. Bennett; C. A. Bird; G. Blaine; Old School; School Lots; Church; G. L. Ostrom; E. Snyder; Baldwin; Elm St.; Maple St.; Tindle & Jackson; A. W. Nichols; H. Pinney; A. W. Nichols; Saw & Planning Mill; John Westerveld; Barker, Welch & Dickinson's Add.; J. F. Moore; Second St.; W. J. Green; W. B. Beam; Barber; Dr. Kelley; Grocery; Noble & Bennet; Bank; Meat; Hotel; Q. B. Stout; Gen. Store Parsonge; Church; Barker St.; Grand Rapids & Indiana R. R.; Drugs; H. Mathiews; J. M.; N. Willoby; Impl'ts.; R. Glenn; J. Miner; W. E. Jones; Machine Shop; Geo. L. Ostrom; G. A. Mathiews; Main St.; Original Town; First St.; South St.; Union Depot; Post Office; Hdw.; Saloon; Ware House; In. Devenham; C. Eby; Elm St.; Dr. Bruce; S. B. S.; C. Eby; Thom. Livery; A. Blaine; Mrs. C. Kerr; J. Talmage; Mary Malheeds; C. B. Lurvey; Van Wert & Dibble's Add.; Grocery; J. Ander; Meat; Town Hall; Birch St.; Pearl St.; Ben Watson; Line Between Chestonia & Star TWPS.; Freight Union Depot; Est. D. Ward; Detroit; Charlevoix R. R.; R. Steiner; G. H. Allison; Tindle & Jackson; J. Rifenberg; Van Wert & Dibble's 2nd Add.; Centre St.; Wm. Stein; James Yager; Union St.; Est. D. Ward; Mapel St.; Walnut St.; East St.; Vine ST.; J. C. Lingle Note:

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Page  26-27 I Z;, 0 O3 0 0009027ud~z2, 7T~hflV7 V 2 K ILLi ________ — - - — ____________ JIL 0 L-7L6 3MV7 001j 3.008~7 — T- -TI- --- --- --- 00 - --- — O~ ID202000. 0A. (. g'.w l ~ un7,oa&= e. 0 IT" oj je I- _ _ - i 00 0o 0 0 0 0 0. 0 o00O 0000 Z 00 00.07 022 z j0 0007p1o00 0 00 0 00 . Z .0oo&ooooooy 0113 Title: Torch Lake Resorts comprising Harbor Beach, Cherry Grove, Pray's Harbor & Chaney's Cove, Milton TWP.; Wig-Wash-Mish Resort, Milton TWP.; Torch Lake Resorts, Waswahgonink, Wa-Se-O Terrace & May Bloom Beach, Helena TWP.; New Highlands, Milton TWP.; Do-Di-Ah-Ta, Central Lake TWP.; Torch-Lake, Torch Lake TWP. Keywords: First Ave.; Second Ave.; Third Ave.; Hotel Reserve; Reserve No. 3; Lake St.; Reserve No. 2; M.F. & A.H. Chubb; G.D. Harrington; Severence Ave.; Park; Reserve No. 1; Hammond Ave.; Hazel St.; Fairview St.; Stover Ave.; Roy St.; Park Bay; Cedar St.; Torch Ave.; Harbor Beach; Walter Wilson; Cherry Grove; Pray's Harbor; Torch Lake; Wm. Aemisegger; Chaney's Cove; 4th Ave.; Line Between Sec. 30 & Sec. 31; Elk Lake; Mrs N W Kirby; C Hirt; Mrs A L. Goodman; Mrs H. B. D. Dustin; D Sherritt; D D. Goodman; P Goodman; Alva Goodman; Henry Paradise; Leon Auger; Estate; W.H.; Clam Lake P.O.; Store; A.F. Anderson; Clam Lake; Waswahgonink; Lake Av.; River St.; Thompsons Lane; Stony Point Ave.; Thayer Lane; Thayer & Thompson; Wa-Se-O Terrace; Mileys Lane; Dr. Milney; Ed. Thayer; Torch Lake; May Bloom Beach; The Trail; W.H. Amerson; W.H. Amerson; A.F. Anderson; Thayer Lake; W.C. Amerson; Henry Aemisegger; Lot 6; Otto Aemisegger; Wall St.; Lake St.; Cedar St.; Torch Lake; River St.; Torch River Bridge; Jacob Aemisegger; Torch River; W C Johnson; Torch Lake; W.B. Wardrop; Elnora Folsom; Olive Hamilton; Cyrus Chamberlin; Peter Manchester; A Stocker; Cameron Lumber Co; Mallissa Mudge; W. Hodges Est.; Merritt Hodges; Gov't Lot 8; First St.; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; Post Office; Second St.; Third St.; Lake St.; Cameron Lumber Co.; Fourth St.; Fifth St.; Cameron Lumber Co; Sixth St.; Seventh St.; Front St.; Prospect St.; C. Albright; Cameron Lumber Co.; Torch Lake Note:

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Page  29 11 -.- q - --- b /', V:::: S, I;;j i::: Z: Title: Map of Banks Township 32 N; 32 N 8 W; 9 W Keywords: Charlevoix Co.; Geo. Van Pelt; Isabella Smith; Will Richardson; M.J. Ayres; M.J. Ayers; Mary H. Wood; Elmer Stocker; A. S. Richards; H.E. Brown; Jos. Seymour; W.H. Blow; Henry Wood; Alb. Van De Heide; Geo. Lord; Jacob Hoeksma; Albert Harwood; Ethan Jolliffe; John Jolliffe; Jos. Harwood; N.E. Blow; Simeon Blow; Jacob Bergsma; John Parson; Aaaron Harwood; G.V. Nash; John Koster; Edw. Yettaw Est.; Calvin Supernaw; John Doctor; Wolf Chamberlain; D.E. Ingalls; D.H. Alexander; Augusta Ingalls; Wm. Eastcott; Wolf Chamberlain; Chamberlain L.; W. Monty; D.E. Carpenter; Peter Renkema; N. Peterson & Co.; Leonard Herrington; H.H. Herrington; G.A. Dennis; T.E. Boss; Ralph Sitzema; Jacob Sitzema; W.G. Boss, etal; J.T. McElroy; Geo. Thomas; Carlos Hinebough; J.S. McElroy; Bert Melosh; Harin Sitzema; W.I. Crego; School; F.M. Johnson; C. Neff; J. Peacock; E.H. Crandall; C.E. Bearss; I. Alward; Lyman Lake; Robt. Dewey; W.L. Stiger; Spring; D.S. Dennison; Mary H. Wood; Fred Elkington; P.M. Wood & M.W. Clark; Wm. Knight; Henry Wood; Henry Elzinga; John Essenberg; Wm. Knight; J.E. Mason; Jos. Dennis; School; G.G. Haan; Church; Atwood; Hy. Elzinga; Sp.; Peter Visser; C. Vanderberg; Calvin Supernaw; Ralph J. Van Der Heide; Calvin Supernaw; Wm. Hoffman; Oscar De Young; Hy Vanunen; Church; John Smith; Edw. Yettaw Est.; Mary Martin; Smallegan & Smith; W.C. Byers Est; Abel Newland; Garrett Finn; Lime Lake; Arend De Young; Bert De Young; Louis Cramp; Wm. Hoffman; Jacob Vanunen; Henry Vanunen; G.T. Bentley; Mud Lake; John Doctor; School; Frank Peebles; Lake Skinner; Harm Hoffman; Hanse De Young; H.S. Peebles; Henry Vanderslick; Minor Harris; Herman Harris; John Vanderberg; Richard Dennis; Jacob Sitzema; W.A. Boss; Alfred Moblo; Henry Reamsma; Jas. Reamsma; Henry Yettaw; H.S. Peebles; Moblo Lake; Henry Johnson; Curtis Feltenbarger; Ralph Sitzema; John Smith; Frank Wright; Orrin L. & Mrs. A. Wright; Norem Griffin; E.W. Chrisfell; Hannah Stephan; Boss Bros.; Myrtle Kinney; Res. of Isaac Loague; Florence Loague; Robert Fulton; Alb. Johnston; Robt. Fulton; Donald Patterson; Maria Lyman; C.E. Bearss; "P.M. Farm"; W. Slough; Zenis Neff; Orin Wright; Frank Walker; C.F. Hillman; Mary Hillman; John Hodgkin; State Land; F.H. Henderson; Cem. Aug Brandt; Smallegan & Smith; A. Brandt; E. White; A. Brandt; Old Antrim City; J. Donavan; Fred Clark; G. Simon; State Land; Will Knight; A.T. Greenman; W.H. Greenman; John Van Kooten; J.T. Odbert; John Burns; A.W. Hartnett; W. Blissett; Adrian Bos; Church; L.M. Kanagy; Adrian Bos; S. Van Hooten; W.E. Byers; Bert Newland; Charles Arno; Van Hooten; John Adema; Smollegan Smith; John Adema; J.N. Empey; Lombert Zylstra; Central Lake Lumber Co.; Jas. Adema; J.N. Empey; Ben. Devries; Ethan Jolliff; W. Van Der Mulen; W.P. Smith; L. Groenink; C.W. Empey; F. Hoffman; Martin Groenink; Casey Mack; Louis Dennis; L. Groenink; Wm. Middlekoop; Wm. Drenth; Cameron Lumber Company; Arthur Ruis; Cem.; Wm. Kooyers; Ed. Tillotson; P. Wieland & R. Speyer; Eaton Lake; Irving Eaton; G.H. Bradford; Jacob Slik; Chas. Kinner; C.S. Campbell; Spring; D.O. Parks; Old Ellsworth; Mrs. M. Fahs; Wm. Eastcott; Mrs. H.; Frank Deline; F.H. Skow; Ellsworth; Donald Patterson; Jos. Dufore; H. Yettaw; G.F. Peck; Alex. Yettaw; David Van Orman; Fred Yettaw; C.S. Campbell; Jacob Drenth; Wm. Bothuis; G. Drenth; L. Van Skiver; W. Stiger; John & Otto Simon; F.H. Brooks; F.H. Brooks; Chas. Benton; John Simon; Smallegan & Smith; John Petter; G Rennel; Sligh Bros; John Simon; Ben Van Der Heide; S.K. De Vries; Res. Paul De Vries; Wolfard Ladue; Cem.; Chas. Brush; Louis Wray; Chas Brush; John Sprik; John Adema; Cornelius Sprik; Ben De Vries; Ed. Vanderberg; Henry DeKruiff; D. Hyman; Cem.; R. Vanderscheide; John DeGroot; Philip Mudge; Ref. Church Parsonage; D.H. Stebbins; John De Young; N.W. Moore; Ben Van Huvelen; E.A. Carlisle; Church; School; R. De Young; A.R. White; Herm. Tornga; Jacob Tornga; Isaac Tornga; Herman Cooper; School; Seibe Brock; John Vander; Mulen; A.D. Bowman; Nick Prince Est; George Dekkenge; Peter Henip; Geo. Drenth; Albert Van Beek; E.J. Chellis; Eugene Best; Peter Bronkema; G.G. Haan; John Rubingh; Parsonage; W.E. Kooch; Irwin Dean; Saw Mill; John Oosterbaan; F.H. Skow; Spring; Geo. Hude; Bert De Groot; Christ Drose; F.H. Skow; W. & J. Cole; Res. of Wm. Cole; Mrs. Hubbard; Baxter & Estes; Mrs. A.E. Pickard; Gerrit Drenth; W.C. Ward; Ten Hoor & Neve; Baxter & Estes; Res. Of Jeff Bearss; John Fielstra; E.R. Harris; Grand Traverse Bay; Levi Mapes; W.M. Curtis; Henry Wood; Mary H. Wood; Seymour Bennett; M. Van Der Heide; Theo. Guyer; John Farrell; Frank Brown; Thos. Guyer; G.O. Glazier; Wm. Waldruff; S. Bennett; Jacob Myers; Jos. Kirby; Jos. Hoffman; John Farrell; S. Bennett; Alex Melow; L.M. Kirby; G.H. Burn; H.H. Whitney; E.A. Carlisle; E.E. Empey; Res. Of Bert Empey; Bert Empey; Rich'd De Young; Jacob Klooster; Jacob Ferringa; B. De Young; H. Wassenaar; John Vanderberg; A. Devries; Henry Wassenaar; R.A. Case; E. Empey; Bert Martin; Martin Elzinga; John Glass; Mill White & Anderson Store; Van Derbers Bros. Store; Erwin Church; Harry Elzinga; R. Case; Sam'l Drake; Bilow Est.; P.L. Weinrich; Essex; Mill; White & Anderson; Church; A.J. Wibolda; C. Vandenberg; Amos Day; A.H. Brown; Guy Brown; C.M. Conkright; H.J. Timmer; Cornelius Van Straten; Geo. Rubingo; E.R. Sly; Mrs. Chas Palmer; G. Cole; Dr. Gibson; M. Pepin; M.A. Garwood; J. Timmer; I. Van Till; C.W. Fales; F. Wilson; Jas. De Young; H.H. Fales; S. McKinnon; Ed. Green; C.O. Fales; Sandy Martin; Jeff Bearss; C.W. Fales; Harry Taylor; Smith Rogers; Sandy Martin; Res. Of Ira Drost; School; Wm. Thorp; Ira Drost; A.E. Sinclair; Henry Wood; Mrs. Palmer; Wm. Woodruff; Henry Wood; Wallace Clow; Enock Isen; R. Ison; Anna E. White; Robt Rowe; G.O. Glozier; W.L. McPherson Est.; Clark Glazier; R. & E. Boston; Res. Of A.J. Boston; Chilton Stafford; Torch Lake TWP.; School; Enock Ison; G.H. Burns; Nick Koopman; Wm. Yettow; Ad. Marcus; O.W. Whitney; James Ison; Arthur Johnson; Lambert Devries; Agnes Devries; Res. Of L. Arnold; Jas. Arnold; A. Marcus; N. Arnold; Abe Arnold; Central Lake TWP.; Jacob Klooster; Spring; Bert De Young; Spring; Miles Klooster; J.J. Flanagan; Miles Wynsma; F.S. Calahan; J.C. Elzinga; Jas. Williams; J.J. Flanagan; F.T. Curtis; Toad Lake; John Goeman; Philip Mudge; S.A. Mudge; Leonard Goeman; Milton Robinson; Sarah Ford; Res. Of Fred Ford; Wm. Bennett; Stewart Bennett; Peter Goeman; Con. Goeman; W.J. Church; "The Elms"; F.L. Church; Evert Van Devark; School; Nicholas Postmus; J. Wieringa; Mill Pond; R.R. Archer; Mill; John Shook; Ralph Wiltse; Mark Baum; Miner Postmus; Frank Kas; Intermediate Lake; T.K. Wellenga; Pere Marquette R.R.; Mrs. I.S. Emery; Jacob Vanderark; J.A. Wilson; Miner Postmus; Freddie DeBoer; M. Baum; Earl McLain; J.E. Harris; Emanuel Wilson; A.N. Sinclair Est; John Cameron; E.R. Iron Co.; Mary Cross; John Crawford; John Stevens; Wm. Fisher Note:

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Page  32-33 3' Kv S 3'S N NN N T T N' N N Is 1 Oj~0~"~~ 3N N'N~~Y N~ AR-,-~~2 ~ '~ 4 NN. N J 03 N l 7 3 3 33b da 2 '21 N Oj~ ~ O~ 33~ N ~N3 3'O NO ~N$3N NN 3309NN ~ I coo4.. N N 3 0~~7 3/NN{3' N ~ ~ 03/ ~3N>J ~ NONOOO vOON&, - I I -- \, -- - -, - - i Title: Map of Torch Lake Township; Elmira, Warner Twp. and that part situated in Otsego Co., Mich.; Enlarged Plat, Central Lake Twp.; Wetzell, Mancelona Twp.; Indian Landing (Unrecorded Plat), Kearney Twp.; Ellsworth, Banks Twp. 31 N; 30 N; 30 N; 31 N 9 W; 9 W; 8 W 22 Keywords: BANKS TWP.; Robert Rowe; Christian Robertson; Wm. Baker; Robert Rowe; A. E. Palmer; East Port Race Track Assn.; Earl Kirby; Cyrus Chamberlain; H.M. Blakely; W.F. Blakely; C.H. Horhan; W.P. Evans; Eastport; E. and M. Archer; A Telgenhoff; E. V Chamberlin; John Brown; H.H. Chamberlain; J.W. Pearl; E. V. Chamberlain; J. McPhensan; John Brown; T.B. Kirby; Guy McPherson; Mary Euller; Jas. Williams; S.A. Gates; H.H Chamberlain; Nettie Harris; Cameron Lmbr. Co.; Robert Rowe; Martha McEwan; W.J. Kincaid; R. Rowe; C. Chamberlin; Orestus Chamber Zin; Cem.; CENTRAL LAKE TWP.; A. Brown; Robert De Long; S.A. Gates; Mrs. Augusta Hedge; Wallace Chamberlain; Res. M.L Harvey; Burns; R.D.; E.F.; H.L. Scheffler; Richard De Long; Elnora Folsom; Merritt Hodge; Lake View Fruit Farm; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; Torch Lake; Cameron Lbr. Co.; Cameron Lbr.; Jenette Russell; John Stratton; Cameron Lumber Co.; W.J. Shirtleff; Elmer Sherman; Leonard Duffol; W.J. Frame; John Levy; C.N. Powell; L. Boice; Elmer Sherman; Cameron Lumber Co.; Rob't Rowe; S.A. Gates; Rob. Frame; A. Frame; Wm. Drogt; Fred Kaiser; Cameron Lbr Co.; Elias Ohman; Isaac Gibbard; Lucin Kaiser; Elias Ohman; Alex Frame; Fair View Stock Fruit Farm; TORCH LAKE; B.C. Bargy; J.F. Bargy; GRAND TRAVERSE BAY; L. Bunn; Traverse City Lumber Co.; Chas Michaelson; Lucin Kaiser; Locust Farm; Ray Russell; B.J. Morgan; T.L. Russell; Chas. Russell; John Russell; Cameron Lumber Co.; A. Russell; Teresa Kaiser; Herbert Russell; Lucin Kaiser; A.A. Barne; W.N. Palmer; Jas Nichols; Wm. McLathlan; Peter Poulsen; Peter Turcott; State Land; Russell's Point; Jas. Russell; A. Copeland; Edgar Peckham; Chas. Bingham; C.D. Rogers Est.; A. Copeland; Thos. Burley; L. and O. Kaiser; A. Hockin; S Hoefer; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; Harry Hull; Richard Delong; Perry Goodman; School; Lorenzo Bullock; Peter Poulsen; J.C. Ellis; G.D. Bullock; F. Ruthford; H. Russell; Mrs. Peterson; Gerry Ellis; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; Cameron Lumber Co.; Jas. Hockin; John Turner; I. Gibbhard; Mich. Land Assc.; Thos. Burley; Joe Wolf; Joe Malujek; E.J. Hollenbeck; Jas Coleman; C D.; Hollenbeck; MILTON TWP.; Frank Cowper; Arthur Hockin; Doc J.C. Hull; Burley Bros. (J & G.W); Wm Coleman; J. Cazier; D. Cazier; J.C. Hull; Jas. Coleman; A.J. Kimball; E. Peckham; Axel Yeltaw; L. Bullock; J.C. Shearer; Frank Russell; Edgar Peckham; Fred Powell; M.W. Peckham; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; Frank Cowper; John Bosley; Harry Wyman; Geo. E. Fox; D D Buell; Ray St.; Charles St.; Coats St.; Town Hall; High St.; Res Geo Colter; Coats 2nd Add.; Coats Add.; McNair St.; Res.; F.J. Stafford; Grove St.; St. Chalmer St.; Res.; Van E. Evans; F.J. Stafford; Maple St.; Floyd & McNair Mill Yard; Frank Jordan; Saw Mill; D. Keifer; Underwood St.; Milton St.; Church; Hartwell's Original Platt; Harness Shop; Thompsons Livery; Divison St.; Saloon; Rest.; Saloon; Gen'l. Store; Grocery; Jordan & Weber Warehouse; Bank; Hotel; Pool Room & Barber; Post Office; Stock Yards; Mill St.; Depot; Saloon; Gen'l. Store; Wagons; Blacksmith; Meats; Grocery; Meats; Town Hall; Drugs; Pearl St.; Hdw; Church; Dr McGregor; Elm St.; Grand Rapids & Indiana R. R.; Aaron Starks; A. Lyk; Line between Antrim Co. & Otsego Co.; Garfield St.; Albert Losey; Jordan St.; Public Schools; Sanborn St.; Smith St.; Thompson St.; Cath Church; Jordan's Add.; Lincoln St.; Washington St.; Woodward St.; South St.; Otto Salchouw; W. Loree; Thos. Dunsmore; E. S. Carroll; A. J. Gibson; W. V.T. Swasey; C.W. Rogers; May Spencer; Neil Barry; J R Childs; E A Fox; L. H. Pearl; J. Vaughan; John Cameron; L.F. Derrer; R.M. Penny; Mat. Van Stee; W. J. Wiggins; Mill; First St.; Second St.; Park St.; Front St.; Grand Rapids & Indiana R.R.; F. Harding; Warehouse; Wetzell Turning Wks.; P.O. & Store; Main St.; Depot; Otto Johnson; F. Harding; J. W. Lauterman; GRASS LAKE; The Trail Public Highway; Pere Marquette Railroad; C.S. Campbell; Mrs. Mary Fahs; Wm. Eastcott; Mrs. Hudson; F.O. Gillette; Wm. Eastcott; Mrs. Hubbard; Ed. Vanorem; Mrs. Fulton; School Lot; High St.; Church St.; Harrison St.; Lincoln St.; Creamery; Hardy St.; M.E. Church; C.S. Campbell; Pere Marquette R.R.; Harris St.; Store; Warehouse; Center St.; Store; P.O.; I.O.O.F. Hall; New Orient Hotel; F.H. Skow; Park St.; Livery; Depot; Maple St.; Cameron Lumber Co.; Elm St.; F. H. Skow; Ash St.; Park St.; Main St.; Cameron Lumber Co.; Cherry St.; Saw & Planing Mill; Intermediate Lake Note:

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Page  35 q I'5 CENT"RAL LAKE ScaIe 2 inches to I mil U~ownship 51 XVorth, 5?ange 8 74eat of the _Iiichigan 5Witridiani RAYV A h- P-d5sd 8 a W6~o SS. SE 40 37< 0/8 A CQ9P <.O 003 o oi - zrd 19. 811 Yoo ~40' AO8 8 Ceo o t.6 -32 z 5 'o ron Fo 80 36?Afo~,.8 2 o Ix'ozz Co. 90 I zrz l 1? 'lool o-1 -OU 40 C 2-C FOEAKPHO E IEANF T'P Title: Map of Central Lake Township 31 N 8 W Keywords: Banks TWP.; Jos Swotosh; Josie Swotosh; H. Brower; Lambert DeVerise; Cyrenus Chamberlain; A. Roller Est.; W Wilkman; Sarah Derusha; Ed. Yettaw; Mrs Stibbins; A. Snitsler; J.W. Morse; Guy Morse; Bay View Fruit Farm; A.T. Savage; S.B. Anway; Jess. Morse; A. Morse; A. Roller Est.; School; W.E. Wilkinson; Fred Ford; Anson Archer; P. Gorman; G.W. Cross; W. Grant Mudge; Grange Hall; Clarinda Dawson; Anna Foster; A. Richardson; Minnie Webber; L.M. Keefe; Wm. & C.F. Dawson; John Shooks Sr.; Cyrus Veneman; Peter Driepstra; Tony Shook; Henry Vandermark; O.N. Sage; W. Bowers; A. Dunsmore; Wm. Watson; Rob't Watson; Essex Jct.; Sarah Emory; Wm. Kaiser; John Caywood; Fred Odell; W.K. Smith; John Crawford; Cameron Lumber Co.; Alfred Cady; Lon Crego; John McDonald; Torch Lake TWP.; R.R. Wilkinson; Geo. Sanford; A.B. Sanford Est; Do-Di-Ah-Ta; W.E. Wilkinson; Cem.; S.B. Anway; Lena Clark; Geo. Turner; H.N. Clark; Otto Morse; W.C. Johnson; Shady Nook Fruit Farm; A.E. Sage; Wm. Smart; Cobb Bros; W. Upthegrove; Pleasant Valley Farm; Wm. Bowers; A.J. Colburn; Vina Colburn; Chas. Morse; O.N. Sage; J.E. Boyce; Geo. Dawson; Ai. Sage; A.H. Clark; Kate Johnson; F. Cole; A. Dunsmore; J. Dawson; Sidney Dawson; Walter Small; C.W. Rogers; C.S. Boyce; A Boyce; H. Poquetts; C. Chamberlain; C.S. Boyce; Hall; School; Ben Sayers; L.J. Wright; Dan Hadcock; Jas Harrington; Ernest Harrington; E.L. Stauffer; A. Boyce; John Fisk; Art. De Bruyn; Wm. Mohrmann; John Handy; Cameron Lbr. Co.; R. Rad; Fred Mohrmann; Fred Mohrmann; Edgar Robinson; Ralph Wiltse; John Vaughn; W.B. Wardrop; T.H. Barnes; John A. Dawson; Jas. Cameron; M.L. Wardrop; Thos Wardrop; W.B. Wardrop; Herman Telgenhoff; W.W. Clow; Ziba De Forest; P. Roach; Jas. Carpenter; Robt. Rowe; W.E. Bush; Fair View Stock Farm; Wm. & C.F. Dawson; Silver Maple Farm; Rob't E. Morrow; A.E. Sage; Sidney Dawson; Hiram Dawson; Res. Of W.H. Bush; Beaver Meadow Farm; Rob't La Count; Gilbert Morrow; Wm. Dawson; Geo. Morrow; Emma Yerex; Chas. Dean; Chas. Church; W.M. Boyce; Al. Appleby; R.L. Appleby; D. Yatton; C Newton; Geo. Dawson; Cameron Lbr. Co.; H. Hastings; Chas. Dean; Aaron Arbergast; C.L. Twp.; J.H.; Wm. Corey; Roy Rushton; Lewis & Hickman; W.A. Barnum; Mrs. Corey; Nelson Palmer; A.C. Wilson; J.G.; G.W. Clark; J. Struder; S. Ruggle; S.C. Palmer; S. Sigler; W.E. McElroy; Jack Murckle; Fred. Tefft; John Vaughn; Jas. Hare; Willis Scott; Wm Murckle; John Grafmiller; John Flickner; J. Davis; Robt. Rowe; Robt. Wardrop; Alf. Wardrop; School; Otto Morse; A.S. Barber; John Clark; E. King; Walter Cornette; Moses King; Albert Dawson; W.V.T. Swasey; John Vaughn; Elk Rapids Iron Co; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; A.F. Walbrecht; Res. Of John Smith; John Upthegrove; G.M. Morrow; A. Lincoln; Jas. Cameron; R.A.M.; E.B.G.; A.A.W.; O.P.B.; Chas. Ogletree; Geo. Green; W W Clow; O.S.; See Large Plat; Central Lake; Pickard; W.S. Knowles; E. Goodwin; Liken & Brown; Frank Cryderman; Ed Wolverton; Chas O'Dell; Smallegan & Smith; Mathers; T.M. Rushton; Peter Williams; Geo. Pokette; T. Barlow; John Triple; G. Berlen; Res. of Burt Curtis; Jennie McLaughlin; L.; Chas. Garrison; T.M. Rushton; L.A.S.; E.W.; Mary McKay; J.H. Hemphill; T. Orr; Geo. Bryant; Wm. Davis; Burt Curtis; Jos. Devlin; Ray Newell; Michael Welch Sr.; Michael Welch Jr.; Emma Somerville; E. Loisa Est.; Rob't Spencer; Torch Lake; A.J. Springstead; Jos. Cornett; A. Carpenter; Jos. Cornette; John Giles; A.J. Barber; Geo. Tyler; Wm. Tyler; R. Tyler; Willert Tyler; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; Rob't Rowe; Noah Clark; Noah Clark; Rob't Johnson; Jas. H. Smith; W.G. Dawson; John Chilson; Will Washburn; M.A. Johnson; Rob't Rowe; School; Wm Norton; Wm. Dunlap; Warren Hastings; O.J. Hatfield; Fred. Rayworth; Guy Brown; Thos. Lancaster; Geo. Frost; Spr.; Louis Washburn; Fred. Washburn; F.E. Sisson; Jas. LaRue; Pere Marquette R.R.; E.L. Cavaness; Geo. Ames Estate; Birch Point; W.S. Richardson; John Smith; Cem; G.W. Thomas; Chas. Ogletree; Dan Chilson; Loper; Fred Washburn; Mrs. Boland; Res. Of C.W. Cornwell; D.M. Burdick; C. Briggs; I. Briggs; Jos. Somerville; School; John Garrison; O. Barber; Wm. Trebble; Res. Of C.W. Rogers; Gertrude Irey; C.G. & C.W. Cornwell; Cameron Lumber Co.; A.E. Irey; Casey; Y.M.C.A. Club House; G.C. Barber; E.A. Fox; John Hanway; Joe Matty; Frank Stevens; Elk Rapids Iron Co; Bert Lancast; A. Parrish; Rob't Rowe; Rob't Rowe; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; Forest Home TWP.; Chas. Tyler; F. Washburn; R. Rowe; John McKinzie; E. Arno; Frank Ablett; Frost Bros; A. Parish; H. Allen; Elk Rapids Iron Co; Jas. LaRue; L. Arno; Stevens & Austin; Geo. Haviner; Brick Yard; John Wood; Gene Hall; Jas A. Hughes; W. Roberts; O.P. Nelson; Fred. Fisk; Cameron Lbr. Co.; Ray Reed; Intermediate Lake; Mrs. Wm. Roberts; W.S. Westbrook; N.W. Doty; Rollo Johnson; W.H. Emmons Sr.; W.H. Emmons; H. Welsh; Echo TWP.; Kearney TWP. Note:

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Page  37 k O N C E F 9 -1 -1 -- -- - -- -- - -- -- -- - - - - - - 11 " g=;i,;, (172 374 Co0. I I~~jl 1,2 412. IV t Z, r.I IL 4C622I712 r t U~ownship 31 X-orth,.512ange 7 WVestof the M~ichigan M/eridian GJJARLLTYOIX 7 5717 I32- '72 71 1 "Z-6 7 71 610 7'2, 27 Z —0 -Po, 7I?' (3, %(1 -', 7 Z 27 -* If) II I (1 7 02272~ 3C0077 2100272' 0770 --- - 75002e~ 00~ 3 /,, P6( o3 - C 7,7. 0(1 1 0 1) 2>22 P6o IQ7o 7 rr4 717 72 4771_ a. 22. j 4 7) -2o _ _72 72 '4' 40 '7274 e1 f - 227 02-00* 770 --:W 0o 1I,X v 72270 0o -, 710) Oj7v % I"?'Coo _ o77 7 27 -77 27o t U, 0 0 6 '4 07 I 72 ' z7 2742 r0 472 -'0 7y 2~2b7~ -7 21227222- Ci0 0 22 -Z, St C7 0,2 2- J*5 472 77 ~ 0( 1 71 7 ~ - 072 Z, o- O7 7c20( 1772r2107cz75a22727 -2 '42 47 4,a1 j40 16707 77 o7O7 722,72 (1 1/7 l o77 2272 77)'s Z 0.7"o 7,57 022 -Z27,,74 o7oo7717 12 o 2 U4222 22 Z o J172R'. 03' 7222 2220 9F olo zF;7(1 22. 70700272(/ 7 24 Q,' 7 0 76 402'0200 JOO ' 270 ~ o0~2 zo a) N( 0( 40zoo722 27 oo7 Az. 'F 77 47 0 0 0 A,, 71o 7 0 oo (y,y,<1 40 2 _ _ Z102777~;~o17*272 7 7o0 277,'7 702 2772 27 2 7 7972,212, '7 f,,.'~17771 A eo,AfAO te 0777 Jo m,7025e2 O -7277,2 ' r2- 47 '47, 2o C02 Q 7 9,o27 752 —T '477 o -4 Z7i 4"4'' 2-,77 Oozireoz7_p 7/022 7'4-4 - *% 0,2712 '4 -B-z-55'7 2c 2 7 " 2 (::Z 7, 7o'2 7,7, 7 7; 0 1 2 (7,52 0~~~ 3021 20 2r 2 ~ '7 ~_ _ 4, '2 '7 0 0 * 72 717o 10 (3 ~ 4>2 (12 02 01 70 77oo ~ _ _ _ 00 o ~ 71(1772;0h C 7 0 7, 4 472 074 520-1 ii '7-. Cl:C 310 JfEAJNEY ()3 ~~(3 0~ 03 7;3'(a 722 720 777s 47, a327,e -E5077 0~17022070221 33 3600 (77227-? 00 0 1;, 07 71 Q)0 3 a i 1 34,77 —e i7 4 142-47 13'447 35222 -.5 -' -j 3.-o -7 — '47 12227)oo 72z. 72 -36 42 -- '-I - 2- 4 7 - *-2.":0 1(37924~ -TJiI? Z zc Z 1 I J -— l &r-, vml-2 - - 11 19 4 - , 11 1111 I& 1 - - e, -, "I 11 i I - 11, N. Title: Map of Echo Township 31 N 7 W Keywords: Charlevoix Co.; Chas Carver; John McDonald; J. Folsom; David Gagnor; Spr.; Geo. Hosler; Jas. Murry; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Jos. Moore; Spr.; John Hackett; A. Shepard; Geo. Vance; Carl Strubel; Spr; Edward Pollitt; Jas. Thompson; Mary Crawford; Jacob Wagbow; Wm. Thompson; East Jordan Lumber Co.; School; F.K. Gowel; Chas Larow; S.J. Colter; Coss Bennett; S.J. Colter; Tho's Colter; W.J. Bennett; Frank Bartholomew; Detroit & Charlevoix R.R.; East Jordan Lumber Co; W.J. Bennett; Jordan River; E.J. & S R.R.; F.M. Severence; Frank Bartholomew; John Severence; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Geo. Murry; Spr.; Duncan McMillan; Spr.; Lem. Freeman; Spr.; School; B.F. Bisbee; Monty Dingman; Dan'l McMillan; Eber Dingman; Peter Murry; Saw Mill; Dam; Eber Dingman; Duncan McMillan; Harry Taylor; Mary Vance; E. Jordan Lumber Co.; Wm. Thompson; Geo. Vance; E. Vance; J.E. Dingman; W.R. Batterbee; Gardner Thorn; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Benj Schroeder; Geo. Vance; J.M Hawley; Benj Bolser; Edwin Gill; Eugene Bowen; Mr. Brown; Wm. Cramer; Frank Colburn; Jos. Bilow Est.; Cem.; W.J. Bennett; Frank Bartholomew; E. Murry; Richard Forbes; E.J. Lumber Co.; School; Phoebe Wolverton; Cha's Wolverton; Spr.; Harrison Kidder; W.J. Bennett; John Craig; Mary Bartholomew; Scott Bartholomew; Lon Sanford; John Carney; Tho's Bartholomew; J.J. Votruba; Geo. Lavalle; R. Bauerman; L.T. Towsley; Matt Somerville; Spr; Albert Somerville; Spr.; Ora DeLong; Lucille Bradshaw; Wm. Muckle; R.C. Somerville; Spr.; Lem Freeman; Hiram Brown; Spr.; W.J. Somerville; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Mill Pond; East Jordan & Southern R.R.; John Schroeder Jr; Fred Alcott; East Jordan Lumber Co.; John Schroeder Jr.; Rob't McMillan; Anson Hayward; Craig Kraemer; Schroeder's Lake; John Schroeder; E.J. Lumber Co.; John Murphy; John Kraemer; Ralph Murphy; Geo. Kenney; Fred Colburn; Eph. Kidder; John Carney; Frank Bolser; Eph Kidder; Frank Kidder; Art. Kidder; Albert Kenney; Frank Kidder; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Frank Tower; Hiram Brown; Cha's Scott; Robert Rowe; John Edwards; Robert Rowe; Fred Baxter; Ed. Bradshaw; Archie McPhee; Rob't Whaley; John Smith; Spr.; C.E. Densmore; F.M. Severence; Geo. Scott; J.B. Moore; Adeline Scott; Angus McDonald; O. Richardson; Echo Lake; Spring; John Murphy; Spr.; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Fountain Lake; John Murphy; John Hosler; Alex Hosler; Darwood Wilson; Edmund Wilson; Gilman Wilson; Annie Gebhard; Amos Towsley; Ernest Barnes; Cha's Gebhard; J.W. Barnes; Albert Kenney; Jas. Meyers; Wm. Henning; F. Meyers; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Wm. Morehouse; Wm. Button; John Henning; Wm. Henning; Foster Nichols; Hy Hosler; N.H. Stewart; Spr.; Alvin Barkley; Geo. Irwin; East Jordan Lb'r Co; Rob't Rowe; Dan'l McDonald; G.E. Bradshaw; G.W. Somerville; John Somerville; S Westerbrook; Chas. Hess; Spr.; Geo. McKay; Isaac Washburn; Elias Burns; Frank See; Spr.; Jeannette Sisson; Stephen Bradshaw; Sam. Folsom; School; Elias Burns; Angus McDonald; Jesse Badgrow; J. Badgrow; Elias Burns; Edw Hebden; E.J. Lb'r Co.; Mrs. Norman Beal; J. Vandebender; F.H. Potter; H & H. Churchill; Cem.; Jennie Mackey; Alice Spence; Ralph Scott; Gleaners Hall; Clifford Spence; Spr.; Wm. Spence; E.J. Lb'r Co; John Wilson; A.M. Beal; School; J.A. Petrie; Wm. Spence; Hy Gressman; Blk. Smith; J.M. Petrie; F.A. Foster; Shop; Ed. Hebden; E.J. Lumber Co.; Cha's Parker; East Jordan Lumber Co.; W.H. McAlister; Lorenzo Button; Germ. Button Est.; Spr; Spr; Mrs W. McAlister Est; Elmer Miner; Wm Sabin; Phoebe Miner; Jas. Annis; Tho's Vance; E.J. Lumber Co.; School; F. Lavally; Loven Button; Elmer Lavanway; Cha's Steenbergh; Alex Lavally; Central Lake TWP.; Daniel Houseman; Kearney TWP.; T.R. Joynt; O.M. Bradshaw; Edw'd Hebden; John Badgrow; John Wilson; A.C. Tiffinay; Hattie Sweeney; Leon Marsh; Robert Mackey Est.; Elizabeth Kidder; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Wm. O'Connor; Rob't Spence; Spence Parker; East Jordan Lb'r Co.; S.W. Barnes; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Lyman Smith; Jos. Edgerton; E.J. & S. R.R.; Jordan TWP. Note:

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Page  39 K'-, 1 ----- 07 - — 4 6 - - 1 6 - 8 0 6 - 3 0 6 o - 0 P 0~, -9-1 —, 39 2= 'ORDAN4 - - -----., -- - --- - -11. TO0W N SHI P Scale 2 inches to I mile U7ownsghip 9Y X74orth, SiRange O 7Dest of the, $t4ehigan 3Mtgridian Cl/A ILE' VOLX 40 1 I 410 4078 41 - K f EOIby-.06.yo Ao J.%4+61706 r 4 /10 lfdbow zoo/V 66 8.10K 4 CIO 08 - - 0001. 0000 6'.6-, 706 32 6' 13. 40.00 40.20 #818 - I a —4 i/0 8~ra' ~611jrb~zeo 11~ I 0 6e'. '~oO 0 4620 0 '0~ Jo I 0 *K7Q A1.oOo 071~ garuc, ), "p, -11) - - k Izi k, ; % t 'q, -.1.0 401? 1/I 400 '2 _ _ _ _ _ I I //o -& /28 U4;5 40 /60,1~ I I 86zI 61-.10 376Z76~e~ 40. 40 1 " 0-311,19 —os 1 1711 R7-1, 11-rl 0 b - - - - 489 D86oo.~ 11 Y~/ 6Co. 320. 707a 40 0 40 00 80 V8It 80 4 40 0 8080041 a80 4 7 L4 l /5, 80 0 # 40. 80 8 268 KV0.7707 v' -h~'.50 (o6 90(. C6 _ 0 8*1 _7 06 oioaZ S o0 8 ~ " 07. 80 o~ae' 0 0* Dooi~s 1 8080Z6 o.76/Vro 0 0i1 k t/0.612/ 0oeo 80IC-Yoooh ~k~ore~. 70.00267 0_ - ~1~).160 80 8 C6 677 Pal11C~~ Z,Vat g o1Yo 56aoc 0 0 -/Sto i/o0- '' 460 I - iz< I I 31 40 0 2 41~ 0 0oS/jIo.o~ 33~ok0 6006- P012 33Z~n- 2, 3 00206866 I I I 0.01 J /O rdCa/C7o35.Z~ rw.02?62 eto- CO64~100 1~00 EC.1Onaoo~i- C /V277 Co 80. 11, 0 "t, - -, - - " - -Wj Title: Map of Jordan Township 31 N 6 W Keywords: Charlevoix Co.; E J Gould; Pleasant View; Walter Jaquays; David Rainey; F.M. Severence; Geo. Mayhew; Wm. H. Webster; Willow Brook Farm; G.A. Hobles; John Hajakj; Frank Haney; E.J. Lumber Co.; Harry Sutton; Anthony Rebec; W.L. French; Jos. Rebec; Frank Peshek; Cem.; F.J. Peshek; Vincent Brezina; Frank Haney; F. Wanek; Jos Votruba; John Nimecek; Antona Josefek; E.J. Lumber Co.; Frank Nimecek; Jos. Voturba; Jas Zitka; L. Marvin; C.W. Crawford; Kopka Bros.; Geo. Loomis; Eliza Loomis; W.H. White & Co.; E.J. Lumber Co.; S.J. Davis; J.M. Davis; Jas Davis; Frank Wilks; John Wilks; White & Co.; Joseph Stanek; John Nichols; E.J.L. Co.; F.M. Severence; F. Trojanek; Tallant Farm; John Craig; V. Swatosh; F. Potter; W.H. Jaquay; C.M. Haight; B.M. Ellis; T.B. Gould & Son; Wm Bolser; Mount Bliss Farm; John Craig Jr.; Sam Sutton; J.B. Webster; Hy Sutton; F. Bricker; Mrs. J. Cornell; Jas. Richer; Jos. Lilak; Jo. Kubeck; Jos Kupka; School; J.B. Volruba; Ant Josefek; Frk Lilak; F.M. Severence; Jas. Zitka; Jas. Zitka; Jos. Trojanek; Jos. Zitko; Church; Jos. Chanda; Frank Kotalik; Jos. Stanek; John Svoboda; G.W. Brown; F.J. Kotalek; School; John Stanek; Fk. Kotalek; W.H. White; Jas. Divis; Ed Svoboda; Pat. Hill; Jas. Buckley; John Buckley; Albert Dvorak; G.W. Brown; E.E. Brown; John Stanek; A.W. Brown; B.M. Ellis; Adolph Swatosh; F.M. Severence; Detroit & Charlevoix R.R.; Jordan River Valley Farm; C M Haight; B. & E. Tower; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Geo. Roberts; F.M. Severence; John Nichols; Jas. Sitka; Anthony Korton; Fk Wanek; F.M. Severence; Jos Kobat; W.P. Porter; Frank Chiak; Jos. Kubka; Fk Chiak; E.J. Lbr. Co; Jos. Trojanek; Frank Stanek; Frank Haney; Jos. Divis; Bohmir Davis; Fk. Koline; Jos Kotalek; Fk. Divis; Chas Shulack; E.J. Lumber Co; John Waneck; John Stanek; Jos. Chanda; Frank Wanek; Frank Havlek; Frank Dvarak; Chas. Stanek; Albert Stanek; W.H. White & Co.; John Waneck; Albert Dvarak; Clarence Tucker; Chas Moore; E.E. Brown; Lora Kocher; Chestonia; Mrs L I Davis; Depot; E E Brown; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Jordan River; E.J. Lumber; Town Hall; John Nichols; Jordan River Station; Jos. Kobat; Anton Havilek; A Asbaugh & Wife; Hy Sutton; E.J. Lumber Co.; S.A. Blanchard; F.S. Lilok; Guy Sweet; Jas. Kupka; Anton Havilek; John Swoboda; John Nimek; Thos. Dunson; E.J. Lumber Co; F.M. Severence; E.J. Lumber Co.; John Swaboda; Em. Bolser; I.M. Caukin; L.J. Thompson; W.H. White & Co; Allen Day; Pat Moore; W.H. White & Co.; L. Williams; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Maple Lawn Farm; J.H. Kocher; A.B. Jones; J. Savage; Wm. Kocker; E.J. Lumber Co; Store; Wm Osborne; H. Shephard & Co; East Jordan Lumber Co.; School; Frank Justice; M. Murray; Chas Litter; Sam Sutton; Hy Sutton; Sweet Valley; Guy Sweet; Geo Sweet; E.J. Lumber Co.; East Jordan Lumber Company; A.M. Haight; F.M. Severence; J.C. White; School; S.A. Blanchard; Cem; C.N. Blanchard; B.L. Caukin; J.H. Jones; E.J Lumber Co.; S.G. Thompson; Jos. Blaha; Frank Blaha; E.J. Lumber; W.H. White & Co.; Echo TWP.; Gyrus Tobey; Fruit Hill Farm; E.J. Lumber Co; East Jordan and Southern R.R.; Kearney TWP.; Chestonia TWP.; M. Cavanaugh; Estate; David Ward; G.W. Brown; E.J. Lbr Co.; W.P. Porter; Russell & Campell; Elm Brook Farm; Fred Sweet; East Jordan Lumber Co.; E.J. Lumber Co.; Howard Pinney; M.E. Pinney; H.A. Pinney's Res.; Frank Jakubeczak; E.J. Lumber Co.; East Jordan Lumber Co.; East Jordan Lumber Co.; W.H. White & Co.; E.J. Lumber Co.; W.H. White & Co.; Warner TWP. Note:

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Page  41 V121119, - I I 1. - -- - --- - - - - - --- ---- -4A- '#-1. - - - - - - - -- - 4 I eager 91 'RNIM >1 "W.' 9 - r ~ &LF~ I WVARINER-L7 77- ~ ~ c~al 2 inhes to~ I1ul U7ownshipi N~~orth,!Jiange S Veat of the!J/iehigan 4t1 M7ieridian __Co.~.......... C/IA Rb91VOLYY/ 0~l z<!7- <4~7r 6 z6> II; Ce16r ' 17' -,42'990A 2 S~9 T-12 I~ ---------- — f- -,v- --- 4~9:~5-4 )3 ',39 _ 97~ L29t9? I I I ' -- - - L -- - I- - JF- /3 ___________ i --— k-0 — i -9 I 8 -0 v '97,' 9 -04' 699~ - JKI[J4T~ ZAdesc~Ca6 10 ~980 1 1 7~5- 9 lPzzrzC Z ~~'fearCc> I I I I - - -1 - - -- - I - I - I..... - I -,, I. - I I 279 ~6 II 0 - 0 's6 18 t 9.0 iF iff A-1z?C 17 6 4 ec 6~ 16 09O, & e9 9. Ls6 II9 I 19 14~60 69 z~k' 9~907 4~ 9/r- -77 7 J h/ 1 <9 'o90 Co '~;o p I7 77,1 /91 -15 4.90 -IC, 40 b -n 60 4 -9.-1 6~ 9- C. I.6, u e90,9o) A~~Z's 40-3 _V lD —ZzzeZZ Mzfi,,5 A4,5c.10C 6Db- f I 4j 690 - 2V-4 C'Ombs6. PI C I II I I i I I' II I,I I 't', I s 09~0. 11 I I L....N 16~ 'A6 d - -- Ili~ 29 6.492.4O.0 VY iiZ<- zzr'~: 4. 9. L-z- Cc> 151c69orZ. 1Bwl 27 I 900 JOhz -Al 7'77 120 6 I 77l /070C0OZ 0 00C,"C I I..I - -, I 0< - 6nI 6~ Q K N I'l - I r;f; I I I, I X N I I i I.II I I I >0 '~61 AF 72I ZZ- -- -7 Z Ahf2/ctrnr' 00/ 772/C,-> ZZ 32 33 30 $3'9 64-a.~999 6 J~ z'Yc ole/I J'Z Z I'1 AsC~-z-C p. 4- a jj ~00200110 6 I II p 1 I Z — (r\ lz.)i. I, -- A-.AL Z I -5 TAR iv YWP 7773p I- - - -. - -;I Title: Map of Warner Township 31 N 5 W Keywords: CHARLEVOIX CO.; A. P. Cook; W. P. Porter; W H White & Co; The Warner Farm; Chas Deuell; W. H. White & Co; D.J. Hawkins; W.H. White & Co.; Boyne City & Alpena R. R.; Jordan Creek; Jacob Hetric; Grand Rapids & Indiana R. R.; Chas. Larson; J.S. Wetmore; W. H. White & Co; Geo Brown; Art Deuell; FK Dwarek; Warner Creek; School; Lena Tebo; The White Farm; W.H. White & Co; W.H. White & Co; Nels Nelson; W.H. White & Co; Joe Purol; Jos Jenkins; W.H. White & Co; The Bricker Stock Ranch.; Samuel Bricker; Bruce Henderson; W.H. White & Co; W.H. White & Co; Geo Morehouse; Clinton Hapner; Thos Jordan; Wm. Leslie; W.H. White & Co.; Mat Garner; Jas Long; L Darawuzki; Daniel Hicks; Fairview; S.J. Steele; W.H. White & Co; John Prerroski; Jay W. Thumm; John Francis; Jas Deevy; Victor Perry; Sunnyside Farm; J. Thumm; Dan Deery Sr.; W. H. White & Co; John Kobel; W. H White & Co; W.H. White & Co; John Kliney; J.W. Spry; Wm Hapner; Chas Dewell; John Kuzyniski; L J. Butler; W. H. White & Co; Kolaski Bros; John Oszanasz; School; Carey Kolaski; Jacob Dutkinitz; John Kuzyniski; Mrs A McDermott; J. Kobel; Geo Morehouse; Andrew Cryderman; Mrs. N.A Combs; J.D. Rodger; John Ojszanasz; Mrs A. McDermott; Cem; A. Manglos; Garden Dale; Mike Skibinski; A. Skikaski; Mike Matuszak; Maple Wood Farm; Gardner Lake; D. D. Buell; T. Jaronuski; Jacob Cizwaski; D.A. Cook; Elmira; F. J. Stafford; A. Lyk; Aaron Starks; W.H. White & Co.; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Jordan River; W.H. White & Co.; W. H White & Co; Antrim Iron Co; Jacob Dutkinitz; Stafford & Buell; Frank Gapinski; Aug. Mangtass; Jos Wazak; S. Dagolski; John Kuzyniski; Mat Garney; Jos Dubliski; M. Gapinski; Thos Dubliski; Wm. Borys; Jos Wazak; Jos. Wazak; D.A. Cook; Anton Lyk; Ludwig Dzwick; M. Gapinski; John Powlaski; Jos Waprockauski; Francis Stephens; H.B. & Albert Losey; JORDAN TWP; CHESTONIA TWP; W.H. White & Co; STAR TWP.; Antrim Iron Co; Grand Rapids Indiana R. R; A.P. Hulamantel; Wm Hood; Chas Secord; Tyndall & Jackson; Jos Dubliski; Aug Manglass; S. Keiler; Tyndall & Jackson; Darius Buell; Hartwell Lake; John Powlaski; Tyndall & Jackson; David Ward Est; Otsego Co. Note:

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Page  43 --- -I- -- -- -'- - -11 Q",>-.1 — \111-V, N11 —= ----11/11 --- —1 gM soon gi; FQW El --- A 159-1000-3 -- W- 1. 43 e L2.& L-r, I /.' i H L-L 11 ]i 11 11 U S"'FAR. 177 T T UW NSH I P Scale 2 inches to 1 mile aCownship 5O XWort,.5ange- 9 West of the 5/tehigan 5/tridian 6.8 6. 3 8823-4 78486~ 'I Izf'966 -- Z240.- 6 77vvP, IO~C~ ~ 83-99 --- —--------—.3618.7 182.1 -M - - - - ---- L -7- - ---- -, I - I 11{781 % I - 112 Z J'L — r.& 65 373108 240 Al *7 5f I 16 C - i- 4 -,/i-2 Co, I 1320. I I I I 6 I 72ii I -e 721C/fp z79 I 2.9874 1 8726A A o - z tzI itz -- 6 1e 81Colgel489 I - -- I - -- -I-I ~ -- 67j91 c. 6631.517r2 I 200. I =7161- 371142:1 ON1 14- ~ N 2~8e 2- 6 9Z 7 120 18F 61 1 40 o '1 40 ~-0818 I.2?c~ 11.7 ~I A3 N 18 ~ 716 15.13 44 — 80Z69 1 5 5 7 Q0 723. 28-8 T a ~ ~.21631. 81. ________ __ ____ ________ __ ____ __ j __ __ 87 38237 ___ ___ ___ ___ (1 ___ ___ ___ __ ___ __ 8198C.. a - 87 4~60,q~ 2780.301 el 16. 1)7 ~20 6 48. 4r1 '.611 aa 6 11 4 % 4 273 6 0 04 10 26 0 25J 4-ZW v-~ 211i8 68 6 8 066 7 3116 871 1.3o17 17c t37" 1-31..7.6 2181 20 111. 7z282-11 7 21' 82 N 8 4 4 s__ __ _I_ __ __ _ ____ ___ _ a 0. 60 6 a_ a1-X 6.c Za ~ 0 117 88 1 181 ~ I I I I: 2- - Z9i7Z1Y.0 2 y 11 I N 31 NIA 9 -I 30ga N I 32 Z 18. 6120O.081o. 31'O~-6~ 33.8786., 1 640 79 1-3.2. - - 1. -.Zcz6,1zC! W&-, p 66223Al 6!O.V 0~0 ;102 36 - 37865~0~ 4 45;060 i~Zt jV6~oL7~). 02 VA ,, -, * 'n e 9+- -+ -, , 01 - ,,% — — le, \,, — " "", ------ 1,/1 11.-r-=,- +- - -- 11 I - 11- 11 el 1 " - - 11 - - - - - 5 - -, — " I N i 11- i i- MR., MOOMM W MI-V - t I;F 1. I `, Title: Map of Star Township 30 N 5 W Keywords: Warner Twp; Otsego Co; Mancelona Twp; Chestonia Twp; Jordan R.; W.H.; White & Co.; W.H. White & Co.; Antrim Iron Co.; Samil Cole; J.L. & S.; R.R. Co.; Simons; J. Hale; Antrim; E.J. Lumber Co.; Iron Co.; Trindle & Jackson; Trindle & Jackson; Agricultural College; Smith & Staple; David Ward Est.; Cecil Irish; Thumm & Bailey; School; John Thumm; Antrim Iron Co.; David Ward Est.; H. C. Stanley; J.O. Brown; W.S. Hale; H.C. Stanley; Tindle & Jackson; Jas. Mesick; J.O. Brown; Geo. Bocock; Latimer Tupper; Bert Gates; Wm. Crozier; J. Crozier; Trindle & Jackson; Freeman Mfg. Co.; N. I. Rodenbaugh; Antrim Iron Co.; Antrim Iron Co.; Antrim Iron Co.; Smith Stable; C.H. Tuthill; Bailey & Thumm; Poplar Lawn; S.S. Bailey; Edw. Borland; C. Webb; Antrim Iron Co.; Thos. G. Sisson; H Sisson; David Ward Est.; P. baldwin; F. Snyder; Frank Myers; Grand Rapids & Indiana R.R.; E.J. Lumber Co.; Antrim Iron Co.; J.M. Mathewson; School; Trindle & Jackson; Clark Haire; Pleasant View; F Chryster; Wesley Olds; John Lifer; Art Olds; Chas. Gates; Noah Kimble; Cloverdale; Ansam Olds; Wesley H. Olds; Crates Est.; Wm. Mc. Comb; C. Webb; David Ward Estate; Thos. Patterson; School; Wm Patterson; L.L. Dubber; David Ward Est.; E. Post; Green & Tory; Jos. Kubeck; A Strickland; Frank Coon; John Westerveld; J. Decker; W. W. Nichols; G.M.; Chas Post; Cem; A Marshbank; Jo. Kubeck; Streeter Bros.; Fred Frank; F.M. Shephard; John H. Ziegler; Allen Bros; E. Marshbank; Ferris Odds; E H Holmes; Decker; W.J. Trethrick; Elm Grove; Tindle & Jackson; Carolina Canfield; R. P. Eastcott; Lane Brich Farm; John A. Mathewson; R.P. Eastcott; Jas. Corwin; Frank Corwin; John Broward; John Johnson; David Ward Est.; J.W. Haynes; Hamer Olds; Theron Smith; Thos Spears; Willis Norton; H. & W. Norton; Elmer Olds; E.J. Lumber Co.; C. Norton; A. Ingles; Henry Gagie; Frank Lockery; Lemuel Paxson; Peter Gagi; Kate Gagie; Edgar Osborn; D. Osborn; Perfection Mfg. Co.; M.P. Poff; David Ward; Alba; D Ward Est.; F. Beane; J.C. Lingle; Ben Watson; F.W. Shepard; Dutchland Farm; Geo. Graham; Geo. Vanblarken; E.I. Wilson; M. Larson; A. Shemmerhorn; Geo. Matthews; Burt Gorham; E. H. Holmes; F.M. Shepard; Wm Futter; F. L. Kelley; Stephan Oshman; O.W. Wiltse; David Ward Est.; Jos. Koski; Detroit & Charlevoix R.R.; Clarence Olds; G.L. Ostrom; Orchard Hill Farm; E. M. Olds; David Ward Est.; Geo. Brazee; Tindle & Jackson; School; Isaac Allen; Mike Sandberg; David Ward Est.; F. Chrysler; Clark Haire; David Ward Est.; M.s. Boughton; F. M. Shephard; David Ward Est.; Hy Johnson; D.I. Mosley; Q.B. Stout; Westerveld & Meeker; David Ward Est.; David Ward Est.; David Ward Est.; Est; Lake Harold; Lake Harold Station; David Ward Est.; Wm White & Co.; David Ward Est. Note:

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Page  45 I — 1/ V'112 -I- -- -! W. i 11 4 CHEST*"ONIA~.4 TOWNSHIP Scale 2 inchesto 1 mile1 Uownhip W.tort, 5anye 0 Vet of the- MJiehigan.tida 11 11.YOILlAA.5 41 #8 #0 C2, 2.. 142 3'733Ae 145 353355I 4.4281 380to 37315 31' O f23 3224 7F60 02-.52. oio 6 - - 254i 1& -f -. 42733 ~16~0 7J I4 Z:~ Y ~'J 32661 - "I", 1'11 3 1 7 I 7 10 1 6420 1-3 62 16 22422'23621 L12~3ed9 7 1 15 1 429~ ~', 3014227 o r7777c131O,,1'. *, Czo68 '1-7.2'32113 8 - I Z2"q q 0 0, 0,(.2 2 CO923' 3328 422 - J36oz 77J12o7oo 726121-2 z618 "62 263za 041726616 80 I 4 6 4!VoA, I I I I I I I I I I II I II I 1I II IYA[AAYII1& I~VA 11 y7wp d - --- -.- I 61 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 -- - - Title: Map of Chestonia Township 30 N 6 W Keywords: Jordan Twp; Warner Twp; Star Twp; Mancelona Twp; Kearney Twp; E.J. Lumber Co; David Ward Est.; East Jordan Lumber Co; L. A. Smith; Wm Patterson; M.H. Barber; David Ward Est; Jordan River; East Jordan Lumber Co.; David Ward Est; E.J. Lumber Co.; David Ward Est.; East Jordan Lumber Co.; W.H. White & Co.; East Jordan Lumber Co; David Ward Est.; David Ward Est; David Ward Est.; David Ward Est; E.E. Mills; HM Freeman; East Jordan Lumber Co.; East Jordan Lumber Co.; W.H. White & Co; David Ward Est.; J.K. Hepburn; David Ward Est; E.A. Dunson; East Jordan Lumber Co; F.O. Dawson; H.L. Dunson; Frank Jordan; Ed. Staley; David Ward Est.; Green River; Detroit & Charlevoix R.R.; David Ward Est; Jas. Ackley; David Ward est; David Ward Est.; T.E. Idsardi; David Ward Est.; J.M. Miller; Pleasant Grove; East Jordan Lumber Co.; School; Hy Frank; Gust Larson; Black Cherry Farm; Green River Sta. A. Johnson Est; David Ward Est; Wm. Stempki Est; J.D. Williams; S. Johnson; Chas. Halgreen; Hills Dale Farm; Elias Larson; David Ward Est; I.N. Debenham; Geo. Irwin; David Ward Est.; Geo. Ekidder; Forest Home; A. Kidder; Geo. Stafford; David Ward Est; A.W. Nichols; C. Eby; John A. Miller; Maple Grove; David Ward Est; Arthur Post; Eugene M. Gazley; L.M. Gazley; Samil Eby; C. Eby; Ema Eby; C.F. Burdick; F.W. Collard; H.A. Post; J.B.; W.W. Burdick; Alba; P. Johnson Est; Clark Haire; S.G. Wilfong; M. Douglass; Fair View; Rob't Watrous; Mrs. Sam'l Wilfong; N Stewart; M. Douglas; David Ward Est; Henry Shoemaker; Will H. Hubbard; East Jordan Lumber Co.; W.H. Robinson; School; S.H. Fenner; Grove Hill Farm; T.E. Niles; David Ward Est.; Geo. Kidder; Wm. Stempki; Thos. Jacob; Tho's Jacobs; H Willoby; Warren Hubbard; School; E. Bach; David Ward Est; M. Dow; Wm. Dow Jr.; C. Kranz; Ever Green Farm; C. Kerr; Thos Fuller; Geo. Tobias; David Ward Est; J.A. Miller; Geo. Tobias; John Rifenberg; David Ward Est.; M Dickinson; Wm. H. Welch; M.L.; C.E.; G.H. Allison; Rindle & Jackson; J.A.; J. Rifenberg; J. Anderson; G. Fuller; D.L. Kelsey; Harris; M.B.; H.w. Sloat; J.C. Potter; HJ. Corey; J. Kregulka; Rebecca Steiner; S.G. Wilfong; Geo. Williams; John Myero; D.T. Ehrhart; John Carlson; L.E. Burrett; E.L. Stone; J.E. Muller; Cedar river; E.J. Lumber Co.; J. Broyles; D.W. Marsh; T.e. Niles; R.H. Underwood; E.J. Lumber Co.; M. Goodale; Jos. Burkholder; Max Sheffels; David Ward Est.; John McDonald; Wm. Jacobson; A. Ackley; Hy Doerr; E. Doerr; State Land; E. Curry; J. Jarman; C. Scholl & D. Makel; J. Lather; Frank Schroeder; School; Jacob Merklinger; Aaron Grody; Frank Schroeder; L. Edwards; Wm. Schroeder; John Wilson; Grand Rapids & Indiana R.R.; D.F. Moseley; Mrs. C.C. Fulmer; Henry Miller; Jacob Weiderhold; D.B. Corey; J.C. Potter; D.F. Moseley; Wetzell Lake Note:

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Page  47 JMLIJ Title: Map of Kearney Township 30 N; 30 N 7 W; 8 W Keywords: Central Lake Twp.; Echo Twp.; Jordan Twp.; Chestonia Twp; Custer Twp.; Forest Home Twp.; Eliza Emmons; C.L. Houseman; John Fisk; Jas. A. Hughes; Sidney Swift; H. Riley; Robinson Swift; Ed. Schaen; Albert Derenzy; Clayton Shellman; L.A. Melling; Wm. Derenzy Sr.; John Fisk; T.C. Derenzy; James McKenney; Lou Lambert; C.L. Houseman; Walter Melling; Bullhead Lake; Fred Schaen; Peter Taylor; W.A. Hosmer; John Derenzy; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Francis Derenzy; Arthur Maedel; Mary Flewelling; Frank Smith; Walter Smith; Simon Flewelling; Spr.; Rob't Smith; School; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Leonard Miller; B.W. Barnes; I.G. Fisher; J.H. Fisher; L. De Forest; Clarence De Forest; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Bert Young; Hitchcock P.O.; East Jordan Lumber Co.; W.A. Hosmer; Jas. Wilson; Lizzie Sisson; W.W. Phelps Est.; School; Alfred Derenzy; Stephen Ward; Melinda Derenzy; Cem.; Vernon Smith; Wm. Derenzy Sr.; Wm. Derenzy Jr.; Res. Of Wm. Derenzy Jr.; Lizzie Sisson; Fred Knapp; Harry Reiley; Harry Reiley; Cordelia Hostler; Jos. Horn; Peter Baar; John Shaw; Ed Kelley; G.W. Montgomery; J.J. Montgomery; Lodina Montgomery; Church; Church Property; Geo. Borgman; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Evert Kladder; Henry Hulsebos; Wm. McDonald; Cha's Baker; East Jordan Lumber Co; Intermediate Lake; Henry Yell; S.B. Daboll; C.C. Potter; M.M. Pickard; Albert Worfel; Edson Carpenter; H.J. Underhill; W H. Russell; C.E. Densmore; C.E. Williamson; Henry Finch; Res. Of Mrs. Henry Finch; Garrett Papp; Chris Sommerville; Res. Of Clyde Newland; R.J. Newland; Edw. McClintock; Spr.; Chas K. Smith; H.J. Underhill; Chas S. Smith; Edw. Derenzy; Church; School; Chester Martin; J.L. Thompson; C. Snyder; Elmer Pace; John Fisher; John Bush; School; Ottie Smith; E. Jordan Lumber Co.; Jas. Delaney Est.; John Kinnison; Res. Of John Kinnison; Louisa Kinnison; Harry Hill; F. Gisell; Leonard Bush; John Bush; Bellaire; Intermediate River; J.C. Dooling; Henry Richardi; Bellaire Electric Light; Power House; Cedar Pond; L. Ritt; F. Ritt; Cha's Galt; A. Savage; Dell Thomas; O.W. Kibby; Ottie Smith; W.L. Wood; Electric Light Co.; Fair Ground; Nelson Holton; Village of Bellaire; W.W. Phelps Est.; River; E.J. Jordan Lumber Co; Chas S. Smith; East Jordan Lumber Co.; W.A. Hosmer; East Jordan & Southern R.R.; Harrison Eddy; Ottie Smith; Frank Akins; Chas Akins; DeForest Darling; E. Jordan Lumber co.; Walcott Sta.; E. Walcott; Roy Walcott; Louis Delong; Carolin Smith; W.f. Sherwood; Howard Jones; Leroy Daly; A.R. Graham; L.N. Lannon; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Jerome Hill; Lennie Hill; H.c. Lott; Alfred Hill; H.M. Hill; J.A. White; Thos. Haviland; Thos Brydon; Wm. Nichols; Chas Jillson; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Jas. Rankin; M. Carr; W.W. Phelps Est; Pere Marquette R.R.; C.C. Potter; Geo. Humiston; Van Liew & Evans; W.W. Phelps Est; Antrim County Farm; Rob't Douglas; A.b. Dargesval; Rob't Douglas; Hem Street; Hinman; Peter Sewinskl; County Home; H.M. Coldren; Tho's Petrie; Robert Hilton; Geo. Hall; Geo. Montague; Geo Hilton; E.J. Potter; Albert Batchelder; H. Carlson; G. VanLiew; M.D. Jones; Major Orcutt; J Edwards; Julia Adsit; A.E. Randall; Forest Batchel; C.J. Wait; H.L. Richardi; East Jordan Lumber Co.; Cord Ingalls; W.A. Hosmer; J.H. Cook; Henry Richardi;Fred Seamun; W.A Hosmer; E. Jordan Lbr. Co.; Wm. Hancock; W.a. Hosmer; M & B. Clark; J.T. Waltrous; W.A. Hosmer; School; Rob't Trall; J.L. Thompson; P.Meadlie; E.D. Muckey; G.H. Wilson; G.J. Noteware; J.E. Bacon; C. Wieffenbach; Brick Yard; S.R. Large; Grass Lake; R. Schoolcraft; O.W. Kibby; Clyde riley; Indian Landing; E.W. Hammond; Cem; H. Morey; David Pelham; Isabel Washburn; I.E. Dickison; Nicholas Jager; R.S Gillette; Chas Muerb; Jennie McKimmon; Wm England; Alonzo Gardner; Geo New; Volney Batchelder; Bernie Downing; Frank Morey; School; Chas Taylor; Res. Of W.T. taylor; Wm Taylor; Ed Baker; Robt Shippey; Geo. Benedict; Geo. Udell; Jos Shippey; Arthur Cook; R.S. Munn; Seaton; F.W. Fast; Earl Plimpton; Allen; B.H. Rothwell; Dam; Power House; John Rogers; E.W. Rose; F.W. Bechtold; Antrim Light & Power Co; C.L. Houseman; Matilda Watrous; Eugene Johnson; Sam'l Thompson; W.W. Phelps Est.; Marshall Bromfield; J. McWaters; C.H. Mack; Perry May; W.J. May; Carrie McKay; Horace Richards; Byron Scott; M.M. Myers; E.A. Stoddard; E. Jordan Lumber Co; Cedar R. Note:

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Page  49 I rid -:,, — —,,, --, - -:- - - - - 10 WI# , 11 -1 m. V"t-j - I I I I II I II '~9 5art of ownship JO X94orth, 5Zange 8 Weest of the 5Aielksgan M~eridian CENTRAL -LAKE TWPs, 6 3- -, 6. Tf3,50 55 y6~ ~'.''5 Fli '3A aSez. Cmesor 0Q " 733. 'lC'akr _T~1K a_ __L'~ __ >~ 40= - ' - oc. n Cz'arz a. a ~S7 72IT C4 S d I. FoC1 0'7o7 o/f'2~ r 5Cr 7_-1:7;;ero K.02 AKAL e AC 0 P02002, * 2317 '3 3333 37so1/oo *42 5 0 2-n 3 Z: 0*C," 2 7 30 SO2 a rsa / -D2~ IT S Yr 2 S376 Pa W e 33o.30l 423 3 F A'S. z-aD AL C'4a.Z ~ ~rs7 kr~q~S azoleC.Zaoar7 o 33 ~ CoSYT So *0 -T Z- -A coata7 aa K9 DZ,7 2 Mc A. 2V /7 237 a 23563 ~ T,~e40 Z4 F-4 I i I liff-ELENA -- -----— wP*. - - z , 9- 1,2 — - I\ PO 11 0 Title: Map of Forest Home Township 30 N 8 W Keywords: Central Lake TWP.; G. A. Thomas; Geo. Frost; Philip Eckhardt; Pleasant View Fruit Farm; Uri Holliday; Peter Thompson; G. A. Richards; G. B. Granger; H. Busch; Fisk & Roberts; Cameron Lumber Co.; D. B. Cutler; N. Allen; Cameron Lumber Co.; Frank B. Greenman; Cameron Lmbr. Co.; N. & R. Johnson; Mrs. T. A. Johnson; Res. Of Wm. Johnson; T. H. Johnson; Forest Home Spiritualistic Assn.; J. H. Bulock; W. W. Phelps Est.; Barton & Perkins; Snowflake, Intermediate Lake; Island; Pere Marquette R. R.; Geo. Gorharn; L. Bush; C. O. Thompson; Jas. Butler; McGuire; Garrett Oliver; Walter Stonehouse; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; Sam'l Nadie; Brice Oliver; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; N. M. Turner; School; Chas. Price; G. W. Thompson; T. D. Austin; Dr. W. A. Evans; C. H. Finch; Gerritt Waffle; H. A. Thompson; Elmora Folson; Chas. Lammiman; I. N. Ingersol; John Fisk; Grange Hall; Wm. Hill; W. Greenman; E. Hall; School; M. Hall; J. G. Bedell; S. Mosier; J. W. Greene; D. J. Bedell; Pleasant Hill Farm; Theodore Lockhoff; T. N. Chapin; Lake View Farm; E. W. Chapin; Jas. Wylie; Bellaire Cement Co.; Island; Louis Larsen; Ed. Larson; Alvan Gregory; Joe Ferree; Grant Marshall; John Pascoe; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; Coleman White; L. Leanore; Jacob Straub; J. C. Greenman; G. W. Straub; H. M. & F. H. Henstreet; Orchard Hill Farm; Grant Marshall; Chas. Woolcott; Frank Woolcott; Fred Smith; Chas. West; Chas. Woolcott; Joe Dustin; Chas. Underhill; G. G. Wilson; A. Stark; S. Adams; John Sweeney; S. B. Owens; Mrs. H. H. Flanigan; A. Stark; Devern Vandemark; Chas. Spears; W. J. May; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; Bellaire Cement Co.; C. Smith; A. Hoefkins; John Cline; F. Henderson; C. Smith; J. Dunn; D. Van Valkenberg; R. Henderson; John Sampson; J. Phillip; S. Shier; W. C. Green; C. W. Ball; John Chetvan; Bellaire Cement Co.; S.D. Kaufman; Felix Leanore; Robt. Foreman; Ray Sherwood; G. E. Cabanis; B. J. Powell; E. M. Olds; N. A. Thayer; Aug. Jansen; Chas. West; Rudolph Krumblein; W. H. Hill; Dr. Braman; H. M. Wilson; Frank Woolcott; Arthur Thayer; B. J. Powell; C. B. Granger; J. J. Powell; W. J. Dewey; W. S. eggleston; W. L. Hope; W. H. Hill; Jas. White; A. A. Close; Cem.; Wm. Hosmer; E. M. Brown; H. F. Alcott; S. A. Eldred; E. E. Breidenstein; B. J. Dickinson; J. P. Dickinson; O. Green; A. W. Schoolcraft; C. E. Densmore; F. Besaw; John Sampson; C. W. Ball; Hattie Pendock; Roswell Leavitt; School; Bellaire; M. Adam; H. Adamson; F. Bechtold; H. Richardi; Torch Lake; School; C. W. Ball; Jos. Becker; J. W. foreman; C. F. Pinnell; B. E. Wilson; H. M. Wilson; Frank Woolcott Est.; B. Brown; W. C. Dunson; H. M. Wilson; W. G. Williams; Joe Lassand; Losey L. Wright; F. & E. Wright; Nora Williams; Sarah Gardner; John & Wm. Duba; F. L. Crandall; Grass Lake; J. W. Snyder; Chas. Seward; Fred Seward; Jos. Lassard; W. J. Dewey; Intermediate River; B. D. Lee; Chas. Seward; Charles Guile; N. Nicholson; Nelson Walton; E. Biliedeau; Ball & Guile; Kearney TWP.; Helena TWP.; Pere Marquette Hotel; Chester Thayer; John Winters; W. D. Totton; Wendell Grody; A. F. Anderson; Thos. Dinger; C. O. New; B. C. Sickles; F. H. Connor; Dr. J. E. Bacon; Saml. Willis; N. H. Stewart; W. J. Dewey; Town of Forest Home; Burdette Crandall; C. S. Dearborn; F. L. & B. Crandall; C. J. Sprague; Res. Wm. Hubbard Sr.; Dr. J. E. Bacon; Dr. J. E. Bacon; A. W. Carr; Eliz'b Hubbard; W. J. Dewey Note:

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Page  52-53 iii - - - ----------- IN4II,"r c3P-q ---JL -ii.......... -----------......... - -FO WM E3H I P -,I 50.9 — Y -9 Wef of the.99V7fchta — -Z:7 -IJg Alt- -Z16 Z5 -Z __le Zoll i4, cq 2EF- e10 -Z-1 IZI?-ZZ 2F, 4-, 2, WIM JA — Z3. I Title: Map of Milton Township 28 N; 29 N; 30 N 8 W; 9 W Keywords: TORCH LAKE TWP.; Daniel Carter; J.D Kerswell; Frank McGuire; S.P & S.M. Hewitt; C.G. Barnes; Geo. Hopper; Savery Hoopfer, Jr.; Savery Hoopfer Sr; Jas Verneir; Fred. Warner; Louis Hockin; Res. Wm. L. Hubbell; W.N. Hubbell; Cassius Mitchell; W.F. Long; Spr.; Robert Lowery; Monroe Hughes; Spr.; Clar. Durocher; Louis Sutton; C. Mitchell; MUD LAKE; John Sutter; E.J. Harrington; Fred. Hughes; H.W. Bullock Est.; Ole Johnson; Ed. Christensen; Lewis Christensen; Eliza Christensen; Mrs. Clara Johnson; B.J. Morgan; Peter Dempsey; C.W. Oddell; Geo. Hockin; D. Rogers Est; T.J. Mitchell; School; Luke Durocher; Swan Swanson; C.G. Barnes; Olaf Warahl; E.P. Barnes; Church; Edw. Sutter; Otto Sutter; Geo Fox; Emil Kaiser; A. Hubbell; Dennis Hubbell; Res. Geo Fox; D. Hubbell; Theo Johnson; C.D. Rogers Est.; Ben Rosenberg; Julius Hansen; Henry Moore; Wm. Russell; S. Larson & A Olson; Spr.; Fred. Warner; GRAND TRAVERSE BAY; J.G. Booth & Co; J.T. Kennedy; B.J. Morgan; Ernest Odell; L.M. Osborne; Thos. Kennedy; Lester Hubbell; Theo. Veliquette; Alex Sarasin; B. Durochen; Thos. Kennedy; Michael McGuire; Frank McGuire; Jacob Winters; E.J. Hollenbeck; Shingle Mill; F.K. Hockin; Hall; Wm. Loranger; Res.; J.H. Campbell; Spr.; R. Larousbhe; Sam'l Loranger; Spring Brook Dairy Farm; M. Campbell; W.G. Powell; Maple Row Farm; S.A. Wolcott; Res.; R.J. Wolcott; S.A. Oliver & R.J. Wolcott Prop; R.L. Frink; P.T. Nelson; Spr.; M. Buller; Harry Powell; W.G. Powell; F. Hockin; F. Pfeiffer; Recreation Park; W.T. Hockin; Howard Hollenbeck; L. Hockin; Frank Odell; J.G.; L.P.; I.N.; S.P.; Sweet Briar Farm; W.D. Hollenbeck; S.P. & S.M. Hewett; Hollenbeck; F.R. Williams Est.; Geo. Hockbridge; W.C. Mitchell; W.A. Osborn; L. Hollenbeck; E.M. Kennedy; School; Amos Durocher; Maple Line Dairy Farm; High Lake Farm; R.L. Frink; J.E. Winters; High Lake; Mark Mamagona; Rob't. Foster; Edmund Hurley; Andrew Hesley; Ernest Pfeiffer; Water View Farm; Elk Rapids Savings Bank; D.M. Clark; D.M. Clark; ELK RAPIDS TWP.; Kewadin P.O.; J.G. Booth; Cem.; See enlarged Plat; Booth; I. Fraure; E.M. Bosworth; Jacob Yaeger; F. Amacher; Peter M. Johnson; Elk Rapids Iron Co; Peter Johnson; D.D. Goodman; L.E. Hassett; John Niffeneger; E.M. Kennedy; John McLaughlin; Edw. Gregoir; Jas. Walter; Louisa Bushor; Conrad Banninger; Frank Walter; Jos. Bushor; Adolph Bachi; Andr. Hesley; David Goodman; J. Burns; Wm. McLain; Noah Moran; F.R. Williams; D.D. Goodman; Present Water Line; E.R.I. Co; John Roginson; Conrad Bachi; Adolph Bachi; Conr. Bachi; Jas. Robinson; Res.; John Robinson; Amos Fox; Teles Dufrene; Adloph Dufrene; J.N. Roberts; John Easley; Jos Paradise; School; Spr.; Fred Bussey; Adolph Duchaney; E. Smith; F.R Williams Est.; Cash Phelps; TORCH LAKE; Wig-Wash-Mish; Res R.T.; A. Goodman; Thos. Paradise; F. Wade; Thos. Paradise; D. O. Roberts; Louis Turcott; Noah Moran; John Bergwall; Peter Dufrene; Emma Machnoch Est.; Leon Auger Est.; Alex Dickie; Jos. McLain; John Western; Was. Wali-Go-Ning; S.A Wolcott; W.C. Crawford; Crawford & Durkee; ELK LAKE; Christian Hirt; Henry Paradise; Mrs. J. Hirt; John Briter; Cem; Jos. Bussa; Frank Hesley; Alex Turk; Henry Fox; Wm. Herget; John Hesley; Harry Palmer; W.M. Ackerman; Harry Warner; Church; A.E. Warner; E. Bachi; W.D. Wood; Rich'd Fox; Res.; W. Santoes; Sarah Duffle; W.J. Hoopfer; Moses Ringler; Chubb Bros; L.T. Hickin; W.H Bennett; Geo. Hickin; W.P. Parks; J.C. Gray; M.F. & A.H. Chubb; HARBOR BEACH; Walter Turk; Maud M. Robinson; Sunny Broe Farm; A.O. Campbell; Edward Masten; E.E. Welch; Savery Hoopfer; Frank Hesley; Moses Ringler; Frank Wilson; Locust Grove Farm; C.D. Rogers Est.; School; Richard Fox; Jacob Aemisegger; Allen Little; Eliza Arnold; C.D. Rogers; W. Chaney; G.D. Harrington; Walter Wilson; CHERRY GROVE; Wm. Aemisegger; PRAY'S HARBOR; CHANEY'S COVE; REX TERRACE; Hiram & Steph Rockefellow; Res. H. Rockefellow; Marvin Bronson; Savery Hoopfer; Res; H.L. Bebee; Agnes Curtis; Isabel Bebee; Orchard Hill Farm; S.M. Morgan; Paul Haller; Benedict Henzie; John Merrillott; Eliza Arnold; Henry Aemisegger; John Thompson; Paulus Haller; Jacob Hirt; Marvin Backus; Eliza Arnold; Henry Aemisegger; Henry Aemisegger; Otto Aemisegger; NEW HIGHLANDS; Jacob Aemisegger; Marg. Cleveland; B. Henzie Jr.; Fred McCreddy; Flora Dunphy; Jacob Hirt; O. Wright; Dr G. Frederick; B. Hill Est; E.E. Hill; Savery Hoopfer; Jessie Oxby; Louisa Schuler; John Thompson; J.V. Miller; J. Hirt; H.L. Penhollow; A.B. Dougherty; Ulrich Aemisegger; Peter Gehring; TORCH RIVER; J. Rankin; Ulrich Aemisegger Est.; ROUND LAKE; A.B. Dougherty Note:

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Page  56-57 ELK RAPIDSTV Scale-375 ft.-in. iap c dy - 1,7 - EKRAPIDS TOWNSHIP co.~apt of graetinal Uownhip 29D North, 2anye 9 7De8t of the S/ichigan 5/eridion INJJTON TWP. iN D Io Z ard N, 777777 7 ore Co1 DR Pow)ell zoo~ 1 oo a OU~o oo GNND OE z E /I T — z 3 E I q /3 -5 I 1 I 23 6 24,. I I 0 5 2.86 6T ef K Title: Elk Rapids, Elk Rapids TWP.; Map of Elk Rapids Township 29 N 9 W Keywords: Grand Traverse Bay; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; Lake Superior Iron & Chemical Co.; Saw Mill; Flour Mill; Water Works; Office; E.R.T. Co.; L.S.I. & Cr. Co.; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; Reserve; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; Antrim Hdw. Co.; J.R.V.; J.J. Mc.; John Thompson; Band Stand; Noble St.; H.H. Noble Add.; Dexter St.; Bank; P.O.; Hotel; D.J. Powers; A.B. Fairbanks; Law Office; Dexter & Noble Land Co.; City Dock; River St.; Town Hall; Opera House; Boy's Implem.; L.N. Spring; Traverse St.; Church; Church; Livery; Livery; Dexter & Noble Land Co; Dexter & Noble Land Co.; Original Town; Maple St.; Ottawa ST.; Court House Square; Oak St.; Chippewa St.; Fourth St.; Pres. Ch.; High School; Depot; Ellr Cement & Lime Co.; Cement Plant; Office; J. Butler; Dexter & Noble Land Co.; Dexter & Noble Land Co's 1st Add.; Third St.; Boarding House; F.R. Williams; Second St.; Warehouse; Pere Marquette R.R.; First St.; Ash St.; Elm St.; Spruce St.; Pine St.; Cedar St.; Bridge St.; A.B. Dougherty; State Road; Iosco St.; Wright's Add.; Livingston St.; L.F. Wright; A. Eble; Lot 1; Lake Superior; Iron & Chemical Co.; Lot 1; Bass Lake; Lot 1; J.E. Rankin; J.R. Vernier Est.; R Smith; W Shafer; J Ellison; F.R. Williams; Boarding House; Tram Road; Elk River; Ore House; Lindsay St.; Ames St.; Elk Rapid's Iron Co's Add.; Fairbanks St.; First St.; Craw's Add.; First St.; Second St.; State Road; 3rd St.; Ojibwa; Coal Kilns; Chemical Works; Todd; Hamilton St.; Rankin's Add.; Earl St.; Lathe St.; Wilbur St.; Graw's 2nd Add.; Henry St.; Buckley St.; J.R. Vernier Est.; L.S.I. & C. Co.; Church; John Nelson; N. Johnson; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; Furnace St.; East Elk Rapids; Center St.; Brand St.; Jas. Ellis; T.J. White; Est. I.M. McAuley; Jo. Nacherman; J.W. Veit; Geo. Hanel; W.H. Moore; Brand & Durkee's Add.; Charles St.; Kent St.; Park St.; Chris Norwick; Geo. Feddersen; Dick Bargy; Shingle Mill; Simon Simondson; Gust. Meyer Estate; F. Pfeiffer Estate; L. Herman; Aug. Bier; Est. John McDonald; Moe Goodman; Lot 6; W.H. Sears; J. Schuler; J.W. Dryden; Milton TWP.; John Meine; Booth & Dougherty; Jas. E. Rankin; Ed Nasha; Jane White; Anna Anderson; M.G. Wilcox; Sadie Gate; M.G. Wilcox; Alex Cooper; O.J Powers; Birch Lake; W.W. Willis; Dr Matier; F M Bosworth; Milton TWP.; Harlan Gates; F.D. Wilcox; Dexter Noble Land Co.; Sadie Gates; Lawr. Herman; Jas. E Rankin; Fairbanks & Seeley; L. Smith; J.E. Rankin; Linden Club; Conrad Meister; Dr. LaCore; Jos. Bilado; M. Breth; John Coutorie; Al. Bachi; F.R. Williams; E.S. Noble; Dexter & Noble L. Co.; Elk Rapids; Elk R.; Cem.; L. Co.; D & N L. Co.; R. Williams; E.R.I. Co.; L.S.I. & C. Co; Bass Lake; J.E. Rankin; Dexter & Noble Land Co.; D.N.L.; Elk River; L S I & C Co; Dick Bargey; Simon Simondson; G Meyer Est.; F. Pfeiffer Est.; L. Herman; J.R. Vernen Est.; A.U. V.; C. Norvick; G. Feddersen; A.B. Dougherty; L.F. Wright; E.A.I. Co; D.M. Clark; E.R.Tp.; A. La Farge; M J Smith; J.E. Rankin; E.R.I. Co; Nelson Peterson; Wm. Blanchard; W.H. Pascoe; Jas. Ellis; Jessie Webster; John McDonald; Goodman Moe; J Schuler; D.N. Land Co.; W.H. Sears; J.W. Dryden; Sears Point; Elk Lake; H.B.; T.G.; J.N.S.; E.R.I. Co.; Ed. Durkee; C.D. Webster; Hooper; Bunn & Hunter; Grand Traverse Bay; John Ferguson; T.B. Pierce; W.H. Pascoe; Chas. Rex; Eugene Power; D.M. Clark; Richard Phillips; A.V. Gates; O. Case; W.B. Bailey; H.S. Case; Patrick Sweeney; Grand Traverse Co.; Geo. Hanel; Pere Marquette R.R.; Wood; Henry Hanel; School; Viola Davis; Res. Alb Davey; W. Dingman; W.E. Morrison; Jacob Kaiser; A.D. Davey; H. Larson; Hortje Note:

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Page  59 _ _ __59 5'art of 7ownship 2.9.Xorth,!,7ang8 ZWegt of the 5Wichigan Mgeridian4 A -fORNSFT HJIU2WK '-TIiV'\>)K'& ~$P8 272 0 m3r39 1Ar ____ I (i/iI-IO zowz - ewe Y )z~o Ad? ~oPc6A \-4Jfhrs l-ez4.34et 0-7722. O~20' ad RroYwn1B~;~~i er~ ~ c~z VFe "A.-c Ajiree 4 8 3471, - 1 4 & * '4 Title: Map of Helena Township 29 N 8 W Keywords: Forest Home TWP.; A F Anderson; Clam Lake P.O.; W.D. Thayer Store; N.H. Disbrow; Waswahgonink; Thayer; Thompson; Dr Milney; C Bailey; Wa-Se-O Terrace; Ed Thayer; W.H. Amerson; May Bloom Beach; Thayer Lake; Lyon Resort; A.F. Anderson; Wm Dewey; Louis Disbrow; E. Gray; Jas Dewey; Clam Lake; School; G.S. Berg; Ed Rauch; E.L. Biladeau; A. Biladeau; S.M. Dewey; Mary Utter; Eugene Utter; G.S. Berg; Samuel Adams; Jas Dewey; W.J. Dewey; Grass Lake; State Land; E.D. Pendock; W.C. Amerson; White Gables; Jacob Decker; A. Turk; Lone Tree Point; Wiscasset Beach; W.H. Amerson; Edwin Griswold; Eugene Biledeau; Perry Henderson; Eugene Biladeau; A.J. Charman; C Bowman; B.E Paige; Oliver P. Anderson; H.D. Rauch; Perry Canniff; E.E. Brown; Lakeside Farm; C.B. Canniff; D.W. Stewart; E.D. Scofield; O.P. Anderson; T.H. Paige; Pere Marquette R.R.; John Dempsey; Mary Breese; F. Utter; J.P. Bruce; S.M. Dewey; W.O. Brown; Walter Dewey; Pat'k Dempsey; John Hastings; State Land; S. Adams; N.B. Patterson; N.H. Disbrow; State Land; Wm. Steiner; P. Bodi; Jacob Steiner; Elk Rapids Iron Co; Chas Loper; T.H. Paige; Saml De Losh; B. Valleau; Almond Valleau; L.B. Harris; Eli Best; T.H. Paige; Wm. Page; Patrick Dempsey; E.N. Dewey; Wilbur Stebbins; Andrew Stebbins; Aaron Drake; John Lince; W.H. Curtis; Frank Hawley; W.E. Dewey; Ed Dunn; Andrew Stebbins; J.S. Wetmore; J.R. Brown; N. Fitzpatrick; Springs; Asa Reasoner; Geo Finch; Chester Finch; Dr. Hoag; J.S. Wetmore; Dexter & Noble Land Co; Store; Comfort; M. Smith; Gay Smith; L.H. Gage; W.C. Brunge; E Armstrong; Julia Ewatt; Mrs Dunn; W.E. Dewey; S. Ross; W.E. Wheeler; Jas. Stratton; McCrum & Turell; L. Haight; Blanche Forbes; Prof. F.B. Munford; Sue F. Winston; Chas. Harper; C.P. Hawley; Harry Hulett; W.F. Dewey; Lyman Bearss; Mary Kilpatrick; H.E. Gurr; E.C. Boggs; L. Armstrong; J.D. Angell; Dexter Ford; Geo. Kitchen; Trotter Cr.; S.D. Hamer; T.H. Paige; L.B. Harris; Isaac Pickert; Matie Finch; Henry McGuire; E.F. Foster; Geo Parsons; Cem.; A.R. Clark; Clare Maxon; N. Wheatley; O.D. Tiffany; O.P. Anderson; Adam Lawr; Bennett; Geo Harrington; Bennett; Chester Finch; J.M. Bartley; Adam Lawr; N.B. Barnes; Chas Mayre; Alden; D & N. Land Co.; John McCracken; E.O. Coy; G.K. Gurr; H.E. Gurr; E.F. Foster; Elias Alspaugh; L. Armstrong; J.F. Main; J.D. Angell; G.B. Thomas; B. Brown; D.O. Reichard; L. McFadden; F.J. Comstock; Sam Harriman; School; Ira Woodruff; G.J. Angell; L. Armstrong; John Stratton; Vincent Harriman; Frank Bartlet; J.P. Walker; Frank Bearss; Kelley Rogers; B. Brown; Judge R.A. Montgomery; Ed Lockman; W.A. Patterson; Torch Lake; J.H. Hyatt; Anna Doerr; J.F. Main; C.F. Wheeler; F. Wright; G.B. Thomas; Charlotte Adair; G. Beebe; Res. Edw. Adair; D.N. Land Co; M. Trembley; Hugh Leonard; Kalkaska CO.; P.J. Chappell; Geo Boundy; Adam Morley; Durham Stock Farm; Thos. Armstrong; Res M.L. Morrow; A.J. Lardie; Lee Woodward; Ira Bridgeman; Marvin Prentice; John Russell; M.C. Armstrong; L. & K. Angell; D.J. Angell; G.J. Angell; T.A. Wheeler; J.E. Wheeler; G.A. Johnson; Thos Armstrong; H.H. Goodin; D.B. Thompson; J. Boerr; Elk Rapids Iron Co; Caldwell & Loudon; G.J. Angell; Tyler; Spencer Cr.; Morris Brookshire; Louisana Elliott; Sam'l Bears; A.P. Richard; Milton Howard; T.W. Howard; J.F. Main; H. Gurr; Custer TWP. Note:

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Page  61 Z I 5 r I I I I 1-1 I, --- -,4, 111. 11,:,- I -,V I> — 11/111.-= ----11 -- 1:1 11 , I e -, '? le, 71, - +1 m 1:1 I I I I - - - kl# 4 i........................USTR... 01 - -Jown8hip 2.9 _Xo-0rth, 5AtngeO 7 W~est of the - Michigan 5/Meridian.316 6'6 6.6 3' '. 61f3 26U.6' 66.7-6".36 7 5Z 3'' 6'6.66 9k '' 6~6 66 3-. 6 6.~,.6 6 /6E26 C?_ [Yalll;1 ar 66 _? ~ /z 7 ~ 6 f7,77 ib ii (~~ A' ~ 61275 -~ Z LN -4 6 66 5 3 66 ~65Z2~z Z~ 32~72 6I6/272A40 R~723 2770CCZ 0)65 z6' 6 ~ A'P 6/le AIChAf -7.26 A Oer2-Zc 6 k[2l/ C 7zz 26 u 4vr$j'' 2 e6r ~ A AI2/rzziX4 zC J-6 -46 46c-4 -46 '0 6,6~22 6 ( o CO Z.76Ga, av 2 967 Cc6617 7 29/722 0/,2 3/ 6676, A ff c/sz C Sic 66.3/627 Asrl~~ -.LIL11C~6)6262 127~-/,5z 22/10, 6 -46 #6 6 2 #6 [1666 -I 6 /6-A1 6 53a'5~ ~0 022 266/v6AJh'rLZ-26cr 5721~ J 066 661 /66 ~ 1n77 02 Z2Z66 166/02/sc./4 V) 7 726Z2 Zai6 46 a ok~~II~ 436 176~ 7~ 7 /61266, c I II 33 35 0'i /6: 2 I27A 122~6276722202, 17/ 67394 222262 6 2466 ofe52A~ 227/a,8. 2a 35Z2s ~ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ CK 4 5 I -,' I Title: Map of Custer Township 29 N 1 W Keywords: Kearney TWP.; Grass Lake; Giles Trombly; Alonzo Gardner; Elizabeth Ellison; B. A. Thorp; Stale Land; J. E. Rankin; Lavern Gardner; Elk R. Iron Co.; Geo. Carpenter; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; G. E. New; E. Hide; J. W. Ellison; Pleasant Home Farm; Nathan H. Jackson; D. Mason; W. S. Stall; D. Britkari; John Wilcox; I. W. Ellison; Clinton Wilcox; Isaac Wilcox; Halbedel & Weaver; East Jordan Lumber co.; Edward Mills; W. W. Phelps; Cedar River Farm; B. H. Vincent; Wm. Hosmer; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; J. L. Clark; Cedar River; W. W. Phelps; East Jordan Lumber co.; Harrison Wagon Co.; Al. Williams; L. Gordon; Saw Mill; Saml. D. Kaufman; John Williams; Mill Brook Farm; Grange Hall; John Wisler; D. & S. Land Co.; Mont Carr; H. P. Porter; Hattie Fralick; A. Williams; Hy. Bush; Grass River; Crystal Brook Farm; O. B. Orcutt; O. J. Orcutt; Cem.; P. c. Wellman; D. I. Kauffman; L. C. Gordon; W. M. Wellman; Solomon Dewey; Daniel Kauffman; W. H. Dewey; David Henry; Sunny Brook Farm; G. B. Stanley; Lester Gordon; Fannie Henry; Valley Farm; Henry Wisthoff; N. J. Troyer; Jas. Mills; Jas. Mills; King Lumber Co.; Mary Mills; Ed. Lakies; F. Richards; Wm. Hosmer; Christian Lakies; Frank T. Hosmer; Louisa Mills; Gust Lakes; School; Church; Hilly Dell Farm; Wayside Farm; C. W. Hill; Henry Richards; Thos. Monroe; P. S. Weaver; A. G. Jackson; Al. Oswalt; Chas. Forbes; W. W. Wait; E. E. Lacy; F. Hawly; Byron Tyler; Louis Tyler; D. & N. Land Co.; Wm. O'Connor; W. F. Stats; Chester Hall; Pere Marquette R. R.; Harold Porter; Solomon Dewey; Jerry Dewey; Louis Taney; J. V. Dewey; E. J. Lbr. Co.; Lake of the Woods; S. D. Chapman; Mrs. N. B. Barnes; N. B. Barnes; John Fralick; J. Wellman; John Mills; Edward Mills; A. J. Pence; Wm. Evans; John Evans; Harvey Davis; Emory Davis; Antrim Iron Co.; Town Hall; Martin Johnson; Wm. Hatch; Isaac Liveley; David Liveley; John Peterson; Ellen Liveley; Gustave Johnson; Mrs. J. A. Johnson; C. W. Johnson; City View Farm; John Straus; A. Smith; Wm. Richards; Wm. Halbedel; Chas. Himbach; Wilber Johnson; Plesant View; G. W. Gunther; Sol. Tinker; V. Culvertson; A. J. Hulbert; C. B. Latham; C. Lee; C. B. Latham; Warren troyer; L. W. Stahl; N. B. Barnes; Livingston Woodenware Co.; Geo. Harrington; John Owens; C. W. Hill; School; Alex McNicker; N. B. Barnes; F. Updyke; Perry Est.; A. J. Pence; M. E. Walker; Chas. Brown; John Walker; Adam Law; W. D. Chapman; Smith & Hull Co.; D. U. Heimbach; John Call; P. Medalie; Perry Bates; Gustave Johnson; Otto Nelson; Oval Wood Dish Co.; K. Karlson; School; John Campbell; Geo. Reiber; Lawrence Diebolt; Z. W. Fear; John Thurburg; S. A. Magoon; Anna Walker; Clayton Bailey; Otto Nelson; Omer Stanely; Fred Junker; L. M. Barnhart; Jess Wisler; S. F. Moore; Jacob Stradengen; H. R. Macklock; T. Barber; O. Hazard; Eugene Maddock; Emma Maddock; P. Ballinger; Spring Brook Farm; J. S. Martin; H. R. Maddock Sr.; Smith & Hull Co.; J. Vickery; Louis Updyke; Thos. Haynes; Jas. Morrisy; A. Rewald; Church; Eugene Maddock; Glen Eden; S. D. Chapman; John Anderson; Geo. Crozier; Smith & Hull Co.; Chas. Rewald; E. R. Iron Co.; Smith & Hull Co.; P. S. Dubois; A. M. Smith; Antrim Iron Co.; Beach Grove Farm; Dora Wood; No Small Lake; Q. Henry; Scott Ellsworth; John Campbell; Smith & Hull Co.; P. Dubois; P. Medalie; Harry McClellan; Frank Elder; Gast Luick; Geo. Walker; Antrim Iron Co.; Helena TWP.; Kalkaska TWP.; Lucky Brookshaw; Jas. Martin; Wm. Adair; H. E. Maddock; Hull & Smith; Francis Fry; Ida Atherson; W. H. Adair; School; Louis Way; Mary Dubois; F. H. Bebb; H. G. Baker; F. Hull; Gilbert Hoopfer; B. J. Turk; R. Hoopfer; Smith & Hull Co.; E. Ebenstein; Oliver Pratt; Arthur Leonard; Chas. Leonard; Elk Rapids Iron Co.; Jess Davenport; A. Leonard; School; C. B. Allison; Antrim Iron Co.; C. B. Allison; B. F. Moore; Wm. Francis; Ed Ashdon; W. S. Sweet; H. Alexander; W. S. Meesick; C. R. & I. R. R.; Mancelona TWP. Note:

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Page  64-65 0 I<- 88 VI,,'7<0% -, o88<8 ~N-0188,W --- 81 "II08000A 05' 0< 88<1001<I-, —.8 I A A < I I I,, o40<wk 50 M,.ANCELONA T W SHIP e S2 cheo t~o Imi LCowflhip 29Xorth, SAmp te8 and6 Weatof the Mehign Seridian (ffEsra.YlA Is T9107400840 40 4000 0'00 03 44 46 00 401f 400 040,g 80/,os.o6j JO 40 40 78/0o 8- 8-d 0N 1100 oo 00 8eose /0 8//0 400 5w ThPI STAR I40 I0840 4008r11.I."T" 7 6.1 10ooy 008 o 80 40 52 5 880 800 008- y 80 00 404 0000o4014 ffor/I 2 iforaozon 828 8 009 4005 -440 Io I Lo --— ooo fu7,,! qu," I Y", I -- I I,"6 000O 01~ 7/580 5.I —"I 07o7' Z,;; 0044Z ~384). 80 340 Dovtd Xa8rci I 2 o1 420, 40 0., Oe Nod Z4vo 8808 000 08 98-~ =,,;8 401 3, Nor 200 __7,,pm,y wP I044809408 looj 8 ro 480 I,)L- = - Z- - - -. I - 7 1.1, I T i I 1, t i 1, 8 28 8 0840, 5> oo80 0 00 0 CZ08~o fOoy T0 88n 8000A 7 1 0 <8 778 /5 >5 ~088ro ) < '0 <0< Z I 8 705 25 I 58 001 8oi5' 88 10 15..409 40 820 2 0 TroiZA 1 1 Ijosor 040. 100 580. ~. $ 4ovodlfor/i 7 2 48 120081#Q' 8 88806 8648 I I N/ovo58/Jnr00 9 [nO 882 lDnvid7<Yo12 10 800 Novol NoO I Dbovel/vI 21 No I I i 0.4, 80 80 -5 8.0588 froiolrl/orlooo00 13 8820, K40 'L8 5 rhy N 5580 0800 -Do vidJYord 17 [sO01; 8820 NDov&AiO~rl 16 400 /oo1288ord 15 [oR5z 88200 Novel/foard 14 INOR 3 6N d82 I I 1 I I 'I JUL. I___ 0LI0 I____ I______ _________ —______,red ie 4111 1 (5 IT 240, 40 40 AO 80 ffaujell 4 j H O I /00., /.58. 8 Zfrd-zo.580od. jai ool//5rl-.19' sO~. 2800 LDoz r/oli 20 8~o8 [hflh1088T ff8118 NovZ/88 807008 21 08405 6080 No Zd /8'F~orc 22 f80588 500 -DovedR~a'd 23 80/0 87400 7Oo'od/8/Io 24.88sl 8820 f: I I I 0, /0. 2 i; i _ _ _ 4 i i - 0 Uzi 8 5 40. 15~ )~t 850 5 / 'R, Pfoo~ 0 25 52 30 5 5 828I N~o vol/I/Arc8 29 N/F NoDaif I/I/aol 28 No80 IAHK 74 NDovrde Xaid 27 [o88~ 6080 DaOv/ /dk Xrd 26,.EoO~ 8820 Novod~ 75/nd 25 I/oF~ MO I.1 I_ _ _ _ _ _ __I_ _fI 0<88) <0 o 5~"I 8,J) 858 8 <8 >, ~8 00 3 11/ o.7 L( /0) 000 /00 Zoo 00 —, 31 I/o p13 ifovlidWoroi 32 [ol. 8200 33 80/0e I 820 nA807ar08 34 [12. 68200 voci 7/Sd 35 ZoO5 88200 828a ' 08-0108 Z A cc No I /00L0za 520 Q, 5> Q tlO ILKA.5fASI 6 m14 4 4 1, R & 1 1, - 01 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' I0 -. o -o l MR.oW. ', 'K, o.o o00 0-, x /oulo'o Mooo"oo " ~t on, 1, 00 M. oo00d8O8aA8/o/U8o O0o Title: Map of Mancelona Township 29 N 5 W; 6 W Keywords: CHESTONIA TWP.; J. W. Woodring; Flora Burkholder; John Cushway; D. Dix; E. J. Lbr. Co.; H. Richards; Casper Fleet; L.C. Rogers; J. Smith; Antrim Iron Co; J. S. Burkholder; Valley View; Dan Lichty; I.K. Lichty; "Sunset View"; T R. Clark; Gust Larson; R.A. Trall; Fred Besaw; Village View; D.A. Line; B.F. Swakhammer; J.D. Burns; M.K. Goodale; Maple Park Farm; F.S. Vincent; Geo. W. Dewey Est.; H. Doerr; E Doerr; O. Evans; Aaron Grody; N. Wilks; L.F. Derrer; W.J. Wiggins; R.M. Penny; Anna Amstutz; E. Curry; C Grunder; Conrad Scholl; R.M. Penny; Mat Van Stee; E.P. Fulmer; F. Harding; Elmer Grody; WETZELL; W.N. McKechnie; L. & E. Fuller; F. Fuller; E.L. Perry; J.A. Wise; A.G. Ball; Frank Webb; E.R. Nickerson; Geo. A Webb; W.B. Beam; Corey Bennett; W.W. Pixley; E.J. Chapman; N.A. Stewart; School; C.E. Palmer; Geo. Edgar; Wm. Gilchrist; Wm. Campbell; Frank Shepperle; Ad. Young; Rob't. Campbell; H. Hebel; Chas F. Gaylord; Chas. Johnson; S. Johnson; Otto Johnson; Louis Johnson; J.M. Hoffman; J.L. Miller; Ed. Whitmore; John Johnson; J.W. Lauterman; Chas Francis; Jesse Wisler; Chas Larson; O. Johnson; A.E. Johnson; Gus Erickson; Swan Anderson; Chas Johnson; Louis Johnson; A.E. Johnson; Chas Flodin; Geo. A. Webb; Jesse Wisler; A.A. Dietz; J.I. Ayers; Frank Bender; C.H. Kemp; C.T. Clark; J. Hoffman; A.S. Culbertson; D.W. Marsh; C.E. Palmer; Carey Bennett; C.M. Davis; T.R. Clark; T.S. Campbell; G.H. Edgar; Rob't Campbell; E.R. Nickerson; A.S Culverson; John Otis; W.R. Rice; MANCELONA; Mary Johnson; Mason Austin; Virgil Wallin; Dan Makle; John Carlson; Stillman Austin; W R. Palmer; L Austin; F.R.; S.F.; C.D.; E.H.; H.H.; I.H.; C. Forbes; M.E. Palmer Est.; J.H. Holcomb Est; G.W. Lesher; J.L. Farnham Est.; A.E. Johnson; Chas Johnson; T.F. Reed; G.C. Miller; Frank Harding; Jerry Hoffman; Frank Priest; W.D. Lazell; W.D. Lazell; School; F.F. Reed; N.A. Stewart; John A. Miller; B.F. Swakhammer; Frank Tompkins; A. Gothrut; F. Gothrut; Chas Flodin; B.H. Gregory; J. Johnson; Otto Johnson; Otto Anderson; Frank Harding; Thos Malone; R.H. Underwood; J. Fallen; E.E.S.; W.B.; J.Y.; L.M. Barnhart; Wm. Brown; Guy Swan; S.M. Sharp; Sam Moore; Alex Henry; A.J. Francis; W.H. Downey; Antrim Iron Co.; Lota Greer; J. Strahl; C. Whitney; Wm. Parker; Cem.; E.S. A.; C.B; W.T. Sherman; J.F. Hoover; Church; Grand Rapids & Indiana R.R.; L.E. Slussar; F. Thompkins; W. Neeland; W Lobdell; M & E.; L.E. Slussar; Wm. Palmer; Chas Bechstein; Tobias Beckstein; Furnaceville; G.F. Richardson; Chas Pahl; Jos. Gesioer; C.J. Hoppins; C.M. Hoppins; F.E. Hoppins; Henry Lesher; F.H. Lesher; Fred Simerson; Millie Mitchell; G.J. Millard; G.W. Lesher; F.H. Lesher; D.W. Lazall; J. Johnson; Freeman Mfg. Co.; Pat Colbert; Geo. Dobbyn; Augusta Keray; Benj. Pond; Elm Grove; E.H. Lesher; J.M. Smith; J.S. Peterson; Wm. Mattison; Mancelona Handle; W.B. Beam; L. & A. Johnson; Antrim Iron Company; A. J. Baullard; Antrim Iron Company; Ant Clum Co; A.E. Burrell Est.; Solomon Hickman; Estelle Bierbaum; S. Mantangae; E.L. Chapman; D.C. Eckard; Antrim Iron Co.; Aug. Medrow; S.D. Davis; John Strahl Est.; D.K. Harrington; Z.O. Fox; Antrim Iron Co.; E. A. Mausell; Antrim Iron Co. R.R.; D.S. Davis & Wife; L.A. Davis; G.J. Millard; Jos. Ge siger; Antrim Iron Company; W.L. Thomas Est.; Elmer Mausell; School; G.W. Lesher; J. Butler; Chas. Macey; J. Hulburt; Geo. Dobbyn; A. I. Howard; A. Vanimans; R.I. Lesher; J.J. Moulten; Albert R. Fox; Mancelona Handle Co.; Mancelona Handle Co.; CUSTER TWP.; A. Howard; Chas. Flanders; Gust Eckland; A. Schwab; John Maroney; John Kresnak; Jno. Maroony; Antrim Iron Co.; P Brown; O. E Anderson; Chas Tinker; KALASKA CO; C.L. Bailey; A.A. Pitkin; Antrim Iron Co.; E.A. Kemp; Mike Karr; H. Kola; F.E. Hoppins; E.C. Henka; A.D. Gregory; E.W. Tilley; Antrim Iron Co.; L.A. Davis; John Cook; W.J. Call; E.A. Mausell; G.W. Lesher; Chas. Shepperle; Mancelona Handle Co.; Antrim Iron Co.; L. Bailey; Mancelona Handle Co.; Louis Sands; David Ward Est.; David Ward Est.; Detroit & Charlevoix R.R.; Hawk Lake; Sand Lake; John Smith; L.S. Thorp; E.H. Lesher; Hemitorth Bros; East Jordon Lbr. Co.; David Ward Est.; David Ward Est.; OTSEGO CO Note:

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Page  68-69 II II I" 0 1 1,-, X; U I I [I.11 , V I It. 11 I /N C. A F, qt -, t: HII I I A..., M , 0 Q11, I I. -1 p \ o 5 co 11 4 -— ,, II Aqr (' I ; " - I I 4 lu 9 1. 6 C.I. I p -- 11, II r- k Z z C.I k Q ,, 6., I, I. 'III 0, i I f II 61 66 6166 6A 66 '6 '6 166 II 6 66 6666 6. 66 66 6'66 66 1666666 *. 6 66 6 6 - 666 6 66 1 6 6 1 1 i I 2:11 I I allies 6, q I I..1?I' II 6 6666666666 I / ' * 6 6 6 / 6 6 6I6I6 6 6 - 1666> 66 1 *666 4d6<6 6 6 II 66 6 6 \1 Title: Michigan Keywords: KEWEENAW; Delaware Mine; Eagle Harbor; Gratiot Lake; Deer Lake; Lac La Belle; Copper Har.; Bete Grise Bay; Pt. Isabelle; Keewenaw Pt.; Manitou Isl.; Pt. Abbaye; Huron R.; Mountain L.; Huron Mts.; Michigamme; C. & N. W. S.; Beacon; Huron Islands; Huron Pt.; Pine Riv.; Pine River Pt.; Pine L.; Ives L.; Salmon Trout R.; Ransom; Big Bay; Big Bay; Big Bay Pt.; L. Independence; M. & S. E. Dul.; Antlers; Hollow Des; Powell; Jean; Ross; Birch; Duncan; Sauks Head; Garlick Isl.; Garlic Lake; Garlic R.; Beck; Dishno; Brown; Pascoe Mine; Champion; Clowry; Dead R.; Humboldt; Clarksburg; Boston Mine; Ishpeming; Teel L.; Negaunee; Maas Mine; Hoist; Eagle Mills; Mineral Branch; Dead River; Whitman; Bancroft; Forestville; L. SUPERIOR; Garlick Pt.; Granite Isl.; Buckroe; Granite Pt.; Ickeral Lake; Middle Isl.; Presque Isl.; Superior; MARQUETTE; Valley Mills Spur; Carp Furnace; Gillett; Harvey P.O. or Chocolay; Gordons; Short Pt.; Sand River; Whitefish; Laughing Fish Pt.; Tyoga; Deer Lake; Autrian Isl.; Wood Isl.; Grand Isl.; Trout Bay; Trout Pt.; Castle Pt.; Grand Marais Harbor; Grand Marais; Pt. au Sable; Grand Portal; Grand Sable Lake; Beaver; Man.; Man.; Grand Marais Jc.; Bennett; Sucker Cr.; Summit; Two Hearted R.; Whitefish Pt.; Vermilion Pt.; Vermilion; Lit. Two Hearted R.; Shelldrake R.; Tahquamenaw River; Emerson; Tahquamenaw Bay; Pancake Pt.; Corbay Pt.; Bachewauaung Isl.; Bachewauaung; North Sandy Isl.; South Sandy Isl.; Whitefish Pt.; Maple Isl.; Parisian Isl.; Goulais Pt.; WHITE FISH BAY; Goulais Bay; SAULT STE. MARIE; Iroquois Isl.; S. Shore Jc.; Ft. Brady M.R.; Payment; L. Michigamme; Erie; C. & N. W.; Columbia; MARQUETTE; Witch Lake; Michigamme R.; Channing; Sagola; DICKINSON; Wabik; S & A.; B. Jc.; D. Jc.; Green Wood; Stone V; W. Jc.; Saginaw Mine; Milwaukee Jc.; Republic; Granite; Winthrop Mine; C & N. W.; Tilden; Nat. Mine; Palmer; Partridge; Goose; W. Br. Escanaba R.; Suoma; Witbeck; Camp No. 7; E. & L. S.; Princeton; Kates; Floodwood; Golden; E. & L. S.; Turner; Henderson; West Branch; Wolverine; Ralph; Russell; Lindsley; McRae; Alfred; Gleason; Ward; Ford R.; Northland; Mashek; Arnold P.O. or Watson; E. Br. Cedar R.; Metropolitan; Goose L.; Cascade Basil Jc.; M. & S. E.; Mangum; Green Garden; Deerton; Gentian; Flynn; Yalmar Sta.; Onoto; E. Br. Escanaba R.; C & N. W.; Taylors; Yalmer; New Dalton; Sands; Skandia; Selma; Dukes; Lawson; Roberts; Dorsey; Block; Diemling; Plains; Cheshire Jc.; Cedar Back; Anderson; Carlshend; Manigold; Mun; Ladoga; Gwinn; C. & N. W.; Oro; Little L.; Forsyth P.O.; Little Lake Sta.; Helena; Turin P.O. or McFarland; Ross; Reade; Lathrop; Rapid R.; Osier; E. & L. S.; Rock P.O. or Maple Ridge; Defiance P.O. or Campbell; Friday; Taycoosh R.; Beaver; Tyoga Jc.; Shelter Bay; Rock River; Brownstone; Autrian Bay; Autrain; Wilcox; Lowre; Ridge; Kirby; Hallston; MUNISING; Grand Isl. B.; So. & Atl. Dul.; Merriam; Wetmore; Mabel; Boogrens; Evelyn; Blueberry; Juniper; Sandy Pt.; Autrian L.; Rumely; Ferguson; Jenks; Eben; Calciferous; Finns; Munising Jc.; Valley; Zerbel; Mun.; Grey; Chatham; Dixon; Dewey; Stillman; Glacier; Coalwood; Boven; Roscoe; Ames; Autrian R.; Buckeye; Limestone; Mud L.; Jenny; Morans; M. & L. S.; Diffin; Winters; Trenary; McNiels; Smiths; SCHOOLCRAFT; Hoop; Odetts; Uno; Steuben; White Fish; Fish Dam R.; Iron Creek; Masters; Haggins; Boucha; Cusino; Leroux; State Roads; Wards; Doty; Hartho; Ethel; Percy; Chapman; Samson; Metser; Brabant; Petrel; Creighton; Walsh; Driggs; Camp Seven; Bing Baldy; Shingleton; Richardson; McInnes; Scotts; Germfask; N.W. Branch; W. Br. Manistique R.; Hiawatha; Hiawatha Sta.; Branch; Big Spring; Camp 22; Spruceville; Manistique R.; White Dale; Gulliver; Fordville; Parkington; LUCE; Star Y; Liston; Dannaher; Laketon; McMillan; Dollarville; Seney; N. Manistique L.; Ackley; Manistique L.; Helmer; Curtis; Wilman; Donald; Diller; S. Manistique L.; Bear Cr.; B. & S.; Blane; Mooreville; Bryan; Viola P.O. or Yatton; MACINAC; Bover; Blaney Jc.; Huntspur; Carruthers; Pike Lake; Gould City P.O. or Corinne; Staats Spur; Haslemere; Perrons; Engadine; Greylock; NEWBERRY; So. Sh. & Atl.; Middle Fk.; E. Br.; CHIPPEWA; Sage; Hulbert P.O. or Hulbut; Eckerman; Soo Junction P.O. or Sault Jc.; D. S. S. & A.; Fiborn Quarry; Hendrie; Fiborn Jc.; Kemp; Milakoki Lake; Gilchrist; Garnet; Sault; Rexton; Caffey; Diamond; Ozark; Mille Coquins; Naubinway; Biddle Pt.; Stony Pt.; Pt. Epoufette; Epoufette; Brevort; Salt Pt.; Waiska Bay; Bay Mills; Dorgans; Strongs; Woods Branch; Rexford; Wellers; Duff; Wellsburg; Brimley; Red Carp R.; Cottage Park Spur; Dick; Dell P.O. or Cordell; Fibre P.O. or Dryburg; Troutlake; Haff; Strongville; Rudyard; Carp River; Palms; Greene; St. Martina Bay; Hessel; Baie De Wasai; Great Lake; Gladys; St Marys River; Hay Lake; Sugar Isl.; Laramie; George; Dafter; Rosedale; Duck Is. Rapids; McCarron; Homestead; Donaldson; Thorice; Sailore Encampment; Kinross; Neebish Isl.; Tone; Kelden; Munnasca B.; Mud Lake; ST. JOSEPH ISLAND; McVIlle; Stirlingville; Mannasca R.; Pickford; Ash Pt.; Round Is.; Stalwart; Raber; Lime Isl.; Les Cheneaux; Cedarville; Gatesville; Montreal Channel; Worsley Bay; Bruce Pt.; Burnt; Potagannissing Is.; Harbor Isl.; Maxton; Drummond; Pirate Harbor; Grants Is.; NORTH; Marble Head; Thompsons Pt.; Randville; Chi. Mil. & St. P.; Merriman; River Siding; Antoine or Traders Jc.; Fumee; IRON MOUNTAIN; M. St. P. & S. S. M.; Osua R.; Calumet Mine; Chi. & N.; Foster City; Faunes; Cedar R.; Hardwood Hylas; Loop Line Jc.; L. Antoine; L. Fumee; Quinnesec; W. M. & N. W. M. & N.; King; Orway; G. & N. W. M.; Appleton Mine; Sturgeon; Sumac; Waucedah; Leaper; Vega; Oro; C. & N. W.; Vulcan; Sturgeon Falls; Loretto; Cedar; G. & S. S.; Spalding Spur; Farnham; Radford's; Aragon Mine; Aragon Jc.; Malacca; MARINETTE; Pembine; Faith Rn.; Hermans; Powers; W. & M.; Menominee River; Blum; Blount P.O. or Kloman; C. & N. W.; Ronda; Hammond; Nadeau; Carney; M. & St. P.; Phee; Congo; Nathan; Everett; Arnold; Lit. Cedar R.; Ballous; Mumfords; Bagley; Menominee River; MENOMINEE; Ames; Talbot; Hendricks; Woodlawn; Kingsley; Lemay; Cornell; Perkins; Winde; Brampton; Chaison; Gladstone; Grant; M. ST. P. & S.; Camp No. 2; Camp No. 5 & 6; Dryads; DELTA; N. W.; Whitney; Perronville; Alectow; Shaefer; Felch Jc.; Nobles; Newhall; Salva; Marrangers; Chandler; Gladston; Cross; Bichler; Groos; Bay Siding; de Noquette; Larch; Flat Rock; Wells; Larsons; C. Parsons; Eustis; Spalding; Wilson; Houles; Indian Town Sta.; De Loughary; Harris; Bark River; Narenta; Hyde P.O. or Ford River Sta.; Ford Riber; Pine Ridge; ESCANABA; Sand Isl.; Cedar R.; Rapid River; Setif; Ensign; Picket Cr.; Sturgeon Riv.; Farrell; Russell; Masonville; Lit. Bay; Kipling; Gladstone; St. Jacques; Ogontz; Min. St.; Isabella; Nahma; Stony Pt.; Stonington; St. Vital Is.; Round Isl.; Chippewa Pt.; Big Bay de Noquette; Vans Harbor; Garden; Snak Isl.; Fayette; Burnt Bluff; Peninsula Pt.; Lit. Summer Isl.; Pt. De Tour; Ann Arbor Car Ferry; Summer Isl.; Gravely Isl.; Poverty Isl.; Gull Isl.; Murphys; Manistique L.; Manistique Riv.; P. & Ste. Mar.; Delta Jc.; L. Co.; Cooks; Haco; Camp 1 Jc.; Thompson; South Manistique; MANISTIQUE; Herry Valley; Marblehead; Camp 20; Wiggins Pt.; Pt. au Barque; Portage Bay; Gulliver L.; McDonald L.; McDonald Lake; Hughes Pt.; Scotts Pt; Pt. Patterson; Simmons; Potters Reef; Pt. Seul Croix; Squaw Isl.; Timbered Isl.; Whiskey Isl.; Garden Isl.; Trout Isl.; St. James; Gull Isl.; High Isl.; Manitou Payment Shoal; Simmons Reef; Pt. aux Chenes; White Shoal; St. Helena Isl.; Hat Is.; Grays Reef; STRAITS OF MACINAC; Hog Isl.; Waugoshauce Isl.; Triangular Isl.; Stony Isl.; Temperance Isl.; Beaver Harbor; Temperance Pt.; BEAVER ISL.; Sturgeonbay; Cross Village; Isle au Gales; Pierce Lake; Larks; EMMET; Goodhart; Logging Camp; Crystal Sprs.; Stootsman; Indian Garden; Roaring Brook; Wequetsoning; L. Brevort; Moran; Allenville; Gross Pt.; St. Martins Isl.; Lit.. St. Martins Isl.; Pt. St. Martins; ST. IGNACE; Nero; Gros Cape; Groscap; W. Moran Bay; E. Moran Bay; Mackinac Isl.; Mackinac Isl.; Pt. St. Ignace; Round Isl.; McGulpin Pt.; Mackinaw; Boisblanc; L. Duncan; Pte. Aux Pins; SOUTH CHANNEL; McLeods Bay; Cecil; Carp R.; Freedom; Carplake; Carp L.; M. C.; Lakeside; Bliss; Walkers; Hebron; Levering; Lyonstown; CHEBOYGAN; Monroe L.; Weadock; Turtle; Mullett Lake; Van; Pellston; Riggs V.; Pleasantview; Brutus; Bushville; Lakewood; Mulletts Lake; Goose Isl.; Pt. Fugard; Marquette Isl.; Lasalle Isl.; Prentice Bay; Beaver Tail Pt; Detour; Pt. St. Vital; Bois Blanc Isl.; Mary Lake; LAKE HURON; Walkers Point; L. Thompson; Pt. Au Sable; Cheboygun R.; Alverno; Inverness; Long L.; Grace; Aloha; Manning; Hammonds Bay; Pt. Detour; Detour Passage; Pt. La Barb; Island Harbor; Huron Bay; DRUMMOND ISL.; False Detour Channel; Cockburn; Island; Pt. Smith; Strait of Mississagua; Mildram Pt.; Mildram Bay; Green Isl.; Peninsula Pt.; Western Duck; Great Duck; Creacsh; Vidal Isl.; Barrie Island; Bayfield Sd.; MANITOULIN ISL.; Elizabeth Bay; Helen Bay; Inner Duck; Portage Bay; Middle Duck; Outer Duck; Lake Wolsey; Swanson; Cedar R.; Daggett; White Rapids; Kells; Anderson; Koss; Stephenson; Ingalls; Kitsons; Wallace; Noqueray; Ellis Jc.; W. M. & N.; Osbourne; Carbondale; P.; Peshtigo R.; Porterfield; Kew; Birch Creek Sta.; Beaver; MARINETTE; MENOMINEE; Peshtigo; Cavoit; Cedar River; Whales Back Shoals; Washington Isl.; Arthur Bay; Pt. Rochereau; Plum Isl.; Portedes Mortes; Hedgehog Bay; Devil's Door Bluff; Ingallston; Sister Isl.; Sister Bay; Chambers Isl.; Hawleys Bay; Green Isl.; Egg Harbor; North Bay; Mud Bay; Bagleys Bay; St. Martins Isl.; Little Gull Isl.; Washington Har.; Rock Isl.; Hog Isl.; Detroit Isl.; Gravel Isl.; Spider Isl.; Manitou Lake; North Manitou Isl.; South Manitou Isl.; South Manitou; North Fox Isl.; South Fox Isl.; Fishermans Isl.; Cat Head Bay; Norwood; New York Pt.; Cat Head Pt.; North Manitou Island; Northport; Northport Pt.; Northport Bay; Argosa; Bellows Isl.; Gills Pier; Grand Traverse Bay; Omena; LELAND; Manseau; New Mission Pt.; Harbor Springs; Menonaqua Beach; Little Traverse Bay; CHARLEVOIX; Burgess; Bayshore; PETOSKEY; Belvedere; Horton Bay; Susan Lake; Wabmemee; Cherrie; Pine Lake; Walloon Lake; Inwood; Ironton; Bay Sprs.; B. C. & A.; CHARLEVOIX; Ellsworth; Phelps; Boyne City; Advance; Doyles; Cushman; Atwood; Essex; Dix; E. Sta.; E. Jordan; Eastport; Echo; Windling; Intermediate Lake; Webster; Brown; Wards; Chestonia; Torch Lake; Torch Light Lake; Central L.; Brickerville; State Rd.; Finkton; Jordan Riv.; Snowflake; Hitchcock; Madden; Ayr; Topinabee; Conway; Oden; Alanson; Cases; Burts Lake; Burtlake; G R. & I.; Perry; CHEBOYGAN; Kegomic; Bayview; Epsilon; Crooked Lake; Wildwood; Indian River; Hamb; Rondo; M. C.; M. C.; Bear L.; Harkwood; Clarion; Smiths; Springvale; Wolverine; W. Jc.; McMana; Sturgeon; Maltbys; Easton; Waggoner; Von Platen; Thumb L.; Camp 1; Thumb Lake; Trowbridge; Thorn; McDonald; Boyne Fs.; Summit; Moore; Robbins; Project; Goo; Camp 10; Spring Water; Camp 2; Vanderbilt; Berryville; Meeford; Branch; Yuilu; Dow; N. Elmira L.; Elmira; Kentucky; Hallock P.O. or Hazzard; Head Quarters; East End; Simons; OTSEGO; M.; Thelma; G. R.; Thelma Spur; GAYLORD; Cedardale; Indian Pt.; Cheboygan or Black L.; Ocqueoc R.; Legrand; Black L.; Potters; Rainy R.; Fowler V.; Ocqueoc; Afton; Arva; Pigeon Riv.; Tower; Allis P or Conovers; PRESQUE ISLE; Det. & Mac.; Case; Milliken; Onaway; Greenfield; or Austin Sid.; Hawks P.O. or La Rocque; Cornwells; Pike L.; N. Fk. Thunder Bay R.; Long L.; Jackson L.; Quick; MONTMORENCY; Johannesbig; Hetherton; Hammond; 40 Mile Pt.; Trout R.; ROGERS; Adams Pt.; Millersburg; Bunton; Hagensville; Southrogers; Presque Isle; May Lake Jc.; Metz; Posen; Grand Lake; Hurst; Polaski; Godfrey; Leer; Orchard Hill; Long Rapids; Bolton; Long L.; Brach L.; D. & M.; Hillman; Flanders; Alpena Jc.; Hobson; Dafoe; Presque Isle Bay; Lake Esau; False Presque Isle; Bell; Middle Isl.; Cathro; ALPENA; Lit. Thunder Bay; Crooked Isl.; Gull Isl.; Sugar Isl.; Thunder Bay Is.; Thunder Bay; North Pt.; Peshtigo Pt.; Peshtigo Harbor; Ocont; OCONTO; Lit. Sturgeon Bay; Sturgeon Pt.; C. & N. W.; Brookside; GREEN BAY; Namur; Little Tail Pt.; Kewaunee; Ann Arbor Car Ferry; Cave Pt.; White Fish Bay; White Fish Pt.; STURGEON BAY; Ship Canal; DOOR; Algoma; Pyramid Pt.; Port Oneida; North Unity; Glen Arbor; Sleeping Bear Pt.; Glenhaven; Ann Arbor Car Ferry; Glen Lake; Burdickville; Empire; E. & S. E.; E. Empire; Lake Jc.; Platte River Pt.; Peterville; Platte; Empire Jc.; Edgewater; Pt. aux Becs Scie; Platte L.; Achas; Crystal Lake; HONOR: Hayes; Beulah; State Rd.; BENZIE; Frankfort; South Frankfort; A. A.; Benzonia; Homestead; Herring Lake; Joyfield; Weldon; Good Harbor Bay; Suttons Bay; Suttons Bay; Provemont; Old Mission; Good Harbor; Fox Islands; Lime L.; Shetland; Keswick; Mapleton; LEELANAU; Hog Isl.; Elk Rapids; Isadore; Leelanau L.; Bingham; Maple City; M. & N.E.; Cedar; Hanforth; Fouch; G. R. & I.; Hatch Crg.; Archie; Solon; Ruthardts; Traverse Resort; NorrisV.; West Arm; East Arm; TRAVERSE CY.; Osborn; Oviatt; Cedarrun; Neal; Lake Ann; N.E.; Platte River; Long Lake; Boardman; Kerry; Allyn; M. & P.; P.;Inland; Bendon; Filer's Sw.; Interlochen; Grawn; Wylies; GRAND TRAVERSE; Beitners; Boardman R.; Keystone; Slights; Clarv; Green L.; Mayfield; Turtle L.; Wallin; Monroe Cen.; Kingsley; Weldon Cem.; Horioon; Hannah; P. M.; N. E.; Twin Mt.; Westminster; T. L. Branch; Summit City; Nessen; N.E. I.; ANTRIM; Wolcott; Green River; Birch L.; Kewadin; Clamlake; Grass Lake; BELLAIRE; Wetzell; Mancelona Rd.; Mancelona; Elk Rapids; Elk L.; Lull; Alden; Comfort; Milton; Antrim; Angell; Yuba; Round L.; Rapid City; Barkercreek; Wilkins Spur; Westwood; Wilkins; P. M.; Ricker; Leetsville; Rugg; Darby; P. M. P.; Acme; Bates; Williamsburg; Mabel; Leiphart; Mahan; Lewis Br.; Fairbanks; Excelsior; KALKASKA; Culver; KALKASKA; Soules; P. M.; Mitchell Jc.; Crofton; Saunders; Lodi; Spencer; South Boardman; Harts; Sands; Manistee R.; Hodge; Leavells; Holmes; Hamilton; Fife Lake; Walton; Ivan; Sharon; Naples; Hartnett; Burns; L. Harold; Salling; M C.; C.; Davis; Alba; D. & C.; Otsego Lake; McGraw Jc.; Kings Mill; Blue L.; Crooked; Fayette; Otsego Lake; Waters; N. Branch; Squaw L.; Deward; Clear Lake; Blue Lake; M. C.; Hard Grove; Lovells; Darragh; Frederic; Hanson; Mich. Cen.; Bucks; Kneelands; Alexander; Tylers; Sigsbee; GRAYLING; Au Sable River; CRAWFORD; Horrigan; Mic Cen.; Fletcher; Pere Cheney P.O. or Cheney Sta.; Halsted; Wellington; S.; Bigrock; ATLANTA; Vienna; C. B. Jc.; Sherwood L.; Crooked L.; M. C.; Twin Lakes; M. C.; Avery Lakes; Rust; Vienna Jc.; Lewiston; Hunts Cr.; Gilchrist Cr.; Dana; Putnams; L. & S. E.; Au. & Nor Wn.; Comins; Principal Meridian; Redoak; Wood; Fairview; OSCODA; Biggs; Kneeland; McKinley; MIO; Eldorado; Luzerne; Branch; Thunder Bay; ALPENA; Krent; Spratt; Walburg; Devil L.; Lochwood Lake; Turtle L.; Beaver L.; Ossineke; Hubbard Lake; Newton R.; Hubbard Lake; Spruce; McCallum; Hardy; Curran; Russell; Mudlake; Lincoln; ALCONA; Bamfields; Killmaster; Glennie; Lott; Kurtz; Bryant; Alvin; Partridge Pt.; Det. & Mac.; Scasow Isl.; South Pt.; Black R.; Black River Isl.; Blackriver; Roe Lake; Alcona; Hawes; Lodge; Sturgeon Pt.; HARRISVILLE; Gustin; Mikado; Greenbush; Handy; Cedar Lake;KEWAUNEE; Twin R.; E. Twin R.; Rawleys Pt.; C. & N. W.; Twin Rivers; Manitowoc R.; Manitowoc; MANITOWOC; Ann Arbor Car Ferry; Pere Marquette Car Ferry; Big Pt. Sable; Hamlin Lake; Pleasanton; Arcadia; Sorenson; Malcolm; Butwell; Saile; Glowens L.; B. R.; Humphrey; Bear L.; Pierport; Bear Lake; Pringoale; Henry; Thompson; Onekama; Portage Lake; Tanner; Onekama Jc.; Chief; Camp Two; Norwalk; Arendal; P. M.; Polock Hill; Newland; MANISTEE; Manistee R.; MANISTEE; Eastlake; Oakhill; Stronach; Lit. Manistee R.; Little Riv.; Hoopers Jc.; Clement; Oak Park; Filer Cy.; M. & G. R.; Marsh; Hoags; Sable; Tomlins; Ereesoil; Siddons; Elmton; Big Sable L.; Sable R.; Millerton; Roulsen; Sugargrove; Fountain; Bachelor; Sheepdale; MASON; Pomona; Harlan; Wexford; Copemish; Lemon L.; Buckley; Mitchells; Cleon; Harmons; Walls; Sherman; Mystic; Glengarry; Mesick; Soper; Maple Grove; Marilla; Wards Sid.; Kaleva; M. N.E.; WEXFORD; Yuma; Meauwataka; Brethren; Derrys Sid.; Pecks Sid.; A. A.; Missaukee Jc.; Harriette; Highbridge; Duforts Sid.; Boon; Millersville; L. Mitchell; Wellston; Clay Hill; Dublin; Florence; Eleanor; Rosenburgs; Axin; Benson; L. Cadillac; Manistee R.; Irons; Thorp; Hoxeyville; Olga; Bristol; Collins; Hewitts; Luther; Hansens; Keenan; Hoist; Edgetts; Riverbank; Peacock; Syres; States; M. & G. R.; South Allen; Hayes; OSCEOLA; Bagnall Note: Benton Harbor-St. Joseph Ry. & Light, U 5; Detroit United, U.S. Ex. U 14; Escanaba, G 3; Grand Rapids, R 7; Grand Rapids, Grand Haven & Muskegon, Am. Ex. R 6; Grand Rapids, Holland & Chicago, Am., U.S. Ex. S 6; Grand Rapids & Kalamazoo Traction, T 7; Houghton County Traction, B 15; Jackson, Ann Arbor & Detroit, T 13; Manistee Light & Traction, M 5; Marquette City & Presque Isle, D 3; Marquette County Gas & Electric, D 2; Menominee & Marinette Light & Traction, J 2; Michigan United Railways, U.S. Ex. T 3; Muskegon Traction & Lighting, Q 5; Owosso & Corunna, R 11; Saginaw-Bay City Ry. & Light, P 12; Saginaw Suburban, P 12; Saginaw & Flint, Q 12; Southern Michigan, U.S. Ex. W 5; Toledo & Michigan, V 10; Toledo Railways & Light, U.S. Ex. W 12; Trans-St. Marys Traction, E 11; Twin City General Electric, uourd D 11; Michigan; Ann Arbor Pac. Ex. R 10; Arcadia & Betsey River, Am. Ex. L 6; Arnold & Eagle Harbor, A 16; Atlantic & Lake Superior, Loc. Ex. B 14; AuSable & Northwestern, Am. Ex. K 12; Blaney & Southern, F 6; Boyne City, Gaylord & Alpena, Ad. Ex. J 9; Chicago, Kalamazoo & Saginaw, Am. Ex. T 8; Chi., Milwaukee & St. Paul, W.F. Ex. F 1-D 15; Cincinnati Northern, Am. Ex., V 11; Chicago & Northwestern, Am. Ex. F 13-E 13; Cleve., Cin., Chi. & St. Louis, Am. Ex. V 5; Copper Range, W.F. Ex. B 14; Delray Connecting, U 14; Delta Lumber Co., G 5; Detroit & Charlevoix, Am, Ex. J 9; Detroit & Mackinac, Am. Ex. K 13; Detroit & Toledo Shore Line, W 13; Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic, W. Ex. E 17; Detroit, Toledo & Ironton, Am. Ex. U 13; East Jordan & Southern, Am. Ex. J 9; Empire & Southeastern, Am. Ex. K 6; Erie & Michigan Ry. & Nav. Co., Am. Ex. M 13; Escanaba & Lake Superior, W.F. Ex. F 2; Grand Rapids & Indiana, Ad. Ex. P 8; Grand Trunk, Natl. Ex. S 7; Harbor Springs, H 9; Huron & Western, O 12; Hecla & Torch Lake, A 15; Jackson & Northern, U 11; Kalamazoo, Lake Shore & Chi., Am. Ex. U 6; Kenton & Houghton, D 14; Keweenaw Central, W.F. Ex. A 15; Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, Am. Ex. V 9; Lake City & Northeastern, M 8; Lake Superior & Ishpeming, Am. Ex. D 2; Lewiston & Southeastern, K 11; Ludington & Northern, M 5; Mancelona & Northwestern, J 8; Manistee & Grand Rapids, Ad. Ex. N 6; Manistee & Luther, N 6; Manistee & Northeastern, Am. Ex. L 6; Manistique, E 6; Manistique & Lake Superior, W. Ex. F 5; Marquette & Southeastern, Am. Ex. E 3; Michigau Central, Am. Ex. M 11; Mason & Oceana, O 5; Minn., St. Paul & Sault Ste Marie, W. Ex. F 9; Mineral Range & Monawk, W. Ex. B 15; Munising, Am. Ex. E 4; Nahma Northern, F 4; Onaway & North Michigan, J 11; Pere Marquette, U.S. Ex. Q 9; Pontiac, Oxford & Northern, Am. Ex. Q 14; Port Huron & Southern, R 16; Sturgeon River & Nestor Lake, D 15; Wabash, Pac. Ex U 13; Wisconsin & Michigan, Am. Ex. I 2; Published by Geo. F. Cram, Chicago, Ill.; George F. Cram, Engraver & Publisher, Chicago, Ill. Title: Michigan Keywords: Wades; G. R.; Pioneer; Butcher; Haire; Clarks; Seamans; Manton; Morey; Stittsville; Gilbert; Missaukee L.; LAKE CITY; Missaukee; S. Gilbert; MISSAUKEE; Valda; Jennings; G. R. & G. R. & I.; Section; Dudley; Harring; Round; Wagner; McGee; Cranmer; Veneer; Veneer Jc.; Widdicomb; Mynning; Ardis; CADILLAC; Browns Sid.; Brinks Sid.; Nelsons; Lucas; Littlefields Sid.; Koopman; Dinca; Prosper; Falmouth; Gerbers; Hobart; Elton; Ann Arb.; McBain; Clam R.; Vogel Cen.; Forward; Osceola; Delphos; Comptons; Tustin; Crocker; Parklake; Marion; Winterfield; Anderson; Dighton; Grandon; Rose L.; Hartwick; Roselake; Lerdy; Surprise L.; Pennocks; Stratford; Higgins Lake; Higgins Lake; ROSCOMMON; Moorestown; Moores; Star City; Haymaron; Michelson; Tierney; Porterville; Leander; Houghton Lake; Houghton Lake; Ardis; Butterfield; Nellsville; Prudenville; M. C.; ROSCOMMON; Loxley; Dolph; Nolan; Moddersville; Mich. Cen.; Leota; Second; Correction Line; Butman; Longlake; Rost; Skeelsi; Arnold Lake; Levington Sid.; Lit. Sugar R.; Temple; Clarence; HARRISON; McClure; GLADWIN; Giels; St. Helen; Rose City; D. & M.; Lake; Beaver Lake; Canfield; Long Bridge; Millers; Selkirk; Sage; Williams Jc.; OGEMAW; Ogemaw; Campbells Cors.; WEST BRANCH; Hardwood Lake; Hauptman; Norns; Mich. Cen.; Loranger; Prescott; Edward; M. C.; Greenwood; Culvers; Mapleridge; Alger; Bricks; ARENAC; Rifle R.; Quinns; Babcocks; Ogden; Durham; Sterling; Secord; Moores Jc.; Maltby; Bisonette; WN.; Lupton; Smith Jc.; Long Lake; D. & M.; Sages L.; Wolf; IOSCO; Taft; East Tawas; T.B. Jc.; Siloam P.O. or Coppers Cros.; Mills; Whittemore; Emery Jc.; Vine; D. & M.; D. & M.; Turtle; McIvor; E. Br.; Marks; Alabaster Jc.; Au Gres R.; Alabaster; Turner; Santiago; White Stone Pt.; Melita; Twining; Omer; Duck L.; Souveigny; Augres; Deepriver; Arenac; Sand Pt.; Umstead; Doan; Van Etten Lake; Lincoln Jc.; Oscoda; Ausable; Wilber; Ottawa D.; Au Sable Pt.; Kunze Siding; Tawas Beach; Tawas Pt.; Tawas Bay; TAWAS CITY; Port Austin; Flat Rock Pt.; North Charity Isl.; Hat Pt.; S. Charity Isl.; Pte. Aux Barques; Pointe Aux Barques; Burnt Cabin Pt.; Grind Stone City; M.; Eagle Bay; Huron; Sheboygan Falls; Mosel; Sheboygan R.; C. & N.W.; SHEBOYGAN; Onion R.; Adell; Oostburg; Cedar Grove; Lit. Sable L.; Lincoln; LUDINGTON; Buttersville; Ferry; Wesley; Bass Lake; Bass L.; Pentwater; Pentwater L.; Smiths Corner; Au Sable Lake; Little Pt. Sable; Mears; Peachridge; Hoffman; Bradyville; Benona; Claybanks; Amber; Scottville; Custer; Weldon Cr.; Walhalla; Tallman; Branch; Pere Marquette L.; P. M.; Pere Marquette R.; S. Br. Pere Marquette R.; Riverton; Mas. & Oce.; Wiley; Bow L.; Fern; Carrs; Squireville; Camp; Peachville; Crystal Val.; Weare; Lake; Allencreek; Kirk; HART; Pentwater R.; Walker V.; Shaw; P. M.; Tigris; Elbridge; Volney; Beaver Cr.; Cobmoosa; Lattin; Klondike; Campbell L.; Gale; OCEANA; Shelby; Ferry; Hesperia; Stony L.; New Era; Wagar; Cranston; Holstein; Conley; LAKE; P. M.; Wingleton; BALDWIN; Forman; Crooked L.; Ungers; Nirvana; Chase; Oliver; Star L.; Alderson; Sisson; Hawkins; Lilley; McDaffies Mill; Parks; Jacksons; Up. Paris; Paris; W. Troy; Biteley; Phelps Mill; Stimson Jc.; Brookings; Kopje; Keno; Stimson; Otia; Woodville; Lumberton; Hungerford; Huber; P. M.; Field; NEWAYGO; Etna; Ramona; P. M.; Whitecloud; Goodwell; Alleyton; Ryerson; Wooster; Bigprairie; Borland; Dewings; Carlsons; Ashton; Crooked L.; Avondale; Muskegon R.; Milton Jc.; Orono; Evart; Sears; CLARE; Lake George; L. George; Chippewa Sta.; Reed City; P. M.; Tiff L.; Big L.; Cranberry L.; HERSEY; Orient; Crapo; Upper Big Rapids; Pogy; Emerald; Brint; P. M.; Weaver; Hill; Fork; Chippewa L.; Barryton; Chippewa L.; BIG RAPIDS; Sherman City; Winchester; ISABELLA; P. M.; Rodney; Byers; P. M.; Titus; Horr; Weidman; Mecosta; Imec; Foster; Stanwood; Rem; P. M.; Remus; Caldwell; Broomfield; MECOSTA; Higbee; W. Millbrook; Altona; Sylvester; Millbrook; Blanchard; Dodge; Wheatley; Cedar R.; Stephens Sid.; Mans Sid.; N. Br.; Bliss Branch; Alward; Atwoods Sid.; Hatton; Mid. Br.; Dover; Beaverton; Moores Sid.; Tobacco R.; Farwell; Colonville; Clare; Dale; Curriers Sid.; Loomis; Edenville; Gilmore; A. A.; Herrick; P. M.; Coleman; Alamando; Burnham; P. M.; Wise; Salt R.; Van Decar; Rosebush; Isabella; Beal City; Leaton; Jordan; Drew; Ind. Res.; Isabella; MIDLAND; Boyden; MT. PLEASANT; Coomer; Chippewa R.; Alembic; Stearns; Rowland; Winn; Crawford; A. A.; Salt R.; Shepherd; Gordonville; Porter; GLADWIN; Winegars; Glover; Bentley; Norn Branch; Gorman; Campbell; Mic. Cen.; McRaes; Saganing Cr.; Mount Forest; Howry; Highwood; Dale; Littibawasse R.; Smiths; Rhodes; Fishers Jc.; Estey; Bertie; Nine Mile; Garfield; Woodville; Brier; Tebo; Crump; Luman; Hope; Cummings; Linwood; N. Bradley; Larkin; Kawkawlin R.; Duel; Loenne; Sanford; Averill; Mine No. 3; Wolverine; Willard; Upsla; Montfor Sta; H. & W.; Wolverine Jc.; Wolverine Mine No. 2; M. C.; Olson; MIDLAND; Floyd; Barnes; Colden; Laredo; Rooneys; Auburn; Monitor; Smiths Cros.; Posyville; Littibawasse R.; Amelith; Freeland; Lawndale; Koch V.; Melbourne; D. M.; Pine River; Pt. Au Gres; ST. ANDISH; Saganing; Worth; White Feather; Pt. Charities; Pinconning; North Is.; Beardsley; Stony Isl.; M. C.; Michie; Lengsville; Kato-shai or Mai-sou Isl.; Linwood Park; Pond Isl.; Sebewaing; Fish Pt.; Tobico; Kawkawlin; Aatka Beach; Wenona Beach; N. Bay Cy.; Bayside; Saginaw R.; Essexville; Unionville; Mille S.; Banks; Foss; Wisner; Columbia; BAY CITY; W. Bay Cy.; Salzbig; G.; S. Bay City; Jc.; Quanicassee City; Brooks; M. C.; Cheboy; GAning; Munge; Post; Fitch; Watrousville; Rairgrove; Oak Pt.; Caseville; Pte. Aux Barques R.; Bush Lake; Gotts; Pinnebog; Wild Fowl Bay; Hayes; Soule; HURON; Bayport; Pigeon R.; Berne; P. M.; Crown; Grassmere; Weale; Bart; Ribble; Pigeon; Elkton; Linkville; Wolfton; Kilmanagh; Canboro; wendale; Popple; Northburns; Ashmore; Rescue; Ivanhoe; P. M.; M. C.; Gagetown; Greenleaf; Colwood; N. Fk.; Cass City; Akron; Elmwood; Wickware; Ellington; CARO; Whites Cr.; S.; Deford; Novesta; Varney P.O. or Johnson; Kinde; Glencoe; Willow R.; Port Hope; Filion; Redman; Clarks; Harbor Beach; P. M.; Rapson; Verona Mills; BADAXE; Sigel; Helena; Har. Of Refuge; Wadsworth; Pawlowski; Ubly; Ruth; Whiterock; Appin; Parisville; P. M.; Tyre; Minden City; Forestville; Holbrook; Mill Cr.; Cumber; Charleston; Freiburgers; Palms; P. M.; Chevingston; Argyle; Cedardale; Mills; Shabbona; Laing; Deckerville; Richmondville; Leitgh; Belgium; Chi. & Nor. W'N; PORT WAHINGTON; OZAUKEE; MILWAUKEE; Gr. Trunk Car Ferry; Crosby Trans Co.; Bay View; Flowercreek; Rothbury; White R.; Fremont; P. M.; Montague; Big Blue L.; Reeman; Brunswick; White L.; Whitehall; Holton; Sitka; Michillinda; Sweet; Twin Lake; Wabaning; P. M.; McLeans; Duck L.; N. Muskegon; Dalton; Berry; Muskegon River; Bixby; Hines Crg.; Bear Lake; MUSKEGON; Muskegon L.; Moorland; MUSKEGON; Gr. Tr.; Halls; Port Sherman; Simpson; Henshaws; Muskegon Heights; P. M.; P. M.; G. R. & I.; Kanitz; Sullivan; Ravenna; Lake Harbor; Black Lake; Lake Harbor Sta.; Pickand; Fruitport; Crockery Cr.; Kirk; Ferrysburg; Spring; Gr. Tr.; Nunica; Spring L.; Coopersville; Eastmanville; Gilbert; Marl Lake; McCool; Reynolds; Bishop; Brookside; NEWAYGO; Croton; Howard City; Ashland; Brooks; Grant; Ensley; Bridgeton; A. Sta.; Grove; Dickinson; P. M.; Lake; Sun; White Fish L.; Plumville; Bailey; Perrins; Trent; Casnovia; Velzy; Sandlake; Slocum; Canada Cors.; Kent City; Cedar Springs; Harrisburg; Conklin; Lisbon; Ballards; Sparta; Saxon; Camp L.; Burchs Ms.; Edgerton; Cortland Cen.; Oakfield Cen.; Wright; English V.; G. R. & I.; Rockford; Dinnison; Herrington; Reno; Alpine; Childsdale; Silver L.; Austerltz; Chauncey; Berlin; KENT; Comstock; Pk.; Muskegon R.; Rustford; Morley; Murphy; MONTCALM; Amble; Townline L.; Sixlakes; Wyman; P. M.; Lakeview; Townline; Summerville; Edmore; Maplehill; P. M.; Coral; Long L.; Westville; McBrides; Entrican; Hiram; Pierson; Langston; Trufant; Clifford L.; STANTON; Cloud; Gowen; Flat R.; Colby; Sidney; Sheffield; Evans; Griswold; Gr. Tr.; Lincoln L.; P. M.; Wagers; Sheridan; Virgil; Harvard; N. Green V.; Green V.; Wabasis Lake; P. M.; Eureka Pl.; Miller; Bushnell; Amsden; Butternut; Fenwick; P. M.; Bostwick L.; Bostwick; Otisco; Belding; Kidd; Shiloh; Chadwich; Cannons; Slayton; Smyrna; Woods Cors; Burg; Parnell; Miriam; Orleans; Avon; Haynor; Prairie Cr.; Jerseyville; Pleasant Valley; Coe; Brooks Cr.; Cedarlake; Rockland; Summerton; Foresthill; Vestaburg; Riverdale; Elwell; N. Wheeler; Breckenridge; St. Louis; P. M.; Alma; Elmhall; Ferris; Sumner; Eugene; ITHACA; Pine R.; A. A.; Beebe; Langport; Rathbone; Lafayette; Firnville; Crystal L.; GRATIOT; Crystal; Vickeryville; New Haven Cen.; Sethton; Newark; Northstar; Gr. Tr.; Middleton; Perrinton; Carson City; Brick; Pine Cr.; Pompeii; Ola; Ashley; Bannister; Palo; Hubbardston; Union Home; Maple Rapids; Nickelplate; Muir; Maple Riv.; Matherton; Pewamo; Fowler; Hayworth Cr.; Clear Cr.; Duplain; Shepardsville; Redstone; Jam; Laporte; Ryan; Iva; Dice; SAGINAW; P. M.; Eaton; Porters; Sand Ridge; Frost; Malts; Shields; Wheeler; Beaver Cr.; Merrill; Hemlock; Grahams; Orr; Swan Cr.; Paines; Fordney; Langport; Lakefield; SAGINAW; Bad R.; Nelson; Eastwood; M. C.; Edgewood; Fordney; Miner; St. Charles; Sickels; Brant; McDonough; Marion Sprs.; Leutz; Fergus; Groveton; Carson; Luce; Racy; Fenmore; Chesaning; Layton Corners; Chapin; Brady; Oakley; Shiawasse R.; Eureka; Olney; Easton; Elsie; Henderson; M. C.; Westhaven; Ann Ar.; Carland; A. A.; Judds Corners; Ovid; SHIAWASSEE; Carrollton; Mershon; Clure; Waukee; Arn; Gilford; Crow Isl.; P. M.; Greens; Reese; Denmark; Kulmsaghi; Arthur; TUSCOLA; Buena Vista; Veenflieta; Richville; Denmark Jc.; C. Jc.; Jc.; Saginaw; Hoyt; P. M.; Gera; Bridgeport; Ready; Tuscola Sta.; Frankenmuth; Vassar; Orv.; Fosters; Cassbridge; Cass River; Tuscola; Verne; Taymouth; Burt; Birchrun; Elva; Mich. Cen.; Arbela; Countyline; Navan; Thetford; Clio; E. Thetford; Montrose; Pinerun; Brentcreek; Genesee; P. M.; Rogersville; New Lothrop; Mt. Morris; Hazelton; Clay Tr.; McGrew; N. Fk.; GENESEE; Flushing; Lewis; FLINT; Belsay; Kersley Cr.; Davison; M. C.; Wahjamega; Ross Cross.; Wilmot; P. O. & N.; Decker; Noko; Snover; SANILAC; W. Sta.; E. Dayton; Northgrove; Kingston; Lamotte; Germania; Juniata; Shays Lake; Mayville; Silverwood; Braidwood; Markell; Clifford; Marlette; Wait; P. M.; Fostoria; Weeks; Otter Lake; Drake; Flint R.; North Branch; Burnside; Burns L.; Millers D.; Deanville; Tisville; Columbiaville; Five Lakes; Kings Mill; Elliott; Oregon P.O. or Carpenters; Lum; Mill Cr.; Richfield; Nippissing L.; LAPEER; Elba; Attica; Gr. Tr.; Imlay City; LAPEER; Urban; McGregor; Downington; Forester; Burden; Elmer; Polane; Port Sanilac; SANDUSKY; Berkshire; Carsonville; Juhl; Cash; Applegate; Laurel; Redstar; Watertown; Aitken; Lewis Siding; Flynn; Omardo; Elk Cr.; Peck; Croswell; Brown City; Valley Center; Speaker; Melvin; P. M.; East Fremont; Roseburg; Amadore; Sharpsville; East Greenwood; Yale; Jeddo; Hartsuff; Brockway; Fargo; Blaine; Zion; Atkins; Eighty Foot Grade; Mt. Salem; Avoca; Ruby; SAINT CLAIR; Lexington; Lakeport; Northstreet; Gardendale; Huronia Beach; Mich. Cent.; MILWAUKEE; Root R.; Chi. Mil. & ST.P.; Root R.; Racine; Wind Pt.; RACINE; W. U. Jc.; WISCONSIN; Kenosha; KENOSHA; GRAND HAVEN; Sheldon; Bass River; Robinson; Allendale; Agnew; Rusk; Ottawa Sta.; Conger; OTTAWA; West Olive; Pearline; Port Sheldon; Olive Cen.; Borculo; New Holland; Crisp; S. Blendon; Ventura; P. M.; Noordeloos; Beaver Dam; Ottawa Beach; Black L.; Waverly; Cronje; New Groningen; Drenthe; E. Holland; Macatawa Park; Holland; Graffschap; May; Overisel; Gibson; Fillmore Cen.; Bentheim; E. Saugatuck; Saugatuck; Douglas; Dunningville; New Richmond; Peachbelt; Ganges; ALLEGAN; Belknap; Glenn; Pearl; P. M.; Avis; Bravo; Lamont; Kinney; Tallhadge; Fuller; W. Gr. Rapids; GRAND RAPIDS; Dewey; G. T.; Elgin; Eagle Mts.; Sakdale Pk.; Bauer; Heath; George T.; S. Gr. Rapids; Fox; P. M.; Farowe; Grandville; E. Paris; Crosby; Eardly; Enison; Hanley; N. Byron; Fishers Sta.; HudsonV.; Jamestown; G. R. & I.; Dutton; M. C.; P. M.; Vriesland; Zutphen; Byron Cen.; W. Carlisle; Debri; Gitchel; Forest Grove; Ross; Caledonia; Oakland; North Dorr; Greenlake; Cors.; New Salem; Moline; Dorr; Corning; Diamond Sprs.; Middleville; Hamilton; Hilliards; Rabbit R.; Wayland; Monterey; Dallas; Maplewood; S. Monterey; Hopkins; Bradley; Gunlake; Gun L.; Minerlake; Shelbyville; Millgrove; Kellogg; Miner Lake; Watson; Martin; Cloverdale; Orange V. Mills; ALLEGAN; L. S.; Monteith; Chapel; Vergennes; Flat R.; Bolster; Dildine; IONIA; Ada; Grand River; Lowell; Malta; Prison Siding; Lyons Sta.; Webber; Cascade; Whitney V.; McCords; Alto; P. M.; G. T.; Saranac; Pratt Lake; Chandler; Gridley; Collins; Doris; Orange; Thorn Apple Riv.; Alaska; Lyman; Labarge; Logan; Bowne; Elmdale; Algodon; West Sebewa; Clarksville; W. Campbell; Campbell; P. M.; Lake Odessa; Rosina; Duncan L.; Parmelee; N. Irving; Freeport; Gerkey; Carlton Cen.; Woodbury; Woodland; Dellwood; Coats Gr.; Irving; Bowens Mills; Yankee Spr.; HASTINGS; Mud Cr.; Maple L.; Shultz; Quimby; M. C.; Morgan; Thorn Apple; Vermontville; Nashville; BARRY; Watt L.; Cedar Creek; Clear L.; Pritchard V.; Highbank; Dowling; Maple Gr.; Kalamo; CHARLOTTE; Carlisle; EATON; Lyons; Stony Cr.; Gr. Tr.; ST. JOHNS; Maple; CLINTON; Muskrat Cr.; P. M.; Westphalia; Riley; Merlebeach; Geary; Portland; South Riley; Round L.; Rew; Jeffery; Wacousta; Dewitt; Lookingglass R.; Mulliken; Sebewa; Ingersoll; Eagle; Gunnisonville; Chandler; P. M.; Sunfield; Hoyt V.; Grandledge; Delta; LANSING; N. Lansing; Bismarck; Shaytown; Roxana; Fair Grounds; Millett; Trowbridge; Kelly; West Windsor; Packard; Gresham; Chester; Potterville; Dimondale; M. C.; Westholt; Kings L.; Kingsland; Aurelius; Petreville; Kink; INGHAM; Kilwinning; M. C.; Aurelius; Jessie; Burton; O. Jc.; Owosso; Kerby; CORUNNA; Gr. Tr.; Vernon; Victor; Bennington; Laingsburg; Sagerville; Hartwellville; Pittsburg; M. C.; Bath; Arkes L.; Morrice; Bancroft; Perry; E. Lansing; Shaftsburg; Nicholson; Gr. Tr.; Haslett; Kemos; Meridian; Locke; Williamston; Cohoctah; Oakgrove Sta.; P. M.; Holt; Webberville; Pollok; Fowlerville; LIVINGSTON; HOWELL; MASON; Dansville; Iosco; Annpere; Eden; Whiteoak; Deweyville; Backus; Oterburn; Thread R.; Lennon; Gr.; Tr.; Swartz Creek; Atlas; Grapo Farm; Duffield; Durand; Rankin; Grand Blanc; Gaines; Newark; A. A.; B. Sta.; Long L.; Thayer; Groveland; Byron; Argentine; Linden; Paxton; Egypt; Fenton; Holly; Ortonville; Cohoctah; Deercreek; Indian L.; Madison; Davisburg; Rosse P.O. or Rose Cen.; Anderson V. P.O. or C. Sta.; Oakgrove; Hallers; Parshallville; Clyde; White Lake; Fleming; Hartland; OAKLAND; West Highland; Hollister; Oxbow; Fourtowns; Summit; Long Lake; Highland; Milford; Commerce; Pingree; Chilson; Brighton; New Hudson; Wixom; Walled Lake; L. Hasler; Hunters Creek; Hadley; Farmers Creek; Metamora; Dryden; Thornville; Goodrich; Farmers Cr.; M. C.; Almont; Hopkins Road; Thomas; Oakwood; Leonard; Shoup; N. Br.; Bastidos; Seymour Lake; Oxford; Lakeville; Baileys Sta.; Austin; Clarkston; Cole; P.O. & N.; Orion; Rome; ClintonV.; Gr. Tr.; Waterford; Eames; Alert; Mount Vernon; Daryton; Plains; Goodison; Three Mile R.; P. Jc.; Macomb; Rochester; MACOMB; Sylvan; Chas L.; Amy; Yates; De Pews; Utica; Disco; Cass L.; PONTIAC; Troy; M. C.; Clinton R.; Myrtle; G. T.; Orchard Lake; Walnut; Circle; Colerain; Walled D.; Oak Grove; Walnut L.; Birmingham; Big Beaver; North Farminton; Franklin; Clawson; Warren; Capac; Belle R.; Belleriver; Riley Center; M. Sta.; Abbottsford; Goodells; Lamb; Thornton; Wadhams; Tunnel Jc.; Ft. Gratiot; Smith; P. M.; Berville; Doyle; Wales; Burns; Kimball; Tappan; Smiths Cr.; Marysville; Armada; Memphis; G. T.; Columbus; Rattlerun; Richmond; Columbus; Pine R.; Butlins; M. C.; G. T.; Clinton R.; Ray Cen.; Lenox; Adair; Carltons Crg.; Washington; Davis; Omo; Newhaven; Casco; Peters; Meade; Marine City; Anchor V.; Fairhaven; Chesterfield; Milton; New Baltimore; Waldenburg; Anchor Bay; Pearl Beach; Mt. Clemens Sta.; MT. CLEMENS; Gr. Tr.; Fraser; Dickinson Isl.; Pt. Huron; San Souci; Salpole Isl.; PT. HURON; Sarina; Upton Wks.; Port Huron Salt Works; St. Clair Sprs.; St. Clair; St. Clair R.; LAMBTON; Robers L'dg; Algonac; Harsons Isl.; LAKE; Benton; Wadsworth; ILLINOIS; WAUKEGAN; Lake Forest; Rondout; Nor. W'N; Highland Pa; Deerfield; Des Prairies R.; Glencoe; W. C.; Evanston; South Evanston; L MICHIGAN; Hagar; Twelve Cors.; Benton Harbor; ST. JOSEPH; Hill Top; Glen Lord; Vineland; Stevensville; Springgrove; Scott Lake; West Casco; Hawkhead; Leisure; Black R.; Pullman; Lee; Horseshoe; M. C.; South Haven; Long Siding; Fruitland; Kibbie; Lacota; Maple Forest; Grand Jc.; Columbia; Berlamont; Gobleville; Pinegrove Mills; Packard; Breedsville; Bangor; K. L.; Covert; VAN BUREN; Elmwood; Windermere; Blakes; Lake Point; Paw Paw L.; Coloma; McDonald; Toquin P.O. or Paw Paw Lake Jc.; Paw Paw R.; Lawrence; P. C.; Riverside; Watervliet; Harrison; Millburg; Bainbridge; Spinks Cors.; Pennyann; Corwin; Decatur; Keeler; Sister L.; Sister Lakes; M. B.; Hollywood; Carl; Roy; Alton; Sodus; Arden; Pipestone; Hartman; Naomi; Dowagiac R.; Cushing; Glenwood; Volinia; Kalamazoo R.; Abronia; Hooper; Prairie V.; Neely; Doster; Chicora; Cheshire; Merson; Otsego; Silver Creek; Plainwell; Argenta; Bloomingdale; Cooper Sta.; M. Springbrook; C. K. & S.; Kendall; Alamo; Mentha; Williams; Hopkins; E. Cooper; Streeter; Waverly; Brownell; K. Jc.; Nazareth; KALAMAZOO; Comstock; Glendale; Almena; Lauren Lake; Miller; Oshtemo; Paper Mill; C. K. & S.; PAW PAW; Eassom; Walker; Bix; Brighton; KALAMAZOO; Lawton; Mattawan; Portage; Indian Field; Newbre; Pike L.; G. R. & I.; Texas; Austin Lake; Banksons L.; Grass L.; Schoolcraft; Gr. T.; Vicksburg; Round L.; Cedar L.; Prairie; Ronde; Leesburg; Flowerfield; Marcellus; Howardsville; Parkville; Delton; Fair L.; Bristol L.; Ceylon; Lacey; Milo; Banfield; Assyria; Cressey; Hickory Cors.; Bellevue; Gull Lake; Gull L.; Ney; Base; Richland; Yorkville; Bedford; Gonvis; M. C.; Camp St. Louis; Hume; Bedford; Penfield; Battle Creek; Augusta; Nichols; Eagle P.O. or Beadle Lake; Wheatfield; Ceresco; M. C.; Galesburg; Renton; Climax; Adams; Sonoma; Stanley; W. Leroy; Joppa; Waldonville; Scotts; Pavilion; E. Leroy; CALHOUN; Indian L.; Pinecreek; M. C.; Abscota; Browns Sid.; Burlington; Tekonsha; Fulton; Athens; Burlington Sta.; Portage Lake; Factoryville; Mendon; Leonidas; Hodunk; Union City; Hog R.; Girard; Eaton Rapids; Ainger P.O. or Olivet Sta.; Gr. Tr.; Charles Worth; Olivet; Brookfield; Winfield; Onondaga; Partell; Duck Lake; Ottercreek; Duck L.; East Springport; Springport; Rice Creek; Henrys Crg.; Toxio; Devereaux; Minard; Van Horn; Rice Cr.; MARSHALL; Spring Cr.; Parma; Sandstone; JACKSON; Mt. Rengo; N. Concord; Albion; M. C.; JACKSON; M. C.; Bath Mills; Snyder; Haires; L. S. & M. S.; Spring Arbor; Eckford; Condit; Reynolds; Concord; Morrison; Clarendon; Homer; Grover; Pulaski; Osborn; M. L. S.; Pulaski; Stonypoint; Hanover; Butler; Mosherville; Litchfield; S. Butler; Milnes; L. S. & M. S.; Scipio; Moscow; Jerome; L. S. & M. S.; Bunkerhill; Lowe L.; Plainfield; Bullis; Gregory; Leslie; Stockbridge; Fitchburg; Arland; Henrietta; Unadilla; Bruin L.; Rives Jc.; Henrietta Sta.; Munith; Line; South L.; Portage L.; Waterloo; Tompkins; M. C.; Portage R.; Portage; Root; Trist; Big Portage L.; G. Tr.; Withington; Chelsea; Gillet L.; Goose L.; M. C.; Prison Side Tr.; Francisco; Grass Lake; Leoni; L. S.; L. S. & M. S.; Michigan Cen.; WASHTENAW; Lynett; Ecdred; Napoleon; Sharonville; S. Jackson; Ackerson L.; Cranberry L.; Norvell; Manchester; Horton; Liberty; Clarklake; Clark L.; Brooklyn; M. Jc.; Watkins; Cedarbank; Johnson; Vineyard L.; Wampler L.; Somerset; Somerset Cen.; Cowham; Knorr; Addistion; Cement Cy.; Cambridge; Springville; Devils L.; Lake Rest; Onsted; Sand L.; Putnam; Pentecost; D. S. Jc.; Anderson; Pinckney; Island Lake; Greenoak; South Lyon; Four Towns; Lakeland; Hamburg; Whitmore L.; W. L. Stas.; Rushton; North V.; Gilti; Webster; Northfield; Emery; Salem; Worden; Geer; Plymouth; Dexter; Mill; Scio; Cherryhill; Lima; Delhi Mills; Fosters; Dixboro; Canton; ANN ARBOR; Geddes; Denton; Wiard; Fredonia; Ypsilanti; Hawkinville; Saline; A. A.; Pittsfield P.O. or P. Jc.; Belleville; River Raisin; Bridgewater; Orania; Stonycreek; York; Milan; Willis; Whitaker; W. Sumpter; Clinton; Tecumseh; Lakeridge; Macon; Stevens; Come; Saline R.; Azalia; Britton; Raisinville; Milan Jc.; Oakville; Exeter; London; Maybee; Novi; Beddow; Farmington; Southfield; Clarenceville; Royaloak; Mt. Olivet; Plank Road; Redford; N. Detroit; Livonia; Bellbranch; Elm; Beech; Redford Jc.; Greenfield; Masson; Highland Pk.; Kenwood; Milwaukee Jc.; Stark; P. M.; Oak; Yew; Nankin; Wallace V.; Howlett; Pikes Peak; Swift; Wayne Jc.; Eloise; Inkster; Dearborn; T. Line; Rougemere; W. End; Wayne; Navarre; M. C.; Hand Sta.; Windsor; Detroit; Delray; Riverrouge; WAYNE; Preston; Ecorse; Romulus; Huron R.; Frenchlanding; Taylor Cen.; Fighting Isl.; New Boston; Wyandotte; Sibley; Grosse Isle; Martinsville; Trenton; Chandler; Slocum Jc.; Willow; Waltz; Flatrock; Sta.; Grosee Ile.; Detroit R.; Briar Hill; Charleton; D. T. & N.; Scofield; Cathlont; Grafton; S. Rockwood; Gibral; Rockwood; Port; Pt. Millee; Centerline; Lakeshore; Roseville; LAKE ST. CLAIR; Greiner; Claireview; Connors Cr.; Lees V.; CBT. Clair Hts.; Grosse Pointe Farms; Hauvim; Grossepointe; Paye; Cottagegrove; DETROIT; Gr. Tr.; Rochester; Stony Pt.; C.P.; C.P.; L. E. & D. R.; ESSEX; Essex Center; Ruscum R.; Mic. Cen.; ONTARIO; Whatty; Olinda; Ruthven; Kingsville; Leamington; Oxley; Pigeon Bay; KENT; Romney; Mayfair; C.M. & St. P.; C. & N.W.; C.G.W.; I.C.; CHICAGO; C.T.T.; C.B. & G.; T. & F.S.; G. & A.; C.J.; G.T.; Hyde Park; Grand Crossing; I. & P.; South Chicago; Was.; Blue Island; C. R.; Harvey; LAKE; COOK; Whiting; L. S. & M. S.; L. Eston; Baileytown; Michigan City; Hammond; INDIANA; PORTER; Hageman; Hinchman; Livingston; BERRIEN; Baroda; Bridgman; Sawyer; Harbert; P. M.; Lakeside; Union Pier; Galien R.; New Troy; Avery; Galien; New Buffalo; Three Oaks; Barnett Siding; M. C.; Alfred; P. M.; New Carlisle; Webbers; L. S. & M. S.; LAPORTE; SOUTH BEND; Otis; LAPORTE; Stemm; Eau Claire; Mic. Cen.; Dowagiac; Lagrange; Berrien Springs; Berrien Cen.; CASSOPOLIS; Fair Land; Pokagon; Glendora; Sumnerville; St. Joseph R.; M. C.; Dailey; Buchanan; Dayton; W. Niles; Bertrand; Barron L.; Jefferson; Niles; Gr. Tr.; Redfield; Edwardsburg; Truitts; Baldwin L.; Adamsville; Granger; ST. JOSEPH; Osceola; Crums Point; ELKHART; Pleasant L.; Moorepark; Portage R.; Wakelee; Penn; Forest Hall; Sandy Beach; Vandalia; Corey L.; Gabius; Florence; T. R. Sta.; Three Rivers; St. Joseph River; Wasepi; M. C.; CENTER V.; Newburg; Browns V.; Jones; Corey; ST. JOSEPH; Day; Williamsville; Constantine; White Pigeon; Mottville; Sailor; Union; White Pigeon Riv.; Fawn R.; L. S. & M. S.; Elkhart; Bristol; L.S. & M.S.; LAGRANGE; LAGRANGE; Sherwood; Sturgis L.; Fairfax; BRANCH; Olds; Colon; COLDWATER; Nottawa; Mattison; Findley; Batavia; Perrin; Bronson; Lockwood; Sturgis; Burroak; Prairie R.; Bethel; Coldwater L.; Fawn River; Gilead; E. Gilead; Lima; Fremont; STEUBEN; Allen Sta.; Jonesville; Quincy; Allen; Ft. W. Jc.; N. Adams; Wheatland; Stafford; Marble L.; HILLSDALE; Hoxie; Bankers; Baw Beese; Purchase; Steamb'g; Osseo; Gorton; Towns; HILLSDALE; Algansee; Pittsford; Lester; Reading; Jefferson; Kinderhook; California; Cambria; Frontier; Shadyside; Montgomer; Ransom; Prattville; Camden; White; Buckeye; Betzer; S. Camden; Amboy; Waldron; ANGOLA; WILLIAMS; Alvordton; OHIO; Bakers; A. Jc.; Stoddard; Tipton; Prairie Sid.; Abbot; Man. Beach; Devils L.; Wolfcreek; LENAWEE; Townley; Church; Quaker; Geneva; Windom; Rollin; Rome; Birdsall; Woodward; ADRIAN; Locust; Fair Port; Walworth; Cadmus; Mallory; Hudson; Clayton; Medina; Sand Cr.; Madison; Adrian; Lenawee Jc.; Gorman; Arandaigua; Lenawee; Fruitridge; Jasper; Fairfield; Geneca; N. Morenci; Limecreek; Ontario; Munson; Marvin; Simo; Weston; Ridge V.; S. Fairfield; W. W.; L. S. & M. S.; Fayette; Morenci; Denson; FULTON; Swanton; Ridgeway; Sutton; Rea; Dundee; B. Jc.; Holloway; Raisin Cen.; Wells; Sisson; Corbus; Deerfield; Petersburg; Raisin R.; Strasburg; Ida; Chares; Palmyra; L. S. & M. S.; Grosvenor; Federman; Lulu; MONROE; Blissfield; Morocco; Winchester; Yargerville; Ogden; Bateman; Gert; Riga; Temperance; Samaria; Erie; Victors V.; Ogden Center; Mulberry; Ottawa Lake; Whiteford Cen.; Lambert V.; Ottawa Lake; Alexis; LUCAS; M. C.; TOLEDO; S. & M.S.; Air Line Jc.; Steiner; Colchester; Raisin; Grape; Warner; Stony Creek; Brest; MONROE; Raisin Pt.; LAKE ERIE; La Salle; Mid. Sister Isl.; La Plassance Bay; Vienna; W. Sister Isl.; Cape North; Maumee Bay; Cedar Pt.; W. & L.E.; Manhattan Jc.; E. Toledo; Locust Pt.; Littles Pt.; E. Sister Isl.; Pt. Pelee Island; North Bass Isl.; Mid. Bass Isl.; South Bass Isl.; CANADA; Pie Isl.; Amygdaloid Isl.; Passage Isl; Gull Isl.; Blakes Pt.; ISLE ROYALE; Todds Har.; Minong; Rock Harbor; Chippewa Har.; Siskawit Lake; Washington Harbor; Johns; Siskawit; Isle Royale Light; Siskawit Is.; Washington Isl.; Rainbow Cove; LAKE SUPERIOR; Part of KEWEENAW COUNTY Forty miles Northwest of main part of County; Ontonagon Ind. Res.; EAGLE RIVER; Allouez Mill; Kearsarge; Wolverine; Centennial; Belt Line Jc.; Red Jacket; Laurium; Opechee P.O. or Osceola; Highway; Desmond; Demmon; Paavola P.O. or Franklin Jc.; Franklin; Swedetown; Oskar; Hancock; Mine; HOUGHTON; Ripley; Redridge; Redridge; Stanwood; Edgemere; Edgemere Jc.; Beacon Hill; Freda; Salmon; Liminga; Trout; Onnela; Obenhoff; Atlantic Mine; Mill Mine Jc.; South Range; Messner; Trimountain; Ricedale; Elm R.; Huron; Baltic; Portage L.; Copper Falls Mine; Eagle Harbor; Delaware; Gate Har.; Wyoming; L. La B. Jc.; Lac La Belle; Central; Crestview; Phoenix Mine; Crestview Jc.; Cliff; Ojibway; Phoenic; L. Gratiot; Folton; Allouez; Mohawk; KEWEENAW; Hebbards; Quarry; Deer L.; Lanneek P.O. or Copper City; Gay; Calumet; Linden; Hubbell; Mason; Torch L.; Traverse Pte.; Point Mills; Dollar Bay; Point Mills; Gross Point; Houghton; Traverse Isl.; Portage R.; Jacobsville; Mosquitta; Mandan; Montreal R.; Mt. Houghton; Fish Cov.; Bete Grise Bay; Lac la Belle; Pt. Isabelle; LAKE SUPERIOR; Lit. Girls Pt.; Montreal; Montreal; D. S.; Black River; Black Riv.; GOGEBIC; N. Bessember; Bessemer Jc.; Union Bay; ONTONAGON; Green R.; Porcupine Mts.; Lits. Car R.; Presque Isle R.; Little Iron R.; Iron R.; ONTONAGON; Ballentine; W. Br. Ontonagon R.; Abitosse; Beryl; Tula; Duke; Gogebic Lake; Groesbeck; Matchwood; 14 Mile Pt.; Sterling R.; Fire Steel R.; Seager; Cranberry R.; Potato R.; Ontonagon R.; Chi. Mil. & St. Paul; Wood Spur; Evergreen; Greenland; Adventure; Greenland; Mass; Peppard; Rockland; Victoria; Riddle Jc.; Range Jc.; E. Branch; Outlet; Mid. Branch; South Branch; Ewen; Paynesville; Ruby; Toivola; Misery R.; Stonington; Beaver Dam; Painesdale; Chassell; D.S.S. & A.; Elm River; Staskpole; Winona; Tapiola; Arnheim; Askel; Otter L.; Bellaire; Pelkie; Elo; Hazel; Motley; D.S.S. & A.; Otter; White; Alston; Assinins; Belt; Simar; Rubicon P.O. or Hubbells Mill; Sturgeon R.; Silver; Pori; Findley Jc.; Frost Jc.; Taylor Mine; BARAGA; Kenton; HOUGHTON; Perch; Robinson; S. Br.; Leo; Covington; Pt. Abbaye; Keweenaw Bay; KEWEENAW BAY; Pequaming; Huron Bay; Skanee; Ron Bridge; Baraga; L'Anse R.; Silver R.; Slate Cr.; Huron R.; Huron Mts.; L'ANSE; L'Anse Ind. Res.; Taylor Jc.; Summit; Hibbard; Pope; Murphy; Sturgeon; Michigamme; Beck; Brown; Pascoe Mine; Vermilac; Bess; Tredeau; Tioga; Bode; Nestoria; Redruth; Beaoper Jc.; Huron Is.; Huron Pt.; Pine L.; Ives L.; Dishno; Humbold; Clown; Chi. & Nor. W'N; Ironwood; Siemens; BESSEMER; Ramsay; Wakefield; Wakefield Jc.; Thomaston; Marenisco; Gogebic; WISCONSIN; Nester; St. Collins; Chate; Bruce Cros.; Basco; Finland; C. & N. W.; Dermont; Jasper; Calderwood; Radford; Sandhurst; Sagelawn P.O. or Craigsmere; Robbins; Paulding; Barclay; Interior; Croziers Mill; Interior Jc.; Tamarack; Blemers; Watersmeet; Elmwood; State Line; Trout Cr.; Lewis; Onyx; Hanvey; Kitchi; Anthony; Read; Sidnaw; Nestor Cross; Tunis; Perch L.; Paint River; Chi. & Nor. W'N; Atkinson; Basswood; Beechwood; Hazel; CRYSTAL FALLS; Iron River; Stambaugh; Palatka; Saunders; L. Michigamme; Erie; Beacon; Champion; Wasik; Parks Siding; Michigan Riv.; Net River; Columbia; Republic; Granite; Witbeck; Amasa; Witch Lake; Balsam; Ponca; DICKINSON; Michigamme R.; Tobin Mine; Dunn Mine; Mastodon Mine; Kelso; Mansfield; Channing; Sagola; Panola; Mastodon; Mil. Jc.; Clarksburg; MARQUETTE; Floodwood; Golden; Turner; Henderson; Pentoga; Armstrong; Pine R.; Brule River; Stager; Randville; Brule; FLORENCE; Granite Bluff; C. M. & St. P.; Merriman; Spread Eagle Sta.; River Siding; Loop; Line Jc.; C. & N. W.; Antoine; IRON MOUNTAIN; Fumee; Quinnesec; King; Norway; Vulcan Note:

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Page  72-73 12 3 14 b Fiat, A Ma I 110 IA N, P, lo LLN", S'L 104 LAC GALLE4 L"ONA C"Ll"A MARIA -MA U A LA JL 10-AUC, M LOVA P, Title: Map of the United States Keywords: PACIFIC OCEAN; Albernie; Str. of Juan de Fuca; Cape Flattery; Flattery Docks; Cape Johnson; Montesano; Hoguiam; Grays Harbor; Willapa Har.; Oysterville; Nahcotta; Cape Disappointment; Fort Stevens; Seaside; Tillamook; Cape Lookout; Sheridan; georgia; Nanaimo; Chemanis; VICTORIA; WASHINGTON; Shelton; Elma; Gate Ocosta; South Bend; Olympia; Puget Sound; Centralia Chehalis; Blaine; Bellingham; Fairhaven; Anacortes; Tacoma; Astoria; Portland; Hillsboro; Newberg; McMinn V.; Vancouver; New Westminster; Port Moody; Mission; Cloverdale; Dumas; Sedro Woolley; Excelsior; Hamilton; Rockport; Mt. Vernon; Everett; Monte Cristo; Snohomish; Ballard; Seattle; Fall City; Sallal Pr.; Palmer; Buckley; Orting; Mt. Rainier (Mt. Tacoma); North Yakima; Kalama; Yacolt; Vancouver; E. Portland; Oregon Cy.; Mt. Hood; Woodburg; BRITISH COLUMBIA; Crawford; North Bend; Yale; Agassiz; Okanogan Lake; Okanogan; DOMINION OF CANADA; Lake Chelan; Waterville; Wenatchee; Roblyn; Ellensburg; Golden Dale; Columbia; Mt. Hood; The Dalles; Biggs; Shaniko; Prosser; Condon; Vernon; Lower Arrow Lake; Nakusp; Gerard; Lardo; Galena; CALGARY; ROCKY MTS.; Greenwood; Penticton; Rossland; Grand Forks; Trail; Robson; Slocan L.; Nelson; Sandon; Kaslo; Kootenai lake; Kuskanook; Cranbrook; Kootenai R.; Crows Nest; Okanogan; Columbia R.; Republic; Colville; Northport; Bonners Ferry; Sand Point; L. Pend Oreille; Kootenai Falls; Jennings; Flathead Lake; Coulee Cy.; Davenport; Odessa; Ritzville; Winona; Oakesdale; Cheney; Tekoa; Spokane; Harrison; Springdale; Rathdrum; Coeur de Alene; Murray; Mission; Burke; Mullan; Thompson; Wardner; Wallace; Farmington; Garfield; Colfax; Connell; Bitter Root Mts.; Snake Riv.; Pasco; Wallula; Umatilla; Willows; Heppner; Blue Mts.; Pullman; Pomeroy; Starbuck; Dayton; Waitsburg; Dudley; Walla Walla; Milton; Athena; Pendleton; Elgin; La Grande; Union; Moscow; Genesee; Kendrick; Juliaetta; Ahsahka; Lewiston; Ft. Missoula; Hamilton; Grantsdale; Grangeville; Mt. Idaho; Salmon Riv.; High River; Nanton; Parkland; Cassils; Kininvie; Stair; ALBERTA; Medicine Hat; Mackinnon; S. Saskatchewan R.; Sidewood; Beverly; Waldeck; Dundurn; Outlook; Kenaston; Hawarden; Elbow; Davidson; Aylesbury; Tugaski; Brownlee; Bethune; Lumsden; Tuxford; Strassburg; Mountain L.; Bulyer; Markinch; Craven; Hokomis; Touchwood; Frank; Macleod; McGrath; Lethbridge; Wetmore; Bow Island; Medicine Hat; Coleridge; Sterling; Crows Nest Pass; Fernie; Cardston; Kalispell; Columbia Falls; Carlow; Shelby Jc.; Austin; Plains; Summit; Valier; Marias Riv.; Ft. Assiniboine; Conrad; Ft. Benton; Dutton; MONTANA; Great Falls; Big Sandy; Farmington; Monarch; Craig; Wolf Creek; Marysville; Quartz; Arlee; Desmet; Missoula; Carlan; Drummond; Garrison; Phillipsburg; Deer Lodge; Anaconda; Stuart; Silverbow; Salmon; Whitehall; Sappington; Dillon; Laurin; Virginia City; Norris; Butte; Calvin; Austin; HELENA; Jefferson; Elkhorn; Townsend; Boulder Valley; Lombard; Logan; Bozeman; Livingston; Cinnabar; Red Lodge; Harlowton; White Castle; Neihart; Barker; Forres; Maple Creek; Crane Lake; Swift Current; Old Wives Lake; Herbert; Moose Jaw; Pasqua; Regina; Rouleau; Pacific Jc.; Havrs; Toledo; Savoy; Ashfield; Hingdale; Glasgow; Nashua; Lenox; Wolf Point; Missouri Riv.; Lewistown; Flat Willow; Garnell; Sulphur Sprs.; Musselshell Riv.; Big Timber; Merrill; Laurel; Billings; Bull; Junction; Musselshell; Terry; Blenheim; Yellowstone River; Miles City; Ft. Keogh; Rosebud; Forsyth; Rockvale; Bowler; Bridger; Lodge Grass; Tongue R.; Fort Custer; El Fros; Shemo; Insinger; Yorkton; Kamsac; Saltcoats; Atwater; Yogo; Benito; Dauphin; Grand View; Kelliher; Hubbard; Melville; Langesburg; MANITOBA; Lipton; Balcarres; Neudorf; Dubuc; Welby; Russell; Binscarth; Birtle; Appelle; Appelle R.; Whitewood; Moosomin; Esterhazy; St. Clair; Vibank; Indian Head; Wolseley; Grenfell; Broadview; Tyvan; Kendall; Kaiser; Fleming; Brando; Lajord; Lang; Yellow Grass; Weyburn; Stoughton; Macoun; Estevan; Fillmore; Vandura; Kirkella; Virden; Kemkat; Souris; COTEAU DU MISSOURI; Kisbey; Kennedy; Walpole; Butler; Arcola; Antler; Reston; Hartney; Oldbaine; Meloo; Alameda; Oxbow; Poplar; Culbertson; Buford; Williston; White Earth; Ambrose; Bowsell; Portal; Sherwood; Ashmare; Souris; Bottinew; St. John; Towner; Stanley; Lansford; Minot; Missouri Riv.; Glendive; Wibau; Sentinel Butte; Medora; Dickinson; Hebron; Washburn; Wallace; Voltaire; Minnewaukon; Esmond; Drake; Fessenden; Sykeston; BISMARCK; Sterling; Washburn; Sims; NORTH DAKOTA; SOUTH DAKOTA; Braddock; Cannon R.; Fallon; Westmore; Marmarth; Hettinger; Ashoroft; Lemmon; Pollock; Linton; Duroc; Glenham; Evarts; Bowdle; Napoleon; Moreau River; Lebeau; Lake Dauphin; McCreary; Lake Manitoba; Cowdery; Gimli; Winnipeg; Minnedosa; Neepawa; Gladstone; W. Selkirk; Selkirk; White Mouth; Carberry; Boissevain; Portage; La Prairie; Carman; Greenway; Manito; Morden; Gretna; Morris; St. Boniface; Otterbourne; Manitou; Emrson; Sarles; Rolla; Rugby; Leeds; Oberon; Carrington; Cando; Churchs Ft.; Devils Lake; Devils L.; McHenry; Coopers T.; Neche; Cavalier; Langdon; Park River; Lakota; P.R. Jc.; Aneta; Hillsboro; Grand Forks; St. Vincent; Remsna; Hallock; Red R.; Drayton; Grafton; Minto; Larimore; Mayvale; War Road; Beaudette; Greenbush; Warren; Thief River Falls; Crookston; Fosston; Fertile; Steele; Dawson; Medina; Jamestown; Sanborn; Hope; Valley City; Casselton; Fargo; Halstad; Ada; Glyndon; Winnipeg Jc.; L. Itasca; Bemidji; Park Rapids; Barnesville; Wishek; Adrian; Lamoure; Edgeley; Kulm; Monango; Ellendale; Oakes; Milnor; Moorhead; MINNESOTA; Kindred; Wahpeton; Breckenridge; Wadena; Hankinson; Fergus Fs.; Tintah; Evansville; Eureka; Aberdeen; Leola; Ipswich; Roscoe; Faulkton; Conde; Bradley; Webster; Bristol; Andover; Groton; Sisseton; Lidge Wood; Brown Valley; Saux Center; Morris; Benson; Paynes V.; Millbank; Ortonville; Willmar; Litchfield; English R.; Pipestone L.; Gull Rock L.; Lac Seul; Superior Jc.; Cat R.; Cat L.; St. Joseph Lake; Albany River; Marten Falls; Ogoki R.; Makoki R.; Kenogami R.; Kenora; Barclay; Lake of the Woods; English River; ONTARIO; Carlstad; International Falls; Red Lake; Black Duck; Vermilion Lake; Hunters Isl.; Soudan; Gunflint; Winton; Grand Marais; Hibbing; Tower; Mckinley; Virginia; Ely; Bwabik; Allen Jc.; Leech L.; Stony Brook; Iron; Two Harbors; L.. Superior; Apostle Ids.; Cloquet; Carlton; Duluth; Superior; Iron R.; Bayfield; Ashland; Ontonagon; Ironwood; Walker; Aitkin; Mason; Marengo; Hurley; Staples; Brainerd; Mille Lacs; Hinckley; Butternut; Lacdu; Lambeau; Minocqua; Rhinelander; Little Falls; Milaga; Spooner; Superior Jc.; Sauk Rapids; Cameron; Ladysmith; St. Cloud; L. Minnatonica; Minneapolis; St. Paul; Anoka; Stillwater; Hudson; Eau Claire; Kennan; Prentice; Chippewa Falls; Tomahawk; Merrill; Abbottsforo; Lake Nipigon; Linkooping; Fort William; Nipigon; Long Lake; Middleton; Trudeau; White River; Port Arthur; Josephine; Lake Royale; Mipicolon Isl.; Keweenaw Point; Allouez; Houghton; Nass; Keweenaw Bay; Bessemer; MICHIGAN; Lanse; Nestoria; Champion; Ishpemino; Marquette; Monisino; Seney; Soo Jc.; Groesbeck; Watersmeet; Sidnaw; Republic; Channing; Lathrop; Manistique; Crystal Falls; Iron Mtn.; Gladstone; Beaver Is.; Escanaba; Rembine; Powers; Antigo; Monico; Menominee; Marinette; Petoskey; Missanabie R.; Managami R.; Abittiba R.; Bay; Hurricanaw R.; Nottawa R.; Otter; Dalton; Pardee; Chapleau; Woman River; Bisootasing; Pogamasing; Cartier; Whitefish; Sudbury; Michipicoten Harbor; Goulais; Sault Ste. Marie; Thessalon; Algoma; Spanish River; Montreal River; Trout Lake; St. Ignace; Mackinaw C; Cheboygan; Charlevoix; Gaylord; Alpena; Georgian Bay; Lake Nipissing; Grand Manitoulin Isl.; Parry Sound; L. HURON; Lake Abittiba; Haileybury; Lake Temiscaming; Cobalt; Lake Keepawa; Lake Kakebonga; Sturgeon Falls; Lake Boucharo; Gatineau Riv.; North Bay; Nipissing Jc.; Mattawa; Deux Riviere; Chalk River; Ft. Coulogne; St. Jerome; Greenville; Hawkesbury; Buckingham; Hull; Ottawa R.; Powassan; Emsdale; Huntsville; Haliburton; Bracebridge; Carleton; Cornwall; OTTAWA; Arnprior; Renfrew; Pembroke; Chamouchouan R.; Lake St. John; Bersimis R.; R. Saguenay; Roberval; R. St. Maurice; Rivierre A Pierre; QUEBEC; Chicoutimi; Trois Pistoles; Kiskisink; Ste. Anne; St. Lawrence River; Jolliette; Elgin Road; Levis; St. Henri; Kingsbury; Doccet Landing; Chamberlain L.; Beauce Jc.; Chesuneoole L.; Moosehead L.; Nicolet; Sorel; Yacinthe; Drummondville; Arthabaska; Marbleton; Richmond; Actonvale; Montreal; St. Constant; Valleyfield; Rouses Pt.; Farnham; Sherbrooke; Coaticook; St. John; Rangeley; Bingham; Greenville; MAINE; Bersimis; Rimouski; Grosses Rock; Little Metis; Paspebiac; Riviere du Loup; Campbellton; Petit Rocher; Metapedia; Dalhousie; Chalewa Bay; St. Louis; Edmundston; NEW BRUNSWICK; Bartibog; Newcastle; Mouth of St. Francis; R. St. John; Van Buren; Grand Falls; Caribou; Plaster Rock; Presque Isle; Ashland; Newburg Jc.; A. Jc.; Woodstock; Houlton; A. Jc.; Debec; Frederickton; McAdams Jc.; School L.; Princeton; Brownville; Seboois; Mattawankeag; Milo; Dover; Cape Foulweather; Dallas; Yaquina; Toledo; Airlie; Willamette R.; Salem; Scio; Lebanon; Corvallis; Albany; Des Chutes R.; John Day River; Prineville; Crooked R.; Eugene; Cascade Mts.; Coburg; Natron; Marshfield; Empire; Cooville; Bandon; Cottage Grove; OREGON; Yoncalla; Harney Lake; Roseburg; Myrtle Point; Summer Lake; Albert Lake; Cape Blanco; Port Orford; Grants Pass; Eagle Point; Upper Klamath Lake; Gold Beach; Jacksonville; Ashland; Medford; Klamath Falls; Lower Klamath L.; Lakeview; Pt. St. George; Crescent City; Rhett Lake; Yreka; Upton; McCloud; Aroata; Ferndale; Cape Mendocino; Montague; Mt. Shasta; Alturas; Madeline; North Fork; Eureka; Scotia; Blocksburg; Smith; Pitt River; CALIFORNIA; Eagle lake; Susanville; Red Bluff; Tehama; Honey lake; Amedee; Virginia City; SIERRA NEVADA; Redding; Sumpter; Baker City; Council; Indian Valley; Durkee; Huntington; Payette; Ontario; Weiser; Payette R.; Burns; Malheur R.; Vale; Caldwell; Emmett; Boise; Placerville; Idaho City; Malheur Lake; Warner Lake; Stein Mts.; Owyhee R.; Murphy; Mountain Home; Nampa; Glenns Ferry; Delamar; Silver City; Snake River; Shoshone Falls; Buhl; Twin Falls; Goose Lake; Black Rock Desert; Paradise Valley; Smoke Cr. Desert; Oreano; Pyramid Lake; Wadsworth; Browns; Winnemucca; Golconda; Iron Point; Coin; Battle Mtn.; Shoshone; Palisade; Deeth; Wells; Halleck; Elko; Franklin L.; Ruby L.; Bridges; Browns; Mill City; Lewis Jc.; Challis; Crab Tree; Yellowstone National Park; Shoshone Mts.; Mackey; Ketchum; Hailey; Bellevue; Shoshone; Mindoka; Wapi; American Falls; Pocatello; Arco; Market Lake; Beaver; St. Anthony; Wind River Range; Rexburg; Idaho Falls; Blackfoot; Soda Springs; Montpelier; Albion; Malad City; Swan Lake; McCammon; Bear R.; Paris; Preston; WYOMING; Kelton; Terrace; Ludin; Ullin; Cobre; Toana; Kolmar; Cache Jc.; Smithfield; Logan; Hyrum; Brigham; Ogden; Kaysville; Bountiful; Sage; Big Piney; Waterfall; Almy; Bridger; Evanston; Great Salt L.; Salt Lake Cy.; Lakeside; Great American Desert; Garfield Beach; Grantsville; Tooele; Bingham; Lehi City; Mercur; Pleasant Grove; Utah L.; Echo City; Coalville; Ft. Douglas; Park Cy; Alta; Sandy; Heber; Uintah Mts.; American Fork; Provo City; Springville; Spanish Fork; Frannie; Cody; Stinking Water R.; Big Horn Riv.; Bull R.; Big Horn Mts.; Parkman; Clearmont; Sundance; Sheridan; Buffalo; Ft. McKinney; Basin; Owen; Hermopolis; Powder River; Gillette; Moorcraft; New Castle; Lander; Shoshoni; Mokona; Platte Riv.; Orin; Mokona; Casper; Glen Rock; Douglas; Wendover; Hartville Jc.; Sweetwater R.; Granger; Green River; Rock Springs; Patrick; Red Desert; Creston; Rawlins; Walcott; Dana; Hanna; Allen; Green R.; Encampment; Centennial; Laramie; Wyocolo; Collins; Vernal; Bear R.; White R.; Meeker; Steamboat Springs; Ft. Collins; Stout; Loveland; Arkin; Longmont; Erie; Boulder; Sunset; Glenwood Sprs.; Lafayette; Aladdin; Spearfish; Belle Fourche; Forest City; Deadwood; Whitewood; Sturgis; Piedmont; Rapid City; Black Hills; Lead; Cambria; Minnekahta; Cheyenne River; Pierre; Gettysburg; Blunt; Philip; Ft. pierre; Hill City; Keystone; Custer; White Riv.; Chamberlain; Gregory; Edgemont; Buffalo Gap; Hot Springs; Pine Ridge; Rosebud; Merriman; Lusk; Dakota Jc.; Crawford; Chadron; Cody; Niobrara River; Valentine; Niobrara; Ainsworth; Rushville; Sunrise; Guzongey; Hemingford; Bordeaux; Horse Creek; Ft. Russell; Cheyenne; Kimball; Ridgeport; NEBRASKA; Northport Jc.; Ogalalla; Mullen; Thedford; dunning; Allings; Heannis; Burns; Sidney; Broken bow; Callaway; Lexington; Cozad; Vroman; Platte R.; Elwood; Curt; Wallace; Brant; Ulebourg; Grover; Carr; Greeley; Hardin; Brighton; Ft. Lupton; Buckingham; Willard; Sterling; Crook; Fleming; Holyoke; Laird; Goodrich; Hudson; Wiggins; Ft. Morgan; Brush; Akron; Yuma; Imperial; Culbertson; McCook; Beaver City; Holdredge; Republican R.; Benkelman; Watertown; Orient; Redfield; Highmore; Miller; Doland; Clark; Madison; Granite Falls; Hutchinson; Wolsey; Wessington Sprs.; James R.; Lake Preston; Iroquois; Huron; Redwood; Falls; Marshall; Tracy; New Ulm; L. Crystal; St. james; Woonsocket; Howard; Vilas; Madison; Salem; Brookings; Flandreau; Pipestone; Windom; Fairmont; Worthington; Luverne; Platte; Mitchell; Armour; Sioux Falls; Rock Rapids; Estherville; Sisley; Spencer; Bohesteel; Tripp; Parker; Canton; Sheldon; Lindall; Running Water; Centerville; Sioux Rapids; Fonda; Storm Lake; Stuart; Bassett; Verdigris; New castle; Bloomfield; Creighton; Plainview; Wayne; Ponca; Emerson; Yankton; Vermilion; Cherokee; Sac Cy; Le Mars; Elk point; Sioux City; Moville; Wall Lake; Ida Gr.; Sioux; O'Neill; Neligh; Merna; Sargent; Burwell; Ord; Ericson; Greeley; Norfolk; Humphrey; Madison; W. Point; Onawa; Rodney; Ute; Manilla; Harlan; Mo. val.; Avoca; Council Bluffs; Red Oak; Vilisca; St. Paul; Arcadia; Boelus; Central Cy.; Stromsburg; David Cy.; Columbus; Cedar Rps.; Albion; Schuyler; N. Bend; Scribner; Waroo; Ashland; Tekamah; Mondamin; Blair; Fremont; Omaha; Grand Isl.; Kearney; Kenesaw; Minden; Alma; Republican Cy.; Red Cloud; Aurora; Harvard; Hastings; Lester; Sutton; York; Fairfield; Hebron; Superior; Lincoln; Seward; Crete; Geneva; Dewitt; Plattsmouth; N.C. Jc.; Nebraska; Tecumseh; Beatrice; fairbury; Wymore; Glenwood; Sidney; Shenandoah; Roseberry; Corning; Auburn; Falls Cy.; Bigelow; Napier; Menomonie; Hastings; Chippewa Falls; Marshfield; Glencoe; Norwood; Shakopee; Red Wing; Fairchild; Stevens Pt.; Merillan; St. Peter; Mankato; Faribault; Wabasha; Trevino; Grand Rapids; Waseca; Zumbrota; Owatonna; Marshland; Albert lea; Wells; Rochester; Austin; Winona; Sparta; Necedah; New Lisbon; Spring Val; Preston; La Crosse; Elroy; Desoto; Armstrong; Garney; Mason Cy; Osage; Charles Cy.; Cresco; New Hampton; Decora; Waukon; Viroqua; Barabo; Prairie du Chien; Lone Rock; Woodman; Emmetsburg; Algona; Burt; Rolfe; Eagle Grove; Clarion; Belmond; Hampton; Waverly; N. McGregor; Sumner; Oelwein; Montfort; Lancaster; Madison; Darlington; Platte V.; Rockwell Cy.; Ft. Dodge; Webster Cy; Iowa Fs.; Cedar Fs.; Manchester; Oneida; Delaware; Monroe; Galena; Lake Cy.; Story Cy.; Waterloo; Eldora; Independence; Dubuque; Jefferson; Nevada; Traer; Cedar Rap.; Marion; Anamosa; Maquoketa; Carroll; Denison; Boone; Marshalltown; State Cen.; Vinton; Sabula; Savanna; Perry; Newton; Belle Plaine; Iowa City; Davenport; Clinton; Denrook; Fulton; Des Moines; Monroe; Grinnell; W. Liberty; Rock Island; Atlantic; Knoxville; Pella; Evans; Montezuma; Afton; Winterset; Orient; Indianola; Oskaloosa; Hedrick; Muscatine; Creston; Obariton; Ottumwa; Albia; Washington; Wapello; Keithsburg; Monmouth; Clarinda; Osceola; Centerville; Fairfield; Mt. Pleasant; Galesburg; Diagonal; Seymour; Ft. Madison; Burlington; Dallas Cy.; LaHarpe; Grant Cy.; Caines V.; Lancaster; Mar V.; Bethany; Princeton; Memphis; Keokuk; Bushnell; Delavan; Albany; Trenton; Milan; Alexandria; Carthage; Havana; Pattonsburg; Galt; Kirksville; Edina; LaPlata; Beardstown; MISSOURI Note: Published by Geo. F. Cram, Chicago, Ill. Title: Map of the United States Keywords: Waubad; Oconto; Eland; Clinton V.; Green Bay; Sturgeon Bay; Traverse Cy.; Frankfort; Waupaca; Kewaunee; Algoma; New London; Green Bay; Copemish; Manistee; Walton; Cadilla; Appleton; Menasha; Two Rivers; Ludington; Neenah; Oskosh; Manitowoc; Baldwin; Berlin; Chilton; Pentwater; Clare; Ripon; Fond du Lac; Big Rapids; Waupun; Plymouth; Sheboygan; Portage; Watertown; Port Washington; Howard City; Oconomowoc; Muskegon; Stanton; Eagle; Waukesha; Milwaukee; Grand Haven; Cedar Sprs.; Janesville; Burlington; Holland; Hastings; L. geneva; L. Geneva; Allegan; Beloit; Kenosha; South Haven; Kalamazoo; Charlotte; Freeport; Waukegan; Battle Creek; Rockford; Forreston; Elgin; Benton Har.; Jackson; Evanston; L. MICHIGAN; St. Joseph; Niles; Coldwater; Sturgis; Dixon; Rockelle; Hammond; Michigan Cy.; Chicago; Laporte; Goshen; South Bend; Buda; Wyanet; Aurora; Joliet; Kendall; Lacon; Streator; La Salle; Ottawa; Kankakee; Valparaiso; Plymouth; Galva; Pontiac; Dwight; Momence; N. Hudson; Peoria; El Paso; Monon; Logansport; Huntington; Ft. Wayne; Wabash; Decatur; Delphos; Pekin; Mackinaw; Bloomington; Gilman; Delphi; Kokomo; Peru; Gibson Cy.; Lafayette; Frankfort; Marion; Champaign; Danville; Elwood; Muncie; Lincoln; Clinton; Crawfordsville; Anderson; Union; Vienna; Mancelona; Harrisville; Wiarton; Meafor; Grayling; Houghton L.; Au Sable; Owen Sound; Collingwood; Harrison; Standish; Alger; Kincardine; Harriston; Orangeville; Barrie; Toronto; Saginaw Bay; W. Bay Cy.; Bay Cy.; Pt. Austin; Bad Axe; Harbor Beach; Wingham; Saginaw; Palms; Goderich; Guelph; Ithaca; Stratford; Galt; Ashley; Burlington; Ionia; Owosso; Flint; Lapeer; Port Huron; Brantford; Durand; Sarnia; Woodstock; London; Lansing; Glencoe; St. Thomas; St. Catherines; Howell; Plymouth; L. St. Clair; Chatham; Port Burwell; L. ERIE; Ann Arbor; Detroit; Windsor; Mayville; Ann Arbor; Hillsdale; Ypsilanti; Paines V.; Ashtabula; Girard; Erie; Chautaugua L.; Adrian; Monroe; Sandusky; Lorain; Cleveland; Union Cy.; Toledo; Montpelier; Fremont; Bellevue; Akron; Youngstown; Warren; Sharon; Oilc City; Meadville; Napoleon; Defiance; Deshler; Tiffin; New Castle; Mercer; PENNSYLVANIA; Findlay; Fostoria; Lodi; Kenton; Galion; Mansefield; Bucyrus; Canton; Butler; Allegheny; Ohio Cy.; Lima; Marion; Steubenville; Sidney; Bellefontaine; Cambridge; Bellaire; Wellsburg; Wheeling; Benwood; Fiqua; Urbana; Newark; Zanesville; Midland; Orillia; Coe Hill; Sharbot L.; Smiths Falls; Brock V.; Prescott; L. Simcoe; Lindsay; Peterborough; Belleville; Kingston; Norwood; Ogdensburg; Whitby; Pt. Hope; Coburg; Picton; Clayton; Gouverneur; Carthage; Watertown; Sackets Har.; L. ONTARIO; Hamilton; Lockport; Kent; Rochester; Charlotte; Oswego; Richland; Niagara Falls; Ft. Erie; Batavia; Geneva; Lyons; Cayuga; Syracuse; Fulton; Oneida L.; Oneida; Rome; Utica; Buffalo; Attica; Avon; Auburn; Herkimer; Dunkirk; Springville; Mt. Morris; Cortland; Noswich; Dayton; Cuba; NEW YORK; Wayland; Hornellsville; Van Etten; Ithaca; Oneonta; Bloomville; Jamestown; Lean; Ulysses; Addison; Corning; Elmira; Owego; Binghamton; Walton; Hancock Jc.; Cory; Warren; Bradford; Lawrenceville; Sayre; Montrose; Mt. Jewett; Coudersport; Owanda; Ridgway; Emporium; Blossburg; Canton; Carbondale; Honesdale; Brockwayville; Driftwood; Williamsport; Scranton; Pt. Jervis; Clarion; Lockhaven; Wilkesbarre; Boonton; Punxsutawney; Clearfield; Sunbury; Bloomsburg; Stroudsburg; Indiana; Tyrone; Bellefonte; Shamokin; Mauchunk; Pittsburg; Altoona; Pottsville; Port Royal; Allentown; Easton; McKeesport; Johns T.; Cresson; Mt. Union; Lebanon; Reading; Boundbrook; Perth Amboy; Connells V.; Confluence; Shippensburg; Bedford; Carlisle; York; Pottstown; New Brunswick; Lancaster; Malone; Swanton; Barton; Newport; Rangeley; Cole Brook; Kingfield; Newport; Strong; Moira; Plattsburg; St. Albans; Cambridge; Goos; Berlin; Rumford Falls; Adirondack L.; Burlington; St. Johnsbury; Bethel; Sabanac L.; Champlain Mts.; Whitefield; Wood V.; N. Conway; Auburn; Tupper L.; Montpelier; West Pt.; Barne; Mechanics Falls; Lewiston; Woodstock; Bristol; Warren; Brunswick; Leicester; NEW HAMPSHIRE; VERMONT; Laconia; Rochester; Ticonderoga; N. Creek; Rutland; Franklin Jc.; Portland; Claremont; Concord; Saco; Biddeford; Berwick; S. Londonderry; Manchester; Dover; Sun Cook; York Beach; Portsmouth; Glens Fs.; Johns T.; Fonda; Amsterdam; Sohenectady; Ochoes; Brattleboro; Keene; Nashua; Rockport; Albany; Troy; N. Adams; Bennington; Newburyport; Hudson; Pittsfield; Greenfield; Fitchburg; Lawrence; Cairo; MASS.; Athol; Lowell; Marlboro; Salem; Lynn; Catskill Mts.; Holyoke; Northampton; Worcester; Framingham; Boston; Quincy; Kingston; Litchfield; Hartford; Providence; Woonsocket; Springfield; Taunton; Brockton; Cape Cod; Provincetown; Poughkeepsie; CONN.; Willimantic; R.I.; New Bedford; Newburgh; Waterbury; Middletown; Norwich; Buzzards Bay; Fall River; Campbell; Hall; Danbury; New London; Westerly; Narragansett Bay; Newport; Nantucket; Siasoonset; West Pt.; Pompton; Bridgeport; New Haven; Paterson; Passaic; Yonkers; Newark; Trenton; Montauk; Amagansett; Sag Harbor; Greenport; Long Island; Jefferson; Babylon; Hempstead; Brooklyn; New york; Jersey City; Sandy Hook; Long Branch; Bangor; Milford; Eastport; Burnham; Machias; Waterville; Augusta; Bucksport; Mt. Desert; Belfast; Penobsoot Bay; Rockland; Wiscasset; Bath; Covelo Willows; Shasta Mts.; Chico; Truckee; Reno; Fort Bragg; Freto; Sacramento R.; Oroville; Sherwood; Sites; Marysville; Pt. Arena; Ukiah; Rumset; Lakeport; Colusa; Yuba City; Nevada City; Grass Val.; L. Tahoe; Healdsburg; Woodland; Davisville; Auburn; Colfax; Calistoga; Placerville; Guerneville; Helena; Sacramento; Markham; Galt; Ione; Santa Rosa; Elmira; San Anselmo; Keleyo; Oakland; Lejo; Napa; Suisun; Benicia; Avon; San Rafael; Sausalito; San Francisco; Alameda; Lodi; Stockton; Valley Springs; Mono Lake; San Mateo; Santa Clara; Felton; Niles; Tracy; Milton; Sonora; Oakdale; Santa Cruz; San Jose; Joaquin R.; Modesto; Merced; Gilroy; Newman; Berendo; Watsonville; Tres Pinos; Hollister; Coast Range; Los Banos; Madera; Salinas; Monterey; Pt. Sur; Gonzales; Kerman; Hanford; Armona; Cape San Martin; San Ardo; San Lucas; Alcaide; San Miguel; Tulane L.; Paso Robles; San Luis Obispo; Pt. Harford; Guadaloupe; Santa Maria; Hot Springs; Alpha; Cherry Cr.; NEVADA; Dayton; Catons; Austin; Eureka; Ft. Churchill; Hamilton; Carson City; Gillis; Rawhide; Walker L.; Hawthorne; Hot Creek Mts.; Duck Water; Bodie; Luning; Belmont; Tonopah; Geyser; Wood Camp; Candelaria; Queen; Hammill; Goldfield; Caliente; Raymond; Alvord; Silver Peak; Fryberg; Pollasky; Mt. Whitney; Rhyolite; Goldcenter; Fresno; Goshen; Bullfrog; Keeler; Armagosa R.; Desert Mts.; St. Thomas; Moapa; Vibal; Owens L.; Tulare; Death Valley; Las Vegas; Plano; Famoso; Freeman; Searchlight; Bakersfield; Kern; Randsburg; Ivanpah; Chloride; Kern L.; Borate; Purdy; Ironton; Eureka; Payson; Thistle; Pleasant Val. Jc.; Silver City; Nephi; Moroni; Scofield; Price; Grassy; Leamington; Ephraim; Mt. Pleasant; Ely; Manti; UTAH; Sevier Lake; Neels; Black Rock; Mineral Range; Fillmore; Castle Dale; Desert; Milford; Sevier R.; Salina; Green River; Frisco; Marysville; Richfield; Monroe; Lund; Beaver; Junction; Teasdale; Pioche; Uvada; Panguitch; Wasatch Mts.; Cainesville; Mormon R.; Cedar City; Parowan; Escalante; Monticello; St. George; Kanab; Virgin Riv.; Grand Canon River; San Juan River; White Hills; Peach Sprs.; Hackberry; Seligman; Ash Fork; Williams; Flagstaff; Canton Diablo; Little Colorado R.; St. Joseph; Holbrook; Kingman; Gorman; Babbitt; COLORADO; Green R.; Utaline; Grand Jc.; DeBeque; New Castle; Gypsum; Frisco; Georget; Idaho Sprs.; Central Cy.; Golden; Red Cliff; Ft. Logan; Cisco; Aspen Jc.; Leadville; Como; Colorado Cy.; Manitou; Delta; Anthragite; Ruby; Crested Butte; Baldwin; Aspen; Granite; London; Moab; Montrose; Gunnison; Buena Vista; Cripple Cr.; Pikes Pk.; Salida; Canyon Cy.; Lake Jc.; Aberdeen; Farlin; Monarch; Florence; Ridgeway; Ouray; Viela Grove; Orient; Telluride; Saguache; West Cliffe; Vance Jc.; Lake City; Moffatt; Salt Cr.; Rico; Ironton; Creede; Wagon Wheel Gap; Del Norte; Wassenburg; Bluff; Dolores; Mancos; Rockwood; Pagosa Sprs.; Alamosa; Antonito; Garland; Rouse; Durango; Farmington; Aztec; Lumberton; Chama; Catskill; Elvada; Tierra Amarilla; Blossburg; No Agua; Corta; Springer; Levy; Caliente; Espanola; Navajo; Houck; Gallup; Ft. Wingate; Thoreau; Blue Water; Cubero; Albuquerque; Bernalillo; San Pedro; Cebrillos; Shoemaker; Hot Springs; Fulton; Santa Fe; Eldridge; NEW MEXICO; Lamy; Wingate; Herndon; Atwood; Norton; Scranton; Byers; St. Francis; Oberlin; Agate; Denver; Claremont; Burlington; Goodland; Lenora; Phillipsburg; Elizabeth; Flagles; Sharon Sprs.; Colby; Hoxie; Palmer L.; Limon; Cheyenne; Wells; Wallace; Colby; Winona; Hill City; Falcon; Ramah; Hugo; Oakley; Plainville; Wa Keeney; Colorado Sprs.; Smoky Hill R.; Kit Carson; La Crosse; Ness City; Utica; Dighton; Pinon; Nepesta; Ordway; Galatea; Leoti; Scott; KANSAS; Pueblo; Rocky ford; Sheridan Lake; Horace; Syracuse; Lakin; Garden Cy.; Jetmore; Kinsley; Cucharas Jc.; Rouse Jc.; La Junta; Arizona Riv.; Cimarron; Dodge City; Bucklin; Delhi; Las Animas; Lamar; Holly; Springfield; Ulysses; Meade; Coldwater; Ashland; Trinidad; Raton; Folsom; Des Moines; OKLAHOMA; Guymon; Optima; Beaver; Englewood; Buffalo; N. Fk. of Canadian; Cliftonhouse; Grenville; Clayton; Stratford; Ochiltree; Woodward; Gage; Salona; Dalhart; Oumas; Hansford; Canadian; Higgins; Arnett; East Las Vegas; Naravisa; Tascosa; Miami; Logan; Panhandle; Jericho; McLean; Sayre; Tucumcari; Bard Cy.; Canyon; Claude; Bravo; Channing; Armarillo; Almena; Long Island; Washington; Marys V.; Seneca; Savannah; Mankato; Belle V.; Sabetha; Logan; Kirwin; Smith Cen; Greenleaf; Hiawatha; Horton; Troy; Concord; Clyde; Clifton; Blue Rap; Clay Cen; Goff; Alton; Stockton; Downs; Beloit; Miltonvale; Westmoreland; Atchison; Meriden; Luray; Lincoln; Machester; Manhattan; Kansas R.; Leavenworth; Russell; Solomon; Junction Cy.; St. Marys; Alma; Hays; Ellsworth; Salina; Abilene; Topeka; White City; Burlingame; Lawrence; Argentine; Olaths; Hoisington; Genese; Herington; Council Gr.; Ottawa; Great Bend; Lyons; McPherson; Canton; Florence; Strong; Osage Cy.; Garnett; Larned; Sterling; Marion; Emporia; Hutchinson; El Dorado; Newton; Burlington; Ft. Scott; Stafford; Wichita; Leon; Yates; Cen; Iola; Macksville; Eureka; Chanute; Girard; Pratt; Kingman; Fredonia; Parson; Medicine; Lodge; Wellington; Winfield; Cherryvale; Oswego; Hazelton; Moline; Independence; Columbus; Kiowa; Arkansas Cy.; Cedarvale; Anthony; Newkirk; Coffeyville; Oneton; Galena; Alva; Medford; Blackwell; Miami; Waynoka; Ingersoll; Tonkawa; Ponca; Nowata; Afton; Augusta; Pond Cr.; Bartlesville; Chelsea; Vinita; S.W. City; Homestead; Enid; Perry; Billings; Collinsville; Siloam Sprs.; Claremont; Okeene; Hennessey; Stillwater; Arkansas Riv.; Tulsa; Pawnee; Watonga; Kingfisher; Cushing; Sap; Ulpa; Wagoner; Ft. Gibson; Okarche; Guthrie; Bristow; Arapaho; Geary; Edmond; Chandler; Muskogee; Weatherford; Ft. Reno; El Reno; Shawnee; Checotah; Mammon; Elk Cy.; Tecumseh; Eufaula; Poteau; Wister; Anadark; Hobart; Norman; Holdenville; St. Joseph; Gallatin; Brookfield; Bucklin; W. Quincy; Quincy; Clayton; Springfield; Mays V.; Laclede; Bevier; Shelby; Bluffs; Jacksonville; Cameron; Chillicothe; Macon; Monroe Cy.; Auburn; Kingston; Carrollton; Paris; Louisiana; Girard; Plattsburg; Brunswick; Hannibal; Platte Cy.; Moberly; Perry; Roadhouse; Liberty; Kansas Cy.; Richmond; Salisbury; Marshall; Glasgow; Centralia; St. peters; Litchfield; Independence; Lexington; Boon V.; New Franklin; Mexico; Troy; Pleasant Hill; Holden; K.C. Jc.; Sedalia; Tipton; Versailles; Columbia; Fulton; Warrenton; St. Charles; Paola; Harrison V.; Osawatomie; Clinton; Butler; Warsaw; Jefferson Cy.; Rich Hill; Osage R.; Bagnell; Belle; Hermann; Owens V.; Union; Pacific; St. Louis; Riv.; Crystal Cy.; Nevada; Osceola; Dixon; Rolla; Cuba; Hillsboro; Potosi; De Soto; Bonne Terre; Farmington; Lamar; Buffalo; Richland; Minden; Greenfield; Bolivar; Lebanon; Salem; Bismarck; Ste. Fenevieye; Doe Run; Pittsburg; Marshfield; Ironton; Fredericktown; Ash grove; Springfield; Mansfield; Mountain Gr.; Piedmont; Ellington; Green v.; Jackson; C. Girardeau; Delta; Carthage; Joplin; Eminence; Mingo; Negoho; Granby; Cassville; Pierce Cy.; Monett; Aurora; Ozark; Forsyth; Willow Sprs.; West Plains; Thayer; Van Buren; Williamsville; Grandin; Doniphan; Poplar; Bluff; Malden; Gravett; New Madrid; Benton V.; Westville; Rogers; Eureka Sprs.; Berryville; Buffalo; Knobel; Kenneth; Caruthers; Tahllquah; Fayette V.; Harrison; Yellville; Hoxie; Paragould; Blyhte V.; Jonesboro; Stillwell; Pettigrew; Bald Knob; Cushman; Bates V.; Sallisaw; Van Buren; Ozark; Clarksville; Searcy; White Riv.; Newport; Lake Cy.; Covington; Ft. Smith; Paris; Russellville; Dardanelle; Morrillton; Conway; W. Point; Forest City; Augusta; Deckers V.; Memphis; Wynne; Decatur; Bement; Indianapolis; New Castle; Taylor V.; Charleston; Nus; Rushville; Richmond; Pawnee; Mattoon; Brazil; shelbyville; Hamilton; Pana; Cowden; Neon; Marshall; Terre haute; Greensburg; Cincinnati; Ramsey; Altamont; Effingham; Bloomington; Columbus; Lawrenceburg; Alton; Vandalia; Lawrence V.; Olney; Vincennes; Robinson; Sullivan; Seymour; Covington; Madison; Flora; Washington; Bedford; E. St. Louis; Salem; Covington; Ohio R.; Belleville; Centralia; Mt. Vernon; Fairfield; Mt. Carmel; Sparta; Duquoin; Carsh; Princeton; Paoli; Jeffersonville; Huntingburgl La Grange; Louisville; Benton; Eldorado; Mt. Vernon; Evansville; Rockport; New Albany; Cannelton; Chester; Carbondale; Murphysboro; Shawnee T.; Henderson; Owensboro; Irvington; Perry V.; Dixon; Central Cy.; Leitchfield; Cecilian; West Pt.; Lebanon; Croley; Mt. Wrenchen; Springfield; Commerce; Bird Pt.; Catro; E. Cairo; Metropolis; Madison V.; Nortonville; Mammoth Cave; Hodgens V.; Greensboro; Dexter; Charleston; Columbus; Fulton; Murray; Cadiz; Paddock; Wickliffe; Mayfield; Hopkinsville; Spase; KENTUCKY; Guthrie; Adair V.; Bowling Green; Glascow; Scotia; Hardon; Paris; Erin; Clarksville; Gallatin; Rogana; Hartsville; Carthage; Sunbright; Union City; Edgefield; Dyersburg; Nashville; Waverly; Cumberland V.; Cookeville; Trenton; Tennessee R.; Bonair; TENNESSEE; Luxora; Milan; Dickson; Franklin; Jackson; Lexington; Centerville; Murfreesboro; Pike V.; Browns V.; Perryville; Colombia; McMinnville; Dayton; Bolivar; Henderson; Shelbyville; Madisonville; Athens; Moscow; Middleton; Lawrenceburg; Pulask; Tullahoma; Cleveland; Fayette V.; Eldra; Detherd; Chattanooga; Springfield; Dayton; Franklin; Xenia; Lancaster; Columbus; Thurston; Moundsville; Uniontown; Mannington; Washington C.H.; Circle V.; Logan; Marietta; Sisters V.; New Martins V.; Fairmont; Athens; St. Marys; Parkersburg; Midland; Chillicothe; Clarksburg; Portsmouth; Gallipolis; Mason; Weston; Buckhannon; Newport; Maysville; Pt. Pleasant; Burning Sprs.; Spencer; Beverly; Falmouth; Cynthiana; Greenup; Ironton; Ripley; Frankfort; Ashland; Huntington; Kenova; Clendenin; Sutton; Clay; Holly; Paris; Catlettsburg; Wayne; Louisa; Addison; George T.; Lexington; Morehead; Charleston; Richwood; Whichester; Burgin; Williamson; Richardson; Coalburg; Danville; Richmond; Jackson; Jaeger; Fayette; Hinton; Ronceverte; Livingston; Weloh; Powhatan; Pocahontas; Raleigh; Bluefield; New Castle; Salem; Somerset; London; Cumberland Mts.; Corbin; New River Dep.; Rocky Mt.; Middlesboro; Bristol; Big Stone Gap; Marion; Abingdon; Tazewell; Pulaski; Wytheville; Gossan; Stuart; VIRGINIA; WEST VIRGINIA; Jellio; Cumberland Gap; Rogersville; Johnson Cy.; Mountain Cy.; Mt. Airy; Leaksville; Corryton; Morristown; Green V.; Elizabethton; NORTH CAROLINA; Linton; Knoxville; Newport; Appalachian Mts.; Lakesboro; Cross V.; Lenoir; Hot Spr.; Hicksey; Morganton; Marion; Taylors V.; Winston Salem; Rockwood; Herfordton; Newton; Statesville; Salisbury; Asheville; Waynes V.; Lincolnton; Concord; Norwood; Hendersonville; Shelby; Charlotte; Gastonia; Monroe; Aberdeen; Murphy; Bryson City; Blacksburg; Cumberland; Chambersburg; Philadelphia; Wilmington; Gettysburg; MARYLAND; Grafton; Green Sprs.; Martinsburg; Hagerstown; Westminster; Hayne; De Grace; New Castle; Elkton; Oakland; Keyser; Pies; Charles T.; Winchester; Harpers Ferry; Frederick; Smyrna; Bridgeton; DEL; Davis; Thomas; Hendricks; Romney; Brunswick; Baltimore; Chester T.; Annapolis; Long Beach; Strasburg; Alexandria; Leesburg; Queens T.; Dover; Elkins; Luray; Calverton; Manassas; Upper Marlboro; Easton; Delaware Bay; Monterey; Fredericksburg; Popes Cr.; Mechanics V.; Washington; Claiborne; Oxford; Cambridge; Beaford; Lewes; Georgetown; Durbin; Harrisonburg; Elkton; Laurel; Salisbury; Marlinton; Staunton; Orange; Basic Cy.; Clifton Forge; Gordons V.; Potomac R.; Chesapeake Bay; Crisfield: Lexington; Charlottesville; Doswell; Roanoke; Warren; James R.; Richmond; Accomao; Lynchburg; Columbia; Cumberland; Manchester; West Pt.; Williamsburg; Farmville; Burkeville; Claremont; Cape Charles; Keysville; Petersburg; Newport News; Fortress Monroe; S. Boston; Danville; Franklin; Emporia; Clarksville; Portsmouth; Norfolk; Virginia Beach; Suffolk; Munden; Reidsville; Oxford; Ridgeway; Madison; Roxboro; Henderson; Weldon; Elizabeth Cuty; Greensboro; Burlington; Durham; Springhope; Halifax; Lewiston; Edenton; Albemarle Sd.; Raleigh; High pt.; Tarboro; Ashborn; Pittsboro; Selma; Rocky Mt.; Plymouth; Bethel; Gulf; Colon; Wilson; Green V.; Goldsboro; Kinston; Washington; Pamlico Sound; Carthage; Sanford; Fayetteville; Newbern; Cape hatterns; NEW JERSEY; Seaside Park; Freehold; Bernegat; Beach Haven; Camden; Millville; Tuckerton; Atlantic City; Ocean City; Cape May; Ocean City; Pt. Arguello; Lompoc; Santa Cruz Isl.; Santa Rosa Isl.; San Nicolas Isl.; Los Olivos; Elwood; Santa Barbara; Lancaster; Mojave; Kramer; Barstow; Daggett; Ludlow; Ash Hill; Goffs; Ventura; Pt. of Rooms; Danby; Oxnard; Saugus; Chatsworth; San Bernardino Mts.; Stedman; Parker; Santa Monica; Redondo; San Pedro; Los Angeles; Pasadena; Monrovia; Chino; San Bernardino; Redlands; Orange; Pomona; Corona; Colton; Riverside; Seven Palms; Salton; Santa Catalina Isl.; San Clemente Isl.; Santa Ana; San jacinto; Perris; Temecula; Old Beach; San Juan; L.A. Jc.; E. Jc.; Fall brook; Escondido; Fosters; Tortuga; San Diego; National City; La Presa; Coronado; Tia Juana; Araz; Mexicala; Ensenada de Todos Santos; Pt. Banda; Baja California (Lower); San Quentin; Cape San Quentin; Guadalupe; Needles; Jerome Jc.; Winslow; Colorado R.; Colorado Riv.; Prescott; Jerome; P. Jc.; ARIZONA; Congress; C. Jc.; Poland; Mayer; A. & C. Jc.; Crownking; Salome; Wickenburg; Peoria; Roosevelt; Phoenix; Tempe; Salt R.; Mesa; Higley; Hassayampa; Estrella; Sacaton; Gila R.; Florence; Ray; Melvin; Globe; Christmas; San Carlos; Gila Bend; Yuma; Tacma; Aztec; Sentinel; Maricopa; Casagrande; Redrock; Dudleyville; Solomonsville; Quijotoa; Silverbell; Jaynes; Tucson; Twin Buttes; Benson; Cochise; Wilcox; Teviston; S. Pedro R.; San Jorges Bay; S. Isabel; Rio del Altar; Gulf of California; MEX; Crittenden; Fairbank; Calabasas; Nogales; Naco; Lomas; Del Rio; La Cananea; Magdalena; St. Johns; Rio Puerco; A. & P. Jc.; Moriarty; Santa Rosa; Belen; Los Lunas; Vaugh; Sabinal; Abo; Willard; Rio Grande; Magdalena; Socorro; Ancho; Torrance; Cooney; San Antonio; San Marcial; Carrizozo; Capitan; Ft. Stanton; Lincoln; Ft. Thomas; Mcrenoi; Metcalf; Clifton; Kingston; Lava; Temporal; Duncan; Pinos Altos; Ft. Bayard; Silver City; Fierro; Hanover; Santa Rita; Cutter; Alamogordo; Lordsburg; White Water; Lake Valley; Rincon; Brice; Cox Canon; Steins; Hermanas; Wilna; Deming; Nutt; Las Cruces; Gleason; Tombstone; Bisbee; Osborn; Douglas; Hachita; Ciudad Juarez; Aden; Rio Grande del norte; El Paso; TEXAS; Fronteras; San Pedro; Clint; Ft. Hancock; Sierr Blanca; Nacozari; San Pedro Jc.; Casas Grandes; San Jose; Ojo Caliente; Terrazas; Sierra; Conant; Hereford; Dimmitt; Clarendon; Memphis; Mangum; Puerto de Luna; Tulia; Wellington; Yesso; LaLenda; Clovis; Farwell; Childress; Elida; Portales; Texico; Plain View; Paducah; Acme; Campbell; Lubbock; Floydada; Crowell; Roswell; Slaton; Crosbyton; Dickens; Brazos Riv.; Hagerman; Artesia; Lamesa; Post; Augustus; Aspermont; Hamlin; Rotan; Dayton; Carlsbad; Champ; Snyder; Roby; Pecos River; Malaga; Stanton; Big Spring; Colorado; Palermo; Midland; Roscoe; Sweetwater; Abilene; Riverton; Sterling City; Ballinger; Van Horn; Pecos; Barstow; Monahans; Odessa; San Angelo; Colorado R.; Sherwood; Eden; Dalberg; Kent; Toyah; Toyahvale; Valentine; Eldorado; Marfa; Ft. Davis; Ft. Stockton; Ft. McKavett; Paisano; Alpine; Haymond; Longfellow; Ozona; Juno; Sonora; Ft. Sill; Chickasha; Purcell; McAlester; Hartshorne; Heavener; Hollis; Lawton; Marlow; Ada; kiowa; Altus; Frederick; Comanche; Duncan; Pauls Val.; Quanah; Devol; Davis; Wynnewood; Lehigh; Coalgate; Atokal Vernon; Ryan; Ardmore; Madill; Tishomingo; Caddo; Antlers; Iowa Park; Marietta; Durant; Wichita Alls; Gainesville; St. Jc.; Denison; Bonham; Honey Grove; Paris; De Kalb; Benjamin; Henrietta; Sherman; Seymour; Bowie; Haskell; Graham; Bridgeport; Decatur; McKinney; Denton; Wolfe; Commerce; Mt. Pleasant; Stamford; Jacksboro; Fort Worth; Dallas; Plano; Greenville; Sulphur Sprs; Anson; Weatherford; Jefferson; Albany; Strawn; Terrell; Stephenville; Granbury; Cleburne; Kaufman; Mineola; Marshall; Baird; Cisco; May; Hillsboro; Waxahachie; Garrett; Ennis; Tyler; Coleman; Brownwood; Dublin; Morgan; Corsicana; Jacksonville; Goldthwaite; Gatesville; Waco; Wortham; Palestine; Mexia; Trinity R.; Nacogdoches; San Augustine; San Saba; lometa; Temple; Belton; Brazos Riv.; Marlin; Bremond; Crockett; Lufkin; Brady; Lampasas; Franklin; Calvert; Trinity; Corrigan; Menard; Georgetown; Cameron; Rockdale; Hearne; Colmesneil; Mason; Llano; Burnet; Marble Falls; Taylor; Bryan; Hunstville; Kerrville; Austin; Bastrop; Brenham; Giddings; Hempstead; Navasota; Conroe; Liberty; Howe; Mansfield; Danville; Des Arc; Brinkley; Monroe; Waldron; Perry V.; Argenta; Hazen; Marianna; Senatoria; Mena; Little Rock; Clarendon; Helena; Hot Springs; Benton; Stuttgart; Lula; Malvern; De Witt; Frair Pt.; Coahoma; Sheridan; Altheimer; Eagles Nest; Clarksdale; Riverside; Arkadelphia; Pine Bluff; Horatio; Gurdon; Dumas; Tutwiler; Prescott; Rosedale; Hope; Warren; Kingsland; McGehee; Huntington; Winona; Camden; Arkansas City; Texarkana; New Lewisville; Hamburg; Greenville; Leland; Itta Bena; Greenwood; Linden; Magnolia; El Dorado; Portland; Percy; Waskom; Homer; LOUISIANA; Gibsland; Minden; Junction Cy.; Bastrop; Rayville; Mississippi; Tohula; Durant; Rolling Fork; Long View; Shreveport; Bienville; Ruston; Monroe; Yazoo Cy.; Vicksburg; Henderson; Coushatta; Winnsboro; Delta; Jackson; Pearl R.; Carthage; Mansfield; Campti; Winnfield; Columbia; Port Gibson; Hazlehurst; Harriston; Natchitoches; Colfax; Vidalia; Wesson; Saratoga; Cypress; Alexandria; Jones V.; Woodville; Natchez; MISSISSIPPI; McComb; Williamsburg; Columbia; Rockland; Cheneyville; Mansura; Jackson; Kentwood; Lumberton; Kountze; Beaumont; Buna; Cali; Oakdale; New Roads; St. Francis V.; Clinton; Slaughter; Amite; De Quincy; Opelcusas; Eunice; Arnaud V.; Allen; Baton Rouge; Pearl Riv.; Ponchatoula; L. Pontchartrain; Midland; Flaquemine; St. Martins; Donaldson V.; Corinth; Florence; Stevenson; Dalton; Iuka; Tuslombia; Sheffield; Athens; Sardis; Holly Springs; Decatur; Huntsville; Lafayette; New Albany; Russellville; New Decatur; Oxford; Tupego; Winfield; Jasper; Cullman; Ft. Payne; Rome; Pontotoc; Attala; Gadsden; Okoloma; Amory; Birmingham; Pratt Cy.; Anniston; Piedmont; Austell; Eupora; Grenada; Aberdeen; West Point; Ensley; Oxford; Tallapoca; Carrollton; Stark V.; Columbus; Fayette; Bessemer; Woodstock; Columbiana; Talladega; Macon; Blocton; Sylacauga; Ackerman; Tuscaloosa; Center V.; Calera; Lafayette; Roanoke; La Grange; Lexington; Kosciusko; ALABAMA; Akron; Canton; Lauderdale; Demopolis; Marion; Greensboro; Prattville; Dadeville; Wetumpka; Lanett; Meridan; York; Selma; Tuskegee; Opelika; Phoenix; Forest; Alabama R.; Tembigoes R.; Pine Hill; Montgomery; Girard; Hurtsboro; Braxton; Camden; Union Springs; Lumpkin; Mendenhall; Laurel; Jackson; Greenville; Troy; Eufaula; Waynesboro; Repton; Georgiana; Searight; Greenville; Luverne; Clayton; Ft. Gaines; Aibbe V.; Ellisville; Evergreen; Elba; Brantley; Ozark; Columbia; Dothan; Hattiesburg; Cauvert; Andalubia; Flomaton; Pera; Geneva; FLORIDA; Gulf Port; St. Louis; Ba; Poplarville; Boranton; Muscogee; Mobile; Crestview; Milton; De Funiak Springs; Marianna; River Jc.; Chattahoochie; Mississippi Sd.; Mobile Bay; Mill View; Pensacola; Tallahassee; New Orleans; Dalton; Blueridge; Walhalla; Greenville; Yorkville; Rock Hill; Wadesboro; Cheraw; Tallulah Fs.; Seneca; Chester; Ellway; Toccoa; Anderson; Clinton; Union; Lancaster; Lula; Hartwell; Laurens; SOUTH CAROLINA; Gainesville; Cartersville; Greenwood; Abbeville; Newberry; Alston; Carlisle; Camden; Sumter; Dallas; Marietta; Athens; Elberton; Columbia; Lawrence V.; McCormick; Lexington; Edgefield; Kingsville; Atlanta; Washington; Aiken; Seivern; Covington; Augusta; Fairburn; Madison; Warrenton; Thomson; Blackville; Orangeburg; McDonough; Milledgeville; Tennille; Savannah R.; Denmark; Branchville; Pregnalls; Newhan; Griffin; Louis V.; Barnwell; Walterboro; Talbotton; Thomaston; Wadley; GEORGIA; Macon; Swainsboro; Millen; Sylvania; Green Pond; Columbus; Fort valley; Dublin; Stillmore; Beaufort; Hawkinsville; Empire; Statesboro; Port Royal; Americus; Cordele; Abbeville; McRae; Lyons; Savannah; Cuthbert; Dawson; Worth; Otamoha R.; Reidsville; Albany; Fitzgerald; Baxley; Walthourville; Arlington; Tifton; Ocilla; Douglas; Jesup; Darien; Flint R.; Bainbridge; Moultrie; Waycross; Brunswick; Thomasville; Quitman; Valdosta; Okefenokee Swamp; Dupont; Forkston; Monticello; Madison; Jasper; Callahan; Fernandina; Drfiton; Live Oak; Lake City; Jacksonville; Perry; High Sprs.; Baldwin; Starke; Mayport; Pablo beach; Hamlet; Clinton; Warsaw; Beaufort; Morehead City; Maxton; Jacksonville; Bennettsville; Burgaw; Cape Lookout; Clio; Lumberton; Darlington; Chadbourn; Florence; Peedee; Clarion; Southport; Wilmington; Cape Fear; Conway; Lanes; Georgetown; Santee River; Charleston; Fort Sumter; ATLANTIC OCEAN; Cerros I.; Pt. San Eugenia; San Andres; Viscaino Bay; Carbo; Tubay; Sonora; Pt. S. gabriel; Ortiz; Hermosillo; R. de Sonora; Cumuripa; Oroz; Sebastian; Guaymas; Navojoa; San Maria; San Lorenzo; Mulege; Lopeto; Dolores; Soledad; Montezuma; R. Xaqua; Madera; Gallego; Hormigas; Temosachic; Laguna; Aldama; Falomin; Tonichi; Guerrero; Sauz; Santa Eulalia; Corral; Bocoyna; Bachimba; Chihuahua; Rio Conchas; La Junta; Chavita; Saucillo; La Cruz; Santa Rosalia; Alamos; Minas Nuevas; Jimenez; Masiaca; R. del Fuerte; Rincon; Parral; Mochis; Fenochio; Llano Blanco; Rosario; Mesa de Sandia; Topolobampo; Guamochil; Sinai; Descrubidora; Caimanero; Guanacevi; Altata; Culican; Durango; Tepehuanes; Alamito; Dryden; Rock Springs; Eloro; Presidio; Langtry; Shumla; Puerto Gato; Comstock; Boquillas; Del Rio; Cline; Spofford; Coahuila; Batesville; Eagle Pass; Ciudad Porfirid Diaz; Zaragoga; Nova; Allende; Rosita; Carrizo Springs; Muzquizo; Sabinas; Minera; Nuevo Laredo; Hondo; Rodriguez; Sierra Mojada; Cuatro Cienegas; Rodriguez; Moclova; Lampazos de Neranjo; Corralitos; Escalon; Panuco; Personal; Horizonte; Tlahualilo; Venadito; Reata; Guadalupe; Nuevo Leon; Bermejillo; Mapimi; Torreon; Pedricena; Hornos; Paila; Paredon; Loma; Monterrey; Jalisco; Alamito; Parras; Cisneros; Carneros; San Pedro; Velardero; Concepcion; Linares; Waring; San Marcos; Smith V.; La Grange; Houston; New Braunfels; Lockhart; Luling; Sealy; Seguin; Columbus; Eagle Lake; Galveston Bay; San Antonio; Gonzales; Alvin; Hondo; Hallettsville; Richmond; Floresville; Stockdale; Yoakum; Cuero; Wharton; Columbia; Algoa; Pearsall; Kenedy; Victoria; Ecna; Angleton; Velasco; Cotulla; Beeville; Goliad; Blessing; Bay City; Van Vleck; Hawkinsville; Burro; Sinton; Skidmore; Refugio; Bloomington; Port Lavaca; Port O'Connor; Matagorda Bay; Palacios; College Pt.; San Diego; Rosstown; Corpus Christi; Corpus Christi Bay; Arkansas Pass; Rockport; Laredo; Alice; Aguilares; Falfurrias; Riviera; Padre Island; Zapata; Rio Grandes; Arguellos; Samdordyce; San Miguel; Edinburg; Raymondville; Los Herreras; Hidalgo; San Juan; Santa Maria; arlingen; San benito; Point Isabel; Brownsville; Reynosa; Matamoras; Montemorelos; Laguna de la; GULF OF MEXICO; pas; R; P; Port Arthur; Orange; Echo; Lake Charles; Iowa; Crowley; Gueydan; Lafayette; Abbeville; New Iberia; Franklin; Morgan City; Napoleonville; Thibodau; Gretna; Schriever; Sabine Pass; Port Bolivar; Galveston; Houma; St. Bernard; Belair; Buras; Delta of the Mississippi; Apalachidola; Cape San Blas; St. marks; Mayo; Hampton; St. Augustine; Carrabelle; Apalachee Bay; Gainesville; Archer; Palatka; E. Palatka; Cedar Key; Silver Spring; Morriston; Ocala; Astor; De Land; Daytona; Dunnellon; Tavares; New Smyrna; Momosassa; Wildwood; Leesburg; Apopka; Sanford; Brooksville; Orlando; Titusville; Port Tampa; Tampa; Plant City; Dade City; Rockledge; St. Petersburg; Lakeland; Kissimmee; Melbourne; Tampa Bay; Ft. Meade; Bartow; Sebastian; Town; Manatee; Wauchula; Avon park; Lake Kissimmee; Arcadia; Ft. Pierce; Punta Gorda; Lake Okeechobee; Jensen; Charlotte Harbor; Bocagrande; Ft. Myers; Jupiter; Juno; W. Palm Beach; Ft. Lauderdale; Lemon City; Miami; The Everglades; Ten Thousand Isles; Ponce de Leon Bay; Cape Sable; Florida Bay; Great Bahama Isl.; Great Abaco isl.; Providence Channel N.W.; Mis; Pelican harbour; Abaco; Bahama; New providence Isl.; Egg Isl.; Royal Isl.; Rose Isl.; Dunmore Town; Eleuthera Isl.; Governor Harbour; Nassau; Tarpum Bay; Bahia de Magdalena; Magdalena Bay;Altata; Culiacan; Durango; Tepehuanes; Dry Tortugas; Fort Jefferson (U.S. Naval Station); Pine Islands; Planter; Key West (U.S. Naval Station); Ft. Taylor; Florida Reefs; Florida Strait; Cay Sal Bank; Great Bahama; Andros; Semints; Yellow Cay Islands; Tongue of the Ocean; Big Wood Bay; Exuma Sound; Cat Isl. (Possible Landfall of Columbus); Anguilla Islands; Espiritu Santo; Great Exuma Isl.; Little Exuma isl.; Rocks; Wolf Rocks; Larks Nest; Water Cays; Flamingo Cay; Rum Cay; Long Isl.; Clarence; Forane Isl.; Wat; Crooked Isl; Bout Channel Note:

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Page  75 I..

Page  76-77 Eq~dID-...... 1~111 COUNTRIES. TIN A5.......... NT.. T N. NilT LerNTn N ` N.Boivi,...... N lari...N N J.... Nkooo CNadSN r TNTip~ Sal N. CieS... PNNNNPNSI' C RNy. A TL N q ~ l. t hn.... "N l NT N T N00 84b,,, ol ba... N t N,,::::A NN~l Om N N 6. Nb. Cs ia.. Nd b ~ 1,0 0 N~ /,0 3..... N TN TTN....... RNTNI NT7 D mr... Nn" Al, NN11 B NT TN NN E tIndis u RENETEN MNI.Tg. NT Nth WNENNN CAPITALS. AREA, NARMRCEL Sqar TNRles. POPULATIUN.wt theN SARIONAL UROT~i BunsAirs N 3927 5,02,02 $ E808521 $479,7106 SN I,.RlounI TT 972LN73 3577N,7N5 TENI 1784 1,8,654 275 Vinn T40 N4 45545,1 67 66258 IN,6405 1. Nru N 7NLN5N N3O5N5,11 540524 7 N 8NINN9 s1l 11 U7 N 62 NaPz 5743 N N2E7 6,2 I,~,0 E 3 IN io d Jaeir 3,og,78 I,33,9' iiij5565 4o,93,36 7LT........Soi INST ELITE83 SNINUN,2G N6.67 N.... Itaw 3,5394 53I 3 INS 3ETIELNE 27NEN250 TEENd S... ei 5N42140 426N0455 22N698,28 6I,10E;5 U avS na 44NS LL7,77 ' ENS T,5N....E TOE... N. C Tr 40 o00 l 2105 07677 5INL743ELT STIR elnd..... 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ESNIE MaTEi I97,67 SISSIES 597,88,l39,7 STINT 17NOT7 ELITES29 TO3013 NE 83333 INL DEBTN. 5.71 5120 RSEVENUEN Ni56,o 1.51 TN030T 074 170051 0 119 11075 0 1 73 EXPENTITURE, RTotNl PerCapita EISAOTTN,00 EN-9 I32SSINI.8 '~i:NN 4T15.14 7NE0.0 7,IN 5T51TN I 0,00 NT 473 0 792, NEE 5NNE St. PI N,,:. 175 6~ UR SN............. A 495 6952~oc, 7.IT INaT............. 737,5ATNo 1735 97ETN 700014I57 "eeTnI........... So N64,0 6T4 OI T.3 RENSwtiel d............. T 751'00.7,245o NT OT ]I AENNI 5....I........ Mon OSLO1 N 726 IT6NE0EN0 TE w SUNNIEzu............... B B B-I, I 1-1 - NT,,N SNISTET 6 ERO NI 17, NENN N 9, P SB ET T T S N ST 5 dul E&C DA,'h F, 24,. i- ' hdil, jlp K.DI, I NMI, jn,,h a A I TITAT I.7.0~ NT --- -- - - - 114i"I,, R --- ) 11 -11 kl E 11 q'I"! I i5,11 a.: -1 N 1.................. EIlt AM t81 8.1............... 1.t Aflil 2"! SIth..t Aftl...... 59IJ It.................. 168 0I.t................. 110 I I. I .I.................. 16 IdIPlalt SWI Soo a........................... 122................................ 814 I,,,Alaska,:................ 211................... 849 225 12,........................................ ik II................. 10 &tl........................ 110................... 3,68 456................ 842208 go.......................... 27,565 I.................. 4,88......................... 612 27............ 820........................ ASIAi PO 8,281,th WI Illd!:tNI Strait................. I'll,................... I.t.,.'activity.::::::: 2,2W........................... 17,154 HIxy- .................... 24, I............................. 2,P4 1,41.................. m'6'8 b,,g,. S26................... 00 IlId............... 1,486 2295 2 874 7 2...................... '98,623 HERICA: i. - 840 I. of W,4.................... 20,4-,.....................5 128 69................. 12,20,......... pl............................... 251,127............ 12,000................... "A 487.......... 1H 10................... 43 185............d................................................ 2,266 7IW....................... 561,774 ph Kil-91, of th-1 World,, ffil". i: Io 1200, P:?,M 2044.," r 2,0............. 11d5l, 14 6 RlIG-dI&I N, U. & &M., DII0, - - - ............... A.AfIll, M k, 14 cheap, 'l, CIIA, T111. AIll 1:7W. NJ. &v I PIZ. clll,0......................... U S I G.lp........................ _1 5 M.................. 1.11lddy................. CIII.bia......................... U. S t EO, jo 113I.J. I20 -A-IIK 1,100 i., D, 1,100 il Ml. I" 11. Af,!:OW U, I ", I lik............. El,, J, E, M W Mm 1.000 -Y' P. Oht............................. U. 8. 950 Ch,,1011, l ]4,,.jppj 6lId% 8W mqdlk.......................... CII-,I $A c." JL 74........................... F Elb.......................... G- - 645 Odl,........................ G-,`Y 650 250 VBM..................... 6USOO............. Fl"", 8 O. S. %........... oll-lI...................... 850.................................................... Amis of th. Wort, 1. 1. Title: Map of the World on Mercator's Projection Keywords: P.M.; Cape Chelyuskin; Taimur Bay; Taimur Isl.; L. Taimur; Legate R. Papigaiskoe; Sakalova; North East Cape; St. Thaddeus Bay; Khatanga Bay; Nordenskjold Sea; Nordwik Bay; Ust. Anabarkoe; Olenek; Anabara R.; Govriga; Saunikof Land; Liakof Islands or New Siberia; Bielkova Isl.; Kotelnoi Isl.; Mouths of the Lena River; Barkin; Borkhaya B.; Bulun; Bennett Isl.; Fadievsko Isl.; New Siberia; C. Medvedshu; Maloi Isl.; S. Sviatoi; Liakof Isl.; Kromskaia B.; Manio Isl.; Ust Yansk; Kroma R.; Henrietta Isl.; Jeannette Isl.; Mouths of the Indigirka River; Allaika; Bear Is.; C. medver; Midnight; Arctic Ocean; Wrangel Isl.; Aiun Isl.; C. Chelakhskai; Herald Isl.; Icy Cape; Point Barrow; Smith Bay; C. Halket; Comparative Time when Noon at London (Greenwich); Beaufort Sea; Nigalek; Martin Pt.; Mackenzie Bay; Prince Patrick Isl.; Lands End; Eglinton Isl.; McClure Strait; C. Prince Albert; Banks Land; C. Kellett; Nelson Head; Franklin B.; Cape Bathurst; Cape Dalhousie; Prince Albert Sound; Dolphin & Union Str.; Parry Islands; Melville Isl.; Melville Sound; McClintock Channel; Pr. Albert Land; Minto Inlet; Victoria Land; North C; Grinnell Isl.; Bathurst Isl.; Corn Wallis Isl.; Wellington Ch. North Deveon; Byam Isl.; Barrow Strait; Prince of Wales Isl.; North Somerset; Regent Inlet; Franklin Str.; Boothia; Magnetic Pole; Gulf of Boothia; Hayes Sound; Baghe Isl.; Ellesmere Land; Smith Sound; North Lincoln; C. Parry; Clarence Head; Jones Sound; Cobourg Isl.; Lancaster Sound; C. Liverpool; Bylot Isl.; Ponds Inlet; Baffin Land; Cockburn Land; Kane Basin; Prudhoe Land; Pt. Foulke; Hayes Peninsula; Inglefield Gulf; Wolstenholme Sound; C. York; Melville Bay; Baffin Bay; C. Shackleton; C. Bowen; Upernavik; C. Adair; Scott Inlet; Omenak Fiord; C. Walker; Greenland (Denmark); Peterman Pk.; Scoresby Land; Jameson Land; Edam Land; C. Bismarck; King William Land; Koldewey Isl.; Shannon Isl.; Gael Hamkes Bay; Francis Joseph Fiord; Bontekoe Isl.; C. Parry; Davy Sound; Liverpool Isl.; Scoresby Sound; C. Brewster; Noon; Prince Charles Foreland; Greenland Sea; Jan Mayen Isl.; Amsterdam Isl.; King B.; Spitzbergen; Ice Fiord; Bell Sound; Horn Sound; North East Land; Olga Strait; Barents Isl.; Wybe Jans Water; Edge Isl.; Thousand Is.; Hope Isl.; Bear Isl.; North Cape; Hammerfest; Wiches or King Charles Land; Barents Sea; Vardoehuus; Waranger Fiord;Osalm Isl.; Hooker Isl.; Northbrook Isl.; Great Ice Cape; Cape Lutke; Admirality Pen.; Matochkin Strait; Goose Bay; Nova Zembla; Strait of Kara;Cape Mauritius; Barents Ld.; C. Fern; Kara Sea; Gulf of yenise; Gulf of Ob; White Isl.; Aigach Isl.; P.M.; Lonely Isl.; Rechesnoi Is.; Piasina R.; Swerevo; Khata Riv.; Turishshk; Tunguska R.; Russian Empire; Seganka; Michaelova; Krasnoi; Marka R.; Shigansk; Siberia; Villiui R.; Taen Arinskaia; Olekminsk; Olenek River; Lena River; Yana R.; Arctic Circle; Verkhoianskoi Mts.;Verkhalansk; E. Villiuisk; Yakutsk; Lena R.; Amginskaia; Indigirka R.; Sredni Kolynsk; Zashiversk; Alakh Yunskaia; Tauiskaia; Nijni kolymsk; Alazeia R.; Kolyma R.; Ghijiga; C. Yakan; Chaoun R.; Takokagin; Anadir R.; Anadirskoi; Penjinsk; Olutorsk; St. Matthew Isl.(U.S.); C. Lisborne; Pt. Pope; Kelzebue Sound; C. Pr. Of Wales; Nome; Gulf of Anadir; C. Chukotski; Be; St. Lawrence Isl. (U.S.); Norton Sd.; C. Navarn; St. Michael; C. Romanzof; Nelson Isl.; Bering Strait; Initkilly; Colville R.; Ft. Morton; Koukuk R.; Alaska (United States); Nuklukayet; Yukon R.; Tanana R.; Anvik; Mt. Wrangel; Kuskoquim R.; Kenai; Peavy; Porcupine R.; Yukon; Ft. Good Hope; Circle; Eagle; Dawson; Ft. Selkirk; Orca; Mt. Logan; Mt. St. Elias; McPherson; Old Ft. Good Hope; Ft. Norman; Mackenzie R.; Dominion of Canada (British); Ft. Rae; T. Simpson; Ft. Frances; Ft. Liard; Wollaston Land; Coronation G; Great Bear Lake; L. Pelly; Point; Clinton Doobarent L.; Great Slave L.; Ft. Resolution; Victoria Str; Elliot B.; L. Garry; Ft. Hope; Chesterfield Inlet; Yathkyed L.; Fisher Strait; Hudson Bay; Island L.; C. Wison; Fox Channel; Southampton Isl.; C. Wolstenholme; Mansfield Isl.; Mosquito Bay; C. Kater; C. Dyer; Cumberland Sound; C. Mercy; Hudson Strait; Frobisher Bay; Hall Isl.; Ungave; Resolution Isl.; C. Chidley; Davis Strait; Disco Isl.; Godhavn; Disco B.; Christianshaab; Holsteinborg; Godthaab; Lichtenfels; Frederikshaab; Ivigtut; Egede Land; Mt. Rigby; Christian'ix Land; Horror Bay; Kjoge Bay; Brede Fiord; Faxa Fiord; C. Juel; Denmark Strait; Cape Bille; Cape Discord; Knighton Inlet; Nord C.; Iceland (Den.); Reykjavik; Arctic Circle; Langanaes; Faroe Is. (Den.); Shetland Is.; Tromsoe; Lofoden Is.; West Fiord; Trondhjem; Kiolen Mts.; Sweden; Norway; Gefle; Christiania; Tornea R.; Karva; Lapland; Kniaja; Tornea; Pitea; Uleaborg; Umea; Wasa; Gulf of Bothnia; Finland; Kucor; Viborg; Kolguev Isl.; Kola; C. Kanin; Barzuga; White Sea; Kem; Archangel; Onega; Divina R.; L. Onega; L. Ladoga; Petchora Bay; Gulf of Cheskoi; Pustosensk; Petchora R.; Mezen; Mezen R.; Ural Mts.; Kara B.; Mura; Obdorsk; Nadym R.; Berezof; Siberia; Ob River; Surgut; Tarda R.; Dudinsk; Yenisei R.; Taz R.; Turukhansk; Kazimsk; Bakhtinsk; Asia; Angara R.; Yeniseisk; Bratskoi; Krasnoiarsk; Saiansk Mts. Irkutsk; Dzinazit R.; Vitimsk; Vitim R.; Lake Baikal; Chita Onon R.; Olekma R.; Aldan R.; Nelkan; Stanovoi Mountains; Udskoi; Nikolaievsk; Manchuria; Amur R.; Blagovestchensk; Okhotsk; Sea of Okhotsk; Port Aiane; Shantarski Is.; C. Elizabeth; Langri; Bolsheretsk; Sakhalin (Russia); Paramushir Isl.; Yamsk; G. of Ghiounsk; G. of Penjinsk; Tigilsk; C. Ozernoi; Nijni Kamchatka; Kamchatka; G. of Kronotski; Petropavlovsk; Kuril Strait; Cape Lopatka; C. Olutorsk; Karaginski Isl.; Bering Sea; Bering Isl.; (Aus.); Monday; Sunday; Copper Isl. (Aus.); Niur Is.; Andreanof Is.; Rat Is.; Aleutian Islands (U.S.); Nunivak Isl.; Kuskoquin B.; Nevenham; Pribilof Is. (U.S.); Dutch Harbor; Umak Isl.; Ounalaska Isl.; Iliawna L.; Ft. alexander; Gulf of Alaska; Afognak Isl.; Bristol B.; Kadiak Isl.; Alaska Pen.; Trinity Is.; Shumagin Is.; Unimak Isl.; Yakutat; Dyea; Chichagof Isl.; Sitka; Baranof Isl.; Pr. Of Wales Isl.; Jackson; Dixon Entrance; Queen Charlotte Is.; Queenstown; Ft. Halketto; Land R.; Rocky Mts; Juneau; Ft. St. John; Wrangel; Cascade Range; Int. Slave L.; Hecate Strait;Ft. Chippewayen; Athabasca; Peace R.; North America; Reindeer L.; Dunvegan; Edmonton; Saskatchewan R.; Battleford; Calgary; Manitoba L.; C. Churchill; Fort Churchill; Indian L.; Port Nelson; C. Tatnam; York Factory; Nelson R.; Pt. Albert; Lake Winnipeg; Severn R.; C. Portland; Pt. Severn; James Bay; Ft. George; Ft. Albany; Albany R.; Moose Factory; Rams; Ft. Chimo; Labrador (Dep. Of Newfoundland); Hebron; Clearwater Lake; Nain; Mingan; Julianshaab; Hamilton Inlet; L. Melville; C.Charles; Belle Isl.; Cape Bauld; Quebec to Liverpool 2,600 Miles; Cape Farewell; British Isles; Orkney Is.; Stavanger; C. Lindesnaes; Hebrides; Scotland; North Sea; Dundee; Glasgow; Edinburgh; Newcastle; Belfast; Ireland; Dublin; Liverpool; England; Cork; London; Portsmouth; Stockholm; Skagerrack; Gottesborg; Denmark; Copenhagen; Hamburg; Berlin; Netherlands; Hague; Belgium; Leipsie; Dreseden; Frankfort; G. of Finland; Reyal; Osel Isl; Riga; Vilna; Baltic Sea; Duna R.; Konigsberg; Danzig; Dnieper R.; Warsaw; St. Petersburg; Novgorod; Vologda; Russian Empire; Volga R.; Nijni Novogorod; Moscow; Kaluga Simbirsk; Russia; Kursk; Kief; Don R.; Saratof; Viatka; Perm; Kazan; Kama R.; Ufa; Petropaulovsk; Orenburg; Orsk; Tobolsk; Ekaterinburg; Omsk; Tobol R.; Ishim R.; Irtish R.; Akmolinsk; Narim; Tomsk; L. Chany; Semipalatins; Hungaria; Rassutal; Selonga; Mongolia; Last; China; Barkul; Pichan; Turkestan; Shashau; Urga; Argoon R.; Tsitsikar; Mukaen; Pekin; Aigun; Kailat; Mergen; Khaberovka; Sungari R.; Ningouta; Patuna; Kian; Vladivostok; Korea; Japan Sea; Isl. (Japan); Patience B.; G. of Tartary; Le Perouse Strait; Yezo; Kunashiri Isl.; Sapporo; Hakodate; Aomori; Kurile Is (Japan);North Pacific Ocean; Vancouver Isl.; Westminster; Victoria; Seattle; Olympia; Tacoma; Columbia Riv.; Portland; Salem; Eureka; Great Salt Lake; C. Mendocino;Regina; Spokane; Helena; Butte; Snake Riv.; Deadwood; Boise; Laramie; Ogden; Winnipeg; L. of the Weeds; Fargo; Missouri R.; Bismarck; Duluth; Minneapolis; St. Paul; Pierre; Milwaukee; Madison; Sioux City; Cheyenne; Omaha; Des Moines; Chicago; Lincoln; Indianopolis; L. Nepigan; L. Superior; Sault Ste Marie; L. Huron; Ottawa; Kingston; Toronto; Lansing; L. Erie; L. Ont.; Detroit; Albany; Buffalo; L. Michigan; Toledo; Cleveland; Hartford; Columbus; Trenton; Pittsburg; Anticoste Isl.; Gulf of St. Lawrence; Quebec; St. Lawrence R.; Fredericton; Pr. Edward Isl.; Montreal; Augusta; Portland; Fundy R.; Nova Scotia; Halifax; Concord; C. Sable; Hartford; Boston; Providence; Newport; Long Island; New York; Philadelphia; New York to Liverpool 3,168 Miles; Newfoundland (Br.); St. Johns; St. Pierre (Fr.); G. Race; Cape Breton Isl.; Sable Isl.; North Atlantic Ocean; St. George's Channel; C. Finisterre; Brussels; English Channel; Paris; Orleans; Nantes; France; Bay of Biscay; Bordeaux; Toulouse; Andorra; Oporto; Saragossa; Spain; Europe; Luxemburg; Germany; Berne; Munich; Danube R.; Switzerland; Lyon; Milan; Venice; Trieste; Marseille; Monaca; Genoa; Italy; Adriatic Sea; San Marino; Corsica; Barcelona; Rome; Sardinia Naples; Lemberg; Berditchef; Austria; Vienna; Budapest; Jassy; Hungary; Belgrade; Roumania; Bukharest; Servia; Bulgaria; Montenegro; Sophia; Turkey; Philllopopolis; Constantinople; Kharkof; Taganreg; Odessa; Astrakhan; Sea of Azof; Stavropol; Caucasus Mts.; Black Sea; Betum; Brusa; Trebizond;Volga R.; Ural R.; Asia; Turgai; Guriev; Caspian Sea; Aral Sea; Kungrad; Baku; Turkestan; Balkash Lake; Choo r.; Kasalinsk; Sir Daria R.; Tashkend; Amu R.; Thian Shan Mts; Sergionol; Zuisn l.; Itt R.; Woldjs; Tarin R.; Koko L.; Hoangho or Yellow R.; Tibet; Chingtu; Vulin; Yenagan; Tientsi; G. of Pechitr; Taiyuan; Ning; Taina; Singanfu; Rankau; Nankin; Wuchang; Shanghai; Port Arthur; Weihaiwar (Br.); Seoul; Sado Isl.; Kyoto; Kiaochau (Ger.); Osaka; Yellow Sea; Korea Strait; Nagasak; Shikoku; Kiushu; Hondo; Tokyo; Lokohama; Yokohama to Port Townsend 4,202 Miles; Yokohama to San Francisco 4,791 Miles; Sacramento; San Francisco; San Jose; San Luis Obispo; Pt. Conception; Los Angeles; San Diego; Salt Lake City; Carson; Lead V.; United States; Pioche; Dursng; Fresno; Pioche R.; Sante Fe; Colorado R.; Phoenix; Lopker California; Hermosillo; Rio Grande del Norte; El Paso; G. of California; Lower California; Denver; Topeka; Pueblo; Kansas City; Trinidad; Wichita; Cair; Guthrie; Arkansas R.; Little Rock; Dallas; Red R.; Mississippi R.; Austin; Houston; Birmingham; Jackson; Springfield; Baltimore; St. Louis; Cincinnati; Washington; Louisville; Nashville; Norfolk; Chesapeake Bay; Raleigh; Memphis; Chattanooga; C. Hatteras; Atlanta; Wilmington; Columbia; Montgomery; Charleston; Mobile; Jacksonville; Delaware Bay; Bermuda Is. (Br.); New York to Gibraltar 3,215 Miles; Atlantic Ocean; Flores; Azores Is. (Por.); Terceira; S. Miguel; S. Maria; C. St. Vincent; Str. Of Gibraltar (Br.); Madeira Isl. (Por.); Mogador; Lisbon; Portugal; Madrid; Seville; Gibraltar; El Arish; Tangier; Mekinez; Fez; Morocco; El Golea; Balearic Is.; Messina; Palermo; Mediterranean Sea; Algiers; Tunis (Fr.); Tunis; Malta (Br.); Oran; G. of Cabes; Algeria (Fr.); Wargla; Tripoli; Ghadames; Greece; Smyrna; Sicily; Athens; Adalia; Crete (T.Y.); G. of Sidra;Benghazi; Pt. Said; Alexandria; Angora; Erzerum; Konieh; Tigris R.; Cyprus I. (Br.); Aleppo; Tripoli; Yafa; Damascus; Paguao; Jerusalem; Arabia;Krasnovodsk; Askabad; Tabriz; Rasht; Meshed; Teheran; Sehna; Khaf; Kashan; Persia; Ispahan; Basra; Yezd; Neh; Bokhara; Faizabad; Herat; Kabul; Serinogen; Kandahar; Afghanistan; Lahore; Kashgar; China; Khotan; Mt. Everest; Kanosh; Yangtze R.; India (British); Bham; yunuan; Chittagong; Mandalay; Tonkin; China; Nanchang; Changsha; Queiyang; Fuchau; Queling; Canton; Maeao (Por.); Amov; Formosa Strait; Longkong (Br.); Kwanchauwer (Fr.); Sanmum; Oshima; Shuri; Riu kiu Is. (Japan); Formosa (Japan); Bonin Is. (Japan); Volcano Is.;Marcus Isl.; Los Jardines Isl.; Midway Isl.; Tropic of Cancer; Cure Isl.; Lisiansky Isl.; Laysan Isl.; Gardner Is.; Birds Isl.; Hawaii ( U.S.); Kauai Isl.; Honolulu; Maui Isl.; Guadalupe Isl.; Pt. Eugenia; Mexico; Chihuahua; Guaymas; La Paz; C. San Lucas; mazatlan; San Blas; C. Corrientes; San Antonio; Galveston; Saltillo; Monterey; Matamoros; Gulf of Mexico; Tula; Tampico; Merida; Gulf of Campeche; Tallahassee; New Orleans; Tampa; Cape Sable; Nassau; Bahama Is. (Brit.); Key West; Havana; I. Depinos (U.S.); Cuba; Greater Antilles; San Salvador; West Indies; Santo Domingo; Tropic of Cancer;Canary Is. (Sp.); Teneriff; Palma; Ferro; Cape Blanco; Tatta; E. Abbas; Zenei; Rio Oroco; Wapan; Sahara Desert; Tripoli (Turkey); Fezzan; Murzu; Rhat; Cairo; Siout; Egypt; Esneh; Libyan Desert; Assouan; Nile; Suez; Leina; Red Sea; Hail; Medina; Yembo; Korosko; Mekka; Shiraz; Persian Gulf; Bushire; Bam; Lar; Jask; Riad Oman; B. of Oman; Muskat; C. El Hadd; Moseirah Isl.; Kelat; Indus R.; Baluchistan; Delhi; Bela; Haidarabad; India (British); G. of Cutch; Daman; Simlo; Nepal; Agra; Khatmando; Ganges; Patna; Calcutta; Nagpore; Bay of Bengal; Kiangmai; Fr. Indo China; Rangoon; Siam; Bangkok; G. of Martavan; Mergui; Andaman Is.; Gulf of Siam; G. of Tonkin; Kiungchau; Balinong Channel; Hainan; Hue; China Sea; Manila; Mindoro Isl.; Cambodia; Palawan Isl.; Apari; Manila to Honolulu 1,700 Miles; Luzon; Hong Kong to Apia 4,800 Miles; Samar Isl.; Pana I.; Phillippine Islands (U.S.); Ladrone Islands (Ger.); Saypan; Guam (U.S.); Wake Isl. (U.S.); International Date Line; Hawaii Isl.;Honolulu to Panama 4,665 Miles; Honolulu to New York 13,200 Miles; Revillaggedo Is.; Socorro Isl.; Manzanillo; Popocatepetl Vol; Acapulco; Clipperton Isl. (Fr.); Mexico; Vera Cruz; Yucatan; Tehuantepec; G. of Tehuantepec; Guatemala; Central America; San Salvador; Fonseca Bay; Managua; Samaioa (Br.); Haiti; Belize; F. Honduras; Kingston; Honduras; Tegucigalpa; Caribbean Sea; Nicaragua; Gallina; Maracaibo; Cartegena; Colon; Port au Prince; Santo Domingo; San Juan; Porto Rico (U.S.); S. Croix (Br.); Anguilla (Br.); Barbuda (Br.); Antigua (Br.); Guadeloupe (Fr.); Dominica (Br.); Martinique (Fr.); S. Lucia (Br.); G. of Maracaibo; Curacao Isl. (Dut.); Grenada (Br.); Trinidad (Br.); Barbados (Br.); Lesser Antilles; New York to Cape Town 6,640 Miles; Cape Verde Is. (Port.); St. Louis; Senegal R.; C. Verde; Gambia (Br); Bathurst (Br.); Guinea (Pt.); Bissagos Is. (Port.); French Sudan; Arawan; Africa; Timbuktu; Niger R.; Medina; Sudan; Segu Sikoro; Guinea (Fr.); Sierra Leone; Warno; L. Tchad; Northern Nigeria (Br.); Yakoba; New Dongola; Tao; Khartum; El Fazher; Massenia; El Obeid; Suakin; Coorafdah; Berber; Massana; Eritrea (It.); Suna; Blue Nile; Condar; Ade (Br.); Berdara (Fr.); G. of Aden; Kuria Muria Is. (Brit.); Kamar B.; Makatlan; Arabian Sea; Cobotra; (Brit.); C. Guardafui; Ras Hafun; G. of Cambay; Bombay; haidarabad; New Goa (Pt.); Mahe (Fr.); Lacoadive Is. (Fr.); Yanaon (Fr.); Bay of Bengal; Masulipatam; Madras; Puducheri (Fr.); Karikal (Fr.); Toobar Is.; Penang; Sungers; Acheen; Str. Of Guipam; Pen.; Hog I. (B.); Sumatra (Dutch); Malasca; Pulo Ntas; Singapore; C. Cambodia; Jolo Sea; Elopuxa; Gt. Natumas Isl.; Bruno; Borneo (Br.); Kucain; Cawarak; Celebes Sea; Mindanao; Jolo Isl.; Gilolo Isl.; Egoi Is.; Yap; Palaos Is. (Ger.); Micronesia; Caroline Islands (Ger.); Melanesia; Ponapi Isl.; Greenwich Isl. (Ger.); Marshall Is. (Ger.); Gilbert Is. (Br.); Palmyra Isl. (Br.); Howland Isl. (Br.); Washington Isl. (Br.); Fanning Isl. (Br.); Christmas Isl. (Br.); Equator; San Francisco to Valparaiso 5,140 Miles; Galapagos Is.; San Jose; Costa Rica; Panama; Momiox; Gulf of Panama; Tolima Vol.; Choco B.; Colombia; Popayan; Caracas; Orinoco R.; Venezuela; Bogota; Rio Negro; Georgetown; Paramaribo; Guiana (Fr.); Cayenne; C. Orange; Mouth of the Amazon R.; Marajo Isl.; Para R.; Pernambuco to Plymouth 3,867 Miles; Freetown; Monrovia; Equator; Guinea; Coomassi; Abrante; Bingerville; Akkra (Br.); Whydah; (Sp.) Fernando Po I.; (Por.) Princes I.; C. Palmas; Daromry (Fr.); Lagos; Lagos (Br.); Asab; S. Nigeria (Br.); Amerun (Ger.); Buen;French Equatorial Africa; Sobai; Ladoi; Mobana R.; Kongo R.; Wadela; Stanley Falls; Adis; Abeba; Somalilan; Abyssinia; Br. East Africa; Rudolf L.; Victoria; Somali (Italy); Brava; Mukhdisho; Morin; Colombo; Maldive Is. (Brit.); Ceylon Isl. (Brit.); Batu Isl. (D); Siriu Isl. (Dut.); Bencoolen; Sunda Strait; Sunda Islands; Banka Isl.; Borneo (Dutch); Pasin; Batavia; Java Sea; Macassar; Lava (Dut); Surabaya; Floris Sea; Molucca pass; Celebes (Dutch); Ceram I. (D.); Boerol I. (D.); Banda Sea; Floris Isl. (Dut); Fred Henry Isl.; Arafura Sea; Admiralty Is. (Ger.); Bismarck Arch.; (Dutch); New Buinea (Br.); Hairer (Ger.); Wilhelm; Lo.; Terres Str.; New Mecklenburg Isl. (Ger.); Solomon Islands; New Britain (Ger.); Bougainville (Ger.); Choiseul; Sapel (Ger.); Georgia (Br.); Malayta (Br.); Polynesia; L & Goonior Ellice (Br.); Phoenix Is. (Br.); Union or Tokelau Is. (Br.); Jarvis Isl. (Br.); Manihik Group (Br.); Marquesas Is. (Fr.); Albemarle (Ecua.); Quito; Chimobrazo Vol.; Guayaquil; Ecuador; Loja; Raita; Peru; Truxillo; Huaraz; Andes Mountains; Manaos; Amazon River; Jurua R.; South America; Purus River; Tirol; Villa Nova; Para.; Santarem; Tapajos R.; Carolina; St. Louiz de Maranhao; Paranahilos; Cesna; Fernando; Noronha; Natal; Theresina; Pernai; Liverpool to Melbourne 13,290 Miles; (Por.) St. Thomas I.; (Sp.) Annobon I.; Gulf of Guinea; Ascension Isl. (Br.); C. Lopez; Leopoldville; Banana; Boma; Loanda; Equatorsville; Belgian Kongo; Kasek; Nyangue; Tanganjika; L. Moero; S.S. Kabango; Gyanza; Mt. Kenia; Kismayu; Kilimanjaro; Witu; German East Africa; Mombasa; Pemba I. (Br.); Zanzibar (Br.); Tabora; Bagamoyo; Aldabra Is.; Quiloa; Seychelles Is. (Br.); Amirante Is. (Br.); Aden to Melbourne 6,310 Miles; Chagos Is. (Br.); Indian Ocean; Malaysia; Sumbawa Isl. (Dut.); Sandal Wood Isl. (Dut.); C. Preston;Timor Isl.; Bathurst Isl.; Cambridge G.; Oceania; Talmerston; Kings Sound; Broome; Normantown; Northern Territory (British); C. York; Somerset; Gulf of Carpentaria; China Str.; Cooktown; Coral Sea; Guadalcanar; Louisiade Arch. (Br.); Rennell (B); Espiritu Santo; Mallicollo; Huon Isl. (Fr.); Santa Cruz Is. (Br.); New Hebrides (Fr. & Br.); Vanua Levu; Viti Levu; Samoa Is.; Uea (Fr.); Tutuila (U.S.); Upolu Isl. (Ger.); Fiji Is. (Br.); Savage Isl. (Br.); Society Is. (Fr.); Tuamotu; Tahite (Fr.); Archipelago (Fr.); Lima; Lea; L. Titicaca; Arequipa; Villa Bella; Brazil; Cuzco; Sorata; Trinidad; Bolivia; Illiman; Suere; R. Xingu; Tocantine R.; Cuyaba; Goyaz; Diamantina; Barra; Aracaju; Bahia; Palma; Porto Seguro; Caravellas; Pernambuco to Cape Town 3,320 Miles; Trinidad Is. (Brazil); St. Helena Isl. (Brit.); Benguela; Mossamede; C. Frio; Port. West Africa; Bengweol; Sioma; Ger. S.W. Africa; Zembezi; Salisbury; Bulaway; Rouuma; C. Delgado; Comoro Is.; Nyasia R.; Mozambique; Zomba; Quilimane; Tete; Chinde; Farquhar Is.; C. Amber; Indian Ocean; Tamatavo; Tananarico; Cargados Carayos Isl.; Mascarene; Rodriguez (Br.); N.W. Cape; Roebourne; Western Australia; Australia (British); Steep Pt.; Northampton; Dongarra; Eyre L.; South Australia; L. Terrena; Bowen; Boula; Queensland; Warwick; New Caledonia (Fr.); Rockhampton; Brisbane; Loyalty Is.; Norfolk Isl. (Br.); Tonga Is. (Br.); Tropic of Capricorn; Cook or Herwi Is. (Br.); Austral Is.; Tubuai Isl.; (Fr.); Apia to Punta Arenas 5,197 Miles; Gambier Is. (Fr.); Pitcairn Isl. (Br.); Easter Isl. (Br.); Antofagasta; Mt. Llullailluco; St. Ambrose Isl. (Chile); St. Felix (Chile); Copiapo; La Serena; Iquique; Potosi; Cobija; Tarija; Salta; Asuncion; Tucuman; Rioja; Ouro Preto; Tiete R.; Paraguay; Parana R.; Curitiba; Itajahy; Desterro; Corrientes; Victoria; Rio de Janeiro; St. paulo; Tropic of Capricorn; South Atlantic Ocean; Walfiseh Bay (Br.); Angra Pequena; orange R.; Port Nolloth; Rhodesia; Limpopo; Palapyo; United South Africa (British); Bechuana; Transvaal Col.; Pretoria; Johannesburg; Bloenfontein; Orange Riv. Col.; Kimberley; Port. East Africa; Safala; Mozambique Channel; Delagoa B.; Madagascar (French); Lourenco Marquez; Pietermaritzburg; Durban; Mauritius Isl. (Br.); Reunion Islands (Fr.); Perth; Williamsburg; Bunbury; Culvere; C. Leeuwan; Albany; Port Eucla; Great Australian Bight; Spencer; Kangaroo Isl.; Darling R.; New South Wales; Port Augusts; Adelaide; Kingston; Victoria; Portland; Melbourne; Bark Strait; Lord Hove Isl. (Br.); Newcastle; Sydney; Cape Howe; North Cape; North Island; East Cape; Auckland; New Plymouth; Napier; Kermadeo Is. (Br.); South Pacific Ocean; Juan Fernandez Isl. (Chile); Mas-A-Fuera Isl. (Chile); Valparaiso; Santiago; Curico; Concepcion; Leou; Valdivia; San Juan; Salto; Cordoba; Rosario; San Luis; Buenos Aires; La Plata; Bahia Blanca; Blanca B.; Porto Alegre; Uruguay; Rio Grande do Sul; Montevideo; Plata R.; C. Corrientes; Inaccessible Isl.; Tristan da Cunha Isl.; Nightingale Isl. (Brit.); Cape Town; Cape Colony; East London; Port Elizabeth; Georgetown; C. Agulhas; Cape of Good Hope; Port Natal; Cape Town to Colombo 4,200 Miles; Cape Town to Melbourne 6,030 Miles; New Amsterdam; St. Paul (Fr.)Furneaux Group; Tasmania (British); Launceston; Hobart; Cape Providence; Stewart Isl.; Nelson; New Zealand (Brit.); Wellington; Hokitika; Christchurch; South Island; Dunedin; Invergargill; Wellington to Valparaiso 5,039 Miles; Chatham Isl. (Brit.); Bounty Isl.; (Brit.); Melbourne to Liverpool 13,350 Miles; Chiloe Isl.; Chonos Archipelago; Taytao Pen.; Gulf of Benas; Wellington Isl.; Viedma; Gulf of San Matios; Rawson; Bay of St. George; Port Deseado; Valparaiso to New York 8,460 Miles; Gough Isl. (Br.); Pr. Edward Isl.; Marion (Brit.); Crozet Is (Brit.); Kerguelen (Fr.); Royal Co. Isl. (Brit.); Macquarie Isl. (Brit.); Emerald Isl. (Brit.); Auckland Isl. (Brit.); Antipodes or Greenwich Is. (Brit.); Campbell Isl. (Brit.); Monday; Sunday;Madre de Dios Archipelago; Strait of Magellan; S. Inez Isl.; Hoste Isl.; Argentina; Santa Cruz; Strait of Magellan; Tierra del Fuego; Staten Isl.; Cape Horn; Falkland Sound; Falkland Is. (Brit.); Stanley; South Georgia (Br.);Sandwich Group; Lindsay Isl.; Thompson Isl.; Souvet Isl. (Brit.); McDonald (Brit.); Heard; Knoxland; Wilkes Land; Budo Land; Northland; Adelle Land; Antarctic Ocean; Antarctic Circle; Emp. Peter Isl.; Adelaide Isl.; Elephant Isl.; South Shetland Is.; Livingston Isl.; Smith Isl.; Bransfield Strait; Trinity Land Palmer Land; Coronation Isl.; Clarence Isl.; King George Isl.; Joinville Isl.; Louis Philippe Land; South Orkney Is.; Laurie Isl.; Graham Land; Emp. Alexander Land; Antarctic Circle; Enderby Land; Kemp Land; Victoria Land Note: Dimensions of the Earth; Equatorial Diameter; Earth's Azis; Circumference at Equator; Areas of the Earth; Land Surface; Water Surface; Total; Oceans; Pacific; Atlantic; Indian; Antarctic; Arctic; Principal Salt lakes; Lake or sea; Country; Area Sq. M.; Elev., ft.; Caspian Sea; Asia; Sea of Aral; Belkash; Maracaibo; So. Am.; Eyre; Australia; Titicaca; Issik-kul; Koko-nor; Van; Great Salt Lake; N. Am.; Urumiah; Dead Sea; Ngami; Africa; above sea.; below sea.; Countries; Capitals; Argentina; Buenos Aires; Australia; Melbourne; Austria-Hungary; Vienna; Belgium; Brussels; Bolivia; La Paz; Brazil; Rio de Janeiro; Bulgaris; Sofia; Canada, Dominion of; Ottawa; Chile; Santiago; China; Pekin; Colombia; Bogota; Costa Rica; San Jose; Cuba; Havana; Denmark; Copenhagen; East Indies, Dutch; Batavia; Ecaudor; Quito; Egypt; Cairo; France; Paris; Germany; Berlin; Great Britain and Ireland; London; Greece; Athens; Guatemala; New Guatemala; Haiti; Port au Prince; Honduras; Tegucigalpa; India; Calcutta; Principal Freshwater Lakes; Lake or Sea; Country; Area Sq. M.; Elev. Ft. above Sea Level; Superior; N. Am.; Victoria Nyanza; Afr.; Michigan; Huron; Tanganyika; Baikal; Asia; Great Bear; Nyassa; Tchad; Great Slave; Bangweolo; Winnipeg; Erie; Lake of the Woods; Albert Nyanza; Ladoga; Eur.; Ontario; Athabaska; Nicaragua; Onega; Tungting; Wenrer; Champlain; Dembea; Wetter; Managua; Balaton, (Platten Sea); Geneva, (or Leman); Constance, (or Boden Sea); Garda; Maggiore; Neufchatel; George; Cayuga; Lucerne; Zurich; Como; Area.; Square miles; Population; Commerce with the United States; National Debts; Total.; Per Capita.; Revenue; Expenditure; Countries; Capitals; Italy; Rome; Japan; Tokio; Korea; Seoul; Mexico; Mexico; Netherlands; The Hague; Nicaragua; Managua; Norway; Christiania; Paraguay; Asuncion; Persia; Teheran; Peru; Lima; Portugal; Lisbon; Roumania; Bucharest; Russia; St. Petersburg; Salvador; San Salvador; Santo Domingo; Servia; Belgrade; Siam; Bangkok; Spain; Madrid; Sweden; Stockholm; Switzerland; Bern; Turkey; Constantinople; United States; Washington; Uruguay; Montevideo; Venezuela; Caracas; Railroad Mileage of the World; Countries; Miles; Africa; Abyssinia; Algeria; Angola; British Central Africa; British East Africa; Cape Colony; Dahomey; Egypt; Eritea; French Guinea; Franch Somaliland; German East Africa; German Southwest Africa; Gold Coast; Ivory Coast; Kamerun; Kongo Independent State; Lagos; Madagascar; Mauritius; Natal; Northern Nigeria; Orange River Colony; Portuguese East Africa; Rhodesia; Senegal; Senegambia; Sierra Leone; Togoland; Transvaal; Tunis; Uganda; Asia; Afghanistan; Baluchistan; Bokhara; Borneo; Ceylon; China; Dutch East Indies; Federated Malay States; Formosa; French Indo-China; India; Japan; Korea; Laos; Manchuria; Persia; Philippine Islands; Portuguese India; Russia in Asia; Siam; Straits Settlement; Turkey in Asia; Total; Ustralasia; New Caledonia; New South Wales; New Zealand; Queensland; South Australia; Tasmania; Victoria; Western Australia; Europe; Austria-Hungary; Belgium; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Great Britain and Ireland; Greece; Italy; Luxemburg; Malta, Jersey and Man (Islands); Montenegro; Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Roumania; Russia in Europe; Servia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Turkey in Europe; North America; Costa Rica; Dominion of Canada; Guatemala; Hawaii; Honduras; Mexico; Newfoundland and Labrador; Nicaragua; Salvador; United States; South America; Argentina; Bolivia; Brazil; British Guiana; Chile; Colombia; Ecuador; French Guiana; Panama; Paraguay; Peru; Uruguay; Venzuela; West Indies; Barbados; Cuba; Haiti; Jamaica; Porto Rico; Santo Domingo; Trinidad; Total; Grand Total;Telegraph Mileage of the World; Countries; United States; Russia; France; Germany; India; Great Britain and Ireland; Mexico; Austria-Hungary; Dominion of Canada; Argentina; Italy; Turkey; Spain; Sweden; Japan; Brazil; New South Wales; China; Chile; Norway; Queensland; Colombia; Philippine Islands; Dutch East Indies; Cape Colony; New Zealand; French Indo-China; Algeria; Victoria; Western Australia; South Australia; Persia; Portugal; Roumania; Netherlands; Belgium; Rhodesia; Greece; Switzerland; Venezuela; Madagascar; Bulgaria; Peru; Bolivia; Guatemala; Siam; Honduras; Nicaragua; Formosa; Egypt; Ecuador; Transvaal; Portuguese East Africa; Denmark; Tasmania; Korea; Tunis; Newfoundland and Labrador; Servia; Federated Malay States; Cuba; Salvador; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Natal; Dahomey; Orange River Colony; Ceylon; Angola; British East Africa; Uruguay; Senegal; Trinidad; Northern Nigeria; Longest Rivers; Names; Countries; Length, Miles; Mississippi-Missouri; U.S.; Nile; Egypt; Amazon-Maranon; Brazil; Yangtze-Kiang; China; Congo; Cen. Africa; Ob; Rus. In Asia; Hoangho; Lena; Niger; W. Africa; Yenesei; Plata-Parana; Arg. & Bra.; Mackenzie; Canada; Amur; Volga; Rus. in Eur.; St. Lawrence; U.S. & Can.; Yukon; Alaska; Arkansas; U.S.; Zambesi; E. Africa; Indus; India; Brahmaputra-Sanpu; Rio Grande del Norte; U.S. & Mex.; Danube; Aus.-Hun.;Mekong; Indo China; Saskatchewau-Nelson; Euphrates; Tur. in Asia; Orinoco; Col. & Ven.; Colorado; Ganges; India; Amu; Turkestan; San Francisco; Brazil; Sir-Daria; Irawaddy; Columbia; Dnieper; Rus. in Eur.; Para, or Tocantine; Darling; Australia; Don; Tigris; Tur. in Asia; Murray; Orange, or Gariep; S.W. Africa; Senegal; W. Africa; Ural, or Jaik; Rus. in Eur.; Gambia; Rhine; Germany; Ohio; Churchill, or Mississippi; Magdalena; Col.; Paranahiba; Fraser; Loire; France; Elbe; Oder; Rhone; Tagus; Portugal; Vistula; Seine; Susquehanna; Potomac; Garonne; Guadiana; Spain; Sacramento; Po; Italy; Ebro; Neva; Thames; England; Hudson; Armies of the World; Russia; France; Germany; Austria-Hungary; Great Britain; Italy; Turkey; China; Japan; Abyssinia; Switzerland; Spain; United States; Afghanistan; Belgium; Servia; Portugal; Sweden; Mexico; Roumania; Bulgaria; Norway; Netherlands; Nepal; Greece; Brazil; Persia; Korea; Kongo Independent State; Chile; Egypt; Denmark; Morocco; Bokhara; Siam; Venezuela; Argentina; Guatemala; Costa Rica; Uruguay; Peru; Ecuador; Cuba; Salvador; Bolivia; Nicaragua; Paraguay; Colombia; Haiti; Navies of the World; Great Britain; Russia; France; Japan; Germany; United States; Italy; Netherlands; Turkey; Austria-Hungary; Sweden; Chile; Greece; Denmark; Spain; China; Brazil; Norway; Portugal; Siam; Peru; Mexico; Published by Geo. F. Cram, Chicago, Ill.

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Page  79 PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY OF Antrimn Countzy, AVkic igan. EXPLAN-ATIO.N-The date following a nam-e indicates the length of time the party has heen a resident in the county. The ahhreviations are as follows: S. f or Section; T. for Township; P. 0. for Post-office arldress. When no Section Numher or Township is given, it will he understood that the party resirles withint-he lim-its of the village or city named, antI, in soch cases, the post-office address is the samne as the place of residence, unless otherwise stated. Abiti, F. E. Farmerr S.4,T. CetiialtbkeP F OCestraltoLake. 1883. Arkerriaic W., Facjr acndFr'.'itGrower S. '5 T. Mtiltton F. 0. Raopid A~lir- Eilwardi Fa.c'rer is'. irnit Growe,r S. 33, T. iieleca P. 0. Aldeii. Attc."., Ira A. Abs'tracto'r, -erchianti S-ditor'.' acd Proporitor of Biottairo Hous'.i Belzint. A'limaiJohnciarcerra rutcroer S 1'. iT. Banks,P. 0. Centiral Looke Aticia, Laocrence. Fartseroi'iiiiiit oro'.ei, S. 8 T. Satick'. P.O0. Ceitirai Lako! \Mr. Ad\iii.iw'.c. bornio nrnioni t"Ss. Aemiti'.ggnr Winct Farmer an6cFrit Giiooo'.o S. 36, i. -Niltio, P. 0. uopoid Lity. iS77 Allen.' Ftrnier,. 3, T, Fiorestiiime,.'.-. Cn- aiik.ooni.i'o 19 it. A Rie poii'I. Sir, Gco-..o. iPo.iodsiCltiigi-eit, R'.rpoi'. ii900 Elko is9.Il isio'.o-oi,,e-t ioiF- troi o ro'. niato1.ori or of itie A ieroi,ior Piiiiito rWit abe.t'.ineTePinS.9 A- -,,A - F.,.sot-.ioot ot Cl-io i'.tko aiii tietle' ii' ("iuo cral~ -Nieroaioois no 4, T. Heeinao I ii Claiottik. 1tb6. Andiiioni ii. P_ Farmer cin Frooitooo'.o S. 9 T. Helt.o i' ii Belli Actriii Cocci'. SfitSia'. ii i R. Sarisn.' Joi.ioo of trobate i Wil5iam c ii Kitto'i.le ~Iieif James oio'eevy..i'.uClerk Cii'.'. S.'. G3l8 R gitro Toon,;Con rii. Densmorte, go'i' PrsctnLtorneyLoo Cooarn.Bem ireaoirer'.tt' Tuotot' LouS. Meggiii.' Cicut CS.. Ctisooissiii'.'r i-ieic L C 51ch Counti Surviyori Aosat G.i''r. 0 Dit ain C.''..oc-ijoic-er L1 AM. uouirti, SiS Coomossioner: HJ Out Hein siireieS a58 StohnCioii.'.antit ornciisi' ciJi. ione S.BAna AnriJouityc BJoccd ioof Loer-ioi'. Li.'i iJ.'BenetiC'.io'a as Acnc oroci' Jameso Dev,County-" Cick; Beluire.iSiuk.'.-i Actri'.iitr'ii Coc.i'%X'illa Co Ba 3rt Pr.'.'i'.o' t Jc...iC.Holti' Vi'ceo P tesi'.'nt AnrnitLight it.'. Is'owrC.,4.-.VrleSceayTesrr - Sita.' i'. BArch.'..Jis., Farmer.'.'.'.'.ruit Groibot.' 4. 6, T'.'TorichcLak, 1'.. 0. iCtn~tr.ii'ak.'..S. 187.''k '. H''.cono.tcEttooi Aruistro '~_., elri - ea,,c. ~i, r - s r~r Toccittit' of. D rha Cttle'S.'. 34t't, T1 Helna To'..iit.o 1565. 1 Auti'.'.''.'..'.'..i'. ar'..I'..t''.''..'.'.'''h.'ty '.ver. eer Si. 1,T~ at'.i'.ki I., 1i. settle'.i. AtriS'u.v9 n18. Il sn~ridt rceL ulr Soons, Frock, Forcer and'.jus.ticeofoithePeace, S. t6, T. _1uaceonaco' P. Sotto'.' Sotot Bock, F. 38' Bechtold, P.resident, 0'.. Wvin. A. Foocs, Vioe Prositeott W. i-i Riohaodsi Coashier. OeieraltBankicgBelliore. Beneic''t'.Gt OJ. F-mer, S.33,T. Kearoncr P.0.SBeliret''. 19314. Benc,i'StewaocrtFaririiS..33,T. Bancko P.0. Ce'.'troltookc. Mo. Benntirt coo bcott iti Antriti Loccit '.01875. Benneti, 33 3. Farorc. oiid rowns chip Supervisoo, S. 2, T. Ocboio P. 0. EajottJor'a'. 1868 Betl'..uo' Li T. Farurci.' Frito'GioooroandtTo' —.'''ip Superoisoo, S. s, T. Batikso t'. iS Fllsortoott 1881. Boo'., G. S. Faiomer.' S. 2T. itolo'.'. P'. 0. Beiioeoo 1909. Berowalii J'.'i'..' Farmer''.o o'... Froit iGro'.e'r, S. 24, T. M~ilton.', P. 0. Rapiti -'it'-. b rn it t' 3' ''''i 18o6 ti9. a ii' A'.'.ioi'..' An otri o unty ib ll Bsaoiti'.'.' FJarmer''..'.'.to.o.tS. o'.T. ',ceo'a P.536,Tancton',P. 0r. Co' S'.'.''.oo' iiiut tichto''.'igninooitooo'io S t4e i,T ACoi-.Counito'.'.ko, P.O Soo'.oi 3'.'.i'.t.iDour'. iS. F touT. Ekiotit' topiks 1 Roii..EkRil, 90 1Storg'idt'.'i, G.ooH rer S-.c.o 814 T. Beack',. ii.O.Fiio''oo.'. ib69. Boss'.'.i'h..i 5i toi,,i Poocto.w539th r Oti ss PO.otr.oitoooo COounotyi Bstiok'.A. J.,tttroier F Frcoi'it S rowko ro S. 76, T. Bankiio, P. 0. Central Lak i 199'..' Boswor.'".th.0F.'.. 'o 'o R,.oi'.to'.. Lio.'o 5 2 T. Hoio'.'.o P, 1. 0.'.'.. Stoo'.''' Stm3 Far e n rit G-.'ii.''..,1 T. 4ot, P. 0et.I Co''k'oi P.iko. Coot. ti'. l La Pu'. 189.o.''. tt.. B0'.'.ii'o'.t.Fto Deaerioc' Fa 1 Imrplemen'.tos', P.k 0aid. 11 o'i 95 Bcitof.r, teo'.'.o., Far'.rc''' Si.. 'o.~oioS. 1 2, T. Booanktoo'.,1'. 0.Elsot.I69 Bri'a.skhawtuIra, Farnitro 5. 22. (T. Sout roit ChoP.0. Bouitaro. 19(9. Bcrtattshawt S. Faott'erottS.i oooTtchoo P.5 T. C Strlocookec. Pr.O.a ititiorsobor 3tr Anc.ttrim oi'.too.'o'i'.out187r5 i 8 ii iS Boro'., 3 Frcot 814me Tn Tortit Gowek. 2F OToo.tHetenokr. 199. Al Scoit'. to Fio W.oc'Focr.tro'.'.oFr 89 Troor'.ct2,cT.'.,dn P. O.ritoto Situ'.i38i Fioutto ciii IS9.cit i OrotrriS 16, T.a Cocto took'. P.e 0.e othitoo-eit'ofr 18 Cili Brtio'.. t'.'J.oo'.. FRi.oH.,''..sto.oc'.uo S. '.io,T P.hc,. 0.ntrat Laoe.Bctts, St. D8 SOprcg isotoconkr' 38i oF Pt.ri, FS.tt2ti T.olo W rio, P.ik 1L1ok'.'.i''.ii.8 Fitotito'. I2, T. Trc' Sae 35 T. ElkRat i P0. Rcp'.t Bulocki'oiiji- O.'oiPioi'Fa,'i''ieradSoS'.r.itrtS.oo 127T Tor'hLakeii', 51.0. Toro Lokutotitak Li'c''.i' in5'' L,,trioot'.ukot. Droi87'. it' is iarS'too to'Fttore''.ceo St'.oer Buirioi'.," Farcert'. Bou T. T out'.'.'., Pr.p''0'o. Tor CBusoioL.,t Fotar.ttnra.di~i.'tt GroterooS. 9,Tc ForestHo'eu,P.0Beli. Chotlis. E. J. Farucc'roa'tFruitGoweor, S. 3, T. Bauttks, P.O0. Fitiworth.~ 1969. Citr-,lroFV. FarmcorS 1cT.Star,.P 0. Ectira. Mo, ChrNsltro-ac b.orn ic Michitgan.' ic 1974 and iettled ii' Actrimu countyp iii 1893. Hr ts tarieo.'ur to AliceoGrocn theyo'. z threot e o htit'dtu-t. Chtutoh, Freorico'uktL. Faotutor FruitGrowerootd C'ounty Surveyocr, S. 34, T. Bout.'. P. 0 Cenrtoaltotke 1965. Ciar.k, A. H. Faorutr' Sli0,T. tCeu'trI'altLke P.O.CoeutraltoLake. 1895. Clacok, 0. Si HoDeior i'. i-oo'i cod Soiltou.Moit'., Pooittoy atu' Fisti ic Setoo'o Grocerieors' i-it.El Rapids. 5079. LoIi'ucc Fore.i Farmer'.oandu.tFr.uitoGro'.ro S. 14, T. Eciho. IP.'0. Fastujo''.ion. 1879. LCI.tooei-i Si. Cocunty SOFOp.'.io''toduti ot Schi'ools, Dealerio itt Foorniture Colema.i Faoert. P'i 14JFou''.To.uuToochioio L.26,T1'. Sioo'.adin. 0. Cioleman' was br O nrm onSi 87 Coostockoori'kiJ.,o'.i'net anSi Fr'uitGoweitoS.o, 1. T.Co'.''.au tok.. Conkiuht, Cu.'..'uui.i Parni'.'. S. uo T.Rns Lo'.ucS.O.Elclsworth. Si90. Cooelnd'.ttiu,,.,uoFarmer'.oio'.toctutu'.'.' St 1 T'7..ii orh.c kefPf. Coreg, JoisephJ Farmero' S2,TCeta Foot, Jco.iou.- Stit. LS-oeg Duoou'Jeriet Hogsunc S. otoroT. Ce itra'. or'. u'. poCetrual' ciauktr Loo~tr'vtnSi-'.'1.uuA.o Famr S.i1T C Tti.i tou.'.tP. 0. Couuc aitl.'.. 1897 waoi''. s 14 r C iF.'..'Sc'o 0. n 85awr etldi A trii c ounty i1979. CutSloBt'. arer S.623, T..Ceitral.'. kSO Pnuu.oi Cetoot'. Lake'.u. 1897 C iitis '.oT.,u'' F 8'.'. atndtu Frui'tt ti'. er i S'. 2,T a k,1. e ta Co'uctsI'.uH.cFaotruaS Fr'uu'.1'tL'Grote'.itotk, T.0 Celenao.itoiBe. Dalng ).CFaoteS._2 T. too'uu.' 0.B'Biilaire. 1878i Davetooolu S i-oF.uu'.'.a. d FsuPttGri'.tu S. 03AiTti Elk aids'P.i Rapuiiouidst189.i-tuo lTocoi h'iiu 18 Dawonuut Clbeto Futottuo aot Futo'. P'.oooeruu Atto2tto'. CenralLakn'. Ceotral' cak'. Dawtsto ocnuc twcut' ucr 18Atrmc76 ril 88 O'.c S.'6.ii 6et T 58akeu.P.'0.I 0 Itout. Lii, Srt Dawsoni was' borc iut 'soci Soout. to 183S au.'tit199 O'.'.so'. J'.ohnuA.,uFat er i-tcoc.Sto.t.'17 oo T. eta Lktto'.0.1 0eta S'iakte. towon it 1893 Farer St. 28'.i'i -etralS'. Laoke,.' tuuaP. ii'C.tra i'akeoct 0Det'r.- 8 A., Farmer,'' S. S1 T. Cunt'.'.' Lake'. Pnt.i'. Si'.ra Lake.'1. Deobosh au areS.1,Tt Feleut SotP.. 5. Ale4 S1905 tt..0 DenisRiu'.irtu FaiSOS'.. ak,.0 halvi 87 Dittmo'.'. iE., Atiu'utoreatSLawProse.utiiocAtoSriey Beolireu.o1( Diuretn.y. Wiliam Jr.,tuFarut'.ruuS.a'uT.uiKeaoney'.P. 56 5 Bellaire Mr. oDerenty was bor in nrmcuS yi 8~

Page  80 -80 13ing Jan, jes-i, Far ler and Fruit Gro8er, S. 9, T. Echo, P. O..ast Jord.n. 1887. 13obh8.i, Geo., Farnier, S. 2, T. Mlaocelon.., 1'. 0. aIiloelna. MT,. I.8.l)- 81'as born in Michigano i8 1857 and settled i Alntrim cou8ty i8i 1967. IDougherty, A. B., Atorne.y, Elk Rapi8s. Uouglas, Marshall, Proprietor of Fairview Farm, S. 30. T. Clitoni.., P. 0. Manscelon. Mr. IDouglas is married to Lydia K8eller; thel are the parents of one child. Urenth, Gerrit, Farmer, S. 24, T. Baks, P. 0. Ellsworth. 1901. 3 1rost, Ira, Farmer, 8. 25, T. Banks, P'. 0. Ellsworth. 1906, Duane, D. M., Veterinary Surgeon, Central Lake. 1987. J8uba, Wo.l., Farmer, 8. 26, T. Forest Home, P. 0. Bellaire. 1894. Dufrene, Teles, and Fruit Grower, S. 13, T. 1ilton, P. 0. Rapid City. 1882. 1 8unson, W. C., Farmer, S. 27, T. Forest Home, P. 0. Bellaire. 1875. 8urocl1er, Anlos, Farmer and Fruit Grower, S. 29, T. Milton. P. O. Kewadin. 1887. 8asley17 John, Far88er, S. 13, T. 9 8ilton, P. 0. Kewadin. sr. Easley was born in Antrim County in 1875. Eastcott, R. P., Proprietor of Lone Birch Farm, S. 22, T. Star, P. 0. Elmira. Mr. Eastcott was 1orn il England. East Jorda. Chernical Co., A. Cameron, Manager, fanufacturers of Wood Alcohol, Charcoal, etc., 8ast Jordan, Established 1987. East Jordan Lumber Co., Manufacturers of Hardwood Lum ber, Hemlock Lumhber, Cedar Shingles, Ties, Posts and Poles, oast 3ordan, Established. 1879. 88ckhard, Phil, Farooer, Proprietor of Pleasant VieMs Fruit Farm, S. 4, T.,orest Ho88e, P. 0. CentralLake. 1882. Eddly, H., F ornler, S. 22, T. Kearne9, P. 0. Bellaire. 1889. _E8hrli-t, D. T., F.ruer, S. 38, T. Che1tonia, P. 0. M85ancelos a. Mr. Ehrhart was born in Indiana in 1854 and settled in Antrim county in 1900. He is married to Mar1 E. Clark; they are the parents of seven children. Elk Rapids Iron Company, Hardwood and Itemlock Lu8ber; TiF,8er and Cutover Lands, Elk Rapids. Ulk Rapids Savings Bank, 8. B. Lang, Presid4ent, C. A. Whyland. Vice President, Charles B. Carver, Cashier, Ge0eral Banking, Loans and Insurance, Elk Rapids. lzinga., Henry, Far88er, Fruit Grower a8 d Breeder of Jerse5 Cattle S. 12, T. Banks, P. 0. Central Lake. 1898. 18,8pey. Bert, Farmer and Fruit 8rower, S. 29, T. Banks, P. O. Central Lake. Ms. Empey was born i8 Antrim county in 1872. ]8mpey, Joh5, Farn8er, S. 17, T. Batiks, P. 0. Central Lake. 1871. 888va8, Van E., Elmira. Mr. Evans was born in Missouri in 1859 and settled i8 Antrim count88 in 1888. He is rit-ried to 18ary8 Cordingl5 Far5lers and Merchants Bank, The, Chas. H. Coy, President; 1. Armstrong, Vk.8 President; 0. B. Oviatt, Cashier; Geser81 Banking, Alde 8. F.arrell, Joh8, Farmer, Fruit Grower and Bree8er of Durham Cattle, S. 30, T. Banks, 11. 0. Central Lake. 1886..8erree, Joseph, 8r.i8,8, S. 16, T. Forest Home, P. 0. Belaire. 1881.. 8inch, Chet, Farmer, S. 14, T. Helena, P. 0. Bellaire. Mr. Finch was 18orn in Antri88, coun.ty in 1881. Finch, Mrs. 18enry E., Farming, S. 17, T. Kearnev, P. 0. 8ellaire. 1900. 18irst State Bank, The, General Banking, Central Lake. 8Fischer, J. W., Farmer, S. 14, T. 88earne8, P. 0. Bellaire. 1879. 11isher, I. 0., Farmer and Sto1kraiser, S. 3, T. 8earne8, P. 0. Bellaire. 1900. Fitzpatrick, N., Farmer, S. 14, T. Helena, P. 0. Bellaire. 1883. lanaggan, J. J., Far8er and Stockraiser, S. 33, T. Banks, 11. 0. Central Lake. 1985. Flodin, Frank G., Farmer, S. 10, T. 188anclona, P. 0. 8ancelona. A1r. Flodin 8as bor81 in Sweden, in 1874 and settled ill Antrim county 18 1882. He is inarried to Ada Bradlund; they are the parents of ot'e child. 188rbes, C., Farmer, S. 12, T. Custer, P. O. Mancelona. 8r..Forbes was born i8 Michigan in 1869 and settled in Antrim count8 in 1884. X88ord, Fred, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 33, T. Banks, P. 0. Central Lake. 1961. FoX, Geo., Farmer, S- 25, T. Milton, P. 0. K8.ewadin. 1871. EF88, Richard, Farmer, Fruit Grower and Stockraiser, S. 36, T. Milton, P- 0. Rapid City. 1865. 121'r L. 1., Farmer and Fruit Grower, S. 8, T. Echo, P. 0. East Jordan. 18790. 81riend, Janies M.. i1erv, Feed, Boarding and Sales Stable, Bellaire. 8rost, Geoo, FarP1er, S. 27, T. Central Lake, P. 0. Central Lake. 1899, Vapinski, Martin, Farmer, S. 26, T. Warner, P. 0. Elmira. 88at18, Harlan, Farmer, S. 18. T. Elk Rapids, P. 0. Elk Rapids. Mr. Gates was born in Antrim county in 1868. 4-ibbardIosaac, Far8er, Fruit Grower aId Stockraiser, S. 31, T. Torch Lake, P. 0. Torch Lake. 1878. 40inth1er, Geo. W., Farmer, S. 13, T. Custer, P. 0. Mancelona. Mr. Ginther was 88rn in Ohio it 1860 and settled in Antrim county in 1893. He is 8arrie81 to E88ma J. Elder. C18Uooer, Geo. 0., Farmer, Fruit Grower and Stockrsiser, S. 25, T. Banks, P. 0. Central Lake. 1881. *80ood8ale, 98 K., Farmer, S. 'F T. Mancelo988, P. 0. 88ancelona. Mr. Goodale 881 8888 i1 Wisconsin in 1853 and settled in Antrim count8 in 1884. I18 8dman, b. D., Farmer, Fruit Grower and Breeder of Percheron and Clyde Horses, S. 14, T. 1ilton, P. 0. Rapid City. 1885. 18ould, E. J., Farmer, Proprietor of Pleasant View Farm, S. 6, T. Jordan, P). 0. East Jordan. Mr. Gould was born in Michigan in 1870 and.settled in Antrim count8 in 1981. He is married to 18ary E. Richer; they are t111 parents of 1our children. ClSoolid, T. B. & Son, Farmers, S. 8, T. Jordan, P. O. 8ast Jordan. 1877. * 8rafmiller, John, Farmer, Fruit Grower a88d Stock Dealer, S. 13 and 24, T. Central Lake, P. 0. Central Lake. 1982. (,88 Frank B., Fars8er, S. 3, T. Forest Home, P. O. Bellaire. 18Mr. 8reen88 an8 was born in Antrim count8 in 1882. C —reenwan8,Wit., Farmer a8d Stockraiser, S. 14, T. Forest Home, P. O. 1lla1re. 18Mr. Greenman was born in Antrim county in 1877. t —regary, B. Pi., Yarner, S. 14, T. Mancelona, P. 0.18 8 1anelona. Mr. Gre1ory was1 1orn ill Michigan in 1855 ao.d settled in 8ntrim8 county -8n 1890. He is married to Mar, C. Viccars; the18 are the parents of ffrlrree childfren. o C8riswol-, 114, Far88er anod Fruit Grower, S. 9, T. 8elena, P. 0. Bellaire. 1889. 88ro8-v. W., Far818er and Stockraiser, S. 33, T. Forest Home, P. 0. Bellaire. 1881. 581ruber, A. 8I., Uondematkini and Dealer in Furniture, 881celona. C-Fuostotv,8an1, Cm., C(. T. Clark., SI\anager, C. 1. Baile8 7 Legal Counsel, Idancelon-L 1.3888i, Chas. S., Register of Deeds, Bell8ire.,ruyer, Tlloonas, Farmer and Fruit Growrer, S. 25, T. Batiks, P. 0. Central 1.1ke. 1866. 71- 88cck, Daniel, Fartner and Stockraiser, S. 11, T. Central Lake, P. 0. Central Lake. 1883. J~l.l, Geo., Farmer, S. 29, T. K8earney8, P. 0. Bellaire. 1982. PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY. Hancock, J. G.. Farler and Log-er, S. 15.'T. 98ear88 -. 11. 8. ellaire. 1904.. H11ansen. Julius, 1 11 Stoskr 188er8t. 25. T. Mtilton. P. 0. K a..liin. 1889. Hart-ima81,8 Vincent, Fart1r adIol Fruit Grower. S. 26, T. Helena, P. 0. Alden. 1883. Harris, E. R.. Judge of rohbate, Postn.,1ste1 lOd Dealer in. General lMs. chandise, El1sworth. 888587, 1. L., Far8oer, S. 13, T. Torch Lake, P. 0. Torch Lake. 1891. Hastings, Warren, Farmer, S. 28, T. Central Lake. P. O. Central Lake. 18r. Hastings 8as born i8l Antri88 cou88881 il 1869. Hawkins, 0. 8., Publisher, The Mancelona 8 1erald, 1 8ancelo88a. Hawlevs, Frank, Farmer, Stockraiser an11 Too-oship Supervisor, S. 15, T. Hel8na, P'. 0. Bellaire. Mr. Ha811lev was born in Antrim count88 in 1670. Hei8,8ach. D. U., Farmer, S.22, T. Custer. P. 0. 1 8ancelona. Mr. Hei88bach was born in 1 8ichigan in 1857 and settled in Antrim count8 in 1892. He is married to Flora Coreva; the1 are the parents of three children. He88phill, J. H., Far8Per, Fruit Grower and 0anufacturer of Crates an Lath, S. 23, '. Central Lake, P. 0. Central Lake. 1905. 8 8nderson, Perry, Farmer and Fruit Grower, S. 9, T. Helena, P. O. Alde18. 1986. Hepburn, J. K., Farmer, S. 18, '. Chestonia, P. 0. 1 8ancelona. Mr. Hepburn is married8 to Edna E. Dunson. Herget, W. 8., Farmer and Fruit Grower, S. 25, '. Milton, P. 0. Rapid Cit-. 1884. Hesle8, 014,drew, Farmer, 8. 1, '. 1.Iilton. P. 0. Kewadin. 1667. Hill, C. WV., Far88er, S. 11, T. Custer. 8. 0. M8ncelo811. 181.. Hill was born in Michigan in 1876 and settled in 01ntri8 cou8881 iu 1903. Hill, Jero5818, Farmer, S. 24, '. Ke9888887 P. 0. 8ellaire. 1899. Hiltoo, Robert, Farmer. S. 29, '. Kearne88, P. 0. Bellaire. 1894. Hirt, Jacob,, Fruit Grower and Stock881iser, S. 1, '. Milton, P. 0. Rapid Cit5. 1869. Hockin, Asthur, Farmer, S. 14, '. Torcsl Lake, P. 0. K88t.walin. 1881. Hod84, 18erritt, Farmer, Proprietor of Lakeside Fruit Farm, S. 13, T. Torch Lake, 8. O: Torch Lake. 1874. Hope, W. L., Dairy- Farmer and Fruit Grower, S. 23, T. Forest Home, P. 0. Bellaire. 1909. Hosler, John. FarmersandFruit Grower, S. 22, T. ECho, P. O. East Jordan. 1870. Hosmer,, Fsa., Far8mer and Supervisor, S. 11, '. C.te,-, P. 0. 1la8ceIona. Hubbar8. Wm., Fart8ner. S. 35. '. Forest Home, P. 0. Bellaire. 1880. Hubbe~1ll, Wio.. 1., Farmer a811 Fruit Gro05er, S. 23, T. 8lilton, 8. 0. Ke88adin. 1880. Hughes, Jas. A., Far81er and Pooltsy Raiser, S. 35, '. Central Lake, P. 0. Central Lake. 1907. Hulett, Harrv, Farmer and Fruit Grower, S. 22, '. Helena, P. 0. Bell8ire. 1904. Hull, J. C., Farmer and Fruit Grower, S. 14, T. Torch Lake, P.0. FTorcsl Lake. Ms. Holl 8as born in Antrim counts y in 1884. Hull, Harry, Farmer, 8. 11, T Torch Lake, P. 0. Torch Lake. 1804. Hurlev. Edomund. Far8er ard Fruit Grower, S. 1, '. 1liltoo, P. O. Kewadio,. 1894. Ison, James, Farmer and Fruit Grower, S. 31, '. Banks, P. 0. Central Lake. 1883. Jackson, Nathan H., Farmer, S. 4. '. Custer. P. 0. M81anelo81.. 11r. Jackson 188as born in Ohio in 1852. He is married8 to 181ari8 Wea8er; they are tho parents of six child8ren. Jaquay, Wm. H., Farmer and Seed Grower,.S. 7. T. Jor8an, P. 1. East Jordan. Ms. Jaqua5 was born ill Antrim countt in 1884. He is married to Elsie Steenbergh; they are the parents of one child. Johnson, August 5., Farmer, S. 15, 'F. 1oa8ncelona, P. 0. 1 188ancelona. Mr. Johnson was born in Swed18en i8 1863 and settle8 in Antrim count11 in 1882. He is married to Johan1 1 1 8 nde8son; tley have four 81id4~. Jo581son, Johl., Farmer, S. 9, '. 1 8ancelona, P. 0. 181ancelona. Mr. Johnson was born in Sweden8 in 1S71 884d settled in A1,trim cou8ty in 1891. He is married to Aiugusta Johnson; the1 are the parents of three children. Johnson, 8. M8., Farmer an81 Fruit Grower, S. 12, '. T8i1ton, 8. 0. Rapid Cits. 1906. Johnson, Wilber, Farmer, 8. 13, '. Custer, 8. 0. 88ancelo188. Mr. Johnson was born in Ontario in 1857 and settled in Antrim count8 in 1885. Johnson, William W., Farmer and Fruit Grower, S. 2, '. Forest Home, P. 0. Central Lake. Ms. Johnson was born in Antrim county in 1873. Jones, Howard, Farmer, S. 23, '. 98earney, 8. 0. Bellaire. 1900. K8aiser, Tacob, Farmer, Threshing Machine Operator and Saw Mill Operator, S. 33, '. Elk Rapids, P. 0. Elk Rapids. 1881. Kaiser, Ldcio, Far8ter, Fruit Grower and Stockraiser, Proprietor of Locust 11arm, S. 2, T. Torch Lake, P. O. Torch Lake. 1867. Kearney Township, E. 8. Bidell, Clerk. Keefe, L. M., Farmer, Fruit Grower asd Stoskraiser, S. 4, T. Central Lake, P. 0. Central Lake. Mr. Keefe was born in Traverse City in 1885 and settled ill Antrim county in 1868. Hit parents settled in Antrim count8 in 1865. Kelle91 F. 1., Physician and Supervisor, Alba. Mr. Keley was born in India. 8in 1857 and 1811188 in Antrim county in 1885, Ho is married to Emma Bennett. Kenned9, 8. M., Farmer. S. 12, T. Miltoo, P. 0. Kewadin. 1868. Kennedy, Ja40es, Farmer, S. 35, T. Slilton, P. 0. Elk Rapids. 181r. Kenned9 was bo8rn in Antrim county in 1867. 8idd1er, 8ph., Far8ner and Fruit Grower, S. 14, '. Echo, 8. 0. 8ast Jordan. 1869. 94idder, Geo. 8., Farmer8.. 22, '. Ci8estonia, P. 0. Alba. Mr. Kidder was born in Michigan in 1666 and settled in Antrim count8 in 1983. He is married to Ma10ie 81 SliIlen; thes are the parents of six children. Kimball, A. J., Farmer, S. 14, T. Torch Lake, 8. 0. 9ewadin. 1989. Kincaid, V. 4., Farmer, S. 12, '. Torch Lake, P. 0. Eastport. 1905. 90innison, John, Farmer, S. 14, '. 98earney, P. 0. 8ellaire. 1984. K8irkpatrick, 0. 98id, Real Estate, Rapid City. Olsr. Kirskpatrick settled in Kalkaska count8 in 1897. Ritchen. Goo., Fa8me 1 and Fruit Grower8, S. 22, '. Helena, 8. 0. Alden. 1867. Klooster. Jacob, Farmer and Fruit Grower.,S. 32, T. Banks, P. O. Centralake. 1883. Kocher, J. H., Proprietor oflMaple L8wn Farm ant Fruit Grower, S. 30, '. Jordan, P.0. East Jordan. Mr. Kocher was born in the State of 8e8- York il 1839 and settled in A18trim Count1- in 1860. He is married to Percis Ellis; theo are the parents of fi6e children. 9oraoser, Martin, Blac18 0.ithin8 and Wagon Ilaking, Elk Rapids. K8ranz, C., Proprietor of 88ergreen Far80, S. 26, T. Cliestonia, P. 0. Alba. Ms. Kraot -as born in Ger0an8- in 1858 and settle8, in Antrisl count0 in 1699. Ho is marrieos to Re98ecca 18M. Pontius; thev are the parents of five children. La Count, Robert, Proprietor of Beaver o eadowo Far, Breeder of Short Horn Cattle a81d Duroc s erseo 8 Hogs, S. 16, '. Central Lake, P. 0. Central Lake. 1905. Ladue, V,'olfartl, Farmrer, Fruit Growe-r andi Stockraiser, S. 2~1, T. Banks, 11. 0. Cent-1 1 IS79. t, Fo,8ses.Aln8.s. IsoPsprietor of `8.811 Pines Fruit Far8si a811. Townolshitp S.11188sr,8, S. 29, '. Elk 9apids. 1'. (1. Elk Rapi9d.. 1S71. Lake Superior Iro..& CheI.ical Co., Charcoal Pig Isron, Refined Woost Alcohsol, etc., Elk Rapidts. Lar.1e, A, B., sDruos an81 Jew81elr8, Belaire. 1884. Larso18, Clisarles, Far18er, S. 10C. '. 181.ncelottt, 11. 0. txoell. 1 8r Larson was born ilt Swed1en in 1863 and settle8. ill A01tri. cou88811 itt 1885. He is 1ti.rried to Sophia Atnderson; the. are the p1re11ts of four chilLarson, Eliot. Farmer and Highwty Oversee0, 8. 20, '. Che1.11.ia, P. 0. Mancelona. 8 1 r. Larson was born itt Antrim count8 in 1881. He is 118arrie81 to EI-a Wilson; the1 are the p.1rents of one child. Larson, Gust, FarOer, S. 20, T. Che1ton8ia, 1. 0. Mancelona. Its t,.son was bor81 i1 Sweden itt 1867 and settled i80 Antrim count8 in 1887. Larson, S.. Farmer, S. 30, '. Milton. P. 0. 881ewadin. 1908. La.11-ay. E885er, Farmoer and Stockraiser, S. 25, T. Echo, 11. 0. oast Jordan. 1876. Leavitt, Roswell, Attorne0, Bellaire. Lesher, Frank H., Far.0er an0 Supervisor, S. 21, T. 11ancelona, P. 0. Mancelona. Mr. Lesher was bornt in the State of Ohio in 1859 and settled in Antrim county in 1883. He is married to Fairs E. Willians; theys have si, children. Leher5 Hentlry, Farmer and Dealer il Ferns, S. 2l, T. Manelona, P. O. 18ancel8 8a. ts,. 1esher was bors. in Ohio 18 1862 anod settled in AntriO l count8 in 1883. Ho is.osarried to 18aud A. WarXoer; they are the paren8s of one c8ild. Liclity, I. K8.,, S. 5, T. -.lasncelona, P. 0. 18al8eelo..8. Mr. Lichty was bor81 il Canada in 1867 811d settled i8 A08trim cou8lt ill 1888. He is married to 18ar18 1 1man; thet- have one child. Lince, Jot.., Far.18er and Fruit Grower, S. 15, T. lelena, 1'. 83. Alden. 1882. 1 4ague, Isaac, Farmer, S. 11, '. Blalks, P. 0. Ellsworth. 1897. Lon11,, F.8rlner, S. 14,'T. Warner, P. O. Elmira. 18r. 1848g was born i. Michigan ll8.. 1872 8.d 8011188 88 0011.1 880111 88 1591. Ho is married to Eth1518 E. Steele; the18 have four childret.. Loper, Cltas., Far81er andt Fsruit Gro08er, S. 16, '. 8elena, 11. 0. Bellaire. 1885. Lord, George, Fstrmer, S. 1, '. Battks, 8. 0. Charlevoi8. 1883, Mack, C.. Farmer, S. 16, '. 8.nk8, P. 0. Cottral Lake. 1901. 18altby, 1. H1., Liveso and Fee8. Stable.111 ODrao Line, 8ellaire. Mai1nagona, NL1,k, Far88er an8. Fruit Grower, S. 1, T. IMiltoo, P. 0. Kewadiii. ISS3. 1tarshall, 80ra8.1. 81rmer, S. 16, '. Forest Home, P. 0. Bellaire. 1902. M88asten, Edwa158, Farmer and Fruit Grower, S. 35, T. Milton, 8. 0. Rapid. Citv. 19515. 1Mathe8so81, Joh. A., Fa8,8er, S. 22, '. Star, P. 0. El1ira. Metdali, P'., Drs Goodt, Clothing. Shoes and Carpets, 18ancelon1. oMeech, A. 8., Lumber Inspector, Sllswoorth. 1890, Meggioon, Thos. 0., La888er, Central Lake. 1900. Meister, C., Lumber Inspectos, S. 15, '. Elk Rapids, 11. 0. Elk Rapids. 1882. Mlillard, G. J., Farmer, S. 21, T. Mo.lcelona, P. 0. Manceloa.. Mr. Millardt was born i t New York in 1829 and. settle8. in Antri0 8 county in 1885. 18iller, J. A., Proprietor of alaple Grove Farm, S. 23, T. Chesto11ia8, P. 0. Alba. 181r. Miller was born8 in Penitsvlvania in 1855 and settled in Antrim cou881 itt 1897. 1iller, J. 11., I'roprietor of Pleasant Grove Farm. S. 19, T. Chestonia, P. 0. 108ancelona. tr. Miller was born in Ioa in 1852 and sett1ed in A.1trim1 county in 1900. He is married to 188attie W. WhIiteman; theyo are the p8rents of five children. 1)8itchell Bros., '. 4. & C. W., Barber an8. Farmers, Elk Rapids. 1866. Mloore.Joe, Farmer and Fruit Grower, S. 4, T. Echo, P. O. East Jorsoan. 1876. M81oreh1ouse, 0. 9.,, 5. 23, '. War98er, P. 0. 15818ira. Mr. Morehouse was born it8 Ne York in 1848 and settled itt Antri0u county in 1882. He is married8 to 8lars E. Benedict; thoy are the parents of four children. Morehouse 8 8 Button, (88illard 1 8orehouse and Wm. Button) Farmers, S. 23, T. Echo, P. 0. East Jordan. 18orey, H., Farmer and Gensing Grower, S. 33, T. Kearney, P. 0. Bollair8. 1895. Morr8~, M. 1., Farmer, S. 34, T. Helena, P. 0. Alden. 1908. 18rrow, R. E, Proprietor of Silver alple Farm, Fruit Grower, Breeder of Short Horn Cattle and Shropshire Sheep, S. 16, '. Central Lake, 8. 0. Central Lake. 1880. M08udge, W. Grant, Farmer and Fruit Grower, S. 6, T. Centraol La8, P. 0. Central Lake. 1880. Munro Bros., Livery, Bus and Baggage Line, Elk Rapids. Murphy, Ralph, Farmer, 5. 13, '. Echo, 8. 0. East Jordan. Mr. Murphl was born in Antrim county in 1880. McAliste8, Wilson H., Farmer and Towo-nship Highway Commissioner, S. 26, T. Echo, P. 0. East Jordan. 1878. 111cClintock, Ed88ard, Far8er, Stockraiser and Fruit Grower, S. 16, T. K8earney, P. 0. Bellaire. 1895, McCready, Fred, Farmer and Fruit Grower, S. 13, T. Milton, P. 0. Rapid Cits.. Ms. McCready was b'orn in 1 ntrim county in 1861. 11cKin80y, Jas.. Farmer, 5. 5, '. Kearney, 8. 0. Central Lake. Mr18 MoK8inneo- was borst in 01ntrim8 cou81ty in 1879, McLain, Wlo.., Farmer and Fruit Grower, S. 7, '. Milton, 8. 0. Kewadin. 1887. 1881athlan, W,., Farmer and Stockraiser, 5. 1, T. Torch Ltke, P. 0. Torch Lake. Mr. scLatblan was born in Antrim county in 1872. McPhee, A., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 19, '. Echo, P. 0. Central Lake. 1895. McWaters, J., Farmer, 5. 35, '. Kearney, 8. 0. Bellaire, 1902, Nelso8, 0. P., Farmer, S. 35, '. Central Lake, 8. 0. Central Lake. 1892. Ne8land, Bert, Farmer, 8. 18, '. Banks, P. 0. Central Lake. 1899. Noewland, Cly11. Farmer, S. 16, T. 8earne0, 8. 0. Belaire. 1893. Nichols, A. W., Proprietor of The Alba 1ustom Mills, Commercial Custom Saoing, Planing, Matching and Wood Turning, Alba. 1Mr. Nichols was born in Michigan in 1861 and settled in 8 ntrim count08 in 1882, He is 08arried to Miss Ada J. Miles. 8iles, '. S., Proprietor Grove Hill Farm, Breeder of Horses and Cattle, 5. 33, T. Chestonia, P. 0. Mancelon1. Mr. Niles was 1,881 in Michigan in 1858. He is 1110881811 to Mary E. 818.18. 1oble & Bennett, (Charles Noble andl R. 1. Bennett,) General Banking, Ala. Olds, 5. 18M., Farmer, S. 28, '. Star, P. 0. Al0. 18r. 0181 1s born in Michigan in 1849 and1 s881le8 it Antrim. count, in 188(. He is 88arrie8 to 1885arv J. Filch; they are the parents of four chil8ren. Osorn, W181, Farme8, S. 29, T. Jordan 11. 0. East Jordan. Mr. Osorn was tborn it Ohio in 1839 a,111 settled il An.rim county in 1908. He is marrie,8 to Alice.abcock; the8 are the parents of four children, Ostrom, Geo. L., Proprietor of Orchard 1ill Farm, Bee Culture, and Presi8,ent of 88ar Telephbone Co.. 5S. 28, '. Star, 8. 0. AIba. Mr. Ostrom was 1,81,1 in 1 1ichiga8l in 1859 and settled in Antri08 county i.. 1885. Ho is married to Julia 1. artindale. Oviatt, 0. B., Cashier, The Farmers and Ilerchants Bank, Aldoen.

Page  81 -Paradise9. Thomas-, Frui (r9 r,9 S. 24, T. 3131.39, P. O. Rapi(I Ci.9. -'\1. Paradise. 1a3999r9 in39Antrim 939,unt i 1,3.3 P.rks,VWm. P. Farlir anIFruit(19wer19, 30 T. 1l.1.1, G Rapid (>1coe ''n.MH.'. 1 9 1-t- 99aw Fri A.-e,-, S o. -9. 196Raids.. Elk Ra.pids9. 1879. Patters'on, W. A., Fame ao.1 Fruit 119.19..., S. 2.., T. Ielena, P. 0. Al499. 1869. Peckham, 1913ar, Famr S. 13, T. T.ol-. 1,, P. 0. 1(.wa1in. 18699 Peeble1s, Hl S., Far9er, Fruit 91d B91931er of Durha19 Cattle, S9. 9, T. Bans6,1. 0. CPiarle9.. 1970. Pe16ham. Davi4, Fanir S. 32. T. 919.e9, P. 0. Bellaire9. 1997. Perry, Geo. W., 19.itor a9993 Pub1isher, 126 Rapids Progress, 191k Rapi1s. Peterson, -Nel',.., 09....n Id Fruit Growe, Propriet99 of Ba.y Viel 0airy Fam S. 29, T. Elk Rapids, P. 0. 191k Rapi.1s. 1893. PfeifferErnest, P.,Ipr93iet9ofWater ViewP9Far, andPFrit Gr'w'r, S. 1, T. -N1i1tij, P'. 1.. 1(99ad3n. 1901. lPinoy, 11.PA. 9Fa9er S 34. T. Jor31a9, P. 0. C9esto9i. 319, Pinney 3was 39n l New Yor9k Statein 1866 ad settled in A9trim count, i9 19;73, I1e i9 r9394 to 1Katie Alexaner; 9697 are 189 parents cIf P99.e11, C. N.. F.1r9er 994 Fruit Gr999er, S. 25, T. Torch Lake9, P. 0. T9.rc1 La9ke. 1966. Po99911, J989. Far9er, 8. 22, T. F.ores Hlom, P. 0. Be1laire. 'Mr. P99911 'was born in Antrim9 countv in 1982. Powers9, Winti. Proprietor 0. J., Powers Co., Deal1r9in1Hay, Fee1, Grain, PCoal, 1.ime, Cemen9t 919., El1k Mr. P9o9ers as b9199 in An99999 count, in 1979. Price, C6as., Far99er9.a9d.Geris9ng Grower, S. 10, T. Forest 11999e9 P. 0. 99114.99. 1889. Ra9.99all, A. 19., Famr `,. 28. T. Kerny P. (9. B.,l1ire. 187-9. Ra99h. 19., Farmer i, Fru~it Grwr S. 2, T. felena, P. 0- 99119399. 1989. Rauch6, f1arr0 D., Dealer9 in 9999999, Liquors9.99931 Cig9ars9 Alde.19 1Rea99n99, A'.a, Faroer 991 19931 0999e9, S. 14, T. 1191e99,, P. 0. Bellar.1909)9 Rihrs Henry, Famr S. 11, T. Cutr P. 0. 31,99191999. 3Mr. Ri391 -ar,19 wa9 89or in Delaware in 1864.999 99191931 i99 Antrim9 c99n13 in 1867. Ife is 99a99rie9 to 31is9 Bew 1199 are 189 p.9r9991 91 119999 Rich69991, Hev Bellaire Vl1ctric 1.igIt 9991 Pow-er, 9911ai99. Ro19erts & Biladeau4, Liv9r9 4999 Fe9e1 Sft1919, Central Lae Ro1,i99so9, Jo1999 19a9999 491 Fruit (299999, S. 13, T1. 31i1999, P. 0. Rapid4 (2.99. 819 1(919399999 was 89o9 in Antr~im9 9999999 ill 1986). Rockefc1919w, Hfiram, 9999999 49n1 Fruit Grower9, S. 2-, T. 11919999. P. 0. Ra.pi.f Pitt-. 1883. Ro93999, P. WV., Farmer9, S. 25, T. C999t991 Lak,6 f, 0. Centra1 1.9k9. Ro939999, 0999939 L., A~ttor9e9 at9 1.w, B9119399. Ro99999, 599199, Far99 and1 Fruit Grower, S. 34, T. Kearnet, P. 0. 9911 -aire. 1899. Ro999. 19. V'., Farmer9, S. 34, T. 1Ke,9rney, P1. 0. Bellaire. 1873. Rowe',1(993ert,1Rea119state, Cen19a1 199k9. Ruis, Arthur9,.Farmer, Stockrais99.999d1F1uitGrower, S. 15, T. Ba9k9, P. 0. 1E1199o911. 1993. Rus19to99, Roy, 19,999er, S. 14, T. C9en9,91 L.k9, P. 0. Centra1 Lake6. 319. Ruston9 8999 999 A69tri9 999919 999 1878. Russ, 19.19. 1939999, Fee,1I 99991 B9.ardi9.9Stable, 319999199. Russell1, erbert, Farmer, S. 1, T. T~orc 19,96, P. 0.1(999,139 M19. Russ9911 ws-9 frti Antris c999999 i99 1876. Russell, Ja9es, Far9er9.991ruit Grower, S. 6, T. Tor.9 1,969. P.O0. T19991 1,469. 1971. Russell1, 59199 19., PFar9er an99, Fruit Grower, S. 34. T. 1191999, P. 0. A191en. 1881. 99u99911, W. H9., Farmer99and Fruit 0999w99, S. 17, T. 1earoey, P. 0. Bellaire. 1-888. Sage9, Ai, PFar9er, 8. 9. T. P999991 1.a69, P., 0. P9ntr91 1.4k9. 1884. 18age, A. R_. P.999999, Propriet.r of1ShaIy NookPFruit.Far., S. 8. T. P9ntra1 Lake, f,. 0. P991991 La969. 1981. Sa9ge,0. N.,PFar9er, Breeder of Shetlands4a9d.Mules, 8. 9, T. P991991 1.69. P. 0. PCe99r11 1969. 1998. St. T9ooa PC91991i1 PChur(1, 1919939, Re9v. P911999 99999, Pastor, Petosy.~ Santoe 9318s, P999am,999e 9991 P99it Gr99999, S. 25, T. M131199, P. 0. R.9pi9 Pity. 1981. Savage, A. T.,Farmer, Proprietor of B. View Fruit PFarm, 9a99 Stockraiser, S.,,T.PCentralLake, P. 0.PCentralLake. 1916. Schae, Fre999,PFaroer an -u rwr S. 5,T. Kearney, P.0.PCentral La969. 1893. Schoo91raft, W.9 A., P999999, Fruit G9ower a9,d Apiarist, B9119399. 1983. S6ool District No. 2, Warner Tow-.ship. Jas. D. Ro9ger, 03999199, S. 23, T. War9ner, f9, 19. 19199ra. Schroeder9, 59199, Far99e9, S. 15. T. 19(19, P. 0. 19999j5999199. 1894. 1Sc.u1er, 59ac91 J., Truck Fame an.1 Fruit Gr999e9, 8. 22. T. 1916 Rapids9, P. (3. 1916 Rapid9. 319. 8199199r -as bor i Anri (999999 399 1871. ~Sci99m 1.99, Tea99i99g, 1911sw99t1. 1895. PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY. 9co98111.0 D., Farmeran3l FruitG0o-3r S.10 T.19el1999 P.0~BellSha9p, A11ex V. 1ak1 Vi(991House Elk RapM.l9 S199.999. 2. P., P99999r, S. 13, T. Torch.19 e 1.19.. 93. 1(9,99199 1999 9Separ.13I F. M1, 'r9pri9t319of39Dut91lan11.Farm9 91993er991 Hols.tein Fr 9999 Ca~ttl, S. 3.., T. Sta9, P' (9Ala, l..l91. Shep1ard, was bor in M1ic1igan9 in 1993. 199 is 999r9939. t. (29919 M19o9 91999 1av9 th999 chi1dren. 319. Slhepard99 99991v~. 9Hi391-a9 PCommissioner999 1o9 199999999 N-ear 499. 0D1p99y 919999ff f,9 9999 19ar,9. She9pard, Houiet-, Dealeri9939General 19rc19,di9 S. 29 T. 5or4an, P.O0. Che991.393. 3Mr. Shepard. was 1896 9931 99991931 in Ari count, i99 19309. Sheppar.l. A. El., P.rmer, S. 4, T. 19c199 P'. 0. P.9t5Jo.1a9. 1994. Shook9,9ohn1 S., Fartner and Stockraiser9, S. 3.T.PCentral.ake P.O0. 839999, Godfrey, Fame a PF9199e9999, S. 14, T. 999969, P. 0. P999991 1.9k9. 1987. 563939963, Mik9, PF99999, S. 23. T. W999er, P. 0. 1919939. 319r. 663939963 999 99999 i99 Ge999an9 i99 1889 4991 9919194 in Antrim 9999999 in 1889. He 39 99999e9499 319lar Gapinski; they are 169 parets9f999. 91939193499. 8699', P. H., 09919939n General Me9998999439, 1911999rt8. 1892, Smallegan. 5., (59m91193999, 899396 & Co.) 0999991 31119199943s9 994 PFa99 S9.it1, P19ar1es, P999999 9993 89996993999, S. 16, T. Kerny P. 0. Bel19ir9. S9ith6.Jas. H.,PFar9er a9dFruit Grower, S. 28, T.PCentral.Lake, P.O0. PCetra1 1.469. 1972.' Smith1,5919.9,13.999er9and9.1t9c9rai3e, 8. 21, T. P9919911.969, P. 0. S3it., S~ A., 9roprietorThe KittleLiver, 999. F9931 9999. M199991999. 5999311, V9999. Fartn an99FP1it G1.r9wer, 8., T. Kerny P.O0. Bellaire. 18983. 899398. W. P., an 19331h999 PC9999ssio9999, S. 16, T. 999969, P. 0. P991ra1 1.469. 1999. 899999v3119, Albert, P9999999, S. 18, T. 19919, P. 0. P999991 1.969. 1977. S999999il11, W9. 5., Far99er, S. 19, T. 19999. P. 0. P99t991 1.969, 1877. Speyer, Ro9399, PFarmer,5S. 13, T. Banks, P. 0. 19119999919 1998. Sprik, P., P99.9.99 a9id1Fruit0Gro9er, 9. 19, T. B99969, P., 0.PCentral.ak9. 1987. 55936 Jon,599 P999999. Fruit Grower n99 Sto9kr9s, 8. 18. T. Ba9iks. P. 0. Pentra1 1.9k9. 1888. Springstead, A. J.,PFart99r9S. 29, T.P9etral1LakeP. 0. P9999911.969. 9146994d, P. J., Pot999 Bu9er, Elmiral. 319, S19ff994 w999 8999 in 13919iga9 i9 1868 and3 99991931 i9 Antri9 9999999 i99 1988. M19. P. J. S99ff914 one of t9e99ost1progressi9e reside99s9of Wane Tow,9slip 999994 to 9199 T9,9 99193 i.. April, 1898. 19999 Un99399 Pity, 313999999, 9991 9999994amin o 19993999stock9 far 399999 by 319. D. D. B9911, wh6999 199 li3ed1for six99ear. At the end9f91t9at3ti99 6993919991999999 o 1199 991963119 91 1919939 an4 move99 19 t199 v-illge 919999 he 993993993 i99farmi39g andl9buying p99t9t 994 pro49c9. He 699 8999 9997 9999999191 i99 tis 699399999 99d now9 1999 a 6999 9199969999 in 19199r9 a-91 also in Gav9ord and Manc1ln,19handling fro9930031to 448 cars 91 p9191.999 99a19 9991. Steb9bins, Andre999-Farmer9andPFr9itGC-rowe, S, 14,7T.1Helena, P.O0. Alden9. 1879. 8991,8399, D. H., Notar9' Publ1ic, Rel Es~tate for9919, Pentra1 1.969. 899919,8 S. P.,9Far9e, S. 14, 7. Wa99999, P. 93. 1919939. 319. Ste9919 9wa9 born in M1i9higan9 i9 19351 999.1 999919,d in Antri (99919' in 1883. He is 99999399 19 3199919 099993 9699 919 099 parents of one 963131, Stevens & Steves, e,,P1911.l 61-9k.2999age, Ba99k93r,P9C9tral Lake. Stewar.t, D. 99., PFarme9 99,1 Pr999 Prowe, 8. 18, 7. Helena, 1'. 0. B911 -aire. 18998. Stocker,1Elmer,PFarmer a 9dF Puit0Groe, S. 1, T. Banks,P. 0. P199919 -9939. 1989. 599999, 59199, PFar9er, S. 14, T. Puster, P. 0. 3199el999, 8999999. Swaom PFar9er. S. 26, 7. 3131999, P. 0. 1916 Rapids. 1994, Swatosh2, Adolp9. PFarmer, Proprietor of 591499 Rive-9 991197 P9999, 5. 19, T.599499., P. 13. 199t9959931999. Swat59-sh9was-9born inAntri99 cou 9 vi 1878. Sweet9, PFr31, PFar9er9a94 Hi3391999 P9o9 ission99, S. 28, T. 599499, P. 0. 19999 5999199 319, S9999 was b999 in Michigan9 in 18687 994 9919194 in Antrim 199999 i.. 1878. He~ is 99999394 19 19119 M19199; 11997 are 1199 par9999 91 one c19i1,. Sweet, Guy,PFar9er.S. 28.7.Jordan, P. 0.1 ast1Jordan. 319. Sweet was 89999 in Mich1iga99 in 1858 a94 99e919,1 in A99trim 999997 in 1879. Hei 99999999 99 P1999 P91199; 11997 are 969 parents 93 699e 963195999. Ta9-19r, W. 7., PFar9er, 5. 33, 7. Kearney, P. 0. 99119399. 1986. Tayer, A. P.,PFarmer an1PFruitGrower, S. 22,T.PForest Homes, P.O0. B9119999. 1987. 769799, N.PA., 9ar9e, S. 21, 7. Pores9 1orne, P. 0. 99119399. 1884. TI.o9as, Ge9, A., P999991, 9. 4, T. Pores1 1999e9 P. 0. 99119399, 1879. T19o9pso 9, G. W. Parmer and.FPuit Grower, S.10, T.PForest HomeP. 0. 99119399. 19. Tho9p99 was born~ in New Yor96 State in 1876 9994 9990991 in A99rin9 999997 in 1888. Thom9pson, J. 1., - 1.ery, PFe.1 999, S9199 S99919, Alha. Tl9o9pso99, 899, P9999999, 5. 33, 7. Kearneoy, P. 0. 99119319. S r 7h99.99, 599999, P9999991, 9, 13, T. 99913.91. P. 0. 19199319, 311 Thurt99ni 7311999999, F-. P9ar99r, S. 19, T. 9999k9, P. 0. 19119999993. 1902. Tin9l419&599ackso, 3Manufacturers9.f1Staves,14Hea13i9g, Hoo3ps..Lumber399etc. 791.97, P. P., Farnier,, S.39, T.59J.1d99, P. 0. 599.1999 31r,79139 w99 1,or9 399 313i8339.99999 1874, I99 i9 mar9rie9d to P1919 Ko991e99 91919. 999 1199 p99999ts91199991991l1999 - T9999g.,.,Par9 er91.8.21.,9T. Ba9.k, 1.0,P Ce.tra L,.ke. 1989. 7999n999., 5. 31., Publ1isher, 76he 31.999(91999 Nes. 319999919999. Towsle,l. Attios, PFar9er, S. 22. T. E991o, P. 0. 199s1599.199. 1801. Trethr69k6. J.,5FaP9 er99S.921, T. S149, P. 0.19199.399i. 3Mr. Trethrick 99991999939 Panada i9 184691 999919,139d9i A99tri9 cont i9 1995. Turc9tt, 1.9939. P9999999, Sto..kraiser, 999941991519999e P99919, 5. 13,7T. 3131999, P. 0. Rapi39 Pity. 3.Ir. Turcot 9w9s b999 3i9.A9tri19.9999t9 in 1874. P9ttle, 5. 9, 7. Helen., P. 0. 99119399. 18904. T99999, 59199, P999999, S. 12, T. Torch 1.969. P. 0. 1(999a439. 18985. 791919, 391. P. B., Proprietor, 799919 House, A139a. 94998311, 19.5J., Parmer and1Pruit0Grower, S. 16,7T.19e9999y, P.O0. 991193r9. 1893. Unerhill1, P. 1... PFarer, 5. 14, T. Porest 19999, P. 0. B9119399, 1S92. Vallea9, A., PF19999 9994 Prit 099w99, 5. 16, T. 1991999, P1. 0. A859sl. Vmide319ark, He99r9,PFar9er andStockraise9, S. 3,T.PCetral.Lake, P.O0. P999919l 1.969. 1901. Va99 Skiv9. L... 1'roprietor Te 599 0939991 199191. 19119999991. Van 5999999, P.,, S. 26, 7. 999969, P. 0. 19119999119 1885. Vinoent. 93t 19., PFar9er, S. 2, 7. Puster, P. 0. 3149991999. Mr1. 93... 9999 was 19999 in 01939 i. 1842 9931 9919194 in Antri99 999999 in 1887. 1993999999939d1t9 89999 L.199m9e9; 1697 199v9 69991931919999 Wal16er, 597 P.. P999999, S. 25, 7. 1991999, P. 0. Alden. 1998. W99lt99, 5919999, P99r999, S. 2, 7. Porest Home, P. 0. 99119999, 1871. 9Var49p, WV. B., Faroer, 5. 17, 7. P9999a1 1.969, P. 0. PCetral 1.969. War,9er, 199997, Township S9pervisor, PFare9 a94 P99it 0999199, 5. 25, T. 31319999, P. 0. Ra9pid Cit-. 3Mr. War9er 9w99 born in Antrim cou.t in1869. Wa'98shbur, 19s99, Far9er9an9Fruit Grower, S. 30, T.19E6ho, P. 0. P99 -9191 1.98e. 1882. Wasse99aa9, 199999, Poronr and B999499 91 199191939 P91919, S. 29, T. 99969, P. 0. PCetra1 1.ake, 1889. W'a9rous, Robert, P999999 994 99996993999, 5. 26, T. Ke9a999y, P. 0. 9911. Webster, Win. 19., Proprietor 91 Willow9 99996 Fam P9931 099999, 8. 6, T. 5993199, P. 0. 19991 5993199. 9V9iri9h..P.1L.,PFar9er9an.PruitGrower9,S. 28,T. Ban9k9, P.O0. Pen9991 1.969. 1887. 999999, Wm.9 19., PFar9er, 9. 25, 7. P199999993, P. 0 Alb9, Mr. 9Wel96 was bor i9 1994399a in 1979 9931 9999194 is A999399 999999 in 19394. Hei 399999939 19 1.9999 1(3969391399; 9697 are 9199 p9999919 91 one 91931.1 9Wellm999, P. P., P999999, 5. 8, T. Puster, P. 0. 99119319. 319, Wellman9 was born i99 Ne99 York in 1853 99931 991919.1 i99 A99tri9 999997 i99 1885. He~ is 99999399 19 Alma 0149; 9697 6999 fiv9 9831919999 Whitney9, Il.H.,PFarser and St96kraie, S. 30,T. Ba9iksP.0. Pentra1 1.969. 1881 9W3113999, P. R9., 69999997, 1916 Rapids. Willia9,s, 1.9993, PFar9er, 8. 24, 7. 5999199, P. o. P199999939. 31r, Willi99s was 69999 i99 1845 994 9919194 in Antri99 co99973i. 1974. 19e is 99991394 99 1913996916 999999; 9697 19919 six 96i14999. W~illiams, WV. 0., P9r9er9994 Fruit 019999, S. 27 T. Porest 19999, P. 0. 99119319. 1894. 9W311999, 19dmund, Faroe,a 5. 22, T. 19969, P. 0. P99t991 1.969. 1877. Willson., A.P.,PFar9er and1Pruit Grower,S. 14, T.PCentralLake, P.O0. P99tra1 1.969. 1877. Wilson, S. P.. 199991 9991 Res9tau9r9nt, P99t991 1.969. 9039199, 5999, (WVis199 & Po.) 099199 in 0999991 Merchandise, 39999919999. Wollott, R(. 5., Proprietor9 91 399519 Ro9w Farm9, Pruit 099999 9999 Stockraiser, 5. 36, T. Milton, P. 0. 1(999439. 1989. Wol1ert99, PChas., Farmer, 5. 11, 7. 19969, P. 0. 0999 599499. 181(9. Woo, 59199, PFarmer, 5. 35, 7. P9999a1 1.969, P. 0. Pentr91 1.969. 1899. Woodruff, 199, P99r999 9994 Fr939 099999, S. 26, 7. 1991999, P. 0. Alden. 1885. W9rfel, A., PF99999, 8. 17, T. 1(999997, P. 0. B9119399, 1986. Wr~ight, P. S., PFarmer, Pruit Grower andBreeder of(939399999409919999 P49919, S. 27, 7. Porest Hoe P3 0. 99119399. 1893. 9W93396, 091399, P99rm99 994 Stockraisr, S. 11, 7. 99969, P. 0. 19119999t6. 1885. 53939199, 5969, 79999635 8959993999 9931 P999999, 8. 235, 7. Star, P. 0. Alba. %f(29 P9999E. R. H AR R IS the Mancelona 1berald Antrim Light and 'CH-AS. AUSTINTeNwMi os 1. 99,999. 0o 991(58 P9.19199. Powr o.WELL DRILLER WARREN E. DEWEY, Th ares n Gnrl ele. 761 999P~o91A99 2999 J. N. VERDIER, iDealer in Well Supplies, Merchants Bank Secretary-Treasurer. Pumps, Windmills, Etc. $2.00 Per Day. Livery in Connection Unincorporated9. MOTTO9; MANCELONA, - MICHIGAN MANCELONA, - MICHIGAN CENTRAL LAKE,.- MICH. ALDEN, MICHIGAN PRIPES ALW9AYS LO.0. Genra Bnkng F.J.STFFRD P. MAEDALIE 'Guaranty Land Co. Smallegan, Smith & Co. ALI)EN, - MICHI-GANIEllsworth, Michigan Potatoes and Baled Hay. IDry Goods, Clothing, C. T. CLARK, Manager. General Merchandise E.HAAT Y. 10 Munro. ~ Shoes and Carpets. C. L. BAILEY, Legal Counsel,. n am rdc Lieyad MU R R S ELMIRA, - MICHIGAN MANCELONA. MICHIGAN Mancelona. Michigan. CENTRAL LAKE, -MIPHIGAN Feed Stable, LIVERY H. S. AMERSON D. M. DUANE D. H. STEBBINS XT An.d Dr99 Lin..~.1 i JIL JIL %_1 4L %.., X JM_ -AM- &AL X X %.& JV I Notary P.blic. 919lo,39 98 99P19P..39 9 991.,DyGos ltig he Veterinary Surgeon 1169991,9111.99939 J. R. CASE, Prop. (29999999. Phone, No~. and Gents' Furnishings. 999199931, 19191 199999e f91 S919. BSELLAIRE, - MNICIIT. ELK RAPIDS,- MItCH. ELK RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Central Lake, — Michigan CENTRAL LAKE, MICH. Mancelona, - Michigan

Page  82 f\DVE4RTI5ING SL~GTION WI..LBTTS i\ BARNHAR,- PrecidetiThe ALBA CUSTOM MILLS Fstbhislied IS71. M-BLN, rsd M.E.MTT L~jT' NGeeai Trettsg A. W. NICiHOLS, Prop.CiS itn ehe WallDaperCommercial Custom.Saicing, Plan- ELK RAPIDS Roeti iaen~ CHARLis5B CAViR Cashidert Scrool, 'WAntrimaIron ing, Matching and Woond Turning. ScolBooks and School Sup- Cnittee Sawcing, Fleeing, 'Matehing, Lvr n plies, Eastman's Kodaks and ~ Re etti tdcceteteng tee AmtuChtgahiou-Gnei mpany beg scut Stt s gttmned te GEO. W. PERRY, Feed Stable SvnsBn AmaeurPhoogrphi Su- oderandmad asgootdets iew. Tim- Edtitor atti FitblithrG ne alB nkn G erlOffice, Mtechigan Trust Blig. ber of all kinds ttili be taken int ex-Ge ra B nk g plies, Ice Cream and Soda Wa- Grncais ih hatng te forneok. High geede ca DiOdeit paper it Cthe Countt. One Of ter. All Rexall Preparations, rn ais ih heck end peaetV, headiet, tictig. h btrdeeiing cejnti Central Lake, Michigan ELK RAPIDS, - MICH. Agent for th National Ci arLke Supeeioe Citarcoel, Fig teen end tiding, ceiliing, luniber, teth, thititglets______________ _____________ Aget orth NaioalCiar HardwoondLube re. ateretail; peecicilutns, beacketteand Grend TeavereeeRegioti. Firsti-claet Stand Company. Fseei, entiiendSteeetquaterteroeutd, etteck stops, equiptenet toe nit kinds oftJeb Printinig Furnce, awmll ad Sore t sone oatpiankt, pumep rnds, neek-PJCaple WltrE aele EL AIS, 'MI CH. Mrena -Mhia tigteentbtelett.ELK RAPIDS, MIH The New Orient liotel J.Cepi.WteS.teei. Wpteeeeeeetti~ni~ge LBA, MIHIGAN.L. VAN SKIVER, Prop. hpIcs o A. H FeOTe Fresident L'Uk NOLuee-i BeeWN-. Fret, Chte g CHASn BEAVFRenI D. CL.s Me.etdeC LARKI COecEelke RapicsGiFhiganGood Hunting. Special Acco- Detect re in J.B. GRIeeINi, GenkalSupdiMctig nmodations for Sportsmen. Hrwr n East Jordan GneiSp Beaver & Blake Good Trout sod Bsss Fishing. Furniture. Lumber Co.DelriFesan Elk Rapids GENERAL INSURANCE ELLSWORTH,-M.ALE, - MICHIA Salt Meats, Poultry Firer, Life, Accident, Motoe Bnat,ALE,-MCIN Capacity of Mills, 30,000,000 land Fish in Season. r nC. Tonendo. We have foueteen cf the feet of Lumber; 25,000,000 Io veeey best Conipanies. Setisfactiont 0. J. POWERS Co. Cheetes Nhe R. C. Feniteit. Shingles. Manufacturers of guaeenteed. Penompt settle net of, Hardwood Lumber, Hemlock Chnice Line nf Groceries Haednend and Hemlcick Lunher. et titWinn Powers, Prop. Alba Bank of Lumber, Cedar Shingles, Ties, in Conneetinn. Timbee end Cutvere Lends. PseNcEs Residene 9i; Office t; BeliPosts and Poles. eiee Fhone, 64. EAST JORDAN, MICH. ELK RAPIDS, - MICH. ELK RAPIDS, - MICH. MANCELOINA, MI1CH. Haye, FemedGant, Ecoal Nesonsblet& Bennett0 Officc anit Waeeouse cit Feidge Si. GENERAL BANKING L. ARMSTRO''JiNG Lake View JOHN F. BO~YDEIVery, T-ce BoarctiuW aned Sales Stable. ELK RAPIDS, MICH. ALBA, - M IC HIGAN DeeinIllouse OieinDray Line in Connection. General THSE.SAPPrp Farm Implements, Har.1 JAS. M. FRIEND, Prop. I he Macnelona News TUTTLE UDUSE0 - Merchandise Rates. $2.00 Per Day-. etn ahnrWg;(Sectet etMtiye Fehece~teepeeefons, Buggies, Sleighs, H-eieee -suedni tue prctcietechiite Dry Goods, Farm Implements Leege Sfirt floor Seample Scent. lk Cream Separators, Sew i ctieeikete'heiiiCouect,Gecre, Hrwr, Rpd tttefuctieke~h n ahnsad Cthe leatiieg lierey JnteCnt t. M1. Townsend, MRS. C- B. TUTTLE, Goeis Had ae Raidstehasit fnestt tie c Liai s Fiiste i ahne n Wire wieuetoteseiiceitspatrcne thtiweitice lt ci ob on nth idSae. a pprectiate eisite ci torerte cii tinie Publisher. Propri-etor. Shoes, Furniture. bl-et conttiguoustoi the best Tenet Fencing. freintds aiii acequenitances iwitiver ALDEN, MlICHIGAN. ELK RAPIDS, MICH. ELK RAPIDS, - MICH< BELLAIRE._MAICHIGAN MANCELONA, - -MICH. ALBA, - MIC111GAN W. L.SKNOWLES, PrFe sic ent F.W.Fb3EiclITOL, PFeetident JH. VA.UGHsN, Tie-1,sidet D.Wm. VNS it-reentBELLAI E eand perior IronCoy's Big, Busyl Dennis L. Rogers 1oe u k FeRitMciiRMANc, - Secretary W. H. RiCHARDS, Cashier h m cl C.S o e TheCenralLak adETOT CheicallCoA. ALENtICIAN Atoneet.a GEO. BURKE. Prop. The Central Lake G-,- eneeal Offie, Fenohieot Bittg.,AtonyaLw STATE BiAINK ERIrCIAjLEMCIA St en heat in all roon.. otin Publishing Company GnrlB kig IrnOeMesYa, ROUTSlAr Chas. eIteian.. Coy wte- apl ro Printers and Puhblishers y.GnDaliceingtheDUTS Cink,. oyin connection. Slectric lights. Capital $20,000.00. ChrolPgToRfndW dAenhol, Acetete Line.Porer. BELLAIRE, MICHIGAN MARCELONA, - MICH. The Central Lake Torch. DItECeTeRS PLANTS ____________ ___________ G0 c. A. McCertney, F. WV. 'Beeitold. A. T. Sleght. Athlentd, Wit., Meanistique, SuNlch., Me e-dc. H. L. Riehartdt. Dr. Win. A. Scans 'Newhberre, Michi., Elk Sapits, Mich., Riswetl Leavitt. Chies. S. Geile. angrdir.Wni. H. Richards. Boyne City, _Mich., Chtecteay, TMieh. Bi i L Cr ILI S. Ia u e gso CETA AE.MCIA BELLAIRE, - MICHIGAN. ELK RAPIDS, - MICH. Aind 'feed lBarn Eawyer. Roswell Dcavin C. W. 'MePtAiit. - - Fresident Esalhe 189 JOHN c NIAtLLnEGAN -Vice-Frestident EsitleriS.hroprietor.Seccessorto W.y L.tRCHARSOiN, - Cetitier -W se & Co. S.A. SMITH,Prpit. HRVOLMTmnEAB, -Atit. Caslticeroer ESTABLISHED 1582.FrtSaeBn. LEAVITT & GUILE Rapid City'sftheMi FgalPhne 35. Attornetys anld Counselors as Law Capital. $20,000.00. Real Ett AgnyWe Poet nhipeni's nisochaMionh EsaeAec Se~ iiP CIALItESete MANCELONA, MICH. central Lake. Michigan. BELLAIRE, -MICH. THE FIRST D. Reid Kirkpatrick. SeCites STATE BANK MytrioypicplAn Potatoes in Car Lots. E. R~. RUSS C. E. Densmore L F. Stevens5 H. A. Sees ti an KaksaCute.Herdwere, Geoceries, Hey end Feed, aei. Ckl trmEndKakakaContesBLniNedKeIntNGp.n i, Livery, Feed and BorigSal Attorney at Law.s Limeand emen, ImlenetsCentral Lake Exchange GENERL BANING.Buggie send W~agonns. CHNTRAL LAKE, - MC.RPD ITMICH. MANCELONA, MICH, edurer o al Prosecutiag Aittorney STEVENS & STEVENS Opna con ihteStage Line between Man- Antrinm Coun~ty Hankers OpeOeOADenHOMESit hecelona and Bellaire, Mich.,,hr~coi Stte OO HOES RIVERSIDE For Thousands. 'MANCELON-A, - MICH. BELLAIRE, MICHIGAN Central Lake, - Michigan I casell yciu property toespecelaet H O T E L ______________ ~ Jj~j b ci I cmn tell yoe cesnct sites cin SavEings Bal t hich Nice, can nice then doublele John H. CollinsPoritr youre itee-ci Fceit facit. Propretor A. B. LARGE1Jn L. THOMPSON Xl. E. BUTTS Charlevoix, -. Michigan laineds. be, frotiti,, i invtments, renits' e cche CAPITALn S2,0.'~O reotste, a-acois ssrne Rates $1.50O per day. Livery, Feed and SURLI. AND PROFIT 3.C (K.Sttt j Cnncee o ette an tke aciel:beheitiene nd SaesDR G _11leytieic 1 dn.4perccn iii driversi-ci itieillecot vunonthing. Saenlesi r gsStable titerestipeitto caitngseepotitt. Sce ci cta tec Betekctieulntse * etiti ne eitit enclLhe etet Lk Sn eieneicLeee.Jewelry.... Sow erly FPecne. Promnpt Sect-ice. Stationery. Wail Pspr,, S.FP. FeteF.V Pr-estitenteiichigeF natk. veceythitig-New anet First-class. Cnucteou Tretent c. Deoti Rigs. Fishing Tackle, Etc. W.T1- RecHoinW Cashier ROB RT RO E, H. S. HeAnSHA, - Vice -FeeidentitCentral Lake, - 'Michigan BELLAIRE, MICHIGAN BELLAIRE, -MICHIGAN' ALBA, MICHIGAN. ELK RAPIDS, - MICH. 9


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Page  85 PAGE s; elk ~I e - LUSE "pTRATk10,rIONST\ &E l WARREN B. BEFAM, HENRY WASSENAAR. CHAS. T. CLARK AND FA-kMILY. MaIager, Guranrrty La-1r Cr, II. M. COL4DREN, Crrrrrrtr CDmmirrtirr of Schoorls, ISAAC LOAGUE._ T1I IF N EW II RII ENTL 1TIr r PUBLIC SCHOOL., ALBA BANK, N5,11, & BenIettI, Frpi~ SOME ANTRIM COUNTY STATE REWARD ROAD, Bruilt by I. K. Lcht,. Blirrlri — Co-irrirrerr CDOUNTI SI.I'ERYISORS AND COL N l OFFICERS, A-NTRI-M COUNTY, MICHIGAN: Bottom r.,\r -tLmii-lrft.trPrtr C. Berrrzr Johnrr H. Zregler, Franrk II. IrrLesher, \\rllrrar J- Bennettrr Clrrr.raLr crrrrr Borrrrd Irlrrr C~rlrritr, Frrrrk Mr. S,-mrirrcr -rr SrrrrridR —, rrrrkllrrrvir Harrr \\rner.r (Grlbert~r Ienlerl T. I ERrushron, Gr'rr. I. Carlrrnir,, Irrrrk I. IlosrrrarrrrrlrrI). Buerrll Tibrlrrr,1R,,\ W XX IIKrrittlhrrrff;Vrr-rrrB.Brrrr Corrrtrr Trr —rr; C. E. Densmrer.IProse\iigAtrnrrr; F. I. KErie, Supervisrorr Cle.,torrrr Torrrnrhrp, Er. IDrerr Countrlr Clerk; LI. 'II Crrldrrrnr Countyrt SIrholCommissionerr;r F. K. HarDi, Probaer rJudg-e. ToprRow-r NJ. orre, S.B. na anrrrrldL,.r NV. Xlrtitgotnryrr Suprinrrrrte-rrrntrrf Por,rr adr job Engrlanrd Jarrtorr THE OLD1 AND THE NEW, Commonrrrr Sight onr ~Marir St., BE1T,L.t 1RB, NtIRcrISA B,. THE MANCELONA GINSENO GARDEN, Frank Beers, MANCIELONA~, tICHtIGIAN. -AN INTEREISTING Xmoir)MNT ON CED)AR RIYE-FR SCENE ON GRASS RIYER BETWEEN GRASS LAKE NEAR BELL1AIRE. SIICHIGAN. AND CLA'M LAKE. CLA-M RI,-FR XND LAKE, CIA —1I LAKE, MICHIGAN. CLAMRIYR AD LKEFISHEFRMAN'S PARADISE ON GRASS LAKE.

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Page  I UNITED STATES LAND SURLEYS SUPPLEMENT 1. II i I i -- -- - ANALYSIS OF THE SYSTEM OF United States Land Surveys - METES AND BOUNDS P to the time of the Revolutionary War, or until about the beginning of the present century, land, when parcelled out, and sold or granted, was described by "Metes and Bounds," and that system is still in existence in the following States, or in those portions of them which had been sold or granted when the present plan of surveys was adopted, viz.: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, and the six New England States. To describe land by " Metes and Bounds," is to have a known land-mark for a place of beginning, and then follow a line according to the compass-needle (or magnetic bearing), or the course of a stream, or track of an ancient highway. This plan has resulted in endless confusion and litigation, as land-marks decay and change, and it is a well-known fact that the compass-needle varies and does not always point due North. As an example of this plan of dividing lands, the following description of a farm laid out by "Metes and Bounds," is given: "Beginning at a stone on the Bank of Doe River, at a point where the highway from A. to B. crosses said river (see point marked C. on Diagram 1); thence 40~ North of West 100 rods to a large stump; thence 10~ North of West 90 rods; thence 15' West of North 80 rods to an oak tree (see Witness Tree on Diagram 1); thence due East 150 rods to the highway; thence following the course of the highway 50 rods due North; thence 5~ North of East 90 rods; thence 45~ East of South 60 rods; thence 10~ North of East 200 rods to the Doe River; thence following the course of the river Southwesterly to the place of beginning." This, which is a very simple and moderate description by "Metes and Bounds," would leave the boundaries of the farm as shown in Diagram 1. ------ DIAGRAMNIt I.,,~"'ins Y - O T 1 cs Ie s/~a forg, of 'e"-Of o,' oo B es he0 Or",ghway: u I --- —---— ePP ---4 --- — —srr-e_-n L -r - - MERIDIANS AND BASE LINES DIAGRAM 2 = u~ T HE present system of Governmental Land Surveys was adopted by Congress on the 7th of May, 1785. It has been in use ever since and is the legal method of describing and dividing lands. It is. called the "Rectangular System," that is, all its distances and bearings are measured from two lines which are at right angles to each other, viz.:-l-. These two lines, from which the measurements are made, are the Principal Meridians, which run North and South, and the Base Lines which. run East and West. These Principal Meridians are established, with great accuracy. Each Principal Meridian has its Base Line, and these two lines form the basis or foundation for the surveys or measurement of all the lands within the territory which they control. Diagram 2 shows all of the Principal Meridians and Base Lines in the United States, and from it the territory governed by each Meridian and Base Line may be readily distinguished. Each Meridian and Base Line is marked with its proper number or name. Diagram 3 illustrates what is meant when this method is termed the "Rectangular System," and how the measurements are based on lines which run at right angles to each other. The heavy line running North and South (marked A. A.) on Diagram 3, represents the Principal Meridian, in this case say the 5th Principal Meridian. The heavy line running East and West (marked B. B.) is the Base Line. These lines are used as the starting points or basis of all measurements or surveys made in territory controlled by the 5th Principal Meridian. The same fact applies to all other Principal Meridians and their Base Lines. Commencing at the Principal Meridian, at intervals of six miles, lines are run North and South, parallel to the Meridian. This plan is followed both East and West of the Meridian throughout the territory controlled by the Meridian. Entered According to Act of Congress, in the year 1909. by Geo. A. Ole & Co.. in the office of the Librarian of Conress at Washington D. C.

Page  II SUPPLEMENT II. UNITED STATES LAND SURVEYS These lines are termed " Range Lines." They divide the land into strips or divisions six miles wide, extending North and South, parallel with the Meridian. Each division is called a Range. Ranges are numbered from one upward, comm, cing at the Meridian; and their numbers are indicated by Roman characters. For instance, the first division (or first six miles) west of the Meridian i0 Range I. West; the next is Range II. West; then comes Range III., IV., V., VI., VII., and so on, until the territory governed by another Principal Meridian is reached. In the same manner the Ranges East of the Meridian are numbered, the words East or West being always used to indicate the direction from the Principal Meridian. See Diagram 3. Commencing at the Base Line, at intervals of six miles, lines are run East and West parallel with the Base L —e. These are designated as Township Lines. They divide the land into strips or divisions six miles wide, extending East and West, parallel with the Base Line. This plan is followed both North and South of the Base Line until the territory goverhed by another Principal Meridian and Base Line is reached. These divisions or Townships are numbered from one upward, both North and South of the Base Line, and their numbers are indicated by figures. For instance: The first six mile division n-orth of the Base Line is Township 1 North; the next is Township 2 North; then comes Township 3, 4, 5, and 6, North, and so on. The same plan is followed South of the Base Line; the Townships being designated as Township 1 South, Townshii 2 South, and so on. The f' North " or "South " (the initials N. or S. being generally used) indicates the direction from the Base Line. See Diagram 3. These Township and Range Lines, crossing each other, as showns in Diagram. 3, form squares, whisch are called "Townships" or " Government Townships," which are six miles square, or as nearly that as it is possible to make them. These Townships are a very important feature in locating or describing a piece of laud. The location of a Government Township, however, is very readily found when the number of the Township and Range is given, by merely counting the number indicated from the Base Line and Principal Meridian. As an example of this, Township 8 North, Range 4, West or tile 5thl Principal Meridian, is at once located on the square marked * on Diagram 3, by counting eight tiers north of the Base Line and 4 tiers west of the Meridian. I)ILORBM[ 9 UOPZO~TIIPY d MaCTOI~2llr-~L r rr rrr n III n m rr v u 4 4 IP 4 X c I~ a I T rlTI I I I r I a DI I I I I I at I I L i h o 4 I I I I I I -~ I i I I J a L L I 1 I I I I I I I I~ L I I r I I i — ~ I r -r I. L 4 11 I I I I I I 1 I II o 4 a TOWNSHIPS OF LAND. OWNSHIPS are the largest sub) divisions of land run out by the I United States Surveyors. In the Governmental Surveys Township Lines are the first to be run, and a Township Corner is established every six miles and marked. This is called "Townshipping." After the Township Corners have been carefully located,the Section and Quarter Section Corners are established. Each Township is six miles square and contains 23,040 acres, or -36 square miles, as near as it is possible to make them. This, however, is frequently made impossible by; (1st) the presence of lakes and large streams; A2nd) by State boundaries not falling exactly on Township Lines; (3rd) by the convergence of Meridians or curvature of the earth's surface; and (4th) by inaccurate surveys. Each Township, unless it is one of the exceptional cases referred to, is divided into 36 squares, which are called Sections. These Sections are intended to be one mile, or 320 rods, square and contain 640 acres of land. Sections are numbered consecutively from 1 to 36, as shown on Diagram 4. Beginning with Section 1 in the Northeast Corner, they run West to 6, then East to 12, then West to 18, and so on, back and forth, until they end with Section 36 in the Southeast Corner. Diagram 4 shows a plat of a Township as it is divided and platted by the government surveyors. These Townships are called Government Townships or Congressional Townships, to distinguish them from Civil Townships o organized Townships, as frequently the lines of organized Townships do not conform to the Government Township lines. _ _ DL&GR WI i, d of c- 1111 aa 8o!a II1 la I.; I, -T.; L r i 6 4 62 R. LOZ R so R. A. R 08 R. I.9.2 R 22.6s R. I3 263. R. i 129.. R. I 1. - 1 SECTIONS OF LAND. --- -.1 32 - 555|5.332. 3 3 TAGRAM 5 illustrates how a section may be subdivided, although the.s — Diagram only gives a few of the in.. ____ many subdivisions into which a, - section may be divi-ed. All Sections (except fractional Sections) are supposed to be 320 rods, or one mile, square and therefore contain 640 acres-a number easily divisible. Sections are subdivided into fractional parts to suit the convenience of the owners of the land. A half-section contains 320 acres; a quarter-section contains 160 acres; half of a quarter contains 80 acres, and quarter of a quarter contains 40 acres, and so on. Each piece of land is described according to the portion of the section which it embraces-as the Northeast quarter of Section 10; or the Southeast quarter of the Southeast quarter of Section 10. Diagram 5 shows how many of these subdivisions are-platted, and also shows the plan of designating and describing them by initial letters as each parcel of land on the Diagram is marked with its description. As has already been stated, all Sections (except Fractional Sections which are explained elsewhere) are supposed to contain 640 acres, and even though mistakes have been made in surveying, as is frequently the case, making sections larger or smaller than 640 acres, the Government recognizes no variation, but sells or grants each regular section as containing 640 acres "more or less." The Government Surveyors are not required to subdivide sections by running lines within them, but they usually establish Quarter Posts on Section Lines on each side of a section at the noints marked A. B. C. and D. on Diagram 5. After establishing Township corners, Section __Lines are the next to be run, and section corners are established. When these are carefully DIAGRAM 5. located the Quarter Posts are located at points as nearly equidistant between Section Corners as i possible. These corners when established by Government Surveyors cannot be changed, even though it is conclusively slhown that mistakes have been made lwhich cause some sections or 9 N. E 1/* quarter sections to be either larger or smaller.. than others. The laws, however, of all the Q States provide certain rules for local surveyors < to follow in dividing Sections into smaller 160 A. parcels of land than has been outlined in the A C 10. Governmental surveys. For instance, in divide0 c ing a quarter section into two parcels, the disfully measured and the new post is located at a 80 A. point equidistant between them. This plan is. N. WofS. followed in running out "eighties," "'forties," of SE.iE. 4 E- "twenties," etc. In this way, if the Govern2 0A.1 of S. E.-/' ment division overruns or falls short, each S f portion gains or loses its proportion. This (20A.) 40 A. not the case, however, with Fractional Sections SUBDIVIDING A SECTION. along the North or West sides of a Township, or adjoining a lake or large stream. I 4 I F. B ABB I- - -W -A M d, - - - - - -l L: - t~ 12 FRACTIONAL PIECES OF LAND. ( ONGRESSIONAL Townships vary considerably as to size and boundaries. Mistakes made in surveying and the fact that Meridians converge as they run North cause every Township to vary 16 14 18 more or less from the 23,040 acres which a perfect Township would contain. See Diagran 4. In arranging a Township into Sections all the surplus or deficiency of land 1_ 1 is given to, or taken from, the North and West tiers of Sections. In other words, all l Sections in the Township are made fullt 640 acres-except those on the North and 22 23 1e ~ 24 Vest, which are given all the land that is It- lL * 4 left after forming the other 25 Sections. I - 5*fTTM Diagram 4 illustrates how the surplus or _ tt -deficiency is distributed and the Sections it.e olects. It will be seen that Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 18, 19, 30 and 31, are the " Fractional Sections," or the Sections which are affected if the Township overruns 27 26 26 8 or falls short. Inside of these Fractional Sections, all of the surplus or deficiency of land (over or under 640 acres) is carried to the "forties" or "eighties" that touch the L -' Township Line. These pieces of land are --- called "Fractional Forties" or "Fractional - Eighties," as the case may be. Diagrams 4 and 6 show the manner of marking the 34 acreage and outlining the boundaries of these "Fractions." Diagram 6 illustrates how the surplus or deficiency of land inside of these Sections is distributed and which "for ies"or "eighties" it affects. From this arrangement it willbe seen that in any Section that touches the North or West Township Lines, the Southeast Quarter may be full-160 acres-while another quarter of the same Section may be much larger or smalir. Frequently these fractional "forties" or "eighties" are lotted as shown in Diagram 6. They are always described as fractional tracts of land, as the "fractional S.W. * of Section 6,"etc. Of courser those portions of these Sections which are not affected by these variations are described in the usual manner-as Southeast j of Section 6. As a rule Townships are narrower at the North than at the South side. The Meridians of Longitude (which run North and South) cbnvergeas they run North and South from the Equator. They begin at the Equator with a definite width between them and graduallyconvergeuntiltheyall meet atthepoles. Now, as the Range liilesarerun North andSouth, it will at once be seen that the convergence of Meridians will caue^ every Congressional Township (North of the Equator) to be narrower at its North than at its South side, as stated. See Diagram 4. In addition to this fact, mistakes of measurement are constantly and almost unavoidably made in runningboth Township and Range lines, and if no new starting points were established the lines would DI AGRAM 6. become confused and unreliable, and 1 B' the size and shape of Townships 4. LOT 3. OT?. LOT 1. materially affected by the time the surveys had extended even a hundred ' l 8o l 83 ai 80.5 miles from the Base Line and Princi- 62 AC. ACRES. ACRES ACRES. pal iMeridian. In order to correct the surveys and variations caused 53 R. by the difference of latitude and LOT. straighten the lines, "Correction. Lines" (or Guide NMeridians and 20 C ~ A 80 ACRES.4 Standard Parallels) are established at ACRES. frequent intervals, usually as followss: North of the Base Line a Correction 58. I S R. Line is run East and West parallel LOT 6. 160 Rods with the Base Line, usually every A twentv-four miles. South of the |32 AC. C Base Line a Correction Line is usually 'E established every thirty miles. Both 64 BR. - ) 160 ACRES. East and West of the Principal LOT 7-. < Meridian "Correction Lines" are 0 usually established every 48 miles. | 37 AC. a0 All Correction Lines are located by careful measurement, and the suc- I 74 R 80 Rods 160 Rods. ceeding surveys are based upon PLAT OP A FRACTIONAL SECTIOIN. them. I * Entered According to Act of Congress, in the year 1909, by Geo. A. Ogle & Co., in the office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington, D. C. J

Page  III SUPPLEMENT III i i r, ED)I CgE: -F CrF- -THE- SY -SmE-M C)F- CGIVII C=-(D /ERNME-Nm DICHEST OF THIE SYSTEM et.arneeto mltr ocs upr ed h erutn srieai The chiefs of thes urasreev from $2,100 per yea to $2,300 th ary The Adjutan-Gn a keep, the rolls ari the res sud CIVIL GOV RNM E~iNT epartmentthe offices ofrasltor, at $2,100 per year; asittsc plies, t., thtmy be~ rqAired foh army. The oniisiy Duties and Powers of the Principal Officials Connected Somtroll 0rs, 0 a.up:itrs clerks $1nd1) assisants whic nubehwl up gen Genralha h~ fthe i iplie, look af lter~ te faroftbe.r with the Various Branches of National, State, into the thuans relatig to sick, wondd hospital, etc. The PanatrGnrli h County h ll.gand Township Government. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. also~~ th rdac ofie controlingOdbyce store areal, armoi Thsdepartmnt wa organize~d i0 1789. The head of this depart- the~ anfaltre of ars etc. ThI Topograpicl offic Ahas charge of constitutio. Tb.. co:,stituionwa adopte.d in 1787, and1 ith nd minteanc, rf p0b0ic credit. Abloyg tbhe rnany illpYrtantl luisY States, is dividd isor tbi,, purpose5 i:to al numlber of 5li)tary districs:. thb amedmelts thtbhalebincebeen made l, itbfrm tebasis devlvingupon thisdepartmnt alethe fllowing: Itlattens td o theb Tbhe head of each departmentlresie. bis geseral in 1strcions. asd f the e i.eifabr.ic ofgovenmet ud erwhich we live. Tb.. co1..llecti l 511 a l..ll 1'ena evne: ai d14 ies on 1 imporsadlb t 1pe or.dessiromsb eadqus rters-. Tbesterlof.service in Ills Regslar Armys ex...cltive, le.gis0latv an:d ju.dicia~l deparmetsl.:. Tb.. cons1titution 11 sp- 0ic lbs Unite.d States: are intrs te...ld, as..46., dbo s or y.r tors, Tb.. pay of tb. offices. is prosport.ioned to thebrrank. Tbe.p. o fs. c.litic lly vssth xctlb.. live posl rin the Presid ent,ls butllslall eber. us. b lll~.settle.d ald adjus~te.d inthb T reasuryI De.partlsent. This de- officers i11activeserice51was1fix d by ai55at of Cogresslay11. 1908,,,f tb....abi.t ar sual5ly classed with lbs executlive de.par.tmw:t, lb.. par1tm..::t aso, 0.iclds:1 the Blreau of tbs 1)Mint, in which tbs goverss a follo:s,: lis,,lstenantgenerl:l1 $11,0)10 per ssar; masjss generl 88(00): le.giItivs is h..l: by Clngrssg.:, and tb.. judi:al autoriy.. su o. a4 moess.: are. mlanufacture.d. Tb.. Treasury De.partbment br.igadi..r gs:rsl $6,000: co.s nlswl fr..m 54,108) Is 95,180): ie Iw nantha: 1"" id..d is.. is i u:t asO vab..u other~ss cors 1wich Congr1:: I:bu.I:orhs theg. i:s s: s.y, borbganissssb.- l.ss010 s9330 O -atio:sl.:s. 2)(0I: 280 ve hated inbthe S bupreme Cqsai..abslbssll..s 't ~..: 111 1 i o nall ional7. bal:ksg: aId. hbs superisid Soaer~ olnlss'sfaol: i.s.$3,7500 o $2,35() Isj sas fom $ bZ4,Xs cha sa. ha ) rsss ibl:d:for::in..pursu~ase bf the provissl~sion fth ostitutiosl. thern;1hs ch-ge of ts cos t ) s urveys.5 5:, t phe lll.lghho seslarie.o.. fom55:l..t $,30 firajs..::sds stlieslsdtpisans frsi..2l)0..tlb$2i:00;dsec's:d It1 lb s 11 een the asimI of thesepages. t explabnsash ofthesediffee:t.::l.s et..t.:as cS arge ofalsl lbon is: beonig o h U:):, issted Sta tbs: bieutenans sroms:: 1,700 stio 2,80 In: caseiany ofice6r selo t:i g150 d lbsra:1:es sof. go 151..nt ai d s:a:. to lb.:l are::i daw the y d ties an posers desinate depo::,sioriesbl of kee b:psbacmlete asbI accsate::f::ajo re ired tos a)..o.i.ted, slb.sss his elf with s5 it l e:ls: 115 1.. lflth j ri:is al ffigg..ialsp:co::lected l..wilhleach depart..: t.: -s.rn.f io: reei ts als.s:i...d disuremnt lo the at:: h sla 11. 1908:is le reei5: sasl additison to( hs..s of$50pr ThessPs esiTb..tPasid V:iA s1President are: elected.y: Tpspular v::... bai Trs.aas:,v n D.. aks:s:: rebp.ts atstat:: d::inteval sssh..igtecnito n l::ls:g:, g.:s i e p56. ide): ): tg~issg..a::.. a rl: 04,50) perl a::sl: isf:: heprov)ides tho tel o eachs iSte Pso:,l:::t a.ldiat: a:: ae asrg.of pblicfs::n ys p:1 i: bxpeditures as nds:the5 puslic debt a. 1.... two0)) mons::ls:a:: p0:y) ofrtie officer w: s f3. xed as::i is,::,: by.20 0::jorlbs of.51 the Iaggresash Stuats l:,-:::of th,: coun..l..try s andyetfai,: li There,: are:: a gss eat: m00.8 impo. ta: t ofi ciaslssb 3on0)cted wit the:: ct: of M3a10) s:11::: Is:1:58))::50): fiutr:5:g1crl li.25s::per is..:::e 51,000: elc 1d The l Pr sidentibal Alcto is:h.g:. or, the. f.lrst ay. after:.: tI: Tr:::lsur: Departs: e01t5 ch::ie am g a re:l::: thefolow0 g..b z.l:: gener),als:0s0 s:4 1bri ls:di:rl: 5.270 t: $ 1,780.;clnl ro0 t firt b:da in: boebser::.wh:ay: 111r.-id:s)tia. eeii o,,:i ar ch~o::e:: i.1.. al 0000- ofl:.i t:1::: head ssps tmsta t:):::1 2,1010 pe ea;ti-e:.70.:sfetai-c ol~ tMENT.375 aosfot~,5 fIr th var:::::io s: Stts:, e:ch tatela:::b..-ng s many ls:: tors a-itat ecrtaie,:a::::55J ech chief:ps c::g~..~ lerk.:,8 3,00:cifo p oV X) T captainsflb oad ipa1.:::to:: 2.a:10:frsts:.lieuteansfr1:.N::.,o to rl~enativs i: bothd bral ches Th6 eec. r ar.. cho-i, by.p intmen:.di~sis..s:3:: ch:::ief 53:::f warns. vii:350)cif::a210 n scn-iuerat 125 o$,81 tbhe1:::ai::lb.of,t..:pco:le ofitheirblls:at..,::.a::d sallatheelect.s1ofaS tat):. ivsiaa $3 S); chief is dvsion,a:::\:sa3:.:::(lsa:s":sqsls.:a:l a:l.::s:5.:e::...::an,:: constit::te n lec:tora colege:sIs. Tses:letaors nwetin::achState.:t th::his:::Of revenue rnarllewdivisio, $030O: aae): sationers..s,3,ivs10) NAVY DEP.L::..l:::.sARTMEN..:yT.::s:laba::~ capi:tal:::bthe.fist Xensd.l~ a:.:s:in:Decembergbs,11wing:a::l:io:.. I:: $,00 hifo loa.lY5:wt: s,:al d crr-i y ii55,$4.00))cif i 1-1sela bion fi lbs vo tate I:r wrsi a \1:-rsdnt etfcts f-ih u iv sio.. T2,500: supe)rvisigs:::..:ial ag6..::$::: If 'r 5la govern- Thes:: he. d of: Nthi deparms: h PRESIDENTt OFrsdn f h eae t"asigol hoi nn cur, 18)) uevsigaciet 4,() ta ba n~pco, apite ytePeienai eevsa aayo 110( eralac" tieseod W dnsa i eriayH e sth crifaes rdco.. UNIT D ST TES0:.p::::l:. 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Page  IV I SUPPLEMENT IV DIGEST OFT THE SYSFTE:M OF CIVIL GOCVERN MENT - - DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. The Interior Department is tinder the immediate control of the Secretary of the Interior. I-le is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,0)1) per year. Inl this department, as the name imples, is conducted most of the public business relating to domestic or internal affairs, and, like most of the other executive departments, it is divided into a ntmber of subdivisions and branches. The Secretary of the Interior is charged with a general supervision over public business connected twith the following branches, viz.: 1st. The census of the United States. 2d1: All matters connected with public lands. 3d. Every - thing relating to the Indians or Indian affairs. 4tl. All matters concerning pensiont s or boulty lands. 5th. The issuance and filing of patents and caveats. 6th. The custody ant distribution of publications. 7th. The compilation of statistics relating to educational matters in tie -arious States. lte also has oversight over several of tile Government's charitable and benevolent institutions. For the purpose of handing properly the business connected with most of the subjects menationed, there are bureaus organized for tile purpose. The salaries paid to the principal officials connected with the Interior Department are as folows: First assst tant secretary of the interior, $5,000 per year; assistant secretary, $4,50(): chief clerk, $3,0(0); assistant attorney-general (Dept. of Interior), $5,000: commissioner of the General Land Office, $5,(00); commissioner of Itdian affairs, $5,00(); stperitentdent of Indian schools, $3,000: commissioner of the Pension ()ffice, $5,00)0; medical referee, $3,00(X) commissioner of the Patent )ffice, $5,()1: commissioner of the Education Office, $4,500); director of geological surveys, $6,(K00; director Reclamation Service, $7,500. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. This departent was formerly connected wi th the Interior Departmelt, but ill 1889 it was reorganized and male independent, and the Secretary of Agriculture was made a member of the Cabinet. The head of this department is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,0(0 per annum. The general duty and design of the Department of Agriculture is to acquire aold tliffuse among the people of the United States useful informations on subjects connected with agriculture ill the most general and conlltrehensive sense of that word, and to procure, propagate and distribute among the people new and valuable seeds ant planlts. The following is a list of the chief officials connected with the Department of Agriculture and their salaries, and the list will also serve to indicate the various lines of work handled bv and the various duties which devolve upon the department, viz.: Atssistant secretary of agriculture receives $5,(100 per annum; chief of Veather Bureau,, $6,000; chief of Bureau of Animal Industry, $5,000; statistician, $3,500): chemist, $5,000; entomologist, $4,000; botanist, $3,240; chief of forestry division, $5,000; pomologist, $3,000; plant pathologist and physiologist, $3,5(1); director of the office of experiment stations, $4,000; chief of division of accounts and disbursements, $3,250; editor, $3,000; agriculturist, $3,500; director of public roads, $3,000; statistical scientist inl charge of investigations of production and distribution, $3,000; chief of biological survey, $3,000; chief of bureau of soils, $3,50(); chief of bureau of plant industry in charge of seed distribution, $5,000. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. The head of the Department of Justice is the Attorney-General, who is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per alnum. The principal assistant of the Attorney-General is the Solicitor-General, who receives $7,500 per year. There are a number of assistant attorney-generals who receive $5,000 per annum, and a special assistant attorney-general is appointed for nearly all of the various departments, including the Treasury, State, Post Office and Interior Departments. Besides these there are a number of special officials connected with the Department of Justice, such as attorney ill charge of titles, $2,7100; chief clerk and superintendent of buildings, $3,000; appointment clerk, $2,000; attorney in charge of pardons, $2,750; solicitor internal revenue, $4,500; superintendent of prisons and prisoners, $3,000; chief examiner, $2,750; chief of division of accounts, $2,500; disbursing clerk, $2,750; solicitor for department of commerce and labor, $5,000. The Attorney-General is the legal adviser of the President, and it is the duty of the Department of Justice to give all opinions and render all services requiring the skill of persons learned in the law necessary to enable the President and other officers of the various Government departments to discharge their respective duties. This department is also required to prosecute or defend all suits or procedings in which the United States is interested. The Attorney-General has general supervision over all the solicitors for the various departments; and also exercises general superintendence and direction over all United States marshals and United States district attorneys of all the districts of the United States and Territories. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND LABOR. The Department of Commerce and Labor was established in February, 1903. The general design of this department is to collect, assort and systematize statistical details relating to the different branches of labor and commerce in the United States. The head of this department, known as the Secretary of Commerce and Labor, is appointed by the President, is a member of the Cabinet and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. The following are the principal officials under his control together with the salary paid: The commissioner of the bureau of manufacturers, $4,000 per year; commissioner of the bureau of corporations, $5,000; commissioner of the bureau of labor, $5,000; director of bureau of the census, $7,000; superintendent of the coast and geodetic survey, $6,000; chief of bureau of statistics, $4,000; supervising inspector-general of steamboat inspection service, $4,000; commissioner of bureau of fisheries, $6,000; commissioner of bureau of navigation, $4,000; commissioner-general of bureau of immigration and naturalization at $5,000; director of bureau of standards, $5,000. INDEPENDENT DEPARTMENTS. There are several independent departments, which, although none of them are as important as the foregoing, and their heads are not Cabinet members, yet they form a very necessary part and attend to very important branches of the National Government. Government Printing Office. The head of this branch of public work is the Public Printer, who is appointed by the President. and receives a salary of $5,500 per year. His chief clerk is paid $2,400 per year, and there is a foreman of printing and a foreman of binding, each of whom receive $2,100 per annum. Civil Service Commission. This commission consists of three commissioners, each of whom are paid $4,500 per year. The chief examiner connected with the commission is paid $3,000 per annum, and the secretary $2.500. Interstate Commerce Commission. This commission was crefor tile purpose, and charged with the duty, of seeing that the laws regulating interstate commerce weoere faithfully executed and observed, and to prevent unjust discrimination on the part of railway corporations and comnmon carriers. The commission consists of seven comrmissioners appointed from different sections of the United States, each of whom receives a salary of $10,000 per year. The secretary of the commission receives a salary of $5,(XK) per annum. JUDICIARY. Tile judicial powers of the United States are vested in the follotwiIlg snalled courts, viz.. The United States Supreme Court, consisting of one chief justice and eight associate justices; the United States (Court of Claims. which consists of one chief justice and four judges: the United States Circuit Court of Appeals: atd the United States Circuit and District Courts. All judges of Unlited States Courts are appointed for &6 life, or during "good behavior." The chief justice of the United States Supreme Court receives a salary of $13,000 per annlum, and the associate justices $12,(XX) each. The circuit judges receive a salary of $7000 each per annum, district judges, $6000, and Court of Claims, judges receive $6.000, and chief justice $6,51)0 per year. The jurisdiction of the United States Courts extends to all cases in law and in equity arising under the Constitution, the laws of the United States, and treaties; to all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls; to all cases of adiralty and maritime jurisdiction; to controversies to which the United States shall be a arty; to controversies between two o.r ulore States; h et -eel ae State and a citizen of another State; betweens citizens of different States: between citizens of the same State claiming lands under grants of different States. I1l all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, and those ill hich a State is a part the Sutpretlr Court has original jurisdiction. Il the other cases the Supres-e Court has appellate jurisdiction. LEGISLATIVE DEPARTMENT. The legislative powers of the United States are vested ill a Co1 -gress, which consists of a Senate andt House of Representatives, and which meets annually at \Vashington on the first lionday of Decenmber. The constitution gives to Congress the folloowing general poters: To lay and collect taxese duties, imposts and excises; pay the debts of the United States; borrow- mones on the credit of the United States; to regulate coatmmerce; to establish ouniform laws on nattralization antl bankruptcy; to coin money and regulate the value thereof; fix the standard of weights and mieasures; - declare war; to raise and sutpport armies (but it is provided that no appropriation for this purpose canl be for a longer period than two years); to provide and maintaint a navy; to grant letters of marque and reprisal, an mnake rules concerning captures o0 land and water; to inake rules for the gos-erllnlet and regulation of the land and naval forces; to establish postofices and postroads; to promote the progress of science and the useful arts bv securing for limited times, to authors and inventors, the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries; to constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court; to define and punish piracies a:dl felonies committed on the high seas and offense against the law of nations; to exercise exclusive legislation over the District of Coluolria and places purchased for forts, magazines, arsenals, etc.; and ftrther to make all laws necessary for the general welfare of the United States, and for "carrying into execution tho foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by the Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof." The Constitution expressly forbids Congress making ally law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Congress cannot suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus except in cases of rebellion or invasion when the public safety may require it. No bill of attainder or ex post facto law can be passed. No tax or duty can be laid on articles exported from any State. No preference can be given by any regulation of commerce or revenue to the ports of one State over those of another. No title of nobility can be granted. Every law passed by Congress must be submitted to the President for his approval. If he returns it with his objections, or vetoes it, the measure may be passed over his veto by a two-thirds vote of both branches of Congress. The Senate, or the "Upper House of Congress," is composed of two Senators from each State in the Union. They are elected by the Legislatures of their respective States, for a term of six years, and receive a salary of $7,500 per annum. No person can be elected to the United States Senate who has not attained the age of thirty years, been nine years a citizen of the United States, and is whel elected an inhabitant of the State from which he is chosen. The Senate has sole power to try all inlpeachments. Its consent and confirmation is necessary for all important officers appointed by the President. Its consent is also necessary to conclude any treaty. The House of Representatives is the "Lower House of Congress." Each State in the Union is divided into congressional districts, of as nearly equal population as is practicable. In each district a representative is elected by the people for a term of two years, and each is paid a salary of $7,500 per year. Besides these, a delegate fromn each organized Territory is admitted to the House of Representatives, who is not entitled to a vote, but has the right to debate onl all subjects in which the Territory which he represents has an interest. No person can be a representative who has not attained the age of twentyfive years, been for seven years a citizen of the United States, and is at the time of his election an inhabitant of the State from which he is chosen. All bills for raising revenue must originate in the House of Representatives. STATE GOVERNMENT T HE method of State government throughout the United States follows very closely the general plan of government that prevails in national affairs. The various functions of government in State affairs are handled in departments, with a State officer at the head of each branch, and the lines are clearly drawn between the executive, legislative and judicial powers. All the States are governed under a constitution, which outlines and defines the powers' which each of these departments shall exercise and possess. All of the most important State officials are elected by the people, but in many of the States the less important offices are filled by appointment of the Governor, by and with the consent of the State Senate. GOVERNOR. The Governor is the highest executive officer in all the States of the Union, and is elected by a direct vote of the people. The term of office varies materially in the different States, ranging from two to six years. As to the matter of salary that the Governor receives, it also differs widely throughout the different States and is subject to frequent change. At the present writing three States-New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey pay their Governors $10,000 per year: Illinois $12,000; California $6,000; Minnesota, Indiana, Alabama, Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Virginia and Wisconsin all pay $5,000 per year; Kentucky $6,500; 'Massachusetts and Ohio $8,000: Nevada, Connecticut, Mlichigan, Tennessee, Texas and \Vashington, $4,000; Maryland and Oklahoma $4,500; Mississippi, Arkansas, Florida and South Carolina $3,500; Iowa, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, North Carolina, North Dakota and Rhode Island $3,000; \West Virginia $2,700: Soutth Dakota, Nebraska and \syominIg $2,500: Delaware, Main, Main ew Ittampshire and Utah $2.000: and Oregon and Vermont $1,500. About the only statement concerning the qualifications required for this office that would be common to all the States is that he must be a citizen of the Statt in which ho is elected. Its most of the Statoes, in addition to the salary nanmed, the Governor is furnished with a residence, wshichi is knoxwn as the "Executive tMansion." The powers and duties that devolve upon the Govternor are about the same ill all of the States. He is charged with a general supervisiont over the faithful execution of the laws, and is the legal custotdian of all the property of the State not specificially entrusted to other officers by law, and is authorized to take summary possession of such property. He is expected to communicate by message to each session of thle State legislature such information or recommendations regarding State affairs as as he nay deem necessary and proper. and he is empowered to call extra sessions of that booly whenevser the public welfare may demand. I-ie accounts to the same body for all money s received and paid out, and presents estimates of aountts to be raised by tas ation for various purposes. He has a negative (or veto) upotn all laws passed by the Legislature, but it is provided that measures may be passed over his veto by a two-thirds vote of that body. The Governor is commander-in-chief of the State militiary or tnaal forces, and has authority to call out such forces to preserve peace and execute the laws t hen the local authorities are unalle to accomplish this. IHe Tlay require the opinion of the various State officers upol ally subject relating to their respective offices, anti examinses and approves the tbonds of State officials. In mansv States tile Governor has power to grant reprieves and pardons, after conviction, for all offenses against the State except ill cases of inlpeachtent: tut il a few of the States the pardoning power is avested ill a board selecte Afor that purpose, of Swhich the Governor is generallly ex-officio tlellber. The Governor has the appointment of a nulbller of State officers, and inl anv cases if an elective office becomes vacant he has the power to fill it by aptintmlent: has power in mlanyt States to suspend a State officer. or evela county officer, pending a legal inverstigatiotn The Goernor issoues requisitions UpoI the csecutives of other States for plarties charged eith crime wiho escape to other States. antd e has poter to issue ssarrants for fleeing crismials utpos requlisitios of other Governors. LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR. The office of Lieute tt-Go v-er noor r oes not exist ill all of the States ill the Uniont. at least not under this name. as in a few of the States this ofiter is only knoovn as the President of the State Senate. IIl sotle of the States the Liettctnatlt-Govserlor is paid a certain amount per days during sessions of the l egislature or General Assembly, and ill others he is allowedl a taxed salary, but it is providel that if the duties of Governor should devolve upon him, he shall during the continuance of such emergence be entitled to the oentlolhntentts thereof. The principal duty of the Lieuteiant;orts-ernor is to act as the presiding officer of the State Senate or TUppe;r hIlnnse of the State Legislature. Iit case a vacancy shoulld occur ill the office of (Gosreor, the LieulteoantGo-ernor would act as ovternor until such vacancy was filled t) eldection;: aln in all cases t there the Lieuteant-Governor is unable to act as presiding officer of the Senate, a Presilent pro- tce lporte is chsen by that body. The iettenat-Goveor or o has no vote in the Sellate except in cases of a tie or equal division ol f tie t nlelers. SECRETARY OF STATE. The office of Secretary of State is one of the most important,offices witlhin the gift of the people of a State, and the office exists rider this nale il every State in the Union. The Secretary of State may Ite said to be the official secretary of the Governor, and countersigns all cltmissions issued by the chief executive, and the is the custotu;an of the Great Seal of the State. As a rule it is the duty of the Secretary,f State to call the -ltouse of Representatives to order and preside ulntil a temporary presitling officer, or Speaker, is elected. It is his duty to see that the halls are prepared for the Legislature or General Assemrnly: he prepares the legislative mianual and causes it to tbe printed and distributed; secures the printing and distribution of the State lats; indexes and files executive documents; provides and distributes election blanks; has charge of all looks, bills, papers, etc., of the Legislature, and is practically "keeper of all public acts, laws, records, bonds, etc." The Secretary of State is requtired to keep a register of all the official acts of the Governor, and affixes the Seal of the State to all official commissions, etc., keeps a record of them, and is obliged to give any person a copy of the same when demanded. In all of the States the Secretary of 'State is ex oflicio member of a number of the State boards, but nlo list of these could be given that would apply to all States, as they are different in the various States. STATE AUDITOR. The office of Auditor of State exists tinder one name or another in nearly every State in the Union. The title of this office, however, is not alike ill all the States, as many of them, notably California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Nevada, News Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, asnd a few others, it is known as State Comptroller. Itn a few of the States, including MAichigan and Pennsylvania, the office is called Auditor-General, and ill two of the States the public accounts are audited by a Board ofAuditors. In all the States, however, the duties that devolve upon this branch of the State Government are practically the same, and a general explanation of the scope of work handled by the State Auditor iln onle State will apply, except as regards minor details, to all of the States. It is the duty of the State Auditor to keep the accounts of the State with any other State or Territory, and with the United States and all public officers, corporations and indiv.iduals having accounts with this State. He audits the accounts of all public officers who are to be paid out of the State Treasury, and all persons who are authorized to receive money out of the State Treasury. In fact, all claims against the State which are to be paid out of the State Treasury must be presented to the Auditor, who, after the same is adjusted, issues warrants therefor payable at she Treasury. A complete record of each warrant is tept by the Auditor, who also keeps an account with the State Treasurer, charging him with all moneys paid into the Treasury, and giving credit for all warrants paid, and the books and vouchers of the Treasury must balance therewith, as settlements are made between these two officers at stated intervals. In a number of the States the Auditor is charged with a general supervision over certain corporations, such as insurance and banking corporations and building and loan associations, and in some States is ex-offiio a member of a number of State boards. He generally has authority to make and execute satisfactions of judgments and assignments thereof in behalf of the State. STATE TREASURER. This is one of the most important executive offices in the gift of the people of a State. The State Treasurer handles vast sums of the people's money, and as a rule a very heavy bond, ranging from $500,000 up into the millions, is required of him; and generally the Governor is empowered to demand additional bonds if he deems the bond insufficient to fully protect the State. The duties of the State Treasurer are implied by the title of the office, and they are very much the same throughout all of the States of the Union. The State Treasurer is custodian of all the State funds. He deposits these funds in banks, which give bonds to secure the Treasurer or State against loss, and which pay interest on daily balances. The Treasurer pays out State funds only on warrants issued or signed by the State Auditor, or other proper official, and a full record of all w-arrants is kept in both the auditing office and Treasurer's office. The plan by which the Treasurer receives the revenues of the State is different in different States. In some States the Auditor issues an order for him to receive the same and charges the amount against the Treasurer. In others he is charged with all mtoeys which he is entitled to receive, and then given credit for delinquencies. In still other States the Treasurer issues duplicate receipts for all moneys paid in, which must be countersigned by the Auditor to be valid, and one of these must be deposited with the Auditor, so he may charge the amount against the Treasurer. In this way a double system is carried on-both Auditor and Treasurer keeping a full account of all moneys received anl paid out, and their books and accounts must balance, as at statedt interv-als the Treasurer must make settlements with the Auditor and submnit books. vouchers etc., to the Iegislature. Is nmost of tle States the State Treasurer is required to publish at stated times, ill the newspapers at the capital, all itemized statement of the public accounts, expenditures, funds, receipts and disbursements. Ie is also required to make a complete report anod itemoized statement to each session of the Legislature. IIn nearly all of the States the law is very explicit in outltling tile duties of the State Treasurer, the follo wing fbeing very common provisiotlns in relationto the office, viz.: That a complete record of all tnonles tmust be kept. showing what is received or paid out of the various "funds," wohich "funds" must ble exhibited in separate accounts. t l sev eral of t-ost I 2_ Copyright, go1910, by leo. A. Ogle & Co. J

Page  V I i DIGI.T. OFF TH-E SSTM OF Ci\l~ V- NI UPPLEMINT I DIGEST O F T=HE SYETI'-Mh C) F'"F.iw_/I C' " F' t""X='i:::p'i NA =P,,, I -'"r v -.l States the Governor and one or two other State officials constitute a board, which must at certain times examine and check up the accounts, books and vouchers of the State Treasurer and ascertain the amount of funds in the Treasury. ATTORNEY-GENERAL. The Attorney-General, as the name implies, is the general legal counsel or lawyer for the various branches of tie State government. In all of the States the powers and duties of the Attorney-General are very similar. It is his duty to appear for the State il all actions and proceedings in the Supreme Court ill which the State has an interest; to institute and prosecute in all conrts all actions, either for or against a State officer, in which the State has an interest; to consult with and advise tile various county or state's attorneys in matters relating to their official duties, and when public interest requires he assists them in criminal prosecutions. It is his duty to consult wvith and advise the Governor and other State officers, and give, when requested, written opinions on legal or constitutional questions relating to their official duties, and to give written opinions when requested by the Legislature or any committee thereof. It is also his duty to prepare, when necessary, drafts for csntracts or other writings relating to subjects in which the State is itterested. le is required to enforce the proper application of ftunds appropriated to the sarious State institutions, and prosecute breaches of trust in the administration of the same; and when necessary to prosecute corporations for failure or refusal to cmply with the laws; to prosecute official bonds of delintquent officers,r corporations in which the State has an interest. The tAttorney-General is required to keep a record of all actions, corplairtts, opillittls, etc. STATE SUPERINTENDENT OR SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION. This is an office which exists in nearly every State in the Union. In three or four of the States the managemtent of the educational interests of the State is vested in a State Board of Education, but in these cases the secretary of the board assumes most of the detail work that in most of the States devolve upon the State Superintenldent. The full title given to this office is not the same in all of the States, but it is generally called "State Superintetndent of Pllulic Instruction or Public Schools." In Ohio,,Iaine and Rhode Island, and a few others, this officer is termed "Commissioner of Schools." The duties of the State Superiltendent are very much alike in all of the States, as he is charged witl a general supervision over the educational interests of the State and of the ptulic schools. In many States his authority is not limited to the public schools, and he his authorized by law to demand full reports from all colleges, academies or private schools. It is his duty to secure at regular intervals reports from all such educational institutions and file all papers, reports and documents transmitted to him by local or county school officers. He is the general adviser and assistant of the various county superintendtents or school officers, to swhom he must give, when requested his written opinion upon questions rising under the school law. It is also his duty to hear and determine controversies arising under the school laws coming to him by appeal from a county superintendent or school official HMe prepares and distributes school registers, school blanks, etc., and is generally given the power to make such rules and regulations as are necessary to-carry into efficient and uniform effect the provisions of the laws relating to schools. The State Superintendent is required to make a detailed report to each regular session of the State Legislature, showing an abstract of the common school reports; a statement of the condition of public schools and State educatiooal institutions; the amount of money collected and expended, and all other matters relating to the schools or school funds that have been reported to him. lie is fortidden from becoming interested in the sale of any school furniture, book or apparatus. STATE LIBRARIAN. In nearly all of the States the laws proitde for a State officers under the title of "State Librarian." As a rule the office is filled by appointment of the Governor, although in a few States it is an elective office and is filled by direct vote of the people. The State Librarian is the custodian of all the books and property belonging to the State Library, and is required to give a bond for the proper discharge of his duties and safekeeping of the property intrusted to his care, as in many of the States the State Library is an immensely important and valuable collection. In some of the States the Supreme Court judges pres prescribe all library rules and regulations. In others they have a Library Board of Trustees, which is sometimes made up of the Governor atld certain other State officials, who constitute a board of commissioners for the management of the State Library. ADJUTANT-GENERAL. In nearly all of the States provision is made for an AdjutantGeneral, who is either elected by the people or appointed by the Governor. The name of the office implies the branch of work which is handled by its incumbent. It is thle duty of the Adjutant-General to issue and transmit all orders of the Comnmanler-in-Chief with reference to the militia or military organizations of the State. He keeps a record of all military officers commissioned by the Governor, and of all general and special orders and regulations issued, and of other matters relating to the men, property, ordinlance, stores, camp and garrison equipage pertaining to the State militia or military forces. PUBLIC EXAMINER OR BANK EXAMINER. This is a State office that is found in only about one-half of the States. In some States it is known as Bank Comptroller and in others the duties which devolve upon this officer are handled by a "department" in the State Auditor's office. The general duties and plan of conducting this work, in many respects, is very similar, but there is a great difference between the various States itl the officers who attend to it. \/Nhero this made a separate State office, generally speaking, the requirements are that he must be a skilled accountant and expert bookkeeper, and cannot be an officer of any of the public institutions, nor interested in atny of the financial corporations which it may be his duty to examine. I-e is charged with the duty of visiting and inspecting the financial accounts and standing of certain corporations and institutions organized under the State laws. In several of the States it is made his duty to visit certain county officials at stated intervals, and inspect their books and accounts, and enforce a uniform system of tookkeeping by State altnd county officers. COMMISSIONER OR SUPERINTENDENT OF INSURANCE. In all of the States of the Lnion the departnlent relating to insurance has grown to be an important branch of State government. The method of controlling the itsura-ce business diffters materially in many of the States, although they are all gradually moving il the same direction, viz., creating a department or State office i tich all matters relating to ilsurance and insurance conpanies are attended to. In former years, in nearly all of the States, the insurance business formed a departmtent in the State Auditorrs office. andl was handle by him or his appointees. No,, however, ill nearly all the Nsorthern States and nansv- of thie Southern States. the have e separate and distilnct insuraace tlel-artlent, the head of twhich is either elected by the people or appoinlted lh the Gov-ernor. The duties and powers of tile insurance departt-ent - f the variohs States are very similiar. A geiieral provision is that tile hlead f this It department nlust be experiencect in instlrance matters. and he is prohlilited from htolding an interest inll any insurance comnpan-. Thle Commissioner or Superintendent of Insurance has exten!sive pow-ers concerting insturalce ilatters. aldg it is his duty to see that all laws respecting and regulating insurance a-nd instra ance companies, are faithfully observed: he issues licenses to insur ance companies, and it is his duty to revoke the license of any company not conforming to law. Reports are made to him at stated times by the various companies, and has power to examine fully into their contaition, assets, etc. I-e files in his office the various documents relating to insurance companies, together with their statements, etc., and at regular intervals makes full reports to the Governor or Legislature. COMMISSIONER OF LABOR STATISTICS. In several of the States a "Commissioner of Labor Statistics" is appointed by the Governor, who is the head of what mav be termed the labor bureau. In a great majority of the States, however, this branch of work is taken care of bv a board of labor commissioners, a bureau of statistics or by the State Auditor and his appointees. The general design of this bureau or commission is to collect, assort and systematize, and present in regular reports to the Legislature, statistical details relating to the different departments of labor in the State, and msake such recommendations as may be deemed proper and necessary concerning tile commercial, industrials social, educational and sat - itary conditions of the laboring classes. OTHER STATE OFFICERS. In all of the States there exist one or more other State oficers in addition to those already mentioned, which are made necessary by local condition or local business interests. It is, therefore, unnecessary to mention any of these at length il this article. It may be stated, however, that in all of the States mav be found tuo or more of the following State officers. and further, that each ote of the ft loswing named officers is found in some State in the Union. viz.: Superintendent or commissioner of agriculture, commissioner of alines secretary of agricultural board, secretary of internal affairs, clerk andt reporter of the Supreme Court, commissioner of railway-s, commissioner of immigration, State printer, State bindler, land agent or commissionercomtissioner, register or stperintetdett of State land office, register of lands, commissioner of schools t and lands, surveyor-general, inspectorgeteral, State oil inspector-general, State oil inspector, dairy commissioner. STATE BOARDS. Besides the officers and departments which have already been mentioned, there are a nunlber of State boards or bureaus that are necessary in carrying onl the complex business connected with the government of a State..The following list of such State boards and bureaus includes all that can be found in the majority of the States; some of them, however, are only found in a few of the States, because they are of a local nature and are only made necessary by the existence of certain local conditions or business interests. It will also be observed that some of the boards named cover the sane line of work that has already been mentioned as belonging to some State officer. This grows from the fact that a few of the States place the management of certain lines of work in the hands of a State board, while in others, instead of having a State board they delegate the powers and duties to a single State official. All of the States, however, have a number of the State boards mentioned in this list, the names of which imply the line of work each attends to, viz.: Railroad and warehouse commissioners, board of equalization, board or commission of agriculture, university trustees, board or commissioners of public charities, canal commissioners, penitentiary commissioners, board of health, dental examiecrs, trustees of historical library, board of pharmacy, commission of claims, live stock commissioners, fish commissioners, inspectors of coal mines, labor commissioners, board of education, board of public works, board of pardons, assessment commissioners. LEGISLATURE OR GENERAL ASSEMBLY. The law-making power of every State is termed the "Legislative Department." The legislative power, according to the constitutions of the various States, is vested in a body termed the Legislature or General Assembly which consists of an Upper and Lower House, designated tsually as the Senate and House of Representatives. In a few of the States the Lower House is called "The Assembly." In most of the States the Legislature meets in regular session every two years, but this is not the universal rule, as in a few of the States the law provides for annual sessions. In all of the States, however, a provision is made wshereby the Governor may, on extraordinary occasions, call special session by issuing a proclamation. The Legislative Department has the power to pass all such laws as may t:e necessary for the welfare of the State, and carry into effect the provisions of the constitution. The Legislature receives the reports of the Governor, together with the reports of the various other State officers; they provide by appropriation for the ordinary and contingent expenses of the government; at regular times provided by law they apportion the State into political districts, and make all other provisions for carrying on the State government. There is a general prohibition against the passage of any ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts, or making any irrevocable grant of special privileges or immunities. Any measure to become a law must be passed by both branches of the Legislature, and then be presented to the Governor for his approval. If he withholds his approval (or vetoes it), the measure may be repassed by a two-thirds vote of the Legislature, when it will become a law notwithstanding the Governor's veto. SENATE. The Senate is the Upper House of the Legislature or General Assembly. The various States are divided into senatorial districts, in each of which a Senator is elected —the term of office varying from two to four years. Except in three or four of the States the presiding officer of the Senate is the Lieutenant-Governor, although a President pro tent. is usually elected, who acts as presiding officer during the absence of the Lieutenant-Governor. The presiding officer has no vote, however, in the Senate, except when that body is equally divided. Every Senator has one vote upon all questions, and the right to be heard in advocating or opposing the passage of any measure brought before the Legislature. In filling all of the most important State offices that are to be appointed by the Governor, the appointments must be approved or confirmed by the Senate. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. The Lower House of the State Legislature, in nearly if not quite all the States of the Unlion, is termed the House of Representatives. Like the Senators, every member of the House has the right to be heard in advocating or opposing any measure brought before the body of which he is a member. The House is given the sole power of impeachment, but all impeachments must be tried by the Senate. As a general rule, there is a provision that all bills for raising revenue must originate in the House. JUDICIARY. The "Judicial Department+" IS justly regarded as one of the most important and powerful branches of government of either the State or Nation, as it lbecomes the duty of this department to pass upon and interpret. and thereby either annul or give validity to all the most important measures and acts of both the legislative and executive branches of the government. It is impossible in a general article to give a detailed review or description of the construction and make-up of the judicial departments of the sariots States The courts are so differently arranged both as to their make-up aand jurisdiction that it woull be useless to try to give the reader a general description that wotld accurately cover the groundl. Ins all of the States, except. possilyl-, one or two, the highest judicial authority of the State is known as the Supreme Court, and unless questions are involved which give the United States Courts juristliction. it is the conrt of last resort. The Supreme Court is mtade up of a chief justice and the several associate justices or judges as may be provided for by the laws of the various States, usually from four to six. Generally these officers are elected bv the people, either from the State at large or (in three of the States) as representing certain districts, but this is not the case always, as ill secveral States they are chosen by the Governor or Legislature. IIn all of the States the Supremte Court has appellate jurisdiction both in law and in equity, and has original jurisdiction in remedial cases, nadamlis, hlabeas corpus and cases relating to the revenue, but there is no trial bv jury in this court. Various other courts are provided for by the laws of the different States, such as appellate courts, circuit or district courts, probate courts, county courts, superior courts, municipal courts, courts of justices of the peace, etc. The jurisdiction of all these courts is, of course, inferior to that of the Supreme Court, and varies greatly in the different States. Besides these, where there are large cities, various other courts are also established to aid inl caring for the enormout s amount of judicial work that arises from such vast and complex butsiness interests. The various courts are also provided with the necessary officials for carrying on the judicial business —such as clerks of cotrt, court reporters, bailiffs, etc. COUNTY GOVERNMENT O far as the principal county offices are concerned, the general arrangement antld method of hanldlin-g the public business is very much the same in all of the States; but the offices are called by different anames, and in minor details —such as transferring fro on e oe office to another certain minor lines of work -there are a number of points int whichl the method of county government in the various States differs. The writer has adopted the names of the principal county offices which are most common in the Northern States, as in the Southern and New Englanld States there are scarcely anly tswo States in which the names or titles of all the county offices are identical. AUDITING OFFICE AND CLERK OF THE COUNTY BOARD. Generally the principal auditing stficer of the coulnty is known as the "coutnty auditor" or "county clerk." 11 Illinois, Kansas, sas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, \i-isconsin andt mcanV other States the office is called "county clerk." In Indiana. Iowa, M-inlesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio and others it is termed "county auditor." In a few of the States under certain condititons this office is merged with some other county office. A notable example of this is in the State of alichigan, where they have one-official, under the simple title of "clerk," who looks after about all of the work which in most of the States devolves upon both the county clerk and also clerk of court. In all of the States a bond in a moderate sum is required of the county clerk or auditor, and he is paid a salary of from $1,500(X) to $3,500 per year, besides in some States being allowed certain fees, unless it is in a very large and heavily populated county, where the salary paid is of necessity much higher than this amount-. No county treasurer or member of the county board is eligible to this office. In general terms it may be stated as a rule the auditor acts as the clerk or secretary of the official county board, although in a few of the States the court clerk is required to look after this matter. The clerk of the county board keeps an accurate record of the board's proceedings and carefully preserves all documents, records, books, maps and papers which may be brought before the board, or which the law provides shall be deposited in his office. In the auditing office an accurate account is kept with the county treasurer. Generally they file the duplicates of the receipts given by the county treasurer, charging him with all money paid into the treasury and giving credit for all warrants paid. The general plan of paying claims against a, county is as follows: If the claim is one in which the amount due is fixed by law, or is authorized to be fixed by some other person or tribunal, the auditor issues a warrant or order which will be paid by the treasurer, the certificate upon which it is allowed being duly filed. In all other cases the claim must be allowed by the county board, and the chairman or presiding officer issues a warrant or order which is attested by the clerk. A complete record of all these county warrants or orders is kept, and the accounts of the county treasurer must balance therewith. The above in general terms outlines the most important branch of work which the county clerk or county auditor looks after in most of the States, but in all of the States the law requires him to look after a number of other matters, although in these there is no uniformity between the various States, and no general description of these minor or additional duties could be given that would apply to all the States. COUNTY TREASURER. This is an office which exists in all of the States, and it is one of the most important of the various offices necessary in carrying on the business of a county. It is an elective office in all of the States, and the term of office is usually either two or four years, but a very common provision in the various States is that after serving for one term as county treasurer a party shall be ineligible to the office until the intervention of at least one term after the expiration of the term for which he was elected. This provision, however, does not exist in all of the States, as in some of them the county treasurer is eligible for reelection for any number of terms. The general duties of the county treasurers throughout the various States is very similar. The cotnty treasurer is the principal custodian of the funds belonging t6d the county. It is his duty to receive and safely keep the revenues and other public moneys of the county, and all funds authorized to be paid to him, and disburse the same pursuant to law. He is required to keep proper books of accounts, in which he must keep a regular, just and true account of all moneys, revenues and funds received by him, stating particularly the time, when, of whom and on what fund or account each particular sum was received: and also of all monevs, revenues and funds paid out by him according to law, stating particularly the time when, to whom and on what fund payment is made from. The books of the county treasurer must always be subject to the inspection of the county board, which, at stated intervals, examines his Isooks and makes settlements with him. In some of the States the provisions of the law relating to county treasurer are very strict; some of them provide for a county board of auditors, who are expected, several times a year, to examine the funds, accounts and vouchers of the treasury without previous notice to the treasurer; and inl some it is provided that this board, or the county board, shall designate a bank (or banks) in which the treasurer is required to keep the county funds deposited-the banks being requtired to pay interest on daily or monthly balances and give bond to indemnify the county against loss. As a general rule the county treasurer is only authorized to pay out county funds on warrants or orders issued by the chairman of the county board artd attested aby the clerk, or it certain cases on warants or orders of the county auditing office. A complete record of these warrants or orders is kept. and the treasurer's accounts must balance therewith. Itn most of the States the law is very explicit in directing how the books and accounts of the county treasurer shall be kept. COUNTY RECORDER OR REGISTER OF DEEDS. In a few of the States the office of county recorder or register of deeds is merged with sorne other county office, in counties where the population falls below a certain amount. A notable example of this is foundt in both the States of Illinois and \Iissouri (and there are others), where it is merged with the office of circuit clerk in many counties. The title of the joint office is "circuit clerk and recorder," and the duties of both offices are looked after by one official. The duties of the county recorder or register of deedls are very similar in the various States, althosgh in some of the Eastern and Southern States the office is called by other names. The usual name, however, is county recorder or register of deeds. In Illinois, Indiana, I - 190 y e.A lIe &Si 9-opyrtgnt, 1910, Dy Ueo. A. Ugle & Co.

Page  VI U. I I I I tz)I G E S-_r C F_ _rH E S''VS -rE=M C'DF- ~1\ QIVILG VFE R N MF-NF Ioat, M assttat, Ohio tand tatv o the States it is cllad "county re — corder." It K~ana, MT~iahigan \in sta, Nort-t Dakota, Wisconsin atad ttanty more- it is called "register- of deeds." Int all oaf alt- Statesa this office is the- rpositoray wthereit atre kept all recorttds relatting tat deeds, aotg tages tansfersaaad contacts atffectiaglanadtsaaithin tileaatauty. it i the data of the recoder atr registera, as soon at ptactical afterthtab filing of anyinsttrumeattinawriting ialthis officetntitledto be-trecortded, to recortd aba tta-e at ienthat, in the at-dat- af thy tiatt of itt reception, in baakt prt-aidt-t- by tita coanty fat- that pat-patty; tand it is his duty to tadat-se tat all iastrttmenats a cert-ifiatte of the timae wht-a tbt- tatae tas fit-ti. All af tha States havae sotett of the followaing pt-oaitionstatacetting lt-a dut-it-a of the recoradt-r, but thete t-rovisions at-a not commona to all of the Stat-at, tiz. Tht- t-egisttt-t at- recortdet- it ttat allowetd ta t-t-cotd att itstrt-mtant of ata, kiad at-lt-at it it daly etecte-atd taccordiatg to law; he- it not obligedtot recorad anyinsttruatentt utalesas hit ft-at at-atpaid in adtancet; ast a-rtie, it it unawftttl fat- Itim to recorad atymapat, plaatt tasbdiviaianof laatdsituattedwithinanay-ittcotpoatedacity, totwnot-aillagtuttail itaisapt-oaedbyabt-eaproeraaficat-saofatheameat. In anttyhStat-s he it faorbiddt-nata ant-tat dee-d oathe ract-ds ant-il it bas-bat-t at-dat-at-t "ta-at- paid" by tht- pt-apt-a afficail baheit requirt-d tat exhibit, ft-at of cartge, alt rt-cords, ott-t tallow capies tat be atada; ha it- authariaedt-ot admitistetat Oathts tand takt- acknowalt-dgmenat-t. CIRCUIT OR DISTRICT CLERK, OR CLERK OF COURT. It nearlalyil ofi the States, eacah otatvt eilects a aic-let of court aocoarts,"aaometiaesalsoattknowta atcit-cuitilet-bot-disttrictclet-k,inaiiaattag tba coatrt itath twhiah tha oficta it aanneated. It- tat-at of thy Statat, at hat alreadyt iteat- -atatadtheb offiaeof clerkbaf court it-tat-t-at- with soeathet-acoat-ty office. This it thet casa it- Illitnoit tand M~issui at-bat- it- tatty aaautties it it aaanetttad wtith tba offt-e af cotataty at — cat-dat-. Itat tliabigtaa, att afficaitindat-tha at-tt- af 'alt-al" hanadlas thy bat-itt-ta taicia usualtly it gitaea tat thy clerk of coutat tatid yutattt tt-b at- tattitt-. ILa atWisact-tint, -Missourti, tlinitaf atnd othtbt- Sttat-s thenamet ased it "circauit clerak;" fat Kansas, 'Nabratka, M\ittatat-ta, Northt Dakoata tand atty othersthae office is catliaei Mat-bk af distr-ict coatatt"I whble itt matay af thy States, ittalatlitag 'Indianat, Ohio, Ioata, Satttti Dakota tand at-hat-a, it istatlled siamptly aclt-ak" at- "alat-bof the cattat atcyutats." Tha chief datty at tbit offiialat it tat tat at clerk of tha district at- aftcaitiaourt-,,taiaataat andsmt thert-caartsafiinfaariaor aarisdiatioat. It-is aiaaacaaras,yprasarveallthabilsaanadypaparsataaraof,maa keb,kaepayadyaaetat-at caaaalete- t-eaordi af all tae procaaadiaags at-ta aataeraaiaataiaaaataaaaaf, at-d carrtyaout such other- dattis tas -atv lay requiret-d iytheb rutles atad ardaiaoftheabirarespeatiaeacoarta. Thaeyamuataaatt-a ftaect-d alil jdgaaata, decreesttaadat-dersoftiheacoarttasasanasa poasibleaafterathey.arerendat-ad; bael, all inadictmetstait t bit- tasyatpblia t-ecatd, bat-a auathoraity tat admtitnistat- oattha, takea acknaowledgmaents; take atad ceatify dapaaitiana, aad aret-equired toa-atiiaiatiaaalreodstfreaeaofatarge. tat nervall tba Stateas tile ioaw deaaaaas tba charactaeat ft-feb re-atrd booktb aaitiahtheacaarkaofacaurtaaaatkaep. Although theaeiatnoasettledtr-laiail thistamatater, ttaenealtatpro-aaiaioasaaretathat h haii kaepy Firt- attata eatal docaket at- registertaf actiotas, it wthiatt is anteraeda at-a titla af eacah acation intheb or-dat-it -at-aiahathey at-a commenceaad, tand a desaaiptiaaa of eacai papeat fit-ti i theab catta atd oil proaeadings thaeraina; sa-ond, a talaitt-iff's ittdata tad defeyanttiata it-dext; thid, a judgmentaa hootk and excuiaoa daaet-, ha whiah ha entersatheb jodgmentt i eacah actiona, titme af issuainag exctaat-iaaa, satitftactiat, eta., tand suah othat- bat-ba astheb coutst at-ab th t law atay pret-satiba. SHERIFF. taa allaof theStaatestheaoffiaef hertif~f itaoaeof tlttmost irr-aytatatat ofbah yaltatt affiays. Tita tat-a af affbaa vaariea it diffaaaaat Statet, bt-inagaasally aitlat- tat- at- faat-yearsa, atndin saeaeral of tba Statat-on iatt-t cantoat bald tita afflae a secoatd tat-t aataaaottively. 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Theatitleof thetoffiae-inatgt-attmajoratityaai aba Stat-at it 'yaountty auperiaatendent," baa in- MXichigot-, Nlit-toot-i, Ohio, Nat-a Yorkt- at-t possaiblty oat- at- tat- at-hat- Stoat-a, thy afft-e is tat-tt-t "schtool comtatistiotttrt- at-t ita t-veat —l of aba Stat-ath la wstt pt-atide fata boat-t of cotatty eamtityat- at- at-boat cotatiasioners, at-ha at-a givent cattaidat-ableoaf the tat-h that at-a atoat of aba at-bat St-at-a it hat-tlt-t by Thy nattat of thia offiaa it-atlist-a eb dutiet- a-hit-h dat-alt-a tat-at it. tand that- at-a t-a-a tat-ta tubae it all of thy Stat-at Thy itat-atbyat of this afft-a it carge-d awit-ha genertal soypervisiona oaert-a-b sc-hoottaf thy at-a. 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It-a eatat alol thy St-at-a abt —t ar forbliddt-t-tavitganyat~ fnt-aet-a- it-a tie at-eto f at tayatsctal fatn-ataraaapoparatasaorabaakaaasaahinaaatheasaooa. IntaanaaStatesatheiaaaa t-auttorit atoaahnla tachear's-a cetita-tt-atttaiatetfit-poper -t-ieihat-ita - atl-atrat-b tat-at-a afuch-ta sthat-,a- a at-at-alrct sltch~ meatthosasa il leae.n COUNTY, PROSECUTING OR STATE'S ATTORNEY. That-at at a greata alt-Ot-atat-a btaweotta t-ttt tat-fat- St-at-a it-a at-at tatatit-ad atf hat-adtlitg at- at-teatdat-a at- that- legai hrat-tats at- elaati —ttaa-t-g t toout ntters aortgro-iaatiaa aat-tauity afft-ira It-t-at,-ttaotf thetSt-tat-sithetfficial itha Stat-ta litt is atlled atat- Stat-as tat-tat-a a at- arasecutiaag at- districat at-tr-a t-at-. Iit- a fat-at-a that St-at-a taheyt alit-t-l thy St-, —ate-it-tt dist-ict-s a rata-titag at-ta-tttbar-atf cutiaes-ttat- at-ttd;istraiat-att-t-n-taatiaaileatet-t-intacht-t istricft-. at- it- sa e 'at-a at-a- tao ndlt tatla- all at-ta hat-al at-t-k of tttt tat-fa-at coat-a-its, adlt-t-a oattiesi t-at-t-atist-a-t Itt-at aut-htat-i-t ataony nt-toyit- fast-htat it rthatvaraiaat St-ott-a. at-d that-at-at tatit-le-t tat-b t-itat at-a this at-Rae, abe geatetal adutietat-f at-a offiae tat- tat-a at-t-tt- t-ta sat-tat-hroaaghota all aft-ha St-ate,-a it-it-that datty of aba comt-a-y at-tat-aty ta commenceaa at-t pt-aet-a-a- alt actiaont, taft-a, aititatatayst, oat-id prosecutions, tiv it at-t cr-itiait, itt- at-t coatatotf recoarad-in istcohntyat tinawhic-h the'-"peopleof thetStateorcont-t-y"tmayakbe concerne-td;ato proecte-tall —afor-feite-d boasantttdt-ag. niat-oo-tt-, at-d alt tact-tot-t faa tba t-t-oatat- of dabts, at-at-nutt, atontyt-, hat-ta, at-a, aaccruiag tohisaaoaaty; to cot-taaance andpt-se-at-at alt tact-fat-t tand proceediags hatougtth by anty couttay oft-taft-a bit ofafical capacty; to daft-td alt act-iota at-d proceet-iiags brought at-aft-at bit toat-ty, atat-aft-tt any coutaty offacer it- hit of~fical aapaaity; to give- teal-ohpinions tond adviaa to thy aoutatt boat-t oa at-hat- atataty officers ha reat-hot-a to their ofafical dat-faa; toot-at-tin, if pot-tibla alt parelitiaray exaaintiaonsa oft-rimta lstah. t-aeantrequeted,-thebaistrequired toaattentdasessiottstof that gatad fjat-, eamttitae wittessest ft-a their~ pat-at-at-taft-a ga Ithat-it-fa tand at-a that pt-opt-a t-bpaata at-ad pt-oat-tat- at-a fat-tad; dratw at- indiactaents oandprosacteaattthe tat-a. Thetcouatyattorneayfisarquired, that te-. qaeteatd by aba At-tot-at-at-nOttat-tt ta appeat- fat- the Stat-a ft cat-at ft hit-t aouta y ft wltit-h tba St-at-a at- iterested. The aouta-ty aattarneytaakes at tat-uat-o at-part-at-a hat tat-at-fa St-ott- aft-at- of alt the-tcriaitalh cases parasecuted by hita. PROBATE OR COUNTY JUDGE. The tatthat- of haatdtfig probate taatteasais notuniformtahroughouat tbe vataiata Stat-at It- man-ty St-at-a aba highe at-uatst atrat giat-t fat-iadict-aot oat-a pt-that-a tatteat-, at-tinf atbt-arst-hat, boat-at-tat-ad dist-aiata ft at-iah at-a bald proathet aoutstt, that-a fariadiat-it-a ett-t-da at-a tat-atat-a couna-tiesandtat-kes faa othert-matteraabesidespurely probateaaffairs. It tamajoriatyofthe Statesa,haowever,particularlt-y the-t etat-t- tandNorthat-a St-at-at, they aelat- a atataty at- a pt-that-a jt-dge, atha haolda aourt tand boat-tlt-a thy probate mat-t-as t w-ahiah taft-a wthin hit aout-ay. Thy uiat-titif-ont at that-at aaout o atpt-ott-ate atourts it- tot- alt-ty-a atoatbatd exaclusively to prt-bate at-ftair, bait-at frt-qaetltty extended to man-ty at-baa mat-t-atat, oat-tihaty at-a-atally itt-lt-da tat-h maaatt-rs at-tpa- a fpet-at-hip affairat, adapt-iota, tafttat-, at-a hat aaat-a af the St-ott-a thay'av boa t-th a acaunty jtudge at-d at prabate judge, at-d ft that-a t-at-ta tha ]ritatit-tioa-ft of tht- tat-tat- ft aaonfined to suaha tat-t-at-a at- at-a it lit-a wtath pt-that-a ffait-s. tat- Mitt-ott-f they hateat-pt-abate jadt-e, oat-t alto a aot-tty coart-, atomat-a at-atti-ta aba aficalt caouaty hoartt-. It-a tNhithit-anta hey itat-a a praobate ittdata tat-t a pt-balt-ta at-gistert. Thy it-oaate judge it geneat lly ativ-et at-it-itoh jitadict-fit- it-tall tat-tersat at troat-otot, settitleyttt ot et —atesofadeaeaseda persoasaappaointmeataa f aguardaaalaaaaaadaaanaaaaator-an-adaysettttleett-ofit-airtaaaoun-tst- Theyt-akebprooafaofawills,direct batheadmiaisatrat-on ofatestates,tgraantttltaaat-ad iavkelt-terateta a men —ttarty antd yaf admioaistratiaoa, tappoint- tat-t at-a-atat- gatatat-laa, at-a, COUNTY SURVEYOR. This it- at- ha- atic whicah it- aaaaaaaaaIo tat nat-t all afthab St-at-ta. ha oat-eredtiby oat-y coart-aorat-oiat-ta-ptiiaat-iaaaofttay-ind-aividual at-atat-tat-at tiaon,oattipreser-t-tatareaordaof t-hat stiratvya-atinadt-yla it- N —at-it-tatlo thy 'St-ott-a provit-l that aet-a-ita rectat-s altall it- kepta lay aba atatatay ati-t vt-ya, anaalproaideapenoaliaaforhia tat-iat-at-to alatt-talac ahoi at-ta-th aayaamadelay hiaaa. Whiletht-isttiaaofficiaal aotat-aoty-suryor-.yet-t-t cott-tpetnt-tt Itribotat, tat-t that at-aet-a-tt-t- that-at-a may it- diaputead. COUNTY CORONER. This it aotaharaaouty offt-e at-hic-h at-ist-t it- tat-at-alol of aba St-at-ta It-ti tt- aveageaataaaaa at-at-a it-at-t atuch at-t-i fa~t-that acoroea, bat it the at-t-atiet it- ahicalarta-e ciftie tat- itt-at-ad theoaffaae it a vt-ry itapattat-t at-at Iit- gttat-at t-araaa it matoy tat stat-a-t that- at-a acat-t-at- it retqttir-d violentiaaor iataaladeatiahsalInaaat tiaatesaalie asat-power ato-at-atiaa it-at- to at-a-ua-fa itot-taab catty at deataha bat- it- atat-at of thatat this it- aaat at-at catae, at-d ha it- givent tat-at- ato tact- tat-ta hIt-l catat at-ltitt attatta at-at-at- admtintisteyt tat-it- it-a aartaina catat at-t-vit- fat-rdat-atae bhral-t. kihlit-g aftheb decat-atdt. OTHER COUNTY OFFICES. Thy atat-ty ott-at-a al-t-ait-t av alat-tada fatat- at-tt-ina at-i tat-ab pt-it-a ciiathoaeaafounad iaallaof the Stat-a.Thr laraaa,Iahtw-ver, afewa-othar coat-tttty offi ialsttbesidest-alttat rntatiataadalaaiafha'aist-ifaaaaa y oftt-tStat-at. at-d athiab shoat-ld ha It-ft-al tat-t-itt-at- it- this conatttaitft-a iT-t-tat-a soah offata atsatatatty that-cit-at-, atatat-y oat-at-at-, at-a-ay collet-aot-. aout-a-y poat- aoamataioneraa at- s-apeitenatadeat- aft-itt coutyat-poora-housea, aquatiatitoa, it-oard at rtviet, at-a The at-ot-t of It-at-at aft-at- fatpt thy dat-it-a. Thase offiat- do aot-t at-istt it-alol ofthy St-at-at, iut-t it- at-at-t atvtay St-at-a thy Ioaw pt-atideta faa at-a at- more of theseat-utaty ofaficalt-. COUNTY HOARD. Thy pot-et-a at atvearytauty at a tatdy polit-ia at-d corporatat at-a tat-tad it aaaaaatvy-ioart. This offical ctataty boat-tisf gener-aillaataredtheaacounty "baradof supervisors,"t at- "boat-t of cotatassioners," it-tt tt-re at-a atta at-at-ept-itt-t to this, like Misouit where thata eb county it-at-t it bat-ta asthab "atoat-ty aoutat-" Theat- ft consifderable differencea iaatheatmake-uapof the aut-ay boardfiathe ari-ousabates, tnasattayt is atdeatip ofotat ta-a-tlt-t-fromttactth towttshiptint-t-batoutt —. Inobtt-rs aba coutieasat at-a ditidad fatto distraiots, at-t oat- tattattat of aba atatay It-oad ft choset- ft-at- eacah district. Na geral-ta descrtipaftio ot tt-it- atald by giata that at-alt by acrateaa at- at-tat t-f that Stat-ta follatot bath t-f Ithes t-laas. Fat- itt-tt-at-e, ha Illiaais attay of aba cttatieat at-e gotvtat-d bytat-obardot-fasupervisors-, hich istatdeotipofttone-tttamt-e-rtt-romach tot-athip, abut- othet- aaoaaftia finab thsatat Stat-a at-a got-atat-t lay a, laoard at t-ount-y comamiss-ioners, consit-intg of thart- at- atoat memtberstat-b representing distrit-st intt-t which aba atatat-ies it- test-iton oatdividetd. Tht- at-orat-o powers-of tba couatvboartd abthrt-bout all of thtStat-ts it aobtt thy t-aae, at-apt-pa aato-att deat-ilt, It t-epreaetsa tba leg it-lt-aaattiean cot-poaa t-e a at-ar at thy aaounty. Oat- of aheir at-tt-i-at ittalttaab cosea at- cairtt-nat oa prestidant-a at-ad act-t ast ab prasidin-g at-f tat-a. Theaaaaataboaraahasageneraal hargea ovet-aha t-affairt-ofaha aut-a-atI. It-fat-bait-dot-a toaprotideaount- offiaes, provideaysks- tat-a t-fatt-tt-tioakt ft-I t-it-at. _at-ot-at-a, iavetiaiataayandadjisif ctathita agafnt-a aba aoutyat atdihata geealat caare at-d aut-a-ldy at alt the rat-t at-d itr-at aba ctat-ty treasurer:aaa arn at-a-attaototnt- at-dot-ti ocheras. Thev loateat caatvt-ro-ads: dat-atatit-a at-ae arnotnt-ttt at coutttt tat- at-t- ret-arl-iay itt-i lit-h a stoaatemeto atheiar ittoat-adiat-at makttb attattat-ata of at-at-ipta. at-ittitt to ab ept-c. -ta-t a tat-atat-at-ractsalt- at loattat-tata- othe act-at-ftit-st aorpora tetytoast- at-t oat- Iot-t speaidiatla delegat-al to ot-hert-ot-,aaa TOWNSHIP GOVERNMENT T HEt-aethoaaiafatawabipatovernaaeatathaaaagiaoalt- th aff r~t-t'-tatttat t- ars st- at-at- that- at- a- titpotastale it- Itt- art-aicet It-tt-at aft- ta-at-a that- ta-a a- a tgeat wat-a Iit-tat-tt- of t-he Stoat-a thy tata-abaaip at-a at-t at-goat-tat-t a. i-ada a paiorat- at-a itoaatt-r St-at-a, tat- t-aana aoutiaaas thay iat-t h~aae tat-tathip at-a gatatz-aftaoat- at-buy ia at-tat- aoutittast fi tht sat-at Stat-a ft dot-a at-t eaiat. at-at-ot- ct-taa-t-ohtfficial sallt otat-t-id tat-ut- hot-al at-t-k at-that aaortk twhiah it- at-hat- Itt-alit-ft- at- at-attatat- lay at-a tat-wa-at-it- aoffcat-a. Dattat-a alt-at- at-at- boat-ttta-l-a tatyatiat- ft-ahet itlat of toawnaship gatat-at-at-a- an that ahiffaeat-tt St-at-at at-bat- it- at-i-ta tuft-at- at atit-ta t- haaa tat-at-i a-yt-aofStates.may baatsaid tabeaaaike. Ahlaut-thtt —tt aaa-sahaaea Iletattctt nceraaiatgfthe- atoratitate t-aw-t —thfita that- c-aatd it-atada- witwtat-lt- apply- tat all the St-at-at at-a thy folloingtaa ait-at- at-gatizeyd tatn-aay-purcahasea, gift at- dat-fat. oaadhld property, bat-t realh at-d pt-atoatal, frtaahe useaof-itsaihaobitaaantaaddagainatoaaellat-idcoaveyatebametaa at-d ato aokeall st-ta coaatractsaaas aoyhbeaaa sat ay iathe exerciseatof it-a poawers tas a tao-aat-it —. tat- a gt-eat mat-y t-f at-a St-atest-aab tot-tship government-a it carrtie d at-a alft-r a pltaa at-ar aftat-ilat- tat that-outt-t tat-t St-at-a gtoatr t-raaaaaa. liatat-g vartious eaacative officers anad atowatalip boat-td it- whichb tba corpoat-a- tat- lgiti vet-aoa ypoa-ata, of aba towaas-lip at-avet-a-td In at-baa Stat-a t-hay folloa a plot- ahabh at-tat-a-a to that pt-out-ha alt tot-pat-at-a at-d legislative patwat-, tat-t thertfort batty at- at-ad far a toat-atlip boat-t, but boate vataioat- ot-hata at-ot-nshfit oft-at-a tat-oat-a oat-It-by at-fthysatt-t ot-derat of thy aot-tat-. t-ht-t-ht-t his plota pt-vat-il tahay Itt-d that it gen — et-allt- teraaed "t-ata retatta-ft-,' at wltit-b evary It-gal voter of at-a towataaltit- bas a vt-faa, At- that-a at-tt-ittga t-eports at-a Itad frt-t thy varit-ot-t townsahipofaicial,oand theaaecassarayaaeasat-s areaadoptedaaandaliayaat-tat- giveta for-yacarryitga o at-a eb towatshipt batsit-ess. 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Thy pt-tr-it-ial o~ffials faa at-atat- a ipt ot-gattizatft it at-tat-It- all abe Stat-at aret-aab folointitga "Supervit-at-, aoa taut-ta-ta,t "alt-ak," "at-tatilrer," ~ — t- aasso, cletr""ut-fat- of aba pt-at-," "t-ont-ttbles,t"overaseers, su-pervisorsor atatta-tt-aitt-tat-at- af aba higtaaays," anda"pouaaadmat-a-t-ast-tathaaagh- tasht-at-s be -ttt-tstat t- n arl f that Stat-ta dat-tot- Itat-t all of that-a afft-ioal. SCHOOL DISTRICT GOVERNMENT thE "atat-tata st-ctoot svt-t- mta at-. to speat-k atwtith graterat atata — aay, aba at-t-had o-f t-ovatraiaag at-it-ol ditfa ~tsft, flt-a eb tat-itt-a 3 St-at-at diffet-s taidaty aet- alt falloat-aft- at ga eala tayoy-tt- atf tat- seat-t-tat-a at-d alaarly dat-ta-at- methodsta- bit-ftat at-tat-atIt-inftat-a-tat at-apet-a-a- to-et-t loc-ala aondtiaaas atatidetas. 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Copyr~ight ioio. by' Geo-a A. & gt.a

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Page  VIII I I_ r GENERAL INFORMATH*~ bN BANKING AND BUSINES% METHODS. a tI I i Anefter.oma ateee nimittag -Ab vadesement Is te teebie the Vo7es (when Itto made peyt, eb to be eorder) toe treaesferhis title ito the Iestcueeeeewitlamet b~eoming i 'No for itapeymentt, anid maektingthe partitoho it eetttistransferred eassume ali. respoietibtitty cucrntg pet,. mment. Teedo thlt theeetttiser wretee the wordst "Withoutt Recourse"oer blat inaue,eewehich hit the effeetof, relinquisihing hi. title withtthot wak. Ingbhim tebte to the holder Inetee the peytefeilitti itk t, ip heetherttiethod of liltlitiig he endoryemeettJ letittke It gooedlflustration if hehih Latihe fohtewing: "Pity to thit Si-e~ or ttder upon his deilerting ito thet'tert Mtti...Iit ittit.iceitty tied it lotti, block l. til.," hiltow which the endotrt-plucee hi. tigi.teuit. -H.e tit.tet tae kttipayable ito "A. B. ioily,"o teIn iquivleetet -tdi, it wihith tse, "A. 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Page  X Ac 2 A- +os~ I~GI cAiL. APJAN 3ENI ()_ N 7 Copyright, 1190 by Geo. A. 0gle & Co. The chief aim of this Chronological History is to give in a comprehensive and attractive form the principal events of the history of the world free from unnecessary details. For convenience this history is arranged under-I. Ancient History, IL Medieval History, Ill. Modern History. The latter is given-First. From the beginning of the Sixteenth Century to American Revolution. Second. From the birth of the United States to the present time by countries. Ancient History 414302 bkl c.. 00fo th3012r2io t00 on 2700 'The 020s Egyptioo dy.ooty b.dg21M.ea 1130) Sn1 fPUi.dSgypti.. dy.. dy. 1 1400 to haoo boeo poplod by 2440 Thor.d Sl-ogo. ed 2700 T. 4thEgypta2 dyoo ty egins 12480 Th02. 0100 foood Th.14iAtited bo1olo C1 ppdoia,00002 R012 of Aoolo,800 py0112000 to Arsotoo2le tho..ipllolt 000000 11 of 2200 The 23i2 dyoatyol in 0000. foundod. 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Page  XII ANCIENT, M4EDIEV AL AND MODERN HISTORY. ~~ __ L A. D. U89 A 00t1n. m4ade Bishop of Hippo (died 43101 Alaric 1. Greece, StIlleho attains chief power under Ronorius. UG The BrOt.. o ask aid of 10400ius against the Picts and Scots. 807 Deaths of M'arto of Tour. and Ambrose of Milan. 400 Chrbyotom Bishop of Constantinople (ditd 407). 400 Aloric ravages Italy..400 Battle of P.ollontl. 0)ofeat of Aloolo by Stillcho. 406 The Vandals, Alanl and Suevl Invade Spaoio 489 The Roman legloos recalled from Britain; final withdrawal about 418. O Sack of Rome by Atooro. Death of Alootc. Poeoagtoo bogioo to 040.04 oboot this time. 412 Podooloo 00 philooopb- booo 11ied 405). 44 Mnaoologo 00 Atoulooo, Ollg of the Gotho. to Plootdo, dooghooo of TheoPersecution of the Christtos in Persia, begins; last. thirty year0. 85 Death of St. Jerome. 0-0slus, the Spooioh presbyter and htstortan, ffurfshhd. 412J D -ath of Ilo.orlu. at Ralenna. 4= Administration 0! 34us begins. lasting about thirty y,?a.. Th. Traveler'o S00g publiohed. 428 Noooiuo. Patriarch of Conotantoo ople, b..lsbed (435). 429 Th. Vand.l under Gen0eric Invade Atriet. Death of Theodoro, Bishop of Mopsuesti401 Third General Council held at Epheous. 432 St. Patrick arri0es in Ireland. 410 Attila King of the H0uns. 430 Theodoolan codo published. 439 The Vandals surprise Carthage. 440 L.oo. (the GOoat) Bishop of Rome. 442 Treaty of peace between Valentlnoan and Genseric. Attifla in Thrace and 440 Messages of the Brito00 to Etlu. for aid against the 447 Attila ravages the Eastern Empire. Theodooius concludet. treaty with Attla. 400 Th. Robber-Counei1 of 0phesus. Lauding of the English I. Britain. Hengistt and Her.. in Kent. 460 Death of Th1do 01104 to 1 4op I-lasto. of G0000 by Att0la. Victory of 0Etius at Ch0 ots, Fourth General Council held at Cbalce-~ do.. Monophysite 0ontroversy begins. 400g Invasion of Italy by Attila. Venice founded. 400 000th410Attila. 0Dissolution of 0i0M464 St. Patrick fixes his see at Armmsgh. 46 0 Sack of R0010 by ofn00r0. Int-,oeoolo. of Leo o 4g57 H-engisrt f-unds the Kingdom of Kent+ 46 00 The epic poem of Beow olf H oy 461,167 Rule of Rictmer. Severud nominal Emperor. 462-'72 Conquests of the V014goths In Spain and Gaul. 4 Great ire at Constantnople. 470 Birth of Doethius (d0ed 526o 0 4.3 Romului Au1ustulh s Emperor of the Rregt (banished 476). 476 Odoacer captures and sacks Rome and becomes King of Italy. Su00004004 of W,stern Emperors ends0 Close of the period of Ancient Watory. Meldieval History 476 Establishment of the Kingdom of the Frank.. 477 Second S..o. invasion of Britain. 480 Birth of St. Benedict odied 543). 781 Cl-oi.1. olMgr00010n) reigns In Bolgic 4 o6 Proclu0, philosopher, died. 486 1attle of 0400 0nOo Clo0vlu. 1. defeat0 the Gau0s. 489 Ostrogoth. Invade Italy. 491 Oitd found. the Kingdom of Sussex. 483 Theodoric establishes the Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy, South Germany and Hungary, capital at Ra — 496 Third Saoon invasion of Broltainl Cerdle found0 the Kingdom of Wessex. 496 Cyovis 00 Franc1 embrAoo Christianityo 60, L."..1 Burgundy published. 602 Charbad.., the Persian, ravages the Greek E-pl-re 500 F040u o land. in from Ir(.1ad. 606-142 Th. famous King Arthur said to reign CIn I E. Vnd. 507 I.,00s. ofClog co000. 0 d the country from the Pyr... e to the Loire, founds the Kingdom of E 0 Frank 0 610 C lo,,ts makes Parts the capital of the Frann,,, 000 S.1i Law established by Clov4s In 0)044. 4 ood00 00400 00vi00o0 of the monarchy between Clovis' four son..,5,4 Vit'lianus, the Goth, besteges Constantf419 C0dic found1 th10 Kingdom of W....d in nrlttf.. To J O o ofOI. h 74beom 140 Emperor of Rome. 600 rth S.0of 00 p0010 of BritBlt. Est.000.o..d.hd. r- Jusina Codc publishhd. 634 IDeU.-trus eon,,nq — Af-..a 038 Th. Fla-oooo 00,p00 in it40y. 6.39 Italy -ad.ubec t. Delisartus. Goths 00.0.0. 0 0 04an. 044 BOrth of Greg0by of Tourl (died 590). 04) The TPrkt. oookr Apt 0 o 47 N prt. 0br00 fo4d.. 00d0,.0rita 5.0 660 The Angieu form the 1-1,pts.rchy A~nglia, D~eir. t,.i. tc 5652 T.U la, the 0.trogoth, d,-U!.td I. Italy by the 1-peri.1ria gcneral.?..... and 664 Nr.-. o,-rthr.-'- G,)thic power In Italy,, 55N Clotalre..I, ul~r Ili Frmncc. 660 Ferg.. M.- It. of S,.tlund (?). 661 Death of Clic~tWre_ Ili. f..r.... dl,0de the king~dom bet-,.. the,.. 662 St, Col.-ba lands In Sc.tland. 663 d,-ttrroyed by fir.. 564 History of G~ild.. (?). 666 Death of Justinian 1. Ethelbert becomes King of Kent. GM8 Italy included by the Longobardt tr.Germany, who found the Kingdom of Lombardy. Narse. governor of Italy. 570 Birth of Mohhmmmd (died 632). W77 Battle or Durham-, West-Saxons defeat the Brit... Sn1 Paris mostly destroyed by fire. Scea-..t... r.,,.ge Thrace. 6&4 Frank' Invade Italy and are repelled. The May.-s of the palace the real rul-,,rs In France. We6 Kingdom of Mrlrciar founded In Britain. SW Franks expelled from Spat. by Rcrard 1. 690 Gregory I., the Great. become- P-P-. 696 Th. Lombard. b..lege Rom. and overrun Italy. 597 St. Augustine arrives in England. 698 Ethelbert, King of Kent, embraces Christtanity. 606 Italy ravaged by Sclavonl-na 603 Scot. Invade Bria are driven back. 6U1 The Persian. make conquests in Syria, Egypt. and Asia Minor. and be~lege Rome, A. D. 612 Jews persecuted -in Spain. 613 Cl0t10re IL. King 04 FrancPt. 614 Jeru..lem captured by Persian.. 000 Mohammed -rOOOAly le oo tOoa and onters Miedina. The Hogir. or Arab emigration-not ighOt a. 000000ly t0anslated. 00 Da0gobert, the "Solomon of the Franks,P. be070400 King. Revises and publishes the Sallo.od RIp.,ian Law... 630 MoOr ---d 4o-eoters Me0.; Installed as pr-cE 004d prophet. 632 Death of M~lhham.-d. His religi.. pr..d. through Persia. 634 Th. K00.. pohliohed. 638 Syria occupied by S-een..s Cl-ool II., 004 of Daagobert, King of P,.'e639 00mor institutes the new Moslem Calend.,. 040 Alc...doioa Library burnt. 042 In Britain the M400000 defeat the Bernt. can.. 653 Rhodoo taken by the SaracenO. 656 Cloetloo III. become4 King of Fra0ce. 662040 Italy, Const0 1".0 Emperor of the East, 10 defeated b the Lombards. 668 Coto besieged by Saa000ns. 672 Sara-..s dri-.n from Spain. 602-07 W04mb.'s "good reign" in Spain. 608 Cadwoallader, the last king of the Britons, reigns. Bulgar3ans occupy Bulg0ria0. n Northern Greece. 681 Mebrooio. last of the Merovinglaos, a0-..Isnated. 685 Sax.o. drive 0ritons Into Woales 04 Cornwall. 687 Sussc...1t,,d to Wessex. In France, Pepin defeat1 Thierry. 694 Kent devastated by West Sa..n.. 697 Aoafelo becomeo the first Dog. of Venic". 709 Th. Saraooooo ivit0d into Spain to overthrow King Rodrhck. 711 Toe S — 0 0 r000 from Africa to Spain. Th. 13.1gari-ns ravag. the Eastern E — pi'.. 712 The G,,thlc Kingdom of Spain overthrow. by the Arab.,. 00h0t of the Saracen kingdom.f Cord.,.. 714 CharOo..oartol. mayor of the palace and 7 -. l r- 0 - 0f France. 717400dep4nde0t (-othio M0onarchy founded In the A.,Wria.. 718 L..o and Asturoals formed 1nto a Kingdo03 by P0lay., who check. the con0000ts of the Solo0010 in Spain. 720 The S.- oooo o are defeated at Colotooo Charles -1faft.) created Duke of F'ranc-' Th7 S4.100 l i,000 France. 730 Pop. Gregory 0000.00 f0100te0 the Emperor Lee. 432 7attle of T00107 or Poitier.;o-.shing defeat cf' the Sarac... by the Franks. 739 Charles p Martel o.nqoers Provenp7. 746, SAbdJ.bool.m bptoo Grecian P040pon747 CarlDoo of France lbdict3 d 0 752 Pep0n, the Short, 000 o0 Charles Martel, becomes King of France. 754 Pepin give. Ravenna to the Pop.. 755 Insurreeti.. 1. 11-cia, Britain. Abderah..n 1. beeor.- King of Cordova750 Pepin 40070Rav, n. to the See of 7C Rom.. o0 Ioourretlog of Toledo. 768 Death of Pepin, h.uo y 00020d by his two sons, Charlemagne and Carl0man. 3ho rule In FrOnce and Germany. 771 Charlemagne rulet alone. 772-'85 Charlemagne, after a severe struggle. conquer. the Saxons; th~ey embrace Christianity. 774 Ch.,]-.g..nexe Italy after conqucring the Lombards. 779 Battle of Ronce,00lle 0 Beginning of the age of chivalry. Charlemagne unsuccessfully invades Spain. 785 SaTono, subdeod by Charlemagne, become Christians. 787 Th. Dan.. land in England. 791-'96 Charlemag.. establish.. the Margravi040 of Austria0 Reign of Alfonso, the Chaste, 4n Spain; tndependeo.e of Christians established. 799 Th. Adarh subdued by Charlemagne. S 0 Charlemagne crowned at Rom0 4 becom0 Emperor of the TWest by Pope 802 Rric, the Norman, 1stablishe0 the first regular government 1. Russia at Nov80,7 rrdd and become. grand duke. 870War bLi t00 0 Slav.. and Greeks. 814 L..i. I.: Emperor, dethroned, but re-.leaed to hi. d.-Inion.. 817 L ojis, the German (France). conquers 840 G 402ria. 0 MiToh-0p of oo the Dyoaofn.o Empire f... d the Armorisn dynasty. 8,23 lo England, E-e. (land, two years later, 7 ot bd Noorthumbrid) are annexed to 825 Th. 400vi0ns occupy Dalmbtba. 827 Th0 Sa 00 i 00pta-4hy end4 and Egbe00 0. king of W00000, brof Co king of all England. 830 L.W.s the imprisoned 1. France. 839-'40 Louis oepa-otes Germany from Fr. c.. 840 Ch.,I.. the Bald King of France. 84(1 German prince. assert their independ844 Treaty of Verdun; the sons of Louis divide the empire. Spain — gdd by the No.rthmen. 846 Th7 Saracenosoook R.-o. 848 Brittany b-.m-e independent. 850 Russia. monarchy established by Ruric. 850(?) Scot. and Piet. united under Kenneth. 851 (4-th. en pillage Fra00. M6 Russia.. attack Constantinople. 867 B...Illian Dynasty f... dd at Constantl-."PI". G69 E0000 03100 Cto cil of Constantinople. F;L.U. Chu-ch.) 871 ThA D...f d470at Alfred at battle of M0r-,on, 003 Kingdom of N.,.-, 7 founded by San010 Iuig.. 875 Charles, the Bald, becomes Emperor; I. Aoid by ZEdechioo,o o Jeob bh phys00 875-1154 CG-o4icl 00 870 L0)040 0 3. King of France. 87',i Alf-ed the Great drii —. fr.- England. 0.9 Oo-oo 1 0.00 00 c7 Constantinople. (Q,-,~-k Ch-rch.) 881 D-nes Image- S,.tl..d. 021 Par0s 0 ottdck, by North0.g. 8W0 Italy subj-cted to the Eastern Em ir e Al4red of England fol ooo d. ot0. oplr.a 03 toblt0 os. o yde of law.; MU... ad a navy; subdivide. the country and caases urveys of the Kingde-. 895 Alfred' translation.. 896 The Ge'm-n, under Arnold, set.. Rome. Alfred of England vanquishes the Danes. 901 Death of Alfred the Great. 904 Russia invades Greekr Empire under 01.g. 907 Th. Russian. receive tribute from Constantdnople. 910 A...r'. life of Alfred written. 911 Death of Louis the Child, last of the G-m..n Carolingian.. 912 R.11. the Northman bee-m.. Robert, Duke of Normandy. 918-134 Henry 1. the Fowler, reign. In Germany; conquers the Huns, Danes, Vandals, and Bohemians. 921 Italy in-aded by the Burg-ndins. 928 Fi,,c E-per.-e rulc` the By-atin. Zmphva 933 Ath,,-Iat.. — ge. Srotland. 934 He-7 1. of G-rany defeats the Danemea A. D. 936 Otho the Great in Germany937 Atheloo Oin. a great victory overo t Danes, S-t.s, etc., and becocmslrf King of England. 020 Louis IV. of Fpoooe subdues Gogh Copet' Count of Part,. 944 Male.1fm 1. I. Scotland. 95, Oth. i""'.e Italy. 462 Otho the Great be10ome0 Emperor of the West; Italy and Germany united. 978 Otho 11. invades France. 979 Assassination of Edward, the Martyr, Of 980 Battla of 4aslentello Otho 4 y. of Germany defeated by Greekh and Sar0Ce04. 987 Hugh Capot become0 King of FrancP. 900 Vladimir marries Annie, sister of 4asi1 II. of Russia, and embraces ChrltlOooity. Elfl~iic's ZI'rnmlle", 996 Oth. III. makes the German Emp-,o Paris made the Capital of.11 F00nc.0 0 997 0)a01 of So. Ad h 0bert0. ght Oot intr duced Christianity into Prussia. 9 Gerber', Sil-eter 11. Pope. 3)7000, Italy, become0 ribo and powerful. 0000 Massacre of Dan.. I. England by Ethelred. Reign of Robert II. in 0urgundy. 00 0 Seyn. King of Denmarok, -ge. the Ethelr'd flees to Norm..dy. Malcolm 00. King of Scotland. 1013 Sweyn conquers England. 10104 00ttl0 of ZOtoniu; 0asil II. of Co.nstootiaople defeat4 the 0Blgorioo. 1015 Vladimir I. die.; Russia is di0id4d. 4016 EthOord dies; Ed0400 Ipootidot and Canute divid. England. Italy tnooddd by North000. Eopuolioo of 000000000 10017 C000., the D0an), becomes King of al0 England. 1019 The. 0enter Spain. 1040 SZolly II. of N. Srr. founds the King0 0m of 0 00ti 700 1035 Ar-g-~ become.. Kingdom under Ramirz I' 1000 Uioo of L401 and Austria with Costl'l 0004 D.-.' I.of 40nd murdered by M0ae0 both ' 1040 Sily restored o1 d S4rvia lost to the E-t-ln Empire. Th' Cid (Ruy Di..) 1. Spat.. 1041 D.... drive. fro- Scotland. 1042 The S...ny Dynasty r-ttored. Edward, the Conho P.lor, King of England. Conquest of Bohemia by Henry 4Tk. 1043 Russia.. defeated before Constsntinople. 6040 Rebellio. of Nodordy 1 0 Kent. 1002 W., of Roderog0, the Cid, with the 1058 Moors.plelled from Italy. Maebeth defeated..d slain. M 0alcolm 000. of Scotland. 10W0 Philip I., the Fair, King of Fran0 0 Lam0 ert of Her0 f b0d. 10fi5 Jerusalem captured by the Turk.. 1066 William of Normandy 4 nvade4 England. and wt.. the battle of Hlstiogl0 Hoo.Id dofyatf the Norwegians, and is crowned King of England, January 6. Death of Harold. William I., the Korman, crowned King, December 25. 1070 The feudal system introduP0 d in E. gland. 1071 Norman Kingdom of the two Sieill.00 Here0 -d in the Isle of 1 ly. 1073 Hi debr.-I mad. Pop. Gregory VII. G,'.gory VII. establish.. universal so — ereignty of the papacy, and reforms Tbus.. 4 the Church. Henry VI. of Germany disputes his title. 1075 Odericus Vitalis. 1076 Justice of the Peace oO p0 0tho 00 107,7 Henry TV. submitY snd doe. penance. 1081 Italy Invaded;,y th-GCermans. 1084 Henry IV. takes Rome. The Pop. flies to Salerno and dies there, 0 1 1085. 0)4me0t III. mad. Pope by Henry7 IV. 1086 D-o day Book completed in England; 3 —.encd I. 1077. Buun " founds Carthuslans. 1087 William 100. cro1ned King of England 1088 Urb00 II. Popf0 1090 Maptu. taken by Henry IVf 1091 Th. Soroobns of Spain iBoo e the African Boors to their aid on driving back the Christians. Th. Moors defeat the Christians and seize the Saracen possessions. 1095 Portugal b f 00.0400 parate principality 0 R or Henry of B..0000) Willtp- of MalmePbuWry. 1096 First Crusade begun. Verse Edda compiled () 11098 War betwc.n France and England. 1099 Death of the CWd. Jer..alem captured by Godfrey de BoullI... 1100 Henry T. crowned King of England. Grants.dh0rter restoring the Saxon law.. 1104 Crusader. capture Acre. 1106 Mth,. beeom... free republic. Henry dt.do00 0 hi. brother Robert, and 107 g dpns - o p 40dy. Ag0 o boxtlo o. Scotland. 1108~ Louis VI. le gr.. (the Lusty) King of France. 1140 Henry V. of Germanyo nvade0 Italy. 1114 11 40ry V. marries Matilda of England. M O o 0 University of Bologna 0ounded. Eucli edby Anto English. 1119 Play of Stp C0th0474b at Dustabile. U120 Rise of the L.-bard (Italy) cities. Shipwreck of Prince William. 1122 Treaty oW 0 47rms, between the Emperor..d Pope. 1124 David 0. King of Scotland. 1,125 ra of the gl-ry of Veniee, Victtries.,,,r the..ster. Empire. 1132 Arnold of 33000402 1135 Stephe. becomeg King of England. Hory'o d00ght0r, Maud, dispute4 the cr-.; i,,il war cn..e.. ToooVIt. gr-t letters of fra0ch074 to cidolo ao. t.-.. 3 Empress iLadspartisans defeated at the battle of tho. Standard, Aug. 22. Portugal by o401 a ki0.gdomAl..d 1..ds~j. England, and def..ts Stcphe.: is ro —d at Wi-h..tter, March 3. 1141. 1143 M.... rebe] in Spain. 1144 of Gootp.. d02 the Moors. Wars of the Lombard cities. 1146 S00100nd Cro de: Louis V0 o of Fr...d and Cofr00 I004. of Germany are def,?.t(d by G-kee tr..chery, A. D. 1148. Greece pl07 ddi od by Roger of S404 ly. 1147 MThd.0 defeated by Steph.o, oo d retires to France. 1150 Arthuri.. Legends published. 15 rederic D~arbarossa made hEmperrr Of Germany. 1153 Maud -oncludes a pe.'. with Stephen. Mal0 oim IV. King of Scotland. 1154 Frederic A. 040140 0nvade. Italy. Henry II., King of England, the first Pl..ttgg,.ct, crowned December 19. Adrian IV. Pop.. Constitutions of Clarendon enacted i England. UN5 Margraviste, Austria, made a hsredlar duchy by Frederic I. LM6 War of Gu.1phs and Ghibellines. 1162 Usrbaroasa destroys Milan. 1163 Berlin f.,,,,dd by. -I..y from the Nlthh-lands.,165 Willi.. th,, Li-n, King of Scotland. 1166 Assi.As of Cl-redo. and Northampton. 1167 F-d'eric B-bbar.-s takcs P.Ome. Th, Legg-e fo-,ed agi.As the E-p-ror. 1169 UJni —rity of Par'. founded. U170 Tho.-s A. Becket murdered In England Der-mber 29. Ak D, 0072 Th 0010t0an 01 00di 0017kes great eon307000 10 Aooo Ireland c..qu.-ed by the E.911.b. 0376 Battlo of 0Leg.... B0orbaro.o defeated by the Lombard League. Si. circuitl for the 44401000000000 of 1ustice established 11 England. 1180 GOoonvil Ch001 0 ioio of England. Philip 01. (Aog.&t.o) King of Franc0. 1180 0la0-1l makes a dig910 of English 1aw. 1183 Peace of Co..taooo eotablishc. the free cities of Italy. 0485 Provinces of Arnic.. od V.Io.. annexed to France. Un8 Saladi. eize. Jr!-.lcm. 1d89 Third Cr.-d.h by En d.Poo France and Germany. j dcge of Acre bdgg.. Richard I. crowned I. England, Sep~t. 3. Terrible -— 000 of Jos in Londoe0 1190 Frederic 0. ho rbho.- ) dro-7ed. Order of Te7700.0 Knightl established. Henry V. 100ad4s Italy. Uni-o-oity f OOfo.d founded. 0)04 Richard T. joio o the Cru.odoo. Acre.ptrured. Jerusaleooopened to pilgrim. Kingdom of Cyproo founded. Artois -cnr.-d W F,.nc-. 1192 Richard I.. Co.-r do Lio., 04de pri70007 0 0 Germany by Henry IV.; ran00om00 (11,4) for PL400,0(Xl. Richard def,-.t. Saladi.. 1198 In.o.-ot Ill. 1199 Jo0. become0 King of England, Ooy 27. 1200 Univer.1ty of Salm..eca founded. M22 F..rth Cru,.de: capture of Zor.. 1203 Constantinople besieged and captured by the Crusader.. 1204 Noottody lost to England. Latin. and divide Greece. 1207 Albig,..!.. Crusade. 1208 Otho 0r.0000 d Emperor of Germany at Rome. England interdicted by the Pop.. 1209 French 01 de against the Albegeolse. Inquisitio. established. 1210 W., betw0 7n Venice and G-.. 1213 Battle of Mouroo; defeat of Albigenses. Interdict of England removed. 1214, 11. of Scotland.,rFrench defeat G-ol... at Douvi-3s. 0404 Mag.o Chart. signed at Runnymede, Jun4 15; co0 07rmed and renewed 30 irth of Roger Bacon (died 1492). 0306 Henry II0. becomes King of England, October 28. 3217 Fifth Crusade by Germans and 0un0 g,"l.... 1220 Frederick 00. become0 E4070or of Italy. 1222 Matthew Paris her.. The Knights undertake the conquest of Poland. 0200 Tartar0 conquer a large pao, of Rus09a. L-t.i Vill. King of France. 1224 Louis fr..s hi. crf.. 1226 St. Louis becomes King Louis IX. of Fran e. 0227 oregory OX. Pope. 1228 Siolh Cru0.d.; Frederick 00. at. Acre. 1229 The I7 1 0 00iti4n begun. 1229 Ten year3 ' tru0 0 0 0ith the Sud0 0 -. Jerusalem r..t.,,.d to the Chrlsti-asa ' Frederick — P0m0d King of Jerusalem. Albige-o-o dof.otod jo FrancP. 1231 Uooio —ity of Ca0 br0dg4 founded. 1232 Fall of Hubert de Burgb. 1233 War. b,,tooo 000til0 00d Moors, and capture of COodooo, Seville. Toledo, and 0th-7 1iti07 by Ferd4nand 000. 1235 The foongoli... invade Russia. 1236 War b070000 the Emperor and the 0ombard ILeague. 1237 The Grand Du04e Jurlo (Russia).lain In battle. 0)038 M14070 Kingdom of Gre..d. founded by 11000007d 8. 0239 Sev00th Crusade, by Tbibaud, Count of Champagne. 1241 P-cs Edd.. 0242 Tartaro e001bli0 4 the empire of Kahn of Kaoptohok. 0244 Jerusalem d o i0ed by the Corisom01a. Danes Invade Russia, and are defeated by Alexander Ner-ki. 0000 The lHoooo4at00 League formed. 1246 Fred-elk II. of A-0tr00 killed 00 battle with the 11..gari.... 1200 Louis defeat4 King Henry of0England. 0ooi- 04pt0307 by the SOoyoooo; true.,for ten year.. Mameluk.. role Egypt. 1251 RI.. of medj-a family I. Italy. 1252 Aloooadoo N.ooki 10 0ad04 Grand Duke.f Russia,..d r0ig.... Alexander 1. 1254 Ottoooo of 0ohemia 0cquir0 0 the Aoltri.. P-Ivic... 1259 Kubl. Kah. builds Pe!kt. 1260 Ott0004 0000 gith I-I..g.y. 000Styria. 1262-'68 Bar...' Wiar in Engla.1 1263 Ott0.0 r lo oritW C0074thi0 1260 The first regular P-oliooelt of England Birth of Dante; diod 0020. 0266 Nopl.o ood Sicily.ooqueoed by Charles of Anjou. 1268 Ninth Cr00ad., by Lous IX. and 0 0dgord, Prince of Wales. 1270 Louis IX. di-o at Carthage. PhilIp 000. (the Hardy) King of France. 1271 Th. Eoglish quit P4000ti0. 0272 Reign of Edward 0. of England; crowned N.,. 20. 0tt0001 declinel the Imperial Crown of Germany. 1273 Raodolph, Count of Hopsburg, chosen Emperor of Germany; 0tt0car refuseo to ook.o.lodg. him..274 Navarre p.0007 to the royal family of Franc.. Rudolph 00047 000 upon ottocar, and goioo AustoiO, Coriothl...d Styria. 1275 Woar. of Robert Bruce and Job. Bal03 for the... w. of Scotland. 1276 House of H)4p00rg, of Au4tri0, founded. 127'7 Rule of the Visco-ti, Mtlan. 1278 0tt-0ar slain at the battle of Marchbfld. 1282 Siioli.. 100000-, 00414404 of Sicilians by the Fr00000 Cr-oad ogai..t Aragon; the French 3opefflcd. 1200 Wales 01bj00ted to England. 1285 Philiy IV. (the Fair) King of FrancP. 1286 Kmigoberg 04ad0O the capital of Prussia. 1287 Jews banished fr.- England. 1288 Njeol-olo IV. POP,. 1289 S7000d O-,,aloo of the Mongols. 1291. INI.-luk.- take Acre. Cbriotia. power in Syria destroyed. 1296 Seo0t00d 0ubdued by England. 1297 Sir Willian Wallace Oighto for the 0042 -pendence of Scotland. Revolt of Seotlftd. 0014 Battle of Falkirk; Bruce and Douglas defeated by Edward I. 00000 I. establishes the Turkish Empire. 1300 Moscow becomes the capital of Russia, 0001 Philip IV. oooooolo with the Pope. Chart.. of V.I-is In Italy. 1302 P000t Goeonoation of States-General In Franc..,33 dward 1. Invade. Scotland. 0300 William Walla"o executed. 0300 Robert Bruce crowned as King of Scotland. 1307 Edward II. co-ood, July 8, King of England. 1307.014 PhIlip suppresses the Knights Toopbyr, and burns the Grand Master 60 Paris. 0300 00op Clem00t V. 4000004 to Aoignto, 00 Albert 0., of 300000., 0tt00pt0 to -1bd.. th, Swi.s, who h.,,. — oltcd..d-r Willi.o Tell. 0?) 1309 The Sa~,i-..-fsccesfl. 1310 Henry VI...bdo.- the Lo-bordo. 1313 Lol.. V. and Frederic of Austri. 000tend for the G, —.a E-pire. Birth of B -i.;cio died 1=.5 A, D' 1314 Battle of Bannookburn; the Seat., under Robert Bruce, defeat the E~nglish under Edward. Louis IV. 40ng of Germany. Uni00 of France and Nava0rre. 1315-'25 erecio f English Baron.. The So.lo totally defeat the Au0trian. ot Morgart... 1316 Joho I., a posthumous son of Louis X.. 0000, dies at the age of 0our day44 PhlIO 10. (the L0.0) King of ooaneeo 1321 D~eath of Danta. 0322 Battle of Mueh1dor4; Loulo V. defeats CFrederick. Ohaoles IV. King of FrP-ooo 1324 Birth of Joh h Wickliffe; died 184. 1306 _0000ny invaded by Turks. 1327 Edward III. crowned0 Jan. 40, KOnp 00 England. Independence of Sotland. 200. 1000 NI- bo1ught from Africa by the King of Grenada. 1328 Charles the Fair, of FrancP, dies; Philip VI., of th Ieoooo of Val40, reigns. 04,an I. rule0 7 00000404 1229 David 1I. King of Scotlfand. 1333 Thb Scot0 defeated 00 Ed4ard at Halldon Hill. 1337 War between Franc. and Flanders. 000 Birth of Fr00000rt; died 1401. 139 First D~og,, of Gen.. ppointed. 1340 Birth of Goerhard Grloo; died 13404 Battle of Torifo boo Spaob; Moors t000iOly defeated by Alpho410 XI., of 002 -1346 0attle of Crecy; FP000001, under Philip. nonfood by the English, under Edward III., and the Black Prince. Battle of Dorbo1, It Scotlaod. Battle of Nevilhe'. C,.... 1347 Th. Eoglish tOke Calois. RloooO, last of the TriboOc., establishes. democracy in R.-e. 00348 U olooity of Poogfo 000047d. 1349 D..phiny.... -ed to Franc.. The black death in England. 1350 Order of the Garter instituted by 04dgward and Jo41 II., King of France. 1352 Mrino Faller. at Ve..c.. 1353 Turk...ter Gr-..e 1354 Rie zt slai. at Rome. 1356 Battle of Poltioor, September 19; 8,000 English defeat 60,000 French; the Block Prince takeO John 00. captive to I -d..n, wher. h. di-.. Chorleo 01.. of Germany, signs the Gold'. Bull, the basis of the German Const"t"Tio until 1806. 1358 I..urr-toioooof the Jooquorio in France. 1360 P-000 of 1retig01, between English and French. 1361 Italy eve00ru by the Free h.n,10. Turk. enter Greece. 0062 Tb. English language ordered to be used In legal p-007-di0.g, England. 1363 Austria acquires the Ty-01. 1364 Charles V. (the 07100) King of FrancP1 Philip, the 014., Duke of Burgundy. Treaty betwee. Austria and Bohemia. 1366 H. Van Eyck, painter, boro, 1307 The M0 luk4s 400qu03 Armen4a. 1369 Empire of Tanmerlan. founded. L..gland's "P~ers Piowma.."' 1370 Pope Gregory XI. goes to Avignon. 1371 Stuart log begins with Robert IL of Scotland. 1374 Death of Petrar,,h. Rbollio0n 0gai00 the Pope. 1375 Death of B."cacci.. 1377 Richard 11. King of England, Jun. 22. Papacy,estored to R.-.. 1380 Battle of the D.o; Dimitri II., of Ruo-.l., defeat. the Tartar.. Wyokliffe's traoslati0o of the Bible Published. Thomas A. K.-pi. bor.. with the T-rtars. Charles VI., King of Franc0. 1381 Watt Tyl0r'0 Woourrootion In Londol crushed. Ghlberti, artist, bor.; died 1455. 0382 "Lege0. of Good Woo ---.n" England. 1383 Th. Tartar. bur. M.-.ow. 1305 0eath of Jo0. Wy0kliff tb 1386 Jo4 0 of Gh oldt in Spain. Battle of Lempp-h; defeat of the Austt-ia.. by the S,.,I...d death of DukLeopold. 1387 Gc-..n Empire divided. Pr. Angelic0, painter, born; died 1448. 1388 Battle of Chooy Chato, or Otterburne, betwt-. Scot...d English. 40009 Margaret of Norwoy. 1390 Tho Eastern Empire 10070 power In As3W Robert 000. King oO Scotland. Th, Canterbury TOleo published. J. Van Eyck, painter, born. 1392 The Poort0gu00 ditoooo the Cape of Good Hope1395 T000rl001 r,01000400. invades Russ0a. Th' WaTkefield and Town.Iey mysteries. 1396 Battle of NkooPolio, the Turks, under Baja07t I., defeat the Hungarian Chrtstia ". 1147 PoproOuttol of the Wycklitotes or Lol-,ardl. Uni.. of Calmar. 0,00 Henry IV. crowned King of England, Sept. 30th; Order of the Bath founded. 1400 Birth of Della Robb04, architect and sculptor. Death of Chaucer and Frolssart. 1401 Robollioo 1o Wales; lend0w0r uo4d the PPerei.. defeated. 4402 BoOo of 4.0; 01490Timour the Tartar d03 feats the Turhs and captures Ba000et 0. Mooacclo, painter born. 1405 Prince J4400 of 0cotland captured. 0401 Albany, 07g.0t, 00 Scotland. 1407 Franch interdicted by the Pope. 0409 Council of Pisa. Alexander V. mad0 Pop. by council of PlIo. 1410 SigiOO 00d of Hungary becomes 4 mPer0 0 "f Germany. 1411 Uoloo,-ity of St. Andrews founded. Battle of 0rlaw; the Lowland defeat the Highland Scots. 1412 Birth of Fr. Filippo Lppl, painter. 1403 Henry V. crowned, March 21. King ot England. 1414 Coooobl of Constance; POpe John X40ML. depoood. Slg!ooo-d, King of Bohemia, Emperor Of G r-a.Y. 1415 B 1ttl0.00Agincourt; 40,040 English, un40r Henry 1., defeat 50,00 French. Jo40 Huss and Jerome of Prague burne0 at the otake. betrayed by Sig0smu0nd. 0413 Tho p4rti00n0 of Hu.. take up arm0890 a -,.r.e war ensues. 1.417 Cobham bu. t. 1419 Th. Hu-ite. take Prague. 1420 Paris captured by the English; Treaty of Troyes; Henry woio the Fren00 cr000; birth of John Wessel. 1422 0)oooy VI. pro..aimo d King of Fran03 and England. Ottoman Empire reunited by Amurath Mi 0423 James I. reigns in Sootland. 1425 War between Milan and Venice. Th. P-sto. Letters. 1429 Joan of Ar0 raises sieg. of Orleans, defeats the English at Patay, and drives them from.11 their conquests In Franc. except Calais. Charles VIII. King of France. '01407 Henry VI. crowned 90 Paris, 1n Dece0 - ber. Amur4th. 0. conquers Macedonla. Humphrey Duke of Glouceter. Th. Medici at Florence. 1431 Joan of Are burned at Rouen.; 1433 Lisbon the capital of Portugl. Council or B..Ie. Birth of Thomas Mal0. 1440 Treaty of Arras, between France and Burgundy. Sicily 004 Noples untted. End of Hussite wars. War of Turks with Venice. 148( Invention of Printing by Guttenberg.. i I I I I I -. - 1

Page  XIII ~ - - — Z;7 P II 148T Jamies I., if Siitiliid, iiiiiderid. Jamiii IL beiiiiiiin Dg. Aibiii V., Duki if Austuia, ibtiiii iihie-ili aii Hunigary, aiid i. smad. EE14Sf Univ.itiiy if Fiiiiiii ifiinded. Auiiiria. biicimis Emipero of Gilri442 Siiiii if Vaiig; Tiirks iiiiid Sy DiuTh. Arsiiii Niiht iisiid (i 147Sihi-y Vigii billid. DSiUikiisii Gl u iiitir iiiided. iSSEiii Eiiliii biiiidiidiidsh i41SUliveWsity if iGi Diii biindli HdiV iid ar iiiuglai mirdVridib iJiimis Edi4il idsttiid IV. dipiiir dii by ifhamieElid if Aiiiiii'h adi Tiglis i'iiiiii Th. MLiiiii.ifibi Piiii Gid,"ifii 14 iidiiiido IIh, ife. Aiigii, Hiiiri VI. iSS diid IV.iiiiFiii 1457 redeick ll. i~idi iiitiia with hi. iiiiid. LPiidXiii K~iiiii G iiidiiiidi Dil2ly.n tll Griit iiif ii Rsia lii63 Tri i war wiiihiiii iisiS iii Clos POifl A1.tDiii war Wiiihi if Auid thLue XIIl., agliiif iiii. 14i D 7 B ditiif r.-N diid 1i53i6 147i9 Lorenz die Mdiiiii fuS ihedSPi 147 iLgi ill NIysii. iti N ans h BUDllim Miidii. isaliiii. ii dt Engli. iS pDiiri ii tig lies. Il Sii iftl iif Tewkl. iiiiib i ry h N ill Siiih if Diiir, D~itcI; dud 152i. 14113 Di-sih if Copriiiii. I diliiisl; diCIdd 1111. i,7 e f ChLi V. ifd CSpillli Di 154 iugi f Sir Jsiii. F 5151t Liiii XII 147 iStl ifiMidiuiituisliiVsi ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL ANI) MODERN HISTORY. i509 Dliii ViII. Diii if Eiglind; ii miiiV. iii str iip pid iofI it Itiailian iiiiiii i is. liii DiliMa igaii iiiiiid iy Tiitir...1111 Piiip. Euidi Diii f~ii ti. iiii LJigu ielliliui iiiiiiii Ci uiib Cii 151Sliiiiiiiiii Kiingo Tiiiiei byJa PiSIS-I difi L ii Iilidievr h SFllriii Girt ily iiCiiit- ttpitit;V. d154 i ai Fi. annexedlii ti Gpild iiS. i dcilii VI. il Blboaiii ii..e DID Fyiiiiu loiiDulie iid diiiidiiiiih Pifiiii ii Piiii Xiitiiiii eiiiu glilit iftdreiin tiihl' uTTiiuii iiib liii Lii 7m11 iiiiiil- beiii iini by gl 11d Fr if idefeat. ti Itliaii.wis n Curaii~,1 iiuii.- i Kig iif Gila f li Fiirs.gls.. ty 1511 DAthll if Frinandi 5 iig If ESpinS. Rulii dlfi Cdifa CX-igu Sbu piDhaly VII. Kiiihg i i fCufs lush V.,. if thmiHuid. diii.tia Miiki painlilhEgypt. f s P 15i7EuipF. if fitli.g nCi. S.iii if dfillisi MisdSull. adad Bul if Gtbu luuu t ldM SS A. D. 1616 Th. Ipillit Tsilig DinmityinS China e.r iti,.Oil ii Rissig Irhllhd. 1i7l Biruh if Biurti; diii 1140. tabliiili by Miuiyuiu Turiar., H*ade td i17 Biiirt fl'Rlibili; diin ll; i. diu626fhiiiiiiiidisc irlulation f buod Distkuihd tileo iiilgiid f 157 egeo te.17 iSiiiL~i~h'; iiuI.di iyiuiih., fP liidiareies on MoeN irihiri lil-lulli if IuIui.d diclareuil e~piditii tI thI St. Lu- thiir indiplidlili. Ciilmd -idid ti Sidlil. S Citig-yid'' Iyiih rebllionu iippiiiii.d. i618 Th. tiiiiy yeuh' Dlr bigiiis ii Bohliia, ci. iIAil,.i ui, -.uuqim Puiligil; thu Eliiiii Paitiuiie, iii th Csthiliu hiiuihiiluu-rie.Cahuinii arr pItudprll 2. rnonc hSrill laranLeagisigie. u ihii jinilSlD,ii.Ci nfldiracy. Euhilibh tiki fhuulusi if imiuwick, Ini -th. uiu ril..uof Hungiiy idicates; iN iufiuiuimiliidiriHiiry Bprilineim. AiiimlIisi luiliiii-iild by Zlsibis hubh if Al...ldli.r if Sterlinig; diid uid tibiri. if Dilnigiburg fiindld by iuiu Ci-pi..ii Jhuit lnSpirici iupirf..i.d. 16i9 if B-uil-lIdt DHlland h~rt. 1uI2Siiil F.,DNDM~ie~.fuindldiiyEs- Th.liiilih -!itIndiiii'lnd eiiibIiia ilwild by thg Pitriirih. piii. united Elsu iidii III. imiGt PauDa and Plu- ui iii Diliiii ii14. 1620 Bfilth if Piipii; di-Diu oi Dungariis T-t'-e. io f DHInr IV., if NiN-u., ''Giiiu Patenti' ii 'iigi hul iuiipiu JP-titiit., -.ligaa i uhd.dTrat TfP~ebtenHladad Pi lip IV Dull Iidf Gupat. fuiid irIiiEnlanliu eutd. Fllil. iiylfulgllu ilo aeg'.RaoeIIfndii..t LuidiliuyniislhuIu-diiuduu blerhrow. Hiury VIlI. iUiDenti. ill2S ildis is P11ip~i.iiiud. I. Iuigliiiidiiuirutiitiriip DviiStruit diue~veriiby Da-hh. Bilthiof M.Iicriidihd iy.f lUkl if li-iliut. i586 Bittll uf Zuiphim. 1623 DID flllbu irut litlli. Diii if PF-iN Sir Philipi iydiiy killid. Firiit Iditiun If Shukespsuils wDuks. Fliukel. Birh if BIimsunu; diei fl16 1124 Rihillilii'i refirusi blgins witS the Wte Cuiii..i; buSn i490. i587 Prilil Miuiim belumli iiaduiSldii If fuuuynm. -Sill DIr. Diii1lid. PEullild dlirell S'ai wiSh Spain. l.iiillldisuduuiF,.th.,iiull uuiystlieiuss iD lliiiiiiidylg. uh if LudiSlysuii.Engisid; 1511 Ai..i.iiliiiiifitii Dkiiofliiiiiiii A-i..itonluf FludluundITofisungapy. iii iliuhe, tii Diki if Su- hil briuheii by uidui if thI Diig. Ailesi..u if Diii Cb-lls I. if EngDl~tuiiiuiu if thi ipniush Arisds iif lhud; hl iiiiiil Prinieim'Dinii~tti 1111 Ehglishi il-dy. 1110 Bittli if Iiry. IHiliiuuhiliriiug,!TiN dildi1634. D.liIIV. dlfiituutheLhugue. 1626 Dithiuf LuidiBuim 11t if Rheturil piblisbid. Barihgiidti graid Piiiiuiu... r io DOi i627 War if thi M.l ilhii u...iIhi iS Itly. if C._-.. PiSYhi publilbed laii. Diiiw~riulittiii by I 'idu uld 1591 Biith If D1-ulri-:k: did 16u4. Csrdhin, Diih ili'i iiiiisi~ fiico~n il ilbiblidid. 1id92 iusii..d if ioliud, Ii Swiden. ill Cmlidi. -ifullydiiddyBihi lirhiif Qiiuiii; dhed1644. Th-iii-uiii'ufionbhuduedassociites iBlmDuiu SIirthli lif ia..-di diid 16sd 552 Diried.i fBiigiEiu~i ir, dsightii if Csthbiyiu i Ulillrityh if liiiill.' foulided. siege. -iiIdi Edwlrd, lily 6. Bliruh if Dehiuili; dihd 1650. Ptitihin if Right, Enlanhd. lGray piiiiiuiedQueenuif 1597 B-i.uul...ay.upubiiiild. MSiufui-httih lSy lttlld. Jlyl uu, iut rlinquisihes thI 1518 imthb uf Pihilip Ii., if Slill. Ellilt s It ti thi Tows r o f Londin. Philip III. Dimg; h. baihisims ill.0 liithbofdJuiiuiys; diedlh6E. h. R-.iCiihbiiureligionlIn iiuii fr.- 11111 iib A. D. 16i0. ill EugliihliiluFi nc Cu-Syiuifiili In Can-i lii glgiudiiid Rihia b- Ediituif fi Proteustaut., ChuslIsin ssdl-pyilSunurandsent t AhF " Cis ill.' by HDryi IV. 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Gu- M o er H sor.Iitu Adulphus. 163d Pillih AiliDey estublilhed bu Richfdibli. thI gihitei ioveieign full Miii'iii if DiH ullln, -Ideu F1.i rii...tDiTh UDAtc Diii Iidii ClsiiiI chr- Spi iit 1.11 u,l ithiFiunll, whichiiiini'I Qilu-Pyhl gilaiigiel.lIi l tN T diuhiail ASollihliln uf Wailleifhil. NulCal.'.tadn hip yni-ey lel-id Ii Ipglald. il R i. hli" b Biyihbuftheiiliiili, Nlimiiiihi; diii 515CllulA I ihim i ini~ld uIsi,iii ll, uiiiil ll ilid Weitiy.,11d..,-iii hi Engliuh thruh, DIS- P. iilg,. Iltiuihil tuillil into huh 17i dIChl fEI~d 6f ill. Th iTi1, Dihnia" 1 i-ills iu Holland. Dliiithl ChilhlfiEglnd Emlhiimufuthiiiiluof Euim.Ciiih ilh tiilur ly Iufht y..ifundiS. f 101E. hI~ C"' CltlihiiilbhIjl ignedil. AlleieddiscoliiyiofAustiulisibyPlitui i67 PiluillIndillwa 1 iuCunneii-iuti.1. S DII tary CilIl inliulyuf lul Gui. D. -Illntsi g ily In Canu a Idl MNelhil. usu 111pd GllI. iiiiud i~ i hu if Mull in SEhglanS. pctn If S.,-.y dlfhuted. ".hipui ii-l.n I-pils Buiiilluli..d. 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Page  XIV ANCLENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY. flU CA&Dtdlot at tar wtih ttv Indlt.. Yfte tHotio iof Br odeburg acqtio. Hal1 -Newo Amtotrtdam ontins abou toot itMOL,.tptid L- uttO. i of Chales oo. Chssacre and oaoture of DtothedaoItiet 00.4d4 by W tOmtto tp., t11t.o Cofib-tb tnofooFdith tit inotntd.4otb tiod Tb. Dtpolb. matdeKin otf Hu-gtry. 'o CharttesooIL crowmed by Scoetbt tl. d Ba ttoeot Wtoice-ittrt Seppot.t3ad idefeaCharlso11bfleesttotitr4tttitie Birth Pootototti. dittod 1715 Mam Nett otintuotiton opptrestitstet it MhxOt-tgPotit.mbit di.t.. tootttot bit...1 P "h t tb Fi-....and Cbati't tnd Etgtood Ot titotod thchlat w~-itht ib Poadittit U tibonetio. tgitiep ttFiotwt o. it Ftot.p Deth tiofot Adbta Btlake. hit i bib tell hitton dl ittie. hm 1 Ato dl tti of toe onustioott..ito.oo R600 otati tro-wello reignPtitleofiord PAotet 'itor.0o t0. SW Th.restoration.otdt Cfarltb tt. -oboMtb.too dtlad; theot.n archyot boetiotto oisbtildtd Woootiob bof Mthttbtq.l fAgli 365 tolttabnd olhtltd U i= otrrbho hii ii. Poktoy tO0 Attoive by- BtI Mb. 19 CTho, th-toth d Ot Fyo rtobroid. di Mam Pttpdt dicomt a0t r 0000germetO u04 -Birothofottb..p Mathortdodo1t 8 3la" Fopraintc o O000. b itn Ntw Jeoeyl-id to itrd 'erettt et ti-td~ of Elithohtw lO orPithp bod1- hottodooitoOoOli Wa htoh 4 itt-okoo. itO i Fipteon Dtoohiowoar wth Eooglhitnod t De Both of tPtio0p dI; r0040.o Ane WOtedoto Autoo-ott toopotoe Hollaod. C d. Htlnteddito tprtod, Wetd Ptdob tMothiwd vpoitgO, Bostroyot ty t~ho Pot-it I ei Lodond otnottdd flTOh. oFr Addoodimyod Sienei fnd Bi Prpttalpidot ofhotoishe todffic 01of tat 004hoOde of ito p Jtond lt lO t op '0000t o tuo. 00uil. b od B0i.0h of 8CO..t d0 iod 0745. b Newthoth Coittoy; 38F4 houTot-b. MTripled tltootot, togTant, Ototl.n tand Trftytlt Lisbon.tolt hpaintrtogPiztylo Portugyloo ptindh.d3W ush o 0,.po mAptaor 00000 racean Allianct ott dototi Owor iglottt oh. tloodo bul t 0 -tt oOth Fir tbiettletO t.o- otffti-g. Boo 00. t Tb.-p.tElyt.ltttPtill. tlanted. MMOirthi of hhtWh; it td ti-09. bit Fi-othndTuoh nn otlod ei-on lantdt. W0l100 oftt hodge otath-.1.rioBot Th.odotfL DtelWitt. asasiate i tlltnd Th.tHollandthdtdbkyp~4 and renc 108 tbnti tt Froiotd, Gohitrn r oftg tfn Paistotodpy of Myu 400. fobneit Birt-i of Adio..;oy ditd 0009. pag oV.rginioratod tOF-oh Arigotd an F Cu~tDit-orioft of Jototde.I 040-~f.t, Ilito Jotpilotond.otha Bob t MootheM. otbti-.4oof boL-t-0. titod tblih-to. itt. 0 by Tit..i0to, itrI o. SO 4.lI I.oootditAto-0Iott I6t B0001. of OSeptoti-. Judy 00 defeat otd Tootyoit bydtSpaniar-ds. tttt Willtot BDopti- Ottd. 00 A-tt-1It.Am.tho hot eOt ttoli and Polood 3007rAhott Alplo.o basy; hoe Volot. 10 t-toO otf toopngodi of 1h70 0 bt5 p Atdhonio caturd byoth 0 000 Veeian..B LHtdgia. ownOh d"Itrdto ofbeotn toe ti-oh oO mPoplo 0000 W Guy..,.td d ty ooholoutdKi~t., tod IMTho Vl pdacqutt01io of theee bistopsb AbdicOh01.000 fltight dof 0000H. Dc Sioth of POP;dood 174y. i-taliho 001. Otodo It Iotlaod. dt t Co~l~vroutO o rib 00,o All 1;cohtlt d sufooonotioool i, ttOo 00... di0r t.oOfto-oof 070.. F-td Bootaof Ot-td ot Gitoeror fC Branceot wof wioth ngatdo od Birb of OMtbop ttOi..; diod t75t. Poitty.t tJ~i- o Nino Amltict rso~lve tod tood ofKito~ f~llliot op Spi ofn Hthpt poGrtnd Allince tgOin. ototiamtIot. otnd odo Ir oond J...y It hOO Ptto of the oploi., tottoot Jamhs ode ofeo itodd Obop reto 00ai. of Opoit, Ohdt o Tdooty of lAoonoiok depot. hod itme eto Booh o.ittt01 iitrlnd n grBnt. amneot — 169 itb iQ dt~ itot t o~t 'odpi-ongiOthdi-gi.o O.ti.dbydLott Too df0 of Ci-toy 00 Ott bo.tto Ooooo of Not1~y Tdph oho 1.00ihb1000 1ttttttc fW010.oo 00.;tDk of Soyoo4 0e 0 0d0, t;OOhd, ttinooW of6"4 ank o o.try, Q tO.not.OEngoatddi...otO DMhtiooaty ofttFrench Ai-demyodyuitBrhof Jtsoopt Bdttldto diod t752. Brhof Jolto Woolo d iod hO7d. ThiBrOth ototo-ot1, ie 17b7t3o. B ol' itoiobo.y pbo t tlishe. 0 oit toot BocooO of 000yl-otb 0Roiltt aohld 1ho1ad Loh-y Ofte pb or Boo R.otohio ditd HllanO. n 0 En0g0000 do 010100 oto-lsfu Sot 0dth Oblod oo ofn gotoOi-I. it. Noooitoood tod Loolttrbtogy too Beood OoaOt fodl..-p. omd Bitht Fof -,agh hied 1743f i-O Bottth. of ti W Adbr on t Bytt1779. 1000 ttg-o Of Ctoowtott optwet T.urko ad BTht Mofe ee Foftot Ff010 ttty ftf Oboothe XIIot..nofOttf. th. Misisip. t I'.000 otottnih It-iCaado tootke Ptace 0.t 1000 Ba0000 tOf M.ol-Ott;tl MOrlbor-ough a00i0 Birth of Soamuel Johnsooo diod 1004. 1010 Capltu o-oFort-to yo1tiNov.oSotiOa'by ithoEnglish, and I. chotged toAnRoout of ti-ot-iards. utder Philip V., atb tthpo-l'. riot. inGet B roAtitaioto. ott.tobtint metoontg houte destrotyed. Th. "Tottlo'-' Ot-ot huboihiibd. 171. A~ttack tot rpupsit of totglith fleet ton Buoiaol 00 tar with Ttuykey. A-eotion of Chooles Vt., of BGeotany. A.itot morkbth opened it Woolt Stheet. Birth of Hume;die 0170700. l7bS Tbo p-hooiptilhi- of Mottrs acquitrb-4 by Ptooo of Aargau;o tnd of toe ottigloot too Accetoion of Charles as Emtperor of hi. tO. A onne. l it-Id ootuoydlo-hnd Ot,,dotia cdedtot Bogil.d. Ithlp ditidod; a par of Ott Buchi- of Ft-odopiok Willihot 1 beomoes King of Pettoo tates Lot, tihtl of tEmperorot- tOuo1004 Boot of Quoto Ato.. Getorge 1. beomes King of E3tgltnd. Aug. I. Treatyo of oatdt; Austriai acqfires tte Loirth of WhteflCool1d t die FooT bod Birtt of Doloot; died1787 175Rbeloo pin SofFtland tode itoe Etorlof at~tle oflh heitotmhd hod deftpotot of it, rto-ohbyTls ty Ldigof thi-dIhI lti-ol ato eti-tb.. Lootui. Xot totdt oh too.,wih h Ruoot adds 0.0-, o tdooo a Targe pat of Finland tootie E opote BOccuption hdoftheore by Tut-boy. BR.TIeoh of bootyna Abe.oooo In Spain AIt-it. hoi. gdlttot to-IuoT Tot-bgy L-,'ttfbllohot topi-ottt Thyb o Oll~ Boiar-. Bo-klytftostobssud. BThed o todeniltBilloi-ooy fnootodod BirootdSth ofttaood iator;de iti-to9t Widceofti-tod OWIoldihott 0002 Tb.i-ogtoains addttiota terrtiory.o o b RotThoitoolel othotl Jeutyoo it Turkey re-estbldtspolttupremacdO In Arhitt of Slt.bDetso, itrt-Ottompletd.t~ 0000 ObotldobttGof Loolt. 'Ooedt bofstIni ompnyfondd 0000aBt edbShfhPhod e ds Bothetroeo 72Sardiniat of Stittot tO k Fgo.Ot-bi 010 aw'sot oM Boot-otpi toothe Buboble, ofd 172t Birt-t of Bmoidltiib diod 1004. tioth of Fogtelt ditor;ditO 777 1000 i-Tto- tragmtic I.tOiof ietlesothettt. Deft too thIV bD oootk opo of Ma ot-ogh Sirt-t of. Wotto dttd 0000.t dd172 bOtBirth of A~tdlmomth; diod 0159. Blirthof Ottoi-ksdiod 00it ie 70 00 Wood. hopt-pen Op fiopito hodpta fooutod gofOt B72t-eth of Oetto Adtot 4G040000 Slotheof Obot, tcientoytS; detodsbOtto.s 000Bit-h of Hutltono 0di00 1797 o- dto Bi7 et-h of Sly rg WOioto opodl 4004sio000 T72 tBithy of Goldsmthod diedoo 177o4. ol Birtt ofL... toot- dit- 1781t o boB 17o0oPotrIL ofelast of iti-t Rmant. s AtthI Duchess by 000400 t dtb aghte ofi-tIb000 of. ObeomptEupotess of RusBirhotf 0. Watt; hd.e 8 1040I Birth of tbt etopooto. died -ot V... 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Tota d 4f00t of 13e PretIendoer, atO Cttoo ictoriesoooi i-tshat d 1.H.e o 1 a0 t... ot of Idaltl. tpio 00000Th 00000h i-hd 000aFiodo lFdO Doti.nof qiLor Lootooooopoopof lft th ofy tOMDo-id, paittoot dited d825 d TbH.t-t botot to Puit Toilold0I00td. Branootat-sof Popatofll. d~r. PootO'). Lao-ouqiloo be-too10 — OtO o BirthO of G.boolot diod 0103. Birth of iopltoo ldiedo 18odbitt BithofP0t Pltpoiro dOo -ltto Voit 170Toreo ty o o f adito B~twe..nln n oTh ott-it oheaterh IntNew-od k loptenodDtodoveryopf otompiido op. Tbo r Civo-ti ti-dopod oto ho- olto1 b 170 ideritot anhd iD thob~r Ftoo-nct tncytot- toiop 0000Boo-oWhtit OBiplthtLKo of 0hrda00id110. Wtbttoothevallytofth Oh-tito oBtVl Tow t-h, ofhotr-Oto-od. ino ng BThot JofrDltorber00 ho bo Bototedb NthooBi-tttdihtitrlfolio. 17 1-ilttd.. btginpinthtotAmeriftnolol. 06 too- senooot toSt.toutFoot hdr o CArotoIII. 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Prage, My 6 tiot-tol of Frot bickd f-ated 0fin the bttolde hfbK DfA~ttttot tfodIt BOttteto. by FotdAutrta bottthdO ft-oaty o divS Poof of Pr0011. Vcotody of Frde00iGkgot Botholo.le Booirthoofi Jonttito Tob Fohoot.804 Buirtthof Moot-oho, Hamiltonididgtoi of04 Ltouisbuto tootutrtd-odott. E Eglihlt Trotyt of Hubopoohoog; Siio.uo added to Tretyo of 00dri-d ottotor. pOtt 00.tweotttSpainPOrttugltandSEnglad. Greot dofoat of native t pitcet, ah tbattl The Sandy Hook lighthoute foost lighoted. B. Got tlle, tootibih Primt M.initbro. 1000 Moo-droo- 00vao VI., to ordoo- of Othe ttIodloot. oe fot- peae Brltish pooliotett 400000s theav 0001es Th Patoheon, St. Genevieve, toot.. Modern History. Sroot A. B. 1000 to bth presenti Got., by CHINA. t793 Recetiodn of the English Em~bassy at h8b2 Edict ogainot Chrisianity~ because of itit 1 P04000 Of Lord Aothoot's Etbaoty. Ott2 Kingdomu of Koreoet ohbliihed. h839Opi0loo seized, cauoiog Brooblo with Ctlooto outrates 0. 0an00n. 04000 Kong ooptured. 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Page  XV i ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY. 1778Po.y of- -pt.-doby thoooo HB1itSoh l 1782 Aop.t Soil, ooo ofy,~ HAdli. 50 1810 DSOfSOt oft Wooo toipl ol So1.. oofotd. 1710Loo-oo th07117 o Hydeoioooo Ali. B-t.of Noho 00000S80ol 095 701 Toeaty If Ch...Sot-S. H-ltlgW..Oboleo 00010081 ofofodoh 1 178 8Tpp. 5Sib 1,. If1 0~d-1. Al r 1789 11000IO I..toyothok rt T00 0. to 7 8150 51o lio..oooooodobyOTdopS.doO0ifS 0708 Olooit-i of Wollolo oootingstd ESglOSSO '110000d doiy Slilo, Jot 0 00701 of 51000 ooooooii -0000 of tholoolp.110110 COho S 000i00000000loo Ohoe P-11010. 1500117 0100001~f-t Lot oolOoo o Mohool.....oI oO lbotol ofd pudoiId 8b01 171NoOdOCS, L lit tofoot A1o- Coo SO MI 1loo -ig. bNoo h. 8008 diS~oy00000 Soooot fodo..ood..of0001 th018., to 101 Boigt-t 100 a00801 of Taot..... Sooooooo Ghio. 1007 Sfohooeo oofodoooot o 798101007s. treaty olfohA-I..h.. 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Page  XVI ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODEEX HISTORY. Fr2n48and401s01 1s14ets d04e0t the -ago4-t f0rnneat4-dtoS1rdnia 1,19 Wsr sga11.04ith og1and. 184444441 P 41114.17491D001 ton of the 13stlo. J11 14. T415k44d Egypt444ns 4109. 1797Btl 0 o41 CapeSt.Vincent;0defeat ofthe He ad1oise.the relin4118h01nt01014. Theboinig 1oof th8 Frenoh roolotlon. 110000110444404 Gpoooo oat~blih84.` 14.vyd `000ip lededto Frseby 144- Sp44118 ff001, Feb. 14. D0oo1g001Q4000n1br11f-44e. The ki804nd q.... e0mp.1lod bya mob, 4028T. Turk.454 evauat the 1104e0. 0ints. 1800 Spsin cede P44r42 t FranceO. Chr14tin5 returns4 t0 Sp14l0. at Versailles, t0 g4 t0 4'Pr4., 0-t. 1. 102 Turk5y.8-r..d.,s M8440104414. Tho F —1 toopll pItly lobby. 1801 Trety.l t P414ort4gal t B~d41l. 186518 osooth Peru,.4-hibhi. om0pelled to Th.oN4tjonalA14embly m4ets at1?.M, Tr 10t1141404141pl. G41ib41di 10nd4 in Sli,21, Slsy 1.1. Trelty of Maodrid 04118 Franc. p 4 h..44 ind44nity. 0.11. 9. 1I0 App4441n01f0O0h811. Nel04pooltn r-Si!lo. 11418e48408114 180 Re140ed000arPoith Eng10nd. 0r10n410d4, and gi0e4thr00.1l-f0urh L title1 to 4204180o the rph. Opt. 16. 1442 414uroctio4 in Athens;~ NatI01nal A- 0f C.14fl11ni a1d 1Me1azzoJulyp20. 180 ateo 110Trafalg4-,00t. 21; tta 1defeat th01n4ti1n. CleriPal pr8p11ty c..f214td. 14r4P10b14 kaded55by0a0British f0e0t Spt.07. Usiu4., 0Ne140n. Quar0P010ith8Chili, f011004d0by 44r. 0401t.00D4.122. 0re80h1Intervention sought. and d0f04t.18tPh1P0pl0rop4, Sept.141, 1100 Torritoy d204nded byFrance. 1204Gnea 01p1Pri- 11y4d —o1hi.4a0m4, Od Ttl.ohnrad heredit00p442 ry014no4bility Gre04044rp.d t41yield. aod tk.s An...., S4pt.2. Sp41i48 f041411 40100. in11rgePts4enterPPoptugal. 4b14s80d. 1404 Rev0olt ofAl84140a4. T-h. Sordi.-n s my 14.141400 08 Kilg. The Fren8h1t4k011Jdrid. O00D4nn0lPre1ign. 14d N140a401f0pms4a Conf0der4tion 0f0h00Ch10ps0 de04r1 1nglish and Frenchoccupy Greece. 014t0r1 180 N-polpita. 104110ry do- 0844101 IV.140 1bicte 114 fa0or of44- n00 m1initry. th2 King tak1s0th oath8to0th 4144iclared. 170M.-.4210pof..0 Pr-1 in M1dr1d, Mayp2. Spain orm014411 Pe4040i104 sod foom414 1791 Flight 0418h4 k10g andqueen from Part., g4448. 0l10p111.0012. 1. nn1., 'layp5. H~ond~raso 1410adorC.C0ta 1014400d I14pri41ment10fthe12k11g0and que0nin 4418 Serious 2nsurrecti0n.1441Gr04p0..400t1 Vitoro Emm10nul, Oct. 26. 1410 OerdIno1ndPV1. bd104t44. th04440. 8 T.Hi-p-OI they rp4 4rr14t0d 4t Prtnce'Alfred. 011Egla4d, declared K100. 0111y ond Nople vote loopnn..atliolto JosOphBoO140plrt, who 140041711000. pr.ed. 1.01i111141401101410 0411i1481 cons1titu4ion Austria10 delspO4 fop 01801I. S.pdiolo, 000. 21. July 12, but 1dr-ioen0out, July 29 1042 Th. Quoenogr1nts1g41neral4amnety. D Opt 10. 0045King. Nov. 7.021, 8b- the 041148. M. -4-11 84000401m p Sept.041- 0 -9.. 151g. M441-b 11, 400 8000004- 4K104 181 Th. 41rtItalian Pa-1liam0nt0141mb8104 Th. Frenh rot4k Modrid,sondpre1-1 e minstr 0411p-01g4... 1ith Au0t-i00d0104r0dApril 20 GOr1goI. Nov. 2, 16; l 04C0n1t0t- oeb. 1. King B...pO10., 000. 2. Q04001abl 1440100010 reOfuge loFrsoe, Battlo~f V4I1my;th0Pru4oi4004d0fe1ted, 4f4R4401. Th. 1404 0110004 400141400d by log- Jori. 1. INOO-ld, bypPrim; Srrano 5nd01014ga, Att054k and-0ptu-0of408 Tuileries byb 1000 Trouble8100th th8 brigands, who kll0many 1400, Marc1-81. 11u4004d04 1f01-400444. 001.1S. m00b; th11r014l0f4mily imprisoned In the E41gl14h pri.nPr. The 001- prot0404 0441141t tho 14 k114g- SpoIn eotored by Si, Arthur41 Wollosley, Rollgloos fr-1e00m, liberty of tho pre1 s T1.mple-4,.80g. 10. - loopoor1ty..,din HerIegoviotnInO- doom,.Aprl 15. 0ho c04-0210t0040D0ur. slid 41ni04r44141u0Pr4gP4g1ant1dbyPa40r i h 1440-118p1-1on.4f Paris, Sept., 141T-rk. 4182 400011-04-m1040ne mi400stry. Se,.or.obattlloof M.Hllldol Ry, De0. 21. 1...0the pr-08isi0n1l0g-P104nt. 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Ij05, by Geo. A. Ozle & Co.

Page  XIX uurrmus r. r -r~ --- - -- ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY. __ I868 Gre7at dift. in the 6 ott7 manuact771367 Continued fighti6 g 66 Afghan; Sh6re Ali i~g di~trict. ip C.... q.-C. of U _Ili _l md. Gov., ho C "ahr;Ylrc wriAmerica. J -62 ` — C..d-r.d repulses C.nf6d.676t "Alb.-."..iI. from E67- G76. Bu6o67, July. 27;.-7tie from Canland. dab r fail1, Aug. 16; Gen. R6berts - 7 Second international..bib76b7n, May6. 7i66. Ca67dh6, 31; defeats Marriage of Princess A ice to Louis of Y8ko7b Khan, S6 6. 6. 07236, July 7. Re1ignati6n of the 6 1eaconsfield Min7sPr7677 Alfred declines the throne of try. April 22: Gladstone for667 a - Greece, Oct. 73. ministry, April 26. Serious riots 66 Ireland. Compensation f7r Disturbance Bill re2868 Continued distress in cotton districts 7ected. M.-67767 of 677 Prince of Wale. to Prin- Lord Montmorri7 shot, Sept. 25. 6777 A171 76dr 677 of Denmark. March M7. "Boycotting" practiced. 2864 Birth of a son to the Prince of WaleL Ar7est of Panell. Heal1 and others on Visit of 7 aribaldi. charge of conspiracy to prevent payThe Ionian Islands coded to Greece. ment of rent. Powers a' to Confederate privateers 1881 D7uke of Argyle resigns from cabinet. discussed. April. 6uropean Conference. at London, on the Death of 7ord Beac6nsfield. Schleswig-Holstein question. Lord Salisbury the C.o..-,atIv. Leader. 2M86 Cattle plague In England and Ireland. Bradlaug2 excluded from Houde of C1mFenian trouble7 in Ireland; arr7est of m767 James Stephens "Head Center," No-. Coercion Act for Ireland p....d, March 11; 676776 of S7eph666, Nov. 24. 67. Rus..76-Glad0t'.. ministry. Irish Land Bill passed, Aug. 66. Death of Richard Cobden, April 2. Yakoob Khan rout7 the Ame7r and C.Death of Lord P.I-.rst.., Oet. 18. -,.s C..dah.,. Important commercial treaty with Aus- Parnell arrested under Coercion Act, tria, De7. 16. Oct. 13. 1866 Defeat of Lord Russell's reform bill6. Land 77 agu7 declared illegal, Oct. 20. Ju06 18. 6776677b Kha6 defeated by the A66 6 r, R:.ignati.. of Russell ministry, June 26. Sept. 22. D rby for-. hi. third cabinet, July 6. Ag,,-t...,, 1. Ireland. Cattle plague Continue.. causing great 1882 Attempt on the Queen'. life by MeLea., I.... March 2. Prin6777 marries Prince Chris- State trial of MCI,1.7, who 77 adjudged tia6 of S7hleswig-Hol6t71 n, July 5. insane. Atlantic cable pronounced 6 17-6767. Prince 6 7opold married to Princess HelH6beas Corpus suspended in Ireland.... of W777776, April 27. Fenian invasion of Canada. Earl Spencer appointed Lord-Lieutenant M887 New reform act rt ed. 7of Ireland. War with Abyssinia begins, caused by 1.rd Frederick Cavendish appointed 67m 77 767bment of British subject.. Chief S..6tary of Ireland. 6ir Robert Napier 6ommands expedition. Lord Cavendish and Mr. Burk7, 66nder Fenian outbreaks in Ireland. Secretary, assassinated, in Dublin, Disraeli 6 reform bill. P May 6. The Dotnint.. of Canada formed. Ott. Tr.-,elyan succeed. Lord Calendish. 0767 Derby 767,6try oy6ig766 Feb67262 1 The Repression of C36i- bill passed, Disraeli forms new miniistr ' Feb. 25. July 11. Gladstone'. bill for Dileet. Yblishznet of John Bright e.1g..s, July 15, asame — 6666h Church pass.. the House, April be6 of Gladstone'1 Cabinet, 7wing to 30. Egyptian policy. Scotch and Irish reform acts passed, The "C0ot667" bill p6666 d, permitting July 13. closing of debate by 6aJ6rity 7ote. Di766lutio6 77 Parliament, D67. 16. Fiftieth...677677y of Gl6dstone' 6 6try Resignation of Disrae7li ministry6 i767 public life, D.6. 13. 0lad676667 for77 6w ministry, Dec. 9. P77yer7 offered in the Mosques of Cairo Successful -777inati0n of the Abyssinian for the Q-67., Dec. 16. "67. Fir. 67 Hampton Court Palace, D66. 74. Th6776 7id6 of Th6eodore, King of Abys- Arrears of Rent bill passed..-na, April 13. Married woman'. rroperty...e..ed. 2860 Convention on 6 "3laba177 Claim0 " Anglo-Tu6ki6h Military C6nventio6 7n76767d; It 1 7 rejected by the United formally 76gned, Sept. 6. State.. War in Egypt (q. v.).766 7ncer appointed Lord-Lieutenant 7783 T667772316616607. 77677776677 7667.d Cavendish identified, Feb. 10. Irish Church bill receive. the royal as- Opening of the Royal College of M..Ic, 7776. Joly 26. 7 7lay 67 Death of the Far] of D.,-by. Oct- 23. The Marquis of La..d.-.. ppointed 2WO0 M adopted for the spread of prl- Governor-General of C...d,...ary d.-ction. New Parcel Post first in operatio., Aug. U..d bill of Ireland receives royal A.- 1. sent. uy 8, Annexation of territory on Africa.,eat 7667ti666 bill. 7coast proclaimed, Aog. 23. Neutrality in France. 7Surrender of Cetew6 yo to the British Prussia7 war proclaimed. July 19. resident., Oct. 6. Neutrality of Belgium guaranteed. Aug. Sir J. H. GCoI 777pp66667d Governor of II. N-f... dl..d, D,-,. 19. Resignation of John Bright, 667. 20. 1884 New Patent Act go77 into 67676tio6, Death 6f the Earl of Cla6.7.n, June 26. Jan. 1. 777 Princess Loui6. 7776667 the Marquis of Departure of Gen. Gordon for Egypt, LonMarch 20.. Jan. 18. B76666S.. Conference. March 13. Th. Q-a,. visit. Darmstadt, April 16. Treaty with the United State7 regarding Death of Prince 6.767667, Duke of AlAlabama claim., May 8. 6766, March 26, aged 29. The 111ish Church Disestablishment bill M...ter reform demonstration In L. — go7 6 into ffec6. don, 36ly 61. Meeting of th666 3abam6 7 Claims Com- Jubi376 of the 76666ti67 6t slavery 67 76 -aiso t Geneva. b-ated i. 1,..d.., Aug. 1. University test6 abolished; army pur- 7 Seri.. 6.ti-Salvati7 6 76ot6, at W7 rthi7g, Ch.- bablishhid. Aug. 17. The Ballot A3t passed. Earl of Dufferi6 appointed to the Vie.serious ill6666 of 666 P77777 76 Wale7. Royalty of 1oj,1 Se67. 10. Scott e666676ry 6t Edinburgh. Greenwich 6 6pted 7 the universal Great riot7 67 Dublin. prim6 77ridi6., Oct. 13. 862 Supplemental treaty with the United P763 76667e f66766666 the British ship States concerning Alabama Claim-, Tyburni., at Ml~adeira, Dec. 3. Feb. 3. 3676ti-777rm7n,ot 77 Sheffi7776 D777 A national thanksgiving for recovery of Attempt to 6666 6 up London Bridge, D666 the Prince of W.).., Feb. 67. 13. 0666677r threatens the Queen, Feb: 29. Lord Re66676766677d Go067766r of Bombay, 7ettlement of the Alabama Claims, Sept. 076. 13. 14. 1885 Attempt to 6666 up the 6ouse6 of C67 -Scotch educational bill. 77666, 7676mi77ter Hall 67d 666667 of Commercial treaty with France, Nov. 5. 1,..d.., Jan. 24.. Serious rioty in Belfast. The fall of Khort7 6, and death of G6 -1762 Abolition of test. in the 7ris7 Un6ver7.- do7, Ja3. 26. tie.. Ope076g of the Mersey t76667, Feb. 13. Payment of the Geneva0 award7. Th6 reserve forces and militia7 for766 Death of Lord Lytton, J37. 18. 66666d out, March 26. Defeat of the DobIlo University bill. The revised Bible publish666, May 18. Resignation of the G07777677 ministry, Prince77 B76tri66 m7rri7 - Prince Henry, M7rch 13; ministry resume767 ffi67 of B6tt66 bu666 July 23 March 17. Death of Sir M77e6 M6nt67fire, aged 101, Th6 Shah of Persia visit7 England. July 28. Pa.7777 of the Judicature bill, Aug. 6. 1695 Grant 777667al 767666es at 77666776 -W 676ith the Ashant776; Sir Ga07et st7r, Aog. 4. W.Isaley placed in Command. 1886 Parnell'. land bill d,-feat-d, Sept. 21. 1874 Irish 6du76ti667l bill fail.. 7777 Queen's Jubilee I7...6777d, Jun. 21. Marriage of the D666 of Edinburgh to Irish Crime6 Bill passed, July 3. Mar6 e A167andr77677 of Russia, Jan. 23. Irish National Le6.7 proclaimed, Aug. Celebrated Tie667rne trial, Feb. 28. 19. Defeat of Ashant-.s, J... 31, and treaty 8M Iiirst Whit. Chapel murder, April 2. of 77766 signed. Feb. 13. U. S. Fishery Commission treaty signed. Di_' 76li become 6 Prime Minister. 1889 Marriage of Princess Louis6 of 677ales, 1875 R6op-ing of the Easter7 question. July 66. Th. P76677 of Wales7 7isit6 India. 1890 Re7ect6on of 67ert6767 from 677 Pope. Fr..". passes the English Channel Tun- Aug. 77..6I bill. Split 7 7 the Irish P777177777677 77767. 1876 Great 7776766 under Moody and Sankey, 667. 6. Engl66d p66676667 the Su71 777al. 1891 N7wfo7ndland fishery dispute, 7676chO'Con067l ce676167y on Ireland. May. 06667 of England proclaimed Empress 8 U. S. World's 7767 7676666667 77666677, ofIndia, March 7. May. Bul666ri7 n atr66it6 6 produce Intense eX- IM71 Battleship "Victoria" sunk by the 66777667 67.1767. "Cam0 erd6 wn, o off the Syrian coast. 6666766 66 '6677 0667'l d 6 6777 400 7766 7-7666 7. Defeat of "Home Rule" for Ireland. 40r In c...ed Disraeli raised to the peerage as the The Du6 e o 6 York married 77 Earl of 037667776667. Mary of T-k6, July 6. Engl7nd take7 part he Eastern qus- M76he7st6r Ship C67766 66 7,6 6.7. 6712. 6795 Defeat of the Liberal party 76d fall 7766 06676 676 77 7 66 6677ppto767 of th, R066ber7 Cabinet7 is 6 ucof the Ru7so-T7rkish war, but decides 76 remai Radical Cabinet. 0667 B67gi767 p g of D766 7W., 67 So. Arica, Duk f MrlbrughmadeL-r-LI-1- 809 Oct. 1 I. 076667 of 0reland.66 o 7 Di67. J67. 22. Rejection of C~adstone's resoluti... i. 1901 Q-ee Vict.,aDid an O 7 7gard to Turkey. 26ing Ed6366d VII. 7666736 616666. 1902 B..r War. 1,, S-tbh Af,4-a, ended I. May. 1878 Russian 7dv7677 on Constantinople 6 ro- P 6676 661. 6 t66 r6eci,6 77777 77667 great excitement 21 England. 190. 6 766 66 66677 76 6666, Sev'eral changes in the ministry. wireless trnmsinto ship. at se.. Earl of L7.677m shot 1n Ireland. 37,. 6776667776d and Salisbury represent AUSTRA UA. England I. the Berlin Confe —c. US RA IA Great commercial depression in England. British Afghan3stan war. 17,0 Captain Coo0. Sir Joseph 6anks and othGeneral Roberts' victory at Piewas Pass. ers land at Bot..y Bay and name the Dec6. 6 6667untry New South W.I.., April 28. Jel7alabad occupied by th7 6617666. 0. 77 Explorations of 76777766. 20. 1764 Capt. Cook 76plor77 Australia and N67 77779 Yak..b Khan recognized as Ameer of Zealand. AfghanMay 9; retirement of British 177e.776. 6677 7 7 third.yg.6 of extroop7; treaty of peace signed, 7ay 30; pl766ti-6. British residents at Cabul 777177red, 67688 First landing of English convicts at Port Sept. 3; Gen. Robert0 reaches Cabul, Jack376. Sept. 28; abdication of Yakoob Khan, Phillip7, first Governor, founds Sydney. Oct. 19; British defeat Afghans at with 1,09 persons, Jan. 66. Sherpur, De0. 23. 1789-'92 Voyage of Bligb. Zulu, South Africa, war; British troops 1790 Distre-s, owing; to the loss of the storeenter Zululand. Jan. 12; -aaaacrP of ship "G7776di77. 777ndula, Jan. 22. 1793 First house for Public Worship erected. Victory at K77bul6. March 29; Prince 1795 7irst publication of 6777rn77nt 6 a1.7uis Napo7..6, so7 of Emperor 6 apol- 6ett7. eon Il1., killed by Zulus, June 1; Sir 1768 Bass' Straits discovered, by B6ss and 07771t Wolseley take6 command, 3une Flinders. 77: battle of Ulundi, total defeat o6 the 1806.'07 Explorat67ns and surveys of the coast 7 7lu king, Cetewayo, Joly 4; capture of of Australia, by 0rant and Flinders. Cettawy.. Aug. 28. 1902 First brick Church built. Groat distres. and famine In Ireland. 1803 Van Dt.-.n's Land, now Tasmania, P.-'2I 1isit6 the United States 6 8 be- established6 first settlement made at half o7 the Land League. Port Philip. Anti-rent agitation 1n Ireland. 787 Insurrection of Irish convicts repressed. 1808 Gov. Bligh d7677.7d for tyranny and 727 t home; s63 6 377 76 by Qu7rrie. 18173.17plorati-7 Into the i066 767r of Austr7li6, by We66twrth0676777n, Blo7 7 and, 3671y and other6 7 7664) S66tle6-et ob King George's Sound formed. 77 South Australia explored by Stuart. 1829 West Australia -ad.. province; a Legislative Cou-ci1 established and Capt. Sterling appointed tteutemantGovernor. 1830 Stuart furtiar explorr- South AustraliaFifty ship., with 2,000 emigrant., arrive I. W-ster. Australia.,831 East Australia..plored by Sir T. Mitchell, 1834 BQ-ndari.. of the provi.C. of South Au. — trail. fixed. 1 p35 Fir.' 7n Catholic bishop arrives. Port Phillip,..w Victoria, C.Ioni..d. U4;36 South Australi.. provi.C.. Arri366 of first Church of England 6ishAdelaide founded. Eyre'6 7-pediti7 n overland from Adelaide to K6'g George'0 Sooud. Mclb..rne founded. 1838 ExpI-,.ti9.. of Capt. Gray I. northwest A..trali.. 1839 N67 South W.1e. and T7776nia e7716red by Count Sti6666666. Alleged discovery of gold in Bathurst kept.-cret by Gov. Gipp-. S..p...i.. of transportati... 7840 Eyr. 66l.6767 West Australia. Sti-l-eki..plor.. the A..tralhan Alps. 1-841 C...... 87,200 m.1e.; 43,700 females. 1842 7ncorporation of the City of Sydney. J:)i.!.vry of the Burrs.-Burra..pper mine., In South Australia. 1844-'48 E6pl6r167676 of 7767hhardt, Stu8rt. Mitchell, Gregory and Kennedy. 1846 767-.ry 77de Governor-General. 677661, 114,700 77767; 74,800 females. 1847 Bishopric of Adela3de founded. 1848 I,.!,hhardt start.....e..d -xploration; party 7ever heard of again. Kennedy killed by native.. Gregory..plorea the interior. 1864 Great agitation against transportation. 1850 Port Philip 7761ted 6nto the p76vin66 of Victoria. 1851 Gold discovered, near 6athurst, by Edward Hargreaves; intense excitement in the province6; great rush to the gold regi.... 6664 Sir Willi7 7 Dennison appointed Governor-Gemeral. 1875 0regory'. 6777dition I667 the 7nterior. 1858-'62 J. McDonald Stuart'l expeditions. Death of Archdeacon C.-p.,, after nearly fifty year7' residence, aged 80. 1859 Province of Que677io7 d established, Dec. 1860 Burk. and W~illi...d two other. C.... the 7-7ti7676, starting fr6- Melbourne Aug. 20;.11 p-irih.. the return, eext 7ear, 66-7pt Jo36 King. Sir Jo36 Y6u7g, Governor of New South Wales. 1861 Stuart and M'Kinlay cross from sea to se - 1863 06 -7very of the remain7 of Burk6 and 1864 General resistance throughout the provtnce. against tr... prtatio-. 1865 Death of M767ga6, 7 desperate bushrang r..d murderer. Ce67 6tio6 of transportation to Australia in three year7 766667ced. Settlement of boundary between New South Wales 767 Victoria, April 19. 1866 76pul6ti67 of Australia, native6 e64lud6d, 1,298,6676 1867 Capt. C 6dell 7 6pl6re 6 South Australia6 discover. -.uth of river Roper. Meeting of C66 66ti6n from Cf1 6-76 7 Me66bour6e, to 0rr7ge postal 6 7mmuniCation with Europe. 1871 Delegates from the 676 6 meet to p6 test777 imperial inte66 fere.. with their mutual fiscal arrangement., Sept. 27. 1872 Telegraphic:c.mmu-icsti-n with EngSynod of the Church of Australia and T..m..I., held at Sydney, Oct. 25. 1876 Wilshire explore. Daly and Victoria rillIS79 International Exhibition at Sydney opened Sept. 17. 1880 Melb..,.. Exhibition opened Oct. i. Tahiti..n..ed to Fr..c.. The Queensland government authorities the v6n6tr-6ti"6 of the t8776-c666 — 77666l railway, to bri6 g the 7 olonies within thirty day7 of England.,,SS, Railroad completed from Sydney to Murray River, connecting with M~elbour... intba-C.Ionial oconf,,..cC at Sydney to..nider federal action. Majority vote I- favor of - tariff C --- mission..d the..tablishm,.t of an Australian C6762 of Appeal. 1882 Terrible mining cecidant at C~reswick Talbot, Victoria, 0ec. 14. 1883 Confederation of the 27167661and a7 ne7ati7 6 of Papua, New Gu06ne6. Opening of the New University of South Wales an777 Mdo777666th6r, Oct. 24. 1885 New South Wales e..tingent leave. Sydney for the S..da., March 3 1890 Fire in Sydney 6ausing a 7777 of 77,500.000, Oct. 2. 1896 Federation C0777nt766 draft 7 Co06tituti66 toy the C073767776th of Au3 -tra6.3 April 3. 76 Serious7 67ood7 in Queensland, property and life lost. 1665 Great panic 1o the 777eY market; many banks and business houses fail. CANADA. 1676 English Stamp Act accepted by 076677176 Provinces. 17,58 Sir Guy C.'I,,ton Gov. nor. Grat fire in -.%I.treal. 7664 R.67n Catholic6 citi6ens of Canada 766 -firm d In their political right. and property' 177 7 L 7gi6lati6e council of 23 members apM. nted, Cotot.C-mnt of the American W"ar of lIddapendene 1.,_iion of Canada by the Americans, under 7 7ontgomery and B. A6old. Fort St. 6ohn taken by 6Montgomery, No". 3. 17767177 captured7 Nov. 12. Arnold '. attack.. Quebec repulsed, W.". 14. Arnold and M~ontgomery attack Quebec, December 31. Fat lure of attack and death of Montgomery.rcn 1776 The Amercn retreat from Canada, June 18. 1784 Settlement of Upper Canada1791 Ca..d is give. a _.tnsttttio., and is divided into upper and lower prov1792 First House of Assembly opened. 1794 Toronto made the capital of Upper Canada. 1803 SI.,very abolished In Canada. I=1~ Second war bet-e.. the United States and Great Britain. Capture of Detroit by the British, Aug. 15. Surrender of General Wordsworth, Oct. 14.~ Van Rensselear capitulates, Nov. 27. 1812 Americans Carry Queen-town Heighta. Death7 of General Brock. 1813 Atoeriesns defeated at Frencht.,n. Capture of Toronto, April 27, and Fort George, May `7 i by the Americans. Defeat of the Bri61sh at Sacketts Harbor. Mray 29. Victory of American. at Stony Creek, June 61 Indecisive battle of Williamsburg, Nov. 7. Commodore Perry'. Victory.. 1-k. Erie. Capture of English squadron. Defeat of Pr.,,-,tr at the Thames. and death of Tecumseh. 1814 United State. troop. successful at battle of 7.776667, March 4, Defeat of the British at Chippewa. July 6attle of Lundy'7 Lane. Naval battle on Lak. Champlain. Treaty of Ghent close. the war. 1816 Sir George Sh6rbrok. 077me. Governor of Lower Canada. 1817 political agitation in Upper Canada. Career of Robert Gourlsy. 1818 Duke of Richmond appointed G04. of Lower C667677 1922 Antagonism between the French and English i6666677667 of Lower Canada. 1824 376766d C67.I in68rp7 66ted. First agitation against the Oaaggm-en. 1825 Agitati.. in Urper Canada on the alie. bill. 1829 Macknnzi.'. printing ffle. destroyed by, -,h, 1828 P76tit8716 7761t mi666e of revenue7 7 6829 First 7 gi3y ti.7 for..po..ible g7.76rnment I. Upper Canada. 1830 Lord Aylmer beeo717 Governor of L7ow-.r C-.d... 1832 Imperial duties surrendered to the C~an.dian A...mbly. 1835 Th. Pupine.. parts, aim at. total -eparation from Great Britain. 7236 First Canadian railway 6767ed. House of 37776bly refuse supplies. IW7' Coercive measure of the British ParIJ.menft. House of Assembly of Lower Canada e fu.. to business. "8667 of Liberty" rise in Montreal. Commercial Crisis in Canada and the United State.. Troops oithdr-p fr Upper Canada. Rebellion In Upper C...d. begin.. Attempt the capture of Toronto, D06. 4. Totally defeated by St. Eu64,76, 076. 74. Rebel. receive aid from sympathizers in the United State.. Affair of the "C-rolin.." 1838 Sir John Colborne a7pointed Governor, Affair. of the "Annn." and the "'Sir Rob-.rt P-L". End of the rebellion In Upper Canada. Resignation of Sir Francis Head, wh6616 succeeded by Lord Durham. 1839 Union of Upper 76d Lower C77ad7. Lord Syd..ham appointed Governor. 1840 Settlement of the clergy r — que.ti... Responsible g6'72rn-ent established. Death of L6ord Syde7667. Charles P. Th.-ps", G.,,'rnor, 1843 SI, Chartes Metcalf appointed Governor. 1844 G... rmm.t removed fr.- Kingston to 18 6.7 Great f766 0 G Quebec. 1847 E art Cathcart Governor. Lord Elgin G.-r-nr-Ge-eral, October. Agit7ti66 6777 the R66766667 L6.767 bill. 1848 Continued agitation 6776 the Reb066111 06786 bill. 1849 Ann...ti on to the U~nited States advoCated by the appeal'ion Great r'.t- -,Int,,a.1. Dest-icion of Parrii -nt House, April 26' Attack on Lord Elgi,,. 7667677766 of the agitation. 1850 Reci6rocity with United State7 urged. 6876 Construction of 76w railwa7s. Cheaper postage rates introduced. 1852 Great fir. at MIontreal. C- -rnent removed to Quebec. 1853 Clergy reevsabolished by English Parliament, May 9. 1854 C I.- of Lord ElIgin'. d-inlstration.. P,.,,Perou. c!..dti.. of C... d. Treat y ith the T'nited State., Jun. 7. 1855 Sir Ed.nd W. Head 1856 Sir Jo67 A. Macdonald, the Att7rn6yGeneral, become. leader of the Conopening of railway f-o Quebec to T.'''N-.v. 12, Th6 0 rst railway accident 77 Canada. Quebec -ad. the,Cat of gove —ment. 1667 Stri77776y 66 the money market 7 aused by the mutiny I. India. 1858 Ott.-., formerly Bytown, made the seat of the provinei.1 g. —rmew! by Queen Victoria; the opp..ition defeat this.cheme. 1860 Visit of the PrI-.e of Wales to Canada. 18616 Great fire. Qu6761, June 7. Comneetof the civil war I. the United State.; fears of hostilities with that nation. Lord M..Ck -ad. Governor-General, N-v 28. British troop....t to C...d. on acc... of -T-!ntt- ffair. R~esignation of ministry; Macdonald f '-sa... Cabinet. 1862 Death of St, Allan 67 -7'Nab. 1864 Dallggt...... ble at to discuss -.nfedear.U.. of American Colonies. C-ffederat. refugees make. raid from Canada 7 6 St. Alba78, Vt., Oct. 196 C...dia...-,-at thero up.. their m — turn,6followed by their di77 harge, D6 14; General 6 1 7 proo6i677 repris78 6 order rescinded by President Ll.-l-n 1865 Parliament a6gree7 to. c3666 d 6 ti.. Great fire at Qtuebec. C-,..d. Parliament vote 950,000 for de00677 of the D 6mini6-7 March 23. Canada 767777; to union of the 6 rov-,-n "" April 1. 7866 First Parliament of the Dominion meet7 at 6tt76763a, June 76 Di7.6 7very of gold In Ha3ti7 County, N... mber. Terminati.. of the Reciprocfty T eaty with the United State.. Fenian inv..i.. threatened. Fe6ia777 under O'Neill, 6.., 0nto Canad667 Canadian 7olunteers drive them back..d dispprse the-. M bea. Corp.....%)ended. M"ir Gait's new tariff. 1867 F6666ti7 of the 677om6nion of Ca077. by the confederation of Canada, New 13 —swick and Nola Scott., March 29. Lo-d y7.6k bpp76ted V6f7ceroy. July 2. Canadia. Railway Loan act passed, April 1868 Sir John Young becomes Gorerno,-Ge.70al, 866,3. 27. 1869 1Hudson 6ay te76torie8 purchased for E300.0(0. 187,0 Second Fenian -0id 6p61.,d by militia6 the 877777, O'Ne0ll, 7aptured by United State. troop17 Manitobs, formerly Rupert '. Land, formed and becomes a 7art of the Domi6nion of Canada. P'l."e Alfred -visit. Canada. 1871 British Columbia join. the Dominion of Discussion of the Fisheries question. 1972 Prince Edward'. Island becomes a part of the Dorninion of Canada. Earl of Dufferin becomes Governor-General. 187,3 Macdonald'. ministry charged with C.,,ruption, and forced to resign; new Wanitry formed h), Maek...I.. 1875 Rejection of Reciprocity Treaty by United States. 1976 D0st7-7tion of St. Hy767nthe by 6re, Sept. 3. 1877 United States and Canada Fishery Commission, 7at H01fa1, award Canada 66,500,000. 1878 '.67 Marquis of Lorne, son-in-law of 63877n Victoria, appointed Viceroy, Oct. 14. Fortune Bay outrage6. United States pay Fishery award, Nov. Arrival of Marquis of Lorn. and Prince77 Louis6, 6676 25. 1869 Industrial Exposition at Ottawa. 1870 Earl of Salisbury refuses 7ompensation for Fort776 Day affair; Lord G0ranvill7 grant. It. 1881 675,000 award for Fortune Bay 6 7trag7s. Bill to construet railroad fromu Halilato B877ard Inlet pa777, 3June 31. Patents 7ssued to Canad0i76 Pa76fi6 Ra7l-ay Company, Feb. 16. 61 6 The Marquis of Lan06 7767 appointed G-e-ror-General, May 21. Sir John Hlawley GI.-,.r appointed G.-v ernor of Newfoundland. 6884 Meeting of the British A377667ti66, at Mlontreal, Aug. 27. 77ynamite explosion6 at Quebec, Oct. 66. 1885 Opening con67ict at Fish Creek with the half-breed and Indian rebels, 677 -Louis Riel, April 24. Capture. 071 r Batf7 71, of Louis Riel. 1886 Orening of the Canadian Pacific Rallway. Resolution ag"Inst the Coercion Bill passed April 26.,888 Newfoundland refu... to Join Canada, April. Lord Stanley made Governor, June 11. 1889 776eldon E781ad1tio7 Bill passed, April 26, 1890 776676to University burned, Feb. 14. 1891 Government party sustained at general election, March 6. 6677General ce68 take6 April 5. 7881 Earl of Aberd37 1 appointed 7 6overnor-. en -I, Jay II1895 School war In Manitoba. UNITED STATES. 1765 First Medical College established in Philadelphia. The Stamp Act passed, In England. March 22. Virginia resolutions against right of tax2tion, 67ay 29. A congress of the 2olonies proposed by Massachusetts, June 26. Congress of 27 delegates meet at New York and publish a declaration of the right's and rules against the Stamp Act, Oct. 7. Masa.-h.-tt., Rhod, island, Delaware and Maryland unit. in resisting Stamp Act, November. 1766 Dr. Franklin visit England, and 77 e7. 778ned before the House of Commons, I. February. Stamp Act r 7177.Id, March 18. Stage r7ut66 between Providence and Bo7 -ton established. Philip Embury and Captain WCebb first lnlrod u_ Methodi.- In America. 1767 A3 6bn676io7 t67 imposed on paper, g,..., t-..d painters'..)or. imported by the coloni.. Colonies adopt a non-Importttion agrrte-n t. Mason and D66676, 17t out by the heirs of W72. Penn and Lord Balt6more, run. In.e to defl.. the boundaries of their possession.. It aftrerward. became line between the fr....d llal. states. 1768 M76tin6 of 7 66768nti68 of delegate7 called by Massachusetts, at Fanuel 14.11, Bosto.. A military for,!. tationed I. Boston h, the British government under General 1769 The Governor of Virginia dissolve7 the House of Burgess. Th7 assembly of North Carolina dl0 7 solved by the Gover or. Good6 sent to Boston from Great Britain -ffuaed and sent back. First paper mill erected at Milton. 1770 Boston massacre' March 5; British soldier. kill three and -.ound four CitiRepe7l of the duties on tea. 7771 In1776tio6 In North. arolina agalnst the vovr.nee t Mfeer. by regulators; 6817 36on 7up667716788 May 16, by Go7 er..r Try.. and at. rgulator. hanged. 77772 The British.-if-war 6aspee burned 77 Narragan6ett Bay by American0 from Providence. 1773 First American Meth6di6 t Conference, consisting of ten ministers, 67; of 6or-,!ign birth. Bit' d Asylura established at Wflliams — burgh, Va., the first in America. The cargo67 of the te7601ip67 n Boston thrown lot. the harttof by -asked men, De,. 16.,774 Boston Port Bill deprives Boston of its Mport right., March 25. 7ting of the First Continental or 37ec07d Cof6nial Congress, at Philadelphia, Sept, 53 Congress issue. a Declaration of Rights, Nov. 4. 1775 Commencement of the Revolutionary W'ar. Battle of Lexington, April 19; British retreat. Perpetual Union of the Colonies formed, May 266 General Washington Commander-InChief of the Continental 7or766, June Americans under Ethan Allen take Tironderog., May 10. Generale H.,we, Clinton and Burgoyne arrive from.Engl..d. Defeat of the Americans at Bunker Hill, after stubborn resistance. June 17. Washington assume. Command at Cambridge, July 3. Continental Fast Day, July 20. Falmouth burned by the British, Oct. 177 General 2 Montgomery and Arnold8611766 Canada o apture of St6 John, N-67 36 of Montreal, N-V. 12. Repulse of Ar7.ld at 6uebec6 Nov. 14; second and joint assault de!feated and Alontgom-,ry killed, Dee. 31. 7766 Destruction of 77676lk by the British, Jan. 1. Boston -aCuatd by the British In p67n-.equ,.-e of the America.. having take. p76 se7.771n of Dorchester Heights. which Commanded the harbor, March 17. Washington 7 rri6es at New Yor6. April 14. D~eclaration of independence, July 4. Commissioner. sent by Congress to &.1telt a treaty with the French. Battle of Flatbush2 or Brooklyn, on Long Island; Ho67 (61 77 400) defeat. the American generals, Putnam and Sullivan (I... 2.00-0), Aug. 27,.New York.vaCoated by the Ainerican. and occupied by the British, Sept. 15. Battle of White Plains; Howe (loss 300 or 400) defeats Washington (loss 300 or 400), Oct. 28. Battle of Lake Champlain; Capture of the American fleet, Oct. 11-la Fort Washington capitulates, Nov. 16. English..cupy Rhode Island. Washington retreats beyond the D~elaware, N-v. Z2, Congress adjourns to Baltimore. Dee. IL j VY~II'II"~

Page  XX I i I I i i i i i i i CI ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY. 1_1 _ _;_ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ii __ _ _ __ 010 Battle of TronoO00 Wuo16gton 0Co to detests Ushl Antd his Oa"tr 00 1,0060. Dec. 26 am6 Battle of Princeton; WMoo0 (on 100) 4.eats 00who0d 6.n1. Battle of Pentangon. Vt.: Stark 0ow 10) de4eats Bauom a1d Bprnom Goss Battle of Braodywl; How. (boW G00M def..6. Waslhiogton Owen 10.60. Sept. Arrival of Llaroette. who to 0s4de 1003o..11.oeyol to Cootboeot.0 Aomy. m34o1e 03.oomnoo,3 66. 6100) 0. 2. 0.1. 0..on4 battle, near Stin0wastp Gen. OCsteo (too. 066) 4.Ooolo 00011,. (boo 00 COot. 0. 3001.3410.613015.7120. 05 Oo0,tog 0with 6.762i 1000. oto CGst.. 0.5. 07. Ao6661.o od OCo.Oodoootlbo oaoptoo by Coo' 26ooo. Nob. 0C A Inryloo 164710004002 recognized by MM Treaty 0.1( France concluded. 0eb. 6. 101o01elyb. evacuated by the Britib. Battle of Monmouth: Washington Ooss 220) de4ea.1 Clinton (106 4000. June 26. 0000Pre of Wyomim& Valley, July 3. Count 4'EstaiLolg wi twelve ships of -th eODu,.af t rrlgooo and French troops. arrives Battle on Rhode Island; Sullivan (toos 010) defeats Pigot (oto 200). Aug. 29. Americans retreat from Rhode I0land. Aug. 00. 6 0vann0h 006604 by the British. Dec. 29. Repoole 00 Americans at Briar Creek. Miarch 3. 2IM Now H06aven plundered by the British, Juoly Fairfild and Green Farms. In Coannectl 1016 (Ok.. by 1102 Boitlob..tol 7. Lb6oyJ P0660 006.3 by 1)12 Aolotloaol. Jully 7. 2o66,cm 0. 0.. oooyp7140ed to ohe 1310001U.2601os0 Bootloofi Cs66426. 7. C.) OCptos111o 61062 026) 4.66060 Gotyol' 6.160 e(10ss 730). oo2ne4lO Arnold betrays 2 nd desert. his country. 1.0al0. Andre captured. Sept. 03, and 100g an2 spy, Oct. 2. 131 Battle of Co0wpens: American General Morgan (lam 02) de4eats Tarleton 61062 800) Jan. 17. Aossembling of Congress, March 1, 0rtic0les o Cof federation having been ratlfled by all the States. Defeat of General Greene by Cornwallis. at Guilford. Battle of Eut1w Springs; General Greene (los05) defeat2 Ste26art (10o 10.00). The traitor. Arnold. burns New Loodon, Surrender of Lord Cornwallis, at Yorktown, with 1.,M3; men, to Washingt-an. 020. 09. 17M2 Independence of the United 7 ta0ot 66 acknowledged by Holland0 April 19. 0762 Independence acluoowIedg4 by Sweden. Denmar,. Spain and prussi. Armist1ce with Great Britain, Jan. 20. Peace with Great B0tain. at Tre7ty o6 Pars, Sept. 23. New York evacuated, Nov. 20. Resignation of General Washington., De1. 23. 1700 Treaty of peace 006100ed by Con07res0. Jan. 4. 1785 John Adams sent to 1ngland as4 frst Ambassador from the United States 1786 Cotton Introduced Into Georgia. Shay'. rebellion in M~assachusetts. Delegates assemble 01 Annapolis, and recommend a Convention to revise arttele. of C..federation2707 M.eeting of Convention at Ph0ladelphia, George Washington pFt0tding. Constitution of the Un(160 States adopted. Sept. 07. 176 Constitution ratified by all the States except Rhode island and North CarroEmancipation of slaves by the Quaker' of PhiadOelphia. 10 First Congress meets 00 Now York. George Washington elected first Ihealdent 10 the United State.. North Carolina r10ti0es the Cealtsttut1on. 2700 Death of O-joamin Franklt. April 07. Rhode Island rattftes the Constitution. Hamolton'* financial schemes proposed. 171M Bank of the United States established. at Philadelphia. Vermont admitted aL the fourteenth State. Indiana defeat St. Clarir. 10 K0entucky admitted an the 21fteenth state. T'e Columbia river pdioovered by Captain Grey. Washington City chosen as the capital 00 the republic. 0116 Invontoon.f the cotton g by Whitney, resulting in the rev06ut10ni0ing a2 the culture of cotton. Trouble with the French Ambaoo.doo. Genet 1279 Washington's soanna term as Pres0oold bcina. Wlioky rebllion in Pennsylvania. Frazee recalls Geneat. Jay's treaty with Great Britain. TM9 Congress ratlfi e" J I~ tray 1700 Tennessee dmttto 0 as01 th12 0 sixteenth State. Resignation of George Washingtoo. 1707 John Adams inaugurated as President Treaty with France annulled. 11798 War vith France threatened. 1799 Death of Washington. 0t Mt. Vernon, Dem 4. 2108 The Government removed from Ph)(ade42166 to Washington. Treaty signed with France. General Banktrupty Law passed. 1561 Inauguration of Thomas Je00erson as President. Now York 2E1ening Post established Wa with Tripoli commenced, June 10. Dea00 of Benedict Arnold, June 14. 0)0 Ohio admitted &1 the seventeenth State. Port of New Orleans closed by Spain. and American vesorls forbidden to Pa06 down MIssissippi river. 106 Louisiano purchased from the French; $165000,000 paid. P0anos f010t manufac0red at Bos0tn. 1026 Aar.o Burr 1ills AIlexander Hamiton In a due4, July 10. Fr0gote "Presdlent"0 destroyed at Tripoli by Decatur, Feb. 4. Fort Dearborn, present site o0 Chicago, built. LewisN Clar&0.s expedoU.on starts Across the plains. 6220 Treaty of peace with Tripoli. Jan. 4. 0.e first become6 an article of comLerce. 0eizure ft armed Am.r010n vessels by Engand. Lewio and0 Clark arrive 5t month of the Columbia river. 2206 American commerce affected by btoeslde of French and English coast06. 100? British vessels ordered to wave Un01te4 States waters. Trouble 0ith England respecting 6he rights of nautrals. Attack on the American ship 11 es.pealke," by the British ship, "IA30 -pardo. 6 June 02. Eombargooan American o, declared0 Dec. 2L Acquittal at Aar.. Burr on hhrge of conspiracy. I I ) 0110 Tb. 4.2t 0oa0t su07e000rd4red by Coo. 00000601022 of sla vesforbidden by ConAU10 Topoy manufeetuuo- first wo6d02 clocks.?logo1to 0.002t successf1l steamboat. 0.5 Abo2loan oiof the slave trade, Jan. 1 0'tnco orderp the seizure and 000040ation of American ve0sels. First printing -filc- west of the WI"-1 Isaippli, established at St. Louis. 60rst 1ible Society founded. in P604ad1lphia. 0000 First woolen mil6 started, In New York. Embargo repeated, March IJames Madison President. 0.0000.ur66 between France and bngland f-rbidd.. 0210 110 eo-fl6obted American vessels 0old by Napol1 n. First manufacture of steel pens begun. First agricultural fair. hold at Georoetow.. Porcelain clay discovered In Vermont. Hartford Fire Insurance Company Incorpnrated. 1811 E1300m.0nt between U. 0. frigate "P-orldool," and British 0loop, "11ttle Belt. — 0,2ed t0ons 0n Ameo0can vessels by 'Cane and 1:.,I-dSteve,0 devises plan f2r plating ve7sel0. First manufacture of screws by m.chin 'ry. Battle of Tlppoeszoo; 0en. Harrison de4 feat0 Tecum6eh, No(. 7. Reparation made by the British for the attack 01 the "Chesapeako." Great earthquake at New Midrld,. Mo. Astor's fur company establishes post of Astoria. Breech loading ri2es nvented. 10. Embargo laid for ninety dayo. Louisiana admnitted Into the Union. Congress Iopios 0 tax of 04.000.000. Additional orce of 35,6000 men a0thorzed. Detachment of militia not exceeding 100,000 men, authorized. Wso declared agaotot Goeat Britain. June 12. British orders In council rev70ed, June 23. Van Horme defeated, Aug. S. Defeat of Miller. Aug. S. 1en. Hull 1nvade0 Canada, July 12; ourr,04,00 Makinaw. July 07.,,.II surrenders Detroit with 2,500 men, Aug. 16 p The -Al0rt," a British ship of war. captured by the "10se0." Aug. 03. The "," 0 British frig(te, captured by the "Constitution" ("014 0,(nsid00"), Capt. Hull, Aug. 09. G3en. Harrison take. command of the Northwestern army. Queenstown attacked, unsuccessfully, by the Americans, Oct. 13. Th. a British ship, ooptured by the U. S. sloop of war "Woop." Both vessel. afterwards take, by, the "Pot10erp," o 0 British 74. The "tao-dontan,- a British frigate. oopoured by the "United States." Commodoro Decatur, Oct. 25. Th. "-os," o a British 211gate captured by the "Co.ottution.." Capt. Ba0nbridgo. Dec. 29. 1010 At the River Raisin. the British and Indian. surprise an a defeat Winchester. Most of the American. were by the Indians, who were left unprotected by Gen. Proctor, July 13. The "Peacock," a 1botosh ship, captured by the "H.-0et," Feb. 03. The inauguration of James Mad4son as Prodent, March 4. Thb Creek 2ndian1 subdued by 112. Jackson. The American coast blockaded by the British. Duel between 000n. Jacks3 n and Cot. Benton. York (now Toronto) 00 OUpper Canada, take0 by the American., under Ge0. Pike, 0.1 was killed1. April 27. The "Chesapeake" 2r0gate 111ke. by the British frigate "Shonon," June 0. First.1ll0ng mill at Pittsburgh. Stereotyping irst introduced into AmerDeath of Capt. Lawrence, of the "Ch0sapeako.' Battle of Fort Georgo. Mgy 07. British attack on 0000ett's Harbor repulsed, May 28. Fort' M.1g. and Stephensou attacked by the 1British and Indian0. Tho U. 0. brig "Argll(0 taken by tho British sloop "Pelic216. Aug. 14. The Bb101sh br%' "Booer" captured by the U. (. brig 0162nterpr0se." Sept. 4. The British fleet, 68 guns, on Lake Brie, captured by the American f22,0. 10 gunso, under Commodo0 4 Perry, ept. Massacre o2 Fort Minims. Ala, by the Indians, Aug. 60. Battle of Williamsburg. Nov. 12. Burning of New0ark, Can0da. Nov. 12. Buffalo burned by the British, Dec. 13. The British capture Fort Niagara, Dec. 29. Ni0gara1fron110r ravaged by the British, Dec. 30. oen. 0,rr0(on0. 010r having crossed 1nto Canada, defeats and di40,poeo the British army under Gen. Proctor, near the River Thames; death of Tecu0.seh. Oct. S. 814 The frigate "1Essex" captured, 01 Volparal'o, by two British vessels. Battle of Horse Shoe Bend, March 20. The "Epervler." a British vessel. c0ptured by the "Peacock." April 29. Oswego bombarded and taken by the British. Moy 6. The "Rlondeer," a British e...l, captured, by the "Wosp," June 25. Fort Er0e captured by the Americans under Gen. Brown, July 3. Battle of Chippewa. Brown defeats Drummond, July S. Battle of Br0dge20.ty Lundy'. Lane. Brow. and Scott detfet Drummond and Rial, July 25. The British bombard S12nington, Conn.. Aug. 9. Battle of Fort Brie, Aug. I& Battle of Bladensburg. British General, Ross, defeats Winder, Aug. 24. British enter Washington, and burn the public buildings. Alexandrta. taken by the British, Aug. 29. The "Avon,". British vse captured by the "Wasp," Sept. I Attack on Fort Bo,,ee (now Morgan) la.. Sept0 5 The British 0.eet on Lake Champlain, 95 Guns, Commodore Downie,. captured the Americap f 0 eet, of 86 guns, Commodor. MacDonough, and their army defeated at Plattsburg. by G... Macymb1 Sept. 11. oortish e0pelled from P (nsacola. by Jaok4.,. Nov. 7. byttl on Lake B0rgue, La0 Dec. 006 Battle below M-, OrieAns, Dec. 22. Jethro Wood Patent. his own plow. Perkins makes first steel plates fer end. Craving2ass0cre at Fort De00rbo,. (byicag by Attack on Balt00 6 1 J Bombardment of Fort McHenry.. B.ritish defe7ted, and Gen. Re" kined, Sept. 14. B Treaty of peace with Great Britain signed, at ohent, Dec. 24. ISof Battle 1f N 3 y Orleans. TDfeat of the British, with the loss o3 their leader1. Go. P0.6.00.0, by Gn.. Jac0k0s, Jan. 0 Capture of the trig2te "1President by the British eciusdron. Jan. 15 Treaty of.hent rat0(2ed by the Senate. Feb. IT. "Cono04otion" captures am02 0"Cyaneo and ".elvoot," Feb. 00. Wor declared with Algiers. The "Penguin" captured by the "Hornet0" 0'201001 20. Commodore Decstr sent against Algiers. Decatur captures Algerine frigate, June 17. Hunt 00rst m20u0a001262 00es. Terrific gale and 0ood in New England, Sept. 23 00n0 Indian0 admitted as a State. Second United States bank chartered. Steam first applied to paper making. Election of (ames Monroe. President. Mrs. Emma Willard opens her girl.' school at Troy. This was known as the yepr without a sum r. 1007 Illinois admitted Into the 01ooun. P-.i..n granted r...lutlonary soldiers. Jackson subdues Indians 1n Georgio and Alabama. ".t Canal commenced. Mississippi admitted into the Union. Harper Bros. 0 (0li0hing h.... founood. Clymer invents Columbian printing 00e0. 10010 Dea 0 and Dumb As7106 0112 Foundation of the new Capitol 1004, at Washington, Aug. 24. Pensacola, Fla.. captured from the Snantah. by Jack.... 1W12 The "Savannah," the first steam packet that cross01 the Atlantic, makes a voyTgg to Liverpool. fi 00rst permanent Lodge of Odd Fellows founded, lo Baltmore, April 26. Alabama admitted Into the Union, Dec. 14. 1800 Passage of the Missouri Compromise. Florida ceded to the United S01tes by Spain for 10.000,000. Maine admitted into the Union, March 15. Heated discussion 1n Cong0ess on the slavery queatt... Percussion caps for guns first 1nt00 duled. Re-election of James Monroe as President. 02troleum first discovered 6n Ohio, 04cadam1zed roads first introduced, Death of Daniel Boone. 1821 Missouri admitted into the Unton, Aug. 10. packson takes possession of Florida, July 21. Burnett first introduces lithographp. Straw hats first made from American.tra'w 182The United States -cknowledge the Independence of the South Amerle- WRpublic.. First English firm In California opens house at Monterey. Death of Maj.-Gen. Stark. First cotton mill built In Lowell. E~lliott makes first platform cls WWar with the Cub.. pirtes. p0 s frst succ..ofully introduced In 10ston. 1022 The Monroe doctrine, June 18. First g0s e.1p00y In N., York. First teoeborz' 60minary opened lo Concord, Vt. 0004The principles of Robert Owe0 preached, Pine 10rst made by machinery. First reformatory school founded in New York. Act passed to protect and encourage c1tton manufactures. Convention with Great 1Britain to suppress slave trade, March 13. Convention with Russia In relation to northwest boundary, April 5. Alrrival of Lafayette on a visit to the 'U. S. 0lect1on of John tuincy AdL ms as President. 101 The Capitol at Washington.Iompleted. First edge tool manuf60tory established. Smith, a trapper, perform th. Ib fot overland journey to Californio, and found Polsom. Departure of Lafay(ette for France, Sept. 7. I=8 Deathe of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Convention with Great Britain concernIng Indemnoties. Fiftieth anniversary of American Independe.ce, July 4. G.. t anti-mas-n excitement. Abduction of William Morgan Baron Von Humboldt visits the United states. Opening of the Erie Canal, Oct. 26. Duel between Henry Clay and John oRandolph. Delano'se first fire-proof safes. 110 Treaty with Creek Indians concluded. Treaty with the Kansas 0ndiana, and the great and little Oges01. Tol.ty with the Repobulo of 001062M1. Continued Intense excitement over the "Mowgan affair". First railroad built at Quincy. 0Massa chusetts, and operated by horse power. 6200 Passage of the Protective Tariff 1ill. Sandpaper and emery first made. First locomotive Introduced from England, by the Delaware and Hudson 06Canal Company. Bsltimore and Ohio railroad commenced. Congress make6 provision for officers of the revolutionary war. Democrat ood Republican Oirst chosen by their respective polltical parties. 0eneral Jackson elected President. Treaty of Peace with Brazil and Buenos Ayr... 1011 first patented. 1110 Andrew Jackson, President, opposes the prolect to pbyharter the Bank of the United Stt.... of Mexico recognized. Webster's great speech in Congress, Jan. 26. Virginia passes resolution against Tariff bill. First As0lum 001 the Blind oo666l0,hod. First Horticultural Society formed. Removal of 700 offlceholdero by 31ckson. 0020 Commercial treaty with Turkey. 00outh Carolina aooorts "State0 Rights". Thb Mormon church founded by Joseph Srolth, April 6. Building of the South Carolina railroad. American Institute of Learning founded. Great debate between Webster and Hayn... 181Int.... Tariff and Free trade excitement. Garrison 0tart. the "Liberator" antislavery paper. Death of J.-.. Monroe. July 4. Manning mowing maCO6100 potented. G-uthrie discover. chlorrff.0ooe 0nvent0 0irst practic-l pin machine. Buttons first 1ad0 by machinery. Western College of Teachers establishod. 1M Presiden4 Jackson vetoes the Bank Bill. New protective tariff measure passed. South Carolina nullification m1070ment. U. S. 010gate "Potomac," attacks Quallo Batoo. Feb. 6. Floot oase of asoatic cholera in U. 0. June 21. Black Hawk war. and his capture, Aug. 27. University of New York organized, Sept. 26. Re1election of Andrew Jack30,n as President. Death of Charle0 Carroll. last surviving signer of Dec1.16tI01 of Independence. 0000 M(Cors 1nvents sleetrie olgnet telegrpph. Cholera In New York, 3,410 deaths. Fairba.k's Scale 0 0rs1 pateu014 0020 The President removes the public deposits from the Bank of thoe United President Jackson begins hi second term, March 4. The Southern States hold a states-right Convention. Clay's Comproomie Tar701 law passeo GOylyr 1nvents first practical 01e. Death of Jo31 Randolph, May 24. Removal of several Indian tribes rest of the Mississippi. Hoe's double-cylider printing-preP ' 01nstru,:tad. First successfulo reaper patented. Eri..on invents the calorie engine. 0004 Congress passel a vote of ensure agtnst the Prepident for removing bank deposits; subsequently expunged. Lucifer matches first made. Wolter Hunt inventl 01rst sewing map11ne, but failo to perfect and patent. Dr. Ho10e invento raised alphabet for use of the blind. 1835 Great fire In New York. Congress establishes br6)ch mints in Georgia, North C-oolloo, and LoololGovernment purchase Cherokee bonds for 0 5,200,0 006 New York Herald established by Ben-.ett. Death of Chief Justice Marshall, July 6. Roger Brooks Tnoey, appointed Chie1 Justice. Seminole Indian war renewed. Gas first introduced Int. PhiladelphiaBrown make6 0,rst gold peno with di4. 60nd pointo. Ouuan. becomes an article of commeree 1n the U. S. Massacre of M j. Dad0 and his command In Florida. 1836 T. national debt virtually paid. Arkansas admitted Into the Union. Battle of Sa0 Jacinto. Texas; Santa Anna defeated and a prisoner, April 21. Bequest of James Smithson to the U. S. of 0515,169. 061th610ian Institute 1. Washington founded. Death of James Madison, June 28. Governor Call, of Georgia, in —des Seminol. country. Sam Houst.. elected President of Texas. Oct. 22. Martin Va. BurOm elected President. Burning of the Patent and General Postof00ce at Washington. Te.-s declared independent. Sam Colt invent. the re-olver. First Noti.o.l T6mpersne0 Convention held at Sroatoga. A 0dams' great debate for the right of petitio0. Death of Aaron Burr. S1000 ood Winnebago Indians removed beyond tho Mississippi. Scott subdues the Creek Indians. I=5 Great fl-sneial crash and pan.ic thro~ugh — out the country. 000,04- originatlt the 01press business. 1Michigan ad0itted into the Uoion. 600 1First zinc produced 10 the country. Wilke,' exploring expedition to the Sooth Pole. United Stateo Bank...pends specie pay-..nt, Oct. 5. Mr0on war in Mlos-url. 1840 Intense political excttoent. The Log Cabin..mpaign. lection of William He10ry Harrison as President. Goodyear 1nvents vulcanized rubber. Th7 Orst 0team fir, engine constructed by rcsn Sub-Tr.ooooy bill become1 a law, June 30. First WashingtonOan Society founded. Adams' Bhprpot Company org-ooo-d. Wilk.. dltoooo4 Antarctic continent. 0041 William H. Ho1rrison inaugurated, March 4, dies Aprl 4; Joho Tylo., Vice-Pr..I. dent, l..uguroted President, April 6. McLeod difficulty. Webster's (10ah) Dictionary first published. Sub-Treasury bill repealed, Aug. 9. Bankruptcy Act become. 0 law, A4.7. 18. Imprisonment for debts due the governmn bolished. 0reeoley establishes the New York Tr71 bune. 1042 110,gford produce the first sample of pure corn stopch. Mutiny on United States brig of war "So00ers" ioltigoted by MidOhip000 Spencer. The Fourier comnmunity excitement. 0,000101. epoditlon to the Rocky 100ntains. Ashburton or frst Washigto. Treaty signed, with England, Aug. 0. Bunker Hill monument completedTermtination of rar with Seminoles. Lucifer matches first -ad. by machinery President veto.- bill far National BaM~ Dorr rebellion in Rhode Island. Bankrupt Act repea0ed, March 3. Death of Dr. Channing. Oct. 2. 0140 William Miller and the "Milletes." $30,000 voted by Congress to aid Morse to establish telegraph lines. 0200mo0t expores Columbia River, Wit' lamet Valley0 and Klamath Lake. Gpoot comet visible during the day. Death of Noah Webster. Wilder's patent for fir-proof safe. 1444 Explosion of the gun, the "peace-motk'.r,"1 killing the S0,ret0rie of Navy and State. Commercial treaty with China. First telegraph line from Washington to Ba~lti-ore. First anti —I.v.ry -adidate nominated for the presidency. The "Midas," first American steamboat, rounds C7pe of Good Hope. 3am3. K. Polk elected President. Mormon 70ar in Illinois, murder of Joseph Smith0 Brigham Young 70 2 le-,Aed as hi. ucesr Copper discovered io Michigan. Texas -sk- for annexation. First telegraph line. 1140 Texas oonoood by Act of Congress, Mexle. takes. ffense. Florida and o ow.t dmitted into the Uni... War declared by Mexico, Jun. 4. Naval school 00 At.opol). opeood. 01100 Howt prodouoo hi. first sewing machine. Great fire in Pittsburgh. Serious fire In New York, 300 buildings burned. Death of Justice Joseph Story. First ma~nufacture of files. )1chary Taylop, with 4,010 troops, od— ncd to Corpu. Christi, Texas. N sttations,toward purchase of San lotinoodoop,7100,710 of Aindrew JcsnJn Free Soil party or10g0natd. 1018 Northwestern boundary fixed2at 424 Hostilities begin 1. Me110. Battles of Palo Alto, Mop S, and Re2aca de to Palma, May 90 viotory of Gem Taylor. Mat1.01rs taken. May IL. New Tariff bill passed, Jul3 20. President vetoes River films r bill. Aug. 3. "Wilson Provis" against extension of slavery passes the House. Gun-cotton invented. Great 0i.0 1d Lou0 0 ville. Ether first used as an anesthetic by Dr. J~ekso.. 0046 oon. Keaprno takes Possesosion of6.w Mexico, Aug. 00 Commodore Stockrton blocltades Maxiesa part. on Pacific east 000207000 taken by Go. Taylor. Sopt 24. 0ight days' ormlti-o granted. California expedition. under Stepboeson, 00.0s from New York, Sept. 20 Tobaooo, Mexico, bombarded by Porry. Oct. 25. Tampio taken by Go.. Conner. No0. 04. K 0earney defeats Mexicans at-003 Pas-,-11, Dec. 00. CNl Doniphan defeats Mexicans at Bra-.Ito, L= 2&a Gen. Taylo relieved by oen. Scott. The Mormo.3 drive0 from Nauvoo0 I0,, Iowa admitted an. State. 0o1o victorlous atP0 an oabriel and CaaCil., Jan. 8. 9. Mexican M re."Psaresolve. to raise loan of 115,000,3400 poperty of the clergy, Jan. & Revolt of Mexicans In N0w Mexico against United States., Jan. 04 Defeat of Insurgents at Canada. New Mex1ic., Jan. 04. Baotol of Buena0 Vista. Feb. 23; Taylor defeats Santa Anna. Battle of Sacsamento; defeat of M2xleans, Feb. 28. 0en. Kearneoy declares California a part of the United Stateo, March 0. Vera Cruz taken by army and navy, March 28. Alvarodo,.pItuloto,, April 2. 01attle of 770010 Godo, April 0; Scott defeats Mexicans; also at Contreras. Aug. 20. Mollno del Rey taken, Sept. 8.,en. Scott enters the city of Mexico, Sept. 15. 1848 Death of John Quincy Adams, Feb. 21. Gold disco....d in Californi., March. 0ne4da Community, New York, est(bIlshed. Wisconsin adm4tted into the Union, Mopy 29. Missouri Compromise repeated. Election of Zachary Taylor 00 President. cor..r stone of Washington Monument laid' Oregon Territorial bill pas0ed, Aug. 13. First receipt of Californiao gold at Un10ted States mint, Dec. 8. Treaty 1ig04d with Moico, Feb, 2. 7pper Colif-opol oedod to 0)it00 StOtos. 0,xican1 u(...ccesfully b1si)., P01bl). held by Americans, Sept, 13 to Oct. 12. I000600nti takeh by American0, Oct. 9. Guy~annes captured, Oct. 20. G-et..citement at Rochester, N. Y., caused by "Sp0rit P0appia(." Food sent to starving hreO..d. Los Angeles, oal., taken by Kearn7y. and 0 system of government 01000' 1,,d, INS8 Great fire i.-St. Louis. Prof, Webster murders Dr. Parkman, Nov. 23. United States gold dollar first,oined. adopt. o constitution pohibitiog slavery. Death of James K. Polk. June 15. 1849 Filibustering.popdittoin against Coo,:' forbidden by the President. Visit of Father Mathew, the temperao07 Capt. Mine invents the M10101. oo..,a bullet. Mason and Dixon's line u-reyed. Cholera. visit. the United State.,Leer at Cincinnati and St. Louis. California Constitutioo f0rp62d at Mo.0, terey. 0.0-t riot at Astor Place Opera House, N-w York. 1850 Treaty with England for a toonsit way a.... Panama. French Ambassutor dismissed fr~m Woohlogtoo. of Job. C. Calhoun, Mz,.h 31. Congress passes the Oregon Donotion Law. 0700) Tom'7 C7b1) first published. Watches f0rst made by machinery. Fugitive Slav. Law p...ed. Death of Zoohory Taylor, July 9. Grinnell Arctic Expedition soilo California admitted as a Free State. Sopt 0. New MOoolo and Utah orgaoolod 00 t0rritopl-o, Sopt. 9. Visit of 3)0.4 Lind to America, Sept. 12. Dahlgvmn invent- the cast-ir-. gun. 1000 Appearance of the great sea serpent. Complet)oo of prie railroad. Corn.r-ot'00 of Copitol extension laid, July 4. First Asylum for Idiots established In New York. California Vigilance Committee formed. American yacht l(ctoriou. at regatta lo London, Eng. Frightful catastrophe at public school building1 New York. Congressional Library destroyed by 1re. Dec. 24. 1852 Dispute with1 ogland about the f sheries. Expedition to Japan, under C0m. Perry. First 'treet-r,,.10y It 0ew York. Deatho of Henry Clay, June 20. and Daniel Webster, Oct. 04. Treaty of Com70erce with Chill. Branch mint established in San Fran11isco. Franklin Pierce 01,00,0 President. 100 Crystal Palace, New York, opened. Troty with M101co, lor purl-haze of Treaty with Russia. Eoplorat(i00 for o transcontinental rpll' Way..Yellow fever In New York. Children'0 AId Society, New York, founded - Walker'o 0libustering expedition to So'.ora, M..ic.. 1M0 Commercial Tr70ty with Japan signed, March 31. American, or Kontw-Nothig Society formed. Loos of the steamship Arctic. Cubans tollo American mail-teamer Blook Warrior, Fob. 08. Firt r'ilty fr,0 Lbke Michigan to the Mississipp), the Rock island. America. ship "70n,0" bombard1 Go'ytow0, Central A66-i,0 0 refusal to pay for property deotroyod, June 12. In.. it.. of the Iron T.-e for iranclad — 00el0, by Ericsson. Reciprocity 'P-oty with England; settle00nt of the Fishery qu0sti)0. Aug. 2. Bill poooed orgooooing KKotoo.od o. Torritorie., repealing the Compromise of 1820, which excluded.1a,,.ry from the..tire Louisiana pur-,has0. May 24. Moossohusott. Aid Sololly send oot settler. to Kansas. A. H. Roodop, of P2000yivan71, Oppointed Governor of Kanooo. 1400 TepIto-1.1 Logioloturo of Kansas meets at Shawnee, July; great emigration to Kansas. Free State men meet in convention at Topeka and form a Free 0tat. p11(titu00on, Oct. 23. Ho-tilitlo- between the Free and Slave State settlems begin. Si0ux Indians defeated by 1en. Haney. Paraguayan0 attack United State0 steamer0 "Water-Witch." Completion of Niagara Suspension Bridge. Court Claims established. William Walker unsuccessfuoolly Ipo, NI aragus. Dispute with Great Britain concerning recruiting for the Crimea army. 0. 1- -1

Page  XXI SUPPLE~MENPT XXI. i i ANICIENT, MEDIE-V~AL AND MODERN HISTORY. 1855 Bsitish d8s1855' ship 'Rpssiutes' sbssVfStorp of Jols Pspswn st Dsss-tsSSaie, Rssp~bisipip psSrty fopssd. AldsnsinvCpt. tppsettSing SIchis.. Island bSidigp lips'th, April 1Si.. iPpipiip k, f~Ii- wpod typpip by ra-pp Disissif Britishp esvoy 1t WsshinpSSnppiduptiPS 55 Sorghum,.p Chinises DsdIcy bipsprvlp.ry Albipny, i.IugsrTihs 5pp~pr-nt pPrPPhissS tips 'Dps-0 iutp, refittd.d prpseStpd tSDrItLspss fpp spspi~p Api-pies spprpStS 1857 SrpanisstiiS. pf thi Fsnisp Bppthsprhppd. Dps5th pf Elih.i Kpst KISS, Apptii CIpPlp-pr, F Pbi 16. SRpbpPtJ.Walker Dpppistsd Tpprrpitoia Tspppp-ndcrs SDppd S-pt dppision, FisSt atts55pt tp isp Atisptip palei. bssks sP-p..d, Dst. 14, 15. Bssks pesumes Ip-~i paymsnts, Dsp. 52, Mspdsp.f Dp. Burdsiip rressP 1nd trisi SIfiMr.Cunniing5Sis1 this mirtr-sS Fppndpping f the C-DP al AP5SriPI"Sff CspSDIPP -s 400PP ii... atd $,Grssp rpsigipis r.,iv.1 tihrpushput Sips Tpppiptry,~ ii p~p~SPsDs Dpi. Jphnsps, -tb is msilitary forPe,.Ct u; prighpts Yppipp fprbidsay apspsd fSPPe enterinp SalP Lake City; M.,pipS.pptsppops oderpd i hd thse — 1558 Dispute ssiths iSgiasd rsspsptisg thps Cpipili.. p5 this fipst Atliantip tsiSDssth if Th.-.. HD.SSent..April 15. Cpngpsss psssss biil adsitingis Ka usdsrppps1a.sry pppnstitstipn, Ass. R.Itping caplspipn of KLPnpoin and DosgMisssssta sdmsiStsd Is5Ssts.e Map 5K PS.spd sssnssps hisi. IrprEppssibl conKsss- Psispish Sisrpp-isaSrpPc.s.ituS Sips bp SPrwP.Imi~i~iS sisipptp, Ass. 3. istp Ss Sip' theis Atlss tip SOPbl5 185 Th VSstssS a t5 tss P55.s.. idssplAuPeruian55s.pppsrisltis pAperpca. Tssninp spfi Steamship "Au5tr5, "sp Sam Kspt Fsth P55. a g.d eb 0 Dpfe E psspsil shIootSsd Phslp B58.o Appspss. CS Sipse psrtfrmeS State sss Ds.. Kn av rd, a I Csbsssatio GPSI Wirpster51 Siabidg 5d Spn susn Ispasd Ssiuiisd pby Gesra 14.r.i.yS5.July 9 Assppearaceip Mshi~ ipSttobu. Siscion posf~s RepubSips Pfisor Is. Ku App.'s 55 NssYsi 8 6 s Is st Costsi iss 2Ka 3.n. iepr 1885 Rsep fpr an. Isssisnplsns Spnd a Aqiastity Liftbis ipky PpsdsS N TKat Ssith Mexsico ig15 Spsd D5 GrSPS sS bspsssirsm JiPsis with teaty 1555, Dsp. 21. Ms0 lspio AsfsMss SPen.ingt. ais Sppsskes Tips shppm Lincln slsstsd Spre 5sdnt, Nov. 1885 Mssisipp sspsdss. 355.. th5. ri csS e Dssif SsspsI. 5b5 spg Sips fiS t ptati sf the 5i5.StoS.cdD.20 SMeins DpsfsSnaoia 1C5m51itt. of WhIriMSspr Andesonti.f4. i mmn Jsfss86 DP1, 5Miississippi, PdpssJn. iLoisin SipCdpiS asp 2ppi 5 T~Sta Sipt Ulip MsStgImdry, Ap.iP PPb. MiDsapi sp5 ofS MissisSpiPSIsIAbrah. Lincoln ifnauguiited Prsidentp SIttep iniS ps C il W.,, 1200 ippp p12 P ALipcoln.I. forp 75P0I0 Sipsuntier. A~priK ip~Spsthpr poptspi Spip 1itss PS. P Rs~dsr.i tops ttad 5d inSP5 B sPimo Dsst5IStp5 S5fpSioresA. Dssplssk Jsss MTsylsss rsfppd. ts'st —i.sAprilp2..5 PSon M5Sp ipI K 35s C-ou,- S th CsSthst. Ms., 321 18615 privsasss "5Sumter".capes t SS 8a1 SfsS Ness OrlSIn.. Juip 7. Battie sf Capripk's Fppd, W. Vs.; ConBattie at Romneys, Va., Juns SS. West Vipi~i. adm~itted a.. Sstate Jun.8 sattl s..rpdsl C SteilPOPa. Juslydss1 DcstPuStPS Dsf tphsp MS..dssdsp GPSS-l by frisgPS ASts, Mp.,-sds Gs.LpDpsSl Is Is..55 b ISt, A-I. Kaksn BattlP s BulliRun' Upnion Mocs.; SinP BattPeS, sI.;Lpss ilSJsly 1228 S i PpssiLyttP 5Stoutp'srI tfS-esPdS5fpItppd. Cppppipdspsits pefptPd, Aus. PP. me.,t P.tper G.iPS yonSad Sip gei pItI, Agel PPg. 0 respdsts Li.Csfsolnts p no-~eouiset SirssAIPisp5LPP16P.Pp.Di.siNprtih PS-Iipsp.i-P.p, VIg. 28PSIP CPort Morgan absossd.C" pby~s p Uofdrt., Wiss d1 Src.ISPI fis CPrispS ndpt Pl.ySp 1 Cp~trdsInPP p,1 at.sS,"PPIdipiiSept Spit, pi.WP. Va. Sips.f~. S~Psi~ PI. frcd tS sl., r..d-,; API...,,500prpSiSIInD5SPaPd 1P.t~tlp~pf WrCbiis, Va.:P, UISI tilpi., Oppps Spts3. p~ Isla d, pct. SiP. sldSs.P S frS s.- Sh.,,t.,S.COt 1 SRCtis.t Pssfs 5,555r~t ap isdsfPv Ships. PIti Sot WItts DP.V.. 315t. K" JesfTh.p" Jps Ti, Jst. 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USp- lossl, 851 5 '55 bild 5 -Snded C~onfstdrIte 1861. der MpCl8llsn, Jsis Ri; Mepcssnipsoill., June5 26; Gainss' 55151., Junes Sip Savape 5 PtiPI a15 Peach pir ipard, M.ItPSsHillt, Jsiyl1; Changessf ba. PrssidetP Lisppts P1551 ISP POP, usM.,frsssbo.-sph psptuped bp Fsrrest. Rliid, psissds, spd Siituiks; July 7 -Sur55dK iS Psipht Pppisgs, Vs.. As.51 DFithtg ps M'tpi.pliVan P sP5ly 24p iaIts. Nf Cst- MosStVI., V. Asp..PP. UnisP p fpose uPPPSI 15 tkis Isi-s,5S0y RSid Pof Ph Cllisptiiiy. Vissi Upips Aisgisp6t _SPS'ISulh S~pPP siii Va, Aupg. P4. Fgtingpp; Sip.Jppph.n.o Ipsor SiPopS. C..sipppp t. undp r EPeo..ppd Jcsn sPttlp 05 isi,- PussV., SiPPugP Si9 s Rpsp~tofpsps ore sO tp Richm.ondt PP., 05 Esossoip Meph ios, ug sp29 plptpder iPPPPPP.Ai5g 'P55501 id a issffe.N]d Sp5. Phi Ppattlpiifs-1isN i... taiSP Md.g sniond lisI sit SsspS-P P,..C, I-pic. 00.,-d Lsip-s. p,Ts-ypS..,POdc-d Sip thrs. PIatil p5htgb Cpp —p-1iP5 Vs. U SIM pslsp an G,,ps. LecpSRetp ItSIfPth. PP ttiScif lss. 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Page  XXII .5U'PPIiEMNN1r XXII. W- __ ANCIENT, MRDIEVAL~ AND MODERN HIISTORY. 28 Op.88887n 4 5o 8 the Ce te8414 5xh5151414.44 Ph711delphi4, 844y 40; It closes, Nov7. 57-i7.. difi-tt..~ bttt11Ist Ame dcls7 D04t 77 Ats114td~t T. Ste4art Ap81l IA. M477474471 Hamburg7, S. C,,3June. 7117.41, by t5e 715117 In1d1411, Jully 2. 77p8. 5 the1541 b0 rs115t 504 H0ndr44 States4, Jully 4. Castle Garden, N. Y., destroyd by fire. Younge47r0 Brtes an 74orth047d Bank8 r4bbery, S1744. 7. A~o 77 0f0. M8. 7Teed. at VIgt, Sptttn, Sep1t. R.7 7Gs4. 41447' 7rial 117 5511y 574433r57, Qyltibsy. D5414rd1y tt0754pt tsrb t04 gy4ave of Bur8414g 7 the B... ly. Theater. 76.Wa1hingt.., P45n5., D517 6 by Con1g 547, Jan. b5. 2.. Rutherfor B. 73ye77 desl4red PreoIdent, July andA1g4 t I37 Ye1llow 57 4e1445417 41844 85e L.77sr 84741104 of t0e Alabama4 Claims7 08145447 C4n4da, M74y 2. D4440 77 R47b4rt9 Dai 07474, 347e 74. 757~ 0714444o Pet471844 01444 h3mbug. Retur47 47 Henry M7. 444417y 7775m A7'1. 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Page  [unnumbered]

Page  [unnumbered]

Page  [unnumbered] ANTRIM COUNTY ATLAS, 1910 - OGLE RECEIVED: Three-quarter leather binding with cloth sides. Cloth has debossed pattern on front cover. Boards are free; held to book with pressure sensitive tape. Staple bound — wire stitched. TREATMENT: Picked to pieces. Washed in distilled water. Soaked off old guards. Resized, deacidified guard pages and stubbed for thickness. Bound in scrapbook style. MATERIALS: Talas #30 wheat paste, Ehlermann's PVA LAL 215, Sane Bros. PVA adhesive, Wei T'o deacidification solution, PROMATCO endsheet paper, reinforcing paper. Acid-free conservation mounting board, Davey "Red Label" binder's board, Library buckram, 23 K gold, McBee sawtooth 1ockpins.; - JAMES W. CRAVN August 3,,.7.

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