Standard atlas of Saginaw County, Michigan : including a plat book of the villages, cities and townships of the county : map of the state, United States and the world ...
Geo. A. Ogle & Co.

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Page  3 il 77~ ~~~~~~~~H itfI1ftit _____ f!f ifS t IF t I! tflHtI!iLLiLJ t~tjt<, 4 _ (DI K IN6"LiUDIN& OF THE "VILLAGES, CITIES AND TOWNSHIPS OF THE @OUNTY - N*P OF> ~ S T '~TE - &TAEPE i4WIf-Drn.TA.T SfE&ANWORtD- i ~ Patrons Directory, Reference Business Directory and Departmen devoted to General Information. ANALYSIS OF THE SYSTEM OF U.S. LAND SURVEYS, DIGEST OF THE SYSTEM OF CIVIL GOVERNMENT, ETC. ETC. 1.N, ' <21) x - rompiled and ~ublished _______* _____--^---__________ <Co L "-2zH 4CA-GO. (;-ICGO. ts 4xr& /&/ &? e6.

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Page  5 TABLE OF CONTENTS GENERfI'L INDEX. PAGE TITLE PAGE............................................ 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS....................5 OUTLINE MAP OF SAGINAW COUNTY.........................7 MAP OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN................... 70-71 MAP OF THE UNITED STATES....................... 74-75 MAP OF THE WORLD......................................78-79 PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY, SAGINAW COUNTY....81 ILLUSTRATIONS.................................... 97 ANALYSIS OF THE SYSTEM OF UNITED STATES LAND SURVEYS............ PAGE I-II DIGEST OF THE SYSTEM OF CIVIL GOVERNMENT..... III-VI GENERAL INFORMATION REGARDING BANKING AND BUSINESS METHODS.................Supplement VII-VIII ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY CHRONOLOGICALLY ARRANGED.............Supplement X-XXIII SflGINfXW GOUNTY IND5X. -PAGE ALBEE TOWNSHIP..................................43 BIRCH RUN, PLAT OF..............................41 BIRCH RUN TOWNSHIP..............................047 BLUMFIELD TOWNSHIP..................................64 BLUMFIELD CORNERS, PLAT OF...................37 BRADY TOWNSHIP....................................31 BRANT TOWNSHIP..............................39 BRANT P. 0., PLAT OF..............................33 BRIDGEPORT, PLAT OF..............................61 BRIDGEPORT TOWNSHIP..........................53 BRUSKE'S J., SUB., PLAT OF.......................63 BUENA VISTA TOWNSHIP.......................62-63 BURT, PLAT OF.......................... 63 CALPINE'S SUB., PLAT OF...................66-67 CARROLLTON, PLATS OF.......................27-28 29 CARROLLTON TOWNSHIP......................a. 59 CHAPIN TOWNSHIP................................ 30 CHESANING, PLAT OF............................36-37 CHESANING TOWNSHIP.............................34 FOSTERS, PLAT OF..............................41 FRANKENMUTH, PLAT OF...................... 40-41 FRANKENMUTH TOWNSHIP...................54 FREELAND, PLAT OF..............................68 FREMONT TOWNSHIP................................49 GERA P. 0., PLAT OF..............................37 HEMLOCK, PLAT OF..........................66 JAMES TOWNSHIP...............................51 JONESFIELD TOWNSHIP.........................55 KAW-KAW-IS-KAW FAMILY RESORT ASSN. PLAT, PLAT OF............................44-45 KOCHVILLE TOWNSHIP...........................66-67 LAKEFIELD TOWNSHIP..........................48 LAYTON CORNERS, PLAT OF.......................37 MAPLE GROVE TOWNSHIP..........................35 MARION TOWNSHIP.................................38 MERRILL, PLAT OF................................60 MORSEVILLE, PLAT OF................ &.........33 OAKLEY, PLAT OF.................................. 37 PAINES, PLAT OF.................................... 51 POPP & WOLF'S SUB., PLAT OF.....................63 REESE, WEST PART, PLAT OF..................33 RICHLAND TOWNSHIP.............................56 SAGINAW AND ENVIRONS, CITY OF, PLATS OF SECTION 2, N. E. PART OF................... 16 SECTION 13..................................27 SECTION 14, S. PART OF......................26 SECTION 15, S. 4 OF..................... 26 SECTION 17, W. 4 OF..........................11 SECTION 18................................10 SECTION 19....................................12 SECTION 20, W. 4 OF....................13 SECTION 22..........................23 SECTION 23.....................................24 SECTION 24..............................25 SECTION 25..............22 SECTION 26.................................21 PAGE SAGINAW AND ENVIRONS, CITY OF, PLATS OF, CONT'D. SECTION 27.........................20 SECTION 29, W. 4 OF..........................15 SECTION 30............................ 14 SECTION 31, W. 4 OF...................... 16 SECTION 33, E. PART OF................. 17 SECTION 34, N. PART OF.................17 SECTION 35........................18 SECTION 36.................19 OUTLINE STREET MAP OF....................8-9 SAGINAW COUNTY, OUTLINE MAP OF...........7 SAGINAW TOWNSHIP.............................58-59 ST. CHARLES, PLAT OF..........................32-33 ST. CHARLES TOWNSHIP............................42 SHATTUCKVILLE, PLAT OF........................ 59 SHIELDS, PLAT OF.................................45 SPAULDING TOWNSHIP.............................52 STATE ROAD BRIDGE, PLAT OF....................45 SWAN CREEK TOWNSHIP.....................50 TAYMOUTH TOWNSHIP..............................46 THOMAS TOWNSHIP.................................57 TITTABAWASSEE, PLAT OF.......................68 TITTABAWASSEE TOWNSHIP.......................65 VAL. BLATZ'S SUB., PLAT OF............... 67 YAKLIN, PLAT OF....................................37 ZILWAUKEE, PLAT OF............................44-45 ZILWAUKEE TOWNSHIP.......................67 TOWNSHIP AND RANGE INDEX. TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP 9 N., 9 N., 9N., 9 N., 10 N., 10 N., 10 N., 10 N., 10 N., 10 N., 11 N., 11 N., 11 N., 11 N., 11 N., 11 N., 12 N., 12 N., 12 N., 12 N., 12 N., 12 N., 13 N., 13 N., 13 N., RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE RANGE 1 E., 2E., 3 E., 4E., 1 E., 2E., 3 E., 4E., 5 E., 6E., 1 E., 2 E., 3 E., 4E., 5 E., 6 E., i E., 2 E., 3 E., 4 E., 5 E., 6 E., 3 E., 4E., 5 E., FRACTIONAL....... 30 S..................... 31 S............... 31-34 S.....................35 FRACTIONAL......38 S................... 39 S................... 42 S.................. 43 S...................46.............. 47 FRACTIONAL....... 48 S.................. 49.................. 50-51 S............. 51-52-58 S..................... 53.................... 54 FRACTIONAL....... 55 S................... 56 S...........57-58.......51-57-58-59-62-63...........59-62-63-67..............64 S.................65 PART OF.........66-67 PART OF........62-67

Page  6 INDEX TO ILLUSTRATIONS PAGC Allen, Ethan G.................................. 99 Bailey, Edwin J. and Family....................101 Baird, Thomas W., Farm Residence.......... 109 Bancroft House, Saginaw.......................97 Barbarin's Pharmacy, Freeland.................105 Basket Picnic Party....................... 103 Bennett, Carson....................................... 101 Bennett, Gladys.......................................101 Bennett, Geo. H................................ 101 Bennett, Geo. H., Photograph From......... 103 Bennett, J. W......................................101 Bernthal, John H., Farm Scene............. 99 Berridge, W. W., Farm Buildings of.........111 Beyer, Fred, Residence of........................ 111 Beyer, Geo. J., Residence of..................... 1C9 Beyer, John, Farm Scene...................... 107 Bickel, Ernest......................................... 101 Block, August F., Farm Scene..................107 Bloomfield Union Thresher Co., Richville...lll Boyce, Fred, Scene on Farm.....................111 Brechtelsbauer, Leon................................101 Brownell & Shovan's General Store, St. Charles.........................................105 Burtch, John, Home of.............................111 Bush, Dr. C. C......................................97 Business Block, St. Charles................103 Bussinger, C. L., Farm Scence.................111 Byam, Clinton, Farm Scene......................107 Catholic Parsonage, Church and School..... 105 C hilton, S. A...........................................101 Chilton, S. A., Residence of..................... 101 City Hall, Saginaw..................................101 Cook, Robert H........................................99 Cocn, Win. E., Farm Scene................... 107 Coryell, B. G........................................103 Dabis, Hans.............................. 97 Daenzer, George M., Residence of.............107 Darby, Thomas A..................................101 D avies, John C....................................... 99 Deuring, J. B., Residence of................... 107 Dorr, Mr. and Mrs. Aug. J........................109 Dorr, Aug. J., Barn................................109 Dorr, John A., Home of...........................109 Duggan, John J.........................................99 East Side High School, Saginaw............... 97 Eastm an, H. C........................................99 Ehlert, Wm., Plain View Farm.................111 Feurhelm, Chas., Farm Scene................. 107 Fink, Ernest, Scene on Farm...................103 Fink, Fred, Farm Scene.......................107 First Methodist Church, Saginaw..............105 Frank, John, Factory of...........................103 Friedenberg, William and Son, Residence and Barn of......................107 PAGE George, C. R., Farm Scene...................107 Geyer, CQeo., Residence of.........................105 Goetz, Hotel, Frankenmuth.....................105 Goetzinger, F., Residence of....................111 Gollin, Otto, Photograph from.................109 Greenfelder, F., Residence of.................. 99 Grimley, George F., Residence of..............109 Grohmann. Kilian, Residence of................109 Gugel, Christian...................................... 97 Gute, George.......................................105 Hall, Perry.................................101 Harms, Herman, Farm Buildings............107 Harris, Mary C., Family of..................... 101 Held, George, Residence of...................... 111 Hetzner,. Conrad, Residence of..............103 Hill, William, Residence of.....................111 Hoffman, Michael, Residence of..............111 Hotel Guetz, Frankenmuth...............105 Hoyt Library and Post Office, Saginaw...97 Huber, Geo. S., Residence of................. 111 Huber, Michael, Residence of..................107 Hubinger, John G., Residence of.............109 Hunt, F. B. & Co., Store of...............107 Keeth Apartments, Saginaw....................105 Keinath, John, Residence and Barns........ 109 Keinath, Otto, Farm Scene...................... 99 Kent, F. L, Hom e of..............................107 Kerr, Dr. Chas. H., Farm Scene...............111 Kirby Building, Saginaw........................105 Klette, George A.......................................97 K nippel, W m.......................................97 Leach, John, Scene on Farm.....................111 Leidlein, Fred, Residence of.....................103 List, John M., Property of.........................109 Loesel, Wmin. G., Residence of.................. 107 Lonsberry, J. J,........................................ 103 Lonsberry, Mrs. Rebeca A...................... 103 Luneburg, Frank, Farm Scene...................103 Luneburg, John, Residence of................. 109 Lynch, Thomas J., Photograph from........103 Magnus, Mrs. John,................................101 Magnus, Mrs. John, Farm Scene..............107 Masonic Temple, Saginaw.......................105 M atthews, H. B.................................... 101 Maurer, Geo. M., Frankenmuth Stock Farm................................................111 Methodist Church and Parsonage, Chesaning..............................................105 Michigan Avenue Baptist Church, Saginaw.99 Michigan Central Station, Saginaw............ 103 Nash, Hon. Willard J............97 Nickodemus, K. R. G................... 97 Northcott, Mr. and Mrs. Jas.....................103 Northcott, Jas., Residence of............11.. 1 PAGC Nuechterlein, Otto, Residence of.............. Ill Ortner, Richard, Residence of...................107 Partlow, Walter'S. and Family...................105 Patterson, Egbert H..................................97 Poag, James and Family..........................103 Reichle, Leonard......................................99 Reif, Andrew G., Residence of................. 107 Reiff, Andrew, Residence of.....................111 Reuther, Thomas A.................................101 Richter, Louis J..........................................97 Rosbach, Adam, Residence of.....................109 Rupprecht, Geo. M...................................101 Saginaw Business Men, Group of.................99 Saginaw Canoe Club............................... 99 Saginaw County Court House...................97 St. Lorenz Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frankenm uth................................. 107 St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Saginaw............................................105 St. Vincent's Orphan Home, Saginaw........ 97 Schreiners, John Geo., Faim of..............111 Schrem s, Alex........................................... 97 Schroeder, August, Residence....................105 Schulte, Anton............................103 Schulte, Charles...................................... 103 Schulte, F. A............................................101 Schwager, Aug. and Family......................101 Schwager, August, Buildings on Farm.......109 Schwager, August, Greenhouses..............105 Second National Bank, Saginaw.................105 Squire, Fred L., Residence of....................103 Touff Bros., Store.......................... 109 Tower Block, Saginaw.........................105 Trade School, Saginaw.......................... 99 Uebler, German G., Barber Shop................109 Watson, Geo., Scene on Farm................... 105 Watson, Geo., Scene on Farm................... 109 Weber, H. W. L., Photograph fromi.........111 "WXelzien, Fred, Residence of.................... 109 Whaley, Geo., Residence of......................107 Whitman, Mr. and Mrs. Claude.................103 Whitman, John J.....................................99 Wiltse, Fred................................. 101 W olohan, Chas.........................................97 Woodruff, Mr. and Mrs. E. C.....................103 Y. M. C. A., Saginaw...............................109 Zabel, Frank, Residence of........................109 Zacharias, H enry J..................................97 Zehender, John M., Farm Scene.................99 Zehender, Mr. and Mrs. John-S.................103

Page  7 sr. Ic,,ý (k \\ 4N ~ Q<:1 cc Ca ------- CY) __[4 _o_ 0) -3. Y)__ _ _ k _ 0 ~ Cr1 I h c(C za RI O,0)Cc Title: Outline Map of Saginaw County, Michigan Keywords: Cem.; School; Freeland; Reserve Line; Pere Marquette R. R.; Tittabawassee Bay; Freeland; Kochville; Zilwaukee; Lawndale; Hall; Drain; Reserve; Melborn Sta.; Michigan Ry. (Electric); Grand Trunk R. R.; Saginaw River; Kaw-Kaw-is-Kaw Island; Family Resort Assn. Plat; Crow Reserve; Indiantown; Drain; Schol; Church; Middle Branch of Swan Creek; Nelson Cr.; Cem.; Jonesfield; Merrill; Richland; Hemlock; Pere Marquette R. R.; South Branch of Swan Creek; McClellan Creek; Thomas; Emrich Corners; Reserve Line; William Creek; Tittabawassee River; Shattuckville; Shields or State Road Bridge; M. C. R. R.; Paines; Oakwood Cem.; Saginaw; Carrollton; Val. Blatzs Sub.; City of Saginaw; Calfin's Sub.; School; School; Michigan Ry.; Cheboyganing Creek; Green Siding; J. Bruske's Sub.; Town Hall; Frankentrost Sta.; Central; Blumfield Creek; Store; Reese; Blumfield Corners; VeenFleet Sta.; Creamery; Lakefield; School; Church; Town hall; Store; Cem.; Beaver Creek; Drain; Fremont; ORR; Swan Creek; Garfield; Shiawassee River; James; Swan Creek P.O.; Spaulding; Drain; Platte Creek; Grand Trunk R. R.; Bridgeport; Frankenmuth; Michigan Ry. (electric); Dead Creek; Reserve Line; Gera P.O.; Cass River; North Branch of Bad River; School; Eagle Creek; Potato Creek; Town Hall; Marion; Little Potato Creek; Brant P.O.; Brant; South Branch of Bad River; Pickerel Creek; Mine; Cem.; St. Charles; St. Charles; Fergus P.O.; Drain; Church; Bad River; Shiawassee River; Flint River; Platte Creek; Misteguay Creek; Alicia P.O.; Albee; Verne Sta.; Taymouth; Grand Trunk R. R.; Birch Run Creek; Fosters; Silver Creek; Pine Run; Burt; Morseville; Church; Cem.; Reserve Line; Blackmar Sta.; Birch Run; Town Hall; County Line Sta.; Racy's Corners; Store; Pine Creek; School; Cem. Fenmore; Chapin; School; Church; Lamb Creek; Brady; Brady Center; Grange Hall; Town Hall; Cem.; Oakley; Deer Creek; Michigan Central R. R.; Havana; Chesaning; Maple Grove; Layton Corners; Bear Creek; Mitchell Creek; Misteguay Creek; Chapin P.O.; Northwood Creek; Griffus Drain; Midland Co.; Bay Co.; Gratiot Co.; Shiawassee Co; Genesee Co.; Tuscola Co. Note:

Page  8 %tlZ -I/s N.,1 I ^S^^--^ ---- *"' ^ ^fS - l^^ ^^ s~v^] *y7s77y' ^ ^ 3^ ^ ^^ <^ ^ "40 ".^ -- ii- -^^?'VV ^ --- --- AO An V -- ^ -_ -- ^ ^ ^:^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ u f e ^ ^ ^ j/Q^ o- ~ ^ ^^ ~;- ^ ^ ^ ^ \ V i. ^^ '^. ^ ^^______________^.^___ yA^ '3H -^S^ ^C --- -- ^1 'i'1 ^ \'/^^ )(S'S"~~.--1 ^?' ' ^^ Bj^ ^^ ^^ ^V^ ^V^\ '*Ae 40, /\ - S Z \\i I1 Ii 1 "Ly^ r l*s{03 ^\ o.^ t: I 8 ^ ''^^ ^ '1^ \^ l\ ^ ' Title: Outline Street Map of the City of Saginaw and Environs Keywords: V. Vonestski; J. Stork; P. Dupuis; E. Thomforde; C. Barkuhe; J. Stankow; C. Speckman; V. Vonetski; E. Householder; Drain; E. Householder; O. Boucherd; Ernest Knaack; Taft Av.; Roosevelt Av.; Cleveland Av.; Hickory St.; Maple St.; Grant Av.; Elm St.; Lynn St.; Ash St.; Sherman St.; Johnson Av.; Drain; E. Householder; John Winter; J. Conrad Brechtelsbauer; John Winter; Ernest Winter; John Winter; Maple St.; Lynn St.; Winter St.; Elm St.; Ash St.; Reserve Av.; Michigan Sugar Co.; Polk Av.; Taylor Av.; Garfield Av.; McKinley Av.; Lincoln St.; Monroe St.; Jefferson St.; Jackson St.; Madison St.; Carrollton Av.; Water St.; P.M.R.R.; Walnut St.; Oak St.; Corporation Limits; Merchants & Mnfrs. Association; 1st St.; 2nd St.; Grant St.; A. T. Bliss Est.; C. L. Grant; Helen B. Sanford; Aug. Storch; Wm. F. Hainlein; A. M. Butts; Francis D. McKenna; Henry Dietzel; Martin Johnson; W. Spalze; Chris Fisher; Corporation Limits; Lewis St.; Fred Schwahn; O. & M. Gowing; G. C. Willard Est.; A. E. Schemm et al; Mackinaw St.; Street; Martha E. Duell; Augusta Friedlein; Emily Frederick; Frank A. Miller; Marg. Buehler; Court St.; Gottlieb Wiersing; C. Phillip Graebner; Henry Schwinek; Mary Aurentz; W. F. Brandt; H. Hensler; C. W. Reidel (Trustee); F. Spiering; Geo. Ruehl; Blackmore St.; Max B. Brauner; Peoples Bldg. & Loan Assn; H. Terrvado; Saginaw Realty Company; L. Wiechman; H. Houck; C. J. Krause; J. F. Bottke; F. Grossmann; W. F. Heminetter; McEwan St.; Bay St.; J. Bachner Est.; Fritz Walter; John Egerer; Mary Stoker; C. A. Gennett; Fred Wichman; Pere Marquette R. R.; P. Diedrich; M. Kuch; C. & M.; Michael Deindarfer; P.M.R.R.; Deindorfer St.; Geo. L. Barrows; Pere Marquette R. R.; Weiss St.; Read St.; Pleasant St.; Cronk St.; Davenport St.; Brechtelsbauer St.; 7th St.; 6th St.; Eddy St.; Duck St.; Harrison St.; Monroe; Jackson St.; Madison St.; Jefferson St.; Cross St.; Weiss St.; M. J. Deindoerfer; Oak St.; Interurban Electric Ry.; Geo. and John Spatz; Elsworth St.; Wipplinger St.; Hermansau St.; Schaefer St.; Oak St.; Ash St.; T. P. Whittier et al; Clark St.; Michigan St.; Eddy St.; Davenport Av.; General Motors Company; Elmira St.; Washington Av.; N. Washington Av.; Farwell St.; Norman St.; Eighth St.; Ninth St.; Tenth St.; Eleventh St.; Twelfth St.; Thirteenth; Dwight St.; Welch St.; Syracuse St.; Sanford St.; 2nd St.; Third St.; Fourth St.; Fifth St.; N. Sixth St.; Seventh St.; Eighth St.; Pere Marquette Railroad; Kirk St.; Sears St.; Bartow St.; Potter St.; Astor St.; Franklin St.; Carlisle St.; Carroll St.; Cornelia St.; Fuller St.; Norman St.; Sixteenth St.; Munson St.; Eighteenth St.; Fourteenth St.; Webber St.; Munson St.; Jos. Kowzah; Jsph. Albert; M. E. Glover; Wm. Munson; F. Simon; John Nold Est.; Wadsworth Av.; Nineteenth Ave.; A. Melze; Aug. Grunow; Robt. B. Swift; C. R. and Florence Bittner; Geo. L Burros; Aug. Grunow; E. & C. DeGroat; Thomas Schemm; Chas. E. Ledbetter et al; Brenner St.; Schemm St.; Cooper Av.; Augusta E. Schemm et al; Thos. Stevens; John O. Ross; H. J. P. Graebner; Malzahn St.; Sutton St.; Sycamore; Custer; Lawrence; Graham St.; Adams St.; W. Court St.; Storch St.; Storch; S. Alexander St.; Van Buren St.; Cass St.; Madison St.; N. Charles St.; W. Genesse Av.; Union Av.; Congress Av.; Irving Av.; Clinton St.; Barnard St.; Mershon St.; Shackleton St.; Woodbridge St.; Lewis St.; Durand St.; Oakley St.; Bond St.; Benjamin St.; Ames St.; Stobbe St.; N. Alexander St.; N. Carolina St.; N. Charles St.; N. Andre St.; N. bates St.; N. Woodbridge St.; N. Mason St.; N. Oakley St.; N. Bond St.; Monroe St.; Madison St.; Cleveland St.; Houghton Av.; Clinton St.; Throop St.; Miller St.; Brewster St.; W. Bristol St.; Almira St.; Hospital; Hancock St.; Stone St.; Stark St.; Hanchett St.; Hill St.; Fayette St.; Michigan Central R.R.; Mary St.; Johnson St.; Tuscola St.; Genesee Av.; Germania Ave.; Janes St.; S. Water St.; Hayden St.; Millard St.; Bliss Park; Michigan Av.; Catherine St.; Elinor Av.; Niagra St.; South Water St.; Thompson St.; Hoyt St.; Emerson St.; Meredith St.; Holden St.; McCoskry St.;Jefferson St.; Fitzhugh St.; Johnson St.; Tuscola St.; Lapeer St.; Germamoa Av.; Janes St.; Warren Av.; Weadock Av.; Park St.; Second St.; Third St.; Fourth St.; Fifth St.; Sixth St.; Seventh St.; 10th St.; Millard St.; Janes St.; Thompson St.; Cherry St.; Burt St.; Walnut St.; Emerson St.; Simoneau St.; Martha St.; Sheridan Av.; Warren Av.; Weadock Av.; Park Av.; Genesee Av.; Fourth St.; Fifth St.; Cherry St.; Burt St.; Walnut St.; Perkins St.; Corporation Limits; 7th St.; Ninth St.; Tenth St.; Wadsworth Av.; Webber; Jones St.; Kimball St.; Helena St.; Arthur St.; Liberty St.; Freedom St.; Hoyt Est.; John Volz; F. Wiede; J. West; John Sagler; E. Moha; Fifteenth St.; Sixteenth St.; Pere Marquette R. R.; Hoyt, Est.; Mary Andrews; Sramkoski St.; Brockway St.; W. P. Morgan; Martin Brady; Chas. H. Davis; James Case; Gratiot St.; Alice St.; Kallen; Eymer; Holcomb; Malzahn St.; Kollen St.; Newberry St.; Ottawa St.; Allegan St.; Post St.; Thurman St.; Wright St.; Acacia St.; Birney St.; Beech St.; Osborn St.; Cypress St.; Laurel; Bliss St.; S. Carolina St.; S. Charles St.; S. Andre St.; S. Bates St.; S. Woodbridge St.; S. Mason St.; S. Oakley St.; S. Bond St.; Mackinaw St.; Lyon St.; Jackson St.; Williams St.; Greenwich St.; Division St.; Marquette St.; Vermont St.; Maine St.; Forest St.; Grout St.; Lynn St.; Elm St.; Wm. Roethke Floral Co.; Vine St.; Chestnut St.; Greenwich St.; Michigan; Fordney Park; Little St.; Sweet St.; Braley St.; Bullock St.; S. Granger St.; Moore St.; Webster St.; Harrison St.; Fayette St.; Perry St.; Dearborn St.; Fraser St.; Vermont St.; Mich. Cent. R. R.; Maple St.; N. Bond St.; N. Porter St.; N. Granger St.; N. Webster St.; N. Harrison St.; N. Fayette St.; N. Michigan Av.; N. Hamilton St.; S. Porter St.; S. Granger St.; High School; Court House; Water Works; Depot; Rust Park; County Jail; P.O.; Y.M.C.A.; Stephens St.; S. Webster St.; S. Harrison St.; Waller St.; Saginaw St.; Lee St.; Wayne St.; King St.; Rust Av.; Court St.; Lake Linton; P.M.R.R.; W. Birch St.; Harris St.; Cary St.; Atwater St.; City Hall; Holland Av.; Franklin St.; Baum St.; Good St.; High St.; Phelon St.; Remington St.; Owen St.; Howard St.; Brown st.; Cedar St.; Spruce St.; Hoyt park; Brady Hill Cem.; Calvary Cem.; Grand Trunk R.R.; Rust Av.; S. Jefferson Av.; Yawkey; Provencher; Wilkins St.; Fischer St.; Martha St.; McCoskry St.; Atwater St.; Phelon St.; Remington St.; Holland Av.; Merrill St.; Mott St.; Gage St.; Annesly St.; Hartsuff St.; Whittier St.; Cornelia St.; Warren Av.; Ward St.; Weadock Av.; Spark St.; Alger St.; Bagley St.; Crapo Dt.; Fenton St.; Emily St.; Twelfth St.; Thirteenth St.; Fourteenth St.; S. Park St.; Warner St.; Eleventh St.; Morse St.; Grand Trunk R.R.; Marion St.; Shaw Av.; Pere Marquette R.R.; Consolidated Coal Co.; John Stolz; H. P. Gappet et al; Ruckle St.; Roberts St.; Rust Av.; Harold St.; Fulton St.; Wolcott St.; Ray St.; Bancroft St.; Hosmer St.; Ledyard St.; Huron St.; Whittier St.; Green St.; S. Sixteenth St.; Seventeenth St.; J. P. Peter Trustee; J. & F. Hadley; S. 4th Av.; Mrs. Henry Moiles; Stolz St.; Rosa Meyers; Pere Marquette R.R.; J. Klopf; P. J. Strunz; L. F. Strunz; J. W. Harden; A. Reinig; Ed. Miner; Chas. Fruehl; Burrows St.; Green St.; Emerick St.; Kendrick St.; Ring St.; Burnham St.; Wood St.; Joslin St.; Michigan St.; Albert St.; Stanley St.; Gilbert St.; Arthur St.; Vincent St.; Superior St.; Jordan St.; Pere Marquette R. R. Belt Line; S. Michigan Av.; Toothpick, Al.; S. Harris St.; Young St.; Hood St.; Fayette St.; Sherman St.; Ruby St.; Sylvan St.; S. Hamilton St.; S. Niagara St.; King St.; Salt St.; McGregor St.; Stewart St.; Adelene St.; Florence St.; Holmes St.; Wheeler St.; Grout St.; Merrill Park; Maple St.; S. Niagra St.; Salt St.; Palmerton St.; Thos. Merrill Est.; G. W. Stark; S. Niagra St.; King St.; Saginaw Mfg. Co.; Briss & Vanfluken; Saginaw River; Webber St.; Ketcham St.; Linton St.; Cambrey St.; Williamson St.; Rellis St.; Center St.; Morris St.; Randolph St.; Gallagher St.; Newton St.; Jefferson St.; Washington; Linton Park; Martindale St.; Jas. Malcolm; Merchants & Mnfrs. Asso.; John Crowley; Queen St.; James Malcom; F. G. Palmerton; Wall & Wal. ber; Fordney Av.; Wisner St.; Hess St.; Ortman St.; Gilmore St.; Nimons St.; Youmans St.; Bradley St.; Glasby St.; Grant St.; Washington Av.; Pere Marquette R.R. Co.; Ditch; John Hansen; John P. Schwahn; Wm. Simpson; M. & Mfg. Asso.; P.M. Ry.; W. A. O'Donnell; U.S. Tie Plug Co.; Estabrook St.; Ketcham St.; Hiland St.; Lamson St.; Morris St.; Thayer St.; Wilkins St.; Van Etten St.; Thatcher St.; Julius St.; Marion St.; Hess Av.; Elizabeth St.; Hiland St.; Lamson St.; Morris St.; Lowell Av.; Robinwood Av.; Webber Park; Parkwood Av.; Glenwood Av.; Oakwood Av.; Thruber St.; Jefferson Av.; Macauley St.; Arnold St.; Erie St.; Lowell Av.; Robinwood; Prescott St.; Parkwood Av.; Glenwood Av.; Oakwood Av.; Sheridan Av.; S, Washington Av.; Forest Lawn Cemetery; Corporation Limits; Wm. Haddlesay; Huron St.; Jas. A. & Mary Doerr; J. A. Doerr; Williamson St.; Maplewood Av.; Collingwood Av.; Lynnwood Av.; Beechwood Av.; Elmwood Av.; H. Wahl; Corporation Limits; Jonathan Robinson; H. Bates Est.; S. Meier; M. Ignascinski; Consolidated Coal Co.; Hay St.; Bates Park; J. J. Turner; Shaw Av.; Sheridan Av.; Maplewood Av.; Collingwood Av.; Hazelwood Av.; Lynnwood Av.; Beechwood Av.; Elmwood Av.; Grand Trunk Railway; A. Schnautz; A. M. Coreil; Minnie Schleog; H. H. Cheney; J. Salisbury; Aug. Brunkow; R. S. Hardin; J. W. Hardin; D. Wright; F. Baier; Chas. Fruehl; Gulbraith; Popp & Wolf's Sub.; Frank Plumb; Michigan Ry. (Elec.); Saginaw & Genesee Road; Popp & Wolf; Chas. Hubbard; W. W. Dunham; K. Pierce; Mich'l Schrem.; Fred Link; B. Bier; Geo. Rasher; Mrs. F. Bauer; Mrs. F. Bauer; Louis Moll;Riverside Park; Saginaw Valley Tradition Co.; Chas. P. Andre; Chas P. Davis; H. L. Blaisdell & W. W. Grobe; Bradley St.; East Side Water Works; Lane St.; Wickes St.; Russell St.; Bundy St.; East St.; Cass River Coal Co.; Corporation Limits; Douglass St. Note:

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Page  10 I1 THE CiTY OF NAGINA ANDENViRONS "SECTION -1.1 -8 T. 12-N., R. 5 E, of the Michigan Meridian,Scale 400 feet to i inch 4-, Qene rZct i otors,6Co. L. N' Ri IS z.Y. L4' 4_ fZ 3#, 13 2' iG 9 t 70:- 12 "ii 43 1 4 2 /"G. 1 9 1 Kt - iS [972 Lyt: 2 78v cz) Kr PEPE MAP Q/UETTE.YR. PR II II II I! I: 17 877e 6 10_10 1 0 23 23 2LJ -' Title: Part of the City of Saginaw and Environs 12 N 5 E 1-8 Keywords: Corporation Limits; Saginaw River; F. McElroy; Eliz Cheney; H.A. Barber; First St.; Pere Marquette R.R.; Eastern Mich. Power Co.; C.S. Bliss; J.J. Weimer; S.M. McElroy; F.W. Carlisle; Pere Marquette R.R. (Bay City Branch); Merchants & Manufacturers Association; General Motors Co.; Elmira St.; Eleventh St.; N. Washington Ave.; Lawrence St.; Thirteenth St.; Fourteenth St.; N. Fourth St.; Tannery; First St.; N. Washington Ave.; N. Second St.; N. Third St.; N. 5th St.; N. Washington Ave.; Rohl's Sub.; Myrtle St.; E.J. Mershon's Sub.; J. Hoyt's Sub.; English's Sub.; Syracuse St.; Second St.; Norman St.; School; Farwell St.; L.B. Curtis Sub.; A. English's Add.; Dwight St.; Holland's Sub.; Eighth St.; R.Z. Smith's Sub.; N. Ninth St.; N. Tenth St.; Sanford St.; Sanford & Lawrence's Add.; N. Twelfth St; Pere Marquette R.R.; Potter Park; Depot; Potter St.; Kirk St.; Church; Sears St.; Burrow's 1st Add.; Bartow St.; N. Seventh St.; Eighth St.; Pere Marquette R.R.; Corporation Limits; Astor St.; Carlisle St.; N. Franklin St.; Carroll St.; Jefferson Ave.; Hoyt's Northern Add.; W.N. Little's Add.; Mape's Add (Not Recorded); N. Warren Ave.; School; N. Weadock Ave; N. Second St.; N. Third St.; Fourth; N. Fifth St.; N. Sixth St.; N. Seventh St.; Eighth St.; Wadsworth Ave.; N. Ninth St.; N. Tenth St.; N. Eleventh St.; N. Twelfth St.; N. 13th St.; N. 14th St. Note:

Page  11 Scale 400 feet to i.inch T1 N,5 131 t4, 4pI __6 J 1t-[I4fri 7 3 & 7 3T ~of the Michigan Meridian 3 a S77 2276 Y 1 /443 -Y; ____ 7 37@. Qltaz Q 3. _3 300 tu Q 2_9 3 iJ 0 --- -- - - 2 661 C ) ll 7A1 75H F32N2SA74Y / 3.02.0-So B K S71 0 N ~ * N -,mfIIEfhEE Title: Part of the City of Saginaw and Environs 12 N 5 E 17 Keywords: N. Washington St.; Cornelia St.; Fourteenth St.; Pere Marquette R.R. (Belt Line); Fuller St.; Fuller's Subdivision; Norman St.; Kimball St.; Sixteenth St.; Pere Marquette R.R.; Munson St.; Eighteenth St.; Nineteenth St.; Wm. Nachtman; J. Iserholt; John Hrouaski; T. Wilinski; Jos. Kowzah; W. Pfenninger; K. Routenberg; Fred Stuac; C. Gillam; J. Ratazick; Sam Dickenson; Josephine Alberts; Corporation Limits; P.M.R.R.; Webber St.; Gallagher's Add.; Kimball St.; Wadsworth Ave.; Horr's Add.; Webster & Peter's Add; Helena St.; Subdivision; Arthur St.; F. Sommer; G. W. Meyer's Sub.; Mrs. L. Saundra; Munson St.; M.E. Glover; F. Simon; John Nold Est.; Wm. Phettiplace; Wm. Munson Note:

Page  12 -TECITY- OFJt~1V NIRN SECTION '19 Scale 400 f eet toi1 inchT. NR Ec P0/R sCT/O N /3LffQ7/ 7 -~3 -~ C9 -7C to2' 2; 15,24 12' 61 zo4Z f 0ý7.J 2`0 6 y 9 z cC9Cyl% ~ 8K &/ 8 l 14 -- 43 924I9 y 4514 2 ~ 0 J 2O 12rab2 2 C.Q) g 2499 8C5 e) 9'yoS ~ f 7 rK6K Zo / C / /2 5K / C 4~ s Q R~q 6;6w-7~- ~ ~ ~ / 6 ~ K / ~' i: ~'39~22 ~' CA 4t~# ~ -:~ () 2 4~ft 83t:o )f the Michigan Meridian L4VL /0 o 9 -7 GK_55X 6*C~ Dr-- 21 5 3.0( V,2 CL 7/4 1 ' l78 142824 & -2 *tZ ~ 7 C /"4- 726 264 282 23 ~ 20j S'22~3 sA78 2#j /1727,Wk 28 V -t -2-/?Oz- 90~2 2/3 0 2V 40' co \ 9 6 - z--1 t / - / K~~.7SIP~ 2 LC /3 C / ~ A A 6 P 3 % Ach - $0 S C P s' U-7,9' H4~p - s 28coO 50 t 3 ' Co.. ~ 9 ~ p P 9/AL 19 -C9 34 7'' 3tc 0 - s k - (F 2'kC7 19'CV -?rnA sr. 7 f- -c P77 /2 9. i 7 -/2 3o92' 3 Tc. - TM. G- -737T =./(. 33 41 - 1 K-L2 6-4 23 C 1 2 2 0 2'- /10 7-72C9 2 ~~ 719 / 2 28 3 49 ~.?,Z8 j33 --.7,---3-7 9 F-30 -7: 6-.Z S /6 ~ >0'~.4.4?' SIC. % ~T5 f2t.7.3 2 Z.-' I In., -%-YK %-' ~ stt0 # lb 20; ~ 3S~I Cr) K K 0) K) K (C) IK Title: Part of the City of Saginaw and Environs 12 N 5 E 19 Keywords: Fitzhugh; N. Baum St.; Johnson; Part of Hoyt's Plat; Church; N. Weadock Ave.; Tuscola St.; N. Warren Ave.; Park St. Park; Wesley Hotel; Laundry; N. Jefferson Ave.; Lapeer Ave.; N. Park St.; N. Second St.; Little's Sub.; Brewery; Genesee Ave.; Buckhouts Sub.; Jefferson Ave.; Webber's Sub.; Jeffers Park; School; Church; Elks Club; Germania Ave.; Federal Park; Hoyt Library; S. Warren Ave; S. Weadock Ave.; School; S. Park St.; Janes Ave.; Church; S. Second St.; N. Third St.; School; Germania Institute; N. Fourth Ave.; N. Fifth Ave.; N. Seventh St.; Church; Glasby & Gallagher's Addition; Church; Bliss & Jones Sub.; S. Third; S. Fourth Ave.; S. Fifth Ave.; S. Sixth St.; Janes Ave.; Wadsworth; Recorded; Brown & Steven's Sub; HH Boergert's Sub; Fettig's Sub.; Wegst's Sub; Geo. Lawner's Sub.; B.C. Brown's Sub (Not Recorded); Henry Buten Schoen's Sub; N. Tenth St.; J. Limbacher's Sub; Henry Reichenbach's Sub.; Fleitz's Sub.; Eyeman's Sub; B.M. Thompson's Sub. (Not Recorded); N. Fourteenth St.; Standard Oil Co.; Launer's Sub; Boergert's Sub; School; McTavish's Sub.; N. Eleventh St.; D. Walz's Sub.; W.B. Sear's Sub.; Koehler's Sub.; Geo. M. Ricker's Sub.; N. Seventh St.; Schust's Sub.; N. Ninth St; Conrad Fay's Sub.; Passolt's Sub.; N. Tenth St.; B.M. Thompson's Sub. (Not Recorded); J.B. Irelands Sub.; Gallagher's Sub.; N. 13th St.; Jerome & Guenin's Sub.; Mich. Ry. (Elec.); C. Palm's Sub.; Weaver's Sub; Gallagher's Sub; S. Seventh St.; Johnson's Sub.; W.M. Pearson's Sub.; Eschenbach's Sub.; Conrad Schwan's Sub.; Koehlers Sub.; Mark's Sub; Chas. Knippel's Sub. (Not Recorded); Brechlesbauer's Sub.; C. Langlass Sub.; D. Boergert's Sub; N. Twelfth St.; Manual Training School; High School; Millard St.; Church; Sheridan Ave.; S. Warren Ave.; S. Weadock Ave.; S. Park Ave.; Genessee Ave.; Thompson St.; Glasby, Gallagher & Little's Addition; Michigan Railway (Electric); Church; Hoyt Ave.; Cherry St.; Weadock Park; Park Place; Walnut St.; Emerson St.; Sheridan Ave.; Simoneau St.; S. Warren Ave.; S. Weadock Ave.; S. Park St.; Martha St.; Walnut St.; Emily St.; Feige's Plat; Demboi's Sub.; S. Fourth Ave.; S. Fifth Ave.; S. 7th St.; Little's Add.; Smith, Jones, Glasby & Little's Addition; S. Sixth St.; Church; Church; Sear's Sub; B.H. Brown's Sub.; Corporation Limits; Cherry St.; Church; Newton's Sub.; School; Brewer & Smith's Sub.; Hayden's Sub.; Burt St.; Dieckman's Sub.; Wolf St.; Dieckman's Sub; W. Lloyd's Sub; John Gallaghers Sub.; Burgart & Lothwill's & Irons Sub; G.P. Butlers Sub; Walnut St.; G.W. Hesse's Sub; S. Ninth St.; S. Tenth St.; S. Eleventh St.; M. Jeffer's Sub.; Denner's Sub; S. Twelfth St.; Sebold's Sub; S. Frey's Sub.; S. Thirteenth St.; S. Fourteenth St.; Perkins St. Note:

Page  13 U~k W. '/2 of Section 20, * 9 4 4 4 *., vj2S Scale 400 feet to 'Iinch. (wyýr/4AI -de v/eaxL Z.* I-Xyeie 6~ To 12. N., R. 5 E. of the Michigan Meridian 4W 4*0 4p -ilk Fc02 55677/0/N /7 SEE PA GE 1 1i-57-L?67b1OPOT474;.5- S-.0Sf 75 5I,-- 3. 'lf 3 2 1 7 1002 2 7 70 27 70 7 7 ~/t 70 z7t 762,.3 9 14 21(S AD.72"f.7 &.z OZ, la '27t 7C 25 2.7 ~424 C994l 14 3 7 2Y 14 V ýa4L14'P o kt 2* 2/0& 40 410 41bý 4b40ý I. 04 SOL.4c. -ýz 4- t ' 7 -I 22 7 7 z,9z3z7 3 f'~'ea 1 4 92 K9WALN,-UT______ * 57.~ 0 t~N4 AKK 14'1140rC FOR SAETION.(2-) -EP1G 4W 440, I Title: Part of the City of Saginaw and Environs 12 N 5 E 20 Keywords: Jos. Schmidt; Wadsworth Ave.; Webber St.; J.W. Jackson; Johnson St.; Tuscola St.; Jone's Add.; Jones St.; Kimball St.; Forrest's Plat; Michigan Railway (Electric); Helena St.; Arthur St.; Jackson's Plat; Southern Electric Co.; La Peer Av.; I.M. & H.P. Smith's Add; Liberty St.; Freedom St.; Pere Marquette R.R.; Hoyt Estate; C.E. Frenzel; John Volz; J.J. West; John Sagler; F. Wiede; F. Moha; Janes St.; Cherry St.; Fifteenth St.; Bugbee's Sub.; Hoyt Estate; Burt St.; Corporation Limits; Durand's Sub.; Walnut St.; Out Lots; Sramkoskis' Plat; Perkins St.; S. Sixteenth St.; Mary Andrews Note:

Page  14 Ax CCIS THE CITY OF SAGINAW SECTION 30 Scale 400 feet to inch ý- fýe90 (eý7 ý10 Riot E. of the Michigan Meridian /9 /D F019 SEC711 N A GE A qý 0 Or. -A4A PT-HA 577 Zzo-e 04; -91v. Q f s Y3 212 W.13 7 0 jr Y4 /Z '- Y AE is, 12 fo 1WEPRIL L 57. -o 2S zo.15, RZ,5 'K -9 2.9 '7 12' Y2 2'-3 Z4 t 45- f6 7 qtý Z6 zz 3 zo A.Z '73: > 'a 9 17 a, 4 21 9" 7 6 4ýMy 219 6 "K school-I ko S. 20 22' MO 7 7 r. 3 22 3 Z-9 2_ ".z ZO 23.1 Y Y, 1,9 2/7. AO 1-57 IYG f 11-ý9 -3 70't3 7 /o IF 13 -7 A4 CCb S 7", '7 a.5 -6 4 ý3 -YO CIE. f 4"G A -,All 7 ' f3 Y-3 Cý.1-5: Y 4V 17 2c9.7'9 20 19 '-s ya zo N -low Ar -f -Z5ý 7, C-P XZ9 -3 JC7 3 2, 3.2 2-7 Ga....... ac; n, 3Z a 'arL. A'7 Ile', A -)-.VVA 7-Hye VV A rHýe m577 2291 32Y IWICHIUA& CEIV7ýR A L a Gýw 40 GO ad q -20 Igo ZO zz 2'Z 1 J zo zz f 3 z 0- -.7,--3 24 -2 l rý zzý 5 la 7 ya. 4 -AW f2 249 -3, ri 1 3 Qj ZO 210 21 21 wo 372-0 Q).13 z -3 13 -7 1,Y I.Y ys, es le3 76.4 Z7 21 0 19.170 RV41ý I f3 G Y2 31 J23 41 27 f PHEL ON lo -o k 12 -7 Y2 13 (2113 za 3 L j.3 Z 7 a71 C9 197 -9.5 10 IR 1-3 1 -4 I&I 1/ ".07% Z,314 IS.1co Uzi SAI v a 33 ro 27 /3 2 4A;i -Y zlu \,,Qa.37 (f), a-F.Z,7, r. 0 Z 2Z Y3 -1*! ZR 3.72.,3 2_1 5 3Z9 _ 21 6 F2 3 -YO CP 42, 20 PAIJEL a /V..377 f(g -r 0 Y15 YG I YS 10.. 177 -0(9 A. Z 3 -1 -4.3 la -17 23.13 -it 1ý '0 7.4w Z5 4le do - It. S ý5_ -.r. _ WHI 's YO ty. 17 14 bb capev, I'lo-49-1, -13 -50 6 1 -9 7 4C9 5 r A Ir J, 4,T I zoo-Irs 0 REMING 770 IV'.. Zt. 577: ail Eb -3 Ir3 -t-Y t 2 -fo 14 f3 Z m,ml 7 sag 3 LU 3 yz 67 41 z ZZ 5 7 Q f(; 5,6 R if _lxý 41, Z2, g& I Z Y3.02 I. (3 fa.. 5.% co Z6, Z-010 I fzO o XZ 49 I'l 4r 7 <9 YZ Y2 so set se. F41 aa 4G -7 Rr Z3 In Qj 457a 2-3 G (9 ea 2'Z'Z/' 17 E7 2.t zz C9 Z5.; 2C, Am 14) /rIl - Zo ý9 U. ý5. <7" z1o 0ý Z-9 zo Ao _qz 2-7 Z7 /2 YOAN Z-9,-3;1,61 ZZ 11 fir "Z f MORSE sr. zo GRANO 7-R61NI-r PIE RE MA oe (2 UE 7- 7-jE;e, 4e. "'4 Ir 13 7. Con 50Z Co Z Z Co. R 0 46,E te 75 Zý9 I 92-3. -N ljý R US 7 -23 Smw N N N oz_ 49 Vr 7 z 2-9 T'O1V 3z 0 10 Iq A 17-Fl-o-lv"l I-OR SZCT I ION S/ SEE ic 14 u 6Z '22-7 a e ZZ -D Ilk 7-RVIVA-'ý x N 'r nN Imf, Mý, I A I I I;Ire CV I Its "4 LA I I -j Qj tN ]rM. Y-1 11L N 2 ýf 2 11 f N In R57 k3 I's t 77. Nil 7 7 d............. -.P 46- A.- 41 1 Title: Part of The City of Saginaw and Environs 12 N 5 E 30 Keywords: Martha St.; Phelon's Add.; McCoskry St.; Phelon's 2nd Add.; Atwater St.; C. Langlass Add.; Cath. Wrege; R.H. Williams; L. M. Madden; J. Killinger; Weadock Ave.; Merrill St.; Mott St.; Gage St.; Merrill Mott & Gage's Add.; Atwater St.; S. Park St.; Michigan Central R.R. School; Part of Feige's Plat; Emily St.; Genesee Ave.; Sub. of Block 7; S. Fourth Ave.; Perkins St.; Perkins, Clary & Miller's Add.; S. Tenth St.; Annesly St.; Hartstuff St.; S. Eleventh St.; S. Fourteenth St.; (Reserve); Phelon St.; Remington's Add.; Cornelia St.; Ward's Add.; Briggs & Cooper Co. (Ltd.); Remington St.; Remington's 2nd Add.; S. Warren Ave.; Ward St.; Phelon St.; Remington St.; Wadsworth Farm; Remington St.; S. Park St.; Alger St.; Bagley St.; Crapo St.; Fenton St.; Brewery; Michigan Railway (Electric); Duncan's Add.; Whittier St.; J. Schirmer; V.E. Tatham; J. & L. Lobb; A.A. & S. Luczyk; C. Fruch; F. Thomas; W. & A. Schlettarhausen; J. Fruch; Jno. Koepplinger's Add.; S. Twelfth St.; S. Thirtenth St.; Germain Piano Factory; (Reserve); Holland Ave.; Cornelia St.; Emery's Add.; S. Warren Av.; School; Ward St.; S. Weadock Ave.; Alvaro's Add.; Morse St.; U.S. Graphite Co.; Saginaw Medicine Co.; Grand Trunk R.R.; Pere Marquette R.R.; H.P. Gappett, et al; Wilcox Engine Co.; Saginaw Concrete Stone Co.; Nellie Wynne; E. Germain; Saginaw Realty Co.; C. Fox; Wellington R. Burt; Marion St.; Strable Mfg. Co.; Shaw Av.; Strable Mfg. Co.; B. Marxer; Jas. McDonnell; G. Henning; E. Germain; Fiege Desk Co.; Grand Trunk R.R.; P.M. R.R.; E. Germain; Saginaw Sheet Metal Works; Janette Gagnon; W.R. Burt (Trustee); Sheridan Ave.; J. Blackmore's Add.; Webber St.; Consolidated Coal Co.; Grand Trunk R.R.; John Stolz; H.P. Gappett et al;Bagley St.; Ruckle St.; Roberts St.; Rust Ave.; Harold St.; Fulton St.; Wolcott St.; Ray St.; South Park Add.; Andrew Stevenson; Corporation Limits; J.B. Dalinger; Mrs. Henry Moiies Note:

Page  15 a V Scale 400 feet to i inch 3 3 2 3 51~-o29 Z78 36 25 2 -t 2,3 22alzo iciz 16AA'NCROF-T 'y Z62 idz.SY5f6-2,; IL34-3332 30O2-9>,{0T jýz l 1jl-lzZ 4Jf Z lL ii II I z1J 3 433323/ c9 3 20231242'3 22!0 211 2234 5--582f-z23r77 3-J33b21 32,,20?r r- V66 I201-9 % &Q LHAORTSQRF 19p, *ý */ ]3Hi iE~E i4++ N34 3 321Y3 29[23 912'sA z2-50 23,2 OZ 'r i~ I I I-F A IN WAND ENVIRONS> W. '/2 of Section 29 T. 12 N., Rt 5 E. of the Michigan Meridian leCR SEC /ON 2 0 SEE PA G / 3Q3 F7wit ý ZZ.? lY -1617i4 6 3-33. c Zr 8 -2 /022 221,20/61Z79 -5d tLsJ.La L y.21L-31i 9 7C Z 12 3 KL 2 5 gi IS 7 23 -12 0,29 OS Z -92 f 3.12023 -9 372 92 7 J2 3242ý2 12?0 29 2 S 77 y 1 I 6 79-9 o --Z-13 346> 9Ys 78397lg/0 /223 120/6/Y9 ý31 032 7oc9 2926'242 2 2/2 13 50 3 2 /0 * C K K 5%/c [3 [3 0% [3 [3 [3 24 U k - ~, -e 4 -e i * 1s, [3 * [3 4 N N *0.0(~ HC40QA/ LLtL If F IIQ 1,33 3/0 -9. W1 HI -1-TIE t1R 31 II % - I 3:i 33132r/ 0-1J J - - I~.3 IYZLIV T-. **> C95 ilko I116 6ER, 7 rý 40 Il '17. r3--70 N 20 '50__a/ 0 42_F__ 'I.'~ 4~tcY cri0y4ZICC [3 596 -C9/a Ar h:Ff~j. --":f V I I I I I 4 4 4 4 3 i 3 I Nliý MMOV A F r///, "I 'Im_ 7 0.4 4- 4 9 4' 4 4 4 4 4 4' 4..4'? Title: Part of the City of Saginaw and Environs 12 N 5 E 29 Keywords: Perkins St.; Bancroft St.; Annesly St.; Reserve; Hosmer St.; Hartsuff St. Michigan Central R.R.; Ledyard St.; Huron St.; Whittier St.; Hosmer Farm; Green St.; Holland St.; S. Sixteenth St.; Seventeenth St.; J.B. Peter (Trustee); Pere Marquette R.R.; Holland Av.; Corporation Limits; J. and F. Hadley; Grand Trunk R.R.; Pere Marquette R.R.; Stolz St.; Rosa Meyers; Pere Marquette R.R. Co.; S. Genesee Av.; Goulding's Add; S. Fourth Av.; Mrs. Henry Moiles; Stolz Sub.; Out Lot 2; Out Lot 1; P.J. Strunz; L.F. Strunz; J.W. Harden; J. Klopf; A. Reinig; Ed. Miner; Chas. Frueh Note:

Page  16 W. /^ of Seto 1'i " 8 l-^fcHE' CITY OF SAGOINAW v AND ENVIRONS(T* 12 N., R. 5 E. of the Michigan Meridian 'Scale 400 feet to i inch zCf hn, t/M 6" eGeo9.4. {7e &XCo. M6. 4p @! S-J L____?FOR SECT/ON 30 JEE,PAGE 14 -'- ZG rao- O_- I Q 0 --IZ - '~ial \ \a _-...... " \.\\ ' ^ z ' ^: - '--- ^-- --- ^ ^ s \\ I.21 ^' i. _^ _ ~ ', '-. " ~7 22" -..\\ S.......m.: ^, ^ ^^.v\ __ ~.: +.,5,77.; 4 -7--7 ^ - - - -3 s 3 2' a 3 .' ^ 3~ ~ ~ \\ ^1, --^ _fi _^ -IS5 -^ - - -r-h K \ % -.- ---.6.,17 z9. -,':~.9 Ya.^ A"^ ^ v a. I..., e-r ---- y_^_ ^_i...z 2_+ " -7-w 3"_s...---^-,. \\\ It S,O I __"------.-- I.-.-- l---.... --~ i^,.. 2i 'l,a.N,! a: z ii -- L2 '^ ^ 22_ ^ * ^ ^ ~r ~~ ~ ~r v.---- 7-3--- ^f_ -1- 2Z 3,, ~i 2.~-- - T. ------ J". 7 J - - \ -4 za. "~: ^^.T ^^^ 5 7.; _21 - 3> Zz Z Z.. 2,,.... 0': r - ~ ^.J _ "S 7? - - - 5 -^ -5 -- ^ \ \..qg: -^12 20^"^ ^ 1>0^ -^ ^ --- - -;^ \ J 1 49ZLS 1-9_ ~J4_ _ - -1.9- 19S G ~ --S 7--g \. i| S ~l.LAGH /3 ^~~--a. --t- 0 --"- ow-1- - - d \ H ^- -^-5 -^IL^IZ I _^ ""r " "sT ' -'w7 " s r 7 ] r ' *j i ' \\ \ i~~ -^ -^ f -^c - _ I3, ~ - ^ - T ^ - ^ -1 - \ ^^^^S~j^ ^^a7 \7 C9 ýZ7 C- 7 7. I ~ ~ ~ - 2'6, 39_,_ _, 7 ^ -"^ ^ ^ ^- -^ - - \ i ~--- Ila Y3^cTpyz^/r i ~. 22 ' _34 6 Q - ^ 9 Z ^ 2 3 ^^ ^ i2Z^ <"^ ~ ^ i g 4 21 -24 -.1 4 2.22^ /> ^ """ - ^^ -. ^.,_..- ^... ^,, ^ ^ 1 ^. - --- ^ ^ _.m _. - ^.. --W-6| - ' * ~ ^ ^ ^ ^ T 7..............---....... ty'' THECITY OSAGINAW AND ENVIRONS{^,.............. N. E. Part of SECTION 2 T. 11 N., R. 4 E. of the Michigan Meridian Scale 400 feet to i inch fnyW/~g6 bG eaA & @@ o. "4i,to I |I I 0) -11 iK 14 LAE.7...... SR4 Tramt~~C -'sBi/ * *~~~~ R)I RA T/ 0'^ ^ ^A ' IV - S T- 3~ ' PA 6 __-. -,F<-t - * BR E.- - - ---^.- - *- -- * --5-?:a 120 1.. fi 0 1,o. ' J- -,ri! - ~-; - ^ i 3L~ az..o-. "_... i- \. lZ o t z ~ - \. _^ 1^ _ o I,o......;,:, A "T -:. i .-. ~ ''^ lilI. ,;t2... ---- ~ < ---- " ". _.. _.__,." _".__.... '.... " i i ~ * ' 1-. 1 " *.. - 1.' - + -. '... '. --. -'.: ".. - _, _.. s:,. __.... ' "... - '*:l- f! * * '..... I, 1;: " .., ', -:. __.: l, 1 -1. ',...._: i. ~ ___. ' . <. *. *. r *...... * -, -- -- -.... D., -D. - ' " ~ [.,; ~ ": " _: ~..--. -^ -. -, ---- -- -- " " i _,.0( - i. ' ^; ___.........__ ^ 2 1 / 1^ ^ 1 * 1 ' 1 ' "^ 1 *;:. '" J ^~~~ "7 "~ ---. --------- '-!,: -------:---"--------* I *< -,- " - *.. -......:.-..... 5.... " " - -.... ".Z G ".. A. 1-3 At3NOLD - a '-? t"-:v '**,.___.- __. _.. __' 2.21.7 * _ q,. ^.,. ' ^:' t..* >.: .I^ --_ 2---- i-7 "_ k 1 -, 2.1. HUR ON - (I--------- ------,9 29! 1 289 J.r Z 7 Z2;27 2..... 2- C--o 2, ( 20. '.9 '2o O 'E:-- --'= _.'8 ':, Cb' 1.9., 20 [ -.^ -^ _,,! ~o.:z "I Z I ^ ZADi 1yI r8 r?,-. -, - Z7 ~ - I "-v^--GK "Lr --- -Tnewy.-.:r.T^ _ -.-.---= -.. __ -.i _ i.' . I_. _ s!1 1-W I I -.I.. -:-:. -,*-. ..rS C " k i u i -.-3- - - ~ ^-"~ ~:,- D.7. 2. 0,,0._ I,15'-7.-, Z,-3Z3 --3 3.4 Zi ~, i z. " 5 2 70 9 10 _6 zo..o 5,... I -... s.:.....jo__ r--f c.-,L '% e ' o-, *^, S. i^ zz. __! -',8,--^, -' - - 2 ~3:2 t - ' '^.,4 "7,"PS z---7,g."_" ~T ~ ~2g ^ ^ ' _.3 * 3 ^..3 ^ _ ^ _ __=. 47.. *'a,o __ ___ *!_''-^ - _ *^ ^ ^ Z. ~ i,,. Qj -77, 7 61 7 7. 2 7 ^ 2, 9 -^.- ^^ - '^'^ -^:.._-_ _ -^ 1-.2z!' aq.r....7 22 -^^ 7..2_),7 7. 27 7^j7 g 7.; ^ S ý;c-i --.-7 2-0,C 17 8" " ,.: ao. l i *^ 9 74 -o l -~ l" 7 1 95 - "s.... M Tk Z -- - " *- -- I- *- I3.~", Z1.@ ~,......: di.."~~ ds.5s. rs Z __.__ _ _._ _ < ' "...____,,__,._^_ 7 -Z 7^ 1,:2 f '7 110 z, 1743~~ ~j ir 267*^.. 7 2 ^ 1 7 16.1 P7 2'.5 3 ^ ^ ý 34f,..^ _ * 2 &: 3 * * 5 < - " ^ g 3. ~ f Q _ _ ^ ^ ^ ^ 219 z> 2R 3 o 9 > 0 7 - k3, ( 7 < 73.2 i*7. 3 -Q7< 3 j 7$5 tll 3 f'S., /" ^S I jr^ l^ ^ ^ ~~j - -*FT-\ - ' 0 ^ \ p,-aaJ -(~. gl ^ ^f &o.1.^ '^ ^ ' so "to ^a^.a~217 J^^-UF Coal, Co.,33 64. 0 **a 0; - "~~ ~~~~ - - - - -/- -1 Ts s ~*rw l -r III I I I. I FMý Eal *;;;go I HIRE90 III -Wl/%/, Title: Part of the City of Saginaw and Environs; Part of the City of Saginaw and Environs 12 N; 11 N 5 E; 4 E 31; 2 Keywords: Webber St.; Corporation Limits; Hiland St.; Morris St.; H. Wahl; Gallagher St.; Hess Av.; Maplewood Ave.; Collingwood Ave.; Hazelwood Ave.; Lynnwood Ave.; Beechwood Ave.; Elmwood Ave.; Shaw Av.; Factory Lots; Arnold St.; Grand Trunk R.R.; Erie St.; Huron St.; Corporation Limits; Sheridan Ave.; Bradley St.; Maplewood Ave.; Saginaw Improvement Company's Addition; Collingwood Ave.; Hazelwood Ave.; Lynnwood Ave.; Beechwood Ave.; Elmwood Ave.; Grand Trunk R.R.; Wylie & Batchelor; Amanda Yell; Rust & Hay's Add.; Bradley St.; Grant St.; Glasby St.; J.T. Wylie (Trustee); G. Beck; D.D. Lafayette; E.D. Partridge; E. Edwards; Geo. Phoenix; East Side Water Works; Lane St.; Douglass St.; Wickes St; Battel's Add.; Russell St.; Bundy St.; East St.; Saginaw River; M.E. & W. Stoddard; Corporation Limits; Cass River Coal Co. Note:

Page  17 N N N bO U U 0 ni 0 0 K ~ (k, z 0 LU 0 -o z 0 LU e.V) LUJ (T) (4 (3N4) Ni Ni 4) to to N (3 (3, 4) V. K Ct4 Ni' Ni N C) -3% N N N 4) N N N N N 4) N N N 4) Cv N Cry N Ni. N 4) N N' 4) N N N (3 '3 4) N N N 4) -Ni-- -N 4) 4), N N (3 'N '4 4) N KC)4) NNN Iliii 4). N N 4) 0 (3 NNN 4)4)4) 4)N4 Ni 'N 'CO N '0 (3 0' 3%' N N N N Co - N N N Ni N '4) N - (34) N4) N N.N N N '4)3 ~ ~.) N N K U 0 I) V 0 0 I) U (C Title: Part of the City of Saginaw and Environs 12 N 4 E 34; 33 Keywords: Burrows St.; Green St.; Emerick St.; Part of Saginaw Improvement Co.'s Add.; Kendrick St.; Ring St.; Burnham St.; Wood St.; Joslin St.; Albert St.; Michigan Ave.; Stanley St.; Gilbert St.; Vincent St.; Arthur St.; Saginaw Improvement Co.; Corporation Limits; Superior St.; Michigan Central R.R.; Saginaw Table & Cabinet Co.; Harry T. Wickes; Columbia Western Mills; wesley Mfg. Co.; Saginaw Plate Glass Co.; Albert T. Ferrell; Asphalt Roofing Co.; Saginaw Plate Glass Co.; Factory Lots; C.C. Mfg. Co.; John Rader, et al; Wheeler St.; Michigan Central R.R.; Carl Solenski; F. Dahlman; J. and A. Coyle; Edw. and Marie Johnson; Carl Solenski; H.J.P. Grabner; Geo. Waldnagel; M.G. Jordan; Jordan St.; Jordan's Add. (unrecorded); Abbey Sub.; A.J. Kaiser; E.O. Myers; Jacob Schaeffer; C. Schmidt; B. Schultz; F Klowitz; J. Fee; E. and F. Challenger; S.E. Brierton; A. and E. Paine; Jos. Doerfner; Dol. Doerfner; L.F. Stahl; F. Pierre; H. Bender; W.E. Crane; W. & A. Mueller; School; Thos. Merrill, Est.; Grout St.; Merrill Park; Wm. and Addie McNitt; Fred McNitt; Chas. Bauer; Benst Mfg. Co.; Mrs. E. Lockwood; P.M.R.R. Co.; T. Jackson & Co.; Herzog Art Furniture Co.; W.M. Smith; E. St. John; John Herzog; F. Reidel; Civic League; D. O'Brien; J.F. Taylor; W. Neuchterlein; Cornelia Miller; B. Russell; I.B. Taylor; P.W. Stafford; J.J. Hart; C.M. Jordan; Fraser St.; Part of H.L. Miller's 3rd Add.; Vermont St.; Mc.Gregor St.; Adeline Miller's Add.; Stewart St.; Michigan Central R.R.; Adelene St.; M.C.R.R.; Adeline Miller's 2nd Add.; Florence St.; S. Hamilton St.; S. Niagara St.; King St.; Salt St.; M & N Assn; John Crowley; P.M.R.R. Co.; Pere Marquette R.R.; Toothpick Alley; S. Harrison St.; Sherman St.; Fayette St.; Hood St.; Park; Young St.; R.R. Co.; Thos. Jackson Lbr. Co's Add. (unrecorded); Ruby St.; Park Plat; S. Michigan Ave.; Holmes St.; S. Hamilton St.; S. Niagara St.; King St.; Salt St.; Brant St.; Morris & Fowler; Sylvan St.; Morris & Fowler; S. Niagara St.; Julius Porath; J.S. Richards; Wiggin's Add.; P.F. Wiggins; C.C. Mfg. Co.; Salt St.; Palmerton St.; P.F. Wiggins Note:

Page  18 7 V, It F-0 P SE6 01. Iýlz I.......................................................... Ap 751 rtAt 44'U91) V, 4 17.t Of4SOJo 0. ýA A 2 CP) L ZIIIIKN 'N fN4.I VO= ereK/cIr Iet >j~~~Pý,6,, ptejQNv~ tt reN4 { i ~.r %GAr I I t GLASY 00* s" Noi SN i~.2 LLILLLJ I' ~4~b'4 4N~r44 0-00 11 10, S rc (J 2ýfT7.F.;;y334 4kMI 4 N (K 2;!94 Title: Part of the City of Saginaw and Environs 12 N 4 E 35 Keywords: S. Hamilton St.; H.L. Miller's 2nd Add.; H.L. Miller's Add.; Perry St.; Dearborn St.; Vermont St.; S. Niagara St.; King St.; Fraser St.; H.L. Miller's 3rd Add.; Salt St.; McGregor St.; Saginaw Mfg. Co.; City of Saginaw; Merrill & Keifer; James Malcolm; Mich. Cent. R.R.; Saw Mill; Plaining Mill; Bliss & Van Auken; W. S. Linton; Consolidated Coal Co.; W.S. Linton; Consolidated Coal Co.; Jas. Malcolm; Webber St.; Norman Miller's 2nd Add.; Curtis & King's Add.; J.H. Becker; Phoenix; Ketcham St.; Linton St.; Norman Miller's Add.; To Salina; Cambrey St,; Newton St.; Jefferson St.; Williamson St.; Braley & Eaton's Add.; L. LaBelle; G. Hannaway; G. Littlejohn; L. Bennett; C. Bennett; M. Sara; C. Bennett; C. Bledsoe; A.D. Camp; S.A. Westcott; J.L. Durfee; J.L. Coxe; E. Youmans; J. Decker; Presby. Church; Park; Queen St.; Merchants & Manufacturers Assn.; John Crowley; Florence St; Jas. Malcolm; F.G. Palmerton; Rust Land Co.; Saginaw River; Saginaw Lee & Coal Co.; City; Automatic Faucet & Spigot Co.; Inglehart St.; Center St.; P. Pilon; L. Doud; A. Peterson; Rust & Ingledew's Add.; C.W. Baker; F.C. Beerbant; S.A. Richardson; F. Sovey; H.B. Merritt; S.A. McKinney; M. Forham; L.C. McCumby; G.W. Piper; M. Piper et al.; A.I. Couch; C.L. Lull; J.A. Rouse; Church; Rellis St.; L.E. Schaefer; D. Schaefer; A.I. Griffes Add.; Sub of Lot; S. Washington Ave.; W.J. Lanson; M.B. Hawn; Morris St.; Washington School; Randolph St.; Gallagher St.; Church; Gallagher's Plat of Salina; Pere Marquette Ry.; Pere Marquette R.R.; Ditch; Wall & Walber; Pere Marquette R.R.; Ann Arbor Salt & Lbr. Co's. Add.; Wm. Simpson; Merch. & Mfgs. Assn. (Valley Boat & Engine Co.); Pere Marquette Ry.; Bundy & Youman's Add.; G. Phoenit; W. Lees; W.H. Sargeant; Gallagher's Sub.; Wisner St.; Hess Av.; Hess & Bundy's Add.; Ortman St.; Martindale St.; Glasby St.; John Hansen; John P. Schwahn; Pere Marquette Ry.; J.N. Wilber; Mary Schmidt; R. & A. Reynolds; H. Damm; W.A. O'Donnell; Olive M. McIntyre; Edgar Pierce; E.R. & Ida Griggs; R. & C. Groom; St. James Ger. Luth. Church; Harkness & Foxs Add.; S. Washington Ave.; School; Flagler & York's Add.; G. Fritz; Flagler & York's 2nd Add.; Nimons St.; Glasby St.; Gilmore St.; U.S. Tie Plug Co.; Medina Salt Co's Add.; Derby's Add.; Estabrook St.; River; Douglass St.; Russell St.; Grant St.; Bundy St.; Youmans St.; Bradley St.; East St.; A; Jos. White; Glasby St. Note:

Page  19 a 4 fEY i lots Vo;1--5,M ýAnv- I'"V.I _ - -d7 z -irM z Siw 02f 0'. 15 'CAAISP r.0 5' 4 5s 4"'GA5LL A 7S ISj GO7 G,6 o Fill 2ofAIV GI; 606> 0 SECTION 36 Scale 400 feet toi inch To 12 NR.4EofteMcia Y/ r/1-t&/d ý6xý 9f FOPk SEC T/ON SEE WW E-sss~~s-Y1~ f 77r t"ia''a Th~'hI r~4-,-'- ~ t 2 3 ~22 3L24-- K-ET7CH/EM 0 4iW-623,' 2 /r4s4270.257.2 G7 2497 81712 liii 11 2 22323 22 23 / Z.52_2'0H/7A VS 24 14-124242 2 4 2v2 z e.,<-23..z STi 6 -2~?3 232 3 232 3 2 3 2 3 ~ '20 2-'A-0 7 2 2-0LA/V/SON r%3 I 237. 9 -4 29-4 44 555 4(s7. 38 238 2-f2784 4 51; 2~0 96- _ 20 9 26*70 254 0 2' 095 20 1 12& 2 2 2 2 24 2' 24 2 /-2.77 23.2-23G2 23226 -AL2 42ý5 o 2 4 1. 22 4 1J 27c - 20 204310 '.25 2 20 3 2 2/0 2j 5 >2 2 0 9230 2 3 2 3 2'2 2.2. q722 2 2 2 23 2 3 2 4 324 ' LLL.LLJ 29.5 Z '.20-5 yo 205 z.2Q50 - 2 67q629 27 7 23 Ila J 283. -28, 8 7 2 '2 32r.278 278A7 L2 8 2727Ar I2 7 7 25-9.20 2-20.9 0 9 2 *. 9 Meridian -J WLtJ 3 4 ~ ~4 ",7 _79 2 7 1 50 2 0 2 51 z a 2 23 22 e3 l? Y 2 -24 - 2.z4 r I. 2 1230 230 3 -223 229 3 17 C897 27,C9 9 5 20 /9 20 b 23' 20 2' 0 23 22 23 3~' -57 72 22? 3 252. 2'7 6, I"~. o 24, 2 2'y 22 23 23"T ___5 732 324 ILIN 27' 5 r. 13. y 44 4 i.._ -215 ~HUSSEP ~ 57-Qc' 7 Z6- 4 '4 7 21-.8 _19 L AV' I ~? 22 24 2 31 162 SAS1S7 j Crc/asna.77 -- -- - a'n'r'of4C 4C 33 C9 89 3.2 --3-.13 02. 233 22-2 4 215- 41 20.5 20 20 ' 20 23 0 23 C F23 6 C73 92020 99 2o 9 20 9 2ý9 _20 29 -20 29 20 29 J/0 Z-75.0 247 Z', 27 2 27 2 1-033 -23233 < 22 4. 422' 7 2, 2. '/82 20897' C' '2 23' 0 23D ~&ozo Z9 2' ' - - A E44-=~ - - z Z, --9F Title: Part of the City of Saginaw and Environs 12 N 4 E 36 Keywords: Webber St.; School; Merchants and Manufacturers; Assn.; Linton Park; Cambrey St.; Geo. W. Hesse's Add.; To Salina; Ketchem St.; Hiland St.; J. B. Peter; J. Gilmour's Replat of Block 8; P.R. Woodruff's Add.; Lamson St.; Morris St.; Randolph St.; Williamson St.; Thayer & Wiggin's Add.; Gallagher St.; John Leidlein; Fred Rohloff; L. Larabell; Wisner St.; S.J. Warner; F. Durwaldt; A. & C. Leui; State; John Leidlein; State; John Leidlein; C.E. Still; G. Phoenix; John Usca; W.E. Crane; Tierney Bros.; Thatcher St; Thatcher's Add.; Julius St.; Hess Av.; Parkwood Ave.; Robinwood Ave.; Webber Park; Lowell Ave.; Part of Saginaw Improvement Company's Addition; Parkwood Ave.; Glenwood Ave.; Oakwood Ave.; Thayer St.; J.B. Leasia's Add.; Ortman St.; Lincoln Av.; Wilkins St.; Merchants & Manufacturer's Assn.; Van Etten St.; Blackmore & Frazer's Add.; Marion St.; Thurber St.; Elizabeth St.; S. Jefferson Ave; Arnold St.; City of Saginaw; S. Washington Ave.; Forest Lawn Cemetery; East St.; Fred Zahner; Caroline Ehmaker; W.J. Ranous; Marg't. Grohman; E.A. and A.A. Grohman; Corporation Limits; Macauley Ave.; Wm. Polson & Co.; Factory Lots; Lufkin Rule Co.; H.J. Heinz Co.;Erie St.; Lowell Ave.; Robinwood Ave.; Prescott St.; Huron St.; Parkwood Ave.; Glenwood Ave.; Oakwood Ave.; Sheridan Ave.; Corporation Limits; Frazer's Add.; Wm. Haddlesay; Jos. A. & Mary Doerr; Jos. A. Doerr; Bradley St. Note:

Page  20 Cj r -I - L- t - I - JL- 1 1-- 1 1-- 1 1 20 INA THE CITY OF 45AU v SECTION 27. Scale 400 f eet to inch edfll elo. e I ý0, Or FOR SECTIOIVý-c TZ? Ca 1- 6 8ýz I-IC9 Prod& Car 6h 2-9 bz? e 30 -Fý(eZVy C-T. 1p. P 60.4 4 3 12Ah (b k1l) 3::f 14J f 14 Tfz:z? e Z) K 176 -59 4) 174 3 EE C).173 N N 772 ý4 (s 171 _ ý0 N 38 zs 170 C4 39 ý529 14-51 - - 46- 4,70 -Cg% Cl) E YMER, ST f6, fý w lztý cy)!Zý (3 U ca. 0ý 14 7 ISHOLCO11MV186 7' 14 517W 156.6 cy).130 CY) Cl) (\I cv) N k Cýj D) bN 'N /80. fýý7 0 rp.5!.6 6040 40 13 114 44 Z eo IVIEWBERP Y 77 (Q 46 48 45- qs. 'sd SIR,) V. ýj jz) N 11o Z) Q) N NN t-4 41 CV 177 7d -7-9 CIO co N -73 7-17:5 76 771791'75wold4, CO QD co eS or 7-A WA I L, lrý-K -41( 1, 1ýý I k) 1 -1, If%, I I I ltý. I I- L Ifl-licnirl, 11, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -T ] I I I 1 -1 4 -E. of the. Michigan Meridian s T IZZ, 57. Wn. 577- CP C> 131 C> _IZZ, -SS ST IS, Q9 Cp? ElCn.rCP 1,19 C;l 1 30;.93 ý9 -9 _g G G -9.9 -9-9 4 Af jq <9 '9 le 7 C5, 9 10 5-q s 3 v 2.97 T, IS 14. 213 'Z3 19 -9 /1 1510 CHEST/v 2 4 2,a 3 30 J) 31 32 136--f ý4gs- "4a 148's -2:ý?Oe4hlre' dz:ý'Zoz--aL Co U 1577 011995.3 G /e jEE N V 01 -1 -YL 3 0: 42' 40 3ý9 39 -37 36 36 cl Tv'n V D/ VI-510 47.01 f7al 4 7 14Y. 0.1 133-4 0.13- &7, so Zzo '10 54 50:,So 77 0 Ca 9-1 N_ 3 10 'r) 3 3.10 L lee.9 A 9 7 L? 7 C9.7 8ý - EE (0 -9 lu) "a f q'l So S4 MA R LIE T TH - sr. 1. 6-0 lzo '7.10 10 -99 7 e9 Z-1.10.3 yo AV 19 'A 9. 9.4 Yo 2-4 'Cit A9 1-9 20 -P./ (9 '-6 -ty 120-!V A, "Z Y;-p v Tla "u" VEe 1W0A1 7 -'Feo 310J -1 0 12'1,6 -f.Z.2 'PW 3 -10.13 3 1-0 J3 &a; Zd da - 4 9-z: 9 M -IS 17 19 ny.10-i.5 47 Oro 5117 SO -7 7'ý' So - Jill - 0 >- A INi5 9 'f 114 /Z a.1, 7. ý rhZ2 44 TZ 10 3 10 /0 '10 r7 3 10 d- -kin fl-3.0,rj 10 i W.- I - '9 4-L _9 9 4 'q 9 4ý 5.49 Ff 1\ 9 4 Oro 12 4ý V 14721 47 MICH16AIV Cý:iv 7 A L Woo kD7W5 7 I 0ýs FORSECT7 84 %51 76",SS 491-2.3" Z /,ýs 55-ýz C-a 6".13 2. ý5 f;7 7 17 ý9 1,- 1,0 A ol t, 5 clý 0 ol jq e rý r e7 26F I - eý ly Cq TN41 -r 3.21 2 y 4-1 Q-1 7 Za 7 C-9 A 57. -Ni. 6'. c9 VA 5 As a C. j uj DI VISION,.5 77 L( LU con'so Z-,, doze CIO a (7 Cor 00 0 lz:l dl-P. r2, f 5,-3 A Title: Part of the City of Saginaw and Environs 12 N 4 E 27 Keywords: Augusta E. Schremm et al.; Thos Stevens; John O. Ross; Henry J.P. Graebner; Wm. Zorn & Anton Gartner; Fred & Carl Hinte; Aug. G. Haueser; B. Sherrer; C. Hinte; H. Hinte; Carl & Martha Huebner; C.F. & P. Brown; John Theisen; A.G. Haueser; Mrs. K. Wildhagen; C.F. Fern; M. Johnson & Wife; Birney's Farm; Thurman St.; Wright St.; Acacia St.; Birney St.; Beech St. Belmont; Birney St.; Beech St.; Osborn St.; Cypress St.; Laurel St.; Wright St.; S. Carolina St.; Mackinaw St.; Van Buren St.; Cass St.; Lyon St.; Jackson St.; S. Charles St.; Williams; S. Andre St.; S. Bates St.; Stephens St.; Blackmore's 2nd Add.; Blackmore's Add; S. Woodbridge St.; Isaac Parson's Add.; S. Mason St.; S. Oakley St.; S. Bond St.; (Belt Line); Hugo Weseners Add; Wm. Seyffardt's Add.; Brockway St.; W.P. Morgan Beach Grove Fruit Farm; Martin Brady; Kollen St.; Eymer St.; Holcomb St.; Michael Zorn & Anton Gartner; John Hogg & Wife; Chas. H. Davis; James Case; Newberry St.; Gratiot Heights Plat; Ottawa St.; Allegan St.; Alice St.; Gratiot St.; Malzahn St.; Post St.; Kollen St.; Post's 2nd Add.; Post's Add.; Anna P. Bliss; A.P. Bliss; Emil & Julia Roethe; Reuben M. Staffeld & Wife; C.C. Staffeld; D.J. Hurst; Bliss St.; Brockway's Add.; Wells St.; Corporation Limits; Hay & Wheeler's Add.; Greenwich St.; George & Nellie Neuhaus; Gerhard & Agnes Neuhaus; Robert Brown; O.F. & Helen Roethke; C.L. Roethke & Wife; Wm Roethke Floral Co.; Jane Wright; Vine St.; Seyffardt & Barck's Sub.; Chestnut St.; Greenwich St.; E. Zooelmeyer's Sub.; Geo. W. Bell's Add.; John Gliskow's Sub.; Jay St.; Fordney Park; Vine St.; Scanlon's Replat; Chestnut St.; Little & Moore's Add.; Greenwich St.; Little St.; Sweet St.; Otto Moore's Add.; Braley St.; Bullock St.; Division St.; Division St.; Marquette St.; Superior St.; Part of Saginaw Improvement Co's Add.; Maine St.; Wheeler St.; Vermont; St. Forest St.; Maine St.; G.K. Grout's Add.; Michigan Central R.R.; Grout St.; Lynn St.; Division St.; Louis Zagelmeyer's Sub.; Moore St.; Maple St.; Binder & Seyfardt's Add.; Elm St.; Krogman's Sub'd.; P.M. R.R.; Pere Marquette R.R.; Consolidated Coal Co.; F Schnetnecht; Grager St.; Dearborn St.; Perry St.; Wayne St.; Robinson's Sub'd; Harry Miller's Add.; Fraser St.; Harrison St.; School; Church; School; Webster St.; Vermont St.; S. Fayette St.; Y.M.C.A.; A. H Bennett; L M. Bennett; C H. Williams; J.L. Williams; C.H Miller; S. Michigan Ave.; M. Tyler; D.J Cox; A Boucier; A. H Bennett; M.W. Kundinger; E. Latlener; C.M. Jordan Note:

Page  21 -Itis.~~2 (/ F. IV I. 1-5-1 1- - ~ ~ E77699 N~~~~R SI C TA 99N S' LS q Lai S C2 L y,> v. eu AA 0' {. el U.N5 4U J/ co~.*C N 6<N ~ t~ s N., R. 4 E. of the Michigan Meridian 40 N 40 Ay-\ x A, S/ Q~1KN7 N G.. ZIl S 4 CO.N~, AV 6' 4X0 S~C (9\~ N 400 / ' /; 7 PN (37 N 'N'N N N N 4.A 4oo~oil & '~"6 60 AV to 1 N ~ 02 SEC rio1 35SEPAE/ 7/ 477 -. 'V<y/'/4. i' '' 7/ R 'cSLk, Who T /T/i? K ~ 9o O, ' x pu s8sc/I7 5 A 4-0. 13 -Awl2 _ a- a '~COO, iV'~NFo Title: Part of the City of Saginaw and Environs 12 N 4 E 26 Keywords: P.M. R.R.; S. Bates St.; S. Woodbridge St.; S. Mason St.; W. Court St; Adams St.; Cass St.; Van Buren St.; Acheiter Hall; N. Bond St.; N. Porter St.; N. Granger St.; N. Webster St.; Ames St.; Cleveland St.; N. Harrison St.; Hancock St.; Moore School; Library; Madison St.; Monroe St.; Clinton St.; Throop St.; Miller St.; Original Town; S. Mason St.; S. Oakley St.; Mackinaw St.; Roeser School; Lyon St.; Presb. Church; High School; Peudonia Hall; N. Fayette St.; N. Michigan Ave.; County Jail; Epis. Church; Y.M.C.A.; Court House; Meth. Church; Bap. Church; Andre's Sub.; N. Hamilton St.; N. Niagara St.; Water Works; P.O.; Church; Jackson St.; Williams St.; Bond St; S. Porter St.; Gratiot Av.; Part; Rust Park; James Riley Reservation; Ojibway Isl.; Lake Linton; E. Court St.; S. Granger St.; S. Webster St.; S. Harrison St.; Stephens St.; Waller St.; Saginaw St.; Bullock St.; Lee St.; Braley's Sub.; School; Arthur Hill Trade School; Michigan Central R.R.; Depot; Saginaw River; Rust Park; Grand Canal; Osahing Isl.; Wright Lagoon; Church; S. Fayette St.; S. Michigan Av.; Wayne St.; Perry St.; Dearborn St.; S. Hamilton St.; S. Niagara St.; King St.; Saginaw Mfg. Co.; Pluning Mill; Rust Ave.; Fordney Ave.; Pere Marquette R.R.(Belt Line); Rust Park; Fordney Av.; Rust Ave; Subdivision; S. Washington Ave.; Harris St.; W. Birch St.; Newton St.; Cary St.; Jeffers St.; Webber St. Note:

Page  22 VýX- ýIp'; F 4 -1 -1 - t -I - t- t -I -I ML- 1 -1 - f -1 -1 ý-j -1 -k-r*- 1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -I:-= - 7-r-7 I NAW THE CITY OF 45 A U-P SECTION 25 Scale 400 f eet to i inch FOR SECTION 24 ýh?Ar too Ire 97 R.4 E. of the Michigan Meridian Ie-I 7.C, /747 2' 27 3"go.<ii9 CA L VCEMETERYET/ 4Is% 1t-p e - -I-- ~~ -,- ~ - ---------------- - _ FO3ET/NS3EEAE/ 9 ~C9 q7 7 13S b7 7~ /3 * 94 14 79 ~ r ~ ~4 ~Q? '7 - '.-9 K GQQ........e 89...... &jrarzc/ TrtL -A 2y (c II Sy- 17A\/r TO \ 3/ 3! 37 7 X tin~3 3 3 30 3, t 29 --I.2e.29. -..- *1 '5 20 Z3 2 3 20 739 Pa Z P 29 79 m I') - -. Z /3 xl /3 7 3% /5 Z5 Z49 7ZS' /6C9 Z6'. 'N 16 7625(;7 Title: Part of the City of Saginaw and Environs 12 N 4 E 25 Keywords: Miller St.; Michigan Central R.R.; N. Niagara St.; C.T. Kerrey; Saginaw River; Water Lots; S. Water St.; Atwater St.; E. Bristol St.; Smith's Sub.; City Hall; Saginaw City Gas Co.; Holland Ave.; Mc.Coskry St.; Franklin St.; Grand Trunk R.R.; Part of Emerson's Add.; Baum St.; Pere Marquette R.R.; Holden St.; Meredith St.; Ojibway Island; Rust Park; Lake Linton; Saginaw Power Co.; John Schmelser; G. and P. Stroble; Jos. And Mary Shultry; J. Lucas; H.J. Richter; Lucy M. Keller; J.O. a& J.M. Pierce; W.H. Wallace; A. McAvoy; Ed and Emma Germain; A.S. Eddy; M.T. Judd; G.W. Morley; Wm. Powell; W.C. Smith; E. Court St.; Rust Park; S. Washington Ave.; R.R. Co.; Thompson, Est. Co.; Marg't Thompson; Lucy Corning; Hoyt Park; Damistetter & Dewes; R.A. Damistetter; Brady Hill Cemetery; E.W. Morley & Sons; Calvery Cemetery; Geo. Phoenix; C.A. & S.A. Cook; J.W. & B. Sayn; R.R. Co.; Pere Marquette R.R.; J. Gallagher's Sub.; Good St.; Bristol St.; High St.; H.H. Fish's Add.; Phelon St.; Remington St.; Fish, Phelon & Remington's Add.; Campbell's Add.; Campbell St.; Morse St.; Owen St.; Howard St.; Brown St.; Cedar St.; Spruce St.; Sheridan Ave.; Brewster Park Add.; Pere Marquette R.R. Co.; Euclid St.; C.F. Furstenberg (Trustee); F. Lawrence's Subd. Not Recorded; Grand Trunk R.R.; James Riley Reservation; Werner & Pfeiderer; Yates Upholt Brass Co; Sommers Bros Match Co.; Saginaw Paving Brick Co.; Grand Trunk R.R. Co.; Rust Ave.; Farrand's Add.; E. Birch St.; S. Washington Ave.; Yawkey St.; Farrand & Duncan's Sub.; Lincoln Av.; Webber St.; Wilkins St.; Wilcox & McKim Co.; Fischer St.; Geo. W. Hesse's Add.; Dupont St; Brook Boat Mfg. Co.; C.W. Heidger, Sr.; Merchants & Mfgrs. Assn.; Germain Mfg. Co.; S. Jefferson Ave.; Part of Saginaw Improvement Co's. Add.; Macauley St.; Lowell Av.; Robinwood Av.; Prescott St.; Parkwood Av.; Glenwood Av.; Oakwood Av.; Sheridan Av. Note:

Page  23 I. C $ N Q C C V C C. 5% C N SECTION 2 Scal~e 400 feet to, inch Cbp/yli/C67 & 4r ew~L K4.yle x~ 4~z _____ _____ _____ ___ -FOR ýSfCT/O/v i5 SIEEP G -SrA TE--- ---- " -- 26-74 CJN G N;T 8 N:; K Z;,D r774 233 1~l2 NoRos4ErlinfwtheMihign - MeAidian. AZ7Va- RC}a, nhBe, wsoZJVX lceS v MLZcu Al4e7 o~~Z nC5 c? i Tainme Z. C.S C 7 27?-.7ý a race Clo cA'Kzll2?7-e9 r -C. Train&-Wen C S. -VerAf-V 4, Trin me 14/%Bdamne.a. e: C. Tora n I 441 Is.4.9 1 F_ _ __ _ _ 7,1 272 jI3. 3 - N l/3 36933 21344 5 kIt *REC 3327 N 3c9 z 34 39 a305.3'.4. 4.7 234 Tbo.-,, h.66vezk~, 6cA rBuclro - 2427 t 7S3ECcK32I 2 1,99..00 7e 0, 000-b'tczn c'evanZLic O Mary "lowe 44/ ti LL 5k Title: Part of the City of Saginaw and Environs 12 N 4 E 22 Keywords: A.Z. Melze; C.R. & Florence Bittner; M. Brady; Henry J.P. Grabner; John & K. Hemnettes; Chas. E. & Ella M. Leadbetter; Aug. Grunow; Oliver K. Atwood; Emil Keuhn; G.D. Stewart; Geo. L. Burrows; Robt. B. Swift; John Steichert; Aug. Grunow; State St.; R. Keuhn; T. Claflin; Robt. Zahn Jr.; Wm. Hahn; Jacob & Wm. Wuerthner; Chas. Ihlenfeldt; Anna Peikert; L. & E. Finger; Louisa Berlin; Anna Hoffman; F. Rut; W. & W. Eich; Wm. E. & L.T. Crane; Albert C. & Davis Welzeihn; E. & E.J. Lester; H. & B. Stephens; Carl Euald; E. Schully Jr.; F.M. Holmes; C.L. & D. Ahlgrim; Chas. Berlin; Melvin Walker; A Ihlenfeldt; Wm. Doering; Aug. & G.L. May; F. Praszek; Wm. Franz; Wm. F. & Bertha Kuhlmann; Frank Bauso; J.H. & S.M. Doughlas; Henry Rachon; H. & S. Rachon; Herman Pussehl; Fred Pussehl; J.F. Trommer; Clara A. Kull; E.C. Trommer; C.S. Wenk; W.J. Trommer; Emil C. Trommer; Henrietta Trommer; Wm. Bodamer et al.; E.G. Trommer; Michael Kundinger; Carl Catterteld; Michael Schmiegel; Michael Franz & wife; Robt. Heyn; Schemm St.; Schemm & Schoenheit's Add.; Augusta E. Schemm et al.; J.G. Schenn; E. & C. DeGroat; Thos. Schemm; Louis Austin; Emily Fredrich; Malzahn St.; Corporation Limits; Sycamore St.; Mackinaw St.; A. Andres Add.; W. Court St.; Graham's Add.; Graham St.; Brenner St.; Cooper Ave.; Becker Bros.; W.E. Crane; C.H. Dingman; E. La Duke; Ciio State Bank; Adams St.; L. Weichman; J.H. & E.B. Dirker; Fred C. & Helen Trier; Geo. A. & Lizzie Wgle; Henry W.F. & J. Fred Goetz; Ger. Evan. Luth. Seminary; Lillie Ward; B.D. Scott; E.P. May; A.E. May; Wm. Fredericks; Mary Close; G.W. Close; Mary Close; Anna Geer; F. Beyer; Hardin St.; H. Brocksch; J. Brocksch; J. Bull; Walles J. Lampson; W.J. Passolt; Henry Dankwardt; Storch St.; City of Saginaw; Saginaw County; A.J. Shaddera; Bay St.; Thos. Stevens; John O. Ross; H. J. P. Graebner; Malzahn's Add.; Mary Greenkorn; Aug. Wagner & Wife; A. & A. Baschke; Thos & Cath. Stevens; C. & A. Bucholz; Thurman St.; Clark's Add.; Sutton St.; Custer St.; Lawrence; Rockway St.; Jos. & F.M. Jerome; Julia C. Lockwood & Clara G. Buell; Adams St.; Storch's Add.; Van Buren St.; Cass St.; S. Alexander St.; Storch St.; Lyon St.; Wright St.; A.A. Parson's Add.; M. Butman Est.; Buell & Lockwoods Add.; S. Carolina St.; F.W. Stobbes Add.; Part of P. C. Andres Add.; S. Andre St.; Geo E. Schmidt's Add.; Jerome's Add.; S. Charles St. Note:

Page  24 TIJECITY-OF 5AGI A ANjN RN T. 12 No, R, 4 E. ofthMiign erda 'Scale 490 fee oiic /4rnrrA,% I/O/C AviAw zI/2nr/.> At Cc Li. ci 14 Li. 0 0 N S C 14 C, C Li. trK.. t1rýý jIffItt_1eryV Eýýr rjf/f/,,,... -1 q..:.... ---- I:....-;' - - --.ý-ý:- '' -. - -. ý ý -M M m ý M;m -7--r-,7 - - mm,: m m m m m S T'A T-E-, m. m m m ý.. m.,. I.. m M, m m m m m ý ý m m m m - (5 am 4 - - ' m ýý!, m,.1 4ico 1 1 -?-9'5-;7.M.,. ý 5a m- 9 I - m m m m m m m,6<w. 00 - X Af-W 1 47Z,,a-. m m ý m M",. M. m.. m, m I I m m,",.. ý. I ý m m I. m m, ý. m. I tý m, ý 3 m m m A m.,: m m,6 I, m m:, I. ý m m. m ý m.m t). 4 cq,. m mm 4 m. m m N m M.: m. m 2 m V, I. m.. m tlý, m -4 m I, m. m m..-,5-.ý7 ý m: m m ': m. 11,,ýý. m mm m. ý m m m, ý m.M.., --------M= -7 "I m Im. m m m,, ý: ý m m '. m m I. 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I............,L. I. ý L. I.. - - I. -, ý. IA' j4 S (Is L' 44' 6 6W:,. 0- ~', SI t ~ t j 79A/ 1' CD S ~ FOR SAE A F - 5 6G (IS 6 40 'I- 40 S 'i" - ----7 S --- Co='. -~ A A A -N 7 7 5 ' 5 1' A 1' S /5 S , - S C; '< (79' Co 6 I 6 -j'1 < j I 6 A - A - 55' XV,, uN' 0 A-- AO - I- '- 12 t? Ci 0 I e - &\' 74'7' $7' A S A - A A- 55 ' 1'I-. 55 1? 41A. 1'7'<,N x 0 '6 'I-' - t'96 \9 >4 sIp At Sc>- S --7' '9',O S > (I 0 ' t 7 to " Np' A' AS '$6 7' S --' -A A5&' C; P "t' (I-N N - ''50v I- (4 A-7' i S NV U - 2.7K>- N -7 A- K.1; \S) >I- 4'( \ A- (3 1' V \\ \ 97' ~2/ I- /pJ -$' tS'9 y'\ s I \ S \& ' (ICO rt \6 (I A, S 7 1'A-,, g /7' - - S -\V'-4 A- \ ' ' 97'X\% -A.0S4Q - 1 7' 5- I 5 4N, (I I ' J1o Vt

Page  25 * * ~~Scale 400 feet to i inch '' 2NI C~pJ~/y~tI/d~ydai~ylW 4%FOP SEC T/ON / E AE2 L K 116jKIN8ls 816 K6 77 6 o3 0%%%% TO7 -3 23>'R8 t zz 2 /12 i 220 7%Z 211_111] 4~~V K4il12 I6 AP -9 ICE&.1 a 6 5 t > &* 6,9 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~; 4P.I S09'7 '~ J9 IzZr==i( / =,39 76 9 7k 6 / / 3 7 /.1 I9' V/9V i c c O ~ ~6 ý c- o, ' ~ 913 16 AG 3v2 I ' 1 20. '2Cc SO 7.)4 z.4.3= /0 BlissCt ParR- 50"-- ": _9 s* u________A 25 4 E. of the Michigan Meridian. 7j' &C9 C9S /0 ' 5- -- k-------- C99 -9o 2,z '9 -t 4$9 199 I I h ý K ^$99A;<k5 - cXVc CA 9$J/F 6 77. 6 0'37 04 5 FoN' '7~ '7 Z 919 41 C 7 2' =9 =9 6' 70' 1=~ 'j~' 0,= 6 K -~ 460 6 4 f Title: Part of the City of Saginaw and Environs 12 N 4 E 24 Keywords: State St.; W. Genesee Ave.; Union Av.; School; Hanchett St.; Hill St.; W. Genesee Ave.; Pere Marquette R.R. Co.; Depot; C.K. Eddy & Sons; Pere Marquette R.R.; Grand Trunk R.R.; Part of Penoyer Farm; Davenport Av.; City of Saginaw Natatorium; C.K. Eddy & Sons; Saginaw River; Johnson St.; Tuscola St.; N. Water St.; Fitzhugh St.; N. Franklin St.; Masonic Temple; N. Baum St.; N. Washington Ave.; E. Genesee Av.; Part of Hoyt's Plat; Flour Mill; Congress Ave.; Irving Ave.; Cooper Ave.; Stone St.; Stark St.; Mershon's Replat; School for the Blind; Hanchett St.; N. Fayette St.; Michigan Central R.R. Co.; C.K. Eddy & Sons; Florence; Mary St.; N. Niagara St.; Germania Av.; Janes Av.; City Dock; Hayden St.; Police Station; Fire Station; Interurban Station; Church: Auditorium; Armory; Houghton Ave.; Bliss Park; Elinor Ave.; Catherine St.; Fayette St.; Michigan Central R.R.; N. Harrison St.; Mrs. Palm's Sub.; D.J. Campau's Sub.; Theo J. Campau's Sub.; W.J. Passolt; H. Passolt; Michigan Central R.R.; Millard St.; Thompson St.; S. Baum St.; Hoyt Av.; Church; S. Washington Ave.; School; Depot; G.T. Depot; Part of Newell Barnard's Add.; N. Michigan Ave.; J.S. Hancock; C.L. King; Almira St.; N. Hamilton St.; W. Bristol St.; Part of Original Town; Brewery; Jackson Church Co.; Smith & Hayden's Add.; Brewster St.; Miller St.; F. Arndt et al.; J. & J. Trombly; Geo. & Mary Schulz; Werner & Gleiderer; A. W. Wright; W.J. Passolt; Henry Passolt; Garey Garsiner Co.; J.S. Hancock; Water Lots; S. Water St.; Holden St.; McCoskry St; Meredith St.; Atwater St.; Grand Truck R.R.; School; Hospital; Emerson St.; Orphan's Home; S. Franklin St.; Part of Emerson's Add.; S. Jefferson Ave.; Owen St.; Howard St.; Brown St.; N. Niagara St.; C.T. Kerrey Note:

Page  26 TUE CITY OF -4SAG INA'W AND ENVIRONS 2.6 Scale 400 feet to i inch'. Souti - -, - ~~co~zPPORArIoN - - - - -- T.12 N., R. 4 E. of the Michigan Meridian:h Y2 of Section 15 I 'r-nn c rr.........r.. r S I ~ ~ L /J LAL' Liv cc NAI rn w VLmt.... THIECITY OF,4SAGINAW AND ENVIRONS Sca~le 400 feet toi inch 64q,4rAM&/d?00 jv6eai6 y oe ~o69. South Part" of SECTION t4 I Dc IeZ-2 &ton 2JfiOcO,,0 a Z T. 12 No, R. 4 E. of the Michigan Meridian CcSn9flOc9A T/Qt -LI//l /7-S -- ---~w" "----~_________________________ 1-I. L0 Li4 KZ k NIZ I. I. El &z. A~uc.$tnlt I 1 24 5.s~j53 5. 32 30 ~ 266 I14 3 O N * 3 N02-0- 78 * 4..'Z.9 * S *. 7S3r, DgIND 46eRp k (I) 7-3 t 74 2vn 3 4.9 6 2SfZ25 S S 3 4 S 3 3.993..rc 2"o C9 7 ýw93 42a.&f 43 'a cc 3.9 55 37 39; K 36 31 33 32 5 a.r- a~ Z5 77 57 <9 do go. 0.1. -J k N) N w~s'~s 77-4N 2.3 " 1 r. G 9) 25 20 27, 2 3 -S-5' 3. 33..3 -37 39 ~633 0 z 4 43 47 493 5.5 743 29a 1&7 390.. 9 5 14r4022A;3 994 994 9 A990 73 74 799j77 799 54,45cc 0 5aa -0 '7 93S1140.30 7..C,' - 75 70 55 59A13520 T5~71. r330 /27 1207 25 11 23 2 700599Z13 3 2'32 705.432/ 54 2 SINZ7 2;7 2 27 2 2,~.-2751 Q L4.s IDA E 99 R7- 57 22 5 7 7rz 2 5, 4. 6 1-9 99 iC99.! 50 c 0-3- So 4 3 S.Sco9a 3s )021 22 23 Jrohn-,Pc t e-ns' 41 1.. 19 C ci 735..7 27 / A-19 ill 2,61 10/2 Cr/ON12255E/h'AGE17416 'U q -7 Title: Part of the City of Saginaw and Environs; Part of the City of Saginaw and Environs 12 N; 12 N 4 E; 4 E 15; 14 Keywords: Corporation Limits; Lewis St.; Fred'k. Schwahn; O. & M. Gowing; Gottlieb Weirsing; F Spiering; Geo. Ruehl; Mackinaw St.; G.C. Willard et al.; A.E. Schemm et al; C. Phillip Graebner; Max B. Brauner; Peoples Bldg. & Loan Assn.; Martha E Duell; Augusta Friedlein; Henry Schwinek; Corporation Limits; Emily Frederick; Frank A Miller; Marg't. Buehler; Court St.; Mary Awrentz; W.F. Brandt; H. Hensler; C.W. Reidel Trustee; Annie F. McEwan's Add.; State St.; Saginaw Realty Co; F. Boerchert; L. Wiechman; H. Houck; C.J. Krause; H. Terrvado; J.F. Bottke; F. Grossmann; W.F. Hemmetter; Blackmore St.; McEwan St.; Bay St.; Eliz. Neuchterlein; A. Barnar'd Add.; Bay St.; John Moore's Add.; State St.; Madison St.; Corporation Limits; Deindorfer St.; K.M. Deindorfer's Add.; W.J. Passow; John Peters; F. Brieske; Wm. Passow; E. Kenning; E. Keller; F. Juers; f.A. Reiner; Bauman's Add.; N. Charles St.; Barnard St.; Geo L. Barrows; Pere Marquette R.R. (Belt Line); Detention Hospital; Weiss St.; R.W. Ruse; Reed St.; Durand St.; Union Park Sub.; Benjamin St.; Wipplinger St.; Pleasant St.; Cronk St.; Davenport St.; Durand St.; Union Park Plat; N. Oakley St.; N. Bond St.; Benjamin St. Note:

Page  27 -R61_ 9l 00 0,0~ Poo1 02 vRe '1I a'9 ' z r e g zz 6> Al tayso~ff-JL I 'J ~ v;p J7 ~ j5 O J ' f 7 7 ~ '5??? - 9 5 fl w "'u o. ~ 5 - 9 V ~ y o ~ Z 7"'o ~ I ~ - ~ 9 o w / ~ a k ' ~ ~ w ~ 'q r, A i r N 0 V Z,)) p, -) _ _ _7_ _C)) CT9~ ys n K / x o r s i cf? 91Z709 K6Y- zree g N.97 7j 6oY a 0 lr797R 0 g t t S / / 1/ /I _9_ __0`_ _ _IV 7/T / ""'z /P o 2J -El 6>? 77/V 9? ~6~ V 335 NO77OtYVO O JQ'VYVTIT LIMOLJl UV!PJ3N e2~w 31430 3 fi-~ "N 6? _:z J0P9d$v!nPU.010 o er 6 -C~ /7-07 11111~ ~ ~ A/S'c V IFr2'2 72 72 ys'ZIS77'1.rzjztYz; 1~9Litz-ziH#?2V7U -Z6/ a'yn gP73.09 5& _P-16~77o ~r ~S z '7 00 0 7/ Orr' '/7 5' ~ - 4 7 ' 77779 -I 762/ 5/ 07 3/7j 70 ~ NC4',ZI,- 7.4,P5 w* 4 Title: Part of the City of Saginaw and Environs Including Part of Carrollton 12 N 4 E 13 Keywords: Chas. Ulrick; School; J.C. Brechtelsbauer; H. Marsh; J. Brechtelsbauer's Sub.; J. Fleisman, Jr.; J. Fleishman; Brechtelsbauer; Mrs. Reinhart; Henry Gager; Frank Reiman; Seventh St.; Sixth St.; Brechtelsbauer St.; P. Reiman; Casper Ulrich; C. Brechtelsbauer's Add. to Saginaw; W. Johnson; Res.; Duck St.; C. Brechtelsbauer's Add. to Carrollton; Madison St.; Deindoerfer's Sub.; W.B. Mershon's Sub.; Jefferson St.; Harrison St.; E.F. Gould's Sub.; Pere Marquette R.R.; M.J. Deindoerfer; Cross St.; Weiss' Sub.; Mershon-Morley Co.; W.B. Mershon & Co.; L. Stricheit; J. Kruski; Gould's Sub.; Monroe St.; Peter Brown's Sub.; Jackson St.; Stocker & Ulrich's Subd'vn.; Oak St.; Peter Brown's Sub.; I. Parson's Add.; S.L. Eastman; Michigan Central R.R.; Grand Trunk R.R.; Church; School; Jackson St.; Adams St.; Monroe St.; Mershon, Eddy, Parker Co; Mershon Sta.; Mershon, Eddy, Parker Co.; Corporation Limits; Pere Marquette R.R.; Corporation Limits; Weiss St.; Geo. and John Spatz; F.L. Kuschinski; W.H. Harrison; J.J. Weiss' Add.; Elsworth St.; C. Kuschinski; F.J. Leahman; F.H. Mertz; A.E Pelkey; M. Spatz; W. Schwatzke; C.J. Ulrich; C.J. Ulrich; A. Kuschinski; F.W. Stowatsky; Oak St.; Oak St.; Rudolph Resse; J.R. Reed; A.aj. Wildman; J.D. Pelkey; C.J. Winterstein; Unrecorded; F.H. Klein; L. Ulrich; J. Baumter; G.W. Ames; G. Zoellner; E. Loukner; Mary Gertsch; J. LaVallie; Shaw & Merrill's Add.; Pine St.; Wipplinger St.; Ash St.; Ash St.; A. Meissner; J. Krapolo; W. Simon; J.D. Ziegler; B.J. Appleby; Anna Bare; J. W Evans; M. Connell; A.M. Wielstein; J. Colbath; Pleasant St.; Smith & Parson's Add.; Harmansau St.; F.J. Braun; P. Heugner; A. Bunyam; G.E. Hammond; Mary Kingham; D.Y. Timmons; R.C. Vogt; J. Gorder; L. Forte; B. Brown; Paul Muerminger's Add.; Schaeffer St.; H.S. Mann's Add.; Mary William's Add.; Eddy St.; Carrollton St.; Clark St.; Stone St.; Cronk Ave.; Stark St.; Hanchett St.; Davenport Ave.; Davenport Farm; School; State St.; Hill St.; N. Fayette St.; N. Michigan Av.; Eddy St.; Michigan Central R.R.; J.S. Schwinck; J.S. Schwinck; Round House; M. and J. Replinger; Pere Marq. R.R. Co.; T.P. Whittier et al; T. P. Whittier, et al; Astor St.; Carlisle St.; R.C. Morley; J.L. Clutton; Mary St.; Burkhart Park; Saginaw River; Part of Hoyt's Plat; N. Water St.; N. Washington Av.; Carroll St.; N. Franklin St.; Fitzhugh St.; Grand Trunk R.R.; Pere Marquette R.R.; Davenport Av.; City of Saginaw Natatorium Note:

Page  28 .* '. _____________ __ _ _ _ _________________. __ _ _:______________, __ ^______ _ _ ____________ 6----. r ~-- -^ -.._ _ ___- ~I Z _ -___________________.. ^___________.--- WI/NTER __^5-^/ /' - ^ V.. 10, PO I^// C4_-- - ^ - - - t - - -%- *r ^ ^ S^ ' Cu *^ ^ U) ^ ^ t) ^ t~i \> \~ t) <1 ^.>^ ^. -1 >> - Q) ^ ^ U} ^ ^ 0 (. ^ S ^ (j, ^ *^Jo J S (u1^ /. ^ t'k4 k-, * ' -* >' - *, / ^ k4 m __ ^e _ "^ ^ *'* _ _ - - _^ _ ** f is - - - - - * ^^ >^ t i /K4. ^ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l ELLA_____.- ____ * T.g y )'~ C^ ^ \ ^ i ^ ) ^ ^ ( ^ ( A ^^3*>; ^^.^ ^ ~ ~ A l-A ^ -'' << y^ ' ' t,,t^ -,-\ \ \ b - " y (^\ S ' "*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I^i. *' 'r ' \". \ \ i \ -Vi A X\'!^0 6N^ 5i t)^\/ \\\ \\ ^.a~~~~~~ý1l ij^X ^ri. -9 m ^ r -S\\ ^ Vlf^ \ *n\\y f i(. 'y \ \ ~-j'\--s-w- '>;,. '" y '<.\ \ / * \ - \ \ ^ \.^ <<\ \^v^Nýo^ 9\ D Title: Part of Carrollton, Carrollton Township Keywords: Jas Stewart; Maple St.; Elm St.; Hickory St.; Taft; Roosevelt; Cleveland; Grant Ave.; Johnson Ave.; Polk Ave.; Taylor Ave.; Garfield Ave.; McKinley Ave.; Lincoln St.; Monroe St.; Jefferson St.; Church; School; Jackson St.; Madison St.; Washington St.; Michigan Central R.R.; Grand Trunk R.R.; Beet Sugar Factory; Michigan Sugar Co.; Reserve Ave.; John Winter; E.E. Householder; Chas. Wenzel; Jas. Dougherty; J. Suchochill; W. Ratazick; Out Lots; Peter Riley's Reserve; Oscar Cook; Geo. Stickney; John Dalton; Peter Dupuis; Napoleon Dupuis; Nezaire Dupuis; Exion Dupuis; C. Kramer; S. Allen; A.D. Brady; Abb's Add.; Carrollton Ave.; Water St.; W.J. Wickes; J.C. & L. Otto; A.T. Bliss Est.; Reserve Ave.; Jos Weir; K. Lerezak; Lynn St.; Ash St.; Winter St.; Winter's Add.; Fitzhugh's Sub.; Butcher Ice Supply Co.; S. Glowacki; C.S. Bliss; FIrst St.; S.M. McElroy; Saginaw River; Merchants & Manufrs. Assn.; N. Sixth St.; Carrollton; Clark St.; Webster's Add.; Webster's 2nd Add.; Center St.; 1st St.; Second St.; A.T. Bliss Est.; C.L. Grant; Kasmer & Co.; Marquette R.R.; Reading & Veneer Co.; Helen B. Sanford; (Electric); Pere Marquette R.R. (Bay City Branch); Sanford & Lawrence Add.; Out Lots; Elmira St.; P.M. R.R.; Jas Stewart; Hickory; Re-plat; Lynn St.; Elm St.; Ash St.; Taft Ave.; J.J. Daly; J. Hickny Note:

Page  29

Page  30 _ _ _ _0 o0 _ _ _ H I It TO0W N SH IP Scale 2 inches to I mile Zraetionaf slownship 9 X9"orth, 2~ange I &zt -of the J.XiehigcznJXeridian-.. 0 i I] ____ ___ ____ ___ ____ ___ ____ ___ ____ __40__Act ~'eo ______ c 4; az ol "TA7p-- v V AL o 7,ý,: r-ýCo I MR 13 -RIO roo, *'j N &razn. 60 t&fl. A 20 '3 ram) *~ ~ ~ ~ Ze Oto 4cicccc ~-- 'Glocen?.A; e(o, C 1 * ~z Set ' 40 rZ2mJey 7 2ý= 0-ft ý.., - - I Vt 5Wvscr rsCej' C ascce6& Corn's?' -IC) t& rx..- ___ /00 e,32? w Awe - -6- - ý. - -M 4L <90 doftc 5P-1;z-, - -- - - I i IL I I %;ý 1 'd I C U) K) t1) r,&s. 3 t,4 r.,* ton' At (62, r4oye cidvr 42ý0 -7:j~~~~ z~~~rJ ~oz K~ch /V/401'o 6Z ~10 -R) 40708 kj 23crt K -4zSOC 0- IS namc S ~6 oeýczr %**4 1.640-?*edds.4 62 -ZK~j C 47 A 44eo Oda *pip ~~ 40. x r' A s k * ~ nc'' ft 4PM ICoon' * 40 15Z2Ass z _744g.V~4v trs czcc ~ 27~j Q~a (cr6 %8ce'c~e# C~rC23c~CZ A&( 40 ~bccZ'e ZccJz~c ~ /o~4@z2-S0.-ccASn7y ~7y~ 'ervce r ~ zGc (90,' a C~~~Ccc rs RM AR C 9) 0 f-fl yr~s0 50 (Orn t S,EsA'\54,*41V37 -ZAWA__ enry15cec z$ ~ C/5as6a2)IlAeA ' 7aCAO 'i/0 ~; ZV ( 0 tcna Q tr ___ r~ &crA * x A-OR 9 c 40W 0.7?/O _ * 2cc cA 6. ~ ~ ~ 7 VS*It~ A 'zbt*/er/~U 70 cýc< 01nc -L1014P14 Zo r- '/-/A *4Z1 -g( ~,, 'A r'/ - A 7, IO Ct7 7.i /X cc/ tr~ 1/20 __________ ________ _________ ________ 'i Id N A 1< '3 >3 S U A6 A9ott.4 Ahcns. 60 52Ahr S 4rol,4p. AC)g, r -V tNt 91K) t 1.0 Cr3 -I -L EL TI) 0 TO 3 rs~0 --- L r: St I?) 19 ) 0 co1 I zzeesase; '60~>:ýl z. Ytct? 3%&rc 40 Sc? c90 - I ES ro 90 -L 160. "67(2 3.7'es 4.0d rIN 3it7r5 zyi 0\9 ývj 0-ýO, IN fit '4 p r AA640 00' J L /,6nr AK Gc6 0%? /3-9 P0 Fere 71 1CeS77 z/sr /ce4 At4 '~~ A ?9Cr rncsr Gcc:Z7cac6 3am I 56a/-.4 I, WcSoo i I Irc~ ~2. 00Cc.7t/c4 40 40 C/i/S. $77. 50 /60 - ýc I. - kd& Fý- --4, 14. 14I k.4' - 1u" -0 '' &2''N * rz * cc- a * man Id tcAoo/ 425 -,J7 Ka303 - coo Title: Map of Chapin Township 9 N 1 E Keywords: Wm. Hayes; W. McQuiston; B.H. O'Riley; S. Horscha; W. Schriber; Joe Beauht; Herman Hagadon; H. Gleason; E. Gleason; Tim Gleason; R.F.D.; Jno. B. McQuiston; Chas. Thayer; Hiram McQuiston; Jas. B. McQuiston Est.; J.E. Merten; Andrew Morbitzer; C.Grise; W.E. McFall; J. Clifford; I.W. Deming; Jna E. McQuiston; J.E. Deming; Otto Slocum; Julius Mahlow; Ed Etinger; Guy Crego; M. Thayer; Della Miller; Mr. & Mrs. D. Deming; Pine Lawn; Springhill Farm; J. Olney; R.F.D.; W.J. Dean; B. Stone; Jim Gross; D. Bailey; S. Nethaway; E.C. Buell; E.E. Twomley; J. White; Sunset Farm; J. White; Mrs. Geo. Mead; Chas. W. Cornel; Mrs. G. Kelley; School; Jno. Vincent; L. Fowler; H.A. Perry; Jno. Vincent; Wm. Sutliff; F.E. Kingsbury; Chas Butts; Creek Side Farm; Melvin Nethaway; O. Sanderson Est.; H. Davis; Jno. Griffus; Pine Creek; Jno. McQuiston Est.; Frank Burch; J. Dickens; C.H. Frank; Chas. Sutliff; Mary Cary; School; Henry Burk; Poplar Grove Farm; Chas. Fowler; Jas. Smith; H. Smith; Joe Burk; N.B. Bradley; Chas. Sutliff; Fred Thompson; Riverside Farm; Burt Sutliff; A.B. Hall; State; A.D. Whipple; Riverview; F.J. Gross; Ed. Vansickle; Mary C. Eastwood; Jno. Thompson; W.E. Coon; A.M. Brown; W.G. Cowdry; Store & Res. Theo. Hutten; Church; Chas. Schmidt; Melvin Levitt; J.J. Beach; Union Abstract Co.; Racy's Corners; W.G. Cowdry; E. Vansickles; C.P. Morse; Devitt Warner; Fred Capen; R.F.D.; F. Evens; L. Kopejtko; Harvey Evens; G.P. Gillis; W.E. Sandford; A.H. Evans; Pleasant View Stock Farm; Harry Evans; Evans Homestead; Chas. Sandford; Eliza Stover; R.F.D.; L.D. Dahlam; Effie Washburn; Sam'l Wilson; Henry Buckloh; Jesse Sutliff; Jno. C. Davies; Phoebe Burley; Fred Gould; Jno. Barup; Bad River Farm; Henry Buckloh; FENMORE; Chas. Brown; Frank Rowley; Chas. McLetchie Est.; Wm. A. Moore; Valley View Stock Farm; Mrs. W.E. Coon; Jessie Hall; Clyde Hall; Pleasant Lawn Stock Farm; Claude Taylor; Plain View Stock Farm; Cyrus Johnson; G.L. Stevens; Chas. Prashum; H. & W. Levitt; W.B. Snelenberg; Henry Mole; Curtis Leckenby; Marsh Levitt; Pine Ridge Stock Farm; Res. John Kremer; Cyrus Johnson; J.W. Cross; A.F. Colby; Jos. Walker; F. Veneeik; Wm. S. King; S. Dobis; A.A. Braley; Geo. Turner; Owen R. Coon; School; L. Vancorcem; J.W. Lewis; Ed. A. Lewis; Jas. Coleman; L. Fuller; Mrs. E.A. Stover; Coleman Homestead; C. Coleman; Chas. Evans; Geo. Turner; S. Hartwick; Ed. O. Miller; W.R. Hartwick; John Kruckeberg; D.S. Gable; Mrs. B. Hantchett Est.; Beech Ridge; Henry Mole; F.I. Peabody; School; Jno. Partlow; Clover Leaf Farm; Walter S. Partlow; Oak Grove Farm; Pleasant Valley Stock Farm; George Partlow; Geo. Partlow; W.M. Dennis; Res. E.G. Chant; E.G. Chant; Wm. Buckele; O.L. Beach; Holstein Friesian Stock Farm; Fred. Thomas; Rob't. H. Smith Est.; C.R. George; B.F. Sloat; L. Nichols; Jay Simpson; Maple Lawn Stock Farm; J. Simpson; Henry Harris Est.; Robt Evens; Ed. Albaugh; David E. Albaugh; Levi Baker Est.; Jas. Sommer; Geo. Kremer; Maple Leaf Farm; T.H. Kremer; Bertus; Rumbaugh; R.F.D.; Robt. Evens; Sarah Somers; Etta Somers; Thos. Applebee; Wm. Somers; Alf. Somers; Robert Somers; Wm. Lee; D.S. Gable; Anson H. Carroll; John White; W.A. Moore; Vilot Burch; Jesse Hall; Robt. Pepper; Fred. E. Mole; A.B. Hall; Arthur Pierce; School; Robt. Pepper; Lamb Creek; Locust Home; Elliott Woodruff; Alex McLelland; Woodruff Bros. Res.; Henry K. Gibson; Plain View Racetrack Farm; Geo. Evans; Sam'l Blakeley Est.; R.F.D.; Allie Millner Est.; Franc Emmert Est.; Jas. Garno; J. Simpson Est.; Van Bates; Jacob Maurer Est.; Clayton Albaugh; J.E. Albaugh; Henry Hunter; Fred E. Miller; A.P. Albaugh; School; R.L. Weatherbee; Jas. Buell; Robert Somers; Southern Chapin Stock Farm; Joe Somers; Alf Somers; Tom Somers; Wm. H. Holden; Frank Carter; Henry Van Horn Est.; Chapin P.O.; Alf Somers; Geo Somers; Meadow Brook; Chas. R. George; F. Quackenbush; Henry Holbrook Est.; Ranson Capen Est.; W.R. Waters; Geo. Bell; C.M. Loynes; School; Austin B. Gilbert; F.M. Buckeley; B. Gilbert; Ira Hoover; Eug. White; Jas. Herron; Austin B. Hall; Chas. Wavle; Frank Wolfe; S. McCarty; Art Bowman; Chas. Lonsberry; F.C. Bashelier Est.; W.H. Leckenby; M. Curtis; MARION TWP.; GRATIOT CO.; MICHIGAN MERIDIAN; SHIAWASEE CO.; BRADY TWP. Note:

Page  31 ...........C ~ $ A ) 41 4D.. * %~~~~~Zownship 9 StonrMh, Range. 2 Sast and Soart of So nhip 9 Sot, R n ea a fte~Iihgn Sfrda BRA NT1Y._____JTV 9 0&r 'er1 Cron ALesc LO)7 /e.5,\S-//7 JL-OOc/r ordI cnttPINE r RIDGE 1,.2 % KN rcr l to' io 7/ k 1 te' cie ~ czUQ79 ~ 2 ni~lgYoA'c 60 trpcti 9 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ i/ ' < ' t4 // C L _ _ _ c 4 4 0 _ _ __ _ _ __(lit_ ~KQJ~ % Jo /v->2 IJ~Y % ciz~g frzue ~-' 2>FzoCo2 ~~ /j I2 c - < + -n~5 1 0& Y c z / 7 e ci- oof0 6/I//b ~. rve c/rc zc'esit/ _________~~~~~~~~~~~ CI-10 0_ L___ _ _ _. 04;S ~ c t 0 iC 1 ~ 1 Lu- I cj \N1 C ~ Zi7Ver KI ~ S~ce~n0 %11,2 71ccVY _ _ _ _f / 4 WAYS/DC FARM64s ý~ J 0iC / 4*.aaes Nc, IO Se C ZYR les- -Ve- K4Z ~ ~ i c A'FR Title: Map of Brady Township 9 N; 9 N 2 E; 3 E Keywords: C.J. Buck; F. Bartman; L. Cook; M.W. Sellers; F.E. Kingsbury; D.R. Windeater; Ed. Collard; D.C. Hegler; L. Lameraux; H.D. Johnson; Geo. Delmater; C.W. Booth; Stanley Crane; G.L. Nelson; Monroe Fowler; Pine Ridge; Bert McFall; H. Devereaux; Lamb Creek; School; H.E. Hawn; H. Hawn; Frank Griffus; Maple Hill Farm; W.C. Kittle; Mrs. W.F. Griffus; Melvin Griffus; M. Griffus; Pleasant Ridge; Fred Schmiege; School; Geo. Lent; Oliver W. McFall; J.C. Remester; John Lent; A.H. Cheney; J. McDowell; Carl Krause; Simeon Francis; A. Vergghe; R.F.D.; John Holmes; F.W. Langerwischs; Res. L. Scutt; Ara Collins; F. Schulz; Isabella Brady; Creek Side Stock Farm; Mrs. Ara Collins; L.H. Harris; John Salzwedel; C.E. Proper; J.D. Proper; School; R. DeFern; Frank Fickies; Wm. Nixon; C.L. Nixon; Geo. Davis; J.S. Barber; Finn Homestead; B.L. Finn; Claud Proper Est.; A.L. Proper; Fred C. Schoch; Arza Weaver; R.F. Fickies; Henry Fickies; Chas. Walker; Chas. Collard; J.C. Woolston; Nina Pearce; W. Francis; J.R. Francis; Wm. & John Thiel; J.B. Hoffman; Chas. Barren; Wm. Brown; H. Devereaux; E.C. Devereaux; M.J. & C.E. Woolston; Henry Fickies; Chas. Bates; Deer Lick Farm; W.B. Lameraux; August Korth; Chas. Cramer; Ed Bleisner; Frank Griffus; Melvin Griffus; E. Schwan (Trustee); A. & M. Alexander; Cem.; O.C. Sperry; Chas. Spraeman; Frank Hintz; S.D. & D.D. Miller; Wayside Farm; J. Thiel; W. Thiel; F. Chalker; F. Culver; W. Cielinski; J. Kolbaba; G.M. Johnston; Culver Homestead; Chas. Culver; C.A. Brewer Est.; C.E. Bennett; Bennett Homestead; Geo. H. Bennett; Mrs. J.F. Whitney; W.B. Gould; Will Schmiege; Herman Thiel; Church; J.W. Bennett; Chas. Sherriff Est.; Wm. F. Thiel; F.F. Thayer; H.F. Thayer; C.B. Huntington; A. Tietz; Thos. Axtell; E.A. Wise; A.C. Proper; C.L. Sanderson; C.B. Huntington; J.R. Smith; J.H. Coon; Andrew Zuckschwerdt; A.T. Zink; Res. G. Sanderson; Carson Farm; Frank Carson; M. Zuckschwerdt; J.B. Hoffman; Ira Lonsberry; Frank Bowman; J.C. Wicke; B.A. Harris; Mary Harris; E.G.H. Harris; J.C. Retan; Lamb Creek; Harry Dodge; Aug. Miller; C. Spraeman; Wm. Thiel; Wm. Spiegel; Chas. Struck; C.Cope; S.L. Harris; Geo. W. Emons; H. & R. Ramsey; Louis Wolf; Edw. Kennedy; Griffus Drain; Mrs. Chas Sprayman; John Thiel; R.E. Jones; A.C. Krantz; Louis Wolf; Frank Chase; Evan Chase; Royal E. Jones; School; Town Hall; Fred Culver; Maple Lawn; Wm. Hintz; Pickerel Cr.; Wm. F. Hintz; Gottlieb Salzwedel; Mary Carney; W.B. Gould; W.H. Smith; Store & Res. M.J. Dillon; Wm. Finley; Justin E. Adams; Frank Thiel; John J. Thiel; Plain View Farm; Wm. Ehlert; Fred Thiel; Mrs. J.E. Crane; N.G. Emery; G.D. Smith; A.W. Miller; Albert Marshall; School; F.H. Holdridge; M. Zuckschwerdt; A. Zuckschwerdt; Wm. Green; Wm. Hilborn; Wm. Malzahn; A.D. Rundell; Frank Vostrisancky; Ed. Fedewa; Chas. Hall; E.C. Hewitt; J.L. Walker; E.E. Hall; Church; Geo. Lonsberry; John Cross; Leroy Bates; Ed. Coppernall; Cherry Glen; J.J. Lonsberry; J. Herron; N.D. Ramsey; School; Ehlert & Spiegel; E.W. Lameraux; Fred Radant; John Glick; Wm. Schultz; E.P. Bliss; A.C. Krantz; Spring Brook Farm; A. Glick; Fred Schultz; C.W. Sutliff; R.F.D.; David Runyan Est.; Saml. Glick; John Glick; Amos Glick; Miller Chase; Grange Hall; W.H. Fuller; Wm. Fuller; Thos. Walter; Geo. Murray; Jas. Murray; Brady Center; Church; Wm. C. Adams; H. Coonrod; John S. Eckert; H. Minick; A. Smith; Frank O'Dell; John S. Eckert; A.G. Conger; H.A. Conger; R.F.D.; W. Lingle; Wm. Salzwedel; Mrs. A. Lingle; L. Eckert; W.W. Smith; Jim Classick; Wm. Malzahn; Jewett Hale Est.; Albert Marshall; H.H. Rappleyea; Mrs. K. Gorman; Ezia W. Launstein; Cyrus Young; A.N. Bowditch; Perry Banghart; E.L. Jackson; Valley View Stock Farm; J.J. Ley; C. Sullivan; L. Perrett; Elmer Kidney; Sunset Farm; Merritt Jones; Bertha Foreman; Will DeForest; Wm. Reed; Edw. Hallane; Mrs. Austin Capen; Otto Haak; Albert B. White; South West Brady Farm; R.N. Coppernall; Peter Rice; Ed. Spiegel; Geo Evans; Race Track; Kate Burrows; G.C. Overpack; G.A. Overpack; The Pioneer Farm; G. Sherburne; The Gables; J.B. Hoffman; Thos. Brennan; O. Haak; Bob Radant; Bert White; Mrs. Ira Overpack; G.A. Overpack; School; Jim Brennan; W. Welch; Geo. Murray; Jas. Murray; B.P. Wightman; H.C. Wightman; Edw. Ahern; School; Harry Coy; Koyne Homestead; E.B. Koyne; M.F. & C. Bloom; F.L. & E.A. Conger; Pleasant View Stock Farm; W.H. Keyes; F. Zabel; Kittie Carmody; P. McCartney; E.E. Stanhope; Joe Klco; R.F.D.; Maple Grove Farm; Henry Stickel; Roy Cole; Joe Kuchar; J. Wallo; G.Z. Banghart; John Hartman; John Armstrong; Herman Hoschild; Clover Leaf Farm; R. Hunter; Wm. Whalen Jr.; Ed. Hillis; R.D.D. Hunter; Jas. Brennan; W.H. Beardsley; Roy Cole; M.E. Gordon; Central R.R.; H. Ainsworth; C.D. Lansing Est.; Mrs. Drake; Fred Denum Smith; S.W. Wickham; F. Coselman; F. Hart; J. Hart; A.N. Hart; Mrs. J. Armstrong; J. Hartman; D. Fall; J.F. Sherburng Est.; Woodside Oakdale; J.B. Hoffman; Rob Radant; Church; E.V. Walter; W.H. Walter; J.H. Sharp; Kate Larkins; Cem.; Brookside Dairy Farm; J.E. Larkins; John Martyn & W.S. Brist; Ed Walter; Thos. Halnan; O.C. Sperry & R. Wilkersin; E.J. Koyne; Estella Walter; L. Walter; M. Haley; B. Haley; John Sawyer; Jas. Walter; G.S. Coy; Julia Evans; Annie Mueller; Frank Crane; Mrs. C.L. Coy; Maple Ridge Farm; H.C. Coy; Sycamore Farm; Chas. Barrows; Joe Hrcka; Jennie Hamilton; Mrs. E. Hillis; John Hillis; R.F.D.; School; Wilson Horn; Geo. Warner; M. Alden; Albert Barker; Geo. Welch; U.W. Hurry; Joe Potdczky; John Citerly; Will Whalen; Geo. Sawar; John Ryan; W.H. Ryan; L. Harrington; Oakley; Addison VanSickle; Mrs. D. Potter Est.; Frank Ismond; Michigan Central; Burt H. Gower; M. Sukop; Amos Parshall; Cem.; Philip Mickles; Shiawassee River; Wm. Dearman; Chesaning Twp.; Shiawasee Co.; Chapin Twp.; Brant Twp. Note:

Page  32 32 o,.0^ y,~ w y ~ j|i^,^s.'': * _g7/_J - - -~~~~ "' y_____^7^ ^_ VI z^'I^ ^^^ I '-!^ 77^oc 'I.............-& ^P -.^'y 4 ^ S ^;j^^^^ ^/ ^ ^ U S ^ -:..E*! = Title: St. Charles; Morseville, Taymouth Twp.; Reese, West Part; Brant P.O., Brant Twp. Keywords: Emma E. Doty & I.L. Brownell; Geo. C. Holliday; Geo. Alderson; A.McKeage; Freeman & Young; A. Gollsmer; Freeman Young; D. Doty; North St.; Geo. C. Holliday; Albert Brockitt Jr.; John Stansek; North Branch; E.V. Parsons Est; J. Wheatly; Milo Sullon; Taylor; L. Spencer; West St.; Clark St.; North St. Charles; Wisner St.; Water St.; Main St.; Purmort St.; Bad River; Dot St.; Mill St.; Beaver Alley; Pool St.; East St.; Wells Stone Mercantile Co.; J. Reynolds; Walnut St.; Saginaw Ave.; Plum St.; Peach St.; Willis Gates; Chestnut St.; A.I. Brink; Cherry St.; Whaley's Subd.; Maple St.; Cemetery; Original Town; E.; Hunt; Kimberly's Sub; Locust St.; A.I. Brink; Wm. Lloyd; Peter Schweizer; Spruce St.; F. Woodward; Mrs. Swetzler; Louise Lytle; Allen; Pine St.; South Branch; Geo Gilson; (Closed) Water St.; Bell Ave.; Clinton St.; Irving St.; Church; Fulton St.; Charles St.; Kimberly's Subd.; Hosmer St. Livery; church; Sanderson's Subd.; Penoyer's Subd.; Public School; O.L.; Flint St.; Jay St. Clifford St.; Chesaning St.; Saginaw Ave.; Mill; Har Bro.; Freeman's Subd. Marcy St.; Vine St.; Water Works; Band Stand; P.O.; Jesse Rogers; Hotel St. Charles; Water St.; gage Coal Co.; Bell Ave.; Gage Coal Co.; State St. Macomb St.; Larned (closed) St.; Huel & Teite; Cass St.; Park St.; Herman Heinemann; Miami St.; Jay (closed) St.; Wayne (closed) St.; (closed); Randolph St.; Freight Depot; Clifford (closed) St.; Shaft No. 1; O.L. 2; O.L. 1; O.L. 3; O.L. 4; O.L. 5; O.L. 6; Gage Coal Co.; Sanderson St.; Mrs. Heinemeister; Stewart; Peter Milano; Alvin St.; Elen St.; Hosmer St.; Lorence St.; Flint St.; (or Irving) St.; St. Mary's church; Witmore & Guilford's Subd.; David Penny;Mickle Lytle & Hancil Add.; Bell Ave.; Parson's Est. Gaylor Lytle; Hiram L.; Cemetery; Mrs. D. Clark; Clinton St.; Betsy; Lytle St.; Freeman St.; A.G. Price; Mickle St.; Philip St.; Hanchett St.; Somers Coal Co's Subd.; David Hall; Lytle; ; Fred Lytle; Heinemeister; Peter Milano; J. A. Griffin; Ditch; John Varney; B. Sweatland; John Varney et al; Red Row; M.L. Craven Hesler et al; Arthur Louchart; Fritz Ferkie; E. Erdman; Emil Richie; Wm. Schneider; Anna Williams; L. Louchart; Mike Mahoney; A.C. Price; Mrs. J. E. Symes; Par ( or Irving) St.; Geo. F.; Horn; John Solon; Mrs. Pauline & Herman Fiede; Geo. Chivers; Allen est.; Anderw Kanzig; Jonathon Wheatley; Heinemann Saw Mill; Mrs. H. Ebert; H. Heinemann; Michigan Central R.R.; Andrew Kanzig; Stephen Gagnon; Oak St.; Dan Robinson; Water St.; Bridge St.; Store; Maple St.; J.K. Shreve; Flint River; Mill St.; Saginaw St.; Elm St.; Garden St.; Field St.; Chas. McDonald; John C. Moore; Patrick Brennan; Conrad Burkel; Peter Laforge; Albert Madrow; Lucinda Matthews; Lutheran Church; County Line Road; A.G. Reif; Cafe & Restaurant; E.R. Robbel; Res.; Cafe & Restaurant; County Line between Saginaw & Tuscola Counties; A. Hirst; Edwin Lester; School; Hamilton Winter; Edna Goggswell; T.A. Cook; Milo Wood; Church Property; Wm. Curtis; Parsonage; Huntly; Stanley Crane; Mrs. Jos. Whaley; Carl Tiech; H. Winter; W. Ward; Chadwick Curtis; T.A. Cook; R.J. & M. Ward; Wm Ward; Dr. Bennett; G. Ward; Geo. Ballinbaum; O.D. Wilson; Emerson Whaley; Dr. W. DeClarence Est.; J. Kenzy; Dr. Bennett; G.A.R.; Carrie Winter; John A. Thompson; Kidney; Geo. Ward; Mrs. Smith; Wm Deas; Geo. Coggswell; Wm. Tarbin; Ward; T. Annis; Robt. Ward; Geo. Ward Note:

Page  33

Page  34 I 034 4W JQ Jz 06 -w-Elm T-T-T-7 CnENANING I....... - - -I -.TOWNSHIP Scale 2 inches to I mile.Papt of Coins-hip 9.r'opth, 517ange J Sast of'the. Xiehigan.57eridian ',q:'V--/zI-DL -t le. Ir, FWl 79. "P-27_ -, ff ff J--l ff &- P -..e L J J... .L-A --:,, .-...,. _,.-.......?. , _::------..:--. - 8 X3x PKJ fin j "CO. 2,2 ti ýT-= fl I:.-.' -- 2,--- - - -, ) I `,--"- -_ _- - -, k ' { r-;ý,,)40/ ý/WZ27 Y,3 72-,-zzz 6aýs6 ' 3-5 ýýZ)Z-y 40 r.. Irl 7?., plelRrezez P-b- - - - -W- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -, - - -. - - - lllxý? - T 0. (:2 0 a a I zo Y 12ý7 655 _Z5 13;.4-3 = .-.-, ly zle-- ":4 ~ " i ~ i _q,% ,I..xO -' (d,! 14 I wI Y ý4 S-,CV 7 /)a L I 1-i t vi70 zzz 7 -49-150._: I.. - < - ~.< 40 a 71 F 4W 4w 40. Awl -4 - m -fli I I~.; 46 40 -,e. C90 Iz 60 'Aewmýr,2ebp-z4167P -40 C,-ZrZ )Mzazýy 40 57"-. 20 6h67-6 C7_7 150. -a '.4 Y 4.c: I 1 I., ill[ I 1.1 - -- -- iý a& ý,. t i ~ 'I---LV i I C7.,4,-....,--.--,--------.--..----- - _c__k. y7l _ZZOS. 40 -IF 0&0, r (2Z-ce -40 t ---'-- T:oZZz I--- i.L ti I 111 IN Nil FA RYW Ar.7l 37 flL3 7 ýZ 4ý3 R,'- Zze. r 520 X272- Z< I 1 0 ""ajz 1EA 7/OA/ Z- //v4c-- ITIF wo mm ý amp III 36,?2 OZ7C 2" lb 150 t4., Wall- - v) It Iw 5. 44 90 a 70 Fel- - 2zý? (4 C L/ K) IV R 0 Q) AIA RL E A-ZV277e L A J'Y1V ST, FARM C7Z fro.35-9,0 1-& 787 -q,3.9,0 se. 7, 60 -40 Qj 4 SO 17(gy-, -IL,,-Z 776 Y7 r 10 =,53-70 -8. -to f 17r Nj 60 C90 -1 L& 11.ff - IIIIIIIIIP 1.4 IN IQI Is) 10 l-, S.....,_.,_4 FIN, I -Cn...E 1o I -- - - --I H I d >,,) ý1 'ZZe 2aw. I r r-- r 20,"=;-):..13"429zoo 40 oil -IET.9 27 o IQI 7 2'l,7,yZC,/i Y)ý x4e J.90W 4,3leOOlr cA,,A ýf7Z72-ý572 70 &Z 6 z il Z 90 969 S,,,4 "., 204-,< /77z~Tl z ' 4._. -!- __ 41' __ I cjeP.,:. :-, I,.o:... ch'. < Z 2-2. 0-lZ I1 i 11 -dO:0 ~ lo! 'I -6 72 1 W I Yl rz WA VA IVA PC 5 s2nimiBzr z, -77c: Q6 rip 40 Z6 v -lq 10,4,,Ir SID2F P4, zlge- T-1 60 C,?O 742; 'J'S S."o I 11Q I IT Dee-Z a --2to -40 el z -.,,o:/M JO0.: . o 6'o ~, HUM I e l1i JHfA WA SS- A 6 ý E + { Title: Map of Chesaning Township 9 N 3 E Keywords: Fred Jacobs; Geo. P. Lux Est.; Jos. E. Lux; D. Bellinger; Jay Carr; W.R. Perry; Samuel Obrecht; A. Poehlman; Geo. Harris; Jacob Fickier Est.; Henry Fickier Est.; Fred F. Cornair; Geo. Filkins; Mrs. Dan Sass et al; David Shangel; F.M. Cornair; Wm. Blotch; Wm Detwiler; Clint J. Byan; Res.; E. Whaley; Cass. Leach; Henry Detwiler; Carl Whaley; Geo. H. Besancon; School; Fred Besancon; Samuel Detwiler; T.M. Beebe; J.M. Thomas; Res.; Fred Pampenn; Perry Pearson; John E. Pitts; Fred Lantis; John Coppersmith; Daniel Detwiler; Res.; W.H. Bower; H. Jones; S.S. Byam; F.H. Blakeslee; Jos. Frey; Geo. Ide; J.E. Miller; Van. R. Birdsall; Sim DeBarr; B.G. Coryell; Rob't Fargher; M.M. Muffit; Geo. French; Geo. A Miller; J. Hollerback; Chas. Griffin; N. French; D. Griffin; Michael Babion; Wm. Bauerle; Frank Trylch; School; Rob't H. Nason; John Maves; Peter Wentz; Simon Miller & Wife; Mrs. H. C. Wilson; Sam Obrecht Est.; F.F. Rosenemns; Geo. A. Miller; Thos. Eurek; Res.; Henry Wilds; Chas. Andrews; John H. Forbes; P.A. Montgomery; Chas Greenwald; S.J. Morgan; M. Mehalski; Geo. Greenwald; Chas. F.W. Grothe; John H. Lux; W.M. Mumerow; Carson Drain; Fred Oliver; Gentle Slope Farm; Res.; C.S. Richardson; Wm. Green; Fred Schoch; Edward Oliver; Lyman Perkins; Edison A. Oliver; Henry Fickier; R.F.D.; G.M. Nason; Corporation Line; John Kerr; L.B. Stewart; O. Shortridge; Wm. C. Legg; Daniel Detwiler; H.J. Patterson; Wm. Wakeman; J. Miller; H.D. Peet; Rob't Mate; Cantwell & Everalls; Clark Drain; Lowell Cook Est; Caesar A. Perrot; Wm. Dresser Est; Jacob Shook; P. Perkins; Mrs. J.E. Waldron; Res. of E.C. Waldron; Rob't Mate Jr.; Wesley Kurrle; W.J. Blakeslee; A.R. Blockman; M.B. & M. Hickey & L.L. Jackson; C. Miller; F.S. Phelps; C. Hoten; W.W. Burgess; Horace Haskins; F.C. Wallace; E. C. Hayden; Wm. Memmert; Bean Creek; Louis Boiyour; C.A. Fall; Jos. Podolan; John Sedlacek; Wm. Nason; R.H. Nason Jr.; Geo. Koch; Wm. H. Ward; School; L. Schneider; Kazmarz Hoffman; L.A. Brown; Ellen Carson; H.L. Conklin; L.H. Conklin; Geo. Koch; Mrs. Anna Simon; L.A. Brown; Adam Foesz; M. Hickmatt; O.C. Coon; H.J. Coon Jr.; F. Schoch; P. Perkins; School; A.J. Palmer; Peter J. Rice; R.R. Cook; Jos. Fedewa; Peter Race; Marion Hall; Lawndale Farm; W.A. Eastwood; Res.; Mrs. J. Keenan; L.W. Doane; Guy Wickham; Floyd E. Walworth; Edw. Oliver; Fayette Haynes; John Ball; T. Wierman; Jos. Siebevock; Corporation Line; Wm. Lemper; Corp. Line; Harvey Downing; Harietta Stewart; Chesaning; Ida Jackson; C.M. Co; O.D. Chapman; Philo W. Street; Albert Burrows; Walter McCrea; V.J.; S.D.; L.C.C.; H.McC.; R.O; Frank Crittenden; E.G.; John Nason; W.H.; R.H.; V.K.; F.B.; M.O.; B.; Mrs. J. F.; M.H.; T.H.; John Keiffer; Jerome Blakeslee; G.N. Nason; Mrs. M. Parshall; Geo. Volkner; C.H. Launstein; Jos. Kuhn; E.F. Evarts; A. Deitering; Louis Giesken; J.F. Kaiser; Jos. Dietering; Maple Lawn Farm; Chas. Nason; Res.; Dean Badgley; A. Wenzlick; Louis Giesken; E.E. Judd; A.J. Van Vleet; Caesar Perrot; Anton Dietz; L. Schneider; J.B. Harrow; John Butts Est; Res. of Chas. Butts; John Kieffer; Clarence Frink; School; J.P. Smith; Caesar A. Perrot; Henry Geyer; L.A. Brown; Peter Rohrback; Michael; Bernard Lehmkuhl; M. Fuerstein; Delphine Burnham; John Bitterman; Theo. Foesz; Mrs. Melinda Baker; J.E. Shaw; Lemual Adams; Smith Rino; W.S. Wagner; Ed Harris; M. Cook; Byron Newton; G.M. Peet; Chas. Fillinger; Frank Cook; School; G.M. Peet; Deer Creek; Frank Odell; Geo. Horner; H. Hilbom; Geo. Wagner; Ralph Agnew; Michigan Central R.R.; Mrs. E. Gorman; John Haley & E. Elliott; Eugene Badgley; Edw. Smith; Res.; P. Streel; T. Warner; M. Smith; E.H. Streel; O.C. Sperry & G.M. Peet; Wm. Smith Jr.; Shiawassee River; Peter Neitling; Wm. Ginthner; Hiram Streel; D.O. Badgley; John Stacey Est.; Jos. Walker Est.; Peter Neilking; Thos. Gengler; Mike Munshart; Elmer Blakeslee; Eugene Harrau; Rush Brigham; C.E. Stuart; L. Bishop; J. Wenzlick; L. Bishop; E.E. Perrot; John Princinsky; Res.; M.P. Brigham; M.W. Brigham; Sumner Brigham; Fred Foesz; Peter Volkner; Frank Princinsky; June Johnson; Geo. Packard; M. Fuerstein; Wm. Amman; Julia Warren; Chas. Stiedman; John Gasper; Jos. Richter; M. Cooper; Peter Richter; F.G. Ellis; N.H. Burtis; Jos. Miller; W.H. Ryan; R.W. Hickman; John Niver; Flora Finley; A. Niver; Frank Merrell; H. Hedglin; W.A. Newman; Otis Russell; Dan W. Sherman; J.W. Rice; John Whitney; E. Fall; D. Fall; Mrs. R. Merrell; Lita Merrell; School; A. Lebo; M.L. Parshall; Newton H. White; Edw. Smith; Fred Schroeder; E.W. Crass; Fred Crofts; Croft & Willerton; Guy Van Gorder; Res.; Mrs. E. Harrau; Fred Harrau; C. White; Eugene Harrau; School; Calvin E. Fox; Newton H. White Sr.; Res.; Henry A. Langhals; Duncan McKee; Fred Swartzmiller; Buckley Bros.; C.E. Stuart; Chas. Foesz; A. McFarland; Henry Langhals; Jacob Kulhauck; John D. Crofts; A. Draham; Meadow Brook Farm; Res.; Wm Amman; Frank Tithof; Fred Kitler; Steve Kreilzwik; John Willings; John Pabst; Ella Seaman; School; Rob't Seaman; Frank Fleisher; Burt Hunt; Peter Soukup; Sam Biela; S. Coppersmith; Leander Merrell; Havana; W. E. Carlton; John Niver; M.L. Parshall; W.H. Bower; Frank Biela; D. Coleman; W. Deerman; Chas. Snow; Martin Krizan; Newton H. White; Frank Springer; Fred Hartman; Mrs. E. Hopper Est.; Peter P. Ferden; Newton H. White; Henry Willerton; Fred Azelton; Res.; John Crofts; John Coppersmith; Elmer Gotwalt; Jake Hudecek; Amelia & Nellie Stewart; Newton White W. C. Kettler; John Trizel; Alvan Azelton; Res.; J. Delemater Est; Oak Side Farm; David Edgar; Fred Mumrow; Chas. Bouteiller; Chas. Mandel; Mrs. W. Muzzy; Chas. Mandel; A.F. Smithgall; Davenport Terry; Henry Mumrow; Chas. Crofts; B.N. Brickler & Wife; Wm Hunt Est; Chas. Hunt; Thos. J. Terry; O.A. Hunt; John Kaiser Et al; Chas. Crofts; Carrie McGean; Ichabad G Rolfe; A. Delemater; John Delemater; Fred H. Holzhausen; Fred Schroeder; Chas Schroeder; St. Charles Twp.; Brady Twp.; Shiawassee Co.; Maple Grove Twp. Note:

Page  35 4 44 tbownship.9 X94orth, Sl~ange 4 Sast ofteSfihga 5trda ALBEE __ 40~le LvCczbcocA All 77Z 0-2t tut A/berto -5ztra L ka cs<J~v K 5 cc.120 K~~~~~~ r olkl~jQv < r- Wrt%>Q~ *J 6^0 t fl3'M ~ J f S.J ~ 4. -k $61 k)I123 c '* 42.y u czcter C c~~~~o 7? /Yz~~~z-C, zt1 z e ' r 6 5 / C I e s z / f x L L(14 ___0 __ _____ __ ____________ __ _ Title: Map of Maple Grove Township 9 N 4 E Keywords: Emma Montgomery; J.F. Kaiser; Henry Martin; Joseph Martin; Fred Pritch; John Kent; Wm. Walser; J.F. Kaiser; Joseph Amman; Chas. Alberts; J.W. & L.E. Hollister; Jas. Kipp; Elizabeth Weeden; N.A. Corser; S.W. Babcock; F. Indlekofer; Joseph Babcock; Wenz. Yaklin; Jas. Martin; John Schneider; Spring Brook Farm; Edw. Indlekofer; Robert White; Frank Albert; Frank Rumsey; Esseltine Est.; Luella A. Sanford; Nicholas Schneider; Frank Yaklin; Phillips Emendorfer; Geo. Bitterman Jr.; School; Henry House; Enoch Lumley; J.L. Princing; Geo. W. Scholler; M.A. Smith; Perry Newman; M.A. Smith; John McDowell; Misteguay Creek; L.M. Persons; L. Princing; Wm. Shook; Misteguay; F.J. Byrne; Thos. Byrne; Wm. Elton; Edw. J. Newman; Leo. Richard; Robert Hall; Edw. McCartney; John Krapohl; Aug. Jahneke; Lemuel Fonger; Geo. B. McAlpine; Wm. Hogan; R.J. Rathbun; O.A. Chase; Alvin Wright; Gertrude & Helen Hall; John H. Ward; A. Koch; Chris Schwanz; Mrs. D. Weirman; Chas H. Krupp; School; Michael Foess; Michael Schwanz; John Leitow; Chas. Persall; Jos. Louch; Lewis Gross; Geo. Bitterman; H. Bohn; Edw. Bohn; Lorenz Quaderer; Geo. Freatl; Pleasant Lawn; Henry Bohn; Albert Poppenheimer; Orrilla Black; M.M. Brown; Mitchell's Cr.; Henry Miller; Fred Leachman; Keeler Bros.; Thos. Andress; Geo. Poppenheimer; Mary Dienhofer; Casson Bros.; M. Willacker; Frank Indlekofer; L.N. Willacker; Simon Yaklin; John W. Amssey; Creek View Stock Farm; Louie Holleback; Frank Birchmeier; A. Bueche; A.F. Weisenberger; J.A. Barnhard; John W. Massey; Thos. Byrne; Patrick Byrne; Clark Persall; M. Hoskins Est.; Res. Chas. Hoskins; Geo. Young; C.F. Person; Frank James; F.G. Massey; Jas. Murphy; Jas. A. Anderson; John Zeigler; C.G. Stevens; F.N. Contle; John H. Word; John Havens; John W. Spencer; J.C. Shook; Matilda Massey; H. Cooper; Elias Eastman; A.M. Massey; M.L. Wilson; L. Richardson; Adam Race; Jacob Gross Est.; John Leitow; Theo. Krupp; Joseph Otte; Theo. Krupp; W.A. Newman; Henry Sprague; Anton Hollebach; J. Kuhn; Thomas Prinsisky; Geo. Gewirtz; Frank Schlachter; Koepplinger; Kath. Quaderer; Henry Bohn; Keeler Bros.; Albert Koepplinger; Jos. Amman; John W. Sutter; Albert Wendling; School; Emma R. Spiegel; Wm. Ruhl; Rudolph Studer; Gustave Buechel; Chas. Hoffard; Adam Wendling; M. Ruhl; Wm. & Aug. G. Keeler; August Keeler; Cath. Gerwitz; K. Holleback; Henry Sutter; F. Gillis; Layton Corners; Geo. James; Yakilna Yaklin; F.J. Artman; John M. Eagan; Geo. Bitterman; Geo. Shook; Edw. Indlekofer; Geo. James; Mrs. A. Yaklin; J. Eberly; A. Yaklin Iac.; Geo. James; Northwood Cr.; R.F.O.; Nelson Young; Carson Young; Geo Person; Frank James; Fanny Cass; M.D. Irland; Adolph Bueche; Geo. E. Schneider; Wm. Elton; Jos. Hebeler; Ellis Vincent; Stock Farm; Eugene Havens; A.M. Massey; August Lucke; Sam'l McDowell; M.D. Irland Est.; Mrs. Irland Est.; D. Henry Est.; John Scanlon; Geo. L. Shannon; W.J. Speer; Florence L. Guillaume; Wm. Eickholt; Marcus Feverstein; Michael Bitterman; Anton Laux; Valentine Gross; John Gasper; Peter Bishop; John Willing; Mathias Wrocklage; Duncan King; Alois Schuppler; Mathias Wrocklage; Herman Tithof; Jos. Heitinan; Katharine Gewirtz; Jos. Thoma; John Klein; Chas. Scherer; Wm. Klein; Herman Tithof; Rudolph Bueche; Geo. Belkofer; Town Hall; Frank J. Holleback; Katherine Bishop; Wm. Angst; John Klein; Joseph Kurzeman; Leopold Martin; School; Anna Brandemus; Jos Klein; Fred Gillis; Jos. Schneider; F. Schneider; Peter Andres; Cem.; B.M. Eickholt; Michael Streng; School; Church; Res. A.J. Emendorfer; A. Emendorfer; Mrs. Sutter; John Birchmeier; School; Adam Schuster; D.L. Mead; Mrs M Irland Est; Schneider Bros.; Henry Hoehn; Martin Emendorfer; R. F. D.; Floyd Elton; L.D. Lawrence; Mrs. M. Irland; C. C. Speer; Church; Algie Graves; John Gross; Joseph Emendorfer; Robert Carlton; P.F. Faeth; J.F. Hoover; Joseph Thoma; Jos. Hemgesberg; Casper Aman; Wm. Harris; Peter Hemgesberger; John Pabst; Henry Farnswooth; Jos. Kulhanek; H. Maike; M. Wrocklage; Marcellus Constine; John Weissenberger; Chas. Scheror; Anna Etienne; Nicholas Klein; Paul Klein; Wm. Angst; John Klein; Theo. Wrocklage; John Laux; Wm. Ruhl; School; Henry Knieper; J. Turnwold; Chas. Sigmund; Michael Martin; Cem.; Anthony Harris; Michael Martin; J Laux; Will Martin; Wm. Martin; Martin Swartzmiller; Peter Wenzlick; R. F.; Peter Andres; John Burchmeier; Frank Weissenberger; Ann M. Henige; Nich. Yaklin; Joseph Fuller; Anthony Henige; Frank Weissenberger; Jacob Henige Jr.; School; Joe Gross; E. Terry; Henry Klein; Joseph Fuller; John Gross; B.M. Eickholt; Anthony Emendorfer; Isaac Gross; Jannette Nunnemaker; Nich. Yaklin; Zeba Smith; Anthony Knieper; Peter Gross; Wm. Bock; School; A W. Schneider; John Gross; C.C. Speer; S. McCullough; Chas. Taylor; A.V. Malone; R.J Enos; E.J. Slocum; Richard Eckles; M.M. Bliss; Peter Swartzmiller; Church; Fred Reiber; F. Galaske; A. Maike; Fred Constine; Chas. Gross; Chas. Schroeder; J. J. Constantine; Frank Glaska; Peter Klein; Carl Kort; Herman Kort; H.O. Carpenter; B.H. Eickholt; Tony Turnwald; Otto Eickholt; Nelson Carpenter; A. Holleback; Mike Breier; J.H. Weisenberger; I.G. Rolte; Jacob Henige; Mrs. John Kerupp; John Wenzlick; Joseph Wenzlick; Sophia Rolfe; Anthony Henige; Jos. Yaklin; Phillip Wendling; John Lechmann Est.; Joseph Wenzlick; Daniel Gross Est.; J.C. Birchmeier; Erastus Confer; Edw. Weinzierl; Manley Confer; John Turnwald Sr.; John Turnwald Jr.; Grover Crunk; Jacob Lawrence; R.A. Knight; Welsey Felton; S. Perry; Mrs. A. Wlater; Silas Nelson; Fayette Larkin; Arthur Nelson; Albee Twp.; Chesaning Twp.; Shiawassee Co.; Genesee Co. Note:

Page  36 36 IX).......... 10 Title: Chesaning Chesaning Twp.; Gera P.O., Frankenmuth Twp.; Layton Corners, Platted as Yaklin Maple Grove Twp.; Oakley, Brady Twp.; Blumfield Corners, Blumfield Twp. Keywords: G.M. Nason; Wm. C Legg; H.D. Peet; Robt. Mate; John kerr; Corporation Line; Cantwell & Everalls; Lowell Cook Est.; Caesar A. Perrot; E.A. Kratz; Mrs. Tedman; Geo. W. Robinson; A. Kerr; Benj. Firley; Joseph Miller; Wm. Burch; Wm. Dresser Est.; Mrs. J.E. Waldron; W.J. Blakeslee; O. Shortridge; Jacob Shook; P. Perkins; First St.; Wenona St.; Owosso St.; Lansing St.; Railroad St.; J. Burt; Clark St.; Jackson St.; Greenfelter Long & Co.; O.D. Chapman; Louis Babion; Hayes Adams; Thos. Azelton; Wm. Thomas; W.W. Burgess; Jos. Babcock; Mrs. Falls; Res. of E.C. Waldron; Mary Beart; F. Fisher; Shiawassee River; Ida Jackson; Nason's Add.; Nason St. (Closed); C. Hoten; W. W. Burgess; Brady St.; Pine St.; Broad St.; Broad St.; Lincoln St.; Pearl St.; Chapman St.; South St.; Saginaw St.; Fayette Haynes; Fourth St.; Church St.; Sister's Home; St. Mary's Church; School; Parsonage; Front St.; P.O.; Bank; Hotel; Bank; Chesaning Milling Co.; O.D. Chapman; E. Milks; Mrs. M. Parhsall; Geo. Volkner; Clark's Add.; Harvey Downing; igan Cenral R.R.; Railroad; Second St.; First St.; Charles; Wood St.; Thayer St.; yer's Add.; son's Add.; Line St.; Chapman's Add.; Jas. Westfall; Wm. Shortridge; Albeneo; Canal St.; Broad St.; Water St.; Center St.; Church; Church; Commercial St.; Washington St.; Main St.; Liberty St.; G. French; Wm. Volkner; J. Holliday & J. Marshall; Neff; Dr. J.N. Eldred; J. Litterhaus; Jos. Kuhn; E.F. Evarts; G. Wilkinson; L.J. Cantley; G. Nason; Albert Babion; Wm Bennett; G.N. Nason; Jacob Brozmann; Geo. Wilkerson; C. Judd; A. McCormick; Dutcher; John F. Kaiser; Vern Houghton; Felix Cour; Edw. Rolfe; Harietta Stewart; Albert Burrows; Walter McCrea; Vern Johnson; Simeon DeBarr; Lee, Cain, & Crittenden; Henry McCormick; R. Ormes; V. Kelchum; Fisher Burros; John Keiffer; John F. Kaiser; Jos. Diete; Frank Crittenden; Ed. Gotham; John Nason; Wm Hyatt; Reuben Heckman; Mrs. Dales; Badgley; Mrs. John Ferrigan; Marion Hall; Thos. Horner; Jerome Blakeslee; G.N. Nason; (Maple Lawn Farm); Chas. Nason; Dean Badgley; Geo. Wagner; Ralph Agnew; P. Street; T. Horner; M. Smith; Corporation Line; O.C. Sperry & G.M. Peet; D. O Badgley; John Stacey Est.; Jos. Walker Est.; John M. Biermann; Depot; Pere Marquette R.R.; Elevator; Pere Marquette R.R.; John Roedel; John Luneburg; John Mossner; Peter Biermann; Park; Hotel; Jos. Hess; Saloon; J.G. Rielhmeier; Store; Gera Creamery Co; J.D. Inglehart; J.G. Geyer; H. Kraenzlein; Blacksmith Shop; Wm. Mossner; Frank J. Holleback; Yaklin & Yaklin; George James; Pleasant St.; Keeler St.; Mrs. A. Yaklin; Center St.; Fred Gillis; Town Hall; Anna Brandemus; School; Jas. Brennan; North St.; Mrs. Drake; Fred Denum; A. Smith; S.W. Wickham; Chesaning St.; W.H. Ryan; First St; St Philip St; Elevator; Depot; John Ryan; Second St; Isaac Bockie's Div; Creamery; L. Harrington; Third St; Woodard St; Michigan Central R.R.; Fourth St; Church; Geo. Sawar; Fourth St.; Bockie St; Elevator; Fifth St; Sixth St; Frank Ismond; Burt H. Gower; Short St; Parker St; Main St; Bank; School; Henry Parshall's Div.; Root St; Amos Parshall; Church; Catholic Cemetery; Church; Philip Mickle's Div; Parshall St; Philip Mickles; John Parish; Fred Spangler; Henry Haack; Wenzel Heindl; Geo. Spangler; Fred Spangler; Hotel; Public School; David Schneider; Schemm Brewing Co; Fred Spangler; Jos. Bauer; Fred Spangler; Blumfield Social Club; Theo. Brenner; Alma Veenfleet; J. Est.; Alma Veenfleet; Richard Mossner Note:

Page  37

Page  38 .38 MARION TO0W N SH IP -IFLU Scale 2 inches to I mile.ractional.Vownsharp fIV Xorth, 2ange Y &ast of the Yi'ehiollirda IjAKAFIETiD en7rr qj], 20 O.-F %01 & IF *-.f. I iad40. CsC'i -'J%ý. 00.90.01 Jb.Cn7 red a7 Fred (sly,I rd~ 71 -171FC.401ý e24 I I i 4VZ7 Ayo/-az t 502 tLor as (90 -Y2q~iZrlzV - aizze. ion 22-:mv izz-z ____ fc z /00 6.7IVui-3. rq)87 re?? Goz~zas 4'-Itiy -T,.,,boe pazzl C, AZtAZacharrcz5UqA zs y ai*de i *c zd cs1eae c-.70 4 60 40 <01 0 zr 4p0j C90 40_ ___ __ _ _ _ 40 I & A ~~ar &ZtwI.rmI A A-I I. 40 0u 401 'to Zzj NO K' It toN 0 ~1 - 40 6Yda7znvoe 94 tor GtIN0 40 &'0 -7-5 A' to 0 10 ON ZrO ~Tz noo N4 jo:2 -40 /.00 -- '7 /100,91eztre. r IdCe GAaS ~7/en. 40J "&Sa6Te ether 40d S-Aeelo.40. -1 c-c- --W'-h44ý n~tilez6ee 40 -A I I gAlCa cAol adQ$4 ay ~,e~ ~ C I tofAM74 i N $011.r c r e n i h _O 40. ISOx & C90 c 22 0 rd-~te~ ~'ito74 40-1-00c* no-~dcs_ _ _ 40' 60 b10 &0jZO___ r9 CO ___C ____ 2-&le.Gole- 4 l-,r44 7Qj A7-, rzcx - a N 23zarzcza0 760 cc. rcsl'1 4 0CitKC90. C ea i &0uz2cz' 10 & N3 -_ &rryz&tt&00 ~ - ~ Co ~ ~ kt ~ Q ~jzQ 6 __72mthK0. <cri90C -oz wc0 Th'1tar0~11 * ~~~V Ij'dwnit6scALAy 110609?2 'Wo th',l 1.40?4 0 4 QII IL I' IL I+l.9 Cl/A PINV T I............,. '%ý TTVPY Title: Map of Marion 10 N 1 E Keywords: G.E. Ramey; Burt Land Co.; Wm. Martin; Philip Hall; Paul Zacharias; Henry Meyer; Kauffman Bros.; D. & R. Peet; Frank Peet; Jos. Smith; Fred Coty; Fred Volkman; Union Abstract Co.; N.B. Bradley; Oren Hodges; Fred Borden; Louies Gath; M. Goschka; Hardie A. Volkman; Jno. Gath; Herman Meyer; Dan Morrison; Wm F. Gath.; Angus Morrison; R.F.D.; Julius Meyer; M. Goschka; Chas. Krull; Aug. Keidel; Jos. Hesse; Jos. Dobschinski; A.J. Morrison; Paul Wesener; J.J. Welsh; Jos. Dobschinski; Joe Hesse; Paul Wesener; W.M. Krause; M. Lacey; Chas. Knowles; Hugh McDonald; Malcolm McInnis; Mrs. Mary Rivenburg; W.H. Newton; M.C.R.R. Co.; Otto J. Schoman; Chris Zacharias; N.B. Bradley; Paul Fuchs; E. Ringler; Jno. Walthers; School; Paul Meyer; Jno. Seeger; Adam Seeger; Conrad Braitmeier; Peter Delmiller; W.S. Hissen; A. Nuchterlens; Jos. Hesse; Herman Scherping; Albert Hodges; Chas. Allen; Potato Creek; Wm F. Gath; Conrad Braithmeier; Anna Keidel; Albert Hodges; Mrs. C. Scherping; Albert Hodges; Wm W. Wetherbee; Frank Goschka, Sr.; Frank Goschka Jr.; Merritt Borden; Geo. Woolston; E. Haspel; Gustave Galombisky; Geo. Ward; Wm W. Wetherbee; Frank Woolston; Minnie Weber; R.F.D.; Jas. Woods; H.B. Allan; Michigan Meridian; State; W.M. Seyfferdt; Edwin Kirsten; M.O. Robinson; Henry Behrens; E. Dunzeing; Wm Klenitz; W. Hopkins; R.F.D.; Aug. Hahn; Morley Bros.; L. Huggins; Wm H. Newman; W. Crofts; Wm Geiger; A.A. Griffin; A. Orchard; Geo. Geiger; N.B. Bradley; R.F.D.; Otto Fuchs; Chas. Allen; C. Krull; Wm Goschka; M.D. Borden; Harry Borden; Jno. Hodges; Fred Maier; Jacob Flaig; Town Hall; Mrs. A. Braitmair; N.B. Bradley; R.F.D.; School; P. Badgero; Eliza Hodge; Hugh Denni; Geo. Badgero; Geo. Woolston; Jas. Moulton; Verne Woolston; Jas. Brooks; Otto Kienitz; Leonard Goff; Wm E. Turner; Jacob Flaig; Detroit Savings Bank; M.O. Robinson; Ernest Dunzing; School; Wm Kienitz; Thiel Est.; Jno. Kienitz; Albaugh; R.F.D.; Fred Weaner; And. Frasle; Henrietta Fordney; Eug. Webber; Jacob Attenberger; Eugene D. Webber; Jacob Attenberger; Henry Jahreiss; Fred Webber; J. W. Bennett; Herman Dingler; Lorenz Fraste; R.F.D.; Church; Harry Winters; Andrew Rausch; Mathilda Witt; Church; Andrew Rausch; Louis Starke; Henry Starke; Henry Harff; Anton Landwehr; La Frances E. Hackett; R.F.D.; Jacob Flaig; Floyd Gale; W.H. & A.W. Crites; Golden Ward; N.B. Bradley; Frank Snyder; Geo. Snyder; Jos. Briggs; Fred Weigold; J.F. Weigold; Henry Boettcher; Aug. Shubring; Fred Wegner; And. Frasle; Richard Fischer; Chas. Illner; Aug. Illner; Aug. Fischer; G. Eichsteadt; Richard Fischer; School; R.F.D.; Res. Of A.J. Clark; W.A. Durham; Robt. Nevens; K. Mick; Frank Weizmiller; Chas. Carstensen; Jacob Koch; Gustave Drews; Fred Shubring; Res. Of Jno. Gimm; Arthur Davenport; R.F.D.; Gustave Fischer; Mathilda Witt; Otto Witt; Frank Friedrich; Church; E.F. Davenport; Perry Hall; Fred Gimm; Bert Krull; A. Steinke; Gus. Frank; A.A. Griffin; Mrs. M. Mathews; Jessie Adelberg; F. Snyder; Sarah Harris; Res. of G.F. Crites; J.Q. Taylor; Henry Lacker; Gustave Lacker; Jno. Weigold; L. Snyder; Perry Hall; Horace B. Hath; Paul Sievert; Little Potato Creek; Herman Shodrowski; Emmet Carstens; Wm. Rhode; Gustave Drews; Gustav Boettcher; Henry Boettcher; Martin Carstensen; N.B. Bradley; Jos. Bucholz; Chas. Bucholz; Anton Miller; Jno. Seigler; Wm Shrieber; Jno. Shodrowski; Jno. Seigler; Chas. Goschka; Henry Merz; M. Redmond; W. Smith; E.D. Morbitzer; E.J. Redmond; Wm Toppel; David Davies; W.M. Panzenhagen; Carl Goschka; Guy Gray; G. Gray; Alois Morbitzer; Wm Panzenhagen; School; J.B. Hath; W.A. Parker; D. Vincent; W.C. Dickinson; Jno. Sperling; Wm. Gray; H.B. Matthews; Brigham Stone; R.F.D.; Lenora Newton; J.B. Hath; Calvin Linard; S.E. Snyder; E. Sievert; A.R. Sievert; R. Dexter; E.R. Dexter; Res. Of E. Alger; Mrs. Jno. Bailey; Curtis Burger; Wm James; R.F.D.; Wilburn Westerbell; Lakefield Twp.; Gratiot Co.; Brant Twp.; Chapin Twp. Note:

Page  39 ''I'l Xl, 4P I -A - BRANT I - I - I - C.- I - I - I - I - I - I - I I I - U- I - I - I _.L - L__ I =_L - H, --r - TOWNSHIP t7ownship W tl`rth, Aanae 2 ogast of"the.......... 8 _7'.74 I, r I r-7, -Z:) Zý),n 7-)_ r r-,7T ý Z 11411 39.............. Y -Y 70:=>o o 4, Ly7 YB 7 I -tL OA Z:)r.o A- ý-7 I ---A. _rl plow, I fil. I I 17 U) (3) 40 isý ý,j U) CT C. )"'r, I 7 7.......................... 'týOA&n y "roA ýR J /w &I.Mori Npj N I 114q lkj, 1. CZ> Z7 CA Oj Fez> cAre I;Fz ae "D 11A CT V) rcz Z, Z/2 -?ý,7 d,72 Qj ýP<ll ZV C4 00 Qj 96 1E. -Z Q) 5ý& 7 S 07 IY40 7 -YO are&" Ziul, n5ac zr Oze pq WL i - r) Ile. Y,4 7ý-:ý10 I z a 5Z a I c7bCZ> rn jazo hkj. _Z6 Lo FA &27W1,72 2? ). VC, 4-6 61 lot 7CP 7e, 7-nZ,ý-e ko 00/ 00Z 3 40, ire zlr ej 0) J, 9c. 1 0 C70-.5 -.4 A7r0l,ýýi X0754 Ol?2e D27U.6- x1a. ell giL7Pge5s I )ýýarýy A da"ýe I -90, to YO _8 Qj Q) ATTP. 0, A T 7 j Clý kýsl 7V4:ýZ- Y70ýCPa -72 e jzý g,' 0, - ý ýj, t" SZ3 l< 01) N L I - i " --I ý llý lLf \19 Z7 1 0. A;ý 3.Z72 11 40 el, 1 9 0N, 0 CýeA q BOdl-20172 JeY g IYO GO EZI-la 0 Ism izA t-L. ` "Z1717 J5 f7 Oro in eo -ZO c) ý10 i ý7 0 &Son Chas. 177L,7 RIAC zzz<e ', r,,, 0 OR Jj I _72 0 -BI Z,5 fo I Ozzoý Z:9e.5-514lelr Ue 0. C7OZ2 e 5 fc) Z.hl CYýO -5 -'YO /77) Z.!Z10 rZOS' 70 00ý -/l,ýýZezn Afo a er 90 4C> ýR ZZ2-- -YO q),q, QJ I// P1,711e. rlit ()Illl;.10 1 &5'2A Pyi e 6 U40 7 q) f)ý 17saae ven e4 -ý4 CO. old 60 Qlýj Li Di I 9,2 QJ o N, ý "ýq' c7a,5. _17P ZO C QJ 0 7YZ ZoCjý-Q) ep e C7C4.5, ýne,5 C, 4-1 1-1-190 - R. lc- 3jj;;-= -,"" -- jp:1 A ý11ýj jN tQ cr) I- Uj V Lkj fý K,4. o% () t, Nj (Z) cjý 77Zej 410 Oj fý4 eo os 150-esev-SIOZ 'd Z-72. -De Qj CTOJý-7? Qr Z_ "ki k 'U IS) - Iýh rl qj cr -7 C. RO B1.4 ýVj ýjN IfPa6M.40 30 7 ac z Q) LD) opt I N N, Ns" Qj ý 7aý'mý'o Q) 91 qj U) 7 LJO "N, el U) Xec-1 ve) Qj - Qj yo wipo ffiv M,-ýMM WýM- M I Title: Map of Brant Township 10 N 2 E Keywords: Alex Steele; P.P. & Rena Miner; E.W. Minor; John Wood; Sam'l. Scott; E.W. Minor; E.A. Willey; Edw. Aylward; Henry Winter; John Gundy; Warner Scarbrough; Res. Will Herbers; Edw. Walters; N.B. Richardson; Chas. Cogswell; Res. Clifford Cogswell; C.T. Jerome; School; Adelia Colvin; C.B. Ford; R.F.D.; Rora McIntire; J.B. Tucker; Saml. Loper; N.B. Richardson; Res. of Son; North Branch Bad River; Wm. Barnhart; R.H. Barnhart; Leslie Crites (Tony Herbers); J.B. Tucker; John Jennings; Elizabeth McIsaac; Res. Geo. Drysdale; Lyman Shangle; Frank Robinson; A.L. Kennicott; Park Hill Farm; Hugh McCormick; F. Zukowski; C.W. Souden; J. Wheatley; Frank Whitman; Wm. B. Thompson & Wife; Chas. Jones; John Thurston; Nelson Goodfellow; Jas. Gray; Kimberly & Musgrove; Frank Sweatland; Clyde Loyd; Arthur McGurer; John Bovine; Stany Kozsiok; John Yasmos; Mark Allen; Charles Peters (Nelson Goodfellow); B.J. Downing; B.J. Downing; Dominic Maturen; Alva Loper; E. Trumble; Allen Trumble; J. & T. Willis; Dominic Maturen; Adam Kroslak; Geo. Ward; Henry Winter; Union Abstract Co.; rifenburg & Crites; C.J Sweatland; John Crites; John Cundy; Mrs. J.E. Braithwaite; F.E. Simmonds; Henry O'Boone; Mrs. J.E. Braithwaite; I.A. Kidney; Sidney Sensobaugh; Ignalius Knoertzner; Frank Thompson; R. F.D.; C.M. Tucker; E.V. Parsons; Chas. Eaton; Ray Barnhart; Jas. Aylward; Res E.M. Whaley; Geo Luttenbacher; Stephen S. Ward; Dr. Bennett; Clara Luttenbacher; John H. Schwartz; Chas. French; Mrs. O. French; A. Neuchterlein; J.W. Whaley; Mary M. West; Sternberg & Hahn; R.F.D.; E.L. Hegler; Jas. Moulton; John Burtch; John Martin; Ray Stevens; Wm. Minte; Frank Luttenbacher; Edgar Hildebrant; Chauncey C. Crites; Julius Krenzke; R.F.D.; R.S. Gleason; Potato Cr.; Franklin G. Luttenbacher; Walter Luttenbacher; Ernest Berny; Brigham Stone; Sylvester Shock; Wm. Drysdale; Henry Eldridge; Jas. S. Burgess; Sidney Sensalaugh; W.J. Whaley; Geo. A. Whaley; Jas. McIntyre; C. Spencer; Burtch & Nathan; R.B. Bennett; Edwin Lester; Fred Badgers; Martha Luther; Winsor Ward; Hamilton Winter; Chas. Spencer; Eliza Curtis; Res. R.L. Bennett; Claud B. Ward, Est.; Frank Hotya; School; Wm. Ward; Geo. Burgess; R.J. & M. Ward; Harry Townsend; Mary Holliday; Hugh Shonce; John Yadrny; Robt. Conklin; J. Kropus; W.L. Ring; C. Curtis; Geo. Sweeny; Evergreen; Hector Urban; School; W.L. Ring; Riverdale Farm; Edwin P. Smith; Gaylor Lytle; Ward Lytle; W.L. Ring; Orin Hall; H. Kufahl; John Blatz; Edwin P. Smith; M.J. Murphy; Julius Krenzke; Daniel Thompson; St. Chas. State Bank; L.A. Snyder; Harry J. Moore; M. Murphy; Little Potato Creek; Res. Geo. R. Brush; H.W. Hegler; Perry Crane; School; Alexander McDougal; Harvey H. Crane; Mark Crane Est.; Geo. Dibble; Roy McFalls; Fred Williams; Willis Dibble; Etta C. Smith; Cem.; Chester Crane; John Boone; Res. Hugh Unwin; John A. Thompson; Isaac Dennis; Fred Williams; Jehie Whaley; John H. Thompson; Chas. Smith; Mrs. Ira Smith; Res. J. Bodhain; Brant P.O.; Geo. Ward; Joseph Coutchere; Geo Burrell; Wm. Curtiss; W.P. Moore; R.F.D.; Louis Gillion; Geo. D. Sweeney; John Boivin; Mrs. Cynthia Jones; Jos. Zaianc; Mrs. Syrenous Palmer; Andy Mikus; A. Loper; Fred Brockman; A.C. Baurer; Jas. Duprey; Freeman Lytle; Frank Boesen; Thos. Siazik; Abner Snyder; Harry Snderson; Clarence Sanderson; J. Pick; Wm. De Forest; Freeman Lytle; Res. C.W. Allen; Anna Lolridge; Frank Libby; C.F. Turbin; Arthur Kinsey; Harlow Tuttle; J.J. Huntley; Arthur Kinsey; Brown Bros.; Otto Rich; Frank Huntley; John Huntley; Carrol C. Brown; Jas. Williams; W. Kenzy; C.C. Brown & Son; South Branch Bad River; Chas. Wilson; L.A. Snyder; School; Bristol Burgess; Jas. Moeller; Res. John Wellman; Jehiel Whaley; C.P. Sweatland; School; Hiram Crane; Bristol Burgess; Chas. Wilson; Geo. Jones; Hiram Wilson; Ephraim Loodridge; Res. C. Loodridge; Arthur Boone; Mrs. Henry Turbin; John Southwell; Frank Southwell; N.B. Bradley; Clayburn Palmer; Arabella Aldrich; Geo. F. Grimley; R.H. Robinson; Henry Palmer; Palmer Bros.; Jos. Kuech; J. Reek; W. DeForest; Wm. Vincent; Isabella Brady; Geo. W. Sackrider; Jas. Moore; Jas. Zajano; John Schneikart; C. Burt; Anna Zajac; Porter Wilson; John Murphy; F.P. Shuman; Chas. Wolahan; Arabella Aldrich; T.C. Schulz; Edw. R. White; Robt. Nesbit; Rank Dygert; Michael Cummings; Frank Daygert; L.A. Snyder; Frank Huntley; Jos. Kinsey; Phebe Ewing; Nal Deveroux; Nat Fowler; Pine Creek; Henry Vincent; Alvin Kinsey; Roy Sorrell; Frank J. Crane; L.A. Snyder; Benj. Wilson; C.O. Boone; Alvin Kinsey; Mabel Crane; R.F.D.; Stephen Haney; Lamb Creek; Bristol Burgess; Alex McDougal; Frank Brownell; Geo. Miller Est.; John Deal; Frank Parker; Lorenzo Bechtel; Wm. Bush; Fred Schonberg; Jas. Niblock; R.F.D.; Wm. Aldrich; Henry White; Henry Palmer; Isaac Dennis; W. Cheeney; Wesley Niblock; Wm. D. Moore; Jas. Niblock; Horace Bliss; Jas. Jones; Wm. H. Kelley; Chas. Spencer; John Gohl; Israel B Town; School; Jas. Austin; Henry Valentine Sr.; John Palmer; F.W. Language; Martha DeForest; Jas. Harris; Michael Cummings; M. Cummings; Daniel Mahoney; Pickerel Creek; Isabelle Brady; John Perry; Warner Carr; Julia Weaver; Andrew Howe; P. Kragenbrink Note:

Page  40 40 A Q-V-? 20 zz p'?scn P r S)Or poýz- '0070) 19 YN I 0 CY-791VI 901-1 Lv (.b Qrj qck Ql: 07 LY lz VAOI-- 510 41of;r2l IN YAW Title: Frankenmuth, Frankenmuth Twp.; Fosters, Taymouth Twp.; Birch Run, Birch Run Twp. Keywords: St. Lorenz Park; A. Roth; M. Veitengruber; Leon Veitengruber; John Naegele; Wm. & Ernst Beyerlein; J.F. Vates; (Electric Line); Genesee St.; Mike Kern; J.G. Hubinger; Ed. J. Fechter; J. Baker; Mrs. M. Kern; J.F. Kern; Saw & Planing Mill; Veitengruber Bros.; Leonard Weber; John G. Reit, Jr.; J.F. Vates; R.J. Ortner; RUPRECHT'S ADD.; WIRTH'S SUB. OF LOT 1; RUPPRECHT'S ADD.; John Hilbrandt; Store; Ed. J. Fechter; Frankenmuth Cheese Mfg. Co.; C.F. Link; Geo. F. Gugel; Furniture Store; C.F. Link; Hardware Store; Store; Barber Shop; F.J. Habke; Franklin St.; Mrs. John G. Roller; John. C. Wirth; J.M. Pirner; J. Honald; Mrs. F.W. Rittmaier; J.G. Beyerlein; J. Haas, Jr.; Mrs. J.G. Roller; J.G. Wirth; J.G. Naegele; Hotel; Tuscola Rd.; John W. Loesel, Jr.; Cem.; Fred Weber; Leonard Weber; Casper Stutzer; Mill St.; Frederick St.; Edgewater St.; Geyer St.; Cass St.; J.M. Trinklein; E. Siebert; A.B. Winner; J.W. Bernthal; Mrs. M. Rau; P. Nentwig; A. Baum; Carl Neuchterlein; Undertaker; Shop; Store; Church; Town Hall; A. Nuechterlein; J.G. Geyer; Saloon; F.H. Hohn M.D.; Fred Koos; Drugs; P.O.; Hotel; Henry Goeth; Henry Schreiner; J.L. Hubinger; Geo. Schmitt; Implements; Hubinger Bros.; Mill; L. Goetzinger; J. Neuchterlein; John Frank; Sash & Door Factory; F. Goetzinger; W. Stromer; H. Uebler; Barber Shop; News Office; Store; Hubinger Bros.; Lumber Yard; Saw Mill; Cheese Factory; Light & Power Co.; FISCHER'S SUBD.; Flint; S. MAIN ST.; PARK ST.; G.C. Weber; Geo. C. Weber; Avernhammer's Add.; Park St.; Fred Boesenecher; J.M. Hubinger; Avernhaw; A.W. Block; Herbert List; HUBINGER'S ADD; HUBINGER'S 2nd ADD.; Hubinger St.; H.C. Reicht; J.G. Hubinger; Aug. Rosler; Hospital; State Bank; Star of the West Milling Co.; Drugstore; Blacksmith Shop; Store; Public School; Otto Roth; J. Holst; Chas. Pertch; John Brown; C. Frenden Stein; Tuscola Road; G.J. Hubinger; Fred Bickel; J.G. Haas; ; Geyer Bros. Brewery; Jewelry; Bernthal Bros.; John Geyer; Mrs. J. Stoll; J.M. Weiss; John M. Weiss; John J. Meyer; John G. Haas; Chas. H. Munson; Chas. Foster; Frank Proctor; W.M. Morse; L. David; A. Jones; John Casper; Grand Trunk R.R.; Depot; Ella Cuthbertson; Martha St.; Foster St.; Hastings St.; Geo. Savage; Foster Road; Saginaw St.; Kate Holbrook; Guy Foster; Lynn Quackenbush; Chas. Foster; Leon Pender; Kate Holbrook; Washington St.; Railroad St.; Rock Zarrynoski; Frank Bayma; Chas. Wolohan; Pere Marquette; Chas Dewey; P.t. Tugle; Mrs. Clemens; Bell Knepp; C. Schmitzer; W. Burrell; Schmitzer Bros.; J. Ohlney; J. Shalley; Mrs. L.P. Racine; Jos. Othenin; Chas. Daily; Alvin H. Totten; Saginaw St.; Racine St.; Racine Plat of Birch Run; L.P. Racine; W. Arnold; E. Knison; W. Brown; J. Othenin; C. Curtis; Stofford; Schmitzer; P. Bidwell; Chas. Daily; Conquest; L.S. Richardson; Wm. Moore; Peter Butler; Wm. Rothcries; John Dunning; Ben Hobson; Mrs.Sophia; Chas. McLain; Taymouth St.; E. Heitrich; Phillip Goeltzenleuchter; John Tremper; M. Schmitzer; Chas. Dewey; W.M. McGregor; Garage; Harrold Sheeley; W.P. McGregor; Baptist Church; Parsonage; L. Tanner; Wm. McGregor; R. Frost; Frank Frost; H.J. Tremper; R.R. Park; Lewis Hubiner; Store; H.B. McGrory; Depot; Creamery; Sheeley; Michigan Ry.(Elec.); Heath St.; Rundlet St.; Heath Rundlet Add.; Mrs. Bernard Rottiers; E. Ballinger; W.P. McGregor; W.M. McCormick; E.G. Lawrence; Will Wenn; Birch St.; M.L. Hadsall; S.J. Brown; John Fisher; Milton Hadsall; Cath. Church; Chas. Cook; Letterman; Tracy Hubberd; Sid. Downer; Mike Schmitzer; Bert Reed; M.E. Church; Lutheran Church; Chas. Cook; Chas. Wolohan; Lewis Hubineer Note:

Page  41

Page  42 ,A, ý V SO I 1 0 ý&*, " a-_ - " M 1 49" - R- I ý M M, I ffýW' ý U-ý I I R I N - W 4 ý' A-1 " a nlm i! # 1151 1:011111C ER ~ ~t R......7 i4l 49 q2A===\\Q ý,-m 0OW N SHI P Scale 2 inches to I mile OTWownship f/0 rorth, 317ange J Sast of the J~iehigan %leridian SfV.AA7 CRZ.E-K' 4; 4%, 4k._ 61 Irv rtj oc..!&.aa I IN--I Fr; XAIL..1 - '- /- -. Fr, -'- --- A?.. Ar (- e ".: C oZ' O.,o I Ir0. Ag i. O 0.,, ] "" o 4f99,,lý, S IV WIS _ _ _. I AyIi '' " ..... i t,,-, z-,....,,.,,-_.: i _.... - 70. I A;*S-v2 z' /- '60L_? I!I i 00.. , ',,o -o{,7-? , e &o. '1 -X I ij i F-- -,-;4 1 2N ý -44; i \! R. -"ýUJ7ý0 R17 C60.. 5 -71 >o;7--, ' .. 4fo S 70? 4=7 e77 -:378S, o.o 160 coroz?" es.' YoVL. Ao~ eo. i ~ i L ]IL I I ]IL__ H//I " f..... 11 1. _ ifl]*" ', + ':i! I Ze I;2 if i, i ..-.,Ylllet*770 l:~/ c,,,',,: //// <7.o -:-"4 00! cýlo- IP Ook _.,,, I,,4.0m ea.CA,"< Wo Nei -,ra W 8oy~ m w -f -, -o,,-warj I I I Roo "- -- - - "", "_' llJ- ". 4...........V,0 ire" a m, i9 x <"2I o L '' tVQiiit t o,, 1 i /O/ ~cd! * , I ~ t I o/oo:/ <o?<> 1,1-o 0 -21:_ <<"<I.,r4 < "6 e l....10 --4.1... -.-1 -H _.'I\ -. "1.-1 coo <- ,: =.,,-%: '... Sr - ------ '.' ý7 "x 41. (, < ,._007 "r2-."- - G,7? g? _r-1_":1.Col J,. I3 I S......... , ........ _. - -- _ _..... -.=,,....... ~ l " A. ' " R~I >" ',,K % 5) >?Q< 4'!. 4"0 " l~! -go ,. '_ r_7'? 7?1.(50v_7 (11-ý ýlc ýý M M + E- + A-M ý " M * M - M N r M, W M N M Vý R Title: Map of St. Charles Township 10 N 3 E Keywords: Mrs. R.H. Lyness; J. & T. Willis; Dempsey Bros.; Cem.; Emma E. Doty & I.L. Braunell; Joh Kusion; North Branch; J. & T. Willis; Res.; R.F.D.; J. Reynolds; John Chrobak; Stanley Kassin; Anthony Petosky; Wm. McCaughna; J. & T. Willis; Peter Schweizer; Geo. C. Holliday; Geo. Alderson; A. McKeage; Freeman & Young; A Hollsman; Freeman & Young; R.F.D.; St. Charles; Michigan Central; D. Doty; Freeman & Young; Wells Stone Mercantile Co.; Huet & Teite; Myra Buckminster; Gage Coal Co.; Peter Zam; Bad River; O.F. Reeves; Dempsey Bros.; O.F. Reeves; John Secord; Nellie E. Kerby; Elmer Hamon; Owosso Sugar Co.; Jac. DeGeus Mgr.; Pump House; Wm. & Chas. Lloyd; Thomas Sourowske; C.C. Mastin; Jose F. Zajac; Kimberly & Musgrave; Mrs. D. Clark; Louise Lytle; Cem.; Alfred Maturen; South Branch Bad River; Res; Van Ripen & Bradt; A. McNeil; Jos Fields; W.O. Holliday; Jos. Fields; Wm. Nertz; A.C. Price; F.F.; E.E.; E.R.; W.S.; A.W.; L.L.; M.M.; Mrs. J.E. Symes; Andrew Kanzig; A.E. Jones; Wm. Herrick; David Penny; Andrew Kanzig; McKesson & Cane; Mine; W.P. Davis; McKesson & Cane; O.F. Reeves; Union Abstract Co.; Mrs. Susan M. Jenks; J.M. Thomas; Mrs. C. Burdick; O.F. Reeves; Sperry Bros.; Thos. Smith; Oliver Staght; Owosso Sugar Co.; Chas. Theile; Ward Lytle Est.; Mrs. L. Horner; Geo. M. Richmond; Wm Stockwell; Hammond; Mrs. Louise Doty; Kimberly & Musgrave; Joseph Binkowski; Louis Nichols; Jesse Rogers; C.E. Sanderson; Fred Sanderson; Mrs. R.M. Sanderson; Res; Jas. Craven; Gage Coal Co.; Mine No. 2; H.W. Parker; Mine #1; Andrew B. Craven; Gage Coal Co.; Henry Varney; Antonio Pervichietti; B. Boist; Clarence Gage; R.F.D.; Carl Gage; John Sehlager; Mike Carvalto; R.F.D.; John W. Dunning; Jas. G. Davis; School; Bert Perchitti; Wm Wilson; Res; Res; R. Klump; L.J. Cantley; E.H. Jones; John W. Rice; Wm. Ruff; Gage Coal Co.; Obl. Rosencranz; P.H. Mahoney; Robert Gage; Frank Poma; Res.; Eugene Milter; Allen Moffitt; M. Frainley; Euel Bros.; Eugene Smitter; Herman C. Lienau; Geo. McCrorry; F.M. Dodge; O.F. Reeves; Symons Bros. & Co.; L. Hawkins; Edgar Leach; Bion Wallace; M. Richmond; Eugene Schmitter; Frank Sanderson; H.H. Sanderson; H.H. Sanderson; Chas. Cooley; Frank Sanderson; Johan & Joseph Cilincik; H.H. Sanderson; Fred. Barkholst; Bert Holmes; Leo. Westenelt Est; H. Budzier Jr.; School; Artie Gage; Mrs. EllaListe; Geo. H. Spencer; Frank Barnard; Henry Brazier; Chas. Palague; Goula Cassia; L.J. Cantley; Pickerel Creek; David Rusher; Baron Boist; Chas. Theilego; R.F.D.; A.M. Dodge; Heald Bros. Earl Babion; Jas. McNeil; Drain; Bowling Green Bank of Bowling Green Ohio; Chilton A. Sylvesters; Schiawassee River; Edward Carmer; Herbert Clague; John Galloway; Geo. Dale; Jas. Violle; Jno. Price; Frank Price; Herm. Lienau; Kaspar Fogas; J.C. Price Est.; Bear Creek; Ed. Leach; Jas. Turner; School; Jakob Beker; Gothald Schelske; A. Wallace; Irene Watson; Wm. Stagh; Jno. Mullen; Rosa Schaketz; A. Berridge; A. Brink & Richard Bromfield; Jno. Mullen; Jno. Nelson; Wm. H. McEwen; Edgar Leach; L. DeGeus; Claud Whipple; Wm. Larner; Res; Clayton Larner; C. Larner; Joe Kessler; L. Hawkins; Wallace Kessler; Peter Wheaton; R.F.D.; Chas. Wollorhom; Wm. Kragenbrink; Clarence Valentine; D.A. Oaks; And. Barekholte; Fred Boist; Wm. Kragenbrink; Henry Valentine Jr; Mrs. Liza Davis; Amos Weaver; Eugene Frendscho; Geo. Jacobs; Jennie Schaupp; J. Rowland; Arthur F. Theile; F. Barnard; Sylvester A. Chilton; Mrs. A.B. Prior; S.A. Chilton; D.C. Carr; J. Carr; L.A. Crain; Fred. C. Singer Est; Minnie Singer; John Mahoney Sr.; School; Jno. Maloney Jr.; Wm. A. Sack; Fred. Brendahl; Pase Miller Res.; Minnie Singer; Wm. Graves; Martin Haney; Wm. Crofoot; Geo. W. Collins; R.F.D.; E. Shooltz; Earl Kendall; A Herrick; Abram Collins; Jas. Mahoney; Dan'l Mahoney; W.N. Berridge Res.; W.W. Berridge; Mary Shaw; Maggie Jackson; Louis Mahoney; Otto Freelitz; R.F.D.; B.G. Coryell; Indian Church; Henry Noffett; C. & G Slaght; Jos. Violle; Indian Church; Jos. Fisher; Sarfine Moraska; Rich'd Bromfield et al; Thos. Bromfield; Jarid Bromfield; A. Bromfield; Otto Frelitz; Warren Ostrander; Wallace Kessler; S.S. Byam; Bert Coon; Jarid Bromfield; Thos. Bromfield; Chas. J. Himm; E. Mose; F. Mose; Ernest Dankert; Fred. Ziegler; Geo. Drexler; Ben. Heraker; E.H. Cleaveland; Chas. Drexler; Irving Ware; R.F.D.; E. Ware; F. Cummie; F.W. Reese; E. Franche; Warren Carr; O.R. Cooper; Louis Woodward; Erwin Bellinger; Rudolph Klump; L. Bellinger; Louis Ruff; Michael J. Mahoney; August Schmego; Jacob Ruff.; Chas. Harris; E.T. Quick.; Mary Mahoney; P.A. Mahoney; Wm. Hinckley.; Wm. Murphy.; Wm. R. Perry.; R.F.D.; Dan Sass.; Jas. L. Cox.; Simon Bovin.; Wm. A. Sack; Geo. Larner; Fred. Mason; Jaco Detwiler; Archie B. Chamberlin; S. Chilton; Wm Bresine; Deer Creek; David Shangle; Matt Thomas; Geo. Spencer; Sanford Dressler; Clarence Miller; R. Clump; J.L. Miller; Fred Blakeslee; Clarence E. Miller; J. Ford; J.E. Miller; John E. Miller; Peter Ostrander; Mrs. Lucy Chase; Josephine Lewis; Theo. Thomas; School; Peter Babion; August Bauer; Mich'l. Babion; Herman Zander; Theo. Thomas; Chas Hoist; Ernest K Dankert; Chas. Byerley; E. Dankert; Aug. Miller; Frank Sheldon; E. Ware; John Mitchell; Fred. Miller; Jno. Boist; Sutton; Geo. Farrow; Jno. Carlton; Wm. Forbes; Fred. Greenwald; Chas. Andrews; Swan Creek Twp.; James Twp.; Brant Twp.; Chesaning Twp.; Albee Twp. Note:

Page  43 uiv,^ CC 4V a ^ "^ ^ T^ S^^-----_ ^--_-?,~~1 A-^^^^ t'T <t:^ ^ ^ "- '' Sae2ice o1ml: y^ ', Twnshp 1 ^oth, tane 4Sastof he fliciga Sferidan 81 *~~~~~ p~ S^ 77 3'/ IWI ^-^^-^'LyfljV (r. ^Im tW ) " -------?------- -_ 1 N--- ^<<~ y^?^? ^^ ^%^ r^ S/^ ^^^ t^ i SRod^ tIS<^ < 5 ^ a -D I/^ k^ IP ^ ^ ~ ^ ^ ^ ^. z ^ / ^ r ^.. ^ ^ ~o < ^ 6 & ^ i ^ ^ liTO^ - N < 7 - - ^^o, T OW7N ^(SHI?^ ^7./ A"^?.( ^^ -^^ -o.o\^ < *B ^ * * O~~~os o wsi.O rwasort rang 4 ^ -,,3^.^^. fa str ^^.*{~ ^ Q. 7 39,. 3.96*1 ^ ^ ^^^ ^ ^I S^ t^^ -s^ 'i ^ ^ ^^ -.^s^V)resse ^ ^4 7 ||.~ ~ ~ ~~Ou o]___________ il ^ " ^ ^ ^y s ^^ i^ ^ --- ~ 5 --- ~ " - " ------- - - ________ -_ \^ _.,~~..~ __. '_i_ ^ ' _ __ -_; ^g _.._ __ _^~ s;-~160 H BJ~~~~~~~~0 ýWn 0, 3 Sl\^y ^jsT^7o.,7 fMT; ^ 55- ^ ^a^^ ^ q -^^^^ ^S R^^^Qs^co.~ BJ S C/T^so ^ i^ -M -lf IS 4t + ^<..,p^^ ^^^e^^!^ '^ Co.^^. ^| r~~t c^ "if- ^cs-o owls o ^s^ y ^ ^^ ^ '. *fdo IF Co^.^.. ^^^^^ Title: Map of Albee Township 10 N 4 E Keywords: Owosso Sugar Co.; Owosso Sugar Co; Jos. King; Owosso Sugar Co.; Tom C. Price; Chas. H Munson; Chas. Keeler; Richard F. Price; Geo. Keeler; Dundee State Bank Dundee N.Y.; John Malone; Jas. P. Jordan; Geo. Keeler; Richard F. Price; Chas. Lentner; Otto Ferchol; Lee Waskoviak; Edd. Krause; Frank Koepke; Wm & A.C. Tagget; W.C. Bender; Frank Koepke; H.E. Sloan; Paul Housen; John Tesch.; Frank. Smary; Bennett; Chas. Malone; Archie Davis; Flint River; Steve Popp; August Schroeder; Jessie Fry; Jos. D. Loebelle; John Malone; R.F.D.; Owosso Sugar Co.; Miller Drain; Owosso Sugar Co.; Owosso Sugar Co.; Egbert H. Patterson; Michael Holik; John Baumann Jr.; W.H. & E.H. Milks; Edd. Johnson; M. & H. Bennett; Lewis Koepke; Frank Koepke; Herbert Catterfeld; Chas. Koepke; Pattee Creek; Otto Hohn; Emil Catterfeld; Helena Hohn Est.; Fred Thompson; N. Whittier; John Oaks; Nora Wells; A. Davis; Wm. Palmer; Thos. Munson; John Davis; Wm. Ladd; A. Ladd; Mrs. Alice Ladd; Nelson Peter; H.E. Sloan; Wm. & Jas. Poag; School; J.E. Milks; Wm. Tesch.; John Dow; Frank Day; Henry; Chas. Tesch; Paul Tesch.; School; Alicia; Owosso Sugar Co; Owosso Sugar Co.; Grand Trunk R.R.; Owosso Sugar Co; Misteguay Creek; Mat. Conick; Frank McNally; Egbert Patterson; Andrew Toma & Bonifois Hudlo; Tom McDonagh; S.C. Robinson; Chas. Savage; Asa Savage; Wm. Kerr; W.H. & Geo.; Rathbun; John Oaks; Alfred Chartrand; Wm. Savage; Coal Mine; R.F.D.; E. Savage; B. Randall & Hess; Jas Barnun; S.B. Bennett; Colon Barnun; M. & H. Bennett; John McCormick; Geo. Watson; Adelbert Savage; Vern Quackenbush; Jacob De Geus; Fred. Meminer; Geo. Memmer; Adam Eisenhauer; Elmwood Improved Stock Farm; John McArthur; Lewis Memmer; Emerson Hill; Jos. Ebenhoeh; Mrs. Geo Eberhoeh; John McArthur; Wm. Mergen; John Hafner; Harry Darling; Leach; DeGeus & Wiley; John L. Ebenhoeh; Wm. Levitt; Frank Eisenhauser; DeGeus & Wiley; Ward Bros.; Nicholad Dixon; H.J. Darling; Wm. Henry; Peter Hager; Jos. Ebenhoeh; Geo. & Lewis Memmer; J. & E. Rehmann; N. Dixon; Geo. Ebenhoeh; Stilman Whitter; P.A. Finkham; Wm. Hynes; Lawrence Ward; Geo. E. Ward; Ward Bros.; Jos. Bully; Mrs. S. Darling; H.J. Darling; Ezra Bowerman; H.R. Darling; Mrs. S. Darling; E.J. Morse; Peter Chall; Jolon Barnun; Chris. Dengler; James Manson; Geo. W. Peart; School; John Poag; Jas. Darling; Fred. Suhr; Mrs. E.E. Adams; Jay Hirst; J.J. Hirst; Seymour Bortle; Henry Shaft; R.F.D.; Chas. Himm; Edd Ebenhoe; Christian Ziegler; Jas. H Ellis; E. Groos; Jos. Ebenhoeh; E. Cleveland; Guy Craig; Etta Lewis; Christian Ziegler; Elizabeth Kidd; C. Ziegler; Chas. Hafner; R.F.D.; Church; John Ebenhoeh; August Tietz; Peter Willie; John L. Ebenhoe; Matin Wille; School; John Baumann; Walter McIntyre; Olga Harrau; Harry J. Tierney; L. Spath; Peter Schwartzmiller; Geo. Mallory; Randall Bentley; Edd. Emandorfer; Frank Weisenberger; Peter Schwartzmiller; R.F.D.; Church; Wm. Albee; Guy Wicham; Hugh McDowell; H.R. Darling; Mrs Susane White; Amede Layonde; Chas. Denslow; Rev. E. Clark; J.M. Bagley; Geo. Near; Mrs. Wm. Fay; Joseph House; Wm. Brown; Sylvia Hawkins; Andrew Mesach; Harry Chase O. Cornell; C.O. Chase; Lewis O. Darling; Nicholas Dixon; Letta Aldrich; Serrel Aldrich; Nicholas Dixon; Andrew Darling; H. Stutz; Henry McDonagh; Thos. McDonagh; John McDonagh; J.F. Darling; Paul Henrich; Frank Henrich; Earl Kenyon; John Donovan; Edd. Reetz; Chas. Henrich; Mrs. N. Reetz; K.J. Hafner; John B. Tinkler; Mat. Hafner; Church; J.B. Tinkler; H.R. Drum; Mrs. Jos Martin; Chas Drexler; Emma M. Montgomery; Chris Ziegler; Cem.; Chas. Hafner; Jno. Baumann; Emma M. Montgomery; John Kaiser; Peter Schwartzmiller; Jno. Sigsby; O.A. Steinart; Dan'l Sweer; Wenz. N. Yaklin; Delos Larkin; Bert Ivey; E. Alichfield; Silas Nelson; Hugh & Wm. Ivey; Peter Miller; Hira M. Wedden; Wm. Ivey; Hugh Ivey; B. Ivey; Thos. Ivey; H. Macomber; Mrs. J.J. Cottrell; Stilman Whitter; Miles ay; School; Helen Vibbard; John L. Newman; Harriet Tift; A.W. Larkin; Mat Marker; David Kenyon; R.F.D.; Mrs. J. Hawkins; Miles Fay; Cem.; Benj Hall; Nicholas Dixon; Judson Almy; O.H. Teachout; H.B. Jessop; Carl Hall; John W. Kenney; Frank King; John H. Kenney; Dan'l. McCarty; Wm. Porterfield; Luke Passmore; Herman Roemike; John McAvoy; Arthur Bishop; Geo. Thomas; Mrs. John Wolf; Frank James;Spaulding Twp.; St. Charles Twp.; Maple Grove Twp.; Taymouth Twp. Note:

Page  44 I Z/LW~~~A(7)6 TOVSI v vi / /%^^^ - ------------------- '^ -m2^ -- - 6 \ W-.I O - < P A~5 -- V-1 I o so 9,? -o -iOEN^o ^5, B A^ Z--ILo/ WA--- UKE TO **. VM E~ ~ ~ ~~~~~ol 12 t-z,^!j ',o|i|, ^.. ~ - -.^ /^ g~~~yld 16.0 -3 G__ ~.7A ^ /l Zn5 Ch^' Z y ".J^I^ 11 GRATfOT- STATE. ROAO ~^^^ z * ~^' || fll 'Ss_ fcrdtrmn-dL Speriin-g ^60 ____ Y^^7 ainst- Pa.sai 7440 jl '' |||) Title: Zilwaukee and Kaw-Kaw-Is-Kaw Family Resort Ass'n. Plat, Zilwaukee Township; Shields or State Road Bridge Keywords: Fred Bartel; John Wacker; John Wacker; F. Kettlehohn; Fred Westendorf; John Bull; Chas. Wollin; Florida Sauve; Wm. Henning; F. Routier; J. Patow; Wm. Henning; Chas Wollin; Mrs. Wm. Wolf; Ausable Electric Co.; Michigan Ry. (Electric); Chas. Timm; Chas. Albrecht; Hampton St.; Jones St.; General Store; Wm. Holtz; Chas. Wollin; Shepard St.; Tittabawassee St.; Line Between T. 13 N. & T. 12 N. R. 5 E.; W. Seimon; J.C. Otto; School; Johnson St.; John C. Otto Gen'l. Store; John M. Wacker Saloon; W. N. Lupton Saloon; George W Ames Realty Co.; N. River St.; Depot; Kaw-Kaw-Is-Kaw Family Resort Ass'n.; Kaw-Kaw-Is-Kaw Island; J. Stroble; C. Podvin; Wm. L. Otto; John C. Otto; Fisher St.; H. Bauer; Carl Krueger; C. Wiechman; Bush St.; Green St.; Park; Adams St.; Franklin St.; Jefferson St.; Clark St.; J. Stroble; C. Schrader; I. Bower; J. Stroble; A.H.; C.S.; B. Smith; F. B. Smith; E. Knaack; Kaw-Kaw-Is-Kaw Family Resort Association Plat; Saginaw River; Michigan Cenral; Grand Trunk R.R.; Westervelt St.; Front St.; Water St.; S. River St.; W. Otto & J. Patow; Amos Williams; Wm. Scholtz; E. Reed; Geo. Cavanaugh; Dan Cavanaugh; A McDugal; Otto Sholtz; Frank Shovan; Dan Cavanaugh; Peter Quinn; A. Baker; Wm Dodge; Dan Cavanaugh; Gratiot State Road; Wm Fish; Ferdinand Sperling; Jos. Cavanaugh; Dan Cavanaugh; J. Halm; A.J. French; Hotel; Geo. Schuch; Cornwell & Balzer; Tittabawassee River; Cornwell & Balzer; Christ Pasel Note:

Page  45

Page  46 a-A I I- il T1Sae2inhs oIml sUownshipfIC Xorth, i/lange JS &zst of the %ciaiSirda BRID G-EPOR 7__1_ __ _ _ * ~ ji ""~' 0cc.5240 W3.76 4'53Jcz C16.(90z. %tc %A mk saac tco Yrzg t cZ7ft &ctc/ f9rtoý2 Bi N->4 "~sh,7 11 B o. fl 4~rro...~ 7 6-0 c. I * &is 1*0 3 ý I. PolrfcUNc I~ ~ ~ ~ ~ C setoI'VM I )74::z 21971 =9 i. t6 _ 4nr-r rr)r. w~ IDit 2=~.LDrSS 1' W Tt~ * 4 46524..4 ji~ 4 075Vracie40 Z~czywa 4 ~. JF'I ra/ Oco. ed / (wnO n tan- \~ A' C404 I *V* * 4w 40ofL T/ay6~ T7.F77a~t711ZZ7? 4 Lewis vczt ~~S' Joe VR. j I 2 *1 * ~}{Qy > * %'rs41 rsD I rl- 1=. -1 11.414,otstll -a.X v-$ )0v- 1, 'j-40 I - J Ca ~I R 40~ J- o 3%8 -70 ).t k y. 35. SN C 0S.; Aft " Pe4er a k IVI-S= 4=67C,. 67, ~r~Jtr027' 1~g U &/?et I >3~ let 410 606 arI7 =5 V-/os. Z279"r S L~l ~ san 1750/7 "*N I =.-. '- -%u Title: Map of Taymouth Township 10 N 5 E Keywords: Chas. Foster; Geo. Hirschman; A. Malone; Chas. Malone; John C. Malone; Chas. H. Munson; Leon Pender; C. Foster; L. Quackenbush; Guy Foster; Kate Holbrook; Frank Proctor; E. Cuthbertson; FOSTERS; L. Wakaska; J.V. Barns; Chas. Smith; Jas. Barnes; Mrs. H. Fawcett; Thos. Waytelia; Birch Run Creek; W.M. Morse; L. David; A. Jones; Frank Bayma; Rock Zarzynoski; J.C. McNally et al.; G. Cherry; Jacob Nering; Jas. C. McNalley; Leo E. Wisniewski; J.C.; J.C. McNally; Wm. Ecker; Jacob Nering; Jos. Lalochoski; Dan'l. Kilburn; Geo. Oreban; Jos. Leach; Albert Karth; Jos. Logan; K. Tadish; Peter Watt; A Tadish; Henry Fawcett; K. Tadish; School; R.F.D.; John Grostecki; Henry Nerretter; T. Kujawa; Mrs. Joseph Molski; Geo. Wejinski; A.W. Lotimer; T, Kujawa; Jos. Molaski; G.F. Zeitz; M.M. Corbett; Allen Wymer; J.M. Jones; Dan Parker; W.M. Rohn; Stanley Wiejinski; C.V.D. Blackmar; Roy Bloomer; Chas. Grossman; John Urbanowski; C. Grossman; Anton Kujawa; T. Kujawa; Kate Kinney; Wm. Owens; Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Judd; Barney Owens; Pere Marquette R.R.; V.M.C. Stone; Fred Brewer; John Owens; W. Owens; Walter Tracy; Gus. Zeitz; C.F.E. Zeitz; W.M. Owens; Frank Owens; Patrick Judge, Est.; J.C. Herpel; Peter Logan; R. Zdrzynski; Thos. Waytelia; Lynn Quackenbush; Grand Trunk R.R.; School; Leach Bros.; Dorward Bros.; Jos. Leach; John Leach; Ed. Sheffler; Adolph Peophans; Jos. Leach; John Leach; Vincent Cherry; John Chuski; Valentine Chuski; Geo. Mitchell; Michael Reski; G.S.C. Sowatsky, Jr.; Henry Schefler; W. Sozepanick; Frank C. Tadish; Res. Of Son; John McMullen; Leonard Smith; Cem.; Drain; Thos. Barchan; David Knotkowski; Walter Molaski; Minnie Polzin; G.F. Zeitz; Chas. Grossman; John Lehman; John Schmidt; Fred Sholtz; Chas. Raeglien; Aug. Shulky; Fred McNally; M. Lightner; Chas. Raeglien; Henry Lehman; Wm. Zeitz; Chas. Zeitz; C. Buse; Geo. Judd; School; Jos. Stephens; Jeremiah Stephens; Albert Clements; Albert Zaskeet; W.A. Judd; John Madison; Blackmar Sta.; Parker Bros.; Jas. McCormick; A. Wymes; A.C. Lyles; F.B. Humpert; Geo. H. White; T. Miller; R.C. Lyle; Gis. Schaber; Dan Earl; Jas. Noyes; Louie Depraw; W.A. Crane; Ralph Bros.; Delina Krapohl; Chas. Beagle Est.; P.F. Becker; Geo. Dorward; Flint River; John Rivers Est.; Jas. Gainer; Verne Sta.; S. Bortell; A.C. Rogers; Helen J. Fitch; Reserve Line; Fitch Bros.;Silver Creek; Fitch Bros.; Leonard Smith; Ed. Bennett; A. Snider; Ed. Bernhar; Geo. Michael; Wm. Clark; S. Pettit; Reserve Line; And. Wilson; J.H. McNally; D.D. Ross; Henry Fawcett; Thos. Barkhave; John Weiner; Duncan McArthur; John Haley; A. Ross; Asa Cook; Wm. A. McNally; R.F.D.; Hugh McCormick; Henry Rousseau; J.H. Mathes; Albert Matthes; Alfred Clements; Maggie Boise; Wm. Boise; W.M. VanSickle; Mrs. A.F. Van Wormer; H.F. Balesky; O.J. Farthing; Chapman; Aug. Kramer Est.; King Est.; Wm. Cassidy; Ed. Cassidy; Andy Smith; Randolph Lange; John Jepson; Caven Willison; Rob't. Getty; Felix Tremper;John Pettit; Frank Thompson; Jas. Watson; Fred Suhr; Lewis Savage; Frank McNally; R. Zdrzynski; Clement Periard; A. Loomis; R.F.D.; Henry McDonagh; Thos. Keefe; Mrs. Henry McDonagh; John E. Alexander; Mrs. L.G. Felker; School; Geo. Gardener; G. Rivers; Henry J. Morris; Jas. E. Spencer; Jas. Wallace; Alex Wallace; Henry Packard Est.; Geo. Lester; R.J. Morris; Jas. Curler; W.J. Fitch; R.J. Morris; Drain; Wm. Diffin; Jas. Bell; Fred A. McNally; Rosa Rausch; Justin Alexander; Jos Diffin, Est.; D.D. Ross; Town Hall; School; David McNally; A.J. Burleson; Wm. Dutton; G. Diffin; Peter Bell; Wells Barrett; Hugh Cuthbertson; Ethbert Cuthbertson; Hyren Gallus; Jas. Leach Est.; Jos Diffin Est.; Joe Hart; Reserve Line; Jefferson Woodward; Chas. B. Forrest; Flint River;Andrew Logan; Paul St. Mary; Stephen Gagnon; Silver Creek; Jas. Kerr; Jennie Travel; Napoleon Gagnon; Nathan Tackleberry; Jas. Tackleberry; Mrs. Rob't Arthur; John B. Vennette; School; Jos. Rushlow; Peter Hicks; Mrs. Dan Emory; Wm. Tackleberry; Marie W. Kagel; Frederick Raquepaw; John Youngs; Sam Newvine; H. Newvine; Stanley Hicks; R.F.D.; H.K. Rose; Thos. B. McDonagh; Wm. S. Woodward; J.H. McFarlen; Ed. A. Cuthbertson; G.N. Middleton; Lucy Chatfield; A.E. Shaft; Rob't Packard; H. Briggs; Jas. W. Morse, Jr.; Oliver Middleton; F. Johnson; John McAvoy; S. Miner; John Cuthbertson; J. Morris; Marg't Blake; Irvin Kime; A. Green; Alex Hoag; Mattie Bloggett; Roy Chambers; BURT; Judson Moore; Cem.; Church; Mrs. D. Hart; T. Wheaton; Walter McIntosh; Peter McIntosh; D.M. Hunter; P. Tinkham; W. Tifft; Jas. J. Hirstof; J. Stevens; Washburn Horning; Fred Dinick; This. Boodger; John Stevens; W.M. Graham; Mrs. K. Phelps; N. Hall; Stephen Gagnon; J. Woodward; Silas Morse; N. Morse; Wm. McIntosh; Eliza Fisher; Dan Robertson; Dan Robinson; Church; J.K. Shreve; J.W. Morse Est.; MORSEVILLE; Reserve Line; Pine Run; Jas. Kerr; C. Hicks; Drain; Woodward Drain; John A. Reid; John Reid; Wm. Reid; Albert C. Spencer; Alex McGregor; Henry Nye; Stanley Hicks; John Youngs; Herman Zissler; Chas. B. Forrest; School; Zenis Davis; Reuben Morse; Ezra Bowser; Drain; H. & F. Tanner; Fred Cook; Mrs. F. McNally; John McAvoy; Frank Fuller; G. Lamphier; Fred Papineau; G.L. Baker; Bertha Tinkham; Bank of Burt; D.M. Hunter; Drain; Walter Shaft; Henry Rosseau Jr.; Roy Chambers; J. Brunson; R.A. Appelgate; Isabella King; Chas. Atwell; Chas. McDonald; Cem.; Church; Lem. Hall; John Stevens; L. Hall; Phillip Cook; Andy Papineau; Wm Weir; Fred Weir; Peter Moore Sr.; School; Chas. McDonald; Reserve Line; Henry Weir; Peter Moore Sr.; John C. Moore; Wm. Belill; Jas. McIntosh; G.W. Smith; Henry Weir; R.F.D.; Wm. Reid; Thos. Reid; G.W. Smith; W.M.R. Wenn; John Wenn; John Batterbee; Wm. Wenn; Alex McGregor; Jos. Reardon; Thos. Wenn; Arthur Wenn; Jos. Ohenin; F. Morse; Jas. McNamara; Geo. Johnston; E.A. Lee; Mrs. C.C. Hutchinson; Martin Paulsean; A.J. Hutchinson; H. & F. Tanner; Bridgeport Twp.; Albee Twp.; Genesee Twp.; Birch Run Twp. Note:

Page  47 ;*Vc)---ýk3vcT,--lDvcj vei- %_7 4F clý 41t OE= T 0 W N S H I P ear uownship f 0 Morth, Yiange 16 Sa8t of t A&2, 1% C.) 6,5-78 enlý07? 11Qý ý, 0) ý) ZZRC-LLZ,?Zell? CL Qj nr (JQ "Ile 01- r z a 60 /ýýPa Z47 Qj \9 ba vd 77,ý45 eZýffZ, CT 2 e e ale I-.: c T- 0- Qj gLo TW Qlýj jQ 1ýj oj ir Qj 7 Qj N e ZZ 0 --N -0 l"l L Title: Map of Birch Run Township 10 N 6 E Keywords: Emmerson Hubbard; Frank Letterman; Anna Letterman; Archie Letterman; Patsy Judge Est.; Robt Parker; John Lehman; Ed. Scharrer; Mrs. Hugh Healy; Wm. Schellhas; John Nagle Est; Geo. Herzog Est.; Edw Healy; G.H. Fishabber; H. Fishabber; J. Wornech; Leon Webber; Wm. Dewey; Erhardt Poellet; Mathew Zehender; Geo. Ries; Michael Beyerlein; Aug. Schuknecht; Henry Fishabber; John S. Herzog; Erhardt Poellet; Wm. Shellhas; John Block; C.F. Block; Dan Poellet; Adam Eicher; Geo. Rauh; School; J. Rauh; Wm. Rauh; Mike Beyerlein; Fred Goetzinger; Matth. Zehender; Herman Lang; John Rauh; Fred Rittmaier; Lewis Gotzinger; Fred Goetzinger; Albert Holtz; Mike Rodammer; J.G. Hubinger; John Block; Loomis Goetzing; Mathias Auenhammer; Ernst List; Albert Baker; Otto Keinath; Cem.; Mike Block; Henry Poellet; Mike Roth; Ludwig Poellet; Jacob Honald; Ernest A. Hunter; Res. Ray White; John Haubenstricker; L.H. Heine; School; Frances Healey; Henry Hollman; Sutton Drain; Michael O'Brien; Frank Hruby; Emma Johnson; Albert J. Spencer; Wm. Dewey; Res. O.D. Dowd; J.O. Newberry; Chas. Wolohan; Otto Matzke; Joseff Petro; R.F.D.; L. & C. Zettel; John M. Block; Erhardt Block; Geo. Scharrer; Casper Pickelman; Geo. Rupprecht; J.O. Newberry; John Geyer; Gugel Bros.; Fred. Goetzinger & Herman Honald; School; Geo. Scharrer; Wm. Kuck; Geo. Scharrer; Geo. Schmitzer; John Gouderer; Wm. Zehender; Kemp Drain; John Zehender; Leonard Pickelmann; Mathias Pickelmann; Chas. Parlberg; Wm. F. Block; John Zehnder; A. Braeutigan; John E. Ranke; Henry Weise; John Otto; Max Rauh; Michael Block; Herman Jahnmah; Geo. Haubenstruck; School; Jacob Haubenstruck; Aug. Braeutigan; Geo. Haubenstricker; Eugene Hammond; Res. Ezra Hoover; John Brenner; Eugene Hammond; Danl. Knieling; Michael Reinert; R.F.D.; Birch Run; Rudolph Muhlemann; John Irish; Johnson Bros.; Z. Davis; Minnie McCrory; David Youngs; Chas. Mickels; Michigan Ry. (Elec.); A. Coursen; John Conghlin; Pine Grove Farm; Lewis LaBrake; Thos. Downing; Albert Briggs; Ida Tracy; Eugene Rottiers; John Zissler; Alex Duff; E. Yiullemo; L. Tanner; Emory Harding; Wm. Lash; A. Kazmierczak; Jas. Dewey Est.; Heath Bros. Betzy Downing; Warren Campbell; Chas. L. Dewey; Saml. Camm Est.; School; Moon Drain; Eugene Cook; E. Ohneberg; Leonard Engle; Wollie Berkey; John Ranke; Carpet Drain; Wm. Lash; Fred Bohlman; Wm. Moore; Mrs. Riley Hadstate; Nettie Metcalf Est.; John Downing; Armina Ruby; Frank Cullen; E.P. Cook; Frank Leasio Sr.; John Zehender; Jas. Dean; John Michl. Scharrer; Aug. Dux; John Zuelling; Frances Leasio Jr.; F. Boldt; A. Dux; Edw. Rittmeir; Wm. Cooper; Fred J. Pogels; School; Nora Sargent; Geo. Sargent Est.; A.W. Block; C.W. Ferguson; Parker Real Est. Co.; Adam McCorkle; Mrs. Martin Vertengruber; Jas. Conway; Paul Zuelling; Jacob Bickle; Geo Zuelling; Peter Young; Chas. Hundshamer; Minnie McCrory; H.H. Spencer; W.J. Smith; Res. Glenn W. Smith; John Young; Mrs. L.P. Racine; Wm. Moore; Julius Briggs; Res. John Pierre; Nellie Pierce; Pere Marquette R.R.; Barnes Butler; Bert Douglas; Chris Kerk; Peter Young; Edmond Irish; Chas. Wolohan; W. Smith; Sarah Cooper; E. Briggs; A. Doier; F. Morse; Jos. Olhenin; Chas. Dally; Alvin H. Totten; Chas. Douglas; Jesse Burrill; Runnels Drain; John Green; Smith Marvin; A. Doier; E. Riser; Chas. Cooper; Town Hall; Hopton & Crallam Drain; Mary Hoagland; Cem.; P. Young; S. & G. Grant; F.J. Newman; Ernest Pollman; Eugene Hammond; Mary Starkwealh; M. John; L. Harkey; Frances Leasia; G.W. Wright; Chas. Eiche; Mars. Wright; John G. Kellar; Jas. Bowns; Seeman Hammond; Mathew Wager; D.C. Alger; Wm. Fredenberg; Clarence Bogart; R.F.D.; D. Beach; M. Lash; Anton Rodeischake; John Pogels; Frank Boldt; J. Bickel; J. Sutton; Danl. Beach; Marun Wright; Anton Rodelschak; Francis Frost; Robt. Sprout; Harvey J. Tremper; Chas. E. Sargent Est.; Chas. Zuellig; F. Leasia; Haudenstricker Bros.; Eugene Viullemot; Parker Real Est. Co.; Clark Powell; Mary Sproul; Jas. H. Sutton; J.T. Case & Co.; C.F. Beeman; Melvin Est.; Emmil Charbaug; Martha Cooper; Arthur Cooper; Chas. Likam; Henry Spencer; James Briggs; H.J. Tremper; Birch Run; Frank Frost; Chas. Cook; Otto Polzin; R.F.D.; Reed; Geo. Polzin; M. Dobbs; Frank Andrews; Church; Mrs. Bernard Rottiers; Michael Courtney; John O'Leary; Res. H. Reinig; Morinda Balknap; J.J. Reed; Maggie Rottiers; Eugene Rottiers; Wm. Moore; Richard Letterman; B.C. McLean; Mori Totten; Fred Pholman; W.H. Ferguson Est.; Geo. Dodge; Leon Rummel; Res. W. Clark; Chas. Heath; Allen R. Brown Est.; Res. Herman Trinklein; Leonard Trinklein; R. Sargent Jr.; Res. Chas. Racine; Eugene Racine; Chas. E. Ransom; Hunter Butler; R.F.D.; Charles Heath; Jennie Sims; Chas. Conway; Semi Gray; Geo. M. Daenzer; Robt. Sargent; Aug. Berg; J.H. Sargent; Thomas Courtney; Mrs. John Magnus; John Courtney; R.F.D.; School; Geo. L. Curtis; Cary Morse; Albert Shaw; Jake Link; Drain; Robt. Shaw; E.W. Smith; Albert Parker; Fred Kent; August Polzin; Geo. Johnson; Henry Spencer; O.J. Bowser; A.A. Reed; Morse Sisters; Eugene Tanner; Chas. Hutchinson; Francis Leasia; M. Hutchinson; Ryerson Hicks; M.A. Tremper; J.P. Heidenberyer; John Poellel; Jacob Roth; John Rottiers; Eugene Rottiers; Alfred Cook; Elmer Reed; Courtney Bros.; John Parcell; S. Stack Jr.; H. Horning; Geo. Dodge; Fred Bidwell; John W. Dunning; Ed. Starkweather; Mrs. Geo. Dodge; School; John Heath Est.; M. Muir; Wm. McCormick; J. O'Neal; S. Stack; Christ Chrisholm; J. O'Neal; J. O'Neal; Fred Boyse; County Line Sta.; B.B. Curtis; Patrick Kinney Est; John Bogart; H. Bogart; S. Heath Est; Anton Danials; Chas. Letterman; Daniel Courtney Est.; A. Fox; Darius McGrady; E.M. Day; Ed. Broderick; Wm Broderick; Frank Shaft; Chas. Bowns; Henry Gainer; Arthur C. Wright; Sarah Bowns; Res. Ernest Magnus; Chas. King; Geo. Bowns; Jordon Gray; Oscar Pomorey; Mrs. L.F. Wilson; Cheese Factory; Bert Kent; Drain; Res. Hary Wilson; Sophia Kent; B.W. Appelby; C.E. Allges; E Rundlet; John Mowery; Wallace Bowns; James Morse; Dell Rundlet; Stanley Stoblubshkia; Wm. Hawes; Frankenmuth Twp.; Taymouth Twp.; Genesee Co.; Tuscola Co. Note:

Page  48 Sr C * S 4 4 4 4k.40 S &e ..o.. a..o.. * s..... E;-a xR/4ý,egýýAj 5-; R-ý te,6"A ýM! 5-R iýQZ ý, i ý5ý 6 ýAg Z A? ý 4 1 U ' 'I- S R ýtK * A ýga -. * ýAk A ký 25 c!t=:U1h I Scae:2:inche!tot mit Jreinlmonhi 1SoM Tage/Cs fteSflhqn.grda Z r~' rz0 Wr<NSS HIIer ~ ti o)7eadhe t(Are JoORAs// 7631~4 -YO d AE6ec II ro'Ct'2cczrn~tJtZ~t6act7516 (4 5 93 Je. K ~s 00I4 z 6e. /c /le Ir ss ocf60 tt A49 t 4 x 4 -C~o*q4 'l4s4 of4 ~i J ~ 40 'L ~ 4 t~s ~ MC 4044090 L4. - - rn- - - - - ~j410 n K) 26~t Izezza /~L?fc6cr&- o~e I c.zeecc oo/de 01- S zn~I~~ ~ sem40.....&.............' re ~ 5di MI464 to K.4 w 404. 40 4 4 ~ ~.jALt---y--.,--. S N..&........ 2& .2.....k-. A A. A.. A..4... - I L;-ýý ý;t; Title: Map of Lakefield Township 11 N 1 E Keywords: A. McDonald; Mary Conklin; Jos. Suber; Louis Francetic Res.; Herbert J. Wilson; Chas. La Cure; Drain; Mike Silhavy; Patrick O'Connor; Jas. Jordan; Jas. Jordan & Herman Proestel; R.F.D.; Geo. Miller; Herbert J. Wilson; M.C. Ross; E.J. Frost; S. Method; John Keenan; M.B. Price; Mrs. A. McLeod; John P. Ancel; School; Jesse C. Baker; John Springle; Nettie Seymour Est; M.B. Price; Drain; Aug. Rohn; Howard Jackson; Philip Potvin; Martin Price; F.R. Hawley; Martin Price; Niel Langlois; Moses Lebaf; Mrs. W. Dodson; John Watson; Res. of Fred. Watson; Steve Perry; Elizabeth Lyvere; B.D. Schoonmaker; Thos. Sweeney; Jas. W. Emenhiser; Edmund McCarty; Philip Potvin; School; Patick Godfrey; Edw. Siler; Res. Frederick Soloten; Geo. H. Trudgen; Fred Gotts; Archibald B. Clark; Jacob Lauer; Flowing Well; Res.; R. Welke; Cem.; W.E. Crane; Meyer Zack; F.H. Cooper; Floyd Cooper; John Shannon; W.F. Wilson; Henry Cooper (Contract); L. Rigg; Geo. Rigg; Jas. A. Condon; Drain; Ed. Jubb; Henry Cooper; R.F.D.; Thomas Doyle; Patrick Burns; A.J. Becker, Est.; D. Arsena; Albert S. Cooper; Res.; L.J. Pratt; Thos. Genack; Edw. Jacob; Patrick Crowley; Mary Bublitz; Flowing Well; Res.; Wm. R. Sandhoff; Gustav Klugas; Richard Welkie; Res.; R.F.D.; Mrs. J.B. Clark; Archie B. Clark; Res.; Edw. Kissane; Wm. Bierd Est.; O.B. Parker; Jas. Street; Richard Welke; Edw. Kissane; H.B. Allen; Geo. Wenzel; Wm. Sandhoff; R.F.D.; Frank Glinke; Cem.; Paul Sklba; Wilson House; Alex Ogilvie; Chas. Glinke; Town Hall; John Watson; M.H. Wilson; Dan H. McLeod; Res; Jesse Ferris; J.A. Beckley; Nicholas House; Res.; Caroline Basted; O.B. Parker; Store; T. Bastedo; Frank Levi; Geo. Miller; Augustus C. Melze; School; Jay Schoonmaker; John Liebrock; Lewis Liebrock; Wm. Miller; Chas. Louks; John Briggs; Scott Liebrock; John Watson; Frank Glinke Sr.; John Kissane; Chas. Glinke; John Kissane; Spr.; Flowing Well; Res; Flowing Well; E.W.H. Miller; Gustav Wenzel; Frank Glinke; Frank Herbage; Rudolph Hinterman; O.S. Bow; Drain; Rank Kupka; School; Frank Baker; Flowing Well; Store of Chas Tester; David Badgero; Beaver River; E.W.H. Miller; Wm. M. Simmons; Ishmael Davis; Geo. Tester; Wm. Elson; Abraham Lehman; John J. Novak; Wm. Elson; Church; R.F.D.; Wilson House; Mrs. S.J. House; Frank Levi; Mrs. Nathan Smith; Nicholas House; Frank Hruby; W.E. Crane; Jos. Shebester; Wm. Elson; Chas. Tester; Jos. Webb; M.J. Foor; Thos. J. Sly; Albert Webb; Geo. Harris; John Hagerman; Res.; Alex McCormick; Jos. H. Whitney; Arthur McConnel; Eric Hagerman; John McDonald; Michigan Meridian; Bailey Squire; Wm. E. Clark; John J. Novak; Drain; Horace Buckley; Thos. J. Gulick; Alvah E. Hinterman; David Dubay; School; Thos. Bricker; Ed. Arman; A.G. Mayer; Abraham Lehman; Chas. Zimmerman; Flowing Well; John Baker; John Grabowske; Res. of A. Grabowske; Jos. Tolfnee; Ludvik Mayer; Res.; Ed. Arman; C.A. Betz; B. Herbage; R. Searle; Jos. Rittenour; Wm. T. Johnson; Franklin Thomas; R.F.D.; Herman Hinterman; Francis Webb; Frank Nohel Jr.; Calvin Harris; Lewis Agner; W.T. Johnson; E.D. McCormick; Fred. Schultz; Oliver L. Milledge; Drain; Sam Glick; Geo. Glick; Elda Chaney; John Klatt; David Dubay; Res.; Res. of Geo. Most; C. Gratsenberg; Ira B. Aldridge; Mrs. J.J. Beird; Geo. Green; John Honiman; Anthony Grabowske; Frank Mason; Bernie Baker; Jacob Brown; Frank M. Mason; John Gath; North Branch of Bad River; Geo. Larove; Geo. Clay; Geo. Stadler; John Gath; F.C. Robinson; Frank Nothel Sr.; Frank Tribfelner; Ludvik Mayer; Frank Glinke Jr; John Tribfelner; School; Flowing Well; Pat'k. Riley; Frank Nohel Jr.; John Stammer; O.L. Milledge; Elmer Bracy; Fred. Pagel; R. McPhee; Andrew Kenzig; K. McInnes; M. McInnes; J.M. Crane; Homer Parker; Mrs. Kate Steel; Jonesfield Twp.; Gratiot Twp.; Marion Twp.; Fremont Twp. Note:

Page  49 49 ntqmmlmmb. RIP I im TO'WNSHIP Scate 2 inches to I. mile L'Township f f Morth, Aange 2 Sast of the Jiehigan Atýeridian Ar ýjr -wg Ar -'Ira 707 -Zýb-ll Sh? 0 -6 CFO J=ý r* /'7 I 4X A 1--7 -r ti i - - -- - -=-i- 7 If i - - - -:;ýý -.-.= I I ý- - RD, A 30 a *q-1 I i-?I 4).Z <f2 7 alr R.) CýY 97s.5-o 130 vi i i Nýv A mum 7=A 40 0 rýý2z 40 If ','.n -5ff-/ e-% r 041171'ý4 Z/ay 4410 '40 27A Fir I I 7ý7.96eg -9ai62'5 2 eo 0 Aa7eas 277aZZ, AID 4-Oft A 1.4.40' I-Z. IV 20 r 2120 JR A' Z2 I.ý&Z?74, 40 227 fee 7,00L -1 ---l Oc./ A q IZ w le -- ~ - I i --l./YZ 410 1517 I Pa fi;s, Jý. 6ýcls 49P -io lei I I ý t I IF F40. - IF i-- - F;;,ý,.. `ýý -i I lwog;ý.0 a Z-ý a 36 t.-70AZ7Pýý 90 I I =1 40 1 -,40 40 (Qj 7Z, L,:DZ2!27z--ýý W&27 15Y 416- filo 90 17" 'T r-277. 67Z je 0 1-0 -/Y -Zý 5ze, is) Y20 Ný) Z-1:0-,-'Z2 77, Z, e^ S,ý, 90 40 1?0 4-0 ý617-1 06 hoZe OZ27. -40 40 / 7I'ZCO& I h7 L-/O z 64Y B/=l. a I N- - CFO M4119 -1 lb 6 eýr 1 10 alak - I 40 -12760 7,772Z/ýY-) ýC, 9 40 EL %.T Sj 7OW1J'ý I I. Z7? 40 2:21f Zzee2-n, - ýj,3 A0 40 67 toil A'm"-w Ný N1 0 159 % (51 - - -v 0;710_716 -40 40 40 10 -,'F ZZ rz eez I; ýe 40 I iý )4w ýIzl i -LL71 -eo CFO + A r-a7l. 47 leo - I 40 40 A =ZIE 40 40 40 C;Fo oe Ar, JY02'e a/ 7.9-,bO 40 *OezoýZ71127-z.40 4-0 1 120 90 4ýj AM C90 f7Zý - 40 90 40 bzý 40 )21 40 oil 00 ez lkrq z 'Cok-127 z.9C6 00 OY"t77Z k, ---IN Ir ram 411 4 -.- -or, i mdýr.2 ",tee V12.40. i. I-FAIII-E --4 CA'qvznerý lloýr 41--10 7FZ ý-P. 74rz7z. sknz4lý, -00 at Acou loe 47 -Ar lyzz,972 -130 i I - S" a X27?-,567ZOaS- - f 90 --JL I -4, Al f4f -B,ký --w '"l-I TIVY? Title: Map of Fremont Township 11 N 2 E Keywords: Jas. Donoghue; Thos. Turner; Jas. Yule; Michael Spurbeck; Jane Donoghue; Ray Perry; Daniel Large; Louis Rabbish; Michael Spurbeck; R.F.D.; Albert Cooper; H.R. Erskine; Geo. Wilkins; Zach Loranger; John O'Hara; Jas. Jordan; Richard Erskine; Peter Lacey; Fred. A. Parsons; Andrew Durham; Aug. Hatske; State Land; Albert Hatske; Michael Baker; Jacob Maier; Geo. W. Rummel; G.B. Irish; Frank Hatske; Fred. Beyersdorf; Orma Bradford; McColloch Est.; K. McCulloch; Chas. Bork; Leonard Seiferlein; Julius Annaman; R.F.D.; Chas. A. Andrus; Mrs. Chas. L. Little; School; W.J. Little; K. McCullough; Church; Chas. Jeschke; Chas. W. Pretzer; Aug. W. Jeschke; Carl H. Bethke; Fred. Goodman; Emil Bethke; Chas. Jeschke; Henry Witt; W.J. Little; Aug. Witt; Frank Lawence Est.; Mrs. Geo. Hoffman; Michael Schetzer; Mrs. Geo. Hoffman; School; Gus. Butler; Adam Hoffman; Mich'l. Schetzer; Wolf Hoffman; Chas. Page; John Day; Thos. Graham; Orr; Thos. McCullough; John McMahon; Frank Siler; Frank Filipiak; Lewis Wagner; John Tieben; Amos Turban; R.F.D.; Ben Burns; Louis Rabbish; Mrs. Levi Short; John Hoven; Edw. Estep; Jay Whitney; Aaron Whitmore; School; Paul Plamp; Zed. Rust; W.P. Devereaux; School; Jacob Maier; Wm. Maier; Frank Filipiak; Wm. Pufhal; Lawrence Collier; W.J. Turner; Wm. Pufhal; Julius Hatzke; R.F.D.; Geo. Popp; Jacob Maier; Jas. Cusick; Adam Guetler; Michael Amman; Chas. Goodman; Richard Plaup; Fred. Wegner; A.J. Short; J.H. Alderton; Steve Hauman; J.E. Markle; Res.; F. Zakurewski; Louie Baulter; Chas Fox; Emil Bethke; Chas Page; Chas. Nieman; Chas. Emrott; Steve Hauman; Lewis M. Lickley; Geo. Whitmore; Chas. Putrow; Arthur L. Simkins; Alex Bell; Geo. Day; Mrs. E. Braithwait; Geo. Vanderheyden; Daniel Vanderheyden; Fred Schmidt; Dan. Streeter; Richards Bros.; R.F.D.; R.W. Doyle; A.D. Slick; Chas. Jeschke; Fred. Pringle; Fred Erskine; Martin Meyers; W.D. Abbot Est.; Enos. La Marsh; Nelson Collier; D.J. McInnis; Wm. Smith; Thos. Burns; Adolf Kreager; Jos. Ossinski; Luella Collier; Paul Plamp; Nelson Collier; Lawrence Collier; F.A. Short; Theo. Hoffman; Julius Slodowski; Nelson Short; Wolf Creek Drain; Henry Otter; Jos. Lewis; David Bonnell; Wm. J. Turner; Res.; John M. Graham; Thos. Turner; Jacob Schultheiss; Carl Yahn; Short; Amasa Short; David Bonnell; Fred. Reynolds; Maggie Lake; V. Bullock; R.F.D.; John Graham; John Masterton; Wm. Masterton; Mrs. E. Pettis; Rob't. Pell; Chas. Fox; F. Fox; Alex McKeage; Jacob Graham; Jas. Graham; Jas. Russell; R.F.D.; R.F.D.; Res.; Nellie West; Eliza Nechlulein; John Fagan; M. Bachschmidt; F. Schmidt; Eliza Wright Est.; Fred. Fox; Dan'l Streeter; Emory Butler; Jas. Van Wormer; Chris. Miller; R.F.D.; Res.; Wm. Morgan; John Gardner Est.; E.D. McCormick; E.H. Winchell; John Earle; Malcolm McDonald; Thos. M. Burns; Dan O'Hanley; Louis Hendricks; Dan McKay; Wm. Butzin; Peter McInnis; Malcolm McDonald; John McCormick; Geo. Doran; John Otter; J. & C. Lake; Everett Lewis; C. Babcock Est.; Louis Sheets Est; F.G. Pretzer; Ed. Hodgens; Church; E.H. Winchell; Geo. Walker; E.S. Winchell; Church; Lee & Cady; Nelson; Gus. Smith; Carrie Graham; Jas. McKeage; School; Samuel Graham; Remi Sablain; John Andrews; E.S. Winchell; Beaver Creek; Wm. Trippensee; R.F.D.; J.C. McDondald; Jos. Zelinko; Woodes Duppee; Mark Graham; W.W. Cross H Store; John Schwartz; Mattie Collisi; J.S. Graham; Jos. Sheltraw; E.M. Collier; E.H. Phinney; Henry Griese; Arthur Bradford; John Sheltraw; Geo. W. Reynolds; Rob't Hilton; Louis Tiedt; Ella Schwartz; F. Fox; M. Bachschmidt; Geo. Hofacer; W.B. Bradley, Est; E. Schaupp; R. Maleski; John Wood; Fred Spaethe; Albert Trarpous; John Hagerman; Jacob Schoupp; E.D. McCormick; Alex Collier; John Gardner Est.; Alex. Collier; R.H. Clapsadle; A. Clapsadle; Alex. McDonald; John Thompson; David Passon; L. McDonald; Herman Rittenour; School; Floyd Ballard; Dan McKay; Lawrence Collier; Alex McPhee; D.A. McCormick; Fred Teichert; Dan Steele; Hugh McDonald; J.A. McPhee; Jas. Eves; Hugh McDonald; A. Palmer; F.W. Nankert; Geo. Brady; Mrs. Nellie West; Town Hall; John Brady; Edgar Whaley; S.W. Whaley; W.G. Guilford Jr.; W.G. Guilford Sr.; M.J. Dillon; John & Peter Jansen; Peter Mittle; Miles Van Luren; Geo. Reynolds; Harry Guilford; E.V. Parsons; Wm. Kickbush; Alex McIntyre; Wm. G. Guilford; C.G. Fowler; Wesley Crook; Jos. Zelinko; W.S. Reynolds; John Sheltraw; John Griese; Evila Voyer; Wm. Wagner; Sam'l. Andrews; Wesley Croor; Mrs. G. Schuyler; Edmund Voyer; Viva Voyer; J. Lytle; John Lockwood; John Howard; David Bonnell; Mrs. Geo. Corey; R. Maliski; Henry Falkenburg; W. Weiler; W.B. Bradley Est.; Wm. Falkenburg; A. & L. Andrews; Frank Yancer; Van Agner; D.A. McCormick; D. McCormick; D.M. McDonald; D.H. McDonald; Malcom McInnis; Harry Hoy; Angus McPhee; Norman Morrison; Daniel Kennedy; Eagle Cr.; Dan Steele; Albert Haven; Angus McDonald; John McPhee; Michael Morrison; Angus McIntyre; John Loder Est.; John Aylward; John A. McLellan; Daniel Steele; Hugh McCormick; Thos. Hughes; Steele Drain; Claude Allen; Mrs. Delia Whitman; E.A. Whitney; John McIntyre; Rory McIntyre; Mrs. Wm. Smith; Res. Joe Tomko; Percy Simons; John Sheets; Geo. H. Harmon; Austin Simons; Joe DeRosier; Wm. Simons; R.F.D.; J.B. Tucker; E.E. Tucker; Jennie Doty; Mrs. Wm Smith; A. Braithwaite; J.S. Dockwood; L. Dougherty; Lloyd Dougherty; Hannah Green; Fred Whitney; Arthur Whitney; Mark Allen; M. Allen; Harry Turner; F Sweatland; Mrs. F.M. Clough; Swantout; Ignacy Mendyk; Chas. Cadwell; Jas. E. Shaw; Mrs. R. Dougherty; Lois Krinik; Roy Mitte; Wm. Barber; Wm. Wheatley; John Murphy; Richland Twp.; Lakefield Twp.; Brant Twp.; Swan Creek Twp. Note:

Page  50 F -I - i I Scae2Iiche1to5mil Sari of w'wnship /f Diortk, 2anyeJ Casto eSfeia le 41 Pet~er Oz~ztc '1 ilWnz'w 007117 A/'JZ72) Bi/r 07AR 40- P0 0 go__ chz ce- 'Vc rn 727czztexe-oceno ten 7nr7"(,,%'2 CA7 J9~Ou #1 00-01 a JrTX Sec. ZZ760 red2 %a_ 7?.LYst Q OO)>I 4 X7t7 Q)t(r) ()O 2 s z~0` FCtQOOcd-OttNJ brf.Yý I pJ1tn 41~ id/an.A e cron OF 0_ 192 WPM Vt o, ozr 41t cc lctd 6m7 2f 7in9/v TI Ard-C ___6?27 ___ no 0:Z-70 C) 19, 10 8 e17?z(c/oS. eVSQ K K $jc 9nr ape X for/n // IJI<8~ ~ yA3an He izts~L7i20CE. &7- C ~4(S 2r6oej"P29941 fcc? J~tS_ _ __ __ __ ~ f/ z fl q, 80 Sr y b/)'Pa' tioo//KmzFe[rakK 5, (J). ~ 1 -Irate __ $/ tA/r/ C I &~ t~cc fct crc~470 40 ý 48 /eels &J/E773r 0Z 9 01?5 '07 5*27 <Pic AtI lirc erp.! CA a7,!( - ~JSn2l~r 40 C ~otl 60 &60 relw5 e 80 11 ' ro /7945 (f0t -4 * * F t 170 CF e, 17 0,n-I.Tf VP 1 4 (2ý 49 b. * ý4p -k - ri Title: Map of Swan Creek Township 11 N 3 E Keywords: Chas. Ballien; Peter Hanysak; Onten Backer; Fred P. Eib; Thos. Bell; Reinhold Jungnitsch; Mike Schezer; Fred Kutzbach; Mike Schezer; Wm. Jungnitsch; Thos. McCullough; R. Alderton; Jacob Hoffman; William's Cr. Drain; Wm. Orr; Karl Feuerlein; Roger McLean; Peter Hanysak; P. Neuminger; Mary Hammer; Rudolph Hinstermeister; Henry Otto; Israel Wood; Theo. Butler; Andrew Gaertner; Ernest Butler; F. Jackson; Pine Forest Farm; Fred Nehmer; Joseph Kavenaugh; Ernst Jocken; Wm. Nehmer; Fred Nehmer; Henry Otto; Henry Dwenger; Fred Miller; John Wegner; Lone Pine Farm; Wm. Root; Louis Schramke; Theo. Deitrich; John Dietrich; J.G. McKnight; Benno Kretz; Swan Creek P.O.; J.W. Cross; Geo. Hoffman; Geo. Vanderhayden; Geo. Miller; Maud LaGrow; John Hauman; Geo. Hauman; Wm. Graham; E. Trim; John Hauman; Richards Bros.; E. Trim Jr.; D.E. Trim; R.F.D.; Ed. Jungnitsch; A.T. Sanderson; Geo. J. Cavanaugh; Geo. Fox; Josh Kemske; E. Hodges; Peter E. Lonsway & Son; Lewis Beutler; John Clement; J.W. Jackson; Fred Lonsway; Peter Lonsway; W. Becker; P. Lonsway; Wendel Becker; State Land; Jos. Peikert; Lois Lackie; Thos McLure; Maggie McClure; John Spencer; Wm. Lackie; School; Chas. Bankert; A.F.; Mrs. Bankert; Mike Bankert; Jos. Barber; Swan Creek; J.D. Anderson; Leo. Bankert; Richards Bros.; Melvin Graven; D.H. Criswell; Warren Cross; Archie B. Cross; Henry Fox; Res. F.W. Pape; Henry Pape; Hugh Trumbel; Geo. Stout; Thos. Johnson; C.J. Graves; Wm. Stetlow; Chris Beutler; C. Beutler; Jos. Dengler; Henry Fuchs; Jos. Fox; J. Patterson; Chas. Spencer; Otto Kolschowsky; John Spencer; Church; A.S. Albricht; Curtis Ferman; Thos. McLure; W.E. Hasse; F.A. Crosby; H. Caster; Lonzo Broughton; Henry Fuchs; Geo. Fuchs; Wendel Becker; O.H. Kolschowski; C. Perlinger; Fred Blaine; Ann Gardner; H.B. Allen; W.E. Hass; J.D. Anderson; F. Haney; A.S. Albricht; W.E. Root; Jas. O Haney; Geo. Emmett; John Deitrich; John Stolz; R.F.D.; John Wahl; Wm. H. Adams; E.W. Crass; C.J. Miller; Res. Wm. Miller; Cem.; Isrial Buroughf; H.B. Allen; Brem Second; H.B. Allen; A.A. Eirman; Garfield; J. Peters; John Wahl Sr.; School; Wm. Caster; Geo. Touch; Viola Adams; V. McKenna; Aug. Jurgens; Anton Kubik; John Eckert; Casper Rowinsinske; A.W. Johnson; Isrial Baroughf; Marsh Creek Drain; Wm. Peters; C.T. Myers Jr.; Parker Est; Burton Teff; John Wall; Wm. Wall; E. Broughton; A. Jurgens; P. Hood; Huselkus; H.B. Allen; I. Kaufman; Sanford Est; C.J. Miller; Griggs Est; Geo. Bradley; F. Jackson; Nelson Broughton; Minnie Stienrod; E.W. Parsons; King & McKeighen; Montello Cramton; S.M. Taylor; Mike Loebner; Fred Barkholtz; Mrs. Francis Parsons; Jos. Hare; Hare Bros.; Orlie Van Wormer; Jos. Bily; Jos. Zaruba; F. Allen; J. Piller; Mrs Francis Parsons; M.S. Prior; Jas. Skeels; C.J. Miller; Mrs. F. Parsons; Hare Bros.; John & Albert Wahl; P. Van Wormer; Gage Coal Co.; Mertz Bros; Ernst Jocken; Paul Szpeck; W.A. Spencer; Mrs. King; Benj G. Appleby; Beaver Cr.; Simms Est.; R.F.D.; E.V. Parsons; E.F. Wells; Gage Coal Co.; Able Simmon; Chas. Jones; Joe Smega; Thos Wind; Michigan Central R.R.; Anthony V. Brink; Gage Coal Co; Mrs. Francis Parsons; Paul Szpeck; M.A. Wetmore; Ernst Jocken; Chesaning State Bank; Gage Coal Co.; P. Brethware; Ernst Jocken; Mrs. S. Hanchett; L.B. Sherreff; E. Jocken; Bad River; D. Dempsey; Union Abstract Co.; V.L. Parson; J.E. English; Jared Freeman; Shiawassee River; Thomas Twp.; Fremont Twp.; St. Charles Twp.; James Twp. Note:

Page  51 'e-olo f.4qfAl JAMES * Gi 51 1s T0UW N5MHIHP Scale 2 inches to I mite SPari of iJownship f1 XoZrth, Range 3 Scisi'and Sari of t/ownshi~ps 11 and Y12 S"orMh, Range4 a of the XJichigan SWeridian fý H I, I; K.4 WOMA-S L 6k) 0 ctaI, ' -1 sO 40e s L lbs. s~ja.olo g27ZJzroe7cZ.C. K.crri I r52 c' ý60 Carl 74.4 - 60 0010 ~;:s CYa?4Coal Co. }W.Blower.-30c6e so 04 3. 41 fý AtF -.41 -Y tndrecc fazzsor 40 A 40 40 i.-.. I. -. I I i I L.. i t-C I.. 4 - - - --i P >ZAV Jz.'ýo 7rýccz( K N 7~.snE* cii Q~~Osatrr -7k-Zls ALM -ýL =W=f 1.1 lei I M -- I I nfzne.rrzo. o acar U go 22i'0. I Zfrcfr 14t Jr &Zower 40 IrcaU U * mEmBE 7-!o Z! ýz a - 7 2. 7 rN I 6 i I A i fZIrr4olupl= 37 r:t II Ca~robPosiT& Doerr~ 2-27 257?. g041 ltc9Y0rs U 'm F-1ml 610 0 14) 'J. t K N U-- "14 a 0 K K A-) in 0 to go C> K3 0 go K 1% AfiiA. OC)"- 400, 39, C90 I Eynror 40 40 N 00 PQ.ýj. 1!F16. if - AA oztz 1ý1 P-n c ýq ýiZ (N) lzze> 29 NO 35 i, 2.5,240 ~NJ a93 I i E' il k i RýNtg, liýi ý i i -, i);W i.!1,1 K N f) to go N> to K -N0 K K 6 K 0 K I> 3. 1 A*(a 3.37 / MC 'C.I I -I I - 42 -Ia cc ntcw r>9 // 1 2 A IN E U 4p lo4s SEC Jr 4 7.9I C2....I 4lO sass Cayezr C To 'C C. [3 S. 4.4 A r y 44 71 -k., I. k, ý 4 -1. * -.1 Ow CSSc 35.S..N...... Co. _ ____ ____ ____ __v_ ____ 36t 64 -5&4* 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 41ij4bý 15< - Ice SItUHARLE5 Title: Map of James Township; Paines 11 N; 11 N; 12 N 3 E; 4 E Keywords: C.N. Watson; Ralph F. Paine; School; Aug. Wagner; Paines; P. M. R. R.; Geo. Newton; E.L. Fayerweather; Isaac Parker; F. Day; Christian Rupp; Tittabawassee River; Geo. Seeley; Church; G. Wenzel; Herman Voelker; Jno. W. Ederer; Geo. Thompson; Martin Schrumke; Jos. Gartner; Michigan Central R.R.; Carl Wittenburg; Mrs. Geo. Benkert; R.F.D.; Jno. Kaufman; Frank Becker; Otto Wenzel; Mrs. Rabbie; M. Sperm; Jas. Shettel; Frank Becker; Banner Coal Co.; N. Blower; Andrew Hanson; Wm Hacker; Stephen Reiger; A.E. Wray; Jno. Crook; Henry Fritz; Jos. Heinrich; Anthony Pabst; L. Hemstead; Louisa Arrowsmith; Earnest Weiland; Anthony Pabst; J.C. Trinklein; K. Raiding; Jos. Van Boseelde; Chas. Spooner; Stephen Reiger; Marshall Reiger; Geo. P. Williams; C. Trinklein; Wm. P. Hart; Orland Day; Sam'l Brilliant; Dan'l Blower; Jno. Stroebel; School; Chas. R. Lincoln; R.F.D.; Jno. Harper; Geo. Stroebel; L.W. Thatoher; Cem; Chas. Priem; Town Hall; Chas. Wopler Est.; J.A. Baumgartner; R.F.D.; Chas. Lincoln; S. Schaaf; Jacob Spitz; Rob't Fitzhugh Est.; P. Wiggins; A.P. Bliss; Frank DeArpentigme; Jno. Kaufman; Lawrence Smith; F. Block; Jno. Krefz Jr.; J.L. Blower; School; Jno. Beck; Caroline Doerr Est.; Theresa Kaufman; Jno. Durso; R.F.D.; J. Hill; H. Blower; Wm. L Yinger; Dan'l Blower; Frank Blower; Jos. Weigl; Church; M. Pabst; Jno. Baszler; N.G.T. Co.; Alb. Blower; R.F.D.; M. Weigl; Jno Byer; Jos. Egerer; C. Bussinger; Josef Bronz; Ed. Blower; Alb. Blower; Arch Blower; Wm. Hart; Peter Ehman; Mich'l Egerer; J.S. Egerer; R.F.D.; Michael Schrem; R.F.D.; Wm. Lincoln; Joy Showbridge; A. Duane Lincoln; M. Becker; Nicholas Willing; T.B. Cresswell; Mrs. Wm Close; A.P. Bliiss; Jno. Diedrich; Wm. Hacker; Jno. Diedrich; Swan Creek; Jos. Egerer Sr.; G.G. Demoseg; Jno. Kaufman Jr.; Geo. Szarta; Jno. Brownhardt; Paul Gullas; Jno. Aldrich; A.C. Spooner; Jno. Kaufman; Jno. Basler; Frank Bolars; m Golden; G. Geisel; Jno Aldrich; T.P. Cresswell; Wm Hart; Shiawassee River; Jno Kaufman Sr.; A.P. Bliss; Mrs. H.B. Sanford; Shiawassee River; Jno. Diedrich; Max Gordon; John Kauffman Sr.; Arthur C. Love; Owosso Sugar Co.; Thomas S. Jermone; Max Gordon; Owosso Sugar Co.; Thomas Twp.; Saginaw Twp.; Swan Creek Twp.; St. Charles Twp.; Spaulding Twp.; J. Walsh; C.N. Watson; Street; D.C.; James Twps.; Evan Thomas; Grover Parks; Fred Milkey; School; Jennie F. Paine Est; Street; James Twp.; Aug. Schultz; Line Between Thomas & James Twps.; Street; P. Thomas; Aug. Wenzel; Frank Parks; Chas. Hatzeke; Jennie F. Paine Est.; Aug. Wagner; Pere Marquette R.R.; E. Rockwell; Geo. Newton; E.F. Note:

Page  52 e'l 1!1, el - n A r% - P5 A c%-?3 A 52D 411 L-S A L I 'C 0 I 'C TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP Scale 2 inches to I mile . A Soart of J'ownship 11 Dt4"o'rth, Range 4 Sos! of the 5K/oh igon Sterid/on i; I I i 9; Z9 Z'F 4z/ ~rzz 410S 1401fi. Q zCff Jc zf CarZ, 7 If~i ocKY~iwIN &ZZ oZ,./W 04 z LY zr5 ~tP}%0 c~- 6.sXaL 6j7e S 2]*JLK z z i/O ~tc ___ 163' <a ct i~ ~or ftc/c rfCC?.- iato czrta~z2 a~ C r~lt 7e9t 4 - _lrOK? SQ 5'crnU)loboK 4t$te2. /0L 9 Y1D ~ rae Crs cd k /e %ecc /7i fu /v'ý ~ ~I m~hy~ ~'~ toT-6.O <ft.oT /I /4%7 yc? c N J-9 97 Of ILI, IM Ili Coa Z'. Z2ýy Co. zzý IMMOM NR _L5 11ý3 ýv 141 20 In op"I,--,I 'cl) -5 1:ý nil OIL -jilt ZZ, SO wo 67 7, g/, Jý rh z lzzz-_ý 6 ol ý3 N N-A Ad A20 lvý Y&zzz QjA -"Iýj cz-zlilnowlsla a-- CAaS M /I ZZ 6 20.9ec720-9.- /40oN 59 0 fi~i' i\j C/s. eee Z t 1 /1Y63 I1 a. F- -i--.~-~ 13 6?~rcJY0 fftC) Ci ~92/ f)CtSSW ~ ~* ~z~ 9 13J62 K 1 e -3 1 -,1- ---, "'ý -I I-C-/ I 4z a -)gz 20 -ipazll z "rows f-0 rlzo-5. A*7-. 20] $-0, 71-zz4f -4-, 0 2 Z.. ell, PLO e 410 4 'C 'C 'C 04; cl a4 I 1 I 'C p I I I * 4 * * * 4 4 4 6G * 4 4 1.P *4 -I M".11% Title: Map of Spaulding Township 11 N 4 E Keywords: M. & W.S.; Cass River Coal Co.; Rust Land Co.; John Rose; Libbie Gray; Jewish Cem.; Gus. Grohman; C. Schmaker; C Niederstueat; Jos. A. Doerr; Frank Plumb; Calvery Property; Jos. Fisher; Mary Fisher; Saginaw Realty Co. (Ltd); M. Holmes; John Ashton; School; C. L. Lull; T.B. Cresswell; Consolidated Coal. Co.; Henry Turner Est.; Cass River; W.E. Crane; W.E. Crane & O.J. Sawyer Est.; Ada B. Crane; F. Egloft; Chas. Bird; W.E. Crane; G.L. Burrows; W.E. & L.T. Crane; Saginaw Realty Co (Ltd); C. Schaitberger; John Simon; W. Mowbray Est.; M.J. Kenny; Fred Furstenburg; N. Jersey; W.C. Cornwell; F. Schmaker; Edw. Simon; John Zahner; Mrs. J. Allison; John Whitten; Ferguson Bogue; S.B. Borland; State; F. Green; State; Saginaw River; Henry C. Beck; Fred Burk; Carman & Conklin; Jas. Keenan; Eugene Hess; Geo. S. Lockwood; Ferguson & Bogue; Frank Whitman; Henry Dow; Wm. E. & L.T. Crane; Jas. Keenan; Emory Townsend; Henry Kenning Est.; W.E. Crane; A.A. Burchy; Wm Hahn; F.E. Case & Son; Louis Ditmer; Geo. Raymond; Henry Vollmer; E.E. Martindale; Louisa Dow; C.E. Smith; Alex Swanson; John Gabel; Chris Pagel; Mrs. Mary Allison; Anna Molies; Tom Cresswell; Julius Buzin; John Fredett; Frank Dow; Alex Swanson; Peter Evon; Mrs. Newman; Paul Dow; E.H. Ranous; John Holihan; Chris Pagel; Louis Sunsmith; Edgerton Young; Roy R. Riser; L.P. Bohn; Frank Stinzel; Leonard Fobear; Chris. Pagel; David Young; School; John Fobear; Leonard Fobear; State; John Kaufman; State; Emory Townsend; T.B. Cresswell; Wm. E. & L.T. Crane; T.B. Cresswell; S.W. Holden; T.B. Cresswell; Wm. Pegg; Jas. Patterson; J.W. Fordney; David Templeton Est.; Jas. Keenan; Cornwell Lbr. Co.; Wm. E. Crane; Drain; Geo. Littlejohn; Peter Stine Est.; John Miller; Paul Dow; Frank Young; Frank Stanzel; Anton Bankert; Jas. Keenan; John Illikman; L.E. Pease; Robt. Diedrich; Mrs. J. Allison; A. Procunier; Anton Bankert; R.F.D.; P. Nauman; John Herpel; Jos. Bankert; R.F.D.; Wm Young; Elijah Young; E.E. Martindale; R.F.D.; W.F. Walker; H.W. Clark; C.L. Dollar; Church; Chas. Hill; Geo. Tuckner; J. Duperon; Wm. Shawell; A. Procunier; L.A. Gavit; Frank Cole; Cem.; L. Truckner; H.W. Clark; Josephine Bennet; J.W. Fordney; Arthur Barnhart; John Dederich; T.B. Cresswell; Albert F. Ferrell; W.E. Crane; Geo. Drausky; Fred Bartel; John Schraeder; Pat Est Ryan; John R. Hall; Annie Baker; Jos. Derosier; Albert F. Ferrell; F.S. Atwood; Albert Procunier; F.M. Vantyle; Fred Throop; John Bell; Fred Bremier; Fred Throop; T.B. Cresswell; Paul Smith; J.J. Pattee; Andrew Polaski; Drain; Chas. Hodge; W.A. Brown; John Sladervick; C.W. Bahr; Henry Dow;Ada M Lockwood; Peter Girard; Jeff Girard; David Schafer; G. Hopkins; Wm. Shawl; John Fabula; Walter J. Lamson; Eli Truckner; Paul Fitch; F. Raymond; John Fisher; Archie Munson; G. Hopkins; Wm Gavit; Wm. Young; Chas. Young; Nerreter Bros.; A.T. Young; A.C. Taggett; Frank Cole; O.C. Richard; Henry Bernier; M. Tagget; Jas. Price; Price Sisters; Fred. Bartel; Wm. Bagley; Wm. Harris; Stephen Sas; Paul Husen; Henry M. Schmidt; C.M. Kiencke; Owosso Sugar Co.; J.W. Cranage; Chas. Popp; Popp & Wolf; Flint River; John Leach; Owosso Sugar Co.; John Leach; T.B. Cresswell; Wm. Block; Otto Bremer; Geo. Truckner; Geo. Ferchau; Frank Raymond; L.N. Gavit; Ed. Gardiner; Geo. Weight; Mark McKay; Mr. Kull; J.E. & E. Scheffler; School; Wm. Morrell; Lizzie Mahar; Thos. Mahar; Drain; Fred Bartel; John Mahar; Chas. Lentner Jr.; C. Lentner; Otto Fershaw; Augusta Husen; A.N. Gavit; S.J. Dieter; Fred Bremer; Louis Gross; Thos. Truckner; Wm. Tank; F. Bremer; A. Spera; John Montroy; Matt. Holmes; Mrs. John Gundlock Sr. ; Chris. Westphal Sr.; Jennie Bennett; Kath Fershaw; Sam'l Robey; Kerman Brant; Chas Radewahan; James Twp.; Albee Twp.; Bridgeport Twp. Note:

Page  53 V104, I - t - -1 - F I TOWNS H.1 P zy, 53 UOwnship 01ýrth, Aange 5 4Yast of the iWichigan.914eridian z7orr 'YA VI,5'.7BUE a.4;/J _-klej 4- 1 -1 -1! Ile 0ý0 Po NJ 22 -Zl,;7712?eZ.172 0-/Z 4,4 I k G 4H i. 1 1 449= IMý I Ir Qj k4 u -ýYzz ez 150 ýPq LN I I A N ]III N I I I I: L I III I J"? I O'D ----7- N f 4-- k,.. OCZ2 zx L FA LAA,cARM Aj b-,ý n1l -1 - -a Wil i 1. 41 Ir c Vav - 04 lip 16 1 'PI-Z C.4?0 -Z L IT 20 _71Y ZZZý222-. C7-eC 1Z 66 Jz LL ==---Pl i Z.1-7ZOIZ,5 -7-'A. fZZZ &7Z.. I kr ZZ4 13 12 74' 140. 0. 1 1 Aldr- A. i L. I -,IQ LIM S4 Y7ýý./ Vle /Yer, q 1-,Tohlt. vazp! za i.,)!! Zel ýL, ez. *wa Chas. 20ý 0 ZZ 'q VVY706-mw,t. -7 -JAY th 30 a 7 /0 0 RIvi Ali;EPORT' 19 Qy N Awl 26 Qj N", NIJ NJ.:t - N /I as k\IN - ý "ý, --, I ý I 'I.. - ) I I L 114, I N I - I. I I I I AT a 710 "IRS ',7!ý A r:ýN ý, - ý7 1ciiý -oil ýI Lin lk op TZ LS,6ng ý a -!It -5ý-h ize 2ýz Zcz (f -/Zrl -'5 t- -"'ýO,VZZ C A Zltrlý-Zd- _, -Aý 2 C2 Y, -41 -Ilu I. ý\Nv ý \ý\\A rl or W WA4 IN -A ýc /7- Z- y Jch Z, Iff 2 ýz An00 40 -1Wl4fhz1Af1dJ-I zo Chas. I ý - - -- -. I ý A ý ý- 6ý %It-*74 i -- I I. - zz ý cz s X00 5ý zz ýz i 7411-7-zý 1 -. 2za 44 Ylzlf z r - 4z zzý I A,13vflz. -4fz 00100-- -40 lloj4z -,ýý'Iz 1 FZ-7 w& - -I A v VIE 1 14 ý70 ZZý24 IN eb IL 7124. '40 Ig ý i IV9. IN I I, j IN Ni - 4 -It 72 Cre 0. - -zýa-zzzez-% I I fa hl&ý7,Z el I -5,5 z3v-atýf wo 40Z czý ýredl4y d 4z zzzrf - 2Z 7,- - A r--) -/ L'il c i ý 4ý 40-00 In,5;730 49 I--- IV9 I " --ji ý I AM md!Eý=' '==:ý: === -2.' - ' - ' L=ý4 --- I - ====h 40,oi 'I 2 Frz, T-. ýrý.93 6-/ 70 I Z16 ADI r z 74yzZ In 6 ZZ lPh (f ý7'ý2 1 n /70 -5-5 0 12 -40 Zoe C_ L L' Zý a Z5111 012 ý:Ixs6vz 2V &L-z All' ýj 'ýOr' Zy 40 a.02 ANY 40, A;;W Z 460L 4v 'q Z rzzz 6ý - K/ 7r./7 zz 2a2?z zz 2a LAW 10 "Val- y X:7- jrZ L/Z _/ ýlz 4_0 -37 _410 -Ira Z"""? 1:) '-ý' '- ý'j 4 ZZ, ZZZ 0 X12Z Zf.,CnZ12.f cTelzaý- It, zo fz ""Z 'Is A -:X2 qc I /%,-,z /' 7 It, z N I so A y va zz:Eý'-z Zý z Z'z CQK) 14zz e rz 0/-7 o J L ý00 'ij \3 10 - Z 17 Z' 2, rZ. 4 f f, (ajt TA fO UTH ''ON z 0/.\9 z za r7 ",2a, 5, A Aeo. WA. hýý,haoz R.1.21 O/Z -,ýZozlýz 2W- 4,- J'A, Chas- ýNl r) 7172 cr. M 4z fL c ZZ,7 C;,co. A07. e.;ýj4ZZ ZIIIZ f Q ýN 200 TWP 1ý 3 Title: Map of the World on Mercators Projection Keywords: Manila; Panama; San Francisco; Crown Prince Gustave Sea; Greely Fjord;L. Hazen;Kennedy Channel; Washington Land; Newman B.; Peterson Fjord; Rome;Calcutta;Hong Kong; North Cape; Hinlopen Str.; Massel B.; Seven Is.; North East Land; C. Smith; Alexandri Land; C. Crowther; Melbourne;Franz Josef Land; Zichy Land; Bruyne Sound; Hooker Is.; McClintock Is.; Hall Is.; Salm Is.; Cape Mauritius; Barente Ld; Rechesnoi Is.; Bulf of Yenisei; White Is.; Swerevo; Gulf of Ob; Arctic Ocean; Lonely Is.; Piasina R; Cape Tekelyuskin; Taimur Bay; Byranga Mts.; Paoigaiskoe; Cape Severo or North East Cape; St. Thaddeus Bay; Khatanga Bay; Ust Anabarkoe Olenek; Sakalova; Nordwik Bay; Govriga; Belkova Is.; Nordenskjold Sea; Mouths of the Lena Riv.; Olenek; Olenek R.;Bulun; Karaulakshish Mts.; Barkin; C. Bereinich; Kotelnoi Is.; Borkaya Bay; C.Sinatoi; Manic Is.; Ust Yansk; Bennett Is.; Fadievskoi Is.; Liakoi Islands or New Siberia; C. Medvedshu or Bear Cape; Maloi or Little Is.; Liakoy Is.; Kromskaia B.; Allaika; Kroma R.; Henrietta Is.; New Siberia; Mouths of the Phlligirka R.; Jeannette Is.; C. MedvellC. Chelakhskai; C. Yakan; Herald Is.; Wrangel Is.; Point Barrow; Icy Cape; C. Lisburne; Beaufort Sea; Smith B.; C. Halket; Martin Pt.; Prince patrick Is.; Lands End; C. Prince Albert; Cape Bathurst; Cape Dalhousie; Mackenzie Bay; Glinton Is.; Mc Clure or Banks Str; Banks Land; C. Kellet; Nelson Head; Franklin Bay; Prince Albert Sound; Dolphin & Union Strait; Washington; Parry Islands; Melville I.; Victoria Island; Minto Inlet; Bathurst Is.; Melville Sound; Mc Clintock Ch; Corn Wallis Is.; Devon Island; Barrow Strait; Somerset Is.; Wales Is.; Franklin Str.; Regent Inlet; Boothia; Magnetic Pole; Gulf of Boothia; Ellesmere Island; North Lincoln; Jones Sound; Lancaster Sound; Cockburn Land; Smith Channel; Prudhoeland; Pt. Foulke; C. Parry; Clarence Head; Cobourg Is.; C. York; Baffin Bay; C. Liverpool; Bylot Is.; Ponae Inlet; C. Bowen; C. Adair; Scott Inlet; Hayes Peninsula; Inglefield Gulf; Wolstenhome Sound; Melville Bay; C. Walker; C. Chackleton; Upernavik; Omenuk Fjord; Greenland; (Den.); Scoresby Land; Jameson Land; Edam Land; King William Land; Francis Joseph Fjord; Bontekoe Is.; C. Parry; Davy Sound; Liverpool Is.; Scoresby Sound; C. Brewster;C. Bismarck; Koldeway Is.; Arctic Ocean; Shannon Is.; Greenland Sea; Gael Hamkes Bay; Prince Charles Fobeland; Jam Mayen Is.; Amsterdam Is.; King B.; Bell Sound; Horn Sound; Spitzbergen; Ice Fjord; Wyte Jane Water; North Cape; Hammerfest; Tremsoe; Olga Str.; Barentz Is.; Edge Is.; Thousand Is.; Hope Is.; Tana; King Charles Land; Barents Sea; Vardoehuus; Waranger Fjord; Northbrook Is.; Admiralty Pen.; Matochkin Strait; Goose Bay; Great Ice Cape; Cape Petermann; Nova Zembla; Kara Sea; Kara Strait; C. Fern; Waigatz Is.; Kara B.; Dudinsk; Mura; Obdorsk; Nadym R.; Turukhansk; Surgut; Ob; Russian Empire; Yenisei R.; Taz R.; Kazimsk; Bahtinsk; Siberia; Syverma Mts.; Khatanga R.; Anabara R.; Michaelova; Arctic Circle; Turishshk; Saktiakh; Seganka; Krasnoi; Shigansk; Verkni; Viliuisk; Olekminsk; Lena R.; E. Viliuish; Yakutsk; Taen; Arinskaia; Yana; Verkhalansk; Alakh Yunskaia; Amginskaia; Sredni Kolymsk; Zashiversk; Indigirka R.; Stanovoi Mountains; Tauiskaia; Alazeia R.; Verkhni Kolymsk; Kolyma R.; Ghijiga; Yamsk; Aiun I.; Nijni Kolymsk; Anadir; Anadirskoi; Penjinsk Olutorsk; Takokagin; St. Lawrence Is. (U.S.); C. Navaron; St. Mathew Is. (U.S.); Bering Str.; C. Deshnef; gulf of Anadir; Nome; C. Chukoleks; St. Micheal Is.; C. Romanso; Nelson Is.; Pt. Pope; Kozzebue Sd.; Intikilly; Ft. Morton; Alaska; Norton Sd.; Yukon R.; Kuskoquim R.; Colville; Koukuk R.; Noklukayet; Mt. McKinley;l Anvik; Alaskan Mts.; Kenai; Ft. McPherson; Peavy; Yukon; Circle; Eagle; Mt. Sanford; Mt. Wrangle; Orca; Dominion of Canada; Dawson; Ft. Selkirk; Old Ft. Good Hope; Ft. Norman; Mackenzie R.; Ft. Simpson; Ft. Frances; Ft. Liard; Coromarion G.; Bathurst Inlet; Great Bear Lake; L. Providence; Aytmer L.; Ft. Rae; Great Slave Lake; Ft. Resolution; Victoria Strait; L. Gary; L. Pelly; Clinton Golden L.; Doobaunt L.; Island L.; Ellio B.; Ft. Hope; Wager R.; Chesterfield Inlet; Yathkyed L.; Fisher Strait; Hudson Bay; Melville Pen.; C. Wilson; Fox Channel; Southampton Is.; Mansfield Is.; Mosquito Bay; Baffin Island; L. Kennedy; Fox Ld.; Hudson Str.; C. Wolstenholm; C. Kater; Cumberland; C. Dyer; Cumberland Sound; C. Mercy; Hall Is.; Frobisher B.; Resolution Is.; Ungava Bay; C. Chidley; Diseo B.; Holsteinborg; Davis Strait; Godthaab; Ivigutut: Christianshaab; King Christian Land; Arctic Circle; Lichtenfels; Frederlikshaso; Cape Bille; Cape Discord; Egede Land; Horror B.; Kjoge B.; C. Mostings; Denmark Strait; Knighton B.; Nord C.; Brede Fjord; Iceland (Den.); Faza Fjord; Reykjavik; Langanaes; Birtg /brabcgl Christiansund; Fardet (Den.); Bergen; Shetland; Lofoden Is.; West Fjord; Tronnhiem; Norway; Kolen Mts.; Pitea; umea; of Bothnia;Kerya; Apland; Kniaja; Torbea; Uleaborg; Finland; Kuopro; C. Canin; Kola; Barzuga; White Sea; Kem; Onega; Ladoga; L. Onega; Viborg; St. Petersburg; Kolgeuv Is.; Gulf of tehsskata; Mezen; Mezen R.; Archangel; Dwina R.; Petchora B.; Pustosensk; Petchora R.; Berezof; Ural Mts; Obdorsk; Ob R.; Tebolsk; Asia; Omsk; Petropaulovs; Ishim r.; Amolinsk; Semipalatinsk; Mt Bieluknd; Narim; Yeniseisk; Tomsk; Dzindzilik; Angara R.; Krasnoiarsk; Saiansk Mts.; irkutskLena; Kirensk; Bratskoi; Baikal Mts.;Vitimsk; Vitim R.; Lake Baikal; Nertchinsk; Chita; Onon R.; Manchuria; Olekma R.; Aldan r.; Vablono Mts.; Amur r.; Biagovestchensk; Okhotsk; Nelkan; Port Aiane; Shantarski Is.; Nikolaievsk; Sea of Okhotsk; C. Elizabeth; Bolsherefsk; Langri; Saghalien Island; G. of Ghijinsk; G. of Penjinsk; Tigilsk; Kamchatka; Cape Lopatka; Koorils Straight; Paramushir Is.; Karaginski Is.; C. Ozernoi; Nijni Kamchatka; Kiocheffskata Vol.; Bearing Is (Rus.); G. of Kronotski; Petropaviovsk;Bering Sea; Copper Is. (Rus.); Current; near Is.; Rat Is.; Aleutian Islands (U.S.); Univak Is.; Kuskoguin B.; Brisilof Is. (U.s.); Unimak Is.; Unalaska Is.; Andreanof Is.;C. Nevenisam; Bristol B. Alaska Pen; Dutch Harbor; Umak Is.; Ft. Alexander; Afognak Is.; Kodiak Is.; Trinity Is.; shugamin Is.;Yakuta; Gulf of alaska; Chichagof Is.; batanof Is.; Pr. Of Wales Is.; Dixon Entrance; Queen Charlotte Is.; Dyea; Juneau; Ft. Wrangel; Sitka; Jackson; Vancouver Is.; Hodale Sir; Laird; Ft. Halkett; Prince rupert; Fraser R.; Cascade Range; Vancouver; Ft. Vermillion; Reindeer L.; Donyegen; North America; Rocky Mts.; Edmonton; Battleford; Calgary; L. Athabasca; Fort Churchill; York Factory; Churchill; Dr. Albert; Winnipegosis L.; Regina; C. Churchill; Port Nelson; c. tatnam; Indian; Ft. Severn; L. Winnipeg; Winnipeg L.; D. Portland; James Bay; Ft. Albany; Moose Ft.; Ft. chimo; Clearwater L.; Big East Main; Fort George; Labrador; Rams; Hebron; Nain; South; L. Melville; Mingan; Anticos; Julians Laab; Hamilton Inlet; C. Charles; Belle Is.; Cape Bauld; Newfoundland; Cape Farewell; North Atlantic Ocean: British Isles; Hebrides; Belfast; Ireland; Orkney; Stavanger; North; Scotland; E. Londernaes; Glasgow; Dundee; Edinburg; Newcastle; Leeds; Hull; Liverpool; Dublin; England; Cor; London; Portsmouth; Brussels; Christiunia; Skager; Denmark; Copenhagen; Hambrug; Netherlands; The Hague; Leipete; Belgium; Frankfort; Gefle; Sweden; Stockholm; Gottenborg; Cottage; Bail; Danzig; Berlin; Warsaw; Germany; Dresden; Breslau; Prague; Lamberg; Europe; Russian Empire; Kovnl; Riga; Konigsberg; Vilna; Dnieper; Russia; Novgorod; Vologda; Volua r.; Moscow; Kaluga; Kursk; Kier; Viatka; nijniNovogorod; Kazan; Simbirsk; Saratof;Perm; Ekaterinburg; Petropaulovsk; Ufa; mt Clreme; Orenburg; To Stadivostork; Tobol R.; Iokim R.; Orsk; Asia; Balkash Lake; Choo R.; Turkestan; Tashkend; Sergiopol; Khokar; Mt. Kaufman; East Turkestan; Kuldja; Chinese Empire; Aksu; Jungaria; Uhassutai; Barku; Pichan; Shashau; Selengo R.; Urga; Mongolia; Ala Shan Mts; Tsitsikar; Mukden; Pekin; Kailer; Mergen; Ningouta; Kirin; Pt. Arthur; Jap.; Amur R.; Khabaroyka; G. of Tartary; LaPerouse Strait; Vladivostok; Sapporo; Pukuyama; Japan Sea; Patience B.; Urup Is.; Iturop Is.; Yezo; Kuril Is.; Kunashiri Is.; Hakodate; Aomari; Paramushir Is.; (To Japan); North Pacific Ocean; California Current; Vancouver Is.; Grays Harbor; C. Mendomina; Victoria; Seattle; Bremerton; Aberdeen; Tacoma; Astoria; Olympia; Portland; Salem; Coos Bay; Marshfield; Eureka; Salt Lake City; America; Spokane; Helena; Butte; Snake; Boise; Great Salt L.; Logan; Ogden; Leadville; Manitoba L.; L. Of the Woods; Missouri R.; Deadwood; Sioux City; Laramie; Des Moines; Omaha; Cheyenne; Denver; Winnipeg; Pt. Arthur; Bismarck; L. Superior; Duluth; Minneapolis; St. Paul; Pierre; Madison; Milwaukee; Chicago; Peoria; Indianapolis; Lincoln; Springfield; L. Nepigon; L. Huron; Ottawa; Kingston; Toronto; L. Mich.; Grand Rapids; Detroit; Toled; L. Erie; Cleveland; Pittburg; Cincinnati; Baltimore; Quebec; St. Lawrence; Montreal; Portland; Concord; Albany; Buffalo; Boston; Providence; Hartford; Newport; Trenton; New York; Long Island; Philadelphia; G. of St. Lawrence; Augusta; Pundy B.; Halifax; C. Sable; St. John; C. Race; C. Breton Is.; Nova Scotia; Sable Is.; Atlantic Ocean; St. George's Channel; English Channel; C. Marleterre; Onorto; Orleans; Tours; Nantes; Bay of Bordeaux; France; Toulouse; Andorha; Saragossa; Spain; Biscalf; Paris; Strassburg; Europe; Germany; Switzerland; Bern; Milan; Genoa; Monaco; Marseilles; Toule; Legborn; Corsica; Sardinia; Balearic Is.; Munich; Austria; Vienna; Venko; Budapest; Hungary; Trieste; Belgrade; Saraleyo; Monte Legro; Rome; Naples; Italy; Albania; Berditchef; Jassy; Rouman; Servia; Bulgaria; Bukharest; Sofia; Black Sea; Constantinople; Turkey; Brusa; Kaharkof; Taganrog; Odessa; Astrakhan; Caucasus Mts.; Stavropol; Erzerum; Volga R.; Caspian Sea; Batum; Taflis; Trebezond; Ural R.; Turgai; Siberia; Guriev; Aral Sea; Kungrad; Khiva; Krasnovoosk; Kasaliusk; Sir Daria R.; Amu Daria R.; Asia; Tashkend; Bokhars; Bokhara; Faizabad; Afghanistan; Kashgar; Serinogen; Kabui; Lahore; Simlo; Himalaya Mts; Khotan; Nan Shan Mts; Tibet; Mt. Everest; Vulln; Yenngan; Ning; Singanfu; China; Tientsin; Taiyuan; G. of Peckin; Yellow R.; Tsina; Kaifong; Hankau; Nankin; Seoul; Weihalwai; B.R.; Kiaochau; Yellow Sea; Korea; Nagasaki; Shanghai; Koron St.; Sado Is.; Toyama; Kyoto; Hondo; Yokohama; Osaka; Shikoku; Kyushu Is.; Japan; Tokyo; Japanese Current; North Pacific Drift Current; Mare Id. Navy Wd.; San Francisco; Sacramento; Oakland; Monterey Bay; Port San Luis; Pt. Conception; San Diego; United States; Reno; Pioche; Fresno; Durango; Monterey; Santa Fe; Los Angeles; Phoenix; Lower California; B. of California; Pueblo; Trinidad; Oklahoma Cy.; Albuquerque; El Paso; Mexico; Austin; San Antonio; Kansas Cy.; St. Louis; Wichita; Chattanooga; Memphis; Dallas; Red R.; Jackson; Montgomery; Houston; Baton Rouge; Louisville; Richmond; Nashville; Norfolk; Raleigh; Columbia; Augusta; Atlanta; Mobile; Savannah; Pensacola; Jacksonville; Delaware Bay; Washington; Chesapeake Bay; C. Matteras; Wilmington; Charleston; Gulf Stream; Flores; Azores Is (Por); Terceira Is.; S. Miguel; S. Marie; Madeira Is (Por); Canary Is (Sp.); Lisben; C. St. Vincent; Gibralter; Tangier; El Arish; Mekinez; Magador; Madrid; Portugal; Seville; Str. Of Gibralter; Fez; Oran; Morocco; Morocco; Tatta; Mediterranean Sea; Algiers; Tunis; Algeria; (Fr.); Wargla; Palermo; Greece; Messina; Sicily (BR.); Candia Ty.; G. of Cabes; G. of Sidia; Tripoli; Ghadames; Smyrna; Adaila; Athens; Cyprus Is. (BR.); Alexandria; Benghazi; Cairo; Angora; Konieh; Aleppo; Tripoli; Damascus; Beirut; Yafa; Jerusalem; Pt. Said; Gana; ArabiaTabreez; Mush; Rasht; Sehna; Bagdad; Persia; Basra; Askabad; Meshod; Teheran; Khaf; Kashan; Ispahan; Yezd; Neh; Shiraz; Kaddabar; Merv; Kabul; Heart; Afghan; Istan; Kela; Bela; Indus R.; Haidarabad (British); Delhi; Agra; Khatmando; Ganges R.; India; Baroda; Nagpore; Daman; Lassa; Nepal; Patna; Calcutta; Punakha; Bhutan; Bhamo; Chittagong; Mandalay; Yang-tser Kiang R.; Chingtu; Changsha; Quelyang; Queling; Yunnan; Canton; Macao (Por.); Tonkin; French; Wuchang; Nanchang; Fuchau; Amoy; Formosa Strait; Hong Kong (Br.); Kwanchauwan (Fr.); Formosa (Jap.); Ryukyu Is. (Jap.); Vocano Is.; Bonin Is. (Jap.); Tropic of Cancer; Marcus Is.; Los Jardines Is.; U.S.; Midway Is.; Cure Is.; Lisansky Is.; Laysan Is.; Gardner Is.; Birds Is.; Honolulu; Pear Harbor; Kauai Is.; Oahu Is.; Maui Is.; Hawaii (U.S.); Sandwich Is.; Guadalupe Is.; Pt. Eugenia; Magdalena Bay; La Paz; C. San Incas; Las Tres Manias Is.; C. Carriente; Hermostilo; Chihuahua; Galveston; Guaymas; Saltillo; Mazatlan; Monterey; Tula; San Blas; New Orleans; Gulf of Mexico; Matendoros; Tampico; G. of Campeache; Merida; Veracruz; Coatzacoalcos; Tampa; St. Augustine; Cape Sable; Key West; Havana; Andres Is.; Cuba; Eikos Is. (U.S.); Greater Antilles; Campeache; Palm Beach; Gr. Afaco Is.; Eleuthera Is.; Bahama Br.; Watlings Is.; Islands Br.; Crooked Is.; Mariguana Is.; Gt. Inagua Is.; Long Is.; Port au Prince; Santo Domingo; West Indies; Tropic of Cancer; North Equatorial Current; Palma Ferro; Cape Blanco; Teneriffe; Rio De Oro (Sp.); Wadan; Insalah; El Abbas; Lemur; Sahara Desert; Arawan; El Golea; Rhat; Tripoli; Munzuk; Tao; Siout; Egypt; Esneh; Assorian; Korosko; Nile R.; New Dongola; Suez; Red Sea; Medina; Yembo; Suakin; Leina; Hail; El Holuf; Persian Gulf; Riad; Mekka; Bushire; Bam; Lar; Jask; G. of Oman; Oman; Maskat; C. Elhadd; Hosemol Is.; Kelat; Baluch; Istan; India; Arabian Sea; Ganjam; Yanoan; Bombay; Haidarabad; Masulipatam; New Goa; Mabe; Bay of Bengal; Madras; Pucucheri; Karikal; Andaman Is.; Bangoon; Bangkok; Mergui; Maiay Pen.; Kiangmai; Indo China; Hue; Siam; Gulf of Siam; Saigon; Kiungchau; Hainan Is.; Manila; China Sea; Mindoro; Palawan Is.; Panay; Apari; Luzon; Philippine Islands (U.S.); Samari; Ladrone Islands (Ger.); Saypan; Guam (U.S.); Egoi Is.; North Equatorial Current; Wake Is. (U.S.); Hawaii Is.; Revhiagigedo Is.; Socorro Is.; Manzanillo; Mexico; Acapulco; Salina Cruz; Central America; Coatzacoalcos; Guatemala; Guatemala; San Salvador; Salvador; Blanagua; Cozumel Is.; Beliz; Jamaica; Br. Honduras; Kingston; Honduras; Teguelgalpa; Nicaragua; Cartagena; San Jose; Colon; Haiti; Caribbean Sea; G. of Maracaibo; Santo Domingo; San Juan; Porto Rico; S. Croix (Br.); Anguilla (Br.); Barbuda (Br.); Antigua; Guadeloupe (Fr.); Dominica (Fr.); Martinique (Fr.); S. Lucia (Br.); Lesser Antilles; Cabello; Grenada (Br.); Trinidad (Br.); Caracas; Barbados (Br.); Cape Verde Island (Por.); Cape Verda; Gambrea (Br.); Bathore; St. Louis; Medina; Guinea (Fr.); Guinea; French Sudan; Timbuktu; Africa; Sudan; Nigar R.; Segu Sikoro; Agades; Warno; Gando; L. Tchad; Norther Nigeria; Yakoba (Br.); El Fasher; Massenia; Anglo Egyptian; Kbartum; Fashoda; Berber; IT.; El Obeid; Eritrea; Jibnti; Adis; Coomfidah; Suna; Aden; G. of Aden; Makallon; Somaliland (Br.); Khorys Morys (Br.); Kana Bay (Br.); Socotra Is.; C. Guardajul; C. Comorin; Colombo; Maldive Is.; (Br.); Ceylon (Br.); Nicobar Is.; Acheon; (D) Hog Is.; (D) Pulo Nias Is.; Sungora; Str. Of Malarot; Sumatra; C. Cambodia; G. Natunts; Brunei; Malacca; Kuching; Singapore; (Dutch); Jolo Sea; Elopura; Bornec (Br.); Sarawak (Dutch); Celebes Sea; Mindanoa; Mindanao; Mulucco Pass; Gilolo Is.; Pelew Is.; Carolina Islands (Ger.); Melanesia; Greenwich Is. (Ger.); Ponapi Is.; Micronesia; Kusaiev Is.; Marshall Is. (Ger.); Equitorial Counter Current; Howland Is. U.; Palmyra Is. (Br.); Washington Is. (Br.); Fanning Is. (Br.); Christmas Is. (Br.); Galapagos Is.; Costa Rica; Panama Canal; Gulf of Panama; Tolmia Vol.; Choco Bay; Maracaibo; Venezuela; Bogota; Colombia; Popayan; Orinoco; S. Fernando; Maroa; Georgetown; Paramaribo; Careone; Guiana; C. Orange; Villa Nova; Mouth of the Amazon River; Taraucas; Guinea Current; South Equitorial Current; Freetown (Br.); Sierra Leone; Monrovia; Guinea; Liberia; Kon; Ashanti (Br.); Ahkra; (Ger.); Whydah; Togo; Dahomery Fr.; Lagos; Lagos (Br.); Asaba; S. Nigeria (Br.); Kamerun; (Sp.); (Ger.); Kamerun; Mobangi R.; Congo R.; Sobai; Wadelai; Stanley Falls; Nile R.; Abeba; Berbera; Abyssinia; Ladoi; Br. East Africa; Rudolf L.; Somali; Obbis; Mukhdisho; Brava; Indian Counter; Chagos Is. (Br.); (D) Batu Is.; (D) Siriu Is.; Bencollen; Sunda Islands; Sunda St. (Dutch); Banka Is.; Java Sea; Batavia; Java; Borneo; Pasir; Celebes (Dutch); Macassar; Floris Sea; Ceram Is.; Boerol Is. (D); Banda Sea; Flores Is. (Port.); Fred Henry Is.; New Guinea; Aroe Is. (D); Arafura Sea; Admiralty Is. (Ger.); (Ger); Bismarck Arch; Kaiser Wilh Ld. (Br.); Torres Str.; New Pommern Is. (Br.); New Mecklenburg Is.; (Ger.); Bougainville Is. (Ger.); Choiseul; Ysapel Is. (Ger.); N. Georgia; Guadalganar; Gilbert Is. (Br.); Solomon Islands; Malayta (Br.); S. Christoval; Polynesia; South Equatorial Current; Ellice Is. (Br.); Phoenix Is. Br.; Tokelau Is. (Br.); Equator; Marquesas Is. (Br.); Albemarle (Ecua.); Guayaquil; Lambayaque; Truxillo; Quito; Ecuador; Loja; Raita; Huaraz; Manaos; Amazon Riv.; Purus R.; Madeira R.; South America; Crato; Villa Bella; Obidos; Santarem; Tapajos R.; Carolina; Para Parnahiba; St. Louiz de Maranhae; Ceara; Therezina; Barra; Aracaju; Natal; Feruar; Alagos; Equator; Gulf of Guinea; Ascension Is.; Bingeville; (Por.) Princes Is.; (Por.) St. Thomas Is.; (Sp.) Annobon Is.; C. Lopesh; Banana; Luanda; French Kongo; Equator; Leopoldville; Nyangwe; Roma; S. Salvador; Victoria; Belgian; Hyanza; Kongo; L. Tahora; Tanganyika; Kabango; L. Moore; Witu; Kageky; German; East Africa; Bagamoyo; Kismayu; Mombasa; Remea Is. (Br.); Zanzibar (Br.); Quilou; Aldabra Is.; Seychellis Is. (Br.); Amirante Is. (Br.); Current; To Ma; INDIAN OCEAN; Equatorial Drift; To Oansburg; To Aden; To Aden; To Melbourne; New Amsterdam; St. Paul (Fr.); To Cape Town; South Australian Current; Keriuelendis (Fr.); Neard Is.; McDonald Is. (Fr.); Surahn; To Mauritius; N.W. Cape; Steep Pt.; Northampton; Congarra; Williamsburg; Bunbusy; C. Leeuwon; Sumbawa Is. (Dutch); Sandalwood Is. (Dutch); C. Leveque; Kings Sound; Broome; C. Preston; Roebourne; Western Australia; Carnarvon; AUSTRALIA; L. Barles; Perth; Port Eucla; Great Australian Bight; Albany; Longitude East from Greenwich; Pulmerston; Limor Is. (D); Arajura; Torres Str.; C. York; Somerset; Gulf of Carpentaria; OCEANIA; Cooktown; Normantown; Coral Sea; South; Boula; Bowen; Clermont; Queensland; Eyre L; Warwick; Australia; L. Barrons; Darling R.; New South Wales; Port Augusta; Adelaide; Spencer Gulf; Kingston; Victoria; Kangaroo; Portland; Port Philip; Melbourne; Bass Strait; Furneaux Group; Tasmania (Fr); Launceston; Hobart; Royal Co Is. (Br.); Guadalcanar; Louisiade Arch (Br.); S. Christoval; Santa Cruz Is. (Br.); Rennell (Br.); Espiritu Santo; New Hebrides; (Fr. & Br.); Mallicolla; Huon Is.; Loyalty Is.; New Caledonia (Fr.); Brisbane; Norfolk Is. (Br.); Lord Hows Is.; Newcastle; Sydney; North Cape; Cape Howe; Auckland; New Plymouth; Nelson; Hokitika; South Island; Cape Providence; Stewart Is.; Invercargill; Auckland Is. (Br.); Macquarie Is. (Br.); Campbell Is. (Br.); Emerald Is. (Br.); ANTARCTIC OCEAN; Samoa Is.; Pago Pago Harbor; Tutuila (U.S.); Evanualevo; Viti Levo; Fiji Is. (Br.); Savage Is. (Br.); Tongaos Frienula Is. (Br.); Tropic of Capricorn; (Br.) Kermadec Is.; North Island; East Cape; Napier; Wellington; Christchurch; Chatham Is. (Br.); Zealand (Brit.); Dunedin; Bounty Is.; Antipodes Is.; Antipodes of Greenwich (Br.); Society Is. (Br.); Cook Is. (Br.); Austral I. or Tubai (Fr.); Monday; Sunday; SOUTH PACIFIC OCEAN; International Date Line, Where Time Changes; Tuamotu; Tahiti (Fr.); Archipelago (Fr.); (Fr.) Gambier Is.; Longitude West from Greenwich; Easter Is. (Br.); Calao; Lima; PERU; Cazco; Arequipa; La Paz; Tacau; Iquique; Current; Cobija; Antoragasta; (Chile) St. Ambrose Is.; St. Felix Is. (Chile); Mt Llullailluco; Copiapo; Coquimbo (La Serena); Cordova; Valparaiso; Juan Fernandez Is.; Mas-a-Fuera Is.; Santiago; Carico; CHILE; Concepcion; Lebu; Valdivia; Chiloe Is.; Chonos Archipelago; Tayaio Pen.; C. of Penas; ANDES MTS.; Wellington Is.; Cape Horn Current; Madre de Dios Archipelago; Strait of Magellan; Inez Is.; Moste Is; South Shetland Islands (British); Villa Bella; BRAZIL; Trinidad; Cuyaba; Paraguay; SOUTH AMERICA; Sucre; Diamantina; Potosi; Tarijo; Paraguay; Ouro Preto; Rio de Janeiro; St. Paule; Salta; Asuncion; Curitiba; Paran R.; Lucuman; Corrientes; La Rioja; Porto Alegre; San Juan; Salto; Santa Fe; Uruguay; Rio Grande do Sel; San Luis; Rosario; Buenos Aires; Montevideo; La Plata; Bahia Blanca; C. Corrientes; Blanca F.; Negro R.; Viedma; San Matias Bay; Rawson; San Jose Peninsula; Bay of St. George; Port Desead; Santa Cruz; Strait of Magellan; Falkland Sound; Falkland Islands; Tierra del Fuego; Cape Horn; Coronation Is.; Elephant Is.; Clarence Is.; King George Is.; Livingston Is.; Smith Is.; Joinville Is.; Bransfield Strait; Louis Phillips Land; Trinity Land; Palmer Land; Barra; Aracajo; Palma; Bahia; Goyaz; Porto Seguro; Caravellas; Victoria (Brazil); Itajahy; Tropic of Capricorn; Itajahy; Desrerro; Grande do Sol; South Georgia Is. (Br.); Sandwich Islands; S. Orkney Is.; Laurie Is.; St. Helena Is (Br.); SOUTH ATLANTIC OCEAN; Inaccessible Is.; Tristan da Cunha Is.; Nichtingale (Br.); South Atlantic Current; Lindsay Is.; Traverse Is.; Montague Is.; Saundres Is.; Bristol Is.; S. Thule Is.; Current; Benguela; Mossamedo; U. Frio; Waltisch Bay (Br.); Angra Pequena B.; Pom Nolloth; Cape of Good Hope; Thompson Is.; Bouvet Is. (Br.); Port West Africa; L. Moero; Pemla L.; Sioma; Ger S.W. Africa; Rhodesia; Salisbury; Buluwayo; Beohuana; Transvaal Col.; Pretoria; Johannesburg; Kimberly; Orange River Col.; Orange R.; Bloemfontein (Br.); Cape Colony; Cape Town; Georgetown; East London; Port Elizabeth; C. Agulhas; To Singapore; To Sidney Via Wellington; Longitude East From Greenwich; INDIAN OCEAN; L. Nyasa; Mozambique; Zomba; Tete; Quillmana; Chinde; Italy; Sofaia; Mozamique Channel; Port East Africa; Madagascar; Lourence Marquez; C. St. mary; Delagoa Bay; Pierermarlzburg; Durhan; To Singapore; To Wellington; Pr. Edward Is. Marion (Br.); Amben; Cargados; Carayos Is.; Tamatavo; Tamanarizo; Rodriguez (Br.); Mauritius Is. (Br.); Mascarene; Reunion (Fr.); To Melbourne; Crozet (Br.); Verguelen (Fr.) Note: Location with Population of Principal Cities of the World; Adelaide, Australia; Ahmadabad, India; Alexandria, Egypt; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Antwerp, Belgium; Baku, Russia; Bankok, Siam; Barcelona, Spain; Belfast, Ireland; Benares, India; Berlin, Germany; Birmingham, England; Bolton, England; Bombay, India; Bordeaux, France; Bradford, England; Breslau, Germany; Bristol, England; Brussels, Belgium; Budapest, Hungary; Buenos Aires, Argentine; Bukharest, Roumania; Cairo, Egypt; Calcutta, India; Canton, China; Chemnitz, Germany; Chicago, Ill.; Chingtu, China; Chungking, china; Cologne, Germany; Constantinople Turkey; Copenhagen, Denmark; Damascus, Turkey in Asia; Delhi, India; Dresden, Germany; Dublin, Ireland; Edinburgh, Scotland; Essen, Germany; Florence, Italy; Frankfort-on-Main, Germany; Fuchau, China; Genoa, Italy; Ghent, Belgium; Glasgow, Scotland; Hague, Netherlands; Haidarabad, India; Hamburg, Germany; Hangchau, China; Hanover, Germany; Havana; Cuba; Hull, England; Kharkof, Russia; Kiota, Japan; Kirin, China; Kobe, Japan; Lanchau, China; Leeds, England; Leipsic, Germany; Lisbon, Portugal; Liverpool, England; Lodz, Russia; London, England; Lucknow, India; Lyon, France; Madras, India; Madrid, Spain; Manchester, England; Mandalay, India; Marseilles, France; Melbourne, Australia; Messina, Italy; Mexico, Mexico; Milan, Italy; Montivideo, Uraguay; Montreal, Canada; Moscow, Russia; Mukden, China; Munich, Germany; Nagoya, Japan; Nanchang, China; Naples, Italy; Newcastle, England; New York, N.Y.; Ningpo, China; Nottingham, England; Nuremberg, Germany; Odessa, Russia; Oporto, Portugal; Osaka, Japan; Palermo, Italy; Paris, France; Philadelphia, Pa.; Pekin, China; Rangoon, India; Riga, Russia; Rio de Janeiro Brazil; Rome, Italy; Rotterdam, Netherlands; St. Petersburg, Russia; Santiago, Chile; Seville, Spain; Shanghai, China; Sheffield, England; Siangtan, China; Singanfu, China; Stockholm, Seden; Sydney, Australia; Teheran, Persia; Tientsin, China; Trieste, Australia; Tokyo, Japan; Tunis, Tunis; Turin, Italy; Vienna, Austira; Warsaw, Russia; Wuchang, China; Zurich, Switzerland; Area in Square Miles of Principal Countries of the World; Abyssinia; Affghanistan; Africa; Alaska; Algeria; Arabia; Argentina; Asia & Palestine; Assiniboia; Austria; Austria-Hungary; Baluchistan; Belgium; Bakhara; Bolivia; Borneo; Brazil; British Central Africa; British Africa; British Honduras; British North Borneo; British Somali; Brunei; Bukourina; Bulgaria; Burma; Cambodia; Canada; Canary Isles; Cape Colony; Caroline Isles (with Palaos); Celebes Isl.; Central America; Ceylon; Channel Isles; Chatham Isles; Chile; Chinese Empire; Cochin China; Columbia; Corsica Isl.; Costa Rica; Crete (Candia); Cuba; Dahomey; Denmark; Egyptian sudan; England; Europe; France; French East Africa; Galapagos Isl.; Germany; Gibraltar; Great Britain; Greece; Greenland; Guatemala; Guiana, British; Guiana, Dutch; Guiana, French; Guianas, The; Haiti; Hawaiian Islands; Honduras; Honduras, British; Honkong Colony; Hungary; Iceland; India; Indo China; Ireland; Italian Somaliland; Italy; Jamaica; Japan Empire; Java (and Madura); Kamerun; Khiva; Kongo Free State; Kongo, French; Korea; Lagos Colony; Liberia; Luxemburg; Madagascar Island; Malay States; Manitoba; Mexico; Montenegro; Morocco; Nepal; Netherlands; Newfoundland; New Hebrides Isls; New South Wales; New Zealand; Nicaragua; North America; Norway; Nova Scotia; Om; Papua; Paraguay; Persia; Peru; Philippine Islands; Porto Rico; Portugal; Portuguese East Africa; Portuguese East Indies; Prussia; Queensland; Roumania; Roumelia, Eastern; Russia in Asia; Russia in Europe; Russian Empire; Russian Turkestan; Sahara; Salvador; Santo Domingo; Sarawak; Saxony; Scotland; Senegal; Servia; Siam; Siberia; Sierra Leone Colony; South America; Spain; Sudan (Egyptian); Sudan (French); Sumatra; Sweden; Switzerland; Tasmania; Tibet; Togoland; Tonga Islands; Tonkin; Transvaal Colony; Tripoli (and Benghazi); Tunis; Turkestan, Chinese; Turkestan, Russia; Turkey in Asia; Turkey in Europe; Ungava; United Kingdom; United States; Uruguay; Venzuela; Victoria; Wales; Zanzibar; Zululand Title: Map of Bridgeport Township 11 N 5 E Keywords: A. Door; S. Gluckner; Wm. Hunn; Henry Fry; Caspar Mertz; J.A. & J.F. Grohman; Drain; Sheldon S. Roby; Geo. L. Burroughs; Ben Schmidt; Killian Grohmann; T.W. Martin; Fred Bowers; Margt. Spalthoff; John Seams Sr.; P. Marquette; Mrs. A. Baum; Geo. Olenborn; F.T. McKenna; Hugh Dudgeon; Mrs. Preston; John Schmetzer; Chas. Keopplinger; T.W. Martin; H.B. Anderson; R.F.D.; Wm. Dickman; Geo. Popp; Drain; Judson Wiggins; Albert Welzin; P. Zimmerman; Killian Hoechner; Fred Huegel; Marus Burr; Robt. H. Cook; John Kohlagan; John Graham; Stephen Zimmerman; Hedwig McGrigan; Sophia Ecalbar; Henry Taylor; Josephine Lee; Fred Welzin; Geo. E. Hunsberger; Andrew Stacey; F.E. Tarrant ; Hunsberger Hrs.; H.A. Whitney; G.Gellatleys; Turner; John Seams Jr.; Jos. Brueshaber; Henry Theer; James Stacey; R.F.D.; Chas. Schnetzler; Christ Muehlfield; Henry Schultz; C. Muehlfield; Alexander W. Campbell; Henry Gerkin; Fred Huber; John Huber; Henry Dankers; Wm. Schomaker; Julius Schultz; DRAIN; R.F.D.; Leonard Huber; Christ Hartner; Gustav W. Bruske; Fred'k. P. List; Church; School; Geo. Deanzer; Fred Barten; Martin Jordan; Leonard Grueber; Albert Bates; Morrell; Aug. J. Dorr; A. & R. Stroebel; TRUNK; Alphons G. Dorr; John Dorr; Geo. Popp; Henry Meier; School; Mrs. Osborn; Wm. C. Buckhardt; Otto Fischer; DRAIN; William F. Housner; Chas. Popp; John Elward; School; Thomas Phoenix; ALFALFA STOCK FARM; Fred Leidlein; Otto Fischer; Michael Mahar; Thos. Denton; F.A. Weston; R.F.D.; Laverne Stine; School; Wm. Schulz; PERE MARQUETTE R.R.; Jas. Smith; Alex J. Groesbeck; Wm. F. Kunkel; Lawrence Carpenter; Anna Schulz; F.E. Pattman; Krause & Petrie; Mrs. Miller; Mrs. O'Brian; H.C. Buckhardt; Mrs. Emil Joshim; Marion Fry; John Swanson; E.W. Morey; Louis Eggert; Ernest Greve; Fred Weavers; John Siebert; Albert F. Mitchell; John Toms; Wm. Knieper; John Ludlein; W.L. Morse; Andrew Rigda; Edw. J. Richards; Louis Rohde; Chas. Schuett; Theo. Goodman; John Bull; Henry Theel; John Warnamenda; Fred C. Schreiber; Edw. Boertman; Frank P. Wilk; Robert F. Koch; John Miller; Wm. Miller; Fred Littlejohn; John Rohde Jr.; Louis Miller; John Bull; Henry Miller; Fred Teckintine; John Theer; Frank Schulz; Louis Spangler; Wm. Miller; Fred Littlejohn; Wm. Irish; John Muehlfeld; Claus Gerkin; Gerkin Bros.; Jos. Gerkin; R.F.D.; Wm. Morrell; Edw. Simon; Michael Mahar; Stephen Popp; E. Robarge; John Fobear; Eugene Robarge; Carl C. Stoll; Fred Fischer; Otto Fischer; Wm. Tweedale; Fred Popp; F. Leidlein; A.G. Dorr; John Dorr; W. Tweedale; Cass River Farm Co. Ltd.; Chas. Behm; M. Simons Est.; D.A. Pettibone Est.; Byron Shreve & Wife; B.F. Griffen; Jos. Marx; E.A. Ellis; CASS RIVER; Wm. Lyle; BRIDGEPORT; D. Labor; Henry M. Youmans; Elijah Young; McClellon Stuart; Fred Hodgeman; Barbara Bachmore; A. Bachmore Hrs.; Matt Prince; Gos. Lichan; Carl Quderkirk; H. Hazen; I.E. Laym; E. Irish; Geo. Littlejohn; Gertrude Ellis; Richard Menapace; John Bull Sr.; S. Golinski; Claus Gerkin; H. Zowetzki; K. Mathewson; John Bow; Geo. W. Potter; H.A. Becker; Jessie Becker; John Watson; Chas. Beach; Chas. Wooley; R.F.D.; Henry Thomas Est.; Jos. King; John Shoemaker; Antoine Morrow; Kunigunda Rodammer; Chas. Wooley; Fred King; Jas. Wormer Jr.; Geo Curly; School; John Reimer; Jesse Brake; A.A. Dockstader; T.B. Milligan; W. La Valley; Chas. Schmidt; Geo. Fry; Fred Scharr; E. Cole; Rhoda Fry; Albert Procunier; Godfrey Willen; Herman Brandt; David Ready; Grand Trunk R.R.; Anthony Studar & Son; John P. Gabel; Wm. Hamann; R.F.D.; Chas. Schmidt; Geo. A. Burgoyne; Wm. Lyle; Chas. E. Foote; John Burgoyne; Mary L. Gunnel; Wm. Lyle; A. Bachmore Hrs.; Wm. P. Miner Est.; Vaclav Venek; Geo Nott; Benj. Leisbach; Chas. O'Dell; Albert Trylch; E.E. Brunette; R.J. & Wm. Lyle; School; Hummel & Walters; Fred Hodgeman; Thos. Gray; John Corby; Wm. Corby Est.; Margt. Crosson; Geo. Whitbeck; Chas. H. Girmus; Philip Nass; John Bow; Cem.; Chas. Schnider; Dan'l. Guiett; MICHIGAN RY. (ELECTRIC); Edw. Gedel; C.S. Watson; Jas. Hodgeman; Jacob Kleinlath; Andrew Henny; A. Blessing; Geo. M. Bearline; Henry Denzie; N.E. Beach; Hattie Foote; L. Knoll; L. Spangler; John Watson; Mike Herzog; R.F.D.; Fred Gastner; Fred Wormer; L. Knoll; Stephan Knoll; Geo. Held; Theo. Held; David Ready; J.C. Price; Adelida Schultz; Fred Scharr; Herman Brandt; School; Minnie Leesch; Gustave Brandt; Jol. Ofner; Valentine Katzenberger; John Illichman; Chas. Rodewhen; Nellie P. Baker; Mary Miller; Peter Boss; Geo. Harris; H.B. Green; Bert Schuler; Cem.; Alex Zoromski; Will. Nitz; Henry Turner; Henry Dow; Church; Geo. H. Cooley; Jas. O'Dell; C. Whitemore; John Neidbalski; David Labor; Byron Shreve; DRAIN; Jas. Hixson; C.F. Peters; Spencer Bartlett; Wm. E. Herrick; W.J. Jones; Henry Spaeth; A.H. Tracey; Hannah Herrick; R.F.D.; Archie Crosson; S.C. Bartlett; Fred W. Pratt; John Divine; Fred Baase; Victor Nott; Harry Nott; R.F.D.; P. Girmus; Yaromiet Girmus; M. Jeffers; C.H. Bartlett; Fred Yost; John Hummel; Walter Stafford; Abe Whitbeck; Ellis Perry; Geo. Whitbeck; Leonard Nerreter; Geo. C. Phelps; School; Chas. A. Curtis; School; R.F.D.; Chas. Cook; Cook Est.; Silas Cook; Geo. W. Jerome; Geo. S. Curtis; Jos. Clark; R.F.D.; Bernard Spera Est.; Chas. Madsen; Richard Hunt; Mary L. Wrege; John Smokoski; Wm. E. Crane; Julius Gendryeski; Jos. Davidson; Wm. E. Roggow; R.F.D.; Will Nitz; Jos. Rex; Chas. Smith; August Hintz; Martin Washkoviak; Mary L. Wrege; Geo Spaeth; Frank Newman; Jacob Dornstadter; Wm. Gutaviski; John Hatzki; Valentine Waytillia; Valentine Stepheniak; Leonard Fobear; Jos. Kweiser; M. Hermiter; John Gilbargo; Phillip Nott; Frank Kelbey; Frank Newman Est.; Frank Lutes; Ed. McQuiston; A.E. Quderkirk; Byron Shreve; John Buss; Walter Nechaviaz; Jacob Gordalewski; R.J. & Wm. Lyle; John Nerreter; August Schlargl; Engelbert Helm; Aug. Steinke; Edw. Pawlenly; Albert Korth; Wm. Shreve; PERE MARQUETTE R.R.; August Schlargl; Jas. D. Moore; F.J. Rook; Geo. C. Phelps; Chas. Curtis; Geo. Willsey; Hubbard Spencer; Stephen Hoyt; Chas. Lang; Wm. Shreve; R.F.D.; Adolph Scherping; John Gaez; Mrs. Chas Curtis; John Newbold; Chas. A. Curtis; John G. Curtis; Robt. Letterman; Beverlein Bros.; Wm. E. Crane; M.L. Riser; Albert Bennett; Dominick Roseberry; Wm. Skilling; BUENA VISTA TWP.; SPAULDING TWP.; TAYMOUTH TWP.; FRANKENMUTH TWP. Note:

Page  54 '', "1 11 ýi I'ý, '', A, vt-ýA-ý ý-A-:ý I I I I 2 a p 'a p 'a I I I 4 - - -a--- 'V-I a'.'b A Ap~ ~ A - - -. - =; =:;Z. =ýý= Zýz - - - - -1 -_ -_ - - f I - - - - -- -- -- -I -- - 1 10 - 7r, Ký Le 4' /. 74' 72.6c4 I OF1 I I i 'A K K K teWnder 139.32 t ~ý" 46 C7 Rapp Peoh< 7 K(,ý I Z y 1)6ff / 2 lilt 13 I /00 *&a I ý? a 40Wl Y.1% 1-0 s'C 70(077 45 uS~zz A? tie riP ann / Cc/not Ia uok% U /29 95 b 1k 05&. fli72'C2 K KQ. 11 4 6r. IV 0 111 n0 )c/ * '49.66 &SzyCrteze.,-Ioh 7aA ie------ r-c'r-r-' ~ ~r"'~ t~ZZ~stq kLiiI4L2vC-/MiCp L. /Yo 1h -('7 Lo --L a a I? I all III I I I I U I 11 - --- - 1 IJ I a i - - - - -- -. - - =;I. & GCZes. Kl / 0 K Q2 'NJ NIt q [N't LI. 66- - -a r AZiAb=/Yeid ~ kO. 6/97 ON 60 Gee.If tierlef? 3fk N -A 11 30ý 'K NJ 9-) OKK 9-) Fred1 ii kC 9~zcz~zzer 410-. K% 'K ON O 4Zb~ 'F z Ooj' It K t 40a I/T27y. J5c/z oll, (51 -r ~6' 20 -lit-. 120 --/L 'PA4. 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I\ CO I 36 - MiKe K 1 20= I - 0056= 54' I a -' N 9) =3'4= 3 *t st/i?4' 4 ILl I KK) - ' -.----..4'4 - = - '....0..44 '4. -* ____ '4" __ - ______________-.-- - - = - - -= - - .10 - 'I- - __ - - - - - I rir-'---- r = r i - 'ff I.. Af=A ý " - i - -- I-ljL[17740~QrtZ-CrOnoIV-- K-tS -iOAF I L Th T Ir -=LS tz-,- IA A 1--J I \7- -' - 7-7 (T Irl IF 1 7 _____________ 2 _____ i..LZELz.....==...LSL'4 J - - I - ~1 2)4~ L I * - -="' - - - - tzo=o.j-=. ~ ="a. - Arl" ir 1ý 15 Title: Map of Frankenmuth Township 11 N 6 E Keywords: Geo. J. Meyer; Geo. Reinert; John Walkendoerfer; Wm. Bender; Henry Hildebrand; John Rupp; Valentine Muehfeld; R.F.D.; C.J. Stellwag; Chas. Eisenhauer; Leonard Bender; A. Hochthanner; Geo. L. Roth; C. Eisenhauer; Martin Mossner; Lorenz Weber; W.G. Stellwag; Simon Daenzer; Geo. Billmeier; John M. Roth; John Adam Rogner; Adam Hochiwanner; J.M. Stern; Mike Reif; PERE MARQUETTE R.R.; Ludwig Reif; V. Reif; P. Siller; J.M. Biermann; H.A. Reif; Gottlieb Riethmeier; Ernest Biermann; Ludwig Englehart; John P. Mossner; John L. Walter; Peter Biermann. Depot Elevator. P.M. R.R.; GERA P.O.; John G. Hegenauer; Rob't. Schaberg; John P. Ortner; John Roedel; John Luneburg; John Messner; H. Kraenzlein; Wm. Mossner; John L. Walter; Geo. Ortner Est.; John P. Ortner; Mike Laux; Henry Laux; Blacksmith Shop; J.C. Hechthammer; Ernest Frahm; Frank Frahm; Richard Frahm; Geo. Ortner Est.; L. Mossner; Mathias Reif; G. Laux; Mathias Reif; Martin Mossner; Michael Leidel; John M. Schluckbier; Chas. Doenzer; Adam Muhlfeld; Conrad Grueber; Johannes Wiess; M. Lottler; B. Lottler; L. Bierlein; Fred Nuechterlein; Leonard Daenzer; Gottlob Weber; Herman Bierlein; A. Grueber; Wm. Schroll; John Bernthal; John Bender; Otto W. Weber; E. Neuchterlein; S. Knolls; School; Ernest Nuechterlein; John M. Fechter; Geo. P. Uebler Est.; Ludwig Uebler; Conrad Loesol; Ludwig Engelhart; H.A. Reif; Peter Siller; Ludwig Reif; John L. Walter; J.M. Roth, Jr.; Geo. Grillenberger; H.A. Reif; John Roedel; Ernest Biermann; Jacob C. Weiss; John P. Mossner; Leonard Hildner; Mike Reif; Leon Geyer; RESERVE; R.F.D.; School; A.F. Bickel; Leonard Hildner; John P. Ortner; Geo. Geyer; Mathias Kern; Herman Schluckbier; John G. Fischer; Paul Ortner; Carl Uebler; Adam Stern; John L. Walter; Lorenz Hildner; Leon Trinklein; J.S. Trinklein; L. Trinklein; Mike A. Trinklein; John Keinath; J.J. Leidel; John G. Walter; J.C. Leidel; Adam Krauter; Mike Held; Conrad Wiess; Geo. M. Bierlein; John Nuechterlein; Adam Jordan; Fred Rodammer; A. Grueber; Otto C. Fischer; J.M. Brenner; O.C. Fischer; John W. Loese; P.A. Knoll; W. Brenner; Geo. J. Brenner; G. Nuechterlein; J.G. Bierlein; Otto Nuechterlein; W.F. Rodammer; Geo. Haas; J. Haas; John Bierlein; C. Wiess; Henry Brenner; Geo. Hildner; Wm. Loesel; John E. Fischer; Wm Schroll; J.G. Bauer; Geo. Hildner; F. Keinath; Edmund Grueber; F. Roedel; Adam Mossner; John Rupp; J.G. Bierlein; John J. Rupp; Geo. L. Roedel; Fred Roedel; John L. Wimmer; John Fred Roth; Geo. Grillenberger; A.F. Bickel; John L. Wimmer; John P. Bickel; J.M. Bickel; Wm. Bickel; Adam Schluckbier; Henry Frank; Geo. M. Maurer; John A. Geyer; Henry Frank; Mathew Frank; John Keinath, Jr.; STAR STOCK FARM; B.J. Roedel; Maggie Kern; Geo. M. Maurer; Geo. L. Schiefer; John L. Sohn; John Schreiner; HOMESTEAD STOCK FARM; Leon Doenzer; Conrad Keinath; PLEASANT VIEW STOCK FARM; Leon Keinath; John Keinath; Herman Keinath; R.F.D.; Alf. Grueber; C. Grueber; L. Grueber, Jr.; S. Jordan; Blumlein; M. Weiss; L. Grueber; Geo. J. Knoll; Chris Nuechterlein; Adam Herzog; Ludwig Campau; Henry Weiss; L. Herzog; Adam Herzog; Emanuel Weiss; R.F.D.; H. Schiefer; Martin Weiss; Stephen Neuchterlein; P.A. Knoll; John Bierlein; Geo. Nuechterlein; Adam Jordan; W.F. Rodammer; Store; Fred Keinath; Casper Keinath; J.L. Loesel; Wm. Loesel; J.M. List; Jacob Bickel; Geo. J. Stern; John Loesel; J.B. J.B. Duering; Carl Schwarzkopf; Geo. Wm. Kaiser; M. Jordan; J. Bickel; Fred Haas; John M. Bickel; R.F.D.; Mrs. John J. Kraft; Fred Kraft; J.G. Galsterer; Wm. G. Loesel; John G. Galsterer; St. Lorenz Park; J.W. Veitengruber; John Naegele; Wm. & Ernst Beyerlein; John H. Schluckbier; J.F. Vates; G. Trinklein; L. Loesel; L. Reichle; Mike Kern; Lorenz Loesel; Adam Kern; R.F.D.; M.A. Trinklein; OAK LAWN STOCK FARM; Conrad Hecht; Bernhard Vates; J.W. Kern; J.G. Hubinger; Geo. Palmreuter; Paul Ortner; J. Wirth; Geo. Palmreuter; Wm. Dodenhoff; Geo. A. Sohn; S. Knoll, Jr.; Geo. A. Sohn; John G. Schreiner; FRANKENMUTH STOCK FARM; OAKWOOD STOCK FARM; J.G. Schiefer; Ferdinand Haubenstricker; John G. Bernthal; Geo. A. Veitengruber; Cass River; Adam Herzog; Fred Campau; RESERVE LINE; Adam Held; Henry Weiss; Mike Rodammer; John Lotter; Adam Bierlein; W.J. Wickes; B.M. Trask; F. Satchell; Geo. W. Bolester; Cheese Factory; Res. of Wm. Bluemlein; I. Keinath; Geo. L. Rodammer; J. Lotter; Wm. Beyerlein; John M. List; J.G. List; John N. Bernthal; Church; Geo. J. Poellet; Jacob Deuring; Chrislian Guyel; John H. Bernthal; Christian Gugel; CASS RIVER STOCK FARM; B.J. Deuring; Aug. F. Block; Fred Haas; Jacob Haas; L. Brenner; A. Golsterer; Mrs. M. Hildoer; Eliz. Schwartzkopf; Geo. Grillenberger; Store; Conrad Schremer; School; J.M. Bierlein; J.C.M. List; Geo J. Riess; Cem.; B.M. Rummee; G.M. Beyerlein; Casper Stutzer; Leonard Weber; Cem.; Church; John W. Loesel Jr.; MICHIGAN RY. (ELEC.); John Haas; J.M. Weiss; G.J.H.; FRANKENMUTH; John Gryer; Mrs. Stall; School; Otto Roth; Chris Roth; Mike A. Trinklein; Bieche; C.C. Roth; Leon Trinklein; G.J. Hubinger; John M. Weiss; John J. Meyer; School; J.G. Haas; Geo. Daenzer; Henry Schluckbier; F. Bickel; J.J. Woelzlein; Jacob Woelzlein; Leonard Noegele; Alf. G. Krafft; Geo. G. Krafft; Mrs. J. Krafft; Fred Krafft; A. Loesel; G. Grueber; L. Loesel; J. Weiss; S.W. Loesel; A. Loesel; M. Bernthal; Mike Ziegler; Andrew Loesel; Adam Herzog; Geo. Herzog; C. Warnick; G.P. Simons; Henry Mealzke; C. Eilrich; John Meatzke; Church; M. Greenwald; Wm. Vance; Anna Bell & V.C. Donaldson; Geo. Barthel; M. Rauh; G.L. Weiss; Leon G. Weiss; Veitengruber Bros.; Wm. Vance; W.S. Elrich; Geo. Herzog; John R. Weiss; Edw. Elrich; School; DEAD CREEK; Jacob Dewring; Aug. F. & Lud. J. Block; Aug. F. Block; John A. Dehmal; Anna P. Locher; G.M. Beyerlein; John M. Zimmerman; John G. Warnick; Aug. F. Block; J.M. Weiss; F.W. Schellhas; Star Cheese Mfg. Co.; G.C. Weber; Geo. J. Riess; Geo. C. Weber; John A. Dehmel; J.L. Schellhas; Adam Hoerauf; Casper Eischer; Fred Boesenecker; G.C. Weber; Fred Zehnter; Herbert List; Adam Eischer; John G. Haas; Henry Couxelman; Adam Eischer; Fred Zehnter; Herbert List; Hubinger Bros.; Geo. M. Hubinger; John C. Hubinger; Geo. Keinath; Jacob Schluckbier; Ernest Doenzer; Henry Woelzlein; J.G. Haas; Geo. J. Doemer; John Block; John P. Weiss; John G. Fischaber; John M. Roth Sr.; Andrew Meyer; Andrew Loesel; F.W. Vates; Geo. Schluckbier; Fred Fischer; Blumfield Twp.; Bridgeport Twp.; Birch Run Twp.; Tuscola Co. Note:

Page  55 -- 9--0 - I '~ 4. * 4 * 4 5 * 42$ * 2 *.4 * '~ *. * 4 *1 * 4' I ii S. IIi 45.2 * 2 2 * ' * 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 * 4 * ScaeW2incesHo-1mil 5,raetional tlownehip /2 Xrh cnge ato heS io/em!krda 55 1T(/)I1 AA/ co, 0 I LAJJA I tYLJfl I W tF 4 ir. '-5--i. - AO /6 09 60.(Ott /79-05 j /0/"' 4J /79,97 6-d I rI ~,taz-dcz67c / Stcla>tfCY I4 77Ku/ Z(72 r-z 0 t/VhR I~~~~~~~~~~~R /A/t~2~ /~~p Ics DJIJdf-1 2~ Jczrnzct <J.s-DZI a. I7os C MAý-haK Z I0 - N e_7_-e f> Z 0 ZVI gjttemer _______ cos L-J1171 all ~5---2I J% n.0 277. 48L ~'7s. ý ZC7j v EjSA.,'AthA/ tRj?2/,A/7R,4APA1 r 4 X, IýN lzs M 41P.410 IV All 41 - /~~ ~ ~ ~ o? In s((.c~~~!7Z,~ Ii~797C9 ~ ~C6~~ C /?l 0j502 ' js(l U * C6 ~ * ~ - - - - - - - - - RDczlra i I Tz%.92d ~ c7 K dOJO N* p qlýwe( q) Orr I c~~ t Ac/cr c~~- A~frrIQ z qs Cna 0. 7t-Vý Ic6 yJkz- t i INI hi I 'U I't I~1JIZ dci z r rzsZV * yZ64 114 tVJ~itL-' K..,~> /20IV Z' za W540 /6It,/1',cdr is J~te 2lo4r4 K?(o z Pari ' v2 Z", YJ10 P tj9(Toc1varZvdF17uflKzt/ ~ rn~tc C1/o/c 20 ~i A 00 I Vj__z___ _c __ * 44 _ _(50 *T ) _ __. * 4S OC,74 I N60 II St $K~Y. rA7~n7 % P/czaftj37/lrra J~vojw N_ _ _ _ _C * <\j~g~///6a jcrrziri Poese I*z~aV~r' 4 t% CaClio it C-..,1~ /2-LZ?47j-/(f,7m/2Gj7/ 60 C (2 A SIC, Z1.C.C LaKICfY7&LD ý 'CID Title: Map of Jonesfield Township 12 N 1 E Keywords: Lena Trombley; Lawrence Sweet; Geo. Funk; Wm. Hogan; Jas. Kalahar; Martin Kalahar; Thos. Wall; R.O. McKee; John Bluemer; KENNEDY DRAIN; Mrs. W.H. Galligan; D.P. Gorman; M. Allsbaugh; Michael Wagner; Anthony Howley Est.; Samuel Gross; Jas. Pitt; Wm. Thom; Jas. P. Madden; Henry Bluemer; PITT DRAIN; Mark Bearden; Chas. McCrerry; John Rohn; Geo. Rohn; C.E. Michael; E.D.Ward; Wm. Thom; C. Doehring; P. Bolenbaugh; John McNitt; John Kennedy; Edw. Gohlke Sr.; Jos. J. Witschi; Gustave Kashburg; John V. McNier; I.L. Lee; Thos. Sly; Chas. Jewell; R.F.D.; Wm. Pomeraning; Chas. Stenzel; Wm. Thom; Lewis Cornwall Est.; Jos. McClure; Wm. McKinnon; John Madden; Dan'l. O'Leary; Wm. J. Paul; Thos. Wall; COD DRAIN; FLEMING DRAIN; School; Wm. Fleming; Jos. Border; Peter B. Howley Jr.; Martin Madden; Gustave Laurenz; Philip Rohrbach; John Pitt; Ferd. Doehring; John Fleming Res.; Chas. Demers Jr. Res.; John Rohn; M.J. Buckley; P.H. McNier; Wm. Doehring; Hug. C. Melze; Wm. Pomeraning; Henry Fritz; M.A. Stroubel; Mary Pomeraning; School; Geo. Rohn; Joe Cusino; A. Murphy; August Bohn; Carl Hutfilz Res.; Mary Prenzler; Chas. A. Stenzel; Rob't. Orr; Wm. Darland; Geo. F. Siler Est.; Chas. Demers; P.H. Weihrouch; Thos. Keenan; Jos. Keenan; Geo. Keenan; John F. Stanton; Peter Howley; Darwin Fisher Res.; HANNADALE STOCK FARM; Casper Seiller; John Ryan; John Voshaw; WICKS DRAIN; Wm. Madden; Jas. Jordan; John Hogan; Dennis Hogan; Martin Madden; Sylvester Frost; John Frost; Mrs. Jane Sweeney; Geo. Frost; John Murphy; And. Murphy; M.A. Stroubel; Aug. Bohn; Martin Yensch; Wm. Bluemer; Calvin Sylvester; Conrad Dietrich; Wm. Bolt; R.F.D.; A.J. Raynor; Pendleton Heirs; Jake Wolfgang; Leon Yates; D.L.C. Eaton; Jas. V. O'Toole; P.B. & A.L. O'Toole; Rob't. Shannon; Carl Weihrouch; Lewis Cornwall, Est.; Martin Madden; Patrick O'Toole; E.H. Massecar; IONA VILLA; Levi Dubay; P.B. O'Toole; E.G. Rust; Patrick Kalahar; Thos. O'Toole; Peter O'Toole; John Reitz; Wm. Dubay; John Shae; Rob't. Howell; John Boutin, Sr.; Fred Bluemer; Russell Bros.; Jas. Wachalac; Mike Dober; T.M. Kennedy; Jos. Glazer; Jas. Belt; Steve Brenz; Jake Marohner; Paul Sikac; D.L.C. Eaton, Est.; School; Mike Glazer; Otto Lade; Alex Fales; Rob't. Shannon; PERE MARQUETTE R.R.; Herman Proestel; J. Jordan; R. Welch; G. Zucher; Rob't. Oderkirk; Village of Merrill; Ed. LaDuke; Wm. Tuck; D.R. Cuthbertson; CORPORATION LINE; Mike Lynch; DRAIN NO.4; Chas. Johnston; C.V. Johnston; Augus MacDonald; MERRILL; Cem.; HANDY DRAIN; E. Gazette; R.B. Beatty; E.G. Rust; Tom Ryan; Jas. Jordan; Wm. Wolahan; H.J.G. Wilson; School; L.D. Guard; Jas. Jordan; Hugh Howley; Henry Barkmann; H. McDonald; Jos. Dubay; I.W. Burgess; Chas. Darland; Arnold Leatherer; Geo. Klenke; Mathias Lauer; Wm. Paul; Mich'l. Mayers; Thos. Mayers; Wm. Moulton; Geo. Moulton Est.; Jas. Flanneley; Otto Lade; Jas. Belt; J. Ruzcike; Morten Conklin; Irvan Francetic; Jos. Zompl; Duncan Fovell; Alexander Fales; M. Fleming; Herman Proestel; Jas. O'Reilly, Est.; A.C. Melze; Isabella Swartout; Geo. McLean; Jos. Lalone; R.F.D.; Mrs. John Murray; State; Richard Brewer; John Keenan; Grace B. Sharrar; R.F.D.; Fred Sigmond; Dan Moulton; Jacob Strasel; Frank P. Jubb Est.; Otto Ledeke; Jos. Sweeney; Jas. Donahue; Midland Co.; Gratiot Co.; Lakefield Twp.; Richland Twp. Note:

Page  56 4 4 4 wn*05Q *l; ýx % s w ' - - '. 4, Mfi '56 _ SclI2icest!Iml J'ownshp /2 XoTh,0SWlN e2CSt IthSlc/uSerda Th 4 Th.4.4 4- 2g-Z 2u6 2 5/ 5616 #L wall I F 'dAyNJ~~ ~1ZC Fr) d~m wzr.~ 60 0tZ5 rzm I7 d'6P6O LC)C - z I/rtas ra 0 Im6A z~54rr-bY10 -~l NJ~el WY, w 60I foal 1001 26 ~87d4s/i Fraz 1rcM1P0n INft 40 K-40 D -1111,fl ~ _ 40Ik$ J z Ce ZcsA4 I Ilk;)A ~prard~r8Pi> I ) N/2 *I/J I a2 7212C4 y 5 4 3oA < K~ I -0 40 1'4c' (Ys I >~0672n'o Zz25/~~jj joc o~nF Pzz lop7 I (4. d~ f~. (c.S ~ 'H e a l.9 P n t- c z zz0< P / c 0 C týs2j ~~i69zd% ~rn'~~k.r@dc Z"..s.....f..... ~ R ~ V 1 ~ C ~ c s A1K0 7roz F ai1A- ' d c7 Ar 40 r eoi 4 ~,40 #r6?c~f~it0 40 L40 Yd7r ~~rc 1 40 10) 40 1 1 C K I ~t* licj 72FlI7~~767S3 I Q5 J40.'CA0 *~Z4 - Cýczpce V71,4 '~N< ~~~~~1~~a 7-1Ff r h~cco~ ~ Z Ncoi 56-r7. 0 0 077.rc I460040,f/ 12 90l E 40 s n - 'yyo378lI *L.-........ct 10 -FR2MQL~~ -* 40 40,I 40 I~ k-u0 2546 -or 40- - _ TWll 4Zzz 4Z e 9 L ýk AM= ý KNEEM w Title: Map of Richland Township 12 N 2 E Keywords: Bernard Kade Sr.; Chris Willman; J. Duchan; Aug. Tessin; Peter Ducham; Bernard Kade Jr.; Chas. Monk; August Kreger; Albert Schultz Est; Drain; H. Stenzel; Frank Neuenfeldt; Frank Stapelton; Wm. Diener; Fred Beyersdorf; Aug. Tessin; Rob't Scharf; Fred Beyersdorf; Arthur Schultz; Res.; Branch of Swan Cr.; School; Henry Kruth; Herman Schultz; Michael Hart Est; Charles Kratz; H. Koeppen; Chas. Roggow; School; Wm. Diener; Albert Roggow; A. Stenzel; Bernard Kade; Paul Neuenfeldt; R.F.D.; Rowley Smith; Barney Kingston; Aug. Bohn; Fred Witte; Aug. Dittman; Chas. Dittman; Charles Rhode; Frank Fehn; Herman Pretzer; R.F.D.; Cem.; H. Kuth; Chas. Hoeppner; S.M. March; Geo. Tildon; Chas. Putnam; Edgar Pangborn; Gustave Hoeppner; Jay Warren; H. Kreger; Fred Kreger; Frank Heinrich; Adolph Pretzer; Mrs. R. Pretzer; Mary Higgins; School; Mrs. N. Beamish; Wm. Kreger; M. Brown; Chancey Jerome; E.H. Barnes; Frank Heinrich; F. Wehner; Julius Pretzer; J. Ludgin; J.E. Winslow; John Tessin; Ernest Willman; August Pretzer; John Kreger; Church; Louis Rando; Wm. Schoof; Henry Schultz; Res.; Wm. Kulske; C.H. Fiting; CEM; A.H. Fitting; Res. E. Bickel; August Stenzel; Henry Scharf; Nelson Creek; Aug. Schultz; Fred Schultz Est.; Wm. Dungey; Wm. O'Hara; Wm. Schmidt; Otto Schmidt; R.F.D.; Bertha Dunbar; Bernard Kade; Gustav Neuenfeldt; Wm. Darkward; Wm. Fovell; Gustav Rohde; Wm. O'Hara; Greyward Genack Est; Patrick Foy; James Welch; August Fehn Sr. Est; F. Durow; H. Kruth; D.J. Smith; Frank Fehn; Chas. Foy; Thos. Garvey; Drain; Wm. Phelps; August F. Fehn; Henry Alward; Mrs. F. Hoeppner; Frederick Turner; Fred. Koeppen; Fred. Turner; Mrs. Chas. Dittman; Drain; E.C. & Wm. Hoeppner; Julius Pretzer; Wm. Pretzer; Alfred Hubbell; Aug. Wolfgram; Chas. Kratz; J. Warren; Fred Zabel Est.; A.C. Fehn; Fred Zabel Est.; Frank Zabel; Frank Hubbell; Herman Fehn; Isaac Hubbell; R.F.D.; Paul Pomerenig; Mrs. Wagner; Herman Hutfilz; Fred. Fiting; H. Hutfilz; Ernest Wardin; Fred Wardin; School; Wm. Bolt; John Fiting; Willard Curry; Drain; August Schmidt; Herman Hutfilz; Fred C. Fiting; C. Nadler Est. Patrick Foy; R.F.D.; Wm. Lange; Ernest Wardin; August Wardin; Fred Wardin; Gustav Fehn; August Wardin; Frank Hopkins; Freeman Dungey; Wm. Mueller; Chas. Holt; R.F.D.; Wm. Wardin; Wm. Mueller; Mrs. Mary Rauchholz; Chas. Hase Est.; Frank Schell; Peter Lunney; Nathaniel Perkins; Jackson Perkins; School; Fred Bunterbart; Ewald Bunterbart; Aug. C. Fiting; Chas. H. Fiting; R.F.D.; Fred Bornhoff; Wm. Pretzer; J.F. Fehn; Chris Williams; Wm. Williams; Church; Willard Howe; Ferd. Pretzer; School; Chas. Fiting Jr.; Frank Hubbell; Carl. Hanke; Herman Pahl; Chas. Wardin; R.F.D.; Dave Doyle; Mrs. Anna Zabel; Res. of Frank Zabel; A.C. Fehn; Lee Hubbell; H. Coats; John Jennings; Frank Baukus; Chas. Wardin; Edward Phelps; Geo. Dungey; E. Baitig; Joe Furtow; August G. Annaman Jr.; David Furtow; Ed. Furtow; John & Dan McSweyn; S.M. Smith; Chas. Bartig; South Branch of Swan Creek; Geo. Stryher; August Rauchholz; Albert Durow; John Durow; Geo. Dungey; Joe O'Connor; Mueller Bros.; Wm. Wendt; Jas. Reilly; Wm. Wardin; Timothy Kennelly; Herman Preuss; Godfrey Fritz; Redmond O'Conner; John A. Wendt; Patrick Kenney; H.O. Pahl; Geo. Day; Jas. O'Conner; F. Cole; R.F.D.; Chas. Pretzer; Patrick Welch; Thos. Murphy; Martin Welch; Barney Darby Jr.; Barney Darby Sr.; Drain; R.F.D.; Martin Bauer; Patrick Crowley; Aug. Pahl; Richard Lippert; Mrs. Minnie Krueger; John Weiskirch; Alex. Desonia; Chas. Wardin; McClellan Cr.; Joe Honaker; Jas. Doyle; School; Peter Emmett; M. Desonia; Ed. Wright; R.F.D.; Chas. Tessin; Chas. Wardin; Chas. Cusick; Chas. Wolfgram; Grant Nye; A. Laurenz; Res.; Burton Furtow; Wm. Munholland; Jas. Foy; School; Mich'l Connally; Wm. Pahl; John Munholland; Jas. Foy; Chas. Morningstar; August F. Smith; Res.; Hosea La Fleur; Elmer E. Smith; Michael Blank; Redmond Doyle; Jas. O'Grady; Jos. Deshoe; Chas. Cusick; Pere Marquette R.R.; F. Thomas Thos. Doyle; Harley Thomas; Dan O'Grady; Henry Markel; Wm. O'Grady; P.C. Thomas; F.B. Cole; Hemlock; Dave Herry; R. Sylvester; Ralph Beylhaus; P. Johnson; Chas. Proctor; J.W. Pierce; A.W. Chute; S; Thos. J. Minto; Barney Darby Jr.; John G. Rauchholz; Thos. Welsh; Herman Tessin; Res.; Wm Pahl; B. Phelps; Cem.; Chas. Kamphert; William Oliver; Mrs. W. Oliver; John Goodman; August Mielke; R.F.D.; Wm. Earl; A.B. Chaplin; Catholic Cemetery; E.R. Voorhies; F. Voorhies; Wm. C. Earl; Aug. Annaman; H.E. Whitney; L. Liskow; Herman Preuss; W.J. Palmbeck; Edwin Turner; H.H. Haller; Frank Nothelfer; S.S. Chadwick; J.M. Lanterman; Albert Kube; Mrs. Mary Griffin; L. Raymond; Emory Doran; J. Kundinger & C.F. Flewelling; Geo. Dunehue; Jas. Dunehue; Orrin Owen; Jos. Scott; Will Smuck Est.; Burton Thomas; Fred H. Erskin; J.P. Doyle; Wm. Nolan; Geo. Thompson; Levi J. Chriswell; Wm. Nolan; H. Erskin; Samuel Turner; A. Bertha Allen; Julius Hubber; Jas. A. Dungey; John P. Graham; John P. Doyle; Edward Hogan; Andrew Doyle Est.; Geo. Appleman; G. Savage; K. McCullough; Aug. Widt; Mary Reid; Rob't Watson; Wm. Watson; Richard & Mrs. L. Rowe; Ed. Watson; Edwin Watson; Louis Wilt; August Frederick; Fred Beyersdorf; Archie Davis; John C. Rauchholz; H. Longatin; Moses Clarey; Fred Rauchholz; Drain; Chas. Little; Thos. Graham; Aug. Annaman; John Ruihhely; School; S.S. Chadwick; Mrs. Wm. Oliver; Wm. Oliver; Wm. Bell; John Dommer; Stephan Jungnitsch; James McBratnie; Midland Co.; Jonesfield Twp.; Fremont Twp.; Thomas Twp. Note:

Page  57 1) 0 a I * Own 00 IF~ #0ý TOWNSHIP 7 I So-rt of Jownship /2 Xorth, S~anges' 3 and 4 Sast of the %ihgnJrda '3 TI P ADABA TIASWEE 0 aK(.CedcW5 *3tQ 0jaY j 0et-1440 I-I I4~~~C f< N __ ____ Twit,MI i III in lb 'V1 i Ab t47e 5$ 40 '~77 /,-c0 G.!&,7rzcA.1A M 9)ro-. I5Ycyc92t & K 9.) 0 AEF 020C 'C) A a! *2-u jer /60 ci % Z3el1a ~TAZ?,son160 A-- r.11 2a t.. \rrrl. - 1 L~ c- %-.14 -AW - A J - _ " IgML iI)) 9- t I K ~Y BZ A2ctor /,2 N N9) lbt Dc Z1/tA Jk~hs. Cc/az J17777 )~nt /60 &czy I so 3Qas.A2119&Z' 40 OMo Acrucer 40f0 67-aZ a-77 l 7a.C-czA Tzn C90~z e mS/o!,5t-)SYýo/zfli a 23tez--74.C~z0.-540 0 CO eel)No CA m in -Z lb co, g7 %* j/'.N J _____ J1LJ trKtZ-' --j-- 3L - ________ --------------------------------------- 5vbr- <0 K -r-r7rT 1 - I vr-r I - - - K rt N3, ft:" ý fb I N 004 -p. 452; _____ _____ - F cv3& 7-f I I -eB 3S43 pros El.17 ~zo B. 40 Ion7z & ZeIf Zm Ft 00' 100( ý-Fý5e Gco.2 40 11! *~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ -AI........Z,......2~ ____ ____~ z- rd 1 -1 F A - I f -, --I -*hooýW Y,ý Ad 3727 i/s ". - - I 'Y- -.0 7Z7 * '0 JA40~z4 0 04 ff Ar Adl __RAA /0S0 Garr tt 0 No N' '31., AZ' I 7Yd 2 lachesto I mile!?/tehigan Siferidianv N7, 9)h Yl q j st-I K Qi NJ U'A. Arm"Li 160 Q4 )I '%.hJ Dan'l?4 403 160 /60.-rIi -zQzt r Li tt A p EUM I X60 9) 9), Th 4b> 4P lp K 9) I0 &) 9) 49 Oct 44 - K 0 K 9) At,-IZ <7h a Z' C90 ZaaVren7: 93 K 0. AQiZer' --I i2zP2 HI 40 L /60 Z44(iI2L oLS!*J~q c urir47 ~0 = ý t IN IL- U'0 2s Lz=ýl Týlr N - N ýM X\R'ý -rq7 - CA as. 9) CAds. tzazry'ert 4040 C90n- ( r-A3N J>o N /20o I /47 160 1460 7&~.Z a vtdso I N I YE 1. 4 1 kl*.4I G L4- a 1 11 L 20 * j 9) IY Ak NJ K0 'Jy 03 t,. 9.) K0 9) NJ NJ 'A~?ae Z *21h6a27i 0o Q~N7te z&1VVrt (90 XoC. Pa ac/icr 6'0* oO "4 ~421 0 0 0 9) >23 Nq ~ 410 6asrz%/z 7?J 2 -8_I lKI~m7F21IL4.~Q2j- J1L __________40_:!3"e" ' -ah 7 1 \J1 'KP- ý-- '3>, ý loin I -Al;-w CAP fc ErZZ e5 -(90e~ke 0 K 0) (4.) 9).11) 9) '-K V w z-39 Cc0. 90iOe) v-90 7040 ro~t 1140,Par~ker 16o H na-s t1 rezodca7 v 7- W FoG~o 4W NJ t -w________ N 4 '.p z--j -YI all - rov P. $ 40 Grzsa 26 7, t 72,Z7'fl 60 Z ( op -B9evE C-)0 Z -7h z.N.Al Ze '-''' I.. - L ~ 'LVI_________ ______Js Sf enioo 4090 ASmtZmrrc YN& o 9z 103Ao 10 09 10 / 7/ 0',, J'kW7 o C9tsck C96 /,0h7 0I-fgDTa7 77 - Schm eck1 5 Zoo51 041 16c '3 NJ.53 s-k 0 K K 0.AYrrsze.r d /60?40rdcrzarc SpCrlihY JJy K IVES < A-is Po*yU Lit Imp~ mwp 2-11,ýý,ý=, '2 *..'r'r'rr '," -'r r N - -V. '-7f --', "4Y '4' -..-' -v- r -'# *.- -.-,.- ." -r 'IA - Y), -972-' I Title: Map of Thomas Township 12 N 3 E; 4 E Keywords: Albert Brugge; Anton Spindler; Chas. Brandt; Anton Spindler; Con. Whelton; L.W. Haines; Aug. Geise; R.F.D.; H.T. Hill; Aug. Russow; Cath. Hevens; Otto Pretzer; Peart Wiltse; Amos Wiltse; Jos. Kapitan; Wm Honemorder; Chas. Dice; Roy Graham; Jesse Phillips; C. Gedilis; Wm. Tank; Chas. Hatch; Wm. Bellinger; Chas. Huck; R.F.D. Emrich Corners; Alb. Rossow; Alex Fraser; Wm Wickham; Reserve Line; Eloise Traiup; Geo. Beaman; T.H. Cook; Wm Burleson; Wm. David Est. Jno. David; Jno. Crawford; Jno. L. Dice; Paul Hahm Jr.; Annie Hingston Est.; Jos. Kapitan; Smith Benson; Martin Kapitan; Smith Benson; W. Elsholz; L. McCarty; Arthur Renwick; F.E. Knight; School; Geo. Leaman; Jas. Fenderson; Roy Graham; Fred Brandt; Wm Tank; Aug. Wolfgram; Mary A. Hall; Henry Fillie; Lee Mead; W. Gerard; Richard Pietzer; Dan Wiltse; Wiltse; Rossow; Jas. Graham; Jas. Kealey; Wm. Tank; R.F.D.; Jas. Cook; Store; Henry C. Hatch; Alois Halm; Jas. Moore; Ed. Wiltse; Arthur Wiltse Res.; Pat'k Fitzgerald; John Kealey; John Murphy; C.M. Copeland; E.C. Wurtzel; R.F.D.; Church; Wm McAdams; Jas. Northcott; S.E. Leaman; Chas. Wiltse; Jas. Northcott; P.J. Cowans; Philip McInnis; Edgar Wiltse; Fred Wiltse; Silas Leaman; M. Metzger; M. Crawford; Jas. H. Scanlon; Matt. Engels; Chas. Almy; F.W. Crawford; F.X. Hagert; Jas. Norcross; Stacy & Rob't Hall; Geo. Peitzer; Herman Neunfeldt; Paul Kruger; Della Johnson; John D. Frost Est.; Amos Knapp; Jos. Vianeron; John Murphy; B. Whelton; Della Johnson; Mrs. Odeal Ray; Chas. Kruger; Otto Kruger; Mrs. Sarah Murphy; C.H. Frost; J.S. Frost; O.E. Adams; Wm W. Wiltze; Church; A. Hoffman; Elmer Van Horn; Paul Pretercil; Wm. Curry; J.N. Fox; C. Hubbell; Swan Creek; Wm W. Wiltse; John Hoffman; L. Mynazek and F. Neuchel; Chris Matzke; Earl Garrett; Earl Floud; E. Meschke; E. Yaekel; Frank Wurtzel; Albert Schmeck; Michael Hagerl; H.F. Meyer; M. Hager; Tittabawassee River; Paul Halm; Fred Krenz; Ferdinand Hellpap; Wm Schramke; Fredericka Summerfeld; Henry Owen; Cem; Caroline Liskow Est.; Della Johnson; McClellan Creek; Hug. Kruger; Wm Fischer; Chas. Wolfgram; Chas. Kampfert; Alonson Frost; Martin Curry; Michael Walsh; W.W. Curry; Martin Curry; Adam Gordon; Mich'l Walsh; Frank Faucher; R.F.D.; Laurence Hoffman; School; J. Kaufmman; Ray Geddes; Ellen Conoly; Michael Hoffman; David Geddes; Jas. Davidson; Adam Gordon; R.F.D.; G. Miller; Chas. Siggreen; J. Smith; Jerry Hennelly; Carl Liskow; W.J. & L.L. Leuenbeger; Dan'l Hellpap; John G. Liskow; Louisa Liskow; School; Ferdinand Liskow; Henry Dice; Frank Halm; Fred Meyer; S.E. Morningstar; Con Gindregske; C.F. Metzger; Jas. Ederrer; Dan'l Cavanaugh; W. Cornwell & J. Balzar; Frank Doyle; Foster Thompson; Geo. Thompson; Aug. Luedtke; Wm Baumgartner; Ed. Turner; Ernest Fischer; Chas. Fischer; Earnest Fischer; Michael Holahan; Alonson Frost; Rob't Rutledge; Aug. Luedtke; Jos. Faucher; R.F.D.; Wm Luedtke; James L. Kennelly; Wm Holahan; School; Pat O'Hara Geo. Dinning; Asa Brown; Arthur Almy; Geo. Wood; Ed. Kennedy; John Oldenburg; Jas. Smith; Andrew Bryant; Jno. Wright; Geo. Wood; Daniel O'Brien; Walter Bryant; Oliver Barber; Jos. Faucher; Arthur Walker; N.B. Davis; Thos. Leddie; Mrs. David Leddie; Jas. Jr. & Wm Kennelly; Parker Est. Wm & M. Leddie; Mrs. David Leddie; H.A. Armstrong; Jas. Kennelly Sr.; Otto Scholtz; School; Jay Smith Est; R.F.D.; Jas. Kennelly Jr.; Edw. Behnkendorf; Wm Fish; Theodore Meyer; Wm Behnkendorf; Amos Williams; Wm Scholtz; Shields; Jos. Cavanaugh; Cornwell & Balzer; State Road Bridge; Ferdinand Sperling; Christ Pasel; Church; Matilde Bell; Gustave Fischer; Ovida Legara; R.F.D.; Thomas W. Bell; Wm Feverhelm; Garry Hoffman; Chas. Baliene; A. Tessin; Fred'k Tank; Rob't Wright; Mrs. J. Turner; Pere Marquette R.R.; J.A. McBratnie; Roger McLean; Drain; Rob't Wright; E. Trucket; Elias Abbey; Williams Creek; E.C. Schomaker; G.W. Schomaker; Rob't Peterson; Israel Wood; Geo. F. Smoot; E.K. Smith Fred Dwinger; John Seefelder; John C. Schomaker; Frank Gradt; Fred Kluck; Mrs. Chris Bornhoff; John H. Schomaker; David Legary; O. & Wm Kutsch; Lawrence McCullen; Timothy O'Hearne; Amelia Schmeck; Louise Miller; John McDonald; Gust Winchell; R.F.D.; Otto Kutsch Sr.; Otto Kutsch Jr. Residence; Aug. Wegner; edw. Mielke; R. Schultz; R. Born; Peter Herbeck; R. Morehead; Mrs. Thorpe; R.H. Garey; G. Pfloeger; J. Walsh; Richard Born; Patrick Callahan; B. Arch; Aug. Schultz; M.I.; D.C.; Paines; Eli Rockwell; Geo. Newlove; Chas. Sperry; Mich. Cen. R.R.; Tittabawassee Twp.; Richland Twp.; Swan Creek Twp.; James Twp.; Saginaw Twp. Note:

Page  58 I.A-^T"' Tifr US ^ ^ ^^" ~1 ' |~ 81 - ^yy- * JEs^'-_:- ^.^-^----L-J^ Ij I 1 ^^^fe-r^^?^^^ 11 * ' * ^^-F^b^i^^ 11 i ' L^[^j|~^ I 8 ^^1^^^^^^^^^ ^^' II * f' T ^ T^C~ ^1 ^ *.^^ j^w^, * - ^> s Hiik ^S 91 mm ^^^ ^i ^-^-Jl- ^A^ L.-^-^-^' ^.^r^ ^*,^^-^-^-_'*-,.1 1 r ^ t^ ~^TO- ^^/^t^ I 7Q W^ IBi ^^^fc--^^^^-^^^^^-?^^""^^?^1?^^^^. *^^is ^"^S ^Q ^^ts'^v^ ^ * -^m IS ^^Y.^ --^^ ^/^TT?: ^*0 ^i^ejeideL- ^ M/m- *jSj.,k S^ IK ^^^^.i' V^ ^fa^ ^ ^^ Q'8'^^ ^(^^ ^ ^^ Q ^ /^^^ 0 K 1^ I 111 \mm,^^%/?^^/^^ ^ ^'--i joAn.^. " ^-Jre^^ ^^, ^ " ^ ^^ ^ ^ CJ^ -cs^j^ ^^.^ ^ /fe^^e ^ ^ ~ ^ ^i '^ IW mfac^3p^ ^^ ^ ^ ^1 ^Ms^rd w ^ S^^h-''^ ^-ft___ ^.~ ^ ' __^ /?-.^ ff- to"^1"-^-^ ^- -^^-;-1--^T" ^ ^ * ^ A III * * ^^^^^^^^%%^^%^^ ^^^^^^^r'-fc^ T^-^'F^"^^ r! i^ ^^^fe^^^^^^^'^^^^^^^ ^^^^i^ ^fel-^te^^-^^-^ ' IS It * ^s;: - ^ c^ ' II III C.^^.t, 5___________ ^-F-l Pgi II Sl&^]|^^[3 ^ - |g * St '; ITJL-L- _^_^:^d ^ Jgj Ki i-^ ^vi-i^s* * ~^~^'~n '"^ IBI * ^:EE3::^^^. ^ ^ ~ B- ^ ^^^^^ ^ c * * * ^ ^s;;;ng^^ ^ ^ B * '.N-%^-^ ^ >- ~ * ^--8 ^^^g ^ r^! ^ I|| |jg~g s s ** E s_^,. _ *ai-di *>8 s, ^^i A mis Sl ~^T>-- -,-!^--^->8 a * 1--1 /^-N SS ZftM ^n..*.. * ^ ^*-*/ _____ *?ao rao 6cfi k fc,_____^ _________ / ^A*^;L \ %)^fftt^v gg ^ ^^,,^-- -s. ^ -yi^-2 m.11 ^-^^ ^ ^ * * * ^ m S -^WA rt ' i S * ^ yY. c"' * * i |l ^\\ ^^'^ B lil % \\. ^CouHry ^ ^?ai V',//--~o<" ^^" 81 ii \ \^ *.,~- is m S~ *? m Title: Map of Saginaw and Carrollton Townships; Shattuckville 11 N; 12 N 4 E; 3 E; 4 E; 5 E Keywords: John J. Hackett Est.; Herman Hahn; Chas. H. Kerr; Florence McCarty; W.B. Hackett; Aug. Rietz; Elizabeth Lynch; Vina Ure; Andrew Ure; Leonard J. Burke; John Loeblein; Theodore Krichner; Saginaw County; C.F. Frier; Herman Kostorf; Chas. Kostorf; Henry Seidel; Regina Kleinschmidt; W.J. Seidel; Saginaw Creamery Co; Joseph Foulds Est.; Geo. Hemmeter; Jos. Fould; Ludwig Reinke; Fred Reinke; Henry Schuck; Henry Huff; Fred Frier; Wm. Priesterbach; Wm. Connelly; Geo. Nuerminger; J.C. Brechtebauer; Jos. Goodeman; Frederick Luenberger; Lewis Fierke; Geo. Emrick; Eva Anderson; John Hoernlein; Freda Ploetz; Pere Marquette R.R.; Chas. Moiles; John Sieggreen; Aug Storch; Fred Nuerminger; Christian Wartenberg; Geo Eisen; Eva Anderson; Geo. L. La; School; Fred Squire; Conrad Miller; Wm. Ulrich; Andrew Lauer; Wm. Ulrich; Wm. Steltsriede; Fred Marr; Conrad Seidel; James Hickney Est.; Albert Kuhl; Otto Seidel; Ludwig Seidel; Chas. Dupraw; Henry Mittleberger; Geo. C. Sherzer; Chas. Boldebuck; C. Barkulen; Arthur Schock; J. Boulier; O. Methcoia Est; C.E. Flowers; C. Whalen; T. Valoin; Carl Pratow; C. Spiekerman; H. Leaniman; V. Vanetski; F. Leaniman; R.P. Kaska; J. Garski; Jos. Dobrowski; G. Zielinski; M. Hoover; H. Bower; Josef Szkuta; J. Kettlehaun; Fred Otto Jr.; Drigg's Subd.; V. Vanetski; O. Bocharski; P. Dupuis; E. Thomforde; C. Barkuhe; J Stanko; C. Speckerman; O. Bouchard; Ernest Knaack; E.E. Householder; Chas H. Kerr; John Ure; J.E. Ure; Batcheller Est.; Cem; Tittabawassee River; Edward R. McCarty; John Stark; Samuel N. Shattuck; Frank Lent; Mary Hackett; County Poor Farm; Geo. Bellinger; Graves & Soule; Shattuckville; Root Stark; August Schwan; H.J. Seidel; Carl J. Seidel; G.W. Stimson; Mary Hackett; Bernard Hackett; Edward Hemmeter; Michael Hemmeter; Wm. Wichmann; Anna Karp; Nicholas Shields; C. Shields; C. Shields; Freida Ploetz; Chas. Shields; Aug. Karp; Chas. Passatt; Chas. Hinnman; Aug. Karp; Adam Dirken; C.L. Hunt; Aug. Karp; W.S. Perkins; Fred Wintenstein; Martin Mannin; John McLean; Chas. Shepherd; Chris. Lentz; G. Hoernlein; Carline Engel; C Mosier; Frieda Ploetz; Herman Kosstart; Philip Spriesterbach; John G Haenlein; B.O. Holcomb; Will J. Arft; Martin Mannin; Town Hall; R.F.D.; Edw. Hoernlein; Richard Storch; H. Hoernlein; Henry Deitzel Est.; Wm. M. Seidel; Mrs. Wm. Magow; Andrew Lauer; C. Zimmer; Frank And; G. Hoernlein; Caroline Enge; Fred Engel; Marg't Voight; Fred; Brumnest; H. Deibel; Alberd Kuhl; J.W. Weiss; Levi Steltsriede; John Steltsriede; J.A. Woerminger; Henry Mittleberger; Ferdinand Steltsriede; John Brunner; C.J. Rabe; John Schoenheit; Geo. Scherzer; Chas. Sr. Schoenheit; Cem; John A. Boehner; S. Illrey; Aug. Krusky; J.A. Nuerminger; J.W. Weiss; John C. Rechter; School; Chas. Schoenheit Sr.; Carrollton; E.E. Householder; Reserve Line; Mich. Sugar Co.; J. Conrad Brechtelbauer; John Winters; Ernest Winters; John Winter; Mich. Sugar Co.; Val. Blatz Subd.; Chas. Martin; A.T. Bliss Est; C.L. Grant; Geo. Bellinger; John Harris; Church; Henry Schlitt; Store O. Thompson; G. Spindler; August Hamling, Est.; James Barrett; A. Hamling; E. Young; John Parker; Alfred Roseland; John C. Horgan; Leonard Salvner; James Day; Mary Day; Harry E. Oppenheimer; Brick Yard; School; Page; Wm. S. Thompson; Saginaw; B. Estcott; School; N.M. Perkins; Irvin Myers; J. Ostrom; Jas. H. McCallum; R. Ostrom; Martin Hansenlader; Wm. Hiesrodt Est.; J. Lewis; Andrew Hegenauer; Wm. Steckert; R.F.D.; Tobias Hennier; O.W. Bary; Chas. Shepherd; Martin Mannin; Henry Deibel; Chris. Moser; Ea'm. Shields; Jos. Spousta; Geo. F. Leach; Wm F. Hamlein; D.C. Blanemore; H.L. Fernette; Joseph H. Hedrick; Carl Muehlenbeck; Fred Frier; Henry Weadfall; Aug. Storch; A.M. Butts; Francis D. McKenna; Henry Dietzel; Martiny; Wm. Brunner; Ration; Fredk. Schwahn; Gottlieb Wiersing; F. Spier; Feo. Ruehl; N.B.B.; G.C.W. et al; A.E. Schemm et al; C. Phillip Graebner; P. B. & L. Assn; Tel; M.D.; Augusta Friedlein; Henry Schwinek; Emily Frederick; Frank A. Miller; M.B.; M.A.; W.F.B.; C.W. Reidel Trustee; J. Bachner Est.; Fritz Walter; John Egerer; Adolph Kunitzer; Mary Stoker; P. Dierich; M. Kuch; Fred Wichman; Michael Deindorfer; P.M.; R.P.; P.M.R.R.; M. Deindorfer; Detention Hospital; Eliza Neuchterlein; Herman Terruado; Geo. L. Barrows; Carrollton; Mary Day; Dan'l Ostrom; Boyee; D. Blackmore; N. Swarthout; Amanda Lilly; G.W. Gary; S.R. Bowden; Chas. F. Winterstein; John Metzger; Rittenhour; John Zellner; Chas. F. Winterstein; Wm. Steckert; Fred Burk; Thos. Stevens; M.W. Otto; Mike Seidel; Lawrence Blank; Belle Smith; Geo. Zorn; B. Rossdeutscher; Reuven Packard; School; T.A. Smith; John H. Dirker; Chas Schoenheit; Wilo Neueruch; Jos. Brerraeger; John Camin; Peter Duby; Mary Smith; Wm. F. Hemmeter; Florence McCarthy; J.P. Hemeter; Henry Steltsriede Sr.; J.P. Nuerminger; Frank Bolle; Mrs. Bolle; A.Z. Melze; C.R. & Florence Bittner; H.G.; O.K.A.; J. & K.H.; C. & E.L.; Aug. Grunow; Geo. L. Burrows; Robt. B. Swift; Thos Schemm; L.A.; Augusta E. Schemm et al; Thos. Stevens; John O. Ross; H.J.P. Graebner; City of Saginaw; Michael Kinney; Oakwood Cemetery; Albert Stroebel; John Stroebel; Chris Seidel; John Seidel; H. Luedtke; Leonard Burke; Turner; Michael Blank Est.; Wm. L. Seidel; Chris Seidel; Geo. W. Seidel; Albertson; Cem.; Minnie Bloeden; Mary Parker; Mrs. Arrosmith; John A. Blank; John P. Seidel; J.D. Resseguie; John Perry; Geo. Haigh; M. Schneider; John P. Seidel; C.B. Stroebel; John P. Nuerminger; Henry Steltsriede Sr.; J.P. Morgan; Beach Grove Fruit Farm; Harvey & Morley; Chas. Baldauf; School; John C. Stroebel; Amos Bird; Amelia Bowden; Jas. Stevenson; R.F.D.; Theo. E. Sharp; Saginaw Co. Club; Eli Sprunger; Saginaw Valley Stock Farm; Michigan Central; Michigan Ry (Elec.); Michigan Central R.R.; Saginaw River; Geo. J. Hicks; Hick's Guernsey Farm; Jacob Hoffmann; Joe Fallman; Michael Kinney; H. Congdon, Est.; W.P. Morgan; Oscar Seidel; John Seidel; Jess Misonger; Henry Baldaut; W.P. Morgan; Adeline Miller Est.; E.G. Rust; Corporation Line; R.C. Vogt; F.R.D.; Jacob Spitz; Geo. Gempel; Saginaw Improv. Co; Per R.R.; Thos. Merrill Est.; G; P.M.R.R.; John Hansen; John P. Schwahn; Saginaw Valley Trac. Co.; Riverside Park; Ch D; H.L. Blaisdell & W.W. Grobe; Tittabawassee Twp.; Kochville Twp.; Zilwaukee Twp.; Thomas Twp.; James Twp.; Graves & Soule; Samuel N. Shattuck; County Poor Farm; Shattuck Plat; Saginaw Twp.; Geo. Bellinger; Andre St.; Andre's Add.; Julia St.; Mill St.; Shattuck St.; John Harris; Henry Schlitt Note:

Page  59

Page  60 WbI.F C)C VERA ACE' LMRU 100 DENcn ~ a thC QD COO 91 SDI 5,.5 C)Q 4.3'6 C/) -2 Qs cts 0 K (f) 0 - - -I 2: 'U' Oj N Pc' It ~zrc ac. 7 z-tc 'L Dra i22 Al2- 4-e q.., w S Gcz.zeUe co 1276 0 0 6' -i N K 1k CA 4/>-c c-Dz-z. a Ic - a G, to 35 61 t ~6K g JOHNTON - V Q 64 " 6 C~ 66 C6 6 6 6 \ C 2 too. C') oG.C.0 r I 1 /,? 019 13 k, r 44 CQ 'VIPARSONS Pbb 02 CA (Go60 30 sr 133W7F5f C4 6N 30Z WzxA 61. 254. CC GA c0 iFC - - - -9 Oro A 03/0 ( ' 6 (- ' 4 0 A C, II - * I C 2 C 0 K N, I ) Pt f -7----T 0' C) C) 4 N Co 1 -I. K 0 C) N Nj C) ck) P. 5-0 CORYC 0 RATI~o1 II I Al:6~0t/& -2/t~./ t7.i. -: < A.,..... t~.~ -..----.. --..-..... -.- -- -... * ' A 1...................................... -.77777 Title: Merrill, Jonesfield Twp. Keywords: Corporation Line; Frank J. Shannon; Drain No. 4; Geo. Trombley; Thos. Willard; Geo. Turner; John Shannon; Pere Marquette R.R.; E.G. Rust; E. Gazette; Stacey St.; Hood St.; Railroad St.; E.G. Rust; Tom Ryan; Corporation Line; James Jordan; Wm. Wolahan; Wm. Tuck; Mike Lynch; Jas. Spencer; Frank Petre; Michael Ryan; Benson St.; Mill St.; Frances Elmer St.; Mahoney St.; Saginaw St.; Martell St.; Martell's Add.; Benson's Add.; Chas. Johnston; Chas. Dickison; Wm. Tuck; John Walkling; Hall; Johnston's Subd. of Part of Block 14; Eddy St.; School; Mahoney St.; Jos. Wachalac.; Wm. McGowan; City Hall; Original Town; Alice St.; Hotel; Livery; Hdw.; Bank; Depot; Elev.; Lbr. Shed; Saw Mill; McBride St.; Perkins St.; Melze Hood & Parson's Add.; Church; Ladd St.; D.R. Cuthbertson; Corporation Line; Drain No. 4; C.V. Johnston; M. Fleming; L.D. Gaurd; Johnston St.; Johnston's 2nd Add.; A.C. Melze's Add.; Church St.; Church; Hudson St.; Clarke St.; Angus MacDonald; Mrs. John Murray; H.J.C. Wilson; Note: Blocks 5, 6, 11, 12, 21 & 22 of Original Plat were also included in Melze, Hood & Parson's Addition; Parochial School; Parsons St.; Melze St.; Wilson's Add.; Midland St. Note:

Page  61 .1 wmo S W.J. w*b- 2 9m -~w '-rpdý" CAI Jsi? Ah?5TTh N 000 0. CA C>A 6Ni -x' 0 NA. "Irl' 0 rK1 ro 01N IXI n 00_ Fr &ct a c c0 7?lS Jieri2'9 7~r )o u 77?a-n -. 4 Title: Bridgeport, Bridgeport Twp. Keywords: Mrs. Emil Joshim; Marion Fry; D.A. Pettibone Est.; M Simons Est.; Liberty St.; Elevator; Depot; Genessee St.; Michigan Railway (Electric Line); Pere Marquette R.R.; John Swanson; Albert F. Mitchell; Byron Shreve & Wife; B.F. Griffin; Res. Of M.A. Griffin; Henry M. Youmans; Lincoln St.; Pere Marquette R.R.; Saginaw St.; Prospect St.; R.R. Ground; Cem.; Jos. Marx; M. Simons Est.; B. Shop; Rob't Clendenning; Carrie Corbin; Feed Barn; Geo. M. Gramlich; Store; Depot; Saloon; Post Office; Park; Frank.G. Todish; Michigan Railway (Electric Line); Original Town; F.C. Kranse; State St.; Res. And Office R.C. Lyle; Original Town; Sherman St.; Grant St.; Washington St.; School; Warren St.; Church; R.C. Lyle; Frank G. Todish; Wm. Lyle; Cass River; D.A. Pettibone Est.; M. Simons Est.; Genessee St.; Michigan Railway (Electric Line); D.F. Foster's Add.; Church; Fred Hodgeman; D. Labor; Forest St.; Mill St.; Franklin St.; McKinney St.; Fayette St. Note:

Page  62 v ^ - ^ u- ^s ^ ^ ' ~ ~:t'? ^iN /^~ l: 0 y ry rrr ^^ S^ -J ^ yyy/^ 5^ ^ i ^^ c '"*T ^^; " ^ It^ 'S 1 -^K~-^.^ - ^^Q^ ^ ^ ^ '^^^" "1-- N t ^ c y* ^^K ''^ ^^ ^\ '"^j:' >; = - BSh i^m i ~ ^^fc7^*^^"^^T~y~^^^; ^^^^1@i1s ^-#^ ' i i - -i^i ^^ ^^ ^ ^ja -i;tj s^ ^^ ^ ZT " -~s -^7 ^ ^ ^.tl$^.^ iS*--ri*--*i**r-~y^^ ^_ ^ ^"li-^-^i^^1^ UNKs. mm**..* =-1l ^5^ b^? T ^^ l b^ GRAND"^.-^c. ^ - ^ - *^S ^ s ft-ft -s ^ *' -n ^ ^^^-..-^ ^^^ ^B I ^^^ ^ L'^"^^^; sll t i /r~i^PIZF 7^M 1 --'-- ' 0 -'c~oF)- J. 3 D, ^N^B. ^ -Z 0. ~^" *-'' g~jz^^ s.53 ^^ ^ ^'~ a.n. 0;S^ ^~ ^l~f~i.U-f-Mb 0 11~ V L9 1212s~i ^w^ s^11 ^^ ^^^i^ * fi~~~lc MOT"*-----------^ 3. ^ jg^^ "" =- ^-.^^^:s^S ^n^ ~ ~ ~ ~ 5 GIN W. - B-^ --- -^.-^*.\ ' ^ ^f ' ^ 0^ oG -^ ^% ______________. _______ -__________________. _____ -^^ \^~- I _____ ^^B:\-zyi^^ c^^^ ^~/? ^^j ____ - --- ---+ O r Q)^^^^^^ -- do ALf ^^f?^ *"*./p-' ^ A? *M ~%a T -/^.w '* ^^ Ss i ^ - - I,.... ^/^ *9is^ c 1 g|H WIN Z L 1-1C ^ *^"'i' --* *m.^ ^<g '*gsfS ^* & ' ^ f * 3' ^i'j go g^,~ Rj-/ n~ss -^ ^^^C9 C LU FJb~ m TI-T - =- '' ^.~ -m- --* T P 'A Title: Map of Buena Vista Township; Burt, Taymouth Twp.; J. Bruske's Subd. Of Lots 1 & 2 of F. Moeller's Sub., Buena Vista Twp.; Popp & Wolf's Sub., Buena Vista Twp. 12 N; 12 N; 13 N 4 E; 5 E Keywords: Chas. Shiller; Jos. Chabowski; Anton Myczkowiak; Chas. Shefert; Hanson Land Co.; Pere Marquette R.R.; Michigan Railway (Elec.); Cheboyganing Creek; J. Splaskye; Edw. Cass; J. Vanzalle; G. Gusehinski; Fred Labadie; R.F.D.; J. Vanzalle; Otto Clemens; Henry Corrion; J. Belzer; Phil Wilkowski; J. Spyhalski; Oak Grove Stock Farm; Jos. Szymkowiak; Herman Ritter; E.W. Irwin; Anton Hausbeck; J. Szyminski; Anton Myczkowiak; John P. Lambrecht; Herman Lambrecht; Edw. O'Leary; Wm Nitschka; Rudolph Lambrecht; H. Lambrecht; W.C. Lupcke; F.J. Johnson; M. Jansen; R.F.D.; School; Herman Ritter; Pere Marquette R.R.; Michigan Railway (Elec.); E.B. Foss; Cheboyganing Creek; Mundy & Fifield; Pere Marquette R.R.; Whatcheer Pumping Station; H. Brusch; Jas. Galganski; Carl Batzlak; F. Pers; Mich'l. Dauer; M. Dauer; Fred Heinzmann; Dwight Klohn; Otto Hausbeck; F. Hausbeck; John Hausbeck; Jos. Sczminski; F.E. Webb; Harry Hayward; Jacob Countigan Est.; Jos. Hausbeck; Frank Hausbeck; Otto Hausbeck; R.F.D.; Aug. Krabbe, Est.; Wm. A. Lupcke; Farret Riley; Clara Lupcke; Gustav Gollin; Mundy & Fifield; John Anklam; Chris Volz; John Dean; Barnard Coal Co.; Henry W. Schmidt; Peter Webber; Ed. Grew; Edw. Osborn; Ed. Grew; Peter Fleminger; Fred Haas; Casper York; Peter Webber; Wm Schnell; Henry Lammermann; Casper York; Saloon; Aug. Krabbe, Est.; Res. Of Alvin Krabbe; Peter Fleminger; Louis Ruyts; Peter Webber; Indiantown; R.F.D.; Edw. Webber; John Groll; Andrew Groll; Peter Fleminger; Jos. Webber; Chas. Wittkopf; Gustav Gollin; Carl Batzloff; Family Resort Ass'n Plat; KAW-KAW-IS-KAW-ISL; Oneida Farm Co.; Crow Reserve; Hall; School; J.F. Rick; F.F. Miller; Calpine's Sub; F. Allore; J. Allore; Ed. Allore; F. Miller; Pat'k O'Keefe; Pere Marquette R.R.; Michigan Railway; J.C. Herpel; A.C. Tufts; Harkems & Keller; Michael Anklam; B. Steininger; Christian Volz; Edward Anklam; Wm. G. Gage; Alex McDonel; Emil Wendtand; Frank Hildebrand; Drain; Hugo Peters; Chas. Becker; Frank Boensch; F. and J. 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R; Fred Strieter; Stephen Zuckermandel, Est.; Minnie Winkler; Pere Marquette R.R.; Fred Ricker; Fred Leitow; G. Dietrich; J.C. Winkler Est.; Fred Lei; John Leitow; Lud Schu; Joh Leit; Aug. Sch; J.J. Dietrich; John W. Dietrich; Guy S. Gerber; Fred Moll; Jacob Schrempf Est.; Cem.; C. Schram; O. Ben; Jas Bro; Bender; R.F.D.; K. Dietr; J. Me; Man Kue; K. Dietrich; Joh Bluem; M Rie; Her; Store; Geo. Reinbold; Fred Schnure; Gustave Buschke; Geo. Reinbold; Henry Hetzner; Geo. Kueffner; Parochial School; Ernest Wendla; Bie; Bus; Ma Bus; Jo Wen; Wm. Wen; Fred; B. Shop; B.V. Cheese Co.; J.C. Leidlein; Leonard Baumgaertner; Conrad Hetzner; Forest Lawn Cemetary; Corp. Limits; Corp. Limits; H. Wahl; Jonathan Robinson; H. Bates Est.; C. Coal Co.; M. Ingaseinski; S. Meier; Bates Park; J.J. Turner; A. Schnautz; A.M. Coreil; Minnie Schleog; D. Wright; F. Bauer; H.H. Cheney; J. Salisbury; Aug. Brunkow; R.S. Hardin; J.W. Hardin; Popp & Wolf's Sub.; Chas. Fruehl; Gulbraith; Frank Plumb; Popp & Wolf; Chas. Hubbard; W.W. Dunham; Geo. Rasher; Mrs. F. Bauer; Louis Moll; H. Rosbach; A. Rosbach; Nat. Blanchard; John Benroth; C. Canfield; J. Hillis; Jas. Giltrop; Lizzie Whalen; R. Pierce; H. Pucang; Michael Schrem; Fred Link; Bernard Bier; W.T. Berke; Fred Heileman; J. Gerkin; Fred Lebsch; Adam Rosbach; J. Devolder (Buena Vista Hotel); B.G. Appleby; Louis Schoenknechk; M.N. Rouse Est.; Carl Bank; Mrs. Celia Creed; R.F.D.; W.W. Dunham; A. McLackie; Frank Laundra; Adam Rosbach; Jacob Arnst; And. Smith; Norman Schulz; Aug. Rohloff; Saginaw Transfer Co.; Chas Rohde; Wm. Rohde; Bruno Boensch; Frank Schremf; Gottlieb; Herman J. Barth; Arnst; J.F. Rupp; Frank Schremf; Chris Dietrich; Kath Dietrich; Minnie Meinnecke; G. M. Abraham, Jr.; Aug. Boench, Sr.; Aug. Boench, Jr.; Conrad Barth; A. Boensch Sr.; Conrad Barth; Carl Boensch; P. Baumann; Frank Rohloff; Geo. Huber; John Ehrlinger, Est.; John S. Ehrlinger; Drain; Fred Abraham; Wm. Theer; Minnie Meinnecke; Fred Rohloff; Peter Theer; Kuhl Cr.; Claus Bartels; Peter Ehrlinger; Bay Co.; Zilwaukee Twp.; Blumfield Twp.; Bridgeport Twp.; Spaulding Twp.; John Cuthbertson; Irvin Kime; Dr. G.W. Peart; Louise McNally; Mrs. Collis; Mrs. Studevant; Irvin Kime; Mrs. Lang; Myrtle V. Green; Mrs. Davis; Jos. McNally; F. Chambers; Lucy Dillon; W.M. Van Sickle; Jas. McNally; Sarah Crosby; A. Green; Marg't Blake; Dr. G.W. Peart; Church; S. Borttell; Mr. & Mrs. Boulord; F. McNally; Public Hall; Grand Truck R.R.; Pine St; Elizabeth; Ashmun St.; Alma St.; Saginaw St.; Crofoot St.; River St.; Depot; Frank Chambers; Louise McNally; L.F. McNally; Drug Store; F. Chambers; D.M. Hunter; Saloon; Schoolcraft; School; Mattie Bloggett; G.L. Baker; Walter Shaft; Bank; P.O.Store; W. Savage; Chas. Mohs; L.S. Waste; Thos. Abele; Fred Ahrens; City of Saginaw; Mrs. H. Moiles; P.J. Strunz; L.F. Strunz; J.W. Harden; A. Reinig; Webber St.; Chas. Fruehl; Gulbraith; Michigan Ry. (Electric); Saginaw & Genesee Road; Popp & Wolf; Hess Av.; J.W. Hardin; Chas. Hubbard; K. Pierce; Frank Plumb; Bates Park; J.J. Turner; Lot 3; Lot 2; Lot 4; Lot 1; Lot 1; Lot 2; Lot 11; Lot 12; Lot 1; Lot 6; Lot 7; Lot 8; Lot 9; Lot 10; Out Lot A Note:

Page  63

Page  64 T 0'Y, *- > - -- - - - - - - - * * 9 * * *' - ~ 9,-U ' zy U-1 - 64A....... __________________________________ - _________________.........._____________ -4V>----4VZ1---~Vt-----C4P----Ct,'z*. - 9 9 F 00C ýP. Uollwnship f P Xorth, 3Shinge d S%8J of the3S2ifekigan Slieridian RAY r. - ý-,.7-- - * Vt, - * -r mwmlý-!M17:1!0 I fil K 64 4.0.1 72 awker to -C J37 Geozy I LPCC7~v ~ras AI0Q rhouc' <90er ~0-A k YNO F 3.84/ rtcs Z7ynct 40 ME' a -L %,- V9, v Arv? Op 4' ______ U- - a -- 1! -ON f-i Nt0 0 3to 4o0/ ýýIp.70-Zc66 r = - - V-. - --- -- 1= IT1 -ý!=-7- ---j, -mm 6.8. -5(q 113 4d0zz I I 1-166 ddczv XýcI zic,9mn, CY _ _..:;=, ==---4 T f - I V riff alO v Ii) 0' to U 0) Q) NY Brow? At7czsv i-c A~77c2 40 [,5077777Z &7-S~ Am 2FiZ Dorrcv -F 67ndm'e 40 vo0 iCtbJVA Ak -M' frz2d6.A~QarSZ'ccV '70 cS'S 'El. Ar? 2& C90 N QJ tJ tj) K) -' 40ACary Ats. LX; - zzrte5- 2Pctc ci & I 0 I 1-.srn ect P~c c&511 * 1,04* -.311 U - - art 1f.1.... H -% - 1 4 it I..... i - 11;,.. i - I.. Fr-ed 40 F h~zitrc 'So tyn c/i 40,. " 7. C,e-z as. 1.3 Jt? -I C2 721.eZr-? w Zczzees 400 Leona? 40 -. b. It.. $. AO? V BeraAcrc~ rtcA at-, zttc N 5-,, fycz7a zSccC3?y6 nr>cWL - 1 kg -t.7 71 47, 6ý ez0 -7 Z6( I s I ~ Q~ -At 0dot_ - 1 ____ ____ _ _ _ __ F. ~ ~ /4 *\j# -opt 2% Nj771C __________ 'CtootIi K Q) ~~~~krci- 71 U 3~ 1b 0 $lst cc \ - 51 lilt -- \ 200 I,, __ __ A_-V*,M~ C77rrncuz 2,7~79777~1\AC $ Rt 2hn7~2 O a~es0/6 Pp 1L' JIM Ni O-'\ - IlrCX anine9 Z R __ _ _ jt _ IN_ _t_ _ _ _ -a __ _ N \ -K 4 0~~~~i t, ý 4j&ny ~Ede ~Az PflA c r7 o IJctZiesss a xcc.*+K% - INJ._ 4 K~ 5 uzw~: ~ edYN&**1 ~ -K -~-t~- c/f //0S0 772.i -l \111CE >NOQ7)Q\J.AR/c< N or4 7Ad I~ _ __ __ -~ Ov %I> 7A 77S/0CN IQ) ý:3 ZY ~eat~: 441_.__ _I_ _ Zi1ee0 K) ~~~Th >I9~ 022 0i0N - NAk Fe 7p~$ Nil r rn&2--n 4-z lk ~ iN Ij j~ &Acd~~~s'1 t~ilz~mzexj rz~gz 1 * /2t5 6'0 >0 C9 a, U.5X- s5nC zer 4_7~ ~:-ýO-v Z? 0 j'V~z N,3 Y I"- 4 NN -04 ý-jt v~iI jt&'Q' ' I't LY% C t ) I~JIC~~ ~3Q~t>0i 41NK 0YNJ2 ____ ____ ____ ~ -. NN~~~~ ~ NJ ~ ~~ L~Q _ ____~ ~.t I~ _ Seon ___IN) sot jj ;ez-t Zfb&t bft C?cr so _____ Ij I* 4w~ * *.0 rl 'V -'- SVMLTI WP* I-- 5:Q 4 NI4Q4 -4 9 AK A..9..4.. A C.9. IC.& 4.. A A Title: Map of Blumfield Township 12 N 6 E Keywords: Wm. Hart; Blumfield Stock Farm No. 1; John Lynch; Jerry Robbins; T. Backer; George Reis; Wm Opitz; Frank Ruyts; K. Kuschinsky; Henry Blum; F. Baensch; Henry Blum; Geo. Brown; Fred Herline; And. Sommerfield; Gus Klopf; Thomas Meyers; Aug. Sommerfield; F. Barchta; Thos. Lynch; Frank Robbins; Anna Sommers; Dorra Sommerfield; Andrew Pries; F. Herline; E.J. Lynch; Chas. Bauman; Ira Cooper; Henry Miller; Wm Haack; Jas. Barke; Albert Kushing; Henry Blythe; Henry Ortner; Oliver Chartrant; Wm Chartrant; Louis Haack; W. Leonard; Jos. Sny; Israel Sny; Jas. & J. Marsrow; Gottlieb Redwanz; Mrs. Wm Mayberry; Adolph Arndt; Adolph Arndt; Wm H. Marsrow; E. Walls; John Hartman; R.F.D.; Bernhard Krich; Jno. Lindow; Adolph Arndt; J. Bernia; Nicholas Stockmeyer; Michigan Central R.R.; Peter Pardee; Peter Stein; Peter Hentz; Richard Schain; Lydia Bessinger; R.F.D.; Geo. Oeder; Mary Flues; Mrs. U. Reichel; Frank Liebknecht; Hugh Francis; Leonard Bahr; John Zimmerman; Herman Herbst; Mrs. Eug. Mathey; August Sommerfield; Archie Biernie; John Blum; Cheboyganing Creek; Fred Herline; C.H. Bamberg; Edward Manning; I.D. Mower; John Besener; L. Sahr; School; John Manning; Albert Tracy; Terence Manning; Jas. Salgat; Mary Hickey; Bridget Hickey; R.F.D.; Walter O. Krebs; D.O. Markhart; John Billmeier; Joseph Mathey; A. Grenia; Regina Sahr; Geo. F. Sahr; R.F.D.; Andrew Reif; A. reif; F. Stoltow; Sch.; George Weaver; Mrs. V. Burch; D. Burch; Noah Grenia; Oscar C. Stein; Frank Kobat; Jos. Brewer; Frank Elbers; Fred Elbers; V. Stedry; Jno. Beyer; J. Wagner; D. Cole; John Courbier; Edward Pries; Fred H. Elbers; Phillip Humpert; Jas. Brewer; H. Wilkinson; Richard Schian; Peter Pardee; Wm Wascher; Fred Wascher; Chas. Ranke; T.G. Mandel; Chas. Pries; Wm. Faden; R.F.D.; Emil Faden; William Spikermann; Mary B. Flues; Mich'l Oeder; Frank Kobat; Joachim Sommer; Wm Silk; Conrad Zimmerman; Martin Andreas; P. Bresnahan; School; Bernhard Krick; Fred Krick; Ernest Krick; Theo. Schulte; Patrick Brennan; R.F.D.; Lucinda Matthews; Reese; Frank Stedry; Carman Peterson; Fred Herline; John & Michael Rupp; George Bender; R.F.D.; Louis Engel; Erhart Schmitt; C. Besener; James Hickey; Henry Ruthenback; F. Brechtelsbauer; C.M. Brechtelsbauer; A. Heinlein; A. Zanner; Pere Marquette R.R.; Chas. Aven; John Ryan; Wm Spikerman; Fred Harnish; Andrew Pries; Emich Seitz; Albert Hagen; Michael Hartner; Eva B. Schober; Mary Hickey; Andrew Pries; Henry Krauseneck; Esther Schnettler; J. Bowman; Gleaners Hall; Albert Schnettler; T.W. Denton; R.F.D.; Conrad Kern; Stone; A.B. Kunz; Ebla Seitz; Guy L. Seitz; Chas. Goodman; Mrs. F. Shoup; H.H. McCarty; Chas. Pries; John Schultz; James Colliton; Chas. Rutenbeck Est.; Charles Schulte; Chas. Humpert; Fred Diedrich; Ernest Schulte; David Salgat; Louis J. Liebknecht; J. Higgin; Robbel; A. Hirst; Cem.; Christian Nelson; Frank Krick; William Liebknecht; Frank Trombley; Cem.; Chas. Sommer; August Guy; Michael Miller; Fred Hartmann; Wm. Nurminger; Peter Nurminger; Geo. Dean; Geo. Schoenknecht; John Rank; Geo. Ruff; Henry Ruff; Fred Brechtelsbauer; Adam Hartmann; G.J. Beyer; Fred; Beyer; Geo. Beyer Jr.; G.J. Beyer; R.F.D.; Michael Muller; Henry Muller; Wm Klenke; Sch. Mich'l Hartmann; Conrad Meyerhuber; Aug. Blumlein; Herman Blumlein; Michigan Central R.R.; J.P. Heinlein; Alfred Weidenmuller; Henry Krauseneck; Eberhard Heinlein; Andrew Heinlein; Peter Heinlein; Andrew Heinlein; Jno. Kaul; Joe Kaul; Jno. G. Mueller; Jno. F. Mueller; Geo. Meyerhuber; Andrew Mueller; George Bender; R.F.D.; Chas. Schlickum; Leon Brechtelsbauer; McCarr; Michael Reinbold; J.F. Reinbold; Arthur Reinhardt; Martin Grandjean; Louis Kabat; Bernhard Humpert; Chas. Bader; Julius Krieger; John Zisler; Herman Harms; Louis Mossner; Jno. Parish; Geo. Spangler; Jno. Parish; School; Wm Haack; Henry Haack; Wenzel Heindl; Chas. Sommer; Peter Stein; Julius Krieger; Jno. Parish; Geo. Mossner Sr.; Blumfield Corners; Frank Mossner Geo. Mossner Sr.; Anton Kuhl; Wm Wendland; Julius Wendland; Paul J. Moll; F.S. Ruff; Peter Hetzner; Michael Hetzner; Wm. Reinbold; Jno. G. Reinbold; Schwender; F.C. Moll; C.L. Moll; Jos. Parth; John W. Hetzner; Geo. A. Hetzner; Jno. Hetzner; Luth. Church; Wm Reinbold; Mrs. A.W.; John Mueller; Benjamin Greil; Frankentrost Station; Eva Veitengraber; G. Wisstnuller; Henry Roth; G.J. Bluemlein; Creamery; Louis Bluemlein; Fred Mueller; Blumfield Creek; J.E. Mueller; Herman Reinhardt; Joachim Oldenburg; J. & C. Kueffner; Ernest Reinbold; Konrad Kueffner; Henry Ritter; Fred Schrader; Christ Reinbold; Wm. J. Reinbold; Mary Eberlein; Fred Fink; Adam Janson; George Schnell; Jacob Rupp; Robert Rupp; Otto Hess Sr.; David Schneider; Henry Zisler; W.C. Haack; H. Haack; Wm B. Hill; F. Knoblock; George Reinbold Jr.; School; Geo. M. Ruff; Norman Zwerk; J.E. Alma Veenfleet; Richard Mossner; L.K. Stein; Richard Rausch; Veenfleet Station; Jno. L. Walz; Wm Reithmeier; Rob't E. McInerney; Henry Landskroener; Jno. Schnell; Mrs. F. Kuhl; T. Reinbold; Pere Marquette R.R.; R.F.D.; Michael Huber; Jno. S Abraham; Geo. Reinert; J.M. Reinert; William Schnell; Geo. Abraham; Wm Reinbold; Kulmbach Station; Jno. N. Reinbold; Henry Frisch; School; Phillip Reinbold; Cidermill; Geo. L. Zucker; Geo. Wissmuller Est.; Store; Mathias Janson; L. Eisenhauser; Konrad Kueffner; Peter Schury; Peter Kueffner; W.G. Billmeier; Leonard Janson; John Bartels; L. Janson; Leonard Janson; Gottlieb Nicademas; Geo Eisenhauer; Leonard Reindel; R.F.D.; John Reitter; Adam Janson; Fred Schrader; John F. Silk; Fred Rupp; Ernest Janson; George Rupp; Jno. Schweikher; G. Riethmeier; Jno. J. Riethmeier; Leonard Reindel; Res. of G. Fink; Ernest Fink; Chas. Walter; Frank Luneburg; Geo. Schury; Ernest Walz; John Hochthanner; Jno. M. Biermann; Jno. Riethmeier; Jno. J. Riethmeier; E.H. Knoblock; Robert Schaberg; Frank Schnettler; Rudolph Zwerk; Julius Schaberg; Herbert F. Zwerk; Chas. Fetting Est.; Rob't Hochthammer; Fred Zwerk; Richard Frahm; Ernest Frahm; Buena Vista Twp.; Bay Co.; Frankenmuth Twp.; Tuscola Co. Note:

Page  65 Acl,--ý A A ýr 491 41p' 4W 6 5: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -..TiTTABAWA iohE --TOWN - SHIP Scale 2 inches to I mile Uownship ý J Torth, Aange J, 49ast of the deriiehigan Jeridian. tX*4 twoi.B24Y co -1 1. - - - - i I 7-976 All 60 40 e I- - -;EF' F--.- - -- I- - --- - - - - - 2 777 7ý 30. 0 S) 'I ' ýq 1777. L7773Pe.40,p L-5: czý2 0. Ch 721 --3-5, 6/ ff? 2L,70 eýý, 0,72 trJ611 -6 0' C,7-0 ohý m is <60 j E I- le I -,o 'I?, -4 ZcZa 27,ee.7" x -15plo, -N Ir 2?t?,v1*cy rT-----T 1 -1 P, N, J L r,23. <50 a ýWý177. -40 -L4 ý -ýý 11,01 7:2 wv.. 4to 0. I -2-3e eýý --/-0 C7-co. IF forky Ic.*to do UEIS:hogýý!Zj znýý ZZ-7 15(9<5e -e e tr-jlpl -.r A <90 i 7a -- ' 7-9 %.d 7 A 7F I 160 7-916 O.S. S17 'kýj 44 I iý,Nl Alu I UJ4-,LJc--17i1Y-Ck7 I I - or 1 " I I "IN -1 IOLW-N-L JIL -L L I eel 16,3.Z-5 6 gin.J L:t eo ý I -j CZ720. =40. 0 70. ý I [..Zý -1.r. -0 A,? I I - at A (50- I C,72-? 0'. 7=1 a o C-,4. 60 I C190 /00 do IV - - ý %.- -,f I w tff I P.. - V, AV--. - - - ilF dF i matte 00 I-r, I r, 1 I -r ý7ea -1157. 4r,10,7? - -ro A i ---T I I 1 1 A =,Z 3.6 ol:,S,9.60 /-10flo y C-7 z kS) 6ýeo, -ef/. C. F/.K ox is 4,-S-O2 -ýo I 1\ý. 103 (50 65-ýý',X5 /Z71 c,7 -N <50 ff Raw 6Z3;ý3 6ýco Z2ý'Cý 05. 171a 47, Z7 ob ce ýb.4vgls mo j 7 \D 40 2FO -ro 4ro Yl 'TIr Iri ý) 1 40 olt;eo 0 -940,00 0 C(:a..7 -5.4 79.9 ZZOo&. Pz zv -c (s Llaso 4e 272 4ZO 1,?eoce 6 348 C-5 -t 40 ZO llýAOAAA- -ISS I -YWN I t/ 0 47 6 Ova t3 <50 cq CO Tf Qj Nx a I ý ýQ 60 C;ý? 0., o:/f-., -, - N.", o N ýs -01) ai j ZI-62-ýrOZY to tý -ow ----k hl cl I -A, /if -IL- I-:Vfter- 2 1.111 x xv 14 I-Love ",-5 ýEsze 4eo 70 ko 0) Qj Qj 60c-h 23. 440 Qj Ol I it 80 e s ie. tW- I to -711 or I %ý 9(ý 0 - - I <1 " Q), ýý Cj I oj zloz?&' Iff oz'e r S" De c Re Ae(o Aeo C7. ealso L I > Qj Qj Tj) 36 z Title: Map of Tittabawassee Township 13 N 3 E Keywords: Blanche Allen; E. Franklin; L. & M. Whitman; Wm. Whitman; Claude & Margaret Whitman; Margaret Whitman; Ida Trier; Burt Rogers; F. Whitman; C. Valent; Robt. McLeese; Sam'l J. Crook; Sarah J. McLeese; Wm. Belitz; Wm. Martindale; Christ Schieswohl; B. Smith; David McLeese;Wm. Braley; Miller Empey; Fred Bensch; P.J. Compton; Claude McCarty; Susan Beach; David McLeese; Church; Herman Rehbein; Julius Rehbein; Amanda Bell; L.H. Bell; Chas. Goold; Geo. Bennett; Jno. Sturm; Wm. Richmond; Jno. Mosher; Nathan Eddy; Chas. McCarty; Jas. Bennett; Christie Davis; Arthur Buck; Wm. W. Buck; Lewis King; Edw'd McKeller; G.N. & Wm Heward; School; Ella McKellar; Wm. Hackett Est.; Michael Reiss; Paul Reiss; Elizabeth Mosher; Geo. F. Weber; Paul Heidle; Neil McKellar; Geo. F. Weber; Wm. Rehbein; Wm. Hackett Est.; R.F.D.; Jno. M. Lutz; Chas. Forster; A. Kipttmiller; Chas. Harmon; Chas. Voss; Monitor Cheese Co.; Louis Kooch; Chris L. Wegener; Henry Wegener; B.L. Bickle; Herman Schlicker; Geo. Arnold; Francis Shea; Justin Hill; Frank Sage; Chas. Winchell; Jno. Whitman; Claud Whitman; Edw'd Winchell; R.F.D.; E.V.M. Thompson; C. Hamilton; E. Braley; Tittabawassee River; School #5; Geo. Doran; Martin Smith; Wm. Lincoln; Cem.; Sam'l P. Acker; Hetta A. Whitman; Herman Schlicker; Jno. Hackett; Ferdinand Doehring; Pere Marquette R.R.; David McLeese; Robt Fletcher; Moses Bell; Ellen E. Hackett; Ira M. Stevens; Chas. A. Lewis; Ida F. Wyman; C.W. Bishop; Res J.P. Anderson; Aravilla Fox; Ida Van Buren; Ray Van Buren; Harman Dittmar; Peter Davis; Ruth Law; C.A. Purchase; Lewis Purchase; Frank Demmon; Chas. H. Sarle; Chas. Hirchner; Louise H. Sarle; Irene McLean; Chas. Kindel; David Arnold; Jos. McLean; Martin Arnold; Milo Stark Est.; Jno. G. Arnold; Marvin Turner; Belle Turnbull; Clara McGlohe; Jesse Teachout; Fred Spindler; Jno. Kooch; Leonard Feinauer; Wm. Schlicker; Geo. Feinauer; Fannie Wilson; John Spindler; J.H. Lutz; Geo. F. Love Est.; Geo. Troutner; Ashenbrenner; Travis Drain; Trickey Drain; Dan'l Clancy; Herman Van Valkenburg; Jas. Prichard; Jno. Schrader; M. Lambert; Jno. C. Schrader; Geo. L. Burrows; Jno. Schlicker; Cem.; Grace Scott; Harry Fleet; Wm. F. Brandt; Jno. Schlicker; Cem.; G. Estabrook; Wm Wagner Jr.; Jno. Cole; C.J. Munger; Chas. Bishop; Jno. P. McGregor Est.; E. Harris; A.J. Wilson; F.W. Wyman; Benj. Babcock; Mary E. Wyman Est.; L.C. King; O.C. King; Mary Wyman; W. & F.W. Ostrander; C.J. Freeland; R.W. Munger; W. Ostrander; Jennie McKellar; Cyrus P. Woodruff; F.A. Smith; Jas. McCarthy; C.C. Rix; M. King; Ida Nims; Jno. Soper; Chas. Kirchner; Res W.J. Kirchner; J. McLaughlin; S.L. Webster; Herbert Eastman; Conrad Burke; David Thompson; Chas. Kirchner; Thos. Kehoe; Dan'l Maxwell; Otto Wardin; F. Ballien; R.F.D.; Wm. Wegner Jr.; J.M. Burke; Geo. F. Lutz; F. & K. Dauer; Geo. F. Love Est.; Jno. Hensler; H. Voight; Geo. Schmidt; Ambrose Purchase; C. Purchase; School #1; Jno. Hensler; Fred Bender; C. Wegener; Jno. Hill; F. Wegener; Geo. DeBolt Est.; Wm. Sess; Wm. C. Clark; Sam'l Wiltse; Isabel Merriam; School; Jas Kitchen; C.W. Spencer; Mark Young; Jas. Merriam; E. A. Bishop; Lewis Munger; A.W. Pierce; Parker Swamp Drain; Mary Chapman; Moses Lalonde Est.; A. Debolt; R.F.D.; Oscar Munger; Jos. Vasicek; Gustav Schlicker; W.M. Alexander; Clarence Bullock; J.E. Munger; Lewis Munger; Wm. Wilkinson; Hattie Moulton; Earl Munger; Parker Swamp Drain; F.H. Stimpson; Wm. Vasold; Jesse McAdams; TREELAND; Abbie Munger; W. Pierce; H.L. Vasold; Jno. Welzien Jr.; Jno. Welzein Sr.; Gustave Roeser; Ettie Phetteplace; Ethan G. Allen; M. Sherzer; Cem.; E.V.M. Thompson; F.W. Ostrander; J.J. Branch; Robt. A. Law; D.H. Nims; M. Sherzer; Chas. N. Foote; F. Garner; H.G. Olmsted; Ferdinand Block; Jas. M. Olmstead; Wm. Wegner Jr.; Jno. Laudebach; S. Laudebach; Wm. Wegner Jr.; Thos. Turnbull; David Turnbull; Mrs. J.M. Preston; Mrs. Jas. Thompson; W.F. Wegner Sr.; Edw'd Rau Est.; Wm. F. Wegener; Chas. F. Wegner; Loretta Stoddard; Hugh McLean; A. Haggerty; Mrs. S.C. Rogers; Fredr'k Hahn Est.; Jas. Rounds; H.G. Wegner; Jno. B. Olmsted; Jac. H. Ostrander Est.; Reserve Line; John Aaron; Thos. McCulloch; Jno. Garrett; Gifford Drain; A.W. Gifford; Jno. Winslow; T.W. Baird; Cyril Ivan; F.H. Baker; Sam'l Compton; Chapman Drain; Mary Gifford; Geo. Garrett; A.W. Pierce; Earl Munger; W. Seaver; Adolph Vasold; Jno. Haskins; Minar. Sanford; Oscar Vasold; Hugo Vasold; Aug. Vasold; W.A. Lewis; Chas. Spindler; Henry Vasold; Aug. Vasold; Otto Vasold; Max Wirtz; Hugo Vasold; Beehive Farm; Otto Vasold; R.F.D.; Alb Stolle; F. Beyton; Tittabawassee River; Cem.; Chas. N. Foote; Res. Chas G. Foote; W.A. Crane; Jno. Fraser; J. Ballien; Mary E. Thompson; School; Jas. McQuarrie; Albert Porter; Jno. Fraser; Leo. Krause; Geo. F. Krause; Leonard Krause; Ernest Schmitgen; Loren McLean; Jno. Beyer; David McLean; A.J. Devoe; Wm. O. Pounds; W. Ballien; W. Reick; Ed. Leutke; Herman Rohde; Aug. Roeske; Agnes C. Maxwell; Church; E.C. Beyer; R. Beyer; Swan Creek; Pearl Marcy; T.A. Darby; Edw'd Green; Mary Gifford; Geo. Garrett; Jno. Garrett; Chapman Drain; Celia Goold; Jas. Darby; Lewis Burdo; R.F.D.; Otto Vasold; F.H. Bailey Est.; Sara Hemstead; Reserve Line; Henry T. Owens; Louis McFarlane; Louis Ducharam; Wm. H. Wickham; L.A. Frost; Chas. Kapitan; Jas. Debolt; Amos Wiltse; Pearl Wiltse; Alb. Burdo; B.D. Compton; L. Compton; Ferdinand Finkenaw; School; Alex Pullar; Otto F. Beythan; Macomber Drain; Macomber; Reserve Line; Peter A. Smith; Albert Goodman; Chas. Welton; Lewis Bethan; F.E. Block; Eliza Cole; Geo. Munger; H. Myers; J. Lenz; J. Capitan; M. Capitan; Henry Owens; Jno. Hackett Est; Leonard Krause; Eliza Cole; Edw'd Beyer; Mrs. J. Rierden; Jas. Maxwell; Jno. Hackett Est.; R.F.D.; H. Hahn; E.C. Beyer; Wm Hackett Est.; Aug. Yaharmarkt; E.J. Bailey; Res W.B. Hackett; Bay Co.; Midland Co.; Thomas Twp.; Kochville Twp. Note:

Page  66 I I. ^dM.__ _ lffI WSff4 IS ^^^S^^^~i\' ~^^^^ ^^fl^""I, 8 1 8 ' C j~~~~~~~~olQN!^^ ' ^^^ S^ ~-- T r - iP ^.~ ^'^* ^ t ^ ^ -^ D I~~~~~~~~~~~is I kos' ^p - ^^^^^^^^^ 3^ sfS^S^ ^ --- (|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~U. "Szq ^ ^1^ F^iW^ ^^^^i-^ ^ c^C __ % y^~~~~~V w-? ry^iTy =0^-'?v/^^f 7 ~~- -j- - - -*1 - --* _-- -,^: i_* s ~ <<~ ><P?< rl 8vsS,<*~~-s-'~:is~^ ^ ^^,*syw~w^y^>~>,fc.if-s'*tl-'?;,~ ^^y ^, "?^E-"* "eC4 II I < ~ i " St^ ^ ^ P "^ w sw ^ | V.................................. * *. i| ~ Z4;17,?^i^M ^.i ^*^^ ^ ^'^ i(Q m i M" 2 ^^Pf ^^^Wv^^^ ^ ~or (tS)^ /^,_^ "Q4 4? 6 c1v" A.-[ ^ ^ TZ Ti ^ ^*^ ^ ^.^ < ' s r ~. - ^Kt'^& ^-J~~~~~~ite 'l ^~ 20 J-29 M^ 127 ^ZVW v 0^ ^^^^-- ^/ i S?. ^.^ ^~I, ( o I I.^ ^ ^ \^ l f ^ ^r ill. ^/ * N >, ^ ^ ^J^^^^^lJl^^ ^ I ^^^ ill Title: Map of Kochville and Zilwaukee Townships 12 N; 13 N 5 E; 4 E; 5 E 5 Keywords: Wm. Murphy; Tom Mathews; Otto Stark; Wm. Ballien; Harmon G. Wegner; H.E. Wegner; Aug. Ballien; Fred Bretenitz; Henry Bremer; Wolfgang Sherzer; Fred Eckstrom; James Garner Est.; Geo. Zeilinger; John Dunker; Geo. Hammerbaker; Andrew Zoelner; R.F.D.; John M. Knoerr; John Knoerr Sr.; Cyrus C. Dixon; Geo. Knoerr; Kloha; Trautner; John Kraus; Michael Kraus; Kochville Drain; H. Scherzer; Henry J. Dollhopf; John A. Lutz; Henry Schmidt; Henry Scherzer; M. Kranzlein; Fred Rugenstein; Geo. Scherzer; Geo. Pfeiffer; A. Lutz; Michael Kranlein; Fred Knoellinger; John G. Hammerbach; Geo. Schmidt; G. Scherzer; Kath. Hammerbacher; Aug. Zoellner; Geo. Egerer; Tobias Frank Est.; J.H.A. Zelinger; J. Newmeyer; John Newmeyer; Chas. Newmeyer; J.M. Davis; Geo. L. Rauscherd; Wm. Zelinger; Richard Davis; John Pfeifer; J. Gerhauser; J. Plowdry; W.M. Keller; John C. Newmeyer; J.M. Davis; F. Davis; J. Davis; Frank Perry; Chas. Strebe; John Strebe; Richard Davis; F. Luenberger; Fred Meisel; J. Plowdry; Richard Davis; J. Davis; John Ziegler; John Brendel; John Strebe; J. Strebe; Alfred Bourdow; Chas. Strebe; Gilbert Bourdow; Frank Perry; Chas. Strebe; Thos. Davis; Wm. Breitenborn; E. Breitenborn; J. Plowdry; Adam Goetz; R.L. Crane; Valley Land Co.; Reserve Line; M. Davis; Valley Land Co.; Melborn Sta.; Hanson Land Co.; W.C. Brater; Jas. Malloy; Edward Stark; Gustie Ruge; R.F.D.; Jacob Mehl; Arthur Wieck; Agnes C. Manwell; School; Christian Dill; Henry Dill; Conrad Zeilinger; John Kranzlein; Louis Mikolaiczik; Fred Beck; Henry Dill; Edw. Loeffler; Wm. Brownrigg; Emil Wieck; John Bliss; KOCHVILLE; Kochville Town Drain; Step; en; Wm Goodman; Wm Allington; dlum; un dra; tz Priem; Leonard Trautner; Chas. Dollhopf; Edw. Marti; Theodore Beekar; K.O.T.M.; Fred Laundra; F. Rugenstein; Henry Fisher; Michael Schroeppel; Fred K. Marr; A.H. Meisel; H. Bluhm Sr.; E.C. Meisel Jr.; Chas. E. Hoffman; School; Fred Kraphohl; Theodore Hartlep Est.; Christina Marti Est.; John Steinbauer; Herbert Hager; F. Leuenberger; John Otto; Geo. Hager; Mrs. Bertha Weber; Mrs. A. Heinzerling; Ed. Breitenborn; Christina Marti Est.; F. Ellis; A. Beeker; E. Marti; Mary Koehler; A. Leuenberger; Wm Breitenborn; P.J. Hannan; H. Loeffler; Geo. Schuemacher; Wm. Breitenborn; P. McQuire; J. Davis; M. Johnson; Gilbert Bourdow; John Brandel; School; J. Dupraw; R. Aucker; W.C. Flowers; Thos. Davis; John Davis; Fred Davis; T. Davis; F. Davis; Jos. Giffore; School; W. Breitenborn; F. Meisel; Louis Baker; Fred Davis; John Davis; Michigan Central R.R.; John Otto; John Westendorf; Geo. Wacker; Fred Brandel; Henry Tollhoff; Fred Westendorf; Jas. Schroeder; H. Kreutzfeld; J.C. & Fred Otto; Wm. L. Otto & John Patow; E. Kneck; Chas. Volbrecht; F. Volbrecht; Aug. Blohm; Valley Land Co.; Wm. Otto; Michigan Ry. (Elec.); Grand Trunk R.R.; Adam Longtain; Saginaw River; Hanson Land Co.; Oneida Farm Co.;Otto Stark; Pere Marquette R.R.; G. Karp; Christ. Dill; Wm. T. Brownrigg; Henry Berg; Sam Drissell; Wm. T. Brownrigg; J. Drissell; John Drissell Jr.; Lawndale; Wm. Brownrigg; Church & Cem.; John G. Karp; Fred Gosen; Wm. Miller; Wm. Bueker; Geo. Ballien; Hall; Fred Frier; Henry Scherping; Andrew Haenlein; Nima Gregory; Andrew Lang; Harry Allington; John Miller; John Bueker; Aug. Hoffmann Est.; Wm. Bueker; Andrew Herke; Peter Byron Est.; R.F.D.; Wm. Krapohl; R. Fierke; Geo. Emerick; Geo. Emerick; Christina Marti Est.; Edw. Beeker; John Gerber; Church; Cem.; Henry Loeffler; Edw. Lang; Albert Ludlum; Wm. Goodmann; Albert Rau; Nellie Hey; Egbert Bueker; Louis Loeffler; F. Loeffler; F. Zuhn; Albert Burger; Henry Loeffler; Kochville Town Drain; C. Marti Est.; Chas. Beeker; Herbert Hager; Chas. Davis; Matilda Loeffler; H.A. Loeffler; Ferdinand Loeffler; E.L. Loeffler; Wm. Beckar Est.; Louis Loeffler; H.A. Loeffler; E.L. Loeffler; Fritz Nuerminger; Geo. Lang; F. Zuhn; Aug. Holtzforth; H. Meisel; S. Bow; Mrs. Mary Thompson; Emma Scott; J.C. Wagner; Mary Meisel; Jane Casamer; Fred Brandel; Wm. H. Madden; M Johnson; C. Whalen; J. Langschwager; Chas. Kreutzfeldt; Chas. Buck; John Patow; Fred Westendorf; Henry Wendt; Ferd. Luenberger; J. Bull; ZILWAUKEE; F. Langschwager; R.Otto; Henry Mundt; F. Dittman; Frank Lavene; Ed. Westendorf; John Ahrens; Wm. Wittman; A. Heineman; S.J. Ritter; John Wacker; Fred Bartel; F. Kettlehonn; Fred Westendorf; Florida Sauve; F. Routier; Chas. Timm; Wm. Holtz; Mary Metiva; Oliver Metiva; John Bull; Chas. Wollin; Wm Henning; Chas. Albrecht; Chas. Wollin; Geo. W. Ames; Realty Co.; Reserve Line; Oneida Farm Co.; Crow Reserve; KAW-KAW-IS-KAW-ISLAND; Kaw-Kaw-Is-Kaw Family Resort Ass'n.; Kaw-Kaw-Is-Kaw Family Resort Ass'n Plat;Oneida Farm Co.; Pere Marquette R.R.; Michigan Ry. (Elec); Mundy & Fifield; W.H. Harrison; County Drain; CITY OF CARROLLTON; ZILWAUKEE; Frank Neinas; Henry Krizfeld; W. Seimon; P. Pauli; W.C. Luplow; Carl Krueger; J. Stroble; C.C. Luplow; W.S. Luplow; Harry Bauer; Henry Bauer; Chas. Timm; C. Schrader; Bower; R. Leach; J.S. Stroble; A.H.; C.S.; Michael Hickey; Jas. Hickey; J. Nichols; Frank Major; John Marr; J. Buhlow; Jas. Maloney Est.; B. Smith; F.B. Smith; W. Otto & J. Patow; Central Lbr. Co.; C. Marr; P.C. Thomas; Ault St.; Wilson St.; Thomas Add.; John Ault; Oscar Jacobson; G.B. Irish; Gus Short; Grover Shaltrow; Harry Irish; John Ault; F.B. Cole; Thomas Welsh; New School; Old School; Dora Purdy; Henry Alward; Rob't Beckley; Mrs. Mary Wrigglesworth; R.B. Beaver; T. Goodspeed; Albert Protzor; F.B. Cole; Floyd Rinehart; Thomas St.; Cherry St.; Arminda Thomas Add.; Saginaw St.; M.E. Church; Cath. School; Cath. Church; Washington St.; J.W. Pierce; J.W. Pierce Add.; J. Lunney; E. Thomas; Mrs. Griffin; L. Thomas; John Cole; E.L. Garver; Hemlock State Bank; G.H. Sutherland; Cass Gosen; Hotel; F.B. Cole; F.A. Schulte; Wells; E. Beamish; Wm. Lawrence; Jos. Welsh; Pat'k Garvey; Wm. Fitting; Fire Dep't; Town Hall; P. Johnson; Cedar St.; Spruce St.; J.W. Pierce; Jefferson St.; Henry St.; William Pahl; Creamery; John Rich; Saw Mill; Original Town; Richard T. Watson; Elevator; Original Town; Maple St.; Pine St.; King St.; Sproll St.; Thos. J. Minto; Pere Marquette R.R.; Depot; B. Phelps; Midland St.; Hemlock St.; Crow Island Road; Calpine St.; French St.; F. Miller, F.E.; John C. Rechter; Adolph Kunitzer; Fred Wichman; P. Dierich; M. Kuch; Chas Schoenheit, Sr.; City of Carrollton; J.C. Brechtelbauer Note:

Page  67

Page  68 mml. ON a C.3 -I Vý.1 F p e cyc p 4 $ * * * 1 * I * 4. I / / / { 5 / M / Nd] _ a I I H 0 o0 '300 It 09, '00 p,% Ao CYi k\V17 krI 19-9s N I 9.,,O\__ __ U) 411 K U') 0 0 0 N) 0') K> K 0 N 25 0 0 CN0029 9 QQ 96 Qy,-A 01909 --7 - 4p N' T 0 AZ: TiN K CU' CU 0 C) 909 ilk>Q67JJQV95 1] 41P 'V 'V Co ci VT VT VT ci I Nis~ ---------- I I Title: Freeland or Tittabawassee, Tittabawassee Twp. Keywords: O.C. King; King St.; Clarence Bullock; Touff Bros.; O.C King's Add; Johnson St.; Furniture Store; P.O.; Drug Store; Smith St.; Church; Washington St.; Ostrander & Ostrander Add.; McCarty's 2nd Add.; McCarty's Add.; Dietriker's Add.; Depot St.; Railroad Grounds; Peoples Grain Co.; Depot; A.B. Lour; Freeland Elev Co.; Lincoln St.; W. & F.W. Ostrander; Jas. McCarty; C.C. Rix; Ida Nims; Pere Marquette R. R.; Freeland Hotel; Harness Shop; Abbie Munger; Freeland Star; Original Town; Church St.; Tittabawasse River; H.L. Vasold; Main St.; Roeser St.; First St.; Second St.; Church; Third St.; Fourth St.; Fifth St.; Sixth St.; Seventh St.; Eighth St.; Railroad St.; School; Gustav Roeser Note:

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Page  70 MilliN 71 0 - ca LL. I U, line I -0 LO tq, 0 gg 1% ý114 TOO ": 4,e 4ý- nit -A 61ý ý; _ M -ia ný1ý6 ýcj-y. ý74 W! L) e;' COD LU U11 ci rr cr-- 5 -Uj Ad U);o LU x al - -, J-. cn 40 z 11 -j 0 1-, be FLU" -7 W. w 7-7 SINg" I. ýý' 0 LU 0 re 0- 7': 04 Lm'.' 'ý'= j Cl) 2 CrV3 11.-if CV1 C-Y z J. w # cc <. ( -T A L) oqýt 0 to 100. rt co I -ey C-1) C, Iz 0 4po -Zalk.wj.- wz I 'ý 0 U) 7 Y, U, 0 CL OýZ.Z' z 0 0%-'30 mc InA I;J4 4%F 4 1 co CL Q i u [Yz 4F 0 + 1 M33 Nul 0 cl uj 0 cn el, c %N. 01 cc 0 '-pi -3 b Ld < 0 ILL) 0 LLJ Z CL av CO LL I - 11 I ZZX)- 110 co< 'p, outh -LLI doe'. 5x' '5' jc rl jp N.%gp > Co 00 0 cc oc u -: 4j.ýWýt--4 -'1,4L.,jelt LL. 033 a CC9 MidOQ y ui CD Tt tn 1>0 - - - < >I 0 XZ Lij ý4. rtnb LU t A4 4ý 410 Lu I I -. - V- ' -'r',,r. 0 Z.,,A ý--. ()..---L 0..Gý3 -rp -.0 pk W, 611. -.I Z.. 0: ý:: co ar W--O. EL W 4:ý ix CD 0 t: r cr. ). -;. *7 CV) LY; C).40 0 -ý' 0.. _J A- 6 'Eý Tt Ga..4 0 M PH C20\ 00 A, IRA z Ld ms. U) -JQJCK1P-dO All 0 00 co er w C)w (0 cr co 0, Ld co tL cq a 7g 1Q. i;. &n ýrz orý cn LU Title: Michigan Keywords: Eagle Harbor; KEWEENAW; K. C.; Delaware Mine C.; Wyoming; LCAB. Jo; Mendota; Deer Lake; La La Belle; Gratio; Cooper Har; Manitou Isl.; Mandan; Fish Cove; Keewenaw Pt.; Bete Grise Bay; Lac La Belle; Pt. Isabelle; CANADA; ROYALE ISLE; Pie Isl.; Amygdaloid Isl.; Passage Isl.; Todds Har.; Minong; Rock Harbor; Chippewa Har.; Gull Isl.; Blakes Pt.; Washington Harbor; Johns; Washington Isl.; Rainbow Cove; Siskawit Lake; Siskawit Bay; Isle Royale Light; Siskawit Is.; LAKE SUPERIOR; PART OF KEWEENAW COUNTY Forty miles Northwest of main part of County; Freda Park; Freda; Beacon Hill; Edgemere Jc.; Edgemere; Stanwood; Redridge Jc.; Redridge; Houghton; Oskar; Hancock; Swedetown; Mine; N Play; Franklin; Paavola P.O. or Franklin Jc.; Demmon; Highway; Osceola; Laurium; Red Jacket; Belt Line Jc.; Centennial; Wolverine; Kearsarge; Allouez Mill; Eagle River; Elm R.; Ricedale; Liminga; Salmon Trout; Onnfla; Obenhoff; Atlantic Mine; Mill Mine Jc.; South Range; Messner; Trimountain; E. Hough; Huron; Baltic; Portage L.; Copper Falls Mine; Eagle Harbor; Delaware Mine; Gate Har.; Wyoming; L. W. B. Jc.; Cenral; Lac La Belle; Crestview; Phoenix Mine; Crestview Jc.; Cliff; Ojibway; L. Gratiot; Phoenix; Fulton; Allouez; Ahmeek; Mohawk; KEWEENAW; Eer L.; Hebard; Gaverse; Growshob; Copper City; Say; Calumet; L. Linden; Linwood; Hubbell; Copper Mills; Torch L.; Lake Jc.; Amazon; Traverse Pt.; Woodsoe; Senter; Dollas Bay; Point Mills; Gross Point; Traverse Isl.; Mosquito; Mandan; Montreal R.; Mt. Houghton; Fish Cove; Bete; Grise Bay; Lac la Belle; Pt. Isabelle; Mendota; Ontonagon Ind. Res.; Pt. Abbaye; Huron Islands; Huron Pt.; Pine Riv.; Pine River Pt.; Huron R.; Mountain L.; Pine L.; Huron Mts.; Ives L.; Salmon; Trout R.; Big Bay; Bigbay; Big Bay Pt.; L. Independence; Ransom; M. M. & S. E.; Antlers; Yellow Dog; Ash; Powell; Birch; Souks Head; Garlick Isl.; Godwin; Garlick Pt.; Raish; Garlic Lake; Garlic R.; Michigamme; C. & N. W.; Beck; Dishno; Brown; Pasooe Mine; Dead R.; Diorits P.O. or Clowry; Humbo Lot; Clarksburg; Boston Mine; North Lake; W. Ishpeming; Ishpeming; Jopling; Tell L.; Negaunie; Queen Mine; Hoist; Eagle Mills; Dead River; Whitman; Bancroft; Forestville; L. SUPERIOR; Granite Isl.; Gillespie; Buckroe; Gralite Pt.; Pickerel Lake; Middle Isl.; Presque Isl.; Superior; Marquette; M. M. & S. E.; Bagdad; Spur; Valley Mills; Carp Furnace; Gillett; Harvey P.O. or Chocolay; Gordon; Short Pt.; And River; Whitefish; Laughing Fish Pt.; Tyoga; Deer Lake; Wood Isl.; Grand Isl.; Trout Pt.; Grand Marais Harbor; Pt. au Sable; Grand Marais; Grand Porta; Grand Sable Lake; Beaver; Man.; Man.; Grand Marais Jc.; Bennett; Sucker Cr.; Summitt; Two Hearted R.; Vermilion Pt.; Whitefish Pt.; Vermilion; Lit. Two Hearted R.; Shellerate R.; Tahquamenmo River; Emerson; Pancake Pt.; Corbay Pt.; Bachewauaung Isl.; Bachewasauni; North Sandy Isl.; South Sandy Isl.; Whitefish Pt.; Maple Isl.; Parisian Isl.; Goulais Pt.; Goulais Bay; WHITE FISH BAY; Iroquois Isl.; Sault Ste. Marie; Canal; S. Shore Rock; Ft. Brauye M.R.; Payment; LAKE SUPERIOR; Lit. Girls Pt.; Black Riv.; Montreal R.; Montreal; Black River; D. S. S. &E. & L. S.; Bessemer; Bessemer Jc.; Chi. & Nor.; Union Bay; Green R.; Crow R.; Poneuvine Mts.; Presque Isle; Little Carl R.; Little Iron R.; Iron R.; ONTONAGO; Korelock P.O.; S.; W. Br. Ontonagon R.; Garehte; Abitosse; Tula; Beryl; Duke; Gogebic Lake; Topaz P.O. or Groesbeck; Matchwood; 14 Mile Pt.; Sterling R.; Fire Steel R.; Greenland Jc.; Adventure; Greenland; Cranberry R.; Potato R.; Ontonagon R.; Chi. Mil.; Wood; Spur; Evergreen; Mass; Pepard; Rockland; Victoria; Riddle Jc.; McKeever; Bergland; Mid. Branch; South; E. Branch; Ewen; Paynesville; Ruby; Misery R.; Toivola; Stonington; Painesdale; Chassell; C.R.; Elm River; Tapiola; Askel; Otter; Arnheim; Faleston; Twin Lakes; Bellaire; Pelkie; Sinona; Nisula P.O. or White; Otter; Lakemine; S.S. & A.; Hazel; Elo; Alston; Assinins; D.S.; Simar; Motley; Rubicon P.O. or Hubbells Mill; Silver; Sturgeon; Plato P.O. or Pori; Frost; Taylor Mine; BARRAGA; Perch; Robinson; Murphy; S. Cr.; HOUGHTON; Keweenaw Bay; KEWEENAW BAY; Pequaming; Pt. Abbaye; Huron Bay; Iron Bridge; Skanee; Baraga; L'Anse R.; Zeba; State Cr.; Huron R.; Huron Mts.; L'Anse; Taylor Jc.; L'Anse Ind. Res.; Herman; Summit; Hibbard; Pope; Sturgeon; Michigamme; Pascoe Mine; Brown; Beach; C. & N. W.; Vermilac; Bess; Tredeau; Tioga; Bode; Nestoria; Redruth Jc.; Beaufort; Diorite P.O. or Clowry; Humbold; Hurley; Ironwood; Siemens; Puritan; Bessemer;Wakefield Jc.; Thomaston; Ross Siding; Wakefield; Verona; Ramsay; Hartleys; Dunham; Marenisco; Gogebic; Wellington; Oisco; Lake; Thayer; OGEBIC; WISCONSIN; Nester; St. Collins; Chote; Bruce Cros.; Basco; Finland; Radford; Dermont; Jasper; Sandhurst; Robelawn P.O. or Craigsmere; Robbins; Paulding; Barlcay; Calder Wood; Bonifas; Interior; Interior Jc.; Tamarack; Turtle; Blemers; Waters; Mill; Roziers; Meet; Elmwood; State Line; Trout Cr.; Lewis; Onyx; Hnvey; Kitchi; D. & St.; Anthony; Read; Sidnaw; Nestor Cross.; Tunis; Perch L.; Paint River; IRON; Atkinson; Basswood; Beechwood; Hazel; Mapleton; Crystal Falls; Iron River; Stambaugh; Palatka; Saunders; Parks Siding; Columbia; Republic; Granite; Michigan Riv.; Witbeck; Amasa; Witch Lake; Balsam; Ponca; Michigamme R.; E. & L. S.; Great Western; Mastodon Mine; Kelso; Mansfield; Channing; Sagola; Tobin Mine; Dunn Mine; Naults; Panola; Mastodon; Dickinson; Mil. Jc.; Clarksburg; Floodwood; Golden; Turner; Henderson; Wabik; St. Lawrence; Mineral Branch; S. & A. W.; L. Michigamme; B. Jc.; D. Jc.; W. Jc.; Milwaukee Jc; Greenwood; Stoneville; Saginaw Mine; Columbia; Republic; Granite; Winthrop Mine; W. Br. Escunaba R.; Tilden; Nat. Mine; Palmer; Partridge; MARQUETTE; Witch Lake; Witbeck; Camp No. 7; E. & L. S.; Kates; Princeton; Michigamme R.; Floodwood; New Swan; Golden; Turner; Henderson; West Branch; Wolverine; Gleason; Channing; Ralph; Russell; Lindsley; McRae; Alfred; Sagola; Ward; Ford R.; Northland; DICKINSON; E. Br. Codin R.; Metropolitan; Arno; Goose L.; Basil; Mangum; Green Garden; Deerton; Cascade; W. Gentian; McReavey; Yalmar Sta.; Onota; Yalmar; New Dalton; Sands; Skandia; E Br. Escanaba R.; Selma; Dukes; Lawson; Roberts; Dorsey; Rumley; W. M. M.; Plains; Swanzy; Cedar Back; Anderson; Carlshend; Manigold; Ladoga; Gwin; New Swanzy; Little L.; Forsyth P.O.; Little Lake Sta.; CYR; Helena; Turin P.O. or McFarland; Ross; Reade; Lathrop; Rapid R.; Maple Ridge; Osier; Rock P.O. or Trombly; Mashek; Defiance P.O. or Campbell; Friday; Arnold P.O. or Watson; Beaver; Taycoosh R.; Tyoga Jc.; Shelter Bay; Rock River; Autrian Isl.; Brownstone; Autrian Bay; Autrain; Wilcox; Lowrey; Ridge; Kirby; Hallston; Munising; Trout Bay; Grand Is. B.; Castle Pt.; Sandy Pt.; Autrian L.; Munising Jc.; Wetmore; Mabel; Goggrens; Evelyn; Blueberry; Jumper; Ferguson; Jenks; Eben Jc.; Finns; Calciferous; Dixon; Lake; Forest; Stillman; Zerbel; Glacier; Coalwood; Boven; Peterson; Ames; Chatham; Mud L.; Autrian R.; ALGER; Buckeye; Limestone; Winters; Diffin; Trenary; Klondike; SCHOOLCRAFT; Miners; Uno; Camp 85; Steuben; Doucettes; Odetts; White Fish R.; Fish Dam R.; Iron Creek; Masters; Haggins; Boucha; Dusino; State Roads; Wards; Doty; Hartho; Ethel; Percy; Chapman; Samson; Metser; Petrel; Sh. & Atl. Dul. So.; Creighton; Walsh; Driggs; Camp Seven; Shingleton; Richardson; McInnes; Germfask; Scotts; N.W. Branch; W. Branch Manistique R.; Branch; Branch; Hiawatha; Beesons; Spur; Hiawatha Sta.; Station Mine; Manistique R.; Camp 22; Big Spring; White Dale; Gulliver; Camp No. 14; Nicholsonville; LUCE; Star Y; Liston; Dannaher; Laketon; McMillan; Dollarville; Seney; Man.; N. Manistique L.; Ackley; Manistique L.; Helmer; Curtis; Wilman; Donald; Diller; S. Manistique L.; Bear Cr.; Blane; Mooreville; Bryan; Viola P.O. or Corinne; MACKINAC; Bovee; B. & W.; St. Thomas; Blaney Jc.; Huntspur; Pike Lake; Gould City; Haslemert; Engadine; Greylock; Newberry; Sw. & Atl.; Middle Fk.; CHIPPEWA; Sage; Soc Junction; Hulbert; Eckerman; Milakoki Lake; Gilchrist; Garnet; D. S. S. & A.; Fiborn; Quarry; Hendrie; Fiborn Jc.; Kemp; Sault; Rexton; Caffey; Naubinway; Ozark; Biddle Ft.; Stony Pt.; Pt. Epoufette; Epoufette; Brevort; Dorgans; Brimley; Strongs; Woods Branch; Rexford; Wellers; Duff; Wellsburg; Red Carp R.; Cottage Park; Spur; Haff; Dell P.O. or Cordell; Fibre; Dryburg; Ste. Mar.; Rudyard; Troutlake; Dick; Strongville; S. & A.; Carp River; Kenneth; Nogi; Greene; Charles; St. Martins Bay; Hessel; Brassar; Sugar Isl; Great Lake George; St. Marys River; Laramie; Hay Lake; Gladys; Rosedale; Duck Is. Rapids; Dafteh; McCarron; Homestead; Donaldson; Oak Ridge Park; Sailors Encampment; Thorice; Kinross; Neerish; Trombly Isl.; Tone; Kelen; McVille; Munnasca R.; Munnasca B.; Mud Lake; Stirlingville; Pickford; Rockview; Stalwart; Raber; Lime Isle.; Gatesville; Meyers; Cedarville; Ash Pt.; Round Is.; St. Joseph Island; Montreal Channel; Worsley Bay; Bruce Pt.; Burnt Is.; Rotagannissing Bay; Harbor Isl.; Maxton; Drummond; Pirate Harbor; Marble Head; Grants Is.; NORTH; Thompsons Pt.; Randville; Codin; Young; Felch; Chi. & N. W.; Spruce; Foster City; Chi. Mil. & St. P.; Merriman; River Siding; Antoine or Traders Jc.; Cedar R.; Hardoow; Hylas; Labranche P.O. or Faunus; Loop Line Jc.; L. Antoine; L. Famer; Fumee; Quinnesec; King; W. & M.; Norway; Appleton Mine; Sturgeon; Sumac; W Aucedah; Leaper; Vega; Oro; Cleermans; IRON MOUNTAIN; C. & N. W.; Vulcan; Sturgeon Falls; Lorett; Aragon Mine; W. & M.; Pembine; Aragon Jc.; M. St. P. & S. S. M.; Faithorn; Cedar; Summit; Malacca; Elmie; Radfords; Farnham; Spalding; Spur; MARINETTE; Menominee River; Blum; Bird; Hermans; Powers; Kloman; Houte; Nadeau; Carney; Phee; Nathan; Everett; Banat; Bagley; Menominee River; MENOMINEE; Ames; Lit. Cedar R.; Talbot; Hendricks; Woodlawn; Kingsley; Lemay; Cornell; Perkins; Winde; Brampton; Camp No. 2; DELTA; Camp No. 5 & 6; Dryads; Salva; Chaison; Gladstone; Grant; Dryads; Marrangers; Chandler; W. Gladstone; Cross; Bichler; Groos; Whitney; Perronville; Alecto; Schaffer; Tesch; Newhall; Kipling; GladstoneM. St. P.; Bay Siding; de Noquette; Larch; Flat Rock; Larsons; Eustis; C. & N. W.; Wells; N. Escanaba; Spalding; wilson; Houles; Indian Town Sta.; Harris; Bark River; Narenta; Sand Isl.; Hyde P.O. or Ford River Sta.; Ford River; Pine Ridge; Cedar R.; Gourley; Rapid River; Ensign; Picket Cr.; N Minn. St. P.; Sturgeon Riv.; Farrell; Masonville; Isabella; Lit. Bay; St. Jacques; Ogontz; Nahma Jc.; Ogontz Bay; Nahma; Siding; Stony Pt.; St. Vital Is.; Stonginton; Round Isl.; Escanaba; Chippewa Pt.; Big Bay de Noquette; Vans Harbor; Garden; Snake Isl.; Fayette; Burnt Bluff; Peninsula Pt.; Lit. Summer Isl.; Ann; Pt. De Tour; Summer Isl.; Gravely Isl.; Poverty Isl.; Gull Isl.; Murphys; Manistique L.; Delta Jc.; L. Co.; Manistique Riv.; Cooks; Camp 1 Jc.; Thompson; South Manistique; Manistique; Cherry Valley; Marblehead; Gulliver L.; Camp 20; Wiggins Pt.; Pt. au Barque; Portage Bay; McDonald Lake; Hughes Pt.; Scotts Pt; Potters Reef; Pt. Patterson; McDonald L.; Pt. Seul Croix; Squaw Isl.; Timbered Isl.; Whiskey Isl.; Garden Isl.; Trout Isl.; St. James; Gull Isl.; High Isl.; Manitou Payment Shoal; Simmons Reef; Pt. auc Chenes; Shite Shoal; St. Helena Isl.; Hat Is.; Grays Reef; Straits of Mackinac; Hog Isl. Waugoshance Isl.; Triangular Isl.; Stony Isl.; Temperance Isl.; Beaver Harbor; Temperance Pt.; Beaver Isl.; Sturgeonbay; Cross Village; Isle au Gales; Pierce Lake; Larks; EMMET; Goodhart; Crystal Sprs.; Stootsman; Indian Garden; H. S.; L. Brevort; Moran; Allenville; Gross Pt.; Les Cheneau; St. Ignace; Reavie; E. Moran Bay; Wt. Martins Isl.; Lit. St. Martins Isl.; Gros Cap; Groscap; Mackinac Isl.; W. Moran Bay; Pt. St. Ignace; Round Isl.; McGulpin Pt.; Mackinaw; Watsonville; Sand Bay; Pte. Aux Pins; Cecil; Cecile; Carp R.; Freedom; Wheeling; South Channel; McLeods Bay; M. C.; Carplake; Carp L.; Bliss; Hamlet; Lakeside; Walker; Dow; Hebron; Ingleside; Cheboygan; Levering; Lakewood; Monroe L.; Weadock; Turtle L.; Mullet; Bogardus; Pellston; Rutland; Wevant; Riggs V.; Pleasantview; Brutus; Birchwood; Mulletts Lake; Coryell; Detour; Goose Isl.; Pt. Fugard; Marquette Isl.; Lasalle Isl.; Prentice Bay; Beaver Tail Pt; Pt. St. Vital; Bois Blanc Isl.; L. Duncan; Mary Lake; Walkers Point; LAKE HURON; L. Thompson; Pt. Au Sable; Cheboygan R.; Alverno; Inverness; Long L.; Aloha; Grace; Hammonds Bay; Drummond Isl.; Kreetan; Pt. Dtour; Detour Passage; Pt. La Bar; Island Harbor; Huron Bay; False Detour Channel; Cockburn Island; Pt. Smith; Strait of Mississagua; Mildram Pt.; Mildgram Bay; Green Isl.; Peninsula Pt.; Western Duck; Great Duck; Cresce E; Vidal Isl.; Barrie Island; Bayfield Sd; Elizabeth Bay; Helen Bay; Manitoulin Isl.; Inner Duck; Portage Bay; Middle Duck; Outer Duck; Lake Wolsey; Swan Son; Cedar R.; Daggett; White Rapids; Kells; Longrie; Koss; Kells Longrie; Stephenson; Ingalls; Kitsons; Wallace; Noquebay; Ellis Jc.; River; W. & N.; Carbondale; Kew; Peshtigo R.; Porterfield; Menominee; Beaver; Marinette; Peshtigo; Cavoit; Fox; Cedar River; Whales Back; Washington Isl.; Shoals; Arthur Bay; Plum Isl.; Portedes Mortes; Hedgehog Bay; Pt. Rochereau; Devil's Door Bluff; Ingallston; Sister Isl.; Sister Bay; Chambers Isl.; Hamleys Bay; Green Isl.; North Bay; Egg Harbor; Mud Bay; Bagleys Bay; St. Martins Isl.; Little Gull Isl.; Washington Har.; Rock Isl.; Hog Isl.; Detroit Isl.; Gravel Isl.; Spider Isl.; Fox Island; Manitou Lake; North Manitou Isl.; Crescent; South Manitou Isl.; South Manitou; North Fox Isl; South Fox Isl.; Fishermans Isl.; Cat Head Bay; Norwood; New York Pt.; North Manitou Island; Northport; Northport Pt.; Northport Bay; Bellows Isl.; Gills Pier; Omena; Grand Traverse Bay; Leland; Manseau; New Mission Pt.; Cat Head Pt. Note: Title: Michigan Keywords: Harbor Springs; Wequetonsing; Little Traverse Bay; Petoskey; Bayshore; Superior; Charlevoix; Lamson M; Wabmemee; Susan Lake; Belvedere; Cherrie; Pine Lake; Wallock Lake; Bay Sprs.; Inwood; Ironton; CHARLEVOIX; Boyne City; Ellsworth; Phelps; Advance; Doyles; Atwood; Cushman; Essex; E. Jordan; Dix; E. Sta.; Eastport; Echo; Mt. Bliss; Intermediate; Wards; W. Sta.; Chestonia; Central L.; State Road; Cameron; Torch Light Lake; M. P.; Finkton; Jordan Riv.; Hitchcock; Snowflake; ANTRIM; J. & S.; Ayr; Irma; Torinabee; Burts Lake; Conway; Oden; Alanson; Ball; Burt Lake; Page; CHEBOYGAN; Fochtman; Crooked Lake; Indian River; Lafton; Kegomic; Bayview; Epislon; Wildwood; Hamby; Bear L.; Rondo; M. ; Haakwood; Clarion; L. Jc.; Springvale; Wolverine; McManus; Sturgeon ; Trowbridge; Maltby; S. G. & A.; Easton; Waggoner; Von Platen; Thumb L.; Thumb Lake; Boyne Fs.; Moore; Robbins; Project; Wpring Water; Camp 2; Camp 5; Vanderbilt; Berryville; Camp 10; Orville; Camp 4; Eagle Slope; N. Elmira; Mosher; Elmira; Hallock; Harold; M. C. O.; Kentucky; Simons; OTSEGO; Hamilton; Thelma Spur; Thelma; Gaylord; Indian Pt.; Cheboygan or Black L.; Legrand; Potters; Ocqueoc R; Hammond; Black L.; Fowler V.; Arva; Ocqueoc; Pigeon Riv.; Waveland; Tower; Allis P.O. or Convers; PRESQUE ISLE; Det. & Mac.; Case; Miliken; Onaway; Greenfield; Millersburg; Hawks P.O. or La Rocque; Meridian; Cornwells; Royston; N. Fk. Thunder Bay R.; Pike L.; Long L.; Jackson L.; MONTMORENCY; Hetherton; Johanesburg; D. & M.; 40 Mile Pt.; Moltke; Trout R.; Rogers; Calcite; Adams Pt.; Bug Cut; Liske; Bunton; Hagensville; Metz; D. & M.; Rogers City Jc.; Presque Isle; Posen; Grand Lake; May Lake Jc.; Hurst; Sobieski P.O. or Polaski; Leer; Bolton; Long L.; Orchard Hill; Cathro; Godfrey; Long Rapids; Brash L.; Selina; Lachine; Paxton; River; Hillman; Flanders; Dafoe P.O. or Emerson; Kerston; Hillman Jc.; Presque Isle Bay; Lake Esau; False Presque Isle; Middle Isl.; Fletcher Jc.; Alpena Jc.; Lit. Thunder Bay; Alpena; Crooked Isl.; Gull Isl.; Sugar Isl.; Thunder Bay Is.; Thunder Bay; North Pt.; Peshtigo Pt.; Peshtigo Harbor; Oconto; Oconto; Sturgeon Pt.; Lit. Sturgeon Bay; Brookside; GREEN BAY; Namur; Little Tail Pt.; Kewaunee; Ann; Cave Pt.; White Fish Bay; White Fish Pt.; Sturgeon Bay; Ship Canal; Algoma; Pyramid Pt.; Port Oneida; North Unity; Glen Arbor; Sleeping Bear Pt.; Glenhaven; Glen Lake; Glenmere; Burdickville; Empire; E. & S. E.; E. Empire; Lake Jc.; Platte River Pt.; Empire Jc.; Platte; Stormer; Pt. aux Becs Scie; Platte L.; Achas; Crystal Lake; Honor; Frankfort Junc. Sw.; Elberta; BENZIE; Beulah; Baypoint; Vanderhaus; Benzonia; Homestead; Herring Lake; Joyfield; Welson; Nessen; Suttons Bay; Provemon; Suttons Bay; Old Mission; North Unity; Good Harbor; Carp L.; Leelanau; Lime L.; Shetland; Schomberg; Keswick; Mapleton; Neahta; LEELANAU; Hog Isl.; Wanta; Bodus; Isadore; Bingham; Maple City; M. & N. E.; Heinforth; Fouch; G. R. & A.; Hatchorg; Archie; Solon; N. E.; West Arm; Traverse Cy.; East Arm; Ruthardts; Greilickville; Oviatt; Cedar Run; Neal; Melva P.O. or Platte River; L. Ann; Boardman; Mitchel; State Road; Hayes; Allyn; Bendon; Case; M. & P. M.; Inland; Filers Sw.; Interlochen; Beitners; Keystone; Slight; Boardman R.; Grawn; Pine Park; TRAVERSE; Clary; Kehoe; Wallin; Munshaw; Monroe Cen.; Knosley; Mt. Westminster; Summit Cit; Wexford; Kewadin; Helena; Grass Lake; Bellaire; Wolcott; Green River; Birch L.; Elk Rapids; Elk L.; Wells Branch; Comfort; Blosser; Wetzell; Mancelona Rd.; Mancelona; Milton; Alden; Antrim; Norfolk; Angell; Round; Rapid City; Westwood; Yuba; Wilkins Spur; Wilkins; Omega; Ricker; Leetsville; Lola; Leiphart; Mabel; Excelsior; Acme; Bates; Williamsburg; P. M. P.; Mahan; Soules; Kalkaska; Culver; KALKASKA; Presey; Sigma; McAfee; Mayfield; Boardman; Saunders; Crofton; Spencer; Neil; Rowley; Housena; Sands; Ivan; Detour; Springfield; Naples; Hodge; Holmes; Sallin; Trombleys Quick; Johnnnesburg Jc.; Nugent; L. Harold; Alba; Otsego Lake; Blue L. Jc.; Crowley; Fayette; Otsego Lake; Crooked; Waters; D. & O.; Squaw L.; Deward; Blue Lake; M. C. Mic. Cen.; Hard Grove; Lovells; Judges; Hanson; Mich. Cen.; Bucks; Kneeland; Alexander; Angling; Riverview; Sigsbee; Resort; Grayling; N. E.; CRAWFORD; Pere Cheney P.O. or Chonny Sta.; Halsted; Wellington; Bigrock; Atlanta; Vienna; Crooked L; Tyrus; Sherwood L.; Chamberlin; Twin Lakes; Avery Lakes; Rust; Hunts Cr.; Vienna Jc.; Hunts Cr.; Lewiston; Bonard; Dana; Au. &; L. & S. E.; Branch; Redoak; Wood; Fairview; Comins; Dew; Mellen; Principal; OSCODA; Hardy; Biggs; Kneeland; McKinley; Mio; Saule River; Eldorado; Luzerne; Flat Rock Lodge; Contisville; South Branch; Coy; ALPENA; Klein; Spratt; Walburg; Devil L.; Beaver L.; Turtle L.; Ossineke; Hubbard Lake; Spruce; Newton R.; Hubbard Lake; McCollum; Hardy; Code; Curran; Byers Camp; Beevers Camp; Russell; Barton City; Lincoln; Nor; Bamfields; Glennie; Lott; Five Channels Dam; Bryant; Five Channels; Spur; Partridge Pt.; Beebe Spur; Scarecrow Isl.; Det. & Mac.; South Pt.; Black R.; Black River Isl.; Blackriver; Roe Lake; Alcona; Hawes; Sturgeon Point; Sturgeon Pt.; Harrisville; Gustin; Mikado; Greenbush; Handy; Lake; Kewaunee; Twin R.; B. Twin R.; Rawleys Pt.; Twin Rivers; C. & N. W.; Manitowoc R.; Manitowoc; Manitowoc; Big Pt. Sable; Hamlin Lake; Pleasanton; Aradia; Sorenson; Malcolm; Butwell; Baile; Lovers L; Bear L.; Humphrey; Pierport; Springdale; Henry; Bear Lake; Onekama; Tanner; Thompson; Portage Lake; Onekama Jc.; M. & N.; Chief; Norwalk; MANISTEE; Arendal; Polock Hill; Newland; Manistee; Manistee R.; Eastlake; Oakhill; Stronach; LIttle Riv.; Hoppers Jc.; Oak Hill; P. M. & G. R.; Oak Park; Lit. Manistee R.; Filer Cy.; Marsh; Hoags; Sable Tomlins; Freesoil; Sidons; Elmton; Big Sable L.; Sable R.; Roulsen; Fountain; Millerton; Sugar Grove; Bachelor; Wolf Lake; Pomona; Harlan; Buckley; Beech ; Baxter; Copemish; Lemon L.; Cleon; Bagnall; Mystic; R.D. Jc.; Rollway; Minfra; Sherman; Glengarry; Mesick; Soper; Kaleva; Marilla; Meanwataka; WEXFORD; Yuma; Bonds Mill; Brethren; Missaukee Jc.; Harriette; Boon; Highbridge; Wellston; Bunyea P.O. or Millersville; L. Mitchell; Dublin; Florence; Eleanor; Rosenburgs; Axin; Benson; Cadillac; Thorp; Olga; Irons; Hoxeyville; Bristol; Collins; Riverbank; Peters; Edgetts; South Allen; M. & G. R.; Sauble; Peacock; States; Luther; Hayes; Siding; Watton; Haskins; Pioneer; Butcher; Haire; Arlene; Stittsville; Manton; Gilbert; Missaukee L.; Lake City; MISSAUKEE; Jennings; Section; Ardis Jc.; G. R.; G. & I.; Round Lake; Cadillac; Cranmer; Veneer Jc.; Veneer; Koopman; Mynning; Dinca; Prosper; Lucas; Falmouth; Clam R.; Hobart; Elton; Ann Arb.; McBain; Forward; Vogel Cen.; Osceola Jc.; Parklake; Ina; Crocker; Marion; Winterfield; Tustin; Wouth Allen; Anderson; Rose L.; Oighton; Grandon; Hartwick; Hayes; Roselake; Leroy; Surprise L.; Pennock; Stratford; Higgins Lake; Roscommon; Moorestown; Lyon Manor; Moore; Star City; Haymars; Markey; Geels; Michelson; Reedsburg; Houghton Lake; Houghton Lake; Andis; Cummer; Merritt; Nellsville; Butterfield; ROSCOMMON; Douph; Loxley; Kirkland; Moddersville; Leota; Second Correction Line; Butman; Hockaday; Temple; Clarence; Arrison; Dodge; Cedar R; Lit. Sugar R.; GLADWIN; Keno; Goodar; Rose City; D. & M.; Tierney; Beaver Lake; Selkirk; Canfield; Sage; OGEMAW; Campbells Cors.; Nester; Hardwood Lake; West Branch; Hauptman; Mich. Cen.; Loranger; Prescott; Greenwood; Edward; Berlin; Alger; ARENAC; Mapleridge; Rifle R.; Bowmanville; Quinn; Sugar Rapids; Dunham; Sterling; Secord; Moores Jc.; Smith Jc.; Lufton; Maltby; Ellake; Long Lake; Hale; Sages L.; Wilder; T.B. Jc.; East Tawas; Taft; D. & M.O.; Siloam P.O. or Coopers Cros.; Mills; Whittemore; Emery Jc.; Vine; D. & M.; D. & L.; Turtle; McIvor; E. Br.; Marks; Alabaster; Turner; Santiago; Au Gres R.; White Stone Pt.; Melita; Twining; Omer; Duck L.; Umstead; Souveigney; Sand Pt; Arenac; D. & M.; Doan; Lincoln Jc.; Van Etten Lake; Oscoda; Ausable; Ottawa L.; Au Sable Pt.; Kunze Siding; Tawas Beach; Tawas Pt.; Tawas City; Port Austin; Flat Rock Pt.; North Charity Isl.; Hat Pt.; S. Charity Isl.; Tawas City; Pte. Aux Barques; Pointe Aux Barques; Burnt Cabin Pt.; Grind Stone City; Huron; Eagle Bay; Sheboygan Falls; Sheboygan R.; C. & N. W.; Sheboygan; Sheboygan; Onion R.; Adell; Oostburg; Cedar Grove; Lit. Sable L.; Lincoln; Ludington; Buttersville; Wesley; Bass Lake; Bass L; Squireville; Pentwater; Pentwater L.; Smiths Corner; Au Sable Lake; Mears; Little Pt. Sable; Peachridge; Hoffman; Benona; Claybanks; MASON; Scottville; Custer; Weldon Cr.; Walhalla; Tallman; Amber; Branch; Conrad; P. M.; Pere Marquette R.; Pere Marquette Lake; Riverton; Mas. & Oce.; Br. Pere Marquette R.; Wiley; Carrs; Baldwin; Bow L.; Fern; Marlborough; Peachville; Crystal Val; Allencreek; Weare; Kirk; Hart; P. M.; Pentwater R.; Walker V.; Volney; Shaw; Elbridge; Beaver R.; Cobmoosa; Campbell L.; Klondike; Gale; OCEANA; Shelby; Ferry; Hesperia; Stony L.; New Era; Wagar; Ætna; Cranston; Holstein; Conley; LAKE; OSCEOLA; Wingleton; P. M.; Orono; Reed City; P. M.; Forman; Crooked L.; Ungers; Nirvana; Chase; Oliver; Parsons; Star L.; Alderson; Lilley; Hawkins; Parks; Biteley; Up. Paris; Paris; W. Troy; Stimson; Kopje; Stimson Jc.; Colecreek; Otia; Hungerford; Woodville; Huber; P. M.; Field; NEWAYGO; Ramona; P. M.; Whitecloud; Goodwell; River; Ryerson; Gilbert; Bigprairie; Wooster; Dewing; Carlson; Crooked L.; Avondale; Ashton; Brazil; Wings; Evart; Muscegon; CLARE; Lake George; Sears; L. George; P. M.; Tiff L.; Chippewa Sta.; Hersey; Big L.; Manleys; Cranberry L.; Robinsons; Crapo; Emberald; Pogy; Weaver Hill; Fork; Brinton; Chippewa L.; Barryton; Cippewa L.; Upper Big Rapids; Big Rapids; Chatterton; ISABELLA; Moils; P. M.; Rodney; Titus; Weidman; P. M.; Byers; Hughes; Horr; Mecosta; Mansfield; Stanwood; Mec; Rem; P. M.; Stirling; Millers; Remus; MECOSTA; Higbee; W. Millbrook; Altona; Sylvester; Millbrook; Blanchard; Wheatley; Manns Sid.; N. Br.; Alward; Hatton; Mid. Br.; Bard; Summit Lake; McKay; Dover; Moores Sid.; Tobacco; Farwell; Colonville; Dale; Clare; Half Way; Curriers Sid.; Gilmore; Loomis; Edenville; Herrick; Coleman; Wie; Salt R.; Van Decar; Rosebush; Delwin; Isabella; Beal City; Leaton; Jordan; Caldwell; Ind. Res.; Isabella; MIDLAND; Boyden; Mt. Pleasant; Broomfield; Chippewa R.; Stearns; Alembic; Millbrook; Coomer; Crawford; Gordonville; Rowland; Winn; Shepherd; Porter; A.; Gladwin; Winegar; Highwood; Howry; Mic. Cen.; Smith; Bentley; Arbutus; Saganing Cr.; Beaverton; Rhodes; Mountforest; Billings; Littibawasse; Estey; Bertie; Nine Mile; Edenville; Brier; Garfield; Woodville; Brier; Tebo; Luman; Pansy; Crump; Hope; Cummings; Linwood; N. Bradley; Gray; Larkin; Duel; Kawkawlin R.; Loehne; Averill; Willard; Wolverine; Upsla; Mine No. 9; Monitor Sta; Millers Cre; Wolverine Jc.; Olson; Midland; Wolverine Mine No. 2; Floyd; Olden; Laredo; Rooney; Barnes; Auburn; Coryell; Smiths Cros; Monitor; Amelit; Posyville; Littibawasse R.; Freeland; Lawndale; Melbourne; Pine Rivers; Pt. Au Gres; Standish; Saganing; Worth; Pinconning; Pt. Charities; North Isl.; Stony Isl.; State Road; Michie; Kate-chor or Mais-sou Isl.; Lengsville; Linwood Park; Pond Isl.; Sebewaing; Fish Pt.; C. C.; Tobico; Kawkawlin; Aatka Beach; Wenona Beach; SAGINAW BAY; Nibay Cy.; Bayside; Saginaw R.; Banks; Essexville; Foss; Unionville; Columbia; Woodman; Akron Coal; Mine; Downing; Sharpville; Bradleys; Quanicassee; C. D. B.; W. Bay Cy.; Bay City; Raby; Salzburg; Farleighs; Bloomfield; Brooks; S Bay City; Beebe; Cheboyganing; Post; Fairgrove; Mitchells; Munger; Fifield; Kintner; Gravel Pit; Oak Pt.; Caseville; Pte. aux Barques R.; Bush Lake; Anderson; Gotts; Wilfongs; Pinnebog; Wild Fowl Bay; HURON; Berne; Pigeon; Soule; Crown; Grassmere; Pigeon R.; Bart; Ribble; Rosevear; Elkton; Sandy; Weale; Wolfton; Linkville; Kilmanagh; Canboro; Owendale; Popple; Northburns; Bach; Patton; Ivanhoe; Ashmore; Rescue; Duro; Gagetown; Greenleaf; Colling; Colwood; Hutchinson; Patterson; Elmwood; Holbrook; Akron; Purdy; Cass City; Wickware; Ellington; Atwood; Montel; Caro; Whites Cr.; Deford; Shabbona; Novesta; Johnson; Glencoe; Kinde; Port Hope; Filion; Clarks; Willow R.; Redman; Atherton; Hobson; Rapsons; Harbor Beach; Verona Mills; Badaxe; Sigel; Har. of Refuge; Helena; Wadsworth; Pawlowski; Ubly; Ruth; Appin; Parisville; Whiterock; Tyre; Minden City; Forestville; Mill Cr.; Charleston; Cumber; Freiburgers; Palms; Marion; Chevingston; Mills; Argyle; Brotherton; Deckerville; Richmondville; Laing; Leitch; Zaukee; Belgum; M. & P.; Chi. & Nor.; Milwaukee; Vay View; Flowercreek; Rothbury; White R.; Fremont; Montague; Big Blue L.; Reeman; Brunswick; White L.; Brickton; Whitehall; Holton; Sitka; Michillinda; Sweet; Twin Lake; P. M.; McLeans; Wabaningo; Dalton; Duck L.; N. Muskegon; Berry; Muskegon; Bixby; Michigan Lake; MUSKEGON; Moorland; Hines Crg; Gr.; Halls; Muskegon; Fort Sherman; Simpson; Muskegon Heights; Opotke; Lake Harbor; P. M.; Kanitz; Sullivan; Ravenna; Black Lake; Lake Harbor Sta.; Pickand; Fruitport; Crockery Cr.; Kirk; Ferrysburg; Spring L.; Gr.; Nunica; Spring L.; Coopersville; Eastmanville; Newaygo Lakes; Marl Lake; Erwin; Bishop; Lit. Muskegon; Brookside; Croton; Newaygo; Howard City; Ash Land; Brooks; Grant; Ensley; Grove; Bridgeton; A. Sta.; Sun; White Fish L.; Dickinson; Plumville; Bailey; Perrins; Trent; Casnovia; Velzy; R. & I.; Slocum; Canada Cors; Kent City; Cedar Springs; Tr.; Gooding; Reeds; Bughs Mile; Camp L.; Harrisburg; Lisbon; Sparta; Saxon; Edgerton; Conklin; Ballards; Cortland Cen.; Oakfield Cen.; Wright; English V.; Rockford; Childsdale; Dennison; Reno; Alpine; Silver L.; Belmont; Austeritz; Chauncey; Ula; Berlin; Tr.; Comstock; KENT; MONTCALM; Rustford; Rand; Morley; Murphy; Remick; Amble; Townline L.; Wyman; Sixlakes; P. M.; Lakeview; Osin; Edmore; Maplehill; Coral; Long L.; Westville; Hiram; Entrican; Langston; Pierson; Trufant; Flat R.; Clifford L.; Stanton; Cloud; Gowen; Colby; Sidney; Sheffield; Spencers Ms.; Evans; Griswold; Moeller; Gr.; Lincoln L.; Martha; Virgil; Tr.; Harvard; Oakfield Cen.; N. Green V.; Green V.; Eureka Pl.; Miller; Bushnell; Amsden; Butternut; Fenwick; P. M.; Bostwick L.; Belding; kidd; Shiloh; Grattan; Chadwick; Orleans; Cannons; Slayton; Smyrna; Burg; Miriam; Henderson; Parnell; Avon; Haynor; Prairie Cr.; Pleasant Valley; Jerseyville; Coe; Brooks Cr; Summerton; N. Wheeler; Foresthill; Vestaburg; Riverdale; Elwell; P. M.; Alma; St. Louis; Wheeler; Elmhall; Langport; Ferris; Pine R.; Beebe; Sumner; Itilaca; Rathbone; Lafayette; Eugeneo; Fishville; Crystal L.; GRATIOT; Crystal; New Haven Cen.; Northstar; Newark; Vickeryville; Sethton; Gr.; Middleton; Perrington; A. A. A.; Tr; Carson City; Brice; Pine Cr.; Pompeii; Ola; Sahley; Bannister; Palo; Hubbardston; Union Home; Maple Rapids; Matherton; Haymouth Cr.; Shepardsville; Nickelplate; Muir; Maple R.; Rewamo; Fowler; Clear Cr.; Redstone; Jam; Laporte; M.; Saginaw; Ryan; Iva; Dice; Frost; Malts; P. M.; Eaton; Graylock; Shields; Beaver Cr.; Merrill; Hemlock; Grahams; Orr; Swan Cr.; Paines; Fordney; Lakefield; SAGINAW; Bad R.; Nelson; Eastwood; M.; Edgewood; Miner; St. Charles; Sickels; Brant; McDonough; Marion Sprs.; Groveton; Alicia P.O. or Prairie Farm; Racy; Chesaning; Luce; Chesaning; Layton Corners; Fenmore; Brady; Oakley; Shiawassee R.; Cahpin; Eureka; Olney; Easton; Elsie; Henderson; M.; Westhaven; Ann Ar.; Carland; Judds Corners; A. A.; Dewey; Ovid; SHIAWASSEE; McClure; Gilford; T.; Milwaukee; Arn; Carrollton; Crow Isl.; Watrousville; Mershon; Orlens; Reese; Stone; M.; Xulmbach; Arthur; TUSCOLA; Buena Vista; Veenfliets; Richville; Denmark Jc.; Perkins; Jc.; Saginaw; Hoyt; Gera; C. Jc.; Bridgeport; Ruscola Sta.; Ready; Frankenmuth; Vassar; Orville; Tuscola; Fosters; Cassbridge; Cass River; Flint R.; Tr.; Blackmar; Millington; G. T.; Verne; Tay; P. M.; Birchrun; Elva; Mich. Cen.; Carbon; Taymouth; Countyline; Arbela; Navan; Thetford; Clio; E. Thetford; Montrose; Pinerun; Otisville; Brentcreek; Genesee; Rogersville; New Lothrop; Mt. Morris; P. M.; Hazelton; Clay Tr; McGrew; GENESEE; Flushing; Lewis; N. Fk Flint R.; Belsay; Gr.; Flint; Keysley R.; Davison; W. T.; Noko; Wahjamega; Wilmot; Decker; Snover; Ross Cross.; SANILAC; W. Sta.; E. Dayton; Lamotte; Northgrove; Kingston; Germania; Juniata; Shays Lake; Mayville; Silverwood; Braidwood; Markell; Clifford; Marlette; Wait; Regan; Stewarts; Fostoria; G. T.; Weeks; Drake; North Branch; Otter Lake; Ford; Burns L.; Burnside; Millers L.; Deanville; Columbiaville; Five Lakes; Kings Mill; Elliott; Oregon P.O. or Carpenter; Richfield; Lum; Mill Cr.; Nippissing L.; Lapeer; Tr.; Gr.; Imlay City; Elba; Attica; LAPEER; Urban; McGregor; Downington; Forester; Burden; Elmer; Polane; Port Sanilac; Berkshire; Carsonville; Sandusky; Cash; Juhl; Applegate; Laurel; Atiken; Lewis Siding; Redstar; Watertown; Flynn; Elk Cr.; Croswell; Omard; Peck; Brown City; Valley Center; Speaker; East Fremont; P. M.; Melvin; Amadore; Sharpsville; Roseburg; East Greenwood; Jeddo; Yale; Blaine; Brockway; Fargo; Zion; Atkins; Mt. Salem; Avoca; Eighty Foot Grade; Ruby; SAINT CLAIR; Lexington; Lakeport; Northstreet; Gardendale; Huronia Beach; Milwaukee; Chi.; Root R.; Wind Pt; Racine; Racine; W.U. Jc.; Mil.; WISCONSIN; Kenosha; Kenosha; LAKE MICHIGAN; Grandhaven; Sheldon; Bass River; Allendale; Robinson; Agnew; Rusk; Ottawa Sta.; Conger; OTTAWA; West Olive; Pearline; Port Sheldon; Olive Cen.; Borculo; New Holland; Crisp; S. Blendon; Ventura; P. M.; Beaver Dam; Nooredeloos; Zeeland; Waverly; Black L.; Cronje; Ottawa Beach; New Groningen; Idrenthe; E. Holland; Macatawa; Castle Park; Holland; May; Graffschap; Verise; Gibson; Bentheim; Fillmore Cen; E. Saugatuck; Saugatuck; Dunningville; Douglas; New Richmond; Peachbelt; Ganges; Fennville; ALLEGA; Belknap; Pearl; Millgrove; P. M.; Glenn; Avis; Bravo; Lamont; Kinney; Tallmadge; Fuller; W. Gr. Rapids; Grand Rapids; Elgin; Eagle Ms.; Dewey; Oakdale; Bauer; Heath; Geoge T.; Reed Lake; S. Gr. Rapids; Farowe; Grandville; E. Paris; Fox; Crosby; Enison; Hudson V.; N. Byron; Hanley; Fishers; Hudson V.; Jamestown; Dutton; Vriesland; N. Byron Cen.; P. M.; Zutphen; W. Carlisle; Debri; Ross; Forestgrove; Nerps; Caledonia; Oakland; North Dorr; Greenlake; Duncan L.; Burnips; New Salem; Moline; Cors.; Dorr; Corning; Diamond Sprs.; Middleville; Hamilton; Hilliards; Wayland; Monterey; Dallas; Rabbit R.; S. Monterey; Hopkins; Bradley; Gunlaxe; Maplewood; Minerlake; Shelbyville; Gun L.; L. S. & M. S.; Miner Lake; Cloverdale; Kellogg; Fisk; Martin; Monteith; Allegan; Chapel; Vergenner; Flat R.; Dildine; Ionia; Prison Siding; Malta; Ada; Lowell; Grand River; Lyons Sta; Cascade; G. T; Whitney V.; Saranac; Webber; IONIA; Gridley; Collins; McCords; M. P.; Alto; Chandler; Doris; Orange; Thorn Apple Riv.; Alaska; Elmdale; West Ebewa; Lyman; W. Campbell; Labarge; Bowen; Campbell; Lake Odessa; Rosina; Freeport; Gerkey; Parmelee; Carlton Cen.; Wodobury; N. Irving; Woodland; ; Dellwood; Coats Gr.; Irving; Bowens Mills; Hastings; Mud Cr.; Kelly; Yankee Spr.; Maple L.; Morgan; Vermontville; Shultz; Quimby; Thorn Apple; Nashville; BARRY; Kalamo; Charlotte; Highbank; Cedar Creek; Clear L.; Maple Gr.; EATON; Watt L.; Dowling; Carlisle; Lyons; Gr.; Stony Cr.; St. Johns; Maple; CLINTON; Muskrat Cr.; Westphalia; Riley; Merlebeach; Geary; Portland; South Riley; Rewo; Round L.; Wacousta; Dewitt; Jeffery; Lookingglass R.; Eagle; Gunnisonville; Mulliken; Sebewa; Chandler; P. M.; Sunfield; Grandledge; Delta; N. Lansing; Hoyt V.; Lansing; Bismarck; Sahytown; Fair Grounds; Trowbridge; Roxana; Millett; West Windsor; Packard; Gresham; Tr.; Dimondale; C. M.; Chester; Potterville; Westholt; Kings L.; Kingsland; N. Aurelius; Petreville; INGHAM; Klink; Kilwinning; Aurelius; Tr.; Jessie; Burton; O. Jc.; Burton; Owosso; Kerby; Corunna; Ar.; Gr.; Victor; Bennington; Laingsburg; Sagerville; Durand; Pittsburg; Hartwellville; M. C.; Bath; Morrice; Bancroft; Tr.; Parkes L; Perry; Byron; Shaftsburg; Nicholson; E. Lansing; Haslett; Gr.; Locke; Okemos; Meridian; Williamston; Oakgrove Sta.; P M.; Webberville; Holt; Pollok; Fowlerville; Mason; LIVINGSTON; Howell; Dansville; Iosco; Annpere; Eden; Deweyville; Whiteoak; Backus; Otterburn; Flint; Lennon; Thread; Thread R.; Gr.; G. T.; Vernon; Swartz Creek; Torrey; Atlas; Crapo Farm; Duffield; Grand Blanc; Emergency; Gaines; Rankin; Newark; Long L.; Groveland; Thayer; Tr.; B. Sta.; A. A. A.; Linden; Paxton; Fenton; Ortonville; Agrentine; Holly; Cohoctah; Deercreek; Davisburg; Indian L.; Madison; Rose P.O. or Rose Cen.; Anderson V.P.O. or C. Sta.; Oakgrove; Hallers; Parshallville; Clyde; White Lake; Hartland; OAKLAND; Fleming; West Highland; Hollister; Oxbow; Fourtowns; Annpere; Long Lake; Highland; Commerce; Summit; Milford; Walled Lake; Pingree; Chilson; Brighton; New Hudson; Wixom; L. Hasler; Hunters Creek; Farmers Creek; Hadley; Farmers Cr.; Metamora; Dryden; Thornville; Goodrich; Almont; Hopkins Road; Thomas; Leonard; Oakwood; Shoup; N Br. Clinton R.; G. T.; Bastidos; Seymour Lake; Oxford; Lakeville; Austin; Orion; Rome; Clarkston; Cole; Alert; Clinton V.; Mount Vernon; Waterford; Eames; Drayton Plains; Goodison; Three Mile L.; Rochester; R. Jc.; Macomb; Rochester; MACOMB; Disco; Sylvan L; Yates; De Pews; Cass L.; Amy; Utica; Cass L.; Pontiac; Troy; Clinton R.; Orchard Lake; Grove; Circle; Colerain; Walnut; Big Beaver; Walled L.; Norris; Birmingham; Nichols; Franklin; Clawson; Warren; Capac; Tr.; Ft. Gratior; Emmett; Abbottsford; Wadhams; Tunnel Jc.; Belleriver; Goodells; Riley Center; M. Sta.; Lamb; Thornton; Tappan; Wales; Burns; Kimball; Smiths Cr.; Allenton; Berville; Doyle; Marysville; Armada; Memphis; Columbus; Rattlerun; Richmond; Lenox; M. C.; Butlins; Pine R.; G. T.; Ray Cen.; Tr.; Adair; Carltons Org.; Washington; Omo; Casco; Davis; Newhaven; Peters; Meade; Marine City; Ancho V.; Fairhaven; Chesterfield; Milton; New Baltimore; Waldenburg; Anchor Bay; Pearl Beach; Mt. Clemens Sta.; Mt. Clemens; Dickinson Isl.; Cady; Pt. Huron; Gr.; Fraser; San Soucy; Walpole Isl.; Pt. Huron; Sarina; Upton Wks.; Port Huron Balt Works; St. Clair Sprs.; St. Clair; St. Clair R.; Lambton; Roberts L'dg; Algonac; Mansons Isl.; Benton; LAKE COOK; Wadsworth; ILLINOIS; Waukegan; Lake Forest; Nor.; Rondout; Highland Park; Deerfield; Glencoe; Des Plaines Rivers; N. W; Evanston; W. C.; Wouth Evanston; Hagar; Twelve Cors.; Benton Harbor; St. Joseph; Hill Top; Glen Lord; Vineland; Stevensville; Hollywood; Springgrove; Scott Lake; West Casco; Hawkhead; Pullman; Black R.; Lee; Horseshoe; M; South Haven; Kibbie; Berlamont; Long Siding; Lacota; Fruitland; Maple Forest; Grand Jc.; Columbia; Gobleville; Packard; Pinegrove Mills; Palisade Park; Bangor; Covert; VAN BUREN; McDonald; Elmwood; Windermere; Blakes; Toquin P.O. or Paw Paw Lake Jc.; Lake Point; Paw Paw L.; Coloma; Paw Paw R.; L.; M.; Lawrence; Hartford; S. & C.; Watervliet; Barrison; Riverside; Millburg; Bainbridge; Corwin; Millburg; Bainbridge; Spinks Cors.; Decatur; Pennyann; Keeler; Sister L.; Sister Lakes; Carl; Royalton; Sodus; Pipestone; Naomi; Dowagiac R.; Argent; Hartman; Glenwood; Volina; Derry; Abronia; Bowens; Kalamazu R.; Hooper; Prarie V.; Chicora; Neely; Doster; Cheshire; Merson; Otsego; Silver Creek; Plainwell; Argenta; Bloomingdale; Cooper Sta.; Springbrook; Alamo; Kendall; C.; Mentha; Williams; E. Cooper; Hopkins; K. Jc.; Nazaeth; Brownell; Comstock; Kalamazoo; Glendale; Almena; Lauren Lake; Miller; Oshtemo; P. Jc.; Lake Cora; Paw Paw; Walker; Eassom; Rix; Brighton; KALAMAZOO; Portage; Indian Field; Mattawan; Pike L.; Pomeroy; Lawton; Newbre; Texas; Austin Lake; Bakers; Bunksons L.; Schoolcraft; Gr.; Vicksburg; Grass L.; Chamberlains; Round L.; Cedar L.; Prairie; Flowerfield; Ronde; Leesburg; Mint; Marcellus; Tr.; Howardsville; Parkville; Delton; Fair L.; Bristol L.; Ceylon; Lacey; Milo; Banfield; Assyria; Cressey; Hickory Cors.; Bellevue; Gull Lake; Gull L.; Ney; Base Line; Richland; Bedford; Convis; Hume; Penfield; M.; Battle Creek; Augusta; Nichols; Beadle P.O. or Beadle Lake; Galesburg; M; Wheatfield; Renton; Ceresco; Kealey; Climax; Adams; Sonoma; Stanley; Wilders; W. Leroy; Joppa; Scotts; CALHOUN; Pavilian; E. Leroy; Indian L.; Pinecreek; Abscota; Fulton; Burlington; Tekonsha; Athens; Burlington Sta.; Portage Lake; Factoryville; Union City; Mendon; Leonidas; Hodunk; Hog R.; Girard; Eaton Rapids; Anger P.O. or Olivet Sta.; Charlesworth; Winfield; Olivet; Brookvield; Onondaga; Partello; Ducklake; Ottercreek; Duck L.; East Springport; Springport; Rice Creek; Tompkins; Henrys Crg.; Tokio; Deveraux; Spring Cr.; Minard; Rice Cr.; Van Horn; Marshall; Parma; Sandstone; Marengo; C. M.; Albion; JACKSON; Bath MIlls; Snyder; Hares; Spring Arbor; Eckford; Condit; Reynolds; Concord; Silsons; Clarendon; Homer; Grover; M. C.; L. S. & S.; Pulaski; Stonypoint; Hanover; Mosherville; Butler; Scipio; Litchfield; Moscow; L. S. & M. S.; S. Butler; Malnes; Jerome; Bunkerhill; Lowe L.; Plainfield; Gregory; Leslie; Stockbridge; Bruin L.; Arland; Henrietta; Unadilla; Rives Jc.; Munith; South L.; Henrietta Sta.; Lit. Portage L.; Waterloo; Portage R.; Portage; Roots; Trist; Big Portage L.; Withington; Chelsea; G.; Gillet L.; Goose L.; M.; Prison Side Tr. Jc.; Francisco; Grass Lake; Leoni; Michigan Cen.; WASHTERNAW; L.S.; Lyonette; Eldred; Napoleon; Sharonville; Ackerson; Norvell; L. S. & M. S.; Manchester; S. Jackson; Cranberry L.; Clarklake; Horton; Liberty; Clark L.; Brooklyn; M. Jc.; Watkins; Cedarbank; JOhnson; Vineyard L.; Wampler L.; Somerset; Cement Cy.; Somerset Cen.; Cambridge; Springville; Sand L.; Putnam; Knorr; Devils L.; Onsted; Pentecost; Anderson; Pinckney Island Lake; Greenoak; South Lyon; Lakeland; Hamburg; Rushton; G. T.; W.L. Sta.; Whitmore L.; Salem; Northville; Webster; Emery; Kirby; Geer; Plymouth; M; Dexter; Cherryhill; Bell; Dixboro; Canton; Delhi; Lima; Mill Cr.; Geddes; Denton; Ann ARbor; Wiard; Fredonia; Ypsilanti; Rawsonville; Pittsfield P.O. or P. Jc.; A. A.; Saline; Belleville; Urania; Stonycreek; Willis; W. W.; Bridgewater; Milan; Whittaker; River Raisin; York; W. Sumpter; Clinton; Macon; Milan Jc.; Saline R.; Oakville; Lakeridge; Exeter; Cone; Tecumseh; Azalia; London; Maybee; Raisinville; Novi; Beddow; R.; Royaloak; Farmington; Powers; Southfield; Clarenceville; Olivet; Lawn; Redford; N. Detroit; Lawn; Urbanrest; Bellbranch; Greenvield; Highland Park; Kenwood; Howlett; Livonia; Elm; Beech; Oak; Stark; P. M.; Michigan Ave.; W. End; Nankin; Wallace V; Pixes Peak; Houdumere; Inkster; Dearborn; Line; Wayne Jc.; Swift; Eloise; Wayne; Navarre; Windsor; W. Detroit; Elray; M. C.; Hand Sta.; Riverrouge; WAYNE; Preston; W.; Eoorse; Taylo Cen.; Romulus; Fighting Isl.; Frenchlanding; Huron R.; Wyandotte; New Boston; Sibley; Grosse Isle; Martinsville; Trenton; Willow; Chandler; Slocum Jc.; Waltz; Flatrock; Sta.; Detroit R.; Grosse Ile; N.; Briar Hill; Gibraltar; Carleton; S. Rockwood; Rockwood; D. T. & I.; Grafton; Chapman; Scofield; M; S. &; Newport; Pt. Millee; Roseville; LAKE ST. CLAIR; Halfway; Greiner; Claireview; Connors Cr.; Hamthamck; Lees V.; St. Clair Hts.; Waukee Jc.; Grosse Pointe Farms; Hauvin; Grossepointe; Paye; Cottagegrove; DETROIT; Gr.; Rochester; Stony Pt.; C. P.; C. P.; ESSEX; Essex Center; Ruscum R.; Mic. Cen.; Whatty; L. E. & D. R.; Olinda; Ruthven; ONTARIO; Leamington; Kingsville; Oxley; Pigeon Bay; Tr.; KENT; Romney; C.; Mayfair; C.M. & St. P.; C. & N. W.; C. G. W.; CHICAGO; I. C.; C. T.; C. B. & Q.; A. T. & S. F.; C. & C. J.; Hyde Park; G.; J. & P; Grand Crossing; South Chicago; Wab.; C. & A.; N.; C. J.; C. R.; Blue Island; Harvey; Lake Porter; Michigan City; Whiting; Hammond; Tolles; L. S. & M.; M. C.; M. C.; INDIANA; Hinchman; Livingston; BERRIEN; Baroda; Bridgman; Sawyer; Harbert; P. M.; New Troy; Lakeside; Union Pier; Galien R.; Avery; Galien; New Buffalo; Three Oaks; Barnett Siding; M. C.; C.; Alfred; P. M.; New Carlisle; C.; Webbers; South Bend; La Porte; Otis; M. S.; La Porte; Stemm; Eau Claire; Mic. Cen.; Dowagiac; Lagrange; Berrien Springs; Berrien Cen.; C. & St. L.; CASS; Cassopolis; Lighton; Fairland; Pokagon; Glendora; Sumnerville; Troy; H &; Jaquay; St. Joseph R.; M.; Dailey; Barron L.; Buchanan; Kennedy; Gr.; Redfield; Niles; Edwardsburg; Dayton; Truitts; Baldwin L.; Bertrand; Adamsville; Granger; C S; Osceola; St. Joseph; Crums Point; G.; Elkhart; Pleasant L.; Moorepark; Wakelee; Three Rivers; Portage; Penn; Forest Hall; Sandy Beach; Corey L.; T. R. Sta.; St. Joseph River; Wasepi; Vandalia; Florence; C. M.; Fabius; Center V.; Newburg; Jones; Corey; ST. JOSEPH; Browns; Williamsville; Perrin; Day; Constantine; Long L.; White; Mottville; White Pigeon; Oakwood; Klingers; Union; White Pigeon Riv.; Sailor; Fawn R.; Elkhart; L. S. & M.; M. S.; Bristol; L.S. & M.C.; L. S. & M. S.; Lagrange; Lagrange; Sherwood; Sturgis L.; BRANCH; Fairfax; Colon; Coldwater; Nottawa; Mattison; Batavia; Findley; Holmes Siding; Lockwood; Bronson; Sturgis; Prairie R.; Bethel; Burroak; Coldwater L.; Fawn River; Gilead; Kinderhook; California; E. Gilead; Lima; Fremont; Steuben; Allen Sta.; Jonesville; Ft. W. Jc.; Quincy; Allen; M. S.; N. Adams; Wheatland; Stafford; Hoxie; Marble L.; Hillsdale; Bankers; Purchase; Steamb'g; Osseo; HILLSDALE; Gorton; Towns; Algansee; Pittsford; Reading; Jefferson; Lester; Kinderhook; Cambria; California; Frontier; Shadyside; Montgomery; Ransom; Prattville; Camden; Betzer; Buckeye; White; Waldron; S. Camden; Amboy; Angola; Alvordton; Williams; OHIO; Bakers; Tipton; Aldison; A. Jc.; Stoddard; Devils L.; Wolfcreek; Manitou Beach; Geneva; LENAWEE; Townlev; Rome; Birdsall; Church; Windom; Woodward; Rollin; Adrian; Locust; Fair Port; Walworth; Cadmus; M. S.; Hudson; Clayton; S. Adrian; Madison; Lenawee Jc.; Mallory; Medina; Sand Cr.; Gorman; Canandaigua; Lenawee; W.; Fairfield; Seneca; Fruitridge; Jasper; N. Morenci; LImecreek; Packard; Munson; L. S. & M. S.; Weston; Ridge V.; S. Fairfield; Morenci; Denson; Fayette; Fulton; Swanton; Clinton; Macon; Milan Jc.; Saline R.; Lakeridge; Oakville; Exeter; Cone; Tecumseh; Azalia; London; Maybee; N.; Britton; Raisinville; D. Jc.; Durban; Grape; Rea; Sutton; Holloway; Dundee; Raisin R.; Rasin Cen.; Strasburg; Chases; Wells V.; Sisson; Deerfield; Petersburg; Strassburg; Ida; A.; S.; Palmyra; L. S. & M S; Federman; Lulu; Grosvenor; MONROE; Blissfield; Morocco; Winchester; Yargerville; L. S. & M. S.; Ogden; Bateman; Gert; Samaria; Riga; Temperance; Erie; Victors V.; Ottawa Lake; Whiteford Cen.; Ogden Center; Ottawa Lake; Lambertville; P. M.; Alexis; Lucas; Toledo; M.; S. & M. S.; Marine Jc.; E. Toledo; Steiner; Colchester; Raisin; Grape; Stony Creek; Warner; Brest; Monroe; Raisin Pt; Greenings; LAKE ERIE; La Salle; Mid. Sister Isl.; La Plaisance Bay; Vienna; W. Sister Isl.; Cape North; Maumee Bay; Cedar Pt.; W. & L. E.; Locust Pt.; Manhattan Jc.; Littles Pt.; E. Sister Isl.; Pt. Pelee Island; North Bass Isl.; Mid. Bass Isl.; South Bass Isl.; Pt. Pelee Note:

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Page  74 W "A MA 1) VeRIVON, GERA 110 OKA RD c Of AWp no onril no IVAICUSp Ski f3kN N4111,41 elk-. N 4;:an A R Q4881Zý AN ivT _I DALS "F 40, "'Pe P - -.. Ký I.- I - 8L.J@1 PzNrICr0 zo oc F, Af 2 N 000 0 0 PO NA cl z 149ýg - seý RA OR KUSK - "IYORr Pogf 0 Sly COLV [30NNERS 8At 9"..q Vl Ar'll 'A -I "'cl"j r A L 0 0 4 r-AL COULEE Uc 0- Cy- DAVEý PVKA NOR -w'j-rA 'T'q "I%, Roal. 'I uAmf c E V I - - Cape t TRA -,%COEUR D'P ) ýA 11 L, C) TrA OU7,q c ODE 0. NIS r.A HAL) URRA 'P0l-Qzrne2hjt 85;ý' 've T B-11. "Ell YseURG RI-rzvjL OiGi igN c UFK.tC.- A r:L"'YA colvive? \N;C'MA IVA A "m'NGrO ARFIF 0. COL LD ill MOSrOYV sy"ke PULL AN cf-ýEf - -N DAte PAS sp, GV_ PR ly*17 Fr. 08.1" Olro at/ hf AY b t4 'SQ QN/ Oil 0 41.A, -,Z&'1ý4 -fty -YAQU el' 12', AA W6 0 bF. 0 G A An \. ý7 lzl_ý' cd - r -.: 4..; _"". - H. __ - V. Lis 7 IDAHO ALBAN CIO fm ZW c 0 -7 -GZNe Re.:-:g-- CO A _. -; -: V* AKER UNC L 0 P ýt- _. " - - zzýý - -. - k' wu N RS IZZ. \ -. - - -... -.. -. 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Of Juan de Fuca; Cape Flattery; Flattery Rocks; Cape Johnson; Grays Harbor; Grays Harbor; Willapa Har.; Oysterville; Cape Dissapointment; Fort Stevens; Cape Lookout; ait of Georgia; Nanaimo; Chemanis; Vancouver; New-Westmins.; Port Moody; Mission; Cloverdale; Sumas; Okanogan; British Columbia; Crawford; North Bend; Yale; Okanogan Lake; Agassiz; Vernon; Gerard; owhead; Calgary; Galena; Cochh; Lower Arrow Lake; Nakusp; Lardo; Slocan L.; Sandon; Kaslo; Kootenai Lake; Kootenai; Crows Nest; Penticton; Dominion of Canada; Greenwood; Grand Forks; Rossland; Trail; Robson; Nelson; Kuskanook; Cranbrook; Rocky Mts.; Gleiche; High River; Cassils; Steerford; Nanton; Kininvie; Alberta; Parkland; Stair; Medicine Hat; Coleridge; Frank; Macleod; Lethbridge; Crows Nest Pass; Fernie; McGrath; Cardston; Sterling; Wetmore; Bow Island; Mackinnon; S. Saskatchewan R.; Dundurn; Hokomis; Outlook; Strassburg; Kenaston; Mountain L.; Hawarden; Elbow; Davidson; Bulyba; Aylesbury; Markinch; Tugaski; Craven; Forres; Sidewood; Beverly; Waldeck; Brownlee; Bethune; Lumsden; Tuxford; Maple Creek; Crane Lake; Swift Current; Old Wives Lake; Herbert; Moose Jaw; Pasqua; Regina; Rouleau; Daf; Touchwood; El Fros; Sheho; Kamsao; Kelliher; Hubbard; Melville; Insinger; Yorkton; Saltcoats; Togo; Lipton; Balcarres; Neudorf; Dubuc; Welby; Langenburg; Qu'Appelle; Qu' Appelle R.; Vibank; Indian Head; Wolbeley; Grenfell; Broadview; Whitewood; Moosomin; Esterhazy; Kendall; Lajord; Tyvan; Kaiser; Fleming; Lang; Fillmore; Vandura; Kirkella; Yellow Grass; Kennedy; Walpole; Butler; Coteau Du Missouri; Weyburn; Stoughton; Kisbey; Arcola; Antler; Reston; Macoun; Oxbow; Estevan; Alameda; Benito; So; Ton Jc.; Grand View; Dauphin; Lake Dauphin; Manitoba; Russell; Binscarth; Birtle; McCreary Jc.; Lake Manitoba; Winnepeg; Rap city; Str hclair; Minnedosa; Neepawa; Gladstone; Winnepeg; W. Selkirk; Selkirk; White Mouth; Virden; Kemnay; Brandou; Carberry; Souris; Hartney; Melita; Delouraine; Boissewain; Carman; Boniface; Otterbourne; Greenway; Ris; Manitou; Gretm; Emerson; Cat L.; Pipestone L.; Gull Rock L.; Cat R.; St. Joseph Lake; English R.; Lac Seul; Kenora; Barclay; Superior Jc.; Albany; Martens Falls; Ogoki R.; Makoki R.; Knogami R.; River; Missanable R.; Bay; Mattagami R.; Abittibe R.; Harricanaw R.; Nottawa R.; Victoria; Blaine; Bellingham; Fairhaven; Sedro Woolley; Excelsior; Hamilton; Rockport; Anacortes; Mt. Vernon; Olympic Mts.; Port Angeles; Everett; Lake Chelan; Pt. Townsend; Monte Cristo; Snohomish; Washington; Shelton; Puget Sound; Ballard; Seattle; Waterville; Fall City; Sallal Pr.; Wenatchee; Hoquiam; Montesano; Elma; Tacoma; Palmer; Buckley; Orting; Roslyn;Gate; Olympia; Ellensburg; Ocosta; Centralia; Chehals; Mt. Rainier (Mt. Tacoma); South Bend; North Yakima; Nahcotta; Seaside; Astoria; Kalama; Yacolt; Vancouver; Golden Dale; Columbia R.; Prosser; Portland; Hillsboro; Tillamook; E. Portland; The Dalles; Biggs; Newberg; Oregon Cy.; Mt. Hood; Condon; McMinn V.; Mt. Hood; Sheridan; Woodburg; Shaniko; Northport; Okanogan; Republic; Colville; Bonners Perry; Kootenai Falls; Jennings; Columbia R.; Springdale; Sand Point; L. Pend; d' Oreille; Coulee Cy.; Davenport; Harrison; Idaho; Rathdrum; Coeur De Alene; Murray; Thompson; Mission; Burke; Odessa; Cheney; Tekoao; Wardner; Wallace; Mullan; Bitter Root Mts.; Ritzville; Oakesdale; Farmington; Winona; Garfield; Connell; Colfax; Moscow; Snake Riv.; Pullman; Genesee; Kendrick; Juliaetta; Ahsahka; Ft. Missoula; Pasco; Wallula; Pome; Roy; Starbuck; Dayton; Waitsburg; Dudley; Lewiston; Walla Walla; Grangeville; Willows; Umatilla; Milton; Athena; Pendleton; Salmon Riv.; Mt. Idaho; Heppner; Blue Mts.; Elgin; La Grande; Union; Kalispell; Columbia Falls; Carlow; Shelby Jc.; Austin; Summit; Valier; Mavias Riv.; Ft. Assiniboine; Conrad; Big Sandy; Flathead Lake; Duttcn; Ft. Benton; Plains; Great Falls; Montana; Farmington; Quartz; Arlee; Craig; Wolf Creek; Monarch; Barker; Desmet; Marysville; Missoula; Austin; Neihart; Carlan; Helena; Hamilton; Drummond; Garrison; Jefferson; Townsend; White Sulphur Sprs.; Castle; Grantsdale; Phillipsburg; Deer Lodge; Calvin; Elkhorn; Harlowton; Anaconda; Boulder Valley; Lombard; Stuart; Silverbow; Butte; Logan; Bozeman; Livingston; Whitehall; Sappington; Norris; Salmon; Dillon; Laurin; Virginia City; Red Lodge; Cinnabar; Pacific Jc.; Havre; Toledo; Savoy; Ashfield; Hinsdale; Glasgow; Nashua; Lenox; Wolf Point; Milk Riv.; Missouri Riv.; Lewistown; Flat Willow; Garnell; Musselshell; Terry; Musselshell Riv.; Blenheim; Yellowstone River; Big Timber; Merrill; Laurel; Bull; Junction; Forsyth; Rosebud; Ft. Keogh; Miles City; Rockvale; Fort Custer; Tongue R.; Bridger; Lodge Grass; Bowler; Portal; Antler; St. John; Ambrose; Sherwood; Poplar; Culbertson; Buford; Bowsells; Kenmare; Souris; Bottineai; Oheree; North Dakota; White Earth; Stanley; Lansford; Minot; Towner; Williston; Wallace; Minnewaukon; Missouri Riv.; Plaza; Voltaire; Esmond; Garrison; Drake; Fessenden; Glendive; Wibau; Sentinel Butte; Medora; Dickinson; Hebron; Washburn; Sykeston; Bismarck; Sterling; Fallon; Westmore; Sims; Mandan; Braddock; Naroleon; Marmarth; Cannon Ball R.; Linton; Hettinger; Ashcroft; Lemmon; Pollock; Bowdle; Duroc; Glenham; Evarts; South Dakota; Moreau River; Lebeau; Sarles; Kec; Noent; Rolla; Hannah; War Road; Rugby; Cando; Lak; Lock; Beaudette; Greenbush; Church's Ft.; Ton; Leeds; Devils Lan; To; Warren; Thief River Falls; Devils L.; Lako; Oberon; P.R. Jc.; Orbokston; McHenry; Areta; Grand; Fosston; Carrington; Ville; Coopers T.; Fertile; Bemioji; Halstad; Sterling; Steele; Dawson; Medina; Jamestown; Ada; L. Itasca; Elton; Fargo; Glyndon; Winnipeg Jc.; Park Rapids; Braddock; Adrian; Barnesville; Edgeley; Lamoure; Minnesota; Breckenridge; Kulm; Monango; Ankinbon; Fergus Fs.; Wadena; Ellendale; Evansville; Eureka; Leola; Tintah; Wood; Sauk Center; Aberdeen; Grott; Brown Valley; Roscoe; Ipswich; Morris; Faulkton; Bristol; Benson; Paynes V.; Conoe; Bracket; Millbank; Ortonville; Willmar; Litchfield; Lake of the Woods; Ontario; English River; Carlstad; International Falls; Hunters Isl.; Red Lake; Vermilion Lake; Soudan; Gunflint; Winton; Grand Marais; Tower; Ely; Black Duck; McKinley; Virginia; Biwabik; Hibbing; Allen Jc.; Iron; Leech L.; Two Harbors; Walker; Stony Brook; Apostle Ids.; Atkin; Cloquet; Carlton; Duluth; L. Superior; Superior; Iron R.; Bayfield; Mason; Ashland; Staples; Brainerd; Mille Lacs; Marengo; Hurley; Ironwood; Little Falls; Hinckley; Butternut; Lac Duc Flambeau; Milaca; Spooner; Superior Jc.; Minocqua; Sauk Rapids; Cameron; Ladysmith; Rhinelander; St. Cloud; Anoka; Turtle Lake; Kennan; Prentice; Minneapolis; St. Paul; Stillwater; Hudson; Eau Claire; Chippewa Falls; Merrill; Abbottsford; Lake Nipigon; Linkooping; Fort William; Nipigon; Long Lake; Middleton; Trudeau; White River; Port Arthur; Josephine; Royale Isle; Michipicoten Isl.; Allouea; Keweenaw Point; Houghton; Ontonagon; Mass; Keweenaw Bay; Bessemer; Lanse; Nestoria; Champion; Ishpeming; Marquette; Munising; Seney; Soo Jc.; Groesbeck; Sidnaw; Republic; Watersmeet; Crystal Falls; Channing; Lathrop; Manistique; Iron Mtn.; Gladstone; Beaver Is.; Pembine; Powers; Escanaba; Tomahawk; Monico; Menominee; Antigo; Marinette; Green Bay; Petoskey; Charlevoix; Otter; Dalton; Pardee; Michipicoten Harbor; Chapleau; Woman River; Montreal River; Goulais; Biscotasing; Pogamasing; Trout Lake; Sault Ste. Marie; Thessalon; Algoma; Spanish River; Cartier; Whitefish; Sudbury; St. Gnace; Mackinay City; L. Huron; Cheboygan; Grand Manitoulin Isl.; Lake Nipissing; Georgian Bay; Parry Sound; Gaylord; Alpena; Lake Abittibe; Haileybury; Lake Temiscaming; Lake Victoria; Lake Bouchette; Cobalt; Lake Keepawa; Lake Kakebonga; Sturgeon Falls; North Bay; Nipissing Jc.; Quebec; Mattawa; Deux Riviere; Chalk River; Ft. Coulogne; Gatineau Riv.; Greenville; Hawkesbury; Powassan; Emsdale; Pembroke; Ottawa R.; Renfrew; Hull; Huntsville; Arnprior; Haliburton; Ottawa; Carleton; Brace Bridge; Cornwall; Chamouchouan R.; stassini R.; sibi R.; R.; R.; Bersimis R.; R. St. Maurice; Lake St.; John; Roberval; R. Saguenay; Chicoutimi; Trois Pistoles; Kiskisink; Rivierre A Pierre; Ste. Anne; Quebec; Shwenegan; Three Rivers; St. Lawrence River; Levis; Elgin Road; Jolliette; St. Henri; Kingsbury; St. Jerome; Nicolet; Doucets Landing; Chamberlain L.; Beauce Jc.; Sorel; Arthabaska; Chesuncook L.; Drummondville; Moosehead L.; St. Yacinthe; Marbleton; Montreal; Actonvale; Richmond; Valleyfield; St. Constant; St. John; Rouses Pt.; Farnham; Foster; Sherbrooke; Coaticook; Rangeley; Greenville; Bingham; Maine; Bersimis; Grosses Ro; Little Metis; Paspebiac; Rimouski; Metapedia; Dalhousie; Chaleurs Bay; Campbellton; Riviere Du Loup; Petit Rooker; St. Louis; Edmundston; Bartibog; Newcast; Mouth of St. Francis; New Brunswick; R. St. John; Van Buren; Grand Falls; Caribou; Plaster Rock; Presque Isle; Ashland; A. Jc.; Newburg Jc.; Woodstock; Houlton; A. Jc.; Debec; Tten; Frederickton; Seboots; McAdams Jc.; F.J.; Mattawankeag; Schoodu L.; Brownville; Princeton; St. Steph; St. Calam; Cape Foulweather; Umpqua River; Cape Blanco; Port Orford; Gold Beach; Pt. St. George; Cape Mendocino; Dallas; Yaquina; Toledo; Airlie; Williamette R.; Salem; Corvallis; Albany; Scio; Lebanon; Danha; John Day River; Eugene; Natron; Des Chutes R.; Prineville; Crooked R.; Cottage Grove; Marshfield; Yoncalla; Empire; Coquille; Bandon; Roseburg; Summer Lake; Harney Lake; Myrtle Point; Cascade Mts.; Grants Pass; Eagle Point; Upper Klamath Lake; Medford Klamath Falls; Jacksonville; Ashland; Lower Klamath L.; Lakeview; Crescent City; Rhett Lake; Reka; Montague; Upton; Mt. Shasta; McCloud; Alturas; Arcata; North Fork; Smithson; Madeline; Ferndale; Eureka; Pitt River; Scotia; Redding; Eagle Lake; Blocksburg; Red Bluff; Susanville; Amedee; Honey Lake; Ehama; Sierra Nevada; Sumpter; Baker City; Council; Durkee; Indian Vally; Huntington; Weiser; Payette; Ontario; Burns; Malheur R.; Payette R.; Vale; Placerville; Idaho City; Emmett; Caldwell; Boise; Malheur Lake; Nampa; Murphy; Glenns Ferry; Albert Lake; Owyhee R.; Mountain Home; Delamar; Snake River; Warner Lake; Stein Mts.; Silver City; Shoshone Falls; Buhl; Twin Falls; Goose Lake; Paradise Valley; Black Rock Desert; Smoke Cr. Desert; Winnemucca; Golconda; Iron Point; Coin; Batlle Mtn.; Shoshone; Palisade; Deeth; Halleck; Elko; Mill City; Oreano; Lewis Jc.; Franklin L.; Wadsworth; Pyramid Lake; Browns; Bridges; Ruby L.; Crab Tree; Yellowstone National Park; Shoshone Mts.; Challis; Beaver; Market Lake; St. Anthony; Mackey; Wind River Range; Ketchum; Hailey; Arco; Rexburg; Bellevue; American Falls; Pocatello; Idaho Falls; Blackfoot; Shoshone; Minidoka; Wapi; Soda Springs; McCammon; Montpelier; Albion; Swan Lake; Malad City; Bear R.; Paris; Preston; Big Piney; Kelton; Cache Jc.; Smithfield; Sage; Logan; Terrace; Kolmar; Hyrum; Waterfall; Wells; Toana; Cobre; Ullin; Lucin; Great Salt L.; Brigham; Ogden; Almy; Bridger; Lakeside; Kaysville; Bountiful; Evanston; Great American Desert; Salt Lake Cy.; Echo City; Coalville; Garfield Beach; Ft. Douglass; Grantsville; Sandy; Park Cy.; Tooele; Alta; Bingham; Heber; Uintah Mts.; Lehi City; American Fork; Mercur; Provo City; Pleasant Grove; Springville; Utah L.; Spanish Fork; Frannie; Big Horn Mts.; Parkman; Clearmont; Cody; Shoshone R.; Himes; Sheridan; Buffalo; Sundance; Basin; Ft. McKinney; Gillette; Grey Bull R.; Manderson; Worland; No Wood Cr.; Tensleep; Moorcroft; Big Horn Riv.; Powder River; New Castle; Thermopolis; Lysite; Arminto; Wyoming; Lander; Bonneville; Shoshoni; Powder River; No. Platte Riv.; Orin; Atlantic City; Sweetwater R.; Oasper; Glen Rock; Douglas; Wendover; Hartville Jc.; Granger; Green River; Rock Springs; Patrick; Red Desert; Creston; Rawlins; Walcott; Dana.; Hanna.; Allen; Green R.; Encampment; Centennial; Collins; Laramie; Wyocolo; Hahns Peak; Ft. Collins; Stout; Bear R.; Steamboat Springs; Loveland; Arkin; Longmont; White R.; Glenwood Sprs.; Meeker; Sunset; Boulder; Erie; Aladdin; Belle Fourche; Forest City; Gettysburg; Spearfish; Black Hills; Lead; Deadwood; Whitewood; Sturgis; Piedmont; Rapid City; Cheyenne River; Blunt; Pierre; Philip; Ft. Pierre; Murdo; Cambria; Hill City; Keystone; Custer; White Riv.; Minnekahta; Buffalo Gap; Rosebud; Chamberlain; Gregory; Hot Springs; Pine Ridge; Edgemont; Merriman; Cody; Dakota Jc.; Chadron; Ft.; Niobrara; Lusk; Crawford; Rushville; Valentine; Sunrise; Niobrara River; Ainsworth; Guernsey; Hemingford; Alliance; Hyannis; Mullen; Thedford; Bordeau; Mitchell; Nebraska; Ellsworth; Dunning; Horse Creek; Bridgeport; Northport Jc.; North Platte; Ogalalla; Broken Bow; Callaway; Vroman; Cozad; Ft. Russell; Cheyenne; Kimball; Julesburg; Burns; Sidney; Grant; Wallace; Curtis; Elwood; Platte R.; Grover; Carr; Buckingham; Willard; Crook; Fleming; Greeley; Hardin; Sterling; Holyoke; Imperial; McCook; Beaver City; Holdrege; Brighton; Ft. Lupton; Goodrich; Ft. Morgan; Brush; Akron; Laird; Culbertson; Republican R.; Benkelman; Oriento; Madison; Highmore; Miller; Redfield; Doland; Cl; Lake Iroquois; Huron; ings; Granite Falls; Hutchinson; Redwood Falls; Marshall; Wessington Sprs.; Wolsey; James R.; Ead; Tracy; New Ulm; L. Crystal; St. James; Pipestone; Woonsocket; Loverne; Windom; Fairmont; Mitchell; Worthington; Platte; Armour; Falls; Rock Rapids; Estherville; Tripp; Parker; Sisley; Bonesteel; Sheldon; Spencer; Ton; Tyndall; R.W.; Centerville; Sioux Rapids; Vermilion; Le Mars; Cherokee; Storm Lake; Fonda; Bassett; Stuart; Verdigris; Creighton; Plainview; New Bld. Field; Sac Cy.; Elk Point; Sioux City; O'Neillo; Sioux; Iowa; Moville; Wall; Ida; Lake Gr.; Neligh; Nobfol; Humphrey; Point; Rodney; Merna; Sargent; Burwell; Ord; Ericson; Greeley; Albion; Onawa; Ute; Teramah; Manilla; Denison; Mondamin; Harlan; St. Paul; Palmer; Cedar Rps.; Columbus; Blair; Mo. Val.; Fremont; Avoca; Arcadia; Lexington; Boelus; Dav; Stroms; Central Cy.; Grand Isl.; York; Council Bluffs; Roo; Omaha; Red Oak; Ashland; Plattsmouth; Glenwood; Villisca; Kearney; Aurora; Kenesaw; Harvard; Sutton; N.C. Jc.; Sidney; Shenandoah; Nebraska Cy.; Minden; Alma; Hastings; Tecumbeh; Roseberry; Republican Cy.; Lester; Red Cloud; Herron; Beatrice; Corning; Auburn; Rbury; Wymore; Falls Cy.; Bigelow; Napier; Minnetonka; Menomonie; Abbottsford; Marshfield; Glencoe; Norwood; Hastings; Shakopee; Red Wing; Wisconsin; Fair Child; St. Peter; Mankat; Faribault; Wabasha; Merrillan; Trevino; Stevens Pt.; Grand Rapids; Zumbrota; Waseca; Owatonna; Sparta; Albert Lea; Wells; Austin; Rochester; Spring Val.; Winona; La Crosse; Preston; Elroy; Desoto; Armstrong; Emmetsburg; Algon; Burt; Garner; Mason Cy.; Osage; Charles Cy.; Cresco; New Hampton; Decoran; Waukon; Viroqua; Baraboo; Prairie Du Chien; Rolfe; Eagle Grove; Clarion; Belmond; Hampton; Waverly; N. McGregor; Sumner; Oelwein; Woodman; Montfort; Lancaster; Rockwell Cy.; Ft. Dodge; Webster Cy.; Iowa Fs.; Cedar Fs.; Waterloo; Manchester; Independence; Platte V.; Oneida; Delaware; Monroe; Lake Cy.; Story Cy.; Eldora; Traer; Cedar Rap.; Marion; Dubuque; Anamosa; Galena; Maquoketa; Jefferson; Nevada; State Cen.; Vinton; Sabula; Savanna; Carroll; Boone; Perry; Marshalltown; Tama; Belle Plaine; Iowa City; Davenport; Clinton; Denrock; Des Moines; Newton; Monroe; Grinnell; Pellac; Monezuma; W. Liberty; Rock Island; Atlantic Knoxville; Winterset; Indianola; Evans; Oskaloosa; Hedrick Muscatine; Wapello; Orient; Afton; Creston; Chariton; Osceola; Ottomwa; Albia; Washington; Fairfield; Mt. Pleasant; Keithsburg; Monmouth; Galesburg; Clarinda; Diagonal; Seymour; Centerville; Burlington; Ft. Madison; Dallas Cy.; Grant Cy.; Missouri; Caines V.; Lancaster; LaHarpe; Mary V.; Princeton; Memphis; Keokuk; Bushnell; Albany; Bethany; Trenton; Milan; Alexandria; Carthage; Havana; Pattonsburg; Galt; Kirksville; Edina; Plata; Beardstown; Wausad; Oconto; Green Bay; Sturgeon Bay; Eland; Clinton V.; Traverse Cy.; Algoma; Frankfort; Waupaca; Kewaunee; New London; Green Bay; Copemish; Manistee; Walton; Appleton; Neenaw; Menasha; Two Rivers; Cadillac; Necedah; Oshkosh; Manitowoc; Ludington; New Lisbon; Berlin; Fond Du Lac; Chilton; Pentwater; Baldwin; Ripon; Waupun; Plymouth; Sheboygan; Big Rapids; Clare; Portage; Watertown; Port Washington; Howard Cy.; One Rock; Oconomowoc; Muskegon; Stanton; Milwaukee; Madison; Eagle; Waukesha; Grand Haven; Cedar Sprs.; Darlington; Janesville; L. Geneva; Beloit; Racine; L. Geneva; Kenosha; Grand Rapids; Holland; Allegan; Hastings; Freeport; Rockford; Waukegan; South Haven; Kalamazoo; Charlotte; Battle Creek; Forreston; Elgin; L. Michigan; Evanston; Benton Har.; St. Joseph; Coldwater; Chicago; Niles; Sturgis; Dixon; Rochelle; Hammond; Michigan Cy.; South Bend; Elkhart; Goshen; Buda; Wyanet; Aurora; Joliet; Laporte; Kendall; Galva; Lacon; Streator; La Salle; Ottawa; Kankakee; Valparaiso; Momence; N. Hudson; Plymouth; El Paso; Pontiac; Dwight; Monon; Logansport; Huntington; Ft. Wayne; Wabash; Decatur; Pekin; Mackinaw; Bloomington; Gilman; Delphi; Kokomo; Peru; Marion; Delavan; Gibson Cy.; Lafayette; Frankfort; Champaign; Danville; Elwood; Muncie; Lincoln; Clinton; Crawfordsville; Union Cy.; Vienna; Mancelona; Harrisville; Wiarton; Grayling; Meafor; Houghton L.; Au Sable; Owen Sound; Collingwood; Barrie; Harrison; Standish; Alger; Saginaw Bay; Pt. Austin; Bad Axe; Harbor Beach; Kincardine; Harriston; Orangeville; Wingham; Toronto; W. Bay Cy.; Saginaw; Bay Cy.; Palms; Goderich; Guelph; Berlin; Ithaca; Ashley; Vassar; Stratpord; Galt; Burlington; Brantford; Onia; Owosso; Flint; Lapeer; Port Huron; Sarnia; Woodstock; London; St. Thomas; Durand; Lansing; Glencoe; Howell; Ann Arbor; Plymouth; L. St. Clair; Detroit; Chatham; Port Surwell; St. Catherine; Mayville; Jackson; Ypsilarti; Windsor; Ashtabola; Girard; Erie; Chautaugua L.; Hillsdale; Monroe; Cleveland; Paines V.; Union Cy.; Adrian; L. Erie; Sandusky; Lorain; Toledo; Montpelier; Warren; Sharon; Meadville; Oil City; Napoleon; Fremont; Deshler; Bellevue; Akron; Youngstown; Mercer; Defiance; Findlay; Fostoria; Tiffin; Lodi; New Castle; Pennsylvania; Ohio Cy.; Lima; Kenton; Galion; Marion; Mt. Vernon; Bucyrus; Manseelo; Canton; Massillon; Steubenville; Butler; Allegheny; Ohio; Sidney; Bellefontaine; Cambridge; Bellaire; Wellsburg; Piqua; Urbana; Newark; Zanesville; Wheelig; Benwood; Midland; Orillia; Coe Hill; Sharbot L.; Smiths Falls; Brock; Prescott; L. Simcoe; Lindsay; Peterborough; Belleville; Brock V.; Norwood; Ogdensburg; Kingston; Gouverneur; Clayton; Whitby; Pt.; Hope; Coburg; Picton; Carthage; Watertown; Sackets Har.; Hamilton; L. Ontario; Lockport; Kent; Rochester; Charlotte; Lyons; Oswego; Fulton; Syracuse; Richland; Oneida L.; Oneida; Rome; Niagara Falls; Ft. Erie; Buffalo; Batavia; Avon; Geneva; Cayuga; Auburn; Herkimer; Attica; Mt. Morris; Cortland; Norwich; Springville; Dunkirk; Dayton; New York; Cuba; Wayland; Hornellsville; Ithaca; Oneonta; Bloomville; Van Etten; Walton; Bath; Olean; Addison; Elmira; Binghamton; Jamestown; Ulysses; Corning; Owego; Hancock Jc.; Cory; Bradford; Sayre; Warren; Lawrenceville; Coudersport; Montrose; Mt. Jewett; Blossburg; Towanda; Ganton; Carson; Honesdale; Emporium; Dale; Ridgway; Brockwayville; Clarion; Driftwood; Lockhaven; Williamsport; Soranton; Wilkesbarre; Pt. Jervis; Boonton; Punxsutawney; Clearfield; Bellefonte; Sunbury; Bloomsburg; Shamokin; Stroudsburg; Mauch Chunk; Easton; Pittsburg; Indiana; Altoona; Tyrone; Pottsville; Port Royal; Allentown; Boundbrook; McKeesport; Johns T.; Cresson; Mt. Union; Lebanon; Reading; Perth Amboy; Harrisburg; Pottstown; Connells V.; Confluence; Rockwood; Shippensburg; Bedford; Carlisle; York; New Brunswick; Lancaster; Malone; Swanton; Kingfield; Newport; Stalbans; Barton; Cole Brook; Strong; Moira; Plattsburg; Cambridge; Coos; Adirondack L.; St. Johnbury; Berlin; Rumford Falls; Saranad; Champlain Mts.; Burlington; Bethel; Tupper L.; Montpelier; Whitefield; Wood V.; N. Conway; Auburn; N. Creek; Ticonderoga; Leicester; Woodstock; West Pt.; Barre; Bristol; W. R. Jc.; Warren; Mechanics Falls; Lewiston; Rutland; Claremont Jc.; Franklin; New Hampshire; Laconia; Rochester; Brunswick; Portland; Saco; Biddeford; Berwick; Utica; Johns T.; Fonda; Glens Fs.; Saratoga Sprs.; S. Londonderry; Brattleboro; Keene; Manchester; Concord; Dover; Sun Cook; York Beach; Portsmouth; Amsterdam; Schenectady; Ochoes; Troy; Bennington; Nashua; Rockport; Albany; N. Adams; Fitchburg; Newburyport; Lawrence; Greenfield; Pittsfeld; Athol; Lowell; Salem; Marlboro; Lynn; Cairo; Hudson; Mass.; Boston; Northhampton; Catskill Mts.; Westfield; Holyoke; Worcester; Framingham; Quincy; Springfield; Taunton; Brockton; Cape Cod; Provincetown; Plymouth; Hartford; Woonsooktet; Kingston; Litchfield; Providence; New Bedford; Poughkeepsie; Willimantic; R.I.; Fall River; Buzzards Bay; Newburgh; Conn.; Middleton; Norwich; Waterbury; Campbell; Hall; Danbury; New London; Westerly; Narragansett Bay; Newport; Nantucket; Siasconset; West Pt.; New Haven; Pompton; Bridgeport; Paterson; Passaic; Yonkers; Jefferson; Long Island; Greenport; Sag Harbor; Amagansett; Montauk; Newark; Babylon; Jersey City; New York; Brooklyn; Hempstead; Sandy Hook; Trenton; Long Branch; Dover; Milo; Milford; Eastport; Newport; Bangor; Burnham; Machias; Bucksport; Waterville; Mt. Desert Rv.; Augusta; Belfast; Penobscot Bay; Mt. Desert; Bath; Wiscasset; Rockland; Siasconset; Covelo Willows; Chico; Truckee; Reno; Virginia City; Fort Bragg; Fruto; Oroville; Sherwwod; Lakeport; Sites; Marysville; Colusa; Sacramento R.; Nevada City; Pt. Arena; Ukiah; Coast Range; Rumsey; Woodland; Davisville; Yuba Cy.; Auburn; Grass Val.; Colfax; L. Tahoe; Healdsburg; Calistoga; Guerneville; Placerville; Sacramento; Markham; St. Helena; Santa Rosa; Napa; Elmira; Suisun; Galt; Ione; Lejo; Benicia; Lodi; Valley Springs; San Anselmo; San Rafael; Berkeley; Avon; Stockton; Mono Lake; Sausalito; Oakland; Milton; San Francisco; Alameda; Tracy; Oakdale; Sonora; San Mateo; Niles; Modesto; Santa Clara; Coast Range; Jouquin R.; Merced; Felton; San Jose; Santa Cruz; Newman; Gilroy; Hollister; Berendo; Watsonville; Los Banos; Salinas; Tres Pinos; Madera; Monterey; Kerman; Pt. Sur; Gonzales; Hanford; Armona; San Lucas; Alcalde; San Ardo; Cape San Martin; Tulare L.; San Miguel; Paso Robles; San Luis Obispo; Pt. Harford; Guadaloupe; Santa Maria; Hot Springs; Alpha Cherry Cr.; Nevada; Dayton; Ft. Churchill; Catons; Austin; Eureka; Carson City; Rawhide; Gillis; Hamilton; Duck Water; Walker L.; Hawthorne; Hot Creek Mts.; Bodie; Luning; Belmont; Tonopah; Geyser; Wood Camp; Candelaria; Queen; Hammill; Goldfield; Silver Peak; Caliente; Fryberg; Raymond; Alvord; Pollasky; Fresno; Mt. Whitney; Rhyolite; Goldcenter; Goshen; Visalia; Bullfrog; Keeler; Owens L.; Armagosa R.; Desert Mts.; St. Thomas; Moapa; Tulare; Death Valley; Las Vegas; Plano; Famoso; Freeman; Randsburg; Searchlight; Olig; Bakersfield; Kern; Kern L.; Mojave; Kramer; Barstow; Daggett; Borate; Ivanpah; Purdy; Mason; Ironton; Thistle; Silver City; Eureka; Payson; Pleasant Val. Jc.; Nephi; Leamington; Moroni; Mt. Pleasant; Scofield; Price; Grass; Eli; Utah; Manti; Sevier Lake; Neels; Fillmore; Salina; Castle Dale; Desert; Green River; Rock; Sevier R.; Richfield; Monroe; Frisco; Milford; Beaver; Marysville; Teasdale; Cainesville; Lund; Junction; Pioche; Uvada; Mineral Range; Panguitch; Cedar City; Parowan; Wasatch Mts.; Escalante; Monticello; Mormon R.; St. George; Kanab; San Juan River; Virgin Riv.; Grand Canyon; Colorado River; White Hills; Peach Sprs.; Seligman; Ash Fork; Williams; Flagstaff; Canon Diablo; Little Colorado R.; St. Joseph; Holbrook; Chloride; Hackberry; Gorman; Babbitt; Green R.; Utaline; Grand Jc.; De Beque; New Castle; Gypsum; Central Cy.; Golden; Idaho Sprs.; Georgetown; Frisco; Red Cliff; Ft. Logan; Aspen Jc.; Leadville; Cisco; Anthracite; Aspen; Como; London; Colorado Cy.; Manitou; Delta; Ruby; Crested Butte; Granite; Buena Vista; Moab; Montrose; Baldwin; Gunnison; Cripple Cr.; Salida; Ridgeway; Lake Jc.; Aberdeen; Farlin; Monarch; Villa Grove; Canyon Cy.; Florence; Telluride; Vance Jc.; Ouray; Lake City; Saguache; Moffatt; Orient; West Cliffe; Salt Cr.; Dolores; Rico; Ironton; Silverton; Creede; Wagon Wheel Gap; Del Norte; Walsenburg; Bluff; Mancos; Rockwood; Pagosa Sprs.; Alamosa; Rouse; Juan River; Durango; Antonito; Garland; Lumberton; Chama; Catskill; Farmington; Aztec; Elvada; Tierra; Blossburg; Amarilla; No Agua; Corta; Caliente; Springer; Navajo; Houck; Gallup; Wingate; Thoreau; Blue Water; Ft. Wingate; Eldridge; Cubero; Albuquerque; Bernalillo; San Pedro; Cebrillos; Santa Fe.; Espanola; Levy; Shoemaker; Hot Springs; Lamy; Fulton; New Mexico; Hudson; Wiggins; Yuma; Herndon; Atwood; Norton; Scranton; St. Francis; Oberlin; Byers; Burlington; Goodland; Lenora; Denver; Agate; Claremont; Colby; Hoxie; Elizabeth; Palmer L.; Limon; Flagleb; Cheyenne; Sharon Sprs.; Wallace Colby; Winona; Hill City; Oakley; Plainville; Ramah; Falcon; Hugo; Wells; Smoky Hill R.; Wa Keeney; La Crosse; Colorado Sprs.; Pikes Pk.; Kit Carson; Pinon; Nepesta; Ordway; Galatea; Leoti; Scott; Dighton; Utica; Ness City; Pueblo; Rocky Ford; La Junta; Sheridan Lake; Horace; Kansas; Syracuse; Lakin; Garden Cy.; Jetmore; Kinsley; Cucharas Jc.; Rouse Jc.; Delhi; Las Animas; Lamar; Holly; Coolidge; Arkansas Riv.; Cimarron; Dodge City; Meade; Bucklin; Trinidad; Springfield; Ulysses; Liberal; Coldwater; Ashland; Raton; Folsom; Des Moines; Oklahoma; Optima; Beaver; Englewood; Buffalo; Cliftonhouse; Grenville; Guymon; N. Fk. of Canadian; Clayton; Stratford; Hansford; Ochiltree; Woodward; Gage; Salona; Dalhart; Bravo; Channing; Oumas; Canadian; Canadian; Higgins; Arnett; East Las Vegas; Naravisa; Logan; Tascosa; Panhandle; Jericho; Miami; McLean; Tucumoari; Bard Cy.; Armarillo; Canyon; Claude; Clarendon; Sayre; Almena; Long Island; Wash; Seneca; Savannah; Mankato; Belle V.; Sabetha; Phillipsburg; Smith; Ce. of; Hiawatha; Horton; Troy; Logan; Kirwin; Concord; Clyde; Rap; Lay Cen.; Goff; Stockton; Alton; Downs; Beloit; Minneapolis; Cl; Holton; Atchison; Westmoreland; Plainville; Russell; Luray; Lincoln; Manchester; Junction; Solomon; Ttan; Kansas R.; Meriden; Leavenworth; St. Marys; Alma; Hays; Elloworth; Salina; Ke; Topeka; Burlingame; Lawrence; Argentine; Hoisington; Genese; He; Council Gr.; Ottawa; Great Bend; Lyons; McPherson; Florence; Strong; Osage Cy.; Garnett; Larned; Sterling; Hutchinson; Mar; Emporia; Macksville; Stafford; Eldo; Wichita; Burlinston; Leon; Yates; Gen; Ft. Scott; Eureka; Chanute; Iola; Girard; Medioine; Pratt; Lodge; Kingman; Wellington; Winfield; Fredonia; Cherryvale; Parsons; Oswego; Hazelton; Kiowa; Arkansas; Moline; Independence; Columbus; Anthony; Alva; Medford; Kirk; Coffeyville; Chetora; Galena; Miami; Ingersoll; Nowata; Afton; Waynoka; Toko; Bartlesville; Vinita; Augusta; Ponca; Chelsea; S.W. City; Collinsville; Sildam Sprs.; Homestead; Enid; Perry; Pawnee; Claremore; Okeene; Hennessey; Stillwater; Arkansas Riv.; Tulsa; Wagoner; Watonga; Kingfisher; Hiro; Ft. Gibson; Okarche; Guthrie; Stow; Sapulpa; Sallisaw; Hammon; Weatherford; Arapaho; Geary; Edword; Adler; Okmulgee; Muskogee; Checotah; Potea; Elk Cy.; Hobart; Anadarko; Ft. Reno; El Reno; Oklahoma Cy.; Tecin; Eufaula; Holdenville; Wister; St. Joseph; Gallatin; Linneus; Clayton; Mays V.; Laclede; Brookfield; Bucklin; W. Quincy; Quincy; Springfield; Cameron; Chillicothe; Bevier; Shelby V.; Bluffs; Kingston; Macon; Monroe Cy.; Jacksonville; Plattsburg; Carrollton; Brunswick; Paris; Hannibal; Louisiana; Auburn; Girard; Platte Cy.; Liberty; Kansas Cy.; Richmond; Salisbury; Marshall; Moberly; Glasgow; New Franklin; Perry; Centralia; Mexico; Troy; St. Peters; Roodhouse; Litchfield; Independence; Lexington; Boonv.; Columbia; Warrenton; Lathe; Pleasant Hill; Holden; Sedalia; K.C. Jc.; Tipton; Versailles; Portland; St. Charles; Paola; Harrison V.; Osawatomie; Clinton; Butler; Warsawo; Jefferson Cy.; Rich Hill; Osage R.; Bagnell; Dixon; Belle; Hermann; Owens V.; Onion; Pacific; St. Louis; Nevada; Osceola; Richland; Rolla; Cuba; Hillsboro; Potosi; Crystal Cy.; De Soto; Bonneterre; Farmington; Lamar; Buffalo; Minden; Greenfield; Bolivar; Lebanon; Salem; Bismarck; Ste. Genevieve; Doe Run; Pittsburg; Ash Grove; Carthage; Marshfield; Ironton; Fredericktown; Joplin; Springfield; Manfield; Mountain Gr.; Eminence; Ellington; Piedmont; Jackson; C. Girardeau; Green V.; Delta; Neosho; Granby; Cassville; Pierce Cy.; Monett; Aurora; Ozark; Forsyth; Willow Sprs.; West Plains; Thayer; Van Buren; Williamsville; Grandin; Doniphan; Poplar Bluff; Malden; S.W. City; Bravett; Benton V.; Rogers; Eureka Sprs.; Berryville; Harrison; Yellville; Buffalo; Knobe; New Madr; Kennett; Caruthers V.; Paragould; Hoxie; Westville; Tahlequah; Fayette V.; Gushman; Jonesboro; Blythe V.; Stillwell; Pettigrew; Bald Knob; Bates V.; Newport; Lake Cy.; Van Buren; Ozark; Clarksville; Paris; Russellville; Searoy; White Riv.; Augusta; Wynne; W. Memphis; Decker V.; Covington; Ft. Smith; Ardanelle; Morrilton; Conway; W. Point; Forest City; Memphis; Decatur; Bement; Indianapolis; New Castle; Taylorv.; Charleston; Paris; Shelbyville; Rushville; Richmond; Pawnee; Pana; Mattoon; Terre Haute; Brazil; Greensburg; Hamilton; Cincinnati; Cowden; Neoga; Marshall; Alton; Ramsey; Altamont; Effingham; Olney; Bloomington; Robinson; Columbus; Seymour; Covington; Lawrenceburg; Vandalia; Lawrence V.; Vincennes; Sullivan; Bedford; Madison; E. St. Louis; Belleville; Salem; Flora; Washington; Centralia; Mt. Vernon; Fairfield; Mt. Carmel; Paoli; Ohio R.; Covington; Sparta; Duquoin; Carmi; Indiana; Princeton; Jeffersonville; Huntingburg; New Albany; La Grange; Louisville; Benton; Chester; El Dorado; Mt. Vernon; Evansville; Rockport; Cannelton; Carbondale; Murphysboro; Shawnee; Henderson; Wensboro; Irvington; Shelby; Lawrenceburg; Springfield; Perry; Commerce; Catro; Metropolis; Dixon; Central Cy.; West Pt.; Leitchfield; Lebanon; Cecilian; Hodgens V.; Greensburg; Bird Pt.; E. Cairo; Princeton; Paducah; Hopkinsville; Madison V.; Nortonville; Mammoth Cave; Mingo; Wickliffe; Gracey; Bowling Green; Glasgow; Dexter; Charleston; Belmont; Columbus; Kentucky; Mayfield; Cadiz; Guthrie; Adair V.; Scotts V.; Murray; Clarksville; Fulton; Hickman; Paris; Tennessee R.; Erin; Edgefield; Gallatin; Rogana; Hartsville; Carthage; Suneright; Union City; Dyersburg; Nashville; Cumberland; Cookeville; Trenton; Waverly; Lebanon; Bonair; Luxora; Tennessee; Milan; Dickson; Franklin; Jackson; Lexington; Centerville; Murfreesboro; Pike V.; Browns V.; Perryville; Columbia; McMinnville; Dayton; Bolivar; Henderson; Shelbyville; Moscow; Middleton; Lawrenceburg; Napier; Pulaski; Tullahoma; Fayette V.; Elora; Detherd; Cleveland; Athens; Chattanooga Note: Title: Map of the United States Keywords: Springfield; Thurston; Moundsville; Uniontown; Columbus; New Martinsv.; Dayton; Franklin; Xenia; Lancaster; Logan; Sisters V.; Mannington; Washington; C.H.; Circlev.; Marietta; Fairmont; Athens; St. Marys; Parkersburg; Chillicothe; Midland; Clarksburg; Portsmouth; Gallipolis; Mason; Weston; Buckhannon; Newport; Maysville; Pt. Pleasant; Burning Sprs.; Spencer; Beverly; Falmouth; Cynthiana; Greenup; Ironton; Huntington; Ripley; West Virginia; Frankfort; Ashland; Kenova; Clendenin; Clay; Sutton; Holly; Addison; George; Paris; Exington; Catlettsburg; Morehead; Wayne; Lousia; Winchester; Charleston; Burgin; Williamson; Coalburg; Richwood; Danville; Richmond; Richardson; Jackson; Jaeger; Fayette; Raleigh; Bluefield; Hinton; Ronceverte; New Castle; Livingston; Welch; Powhatan; Pocahontas; New River Dep.; Salem; Somerset; London; Corbin; Big Stone Gap; Marion; Tazewell; Wytheville; Pulaski; Rocky Mt.; Middlesboro; Cumberland Mts; Bristol; Abingdon; Gossan; Stuart; Jellico; Cumberland Gap; Johnson Cy.; Mountain Cy.; Mt. Airy; Leaksville; Clinton; Knoxville; Corryton; Morristown; Rogersville; Green; Elizabethton; Wilkesboro; North Carolina; Cross V.; Newport; Lenoir; Statesville; TaylorsV.; Winston; Salem; Hot Sprs.; Hickory; Rockwood; Rutherfordton; Newton; Salisbury; Madisonville; Asheville; Waynes V.; Lincolnton; Concord; Norwood; Appalachian Mts.; Murphy; Bryson City; Hendersonville; Spartanburg; Shelby; Blacksburg; Gastonia; Charlotte; Monroe; Aberdeen; Cumberland; Chambersburg; Gettysburg; Philadephia; Wilmington; Grafton; Maryland; Green Sprs.; Hagerstown; Martinsburg; Harpers Ferry; Westminster; Havre; De Grace; New Castle; Elkton; Hendricks; Thomas; Davis; Oakland; Piedmont; Keyser; Winchester; Romney; Strasburg; Charles T.; Brunswick; Alexandria; Frederick; Baltimore; Leesburg; Smyrna; DEL; Bridgeton; Chester T.; Annapolis; Queens T.; Dover; Elkins; Monterey; Luray; Calverton; Manassas; Popes Cr.; Mechanics V.; Washington; Upper Marlboro; Claiborne; Oxford; Cambridge; Easton; Seaford; Lewes; Georgetown; Durbin; Fredericksburg; Harrisonburg; Elkton; Laurel; Marlinton; Staunton; Basic Cy.; Orange; Salisbury; Clifton Forge; Lexington; Charlottesville; Gordons V.; Potomac R.; Doswell; Chesapeake Bay; Crisfield; Accomac; Roanoke; Warren; Columbia; James R.; Richmond; Yinchburg; Cumberland; Manchester; West Pt.; Farmville; Burkeville; Claremont; Williamsburg; Cape Charles; Keysville; Petersburg; Newport News; Fortress Monroe; Norfolk; S. Boston; Danville; Clarksville; Emporia; Franklin; Portsmouth; Suffolk; Virginia Beach; Munden; Reidsville; Ridgeway; Oxford; Henderson; Weldon; Elizabeth City; Madison; Roxboro; Greensboro; Burlington; Halipax; Edenton; Raleigh; Durham; Springhope; Lewiston; Tarboro; Albemarle Sa.; High Pt.; Rocky Mt.; Plymouth; Bethel; Ashborn; Pittsboro; Selma; Wilson; GreenV.; Gulf; Colon; Goldsboro; Washington; Troy; Carthage; Sanford; Fayetteville; Kinston; Newbern; Pamlico Sound; Cape Hatteras; Camden; Freehold; Seaside Park; Barnegat; Millville; Tuckerton; Beach Haven; New Jer.; Atlantic City; Long Beach; Ocean City; Cape May; Delaware Bay; Ocean City; Pt. Arguello; Lompoc; Santa Cruz Isl.; Santa Rosa Isl.; San Nicolas Isl.; Los Olivos; Elwood; Santa Barbara; Lancaster; Ventura; Pt. of Rocks; Ludlow; Ash Hill; Goffs; Oxnard; Saugus; Chatsworth; Los Angeles; Pasadena; Monrovia; San Bernardino Mts.; Stedman; Dansy; Santa Monica; Chino; San Bernardino; Redlands; Redondo; San Pedro; Orange; Pomona; Corona; Colton; Riverside; Seven Palms; Santa Catalina Isl.; Santa Ana; San Juan; San Jacinto; Perris; Temecula; Salton; Old Beach; San Clemente Isl.; L.A. Jc.; Fall Brook; E. Jc.; Escondido; Fosters; Tortuga; San Diego; National City; Coronado; La Presa; Tia Juana; Araz; Mexicala; Ensenada De Todos Santos; Pt. Banda; Baja California (Lower); Guadalupe; San Quentin; Cape San Quentin; Needles; Kingman; Jerome Jc.; Jerome; Winslow; Colorado R.; Prescott; P. Jc.; Arizona; Congress; C. Jc.; Poland; A. & C. Jc.; Mayer; Crownking; Parker; Salome; Wickenburg; Peoria; Roosevelt; Colorado Riv.; Gila River; Gila Bend; Estrella; Hassayampa; Phoenix; Sacaton; Tempe; Mesa; Salt R.; Higley; Florence; Ray; Globe; Christmas; San Carlor; Gila R.; Melvin; Yuma; Tacna; Aztec; Sentinel; Maricopa; Casagrande; Dudleyville; Solomonsville; Redrock; Silverbell; Pedro R.; Wilcox; Quijotoa; Jaynes; Tucson; Cochise; Twin Buttes; Benson; Fairbank; Crittenden; Calabasas; Nogales; Naco; San Jorges Bay; Lomas; Del Rio; Rio del Altar; La Cananea; Magdalena; S. Isabel; Gulf of California; MEX; St. Johns; Rio Puerco; A. & P. Jc.; Moriarty; Santa Rosa; Los Lunas; Belen; Sabinal; Abo; Willard; Vaugh; Mexico; Magdalena; Socorro; Ancho; Torrance; San Antonio; San Marcial; Rio Grande del Norte; Carrizozo; Capitan; Ft. Stanton; Cooney; Ft. Thomas; Etcalf; Kingston; Lava; Lincoln; Morenci; Lifton; Pinos Altos; Fierro; Cutter; Temporal; Alamogordo; Ft. Bayard; Santa Rita; Cox Canon; Duncan; Silver City; White Water; Rincon; Teviston; Lordsburg; Lake Valley; Deming; Nutt; Brice; Steins; Wilna; Hermanas; Aden; Rio Grande del Norte; Las Cruces; Gleason; Tombstone; Bisbee; Osborn; Douglas; Hachita; Ciudad Juarez; El Paso; Texas; San Pedro; Clint; Ft. Hancock; Fronteras; Samalayuca; San Pedro Jc.; Sierra Blanca; Nacozari; Casas Grandes; San Jose; Terrazas; Ojo Caliente; Conant; Hereford; Puerto de Luna; Dimmitt; Memphis; Mangum; Yesso; LaLenda; Clovis; Farwell; Tulia; Wellington; Childress; Texico; Plain View; Paducah; Acme; Elida; Portales; Floydada; Crowell; Campbell; Lubbock; Crosbyton; Dickens; Roswell; Slaton; Brazos Riv.; Aspermont; Hagerman; Post; Artesia; Lamesa; Augustus; Rotan; Hamlin; Dayton; Champ; Carlsbad; Big Spring; Snyder; Roby; Colorado; Malaga; Pecos River; Stanton; Roscoe; Sweetwater; Abilene; Palermo; Midland; Ballinger; Riverton; Odessa; Sterling City; Van Horn; Toyah; Pecos; Barstow; Monahans; Sherwood; Colorado Riv.; Eden; Dalberg; Kent; Toyahvale; Eldorado; Valentine; Marfa; Ft. Davis; Ft. Stockton; Ozona; Ft. McKavett; Sonora; Paisano; Alpine; Haymond; Longfellow; Juno; Fredericksburg; Chickasha; Ft. Sill; Purdell; McAlester; Hartshorne; Hollis; Lawton; Marlow; Kiowa; Heavener; Altus; Duncan; Ood; Coalgate; Frederick; Comanche; Lehigh; Atoka; Quanah; Devol; Davis; Tishomingo; Vernon; Ryan; Ardmore; Caddo; Antlers; Iowa Park; Gainesville; Mariett; Durant; Wichita Falls; St. Jo; Jenison; Benjamin; Henrietta; Bonham; Honey Grove; Paris; De Kalb; Seymour; Bowie; Mt. Pleasant; Haskell; Bridgeport; Mc; Wolfe; Commerce; Stamford; Graham; Decatur; Dek; Sulphur Sprs.; Stamford; Jacksboro; Fort Worth; Plano; Greenville; Anson; Weatherford; Terrell; Jefferson; Albany; Strawn; Cleburne; Kaufman; Mineola; Marshall; Baird; Cisco; May; Stephenville; Granbury; Waxahachie; Hillsboro; Garrett; Ennis; Corsioana; Tyler; Coleman; Brownwood; Dublin; Hamilton; Morga; Woiam; Jacksonville; Palestine; Nacogdoches; Goldthwaite; Gatesville; Waco; Mexia; Arlin; Trinity R.; San Augustine; Crockett; Brady; San Saba; Lometa; Lampasa; Belton; Temple; B. Riv.; Bremond; Franklin; Calvert; Lufkin; Corrigan; Trinity; Menard; Llano; Burnet; Georgetown; Rockdale; Cameron; Hearne; Huntsville; Colmesneil; Mason; Taylor; Bryan; Navasota; Conroe; Marblefalls; Brenham; Kerrville; Austin; Bastrop; Giddings; Hempstead; Liberty; Howe; Mansfield; Danville; Des Arc; Brinkley; Arkansas; Monroe; Waldron; Perry V.; Argenta; Lonoke; Hazen; Marianna; Little Rock; Clarendon; Helena; Mena; Hot Springs; Malvern; Benton; De Witt; Frair Pt.; Lula; Coahoma; Sheridan; Altheimer; Eagles Nest; Arkadelphia; Pine Bluff; Clarksdale; Horatio; Gurdon; Prescott; Dumas; Tutwiler; Rosedale; Riverside; Hope; Camden; Kingsland; Warren; McGehee; Huntington; New Lewisville; Arkansas City; Hamburg; Greenville; Leland; Itta Bena; Greenwood; Texarkana; Magnolia; El Dorado; Percy; Linden; Jefferson; Minden; Gibsland; Homer; Louisians; Junction Cy.; Bastrop; Tohula; Rolling Fork; Duran; Wakom; Shreveport; Ruston; Monroe; Rayville; Mississippi Riv.; Yazoo Cy.; Long View; Henderson; Bienville; Coushatta; Winnsboro; Delta; Vicksburg; Jackson; Pearl R.; Carthage; Mansfield; Campti; Winnfield; Columbia; Port Gibson; Natchitoches; Colfax; Vidalia; Hazlehurst; Harriston; Many; Jonesv.; Wesson; Brookhave; Cypress; Natchez; Williamsburg; Alexandria; Woodville; Mississippi; McComb; Columbia; Rockland; Cheneyville; Lumberton; Rockland; Mansura; Jackson; Kentwood; St. Francisv.; Clinton; New Roads; Slaughter; Amite; Oakdale; Pt. Allen; ; Kountze; Buna; Call; De Quincy; Opelousas; Eunice; Midland; Arnaudv.; Plaquemine; Baton Rouge; Pearl Riv.; Ponchatoula; L. Pontchartrain; Beaumont; St. Martinsv.; Donaldsonville; New Orleans; Corinth; Florence; Stevenson; Senatobia; Iuka; Sheffield; Athens; Tuscombia; Decatur; Huntsville; Lafayette; Sardis; Holly Springs; New Decatur; New Albay; Russellville; Ft. Payne; Oxford; Tupelo; Winfield; Cullman; Rome; Pontotoc; Jasper; Attala; Gadsden; Birmingham; Piedmont; Okolona; Grenada; Amory; Pratt Cy.; Anniston; Austell; Winona; Eupora; Aberdeen; West Point; Ensley; Oxford; Carrollton; Fayette; Columbus; Bessemer; Columbiana; Talladega; Stark V.; Woodstock; Sylacauga; Macon; Blocton; Lexington; Ackerman; Tuscaloosa; Roanoke; Kosciusko; Akron; Center V.; Calera; Lafayette; Lagrange; Alabama; Greensboro; Dadeville; Lanett; Canton; Lauderdale; DeMopolis; Marion; Prattville; Wetumpka; Opelika; Phoenix; Meridan; York; Selma; Tuskegee; Forest; Tombigbee R.; Pine Hill; Montgomery; Hurtsboro; Braxton; Mendenall; Laurel; Jackson; Camden; Alabama R.; Greenville; Georgiana; Searight; Luverne; Union Springs; Troy; Brantley; Lumpkin; Eufaula; Clayton; Ft. Gaines; Abbev.; Saratoga; Waynesboro; Ellisville; Repton; Elba; Ozark; Hattiesburg; Cadvert; Evergreen; Andalusia; Flomaton; Pera; Columbia; Dothan; Geneva; Beaumont; Merrill; Moscogee; Crestview; Bay St. Louis; Gulf Port; Poplarville; Scranton; Mobile; Milton; De Funiak Springs; Marianna; Mississippi Sd.; Mobile Bay; Mill View; Pensacola; River Jc.; Chattahoochie; Tallahassee; Alton; Blueridge; Walhalla; Greenville; Yorkville; Rock Hill; Tallulah Fs.; Seneca; Chester; Wadesboro; Ellijay; Es. Toccoa; Seneca; Anderson; Union; Clinton; Cheraw; Lancanster; Lula; Hartwell; Laurens; South Carolina; Gainesville; Cartersville; Greenwood; Abbeville; Newberry; Carlisle; Camden; Sumter; Dallas; Marietta; Athens; Elberton; McCormick; Alston; Edgefield; Columbia; Lawrencev.; Atlanta; Lexington; Washington; Aiken; Seivern; Kingsville; Covington; Fairburn; Madison; Warrenton; Thomson; Augusta; Blackville; Orangeburg; Newnan; McDonough; Griffin; Milledgeville; Savannah R.; Denmark; Branchville; Greenville; Barnesville; Tennille; Louisv.; Barnwell; Pregnalls; Walterboro; Talbotton; Thomaston; Wadlex; Macon; Swainsboro; Millen; Sylvania; Green Pond; Georgia; Columbus; Fort Valley; Dublin; Stillmore; Beaufort; Girard; Hawkinsville; Empire; Statesboro; Port Royal; Cordele; Abbeville; McRae; Lyons; Savannah; Americus; Cuthbert; Dawson; Worth; Utamaha R.; Reidsville; Albany; Fitzgerald; Baxley; Walthourville; Arlington; Tifton; Ocilla; Douglas; Jesup; Darien; Flint R.; Bainbridge; Moultrie; Thomasville; Waycross; Brunswick; Quitman; Valdosta; Dupont; Okefenokee Swamp; Forkston; Monticello; Drifton; Madison; LIve Oak; Perry; Jasper; Callahan; Lake City; High Sprs.; Baldwin; Starke; Fernandina; Jacksonville; Mayport; Pablo Beach; Hamlet; Clinton; Warsaw; Beaufort; Maxton; Jacksonville; Morehead City; Bennettsville; Burgaw; Cape Lookout; Clio; Lumberton; Darlington; Chadbourn; Florence; Peedee; Clarion; Southport; Wilmington; Cape Fear; Conway; Lanes; Georgetown; Santee River; Charleston; Fort Sumter; Atlantic Ocean; San Andres; Cerros I.; Pt. San Eugenia; Carbo; Sonora; R. de Sonora; Hermosillo; Pt. S. Gabriel; Ortiz; Cumeripa; Sebastian Viscanno Bay; Guaymas; Oroz; San Maria; San Lorenzo; Mulege; Lopeto; Soledad; Dolores;Montezuma; Madera; Gallego; Temosachic; Laguna; Aldama; Hormigas; Tonichi; Guerrero; Sauz; Santa Eulalia; R. Yaqua; Minaca; Chihuahua; Bachimba; Chihuahua; Corral; Bocoyna; Saucillo; La Cruz; Navojoa; La Junta; Rio Conchas; Chavita; Santa Rosalia; Alamos; Minas Nuevas; Masiaca; R. del Fuerte; Fuerte; Rincon; Parral; Llano Blanco; Mochis; Fenochio; Rosario; Topolobampo; Mesa de Sandia; Descrubidora; Guamochil; Caimanero; Guanacevi; Alamito; Dryden; Rock Springs; Eloro; Presidio; Langtry; Shumla; Puerto Gato; Del Rio; Falomin; Boquillas; Spofford; Cline; Batesville; Zaragosa; Eagle Pass Ciudad; Porfirio Diaz; Nova; Allende; Carrizo Springs; Rosita; Minera; Muzquizo; Sabinas; Nuevo Laredo; Hondo; Rodriguez; Sierra Mojada; Cuatro Cienegas; Corralitos; Monclova; Lampazos de Neranjo; Escalon; Tahualilo; Panuco; Guadalupe; Personal; Horizonte; Venadito; ; Nuevo; Bermejillo; Mapimi; Hornos; Paila; Reata; Paredon; Loma; Monterrey; Torreon; Coahuila; Saltillo; San Pedro; Pedricena; Viesca; Jalisco; Parras; Alamito; Cisneros; Carneros; Leon; Waring, San Marcos; Smithv.; Grange; Houston; Lockhar; Luling; Sealy; New Braunfels; Columbus; Eagle Lake; Galveston Bay; San Antonio; Seguin; Gonzales; Hondo; Heletteville; Richmond; Richmond; Wharton; Columbia; Alvin; Algoa; Floresville; Stockdale; Coeona; Bay City; Van Vleck; Hawkinsville; Angleton; Velasco; Pearsall; Kenedy; Beeville; Victoria; Goliad; Blessing; College Pt.; Matagorda Bay; Port O'Connor; Lavaca; Ton; Cotulla; Skidmore; Burro; Sinton; Rockport; Arkansas Pass; Corpus Christi Bay; Corpus Christi; Rosstown; San Diego; Laredo; Alice; Hebbronville; Pacific Isl.; Aguilares; Falfurrias; Riviera; Gulf of Mexico; Zapata; Raymondville; Rio Grande; Arguellos; Samfordyce; San Miguel; Edinburg; San Juan; Harlingen; Santa; San Benito; Port Isabel; Brownsville; Hidalgo; Los Herreras; Reynosa; Matamor; Montemorelos; Pas; Loecks; Port Arthur; Range; Echo; Lake Charles; Iowa; Crowley; Gueydan; Lafayette; Abbeville; New Iberia; Franklin; Morgan City; Napoleonville; Thibodeaux; Gretna; Schriever; Houma; Sabine Pass; Port Bolivar; Galveston; St. Bernard; Belair; Buras; Delta of the Mississippi; Apalachicola; Cape San Blas; St. Marks; Mayo; Hampton; St. Augustine; Carrabelle; Gainesville; E. Palatka; Apalachee Bay; Archer; Palatka; Cedar Keys; Silver Spring; Morriston; Ocala; Astor; De Land; Daytona; Dunnellon; New Smyrna; Homosassa; Wildwood; Leesburg; Tavares; Apopka; Sanford; Brooksville; Orlando; Titusville; Port Tampa; Tampa; Plant City; Dade City; Kissimmee; Melbourne; St. Petersburg; Lakeland; Bartow; Ft. Meade; Lake Kissimmee; Sebastian; Tampa Bay; Manatee; Avon Park; Braidentown; Wauchula; Ft. Pierce; Arcadia; Jensen; Punta Gorda; Charlotte Harbor; Lake Olceechobee; Bocagrande; Ft. Myers; Jupiter; Juno; W. Palm Beach; Ft. Lauderdale; Everglades; Lemon City; Miami; Ten Thousand Isles; Ponce de Leon Bay; Cape Sable; Florida Bay; Great Bahama Isl.; Providence Channel; Great Abaco Isl.; Ma; Pelican Harbour; N.W.; Abaco; Bahama; New Providence Isl.; Egg Isl.; Royal Isl.; Rose Isl.; Dunmore Town; Eleuthera Isl.; Governor Harbour; Nassau; Tarpum Bay; Bahia de Magdalena; Magdalena Bay; Altafa; Culiacan; Tepehuanes; Durango; Velardera; Concepcion; Linares; R.P.; Dry Tortugas; Fort Jefferson (U.S. Naval Station); Pine Islands; Key West (U.S. Naval Station); Ft. Taylor; Florida Reefs; Planter; Florida Strait; Great Bahama; Andros; Semints; Tongue of the Ocean; Exuma Sound; Cat Isl. (Possible Landfall of Columbus); Yellow Cay Islands; Big Wood Bay; Cay Sal Bank; Anguilla Islands; Espiritu Santo; Great Exuma Isl.; Little Exuma Isl.; Rum Cay; Long Isl.; Rocks; Wolf Rocks; Larks Nest; Water Cays; Flamingo Cay; Cay; Clarence; Fortune Isl.; Wath San; Crooked Isl.; Pl; Boat Janke' Note:

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Page  78 Dmmenasiwoi ofthe Eartbo COUNTRIES, C.APITALS. AREA PPLTO.wite NTOA ETS EEU..CPIAS RACMECE,-_ or. Earth'sor "" " ""' Axisnin........B..s....1,.9.....2....,8852..7,75,6 ooo8a2,2300 i..8 6075,00a*Ill7^,, nie Sats T ta. PeeaitnToal er apt BuenoserccpviAleia.Aires 01:::::::: i9 Circumferenceat Equator......................Mebure 297.7 3792811.8,0465,49275 l 75oo 7.212a400....-. s 2332B.2418 M 1500,7.8 35,o o3,115 35,9 o19,247~etaiAr^::::::::: Land Surface........... vo 521158,006 Belgium.................... Brussels 1133IIX3355I25402998.81267,0 83 1,0,0 ^ W ^ ^^Sf0 20000 5,3...... >oo.5Sg ioo 4 aecln...............3 Wae ur c.................... soo,.t..w............B...v...La Paz 567,4302677,2,8,0.03,io.936300 ^ | 6,0 1,0.1 227761595351.0 9110021 7890020 ne:::::::::::::::: 1 ""'*'" O eans'" " Bulgaria........................ Janeia 3 8,8,24,809...L24820l.7 8970050 8,5,0 878....*** a aua 4,0 0,0, ^ 8550661.82,0,0 7,9,0047 S l ad::::::::::: i Paciftec...... 11,000,000 Antarctic........o 89500,1W^ Chile...................... Santiago 290,8292,1,4375 2210 30 153573,8,0 26440100 ^ F W oo3000485.2,05I6~10700..3Sio7o f4 S '7;-:::^, Itlantic.... 35,000,0(o Arctic a.........0.60.4450(0w China....................... Pekin A21,042, 7,2226822631000.5637000.57 89,0 ^ i1 " "...... Te ra 62,09,o oo.....l 7750,0,00777 0,0081i ry as............. j ]Principa SaltoLokes Colombia...........Bogota '471;273 3586c. 293441,9.9 -2.......... ^^^^^^ 9,3.i~o,7,8 3197050,3,o.37060015 S^ dpnettt::::::; Tae ors Sea ontry. Ara S.M Elev.,jf Costa Rica................. San Jose 23,00328616703P,0.5O66O,2,0O.o,i.o ^^ *":..-- '- lbn 3,3 52^ 8^,9 1,050110 736003.66210001.6L^ ^............. j Caspian Sea..... Ai 180,000 84 belwsa Cuba.............Havana 44.,000 152772,6.7...... 87100H9 95500 ^^^^^^^Wo 8375 6o186522745i4.34.1,0 i 8960067 S;:::::::.:::::: Sea ofArai..'...." Asia 26,300 26 above ses. Denmark. Copenhagen 15,289,6,7 482oo6.3,4 66 0360082 07206 '. B31 "... t eesug 86034~904547^ 7? 344oi742.2811170076,1,9,0.5^ti................. 8 Marcabo' i.... So Am,0 3 East Indies, Dutch';..... Batavia 736,400.6000022093......6,3,0.36,5,0 ^c -"::... a avdr 7251068888393664236,8,0 ~6324oo32 % t::::::::: ^ Tiiaca........oSo. Am 8,0 1284 Egypt....:.......Cairo 400,0009810466 5750 73875146.01006 7- 565100 ^0 ~5249 77.....8, 6233.6 3 19 00.3S.86oo5 5 ' *::::: ^ Grat Salt Laice.NA 1,87 4,200 Germany;:..........Berlin 2o8,830,45 o17,6,969.4.0.44583oo84. 55.2oo ^ I 68881541,7.82618992107 9 o7oo1.817. 6001.0 a ";::::::::::::: (Trumiah........Asia 47840 4,ooo00 Great Britain and Ireland.....London 120,979 4,0,5 2,7,9.8,6,3 25 3,2,o 75 9,9,0 ^ ' t..** *- tchl 7,^52121950179,3,3 78 972oo95 9530095 rnva............... ^ Ngaml.......... Afia $5,70abvsa Greece............Athens 25,014 243863999i977i66.55.6,0.21,200 ^~ ^..*-*^ ***Br 963354323371,0.6 -82.9,0.62.6,0.0^.......^ ^ ^; j 3Priucpal Fesh~t wat P ks e Guatemalp..... New Guatemala 48,290 16730il8l ^43473 060012.6^0 ^ f? --- 0 ^ 04,0 5.5 2,2,0 90.J ooo32 1090020 ia^........ Lake or Sea. Country. Sq. R ft. bvi- Honduras.......... Tegucigalpa 46,2555039^ 71m ~ oo17,6^0 ' e^ ^7'109808S5982173282 3.11.0,0 4 5,3.0 53 ^... i Victoria Xyanzaa.6 s~~0..0.. Af r. 26,600 38W80^ 'B ono.^:'.......... MiHuron,,,....,,N. Ami. 23,000 5791"^ 5' _ __________ _ slo....~.*** 6i Tangaeoloa................. Afr. 15,2000 2,750 - ^ ^ ^ ^ l^ - RNECALS OEA s.,*K ra;.............. 1 Baikalpe.................... Asia 14,9000 1628 90 1 105 2 120 3*^ ^ ^ B Longtud 13 FcCAus ^ Tto BERGEN as.......... Grea e ar....._........... No Am. 14,000 C650. ^1* | e ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ UH~.N ~'oy ' r acui.;;:........... ^ Lyaseofth W o....... oe Amee65....,,,Ar 1200 1,7 It^ ^ ^ ^^ B~uK iff Vcfort n^ -iL ^PT........ Tugr 20..........L.D.. NoE Am. 10,800 400^^ ^-ati--^^ f^^^\0^ ^ -rt-~ yi..... -- Wetterolo................. Afre 84,20 S,690A ~ w ^ ^ ^ C/ CMDESU j^ ^ ^ % ' -s ^ ^ ^ - '\AKLK;.e i-y v * v ~ ^ ERIL. J ( EMSO!r.^\Ne aeoi............. 8 Ladoga.......RBin.;~0 *^^- > ^ ] \ ^ ~ eao i~k^~ ozRo *' % s> // CWO^ ^ ^ rA g "T cY~R _o^ J *voo~ ro^ ern g7 YV ^ usai uoe..................... Eue 7,o49CPE52,YISI Tuogi~n.~...~................. Asi a. 2,84 20 UAR<~5^ p j ^ ^^ T OF A..,. ^^S^^ ^ 1^J " NRH,,c^ ^/iND S^ ^ l S'~^(^ c~ot'"^tlgahMlag fti ~rd Dembea.E: "oe*. 00* at".. Afr.y 1MAP OF12 2) rdnkjl Ko' L101f ^ J? 1^ "^..o^.."" '-.1 ISE E WeltteS......~ ^ ^ l ^ ^ l l ^ l go***.... Bur,^ ^ ^ ^;G40 288_ L._____ Ta.......o...u............ 2!. Mangua...............^ No Am 43 256^ A U ^ ^ U hClU N ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ oa................. F re n ev a,.....o....Lem an )........... 54,80 2 40 1923 0;te W e^,, / ^. _ - f ^ ^,/ H C G ^ "T s a i................., TGar..............d....2a0:;:*< *:i*. \.*:..:^. ';:.-:::^..;.-::*.;*-:*::.^ *,. l,:,;:*-,..,*^ ^::''^ p. JJ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ' /\ I E^.J u a.............................. l.9818e20^, M aggiore................ 1 0 0^: ^ ^ ^ ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^^^^^^^Eur. 152 678 <%^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^- A VJ - K^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ / ^. ^P MASaNd r............I.......,, 2 S w d n.......B... B.........,( Q. ^^ '''' ' '^ ^ 1^7 ''^ '-^ ' ^^ '^ ^ ^ ' ^ -:_; p.. *:^ - - -.,,. ^.- ' \ '. '.: l'. '.:- - ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ E~ m iig ~ ro: -'.;.. - - '* ".^. ^ ^ ^ ^. ^ ^. ^ ___ ^ ^________ * ^ ^ ^ _'.. _. 7 os i a d H e z g~ l a......,,..,y, 1 N enmafchlatlemll ^ ^ ff a l^ ^;':^"'^?^ ^".'. ^ -:::". ^ ^::; '/:";: 7^ ", *;.**,^:/,* *- ' -. *. **;:u. a: 116 sea?.. *:.::" * \.'.-. -**:.~; *' / * | O a geR v r oon......*~"',.'v a8 G og.... B @**woo e^ 5OG *! 1:" "'iin~lt~1'-' ' ^ umir.~~i...ii~....i ' - -- '- ^ ^ 1.. ^ l *oe N Am. 110_n 1.. ^ *; ^ -- ^ ----- Q,^ *n 0Lniud.Es 5 rm n rewih6 37 g 0 | B ii~ atA re........;";;;1 Nowy..................m.. 10 30 Go90g.*01n 10 - Q ~ gtd^ ^fo ^Genih 6 8 5 g 10 9 i5 J 2 ^ i l^ n b 6 d 7 A 8I ___,,n.. i.i.i.i.i.~i~iii^___ ~ ~l~~l>~ll~ll.l~.~..^______- ^ ^ _ T g~.................. JjC Title: Map of the World on Mercator's Projection Keywords: Cape Chelyuskin; North East Cape; taimur Bay; Taimur Isl.; L. Taimur; Legato R.; Papigaiskoe; Sakalova; St. Thaddeus Bay; Khatanga Bay; Nordwik Bay; Olenek; Ambara R.; Govriga; Khatanga R.; Ust Anabarkoe; Nordenskjold Sea; Saunikov Land; Bennett Isl.; Liakof Islands or New Siberia; Sielkova Isl.; Fadievsko Isl.; Kotelnoi Isl.; New Siberia; C. Medvedshu; Maloi Isl.; Liakof Isl.; C. Sviatoi; Mouths of the Lena River; Barkin; Borkhaya B.; Manic Isl.; Ust Pansk; Kroma R.; Kromskaia B.; Bulun; Henrietta Isl.; Jeannette Isl.; Mouths of the Indigirka River; Bera Is.; C. Medveii; Aiun Isl.; C. Chelakhskai; Arctic Ocean; Herald Isl.; Point Barrow; Icy Cape; Smith Bay; C. Halket; Midnight; Comparative time when Noon; Nigalek; Martin Pt.; Mackenzie Bay; Beaufort Sea; Prince Patrick Isl.; Lands End; Eglinton Isl.; C. Prince Albert; Banks Land; C. Kellett; Nelson Head; Franklin B.; Cape bathurst; Cape Dalhousie; McClure Strait; Prince Albert Sound; Pr. Albert Land; Minto Inlet; Molville Isl.; Parry Islands; Melville Sound; McClintock Channel; Byam Isl.; Grinnell; Bathurst Isl.; Victoria; Prince of Wales Isl.; North; Hopes Sound; (Greenwich); Baghe Isl.; ellesmere Land; North Lincoln; Smith Sound; Sound; Devon; nster Sound; ckburn Land; Kane Basin; Prudhoe Land; Pt. Foulke; Hayes Peninsula; Inglefield Gulf; Wolstenholme Sound; Melville Bay; C. York; C. Parry; Clarence Head; Cobourg Isl.; Baffin bay; C. Liverpool; Bylot Isl.; Ponds Inlet; C. Bowen; C. Adair; Scott Inlet; C. Shackleton; Upernavik; Omenak Fiord; Baffin Land; C. Walker; Greenland (Denmark); Peterman Pk.; Jameson land; Edamland; King William Land; C. Bismarck; Koldewey Isl.; Shannon isl.; Gael Hamkes Bay; Francis Joseph Fiord; Bontekoe Isl.; Davy Sound; Scoresby Lans; Liverpool Isl.; Scoresby Sound; C. Brewster; Jan Mayen Isl.; Greenland Sea; C. Parry; Noon; Arctic Ocean; Greenland Sea; Prince Charles Foreland; Amsterdam Isl.; King B.; Spitzbergen; Ice Fiord; Bell Sound; Horn Sound; North East Land; Olga Strait; Barents Isl.; Edge Isl.; Wybe Jans Water; Thousand Is.; Hope Isl.; Bear Isl.; North Cape; Hammerfest; Barents Sea; Wiches or King Charles Land; Vardoehuus; Waranger Fiord; Salm Isl.; Hooker Isl.; Northbrook Isl.; Cape Lutke; Admiralty Pen.; Goose Bay; Strait of Kara; Nova Zembla; Great Ice cape; Matochkin Strait; Kara Sea; C. Fern; White Isl.; Gulf of Ob; Gulf of Yenisei; Swerevo; Rechesnoi Is.; Lonely Isl.; Barents Ld.; Cape Mauritius; Piasina R.; Aigach Isl.; P.M.; Kheta Riv.; Michaelova; Turishshk; Tunguska R.; Williui R.; Olekminsk; Marka R.; Krasnoi; Seganka; Taen Arinskaia; Shigansk; Russian Siberia; Olenek River; Lena River; Yana R.; Verkhalansk; E. Viliuisk; Yakutsk; Lena R.; Amginskaia; Indigirka R.; Sredni Kolymsk; Alakh Yunskaia; Tauiskaia; Zashiversk; Verkhoianskoi Mts.; Arctic Circle; Alazeia R.; Kolyma R.; Nijni Kolymsk; C. Yakan; Takokagin; Chaoun R.; Ghijiga; Fenjinsk; Olutorsk; Anadir R.; Anadirskoi; St. Matthew Isl. (U.S.); Gulf of Anadir; C. Libburne; Pt. Hope; Initkilly; Colville R.; Kaukuk R.; Kotzebue Sound; Ft. Morton; Alaska (United States); C. Pr. Of Wales; Bering Strait; C. Chukotski; St. Lawrence; C. Navarin; C. Romanof; Nelson isl.; St. Michael; Norton Sd.; Nome; Anvik; Yukon R.; Kuskoquim R.; Mt. Wrangel; Kenai; Nuklukayet; Tanana R.; Eagle; Porcupine R.; Peavy; Yukon; Circle; Ft. McPherson; Old Ft. Good Hope; Dolphin & Union Sd.; Ft. Norman; Dawson; Ft. Selkirk; Orca; Mt. Logan; Mt. St. Elias; Ft. Frances; Ft. Simpson; Mackenzie R.; Ft. Rae; Ft. Liard; Ft. Good Hope; Dominion of Canada; Circle; Wollaston Land; Victoria Str.; Coronation G; Great Bear Lake; Point L.; L. Garry; L. Pelly; Clinton Golden L.; Doobaunt L.; Great Slave L.; Ft. Resolution; Island; Yathl;C. Wison; Fox Channel; Southampton Isl.; Strait; sfield Isl.; Hudson; C. Kater; Cumberland Sound; C. mercy; Hall Isl.; Frobisher Bay; Hudson Strait; C. Wolstenholme; Mosquito Bay; Ungava bay; C. Chidley; Resolution Isl.; C. Dyer; Davis Strait; Disco isl.; Godhavn; Disco B.; Christians haab; Holsteinborg; Frederikshaab; Ivigtut; Lichtenfels; Godthaab; Christian IX Land; Egede Land; Mt. Rigby; Horror Bay; Kjoge bay; C. Juel; Cape Bille; Cape Discord; Denmark Strait; Brede Fiord; Faxa Fiord; Knighton Inlet; Nord C.; Iceland (Den.); Reykjavik; Faroe Is. (Den.); Shetland Is.; Arctic Circle; Langanaes; Lofoden Is.; Tromsoel; Norway Sweden; West Fiord; Trondhjem; Christiania; Kiolen Mts.; Pitea; Umea; Gulf of Bothnia; Finland; Kuopro; Viborg; Tornea; Uleaborg; Karva; Tornea R.; Gene; Lapland; Kniaja; Kola; Barzuga; Kolguev Isl.; C. Kanin; White Sea; Archangel; Onega; Kem; L. Ortega; L. Ladoga; Gulf of Chesko; Petchora Bay; Pustosensk; Petchora R.; Mezen R.; Mezen; Ural mts.; Dwina R.; Kara B.; Mura; Dudinsk; Yenisei R.; Tuz R.; Turukhansk; Kazimsk; Bakhtinsk; Ob River; Surgut; Nadym R.; Obdorsk; Berezof; Tarda R.; Angara R.; Vitimsk; Vitim R.; Yeniseisk; Krasnoiarsk; Saiansk Mts.; Dzindzilik; Chita; Lake Baikal; Bratskoi; Irkutsk; Onon R.; Olekma R.; Aldan R.; Nelkan; Okhotsk; Sea of Okhotsk; Port Aiane; Syanovoi Mountains; Udskoi; Amur R.; Nikolaievsk; Blagovestchensk; Langri; Sakhatin (Russia); Paramushir Isl.; C. Elizabeth; Shantarski Is.; Bolsheretsk; Manchuria; Yamsk; Tigilsk; G. of Ghijinsk; G. of Penjinsk; Kamchatka; Kuril Strait; Cape Lopatka; Petropavlovsk; G. of Kronotski; Nijni Kamchatka; Bering Isl. (rus.); Copper Isl. (Rus.); Near Is.; Andreanof Is.; Aleutian Islands (U.S.); Bering Sea; Rat Is.; C. Ozernoi; Karaginski Isl.; C. Olutorsk; Nunivak Isl.; Pribilof Is. (U.S.); Dutch Harbor; Umak Isl.; Kuskoquin B.; C. Nevenham; Bristol B.; Iliawna L.; Ft. Alexander; Alaska Pen.; Unimak Isl.; Ounalaska Isl.; Shumagin Is.; Trinity Is.; Kadiak Isl.; Afognak Isl.; Gulf of Alaska; Yakutat; Dyea; Chichagof Isl.; Sitka; Baranof isl.; Pr. Of Wales Isl.; Dixon Entrance; Jackson; Queenstown; Hecate Strait; Cascade Range; Ft. Wrangel; Ft. St. John; Juneau; Ft. Halketto; Queen Charlotte Is.; Laird R.; Rocky Mts.; Lit. Slave L.; North America; Ft. Chippewayan; Peace R.; Dunvegan; Edmonton; Battleford; Calgary; Saskatchewan R.; Pr. Albert; Manitoba L.; Lake Wi; Reindeer L.; L. Athabasca; Indian L.; Fort Churchill; Yonk Factory; C. Portland; Bay; Severn; James Bay; Albany; Moose Factory; Ft. George; Clearwater Lakes; Ft. Chimo; Albany R.; Mingan; Rama; Hebron; Nain; Labrador (Dep. Of Newfoundland); Julienshaab; Hamilton Inlet; L. Melville; C. Charles; Belle Isl.; Cape Bauld; Cape Farewell; Quebec to Liverpool; British Isles; Orkney Is.; Hebrides; Glasgow; Belfast; Ireland; Dublin; Cork; Scotland; Stavanger; C. Lindesnaes; Dundee; Edinburgh; Newcastle; Hull; Liverpool; England; London; Portsmouth; Brussels; North Denmark; Belgium; Frankfort; Skagerrack; Copenhagen; Hamburg; Berlin; The Hague; Netherlands; Leipsic; Stockholm; Gottenborg; Baltic Sea; Vilna; Riga; Osel Isl; G. of Finland; Reval; Konigsberg; Warsaw; Dresden; Dnieper R.; Duna R.; Danzig; Russia; Russian Empire; Petrograd; Novgorod; Moscow; Kaluga; Kursk; Kief; Saratof; Don R.; Vologda; Viatka; Nijni Novogorod; Kazan; Kama R.; Perm; Ufa; Orenburg; Kaluga; Simbirsk; Orsk; Ekaterinburg; Petropaulovsk; Tobol R.; Ishim R.; Omsk; Irtish R.; Akmolinsk; L. Chany; Tobolsk; Narim; Tomsk; Semipalatinsk; Hungaria; Eliassutai; Mongolia; China; East; Pichan; Turkestan; Shashau; Pekin; Mukden; Argoon R.; Urga; Tsitsikar; Ukul; Selenga; Kailar; Aigun; Sungari R.; Mergen; Khabarovka; Petuua; Kizin; Ningouta; Vladivostok; Japan Sea; Sapporo; G. of Tartary; Leperouse Strait; Isl. (Japan); Patience B.; Yezo; Hakodate; Aomori; Kunashiri Isl.; Korea; Kuirle Is.; North Pacific Ocean; Vancouver Is.; Victoria; Seattle; Olympia; Columbia Riv.; Portland; Salem; Eureka; C. Mendochino; Westminster; Tacoma; Great Salt Lake; Spokane; Butte; Boise; Snake Riv.; Salt Lake City; Ogden; Laramie; Cheyenne; Omaha; Lincoln; Pierre; Bismarck; Fargo; Regina; Winnipeg; Minnea; Nepigon; Sault Ste Marie; Ottawa; Kingston; Toronto; Huron; Columbus; Detroit; L. Erie; L. Ont.; Pittsburg; Trenton; Cleveland; Buffalo; Albany; Hartford; Augusta; Portland; Montreal; St. Lawrence R.; Quebec; Fredericton; Fundy B.; Concord; Boston; Providence; Newport; Long Island; New York; Philadelphia; Anticosti Isl.; Gulf of St. Lawrence; Pr. Edward Isl.; Nova Scotia; Halifax; C. Sable; New York to Liverpool; Miles; Newfoundland (Br.); St. Johns; C. Race; St. Pierre (Fr.); Cape Breton Isl.; Sable Isl.; North Atlantic Ocean;St. George's Channel; English Channel; Bay of Biscay; C. Finisterre; Oporto; Saragossa; Paris; Orleans; Nantes; Bordeaux; Toulouse; Spain; France; Andorra; Luxemburg; Lyon; Monaca; Marseille; Corsica; Barcelona; Sardinia; Berne; Munich; Switzerland; Milano; Genoa; San Marino; Rome; Naples; Venice; Danube R.; Trieste; Adriatic Sea; Italy; Austria-Hungary; Vienna; Budapest; Belgrade; Servia; Montenegro; Cetinje; Durazzo; Bulgaria; Roumania; Jassy; Bukharest; Sofia; Philippopolis; Budapest; Constantinople; Turkey; Brusa; Berditchef; Odessa; Black Sea; Sea of Azof; Taganrog; Astrakhan; Stavropol; Sea of Caucasus Mts.; Batum; Baku; Volga R.; Ural R.; Caspian Sea; Guriev; Kungrad; Trebizond; Turkestan; Aral Sea; Turgai; Kharkof; Asia; Kasalinsk; Sir Daria R.; Tashkend; Amu R.; Thian Shan Mts.; Tarim R.; Balkash Lake; Choo R.; Ili R.; Kuldja; Sergiopol; Zaisan L.; Tibet; Lasse; Koko L.; Chingtu; Hoangho or; Vulin; Venngan; Ning; Singanfu; Hankau; Wuchang; Nankin; Yellow R.; Tientsin; Taiyuan; Tsina; Shanghai; G. of Pechili; Port Arthur; Weihaiwan (Br.); Kiaochau (Ger.); Yellow Sea; Nagasaki; Seoul; Sado Isl.; Kyoto; Osaka; Hondo; Tokyo; Japan; Shikoku; Kiushu; Korea Strait; Yokohama to Port Townsend; Yokohama to San Francisco; Miles; Sacramento; San Francisco; San Jose; San Luis Obispo; Pt. Conception; Los Angeles; San Diego; Carson; Fresno; Colorado R.; Lower California; G. of California; Phoenix; Santa Fe; Pioche; Lead; Durango; Rio Grande del Norte; El Paso; Hermosillo; United States; Dallas; Austin; El Paso; Denver; Pueblo; Trinidad; Guthrie; Topeka; Little Rock; Colorado R.; ingfield; Cincinnati; Baltimore; Norfolk; Nashville; Chattanooga; Atlanta; Coulmbia; Montgomery; Mobile; Jacksonville; Charleston; Wilmington; Raleigh; Washington; New York to Gibraltar; Delaware Bay; Chesapeake Bay; C. Hatteras; Bermuda Is. (Br.); Raleigh; Flores Azores Is. (Por.); Terceira; S. Miguel; S. Maria; Madeira Isl. (Por.); C. St. Vincent; Str. Of Gibraltar; Mogador; Lisbon; Portugal; Madrid; Seville; El Arish; Mekinsz; Morocco; Fez; Tangier; Gibraltar (Br.); El Golea; Mediterranean Sea; Balearic Is.; Oran; Algeria (Fr.); Wargla; Tunis; Tunis (Fr.); Algiers; Messina; Palermo; G. of Cabes; Tripoli; Ghadames; G. of Suira; Malta (Br.); Sicily (Br.); Athens; Greece; Albania; Smyrna; Adalia; Crete; Pt. Said; Benghazi; Alexandria; Angora; Erzerum; Konieh; Cyprus (Br.); Yafa; Jerusalem; Damascus; Tripoli; Aleppo; Tigris R.; Tabriz; Rasht; Sehna; Persia; Bagdad; Basra; Yezd; Neh; Khaf; Meshed; Askabad; Krasnovodsk; Ispahan; Arabia; Bokhara; Heart; Afghanistan; Kandahar; Kabul; Faizabad; Kashgar; Khotan; Serinogen; Lahore; Chinese Empire; Mt. Everest; Himalaya Mts.; Punakha; India (British); Bhutan; Chittagong; Madalay; Bhamo; Tonkin; Yunnan; China; Yungtze R.; Changsha; Queiyang; Macao (Por.); Nanchang; Queling; Canton; Hongkong (Br.); Kwanchauwan (Fr.); Formosa Strait; Amoy; Fuchau; Formosa (Japan); Sanmun; Oshima; Shuri; Riu Kiu Is.; Volcano Is.; Bonin Is. (Japan); Marcus Isl.; Los Jardines Isl.; Tropic of Cancer; Midway Isl.; Cure Isl.; Lisiansky Isl.; Laysan Isl.; Gardner Isl.; Birds Isl.; Hawaii (U.S.); Honolulu; Kauai Isl.; Maui Isl.; Honolulu to Panama; Miles; Guadelupe Isl.; Pt. Eugenia; La Paz; C. San Lucas; San Blas; C. Corrientes; Guaymas; Chihuahua; San Antonio; Monterey; Tula; Saltillo; Gulf of Mexico; Tallahassee; Orleans; Tampa; Cape Sable; Key West; Havana; Nessa; Cuba; Greatee; Derino (U.S.); Bahama Is. (Brit.); San Salvador; West; Tropic of Cancer; Canary Is. (Sp.); Palma; Ferro; Cape Blanco; Rio de Oro (S.F.); Wadan; Teneriffe; Tatta; El Abbas; Sahara Desert; Zemur; Rhat; Tropoli (Turkey); Fezzan; Murzuk; Libyan Desert; Cairo; Siout; Egypt; Esneh; Assouan; Nile; Suez; Red Sea; Korosko; Medina; Yembo; Mekka; Hail; Leina; Riad; Persian Gulf; Oman; Shiraz; Bam; Bushire; Lar; Jask; G. of Oman; Muskat; Moseirah Isl.; Kelat; Baluchistan; Bela; C. Elhadd; G. of Cutah; Haidarabad; India (British); Delhi; Simlo; Nepal; Calcutta; Nagpore; Indus R.; Ganges; Patna; Agra; Bay of Bengal; G. of Martavam; Mergui; Andaman Is.; Gulf of Siam; Bangkok; Rangdon; Siam; Fr. Indo China; Krangmato; G. of Tonkin; Hue; Cambodia; Palawan Isl.; Mindoro Isl.; China Sea; Hainan; Kiungchau; Manila; Balintang Channel; Manila to Honolulu; Hongkong to Asia; Apari; Luzon; Samar Isl.; Philippine Islands (U.S.); Ladrone Islands (Ger.); Saypan; Guam (U.S.); Panay I.; Wake Isl. (U.S.); International Date Line; Hawaii Isl.; Honolulu to New York; Revillaggedo Is.; Clipperton Isl. (Fr.); Socorro Isl.; Manzanillo; Mexico; Popocatepetl Vol; Acapulco; Central; Tebuanecco; Tahiti; Belize; Tegucigalpa; nduras; Colon; Jamaica (Br.); Kingston; Cartagena; Maracaibo; Pt. Gallinas; Caribbean Sea; Antilles; Haiti; Port au Prince; Santo Domingo; San Juan; Porto Rico (U.S.); S. Croix (Br.); Anguilla (Br.); Barbuda (Br.); Antigua (Br.); Guadeloupe (Fr.); Dominica (Br.); Martinique (Fr.); S. Lucia (Br.); Barbados (Br.); Grenada (Br.); Trinidad (br.); Cruacao Isl. (Dut.); G. of Maracaibo; Panama to Liverpool; Indies; Lesser Antilles; New York to Cape Town; Cape Verde Is. (Port.);St. Louis; C. Verde; Gambia (Br.); Bathurst (br.); Bissagos Is. (port.); Guinea Pt.; Guinea (Fr); Senegal R.; Medina; Arawan; Timbuktu; Africa; Sierra Leone; Segu Sikoro; Niger R.; French Sudan; Sudan; Warno; Northern Nigeria (Br.); Yakoba; Massenia; L. Tchad; El Fasher; Tao; New Dongola; Khartum; El Obeid; Nile; Blue Nile; Berber; Suakin; Coomfidah; Massaua; Suna; Aden (Br.); Gondar; Berbera; G. of Aden; Makallan; Kamar B.; Socotra (Brit.); C. Guardafui; Ras Hafun; Eritrea (It.); Fr; (Br.); Kuria Muria Is. (Brit.); Arabian Sea; Laccadive Is.; G. of Cambay; Bombay; New Goa (Pt.); Mahe (Fr.); Haldarabad; Yanaon (Fr.); Bay of Bengal; Masulipatam; Madras; Puducheri (Fr.); Karikal (Fr.);Nicobar Is.; Asheen; Hog I.; Pulo; Nias; Sumatra (Dutch); Str. Of Malacca; Penang; Malay Pen; Sungora; Malacca; Singapore; Gt. Natunas Isl.; C. Cambodia; Elopura; N. Borneo (Br.); Sawarak; Kuching; BruneJolo Sea; Mindana; Jolo Isl.; Celebes Sea; Molucca Pass; Gilolo Isl.; Mindanao; Egoi Is.; Caroline Islands (Ger.); Palaos Is. (Ger.); Micronesia; Melanesia; Greenwich Isl. (Ger.); Ponapi Isl.; Marshall Is. (Ger.); Gilbert Is. (Br.); Howland Isl. (Br.); Palmyra Isl. (Br.); Washington Isl. (Br.); Fanning Isl. (br.); Christmas Isl. (Br.); Equator;San Francisco to Valparaiso; Galapagos; Panama; Gulf of Panama; Choco B.; Rica; Jose; rolima Vol.; Popavan; Colombia; Bogota; Mompoz; Caracas; Venezuela; Orinaco R.; Georgetown; Paramaribo; Cayenne; C. Orange; (Brit.); Guiana (Dut.); (Fr.); Mouth of the Ama R.; Marajo Isl.; Para B.; Equator; Freetown; Monrovia; C. Palmas; Bingerville; Liberia; Guinea; Coomassie; Akkra (Br.); Whydah; Ashanti; Togo; (Sp.) Fernando Po I.; (Por) Princes I.; Dahomey (Fr.); Br. Lagos; Lagos; Asaba; S. Nigeria (Br); Kamerun (Ger.); Buez; Sp; French Equatorial Africa; Sobai; Ladoi; Wadelai; Stanley Falls; Kongo R.; Mobang R.; Adis Abeba; Abyssinia; Somaliland; Somali; Br. East Africa; Rudolf L.; Victoria; Brava; Mukhdisho; Italy; Maldive Is. (Brit.); C. Comorin; Colombo; Ceylon Isl. (Brit.); Aden to Melbourne; Batu isl.; Biriu Isl. (Dut.); Beneoolen; Sunda Strait; Sunda Islands; Banka Isl.; Batavia; Java; Java Sea; Borneo (Dutch); Pasir; (Dut); Surabaya; Floris Sea; Macassar; Celebes (Dutch); Ceram (D.); Banda Sea; Floris Isl.; (Port.); (Dut); Boeroe I. (D.); Fred Henry Isl.; Arafura Sea; Aroe Is.; New Guinea (br.); (Dutch); (Ger.) Kaiser Wilhelm Ld.; Bismark Arch.; Admiralty Is.; Terres Str.; New Mecklenburg Isl. (Ger); New britain (ger.); N. Georgia (Br.); Bougainville (ger.); Choiseul; Bapel (Ger.); Malayta (Br.); Solomon Islands; Lagoon or Ellice (br.); Polynesia; Phoenix Is. (Br.); Union or Tokelau Is. (Br.); Jarvis Isl. (Brit.); Manihiki Group (Br.); Marquesas Is. (Fr.); Albeman; Guayaquil; Quito; Raita; Truxillo; Huaraz; Ecuador; Loia; Chimborazo Vol.; Rio Negro; Amazon River; Jurua R.; Purus River; Tirol; Peru; Andes Mountains; Manaos; South America; Villa Nova; Tapajos R.; Carolina; Santaram; Para; St. Louiz de Maranhao; Parnahiba; Ceara; Fernando Noronha; Theresina; Natal; Pernambuco;Liverpool to Melbourne; Ascension Isl. (Br.); Gulf of Guinea; (Por.) St. Thomas I.; (Sp.) Annobon I.;Banana; Boma; Loanda; Leopoldville; S. Salvador; Kabango; Equatorville; Belgian Kongo; Nyangwe; Tanganyika; L. Moero; Kageky; L. Nyanza; Mt. Kenia; Kilimanjaro; German East Africa; Tabora; Kismayu; Witu; Mombasa; Pemba I. (br.); Zanzibar (Br.); Bagamoyo; Quiloa; Aldabra Is.; Amirante Is. (Br.); Seychelles Is. (Br.); Chagos Is. (Br.);Indian Ocean; C. Preston; Sumbawa Isl. (Dut.); Sandal Wood Isl. (dut.); Timor Isl.; Bathurst Isl.; Cambridge G.; Kings Sound; Broome; Palmerston; Northern Territory; Normantown; Gulf of Carpentar; C. York; Somerset; Cooktown; China Str.; Coral Sea; Oceania; Guadalcanar; Louisiade Arch. (Br.); S. Christoval; Rennell (B); Espiritu Santo; Mallicollo; Huon Isl. (Fr.); Santa Cruz Is. (Br.); New hebrides (Fr. & Br.); Vanua Levu; Viti Levu; Uea (Fr.); Samoa Is.; Tutuila (U.S.); Upolu Isl. (Ger.); Savage Isl. (Br.); Society Is. (Fr.); Fiji Is. (Br.);Tahiti (Fr.); Tuamotu; Archipelago (Fr.); Lima; Ica; Arequipa; L. Titicaca; Cuzco; Illimani; Trinidad; Villa Bella; Sorata; Bolivia; Sucre; Brazil; R. Xingu; Cuyaba; Goyaz; Tocantine R.; Diamantina; Palma; Barra; Bahia; Aracaju; Porto Seguro; Caravellas; Pernambuco to Cape Town; Trinidad Is. (Brazil); St. helena Isl. (Brit.); Port. West Africa; Benguela; Mossamede; C. Frio; Ger. S.W. Africa; Sioma; L. Bangweolo; Zombezi; Salisbury; Buluwayp; Nyassa R.; L. Rovuma; Zomba; Tete; Chinde; Quilimane; Mozambique; C. Delgado; Comoro Is.; C. Amber; Farquhar Is.; Tamatave; Tananarivo; Indian Ocean; Cargados Carayos Isl.; Mascarene; Rodriquez (Br.); N.W. Cape; Steep Pt.; Northampton; Dongarra; Australia (British); Western Australia; Roebourne; Amadeus L.; South Australia; Eyre L.; Queensland; Warwick; Bowen; Boula; L. Torrens; Rockhampton; Brisbane; New Caledonia; Loyalty Is.; Norfolk Isl. (Br.); Melbourne to Panama; Tonga Is. (Br.); Tropic of Capricorn; Austral Is.; Cook or Hervey Is. (Br.); Apia to Punta Arenas; Tubuai Isl (Fr.); Gambier Is. (Fr.); Pitcairn Isl. (Br.); Easter Isl. (Br.); St. Felix (Chile); St. Ambrose Isl. (Chile); Antofagasta; Mt. Llullailluco; Copiapo; La Serena; Salta; Asuncion; Tucuman; Rioja; Iqaique; Cobrija; Potosi; Tarija; Paraguay; Corrientes; Parana R.; Tiete R.; Ouro Preto; Itajahy; Desterro; St. paulo; Rio de Janeiro; Victoria; Tropic of Capricorn; South Atlantic Ocean; Rhodesia; Walfissh Bay (Br.); Angra Pequena; Orange R.; Port Nolloth; Kimberley; Blocufontein; Johannesburg; United South; Orange Riv. Col.; Limpopo; Palapy; Trans Vaal Col.; Pretoria; Durban; Pietermaritzburg; Lourenco Marquez; Delagoa B.; Port East Africa; Sofala; Mozambique Channel; Madagascar (French); Mauritius Isl. (Br.); Reunion (Fr.) Islands; Perth; Bunbury; C. Leeuwin; Williamsburg; Albany; Culver; Port Eucla; Great Australian Bight; Spencer G.; Kangaroo Isl.; Kingston; Portland; Port Augusta; Adelaide; New South Wales; Victoria; Melbourne; Bass Strait; Darling R.; Port Phillip; Newcastle; Sydney; Cape Howe; Lord Hove Isl. (Br.); New Plymouth; Auckland; North Cape; North Island; East Cape; Napier; Kermadec Is. (Br.); Wellington to Panama;South Pacific Ocean; Juan Fernandez Isl. (Chile); Mas-a-Fuera Isl. (Chile); Valparaiso; Santiago; Curico; Concepcion; Lebu; Valdivia; Chile; Juan Cordoba; Luis; Rosario; Buenos Aires; La Plata; Bahia Blanca; Blanca B.; Salto; C. Corrientes; Uruguay; Montevideo; Plata R.; Rio Grande de Sul; Porto Alegre; Inaccessible Isl.; Tristan da Cunha Isl.; Nightingale Isl. (Brit.); Cape Town; Africa (British); Cape Colony; Georgetown; C. Agulhas; Cape of Good Hope; Port Elizabeth; East London; Cape Town to Colombo; Cape Town to Melbourne; New Amsterdam; St. Paul (Fr.); Tasmania (British); Hobart; Launceston; Furneaux; Cape Providence; Stewart Isl.; Christchurch; Hokitika; Nelson; Dunedin; Invercargill; South Island; New Zealand (Brit.); Wellington;Chatham Isl. (Brit.); Bounty Is.; Wellington to Valparaiso; Melbourne to Liverpool; Chiloe Isl.; Chonob Archipelago; Taytao Pen.; Gulf of Penas; Wellington Isl.; Bay of St. George; Port Deseado; Rawson; Viedma; Gulf of San Matias; Gough Isl.; Pr. Edward Isl.; Marion (Brit).; Crozet Is. (Brit).; Kerguelen (Fr.);Royal Co. Isl. (Brit.); Macquarie Isl. (Brit.); Emerald Isl. (Brit.); Auckland Isl. (Brit.); Campbell Isl. (Brit.); Monday; Sunday; Anitpodes or Greenwich Is. (Brit.); Madre de Dios Archipelago; Strait of Magellan; S. Inex Isl; Cape Horn; Hoste Isl.; Staten Isl.; Tierra del Fuego; Santa Cruz; Valparaiso to New York; Falkland Is. (Brit.); Stanley; South georgia (Br.); Sandwich Group; Lindsay Isl.; Thompson Isl.; Bouvet Isl. (Brit.); McDonald (Brit); Heard; Budo Land; Knox Land; Wilkes land; North Land; Adella Land; Antarctic Circle; Antarctic Ocean; Elephant Isl.; South Shetland Is.; Livingston Isl.; Smith Isl.; Bransfield Strait; Trinity Land; Palmer Land; Graham Land; Adelaide Isl.; Exp.; Alexander Land; Coronation isl.; Clarence Isl.; King George Isl.; Joinville Isl.; Louis Philippe Land; South Orkney Is.; Lausie Isl.; Antarctic Circle; Enderby land; Kemp Land; Victoria Land Note: Dimensions of the Earth; Equatorial Diameter; Earth's Azis; Circumference at Equator; Areas of the Earth; Land Surface; Water Surface; Total; Oceans; Pacific; Atlantic; Indian; Antarctic; Arctic; Principal Salt lakes; Lake or sea; Country; Area Sq. M.; Elev., ft.; Caspian Sea; Asia; Sea of Aral; Belkash; Maracaibo; So. Am.; Eyre; Australia; Titicaca; Issik-kul; Koko-nor; Van; Great Salt Lake; N. Am.; Urumiah; Dead Sea; Ngami; Africa; above sea.; below sea.; Countries; Capitals; Argentina; Buenos Aires; Australia; Melbourne; Austria-Hungary; Vienna; Belgium; Brussels; Bolivia; La Paz; Brazil; Rio de Janeiro; Bulgaris; Sofia; Canada, Dominion of; Ottawa; Chile; Santiago; China; Pekin; Colombia; Bogota; Costa Rica; San Jose; Cuba; Havana; Denmark; Copenhagen; East Indies, Dutch; Batavia; Ecaudor; Quito; Egypt; Cairo; France; Paris; Germany; Berlin; Great Britain and Ireland; London; Greece; Athens; Guatemala; New Guatemala; Haiti; Port au Prince; Honduras; Tegucigalpa; India; Calcutta; Principal Freshwater Lakes; Lake or Sea; Country; Area Sq. M.; Elev. Ft. above Sea Level; Superior; N. Am.; Victoria Nyanza; Afr.; Michigan; Huron; Tanganyika; Baikal; Asia; Great Bear; Nyassa; Tchad; Great Slave; Bangweolo; Winnipeg; Erie; Lake of the Woods; Albert Nyanza; Ladoga; Eur.; Ontario; Athabaska; Nicaragua; Onega; Tungting; Wenrer; Champlain; Dembea; Wetter; Managua; Balaton, (Platten Sea); Geneva, (or Leman); Constance, (or Boden Sea); Garda; Maggiore; Neufchatel; George; Cayuga; Lucerne; Zurich; Como; Area.; Square miles; Population; Commerce with the United States; National Debts; Total.; Per Capita.; Revenue; Expenditure; Countries; Capitals; Italy; Rome; Japan; Tokio; Korea; Seoul; Mexico; Mexico; Netherlands; The Hague; Nicaragua; Managua; Norway; Christiania; Paraguay; Asuncion; Persia; Teheran; Peru; Lima; Portugal; Lisbon; Roumania; Bucharest; Russia; St. Petersburg; Salvador; San Salvador; Santo Domingo; Servia; Belgrade; Siam; Bangkok; Spain; Madrid; Sweden; Stockholm; Switzerland; Bern; Turkey; Constantinople; United States; Washington; Uruguay; Montevideo; Venezuela; Caracas; Railroad Mileage of the World; Countries; Miles; Africa; Abyssinia; Algeria; Angola; British Central Africa; British East Africa; Cape Colony; Dahomey; Egypt; Eritea; French Guinea; Franch Somaliland; German East Africa; German Southwest Africa; Gold Coast; Ivory Coast; Kamerun; Kongo Independent State; Lagos; Madagascar; Mauritius; Natal; Northern Nigeria; Orange River Colony; Portuguese East Africa; Rhodesia; Senegal; Senegambia; Sierra Leone; Togoland; Transvaal; Tunis; Uganda; Asia; Afghanistan; Baluchistan; Bokhara; Borneo; Ceylon; China; Dutch East Indies; Federated Malay States; Formosa; French Indo-China; India; Japan; Korea; Laos; Manchuria; Persia; Philippine Islands; Portuguese India; Russia in Asia; Siam; Straits Settlement; Turkey in Asia; Total; Ustralasia; New Caledonia; New South Wales; New Zealand; Queensland; South Australia; Tasmania; Victoria; Western Australia; Europe; Austria-Hungary; Belgium; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Great Britain and Ireland; Greece; Italy; Luxemburg; Malta, Jersey and Man (Islands); Montenegro; Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Roumania; Russia in Europe; Servia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Turkey in Europe; North America; Costa Rica; Dominion of Canada; Guatemala; Hawaii; Honduras; Mexico; Newfoundland and Labrador; Nicaragua; Salvador; United States; South America; Argentina; Bolivia; Brazil; British Guiana; Chile; Colombia; Ecuador; French Guiana; Panama; Paraguay; Peru; Uruguay; Venzuela; West Indies; Barbados; Cuba; Haiti; Jamaica; Porto Rico; Santo Domingo; Trinidad; Total; Grand Total;Telegraph Mileage of the World; Countries; United States; Russia; France; Germany; India; Great Britain and Ireland; Mexico; Austria-Hungary; Dominion of Canada; Argentina; Italy; Turkey; Spain; Sweden; Japan; Brazil; New South Wales; China; Chile; Norway; Queensland; Colombia; Philippine Islands; Dutch East Indies; Cape Colony; New Zealand; French Indo-China; Algeria; Victoria; Western Australia; South Australia; Persia; Portugal; Roumania; Netherlands; Belgium; Rhodesia; Greece; Switzerland; Venezuela; Madagascar; Bulgaria; Peru; Bolivia; Guatemala; Siam; Honduras; Nicaragua; Formosa; Egypt; Ecuador; Transvaal; Portuguese East Africa; Denmark; Tasmania; Korea; Tunis; Newfoundland and Labrador; Servia; Federated Malay States; Cuba; Salvador; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Natal; Dahomey; Orange River Colony; Ceylon; Angola; British East Africa; Uruguay; Senegal; Trinidad; Northern Nigeria; Longest Rivers; Names; Countries; Length, Miles; Mississippi-Missouri; U.S.; Nile; Egypt; Amazon-Maranon; Brazil; Yangtze-Kiang; China; Congo; Cen. Africa; Ob; Rus. In Asia; Hoangho; Lena; Niger; W. Africa; Yenesei; Plata-Parana; Arg. & Bra.; Mackenzie; Canada; Amur; Volga; Rus. in Eur.; St. Lawrence; U.S. & Can.; Yukon; Alaska; Arkansas; U.S.; Zambesi; E. Africa; Indus; India; Brahmaputra-Sanpu; Rio Grande del Norte; U.S. & Mex.; Danube; Aus.-Hun.;Mekong; Indo China; Saskatchewau-Nelson; Euphrates; Tur. in Asia; Orinoco; Col. & Ven.; Colorado; Ganges; India; Amu; Turkestan; San Francisco; Brazil; Sir-Daria; Irawaddy; Columbia; Dnieper; Rus. in Eur.; Para, or Tocantine; Darling; Australia; Don; Tigris; Tur. in Asia; Murray; Orange, or Gariep; S.W. Africa; Senegal; W. Africa; Ural, or Jaik; Rus. in Eur.; Gambia; Rhine; Germany; Ohio; Churchill, or Mississippi; Magdalena; Col.; Paranahiba; Fraser; Loire; France; Elbe; Oder; Rhone; Tagus; Portugal; Vistula; Seine; Susquehanna; Potomac; Garonne; Guadiana; Spain; Sacramento; Po; Italy; Ebro; Neva; Thames; England; Hudson; Armies of the World; Russia; France; Germany; Austria-Hungary; Great Britain; Italy; Turkey; China; Japan; Abyssinia; Switzerland; Spain; United States; Afghanistan; Belgium; Servia; Portugal; Sweden; Mexico; Roumania; Bulgaria; Norway; Netherlands; Nepal; Greece; Brazil; Persia; Korea; Kongo Independent State; Chile; Egypt; Denmark; Morocco; Bokhara; Siam; Venezuela; Argentina; Guatemala; Costa Rica; Uruguay; Peru; Ecuador; Cuba; Salvador; Bolivia; Nicaragua; Paraguay; Colombia; Haiti; Navies of the World; Great Britain; Russia; France; Japan; Germany; United States; Italy; Netherlands; Turkey; Austria-Hungary; Sweden; Chile; Greece; Denmark; Spain; China; Brazil; Norway; Portugal; Siam; Peru; Mexico

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Page  81 PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY -OF Sagi-aw County, 0 v AAlchl 9 a r) EXPLANATION.-The date following a name indicates the length of time the party has been a resident in the county. 1 'he abbreviations are as follows: S. for Section; T. for Township; P. 0. for Post-office address. limits of the village or city named, and, in such cases, the When no Section Number or Township is given, it will be understood that the party3 resides within the post-office address is the same as the place of residence, unless otherwise stated. Aaron, John, Farmer, S. 30, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. 1909. Abele, Thomas, Gardener and Florist, 5. 21, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Abraham, Fred, Farmer, S. 36, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Abraham, Geo., Farmer, S. 31, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. Abraham, G. M., Jr., Farmer, S. 35, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Adelberg, J. R. F., Farmer, S. 26, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1906. Agnew, Ralph, Farmer, S. 21, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. Mr. Agnew was born in Saginaw County in 1880. Ahrens, Fred, Farmer, S. 21, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Albee, Wm.,- Farmer, S. 27, T. Albee, P. 0. Burt. 1881. Alderton, R., Merchant, General Store, S. 7, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Hemlock. Alger, E., Farmer, S. 36, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1911. Allen, Clarence W.,'Farmer, S. 25, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. Allen, E. G., Farmer, S. 21, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. 1859. Allen, Fred G., Farmer, S. 29, T. Swan Creek. P. 0. St. Charles. Allen, H., Farmer, S. 20, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. 1868. Altscheffel, Joseph, Farmer, S. 1, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Ames Realty Co., Real Estate, Saginaw. Amman, WVm. P., Proprietor Meadow Brook-Farm, S. 25, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. 1876. Anderson, J. P., Farmer, S. 9, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Anderson was born in Saginaw County in 1871. Andrus, Chas. A., West Side Marble, Granite and Stone Works, Saginaw, W. S. Appleby, B. G. Co., Real Estate, Saginaw. Arnold, William E., Sr., Miller, Birch Run. Mr. Arnold was born in Birch Run Township, Saginaw County in 1870. Arnold, H. B. Co., The, Stitioners and Office Outfitters, Saginaw. -Asphalt Roofing Co., The, High Grade Roofings and Roofing Materials, Saginaw, W. S. Atwood, W. Q. Estate, Real Estate, Fred S. Atwood, Manager, Saginaw. Aubry, Charles, Cleaning, Dyeing and Pressing Establishment, Saginaw. Azelton, Fred, Farmer, S. 33, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. Mr. Azelton was born in Saginaw County in 1886. Backer, Onten, Farmer, S. 6, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1905. Bader, Chas., Farmer, S. 23, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. Mr. Bader has served as Township Treasurer. Badgero, David, Farmer, S. 22, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1876. Badgero, George, Farmer, S. 13, T. Macion, P. 0. Brant. 1894. Badgero, Polly, Farmer, S. 13, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1864. Badgley, Dean 0., Farmer, S. 21, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. 1855. Bailey, E. J., Farmer, S. 36, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Mr. Bailey was born in Saginaw County in 1873. Baird, John, Supervisor, Zilwaukee, P. 0. Saginaw. Baird, Thos., Farmer, S. 30, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. 1874. Baker, John, Farmer, S. 27, T. bakefield, P. 0. Merrill. Mr. Baker was born in Saginaw County in 1857. Baker, W. R., Photographer, Saginaw, W. S. Bank of Munger, General Banking, Munger. Bank of Saginaw, General Banking, Saginaw. Barbarin, Geo. F., Prescription Druggist, Freeland. 1871. Barber, Joseph, Farmer, S. 10, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. Barie, Wm. Dry Goods Co., The, Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods and Carpets, Saginaw. Barner, Jacob, Farmer, S. 9, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1908. Barnhart, R. H., Farmer, S. 4, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. 1882. Barrett, W. 0., Farmer, S. 22, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Fosters. 1877. Barridge, John, Farmer and Dairyman, S. 21, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Barrows, Chas. L., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 35, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1901. ~ Barth, Konrad, Farmer, S. 35, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw.:Barthel, Geo., Farmer, S. 31, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Bridgeport. Bartlett, A. F. & Co., Machine Shop and Foundry, Saginaw. Bartman, Fred, Farmer, S. 6, T. Brady, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Bartman was born in 1885. Bartow & Enright, Livery, Saginaw. Baum, Martin B., Proprietor Sherman House, Saginaw. Baumann, John, Farmer, S. 29, T. Albee, P. 0. St. Charles. 1872. Beach, E. L., Attorney, Saginaw. Beach, N. E., Elevator, Bridgeport. Beck, J. P., Automobile Dealer, Garage and Repair Shop, Saginaw. Beck, Peter, Wholesale and Retail Liquors, Saginaw. Becker Bros.,; Real Estate, Dealers in Coal, Coke and Wood, Manufacturers of Cisterns, Tanks, etc., Saginaw. Becker, Frank, Farmer, S. 2, T. James, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Mr. Becker has served as Township Clerk for a number of years. Becker, J., Farmer, S. 1, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Becker, P. F., Farmer, S. 18, T. Taymniouth, P..O. Burt. 1855. Belill, Wm., Farmer, S. 34, T. Tayvmouth, P. 0. Montrose. Bell, James, Farmer, S. 21, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1872. Bender, Fred, Farmer, S. 27, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Bender, George F., Farmer, S. 22, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. Bender, Otto C., Proprietor "0. K." Dairy Farm, S. 27, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Bennett, A. L., Farmer, S. 15, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. 1902. Mr. Bennett was born in Clinton County in 1874. Bennett, Geo. H., Farmer and Township Clerk, S. 10, T. Brady, P. 0. Chesaning. 1865. Berg, August, Farmer, S. 26, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1910. Bernthal Bros., Jewelers, Frankenmuth. Bernthal, George, Farmer, S. 24, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Bernthal, John H., Farmer, S. 28, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Bernthal, Michel, Farmer, S. 25, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Bernthal, Oswald, Barber, Frankenmuth. Berridge, W. W., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 27, T. St. Charles, P. 0. St. Charles. 1882. Bessinger, John, Proprietor Hotel and Cafe, Brant. Beyer, Fred, Farmer, S. 20, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. Beyer, Geo. J., Farmer, S. 20, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. Beyer, John, Farmer, S. 10, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. Beyerlein, John M., Farmer, S. 22, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Beyerlein, Win., Farmer, S. 29, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Bridgeport. Bickel, A. F., Proprietor Maple Shade Farm, Breeder of Holstein-Friesian Cattle, S. 15, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Bickel, Ben, Breeder of Imported Percheron Horses, S. 21, T. Frankenmuth. P. 0. Frankenmuth. Bickel, Ernest, School Teacher, German Lutheran School at Iva, S. 8, T. Richland, P. 0. Hemlock. Mr. Bickel was born in Saginaw County in 1892. Bickel, Geo. M., Proprietor Oakwood Stock Farm, Breeder of HolsteinFriesian Cattle, S. 24, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Vassar. Bickel, John M., Farmer, S. 21, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Bickel, L., Farmer, S. 21, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Bidwell, F. I., Farmer, S. 33, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1878. Bierlein, Adam, Farmer, S. 30, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Bierlein, George M., Farmer and Road Commissioner, S. 18, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Bierlein, John, Farmer, S. 20, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Bierlein, John G., Farmer, S. 16, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Bierlein, John M., Farmer, S. 27, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmnuth. Bierlein, Leonard, Farmer, S. 7, T. Frankenmnuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Birch Run State Bank, General Banking, Birch Run. Established 1912. Blaine, Fred, Farmer, S. 16, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1909. Blakeslee, F. H. & Son, Ice Cream and Confectionery, Chesaning. Bleisner, Edd, Farmer, S. 8, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. Mr. Bleisner was born in 1884. Bliss, A. T. Estate of, L. T. Durand, Real Estate, Saginaw. Bliss-Alger College, Business School, Saginaw. Bliss & VanAuken Lumber Co., Lumber, Saginaw, W. S. Block, Aug. F., Farmer, S. 28, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Bridgeport. Block, A. W., Farm Implements, Frankenmuth. Block, John M., Farmer, S. 9, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Block was born in 1874. Bloomer, Roy, Farmer and Highway Commissioner, S. 2, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Fosters. Mr. Bloomer was born in 1867. Bluemlein, Geo. J., Farmer and Breeder of Percheron Horses, S. 29, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. Bluemlein, J. A., Jr., Farmer, S. 26, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. i Bluemlein, Wm., Cheese Manufacturer, S..29, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Franken muth. Blumfield Township, Chas. Schlickum, Supervisor, S. 22, T. Blumfield,' P. 0. Saginaw. Blunt, H. M. & Son, Horse and Auto Livery, St. Charles. Bodhaine, Jules, Farmer, S. 21, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. 1912. Boensch, August, Farmer, S. 35, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Boesenik, Frank, Farmer, S. 24, T. Brant, P. 0. Chesaning. 1912. Boivin, John B., Farmer, S. 23, T. Brant, P. 0. Chesaning. 1901. Bolester, George W., Farmer and Threshing Machine Operator, S. 30, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Bridgeport. Boodger, Thos., Retired Farmer, S. 28, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1882. Boone, Arthur, Farmer, S. 22, T. Brant, P. 0. Chesaning. 1881. Borden, J. B., Harness Maker, Freeland. 1915. Bontin, John, Jr., Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Saw Mill, Planing Mill and Carpenter Shop, Merrill. Established 1898. Bovine, John B., Farmer, S. 23, T. Brant, P. 0. Chesaning. Bow, Perl, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Hemlock. Mr. Bow was born in Saginaw County in 1890. Bowns, Sarah, Farming, S. 35, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1910. Boyse, Fred, Farmer, S. 33, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Boyse was born in 1884. Brady, James, Farmer, S. 23, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. 1862. Brady Township, G. H. Bennett, Township Clerk; H. Devereaux, Justice of Peace; C. W. Sutliff, Justice of Peace; J. B. Hoffman, Supervisor. Brand & Hardin Milling Co., Millers, Saginaw. Brandt, Wm. F., Farmer, S. 18, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland, 1883. Brater, Chas. G., Real Estate and Insurance, Saginaw. Brechtelsbauer, Fred, Farmer, S. 19, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. Brechtelsbauer, John C., Farmer and Township Supervisor, S. 13, T. Carrollton, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Brenner, Michael, Farmer, S. 17, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Brennan, Thos., Hotel Kerbey, Saginaw.I Brentigan, August, Farmer, S. 12, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Brentigan was born in 1886. Brewer, W. A., Pine Lands, Saginaw. Bridgeport Township, Fred Leidlein, Supervisor, Saginaw. Briggs, Jos., Farmer, S. 24, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1893. Brockman, Fred, Farmer, S. 24, T. Brant, P. 0. Chesaning. 1892. Bronner, John & Sons, Mason Contractors, Frankenmthuth. Brooks Manufacturing Co., Furniture and Boats, Saginaw. Broughton, Lonzo, Farmer, S. 16, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1893. Broughton, Nelson, Farmer, S. 30, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. 1886. Brown, Wm., Wholesale and Retail Wines and Liqvors, Saginaw. Brown, Asa, Deputy Sheriff and Turnkey at County Jail, Saginaw, W. S., 1880. Browne, C. M., Lawyer, Saginaw, W. S. Brozozowski, Julius, Farmer, S. 11, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. 1898. Brush, Geo. R., Farmer, S. 19, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Brush was born in 1885. Buckhardt, H. C., Farmer, S. 9, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Saginaw. Buckloh, Henry, Farmer, S. 15, T. Chapin, P. 0. Bannister. 1907. Buena Vista Township, Henry Dieckmann, Supervisor, S. 17, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Bull, John, Farmer, S. 12, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Saginaw. Burgess, Bristol, Farmer, S. 28, T. Brant, P. 0. Chesaning. 1877. Burgess, Geo., Farmer, S. 15, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. 1907. Burgess, J. S., Farmer, S. 17, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. 1898. Mr. Burgess was born in Canada in 1861. Burns, Thos. M., Farmer, S. 20, T. Freemont, P. 0. Hemlock. Buroughf, Isrial, Farmer, S. 20, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. 1899. Burrows, Geo. L & Co., General Banking, Saginaw. Burtch, John, Farmer, S. 18, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Burtch was born in 1871. Burtch, L., Farmer, S. 11, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. Mr. Burtch was born in 1875. Bush, Dr. C. C., Dentist, Saginaw. Bush, Geo. R., Farmer, S. 19, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Bussinger, C. L., Farmer, S. 7, T. James, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. C. L. Bussinger was married Oct. 20, 1888, and settled on his farm in James Township, April 1889. This farm consists of 76 acres of the best land in Saginaw County and Mr. Bussinger has taken great pride in farming and keeping his buildings in the best of shape. Butler, Peter, Operator, Michigan Railway, Birch Run. Mr. Butler was born in 1884. Butts, Chas.. Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 14, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. Mr. Butts was born in Saginaw County in 1881. Byam, Clint J., Farmer, S. 5, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. 1892. Campau, George F., Farmer, S. 30, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Capen, Fred, Farmer, S. 12, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. Mr. Capen was born in 1885. Carrollton Township, John M. Bierd, Town Clerk, Carrollton. Carstensen, Chas., Farmer, S. 27, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1881. Cassidy, William, Frrmer, S. 13, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Fosters. 1864. Cass River Farm Co., Ltd., Breeders of Holstein-Friesian Cattle, S. 17, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Saginaw. Caster,.Harry, Well Drilling, S. 17, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. 1888. Chamber of Commerce, W. S. Linton, President, Saginaw. Chant, Elmer, Farmer, S. 24, T. Chapin, P. 0. Oakley. 1893. Cheeney, Charles W., Attorney, Chesaning. 1897. Chesaning Hardware and Implement Co., L. A. Perrot, Manager, Chesaning. Chesaning Milling Co., G. Goppelt, President and Manager, Chesaning. Chesaning State Bank, General Banking, Chesaning. Chillon, C. H., Hotel Mosack, Reese. Chilton, S. A., Farmer and Auctioneer, S. 28, T. St. Charles, P. O0 Fergus. 1881. Christensen, R., General Store, Saginaw, W. S. Churchill, L., Taxicab Co., Saginaw. Clark, A. J, Farmer, S. 27, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1913. Clark, Archie B., Farmer, S. 16, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. Mr. Clark was born in Saginaw County in 1875. Clark, John W., Real Estate, Saginaw. Clark, W., Farmer, S. 28, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1875. Clark, William, Farmer, S. 16, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Fosters. 1868. Clay, W. H., Fresh and Salt Meats, St. Charles. Clement, John, Farmer, S. 9, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. Mr. Clement was born in 1869. Cogswell, Clifford, Farmer, S. 5, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Cogswell was born in 1893. Coleman, C., Farmer, S. 21, T. Chapin, P. 0. Bannister. 1880. Collins, Ara, Farmer and Stock Breeder, S. 2, T. Brady, P.. 0. Chesaning. 1910.

Page  82 ^ 82 Commercial National Bank, General Banking, Saginaw. Consolidated Coal Co., Miners and Shippers of Coal, Saginaw. Condon, James A., Farmer, S. 10, T. Lakefield, P. 0 Merrill. 1904. Cook, E., Farmer, S. 16, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1913. Cook, Edward P., Farmer, S. 15, T. Birch Run,. P. 0. Birch Run. 1865., Cook, Robert H., Lawyer, Saginaw. Coon, Joseph H., Farmer, S. 12, T. Brady, P. 0. Chesaning. Mr. Coon was born in 1886. Coon, Win. E., Farmer, S. 14, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. 1870. Cooney-Smith Furniture Co., Furniture, Saginaw. Cooper, Albert S., Farmer, S. 12, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1872. Coppernall, R. N. & Son, Farmers and Stockraisers, S. 30, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1882. Corey, C. C., Manager Michigan Telephone Co., Frankenmuth. Cornair, Fred F., Farmer and Secretary of Saginaw. County, Michigan Experiment Association, S. 5, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. Cornair, Frank M., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 5, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. 1866. Corrington, Boyer Land Co., Real Estate, Saginaw. Coryell, B. G., Cashier Farmers Exchange Bank, Chesaning. Cosendai, A. F., Dye Works, Saginaw. Courier-Herald Co., The, W. J. Hunsaker, Publisher, Daily and Sunday, Saginaw. Coutchere, Joseph, Farmer, S. 22, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. 1913. Cowdry, Walter G., Farmer, S. 12, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. 1880. Cowles & Mutscheller, Architects, Saginaw. Coy, Lee, Farmer, S. 34, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. Mr. Coy was born in 1892. Cramton, Montello, Farmer, S. 30, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. "1892 Crane & Crane, Lawyers, Saginaw. Crane, Dillis, Agricultural Implements, Brant. Mr. Crane was born in 1880. Crane, R. L., Lawyer, Saginaw, W. S. Craven, An' rew B., F-armer, S 17, T. St. Charles, P. 0. St. Charles. Creen, James, Farmer, S. 14, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Cresswell, T. B., Dealer in Sand, Gravel, Coal and Wood, Saginaw. Crites, Chauncy C., Farmer, S. 18, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Crites was born in Jackson County, Mich., in 1870 and came to Saginaw County in 1871. Crites, G. F., Farmer, S. 25, T. Marion, P. 0. Brandt. 1871. Crosby, F. A., Farmer, S. 17, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. 1868. Cross, W. W., Farmer, S. 18, -T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Hemlock. 1872. Culver, C. C., Farmer and Threshing Machine Operator, S. 10, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. Mr. Culver was born in 1860. Culver-Deisler Co., Druggists, Saginaw. Curler, Jas., Farmer, S. 20, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1865. Curtis, B. B., Farmer, S. 33, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1897. Curtis, Wm., Farmer and Blacksmith, S. 16, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Curtis was born in Canada in 1870 and came to Saginaw County in 1872. Cuthbertson, Hugh, Farmer, S. 22, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Fosters. Mr. Cuthbertson was born in 1859. Cuthbertson, John, Farmer, S. 29, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1857. Daenzer, Geo. M., Farmer, S. 26, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1912. Daenzer, Leonard G, Farmer, S. 8, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Daily, W. A., Wholesale and Retail Beans, Hay and Grain, Saginaw. Dall, Chas. A. F., Shoe Store, Saginaw, W. S. Dammann, Fred, Mason Contractor, Zilwaukee, P. 0. Saginaw. Darby, T. A., Farmer, S. 31, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Darby was born in Saginaw Coulnty in 1888. Darling, H. J, Farmer, S. 22, T. Albee, P. O. Hunt. Mr. Darling was was born in 1876 He has served as Township Clerk. Davenport, E. F., Farmer, S. 26, T. Marion, P. O. Brant. 1915. Davies, John C, Contractor, Saginaw. Davis, John & Son, Farmer, S. 12, T. Albee, P. O. Burt. 1880. Davis, Seth, Auto Livery, Saginaw. Day, EF. M., Farmer, S. 34, T. Birch Run, P. O. Birch Run. 1912. Day, James, Farmer and Brick Manufacturing, S. 19, T. Saginaw, P. O. Saginaw, W. S. Day, Thomas, Manufacturer of Clay Brick, S. 6, T. James, P. O. Saginaw, W. S. Dederich & Gill, Importers and Wholesale Liquors Dealers, Saginaw. Dehmel, john A., Farmer and Carpenter, S. 34, T. Frankenmuth, P. O. Frankenmuth. DeibeI, Henry, Farmer and Justice of the Peace, S. 16, T. Saginaw, P. O. Saizinaw, W. S. Deihrick, -heo., Farmer, S. 3, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. Demers, Chas., Jr., Farmer, S. 11, T. Jonesfield, P. 0. Merrill. Mr. Demers was born in Saginaw County in 1885. Deming, D., Farmer, S. 3, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. 1901. Detwiler, Daniel, Farmer, S 4, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. 1879. Deuring, J. B., Farmer, S. 21, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Devereaux & Vincent, Lawyers, Saginaw. DeVien, G. A. Co., The, Real Estate, Saginaw. Devolder, John. Buena Vista Hotel, S. 32, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Dewey, William, Farmer, S. 8, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1873. Dice, John L., Farmer, S. 4, T. Thomas, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Dice was born in Saginaw County in 1873. Dickinson, W. C., Farmer, S. 35, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Dickinson was born in Saginaw County in 1891. Dieckmann, Henry, Supervisor, General Store, S. 17, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Diedrich, Fred, Farmer, S. 14, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. Dietrich, C. C., Liquor Store, Saginaw. Dietrich, J. W., Farmer, S. 27, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Dietrick, John, Farmer, S. 3, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. Diffin, Gavin S, Farmer and Township Clerk, S. 21, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1880. Diffin, Wm.., Farmer, S. 20, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1867. Dingler, H., Farmer, S 22, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1907. Dillon, M. J., Merchant, S. 15, T. Brady, Brady Center, P. 0. Oakley. 1905. Dittmar, Cooper & Co., Wholesale Wine and Liquor Dealers, Saginaw. Dobschinski, Jos., Farmer, S. 2, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1889. Doerr, John, Dealer in General Merchandise, Saginaw. Doerr, Jos. A., Farmer, S. 1, T. Spaulding, P. 0. Saginaw. Dorr, August J., Farmer, S. 7, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Saginaw. Dorr, John A., Farmer, S. 7, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Saginaw. Dorward Bros., Chas. and W. M. Dorward, Farmers, S. 8, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Fosters. Chas. Dorward was born in Saginaw County in 1874 and W. M. Dorward was born in Saginaw County in 1869. Doward, Geo., Farmer, S 8, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Fosters. Mr. Doward was born in Saginaw County in 1874. Dowd, Ollie, Farmer, S. 8, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Dowd was born in 1891. Downing, C. Dale, (of B. J. Downing & Son) Postmaster, Hardware, Implements, etc., St. Charles. Drysdale, Geo., Farmer, S. 3, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. Mr. Drysdale was born in 1892. Drysdale, Wm., Farmer, S. 17, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. 1872. Dubay, David, Farmer, S. 33, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1881. Duggan, John J., Dealer in Coal, Wood, etc., Saginaw. Duncan, C., Farmer, S. 12, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. Mr. Duncan was born in Ohio in 1877 and settled in Saginaw County in 1905. PATRONS' REFERENCE- DIRECTORY. Dunham, W. W., Farmer, S. 33, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Duprey, J., Farmer, S. 24, T. Brant, P. 0. Chesaning. 1899. Durow, Chas., Hotel, Freeland. 1915. Dwenger, Henry, Farmer, S. 3, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. Dwenger was born in 1888. Mr. Ealy, Pardee & Co., Bank of Reese, General Banking, Reese. Earl, Dan., Farmer, S. 12., T. Taymouth, P. 0. Fosters. 1864. Eastman, H. C., Farmer and Manager of Freeland Elevator, S. 15, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Eastman was born in Saginaw County in 1879. Eastman, S. L. Flooring Co., Manufacturers of Hardwood Flooring and Lumber, Saginaw. Eastwood, W. A., Proprietor Lawndale Farm, S. 17, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. Mr. EUastwood was born in Saginaw County in 1863. Eaton, Chas., Farmer, S. 9, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. Mr. Eaton was born in Calhoun County in 1865 and came to Saginaw County in 1876. Eaton, William L., Farmer, S. 11, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. Mr. Eaton was born in Jackson County in 1867 and came to Saginaw County in 1876. Edgar, David, Proprietor Oak Side Farm, S. 34, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. 1876. Whlert, Wm., Farmer, S. 14, T. Brady, P. O. Chesaning. 1896. Ehrlinger, John S., Farmer, S. 36, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Emendorfer, A. J., Farmer, S. 22, T. Maple Grove, P. 0. New Lothrop. 1891. Emendorfer, F. A. & Co., Automobiles, Gasoline Engines and Bicycles, Saginaw, W. S. Enrich, Jot1n W., General Store, S. 4, T. Thomas, Enrich Corners, P. 0. Free and. 1914. Emrick, George, Farmer, S. 41 T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Engels, Matt., Farmer, S. 10, T. Thomas, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1904. Erd Motor Co., Manufacturers of Gasoline Engines, Saginaw, W. S. Evans, A. H., Farmer, S. 16, T. Chapin, P. 0. Bannister. 1870. Evans, Chas., Retail Liquor Dealer, S. 22, T. Chapin, P. 0. Bannister. 1871. Evans, Geo., Farmer, S. 25, T. Chapin, P. 0. Oakley. 1870. Evans, W. E., Chief Engineer for Robert Gage Coal Co., St. Charles. Ewald & Gehrls, Automobiles, Saginaw. Farmers Fxchange Bank, General Banking, Chesaning. Fawcett, H. J., Farmer, S. 16, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Fosters. Mr. Fawcett was born in 1877 and his father in 1850. Fechter, Ed J., Hardware, Tinning, Plumbing and Heating, Frankenmuth. Fechter, John M., Farmer and Blacksmith, 6. 9, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Fedewa, Ed, Farmer, S. 13, T. Brady, P. 0. Chesaning. 1912. Feige, Henry & Son, Dealers in Furniture, Saginaw. Feinauer, Leonard, Carpenter and Farmer, S. 12, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. 1914. Felker, Mrs. L. G., Farming, S. 19, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1901. Ferguson, C. W., Farmer, 6. 13, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1882. Ferguson _& Wallace, Insurance, Saginaw. Ferrell, A. T., Manufacturing, Saginaw. Fettig, Charles, Carriage Works, Saginaw. Feurhelm, Karl, Farmer, S. 5, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1882. Fickies, Roy F., Dair)man and Breeder of Pure Bred Berkshires, S. 1, T. Brady, P. 0. Chesaning. 1887. Fink, Erijest, Farmer, S. 35, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Gera. Fink, Fred. Farmer, S. 27, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. Finn, Burt L., Farmer,. S. 1, T. Brady, P. 0. Chesaning. Mr. Finn was born in 1889. Fischer, August, Farmer, S. 28, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1891. Fischer, Herman, Farmer, S. 15, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1887. Fischer, John E., Farmer, S. 16, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Fischer, Otto J., Farmer, S. 8, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Saginaw. Fisher, Darwin, Proprietor Hannadale Stock Farm, Breeder of Registered Dnroc Hogs, Holstein Cattle and Rhode Island Red Chickens, S. 15, T. Jonesfield, P. O. Merrill. Fisher, John, Foreman in Elevator, Birch Run. Mr. Fisher was born in Taymouth Township in 1868. Fitch, W.J., Farmer, S. 16, T. Taymouth, P. O. Burt. Mr. Fitch was born in 1869. Fleming, John, Farmer, S. 11, T. Jonesfield, P. O. Merrill. 1871... Flenlinger, Peter, Farnmer, S. 35, T. Buena Vista, P. O. Saginaw. Foote, Chas. G.? Farmer, S. 27, T. Tittabawassee, P. O. Freeland. Mr. Foote was born in Saginaw County in 1876. Ford, C. B., Farmer, S. 5, T. Brant, P. O. Brant. 1900. Fordney, J. W,, Timber Lands, Saginaw, W. S. Forrest, Charles B, Farmer, S. 22, T. Taymouttn, P. O. Birch Run. 1867. Foster, C. G., Farmer, S. 6, T. Taymouth, P. O. Fosters. Mr. Foster. was born in 3859. Fowler, C. H., Farmer, S. 10, T. Chapin, P. O. Elsie. 1893. Fox, Calvin E., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 27, T. Chesaning, P. O. Chesaning. 1907. Fox, Henry, Farmer, S. 17, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. 1874. Fox, Walter H., Farmer, S. 8, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. Mr. Fox was born in 1886. Francetic, Louis, Farmer, S. 4, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1907. Frahm, Ernest, Farmer, S. 36, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Gera. Frahm, Frank, Farmer, S. 1, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Gera. Frahm, Richard, Farmer, S. 36, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Gera. Frank, Henry, Farmer, S. 14, T. Frankenmuth, P. O. Frankenmuth. Frank, John, Manufacturer and Dealer in Doors, Sash, Frames, Mouldings, etc., Frankenmuth. Frank, Mathew, Farmer, S. 14, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Frankenmuth State Bank, General Banking, Frankenmuth. Frankenmuth, Township of, Frankenmuth. Frankenmuth Woolen Mill Co., Manufacturers of Yarns, Hosiery, etc., Frankenmuth. Fraser, Alex,.Farmer, S. 4, T. Thomas, P. O. Freeland. 1855. Frasier, James, Farmer, S. 23, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. 1885. Frazee, W. & Sons, Undertakers, Saginaw. Freatl, George, Farmer, S. 8, T. Maple Grove, P. 0. Chesaning. 1873. Fredenberg, Wm., & Son, -Farmers, S. 22, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1855 and 1894. Freeland Elevator Co., Elevator, Freeland. 1911. Friedrich, Frank, Farmer, S. 26, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1890. Frost, Frances, Farmer, S. 23, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Fry, Jessie, Farmer and Township Clerk, S. 1, T. Albee, P. 0. Burt. 1906. Furstenberg Bros., Lumber Dealers, Saginaw. Gaertner, Andrew, Farmer, S. 4, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1891. Gaffney Granite Co., Marble Works, Saginaw. Gagnon, Napoleon, Farmer, S. 23, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Fosters. 1879. Gagnon, Stephen, Farmer, S. 27, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt.. 1880. Galsterer, John G., Framer and President Frankenmuth Cheese Manufacturing Co., S. 22, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Garber-Buick Co., Automobiles, Saginaw. Gath, Louies A., Farmer, S. 3, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1889. Gath, W. F., Farmer, S. 2, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1889. Genesee Coal. Co., Wholesale and Retail Coal, Wood, etc., Saginaw. George, C. R., Farmer, S. 35, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. 1908. Germain, Edward, Estate of, Manufacturer of Lumber and Mill Work, Saginaw. Germain Manufacturing Co., Piano Parts, Saginaw. German American State Bank, The, General Banking, Saginaw, Getty. Robert, Farmer, S. 13, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Fosters. 1880. Geyer, Geo., Farmer, S. 11, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Gera. Geyer Bros., Brewery, Frankenmuth. Geyer, John G,, Retired, Frankenmuth. Gibson, H. K., Harness Shop and Repairs, Chapin. 1877. Gillion, Louis, Farmer, S. 23, T. Brant. P. 0. St. Charles. 1899. Gillis, James P., Farmer, S. 17, T. Chapin, P. 0. Bannister. 1887. Gimm, Fred, Farmer, S. 26, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1889. Gimm, John, Farmer, S. 27, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1889. Gindregske, Con., Farmer, S. 24, T. Thomas, P. 0. Saginaw. 1875. Gleason, Hiram, Farmer, S. 4, T. Chapin, P. 0. Brant. - 1892. Godard, Frank B., Buffet, Saginaw. 'Godfrey, N., Farmer, S. 2, T. James, P. 0. Swan Creek. Goes, August & Bro., Dealers in Farm Implements, Saginaw. Goetz. Henry, Hotel, Frankenmuth. Goetzinger, Fred, Stock Dealer, Frankenmuth. Goetzinger, Louis, Butcher, Frankenmuth. Gollin, Otto, Contractor and Builder, S. 25, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Munger. Goodfellow, Nelson, Farmer, S. 1, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. 1880. Gorman, D. P., Dealer in Hardware, Paints, Oils and Glass, Merrill. Established 1909. Goschka, Frank, Varmer, S. 11, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1890. Goschka, Mac, Farmer, S. 2, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1907. Goschka, W. M., Farmer, S. 14, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1892. Gosen, Fred, Farmer and Township Supervisor, S. T. Kochville, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Grabowske, Anthony, Farmer, S. 27, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. Mr. Grabowske was born in Saginaw County in 1884. Gramlich, George M., Proprietor Center House, Bridgeport. Grandjean, Wm., Farmer, S. 22, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. Grant, J. W., Jeweler, Saginaw. Gray, Donald, Farmer, S. 35, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1908. Gray, J. B., Farmer, S. 2, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. 1897. Gray, Semi, Farmer, S. 26, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1894. Green Bros., Dealers in General Merchandise, Burt. Green, L. A., (Green Bros.) General Merchandise, Burt. Mr. Green was born in 1879. Greenfelder, F. A., Cashier Chesaning State Bank, Chesaning. Griffin, H. L., Real Estate, Saginaw. Griffin, M. A., Farmer and justice of the Peace, S. 16, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Bridgeport. Griffus, M. L., Farmer, S. 4, T. Brady, P. 0. Chesaning. Mr. Griffus was born in 1872. Grimley, Geo. F., St. Charles. 1854. Grohmann, Kilian, Evergreen Gardener, S. 6, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Saginaw. Grohman, The Florist, Saginaw. Groll, Andrew, Farmer, S. 36, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Gross. Frank J., Farmer, S. 11, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. 1910. Grueber, A fre, Farmer and Breeder Cf Reg stered Poland China Hogs, S. 17, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Franke muth. Gugel, B, Funeral Director, Caskets, Sagina. v. Gugel, Christian, Farmer, S. 28, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Mr. Gugel has served as Township Supervisor. Gugel Brothers, Dealers in General Merchandise, Frankenmuth. Guldenzoph, C F., Breeder of High Grade Holstein Cattle, S. 14, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Gute, George, Buffet, Saginaw. Haack, Win. Farmer, S 24, T. Blum'eld, P. O. Reese. Habke, F'red J., G neral Blacksmithing, Frankenmutch. Hackett, W. B., Breeder of Registered Holstein Cattle, S. 1, T. Saginaw, S. 36, T. Tittabawassee, P. O. Saginaw, W. S. Hadsall, W. R., Township Clerk, Barber Shop and Billiard Parlor, Birch Run. Hagerl, Mike, Farmer, S. 14, T. Thomas, P. O.,Swan Creek. 1892. Hagerman, John, Farmer, S. 24. T. Lakefield,.P. 0. Merrill. 1902. Haines Electric Co., Electrical Supplies, Saginaw. Hall, Grin, Farmer, S. 13, T. Brant, P. O. St. Charles. 1900. Halt, Perry, Farmer, S. 26, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1897. Hammel, Christ, Groceries and Provisions, Saginaw. Hanchett, Benton, Lawyer, Saginaw. Hare, Geo., Farmer, S.'29, T. Swan Creek, P. O. St. Charles. 1885. Harff, Henry, Farmer, S. 24, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1880. Harms, Herman, Breeder of Registered Jersey Cattle, S. 23, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. Harris, Frank W., Druggist, Birch Run. 1910. Harris, Mary PC., Farming, S. 18, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1883. Hart, Wmi. J, Proprietor Pacific Hotel, Saginaw. Hart, Wm. & Son, Blumfield Stock Farm, Breeders of No. 1 Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens, Berkshire Hogs, Holstein Friesian Cattle, Fast and Draft Horses, S. 6, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. Hartwick, Scot, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 22, T. Chapin, P. 0. Bannister. Mr. Hartwick was born in 1891. Haspel, Echart, Farmer, S. 12, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1885. Hasse, W. E., Farmer, S. 17. T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. 1855. Hastings, T., Retired Farmer, S. 6, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Fosters. 1866. Hath, Horace B., Falmer, S. 25, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1900. Hath,. J B., Farmer, S. 36, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1900. Hauman, John, Farmer, S. 8, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1888. Ha sbeck, Anton, Farmer, S. 23, T. Buena Vista, P..0. Saginaw. Hausbeck, John, Farmer, S. 26, T. Buena Vista,'P. 0. Saginaw. Hausbeck, Jos., Farmer, S. 25, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Hawley, F. R., Farmer, S. 2, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1884. Healy, Edward, Farmer, S. 5, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Bridgeport. Mr. Healy was born in 1885. Heavenrich's, Clothing, Furnishing Goods, etc., Saginaw. Hecht, Conrad, Proprietor Oak Lawn Stock Farm, Breeder of HolsteinFriesian Cattle, S. 14, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Heginbottom, S. H. & Sons, Garage and Machine Shop, Saginaw. Hegler, E. L., Farmer, S. 10, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Hegler was born in Ontario, Canada, in 1862 and settled in Saginaw County in 1882. Hegler, Wilfred, Farmer, S. 20, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. 1899. Heidenberger, A. G., General Store, S. 32, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. Heidger & Nagel, Dealers in Wines and Liquors, Saginaw, W. S. Heinemann, H., Proprietor St. Charles Hotel and Cafe, St. Charles. Heinz, H. J., Co., Food Products, Saginaw.., Heinzmann, Fred, Farmer and Gardener, S. 26, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Held, George, Farmer, S. 24, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Bridgeport. Hemmeter, William F., Farmer, S. 21, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw. Henning, Chas. W. & Sons, Sausage Factory, Saginaw. Herbers, Tony, Farmer, S. 4, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. 1893. Herbers, Will, Farmer, S. 5, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. 1893. Herpel, John C., Land Owner, 621 Owen St., Saginaw. Herzog Art Furniture Co., Manufacturers of Art Furniture, Saginaw, W. S.

Page  83 PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY. 83 flerzog, John S., Farmer, S. 4, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1873. Mr. Herzog was born in Germany. Hess, Joseph, Proprietor Hotel Central, Gera.. Ietzner, Conrad, Farmer, S. 25, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Hetzner, Henry, Farmer, S. 26, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Mickey, James L., Livery and Boarding Stables, Saginaw. jHicks, George J., Proprietor Hick's Guernsey Farm, S. 30, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Hicks, Ryerson, Farmer, S. 31, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1872. H-ilbrandt, John, Grocer and Cigar Manufacturer, Frankenmuth.. jildebrant, Edger, Farmer, S. 18, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Hildebrant was born in 1871 and settled in Saginaw County in 1911. Hildner, George, Farmer, S. 17, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Hill, E. -. & Son, Farmers, S. 19, T. Albee, P. 0. St. Charles. 1890. H.ill, Win. B., Farmer, S. 26, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Gera. Hintz, Wmn. F., Farmer, S. 15, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1882. -isey, Dr. D., Veterinary Surgeon, Saginaw, W. S..Hoag, Alex, Farmer, S. 29, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Butt. 1877. Hobson & Co., Stone and Granite Works, Saginaw. Hodges, Albert, Farmer, S. 11, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1886. H-odges, Oren, Farmer, S. 3, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1887. '.Hoerauf, Adam, Farmer, S. 34, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. jioernlein, Edw., Farmer and Town Treasurer, S. 9, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. _Hoffman, J. B., Farmer and Supervisor, S. 36, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1893..goffman, Michael, Farmer and Township Clerk, S. 21, T. Thomas, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Hoffman was born in Saginaw County in 1885.,Iofman, Karl, Teacher, Church School, S. 29, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Hohn, F. J., Drug Store, Physician and Surgeon, Frankenmuth. -Holden, W. H., Farmer, S. 34, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. 1873..H-olland, Robert T., Attorney at Law, naginaw. Hoist, W. D., Real Estate, Saginaw. Hoover, Ezra, Farmer, S. 12, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1911. Hoskins, Chas., Highway Commissioner, S. 11, Tf. Maple Grove, P. 0. Burt. Mr. Hoskins was born in 1878..Hotel Central, Schmitzer Bros., Proprietors, Chesaning..Hotel Schuch, J. P. Schuch, Manager, Saginaw, W. S. MHotel Vincent, W. H. Aubrey & Co., Operators.House, Nicholas, Farmer, S. 14, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. Mr. House was born in Saginaw in 1884. House, Wilson, Farmer, S. 15, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1876. Mr. House has served as Township Clerk. ilousner, W'm. F., Farnmer and Township Treasurer, S. 8, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Saginaw..Hubbard, Emerson, Farmer, S. 6, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Bridgeport. 1885..Hubbell Auto Sales Co., Automobiles, Saginaw. Huber, George S., Farmer, S. 36, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Huber, Michael, Farmer, S. 31, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. -Huber, Wm. H., Mlail Carrier, 127 South 7th St., Saginaw..Hubinger Bros., General Merchants, Frankenmuth...Hubinger, Gottfried J., General Store, Frankenmuth. H-ubinger, John G., Farmer, S. 23, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth..Hubinger, Louis B., Dealer in General Merchandise, Birch Run. Mr. Hubinger was born in 1883. Humpert, Charlie, Farmer, S. 14, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. -Humpert, F. B., Farmer, S. 12, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Fosters. 1885. Humphrey, Grant and Humphrey, Attorneys at Law, Saginaw. Hunsberger, Geo. E., Farmer, S. 3, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Saginaw. Hundshamer, Chas. F., Well Driller and Farmer, S. 19, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1901. Hunt, F. B. & Co., Merchants, Burt. 1881. Hunt, Dr. M. P., Veterinary Surgeon, Frankenmuth. -Hunter, D. M., Business Property and Lands,- Saginaw. Hunter, Robert, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 25, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley, 1866. Hunter, Theo., Dealer and General Merchandise, S. 11, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. 1904..Hutfilz, Carl, Farmer, S. 12, T. Jonesfield, P. 0. Merrill. 1893. International Harvester Co., Harvesters, Saginaw. Irwin E W., Proprietor Oak Grove Stock Farm, Breeder of HolsteinFriesian Cattle and 0. I. C. Hogs, S. 23, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Ische & Ingalls, Editors and Publishers of The Monitor, Chesaning. Ivey, Hugh, Farmer, S. 33, T. Albee, P. 0. Burt. 1890. Jaenicke, Carl, General Store, S. 2, T. BuenaVista, P. 0. Saginaw. Janson, Mathias, Farmer and Manager Frankentrost Creamery, S. 32, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. Jerome, Geo. W., Farmer, S. 25, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Bridgeport. Jerome, J. H., Real Estate, Saginaw. Jessop, H. B., Farmer, S. 35, T. Albee, P. 0. Burt. 1911. Jocken, Ernst, Lumberman, 1015 Emerson St., Saginaw. 1875. Johnson Bros., Dairymen and Farmers, S. 7, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Johnson, A. W., Farmer, S. 20, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. 1909. Johnson, Cyrus A. & Son, Farmers and Stockraisers, S. 14, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. 1900. Johnson, Fred, Farmer, S. 30, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. Mr. Johnson was born in 1870. Johnson, Fred J., Farmer, S. 24, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Johnson, Wm. D., Furniture and Undertaking, Freeland. 1895. Mr. Johnson has served as Township Clerk of Tittabawassee Township for several years. Johnston, Geo., Farmer, S. 36, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Birch Run. Jones, Merritt, Farmer, S. 24, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1871. Jordan, Anton, Farmer. S. 18, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Judd, W. A., Farmer and Dealer in Dry Goods and Groceries, S. 12, T. Taymouth, Blackmar, P. 0. Fosters. 1883. Jungnitsch, Reinhold, Farmer, S. 6, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1888. Jungnitsch, William, Farmer, S. 6, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1886. Jurgens, August, Farmer, S. 20, T. Swan Creek, P. 0.,St. Charles. 1884. Kaiser & Rachuth, Plumbing and Heating, Saginaw, W. S. Kanzig, Andrew, Farmer, S. 8, T. St. Charles, P. 0. St. Charles. Karp, John G., Farmer, S. 32, T. Kochville, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Keefe, Thos., Farmer, S. 19, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1888. R.eeth, W. H., Proprietor Keeth Apartments, 605 Court St., Saginaw, W. S. Keinath, Otto, Farmer, S. 2, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Keinath was born in 1888. Keinrath, Conrad, Proprietor Pleasant View Stock Farm, Breeder of Holstein-Friesian Cattle, S. 13, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. IReinrath, Herman, Farmer, S. 13, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Keinrath, John, Proprietor Star Stock Farm, Breeder of Holstein-Friesian Cattle, S. 14, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. SCendrick, R. R., Attorney at Law, Saginaw. Kenney, John H., Farmer, S. 35, T. Albee, P. 0. Burt. 1883. Kennicott, A. L., Farmer, S. 3, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. Mr. Kennicott was born in 1860. Kent, F. L., Farmer, S. 25, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1870. Kern & Bushaw, Dealers in General Merchandise, Reese. Kerr, Chas. H., Farmer, S. 2, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Kerr, James, Farmer and Township Supervisor, S. 26, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Birch Run. 1871. Kerr, John, Farmer and Coal Prospector, S. 8, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. 1898. Kerry & Way, Wholesale and Retail Lumber, Saginaw, W. S. Kersten, Edwin, Insurance and Real Estate, Saginaw, W. S. Kersten, Julius, Dealer in Wines and Liquors, Saginaw. Keyes, W. H., Farmer and Stock Feeder, S. 26, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. Mr. Keyes was born in 1861. Kienitz, Otto, Farmer, S. 13, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1895. Kindel, Charlie, Farmer, S. 10, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. 1888. Kirby, Julius B., Lawyer, Saginaw. Kirchner, W. J., Farmer, S. 15, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Kirchner was born in Saginaw County in 1883. Kissane, John, Farmer, S. 21, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1871. Kittle, Walter C., Farmer, S. 4, T. Brady, P. 0. Chesaning. 1896. Kleinfeld, F. F., Lawyer, Saginaw. Knaack, Ernest, Farmer, Zilwaukee, P. 0. Saginaw. Knieling, Daniel, Farmer, S. 12, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Knieling was born in Germany in 1868 and came to Saginaw County in 1870. Knippel, Wm., Proprietor Banner Sample Room, Saginaw. Knoblock, E. H., Farmer, S. 35, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Gera. Mr. Knoblock has served as Road Commissioner. Knoerr, George, Farmer, S. 21, T. Kochville, P. 0. Freeland. Knoerr, J. M., Farmer, S. 20, T. Kochville, P. 0. Freeland. Knoll, Geo., Farmer, S: 19, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Knoll, L., Farmer, S. 24, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Saginaw. Knoll, Paul A., Farmer, S. 20,:T. Frankenmuth, P, 0. Frankenmuth. Knoll, Stephan, Farmer, S. 24, T. Bridgeport, P. C. Saginaw. Knoll, Stephan, Jr., Farmer, S. 23, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0, Frankenmuth. Koch, Jacob, Farmer, S. 27, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1902. Koepke, S. G., Insurance, Saginaw. Kolschowsky, 0. H., Farmer and Township Clerk, S. 17, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. 1879. Kostorf, Charles, Jr., Farmer, S. 5, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Koyne, E. B., Farmer and Threshing Machine Operator, S. 28, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. Mr. Koyne was born in 1852. Krabbe, Alvin, Farmer, S. 36, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Kraenzlein, Herman, Blacksmith, S. 2, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Gera. Krantz, A. C., Farmer, S. 17, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1883. Krapohl, Delina, Farmer, S. 18, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1885. Krause & Petrie, Farmers, S. 9, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Saginaw. Krauseneck, Henry, Farmer, S. 16, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. Krebs, Walter 0., Farmer, S. 9, T. Blumfield, 914 Lapeer, St. Saginaw. Kremer, John, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 13, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. Mr. Kremer was born in 1890. Kremer, Theo. H., Farmer and Dairyman, S. 28, T. Chapin, P. 0. Bannister. Mr. Kremer was born in 1877. Kretz, Benno, Farmer, S. 3. T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1890. Krick, Ernest, Farmer, S. 12, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. Krieger, Julius, Farmer, S. 23, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. Krogmann, H. G., Dealer in Sporting Goods, Saginaw, W. S. Krome, Geo. W., Real Estate and Insurance, Chesaning. Krull, Bert, Farmer, S. 26, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Krull was born in 1880. Kuchar, Joseph, Farmer, S. 26, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1911. Kuck, Willie, Farmer, S. 10, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Kuck was born in 1880 Kunz, A. B., Dealer in General Merchandise, S. 15, T. Blumnfield, Arthur, P. 0. Reese. Kusba, Michael, Town Treasurer, S. 17, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Kutcher, Joseph, Farmer, S. 24, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. Kutsch, Otto, Jr., Farmer, S. 36, T. Thomas, P. O. Saginaw. Mr. Kutsch was born in Saginaw County in 1894. Labadie, Fred J., Farmer, S. 23, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Munger. LaBrake, Clarence, Farmer, S. 17, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr.. LaBrake was born in Saginaw County in 1873. LaBrake, Lewis, Farmer, S. 17, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1872. Lacker, Henry, Farmer, S. 25, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1882. Lackie, Mrs. C. B., Farming, S. 9, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1909. Lackie, William, Farmer, S. 10, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1875. LaGrow, Ben, Farmer, S. 7, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1898. Lambert, Mike, Farmer, S. 18, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. 1909. Lameroux, WV. B., Farmer, S. 8, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1879. Lammermann, Henry, Farmer, S. 35, T. BuenAVista, P. 0. Saginaw. Landskroener, Henry, Farmer, S. 25, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Gera. Larkin, A. W., Farmer, S. 34, T. Albee, P. 0. Burt. 1884. Larkins, J. E., Farmer and Dairyman, S. 32, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1883. Lamrner, Clayton, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 24, T. St. Charles, P. 0. St. Charles. Mr. Lamrner was born in Saginaw County in 1882. Laundra, Frank, Farmer. S. 33, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Laur, D. L., Hay, Grain and Beans, Saginaw. Laur, Elevator, The, A. B. Laur, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Hay, Straw, Feed and Beans, Freeland. 1913. Laurenz, Arthur, Farmer, S. 30, T. Rickland, P. 0. Merrill. Mr. Laurenz was born in Saginaw County in 1885. Leach, Jonn, Farmer, S. 8, T. Taymouth, P 0. Fosters. 1863. Leach, John A., Farmier, S. 22, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Leach was born in 1889. Leach, Joseph, Farmer, S. 8, T. Taymouth,I P. 0. Fosters. Mr. Leach was born. in 1863. Leaman, Sam H., Farmer, S. 10, T. Thomas, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Leaman was born in Saginaw County in 1885. Leasia, Frank, Farmer, S. 15, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Leasia was born in 1838. Lee, Will, Farmer, S. 26, T. Chapin, P. 0 Elsie. Mr. Lee was born in 1880. Lehman, Abraham, Farmer, S. 22, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1887. Leidlein, Fred, Farmer, S. 8, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Saginaw. Mr. Leidlien has served as Township Supervisor. Leidlein & Steele, Contractors, Saginaw. Leitow, F., Farmer, S. 29, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Leitow, John, Farmer, S. 28, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Lerczak, Casimir, Dealer in Groceries, Provisions and Liquors, Carrollton. Lester, Edwin, Farmer, S. 15, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Lester was born in England in 1870 and came to Saginaw County in 1875. Letts Auto & Taxi Co., The, Arthur H. Letts, Manager, Auto and Taxi Service, Saginaw. Lewis, W. A., Farmer, S, 28, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Lewis was born in Saginaw County in 1859. He has served as Supervisor and Treasurer of Tittabawassee Township. Ley, John J., Farmer and Stock Feeder, S. 24, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1910. Liebknecht, Louis J., Farmer, S. 12, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. Liebknecht, Wm., Farmer, S. 13, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. Lienau, Herman C., Farmer, S. 14, T. St. Charles, P. 0. St. Charles. Likam, Chas. F., Farmer, S. 30, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1885. Link, C. F., Dealer in Hardware, Frankenmuth. Linton, W. S., Postmaster and President Chamber of Commerce, Saginaw. Liskow, Carl, Farmer, S. 22, T. Thomas, P. 0. Swan Creek. Mr. Liskow was born in Saginaw County in 1883. List, John M., Township Clerk, Frankenmuth. John M. List was born June 27, 1844, at Rostall, Province Bavaria, Germany. He came to this country with his parents, Johann A. and Margaretha List, who were the second colonists from that place, in the year 1846, and settled at Frankenmuth, Mich. He attended school at this place from his seventh to fourteenth year. After his confirmation he learned the carpenter trade from his father and worked at this trade until a few years ago. He was married to Anna Maria Schlein Sept. 18, 1870. From this marriage there are eleven children, five boys and six girls. The oldest son is school teacher at Frankenmuth, Mich. One son is cashier of the Yorktown Savings Bank, Yorktown, Iowa. Mr. List was elected township clerk in 1874 and has held this office ever since. List, M. John, Carpenter and Contractor, Frankenmuth. Littlejohn, Fred, Farmer and Threshing Machine Operator, S. 11, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Bridgeport. Lockwood & Barnard, Bankers, Saginaw. Loder Brothers, Farmers, S. 5, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Loeblein, John, Farmer and Health Officer, S. 1, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw. Loesel, Conrad, Farmer, S. 9, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Loesel, Wm. G., Farmer, S. 22, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Logan, Peter, Farmer, S. 7, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1891. Lonsberry, J. J., Farmer, S. 19, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1877. Lonsway, P. and Son,' S. 8, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1865. 1890. Loodridge, C., Farmer, S. 27, T. Brant, P. 0. Chesaning. Mr. Loodridge was born in 1877. Loomis, Mrs A., Farming, S. 19, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1883. Lotridge, Sampson, Farmer, S. 30, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Lotter, John, Farmer, S. 29, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Loyd, C. D., Farmer, S. 2, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. Mr. Loyd was born in Ohio in 1882 and settled in Saginaw County in 1902. Loynes, C. M., Farmer and Supervisor of Chdpin Township, S. 35, T. Chapin, P. 0. Chapin. 1899. Lucas, John.F. & Co., Ice Dealers, Saginaw. Lufkin Rule Co., The, Fred Buck, President, Manufacturer Tapes and. Rules, Saginaw. Luneburg, Frank, Farmer, S. 35, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. Luneburg, John, Grain Merchant, Gera. Lupcke, Win. A., Farmer, S. 25, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Lupcke, W. C., Farmer, S. 24, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Lupton, Wm. J., Dealer in Wines, Liquors and Cigars, Zilwaukee, P. 0. Saginaw. Luttenbacher, Geo., Farmer, S. 16, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. 1875. Lutzke, August M., Sexton Oakwood Cemetery, S. 30, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Lyle, R. C., Physician, Bridgeport. Lyle, Wm., Farmer, S. 21, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Bridgeport. Lynch, Thomas J., Real Estate, Internal Revenue Collector, Saginaw. Lytle, Freeman, Farmer, S. 24, T. Brant, P. 0. Chesaning. Mr. Lytle was born in 1880. McArthur, John, Farmer, S. 19. T. Albee, P. 0. St. Charles. 1886. McBratnie, J. A., Farmer, S. 32, T. Thomas, P. 0. Swan Creek. Mr. McBratnie was born in Saginaw County in 1858. McClure Co., The, Chas. W. McClure, President, Silos, Saginaw. McCormick, Hugh, Farmer, S. 15, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Fosters. 1862. McCormick, John, Farmer, S. 13, T. Albee, P. 0. Burt. Mr. McCormick was born in 1878. McCrory, Dr. H. B., Physician, Birch Run. Dr. McCrory was born in 1885. McCrory, Vern, Horse and Auto Livery, St. Charles. McDonagh, T. B., Farmer, S. 30, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1868. McDonald, C. A., Farmer, S. 34, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Montrose. 1862. McDonald, James E., Justice of the Peace, S. 17, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw.. McFall, B. A., Farmer, S. 5, T. Brady, P. 0. Chesaning. Mr. McFall was born in 1872. McFall, W. E., Farmer. S. 3, T. Chapin, P. 0. Brant. Mr. McFall was born in 1884. McGregor, William P., Dealer in General Merchandise, Birch Run. Mr. McGregor was born in 1869. McIntosh, Peter, Farmer, S. 28, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. Mr. McIntosh was born in 1885. McIntosh, Walter, Farmer, S. 28, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1882. McKeighan, D. W., Hardware, Miners' Supplies, Stoves, Ranges and Farm Machinery, St. Charles. 1898. McKellar, Neil, Farmer, S. 2, T. Tittabawasse, P. 0. Freeland. 1865. McLackie, A., Farmer, S. 33, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. McLaughlin, J., Farmer, S. 15, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. 1913. McLean, D. W., Farmer, S. 25, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. McLean was born in Saginaw County in 1880. McLean, H. M., Farmer, S. 24, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freelaud. Mr. McLean was born in Saginaw County in 1875. McLellan, Dan, Farmer, S. 32, T. Fremont, P. 0. Brant. Mr. McLellan was born in Saginaw County in 1890. McLeod, Daniel H., Farmer, S. 14, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1893. McLeod, Wilson B., Publisher "The Hemlock News," Hemlock. 1906. McLure, T. H., Farmer, S. 17, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1880. McNalley, J. C., Mail Carrier and Farmer, S. 5, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Fosters. Mr. McNalley was born in 1867. McNally, L. F., Drugs, Burt. Mr. McNally was born in 1893. Madden, Martin, Hotel and Livery, Merrill. Mr. Madden was born in Saginaw County in 1864. Magnetic Spring Water Co., Magnetic Mineral Water, Saginaw. Magnus, Ernest, Farmer, S. 35, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Magnus was born in 1885. Magnus, Mrs. John, Farming, S. 26, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1878. Mahoney, Daniel, Farmer, S. 27, T. St. Charles, P. 0. St. Charles. Mr. Mahoney was born in Saginaw County. Malzahn, Chas. W., Real Estate, Saginaw, W. S. Mandel, Charles, Farmer, S. 34, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. 1883. Mannin, Walter, Farmer and Town Clerk, S. 9, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Markhart, D. 0., Farmer, S. 9, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. Marxer Bros., Buffet, Saginaw. Massecar, E. H., Farmer, S. 22, T. Jonesfield, P. 0. Merrill. 1886. Massey, John W., Farmer, S. 10, T. Maple Grove, P. 0. Burt. 1868. Mathews, Mary E., Farming, S. 26, T1. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1881. Matthews, H. B., Farmer, S. 35, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1870. Maturen, Alfred, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 7, T. St. Charles, P. 0. St. Charles. Mr. Maturan was born in Saginaw. Maturen, D., Farmer, S. 1, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. Mr. Maturen was born in New York in 1850 and came to Saginaw County in 1852. Matzke, Christ A., Farmer, S. 15, T. Thomas, P. 0. Swan Creek. Mr. Matzke was born in Saginaw County in 1877. Matzke, Otto, Farmer, S. 8, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1875. Maurer, "Geo. M., Proprietor Homestead Stock Farm, Breeder of Holstein* FriesianACattle, S. 13, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth.

Page  84 A l""l 84 PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY. Mayer, E. A., Pastor St. Lorenz Church, S. 27, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Mayer, Ludvik, Farmer, S. 27, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. Mr. Mayer was born in Saginaw County in 1872. Mead, Mrs. Geo. D., Farming, S. 2, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. 1880. Meatzke, Henry, Farmer, S. 31, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Bridgeport. Meeks, Chas., Dealer in Wines'and Liquors, Saginaw. Merrill Elevator Co., P. L. Perkins, Manager and Treasurer, Grain Dealers, Beans, Hard and Soft Coal, Merrill. Established 1894. Incorporated 1910. Merrill & Kren, Plumbing, Saginaw. Mershon, E. C., (Wui. B. Mershon & Co.) Band Sawing Machinery, Saginaw. Mershon, Eddy, Parker Co., Lumber and Mill Work, Saginaw. Merz, Henry, Farmer, S. 34, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1894. Metzger, John, Farmer, S. 19, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Meyer, G. M., Dealer in Wines, Liquors and Cigars, Saginaw, W. S. Meyer, Henry F., Auctioneer, S. 14, T. Thomas, P. 0. Swan Creek. Mr. Meyer was born in Saginaw County in 1874. Meyer, Julius, Farmer, S. 2, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1893. Michigan Loan Co., Peter McGovern, Loans and Real Estate, Saginaw. Michigan State Telephone Co., Saginaw. Michigan Sugar Co., Manufacturers of Sugar, Saginaw. Mickles, D., Proprietor Hotel Clifford, Oakley. Mr. Mickles was born in 1853. Mickles, Philip, Insurance Agent, S. 31, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. Mr. Mickles was born in 1850. Milks, J. E., Farmer, S. 12, T. Albee, P. 0. Burt. 1854. Miller, A., Farmer, S. 33, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1891. Miller, C. J., Farmer, S. 13, T. Fremont, P. 0. Hemlock. 1890. Miller, H. W. H., Farmer, S. 21, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1884. Miller, George, Farmer, S. 7, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. Mr. Miller was born in 1884. Miller, Louis, Farmer, S. 12, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Miller, S. D. and D. D., Farmers and Stockraisers, S. 9, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1865. Miller, Win., Farmer, S. 19, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. 1895. Miller, Willis, Editor of Argus, Job Printing a Specialty, Chesaning. Miner, S., Farmer, S. 29, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1892. Mitchell, Albert F., Farmer, S. 10, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Saginaw Mitts & Merrill, Manufacturers of Castings and Machinery, Saginaw. Moeller, Jas., Farmer, S. 29, T. Brant, P. 0. Chesaning. 1911. Mole, Henry, Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 23, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. 1880. Moll, F. C., Farmer, S. 30, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. Moore, Harry J., Farmer, S. 19, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. 1884. Moore, Judson, Farmer, S. 28. T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1863. Moore, J. C., Farmer, S. 34, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Montrose. 1862. Morbitzer, E. D., Farmer, S. 34, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1889. Morgan, J. P., Proprietor Beach Grove Fruit Farm, S. 28, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw. Morley Brothers, Wholesale and Retail Hardware, Saginaw. Morningstar, S. E., Farmer, S. 24, T. Thomas, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1882. Morris, A. J., Freeland Star, Newspaper, Job Printer, Freeland. 1909. Morse, Jas. W., Jr., Banker, Burt. 1886. Morse, Mabel, Morse Sisters, Farming, S. 31, T. Birch Run, P. 0.- Birch Run. 1883. Morse, Sam R., Horse and Auto Livery, Birch Run. Mr. Morse was born in 1871. Moss, Joseph L., Real Estate, Saginaw. Most, George, J., Farmer, S. 33, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. Mowers, E. B., Shoe Repairing, Saginaw. Mueller, Conrad, Mason Contractor, Richville. Mueller, H. B., Architect, Saginaw. Mueller, John G,., Farmer, S. 21, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. Muhlfeld, Adam & Son, Farmers, S. 7, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Saginaw. Mumrow, Henry, Farmer, S. 35, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. 1872. Murphy, M., Farmer, S. 19, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Murphy was born in Canada in 1841 and settled in Saginaw County in 1888. Murphy, M. J., Farmer, S. 19, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Murphy was born in Canada in 1871 and came to Saginaw County in 1888. Murray. M. C., Dry Goods, Saginaw. Mutscheller Bros., Distributors of Maxwell Automobiles, Saginaw. Mvczkowiak, Anton, Farmer, S. 24, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Myers, Henry, Farmer, S. 35, T. Tittabawassee, P. Q. Saginaw. 1879. Naegele, John, Hotel, Frankenmuth. Naegely, Henry E., Attorney at Law, Saginaw. Nash, W. J,, Attorney at Law, St. Charles. Nason, Charles, Proprietor Maple Lawn Farm, S. 15, T. Chesaning, P. O. Chesaning. Mr. Nason was born in Saginaw County in 1882. National Brewing Co., Brewery, Saginaw. Nehmer, Julius F., Farmer, S. 4, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. Nehmer, Wm. F., Farmer and Supervisor, S. 4, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1885. Nerreter, L. G., Insurance, Saginaw. Nethaway, Melvin, Farmer, S. 1, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. 1898. Newberry, J. 0., Law and Real Estate, Saginaw. Newman, F. J., Farmer and Township Supervisor, S. 21, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1886. Newton, Frederick W., Lawyer, Saginaw. Nichols, Wm., Farmer, S. 29, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. 1871. Nickodemus, K. R. G., Real Estate, Saginaw. Nickodemus, Mary L., Real Estate, Saginaw. Nisonger, Jess, Farmer, S. 32, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Nohel, Frank, Jr., Farmer, S. 26, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1893. Northcott, James, Farmer, S. 10, T. Thomas, P. 0. Freeland. 1871. Novak, F. S., Dealer in Groceries, Wines and Liquors, Saginaw. Nuechterlein, Adolf, Tinning and Plumbing, Frankenmuth. Nuechterlein, Carl, Undertaker, Frankenmuth. Nuechterlein, Ernst, Farmer, S. 9, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Neuchterlein, F. G., Cashier Frankenmuth State Bank, Frankenmuth. Nuechterlein, John, & Son, Farmers, S. 20, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Nuechterlein, Otto, Farmer, S. 17, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Nuerminger, P., Farmer and Highway Commissioner, S. 28, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Oakland Vinegar & Pickle Co., Saginaw. O'Brien, Mike, Farmer, S. 7, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1896. Ocksenkehl, Theo., Farmer, S. 11, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. O'Day, James, Livery, Saginaw. Oldenburg, Carl W., Hotel, S. 12, T. James, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. O'Leary, Geo., Farmer, S. 16, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Bridgeport. O'Leary, John, Farmer, S. 29, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1892. Oliver, William, Farmer, S. 27, T. Richland, P. 0. Hemlock. 1877. Olmsted, J. M., Farmer, S. 23, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Olmsted was born in Saginaw County in 1863. Olney, Stephen, Farmer and Blacksmith, S. 2, T. Chapin, P. 0. Brant. 1872. Opitz, Wm., Farmer, S. 6, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. Ortner, Richard J., Dealer in General Merchandise, Frankenmuth. Osborn, Edward, Farmer, S. 35, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Vista. Otto, Fred, Farmer, Zilwaukee, P. 0. Saginaw. Otto, Henry, Farmer, S. 4, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1864. Otto, Herman C., Buffet, Saginaw, WV. S. Otto, John, Farmer, S. 11, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Otto was born in 1860. Otto, John C., Dealer in General Merchandise, Zilwaukee, Carrollton. Otto, William L., Farmer, Zilwaukee, Saginaw. Otto & Davis, Attorneys, Saginaw. Owosso Sugar Co., The Prairie Farm, Alicia. Palmer Bros., Farmers, S. 23, T. Brant, P. 0. Chesaning. Palmer, C. L, Farmer, S. 23, T. Brant, P. 0. Chesaning. Mr. Palmer was born in 1885. Palmreuter, Win., Farmer, S. 23, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Pape, Fred W., Farmer, S. 18, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Hemlock. 1880. Papineau, Andy, Farmer, S. 33, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Montrose. Mr. Papineau was born in 1884. Pardee, Peter, Cashier Bank of Reese; Ealy, Pardee & Co., Reese. Parker Dairy Co., Ice Cream and Dairy, Saginaw. Parlberg, Chas., Farmer, S. 11, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Parlberg was born in Germany in 1883 and came to Saginaw County in 1893. Partlow, Geo., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 23, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. 1891. Partlow, Walter S., Farmer and Township Treasurer, S. 23, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. 1891. Pasel, Christ, Farmer, S. 30, T. Thomas. P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. 1888. Passolt, Henry, Manufacturer of Soap, Saginaw. Patterson, E. H., Real Estate, Saginaw. Paxson Co., The, Hardware, Saginaw, WV. S. Peikert, Joseph, Farmer, S. 9, T. Swan Creek,.P. 0. Swan Creek. 1873. Pellett, Geo. J., Farmer, S. 29, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Bridgeport. Pengler, Christian, Farmer, S. 23, T. Albee, P. 0. Burt. 1881. Peoples Grain Co., R. A. Law, Manager, Elevator, Freeland. Incorporated 1912. Peoples Savings Bank, The, General Banking, Saginaw. Periard, Clement, Farmer, S. 18, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1879. Pesick, Frank, Furniture and Undertaking, Reese. Peter, James B., Attorney, Saginaw. Peters, Wm., Farmer, S. 21, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. 1887. Petre, Geo., Wholesale Beer, Saginaw. Petro, Joseff, Farmer, S. 8, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1910. Pharis, Leon, Photographer, Chesaning. Phipps, Penoyer & Co., Wholesale Grocers, Saginaw. Phoenix, Thomas, Proprietor Alfalfa Stock Stock Farm,-Breeder of Holstein-Friesian Cattle, S. 8, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Saginaw. Phoenix, Geo. & Son, Insurance, Saginaw. Pickelman, Leon, Farmer, S. 10, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1880. Pickelman, Mathias, Farmer, S. 11, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Pickelman was born in 1881. Pierce, A. W., Farmer, S. 29, T. Tittabawasee, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Pierce was born in Saginaw County in 1869. Pierce, John, Farmer, S. 19, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1856. Pillsbury, E. A., Physician, Surgeon and Druggist, Frankenmuth. Poag, James, Farmer, S. 12, T. Albee, P. 0. Burt. 1894. Poellet, Erhardt, Farmer, S. 4, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1853. Poellet, Henry, Farmer, S. 1, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Poellet was born in 1883. Poellet, Ludwig, Farmer, S. 1, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Ruu. Mr. Poellet was born in 1889. Pogels, John, Farmer, S. 23, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Pogels was born in 1879. Poma, Frank, Farmer, S. 15, T. St. Charles, P. 0. St. Charles. Popp & Wolf, Dealers in Hardware, etc'., Saginaw. Potvin, Philip, Farmer, S. 1, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1883. Price, Richard F., Farmer, S. 2, T. Albee, P. 0. Saginaw. Mr. Price was born in 1876. Prichard,-James, Farmer, S. 18, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. 1866. Princinsky, John, Farmer, S. 23, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. 1881. Prior, M. S., Farmer, S. 29, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. 1875. Quinn, Frank, Lawyer, Saginaw. Racine, Chas., Farmer, S. 27, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Racine was born in 1879. Radde, Henry, Farmer, S. 32, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. 1874. Raese, W. F. & Son, Cement Works, Saginaw. Ranzenberger, Geo., Notary Public, S. 28, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Rau Bros., Dealers in General Merchandise, Frankenmuth. Rauh, George, Farmer, S. 4, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Rauh was born in 1877. Rauh, John, Farmer, S. 3, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Rauh was born in 1872. Rauh Win., Farmer, S. 3, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Rauh was born in 1874. Rausch, Andrew, Farmer and Township Supervisor, S. 23, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1892. Redmond, M., Farmer, S. 34, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1899. Reed, Claude, Garage and Automobile Dealer, Birch Run. Mr. Reed was born in 1885. Reed, Elmer, Farmer, S. 32, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Reed was born in 1872. Reetz, Mrs. Nellie & Son, Farming, S. 25, T. Albee, P. 0. Burt. Reetz, Ed, Farmer, S. 25, T. Albee, P. 0. Burt. Mr. Reetz was born in 1888. Reichle, Henry. C., General Blacksmithing, Frankenmuth. Reichle, Leonard, Dealer in Inplements, Frankenmuth. Reif, Andrew, Farmer, S. 9, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. Reif, Andrew G., Cafe and Restaurant, S. 12, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. Reinbold, George, Jr., Farmer, S. 26, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. Reinbold, Phillip, Farmer and Cider Mill, S. 32, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. Reinig, Henry, Farmer, S. 29, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1865. Reinke, Aug. C., Farmer, S. 16, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Reitter, F. & C. Co., Printers and Publishers, Saginaw. Reitter, John, Farmer, S. 34, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Gera. Reitz, T. F., Funeral Director, Saginaw. Remer Bros., Coal and Lime, Saginaw. Reuther, T. A. Realty Co., Real Estate and Insurance, Saginaw. Rice, F. L., Real Estate, Saginaw. Rice, John W., Farmer, S. 16, T. St. Charles, P. 0. St. Charles. 1903. Richardson, Chas., Farmer, S. 4, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. 1901. Richardson, C. S., Proprietor "Gentle Slope" Farm, Breeder of Registered Jersey Cattle, S. 7, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. 1873. Richardson, E. Co., The, Pine Lands, Saginaw. Richland, Township of, John P. Graham, Clerk, Hemlock. Richter, L. J., Druggist, Saginaw, W. S.: Ricker, F., Farmer, S. 29, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Rieder, Chas. P., Real Estate, Saginaw. Riess, George J., Farmer, S. 34, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Riethmeier, J. G., Dealer in General Merchandise, Gera. Ring, W. L., Retired Lumberman, S. 13, T. Brant, Saginaw, W. S. Ripslinger Bros., Dealers in Coal and Wood, Saginaw. Ritter, Henry, Farmer, S. 28, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. Ritter, Herman, Farmer, S. 24, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Rittmaier, Fred, Farmer, S. 3, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mx; Rittmaier was born in 1880. Robbel, Ernest R., Cafe and Restaurant, S. 13, T. Blumfield, Pi 0. Reese. Robinson, Fred, Farmer and Town Clerk, S. 11, T. Buena Vista, P. o Saginaw. Rockwitht, Frank A., Attorney at Law, Saginaw. Rodammer, Geo. L., Farmer, S. 29, T. Frankenmuth, P 0. Frankenmuth Roe, C. E., President of Village of St. Charles, St. Charles. 1907. Roedel, B. J., Farmer, S. 14, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Roedel, Fred, Farmer, S. 15, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Roeser, C. L. Co., The, Dealers in Farm Implements, Saginaw. Roeser, E. MI. & Co., Dealers in Farm Implements, Saginaw. Roeser. Herman 0., Dealer in General Hardware, Saginaw. Rogers, A. C., Farmer, S. 17, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1914. Rogner, John A., Farmer, S. 4, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Rogner, W. G., Creamery and Cheese Factory, S. 3, T. Frankenmuth P. 0. Gera. Rogner & Son, Proprietors Gera Cheese Factory, Gera. Rogner & Chestnut, Attorneys at Law, Saginaw. Root, Wm. E., Farmer, S. 3, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1892. Rosbach, Adam, Farmer, S. 32, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Ross, David D., Farmer, S. 21, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Fosters. Mr. Ross. was born in 1866. Rottiers, Mrs. Bernard, Farming, S. 29, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run, 1911. Rottiers, John, Farmer, S. 32, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr.. Rottiers was born in 1871. Rowinsinske, Casper, Farmer, S. 20, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1899. Rummel, Geo. J., Blacksmith, Garage and Ford Automobiles, Frankenmuth. Rump, Henry, Cooper, Saginaw. Rupp, Jacob, Farmer, S. 27, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Gefa. Rupp, M. A., Farmer, S. 18, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. Rupprecht, Geo. M., Dealer in General Merchandise, Frankenmuth. Russell, Jas., Farmer and Stock Feeder, S. 14, T. Fremont, P. 0. Hemlock. 1875. Russell, Dr. John, Veterinary Surgeon, Saginaw. Russell & Masten, Livery, Sales and Boarding Stables, Saginaw, W. S. Rust, E. G., Pine Lands, Saginaw. Rust Land Co., Lands, Saginaw. Ruyts, F., Farmer, S. 1, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Ruyts, Louis, Farmer, S. 36, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Ryan, George C., Lawyer, Saginaw, W. S. Rykman, A. H., Contractor, Saginaw. Safety Storage Co., Storage, Saginaw. Saginaw Abstract Co., Abstracts of Titles, Saginaw. Saginaw Beef Co., Meats and Milk Products, Saginaw. Saginaw Brick Co., The, Brick Manufacturers, Saginaw, W. S. Saginaw Building & Loan Association, The, B. S. Smith, Secretary, Saginaw. Saginaw, City of, Saginaw City Gas Co., Gas and Power, Saginaw. Saginaw County Officials:-Hon. Win. G. Gage, Circuit Judge; Hon. Winm. R. Kendrick, Circuit Judge; L. L. Pearson, Coffnty Clerk; Arthur W. Ganschow, Judge of Piobate; John P. Murphy, Probate Register; Floyd Bennett, Probate Clerk; Geo. H. Sutherland, Sheriff; Christian Gugel, Treasurer; John Leidlein, Register of Deeds; Bird J. Vincent, Prosecuting Attorney; Burton S. Tefft, School Commissioner; Emil Roethke, Drain Commissioner; John W, Ederer, Road. Commissioner; Gustave R. Endert, County Surveyor; George A. Bell, Coroner; Leon B. Harris, Coroner; E. P. W. Richter, M. D., County Physician. Board of Auditors:-Edward G. Wiltse, W. W,_ Burgess and Elford R. McCormick. Board of Supervisors:-Thomas. Ivey, Albee Township, P. 0. Burt; Frank J. Newman, Birch Run Township, P. 0. Birch Run; Charles Schlickum, Blumfield Township, P. 0. Reese; Jacob B. Hoffman, Brady Township, P. 0. Oakley; John Jennings, Brant Township, P. 0. Brant; Wm. F. Housner, Bridgeport Township, P. 0. Saginaw; Henry J. Dieck-. mann, Buena Vista Township, P. 0. Saginaw; John C. Brechtels-- bauer, Carrollton Township, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S.; C. M. Loynes, Chapin Township, P. 0. Chapin; John W. Jackson, Chesaningt Township. P. 0. Chesaning; Win. Zehender, Frankenmuth TownP. 0. Frankenmuth; Geo. W. Reynolds, Fremont Township, P. 0. St. Charles; Wm. P. Hart, James Township, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S.; George Frost, Jonesfield Township, P. 0. 'Merrill; Fred Gosen Kochville Township, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S.; Orin S. Bow, Lakefield Township, P. 0. Merrill; Frank Birchmeier, Maple Grove Town ship, P. 0. Burt; Andrew Rausch, Marion Township, P. 0. Brant;, Henry Coats, Richland Township, P. 0. Hemlock; David W. McKeighan, St. Charles Township, P. 0. St. Charles; Chas. Schoenheit, Saginaw Township, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S.; Wm. F. Nehmer, Swan Creek Township, P. 0. Swan Creek; Edward Simon, Spaulding Township, P. 0. Saginaw; Fred Wiltse, Thomas Township, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S.; John Welzien, Jr., Tittabawassee Township, P. 0. Freeland; James Kerr, Taymouth Township, P. 0. Birch Run; John Baird, Zilwaukee Township, P. 0. Saginaw. Board of Supervisors. from City of Saginaw:-Hilem F. Paddock, Win. F. Jahnke, Robert F. Johnson, George Holcomb, William H. Reins, Robert Holland, George C. Warren, Charles Spindler, Herman H. Eymer, GeorgeS. Lockwood, Simon G. Koepke, W. A. Brewer, Fred C. Trier, James S. Cornwell, Charles F. Bauer, Chas. A. Beckman, Fred, Bluhm, Fred E. Curtis, John H. Deibel, Julius C. Hohn, ChesterM. Howell, John J. Leidlein, George Schulz, Adam Sharp. Saginaw Creamery Co., Creamery, Saginaw. Saginaw Electric Co., Everything Electrical, Saginaw. Saginaw Evening News Co., Daily Paper, Saginaw. Saginaw Fuel & Supply Co., Coal, Coke, Wood, etc., Saginaw. Saginaw Grain & Produce Co., Grain, Beans and Produce, Saginaw, W. S. Saginaw Hardware Co., Jobbers of Hardware, Saginaw, W. S. Saginaw Ice & Coal Co., Ice and Coal, Saginaw, W. S. Saginaw Manufacturing Co., Saginaw. Saginaw Milling Co., Flour, Hay, Grain and Beans, Saginaw. Saginaw Plate Glass Co., Manufacturers of Plate Glass, Saginaw, W. S. Saginaw Pure Ice Co., Distilled Water Ice, Saginaw. Saginaw, Township of, Chas. Schoenheit, Jr., Supervisor, Saginaw. Samuels, W. A., Wholesale Liquors, Saginaw. Sanderson, Frank, (of Frank Sanderson & Son) General Contractors for Steel and Concrete Bridges, S. 19, T. St. Charles, P. 0. St. CharleS. Mr. Sanderson was born in Saginaw County in 1859. Sanderson, Geo., Farmer, S. 12, T. Brady, P. 0. Chesaning. Mr. San-. derson was born in 1888. Sandford, W. E., Farmer, S. 16, T. Chapin, P. 0. Bannister. 1875. Sandhoff, Win. R., Farmer, S. 16, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill, 1895. Savage, Wm., Farmer, S. 14, T. Albee, P. 0. Burt. 1860. Mr. Savage. has served as Supervisor. Sawatzki, H. G., Farmer, S. 1, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Scarbrough, H. W., Farmer, S. 5, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Scarbrough was born in Paulding County, Ohio, in 1891 and settled its Saginaw County in 1914. Schaberg, Julius, Farmer, S. 36, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Gera. Schad, John, Real Estate, Reese. Scharrer, Ed, Farmer, S. 6, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Bridgeport. Mr. Scharrer was born in 1871. 4~

Page  85 PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY. Scharrer, George, Farmer, S.-10, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Scharrer was born in 1862. Schellhas, F. W., Farmer, S. 33, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Schemm, J. G., Brewing Co., Brewery, Saginaw, W. S. Scherping, Mrs. Carl, S. 11, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1881. Schlagel, Fred G. & Co., Insurance, Saginaw. Schlicker, Gustav, Farmer, S. 20, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Schlicker was born in Saginaw County in 1889. Schli'cker, John, Farmer, S. 17, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Schlicker was born in Saginaw County in 1886. Schlickum, Chas., Farmer and Township Supervisor, S. 22, T. Blumfield, P. O. Reese. Schmelzer, John, Furniture, Saginaw. Schmidt, Adam, Buffet, Saginaw. Schmiege, Fred, Farmer, S. 4, T Brady, P. 0. Chesaning. 1871. Schmitt, Dr. Geo., Dentist, Frankenmuth. SchmiLzer Bros., Hotel and Cafe, Birch Run. Schmitzer, Ernest, (of Schmitzer Bros.) Hotel and Cafe, Birch Run. Mr. Schmitzer was born in 1883. Schmitzer, Geo., Farmer, S. 11, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Schmitzer was born in 1887. Schneider, John A., Farmer, S. 4, T. Maple Grove, P. 0. Burt. 1883. Schnell, Wm., Hotel, Dealer in Wines and Liquors, S. 35, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. 8choenheit, A. L, Breeder of Holstein-Friesian Cattle, S. 21, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw. Schoenheit, Chas., Farmer and Township Supervisor, S. 21, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw. Schoenhofen, P. Brewing Co., The, Wholesale Beer, Saginaw. Scholtz, Otto, Wines and Liquors, Saginaw. Schoman, Utto J., Farmer, S. 9, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1894. Schoof, William, Farmer, S. 7, T. Richland, P. 0. Hemlock. 1899. Mr. Schoof has served as Supervisor. School District No. 1, C. C. Dixon, John Hensliy, J. B. Olmsted, Members of School Board, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. School District No. 1, F. J. Wurtzel, Director; Con. Gindregske, Moderator; F. Halm' Treasurer, S. 24, T. Thomas, P. 0. Swan Creek. School District No. 4, F. J. Demmon, Director;. Arthur Buck, Treasurer; C. A. Lewis, Moderator; S. 3, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. School District No. 5, John Whitman, Director; Christ Chieswohl, Treasurer; Martin Smith, Moderator; S. 8, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freel a n d. ~. School District No. 5, Joseph Fancher, Treasurer; J. A. McBratnie, Director; S. 29, T. Thomas, P 0. Swan Creek. School District N6. 7, L. McCullen, Director, S. 26, T. Thomas, P. 0. Swan Creek. School District No. 8, Sam E. Leaman, Treasurer; Paul Halm, Moderator; S. 3, T. Thomas, P. 0. Freeland. Schramke, Mrs. Louis, Farming, S. 3, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. Swan Creek. 1893. Schreiner, C., Dealer in General Merchandise, Frankenmuth. Schreiner, John, Proprietor Frankenmuth Stock Farm, Breeder of Registered Holstein-Friesian Cattle, S. 24, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenm uth. Schrems, Alex, Proprietor Eagle Sample Rooms, Saginaw. Schrems, M, Proprietor of The Store, Saginaw. Schroeder, August, Farmer, S. 1, T. Albee, P. 0. Burt. 1884. Schroll, William, Farmer, S. 16, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Schuch, Geo. A., Hotel, S. 25, T. Thomas, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Mr. Schuch was born in Saginaw County in 1883. Schuch,. The, Hotel, H. L. Schuch, Proprietor, J. P. Schuch, Manager, Saginaw, W. S. Schuch, John, Dealer in General Merchandise, Saginaw, W. S. Schuettler, Albert, Farmer, S. 15, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. Schulte, Chas., Farmer, S. 14, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. Schulte, Frank A., Druggist, Hemlock. Mr. Schulte was born in Saginaw County in 1867. He has served as Justice of Peace. Schulte, Theodore, Farmer, S. 12, T. Blumfield, P. O Reese. 1Schultz, Arthur, Farmer, S. 5, T. Richland, P. O. Hemlock. 1890. Schultz, Henry W., Farmer, Stock F'eeder and Breeder of Percheron SHorses, S. 7 and 8, T. Richland, P. O. Hemlock. Mr. Schultz was: born in Saginaw County in-1883.:Schuttz, W. F., Manager Bancroft House. Saginaw. |Schultz, Norman, Farmer, S. 34, T. Buena Vista, P. O Saginaw, ISchwager, August, Gardener and Florist, S. 28, T. Buena Vista, P. 0.:. Saginaw. Schwahn-Khuen Agency, Insurance, Saginaw.;Schwanz, Henry, Farmer, S. 9, T Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. Mr. Schwanz L was born in Canada in 1866 and came to Saginaw County in 1875. Schwartzkopf, Carl, Manager The Union Cheese Manufacturing Co., S. i-20, T. F'rankenmuth, P. 0. F'rankenmuth.;Scutt. Lorenzo, Farmer, S. 2, T. Brady, P. 0. Chesaning. 1915. Second National Bank, The, General Banking, Saginaw. Seemann & Peters, Printers, Binders, Engravers, etc., Saginaw. Seigler, John, Farmer, S. 34, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1896. Seltner Bros, Dry Goods, Saginaw. Shaler, H H., Real Eslate and Insurance, Saginaw. Shangle, L., Farmer, S. 3, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. 1885. Sharp, Theo. E., Farmer, S. 28, T Saginaw, P. 0 Saginaw, W. S. Shaw, Robert, Proprietor Forest Lawn Granite and Marble Works, Saginaw. Shebester, Joseph, Farmer, S. 23- T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1869. Sherburne, G., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 30, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. Mr. Sherburne was born in 1871. Shreve, J. K., Merchant and Farmer, S. 27, T. Taymouth, Morseville, P. 0. Burt. 1868. Shrieber, Win., Farmer, S. 34, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1905. Shubring, Fred, Farmer, S. 27, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant.. 1890. Shuman, Fred, Traveling Salesman, S. 25, T. Brant, P. 0. St.. Charles. 1893.\ Sievert, A R., Farmer, S. 36, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1889. Silk, John F., Farmer, S. 34, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Gera Simmon, WM., Farmer, S. 22, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1897. Simpson, J. L., Farmer and Stockraiser. S. 29, T. Chapin, P. 0. Bannister. 1883. Simpson, Wmn., Dealer in Ice, Coal and Wood, Saginaw. Sims, Jennie, Farming, S. 27, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1879. Skeels, James, Farmer, S. 28, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. 1909. Skelcy, Martin, Sample Rooms, Saginaw. Sklba, Paul, Farmer, S. 15, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1912. Sloan, H. E., Farmer and Township Treasurer, S. 12, T. Albee, P. 0. Burt. Mr. Sloan was born in 1874. Slocum-Horning Co., Implements, Saginaw. Smith, A. F.. Farmer, S. 29, T. Richland, P. 0. Hemlock. 1862. Smith, Chas., Farmer, S. 21, T Brant, P. 0. Chesaning. 1911. Smith, Glenn W., Farmer and Dairyman. S. 19 and 20, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Smith was born in 1886. Smith, Martin, Farmer, S. 8, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. 1900. Smith, Peter A., Farmer, S. 33, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. 1879. Smith, Sebastian, Farmer, Zilwaukee, P. 0. Saginaw. Smith, Wallis Craig, Attorney at Law, Saginaw. Snell, Dr. Noble R, D. V. M., Veterinary Surgeon and City Food In-? spector, Saginaw.. Snow, A Elwood, Attorney, Saninaw. Snow & Snow, Attorneys, Saginaw. | Snvder, Geo., Farmer, S 24, T. Marion. P. 0. Brant. 1880. I Sohn, Geo A., Farmer, S. 23, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Solms Bros., Dealers in General Hardware, Saginaw, W. S. Soloten, Frederick, -Farmer, S. 9, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1884. Mr. Soloten-has served as Director of Byrne School District No. 4. Somers, Joe~ Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 33, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. Mr. Somers was born in 1869. Sothwell, John, Farmer, S. 27, T. Brant, P. 0. Chesaning. 1868. Souden, C. W., Farmer, S. 3, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. Mr. Souden was born in 18-7. Spalgler, Fred, Farmer, Hotel and Bar, S. 23, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. Spence Bros., General Contractors, Saginaw. Spencer, Albert, Farmer, S 8, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Spencer was born in.1875. Spencer, Chas., Farmer, S. 9, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Spencer was born in 1866. Spencer, Henry, Farmer, S. 31, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Spencer was born in 1880.. Sperling, John, Farmer, S. 35, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1887. Spiegel, E. L., Farmer, S. 30, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1883. Sprunger, Eli, Proprietor Saginaw Valley Stock Farm, S. 28, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw, W S..Squire, Fred, Farmer, S. 3, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. St. Charles State Bank, General Banking, St. Charles. Stack, S., Farmer, S. 33, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Stack was born in 1875. Stadler, Geo., Farmer, S. 35. T. Lakteld, P. 0. Merrill. 1892. Stafford, Walter, Farmer and Breede of 0. I. C. Hogs, S. 23, T. BridgePort, P. 0. Saginaw. Star of the West Milling Co., Jacob Rummel, Manager, Milling, Frankenmuth. Starke, Henry, Farmer, S. 23, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1891. Steckert, Win., Farmer, S. 20, T. Saginaw, P. 0 Saginaw, W. S. Steele, Peter, Farmer, S. 6, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. 1880. Stein, L. K., Farmer, S. 25, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Reese. Sternberg & Hahn, Farmers, S. 10, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Hahn was born in 1878 and settled in Saginaw County in 1900. Stetlow, Wm., Farmer, S. 17, T. Swan Creek, P. O. Swan Creek. 1891. Stevens, Alonzo, Contractor and -Carpenter, St. Charles. Stevens Bros., Cartage and Storage, Saginaw. Stevens, Geo. L., Farmer, S. 14, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. 1913. Stiber & Maver, Meat Market, Saginaw. Stickel, Henry, Farmer, S. 26, T. Brady, P. O. Oakley. 1890. Stine, Lavern, Manufacturer of Sauer Kraut, Saginaw. Stolz, John, Farmer, S. 18, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. Strobel Bros., Dealers in Groceries, Saginaw, W. S. Stroebel, C. B., Farmer, S. 29, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Stroebel, John, Farmer, S. 29, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Stroebel, Matt, Proprietor Stroebel House, Hemlock. 1880. Stromer, W., Photographer, Frankenmuth. Studer, Rev. A., Catholic Priest, Chesaning. 1386. Sutliff, A. A., Farmer, S. 10, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie 1890. Sutliff, C' R., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 16, T. Chapin, P. 0. Bannister. 1875. Swallow, G. H., Dealer in Wines and Liquors, Saginaw. Swan Creek, Township of, 0. H. Kolschowsky, Township Clerk, S. 17, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. Sweeney, Geo. D., Farmer, S. 23, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. 1870. Sweatland, F., Farmer and Threshing Machine Operator, S. 2, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. Mr Sweatland was born in 1874. Symons Bros. & Co., Wholesale Grocers, Saginaw. I Tanner Bros., Frank and Hiram, Farmers, S. 36. T. Taymouth, P. 0. Birch Run. Frank Tanner was born in 1868 and Hiram Tanner was born in 1870. Tanner, Eugene, Farmer, S. 31, T. Birch Run. Mr. Tanner was born in 1874. Tanner, M. W. Co., The, Dry Goods, Saginaw. Tarrant, F. E., Farmer, S. 3, T. Bridgeport, P. O. Saginaw. Taylor, C. C., Farmer, S. 14, T. Chapin, P. O. ]Elsie. Mr. Taylor was born in 1874. Tessin, Herman, Farmer, S. 27, T. Richland, P. O. Hemlock. 1882. Tester, Charles, Merchant, Merrill. 1884. Thayer, Frank F., Farmer and Stock Feeder, S. 11, T. Brady, P. O. Chesaning. Mr-. Thayer was born in 1887. Thayer, H. M, Blacksmith and Gardener, S. 15, T. Brant, P. O. Brant. 1907. Thayer, Russell B., Attorney, Saginaw. Thiel, Mr. and Mrs. Herman, Farmers, S. 11, T. Brady, P. O. Chesaning. 1903. Thiel, Win. F., Farmer, S. 11, T. Brady, P. O. Chesaning. Mr. Thiel was born in 1886. Thomn, J. E. & Co., Real Estate, Saginaw. Thomas, Fred, Farmer and Dairyman, S. 24, T. Chapin, P. O. Elsie. 1904. ' Thomas, J. M., Farmer, S. 4, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. Mr. Thomas was born in Saginaw County in 1860. Thomas, Township of, Fred Wiltse, Supervisor, Michael Hoffman, Clerk, James Kealey, Justice of Peace, Freeland. Thompson, G. B., Farmer, S. 36, T. Kockville, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Thompson, Wm. B., Farmer, S 2, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Chairles. 1880. Tiech, Henry, Dealer in Hardware, Brant. Mr. Tiech was born in Williams County, Ohio, in 1855 and settled in Saginaw County in 1914. < Tierney Brothers, Real Estate and Loans, Saginaw. Tittabawassee, Township of, John Welzien, Jr., Supervisor; Wm. D. Johnson, Clerk; Henry L. Vas',ld, Justice of Peace, Freeland. Todish, Frank G., Dealer in General Merchandise, Bridgeport. Tomko, Joe, Farmer, S. 34, T. Fremont, P. 0. St. Charles. 1912. Topham, W. B., Livery, Saginaw. Toppel, Wm., Farmer, S. 34, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1891. Totten, Alvin H., Farmer, S. 20, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1879. Totten, Mrs. M. I., Farming, S. 28, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Ran. 1881. Touff Brothers, Dealers in General Merchandise, Freeland. Townsend, H., Farmer, S..15, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. 1904. Trier Brothers, General Contractors, Saginaw, W. S. Trim, Dana E., Farmer, S. 7, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. 1872. Trim, Eugene, Farmer, S. 7, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. S'an Creek. Trinklein, Herm., Farmer, S 27, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Trinklein was born in 1887. Trinklein, Leon, Farmer, S. 26, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Trinklein, M. A., Farmer, S 26, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Tromley, Wilson & Co., Real Estate and Insurance, Saginaw. Trudgen, George H, Farmer, S. 9, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1889. Trumbel, Hugh, Farmer, S. 18, T. Swan Creek. P. 0. St. Charles. Trumble, Allen, Farmer, S 1, T. Brant, P. 0. St Charles 1885. Turbin, C. F., Farmer, S. 30, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Turbin was was born in 1883. Turner, Marvin, Farmer, S. 11, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. 1897. Turner, Wml. J, Farmer, S. 15, T. Fremont, P. 0. Hemlock. 1861. Mr. Turner has served as Road Commissioner, Justice of Peace and Township Treasurer. Tweedale, W. J., Farmer, S. 18, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Saginaw. Uebler, Herman, Registered Barber, Frankenmuth. Uebler, Ludwig, Farmer, S. 9, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Union Abstract Co., Abstracts, Real Estate and Loans, Saginaw, W. S. Unwin, Hugh, Farmer, S. 21, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Unwin was born in London, England, in 1882 and settled in Saginaw County in 1907. Urbain, Hector, Farmer, S. 14, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. 1900. Ure, Andrew, Farmer, S. 1, T. Saginaw, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. Valley Home Telephone Co., Local and Long Distance Telephone, Saginaw. Valley Printing Co., Printers, Saginaw. Van Gorder, Guy, Faamer and Stockraiser, S. 28, T. Chesaning, P. 0, Chesaning. 1884. Van Wormer, Percy, Farmer, S. 28, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. Vasicek, Joseph, Farmer, S. 20, T. Tittabawasse, P. 0. Freeland. 1908. Vasold, Adolph, Farmer, S. 29, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Vasold was born in Saginaw County in 1881. Vates, Bernhard, Farmer, S. 23, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Veitengruber Bros., Saw and Planing Mill, Frankenmuth. Veitengruber, Carl, Jeweler, Frankenmuth. Veitengruber, G. Adam, Farmer, S. 24, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Veitengruber, John W., Farmer, S. 22, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Vibbard, R. A., Farmer, S. 34, T. Albee, P. 0. Burt. 1886. Vincent, Ellis, Farmer, S. 13, T. Maple Grove, P. 0. Burt. 1890. Violle, Joseph, Retired, S. 26, T. St. Charles,,'P. 0. St. Charles. 1884. Volz, Christian, Breeder of Registered Holstein-Friesian Cattle, S. 21, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Voss, H., Pastor St. Lorenz Church, S. 27, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Vostrisancky, Frank, Farmer, S. 13, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1905. Wacker, John, Sample Room, Zilwaukee, P. 0 Saginaw. 'Wahl, Albert, Farmer, S. 28, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. 1887. Wahl, Herman, Wholesale and Retail Beer and Liquors, Saginaw. Wahl, John, Farmer, S. 20, T. Swan Creek, P. 0. St. Charles. 1875. Waldron, R. C., Farmer, S. 9, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. Mr. Waldron was born in 1881. Walker, j. L., Farme:r and Dairyman, S. 19, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1890. ~ Walk-Over Boot Shop, Boots and Shoes, Saginaw. Wallace, Alex, Farmer, S. 20, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1887. Wallace, James, Farmer, S. 20, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. 1886. Wallo, Joe, Farmer, S. 26, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1908. Walter, Estella, Farming, S. 33, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley,. 1884. Walter, John, Farmer, S. 3, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Gera. Walter, Thomas, Farmer, S. 21, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1883. Ward, A. T., Jeweler, Saginaw. Wartenberg, C. W. L., Wholesale and Retail Liquors, Saginaw. Waste, George L., Farmer, S."20, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Waters, W. A., Farmer, S. 35. T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. 1910. Watson, Fred. Farmer, S. 2, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. Mr. Watson was born in Saginaw County in 1886. Watson, Geo., Farmer, S. 13, T. Albee, P. 0. Burt. 1878. Watson, H. & Co., Crockery, China and Glassware, Saginaw. Watson, James, Dealer in General Merchandise, S. 20, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Burt. Mr. Watson was born in 1861. Weadock & Weadock, Attorneys, Saginaw. Webber, W. J., Elevator and Lumber Yard, Reese. Weber, Leon, Farmer, S. 27, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Weber, Minnie, Farming, S. 12, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1900. Webster, S. L., Farmer and Dairyman, S. 15, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Webster was born in Saginaw County in 1872. Wegner, H. G., Farmer, S. 24, T. Tittabawassee, P. O. Freeland. Mr. Wegner was born in Saginaw County in 1888. W~egner, Wm., Jr., Farmer and Stockraiser, S. 14, T. Tittabawassee, P. O. Freeland. Mr. Wegner was born in Saginaw County in 1884.' Wehan, Peter, Dealer in Wines and Liquors, Saginaw. Weidenmiller, Robt., Gardener and Farmer, S. 21, T. Buena Vista, P. O. Saginaw. o Weigold, Fred, Farnmer, S. 24, T. Marion, P. O. Brant. 1893. Weigold, John, Farmer, S. 25, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1908. Weigold, J. Fred, Farmer, S. 24, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1901. Weir, Fred, Farmer, S. 34, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Montrose. 1874. Welke, Richard, Farmer, S. 16, T. Lakefield, P. O. Merrill. 1892. WVellman, John, Farmer S. 28. T. Brant, P 0. Chesaning. 1912.' Wells, B B., Superint~endent The American Cash Register Manufacturing. Co., Saginaw. Welzeihn & Schulz, Real Estate and Insurance, Saginaw. Welzien, John, Jr, Township Supervisor, S. 21, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Welzien was born in Saginaw County in 1877. Welzin, Fred, Farmer, S 4, T. Bridgeport, P. 0. Saginaw. Wenn, Arthur, Farmer, S. 36, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Montrose. Mr. Wenn was born in 1885. Wenn, Wm., Farmer, S. 35, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Montrose. 1881. Wentz, Peter, Farmer, S. 1, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. 1861. Wenzel, George, Farmer, S. 15, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1876. Wesley Hotel, E. P. Whaley, Proprietor, Saginaw. Westfall, John C., Retired, S. 16, T. Bridgeport, P. O. Bridgeport. Wetherbee, W. W., Farmer, S. 11, T. Marion, P. O. Brant. 1888. Whalen, William E, Jr., Farmer, S. 25, T. Brady, P. 0. Oaklev. 1894. Whaley, Elgin M., Farmer. S. 9, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. Mr. Whaley was born in 1883. -Whaley, Geo. A., Farmer, S. 16, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. Mr. Whaley was born in Ontario, Canada, in 1852 and settled in Saginaw County in 1885. Whaley. J. Wilber, Farmer, S. 10, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. Mr. Whaley was born in Canada in 1861 and settled in Saginaw County in 1885. Whaler, J. W., Farmer, S. 28, T. Brant, P. 0. Chesaning. Mr. Whaley was born in 1877. Wheatley, J., Farmer, S. 3, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. Mr. Wheatley was born in 1874 and settled in Saginaw County in 1900. White, Newton H., Farmer, S. 27, T. Chesaning, P. 0. Chesaning. 1891. White, Ray, Farmer, S. 1, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. White was born in 1882 Whitman, Claude, Farmer, S. 6, T. Tittabawasssee, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Whitman was born in Saginaw County in 1883. Whitman, F. A., Farmer, S. 2, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. Mr. Whit-, man was born in 1874. WVhitney, john, Millwright, Oakley. 1854. Whitney, J. H. & Son, Dealers in Hardware, Farm Implements, Vehicles, Lime, Cement, Paint, Glass and Sewer Pipe, Merrill. Established 1886. Wicke, John C., Farmer and Stock Breeder, S. 18, T. Brady, P. 0. Oakley. 1891. Wickes Boiler Co, The, Manufacturers of Boilers, Tanks, Structural Steel, ' etc., Saginaw. Wickes Brothers, Manufacturers of Saw Mill Machinery, Engines and General Line of Machinery, Saginaw. 'Wiederhold Realty Co., Real Estate, Saginaw. Wiess, C., Farmer, S 18, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Wi^ggins, Geo. F, Park Hotel, Saginaw, W. S. Willey, Elliot, Farmer, S. 6, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. 1896.

Page  86 '86 PATRONS' REFERENCE DIRECTORY. Willis, J. & T., Farmers and Dairymen, S. 6, T. St. Charles, P. 0. St. Charles. Wilson, Andrew, Farmer, S. 16, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Fosters. 1866. Wilson, D. E., Real Estate, Saginaw. Wilson, Floyd A., Attorney at Law, Saginaw. Wilson, Harry, Farmer, S 36, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1898. 'Wilson, Win., Farmer and Highway Commissioner, S. 16, T. St. Charles, P. 0. St. Charles. 1898. Wiltse, Arthur, Farmer, S. 9, T. Thomas, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Wiltse was born in Saginaw County in 1897. Wiltse, Chas., Farmer, S. 10, T. Thomas, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Wiltse was born in Saginaw County in 1872. Wiltse, Fred, Farmef, S. 10, T. Thomas, P. 0. Swan Creek. Mr. Wiltse was born in Saginaw County in 1857. Mr. Wiltse served as Highway Commissioner 1890 to 1897, Treasurer 1907 and 1908, and has been Township Supervisor since 1913. "Winter, Henry, Farmer, S. 6, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. 1875. "Winter, John, Farmer, S. 12, T. Carrollton, P. 0. Carrollton. "Wirsing, H. C., City Clerk, Garage and Carriage Shop, Frankenmuth. Wirtz, Max, Farmer, S. 28, T. Tittabawassee, P. 0. Freeland. 1909. Wise, E. A., Farmer, S. 12, T. Brady, P. 0. Chesaning. 1911. Witt, Mathilda, Farming, S 26, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1889. Witt, Otto, Farmer, S. 26, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1888. Witters, Henry, Laundry, Saginaw. Woelzlein, Jacob, Farmer, S. 24, T. Frankenmuth, P. 0. Frankenmuth. Wolf, William, Farmer and Road Commissidner, S. 9, T. Buena Vista, P. 0. Saginaw. Wolohan, Chas.. Wholesale Produce, Birch Run. 1895. Wood, C. H., Farmer, S. 11, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. 1897. Woodruff Bros., Earl Woodruff, Farmers and Stockraisers, S. 25, T. Chapin, P. 0. Oaklev. 1902. Woodruff, E. C., Farmer, S. 25, T. Chapin, P. 0. Elsie. 1902. Woodward, J., Farmer, S. 27, T. Taymouth, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Woodward was born in Saginaw County in 1877. Woodward, Win. S., Farmer, S. 30, T. laymouth, P. 0. Burt. Mr. Woodward wis born in 1868. Woolstori, G. H., Farmer, S. 13, T. Marion, P. 0. Brant. 1897. Wright, Geo. W., Farmer, S. 22, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. 1874. Wurtzel, E. C., Farmer, S. 9, T. Thomas, P. 0. Freeland. Mr. Wurtzel was born in Saginiw County in 1886. Mr. Wurtzel has served as Township Treasurer and Justice of Peace. Wurtzel, F. J., Farmer, S. 14, T. Thomas, P. 0. Swan Creek. Mr. Wurtzel was born in Saginaw County in 1882. Yadnahak, John, Farmer, S. 14, T. Brant, P. 0. Brant. 1885. Yaklin, Thomas, Auto and Horse Livery, Bus Line, Chesaning. Young, Frank, Farmer, S.. 13, T. Brant, P. 0. St. Charles. 1872. Zabel, Frank, Farmer, S. 13, T. Richland, P. 0. Hemlock. Mr. Zabel was born in Saginaw County in 1875. Zacharias, Henry J., Notary Public, Saginaw. Zacharias, Stephen F., Real Estate, Saginaw. Zarewski, Frank, Farmer, S. 11, T. Fremont, P. 0. Hemlock. 1895. Zehender, Matthew, Farmer, S. 3, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Zehender was born in Saginaw County in 1876. Zehenders, William, Butcher, Frankenmuth. Zehnder, Herman F., (of Zehnder Bros.) Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Birch Run. Mr. Zehnder was born in 1877. Zehnder, John M., Farmer. S. 11, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Mr. Zehnder was born in 1873. Zeilinger, George, Farmer, S. 20, T. Kochville, P. 0. Freeland. Zettel, Lewis and Christian, Farmers, S. 9, T. Birch Run, P. 0. Birch Run. Lewis Zettel was born in 1893 and Christian Zettel was born in 1895. Ziegler, J. H., Livery, Saginaw. Ziegler, John M., Farmer, S. 25, T. Frankenmuth; P. 0. Frankenmuth. Zimmerman, Chas., Farmer, S. 27, T. Lakefield, P. 0. Merrill. 1904. Zink, Andrew T., Farmer, S. 12, T. Brady, P. 0. Chesaning. 1888. Zucker, Armin, Barber, Frankenmuth. Zucker, Geo. L., Proprietor Frankentrost Bar, S. 32, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Saginaw. Zuerk, Fred, Farmer, S. 36, T. Blumfield, P. 0. Gera. Zuhn, Ferdinand, Farmer and Contractor, S. 31, T. Kochville, P. 0. Saginaw, W. S. KEETH APARTMENrS W. H. KEETH, Proprietor Steam Heat, Bath, Gas and Electric Light Rooms by the Week $1.25 up Rooms by the Day 35 cents up 605 Court Street Both Telephones SAGINAW, W. S., -: MICHIGAN.

Page  87 P F A.DVEtTISING SLGTION ____I W. J. Wickes, - - President. H. T. Wickes, - - Treasurer. E. C. Fisher, V. President & Gen'l Mgr. F. H. Payne, - - Secretary. THtE WICKES BOILER CO. FRANK A, SCHULTE & COMPANY Hemlock, Mich. DEUTSCHE APOTHEKE REAL ESTATE City and Farm Property Bought, Sold, Exchanged and Leased I MANUFACTURERS OF BOILERS Main Office and Works, Saginaw, Michigan. BRANCH OFFICES: CHICAGO, 76 West Monroe St. DETROIT, Penobscot Bldg. PITTSBURG, EmpireBldg. BUFFALO, 269 Richmond Ave. NEW YORK, West St. Bldg. BOSTON, 201 Devonshire St. SEATTLE, White Bldg. TAW M.. - MTIC-1I DEALERS IN Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals Fancy and Toilet Articles, Perfumery, Toilet Soaps, Sponges and Chamios, Crepe Paper and Stationery, Cut Glass and China, Leather and Rubber Goods. Choice Confectionery, Cigars, Tobaccos and Pipes, Eastman Kodaks and Supplies, Edison Phonographs and Supplies. Pure Wines and Liquors for Medicinal Use Only, Agents for the Allen-Sparks Parlor Gas Lamps. Sole Manufacturers of the Schulte Celery and Sarsaparilla Compound-a Blood Purifier, Schulte's White Pine and Red Spruce Cough Syrup and Schulte's Grip and Cold Cure Tablets. Physicians' Prescriptions Carefully Compounded. We Write Fire Insurance and Sell Real Estate. FRANK A. SCHULTE, NOTARY PUBLIC Frankenuth WooleE n Mill Co. ESTABLISHED 1894 CHAS. WOLOHAN Wholesale Shipper Grain, Hay and Farm Produce Our Specialties: Beans, Potatoes and Baled Hay ELEVATORS Birch Run, Mich. Hemlock, Mich. HAY WAREHOUSES Birch Run, Mich. Hemlock, Mich. Davison, Mich. Chesaning, Mich. Fergus, Mich. Mt. Morris, Mich. MEMBER OF: National Hay Association; Grain Dealers National Association; Michigan Bean Jobbers Association; Michigan Hay and Grain Ass'n. Bell and Valley Phones Birch Run, - - - Michigan. LET ME SELL YOURS K. R. G. NICKODEMUS MEMBER OF Saginaw Real Estate Board. Saginaw Board of Trade. Saginaw Chamber of Commerce. Suite 1, Nickodemus Bldg., 704 Genesee St. Bell Phones: Office, 1752-W Residence, 970 SAGINAW, - MICH. ED. FETCHEE HARDWARE Tinning, Plumbing and Heating Roofing, Eavetroughing, Cornice and Furnace Work Wind Mills, Pumps, Gasoline Engines, Steam and Hot Water Heating FRANKENMUTH, - MICH. F. A. Emendorfer &' Lo. AUTOMOBILES Gasoline Engines and Bicycles SUNDRIES OF ALL KINDS Manufacturers of Gasoline Engines Machine Work of All Kinds Automobile and Bicycle Repairing a Specialty 213 N. Harrison St. BoTH PHONES SAGINAW, W.S., MICH. METROP'OLITAN TAXI SERVICE J. H. ZIEGLER, Proprietor L. A. POUND, Manager Special Attention Given to Christenings, Weddings, Country Driving, Etc. LIVERY IN CONNECTION Prompt Service-Day or Night RATES REASONABLE OFFICE: 301 North Franklin Street Valley Phone 1044 Bell Phone 1044 H. T. WICKES, Prest. & Treas. W. J. WICKES, V. Prest. & Gen'l Mgr. W. L. MILES, Sec'y WICKES BROTHERS Benj. G. Felgner, Franz Ranke, W. J. Abraham, Supt. President. Sec'y-Treas. Founder of the first Woolen Mills in Saginaw County. MANUFACTURVRS OF Yarns, Hosiery, Lumbermen's Socks and Mitts Custom Spinning, Batting for Quilts, Custom Carding FRANKENMUTH, - - MICHIGAN. Manufacturers and Dealers in Boilers, Engines, Pumps, Heaters, Alternating and Direct Current Motors and Generators, Machinery and Supplies Ernest R. Robbel Cafe and Restaurant 11 Miles from City of Saginaw on Watsonsville Road Valley Phone No. 1 New York, Cor. Cedar & West Sts. Chicago, 1139 American Trust Bldg. New York, Cor. Cedar & West Sts. SAGINAW, OFFICES: Pittsburg, Cor. 45th St. & A. V. R. R. Seal New Orleans, 307 Magazine St'. Sag SALES WAREHOUSES: Jersey City, West Side Ave. Sta. C. R. R. of N. J. Pittsburg, Cor. 45th St. & A. V. R. R. ttle, 410 White Bldg. inaw, Michigan. Saginaw, Mich. MICHIGAN. REESE, - - 'MICH. m E. R. ROBBEL. SAGINAW, - MICH. -a I.

Page  88 OEM I fADV-ERT1S81NO 8EOTION The Paper That Gives Its Advertisers Satisfaction Published Every Friday W. S. McLEOD, Publisher HEMLOCK,: MICH. LoARckwood (m Barnard BANKERS 2721 South Washington Ave. SAGINAW, MICH. OR e Clarence M. Brown I Frank: F. Kleinfmld litforiley at Eawv Hamilton Square SAGINAW, W. S. MICH. Attorney' at 608 Bearinger Building Bell Phone 358-W SAGINAW, - - MICH. Branch National Grocer Co. Importers and Wholesale GROCERS SAGINAW, - - IMICH. I I J,9W GRANT Jeweler Corner Genesee and Washington Ayes. Saginaw, Michigan The Letts Auto & Ta'xie Company ARTHUR H. LETTS, Mgr. Auto and Taxi Service Quick Service Day or Night Both Phones 555 SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Cosendai Dye Works Henry Goetz, Prop. Bar Room and Stable in Connection lyrankenmuth- Mich* noteS Central Jo. Hess, Prop. First Class Accommodation to the Traveling Public Good Barn in Connection NEAR THE DEPOT GERA, - MICHIGAN Michigan stdfttU" m Ifflo19mmo ielephone Lo., Sag'inaw, MI*chigan 'Ciarberm Bui*ck Co-,-.dooks.10 19mmAN a 0 Lt' Sobert T. Holland, at 'Law SAGINAW,: MICH, JOHN SCHMELZER Main Office: 511=513 fienesee Ave. Both Phones No. 428 200-204 N. Hamilton Street, West Side SAGINAW, - - MICH. RUPPRECHT & DEURING DEALERS IN fieneral Merchandise, Dry Goods, Clothing BOOTS AND SHOES Furniture, Hardware, Etc. MEAT MARKET Frankenmuth, Mich. T~ie Cash e"s r manufacturing Co. Saginaw, Michigan H. C.REICH LE General Blacksmithing and WOODWORKING Manufacturers of Wagons, Buggies & Sleighs Shoeing of Interfering and Tenderfooted Horses a Specialty Frankenmuth. - - Michigan National reigCo. LAGER BEE Bottling Works In Connection Telephone, Bell and Valley 385 Saginaw, - - ~ Michigan Buick Distributors for Northern Michigan jp Saginaw and Bay City, Mich. SAGINAW, MICHIGAN SAGINAW,: MICH. THOMAS DA-Y Cowles& Manufacturer of Im mw Clay "rick ushle Yard Located at Paines, Mich. Bell Phone 2838-RI (ilit C lLO R. F. D. 3. SAGINAW, W. S. MiGH. SAGINAW, MICH. I I R50 Kiendrick 505' Kirby. Building S. H. Heginbottomn & Son Auto Garage And General Machine Works Both Phones 810 513.521 Tuscola St. SAGIINAW, MICH. Mutscheller Brothers DISTRIBUTORS OF Maxwell Automobiles In Saginaw County BOTH PHONES 224 North Franklin Street SAGINAW, - - MICH. SAGINAW,: MICH. GREEN BROS, (leneral Merchandise BURT, MICH. Chas. W. Malzahn Farm Lands and City Property FOR SALE OR RENT Money to Loan GRAEBNER BUILDING, Room 21 Valley Phone 3136 Saginaw, West Side, Michigan JOHN C.ý- DAVIES MERRILL & KREN Paving and'. Sewer PlumI-ng Bell Phone: Shop1078-2r, Res. 1078-3r 311 Tuscola Street SAGINAW, - - MICH. Me C MURRAY JOHN Ca OTTO % 1IDEALER IN iDry (soods,; Cloaks im j i andSuts Coal, Wood, Coke and uitb-ANDBoth Phones 120 fieneral Mc-rchandise 206 208 enesee Avenue Bell Phone 1492-2r SAGINAW, - - MICH. Carrollton and Zilwaukee, Michigan Saginaw, = Michigan I D. P. OFMAN Dealer in Hardwareý Paints, Oils and Glass Established 1909 MERRILL, - - MICH. AV'"%1A -910- W A 1% Ni 14odern James Day C ot Shoe RepairIVERY-1 The. McClure Co. General Offices SAGINAW, MICHIGAN VACTORIMS Saginaw, Mich.; Minnesota Transfer, Minn.; Cairo, Illinois; Fort Worth, Texas; Des Moines, Iowa. Hacks ana uo up~es OPEN DAY AND NIGHT Both Phones 189 SAGIN VW, - MICH. THE union Cheese Mfg, COO Manufacturers of Fu~llLemUes C. Schwartzkopf Manager and Salesman Frankenmnuth, Mich. Peter Weban Wi~nes and Liquors 2327 N. Michigan Ave. Sagi aw, Michigan Eagl;Ie Sample Rooms Alex. Schrems, Prop. FINE WINES Liquors and Cigars Order Your Bottled Beer From Us. Bell 165-3J. Valley 588 619 Genesee Ave. SAGINAW, MICH. CHAS, MEEKS Musicians' Headquarters SAMPLE ROOM Choice Wines, Liquors AND CIGARS PHONES: Valley 43, Bell 835-L 405 GENESEE AVENUE Marxekr Froth George. Gute Valley Phone 544-M 109 Lapeer Ave. Wines, Liquors and Cigars Bell Phone 1321 Valley Phone 1400 Corner Washington and Bristol Opposite City Hall SAGINAW, - - MICH. Groceries & Provisions Phones: Valley 726, Bell 1568-L Fine Sample Room In Connection 1202 S. Washington Ave.Saginaw, Mich. Saginaw, - - - Michigan SAGINAW, - MICH. U I E 9w

Page  89 Iii 'Will: 11, i:, m m = 1i m Mum= f A Nuoý SE-GTION THE SAGINAW COURIER-HERALD Daily and Sunday "The Paper That Goes Home" W. J. HUNSAKER, Publisher SAGINAW, - - MICH. WALTER D.HOLST General Insurance Agency REAL ESTATE LOANS Bell Phone 2271 Over 214 Genesee Ave. SAGINAW, - - MICH. tEl. C. RYAN Attorney at Law Wallis Craig Smith Attornfey 513-514 Bearinger Building Saginaw, - - Michigan Russell B. Thayer lifforney and geusiilor at Eaw Eddy Building SAGINAW, - - MICH. THE M. W. Tanner Company DRY GOODS SAGINAW, MICH. A. ELWOOD SNOW Attorney and Counselor Merrill Building SAGINAW, - - MICH. n lienton Hanchett Aft m 10 Ldw c r ische & Ingalls EDITORS AND PUBLISHERS OF he 400titor The Safest Place to Trade zitner Brotbrs SAGINAW'S Busiest Store Hugh Spence M. J. Spence Spence Brothers General Contractors and Builders Bell Phone 2183-J Valley Phone 136-R 305-306 Kirby Building SAGINAW, MICH.; Saginaw, - - Mich. Saginaw, W. S. Mich. CHESANING, - MICH. SAGINAW, - - MICH. HEAVENRICH'S Clothiers, Hlatters Furnishing Goods Merchant Tailors Men's and Ladies' Shoes SAGINAW, - - MICH. L. J. RICHTER Pharmacist S Prescriptions Carefully Compounded Vallev Phone 2953-1R. Bell Phone 3063-W. Cor. Gratiot and Harrison Sts. Saginaw, W, S. Mich. J U. Riethmeier Dealer in S. G. KOEPKE (Fey & Koepke Agency) Insuranc Notary Public and Ocean Passage 403 Bearinger Building SAGINAW, - - MICH. Schwahn-Khuen AGENCY Insurance Writers Bell 2851-L, Valley 2851-A SAGINAW, - - MICH. "PETER STINE & SON Manufacturers of SAUEwR' KRAUT Long Distance Telephone 316 Hess Avenue SAGINAW, - - MICH. *troebel lOuse "MATT STROEBEL, Prop. STEAM HEAT Livery and Bar in Connection Valley Phone Hemlock, - - Mich. F. bG. TiODISH General Merchandise And Meats BRIDGEPORT, - MICH. Herman O. Roeser Dealer in General Hlardware Paints, Oils, Glass, Guns, Ammunition, Etc, 618-620 Gratiot Avenue SAGINAW, - - MICH. THE T Slithardsolin COMPANY Pine Lands EDDY BUILDING SAGINAW, - - MICH. Hotel Kerbey "Thomas Brennan PROPRIETOR SAGINAW, - - MICH. Dr. Hisley Veterinary Surgeon 523 South Harrison St. C rner Lyons Saginaw, W. S. Mich. JAMES L, HICKEY Livery and Boarding Stables Veterinary Surgeon in Connection Bell Phone 61-J. Res. 1008-J Valley Phone 670 Cor. Baum and Janes Streets Saginaw, Mich. Harvey B. McCrory M. D. Birch Rlun, = M ich. John Schurch & Sons Groceries and GARA, MICHIGAN me.P.Huflt,-D.V.M. Veterinarian Frankenmuth, Mich. L. F. McNally Dru s 1014-24 Gratiot Ave, Saginaw, W.S. Mich. C. F. Hack, - - President C. F. Burger, - - Vice President M. Seidel, - - See.-Treasurer Saginaw Creamery SCornpany SAGINAW, MICH. Strobel Brothers Dealers in Staple and Fancy Groceries BOTH PHONES 610-612 Gratiot Avenue SAGINAW, - - MICH. i mmtromer Photographer Frankenmunth, Mich. Burt, -- Micb. 9-1**, aur John F. Lucas & Co* Proprietor of the Banner Sample Room Banner Bottled Beer and Export Delivered to Any Part of the City 1725 Janes Avenue SAGINAW, - - MICH. Saginaw, Mich. Casimar Lerczak Dealer in Groceries & Provisions Wines, Liquors and Cigars Valley Phone 694-B Office Room 13 Mason Bldg 102 South Washington Ave. SAGINAW, - - MICH. PFlumbi~ng z.lHeati'ng BELL PHONE 3084 300 N. Hamilton Street SAGINAW, - - MICH. Ww Mc, Keighan Stiber & Mayer Meat Market All Kinds of Game in Season Both Telephones 405 Wadsworth Street Saginaw, = Mich. Hardware Wines and Rust Land Company 312 Court Street Saginaw, - Michigan Heidger & Nagel Dealers in Choice Wines, Liquors and CIGARS 617 South Harrison Street Corner Gratiot Avenue SAGINAW, - - MICH. Miners' Supplies, Stoves Ranges and Farm Machinery Liquors 109 N, Jefferson Avenue SAGINAW, MICH. MARTIN SKELCY Sample Rooms Dealer in Wines, Liquors and Cigars Hot Lunch at all Hours Valley Phone 1265-M 2010 North Michigan Ave. SAGINAW, - - MICH. CARROLLTON, - MICH. ST. CHARLES, MICH low I a 11 51 Mm s

Page  90 m MEMSEEM. A ADVERTISIN0G S IEGTTION Henry E. Naegely Attorney and Counselor At Law Bearinger Building SAGINAW, - MICH Frederick W. Newton Frank A. Rockwith James B. Peter Law 606 Bearinger Building Telephone 697 Attorney at Law 402-404 Kirby Building Bell Phone 179 Attorney and Counselor At Law Eddy Building Carl C. Rogner Chester H. Chesnut Attorneys at Law 214 Germania Avenue Both Phones 822 SAGINAW, - MICH. Union Abstract...Company S. B. BORLAND, MANAGER Abstracts, Real Estate and Loans. SAGINAW, - MICH. SAGINAW, - MICH. SAGINAW, MICH. SAGINAW, W. S. MICH. to I. ll'os Miller EDITOR OF Job Printing a Specialty CHESANING, - MICH. FtRANK PESICK Furniture and Undertaking, Fine China and Glass Cut REESE. - MICH. Saichigan Sugar Company Saginaw Plant TRE 1TZ Geo'rge Phoenix Funeral & Son Director Real Estate and Cor. Janes and Genesee Ayes. Insurance Both Phones 207 2902 South Washington Ave. SAGINAW, - MICH. SAGINAW, - MICH. W. L. NICKODEMUSS tOakland Vinegar:eal Vta andFickle 234 S. Weadock Avenue OFFICE HOURS Loa 1 to 2 and 7 to 8 P. M. Bell Phone 1542 SAGINAW, - MICH. SAGINAW, - MICH. Adof Nuechterle1n E A. ilsbury, M. D. Tinning and Physician and Plumbing SurgeOB Harness Shop in Connection Drugs and Drug Sundries Drugs and Drug Sundries Both Phones FRANKENMUTH, - MICH. FRANKENMUTH, - MICH. He. I. Mueller Herman G. Uebler Arcbitct and Registered Barber Superintendent Satisfaction Guaranteed Modern Residence a Specialtyt aco and Bell Phone 2199w. Tobacco and Cigars Valley Phone 1530-R. 125 South llth Street Main Street SAGINAW, - MICH. FRANKENMUTH, - MICH. WM. Do.'Johnson Licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director FURNITURE rl tgbert H,, Patter'son REAL FREELAND, - MICH. SAGINAW, - MICH. Chas. W. HENNING &SSONS MANUFACTURERS OF lprLOYD AS WILSON IWALKwOVER High Grade and Horse Sausagei Radish SO Lacharias Attorney at Law 602 Bearinger Building BOOT SHOP Corner Baum and Genesee Avenue Both Phones Bell 892 East Valley 305 SAGINAW, Bearinger Building Bell Phone 782 MICII. SAGINAW, - MICH. SAGINAW, - MICH. Real Estate 701 Marion Street, Corner Gallagher Bell Phone 1727 Valley Phone 3336 SAGINAW, - MICH. I I Gottfiffed J. Hubinger General... tore Agent for Whitter's Laundry Bell Phone No. 9 FRANKENMUTH, - MICH. Dr. Geo, Schmitt GEO. F. WIGGINS lDentist Vallev Phone SAGINAW, - MICH. FRANKENMUTH, - MICH. L G. Nerreter & Co. Insurance 207 Bearinger Building" Wre A S A. JUDDý A. B. KUNZ PARK HOUSE 2361 S. Michigan Avenue Saginaw,:: Mich. Weiderhold Realty Co. REAL ESTATE P. Weiderhold, Mgr. Both Phones 822 DEALER IN "Dry Goods and Groceries Manufacturer of Fine Cream Cheese DEALER IN General Merchandiase SAGINAW, - MICH. BLACKMAR, - MICH. ARTHUR, - MIICH. 214 Germania Ave. Saginaw, Mich. PHONES: Bell 677 Valley 626 401 'Wadsworth Street Carl W. Oldenburg HO1EL P. 0., R. F. D. No. 3 SAGINAW, W. S. MICH. Jo G. Schemm HENRY PASSOLT Call A Taxi 0A aur H. C. WIRSING Soap, Potash and Laundry Suppli*es Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Bay, Straw, Feed and Beans Both Phones Manufacturer of /agons Carriages and Sleighs Saginaw Taxi Garage SAGINAW, MICH. SAGINAW, MICH. SAGINAW. - MICH. FREELAND, - MICH. Frankenmuth, - = Mich. 7/ PACIFIC HOTEL W. J. HART, PROPRIETOR Bar in Connection Near Pere Marquette Depot 715 North Jefferson Avenue I JOIIN. WACKER THE ADAM SCHMIDT, Manager Brewi*ng Co. Good Restaurant in Connection 109 South Weadock Avenue Amba Namle Room Peter Schoenhofen Brewing Company EDELWEISS BEER Saginaw Branch Phones Bell 199 Valley 999 The Edelweiss Lines Witters' Laundry HENRY WITTERS PROPRIETOR 112-116 North Jefferson Avenue Phones 289 SAGINAW, MICH. Valley Phone 65-M. Bell Phone 598-J SAGINAW, - MICH. SAGINAW, W. S. MICH. SAGINAW, MICH. I ZILWAUKEE,.- MICH, I SAGINAW, - MICH. m

Page  91 U I I I '... fADVEfTISING SOGTION OFFICERS J. F. Brand, - - President. G. A. Alderton, - Vice President. A. W. Field, - - - Cashier. W. L. Paxson, - Ass't Cashier. E. N. Burke, - - Auditor. commercla'l, National Bank Saginaw, Mich. Peter Pardee, Cashier. John M. Ealy. Henry Parker. Estate of Rachel B. McNair. John McNair Ealy. Bank ~f kf se Ealy, Pardee & Company Responsibility, $1,000,000.00 REESE, -a MICH. Mi~ch~ganReal.Estate Loan Co. (PETER McGOVERN) "Real Estate Loans, Chattel Loans 211 Genesee, up stairs. Bell Phone 373 Valley Phone 1096 SAGINAW, - MICH. KERRY & WAY Wholesale and Retail Lumber Mills: Grayling; St. Ignace. Yard and Office: West End Bristol Bridge Phones: Bell, 2832; Valley, 3085-M Saginaw, W. S., - Mich.. I I a A. Corrington. J. Boyer. UORIRINGTOfN, IOiV Real Estate, in'surance 607 Kirby Building Saginaw, - Mich. G. A. DeVien, - - Manager. D. C. McCrea, - Ass't Manager. The Go A. DeVien Company INCORPORATED Real Estate Michigan Farm Lands, Insurance 705-706 Kirby Building SAGINAW, - MICH. John Doerr DEALER IN DRY GOODS Groceries, Shoes, Rubbers, Hardware, Tinware, Paints, Oils, Etc. 401-403 Perry Street Phones: Valley, 2998-A; Bell, 3242 Saginaw, - Mich. m I Charles G. Brater REAL. ESTATE Loans, Rentals and Collections Conveyancing and Examination of Titles Fire Insurance-Life Insurance Room 2 Merrill Block Bell Phone 3272-W SAGINAW, - MICH. I. I Val ey PrintingCo. High Grade Commercial Work Neatly and Promptly Executed Fine Halftone Work, Catalogs, Booklets, Loose Leaf Devices of All Kinds Monotypers Type Casters 125-127 North Franklin Street SAGINAW, - ICH. C. F. LINK DEALER IN General Har ware, Roofing, Eavetroughing, Etc. Steam, Hot Water and Hot Air Heating, Pumps, Wind Mills and Gasoline Engines Tin Shop in Connection BOTH PHONES FRANKENMUTH, MICH. I W. L. Paxson, - Pres. & Treas. W. A. Paxson, - Vice President. P, H. Juengel, Sec'y and Gen. Mgr. 'Th Paxson.. Company HARDWARE 213-215 N. Hamilton Street Phones 2846 Saginaw, W. S., Mich. I Fred S. Atwood, - Saginaw, Mich. Oliver K. Atwood, - Saginaw, Mich. W. Q. Atwood Estate Farming Lands and City Real Estate Houses to Rent Insurance and Loans Phones: Bell, 608; Valley, 1521 FRED S. ATWOOD, Mgr. 518 Potter St., Saginaw, Mich. Walter Frazee. Harry Frazee. Fred Frazee. W. Frze& Sonss Funeral Directors 209 N. Washington Ave. Office Phones: Bell 164-J; Valley 164 Res. Phones: Bell 1687-J; Valley 138 Saginaw, = Mich. Frank A. Ferguson. William Wallace. Ferguson & WalLace INSURANCE Agency Established 1870 102 South Washington Avenue Telephones 130 Saginaw, - fich. a S. L. Eastman, - Pres. & Treas. Wm. H. Erwin, - Secretary. S. L. EastIman Flooring Co. MANUFACTURERS OF Hardwood Flooring and Lumber Specialty: HARD MAPLE FLOORING "Saginaw" Brand Saginaw, - Mich. Geo. F. Gugel. Paul L. Gugel. kGugel Bros. Established in 1888 DEALERS IN General Merchandise Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Furniture, Etc. Meat Market FRANKENnUTH, - iMCH. I.1 I EDWIN KERSTEN ESTABLISHED 1889 General Insurance Real Estate Loans, Steamship Tickets, Notary Public With Seal Offices 3-4 German-American State Bank Bldg., Cor. Hamilton and Hancock Sts. Valley Phone 2922-A SAGINAW, W..5., MICHIGAN. J. G. Erd, - Pres. and Gen. Mgr. R. H. Knapp, - Vice President. H. S. Erd, - - Sec'y & Treas. Erd Motor Company Manufacturers of 5AOINAW, W. 5., - MICH. I NTHEYSITH FUE{NITUBB 00 Fine Furniture "Goods Made and Sold Under One Roof." Direct from Factory to User 219, 221, 223 South Washington Ave Bell Phone 651 I Elevator Co. Shippers of Apples, Beans, Wool, Grain, Hay, Farm Produce Dealers in Cement, Coal and Building Material of all Kinds Freeland, - Mich. w -V'reeland. SAGINAW, MICH. I Chas. Aubry Saginaw Steam Cleaning, Dyeing and Pressing Establishment Dry Cleaning Our Specialty Auto Delivery 212 Germania Avenue Phones: Bell, 247-L; Valley, 1036-A Saginaw, - Mich. I I.BECKER - BROS, Manufacturers of Cisterns, Tanks, Etc. Dealers in Coal, Coke and Wood On P. M. R. R. between Gratiot Ave. and Brockway St. BOTH PHONES SAGINAW, W. 5., MICHIGAN. A. W. Block Agent for Osborne and Champion Harvesters Buggies and Wagons And all Kinds of Farm Implements FRANKENMUTH, MICH. John Boutin, Jr. Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Saw ill, Planing Mill CARPENTER SHOP Estimates for Buildings Furnished in Knockdown Ready to Nail. Mail Orders Received. ESTABLISHED 1898 Merrill, - Mich. I Brand & Hardin Milling Co. MANUFACTURERS OF Finest Grades Winter Wheat Flour Our Brands: 0. K. Roller Patent, Gold Medal, Monarch, Special Patent, Standard BEANS I. J. B. BORDEN DEALER IN Harness, Whips, Robes, Blankets, Heavy and Single Harness Made to Order, General Saddler's Supplies Harness and Shoe Repairing Promptly Done FREELAND, - MICH J. P. BECK Automobile Dealer Agency Chalmers, Chandler, Cheverolet, Detroit Electric Auto Painting, Curtains and Top Making, Tires and Sundries of All Kinds Office and Salesroom 813 Genesee Ave. Garage and Repair Shop 812 to 818 Germania Ave. Bell Phone 958 Valley Phone 470 SAGINAW, MICHIGAN. I I Gaifney Grani~teCo. Manufacturers of and Dealers in American and Foreign Granite and Marble Cemetery Work 411 Tuscola Street Saginaw, - Mich. Saginaw, lich. B. G.Amppe yA Co. Real Estate Building, Loans, Bonds, Fire Insurance, Rentals, Business Opportunities Sold and Built Over Twenty-Eight Hundred Homes in Ten Years Offices: 201 to 209 Forester Temple Cor. Franklin St. & Germania Ave. Valley Phone 75. Bell Phone 65 SAGINAW, MICHIGAN. W. R. BAKER COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Outdoor Groups, Buildings, Machinery, Flashlight Photos Copying and Enlarging a Specialty Miller Building, Rooms 6-7 Valley Phones: Office, 2993-B Residence, 1372-L SAGINAW, W. S., FILCH. Furstenberg Brothers Pine and Hemlock LUMBER Lath and Shingles Coal and Wood, Shavings, Cedar Posts PLANING MILL 1800 South Jefferson Avenue, at P. M. and C. S. & M. Crossings.Phones: Bell 1049; Valley 435 SAGINAW, MICH. Cloverdale Stock Farm H. C. Eastman, Proprietor BREEDER OF English Berkshire Swine, Oxfbrdown Sheep White Leghorn Hens and Pekin and Indian Runner Ducks FREELAND, MICH. Peter Wholesale Dealer inck Dealer in a Wines, Liquors, Cigars Agent for Schlitz Milwaukee Bottled Export Beer 403 Genesee Avenue and 112 North Baum Street Both Phones 360 SAOINAW, NIICHIGAN. I ECM no MA I - I 0. L. Dittmar, - President. L. R. Cooper, - Secretary-Treas. Dittmar, Cooper & Co. Established 1893 Incorporated 1904 WHOLESALE Wine and Liquor Dealers Sole Proprietors of Belle of Saginaw 300 and 302 Lapeer Avenue Saginaw, - Mich. - I THE Asphal1t Roofing Co. High Grade Roofings ANDD Roofing Materials Long Distance Telephones: Mich. 2922 Valley 3020 SAGINAW, W. S., - HiCH. THE ORTNER CO. DEALERS IN General Merchandise Manufacturers of the Celebrated Gold Medal Sausages Telephones: Valley, 35; Bell, 18 FRANKENMUTH, - MICH. - 1, Oh I I I w^^^ ^^f^ ^H^^^ U

Page  92 lljllý mm fADV RTI 6`0ý ING SECTION C. D. Woodbury, President. C. A. Gower, - 1st Vice Pres. Dr. T. M. W'illiamson, 2nd Vice Pres. Fred'k Thoman, - - Treasurer. M. A. Chapin, - - Secretary. Clark C. Wood, - Gen'l Counsel. Edward Cahill. Dr. J. P. Taylor. Henry R. Pattengill. CAPwITOL Saree ilandL s a h As t t clationi Lansing, Michigan Incorporated March, 1890 H. H. SHALER Local Agent 2737 So. Washington Ave. Saginaw, - Michn THE SAG1NAW DAILY NEWS Three Editions Daily The Daily News goes into seven out of every eight homes in Saginaw, and has twice the circulation in the homes of this city of any other daily published. It also covers the territory around Saginaw complete-ly, including more than 250 rural routes. The Daily News prints the full leased wire service of the Associated Press and has a well-organized staff of correspondents supplying news from every town in this section of Michigan. 307, 309, 311 Tuscola St. Peter Tierney. Thomas Tierney. Harry J. Tierney. TIERNEY BROS. L OANS MONEY LOANED On Real Estate, Household Furniture, Pianos and Organs, Horses and Wagons, Farm Implements, Bicycles, Shot Guns, Diamonds MONEY LOANED On Salaries, Pension Papers, Rents and Legacies, Incomes, Judgments, Book Acounts, Sugar Beet Contracts, Mercantile Stocks, Etc. 217-219 GENESEE AVENUE Both Phones C. Reitter, - - President. Geo. P. Smith, - Vice President. Fred J. Reitter, - - Sec'y-Treas. F. & C v. R itter. Printers and Publishers Commercial Work of Every Description English and German PUBLISHERS Best German Weekly in Michigan 208-210-212 Lapeer Avenue Hohn's Druag Store F.J. Hohn, r. D., Physician & Surgeon IA. Bartlett & Coi Founders, Machinists Boiler Makers and Alma urugs, urug" 6undries I Toilet Articles, Perfumes, Rubber Goods, Candies Tobaccos and Cigars, Pipes and Smokers' Articles Stationery Articles, Violin, Mandolin, and Guitar Strings, Etc. Fitting of Trusses a Specialty Edison, Victor and Columbia PHONOGRAPHS Only Up-to-Date Soda Fountain Iron Working Tools-Rolls, Punches, Angle Shears, Splitting Shears, Elliptic Drills. Grey Iron and Brass Castings, Steel and Iron Tanks, Structural Material MA NUFACTURERS Ol Coal Cars, Coal Mining and Slide Valve Engines, Saw Mill, Salt Works, Dredge Machinery and Steam Pile Hammers Boilers, Stacks and Breechings, Corliss Engines DEALERS IN New and Second Hand Machinery Walter S. Eddy, - - President. Harry T. Wickes, - Vice President. Geo. L. Humphrey, Sec'y and Treas. Chas. W. Stiver, Cornmptroler-Purchasing Agt. Robert M. Randall, General Manager. Consolidated Coal Company Miners and Shippers of Bituminous Coal Saginaw Coal Co. Pere Marquette Coal Co. Northern Coal and Transportation Co. Uncle Henry Coal Co. Wolverine Coal Co. Cass River Coal Co. Riverside Coal Co. Central Coal Mining Co. Chappell & Fordney Coal Co. Standard Mining Co. Shiawasse Coal Co. Barnard Coal Co. OFFICE: SAGINAW, MICH. Long Distance Telephones No. 365 Mines: Saginaw and Bay City, Mich. SAGINAW, MICH. in the Town Both Phones BAY CITY BRANCH, Fifth Avenue and Saginaw Street Mich. FRANKENMUJTH, - MICH. Saginaw, Mich. F. W. Kern, Jr. I. A. Bushaw. KERN & BUSHAW DEALERS IN fieferal Merchandise, To the People of the Eastern Part of Saginaw County: For over eighteen years we have catered to your wants to the best of our ability. Your steady patronage leads us to believe you appreciate our efforts. To prove to you that we believe in "reci.rocity" we have taken this spacetin your County Atlas to express our appreciation of your patronage. You know our place of business-- The Store Just Over the Line KERN & BUSHAW Valley Phone No. 5 REESE, - FIICH. ý I W. A. DAILY Wholesale and Retail Hay, Grain and Beans Hay in Car Lots a Specialy Flour and Mill Feed, Fertilizers Blue Ribbon Stock Feed, Poultry and Pigeon Feed Public Storage Forwarding Agent Warehouse: M. C. R. R., Between Union and Congress Ayes. Office and Store: 1824-1826 N. Michigan Ave. Valley Phone 1471 Bell Phone 2138 Sagmaw, - Mich. B. C. Cobb, - - President. F. C. Potvin, - - Secretary. A. B. Simoneau, - - Treasurer. J. A. Cleveland, - Gen'l Manager. aginaw Power Company Saginaw- Bay City Railway Co. Bay City Power Company Bay City Gas Company Saginaw and Flint Railway SAGINAW, MICH. C. H. Parker, - - Pres. and Mgr. Chas. McLellan, - Vice President. Kathryn McDonald, Sec'y and Treas. Parker Dairy Company Established 1905. Incorporated 1911 Capital Stock $10,000.00 Wholesale and Retail Milk, Cream, Buttermilk, Cottage Cheese, Creamery Butter Our Specialties: Parker's Superior Brand Ice Cream, brick and bulk, Ices to Order 228 N. Warren Avenue. 608-610-612 Johnson Street. Both Telephones 750 F. Bearinger, - - Proprietor. J. H. Laing, - - Manager. Safety Storage kCo, Household Goods Cared for on the Most Improved Plan in Space or Locked Compartments in a Building especially built for Storage aa Packing and 'Shipping a Spec ia~ly VAN SERVICE COMPLETE Lowest Rate of Insurance 213-215-217 Tuscola Street BOTH PNONES 55 Night Call, Bell 1704-L Saginaw, = flich.,iu! Ri, gyý,ý mm Saginaw, - Mich. Saginaw, Mich. OFFICERS E. L. Beach, - - President. Edwin Kersten, - Vice President. John C. Davies, - Vice President. E. V. Parsons, - Vice President. H. T. Robinson, - - Cashier. S. G. Arnold, - - Ass't Cashier. ( eran A eriAm State Bank Established 1912 418 Genesee Avenue 124 North Hamilton Street I. I Henry J. Gilbert, President & Mgr. Harwood J. Gilbert, Vice President. Arnold Boutell, - Sec'y & Treasurer. Charles T. Gilbert, Superintendent. Saginaw Manufacturing Company Established 1871 Main Office and Works: Saginaw, Michigan New York Branch, 88 Warren Street Chicago Branch, 105-107-109 N. Canal Street Peter Herrig, - - President. Joseph Needham, - Vice Presideflt. 0. F. Richter, - Treas. and Mgr. James H. Malcolm, - Secretary. George B. Noble. SaginawIce and Coal Company Hard and Soft Coal, Pocahontas, Coke Hard and Soft Wood Pure Up-River lee Office Foot of Ames Street Both Phones 2879 SAGINAW, W. S.. - MICH. W. C. Cornwell, - Pres. and Treas. C. R. Cornwell, - Vice President. E. J. Cornwell, - - Secretary. SagincawBIeef Co. Swift's Choice Beef --AND Packing House Products HOUSES: SAGINAW, HOME OFFICE. T. B RLSSWELL DEALER IN Sand, Gravel, Wood, Coal, Piles and Flat Timber AND CONTRACTOR IN Water and Land Pile Driving, Dock Building and Filling, Dipper and Hydraulic Dredging, Lightering, Log Towing and General Tugging OSMICE AND YARD: Corner Water & Bristol Office, Bell 1815 Office, Valley 485-A Residence, Valley 3392-B Saginaw, - Mich. H. M. Roeser. Rudolph C. Roeser. E M. & Co. Farm Implements, Wagons, Buggies, Harness and Fertilizers Peerless Wire Field, Lawn and Poultry Fence FARM AND LAWN GATES Headquarters for the Peerless Self-Raising Gates CEDAR POSTS Warehouse: P. M. R. R. Freight Depot, Court St., Saginaw, West Side Valley Phone 3431 Saginaw, = Mich. Bay City. Jackson. Cheboygan. Petoskey. ýl Sault Ste. Marie. Saginaw, Traverse City. Mich. Saginaw, - Mich. I I Fred C. Trier, - 137 S. Charles St. John Trier, - 1220 Cleveland St. TrierBrthers General Contractors and Builders 116 Graebner Building SAGINAW, W. S., - MICH. "THE RANDE" RUSSELL & MASTEN, Props. Livery, Sales and Boarding Stables FIRST CLASS FEED BARNS Auto Storage in Connection 308-310-312 N. Hamilton St. Both Phones SAGINAW, W.S., - MICH. H. L. GRIFFIN Real Estate Agency Farm Lands---City Property 306 Wiechmann Building Telephones: Office, Bell 466 w Res., Bell 1177 w SAGINAW, - MICH.,W~alter J. Webber' DEALER IN Hay and Beans Lath, Brick, Lumber, Shingles, Building Material, Tile, Coal, Lime, Cement and Plaster August Goes & Bro. DEALERS IN Farm Implements, Wagons, uBggies, Harness Garden and Field Seeds, Etc. 209-211 South Second Street One-half Block North of Genesee Bell Phone 746-W Valley 851-L Saginaw, - Mich. John Rogner, - - President. Max Rogner, Manager and Salesman. Gea Lheese Factory ROGNER & SON, Props. MANUFACTURERS OF Michigan Full'Cream Valley Phone 44-5r. GERA, - FilCH. REESE, MICH. lig NUMBER= IMMINCHIM 11111111 m IMUMMM-11"NIIIII 1 smommom 4.

Page  93 ADVERTISING SOETION __ / 1 I I Frankenmuth State Bank GENERAL BANKING FRANKENMUTH, - MICH. Farmers Exchange Bank General BankinCH CHESANING, - MICH. Geo. L. Burrows. Fred H. Potter. GEO. L. BURROWS & COMPANY BANKERS Established 1862 SAGINAW, - MICH. Chesaning State Bank General Banking CHESANING, - MICH. BIRCH RUN State Bank General Banking BIRCH RUN, - MICH. I James P. Devereaux. Bird J. Vincent. vevereaux & Vincent ATTORNEYS Bearinger Building SAGINAW, - MICH. I ~iley L crane Attorney at Law 122 N. Hamilton St. William E. Crane. Lloyd T. Crane. Cramne & Crane Attorneys at Law Hamilton Square AMES REALTY CO. City Property, Farm Lands, Rents and Loans 210-11-12 Kirby Bldg., SAGINAW, - MICHE SAGINAW, W. S., MICH Merrill Elevator P. L. PERKINS, Mgr. and Grain Dealers, Beans, and Soft Coal MERRILL, - Co. Treas Hanri I - MICH Mitts & Merrill Established 1854 Incorporated 1904 MANUFACTURERS OF Castings and Machinery SAGINAW, - MICH. SAGINAW, - MICH SAGINAW, - MICH Germain Manufacturing Co. PIANO PARTS ESTATE OF Edward Germain MANUFACTURER OF Lumber and Mill Work Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mantles and Box Shooks SAGINAW, - MICH. m Henry Feige& Son Retailers of "High Class Furniture At Popular Prices 113-121 South Baum Street SAGINAW, - MICH. I J. W. FORDNEY TIMBER LANDS SAGINAW,W. S., MICH. a i =I I GROHMbAN The Florist 117 S. Jefferson Avenue Greenhouse opposite Forest Lawn Cemetery SAGINAW, - MICH. I. - I fiENESEE COAL CO. Wholesale and Retail Hard and Soft Coal, Coke, Wood, Maple Clippings Bell Phone 787 Valley Phone 422 SAGINAW, - MICH. Charles Fettaig Carriage and Wagon Builder mom ESTATE OF Aaron T. Bliss Rea Estate 201-202 Bearinger Building SAGINAW, - MICH. I Robert H. Cook Attorney and Counselor at Law People's Savings Bank Bldg. SAGINAW, - MICH. I CULVER-DEISLER COMPANY Dispensing Chemists THE REXALL STORE Corner Genesee and Jefferson Both Phones 233 SAGINAW, - MICH.. I I iGEO. F. 1ARBARIN Prescription Druggist FREELAND, - MICH. I ( t ] Chas. A. F. Dall Fine Up=To=Date Footwear "We Fit The Feet" 415 Court Street. Valley Phone 2810 SAGINAW, - MICH. Adolph Bernthal. Herbert Bernthal. BERN TiHAL BROS. Jewelers c J 0 2. C. Brooks, - F. G. Palmerton, -. 0. Pierce, - - - President. Vice President. Sec. and Treas. Brooks Manufacturing Company FRANKENMUTH, - I MICH. d C 3AGINAW, - MICH. DR. C. BUSH Heavenrich Block Corner Genesee and Franklin St. 301 Genesee Ave. PHONES Bell Phone 622-J. Valley 1417-R. SAGINAW, - MICH. I a I B. GUGEL Funeral Director 620 Ames Street Both Phones SAGINAW, - MICH. Emmet L. Beach Attorney and Counselor at Law 204 Bearinger Building PHONES: Valley 594. Bell 397. SAGINAW, - MICH. I I. a JOHN FRANK Manufacturer and Dealer in Doors, Sash, Frames, Mouldings, Etc. FRANKENMUTH, - MICH. I Gus. C. Ewald. E1. F. Gehrls. Ewald & Gehrls AGENCY Chevrolet Auto Repairing and Supplies 709 N. Jefferson SAGINAW, - MICH. Brancoft House W. F. SCHULTZ, Manager SAGINAW, - MICH. HOTEL VINCENT W. H. Aubrey & Co. Operators CONRAD GOTTLEBER, Manager SAGINAW, - MICH. ) I - SAGINAW, THE H19 B Arnold Co. Stationers and Office Outfitters -. MICH. I m Bliss & Van Auken Lumber Company TELEPHONES: C;AGINAW, Chesaning Hardware and Implement Co. Hardware and Implements CHESANING, - MICH. - MICH. I I Bell 3374-3375; 3AGINAW, Valley 2801. W. S., - MICH. F. Goetzinger & Company Wholesale Dealers in All Kinds of Live Stock and Dressed Meats Both Phones, Valley and Bell Geyer Brothers BREWERS OF Pure Lager Beer I - I i Bartow &, Enright Livery THE Wm. Barie Dry Goods Company Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods and Carpets SAGINAW, - MICH. G. M. MEYER Liquors, Cigars and Tobacco Pool Room and Barber Shop 1121-1123 State Street Valley Phone 686-B Bell Phone 1531-J ( c ( B 6< S I Chesaning Milling Co. MNilling CHESANING, - MICH. C. C. DIETRICH Liquor Store Bottled Beer Delivered to. Any Part of the City 644 N. Third Both Phones I FRANKENMUTH, - MICH. IFRANKENMUTH, - MICH. ISAGINAW, - MICH. SAGINAW, - MICH. AGINAW, - MICH. I I I I I fli - I I II I I I 0 ý 1- - - - m I A U

Page  94 IBM In 11 N fADVERT1811 IG SECTION -i JOHN W. EMRICH PSRtor P. 0. Free] a rd, R. F. D. No.. 4 William P. McGregor DEALER IN OFFICERS George B. Morley, Walter S. Eddy, - Albert H. Morley, - Edward W. Glynn, The - President. Vice President. Vice President. - Cashier. Second National Bank -OF-- Sagiinaw, Michigan. The Frank Lawrence Real Estate Exchange "AND Saginaw Abstract Co. B. A. CARMAN, Manager Abstracts of Title, Abstracts Extended Money to Loan at Lowest Rates Real Estate Bought and Sold CONVEYANCING 209 S. Jefferson Ave. Opposite Post Office, East Side Emrich ~ S Notions, Boots Crockery and and Shoes, Groceries, Glassware, Furniture SAOINAW, MICH. I I WILLIAM R-AESE. TheSaiw BuldinRg and Loan Association OF Saginaw, Michigan Incorporated 1888 Authorized Capital $5,000,000.00 B. S. SMITH, Secretary Office, 114 S. Michigan Ave. Valley Telephone 2885 Member of State League Jas. C. McCabe, Henry R. Martini, W. B. Serviss, - J. W. Hitchcock, H. J. P. Graebner, H. F. Paddock, - President. - Vice President. General Manager. - - Auditor. - Secretary. - Treasurer. Valley Home Telephone Company "Independent Telephone System" "Service First" Independant Local and Long Distance Telephone "Look for the Shield" 145 Foot Bridge Across the North Branch of Bad River, Saginaw County, Mich. BUILT BY Frank Sanderson & Son, depenet ridge Co. Steel and Concrete Bridges Also Steel and Concrete Culverts St. Charles, Bell Phone No. 90, J., 11/2 Rings... ~Michigan. Saginaw, - Mich. Contractor for All Kinds of CONRAD SCH REINER Concrete and Mason, W( Manufacturer of Driwall Cement Building Blocks Yard: 1504 Mackinaw Street 434 Bay Street Valley Phone 3147 R Saginaw, Michigan, For Quick Results List Your Property with T. A. REUTHER REALTY CO. We will list your property without charge and send a description to a large number of Real Estate Dealers to whom we will pay two-thirds of the selling commission if they effect a sale. In this way by listing with us you automatically place your property in the hands of a large number of dealers for sale and yet deal only with the one dealer. We represent the seller. If in doubt as to valuation, we will inspect your property and advise you as to its value. For any further information call Valley 866 or write W. E. Laur, 0. A. Beach, M. Laur, - - President. - Treasurer. Secretary. Saginaw Grain and Produce Co. (Incorporated) Grain, Beans and Produce Beans and Oats a Specialty Office and Elevator Monroe and Niagara Streets F. E. Parker, C. A. Eddy, - C. F. Eddy, - R. L. Jones, - E. C. Mershon, B. C. Bingham, - - President. Vice President. - Treasurer. Ass't Treasurer. - Secretary. Ass't Secretary. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS John L. Jackson, C. C. Remer, E. D. Church, - S. S. Roby. - President. Vice President. - Treasurer. John C. Reinke. DEALER IN General Merchand ise Frankenmuth, - - - Michigan. J--gw-ULIUS KERSTEN M~ershon,.Eddy, Parker White Pine Lumber --ANDMANUFACTURERS OF Box Shooks, Window Frames, Doors, Sash, Blinds, Etc. White Pine, Basswood, Mouldings and Trim. Dimension Shingles WHOLESALERS OF Pacific Coast and Southern Products Maple Beech, Birch and Oak Flooring White Pine and Cedar Shingles THE SagiawrBrick Co. John C. Reinke, General Manager J. Moreley Zander, Sec'y & Sales Mgr. MANUFACTURERS OF Face and Common Building Brick In White, Red, Buff and Other Colors The Saginaw Brick Company, Saginaw, Mich. The GrrxidIBrick Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan. South Michigan Brick Co.,. Kalamazoo, Michigan. The Jackson-Lansing Brick Co., Rives Junction, Mich. The North Indiana Brick Co., '. Michigan City, Ind. Yearly Capacity 60,000,000 Factory: Saginaw Town, Wood St. Telephone Valley 3041-B City Office: 321 North Hamilton St. Both Phones 2812 SAGINAW, W. S., 1 - MICH. Genesee & Baur Saginaw, - Mich. Branches at Caro and Midland T. A. Reuther Realty Co. Valley Phone 3161 Bell Phone 3165 1 SAGINAW, W. S., - MICH. Eli Sprunger. Leo Sprunger. Saginaw Valley Stock Farm Eli Sprunger & Son, Proprietors Formerly of Decatur, Ind. Importers and Breeders of Belgian and Percheron Draft SStallions and Mares Also Dealers in High Class Commercial Draft Horses Bell Phone 2921-J-2 R. F. D. No. 2 E. F. Achard, Peter Herrig, Wmin. Seyffardt, - - President. - Vice President. - Sec'y and Treas. "SAGINAW. HARDWAnRE Cu. Established 1863. Incorporated 1890. Capital Stock $200,000 JOBBERS OF HAR DWARE 200-208 S. Hamilton Street FULL LINE OF WET GOODS 500 Potter Street SAGINAW, MICHIGAN. Saginaw, Mich. SAGINAW, W. S., - MICH. SAGINAW, W. S., - MICH. I U.,

Page  95 lill It! III, allm i SRI! mI-1 z fADV R-TISIN,'Offlý 8 G 10 J. J. Rupp, - - President. J. Schwartz, - Vice President. J. F. Boynton, - Sec'y and Treas. THE PEOPLE'S SAVINGS ESTBANK ESTABLISHED 1887 Seeman & Peters INCORPORATED Printers, Binders Engravers, Electrotypers A. T. WA.RD Fine Diamonds,Fine Watches Established 1880 Repairing of Fine Watches and Resetting of Diamonds a Specialty 104 South Jefferson Ave. SAGINAW, - - MICH. Geo.W. Weadock. Vincent Weadock. Jerome Weadock. Phillip S. Weadock. Weadock & Weadock International Harvester Company of America INCORPORATED E. GUDAKUNST, Gen. Agent General Offices at Chicago, U. S. A. "Champion," "Deering," "McCormick," "Milwaukee," "Piano," "Osborne." Harvesters and Other Lines of Machinery SAGINAW, - MICH. H. J. Heinz...Company Pickles And Food Products Established 1869 Home Office, Pittsburgh, Pa. SAGINAW, MICH. Stationers and Saginaw, Office Outfitters Michigan 301-303 Bearinger Building SAGINAW, - MICH. SAGINAW, - MICH. J. 0. Newberry Law, Real Estate, Loans Rentals and Insurance If you want to buy, sell or trade City or Farm Property, call or write Established 21 years Both Telephones 102 S. Washington Avenue MASON BUILDING SAGINAW, - - MICH. WEST SIDE MARBLE, GRANITE AND STONE WORKS Dealers in All Kinds of Granite, Marble and Stone Work of Every Description 817S819 Gratiot Ave. Saginaw,W. S. Mich. Albert W. Tausend Magnetic Spring Water Co. St. Loius Ilagnetic Mineral Water CARBONATED BEVERAGES Both Telephones 2987 OFUICE AND WORKS 110 North Niagara Street SAGINAW,:: MICH. J. LeMOSS Real Estate and Investments Real Estate Bought Sold and Exchanged Valley Phone 866 401 Genesee Ave., over Mautner & Krause's Clothing Store SAGINAW, - MICH, John Hilrandt CARL VEITENGRBER John l~lbandtDEALER IN Manufacturer of 12 VINE CIGARSI Candies, Ice Cream. Fruits, Cigars. Tobacco, Etc. SWatches, Clocks, Jewelry Specialty in Wedding Rings Watchmaker and Optician FRANKENMUTH, - MICH. FRANKENfIUTH, - 111CH. I I JOMN RUSSELL Veterinary Surgeon AND DENTIST Graduate of the Ontario College Bell Phone 3163 Valley Phone 3461-L 308 North Hamilton Ave. Saginaw, Michigan Henry J. Zacharias General Steamship Agent Tickets to and from all parEs of the world NOTARY PUBLIC Powers of Attorney in all European Languages Bell Phone 1181-J 2701 S. Washington Ave. SAGINAW, - - MICH. LAWNDALE FARM W. A. EASTWOOD PROPRIETOR Holstein" Cattle and Duroc Jerseys Bell Phone 150-J3. R. F.D. 2 Chesaning, Mich. Wi iarn.Sirmpson DEALER IN Coal, Coke, Wood and ice Office and Yard Foot of Hess Street PHONES Bell, Yard 1262-1 Residence 1262-2 Valley 2861-A SAGINAW, MICH, Adam Schmitzer. Christ Schmitzer. Hotel Centra! SCIHMITZER BROS., Props. Sample Rooms in Connection Phone No. 10 CHESANING,: MICH. Morley Brothers ESTABLISHED 1863 Wholesale Hardware, Saddlery, and Sporting Goods MANUFACTURERS OF Harness and Horse Collars A, L. SCHOENHEIT MEMBER Saginaw Valley Holstein-Friesian Breeders' Association Boost for Better Breeding R. F. D. No. 1 SAGINAW, - - MICH. ý I John J. Duggan DEALER IN Coal, Wood, Shingles Roofing Paper, Posts Lath, Lumber, Cement Cinders and Gravel Phones: Bell 1410-L, Valley 673-A 1100 N. Washington Avenue Bet. 4th and 5th Sts SAGINAW, - - MICH.. H. Watson & Co. I H. G.- KROGMANN Importers and Jobbers Crockery, China And Glassware Lamp Goods, Gas and Oil Chandeliers, Cut Glass, Bric-a-Brac, Cutlery, Etc. 420 and 422 Genesee Ave. SAGINAW, - - MICH. DEALER IN Guns, Ammunition Fishing Tackle and General Sporting Goods 212 N. Hamilton Street SAGINAW, W. S. MICH. Noble R. Snell,0D. V.e. Veterinarian Two Years Head House Surgeon, Chicago Veterinary College OFFICE AND HOSPITAL 1915 N. Michigan Avenue Next to Peters' Barn CITY BACTERIOLOGIST TELEPHONES Bell 1440-W. Valley 748 SAGINAW, - MICH. REMER BROS. Manufacturers of Kelley Island Stone Lime Dealers in Calcined Plaster, Cement, Hair, Brick Fire Brick and Clay YARDS Niagara Street, Foot of Madison, and 401 South Water Street SAGINAW, MICH. SAGINAW,: MICH. IHOBSONi & CO. Manufacturers, Contractors and Dealers in Stone, Marble and Granite FOR BUILDING Vault and Cemetery Work Bell Phone 254, Valley 58-B 501 to 511 North Water Street SAGINAW, - - MICH..HWhitney & Son HARDWARE Farm Implements, Vehicles Lime, Cement, Paints Glass, Sewer Pipe Established 1886 MERRILL,:: MICH. We B. TOPHAM & SON Hack, Coupe Livery and Boarding Stable OPEN DAY AND NIGHT Rigs Sent to Any Part of the City Bell Phone 402. Valley Phone 744 108 South Warren Ave. SAGINAW,:: MICH. H. L. Schuch, - Proprietor. J. P. Schuch, - - Manager. THE SCHUCH EUROPEAN PLAN Rooms 50, 75 and $1.00 Restaurant and Grill Room in Connection On Car Line to All Depots N. Hamilton Street SAGINAW, - MICH. Wesley Hotel E. P. WHALEY, Proprietor Electric Lights, Steam Heat Corner Jefferson Avenue and Tuscola Street One Block North of Town Clock Rates; $1.25 and $1.50 per day Phones, Bell 508 Valley 678 SAGINAW,; MICH. Hemlock Livery, Feed and Sale Stable PERL BOW, Proprietor Stroebel Building Carriages Furnished for Any Occasion Rates Reasonable Auto Service Day or Night HEMLOCK,: MICH. FRED HABKE Manufacturer of Wagons, Carriages....and Cutters Horseshoeing and General Blacksmithing, Grinding, Machine Repairing, Wood Turning Frankenmuth, - Michigan Saginaw Milling Co. Manufacturers of High Grade Flour fleal, Feed Rye and Buckwheat Flour Bean Shippers and Jobbers of Grain and Hay Twenty-Five Elevators in the Best Bean Growing Section of Michigan Telephone Your Order to 21mim No Dmms For a Case of -Hop Gold Export Banner Beer in Kegs or Bottles. Delivered Anywhere in the City Valley Phone 730, Bell Phone 142 600 South Fourth Ave. Co We L. Wartenberg' Wholesale and Retail Keg and Bottled Beer WHISKEY Both Phones 1201-1207 Court Street SAGINAW, - - MICH. STEVENS' BROS. Cartage and Storage Co. Furniture Packed, Shipped or Stored 119 South Niagara Street PHONES Bell 3131 Valley 3245 Resident Phone, Bell 3173-L SAGINAW, - MICH. HENRY RUMP Manufacturer of Beer, P ork, otash and Liquor Barrels Water Troughs and Cisterns Brewery Work a Specialty. Repairing Promply Attended to Shop, 314 North Second St. SAGINAW, E. S. MICH. SAGINAW, - - MICH. SAGINAW,:: MICH. lo I....

Page  96 SfADVLRTISING SLGTIO> I_ Forest Lawn Granite and Marble Works ROBERT SHAW, Proprietor There is one best way to secure the best that money can buy at the most reasonable price. We employ no agents. CALL ON US OR PHONE VALLEY 3285-A 3217 South Washington Ave. (Opposite Forest Lawn Cemetery) Saginaw, - Mich. POPP & WOLF ESTABLISHED 1866 Wholesale and Retail Builders' Hardware, Glass, Tools, Etc. Stoves and Ranges, House Furnishings, Wall Paper, Window Shades, and Room Mouldings Paints, Varnishes, Guns, Animmunition, Bicycles, Harness and Farm Implements Corner Genesee & Park Phones 307; SlocumlHolrning Co. Square Dealers Buggies, Wagons, Delivery Wagons, Harness, Blankets, Whips, Fur Coats, Fly Nets, Robes De Lavel Cream Separators, Gasoline Engines, All Kinds of Farm Implements 525 West Genesee Ave. OFFICERS J. A. Cimmerer, - - President. F. S. Hubbell, - Vice President. A. E. Hubbell, - - Secretary. E. F. Hubbell, Treas. & Gen'l Mgr. "Hubble Auto Sales Co. (INCORPORATED) The Universal Car DISTRIBUTORS FOR W. J. Wickes, A. D. Eddy, G. C. Eastwood, - - President. Vice President. Sec'y and Treas. Saginaw Plate Glass Co. Manufacturers of Polished Plate Glass And Grainer Salt SAGINAW, W. S5., - MICH. F. G. Schlagel& Co. Fire Insurance Accident, Health, Plate Glass and Tornado Insurance and Surety Bonds Office, 210-213 Kirby Bldg. Valley Phone 131 A Saginaw, = Mich. Saginaw, Bay, Isabella, Clare, G win and Midland Counties dlad I M. W. Tanner, H. W. Persons, President. Sec'y-Treas. J. W. Symons, H. P. Goppelt, J. W. Hall, S. F. Symons, - President. - Vice President. - Secretary. - - Treasurer. Saginaw, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. R:.CHIIS TEN.SEN General Merchandise We Appreciate Your Patronage If at any time you buy anything at this store that is not satisfactory, we would consider it a favor if you would enter a complaint. It is our aim to do the right thing, and when we don't we want you to tell us. Court Street Saginaw, W. S., - Mich. CHAS.eP. RIEDER Saginaw Employment Agency We Furnish Help for Every Occupation, Both Male and Female FREE OF CHARGE Real Estate, and Insurance Houses Rented and Rents Collected, List Your Property with Us Notary Public With Seal 415 Genesee Ave. Bell Phone 333 Valley Phone 266 Saginaw. - Mich. Hubinger Bros. (INCORPORATED) Rough and Dressed Lumber, Flooring, Siding, Lath DEALERS IN Hardware, Dry Goods, Clothing, Groceries, General Merchandise, Builders' Supplies Solms Bros. General Hardware Stoves, Tinware, Paints, Guns, Fishing Tackle "SAGINAW PURE ICE CO. Manufacturers of Distilled Water Ice Office and Factory: Corner Atwater & Water Sts. Saginaw, - Mich. Symons Bros. & Company Wholesale Grocers 501-515 So. Washington Ave. Saginaw, - Mich. Oils, Sewing Machines, Woven Wire Fence MANUFACTURERS Strictly. Full Cream OF Cheese 512-514 Gratiot Avenue Bell Phone, - 3119 Valley Phone 2977 SAGINAW, W. S., - MICH. j Frankenmuth, - Mich. Saginaw Fuel and Supply CO. Coal, Coke, Wood and Masons' Supplies WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 1422 MONROE STREET Valley Phone 2847 Bell Phone 2847 SAGINAW, - MICH. P - q - - - I OFFICERS Benton Hanchett. - President. Otto Schupp, - V. Pres. and Cashier. C. A. Khuen, V. Pres. and Ass't Cashier. S. S. Roby, - - Ass't Cashier. C. M. Coplin, - Ass't Cashier. F. J. Schmidt, - Ass't Cashier. A. B. Williams, - Ass't Cashier. J. Holland-Moritz, - - Auditor. BANK OF SAGINAW Established 1888 John M. Ealy. Henry Parker. J. McNair Ealy.' Milton D. Ealy. Peter C. Pardee. Peter P. Bittner, - - Cashier. Bank of Munger Ealy, Pardee & Company Responsibility One Million Dollars Tromley, Wilson & Co. DUGALD E. WILSON, Manager Real.,Estate -and, Insurance We Buy, Sell and Trade Farm and City Property 308-309 Kirby Building Bell Phone 2374 Valley Phone 131-M Saginaw, - Mich. F. L. RICE REAL ESTATE Farm and City Property 50,000 Acres of Wild Land I Buy Hardwood Timber on Stumps or in Logs. I Solicit Farm Loans. I Build Homes for Anyone. All Kinds of Fire Insurance Room 603 Kirby Building Valley Phone 733 THE STORE M. SCHREMS, Proprietor Billiard and Pool Room in Connection Pfister Tables 311 Genesee Ave. Saginaw, - Mich. Sherman House MARTIN B. BAUM. Prop. EUROPEAN PLAN Rooms: 50c, 75c, $1.00 Thoroughly Remodeled. Heated Throughout by Steam. Club Breakfast Served SAGINAW, - MICH. W. L. Cooper. C. 0. Quigley. Saginaw Electric Co. r.1* ni. 0 u1 Saginaw, = Mich. Munger, - Mich. Saginaw, - Mich. Lverytning tiectrical Fixtures a Specialty, House Wiring and Motors 212 S. Washington Phone Bell 872-W SAGINAW, - MICH. -Wff. B. MERSHON & COMPANY Manufacturers of Band Sawing Machinery Band Resaws, Band Rip Saws, Pony Band Mills Works Situated at Mershon J. E. THOM & CO. Michigan Farm Merchants Opportunities for the Owners of Michigan Farm Lands were Never Greater than Todayr 50,000 Acres of Hardwood Cut-Over Lands in Large or Small Tracts' In the World Famous Territory-the Saginaw Valley and Northern Michigan SAGINAW - MICH. JeromeBros., DEALERSIN Shavings, Hay, Oats, Feed, Bran, Middlings, Flour and International Stock Food Implements, Buggies and Harness Prompt Delivery to any Part of the City 406-408-410 Germania Ave.Valley Phone 344-M Bell Phone 221 Saginaw, - Mich. Welzei~hn & Schulz Real Estate and Fire Insurance Old Reliable Companies, Plate Glass Insurance Real Estate Boughtand Sold Real Estate Loans on Easy Payment Plan 203 Bearinger Building Bell Phone288-W; Valley Phone 528-A Saginaw, - Mich. I John G. Roecker, - President-Treas. August Goes, -. Vice President. Fred G. Roecker, - Secretary. TiHE C.L. ROESER CO. Incorporated January 16, 1904 Capital Stock, $50,000.00 Largest Farm Implement, Vehicle and Seed House in Michigan SAGINAW, - - MICH. Emil Rau. Gustav Rau. RAU BROS. DEALERS IN GC en.eral 1ierchandise AND MEAT MARKET Saginaw, Mich. Herzog Art Furniture Company MAKERS OF Art Furniture Main Office and Factories, Louis B. Hubinger Department Store Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware. Drugs Star of the West Milling Company MANUFACTURERS OF "Star of the West" Roller SProcess Flour GRAMLICH'S Center House Frog, Fish and Chicken Suppers to Order a Specialty Private Dining Rooms for Parties FRANKENFlUTH, - filCH. Robert E. Dederich. Fred Gill. Dederich & Gill Importers and Wholesale Liquor Dealers Tobaccos and Cigars Louis C. Touff. Ben. J. Touff. David Kahn. BNuff BroS: "General Merchandise SBRANCH STORES: Men's Suits, Furniture, Wall Graham, Buckwheat Flour Paper, Etc. Feed and Home Phone No. 9 - FILCH. Wholesale and Retail FRANKENMUTH, - MICH. Very Finest of Music Both Phones BRIDGEPORT, - MICH. 106 South Washington Ave. Swan Creek and Bently, Mich. Saginaw, W. S.Mich. BIRCH RUN, SAGINAW. MICH. Freeland, S Mich.


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Page  99 * ILLUSTRfATION Li* PAGE 99 _____ ______ J______ ~ __ H. C. EASTMAN, JOHN J. DUGGAN, FREELAND, MICH. SAGINAW,- MIC1LW ETHAN G. ALLEN, ROBERT H. COOK, FREELAND, MICH. Lawyer, SAGINAW, MICH. JOHN J. WHITMAN, FREELAND, MICH. LEONARD REICHLE, Mr. Reichle was born in Frankenmuth, Nov. 5, 1858. He started in business as a Carriage and Wagon maker at the age of twenty. Later he engaged in the Implement business. In 1903 he was elected Justice of the Peace, in which capacity he served the township 12 years. He has also served as School Director for nine years and also held various positions as STrustee, Guardian and Administrator. In March 1915, Mr. Reichle moved to Saginaw, where he has accepted the position of Assistant County Treasurer under Mr. Christian Gugel. SOME PROMINENT SAGINAWIANS. Left to Right, Standing:-William H. Martin, City Recorder; Silas F. Hatch, Bank Solicitor; Harry S. Erd of Erd Motor Works; Chas. Edward Lown, Postmaster; Rowland Connor, Attorney and Secretary Elk's Lodge No. 47; John A. Crimmerer, President, Oakland Vinegar Co.; William H. Filbert, Druggist; Max Heavenrich, Clothing Merchant; Harvey A. Penny, Attorney, Member of Michigan Legislature; Hilem F. Paddock, Mayor; Clyde 0. Trask, President of Valley Home Telephone Co.; Thos. A. Tierney, Broker; Herman Krause with Lufkin Rule Co.; Jas. A. Montross, Accountant; Chas. Guest, Mineral Water; John Erd, President of Erd Motor Works; Bernard Rice, Salesman; William B. Moore, Salesman; E. F. Hubbell of Hubbell Auto Sales Co. (Gen. Manager;) Andrew Lockwood, Saginaw Boat Co.; Emil Voght with Cornwell Company; W. F. Hemmeter, Postmaster, W. S.; Chas. H. Bradford, Accountant, Michigan Sugar Co.; Thos. J. Lynch, Internal Revenue Collector; Patrick Kain, Chief of Police. Sitting from Left to Right:-Albert F. Burwith,_ President Saginaw Silk Garment Co.; Jas. KanalIy, Job Printer; Chas. Spindler, Assessor; Wm. A. Johnson, Merchant Tailor; Sheridan S. Walker, Auditor Mass., Bonding & Insurance Co.; Fred H. Wolfe, Retail Meats; Adolph A. Schott, Druggist JOHN C. DAVIES, SAGINAW, MICH. Mr. Davies is a retired contractor of public works, now interested in Real Estate Banking and Politics, was a candidate for Mayor of the City of Saginaw on the Bull Moose Ticket in 1912. He came to Saginaw in 1866 where he has resided since with the exception of about two years in Washington D. C. and Maryland. With his brothers he built the first sewers in Saginaw. He has always taken a deep interest in the welfare of his home city andcl has seen it grow from a village it the wilderness to a finie and beautiful and prosperous city with the great prospects for it's future growth. RESIDENCE OF F. GREENFELDER, CHESANING, MICH. SAGINAW CANOE CLUB, SAGINAW, MICH. TRADE SCHOOL, SAGINAW, W. S., MICH. MICHIGAN AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH, SAGINAW, MICH. SCENE ON FARM OF JOHN M. ZEHENDER, R. F. D. No. 2, BIRCH RUN, MICH. SCENE ON FARM OF OTTO KEINATH, SCENE ON FARM OF JOHH H. BERNTHAL, R. F. D. No. 2, FRANKENMUTH, MICH. BIRCH RUN, MICH,

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Page  103 Ressamma mr PAGE 103 ""It ILLUSTRfATIONS At NO - J.. ml MR. J. J. LONSBERRY AND MRS. REBECA A. LONSBERRY, Proprietors of Cherry Glen Farm, R. F. D. No. 1, OAKLEY, MICH. MR. AND MRS. JOHN S. ZEHENDER, Photo from Matt Zehender, R. F. D. No. 1, BIRCH RUN, MICH. PHOTOGRAPH FROM GEO. H. BENNETT CHESANING, MICH. CHARLES AND ANTON SCHULTE, REESE, MICH. ONE OF THE BUSINESS BLOCKS IN ST. CHARLES, MICH. RESIDENCE OF CONRAD HETZNER, R. F. D. No. 4, SAGINAW, 1. S, MICH. BASKET PICNIC PARTY, On the west bank of the Tittabawassee just south of the Merrill Bridge. This branch of the Saginaw River is noted for having floated down more pine logs than any other river in the world. Photograph from Thomas J. Lynch, Saginaw, E. S. Michigan. SCENE ON FARM OF FRANK LUNEBURG, R.F.D. No. 2, REESE, MICH. SCENE ON FARM OF ERNEST FINK, R. F. D. No. 1, GERA, MICH. B. G. CORYELL, Cashier of the Farmer's Exchange Bank, and his son Howard S., CHESANING, MICH. MR. AND MRS. JAS. NORTHCOTT, R. F. D. No. 4, FREELAND, MICH. MR. AND MRS. E. C. WOODRUFF R. F. D. No. 4, ELSIE, MICH. JAMES POAG AND FAMILY GROUP, BURT, MICH. MR. AND MRS. CLAUDE WHITMAN, R. F. D. No. 1, FREELAND, MICH. MICHIGAN CENTRAL STATION, Genesee, Ave., SAGINAW, MICH. RESIDENCE OF FRED LEIDLEIN, R. F. D. No. 1, SAGINAW, MICH. RESIDENCE OF FRED L. SQUIRE, SAGINAW, W. S., MICH. SASH AND DOOR FACTORY OF JOHN FRANK FRANKENMUTH, MICH.

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Page  119 UNITED STATES LAND SURVEYS SUPPLEMENT I. ANALYSIS OF THE SYSTEM SOF Jnitk;; I.MMMWANý AP-MEh, ffým IsaffVA rv METES AND BOUNDS P to the time of the Revolutionary War, or until about the beginning of the present century, land, when parcelled out, and sold or granted, was described by " Metes and Bounds," and that system is still in existence in the following States, or in those portions of them which had been sold or granted when the present plan of surveys was adopted, viz.: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, and the six New England States. To describe land by "" Metes and Bounds," is to have a known land-mark for a place of beginning, and then follow a line according to the compass-needle (or magnetic bearing), or the course of a stream, or track of an ancient highway. This plan has resulted in endless confusion and litigation, as land-marks decay and change, and it is a well-known fact that the compass-needle varies and does not always point due North. As an example of this plan of dividing lands, the following description of a farm laid out by Metes and Bounds, is given: "Beginning at a stone on the Bank of Doe River, at a point where the highway from A. to B. crosses said river (see point marked C. on Diagram 1); thence 40'4 North of West 100 rods to a large stump; thence 10~ North of West 90 rods; thence 15~ West of North 80 rods to an oak tree (see Witness Tree on Diagram 1); thence due East 150 rods to the highway; thence following the course of the lighway 50 rods due North; thence 5~ North of East 90 rods; thence 45~ East of South 60 rods; thence 10~ North of East 200 rods to the Doe River; thence following the course of the river Southwesterly to the place of beginning." This, which is a very simple and moderate description by " Metes and Bounds," would leave the boundaries of the farm as shown in Diagram 1. MERIDIANS. AND BASE INES DIAGRAM 2 PACIF/IC.S'ANDARD T/M.E T HE present system of Governmental Land Surveys was adopted by Congress on the 7th of May, 1785. It has been in use ever since and is the legal method of describing and dividing lands. It is called the "Rectangular System," that is, all its distances and bearings are measured from two lines which are at right angles to each other, viz.:-]-. These two lines, from which the measurements are made, are the Principal Meridians, which run North and South, and, the Base Lines which run East and West. These Principal Meridians are established, with great accuracy. Each Principal Meridian has its Base Line, and these two lines form the basis or foundation for the surveys or measurement of all the lands within the territory which they control. Diagram 2 shows all of the Principal Meridians and Base Lines in the United States, and from it the territory governed by each Meridian and Base Line may be readily distinguished. Each Meridian and Base Line is marked with its proper number or name. Diagram 3 illustrates what is meant when this method is termed the "Rectangular System," and how the measurements are based on lines which run at right angles to each other. The heavy line running North and South (marked A. A.) on Diagram 3, represents the Principal Meridian, in this case say the 5th Principal Meridian. The heavy line running East and West (marked B. B.) is the Base Line. These lines are used as the starting points or basis of all measurements or surveys made in territory controlled by the 5th Principal Meridian. The same fact applies to all other Principal Meridians and their Base Lines. Commencing at the Principal Meridian, at intervals of six miles, lines are run North and South, parallel to the Meridian. This plan is followed both East and West of the Meridian throughout the territory controlled by the Meridian.

Page  120 SUPPLEMENT11 UNITED STATES LAND SURVEYS These lines are termed "Range Lines." They divide the land into strips or divisions six miles wide, extending North and South, parallel with the Merit Each division is called a Range. Ranges are numbered from one upward, comm cing at the Meridian; and their numbers are indicated by eo characters. For instance, the first division (or first six miles5 west of the Meridian ib Range I. West; the next is Range II. West; then comes Range IV., V., VI., VII., and so on, until the territory governed by another Principal Meridian is reached. In the same manner the Ranges East of the Men are numbered, the words East or West being always used to indicate the direction from the Principal Meridian. See Diagram 3. Commencing at the Base Line, at intervals of six miles, lines are run East and West parallel with the Base L:-e. These are designated as Town Lines. They divide the land into strips or divisions six miles wide, extending East and West, parallel with the Base Line. This plan is followed North and South of the Base Line until the territory governed by another Principal Meridian and Base Line is reached. These divisions or Township: numbered from one upward, both North and South of the Base Line, and their numbers are indicated by figures. For instance: The first six mile divi N-orth of the Base Line is Township I North; the next is Township 2 North; then comes Township 3, 4, 5, and 6, North, and so on. The same ph followed South of the Base Line; the Townships being designated as Township 1 South, Township 2 South, and so on. The "North" or "South" initials N. or S. being generally used) indicates the direction from the Base Line. See Diagram 3. These Township and Range Lines, crossing each other, as shown in Diagram 3, form squares, which are called "Townships" or "Government Townsh which are six miles square, or as nearly that as it is possible to make them. These Townships are a very important feature in locating or describing a of land. The location of a Government Township, however, is very readily found when the number of the Township and Range is given, by m< counting the number indicated from the Base Line and Principal Meridian. As an example of this, Township 8 North, Range 4, West of the 5th Prin Meridian, is at once located on the square marked * on Diagram 3, by counting eight tiers north of the Base Line and 4 tiers west of the Meridian. Hian. man III., dian ship both s are ision in is (the ips,' piece erely cipal' I DIAGRAM. BAsGES WEST OF 5Tr P Mi A D-1 v v in 1 ER.SOES EAST O 6TH P.M. TI MT IT? v iý v La 13 08 4' 0 07 S U 'I 0 S 56 0 4' v I II L Q -- -- -- -- - -< - -- --- -- - m. wz - -- -- - -- ci- -- - -- -L 113 m 4'' 0 0 S S A' 0 S S 4' 0 44 TOWNSHIPS OF LARD. rOWNSHIPS are the largest subdivisions of land run out by the United States Surveyors. In the Governmental Surveys Township Lines are the first to be run, and a Township Corner is established every six miles and marked. This is called "Townshipping." After the Township Corners have been carefully located,the Section and Quarter Section Corners are established. Each Township is six miles square and contains 23,040 acres, or 36 square miles, as near as it is possible to make them. This, however, is frequently made impossible by. (1st) the presence of lakes and large dtreams; (2nd) by State boundaries not falling exactly on Township Lines; (3rd) by the convergence of Meridians or curvature olf the earth's surface; and (4th) by inaccurate surveys. Each Township, unless it is one of the exceptional cases referred to, is divided into 36 squares, which are called Sections. These Sections are intended to be one mile, or 320 rods, square and contain 640 acres of land. Sectionu are numbered consecutively from 1 to 36, as shown on Diagram 4. Beginning with Section 1 in the Northeast Corner, they run West to 6, then East to 12, then West to 18, and so on, back and forth, until they end with Section 36 in the Southeast Corner. Diagram 4 shows a, plat of a Township as it is divided and platted by the government surveyors. These Townships are called Government Townships or Congressional Townships, to distinguish them from Civil Townshipk or organized Townships, as frequently the lines of organized Townships do not conform to the Government Township lines. S EC 'TNS OSF LAN 0 DIAGRAM 4. I1 3 A3 i -TE tASE IJiNE T iini 4 4iiii 6 4III iii' tm i 11 u-*- -T * 4 a = 4 - 4- J i 1 itfl I U I8j.W. st r 5Tv srf &PýF 5PI T Try f QS W-VOEST OP TH MP.M. S U.S I0AGRAM 5 illustrates how a section,. i may be subdivided, although the 7--IA. Diagram only gives a few of the (43 R..________________ ______ many subdivisions into which a __.- L4 ____ ___ -- section may be diviqed. All Sections (except fractional Sections) are supposed to be 320 rods, or one mile, square and therefore contain 640 acres-a number easily divisible. Sections are subdivided into fractional parts to suit the convenienc, of the owners of the land. A half-section contains 320 acres; a quarter-section contains 160 acres; half of a quarter contains.80 acres, and quarter of a quarter contains 40 acres, and so on. Each piece of land is described according to the portion of the section which it embraces-as the Northeast quarter of Section 10; or the Southeast quarter of the Southeast quarter of Section 10. Diagram 5 shows how many of these subdivisions are platted, and also shows the plan of designating and describing them by initial letters as each parcel of land on the Diagram is marked with its description. As has already been stated, all Sections (except Fractional Sections which are explained elsewhere) are supposed to contain 640 acres, and even though mistakes have been made in surveying, as is frequently the case, making sections larger or smaller than 640 acres, the Government recognizes no variation, but sells or grants each regular section as containing 640 acres "more or less." The Government Surveyors are not required to subdivide sections by running lines within them, but they usually establish Quarter Posts on Section Lines on each side of a section at the. ooints marked A. B. C. and D. on Diagram 5. After establishing Township corners, Section Lines are the next to be run, and section cor1 ners are established. When these are carefully DIAGRAM4 5. located the Quarter Posts are located at points as __________________________ nearly equidistant between Section Corners as A possible. These corners when established by Government Surveyors cannot be changed, even though it is conclusively shown that mistakes have been made which cause some sections or co N. E. /4 quarter sections to be either larger or smaller N than others.-- The laws, however, of all the u..States provide certain rules for local surveyors < to follow in dividing Sections into smaller 160A A. parcels of land than has been outlined in the TA IO Ie -- 0Governmental surveys. For instance, in dividSCO ing a quarter section into two parcels, the disSN. 1/2 of S. E. 1/4 ance between the Government Corners is careS> fully measured and the new post is located at a " 8 80 A. ____ point equidistant between them. This plan is N.ofo.W. followed in running out "eighties," "forties," offs.E. s. E.'/4 " twenties," etc. In this way, if the Govern(20 A.) - of S. E.'/ ment division overruns or falls short, each Of S.E iY portion gains or loses its proportion. This is.__ ___ (20 A.). 1- 40 A. not the case, however, with Fractional Sections S '* cTp N/IDIN3G- A SECTIOT. along the North or West sides of a Township, __-______---- ___--- or adjoining a lake or large stream. S0,2 FICTIOAL P ECES OT F LAND. ONGRESSIONAL Townships vary - -. -. i.... ~... i considerably as to size and boundaries. Mistakes made in surveying and the fact that Meridians converge as they ~ run North cause every Township to vary 15 14 i more or less fromin the 23,040 acres which a Sperfect Township would contain. See m,Diagram 4. In arranging a Township into Sections all the surplus or deficiency of land -- - -g ---- is, or taken from, the North and a West tiers of Sections. In other words, all ~ S! f. Sections in the Township are made full2 2:3 i ( [ i 640 acres-except those on the North and 4 24 West, which are given all the land that is jig 16,INMBER Diagram 4 illustrates how the surplus or Sdeficiency is distributed and the Sections it ____-__ --- -ects. It will be seen that Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 18, 19, 30 and 31, are the ""Fractional Sections," or the Sections which are affected if the Township overruns 2 7. 25 or falls short. Inside of these Fractional Sections, all of the surplus or deficiency of land (over or under 640 acres) is carried to the "forties" or " eighties" that touch the Township Line. These pieces of land are Scalled "Fractional Forties" or "Fractional Eighties," as the case may be. DiagramsA4 34 36and 6 show the manner of marking the d 3 acreage and outlining the boundaries of these "Fractions." Diagram 6 illustrates how the surplus or...._____ ________" _ deficiency of land inside of these Sectionis is _...............___________ ______ _~ _ distributed and which "forties"or"eighties" it affects. From this arrangement it will be seen that in any Section that touches the North or West Township Lines, the Southeast Quarter may be full-160 acres-while another quarter of the same Section may be much larger or smal'lr. Frequently these fractional "forties" or "eighties" are lotted as shown in Diagram 6. They are always described as fractional tracts of land, as the "fractional S.W. ~ of Section 6," etc. Of course those portions of these Sections which are not affected by these variations are described in the usual manner-as Southeast j of Section 6. As a rule Townships are narrower at the North than at the South side. The Meridians of Longitude (which run North and South) converge as they run North and South from the Equator. They begin at the Equator with a definite width between them and gradually converge until they all meet at the poles. Now, as the Range lines are run North and South, it will at.once be seen that the convergence of Meridians will caup- every Congressional Township (North of the Equator) to be narrower at its North than at its South side, as stated. See Diagram 4. In addition to this fact, mistakes of measurement are constantly and almost unavoidably made in running both Township and Range _____._________...__________ lines, and if no new starting points were established the lines would DIAGRAM 6. become confused and unreliable, and -U R. the size and shape of Townships] LIOTI 3 -. O T- 2. LOTr 1. materially affected by the time the 5 2.5 40.5 surveys had extended even a hundred 4 milesfrom the Base Line and Princi- oo3. A^.. ACRES. ACRES. o ACRES. pal Meridian. In order to correct 2S the surveys and variations caused 53 a.-_______ by the difference of latitude and cor a. straighten the lines, "Correction 0 SO Lines" (or Guide Meridians and ~29 AC. i S SO ACRES. Standard Parallels) are established at ACRES. " a frequent intervals, usually as follows: CD North of the Base Line a Correction i5: sa. __- ----_160_------ ods. Line is run East and West parallel LOT 6. 1 Rods. with the Base Line, usually every twenty-four miles. South of the 32 AC. Cj Base Line a Correction Line is usually 0 established every thirty miles. Both -64 R. 160 ACRES East and West of the Principal LOT -. Meridian "Correction Lines" are. 0 usually established every 48 miles. 37 AC. All Correction Lines are located by careful measurement, and the sue- 74. 80 Rods. '160 Rods. ceeding surveys are based upon PLAT OP A FRACTIONAL SECTION. them. OMON Entered According to Act of Congress in the year 1909, by Geo. A. Ogle & Co., in the office of the Librarian ot Congress at a Fashington, D. C.

Page  121 SUPPLEMENT I1i I DIGEST OF THE SYSTEM OF tbIVIL GOVERNMENT I I DIGEST OF THE SYSTEM OF -CIVIL GOVERNMENT WITH A REVIEW OF THE Duties and Powers of the Principal Officials Connected with the Various Branches of National, State, County and Towniship Government. NATIONAL GOVERNMENT T HE GOVERNMENT of the United States is one of limited and specific powers, strictly outlined and defined by a written constitution. The constitution was adopted in 1787, and, with the amendments that have since been made, it forms the basis of the entire fabric of government under which we live. The constitution created three distinct branches of government, each of which is entirely separate and distinct from the others. They are the executive, legislative and judicial departments. The constitution specifically vests the executive power in the President, but all members of the cabinet are usually classed with the executive department; the legislative power is held by Congress, and the judicial authority is vested in the Supreme Court and various other courts which Congress has provided for in pursuance of the provisions of the constitution. It has been the aim of these pages to explain each of these different branches of government, and to briefly review the duties and powers of the principal officials connected with each department. The President and Vice-President are elected by popular vote, but the vote of each State is separate, so that a candidate may have a large mnjority of the aggregate popular vote of the country and yet fail to be elected. The Presidential election is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, when Presidential electors are chosen in and for the various States, each State haying as many electors as it has representatives in both branches of Congress. The electors are chosen by the ballots of the people of their States, and all the electors of a State constitute an electoral college. The electors meet in each State at the capital on the first Wednesday in December following a National election and vote for President and Vice-President, certificates of which are forwarded to the President of the Senate, at Washington, who, on the second Wednesday in February opens the certificates and counts the votes in the presence of both Houses of Congress and declares the result; and the final step is the inauguration, which takes place on the 4th of March. The law provides that if neither of the candidates have a majority then the House of Representatives shall elect a President from the three candidates receiving the highest electoral vote. In elections of this kind each State is entitled to only one vote, and twothirds of the States form a quorum. / PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. The President is the highest executive officer of the United States. He is elected for the term of four years, and receives a salary of $75,000 per annum. He must be thirty-five years old or more, and a nativeborn citizen of the United States. The President is charged with a general supervision over the faithful execution of laws passed by Congress, and has supervision over all executive departments of the government. He appoints a Cabinet of nine officials who become the heads of the various departments, and these departments are intended to be managed and conducted as the President directs. The President is Commanderin-Chief of the Army and Navy. HTe has power to grant pardons and reprieves for all offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment; has power, with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make. treaties. He nominates, and with the advise and consent of the Senate, >appoints Ambassadors and other public Ministers and Consuls, all Judges of the United States courts, and all other executive officers of the United States, except in such cases where the appointments may be vested in the various "departments." When the Senate is not in session he can appoint, subject to its action when it reassembles. He has power; in certain extraordinary occasions, to call together both Houses of Congress, or either of them, in extra session; and is required from time to time to communicate with Congress, as to the state of the Union, and offer such suggestions or recommendations as he may deem proper. He is empowered to approve or veto all measures adopted by Congress, but it is provided that any measure may be passed over his veto by a two-thirds vote of Congress. SThe President consults frequently with his Cabinet, and nearly all impbrtant official matters are discussed by that body. In case the office of President becomes vacant through the death, removal or resignation of the incumbent, the law provides that the office shall in turn be filled by the Vice-President, Secretary of State, and other Cabinet Ministers in.regular order. VICE PRESIDENT. The Vice-President of the United States is elected for the term of four, years, and receives a salary of $12,000. In case of the death, removal or resignation of the President, the Vice-President succeeds him. The chief duty of the Vice-President is to act as the presiding officer of the Senate. He has no vote in the Senate, except in case of a tie, or an equal division of the members of that body. The VicePresident administers the oath of office to the Senators. STATE DEPARTMENT. The head of this department is the Secretary of State, who is appointed by the President as a member of the Cabinet, and receives a salary of $8,000 per year. The law provides that in case the office of President becomes vacant, through the death, removal or resignation of both the President and Vice-President, the Secretary of State assumes the duties of the Presidency. The Secretary of State may be said to be the official Secretary of the President, andicountersigns all commissions issued. by the President. The Secretary of State is the head of the Department of State and is the chief diplomatic officer of the 'United States. In his department and under his supervision is conducted the public business relating to foreign affairs; to correspondence, commissions or instructions to or with public Ministers from the United States; or to negotiations with Ministers from foreign States; or to memorials or other applications from foreignern, or foreign public Ministers, or citizens of this country in foreign lands, or complications arising therefrom. The Secretary of State' also has charge of all other business connected with foreign affairs, extradition matters and diplomatic officers; furnishing passports to vessels going to foreign countries, etc., and has charge of the Great Seal of the United States. Connected with the Department of State and forming a part of it in the great work of performing and caring for the duties outlined are the following bureaus: -.The Diplomatic Bureau, which looks after the affairs pertaining to foreign governments. 'The' Consular Bureau, correspondence with consulates. The Bureau of Indexes and Archives, the duties of which are to open the official mails, prepare an abstract of the daily correspondence and an index of it, and superintend miscellaneous work of department. The Bureau of Accounts, in which all of the finances of the department are looked after, such as the custody and disbursement of appropriations; also indemnity funds and bonds; also care of the building and property of the department, etc.. The Bureau of Rolls and Library, which is charged with the custody. of treaties, rolls, public documents, etc.; has care of revolution ary archives, of international commissions, superintendence of library, etc. The Bureau of Statistics, for the preparation of reports on commercial relations. The chiefs of these bureaus receive from $2,100 per year to $2,300 per year. In addition to these there are connected with the State Department the offices of translator, at $2,100 per year; assistant secretary, $5,000; second assistant secretary, $4,500; third assistant secretary, $4,500; solicitor, $4,500; chief clerk, $3,000; clerk to Secretary of State, $2,500; passport clerk, $1,400. Besides these are the various comptrollers, auditors, clerks and assistants, which number well up into the thousands. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. This department was organized in 1789. The head of this department, known as the Secretary of the Treasury, is appointed by the President, is a member of the Cabinet, and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. The Treasury Department is one of the most important branches of the national government, as it has charge of the financial affairs of the government, custody of public funds, collection of revenue and maintenance of public credit. Among the many important duties devolving upon this department are the following: It attends to the collection of all internal revenues and duties on imports, and the prevention of frauds in these departments. All claims and demands, either by the United States or against them, and all the accounts in which the United States are interested, either as debtors or creditors, must be settled and adjusted in the Treasury Department. This department also includes the Bureau of the Mint, in which the government coin and moneys are manufactured. The Treasury Department authorizes the organization of national banks and has supervision over them; has charge of the coast surveys, the lighthouses, marine hospitals, etc. It has charge of all moneys belonging to the United States; designates depositories of public moneys, keeps a complete and accurate system of accounting, showing the receipts and disbursements of the Treasury, and makes reports at stated intervals showing the condition of public finances, public expenditures and the public debt. There are a great many important officials connected with the Treasury Department, chief among which are 'the following, viz.: Private secretary of the head department, -it $2,500 per year; three assistant secretaries, at $5,000 each; chief clerk, $3,000; chief of appointment division, $3,000; chief of warrants division, $3,500; chief of public moneys division, $3,000; chief of customs division, $3,000; acting chief of revenue marine division, $2,500; chief of stationery division, $2,500; chief of loans and currency division, $3,000; chief of miscellaneous division, $2,500; supervising special agent, $8 per day; government actuary, $1,800; supervising architect, $4,500; steamboat inspector, $3,500; chief Bureau of Statistics, $3,000; life saving service superintendent, $4,500; assistant, $2,500; commissioner Bureaus of Navigation, $3,600; superintendent United States coast and geodetic survey, $6,000; supervising surgeon-general marine hospital service, $4,000; Bureau of Engraving and Printing, director, $5,000; assistant director, $3,500; superintendent engraving division, $4,500. The foregoing will serve to show many of the lines of work attended to in the Treasury Department, as the names of these offices explain the branch of work they are charged with attending to. There are a number of other important offices in the department that should be mentioned, among them being the following: The Solicitor of the Treasury, or chief attorney, who receives $4,500 per year for attending to the legal matters connected with the department. The Commissioner of Customs, who receives $4,000 per year and his deputy $2,250, has charge of all accounts of the revenue from customs and disbursements, and for the building and repairing of custom houses. The Treasurer of the United States receives $6,000 per year, assistant treasurer $3,600, and superintendent of.national banks (Red. Div.) $3,500. The Treasurer receives and keeps the government funds, either at headquarters or in the Sub-Treasuries or government depositories, paying it out upon warrants drawn in accordance with the law, and pays all interest on the national debt. The Register of the Treasury is paid a salary of $4,000 per year * and his assistant $2,500. The Register keeps the accounts of public expenditures and receipts; receives the returns and makes out the official statements of United States commerce and navigation; receives from first comptroller and Commissioner of Customs all accounts and vouchers acted on by them and files the same. The Comptroller of the Currency receives $5,000 per year and his deputy $3,000. This bureau is charged with a general supervision of the national banks and matters connected with the issuing of paper money. The, Director of the Mint receives $4,500 per annum, and is charged with a general supervision over all the coinage of the government. The Comptroller of the Treasury receives $5,500 per year and his assistant $4,500. This bureau has chaige of the auditing system of the Treasury. With the exception of the postal revenue accounts, the comptroller prescribes the forms of keeping and rendering all public accounts. Auditors. There are six auditors connected with the Treasury Department, each of whom receives a salary of $4,000 per year, and is allowed a 'deputy at a salary of $2,500 per annum. No one auditor takes rank over another. The first auditor receives and adjusts the accounts of the revenue and disbursements, appropriations and expenditures on account of the civil list and under special acts of Congress, reporting the balances to the commissioners of the customs and first comptroller respectively for their decision. The second auditor devotes most of his attention to army affairs; looks after all the accounts relating to the pay, clothing and recruiting of the army; the arsenals, armories and ordnance.; all accounts relating to the Indian Department; reporting to the second comptroller. The third auditor has all accounts for sustenance of the army, military academy, military roads, fortifications, quartermaster's department, certain pensions, claims arising for military service previous to 1817; for all property lost in the military service; he reports also to the second comptroller. The fourth auditor also reports to the second comptroller, an'd attends to all accounts of the service, connected with the navy. The fifth auditor reports to the first comptroller, and adjusts all accounts connected with the diplomatic service of the Department of State. The sixth auditor adjusts all accounts growing from the service of the Post Office Department. WAR DEPARTMENT. The War Department was organized in August, 1789. The head of this department is known as -the. Secretary of War; is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. The War Department attends to the execution of all laws affecting the Regular Army, and carries out and performs such duties as may be provided for by law or directed by the President relative to military forces, military commissions and the warlike stores of the United States. In former years this department also had charge of Indian as well as military affairs, but this has been transferred to the Department of the Interior. The War Department is also required, among other duties, to maintain the signal service and provide for taking meteorological observations at various points on the continent, and give telegraphic notice of the approach of storms. There is also maintained a Civil Engineering Department, through the aid of which is carried out such improvements in rivers and harbors as may be authorized by Congress. The Secretary of War also has supervision over the West Point Military Academy. The private clerk for the head of the War Department is paid $2,500 per year; assistant secretary, $5,000; chief clerk, $4,000. The most of the subordinates and assistants in the War Department, except those mentioned, are officers of the Regular Army, who are paid salaries and perquisites. I The Commanding General, next to the Secretary, looks after the arrangement of military forces, superintends the recruiting service and discipline of the army, orders courts-martial, and in a general sense is charged with seeing to the enforcement of the laws and regulations of the army. The Adjutant-General keeps the rolls and the orders issued. The Quartermaster-General has charge of the barracks and the- supplies, etc., that may be required for the army. The CommissaryGeneral is the head of the Subsistence Department, and has supervision over the purchasing and issuing army rations. The Judge Advocate General is the head of the department of military justice. The Surgeon General, as the name implies, looks after the affairs of the army relating to sick, wounded, hospital, etc. The Paymaster-General is the disbursing officer for the money required by the department. There is also the Ordnance office, controlling ordnance store, arsenals, armories, the manufacture of arms, etc. The Topographical office has charge of all plats and drawings of all surveys made for military purposes. Besides these there are the Inspector-General's Department and departments devoted to war records, publications, etc. In this connection it may be of ir-erest to the general reader to refer briefly to a few facts concerning the Keguiar Army. The United States is divided for this purpose into a number of military districts. The head of each department receives his general instructions and orders from headquarters. The term of service in the Regular Army is three years. The pay of private soldiers at the start is $15 per month and rations, and this is increased according to time of service. The pay of the officers is proportioned to their rank. The pay of officerý in active service was fixed by an act of Congress May 11, 1908, as follows: lieutenant-general $11,000 per year; major-general $8,000; brigadier-general $6,000; colonels from $4,000 to $5,000; lieutenantcolonels from $3,500 to $4,500; majors from $3,000 to $4,000; captains from $2,400 to $3,360; first-lieutenants from $2,000 to $2,800; secondlieutenants from $1,700 t $2,380. In case any officer below the grade of major required to be mounted, provides himself with suitable mounts at his own expense, he receives an addition to his pay of $150 per annum if he provides one mount; and $200 per annum if he provides two mounts. The pay of retired officers was fixed as follows by the act of May 11, 1908: lieutenant-generals $8,250 per annum; major generals $6;000; brigadier-generals $4,500; colonels from $3,000 to $3,750; lieutenant-colonels from $2,625 to $3,375; majors from $2,250 to $3,000; captains from $1,800 to $2,520; first lieutenants from $1,500 to $2,100, and second-lieutenants $1.275 to $1,785. NAVY DEPARTMENT. The head of this department is the- Secretary of the Navy, who is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. This department is charged with the duty of attending to the construction, armament, equipment and employment of vessels of war, as well as all other matters connected with naval affairs, and appropriations made therefor by Congress. The Secretary of the Navy has direct control of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland; issues orders to the commanders of the various squadrons; has general authority over the Marine Corps; dnd has control of 'all the several bureaus of the Navy Department., There are a number of bureaus: organized in the Navy Department for the purpose of more thoroughly handling the work, among the most important of which may be n-entioned the following: Bureau of Steam Engineering; Bureau of Medicine and Surgery; Bureau of Navigation; Bureau of Provisions and Clothing, Bureau of Yards and Docks; Bureau of Ordnance; Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting; Bureau of Construction and Repair. Attached to this department are also officials or bureaus to attend 'to the following matters: Marine Barracks, Washington, D. C.; Museum of Hygiene; Naval Dispensary; Board of Inspection and Survey'; Navy Supplies, and Accounts; Naval Observatory; Hydrographic Office; Library and War Records; Naval Intelligence; Nautical Almanac, etc. The admiral of the navy (line) is paid $13,500 per year; the first nine rear-admirals each receive $8,000 per year and the second nine $6,000; chiefs of bureaus are paid $6,000 per year; captains $4,000; commanders $3,500; lieutenant-commanders $3,000; lieutenants $2,400; junior grade lieutenants $2,000; ensigns $1,700; chief-boatswains, gunners, carpenters, sail makers, $1,700; midshipmen at sea $1,400; midshipmen at academy $600. In the Marine Corps the major general receives $8,000 per year; colonels $4,000; lieutenant-colonels $3,500; majors, $3,000; captains (line) $2,400; captains (staff) $2,600; first lieutenants $2,000; second-lieutenants $1,700. An increase of ten per cent is allowed them when on sea duty, or on "shore duty beyond the sea." Chaplains of the rank of lieutenant-commander or higher rank receive the pay and allowance of a lieutenant-commander; those appointed prior to July 1, 1906, who have the rank of lieutenant receive $2,800; and others are paid according to their rank in the foregoing list. Naval constructors receive from $3,200 to $4,200 per year; assis tant naval constructors $2,000 or the pay of rank according to the foregoing table; warrant officers $1,125 to $2,250. Petty officers and chief petty officers receive salary ranging from $33 to $77 per month. First class seamen receive $26 per month; seamen-gunners $28 per. month; firemen, first-class, $38; ordinary seamen $21; firemen, second-class, $33; shipwrights $27; apprentice seamen $18; coal passers $24. The term of enlistment in the United States N"avy is four years. POSTOFFICE DEPARTMENT. This is one of the most important brancnes of the National Government. Its head is the Postmaster-General, who is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. The Post Office Department has supervision over the execution of all lawxs passed by Congress affecting the postal service, and has general supervision over everything relating to the gathering, carrying and distribution of United States mails; superintends the distribution and disposal of all moneys belonging to, or appropriated for, the department; and the instruction of and supervision over all persons in the postal service, with reference to their duties. In providing for handling the general work of the Post Office Department it has been found necessary to create four bureaus, or offices, as they are termed, each of which is presided over by an assistant postmaster-general, who each receive $5,000 per annum; are all subject to the direction and supervision of the head of the department. A review of these. various bureaus and their principal officials, with the name of the office, will show very clearly the work handled by each. The first assistant postmaster-general is allowed a chief-clerk at $2,500 per year; superintendent of salaries and allowances $4,000; superintendent of division appointments $3,000; superintendent of city free-delivery service $3,000. The second assistant postmaster-general has charge of the following divisions, indicated by the following officials who are under his control: superintendent of railway adjustments $3,000 per year; chief of division inspection $2,000; chief of division of contracts $2,000; chief of division of mail equipment; general superintendent of railway mail service $4,000; superintendent of foreign mails $3,000. The third assistant postmaster general controls the following divisions: superintendent of money-order division $3,500; superintendent of registry system $2,500; superintendent of division of finance $2,250; superintendent of division of stamps $2,500; also the post-card agent and the stamped-envelope agent at $2,500 each. The fourth assistant postmaster-general controls the following divisions: Superintendent rural'free delivery service $3,000; superintendent of post office supplies $2,500; superintendent of dead-letter office $2,750; topographer $2,750. Besides the various chiefs of divisions mentioned above there are connected with the Post Office Department a law clerk, at $2,500 per year; appointment clerk, at $2,000; assistant attorney-general, $5,000; a disbursing clerk, $2,250; also the auditor of the post office department, at $4,000. I ftmý I Copyright, 1910, by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. I

Page  122 SUPPLEMENT IV I I I III I I..... ' p DIGEST OF THE -SYSTEM OF CIVIL GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. The Interior Department is under the immediate control of the Secretary of the Interior. He is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per year. In this department, as the name imples, is conducted most of the public business relating to domestic or internal affairs, and, like most of the other executive departments, it is divided into a number of subdivisions and branches. The Secretary of the Interior is charged with a general supervision over public business connected with the following branches, viz.: 1st. The census of the United States. 2d. All matters connected with public lands. 3d. Everything relating to the Indians or Indian affairs. 4th. All matters concerning pensions or bounty lands. 5th. The issuance and filing of patents and caveats. 6th. The custody and distribution of publications. 7th. The compilation of statistics relating to educational matters in the various States. He also has oversight over several of the Government's charitable and benevolent institutions. For the purpose of handling properly the business connected with most of the subjects mentioned, there are bureaus organized for the purpose. The salaries paid to the principal officials connected with the Interior Department are as folows: First assistant secretary of the interior, $5,000 per year; assistant secretary, $4,500; chief clerk, $3,000; assistant attorney-general (Dept. of Interior), $5,000; commissioner of the General Land Office, $5,000; commissioner of Indian affairs, $5,000; superintendent of Indian schools, $3,000; commissioner of the Pension Office, $5,000; medical referee, $3,000; commissioner of the Patent Office, $5,000; commissioner of the Education Office, $4,500; director of geological surveys, $6,000; director Reclamation Service, $7,500. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. This department was formerly connected with the Interior Department, but in 1889 it was reorganized and made independent, and the Secretary of Agriculture was made a member of the Cabinet. The head of this department is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. The general duty and design of the Department of Agriculture is to acquire and diffuse among the people of the United States useful information on subjects connected with agriculture in the most general and comprehensive sense of that word, and to procure, propagate and distribute among the people new and valuable seeds and plants. SThe following is a list of the chief officials connected with the Department of Agriculture and their salaries, and the list will also serve to indicate the various lines of work handled by and the various duties which devolve upon the department, viz.: Assistant secretary of agriculture receives $5,000 per annum; chief of Weather Bureau,, $6,000; chief of Bureau of Animal Industry, $5,000; statistician, $3,500; chemist, $5,000; entomologist, $4,000; botanist, $3,240; chief of forestry division, $5,000; pomologist, $3,000; plant pathologist and physiologist, $3,500; director of the office of experiment stations, $4,000; chief of division of accounts and disbursements, $3,250; editor, $3,000; agriculturist, $3,500; director of public roads, $3,000; statistical scientist in charge of investigations of production and distribution, $3,000; chief of biological survey, $3,000; chief of bureau of soils, $3,500; chief of bureau of plant industry in charge of seed distribution, $5,000. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. The head of the Department of Justice is the Attorney-General, who is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. The principal assistant of the Attorney-General is the Solicitor-General, who receives $7,500 per year. There are a number of assistant attorney-generals who receive $5,000 per annum, and a special assistant attorney-general is appointed for nearly all of the various departments, including the Treasury, State, Post Office and Interior Departments. Besides these there are a number of special officials connected with the Department of Justice, such as attorney in charge of titles, $2,700; chief clerk and superintendent of buildings, $3,000; appointment clerk, $2,000; attorney in charge of pardons, $2,750; solicitor internal revenue, $4,500; superintendent of prisons and prisoners, $3,000; chief examiner, $2,750; chief of division of accounts, $2,500; disbursing clerk, $2,750; solicitor for department of commerce and labor, $5,000. The Attorney-General is the legal adviser of the President, and it is the duty of the Department of Justice to give all opinions and render all services requiring the skill of persons learned in the law necessary to enable the President and other officers of the various Government departments to discharge their respective duties. This department is also required to prosecute or defend all suits or procedings in which the United States is interested. The Attorney-General has general supervision over all the solicitors for the various departments; and also exercises general superintendence and direction over all United States marshals and United States district attorneys of all the districts of the United States and Territories. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND LABOR. The Department of Commerce and Labor was established in February, 1903. The general design of this department is to collect, assort and systematize statistical details relating to the different branches of labor and commerce in the United States. The head of this department, known as the Secretary of Commerce and Labor, is appointed by the President, is a member of the Cabinet and receives a salary of $12,000 per annum. The following are the principal officials under his control together with the salary paid: The commissioner of the bureau of manufacturers, $4,000 per year; commissioner of the bureau of corporations, $5,000; commissioner of the bureau of labor, $5,000; director of bureau of the census, $7,000; superintendent of the coast and geodetic survey, $6,000; chief of bureau of statistics, $4,000; supervising inspector-general of steamboat inspection service, $4,000; commissioner of bureau of fisheries, $6,000; commissioner of bureau of navigation, $4,000; commissioner-general of bureau of immigration and naturalization at $5,000; director of bureau of standards, $5,000. INDEPENDENT DEPARTMENTS. There are several independent departments, which, although none of them are a's important as the foregoing, and their heads are not Cabinet members, yet they form a very necessary part and attend to very important branches of the National Government. Government Printing Office. The head of this branch of public work is the Public Printer, who is appointed by the President, and receives a salary of $5,500 per year. His chief clerk is paid $2,400 per year, and there is a foreman of printing and a foreman of binding, each of whom receive $2,100 per annum. Civil Service Commission. This commission consists of three commissioners, each of whom are paid $4,500 per year. The chief examiner connected with the commission is paid $3,000 per annum, and the secretary $2,500. Interstate Commerce Commission. This commission was crefor the purpose, and charged with the duty, of seeing that the laws regulating interstate commerce were faithfully executed and observed, and to prevent unjust discrimination on the part of railway corporations and common carriers. The commission consists of seven commissioners appointed from different sections of the United States, each of whom receives a salary of $10,000 per year. The secretary of the commission receives a salary of $5,000 per annum. JUDICIARY. The judicial powers of the United States are vested in the following named courts, viz.: The United States Supreme Court, consisting of one chief justice and eight associate justices; the United States Court of Claims, which consists of one chief justice and four judges; the United States Circuit Court of Appeals; and the United States Circuit and District Courts. All judges of United States Courts are appointed for life, or during "good behavior." The chief justice of the United States Supreme Court receives a salary of $13,000 per annum, and the associate justices $12,000 each. The circuit judges receive a salary of $7000 each per annum, district judges, $6000, and Court of Claims, judges receive $6,000, and chief justice $6,500 per year. The jurisdiction of the United States Courts extends to all cases in law and in equity arising under the Constitution, the laws of the United States, and treaties; to all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls; to all cases of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction; to controversies to which the United States shall be a party; to controversies between two or more States; between a State and a citizen of another State; between citizens of different States; between citizens of the same State claiming lands under grants of different States. In all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, and those in which a State is a party the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction. In the other cases the Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction. LEGISLATIVE DEPARTMENT. The legislative powers of the United States are vested in a Congress, which consists of a Senate and House of Representatives, and which meets annually at Washington on the first Monday of December. The constitution gives to Congress the following general powers: To lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises; pay the debts of the United States; borrow money on the credit of the United States; to regulate commerce; to establish uniform laws on naturalization and bankruptcy; to coin money and regulate the value thereof; fix the standard of weights and measures; to declare war; to raise and support armies (but it is pr6vided that no appropriation for this purpose can be for a longer period than two years); to provide and maintain a navy; to grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water; to make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces; to establish postoffices and postroads; to promote the progress of science and the useful arts by securing for limited times, to authors and inventors, the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries; to constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court; to define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the high seas and offense against the law of nations; to exercise exclusive legislation over the District of Columbia and places purchased for forts, magazines, arsenals, etc.; and further to make all laws necessary for the general welfare of the United States, and for "carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by the Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof." The Constitution expressly forbids Congress making any law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Congress cannot suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus except in cases of rebellion or invasion when the public safety may require it. No bill of attainder or ex post facto la'w can be passed. No tax or duty can be laid on articles exported from any State. No preference can be given by any regulation of commerce or revenue to the ports of one State over those of another. No title of nobility can be granted. Every law passed by Congress must be submitted to the President for his approval. If he returns it with his objections, or vetoes it, the measure may be passed over his veto by a two-thirds vote of both branches of Congress. The Senate, or the "Upper House of Congress," is composed of two Senators from each State in the Union. They are elected by the Legislatures of their respective States, for a term of six years, and receive a salary of $7,500 per annum. No person can be elected to the United States Senate who has not attained the age of thirty years, been nine years a citizen of the United States, and is when elected an inhabitant of the State from which he is chosen. The Senate has sole power to try all impeachments. Its consent and confirmation is necessary for all important officers appointed by the President. Its consent is also necessary to conclude any treaty. The House of Representatives is the "Lower House of Congress." Each State in the Union is divided into congressional districts, of as nearly equal population as is practicable. In each district a representative is elected by the people for a term of two years, and each is paid a salary of $7,500 per year. Besides these, a delegate from each organized Territory is admitted to the House of Representatives, who is not entitled to a vote, but has the right to debate on all subjects in which the Territory which he represents has an interest. No person can be a' representative who has not attained the age of twentyfive years, been for seven years a citizen of the United States, and is at the time of his election an inhabitant of the State from which he is chosen. All bills for raising revenue must originate in the House of Representatives. STATE GOVERNMENT T HE method of State government throughout the United States follows very closely the general plan of government that prevails in national affairs. The various functions of government in State affairs are handled in departments, with a State officer at the head of each branch, and the lines are clearly drawn between the executive, legislative and judicial powers. All the States are governed under a constitution, which outlines and defines the powers which each of these departments shall exercise and possess. All of the most important State officials are elected by the people, but in many of the States the less important offices are filled by appointment of the Governor, by and with the consent of the State Senate. GOVERNOR. The Governor is the highest executive officer in all the States of the Union, and is elected by a direct vote of the people. The term of office varies materially in the different States, ranging from two to six years. As to the matter of salary that the Governor receives, it also differs widely throughout the different States and is subject to frequent change. At the present writing three States-New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey pay their Governors $10,000 per year; Illinois $12,000; California $6,000; Minnesota, Indiana, Alabama, Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Virginia and Wisconsin all pay $5,000 per year; Kentucky $6,500; Massachusetts and Ohio $8,000; Nevada, Connecticut, Michigan, Tennessee, Texas and Washington, $4,000; Maryland and Oklahoma $4,500; Mississippi, Arkansas, Florida and South Carolina $3,500; Iowa, Georgia', Idaho, Kansas, North Carolina, North Dakota and Rhode Island $3,000; West Virginia $2,700; South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming $2,500; Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire and Utah $2,000; and Oregon and Vermont $1,500. About the only statement concerning the qualifications required for this office that would be common to all the States is that he must be a citizen of the State in which he is elected. In most of the Statqs, in addition to the salary named,. the Governor is fttrnished with a residence, which is known as the "Executive Mansion." The powers and duties that devolve upon the Governor are about the same in all of the States. He is charged with a general supervision over the faithful execution of the laws, and is the legal custodian of all the property of the State not specificially entrusted to other officers by law, and is authorized to take summary possession of such property. He is expected to communicate by message to each session of the State legislature such information or recommendations regarding State affairs as he may deem necessary and proper, and he is empowered to call extra sessions of that body whenever the public welfare may demand. He accounts to the same body for all moneys received and paid out, and presents estimates of amounts to be raised by tax ation for various purposes. He has a negative (or veto), upon all laws passed by the Legislature, but it is provided that measures may be passed over his veto by a two-thirds vote of that body. The Governor is commander-in-chief of the State military or naval forces, and has authority to call out such forces to preserve peace and execute the laws when the local authorities are unable to accomplish this. He may require the opinion of the various State officers upon any subject relating to their respective offices, and examines and approves the bonds of State officials. In many States the Governor has power to grant reprieves and pardons, after conviction, for all offenses against the State except in cases of impeachment; but in a few of the States the pardoning power is vested in a board selected for that purpose, of which the Governor is generally ex-officio member. The Governor has the appointment of a number of State officers, and in many cases if an elective office becomes vacant he has the power to fill it by appointment; has power in many States to suspend a State officer, or even a county officer, pending a legal investigation. The Governor issues requisitions upon the executives of other States for parties charged with crime who escape to other States, and he has power to issue warrants for fleeing criminals upon requisition of other Governors. LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR. The office of Lieutenant-Governor does not exist in all of the States in the Union, at least not under this name, as in a few of-,the States this officer is only known as the President of the State Senate. In some of the States the Lieutenant-Governor is paid a certain amount per day during sessions of the Legislature or General Assembly, and in others he is allowed a fixed salary, but it is provided that if the duties of Governor should devolve upon him, he shall during the continuance of such emergency be entitled to the emoluments thereof. The principal duty of the Lieutenant-Governor is to act as the presiding officer of the State Senate or Upper House of the State Legisliature. In case a vacancy should occur in the office of Governor, the LieutenantGovernor would act as Governor until such vacancy was filled by election; and in all cases where the Lieutenant-Governor is unable to act as presiding officer of the Senate, a President pro tempore is chosen by that body. The Lieutenant-Governor has no vote in the Senate except in cases of a tie or equal division of the members. SECRETARY OF STATE. The office of Secretary of State is one of the most important offices within the gift of the people of a State, and the office exists under this name in every State in the Union. The Secretary of State may be said to be the official secretary of the Governor, and countersigns all commissions issued by the chief executive, and he is the custodian of the Great Seal of the State. As a rule it is the duty of the Secretary of State to call the House of Representatives to order and preside until a temporary presiding officer, or Speaker, is elected. It is his duty to see that the halls are prepared for the Legislature or General Assembly; he prepares the legislative manual and causes it to be printed and distributed; secures the printing and distribution of the State laws; indexes and files executive documents; provides and distributes election blanks; has charge of all books, bills, papers, etc., of the Legislature, and is practically "keeper of all public acts, laws, records, bonds, etc." The Secretary of State is required to keep a register of all the official acts of the Governor, and affixes the Seal of the State to all official commissions, etc., keeps a record of them, and is obliged to give any person a copy of the same when demanded. In all of the States the Secretary of State is ex officio member of a number of the State boards, but no list of these could be given that would apply to all States, as they are different in the various States. STATE AUDITOR. The office of Auditor of State exists under one name or anotner in nearly every State in the Union. The title of this office, however, is not alike in all the States, as many of them, notably California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and a few others, it is known as State Comptroller. In a few of the States, including Michigan and Pennsylvania, the office is called Auditor-General, and in two of the States the public accounts are audited by a Board ofAuditors. In all the States, however, the duties that devolve upon this branch of the State Government are practically the same, and a general explanation of the scope of work handled by the State Auditor in one State will apply, except as regards minor details, to all of the States. It is the duty of the State Auditor to keep the accounts of the State with any other State or Territory, and with the United States and all public officers, corporations and individuals having accounts with this State. He audits the accounts of all public officers who are to be paid out of the State Treasury, and all persons who are authorized to receive money out of the State Treasury. In fact, all claims against the State which are to be paid out of the State Treasury must be presented to the Aud itor, who, after the same is adjusted, issues warrants therefor payable at the Treasury. A complete record of each warrant is kept by the Auditor, who also keeps an account with the State Treasurer, charging him with all moneys paid into the Treasury, and giving credit for all warrants paid, and the books and vouchers of the Treasury must balance therewith, as settlements are made between these two officers at stated intervals. In a numiber of the States the Auditor is charged with a general supervision over certain corporations, such as insurance and banking corporations and building and loan associations, and in some States is ex-officio a member of a number of State boards. He generally has authority to make and execute satisfactions of judgments and assignments thereof in behalf of the State. STATE TREASURER. This is one of the most important executive offices in, the gift of the people of a State. The State Treasurer handles vast sums of the people's money, and as a rule a very heavy bond, ranging from $500,000 up into the millions, is required of him; and generally the Governor is empowered to demand additional bonds if he deems the bond insufficient to fully protect the State. The duties of the State Treasurer are implied by the title of the office, and they are very much the same throughout all of the States of the Union. The State 'Treasurer is custodian of all the State funds. He deposits these funds in banks, which give bonds to secure the Treasurer or State against loss, and which pay interest on daily balances. The Treasurer pays out State funds only on warrants issued or signed- by the State Auditor, or other proper official, and a full record of all warrants is kept in both the auditing office and Treasurer's office. The psan by which the Treasurer receives the revenues of the State is different in different States. In some States the Auditor issues an order for him to receive the same and charges the amount against the Treasurer. In others he is charged with all moneys which he is entitled to receive, and then given credit for delinquencies. In still other States the Treasurer issues duplicate receipts for all moneys paid in, which must be countersigned by the Auditor to be valid, and one of these must be deposited with the Auditor, so he may charge the amount against the Treasurer. In this way a double system is carried on-both Auditor and Treasurer keeping a full account of all moneys received and paid out, and their books and accounts must balance, as at stated intervals the Treasurer must make settlements with the Auditor and submit books, vouchers, etc., to the Legislature. In most of the States the State Treasurer is required to publish at stated times, in the newspapers at the capital, an itemized statement of the public accounts, expenditures, funds, receipts and disbursements. He is also required to make a complete report and itemized statement to each session of the Legislature. In nearly all of the States the law is very explicit in outlining the duties of the State Treasurer, the following being very common provisions in relation to the office, viz.: That a complete record of all moneys must be kept, showing what is received or paid out of the various "funds," which "funds'" must be exhibited in separate accounts. In several of the Ig Copyrignhi, 19o10, y ueo. A. ugile Co.

Page  123 4*-**.1 1 ":10'1-V- r- Ir I F.,. I - i * -.......---'.... U\ r- - r ^- [VI C. IN I - v I 4.1 INV f t. DIGEST Ot- THE SYSTEM OF- CIVIL GOVERNMENT I States the Governor and one or two other State officials constitute a board, which must at certain times examine and check up the accounts books and vouchers of the State Treasurer and ascertain the amount of funds in the Treasury. I ATTORNEY-GENERAL. The Attorney-General, as the name implies, is the general legal counsel or lawyer for the various branches of the State government. In all of the States the powers and duties of the Attorney-General are very similar. It is his duty to, appear for the State in all actions and proceedings in the Supreme Court in which the State has an interest; to institute and prosecute in all courts all actions, either for or against a State officer, in which the State has an interest; to consult with and advise the various county or state's attorneys in matters relating to their official duties, and when public interest requires he assists them in criminal prosecutions. It is his duty to consult with and advise the Governor and other State officers, and give, when requested, written opinions on legal or constitutional questions relating to their official duties, and to give written opinions when requested by the Legislature or any committee thereof. It is also his. duty to prepare, when necessary, drafts for contracts or other writings relating to subjects in which the State is interested. He is required to enforce the proper application of funds appropriated to the various State institutions, and prosecute breaches of trust in the administration of the same; and when necessary to prosecute corporations for failure or refusal to comply with the laws; to prosecute official bonds of delinquent officers or corporations in which the State has an interest. The Attorney-General is required to keep a record of all actions, complaints, opinions, etc. STATE SUPERINTENDENT OR SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION. This is an office which exists in nearly every State in the Union. In three or four of the States the management of the educational interests of the State is vested in a State Board of Education, but in these cases the secretary of the board assumes most of the detail work that in most of the States devolve upon the State Superintendent. The full "title given to this office is not the same in all of the States, but it is generally called "State Superintendent of Public Instruction or Public Schools." In Ohio, Maine and Rhode Island, and a few others, this officer is termed "Commissioner of Schools." The duties of the State Superintendent are very much alike in all of the States, as he is charged with a general supervision over the educational interests of the State and of the public schools. In many States his authority is not limited to the public schools, and he his authorized by law to demand full reports from all colleges, academies or private schools. It is his duty to secure at regular intervals reports from all such educational institutions and file all papers, reports and documents transmitted to him by local or county school officers. He is the general adviser and assistant of the various county superintendents or school officers, to whom he must give, when requested his written opinion upon questions rising under the school law. It is also his duty to hear and determine controversies arising under the school laws coming to him by appeal from a county superintendent or school official. He prepares and distributes school registers, school blanks, etc., and is generally given the power to make such rules and regulations as are necessary to carry into efficient and uniform effect the provisions of the laws relating to schools. The State Superintendent is required to make a detailed report to each regular session of the State Legislature, showing an abstract of the common school reports; a statement of the condition of public schools and State educational institutions; the amount of money collected and expended, and all other matters relating to the schools or school funds that have been reported to him. He is forbidden from becoming interested in the sale of any school furniture, book or apparatus. STATE LIBRARIAN. I I ance comnpanies, and it is his duty to revoke the license of any company not conforming to law. Reports are made to him at stated times by the various companies, and he has power to examine fully into their condition, assets, etc. He files in his office the various documents relating to insurance companies, together with their statemients, etc., and at regular intervals makes full reports to the Governor or Legislature. COMMISSIONER OF LABOR STATISTICS. In several of the States a "Commissioner of Labor Statistics" is appointed by the Governor, who is the head of what may be termed the labor bureau. In a great majority of the States, however., this branch of work is taken care of by a board of labor commissioners, a bureau of statistics or by the State Auditor and his appointees. The general design of this bureau or commission is to collect, assort and systematize, and present in regular reports to the Legislature, statistical details relating to the different departments of labor in the State, and make such recommendations as may be deemed proper and necessary concerning the commercial, industrial, social, educational and sanitary conditions of the laboring classes. OTHER STATE OFFICERS. I In nearly all of the States the laws provide for a State officers' under the title of "State Librarian." As a rule the office is filled by appointment of the Governor, although in a few States it is an elective office and is filled by direct vote of the people. The State Librarian is the custodian of all the books and property belon"ing to the State Library, and is required~ to give a bond for the proper discharge of his duties and safekeeping of the property intrusted to his care, as in many of the States the State Library is an immensely important and valuable collection. In some of the States the Supreme Court judges prescribe all library rules and regulations. In others they have a Library Board of Trustees, which is sometimes made up of the Governor and certain other State officials, who constitute a board of commissioners for the management of the State Library. ADJUTANT-GENERAL. In nearly all of the States provision is made for an AdjutantGeneral, who is either elected by the people or appointed by the Governor. The name of the office implies the branch of work which is handled by its incumbent. It is the duty of the Adjutant-General to issue and transmit all orders of the Commander-in-Chief with reference to the militia or military organizations of the State. He keeps a record of all military officers commissioned by the Governor, and of all general and special orders and regulations issued, and of other matters relating to the men, property, ordinance, stores, camp and garrison equipage pertaining to the State militia or military forces. PUBLIC EXAMINER OR BANK EXAMINER. This is a State office that is found in only about one-half of the States.. In some States it is known as Bank Comptroller and in others the duties which devolve upon this officer are handled by a "department" in the State Auditor's office. The general duties and plan of conducting this work, in many respects, is very similar, but there is a great difference between the various States in the officers who attend to it. Where this made a separate State office, generally speaking, the requirements are that he must be a skilled accountant and expert bookkeeper, and cannot be an officer of any of the public institutions, nor interested in any of the financial corporations which it may be his duty to examine. He is charged with the duty of visiting and inspecting the financial accounts and standing of certain corporations and institutions organized under the State laws. In several of the States it is made his duty to visit certain county officials at stated intervals, and inspect their books and accounts, and enforce a uniform system of bookkeeping by State qnd county officers. COMMISSIONER OR SUPERINTENDENT OF INSURANCE. In all of the States of the Union the department relating to insurance has grown to be an important branch of State government. The method of controlling the insurance business differs materially in many of the States, although they are all gradually moving in the same direction, viz., creating a department or State office in which all matters relating to insurance and. insurance companies are attended to. In former years, in nearly all of the States, the insurance business formed a department in the State Auditor's office, and was handled by him or his appointees.' Now, however, in nearly all the Northern States and many of the Southern States, they have a separate and distinct insurance department, the head of which is either elected by the people or appointed by the Governor. The duties and powers of the insurance department of the various States are very similiar. A general provision is that the head of this department must be experienced in insurance matters, and he is prohibited from holding an interest in any insurance company. The Commissioner or Superintendent of Insurance has extensive powers concerning insurance matters, and it is his duty to see that all laws respecting and regulating insurance and insurance compasies, are faithfully observed; he issues licenses to insur I In all of the States there exist one or more other State officers in addition to those already mentioned, which are made necessary by local condition or local business interests. It is, therefore, unnecessary to mention any of these at length in this article. It may be stated, however, that in all of the States may be found two or more of the following State officers, and further, that each one of the following named officers is found in some State in the Union, viz.: Superintendent or commissioner of agriculture, commissioner of mines secretary of agricultural board, secretary of internal affairs, clerk and reporter of the Supreme Court, commissioner of railways, commissioner of immigration, State printer, State binder, land agent or commissioner, commissioner, register or superintendent of State land office, register of lands, commissioner of schools and lands, surveyor-general, inspectorgeneral, State oil inspector-general, State oil inspector, dairy commissioner. STATE BOARDS. Besides the officers and departments which have already been mentioned, there are a number of State boards or bureaus that are necessary in carrying on the complex business coinnected with the government of a State. The following list of such State boards and bureaus includes all that can be found in the majority of the States; some of them, however, are only found in a few of the States, because they are of a local nature and are only made necessary by the existence of certain local conditions or business interests. It will also be observed that some. of the boards named cover the same line of work that has already been mentioned as belonging to some State officer. This grows from the fact that a few of the States place tim management of certain lines of work in the hands of a State board, while in others, instead of having a State board they delegate the powers and duties to a single State official. All of the -States, however, have a number of the State boards mentioned in this list, the names of which imply the line of work each attends to, viz.: Railroad and warehouse commissioners, board of equalization, board or commission of agriculture, university trustees, board or commissioners of public charities, canal commissioners, penitentiary commissioners, board of health, dental examiners, trustees of historical library, board of pharmacy, commission "of claims, live stock commissioners, fish commissioners, inspectors of coal mines, labor commissioners, board of education, board of public works, board of pardons, assessme.nt commissioners. LEGISLATURE OR GENERAL ASSEMBLY. The law-making power of every State is termed the "Legislative Department." The legislative power, according to the constitutions of the various States, is vested in a body termed the Legislature or General Assembly which consists of an Upper andLower House, designated usually as the Senate and House of Representatives. In a few of the States the Lower called "The Assembly." In most of the States the Legislature meets in regular session every two years, but this is not the universal rule, as in a few of the States the law provides for annual sessions. In all of the States, however, a provision is made whereby the Governor may, on extraordinary occasions, call special session by issuing a proclamation. The Legislative Department has the power to pass all such laws as may be necessary for the welfare of the State, and carry into effect the provisions of the constitution. The Legislature receives the reports of the Governor, together with the reports of the various other State officers; they provide by appropriation for the ordinary and contingent expenses of the government; at regular times provided by law they apportion the State into political districts, and make all other provisions for carrying on the State government. There is a general prohibition against the passage of any ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts, or making any irrevocable grant of special privileges or immunities. Any measure to become a law must be passed by both branches of the Legislature, and then be presented to the Governor for his approval, If he withholds his approval (or vetoes it), the measure may be repassed by a two-thirds vote of the Legislature, when it will become a law notwithstanding the Governor's veto.I SENATE. The Senate is the Upper H-ouse of the Legislature or General Assembly. The various States are divided into senatorial districts, in each of which a Senator is elected--the term of offce varying from two to four yea'rs. Except in three or four of the States the presiding officer of the Senate is the Lieutenant-Governor, although a President pro tern. is usually elected, who acts as presiding officer during the absence of the Lieutenant-Governor. The presiding officer has no vote, however, in the Senate, except when that body is equally divided. Every Senator has one vote upon all questions, and the right to be heard in advocating or opposing the passage of any measure brought before the Legislature. In filling all of the most important State offices that are to be appointed by the Governor, the appointments must be approved or confirmed by the Senate. i HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. The Lower House of the State Legislature, in nearly if not quite all the States of the Union, is termed the House of Representatives, Like the Senators, every member of the House has the right to be heard in advocating or opposing any measure brought before the body of which he is a member. The House is given the sole power of impeachment, but all impeachments must be tried by the Senate. As a general rule, there is a provision that all bills for raising revenue must originate in the House. JUDICIARY. The "Judicial Department" is justly regarded as one of the most important and powerful branches of government of either the State or Nation, as it becomes the duty of this department to pass upon and interpret, and thereby either annul or give validity to all the most important measures and acts of both the legislative and executive branches of the government. It is impossible in a general article to give a detailed review or description of the construction and make-up of the judicial departments of the various States. The courts are so differently arranged both as to their make-up and jurisdiction that it would be useless to try to give the reader a general description that would accurately cover the ground. In all of the States, except, possibly, one or two, the highest judicial authority of the State is known as the Supreme Court, and unless questions are involved which give the United States Courts jurisdiction, it is the court of last resort. The Supreme Court is made up of a chief justice and the several associate justices or judges as may be provided for by the laws of the various States, usually from four to six. Generally these officers are elected by the people, either from the State at large or (in three of the States) as representing certain districts, but this is not the case always, as in several States they are chosen by the Governor or Legislature. In all of the States the Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction both in law and in equity, and has original jurisdiction in remedial cases, mnandamuis, habeas corpus and cases relating to the revenue, but there is no trial by jury in this court. Various other courts are provided for by the laws of the different States, such as appellate courts, circuit or district courts, probate courts, county courts, superior courts, municipal courts, courts of justices of the peace, etc. The jurisdiction of all these courts is, of course, inferior to that of the Supreme Court, and varies greatly in the different States. Besides these, where tb3, re are large cities, various other courts are also established to aid in caring for the enormous amount of judicial work that arises from such vast and complex business interests. The various courts are also provided with the necessary officials for carrying on the judicial business-such as clerks of court, court reporters, bailiffs, etc. COUNTY GOVERNMENT S O far as-the principal county offices are concerned, the general arrangement and method of handling the public business is very much the same in all of the States; but the offices are called by different names, and in minor details-such as transferring from one office to another certain minor lines oft work -there are a number of points in which the method of county government in the various States differs. The writer has adopted the names of the principal county offices which are most common in the Northern States, as in the Southern and New England States there are scarcely any two States in which the names or titles of all the county offices are identical. AUDITING OFFICE AND CLERK OF THE COUNTY BOARD. Generally the principal auditing officer of the county is known as the "county auditor" or "county clerk." In Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, WVisconsin and many other States the office is called "county clerk." In Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota', South Dakota, Ohio and others it is termed "county auditor." In a few of the States under certain conditions this office is merged with some other county office. A notable example of this is in the State of Michigan, where they have one official, under the simple title of "clerk," who looks after about all of the work which in most of the States devolves upon both the county clerk and also clerk of court. In all of the States a bond in a moderate sum is required of the county clerk or auditor, and he is paid a salary of from $1,500 to $3,500 per year, besides in some States being allowed certain fees, unless it is in a very large and heavily populated county, where the salary paid is of necessity much higher than this amount. No county treasurer or member of the county board is eligible to this office. In general terms it may be stated as a rule the auditor acts as the clerk or secretary of the official county board, although in. a few of the States the court clerk is required to look after this matter.': The clerk of the county board keeps an accurate record of the board's proceedings and carefully preserves all documents, records, books, maps and papers which may be brought before the board, or which the law provides shall be deposited in his office. In the auditing office an accurate account is kept with the county treasurer. Generally they file the duplicates of the receipts given by the county treasurer, charging him with all money paid into the treasury and giving credit for all warrants paid. The general plan of paying claims against a: county is as follows: If the claim is one in which the amount due is fixed by law, or is authorized to be fixed by some other person or tribunal, the auditor issues a warrant or order which will be Spaid by the treasurer, the certificate upon which it is allowed being duly filed. In all other cases the claim must be allowed by the county board, and the chairman or presiding officer issues a warrant or order which is attested by the clerk. A complete record of all these county warrants or orders is kept, and the accounts of the county treasurer must balance therewith. The above in general terms outlines the most important branch of work which the county clerk or county auditor looks after in most of the States, but in all of the States the law requires him to look after a number of other matters, although in these there is no uniformity between the various States, and no general description of these minor or additional duties could be given that would apply to all the States. COUNTY TREASURER. This is an office which exists in all of the States, and it is one of the most important of the various offices necessary in carrying on the business of a county. It is an elective office in all of the States, and the term of office is usually either two or four years, but a very common provision in the various States is that after serving for one term as county treasurer a party shall be ineligible to the office until the intervention of at least one term after the expiration of the term for which he was elected. This provision, however, does not exist in all of the States, as in some of them the county treasurer is eligible for reelection for any number of terms. The general duties of the county treasurers throughout the various States is very similar. The county treasurer is the principal custodian of the funds belonging to the county. It is his duty to receive and safely keep the revenues and other public moneys of the county, and all funds authorized to be paid to him, and disburse the same pursuant to law. He is required to keep proper books of accounts, in which: he must keep a regular, just and true account of all moneys, revenues and funds received by him, stating particularly the time, when, of whom and on what fund or account each particular sum was received; and also of all moneys, revenues and funds paid out by him according to law, stating particularly the time when, to whom and on what fund payment is made from. The books of the county treasurer must always be subject to the inspection of the county board, which, at stated intervals, examines his books and makes settlements with him. In some of the States the provisions of the law relating to county treasurer are very strict; some of them provide for a county board of auditors, who are expected, several times a year, to examine the funds, accounts and vouchers of the treasury without previous notice to the treasurer; and in some it is provided that this board, or the county board, shall designate.a bank (or banks) in which the treasurer is required to keep the county funds deposited-the banks being required to pay interest on daily or monthly balances and give bond to indemnify the county against loss. As a general rule the county treasurer is only authorized to pay out county funds on warrants or orders issued by the chairman of the county board and attested by the clerk, or in certain cases on warants or orders of the county auditing office. A complete record of these warrants or orders is kept, and the treasurer's accounts must balance therewith. In most of the States the law is very explicit in. directing how the books and accounts of the county treasurer shall be kept. COUNTY RECORDER OR REGISTER OF DEEDS. In a' few of the States the office of county recorder or register of deeds is merged with some other county office, in counties where the population falls below a certain amount. A notable example of this is found in both the States of Illinois and Missouri (and there are others), where it is merged with the office of circuit clerk in many counties. The title of the joint office is "circuit clerk and recorder," and the duties of both offices are looked after by one official. SThe duties of the county recorder or register of deeds are very similar in the various States, although in some of the Eastern and Southern States the office is called by other names. The usual name, however, is county recorder or register of deeds. In Illinois, Indiana, I..Wý MA I. Copyright, 1910, by oeo. A. Ogle & Co' i inl

Page  124 SUPPLEMEN-T-Vt EDKDESýr OF 7FHE S`YS"OrEM OF CIVIL. GýOVERNMEN7 a Iowa, Missouri, Ohio and many other States, it is called c(county recorder." In Kansas, Michigan, Minncsotaý North Dakota:, Wisconsin and many more it is called "register'of deeds." In all of the States this office is the repository wherein are kept all records relating to deeds, mortgagesý transfers and contracts affectin' lands within the county. It is the duty of the recorder or register, as soon as practical after the filing of any instrument in writing in his office entitled to be recorded, to record the same at length, in the order of the time of its reception, in books'provided by the county for that purpose; and it is his duty to endorse on all instruments a certificate of the time when the same was filed. All of the States have sonse of the following provisions concerning the duties of the recorder, but these provisions are not common to all of theStatesviz.: The register or recorder is not allowed to record an instrument of any kind unless it is duly executed according to law; he is not obliged to record any instrument unless his fees are paid in advance; as a rule, it is tinlawf ul for him to record any map, plat or subdivision of land situated within any incorporated city, town or village until it is approved by the proper officers of the same. In many States he is forbidden to enter a deed on the records until it has been endorsed "taxes paid" by the proper official; he is required to exhibit, free of charge, all records, and allow copies to be made; he is authorized to administer oaths and take acknowledgments. CIRCUIT'OR DISTRICT CLERK., OR CLERK OF COURT. In nearly'all of the States, each county elects a "clerk of court or courts," sometimes also known as circuit clerk or district clerk, indicating the court with which the office is conne ' cted. In some of the States, as has already been stated, the office of clerk of court is merged with some other county office. This is the case in Illinois and Missouri, where in many counties it is connected with the office of county recorder. In Michigan, one official under the name of "clerk" handles the business which usually is given to the clerk of court and county clerk or auditor. In Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois and.other States the name used is "circuit clerk;" in Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota and many others the office is called "clerk of district court;" while in many of the States, including Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, South Dakota and others, it is called simply "clerk" or "clerk of the court or courts." The chief duty of this official is to act as clerk of the district or circuit court, and sometimes other courts of inferior jurisdiction. It is the clerk's duty to keep the seals and attend the sessions of their respective courts, preserve all the files and papers thereof, make, keep and preserve complete records of all the proceedings and determinations thereof, and carry out such other duties as may be required by the rules and orders of their respective courts. They must enter of record all judgments, decrees and orders of the court as soon as possible after they are rendered; keep all indictments on file as a public record, have authority to administer oaths, take acknowledtaments; take and certify depositions, and are required to exhibit all records free of charge. In.nearly all the States the law defines the character of the record books which the clerk of court must keep. Although there is no settled rule in this matter, the general provisions are that he shall keep: First, a general docket or register of actions, in which is entered the title of each action in the order in which they are commenced, and a description of each paper filed in the cause and all proceedings therein; second, a plaintiff's index and defendant's index; third, a judgment book and execution docket, in which he enters the judgment in each action, time of issuing execution, sa:tisfaction,. etc., and such other books as the courts or the laws may prescribe. SHERIFF. In all of the States the office of sheriff is one of the most important of the county offices. The term of office varies in different States, being usually either two or four years, and in several of the States one party cannot hold the office a: second term consecutively. The general to attend, either in person or by deputy, all courts of record held in his county; by virtue of his office he has custody of the jail. It is his duty to pursue and apprehend felons and persons charged with crime and ha:s custody of prisoners. He is not allowed to purchase any property exposed f or sale by him as sheriff. COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OR COMMISSIONER OF SCHOOLS. This is an office which exists under one name or another in nearly every State"in the Union. The title of the office in a great majority of the States is "county superintendent," but in Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, New York, and possibly one or two other States, the office is termed "school commissioner," and in several of the States the laws provide for a board o-f county examiners or school commissioners, who are given considerable of the work that in most of the other States is handled by the county superintendent. - The name of this office implies the duties which devolve upon it, and they are very much alike in all of the States. The incumbent of this office is charged with a general supervision over the schools of the county, and must be a fitting person as to education and moral character. As a - rule it is their duty to examine and license teachers, but in a few of the States provision is made for a board of examiners. County superintendents are 'required to visit and inspect the schools at regula.intervals, and give such advice and instruction to teachers as may be deemed necessary and proper. They are required to organize and conduct institutes for the instruction of teachers if deemed necessary, and encourage teachers' associations. They introduce to the notice of teachers and the people the best modes of instruction, the most approved plans of building and ventilating school-houses, etc., stimulate school officers to the prompt ahd proper discharge of their duties. They receive reports from the various school officers, and transmit an abstract of these reports to the State Superintendent, adding a report of the condition of the schools under their charge. In nearly all the States they are forbidden having any interest in the sale of any school furniture, apparatus or books used in the schools. In many States they have authority to annul a teacheir's certificate for proper cause, -and in general to take such steps and enforce such methods as will elevate and make more efficient the schools under their control. COUNTY,, PROSECUTING OR STATE'S ATTORNEY. There is a great difference between the various States in the method of handling or attending to the legal business relating to county matters or growing f rom county aff airs. In many of the States the official who attends to this line of work is known as the "county attorney," in other States he is called the State's attorney or prosecuting or district attorney. In a. f ew of the States they divide the State into districts embracing a number of counties, and a district attorney is elected in each district, who in some cases attends to all the legal work of the various counties, and in others he assists the county attorneys in their most important duties and prosecutions. But whatever plan may be followed in the various States, and whatever title may be given to this office, the general duties of the office are very much the same throughout all of the States. It is the duty of the county attorney to commence and prosecute all actions, suits, indictments, and prosecutions, civil and criminal, in any court of record in his county in which the "people of the State or county"' may be concerned; to prosecute all forfeited bonds and recognizances, and all actions for the recovery of debts, revenues, moneys, fines, etc., accruing to his county; to commence and prosecute all actions and proceedings brought by any county officer in his official capacity; to def end all actions and proceedings brought against his county, or against any county officer in his official capacity; to give legal opinions and advice to the county board or other county officers in relation to their official duties; to attend, if possible all preliminary examinations of criminals. When requested, he is required to attend sessions of the grand jury, examine witnesses in their presence, give legal advice and see that 'proper subpcenas and processes are issued; draw up indictments and prosecute the same. The county attorney is required, when requested by the Attorney-General, to appear for the State in cases in his county in which the State is interested. The county attorney makes an annual report to his superior State officer of all the criminal cases prosecuted by him. k& PROBATE OR COUNTY JUDGE. The method of handling probate matters is not uniform throughout the various States. In many States the higher courts are given jurisdiction over probate matters, and in others they have created districts in which are held probate courts, whose jurisdiction extends over several counties and takes in other matters besides purely probate. affairs. Ill a majority of the States, however, particularly the Western and Northern States, they elect a county or a probate judge, who holds court and handles the probate matters which arise within his county. The jurisdiction of these county or probate courts is not always confined exclusively to probate affairs, being frequently extended to many other matters,, and they generally include such matters as apprenticeship affairs, adoptions, minors, etc. In some of the States they have both a county judge and a probate judge, and in these cases the jurisdiction of the latter is confihed to such matters as are in'line with probate affairs. In Missouri they have a probate judge, and also a county court, composed of county judges, in whom the corporate powers of the county are vested-as the official county board. In Michigan they have a probate judge and a probate register. The probate judge is generally given original jurisdiction in all matters of probate, settlement of estates of deceased persons, appointment of guardians and conservators and settlement of their accounts. They take proof of wills, direct the administration of estates, grant and revoke letters testamentary and of administration, appoint and remove guardians, etc. COUNTY SURVEYOR.This is an office which is common to nearly all of the States. It is the duty of the county surveyor to execute any survey which may be ordered by any court, or upon application of any individual or corporation, and preserve a record of the surveys made by him. Nearly all of the States provide that certain records shall be kept by the county surveyor, and provide penalties for his failure to place on record the surveys made by him. While he is the official county surveyor, yet the surveys made by him are not conclusive, but may be reviewed by any competent tribunal, and the correctness thereof may -be disputed. COUNTY CORONER. This is another county office which exists in nearly all of the States. In the average county there is not much work f or the coroner, but in the counties in which large cities are located the office is a very important one. In- general terms it may be stated that the coroner is required to hold inquests the bodies of persons supposed to have met with violent or unnatural deaths. In most States he has power to impanel a jury to enquire into the cause of 'death; but in some of them this is not the case, and he -is given power to act alone, He can subpcena. witnesses; administer oaths; in certain cases provide for a decent burial, ý"A ^n" 1-%;*nA d-%Vra*- +e-% +Ilia r-nvii-4- nti-vr ýnavcr%";,n +lip The powers of every county as a body politic and corporate are vested in a county board. This official county board is crenerally termed the county "board of supervisors," or "board of commissioners, but " there are some exceptions to this, like Missouri, where the county board is known as the "county court." There is considerable difference in the make-up of the county board in the various States. In some it is made up of one member frorn each township in the county. In others the counties are divided into districts, and one member of the county board is chosen from each district. No general description of this could be given that would be accurate, as so ' me of the States f ollow both of these plans. 'Tor instance, in Illinois some of the counties are governed by a board of supervisors, which is made tip of one member from each township,,while other counties in the same State are governed by a board of county commissioners, consisting of three or more members, each representing districts into which the counties in question are divided. The creneral powers of the county board throughout all of the States is about the same, except in minor details. It represents the legislative and corporate powers of the county. One of their number is always chosen as chairman or president, and acts as the presiding officer. The county board has general charge over the affairs of the county. It is their duty to provide county offices, provide desks, stationery, books, fuel, etc.; examine, invesiigate and adjust claims against the county, and have general care and custody of all the real and personal estate owned by the county. At regular intervals they settle with the county treasurer; examine accounts and vouchers. They locate county roads; determine the amount of county tax, and regularly publish a statement of their proceedings; make statements of receipts, expenditures, etc.; and make all contracts, and do all other acts in relation to the property and concerns of the county necessary to exercise its corporate powers that are not specifically delegated to other county officials. TOWN'SiHIP GOV ERNMEN T_ T HE method of township government throughout the different States varies so much that it is impossible in this article to treat of it more than in a general way. In m any of the States the townships are not organized as bodies corporate, and in other States in some counties they may have township organization, while in other counties in the same State it does not exist. In cases where there is no township organization the law provides that certain county officials shall attend to the local work, or that work which in other localities as assumed by the township officials. But even where they have township organization the plan of township government in the different States where it exists differs so widely that. scarcely any two States may be said to be alike. About the only statements concerning the organized townships that could be made which would apply to all the States are the following: Every organized township in its corporate capacit ' y has power to sue and be sued; to acquire by purchase, gift or devise., and hold property, both real and personal, for the use of its inhabitants, and again to sell and convey the saine; and to make all such contracts as may be necessary in- the exercise of its powers as a toumship. In a great many of the States the township government is carried on after a plan. very similar to the county and State governments, having variou's executive officers and a township board in- which the corporate and legislative powers, ot the township are vested. In - other States they follow a plan which res'erves to the people all corporate and legislative powers, and therefore have no need for a township board, but have various other township officers to carry out the wishes and orders of the voters. Where this plan prevails they hold what is generally termed "town meetings," at which every legal voter of the township has a voice. At these mectings reports are had from the variotis township officials, and the necessary measures are adopted and dircctions given for carrying on the township business. Still other States combine o7ood features from both of the plans above mentioned, and besides the other usual township -officials they maintain a township board, which is given certain restri.cted powers, such as those of a review or an auditing board, but they are not vested with the complete corporateand legislative powers of the township, this being reserved in a large measure to the voters, and all questions calling for the exercise of such authority are acted upon at the town meetings. In many of the States the township board just described is made up of three or more of the other township officers, who are ex-officio members of the township board, -and. they meet at certain times, perform the work required of them, and report to the town meetings. The principal officials in township organizations in nearly all the States are the following: "Supervisors, or trustees," "clerk," "treasurerly Ciassessor," "collector," "justices' of the peace," "constables," Cýoverseers, supervisors or commissioners of the highways," and "poundmasters," although as has been stated, many of the States do not have all of these officials. SCHU"OL D-ISTRICT ý GOVERNMENT T HE "common school system," or, to speak with greater accu racy, the method of governing school districts, in the various States, differs widely, yet all follow in. a general way one of two separate and clearly defined methods, being amended in minor respects to meet local conditions and ideas. All of these methods have their excellent points, and yet it has been claimed by eminent educators that no one of them is free from fault and objection, -nor has reached perfection. It will be the aim of this article to briefly explain the principal features of the several methods, but it is not possible to go into detail in the iiiatter of giving the system of school government that is followed in each of the many States of the Union. The constitution and statutes of all the States agree, however, upon several points. They aim to provide for a thorough and efficient system of free schools., whereby all the children of the States may receive a thorough common school education; they provide that all lands, moneys and other property donated, granted or received for school, college, seminary or university purposes, and the proceeds thereof, shall be faithfully applied to the objects stated; with, two or three exceptions they provide that no appropriation shall be made or public funds applied in. aid of any church or sectarian purpose, or to support or sustain any school, academy, seminary, college or university controlled or run in the interest of any church or for a sectarian purpose; and they pro'hibit the various school officials fro'm holding any interest in the sale, proceeds or profits of any book, apparatus or furniture used in the schools in which they,'as officers, are interested. i In many of the States they f ollow what may be termed the "indepent school district" method, inasmuch as each district, so far as its corporate powers are concerned, is entirely separate and independent of other districts. Where this plan is followed the boundaries of each district are clearlv defined. and each district is corn'nlete within cerned, is organized, has the necessary officials and becomes a body politic and corporate. As a general rule, where this method prevails, the townships are divided into three or more sub-districts. All of these sub-districts area part of the whole, and the finances and general business is generally managed by a township board made up of representatives from each sub-district. This board is generally clothed with the corporate powers, hires teachers, provides fuel and supplies and makes all the contracts necessary to carry on the various schools in the township. As with independent districts, the powers of this board are not alike in all States where the township system prevails, for in some States their power is very much restricted, and is limited to certain. official matters, the corporate powers and right to make important contracts beincr reserved to the people, who decide on these questions at what are termed the school meetings. In a few of the States where they follow the township system they have no official board. This is the case in Indiana, where they elect a: township trustee, whose duty it is to look after all the educational interests of the township, subject to the approval of the people at the regular meetings. In most of the States where the township system prevails the law provides for the organization,, under certain conditions, of sub-districts into independent districts, which gives them the power to elect their own officers and act independently nf the other schools in the township. (In nearly all of the States one of the two general methods given above is followed, with certain changes to make the plan more efficient and satisfactory, and to better meet the desires and needs of the people of the different States. Many of the States combine good features from both these systems, as some of the States have the township system, wherein each sub-distric't has its own board, and so f ar as controlling it's own affairs is concerned., is independent of all other districts. But local conditions bave in many instances made special and local provisions necessary that are' different in each State, and while there may be a vast difference in the methods followed, their aim is the same' and, as a whole, the various systems have accomplished the result of giving throughout the length and breadth of the Union the grandest and most efficient system of free schools that the world has ever known. CITIES AND VILLAGES N all of the States the laws provide for the local government of school matters and civil authority. affa:irs provision is pendent of, the township in which they are located, both as tothey may be separated from, and thus manage their affairts indecities and villages, so that when they attain a certain population made for handling the more complex educational interests of vi`11ages and cities-the school boards being made 'larger, and in many cases the scope of their authority is very much extended. In'civil matters provision is made in all of the States for the organization of villages and cities as corporate bodies, separate and distinct from the townships, ind providing for the necessary Acers to carry on the affairs of the municipality. CopyrJght, igio, by Geo. A. Ogle & Col.

Page  125 SUPPLEMENT VII I I I GENERAL INFORMATION ON BANKING AND BUSINESS METHODS. lin GENERAL INFORMATION ON Banking and Business Methods. RELATIONS BETWEEN A BANK AND ITS CUSTOMERS. N business life there is no more complex or important relation than that which exists between the business men generally and the banks, and it should be guarded with jealous care, so that both may retain the full confidence of the other. Business development in the United States has progressed with such gigantic strides that it has long since passed the stage where "it is even possible to carry on business without the agency of banks. They are today a necessity in the transaction of Dusiness and making exchanges. It has been said, and with a great deal of truth, that in the present day the entire and sole object and result of business is the transfer of credits on the books of the banking houses; and that about the only use to which money is put is in making small change or paying balances. Business, in the most general and comprehensive sense, is almost wholly carried on by the aid of banks with checks, drafts and exchange. And it will be seen what a very important part the element of confidence plays in business life, when it is remembered that every check or draft that changes hands, implies the confidence on the part of the party receiving and accepting it, that it will be honored at the bank when presented. OPENING AN ACCOUNT HE first step in the matter of becoming a depositor and customer of a bank is the interview with the banker, either the President, or Cashier, as the case may be. If unknown to the banker it is necessary for some one who is known to identfy and vouch for the applicant as being honorable and straightforward, for banks are compelled to be careful in this matter as they subsequently must handle all the checks, drafts and exchanges that the prospective customer employs in his business, so that while the business of an honest man is valuable to them and is appreciated, that of a dishonest man is shunned by them as an element of risk and danger-the same to them as to every one else with whom he deals. The identification and reference, however, being satisfactory the prospective customer is given a pass book or account book, writes his signature in a book kept for that purpose, is made known to the receiving and paying tellers, makes his first deposit and is then a full fledged customer and depositor of the bank. DEPOSITS. EPOSITS are made in the following manner: A "Deposit Ticket" or "Deposit Blank" is furnished the customer, and he enters upon this a full description of all the items which he desires entered to his credit, stating whether it is gold, silver or currency and making a separate entry for each draft or check that he deposits. In entering such items as drafts and checks some banks require a separate entry for each item which will show upon what bank or at least what city or town each draft or check. is drawn. After having endorsed his name on the back of all checks and drafts he hands the "Deposit Ticket," together with all the items named upon it, and his Pass Book, to the receiving teller, who examines it, checks off the various items to see that they are all there, and enters the total amount to the customer's credit in the "Pass Book;" and it is also carried to his credit from the Deposit Ticket onto the books of the bank. The "Deposit Ticket" is an important feature of the transaction, and the customer is required to fill this out with ink. It bears his name and the date and is carefully preserved for future reference by the bank to settle any dispute or difference that may arise. As all men are liable to error the depositor, to prevent mistakes, should always see that the amount of the deposit is correctly entered in his book before leaving the bank. If a deposit is made when a customer has not his "Pass Book" a duplicate ticket should be taken, and the amount entered properly when next at the bank. It will be seen from the above that all checks and drafts are entered to the credit of the customer at the time he deposits them, the same as cash items. The depositor, however, is held responsible for the non-payment of all checks, drafts and other items deposited as cash until payment has been ascertained by the bank. The bank, however, must use due diligence in attending to them within a reasonable time. If a check or draft is held beyond a reasonable time and, meanwhile, the bank upon which it is drawn fails, the receiving bank would be compelled to lose it. What is a reasonable time, according to decisions of the courts, depends upon the circumstances and varies in different cases. In cities, where they have a Clearing House, checks on other city banks are expected to reach the Clearing House on the next day succeeding the time of the deposit; but as to checks and drafts drawn upon other or distant cities, a reasonable time must be allowed for -them to be presented for payment. If the banker, however, is negligent concerning it, he must stand the loss. Such cases very ryely, if ever, occur, and it may safely be stated that in the absence of any special or unusual conditions for all items such as checks, drafts, etc., the banker only receives them for collection for the account of the depositor and therefore acts only as his agent and as such is charged with using only due diligence in attending to the business. DISCOUNTS, LOANS, ETC. HE word "Discount" is applied to interest when it is deducted from the amount at the time a loan is made-in other words, interest that is paid in advance. It is the general rule of banks in making "short time" loans to customers to give credit for the amount of the loan, less the interest. Many business men fail to obtain the full benefit that a bank can give them, through hesitancy or diffidence in asking for a loan; and in many instances will borrow of a neighboring business man and thus, frequently embarrass him, rather than go to the banker, whose business it is to help him through such times of need, when possible. This is what banks are established for, largely, and they are always glad to "get their money out and keep it out" provided they can be reas9nably sure of its return. If an applicant is unable to furnish reasonable security, or is irresponsible or unworthy he must necessarily be refused, but in securing money which he cannot guarantee the return of, whether it be from a banker or another business man he does an injustice to the interests of business generally. However, every business man in need of financial help, whether his needs be great or little, should go to the banker first and submit the situation, securities, etc., to him, as of all men he is by training the best judge and advisor in such matters. He may be compelled to decline to give the required aid, but this refusal should never be taken as a personal matter, as it must be remembered that he has other interests to serve and depositors, stockholders and directors to protect before following his own personal desires. COLLECTIONS. N leaving notes or other items for collection the customer writes on the back of each the words: "For Collection for Account of," and places his signature below it. Upon receipt of this, the proper officer or clerk of the bank, will enter the items either in the -back of the customer's "pass book" or give a separate receipt as the case may be. When the bank receives payment on the items the customer is notified and the amount is entered to his credit both on his Pass Book and on the books of the bank the same as any other deposit. A bank in receiving paper for collection acts only as the agent of the customer and does not assume any responsibility beyond due diligence on its part. All banks make collections either in or out of the city where they are located for their customers at very moderate rates. These items should always be left at the bank before they become due, so as to give the bank time to give an abundant notice to the I parties. If the customer desires to make a "sight" or "time draft" upon a debtor, upon application the bank will furnish him Witht blank drafts. STATEMENTS AND BALANCES. PEW words concerning statements and balances will not be inappropriate in this connection. Every customer of a bank should always and without fail, once in each month, have his "Pass Book" balanced by the banker. This rule should always be observed to correct any error that might occur and avoid loss and complications. The amount of deposits is added up and a balance is struck by deducting the total amount of the customer's checks which the bank has either paid or "accepted" (certified) during the month. The cancelled checks are returned to the customer. If any error is discovered it should be reported immediately to the bank so that-it may be investigated and rectified. NEGOTIABLE PAPER. ROBABLY the greatest factor in the business world of today is "Negotiable Paper," without which it is not probable that business development could have assumed the vast proportions that it has reached in America; and without which the business of the civilized world could not be carried on. This term includes a variety of instruments, such as promissory notes, checks, drafts and bills of exchange. The bill of exchange is one of the oldest forms of negotiable paper, and has been in use for a number of centuries. The draft and check came into use at a much later day, and the promissory note is a comparatively recent invention, and has very largely taken the place of the bill of exchange as it was used in former times. The most important attribute of promissory notes, bills of exchange, and other instruments of the same class, which distinguish them from all other contracts, is their negotiability. This consists of two entirely distinct elements or branches-first, the power of transferring the paper from one owner to another, so that the assignee shall assume a complete title, and be able to sue on it; second, the effect upon the rights of the parties produced by such a transfer when made before maturity, in the regular course of business, for a consideration to a purchaser in good faith, and without notice of any defect or defense, whereby all defenses of the maker (with few exceptions) are cut off, and the holder becomes absolutely entitled to recover. A written order or promise may be perfectly valid as a conStract; but it will not be negotiable unless certain requisites are complied with. The following requisites are indispensable: It must be written; must be signed; it must be absolute, not depending upon any contingency; it must be to pay money in a certain amount capable of being certain by computation; the time of payment must be certain or such as will become certain; but when no time is expressed the law implies that payment is due immediately; and lastly, the order or promise must be accompanied by words of negotiability-that is, payable to a certain payee's o:der or to bearer. PROMISSORY NOTES. CCORDING to the general "law merchant," unaffected by statute, a promissory note is the written promise of a person, called the "maker," to pay a certain sum of money at a certain time to a designated person termed the "payee" or to his order or bearer. It must have all the requisites that have been mentioned for negotiable paper, otherwise, if it fails in any of these matters it becomes a contract, as it thus loses the element of negotiability. Contracts may be perfectly valid without all of these requisites, but they do not possess the peculiar qualities which belong to promissory notes. It is customary in all promissory notes to write the words "value received" but this is not absolutely essential, as a consideration and value is implied in every note; draft, check, bill of exchange or endorsement. It is the common law of both England and this country that no promise can be enforced unless made for a consideration or sealed, but negotiable instruments as a rule are an exception to this. Between the original parties a want of consideration can be pleaded a defense and would operate to defeat a recovery. It would have the same effect as between an endorser and his endorsee, but this only applies to immediate parties or to those who had notice of the defense or became holders of the paper after maturity. It may be stated as an almost invariable rule that no defense will operate to defeat the recovery if the, paper has been negotiated and passed into the hands of an innocent purchaser, in the regular course of business, before maturity and for value. The absence of any of these elements, however, will allow a defense to be set up and will defeat recovery even in the hands of third parties if it can be shown that there was either: a want of consideration, that it was obtained by duress, or fraud or circumvention, or larceny; or that the consideration was illegal. In order to cut off these defenses and give the holder the absolute right to recover, all of the conditions named must be fulfilled. If he purchases the note even one day after it becomes due it is then subject to any defense or set off which the maker may have against the original payee. Demand of payment for a note must be made at the place where it is payable at the tithe of maturity; if not paid notice must immediately be given to the endorsers, otherwise, in a majority of the States, all endorsements that are not qualified will be released. If a note is not dated it will not defeat it, but will be considered as dated when it was made; but a written date is prima facie evidence of the time of making. When a note falls due on Sunday, or a legal holiday, it becomes payable the day previous. If a sum is written at length in the body and also in figures at the corner the written words control it. It destroys the negotiability of a note'to write in the body of it any conditions or contingencies. A valuable consideration is not always money. It may be either any gain or advantage to the promisor, or injury sustained by the promisee at the promisor's request. A previous debt, or a fluctuating balance, or a debt due from a third person, might be a valuable consideration. So is a moral consideration, if founded upon a previous legal consideration as, where one promises to pay a debt that is barred by limitation or by infancy. But a merely moral consideration as one founded upon natural love and affection is no legal consideration. No consideration is sufficient in law if it be illegal in its nature, or if distinctly opposed to public policy. If a note is payable at a bank it is only necessary to have the note at the bank at the stipulated time to constitute a sufficient demand; and if there are no funds there to meet it, this is sufficient refusal. DAYS OF GRACE.-In a great many States three "Days of Grace," as they are termed, are allowed on negotiable instruments beyond the date set for payment. This is not; the universal rule, however, as the tendency of late years has 'been toward doing away with this custom, and a number of States have already passed laws abolishing the "Days of Grace." Where the rule is in effect, however, and it is not specifically waived in the instrument the payor is entitled to three days as fully as though it were so stipulated, and the holder cannot enforce collection until the expiration of three days after the date set for payment. BILLS OF EXCHANGE. HE "bill of exchange" is an open letter or order whereby one person requests another to pay a third party (or order or bearer) a certain fixed sum of money. They are of two kinds, the Inland and Foreign bills, the names of which imply the difference between them. The three parties to the bill are called the Drawer, Drawee and Payee. The bill must be presented to the Drawee and if he agrees to obey the order, he "accepts" the bill by writing the word "accepted" across its face and signs his name below it-and thus becomes the "Acceptor." The instrument is usually made negotiable and the payee can transfer it to others by endorsement, which method of transfer may go on indefinitely. The following is a common form of an inland bill of exchange:, BILL OF EXCHANGE. $600 CHICAGO, ILL., June 1, 1894. Sixty days after sight pay to John Sims, or order, Six Hundred Dollars, and charge same to my account. To HENRY HOLT & Co., JOHN DOE. Boston, Mass. I CHECKS. CHECK on a bank is one form of "Inland Bill of Exchange," but there is some slight difference in the liability of the parties to it. A check requires no acceptance, as a bank is bound to pay the checks of its depositors while still in possession of their funds, and the drawer of a check having funds on deposit has an action for damage for refusal to honor his check, under such circumstances, on the ground of an implied obligation to pay checks according to the usual course of business. Checks are usually drawn payable immediately, but they may be made payable at a future day, and in this case their resemblance to a bill of exchange is very close. As stated, a check requires no acceptance, so far as payment or liability of the drawer is concerned, but it- creates no obligation against a bank in favor of the holder until acceptance. When accepted by the bank the word "Accepted" is stamped on its fact with the signature of the banker. It is then said to be certifier: rnd thereafter the bank is liable to the holder. As soon as the cAeck is "certified" the amount is charged against the account of the "drawer" the same as if paid, and it is considered paid so far as the "drawer" is concerned. The drawer of a check is not a surety in the same sense as is the drawer of a bill of exchange, but is the principal debtor like the maker of a note. He cannot complain of any delay in the presentment, for it is an absolute appropriation to the holder of so much money, in the hands of the bank, and there it may lie at the holder's pleasure. The delay, however, is at the holder's risk, and if the bank should fail after he could have got his money the loss is his. If, before he presents the check, the bank pays out all the money of the drawer, then he may look to the drawer for payment. If the holder of a check transfers it to another he has the right to expect that it will be presented for payment within a reasonable time. He has the right to expect that it will either be presented the next day or started to the point on which it is drawn. If it is held beyond a reasonable time and a loss is occasioned thereby, the party responsible for the delay must bear the loss. If a bank pays a forged check it is so far its own loss that it cannot charge the money to the depositor whose name was forged. But it is entitled to recover the money from the party who presented it. If it pay a check of which the amount has been /falsely and fraudulently increased, it can charge the drawer only with the original amount, provided the drawer himself has not caused or facilitated the forgery by carelessly writing it or leaving it in such hands as to make the forgery or alteration easy. In some of the States the Supreme Court has decided in cases where checks were "raised" that the drawer must bear the loss as they had failed to take reasonable precaution to prevent it. Perforating and cutting machines are on the market which make it almost impossible to raise or alter the amounts so as to avoid detection, and the tendency of the decisions is to regard the use of these as only a reasonable precaution on the part of check drawers to save their bank from trouble and loss. Some, however, adopt the plan of writing the amount in red ink across their signature. If many persons, not partners, join in a deposit they must join in a check. If a payee's name is misspelled or wrong in a check, the usual plan is to endorse it first exactly as it appears and then sign the name correctly. There is no settled rule as to how checks should be drawn. In nearly all the cities it is an almost invariable rule to make them payable "to order" so as to require the endorsement of the payee; but in smaller towns many check drawers make them payable "to bearer," in which case they require no endorsement, and if lost or stolen may cause loss-as whoever presents such a check at the bank is entitled to payment. DRAFTS. h DRAFT is a form of an "inland bill of exchange." The two forms of bills of exchange called "drafts" are the bank draft (or exchange) and the "sight or time draft." The bank draft is, to all intents and purposes, the same as a check, but the term is usually applied to "checks" drawn by one bank upon funds which it may have in some other bank, termed its "correspondent." A draft is but' very seldom made payable to bearer, it being almost an invariable rule to make them payable to a certain payee or order. They are negotiable and can be transferred indefinitely by endorsement. If a draft is lost or stolen, by applying to the bank that issued it, the payment can be stopped, and after the expiration of thirty days a duplicate will be issued. The "Sight Draft"' or "Time Draft," in which case it reads to pay after a certain number of days, is a very common method of making collections to-day by creditors, and it serves the double purpose of being an order to pay to a bank or third party, and is also a receipt to the debtor. It is simple in its wording, the following being a general form: $1000 CHICAGO, June 1, 1894. At sight (or so many days after sight as the case may be) pay to the order of Bank One Thousand Dollars and charge to my account. JOHN SIMS. To GEO. SIMS, NEW YORK, N. Y. ENDORSEMENTS. THE signature of any payee or holder on the back of any check, draft, note, bill of exchange or other negotiable instrument is termed his "endorsement." It simply means the placing of the name of the holder, or payee, on the back of the instrument, thus indicating that, for a consideration, he has relinquished his title to it, and in the absence of any condition or qualification expressed in the endorsement, it implies that the endorser will see that the instrument is paid in case it is not taken up by the maker or payor. Where the instrument is made payable to "bearer," as to "John Sims or bearer," no endorsement is necessary to pass the title-it passes with delivery and any holder may collect or sue upon it the same as if he were the payee named therein. In a case of this kind if any holder endorses the instrument, the law is construed strictly against him, and, as it was not necessary for him to endorse to pass title, the law presumes in the absence of a positive qualification that his endorsement was made for the purpose of indicating that he would pay it if the payor failed to do so. Where several payees are named in the instrument it must bear the endorsement of all of them to pass the title and make one transfer of it. In this case, however, their liability as endorsers is joint, not several. But where two or more holders endorse one after the other in making a transfer from one to the other their liability is several, not joint. Every check, draft, bill of exchange, note or other negotiable instrument which is made payable to a certain "payee or order" must bear the endorsement of the party named, to pass the title, and even in cases where they are made payable to "bearer" it is generally customary for the party to whom a transfer is made to require the person from whom he secures it to place his endorsement thereon. There are several kinds of endorsement which should be mentioned in this connection. The first is the "blank endorsement," or "endorsement in blank," in making which the payee simply places his signature on the back of the instrument, without condition or qualification of any kind. This passes the title to the instrument, and, from that time on, it becomes payable to bearer, and the title passes with delivery, until some subsequent holder sees fit to limit by making it payable to some other payee; or places some other qualification or condition in the endorsement. When a negotiable instrument bearing a "blank endorsement" has once been put into circulation, any subsequent holder of it has the right to limit or restrict it by writing the conditions over his own endorsement, or, by writing over the endorsement of the original payee, words making it payable to himself or some other party, "or order." This point has been decided by the supreme courts of several of the States. The endorsement may be restricted or qualified in a number of ways. One, which is called a "full endorsement," is very common in the business world. It is simply the act of the payee named making it payable to some other certain payee or order. To do this, the endorser writes on the back of the instrument, the directions, as: "Pay to John Sims, or order," and places his signature below it. This does not limit his liability as an endorser, but the title to the instrument must thereafter pass through John Sims, and it must bear his endorsement before it will be paid or honored. I in Ma' COPYRIGHT 1910. BY GEO, A. OGLE & CO.

Page  126 SUPPLEMENT ViII. & V.!-w I GENERAL INFORMATION ON BANKING AND BUSINESS METHODS. Another common form of limiting the endorsement is to enable the payee (when it is made payable to his order) to transfer his title to the instrument without becoming responsible for its payment, and making the party to whom it is transferred assume all responsibility concerning payment. To do this the endorser writes the words "Without Recourse" over his signature, which has the effect of relinquishing his title without making him liable to the holder in case the payor fails to take it up. Another method of limiting the endorsement is to make it conditional, a good illustration of which is the following: "Pay to John Sims or order upon his delivering to the First National Bank a warranty deed to lot 5, block 4, etc.," below which the endb-rser places his signature. He can also make it payable to "A. B. only," or in equivalent words, in which case "A. B." cannot endorse it over. In fact, the endorser has the power to limit his endorsement as he sees fit, and either to lessen or increase his liability, such as either "waiving notice of demand;" making his endorsement a "general and special guaranty of payment" to all future holders, etc., but he cannot, by his endorsement, either increase or lessen the liability of any other endorser on the instrument. An endorser, as a rule, is entitled to immediate notice in case the payor fails to pay. This is the case in nearly all of the United States, as it has been a rule of the "law merchant" for many years. A few modifications, however, of the general "law merchant" have been made by statute in several of the States, relating to negotiable paper, in changing the endorser's liability by rendering his contract absolute instead of conditional, making notice unnecessary unless he suffers damage through want of it, or requiring a judgment to be first recovered before he can be held. In the absence, however, of statutory provisions of this kind, and they exist only in a few of the States, it may be said that to hold endorsers they must have prompt notice of non-payment, and it may be said to be a general rule of the "law merchant" that 11 parties to negotiable paper as endorsers who are entitled to notice are discharged by want of notice. The demand, notice and protest may be made according to the laws of the place where payable. The term Protest is applied to the official act by an authorized person (usually a Notary Public), whereby he affirms in a formal or prescribed manner in writing that a certain bill, draft, check or other negotiable paper has been presented for acceptance or payment, as the case may be, and been refused. This, and the notice of the "Protest," which must be sent to all endorsers and parties to the paper is to notify them officially of its failure. GUARANTY. " "GUARANTOR" is one who is bound to another for the fulfillment of a promise, or of an engagement, made by a third party. This kind of contract is very common. According to the "statute of frauds"' it must be in writing, and unless it is a sealed instrument there must be a consideration to support it. As, a rule it is not negotiable, so as to be enforced by the transferee as if it had been given to him by the guarantor, but this depends upon the wording, as, if it contains all the characteristics of a note, payable to order or bearer, it will be held negotiable. A contract of guaranty is construed strictly, and if the liability of the principal be materially varied by the act of the party guaranteed, without the consent of the guarantor, the guarantor is discharged. The guarantor is also discharged if the liability or obligation is renewed, or extended by law or otherwise, unless he in writing renews the contract. In the case of a bank incorporated for twenty years, which was renewed for ten years more without change of officers, the courts held that the original sureties could not be held after the first term. The guaranty can be enforced even though the original debt cannot, as is the case in becoming surety for the debt of a minor. A guarantor who pays the debt of the principal is entitled to demand from the creditor all the securities he holds, or of the note or bond on which declares the debt; and, in some States, the creditor cannot fall back upon the guarantor until he has collected as much as possible from these securities and exhausted legal remedies against the principal. If the debt or obligation be first incurred and completed before the guaranty is given, there must be a new consideration or the guaranty is void. A guaranty is not binding unless the guarantor has notice of its acceptance, but the law presumes this acceptance when the offer of guaranty and acts of the party to whom it is given, such as delivery of goods or extending credit are simultaneous. But an offer to guarantee a future operation does not bind the offerer unless he has such notice of the acceptance as will afford him reasonable opportunity to make himself safe. A creditor may give his debtor some indulgence or accommodation without discharging the guarantor, unless it should have the effect of prejudicing the interests of the guarantor, in which case he would be released. Generally a guarantor may, at any time, pay a debt and so, at once, have the right to proceed against the debtor. Where there has been failure on the part of the principal and the guarantor is looked to, he must have reasonable notice-and notice is deemed reasonable if it prevents the guarantor from suffering from the delay. It is, in many cases, difficult to say-and upon it rests the question of legal liability-whether the promise of one to pay for goods delivered to another is an original promise, as to pay for one's own goods, in which case it need not be in writing; or a promise to pay the debt or guranty the promise of him to whom the goods are delivered, in which case it must be in writing. The question generally resolves itself into this: To whom did the seller give and was authorized to give credit? This is a question of fact and not of law. If the books of the seller show that he charged them to the party to whom he delivered them, it is almost impossible for him to hold the other party for it, but if on the other hand it is shown that he regarded the goods as being sold to the party whom it is desired to hold, but delivered them to another party and it is so shown on his books, it is not regarded as a guaranty, but an original or collateral promise, and would make the party liable. In general, a guarantor of a bill or note is not entitled to such strict and exact notice as an endorser is entitled to, but only such notice as shall save him from actual loss, as he can not make the want of notice his defense unless he can show that it was unreasonably withheld and that he suffered thereby. There is a marked difference in the effect of a guaranty of the "payment," or of the "collection" of a debt. In the first case, the creditor can look to the guarantor at any time; in the latter, the creditor must exhaust his legal remedies for collecting it. ACCOMMODATION OF PAPER. A accommodation bill or note is one for which the acceptor or maker has received no consideration, but has lent his name and credit to accommodate the drawer, payee or holder. He is bound to all other parties just as completely as If there were a good consideration, for, if this was not the case, it would be of no value to the party accommodated. He is not allowed to set up want of consideration as a defense as against any holder for value. But he is not bound to the party whom he thus accommodates, no matter how the instrument may be drawn. IDENTIFICATION. HE mere act of identifying a party or making him known to a banker carries with it no liability on the part of the party who thus performs it, unless it can be shown there was fraud or collusion. Customers of banks are frequently asked to identify and make known to their own bankers, strangers who desire checks or drafts cashed or other accommodations. In some cases a mere introduction is all that is necessary, but only because the banker relies upon the honor and integrity of his customer, knowing that an improper person would not be introduced, for in a case of this kind the bank assumes all the risk. Generally speaking, however, it is an almost invariable rule with bankers, as it should be, to require their customer to endorse all drafts or checks which are honored for the stranger. In this case the endorser becomes personally liable to the bank if any or all of the drafts or checks prove worthless. An endorsement which is frequently made by parties who are asked to identify others is to merely indicate that they know the' I party to be the payee named in the check or that the signature of the payee or party is correct. This is done by writing the words "Signature 0. K." under the party's name and signing it. This has the effect of guaranteeing that the party's name is as written and that it is his proper signature. It does not guarantee that the check or draft is good or will be paid, but merely as expressed, that the signature is correct and the only liability assumed is that he will pay the amount in case the signature proves a forgery. Many banks, however, will not accept papers endorsed this way and justly so, for it throws upon them the burden of the risk. RECEIPTS AND RELEASES. NY acknowledgment that a sum of money has been paid is a receipt. A receipt which reads "in full" though admitted to be strong evidence is by no means legally conclusive. If the party signing it can show an error or mistake, it will be admitted in his favor. Receipts for money will be held open to examination, and the party holding it must abide the results of such examination-the great aim of the law being to administer strict justice. A receipt may be of different degrees of explicitness, as the word "Paid" or "Received Payment" written on a bill. A "release" is simply a form of receipt, but is more binding upon the parties, inasmuch as, if properly drawn, under seal, for a consideration, it is a complete defense to any action based on the debts or claims so released. Herein, releases differ from receipts. A release is in the nature of a written contract and therefore cannot be controlled or contradicted by evidence, unless on the ground of fraud. But if its words are ambiguous, or may have either two or more meanings, evidence is receivable to de'termine the meaning. INFANTS AND MINORS. HE incapacity of a person to make a valid contract may arise from several causes, and the fact of being an infant, or minor, is one of them. The general rule of law may be stated as being that the contract of an infant or minor is not always void, but is voidable, and in many cases special exception is made, giving validity to their contracts for necessaries. By being voidable but not void in themselves, means that the infant has the right to disavow and annul the contract; either before or within a reasonable time after he reaches his majority. He may do this by word only, but a mere acknowledgment that the debt exists is not,enough, and it must be substantially a new promise. AGENCY. HERE are a few well-settled and important rules of law governing the matter of agents and agency, which every business man should understand thoroughly. The relation of principal and agent implies that the principal acts by and through the agent. A principal is responsible for the acts of the agent only when he has actually given full authority to the agent, or when he has by his words, or his acts, or both, caused or permitted the person with whom the agent deals to believe him clothed with this authority. This is a point which is not always thoroughly understood, but it is a well-settled principle of law. There are two kinds af agents-general and special. A general agent is one authorized to represent his principal in all his business, or in all his business of a particular kind, and his power is limited by the usual scope and character of the business he is empowered to transact. If he is given out as the general agent, the principal is bound, even if the agent transcends his actual authority, but does not go beyond the natural and usual scope of the business. On the other hand, a special agent is one authorized to do only a specific thing, or a few specified things, or a specified line of work. If this special agent exceeds his authority, it may be stated as an almost invariable rule that the principal is not bound, because the party dealing with the agent must inquire for himself and at his own peril, into the extent and limits of the authority given to the agent. Especially is this the case where the party knew that the agent had been or was engaged in attending to a particular and specified line of work connected with the business of the principal. The party, however, is not bound by any special reservations or limitations made secretly by the principal of which he had no reasonable or easy- means of having notice. The authority of an agent may be given by the principal, by writing or oral, or may be implied from certain acts. Thus, if a person puts his goods into the custody of another whose business it is to sell such goods, he authorizes the whole world to believe that this person has them for sale; and any person buying them honestly, in this belief, would hold them. If one, knowing that another had acted as his agent, does not disavow the authority as soon as he conveniently can, but lies by and permits a person to go and deal with the supposed agent, or lose an opportunity of indemnifying himself, this is an adoption and confirmation of the acts of the agent. A principal is bound by the acts of an agent even after the revocation of his agency, if such revocation has not been made public or is unknown to the party dealing with the agent. An agent can generally be held personally liable if he transcends his authority; but this is not the cas.e if the party with whom he dealt knew that the authority was transcended. ORIGIN AND HISTORY OF BANKING. I N general, banks may be said to be credit institutions or dealers in credit. John Jay Knox once said that "the exchanges of the modern world are barter, effected by the indirect agency of the credit system, and banks and bankers are the machinery by which this is done." Metallic money and its representative, the circulating note, are only the small change of "Trade" employed in the settlement of balances and small purchases and payments. This fact is illustrated by the operations of the New York clearing house. The exchanges have been about 800,000 millions of dollars during the past thirty years, while the balances paid in money have only been about 36,000 millions, or about 4 per cent. of the amount of the settlements. It has always been claimed that the business of banking originated with the Venetian money changers who displayed their wares and moneys on the streets and thus supplied those in need of change. According to the most eminent authorities the earliest banking institution in Europe was the Bank of Venice, which was founded in 1172, and was based upon a forced loan of the government. Funds deposited in it could be transferred to others on the books of the bank at the pleasure of the owner, but they could not be withdrawn. The perpetual annuities of the British debt are handled in a very similar manner at the present day. The Bank of Venice was continued until 1797. In 1401, the Bank of Barcelona was formed. At a period much earlier than this, the Jewish moneydealers had invented what was known as "foreign bills of exchange," but it is said that this bank was the first institution that made a business of negotiating and handling them. The Bank of Genoa commenced operation in 1407 and for centuries was one of the principal banks of Europe. It was the first to issue circulating notes-which were passed only by endorsement, not being payable to bearer. The Bank of Hamburg, established in 1619, was a bank of both deposit and circulation based on fine silver bars. This bank, like nearly all of that early time, had, as a principal object, the protection of the people from worn, sweated, clipped and plugged coins, or coins of certain empires that were reduced in standard value. The remedy generally adopted was to lock up the debased and depreciated coins and circulate the credit granted for them. Various other banks sprang into existence throughout Europe, many of them being powerful government agencies, and in many cases exerted a wide influence in shaping the destinies of empires. In 1694 the Bank of England was established, and there is no banking institution in the world equal to it in the management of national finances. The Bank of France was authorized in 1800. It is not a fiscal agent of the government as is that of England. It does not collect or disburse the revenues of the exchequer, but it lends to it largely, while its credits, in the form of circulating notes and other acceptances, have borne the government safely through extraordinary needs. It is claimed that the first organized bank in the United States had its origin in the formation of a banking company without charter June 18th, 1780, by the citizens of Philadelphia, and first action by Congress was taken June 22, of the same year, in reference to this proposed association. Two years afterward a "perpetual charter" was granted to the Bank of North America at Philadelphia. In 1784 the State of Massachusetts incorporated the Massachusetts Bank. The Bank of New York was chartered in March, 1791, although it had been doing business since 1784, under articles of association drawn by Alexander Hamilton. Most of these institutions are still running and have been converted into national banks. The Bank of the United States was organized in 1791. The most of the stock was owned by the United States Government but later the Government interest was disposed of, and in 1843 the bank failed. State banks were organized rapidly, and private banking firms sprang into existence and the business of banking assumed immense proportions. In 1863, the NATIONAL BANK SYSTEM was adopted and in 1864 the National Bank Bureau of the Treasury Department was organized, the chief officer of which is the comptroller of the currency. In March, 1865, an act was passed providing for a ten per cent. tax on notes of any person or State bank issued for circulation, and making an exception of National banks. This had the effect of taxing the S'tate bank circulation out of existence. As the National banking system has proven one of the most efficient and satisfactory methods the world has ever known, it will be of interest to review here some of its principal features Under this act National banks may be organized by any number of persons not less than five. Not less than one-third of the capital must be invested in United States bonds, upon which circulating notes may be issued equal to 90 per cent. of the par value of the bonds. These circulating notes are receivable at par in the United States in all payments except for duties on imports, interest on the public debt and in redemption of the national currency. The National banks are required to keep a certain reserve; they are authorized to loan money at the rate of interest allowed in the various states-when no rate is fixed by the laws of the State, the banks may charge 7 per cent. Shareholders are held individually liable, equably and ratably, for all debts of the association to the extent of the amount of their stock, in addition to the amount invested therein. The banks are required, before the declaration of a dividend, to carry one-tenth part of their net profits of the preceding half year to a surplus fund until the same shall amount to 20 per cent. of the capital; and losses and bad debts must be deducted from net profits before any dividend is declared. A receiver maybe appointed by the comptroller to close up under his supervision the affairs of any national bank which shall fail to keep good its lawful money reserve or which may become insolvent. While there have been national bank failures, there has never been any loss to the people whatever on the circulation. A suit may be brought for forfeiture of the charter of a bank if the directors shall knowingly violate the law; and in such cases they may be held liable in their individual capacity. There are other restrictions in the law-such as, for instance, the prohibition against loaning to any one borrower of more then ten per cent. of the capital; or the holding of any real estate except such as is required for banking purposes, or the granting of loans upon the security of the bank stock. The national bank circulation has been gradually growing less during the past ten years, as the United States bonds available are quoted so high above par and the rate of interest so low that there is but little profit to the banks in it. All of the States have laws regulating State banks and providing certain restrictions, but as the laws of the various States are not alike it is impossible to give a general description of the matter that would apply to all the States. The laws, however, provide for and require State banks to hold a certain reserve, and at regular intervals they make full statements as to their condition and their affairs are examined into by certain State officials at frequent intervals. The laws of all the States have reached a high degree of perfection in the method of regulating and overseeing State banks, and the almost universal soundness and reliability of these institutions reflect credit upon the laws under which they exist. CLEARING HOUSE. HE Clearing-House is the place where the exchanges of the the banks are made in all the principal cities of the world. The clearing-house system was first established in London about the beginning of the present century. It was first introduced into this country by the banks of the city of New York organizing an association, under the name of the New York Clearing-House, which commenced operations Oct. 11, 1853. At that time it consisted of fifty-two banks, but five of them were soon closed because of inability to meet its requirements. Clearing Houses have since been established in nearly all of the principafl cities of the continent. In all cities a bank receives large amounts of bills and checks on other banks, so that at the close of each day's business every bank has, in its drawers, various sums thus due it by other banks. It is, in like manner, itself the debtor of other banks, which have during the day received its bills and checks drawn upon it. Prior to the establishment of the clearing house it was necessary for each bank, every morning, to make up its account with every other bank, and to send its porter or agent to present the bills and checks so raceived to the debtor banks for payment. The balances were adjusted by payments in gold, which became so laborious, dangerous an_ complicated that the balances were settled only weekly instead of daily-a plan that resulted in great risk and evil. This was obviated by the clearing-house system, through which the settlements are so simultaneously and quickly effected that in New York the transactions in one single day have amounted to over $300,000,000, in adjusting which the exchanges were settled in the space of an hour. Besides saving a vast amount of work, bookkeeping and expense, it enabled the banks by united aid to strengthen each other in times of excitement and financial panic. The following is the manner in which the settlements are made in about all the clearing-houses of this country: The clearing-room is provided with a continuous line of desks, one for each bank that is a member of the association, each desk bearing the name and number of the bank. Each bank is represented every morning, at the hour fixed for settlement, by two clerks, one a messenger who brings with him the checks, drafts, etc., that his bank has received during the day previous upon the other banks-called the "exchanges," and these are assorted for each bank and placed in envelopes. On the outside of each envelope is a slip on which are listed the amounts of the various items which it contains. The messengers take their places in a line outside the row of desks, each opposite the desk assigned to his bank, white at each desk is a clerk with a sheet containing the names of all the banks in the same order as the desks, with the aggregate amounts which his bank's messenger has against each bank. Just previous to the hour fixed for making the exchanges the manager takes his position and calls the house to order. At a signal the bell rings and each messenger moves forward to the desk next to his own and delivers the envelope containing the checks, etc., for the bank represented at that desk to the clerk at that desk, together with a printed list of the banks in the same order, with the amount opposite each bank. The clerk receiving it signs and returns it to the messenger, who immediately passes on to the next desk; then to the next, and so on until he has made a complete circuit and has again reached the desk of his own bank-the starting point. All the other messengers moving in the same manner, each messenger has, by this means, visited every bank and delivered to each everything his bank held for it, taking a receipt for the same; and at the same time each bank has received all the exchanges that every other bank had against it. This operation, even in the greatest clearing-houses, only consumes from ten to fifteen minutes. This enables the banks to know at once the exact balance for or against it, as the clerks immediately enter from the slips on their own sheets the aggregate amount from each bank, and the difference between the total amount brought by them, which at once shows the balance due to or from the clearing house to each bank. This is reported to their banks, and the balance is paid to or drawn from the clearing house, thus at once settling the accounts between all the banks. The lists are "proved" carefully and certain fines are laid for all errors, tardiness, etc. ým COPYRIGHT 1910 BY GEO. A. OGLE & CO

Page  127 I,... i SUPPLEMENT X. RI I CHRONOLOGICAL ARRANGEMElN OF ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN ] Copyright, 1912, by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. The chief aim of this Chronological History is to give in a comprehensive and attractive form the principal events of the history of the For convenience this history is arranged under-I. Ancient History. II. Medieval History. HIII. Modern History. The latter is given-] teenth Century to American Revolution. Second. From the birth of the United States to the present time by countries. IT HISTORY, world free from unnecessary details. First. From the beginning of the Six Ancient History B. C. 4004 Biblical account of the creation. 8800 Sargon I. King of Babylon. 3200 *The first Egyptian dynasty under Menes. 2800 Snefru, 3d Egyptian dynasty. Egyptian inscriptions begin. Phenicia said to have been peopled by the "sons of- Anak." 2750 Tyre and Sidon founded. 2700 The 4th Egyptian dynasty begins. The Pyramid Tombs erected. 2539 Meria Pepi I., Sixth Egyptian dynasty. 2458 Chaldea said to have been conquered by Medes or Armenians. 2448 The deluge. 2.300 The Elamitic Conquest. The Hittites in Cappadocia. Rise of Assyria. 2280 Thebes, Egypt, founded. 2231 Alleged beginning of Chaldean astronomical observations sent by Callisthenes to Aristotle; the earliest extant is of 720 B. C. 2200 The Hia dynasty in China founded. Cuneiform writing probably in use. 2180 Nineveh built. 2160 -First Persian dynasty founded. 2130 Amen-em-hat I. founds 12thl Egyptian I dynasty. 2120 Pyramids built north of Memphis. 2100 The Obelisk of On erected. 2093 Reign of Urich of Chaldea. 2042 Uranus arrives in Greece. 2008 Sicyon, Greece founded. 1996 Birth of Abraham. 1921 Call of Abjaham. 1920 Abraham arrives in Syria. 1896 Isaac born. 1882 Death of Abraham. 1856 Kingdom of Argus founded. 1850 Reign of Ismi-dagon, who conquers Assyria. 1837 Birth of Jacob and Esau. 1822 Memnon invents the Egyptian alphabet. 1800 Hykos in Egypt. 1729 Joseph sold into Egypt. 1710 Arcadians emigrate to Italy and found a colony. 1706 Jacob and his family settle in Egypt. 1618 Sesostris conquers Asia and Ethiopia. 1582 Beginning of the chronology of the Arundelian marbles, which were brought to England, in A. D. 1627. 1571 Moses born. Male infants in Egypt destroyed. 1556 Athens founded. 1516 Kingdom of Sparta formed. 1530 Expulsion of the Hykos from Egypt. Aahmes I. founds 18th Egyptian dynasty. 1500 The Kossean conquest of Babylon. Rameses I. founds 19th Egyptian dynasty. Arabians subdue Chaldea and establish a new dynasty. 1497 Reign of Agenor, 1st king of Phenicia. 1493 Cadmus founds Thebes. Discovery of brass. Introduction of the alphabet into Greece. 1491 The passover instituted. Departure of the Israelites from Egypt. The law given from Mount Sinai. 1490 Tabernacle established in the wilderness, 1451 Death of Moses and Aaron. Joshua leads the Israelites into Canaan. 1445 Joshua divides Canaan. 1413to 1136 Hebrews subject to six periods of bondage. 1402 Othniel, first judge in Israel. 1400 King of Babylon marries the daughter of the Assyrian King. 1394 Ehud, second judge of Israel. 1384 Corinth built. 1380 Kurigalzu King of Babylon. 1355 Eglon, King' of Moab. 1350 Israel wars with her neighbors. 1326 Eleusinian monasteries instituted..1321 King Thothmosis changes the Egyptian calendar. 1320 Egyptian Obelisks erected. Ruth the Moabitess marries Boaz. 1313 Kingdom of Myacena created. 1308 Lethos builds temple of Vulcan at Memphis. 1296 Borak and Deborah in Israel. 1280 Pelops settles in South Greece. 1273 Rise of the Assyrian Empire. 1250 Babylon conquered by the Assyrians. 1249 Gideon, the greatest of the judges of Israel. 1240 Ramses-Sesostris reigns in Egypt. 1209 Abimelech King of Israel. 1200 Proetus in Egypt. 1198 Helen carried off by Paris. 1193 Trojan war begins. 1184 Troy destroyed by Greeks. 1180 Rameses III. the last Egyptian native hero. 1171 Eli, High Priest of Israel. 1161 Israel wars against Amorites. 1152 Alba Longs founded. 1150 Nebuchadnezzar - of Babylon invades Syria. 1143 Jepthah judge over Israel. 1136 Samson defeats the Philistines. 1130 Tiglath Pileser I. invades Babylonia. 1123 Samuel, judge and first prophet in Israel. 1112 Death of Samson. 1110 Tiglath Pileser seizes Babylon but is aoon overcome. 1103 Eolians settle in Asia Minor. J100 (circa) The Chow dynasty in China founded. "1095 Saul made first King of Israel. 1093 Saul defeats the Philistines. 1081 Birth of David. 1075 Death of Samuel. 1056 Death of Saul and Jonathan, and accession of David. 1050 Tyre becomes the leading city. Hirhor seizes the Egyptian throne. 1048 David takes Jerusalem. 1047 King Hiram, of Tyre, aids the Israelites. 1044 lonians settle in Asia Minor. 1040 David defeats the Philistines and recovers the Ark. The Ark removed to Jerusalem. David, of Israel, subdues the Syrians. 1023 The revolt and death of Absalom. 1015 Death of David. Solomon becomes King. 1011 Solomon's Temple begun. 1004 Completion and dedication of Solomon's Temple. 990 The Queen of Sheba visits King Solomon. *Egyptian History is in a state of almost hopeless obscurity, the estimates of the great Egyptologers differing more than 3,000 years. The dates here given are generally accepted by the greater part of Chronologists. B. C. 975 Death of Solomnon. Revolt of the Ten Tribes. Division into kingdoms of Israel and Judah. The kingdom of Israel established under Jeroboam. Syria recovers independence. 971 Shishak, King of Egypt, captures and plunders Jerusalem. 957 Abijah, King of Judah, defeats the King of Israel. 950 The decline of Thebes, Egypt. Assur-dayan II., King of Assyria. 916 Rhodians found navigation laws. 906 Israel is afflicted with famine predicted by the Prophet Elijah. 901 Syria makes war upon Israel and is defeated. 900 Erection of the northwest palace of Nimrod. 897 Elijah translated to heaven. 896 Jehoshaphat defeats the Ammonites. Death of Ahab, King of Israel. 895 Miracles of Elisha the Prophet. 892 Samaria besieged by the Syrians. 884 Lacedemon settled. Legislation of Lycurgus at Sparta. Assur-natsir-pal King or Assyria. 880 The Assyrians again invade Babylonia. 878 Carthage founded by Dido the Tyrian. 875 Sardanapalus I. of Assyria. 870 The Assyrians conquer Phenicia. 860 Assyrian conquest under Shalmaneser. Hazael attacks Israel. 846 Lycurgus flourishes. Olympic games revived in Elis, Greece. 834 Assyria conquers Tarsus. 820 Babylon becomes subject to Assyria. 800 The Egyptians the most powerful nation on the sea. Eolian colonies established. 794 Ionian colonies established. 776 Commencement of the Olympiads. First authentic date in Greek history. 760 The Etruscans in. Campania. 753 Rome founded by Romulus. 752 Athens establishes decennial instead of perpetual Archons. 750 Sabine war follows the abduction of the Sabine women. Ethiopia independent. 747 Babylon independent of Nineveh. League between Romans and Sabines. 745 Pul assumes the name of Tiglath Pileser and founds the 2nd Assyrian Empire. Assyria invades Palestine. 743 Messwnian wars. Sparta victorious. 741 Pekah, King of Israel, besieges Jerusalem. 740 Tiglath Pileser destroys Syria. Israel forms an alliance with Syria against Judah. Syria becomes subject to Assyria. 730 Shalmaneser subdues Israel. 726 Hezekiah abolishes idolatry in Judah. 723 Shalmaneser IV. invades Phenicia. 721 Assyrians invest Samaria and carry the Ten Tribes into captivity. The Kingdom of Israel destroyed. 717 Assyrians totally defeat the Hittites. 716 Assassination of Romulus. 715 Numa Pompilius, King of Rome. 713 Sennacherib, the Assyrian, invades Egypt. 710 Sennacherib invades Judah. 185,000 Assyrians destroyed in one night by an angel. 709 Sargon of Assyria conquers Babylon. 698 Manasseh, King of Judah. Gross idolatry in Judah. 690 Gyges founds the 3rd Lydian dynasty. 686 Egypt divided between 12 Kings. 685-668 Second Miessenian War, under Aristomenes. 684 Archonship at Athens made annual. 681 Esar-haddon King of Assyria. Babylon becomes the second capital. 683 Creon becomes first annual archon of Athens. 678 Samaria colonized by Assyrians. 672 Assyria conquers Egypt. 671 Psammeticus reigns in Egypt and encourages intercourse with the Greeks. 670 Alban invasion and battles of the Horath and Curiatii. Rise of Magaria, Greece. 667-625 Reign of Assur-bani-pal, King of Assyria. 665 Sea fight between Corinth and Coreyra. Tullius Hostillius defeats the Albans and destroys Alba Longa. 662 Thebes destroyed by Assyrians. 660 Messany, Italy founded. Buddha. 659 Byzantium founded by Megarians under Bysas. 655 Bacchiadac expelled from Greece. 650 Median Monarchy founded. 645 Egypt independent of Assyria. 642 Kaianite dynasty, Media, founded by Cyaxzares. 641 Cyrene founded. 640 Ancus Martius reigns in Rome. Invasion of Scythians who subjugate Persia. Ostia, Italy, founded. Religious reformation under Josiah, King of Judah. 632 Invasion of Assyria by the Scythians. 625 Babylon independent under Nabopolassar. Nineveh taken by the Medes. Assyrian Empire ends. Periander at Corinth. 624 Legislation of Draco, Archon at Athens. In repairing the temple at Jerusalem. Hilkiah discovers the Book of the law, and Josiah keeps a solemn passover. Jeremiah prophet. 628 Passover. The Ark restored. 616 Tarquinius Priscus begins to reign in Rome. 615 The Capitol, Rome, begun in honor of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. Pharaoh Necho II. Egypt, circumnavigates Africa. 610 Battle of Megiddo. Death of Josiah. Necho II. Egypt, attempts to cut a canal across the Isthmus of Suez. Failure after a loss of 100,000 men. 60-5 The Circus Maximus, Rome, is erected. Necho II. of Egypt defeated by Nebuchadnezzar. Jeremiah's prophecy of the seventy years' captivity. Nebuchadnezzar takes Jerusalem. Jehoiakim, his vassal. 603 Daniel prophesies at Babylon. 602 Jehoiakim revolts from Babylon. 600 The Cloace Maxime (great sewers) of Rome are built. i B. C. 598 Capture of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar. Second captivity. 597 Zedekiah made King over the remnant of Judah. 596 Persians invade Syria, and Syria continues a subject of Persia for three centuries. 594 Code of Solon at Athens published. 590 The seven wise men of Greece flourish, Solon, Periander, Pittacus, Chilton, - Thales, Cleobulus and Bias. S War between Media and Lydia. 588 The Pythian games begin to be celebrated every five years. Jerusalem, having rebelled against Babylon, is besieged, by Nebuchadnezzar. 587 Nebuchadnezzar invades Phenicia. Golden image set up. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego thrown into a furnace. Prophecies of Obadiah. 586 Jerusalem taken and destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar. End of the Kingdom of Judah. 585 Death of Periander, tyrant of Athens forty years. Treaty between Media and Lydia. 580 Copper money coined at Rome. 579 Nebuchadnezzar takes Tyre. 578 Accession of Servius Tullius, Rome. 575 Civil war in Egypt. 570 Amasis reigns in Egypt. 569 Egypt conquered by Nebuchadnezzar. 566 The first census of Rome taken-84,700 inhabitants. 562 Death of Nebuchadnezzar. Nabonidos King of Babylon. 560 Pisistratus becomes tyrant of Athens. Confucius and Zoroaster. Esop's fables. 559 Anacreon begins to be known. Persian Empire founded by Cyrus. 556 'Birth of Simonides (died B. C. 467). 554 Conquest of Lydia and capture of Cresus by Cyrus. 549 Death of Phalaris, tyrant of Agrigentum. 546 Fall of Lydian Empire. 543 Cyrus annexes Asia Minor to Persia. 540-510. Era of Pythagoras. 539 (circa) Marseilles founded by Phenicians. 538 Daniel interprets handwriting on the wall. Cyrus conquers Babylon. Belshazzar, King of Babylon, is slain. 536 Cyrus ends the captivity of the Jews. Return of the first caravan to Jerusalem under Zerubbabel and Joshua. Cyrus also subdues Phenicia. 535 Rebuilding of the Temple commenced. Thespis first exhibits tragedy. 534 Servius assassinated by -Tulla, his daughter. Her husband, Tarquinius Superbus, becomes King of Rome. 532 Polycrates, tyrant of Samos (put to death B. C. 522). 531 Reign of Darius I. begins after assassination of Smerdis, the Magian. 529 Death of Cyrus. Accession of Cambyses. 525 Conquest of Egypt by Cambyses. Birth of Esehylus (died B. C. 456). The temple of Isis, Egypt, completed. Smerdis usurps the Persian throne, defeated by Darius, 522. 522 Death of Cambyses. Greeks colonize the Thracian Chersonese. Lestos founded. 521-485 Reign of Darius I. (Hystaspis) King of Persia. S 520 Sibylline books brought from Cume. Decree of Darius- for re-building the Temple at Jerusalem. 518 Birth of Pindar (died B. C. 439). 515 The Temple rebuilt and dedicated. 514 Insurrection in Athens. Hipparchus slain. Hippias rules in Athens. 510 Croton destroys Sybaris. Expulsion of the Tarquins from Rome. Foundation of the Republic. Junius Brutus and Tarquinius Collatinus consuls. The Pisistride expelled from Athens. Athens a republic. 509 Commercial treaty between Carthage and Rome. 508 First treaty between Rome and C'arthage. First Valerian Laws. The Scythian Expedition of Darius. 507 Capitol at Rome completed and dedicated. 504 Sardis burned by the Greeks. 501 Siege of Naxos by Aristagoras. Titus Lartius made Dictator of Rome. Ionian revolt in Asia Minor. 500 Burning of Sardis by the Ionians and Athenians. 499 The revolt of the lonians (Greece). 498 Persia recovers Cyprus. 497 Battle of Lake Regillus. Tarquin and his Latin allies defeated by Romans. First authentic date in Roman history. 496 Histieus, the Persian, ' sent to the coast by Darius. 495 Birth of Sophocles (died B. C. 406). Revolt of the lonians, aided by Athens, suppressed. 494 Tribunes at Romt appointed. Patricians secede. 493 Independence of the Latins recognized. Corioli taken by Caius Martius (Coriolanus). The Latin League. 492 First Persian expedition, under Mardonius against Greece, is defeated and fleet destroyed near Mt. Athos. 491 Coriolanus banished from Rome. He is received by the Volscians. 490 Second Persian expedition, under Datis and Artaphernes. Their defeat, and victory of Miltiades at the battle of Marathon. 489 Coriolanus and the Volscians besiege Rome. 488 Coriolanus withdraws from siege of Rome at his mother's entreaty and is slain by the Volscians. 486 Egyptian revolt. First Agrarian Law of Cassius proposed. 485 Accession of Xerxes I., King of Persia. Gelon tyrant of Syracuse. 485 Recovery of Egypt by the Persians. Birth of Herodotus (died after B. C. 409). 483 Banishment of Aristides the Just by the Athenians. 481 Athenian fleet built. Third and greatest invasion of Greece by the Persians, led by Xerxes. 480 Battle of Thermopyle-fall o~ Leonidas. B. C. 480 Battle of Salamis-victory of Themistocles.' Xerxes destroys Athens. First invasion of Sicily by Carthage. Defeat of the Carthaginians by Gelon at Himera. Birth of Euripides (died B. C. 406). 479-450 Anaxagorus (b. 500, d. 428) teaches philosophy at Athens. 479 Occupation of Athens by Mardonius. Persians defeated at Platea and Mycale and retreat from Greece. Siege of Sestos. 477 Beginning of the supremacy of Athens. The Fabii perish in battle with the Veientes. 475-478 Heiro I-at Syracuse. 474 Esther and Mordecai. 471 Banishment of Themistocles. 471 Birth of Thucydides (died after B. C. 403). First Pubillian Laws. Election of plebeian magistrates given to the Comitia Tributa-Rome. 470 Victory of Cimon over the Persians at the Eurymedon. Antium (Rome) taken. Suicide of Appius Claudius. 469 Pericles begins to take part in the public affairs of Athens. 468 Birth of Socrates. Destruction of Mycene by the Argives. Diogenes of Appolonio flourishes. 466 Flight of Themistocles to Persia. Siege of Naxos. Battles at the Eurymedon. Phenicians aiding Persia aire defeated by the Greeks under Cimon. 465 Xerxes I. assassinated. Reign of Artaxerxes I. in Persia. Revolt of Thasos. 464 Revolt of the Helots at Sparta. Third Messenian War. Sparta defeats Messenia. 460 Egypt revolts against Persia. (The revolt is suppressed in 455.) Birth of Democritus and Hippocrates (both died in B. C. 357). The Athenian in Egypt. 459 Gorgias flourished. 458 Commission of Ezra to rebuild Jerusalem. Birth of Lysias the orator (died 378). Cincinnatus made dictator at Rome. Defeats the Equi. 457 Battle of Tanagra. 456 The Long Walls of Athens completed. 451 The first Decemvirate or council of ten at Rome. Laws of the Twelve Tables or code cf laws instituited. 449 The Greeks defeat the Persians at Salamus in Cyprus. Virginius kills his daughter to save lier from Appius Claudius. First Decemvirate abolished. Appius Claudius, Rome. 448 Valerian and Horatian Laws. Tyranny of the second Decemvirate. Secession of the Plebs from Rome. Abdication of the Decemvirs. Second Sacred War in Greece. 447 Battle of Coronea, defeat Of Athens. 446 Syracuse subdues Agrigentum and defeats the Etruscans. 445 Thirty years' truce between Athens and Sparta concluded. Decline of the Athenian - Empire. Revolt of Eubea and Megara. Canuleian Laws, Rome. Nehemiah governor of Judea. 444 Athenian Colony to Thurii. Pericles becomes supreme at Athens. Birth of Xenophon about this time (died 359). Commission of Nehemiah. The walls of Jerusalem rebuilt. Roman Consular Tribunes established. 443-328 The Parthenon at Athens built by Phidias. 443 Herodotus flourishes in Greece. 442 New constitution at Rome-censors and military tribunes appointed instead of consuls. 440 Rome visited by a terrible famine. 440-439 The Samian war. Siege and reduction of Samos by Pericles. Death of Spurius Melius-Rome. 437 Cornelius Cossus and Lars Tolumnius. Second Spolia Opima, Rome. 436 Birth of Isocrates (died 338). 434 Rome declares war against the Etruscans. 433 Treaty between Athens and Corcyra. Meton, astronomer, flourished. 431 Peloponnesian War begins between Athens and a confederacy with Sparta at the head, lasting twenty-seven years and ending in the defeat of Athens. Potidea besieged by the Athenians (taken in 429). Death of Pericles. Rise of Cleon; Battle of Mt. Algidus; the Equi and Volsci defeated. 430 The plague at Athens. 429 Plato born (died 347). Siege of Platea. Naval victories of Phormio. 428 Revolt and fall of Mytilene. 427 Reduction of Mytilene. First Athenian expedition to Sicily. First comedy of Aristophanes exhibited. Corcyrean massacre. 426 Demosthenes in Etolia, ' Destruction in- Fidene. 425 Reign of Xerxes II. followed by Logdianus. Sphacteria taken. 424 Darius II. reigns in Persia. Congress of Sicilians at Gela. 423 Alcibiades begins to act in Athenian affairs. The Samanites (Rome) capture Valternium. 423 Capua taken by the Samanites. 419 Birth of Diogones the Cynic, (died 824). 418 Battle of Mantinea. Spartans defeated by Athens. 415 The Hebrew, Malachi, prophesies. Invasion of Sicily by the Athenians under Nicias. 414 Siege of Syracuse. 413 Defeat and surrender of Nicias to Gelippus. 412 First treaty between Sparta and Persia. Constitution of the Four Hundred at Athens. Intrigues of Alcibiades with the Persians. 410 Beginning of the wars of Syracuse and Carthage. They continue seventy years. 409 Three plebeian questors of 'Rome elected, B. C. 409 Second invasion of Sicily by the Carthaginians. 407 The Volscians defeat the Romans. Rhodes founded. 406 Battle of Arginuse. Condemnation of the ten generals. Dionysius tyrant of Syracuse; reigns thirty-eight years. 405 The siege of Veii, Rome. Battle of Egospotami. Dionysius I. reigns in Syracuse. 404 Athens taken by Lysander. End of the Peloponnesian War. Government of the Thirty Tyrants at Athens. Spartan supremacy. Death. of Alcibiades. 403 Thrasybulus restores democratic government at Athens. 402 Birth of Phocion (died 317). 401 Expedition of Cyrus the younger who rebels; at the battle of Cunaxa he is defeated and slain and the "Retreat of ten thousand" Greeks under Xenophon begins. 401-884 Ctesias flourished. 400 Malachi. 399 Death of Socrates. 398 Campaign and peace of Dercyllidas. 396 First Campaign of Agesilaus in Asia. The Roman dictator Camillos captures Veii. 395 Greecian coalition against Sparta; Lysander slain. 394 Persians assist the Athenians and defeat the Spartans at the naval battle of the Cnidus. The Corinthian War begins. The second battle of Coronea. 393 The Long Walls of Athens restored by Corion. 392 Veii stormed by Hamillus. 391 Camillus impeached and exiled. 390 Battle of Allia. The Romans defeated by Brennus and the Gauls. Rome burnt. Siege of the Capitol. 389 Victory of Dionysius at Helorus. Birth of Eschines. The Gauls expelled from Rome and city rebuilt. - 387 Peace of Antalcidas, Persia. Greek cities in Asia subjected to Persia. End of the Corinthian War. Capitoline games established in Rome. 385 Defeat of the Persians under Evagoras. 384 Birth of Aristotle. Manlius hurled from Tarpeian rock for having aimed at sovereignty. 383 Battle of Lecheunm. The Olynthian war begins, and ends 379. 382 Seizure of the Cadmea at Thebes by Phedibas. Birth of Demosthenes (died 322). 380 Death of Aristophanes. Height of Spartan power. 379 Recovery of the Cadmea by Pelopidas. 378 The Athenians allied with Thebes. 376 Roman civil war between patricians and plebeians. Law passed that one consul shall be a plebeian. 375. Battle of Leuctra, Greece. 372 Peace between Athens and Sparta. 371 Victory of Epamninondas over the Spartans at Leuctra. Foundation of Megapolis. 370 Jason of Phere assassinated. Alexander of Phere in Thessaly. 367 Embassy of Pelopidas, the Greek to Persia. Aristotle goes to Athens, and remains with Plato twenty years. Licinian laws passed at Rome. 366 Joshua slain by the High Priest. Birth of Zono, the Stoic (died 264). Institution 'of pretorship and curule edileship at Rome. First Plebeian consul elected. 365 Great Plague at Rome. Legend of M. Curtius. 362-346 Rome wars with the Gauls, Etruscans and Hernicans. Battle of Mantinea (circa). Victory and death of Epaminondas. 360 The Samaritans build the Temple at Gerizim. Kingdom of Pontus founded. 858 Beginning of the Social War in Greece. Siege of Chios and Byzantium. Amphipolis taken by Philip II. 857-352-347 Roman laws of debt. Phocian (or Sacred) War begins. Expedition of Dion to Sicily. 356 Second Sacred War, the Phocians hay ing seized the Temple of Delphi. Birth of Alexander the Great. Temple of Diana, at Ephesus, burned. Dion expels Dionysius from Syracuse. Caius Marcius Ratilus first Plebeian Dictator at Rome. 355 End of the Social War in Greece. Independence of Rhodes, Cos, Chios and Byzantium acknowledged by' Athens. 854 Revolt of Artabazus, the Persian. 353 Siege of Methone, Greece. 352 Demosthenes delivers his first Philippic. Phenicia revolts from the Persian monarchy. 851 C. Mlarcius Rutilus first Plebeian censor, Rome. Sidonians revolt and destroy Sidon. 350 The Roman Popilius defeats the Gauls. 848 Olynthus taken by Philip- of Macedon. Treaty between Carthage and Rome. 346 Surrender of Phocis to Philip. End of the Sacred War. Philip admitted to the Amphyctionie Council. Dionysius recovers the tyranny. 843 First Samnite war begins. Battle of Mt. Gaurus. Conquest of Syracuse by Timoleon. Expulsion of Dionysius. Embassy of Demosthenes and others to Philip. 342 Roman Genucian laws. Mutiny at Lantule, Rome. 342-341 Philip of Macedon's expedition to Thrace. Birth of Epicurus (died 270). 840 Perinthus and Byzantium besieged by Philip. Victory of Timoleon over the Carthaginians at the Crimisus. Battle of Mt. Vesuvius, Rome. 839 Second Roman Pubilian laws. Third Sacred War begins between Philip and the Athenians. 838 Philip general of the Ahphyctionic League. Battle of Cheronea. Philip subjugates Greece. Pu 1 I

Page  128 SUPPLEMENT XI. 1 ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY. p I- C A. B. B. C. 337 First Roman Plebeian pretor. 337-335 The Latin War begins; after two years the Romans are victorious. 836 Murder of Philip. Accession of Alexander III. the Great. Accession of Darius Codomanus. 335 Alexander destroys Thebes; is chosen generalissimo of the Greeks, Athens having submitted. 834 Battle of the Granicus. Macedonian Empire formed. Alexander invades Persia. 333 Battle of Issus. Damascus taken and Tyre besieged by Alexander. 332 Capture of Tyre and conquest of Egypt by Alexander. Alexandria, Egypt, founded on the Egyptian village Rhacotis. Treaty between Alexander and Rome. Alexander visits Jerusalem and worships at the Temple. 331 Phenicia subdued by Alexander. Battle of Arbela. Subjugation of Persia. Settlement of the Jews at Alexandria. 830 Darius III. assassinated. Demosthenes' oration for the crown. Persia becomes a part of the Macedonian Empire. 327-325 Campaigns of Alexander in India. Voyage of Nearchue from the Indus to the Euphrates. 326 Roman servitude for debt abolished. 324 Exile of Demosthenes. 323 Death of Alexander at Babylon. Alexander succeeded by Perdiccas as Regent. Antipater in Macedonia. Lysimachus in Thrace. Cassander in Greece. Antigonus in Syria. Eumenes in Cappadocia. Seleucus at Babylon. Second Samnite War, lasts twenty-one years. Antipater, a Macedonian general, defeats Athens and allies. 322 Ptolemy I., surnamed Soter, receives the Egyptian Kingdom. Phenicia annexed to Egypt by Ptolemy Soter I. 321 First war among the "successors of Alexander." Battle of the Caudine Forks. Romans terribly defeated by Pontius and pass under the Samnite yoke. 320 Ptolemy Soter takes Jerusalem. Revolt of Phenicia. Jewish settlements in Egypt and Cyrene. 317 Agathocles at Syracuse. 315 Thebes rebuilt by Cassander. Conquest of Antigonus of Phrygia. 314 Palestine under Antigonus. Roman victory at Cinna. 313 Samnite victory at Lantule. 312 Battle of Gaza. t Victory of Ptolemy and Seleucus over Demetrius Poliorcetes. Pyrrhus King of Epirus. Appius Claudius censor. Appian Way and aqueduct. The great Roman military road completed. 312-160 Sandracottus, Indian empire. 311-309 The Etruscan War. 310 L. Papirius Cursor, Roman Dictator. Agathocles defeated at Himera. 308 Fabius crosses Ciminian Hills; defeats the Tuscans at Vadimon. 307-305 Naval war at Cyprus and Rhodes. 804 Siege of Rhodes by Demetrius. '301 Battle of Ipsis between Ptolemy Soter Fand Antigonus. t Final division of Alexander's dominions. 300 Athenian democracy restored. Chandrogupta (Sandracottus) reigns in India; makes a treaty with Seleucus. Foundation of Antioch by Seleucus. Light-house on island of Pharos erected. 299 Athens besieged and taken by Demetrius. 298 Third Samnite War. (Samnites, Etruscans, Umbrians and Gauls). Gellius Egnatius, leader of the Samnites. 296 The Capitoline wolf. 295 Quintus Fabius defeats the Samnites, Etruscans and Gauls at Sentinum. 292 Execution of C. Pontius. 290 The Third Samnite War ends in subjugation to Rome. 287 Birth of Archimedes (died 212). 286 The Hortensian Law passed at Rome; plebiscita declared binding on all the people. 285 Ptolemy abdicates in favor of his son, Philadelphus, who becomes Ptolemy II. Under his reign Egypt rose to a high rank among the nations in power and wealth. 284 Alexandrian LibraryT founded by Ptolemy Soter. 284 The Etolian League formed. 283 Kingdom of Pergamus founded. S Renewed Gallic and Etruscan War. Second battle of Lake Vadimon. 281 Rome wars with Pyrrhus, king of Epirus. Rome at war with Tarentum. Lysimachus defeated and slain by Seleucus at Corupedion. 280 Achean League between twelve cities of Achea established. Battle of Pandosia. Romans defeated by Pyrrhus. Birth of Chryssippus (died 207). 279 Irruption of the Gauls into Greece. First Plebeian censor at Rome. Romans again defeated by Pyrrhus at Asculum. Rome and Carthage allied. 277 League between Athens, Sparta and Egypt. The Septuagint written. The Gauls settle in Galatia. 276 Birth of Eratosthenes-died 196. The great wall of China built (?). 274 Battle of Beneventum. Rome victorious and Pyrrhus leaves Italy. 273 Egyptian embassy to Rome. 272 Antigonus Gonatus recovers Macedon. 269 Silver money first coined at Rome. Hiero II. of Syracuse. 268 Berosus flourished. Antigonus of Macedon takes Athens. Rome supreme over all Italy. First Punic War begins. Carthage disputes Rome's Empire. Chronology of Arundelian (Parian) marble ends. 260 First Roman fleet launched. Victory of Duilius off Myle. Rise of Parthia. 260-230 Reign of Asoka in India. 256 Naval victory of Regulus over the Carthaginians at Ecnomos. Invasion of Africa. The Arsacide. 255 Defeat and capture of Regulus by the Carthaginians. Evacuation of Africa. 254 The Kingdom of Dactia. 250 Parthia becomes an independent kingdom under Arsaces. Dynasty of Tsin in China founded. 247 Ptolemy 111. makes war on Syria. Restores the Egyptian gods carried off by Cambyses, 525 B. C. Birth of Hannibal-died 183. 245 Aratus of Sicyon, general of the Achean Leagues. 241 Defeat of Carthaginians by Catulus at the Egates insule. End of the First Punic War. Sicily made a Roman Province. Atalus, King of Pergamus. Agis IV. killed at Sparta. B. C. 240 The plays of Livius Andronicus exhibited (the first tragedies) at Rome. 238 Date of the decree of Canopus; tablet of San. 237 Conquest of Spain attempted by the Carthaginians. Seizure of Sardinia and Corsica by the Romans. 235 The gates of the Temple of Janus at Rome shut for the first timo since Numa. No war existing at the time. 234 Birth of M. Porcius Cato-died 149. 233 Antigonus Doson in Macedon. 229 Athens joins the Achean League. 227 Cleomenic War with Aehean League begins. 226 Reforms of Cleomenes at Sparta. 225 Invasion of Cisalpine Gaul and battle of Clusium. Rome victorious. 222 Ptolemy IV. reigns in Egypt. Defeats Antiochus III. of Syria at Raphia. Gallia Cisalpina becomes a Roman Province. 221 Battle of Sellasia. Aratus and Antigonus take Sparta. Philip V. of. Macedon. Alliance between Philip and Acheans against Etolians. 220 Hasdrubal assassinated in Spain. 219 Antiochus overruns Palestine. Siege of Saguntum by Hannibal. Second Illyrian war. 218 Second Punic War begins. Hannibal marches from Spain across the Pyrenees and the Alps into Italy. Battles of the Ticinius and the Trebia, and defeat of Scipio. 217 Hannibal passes the Apennines. Battle of Lake Trasimene. Flaminius defeated. 217 The two Scipios sent to Spain. 216 Battle of Canne. Romans defeated with immense loss. Revolt of Capua. Alliance of Hannibal with Philip V. of Macedon. 214-212 Siege and capture of Syracuse by Marcellus. 214 First Commercial War. Byzantium and Rhodes. 212 Battle of Anitorgis. Greek works of art brought to Rome. 211 Greece concludes treaty with the Romans against Philip V. of Macedon. Defeat and death of the two Scipios in Spain by Hasdrubal. Capua recovered by Rome. Conquest of Judea by Antiochus. Hannibal before Rome. 208 Battle of Metaurus. Battle of Elinga. 207 Battle of the Metaurus; Hasdrubal defeated and slain by the Romans. told money first coined in Rome. 205 Ptolemy V. The decline of Egypt. 204 P. Cornelius Scipio conducts the war in Africa. Siege of Utica. 203 Hannibal leaves Italy. Attalus and Rhodians war with Philip. 202 Defeat of Hannibal at Zama, in Africa, by Scipio Africanus. 201 Treaty of peace between Rome and Carthage; end of the Secord Punic War. 200-197 First Macedonian War. Allies attack Macedon and defeat Philip. 198 T. Quintus Flaminius proclaims liberty to the Greeks. Syria becomes independent of Egypt. 197 Battle of Cynocephale. Philip defeated by Flaminius. Palestine and Cele-Syria conquered by Antiochus the Great, and confirmed to him by the peace with Rome. The Rosetta Stone written. 196 Dynasty of Han, China, founded. Hannibal joins Antiochus. 195 Birth of Hipparchus, first systematic astronomer. 192--188 War between the Romans and Antiochus the Great. Philopemen pretor of the Achean League. Greece declar-ed free from Macedon by Flaminius. Philopemen defeats Nabis, of Sparta. Sparta joins the Achean League. 190 Battle of Magnesia. 188 The laws and discipline of Lycurgus abrogated by Philopemen. 184 Death of Plautus. 183 Death of Hannibal and Scipio. Lycortas, general of the Achean League. 182-174 Encroachments of Massinissa. 181 Ptolemy VI. reigns in Egypt. The Villian Law, Rome. 179 Perseus King of Macedonia. Embassy of Callicrates to Greece. Pharnaces, of Pontus, cedes Paphlagonia to Rome. 176 Antiochus makes war on Egypt. 171-168 Second Macedonian War. 170 Antiochus takes Jerusalem. 40,000 Jews slain and Temple pillaged. Birth of Attius, Roman dramatist (died 76). 168 Battle of Pydniia; victory of Emilius Paulus over Perseus; Macedonia made a Roman province. Eumenes 1I. visits Rome. Antiochus Epiphanes takes Jerusalem. Beginning of the Maccabean war of independence. Athenians attack Oropus. 167 Judas Maccabeus defeats the Syrians and occupies Jerusalem, except the Citadel. Romans ravage Epirus and Aches. 166 Rededication of the Temple. One thousand Acheans imprisoned at Rome. First comedy of Terence performed at Rolme. 166-145 Hipparchus flourishes. 165 Rise of the Pharisees and Sadducees. 164 Death of Antiochus. He is succeeded by Antiochus V. Eupator, who takes Bethoura, and besieges Jerusalem, but makes peace with the Jews. Cyrene and, Libya separate from Egypt. 163 Birth of M. Emilius Scaurus, Roman orator (died 90). 161 Victory of Judas Maccabeus at Adosa. Embassy 'of Cameades, Diogenes and Critolans to Rome. Death of Judas. Alliance between Rome and Judea. Jonathan Maccabeus succeeds Judas. 160 Bactrians in India. 159 Death of Terence. 155 Athenians fined by Rome. 153 War in Spain. 150-138 Lusitanian War. Viriathus commands the Lusitanians. 149 Third Punic War begins. Scipio invades Africa. Andriscus in Macedonia. 148 Birth of Lucilius-died 103. 147 The Achean war with Rome begins. 146 Ptolemy VI. killed in battle. Carthage taken by Scipio and destroyed by order of the Roman Senate. Corinth taken and destroyed by Mummius. Province of Africa constituted. Greece becomes a Roman province. 145 Ptolemy VII. reigns, marries Cleopatra, widow of Ptolemy VI. Polybius legislates for the Achean cities. Demetrius Nicator in Syria. 144 The Tower of Zion taken by the Jews. Judea becomes independent. Rise of the Asmonean dynasty. B. C. 143 Birth of Antonius, Roman orator (died 70). 142 Scipio Africanus (Minor) Roman Censor. 140 Birth of Crassus, Roman orator (died 91). Simon made hereditary prince of the Jews. Death of Viriathus-Rome. Macedon formally absorbed by Rome. 138 Birth of L. Cornelius Sulla (died 78). 136 Hycanus Governor of Judea. 134-132 Servile War in Sicily. Sicilian slaves rebel, are conquered and slain. 133 Laws of Tiberias Gracchus passed at Rome. Gracchus murdered. Kingdom of Pergamus bequeathed to Rome. 130 Demetrius Nicator, Syria, restored. 129 Hycranus subdues Idumea and Samaria and destroys Temple at Gerizim. 125 Rise of the Essenes. Fluvius Flaccus and L. Drusus popular Roman leaders. L. Caelius Antipater, Roman jurist, flourished. 123 Scipio takes and destroys Numantia. Roman Colony sent to Carthage. 121 Civil war in Rome arising from Agrarian troubles-Caius Gracchus is murdered. Metullius leader of Roman Senate. 120 Parthians subdue Bactria. 117 Ptolemy VIII. reigns jointly with his mother, Cleopatra. 116 Birth of Varro (died 28). 113 The Teutones and Cimnbra invade Gaul. 111-106 The Jugurthine War-peace concluded. War renewed two years later. Metellus and Marius defeat Jugurtha and subject Numidia. 109-101 War of Rome with the Cimnbri and Teutones. 109 Hyrcanmius destroys the Samaritan temple on Mount Gerizim. Atricus born (died B. C. 32). 106 Birth of Pompey and of Cicero. 102 Victory of Marius over the Teutones at Aque Sexte (Aix). Second Servile war breaks out in Sicily. 101 Victory of Marius over the Cimbri at Vercelle and end of the war. Battle of Campus Raudius. 100 Birth of Julius Cesar. C. Marius born.157 (died 86). Sixth Roman Consul. L. App. Saturnius Tribune (Rome). 96 Ptolemy Apion leaves Cyrene. 95 Birth of Lucretius (died 55). 92 Sulla on the Euphrates. 90-88 The Social or Marsic War in Italy. The Marsians, at first successful, are finally defeated. 88-84 First Mithridatic War. Mithridates seizes Athens. Civil War of Marius and Sulla and expulsion of Marius. Sulla occupies Rome. 87 Marius retakes Rome. Proscription. 86 Revolt and siege of Egyptian Thebas. Death of Marius and return of Sulla. Athens stormed by Sulla. Birth of Sallust (died 34). 85 Tigranes at war with Rome. 84 Sulla makes peace wvith Pontus, King of the Mithridates. 83 War with Marian party in Italy. Tigranes I. of Armenia annexes Phrygia. 83 Birth of Marcus Antonius (died 30). 82 Thebes destroyed. Second Civil War. Victory at the Colline gate. Occupation of Rome. Suilla becomes Dictator. 79 Abdication of Sulla. Dies in 78. The Cornelian Laws of Rome. 79-72 Civil war of Sertorius in Spain; and of Lepidus and Catulus in Italy. 78 Alexandra Queen of Judea. 75 Nicomedes III. leaves Bithnia to Rome. 74-65 Third Mithridatic War. 74-66 Victories of Lucullus in Aisa. 73-71 Servile war in Italy, led by S-artacus, who is defeated and slain by Crassus. 70 Consulship of Pompey and Crassus. Birth of Virgil (died 19). Scythians expelled from India. 69 Victory of Lucullus over Tigranes. 67 Cesar begins to take part in public affairs. Pompey subdues the pirates. 66 Lucullus recalled. Pompey sent into Asia and wvr ended. Birth of Strabo, geographer (died A. D. 22). 65 Birth of Horace (died B. C. 8). Antiochus Asiaticus dethroned by Pompey. 64 Birth of Messalla (died 4). Pompey reduces Syria to a Romnan provS ince. 63 Jerusalem taken by the Romans under Pompey. Birth of Augustus. Second conspiracy of Cataline suppressed by Cicero. Orations of Cicero. Lucullus founds Library at Rome. Phenicia absorbed in the province of Syria. 60 Pompey, Cesar and Crassus form the first Roman Triumvirate. Birth of Seneca (died 30). 59 Birth of Livy (died A. D. 17). 58 The Gallic War begins. Cicero banished. Cesar invades Gaul. Helvetii and Ariovistus defeated. 57 Cyprus becomes a Roman province. End of the Seleucide. Cesar defeats the Beige and Nervii. 55-54 Cesar invades Britain. Crassus plunders the Temple at Jerusalem; is defeated and killed by the Parthians at Carrhe, 53. 54 Cesar defeats Treviri and crosses the Rhine. Birth of Tibullus (died 18). 52-51 Cesar conquers Vercingetorix and Alesia. Murder of Claudius by Milo. 51 Subjugation of Gaul completed, and becomes a Roman province. 50 Quintus Sextius (Stoic) flourished. 49 Civil war between Cesar and Pomnpey. Pompey driven from Itely. The Pompeians defeated in Spain. Cesar dictator. 48 Battle of Pharsalia. Cesar defeats Pompey. Murder of Pompey in Egypt. Ptolemy Dionysus and Cleopatra inherit Egyptian throne. 47 Cesar again dictator. War in Egypt. Partial destruction of the library of Alexandria during the siege of Alexandria. Cesar defeats Pharnaces at Zela. 46 The African War. Battle of Thapsus. Suicide of Cato. Reformation of the calendar by Cesar. His triumphs. 45 War in Spain. Battle of Munda; defeat of the Pompeians. Cesar Pater Patrie Imperator, for life, Dictator. First year of Julian calendar. 44 Assassination of Cesar by Brutus, Cassius and others. Flight of the assassins. Antony becomes master of Rome. L,C. 44 Corinth and Carthage rebuilt. 43 Cleopatra poisons her brother Ptolemy and reigns alone. Battle of Mutina. Second Triumvirate-C. Octavius, 1. Antony, M. Lepidus. Cicero put to death. Birth of Ovid (died A. D. 18). End of the Ragida. 42 Battle of Philippi. 42 Defeat and death of Brutus and Cassius. The Triumviri masters of the Roman world. 41 Meeting of Antony and Cleopatra at Tarsus. 40 Herod the Great made king of the Jews. Library of Pergamus to Alexandria. 37 Jerusalem taken by Herod and the Romans. Agrippa crosses the Rhine. 36 Sextus Pompeius driven from Sicily (put " " to death 35). Lepidus deprived of power. Defeat of Antony in Parthia. 34 Antony invades Armenia. 32 War between Octavius and Antony. 31 Battle of Actium. Establishment of the Roman Empire. 30 Battle of Actium., Octavius successful. Suicide of Antony and Cleopatra. Criticism of the best Attic Literature at Rome. 29 The Gates of Janus shut. 27 Cesar Octavius is made Emperor under.the title of Augustus Cesar. Pantheon dedicated by Agrippa. 25 Tiridates seeks Roman court. 24 Defeat of Romans in Arabia. 23 Death of Marcellus. 21 Augustul Cesar founds Confederacy of Raconian cities. 20 Roman standards restored by Parthia. India embassy to Rome. 18 Death of Dionysus of Halicarnassus. 17-7 Temple at Jerusalem rebuilt by Herod. Agrippa invades Asia. Cappadocia created a province of Rome. 16 German wmar; Roman defeat under Lollius. 15 Victories of Drusus over the Rheti. 12 Invasion of Germany by Drusus. 11-9 Campaigns of Tiberias in Pannonia Sand Dahlmatia. 9 Death of Drusus. 8 Tiberius defeats the Germans. Diodorus Siculus, historian, flourished. 4 Birth of Jesus Christ, according to Usher's system. Death of Herod, king of Judea.. D. 1 Tiberius commands on the Rhine. 3 Birth of Seneca (died A. D. 65). 6 Judea a Roman province under Syria. 9 Destruction of the Romans under Varus and three legions by the Germans under Hermann. Romans defeated by Charusci under Arisinius. Banishment of Ovid. 14 Death of Augustus Cesar. Accession of Tiberius Cesar. Accession of Artatanus in Parthia. 14-16 Campaigns of Germanicus in Germany. 17 Germanicus in Parthia and the East. 19 Death of Germanicus. War between Artabarus and Marbad. 20 Valerius Maximus. M. ElIno Sejanus dominant at Rome. 23 Pretorian camp at Rome. 25 Pontius Pilate governor of Judea. 26-37 Tiberius retires to Capre. 30 The Crucifixion, according to Eusebius. Lactantius, Augustine, Origen and other authorities give A. D. 29 as the proper year. Agrippina I. banished. 31 Marco, Prefect of Pretorians, upon fall of Sejanus. 17 Accession of Caligula, Rome. Birth of Josephus (died 97). 40 Philo Senior ambassador to Rome. Birth of Plutarch-died 120. 41 Claudius Emperor of Rome. 42 Claudius conquers Mauretania. Birth of Quintilian-died 118. 43 Expedition of Claudius to Britain. Successes of Aulus Plautius. Birth of Martial-died 104. Lycia becomes a Roman province. 44 Judea and Samaria directly Roman. 47 London founded by the Romans. Birth of Juvenal-died 130 (?). Thrace directly Roman. The Frisians subdued by Rome. 50 Defeat and capture of Caractacus; taken prisoner to Rome. Claudius marries Agrippiana II., and adopts Nero. 51 South Britain a Roman province. 54 Agrippiana poisons Claudius and Nero becomes emperor. 55 Birth of Tacitus; died 117 (?). p'56 Corbulo in Parthia. 59 Britannicus poisoned by Agrippiana. Agrippiana murdered by Nero. Parthia and Armenia at war. 60 St. Paul at Malta. 61 Insurrection of the Britons under Boadices. Victory of Suetonius Paulinus. Birth of Papinius Statius, poet; died 96. Birth of Pliny the Minor; died 105. 64 Rome on fire six days. Persecution of the Christians. 65 Deaths of St. Peter and St. Paul (?). Deaths of Seneca and Luscan. Conspiracy of Piso. Revolt of the Jews. 66 Josephus governor of Gallilee. 67 Nero at the Olympic games. 68 Death of Nero. Galba becomes emperor. 69 Civil war at Rome. Otho kills himsself. Vitellius killed. 70 Jerusalem taken and destroyed by Titus. Civilis leads a Batavian revolt. Vespasian emperoi at Rome. 70-80 Colosseum at Rome built. 71 The Gates of Janus closed. Triumph of Vespasian and Titus. Philosophers expelled from Rome. Reformn of Treasury, Rome. 71-75 The Stoic philosophers expelled from Rome by Vespasian. 78 Agricola commands in Britain. Titus becomes Roman emperor. 79 Herculaneum and Pompeii destroyed by S an eruption of Vesuvius, 79 Death of Pliny, the Elder. The Laocoon group sculptured..80 Advance of Agricola to the Tay. Amphitheatre of Verona built. 81 Domitian emperor of Rome. 82 Rome wars with Chatti. 83 Paris (Pantomime) killed. 84 Agricola defeats the Caledonians, and sails around and subdues Britain. 85 Agricola recalled to Rome. 86 Rome wages an unsuccessful war against Gate or Dalia. Quadi and Marcomanni. 91 Insurrection of Antonius suppressed. 95 Rome persecutes Jews and Christians. St. John banished to Patmos. 96 Domitian killed. Nerva becomes emperor. Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna, born (died 166). 96-98 Relief of taxes and distribution of lands. 98 Trajan emperor of Rome. Plutarch flourishes. 103 Birth of Justin Martyr (died 166). 103-107 Subjugation of Dacia. A. D. 104 Birth of Herodes Atticus, antiquarian. (died 180). 114-117 Trajan's expedition to the East. 117 Hadrian emperor. He abandons the conquests of Trajan. The Euphrates made the eastern boundary of the empire. 120 Hadrian visits Gaul and Britain. Statues of Antonous (Hadrian's page). Birth of Ireneus, Bishop of Lyons; died 200. Birth of Lucian; died 200. 121 Hadrian's walls built-Newcastle to Carlisle-.Rhine to the Danube. Birth of Marcus Aurelius; died 180. 125 First apology for the Christians presented at Athens by Quadratus and Ariatides. 130 Birth of Appuleius. Birth of Galen; died 200. Hadrian rebuisos Jerusalem. 132 Second Jewish War. Barchochebas, leader of the Jews. Edictum perpetuum of Hadrian. 135 Dispersion of the Jews. 138 Antonius Plus, emperor. The empire at peace. Faustina I. flourishes. Wall of Antoninus (Graham's Dyke) built. 139 Conquests of Lollius Urbicus in Britain. 140 Vallum Antonio in Britain. 145-175 Fustiana II. flourishes. 147 Development of Roman civil laws. 150 Establishment of schools in Roman provinces. 161 Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus joint emperors. 161-166 Pestilence and famine at Rome. 162 Rome wars with Parthia. 163 Persecution of Christians. 166 Polycarp suffers martyrdom. 167-180 War with the Marcomnanni, Quadi, etc. Greek philosophers patronized by Rome. 169 Death of L. Verus. Marcus Aurelius sole emperor. 175 Rome quells rebellion in Syria. 177 Christians in Gaul persecuted. Advance of the Goths. 178 Goths attack Dacia. 180 Commodus emperor of Rome. Statue of Aurelius erected. Perennis prefect of Pretorians. 183 Successes of Ulpius Marcellus in Britain. 184 Commodus takes the 'name of Britanicus. 185 Birth of Origen (died 253). 186 Oleander prefect of Pretorians. 190 Birth of Tertullian (died 240). 192 Britanicus, as gladiator, killed. 193 Pertmnax, emperor of Rome, is murdered. Didius Julianus buys the empire. Is opposed by Pescennius Niger and Septimius Severus and killed. 194 Septimius Severus sole emperor. Defeat and death of Niger. 196 Severus captures Byzantium after a siege of three years. 197 Temnple of the Sun at Baalbec. Battle of Lyons. Death of Albinus. 198 Caracalla named Augustus. Defeat of Parthians by Romans. 202 Persecution of the Christians. 204 Birth of Plotinus, philosopher (died 274). 209 Invasion of Britain by Severus. His wall completed, 220. 211 Death of Severus at York. Caracalla and Gets emperors. Roman citizenship extended to the whole empire. 212 Geta murdered. Caracalla, sole emperor. 213 Death of Clement of Alexandria. 214 First contact of the Romans with the Alamanni German tribes on the upper Rhine. 217 Macrinus emperor. 218 Heliogabalus emperor. 222 Alexander Severus emperor. 225 Sextus Empiricus, philosopher, flourishes. 226 Dissolution of the Parthian Empire and end of Arecide. Foundation of the new Persian Kingdom of the Sassanide by Ardshir (Artsxerxes). 228 Ulpian (lawyer) died. 231 Persian Waet begins. 233 Triumph of Severus. 235 Maximin smrders Severus and succeeds to the throne. 236 Persecution of the Christians. 238 The Gordiani, Pupienus and Balbinu (jointly) and Gordianus III., emperors. 242 Gordianus defeats Sapor, King of Persia. 244 Gordianus murdered and succeeded by Philip the Arabian. 249 Decius emperor of Rome. 250 Decius orders a persecution of the Christians. First invasion of the empire by the Goths. 251 Death of Decius and his son. Gallus emperor. 252 A pestilence breaks out in the empire and lasts fifteen years. 253 Irruption of the Goths and Burgundians into Mesia and Pannonia. First appearance of the Franks in Gaul about this time. 254 Valerian emperor. His son Gallienus associated with him. Persecution of the Christians. 258 Trapezus taken by the Goths. 259 Sapor ravages Syria. Valerian taken prisoner. 260 Gallienus sole emperor. The Thirty Tyrants between 260 and 268. 262 The Goths in Macedonia and Asia Minor. They destroy the Temple of Ephesus. Antioch taken by Sapor. 263 The Franks invade Gaul. 267 The Heruoli invade Greece, and are repulsed by Dexippus. 268 Claudius emperor. 269 Claudius defeats the Goths in Mesia. 270 Aurelian emperor of Rome. Victories over the Goths and the Alamanni. Zenobia queen of Palmyra. 272 Expedition of Aurelian to Palmyra. 273 Capture of Palmyra and of Queen Zenobia. 274 Birth of Constantine (died 337). 275 Tacitus emperor. 276 Probus emperor. 277 Probus drives the Alamanni from Gaul. 282 Carus emperor. Expedition to the East. 284 Diocletian emperor of Rome. 286 Maximnian joint emperor with Diocletian. Revolt of Carausius in Britain. 289 Victory of Carausius over Maximian. 292 Constantius and Galerius named Cesars. Division of the empire. 296 Britain recovered by Constantius. 297 Siege of Alexandria by Diocletian. Persian War. 298 Constantius defeats the Alamanni near Langres. Defeat of Narses. 303 Persecution of the Christians by Diocletian. 305 Abdication of Diocletian and Maximian. Constantius and Galerius emperors. Beginning of monasticism in Egypt under St. Anthony. 306 Death of Constantius at York. Constantine (the Great) proclaimed emperor by the troops. 307 Revolt of Maxentius. Six emperors. Elevation of Licinius. ] 1

Page  129 SUPPLEMENT XII. m ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY. A. D. 311 Rome proclaims Christianity. ýEdict of Nicomedia to stop the persecution of the Christians. 312 Defeat and deathl of Maxentius. 313 Defeat and death of Maximian. EMlict of Milan, by Constantine and Licinius, for general religious toleration. Britain subdued. 314 War between the two emperors. 316 Birth of St. Martin, Bishop of Tours. 323 Constantine sole emperor. 324 Constantinople founded; dedicated as the capital of the empire, 330 (or 334). 325 First General Council of the Church meets at Nicea. 326 Athanasius Patriarch of Alexandria. Controversy with Arius. 326 Death of Arius. 337 Constantine I1., Constans and Constantius II. joint emperors. Nephilas Meso-Gothic gospels. 338 Death of Eusebius. 340 Birth of St. Jerome-died 420. 347 Synod of Sardica. 348 Ulfilas Bishop of the Goths (died 388). 350-1'52 Revolt of Magentius. Defeated by Constantius. 354 Birth of St. Augustine (died 430). 357 Victory of Julian over the Alamanni at Argentoratum (Strasburg). 361 Julian emperor. 362 Julian recalls the banished bishops,' and proclaims general religious toleration. 363 Persian War. Julian killed. Jovian emperor. 364 Valentinian and Valens joint emperors. Final division of the empire. 367-'69 Theodosius in Britain; aids Britons against Picts and Scots. 370 The Saxons land on the coasts of Gaul. 373 Death of Athanasius. 375 War with the Quadi. Gratian emperor of the West with Valentinian II. Invasion of the Huns. 376 Valens allows the Huns to settle in Thrace. 377 Birth of St. Patrick (died 493?). 378 Constantinople threatened by the Goths. 379 Theodosius the Great, Emperor of the East. 381 Second General Council held at Constantinople. Pagan rites prohibited. 382 Alaric King of the Goths. 383 Revolt of Maximus in Britain. 390 Final suppression of Paganism. Massacre at Thessalonica. Death of Gregory at Nazianzus. 393 Honorius Emperor of the West. 394 Theodosius master of the whole Roman world. 395 Death of Theodosius. Arcadius emperor of the East. The Huns invade the eastern provinces. 395 Augustine made Bishop of Hippo (died 430). Alaric in Greece. Stilicho attains chief power under Honorius. 396 The Britons ask aid of Honorius against the Picts and Scots. 397 Deaths of Martin of Tours and Ambrose of Milan. 398 Chrysostom Bishop of Constantinople (died 407). 400 Alarie ravages Italy. 403 Battle of Pollentia. Defeat of Alaric by Stilicho. 406 The Vandals, Alani and Suevi invade Spain. 409 The Roman legions recalled from Britain; final withdrawal about 418. 410 Sack of Rome by Alarie. Death of Alarie. Pelagius begins to preach about this time. 412 Proclus, the philosopher, born (died. 485). 414 Marriage of Ataulphus, King of the Goths, to Placida, daughter of Theodosius the Great. Persecution of the Christians in Persia begins; lasts thirty years. 420 Death of St. Jerome. Orosius, the Spanish presbyter and historian, flourished. 423 Death of Honorius at Ravenna. 425 Administration of Etius begins, lasting about thirty years. The Traveler's Song published. 428 Nestorius, Patriarch of Constantinople, banished (435). 429 The Vandals under Genserie invade Afriea. Death of Theodore, Bishop of Mopsues tia. 431 Third General Council held at Ephesus. -12 2 St. Patrick arrives in Ireland. 433 2Attila King of the Huns. 488 Theodosian code published. 439 The Vancialis surprise Carthage. 440 Leo 1. (the Great% Bishop of Rome. 442 Treaty of peace betwetz Valentinian and Genseric. 447 Attila in Thrace and Macedon^. 446 Messages of the Britons to. Entc., for aid against the Saxons..447 Attila ravages the Eastern Empire, Theodosius concludes a treaty withv Attila. 449 The Robber Council of, Ephesus. Landing -of.the English in Britain. Hengist and Horsa in Kent. 450 Death of Theodosius II. 451 Invasion of Gaul by Attila. Victory of Etius *at 'Chalons. Fourth General Council held at Chalce. don. Monophysite controversy begins. 452 Invasion of Italy by Attila. Venice founded. 453 Death of Attila. Dissolution of his empire. 454 St. Patrick fixes bis see at Armagh. 455 Sack of Rome by Genseric. Intercession of Leo. 457 Hengist founds the Kingdom of Kent. 460 The. epic poem of Beowulf () 461-'67 Rule of Ricimer. > Severus nominal emperor. -462_'72 Conquests 'of the Visigoths in Spain and Gaul. 465 Great fire at Constantinople. 470 Birth of Boethius (died 526). 475 Romulus Augustulus Emperor of the West (banished 476). 476 Odoacer captures and sacks Rome and becomes King of Italy. Succession of Western Emperors ends. Close of the. period of Ancient History. Medieval History 476 Establishment of the Kingdom of the Franks. 477 Second Saxon invasion of Britain. 480 Birth of St. Benedict (died 543). 481 Clovis I. (Merovingian) reigns in Belgic Gaul. 485 Proclus, philosopher, died. 486 Battle of Soissons. Clovis 1. defeats the Gauls. 489 Ostrogoths invade Italy. 491,Ella founds the Kingdom. of Sussex. A. D. 493 Theodoric establishes the Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy, South Germany and Hungary, capital at Ravenna. 495 Third Saxon invasion of Britain. Cerdic founds the Kingdom of Wessex. 496 Clovis of France embraces Christianity. 501 Laws. of Burgundy published. 502 Charbades, the Persian, ravages the Greek Empire. 503 Fergus lands in Scotland from Ireland. 506--'42 The famous King Arthur said to reign in England. 507 Clovis, having conquered the country from the Pyrenees to the Loire, founds the Kingdom of all Franks. 510 Clovis makes Paris the capital of the Franks. 511 Salic Law established by Clovis in France. Division of the monarchy between Clovis' four sons. 514 Vitalianus, the Goth, besieges Constantinople. 519 Cerdic founds the Kingdom of Wessex in Britain. 527 Justinian I. becomes Emperor of Rome. Fourth Saxon invasion of Britain. Essex founded. 529 Justinian Code published. 534 Belisarus conquers Africa. 538 The Franks appear in Italy. 539 Italy made subject to Belisarius. Goths ravage Milan. 544 Birth of Gregory of Tours (died 590). 545 The Turks enter Asia. 547 Northumbria founded in Britain. 550 The Angles form the Heptarchy-Anglia, Deira, Mercia, etc. 552 Totila, the Ostrogoth, defeated in Italy by the imperial generals Narses and Belisarius. 554 Narses overthrows Gothic power in Italy. 558 Clotaire sole ruler in France. 560 Fergus, Moor II. of Scotland (?). 561 Death of Clotaire. His four sons divide the kingdom between them. 562 St. Colomba lands in Scotland. 563 Constantinople destroyed by fire. 564 History of Gildas (?). 565 Death of Justinian I. Ethelbert becomes King of Kent. 568 Italy invaded by the Longobardi from Germany, who found, the Kingdom of Lombardy. Narses governor of Italy. 570 Birth of Mohammed (died 632). 577 Battle of Durham; West-Saxons defeat the Britons. 581 Paris mostly destroyed by fire. Sclavonians ravage Thrace. 584 Franks invade Italy and are repelled. The Mayors of the palace the real rulers in France. 586 Kingdom of Mercia founded in Britain. 587 Franks expelled from Spain by Recared I. 590 Gregory I., the Great, becomes Pope. 595 The Lombards besiege Rome and overrun Italy. 597 St. Augustine arrives in England. 598 Ethelbert, King of Kent, embraces Christianity. 600 Italy ravaged by Sclavonians. 603 Scots invade Bernicia; are driven back. 611 The Persians make conquests in Syria, Egypt, and Asia Minor, and besiege Rome. 612 Jews persecuted in Spain. 613 Clotaire II. King of France. 614 Jerusalem captured by Persians. 622 Mohammed secretly leaves Mecca and enters Medina. The Hegira or Arab emigration-not flight as commonly translated. 628 Dagobert, the "Solomon of the Franks,'! becomes King. Revises and publishes the Salic and Riparian Laws. 630 MIohammed re-enters Mecca; installed as prince and prophet. 632 Death of Mohammed. His religion spreads through Persia. 634 The Koran published. 638 Syria" occupied by Saracens. Clovis II., son of Dagobert, King of France. 639 Omar institutes the new Moslem Calendar. 640 Alexandrian Library burnt. 64:2 In Britain the Mereians defeat the Berni, ' clans. 653 Rhodes taken by the Saracens. 656 Clotaire III. becomes King of France. 662 In Italy, Constans II., Emperor of the East, is defeated by the Lombards. 668 Constantinople besieged by Saracens. 672 Saracens driven from Spain. 672-.'77 Wamba's "good reign" in Spain. 678 Cadwallader, the last king of the Britons, reigns. ^ Bulgarians occupy Bulgaria, in Northern Greece. 681 Mebrouin, last of the Merovingians, assassinated. 685 Saxons drive Britons into Wales and Cornwall. 687 Sussex united to Wessex. In France, Pepin defeats Thierry. 694 Kent devastated by West Saxons. 697 Anqfesto becomes the first doge of Venice. 709 The Saracens invited into Spain to overthrow King Roderick. 711 The Saracens cross from Africa to Spain. The Bulgarians ravage the Eastern Empire. 712 The Gothic Kingdom of Spain overthrown by the Arabs. Establishment of the Saracen kingdom of Cordova. 714 Charles Martel, mayor of the palace and real ruler of France. 716 Independent Gothic Monarchy founded in the Asturias. 718 Leon and Asturias formed into a Kingdom by Pelays, who checks the conquests oft the Saracens in Spain. 720 The Saracens are defeated at Constantinople. Charles Martel created. Duke of France. The Saracens invade France. 730 Pope Gregory excommunicates the Emperor Leo. 732 Battle of Tours, or Poitiers; crushing defeat of the Saracens by the Franks. 739 Charles Martel conquers Provence. 746 Slavic settlements in Grecian Peloponnesus. 747 Carloman of France abdicates. 752 Pepin, the Short, son of Charles Martel, becomes King of France. 754 Pepin gives Ravenna to the Pope. 755 Insurrection in Mercia, Britain. Abderahman I. becomes King of Cordova. 756 Pepin annexes Ravenna to the See of Rome. 760 Insurrection of Toledo. 768 Death of Pepin, who is succeeded by his two sons, Charlemagne and Carloman, who rule in France and Germany. 771 Charlemagne rules alone. 772-'85 Charlemagne, after a severe struggle, conquers the Saxons; they embrace Christianity. 774 Charlemagne annexes Italy after conquering the Lombards. 778 Battle of Roneesvalles. Beginning of the age of chivalry. Charlemagne unsuccessfully invades Spain. 785 Saxons, subdued by Charlemagne, become Christians. 787 The Danes land in England. 7,91--'96 Charlemagne establishes the Margraviate of Austria. Reign of Alfonso, the Chaste, in Spain; independence of Christians established." A. D. 799 The Avars subdued by Charlemagne. 800 Charlemagne crowned at Rome; becomes Emperor of the West by Pope Leo III. 802 Ruric, the Norman, establishes the first regular government in Russia at Novgor'od, and becomes grand duke. 807 War between Slavs and Polyponnesian Greeks. 814 Louis I., Emperor, dethroned, but restored to his dominions. 817 Louis, the German (France), conquers Austria. 820 Michael II., of the Byzantine Empire, founds the Armorian dynasty. 823 In England, Essex (and, two years later, Kent and Northumbria) are annexed to Wessex. 825 The Servians occupy Dalmatia. 827 The Saxon Heptarchy ends and Egbert, king of Wessex, becomes king of all England. 830 Louis the Debonair imprisoned in France. 839-'40 Louis separates Germany from France. 840 Charles the Bald King of France. 841 German princes assert their independence. 844 Treaty of Verdun; the sons of Louis divide the empire. Spahi ravaged by the Northmen. 846 The Saracens sack Rome. 848 Brittany becomes independent. 850 Russian monarchy established by Ruric. 850(?) Scots and Picts united under Kenneth. 851 Northmen pillage France. 865 Russians attack Constantinople. 867 Bassillian Dynasty founded at Constantinople. 869 Ecumenical Council of Constantinople. (Latin Church.) 871 The Danes defeat Alfred at battle of Merton. 873 Kingdom of Navarre founded by Sancho luigo. 875 Charles, the Bald, becomes Emperor; is poisoned by Zedechias, a Jewish physician. 875--1154 Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 877 Louis 11. King of France. 878 Alfred the Great driven from England. 879 Ecumenical Council of Constantinople. (Greek Church.) 881 'Danes ravage Scotland. 888 Paris attacked by Northmen. 890 Italy subjected to the Eastern Empire. Alfred of England founds Oxford, and establishes a code of laws; organizes militia and a navy; subdivides the country and causes surveys of the Kingdom. 895 Alfred's translations. 896 The Germans, under Arnold, seize Rome. Alfred of England vanquishes the Danes. 901 Death of Alfred the Great. 904 Russia invades Greek Empire under Oleg. 907 The:Russians receive tribute from Constantinople. 910 Asser's life of Alfred written. 911 Death of Louis the Child, last of the German Carolingians. 912 Rollo the Northman becomes Robert, Duke of Normandy. 918-'34 Henry I., the Fowler,-reigns in Germany; conquers the Huns, Danes, Vandals and Bohemians. 921 Italy invaded by the Burgundians. 928 Five Emperors rule the Byzantine Empire. 933 Athelstan ravages Scotland. 934 Henry I. of Germany defeats the Danes. 936 Otho the Great, in Germany. 937 Athelstan wins a great victory over the Danes, Scots, etc., and becomes first King of England. 939 Louis IV. of France subdues Hugh Capet, Count of Paris. 944. Malcolm I. in Scotland. 951 Otho invades Italy. 962 Otho the Great becomes Emperor of the West; Italy and Germany united. 978 Otho II. invades France. 979 Assassination of Edward, the Martyr, of England. 982 Battle of Basientello; Otho III. of Germany defeated by Greeks and Saracens. 987 Hugh Capet becomes King of France. 988 Vladimir marries Annie, sister of Basil II. of:Russia, and embraces Christianity. 995 Elfric's Homilies. 996 Otho III. makes the German Emperor elective. Paris made the capital of all France. 997 Death of St. Adelbert, who first introduced Christianity into Prussia. 999 Gerbert, Silvester II., Pope. 1000 Genoa, Italy, becomes rich and powerful. 1002 Massacre of Danes in England by Ethelred. Reign of Robert II. in Burgundy. 1003 Sweyn, King of Denmark, avenges the massacre. Ethelred flees to Normandy. Malcolm II. King of Scotland. 1013 Sweyn conquers England. 1014 Battle of Zetunium; Basil II. of Constantinople defeats the Bulgarians. 1015 Vladimir I. dies; Russia is divided. 1016 Ethelred dies; Edmund Ironsides and Canute divide England. Italy invaded by Northmen. Expulsion of Saracens. 1017 Canute, the Dane, becomes King of all England. 1019 The Moors enter Spain. 1026 Sancho II. of Navarre founds the Kingdom of Castile. 1035 Arragon becomes a Kingdom under Ramirez I. 1037 Union of Leon and Austria with Castile. 1039 Duncan I. of Scotland murdered by Macbeth. 1040 Sicily restored and Servia lost to the Eastern Empire. The Cid (Ruy Diaz) in Spain. 1041 Danes driven from Scotland.~ 1042 The Saxon Dynasty restored. Edward the Confessor, King of England. Conquest of Bohemia by Henry III. 1043 Russians defeated before Constantinople. 1051 Rebellion of Godfrey in Kent. 1052 War of Roderigo, the Cid, with the Moors. 1058 Moors expelled from Italy. Macbeth defeated and slain. Malcolm III. of Scotland. 1060 Philip I., the Fair, King of France. Lambert of Herzfeld. 1065 Jerusalem captured by the Turks. 1066 William of Normandy invades England, and wins the battle of Hastings. Harold defeats the Norwegians, and is crowned King of England, January 6. Death of Harold. William I., the Norman, crowned King, December 25. 1070 The feudal system introduced in England. 1071 Norman Kingdom of the two Sicilies. Hereward in the Isle of Ely. 1073 Hildebrand made Pope Gregory VII. Gregory VII. establishes universal sovereignty of the papacy, and reforms abuses in the Church. Henry VI. of Germany disputes his title. 1075 Odericus Vitalis. 1076 Justice of the Peace appointed. 1077 Henry IV. submits and does penance. 1081 Italy invaded by the Germans. 1084 Henry IV. takes Rome. The Pope flies to Salerno and dies there, in 1085. Clement III. made Pope by Henry IV. A.D. 1086 Domesday Book completed in England; commenced in 1077. Burno founds Carthusians. 1087 William II. crowned King of England. 1088 Urban II. Pope. 1090 Mantua taken by Henry IV. 1091 The Saracens of Spain invite the African Moors to their aid in driving back the Christians. The Moors defeat the Christians and seize the Saracen possessions. 1095 Portugal becomes a separate principality under Henry of Besancon. William of Malmesbury. 1096 First Crusade begun. Verse Edda compiled (?). 1098 War between France and England. 1099 Death of the Cid. Jerusalem captured by Godfrey de Bouillon. 1100 Henry I. crowned King of England. Grants a charter restoring the Saxon laws. 1104 Crusaders capture Acre. 1106 Milan becomes a free republic. Henry I. defeats his brother Robert, and gains Normandy. 1107 Alexander I., Scotland. 1108 Louis VI. le Gros (the Lusty), King of France. 1110 Henry V. of Germany invades Italy. 1114 Henry V. marries Matilda of England. 1116 University of Bologna founded. Euclid translated into English. 1119 Play of St. Catherine at Dunstable. 1120 Rise of the Lombard (Italy) cities. Shipwreck of Prince William. 1122 Treaty of Worms, between the Emperor and Pope. 1124 David I. King of Scotland. 1125 Era of the glory of Venice. Victories over the Eastern Empire. 1132 Arnold of Brescia. 1135 Stephen becomes King of England. SHenry's daugher, Maud, disputes the crown; civil war ensues. Louis VI. grants letters of franchise to cities and towns. 1138 Empress Maud's partisans defeated at the battle of the Standard, Aug. 22. 1139 Portugal becomes a kingdom. Maud lands in England, and defeats Stephen; is crowned at Winchester, March 3, 1141. 1143 Moors rebel in Spain. 1144 Alphonso of Leon defeats the Moors. I Wars of the Lombard cities. 1146 Second Crusade; Louis VII. of France and Conrad III. of Germany are defeated by Greek treachery, A. D. 1148. Greece plundered by Roger of Sicily. 1147 Maud is defeated by Stephen, and retires to France. 1150 Arthurian Legends published. 1152 Frederick Barbarossa made Emperor of Germany. 1153 Maud concludes a peace with Stephen. Malcolm IV. King of Scotland. 1154 Frederick Barbarossa invades Italy. Henry II., King of England, the first Plantagenet, crowned December 19. Adrian IV. Pope. Constitutions of Clarendon enacted in England. 1156 Margraviate, Austria, made a hereditary duchy by Frederic I. 1161 War of Guelphs and Ghibellines. 1162 Barbarossa destroys Milan. 1163 Berlin founded by a colony from the Netherlands. 1165 William the Lion, King of Scotland. 1166 Assizes of Clarendon and Northampton. 1167 Frederick Barbarossa takes Rome. The Lombard League formed against the Emperor.~. 1169 University of Paris founded. 1170 Thomas a Becket.murdered in England December 29. 1172 The Sultan Saladin makes great conquests in Asia. Ireland conquered by the English. 1176 Battle of Legnano. Barbarossa defeated by the Lombard League. Six circuits for the administration of justice established in England. 1180 Glanvil Chief Justice of England. Philip II. (Augustus) King of France. 1181 Glanvil makes a digest of English law. 1183 Peace of Constance establishes the free cities of Italy. 1185 Provinces of Amiens and Valois annexed to France. 1187 Saladin seizes Jerusalem. 1189 Third Crusade by England, France and Germany. Siege of Acre begun. Richard I. crowned in England, Sept. 8. Terrible massacre of Jews in London. 1190 Frederick I. (Barbarossa), drowned. Order of Teutonic Knights established. Henry V. invades Italy. University of Oxford founded. 1191 Richard I. joins the Crusades. Acre captured. Jerusalem opened to pilgrim. Kingdom of Cyprus founded. Artois annexed to France. 1192 Richard I., Coeur de Lion, made prisoner in Germany by Henry IV.; ransomed (1194) for ~400,000. Richard defeats Saladin. 1198 Innocent III. Pope. 1199 John becomes King of England, May 27. 1200 University of Salamanca founded. 1202 Fourth Crusade; capture of Zora. 1203 Constantinople besieged and captured by the Crusaders. 1204 Normandy lost to England. Latins possess and divide Greece. 1207 Albigensian Crusade. 1208 Otho crowned Emperor of Germany at Rome. England interdicted by the Pope. 1209 French Crusade against the Albegeoise. Inquisition established. 1210 War between Venice and Genoa. 1213 Battle of Muret; defeat of Albigenses. Interdict of. England removed. 1214 Alexander II. of Scotland. French defeat Germans at Bouvines. 1215 Magna Charta signed at Runnymede, June 15; confirmed and renewed 30 times. Birth of Roger Bacon (died 1292). 1216 Henry III. becomes King of England, October 28. 1217 Fifth crusade by Germans and Hungarians. 1220 Frederick II. becomes Emperor of Italy. 1222 Matthew Paris born. The Teutonic Knights undertake the conquest of Poland. 1223 Tartars conquer a large part of Russia. Louis VIII. King of France. 1224 Louis frees his serfs. 1226 St. Louis becomes King Louis IX. of France. 1227 Gregory IX. Pope. 1228 Sixth Crusade; Frederick II. at Acre. 1229 The Inquisition begun. 1229 Ten years' truce with the Sultan. Jerusalem restored to the Christians. Frederick crowned King of Jerusalem. Albigenses defeated in France. 1231 University of Cambridge founded. 1232 Fall of Hubert de Burgh. 1233 Wars between Castile and Moors, and capture of Cordova, Seville, Toledo, and other cities by Ferdinand III. 1235 The Mongolians invade Russia. 1236 War between the Emperor and the Lombard League. 1237 The Grand Duke Juric (Russia) slain in battle. A. D. 1238 Moorish Kingdom of Grenada founded by Mohammed I. 1239 Seventh Crusade, by Thibaud, Count oi Champagne. 1241 Prose Edda. 1242 Tartars establish the empire of Kahn of Kaptschak. 1244 Jerusalem seized by the Carismians. Danes invade Russia, and are defeated by Alexander Newski. 1245 The Hanseatic League formed. 1246 Frederick II. of Austria killed in battle with the Hungarians. 1250 Louis defeats King Henry of England. Louis captured by the Saracens; truce for ten years. Mamelukes rule Egypt. 1251 Rise of Medica family in Italy. 1252 Alexander Newski - is made Grand Duke of Russia, and reigns as Alexander I. 1254 Ottocar of Bohemia acquires the Austrian Provinces. 1259 Kubla Kahn builds Pekin. 1260 Ottocar wars with Hungary over Styria. 1262-'68 Barons' War in England. 1263 Ottocar inherits Corinthia. 1265 The first regular Parliament of England meets. Birth of Dante; died 1321. 1266 Naples and Sicily conquered by Charles of Anjou. 1268 Ninth Crusade, by Louis IX. and Edward, Prince of Wales. 1270 Louis IX. dies at Carthage. Philip III. (the Hardy) King of France. 1271 The English quit Palestine. 1272 Reign of Edward I. of England" Crowned Nov. 20. Ottocar declines the Imperial Crown of Germany. 1273 Randolph, Count of Hapsburg, chosen Emperor of Germany; Ottocar refuses to acknowledge him. 1274 Navarre passes to the royal family of France. Rudolph makes war upon Ottocar, and gains Austria, Corinthia and Styria. 1275 Wars of Robert Bruce and John Baliol for the crown of Scotland. 1276 House of Hapsburg, of Austria, founded. 1277 Rule of the Visconti, Milan. 1278 Ottocar slain at the battle of Marsh feld. 1282 Sicilian Vespers, massacre of Sicilians by the French. Crusade against Aragon; the French expelled. 1283 Wales subjected to England. 1285 Philip IV. (the Fair) King of France. 1286 Kenigsberg made the capital of Prussia. 1287 Jews banished from England. 1288 Nicholas IV. Pope. 1289 Second invasion of the Mongols. 1291 Mamelukes take Acre. Christian power in Syria destroyed. 1296 Scotland subdued by England. 1297 Sir William Wallace fights for the independence of Scotland. Revolt of Scotland. 1299 Battle of Falkirk; Bruce and Douglas defeated by Edward I. SOsman I. establishes the Turkish Empire. 1300 Moscow becomes the capital of Russia. 1301 Philip IV. quarrels with the Pope. Charles of Valois in Italy. 13C2 First convocation of States-General in France. 1303 Edward I. invades Scotland. 1305 William Wallace executed. 1306 Robert Bruce crowned as King of Scotland. 3.307 Edward II. crowned, July 8, King of I30_ England" 1307-914 Philip suppresses the Knights TempIlar, and burns the Grand Master at4 Paris. 1308 Pope Clement V. removes to Avignon, in France. Albert I., of Austria, attempts to sfnhdue the Swiss, who have revolted under William Tell. (?) 1309 The Swiss revolt successful. 1310 Henry VII. subdues the Lombards. 1313 Louis V. and Frederick of Austria contend for the German Empire. Birth of Boccaccio; died 1375. 1314 Battle of Bannockburn; the Scots, under Robert' Bruce, defeat the English under Edward. Louis IV. King of Germany. Union of France and Navarre. 1315--25 Insurrection of English Barons. The Swiss totally defeat the Austrians at Morgarten. 1316 John I., a posthumous son of Louis X., King, dies at the age of four days. Philip II. (the Long) King of France. 1321 Death of Dante. 1322 Battle of Muehldorf; Louis V. defeats Frederick. Charles IV. King of France. 1324 Birth of John Wickliffe; died 1384. 1326 Germany invaded by Turks. 1327 Edward III. crowned, Jan. 25, King of England. Independence of Scotland. 200,000 Moors brought from Africa by the King of Grenada. 1328 Charles the Fair, of France, dies; Philip VI., of the House of Valois, reigns. Ivan I. rules Russia. 1329 David II. King of Scotland. 1333 The Scots defeated by Edward at Halidon Hill. 1337 War between France and Flanders. Birth of Froissart; died 1401. 1339 First Doge of Genoa appointed. 1340 Birth of Gerhard Groot; died 1380. Battle of Tarifa in Spain; Moors terribly defeated by Alphonso XI., of Castile. 1346 Battle of Crecy; French, under Philip, routed by the English, under Edward III., and the Black Prince. Battle of Durban, in Scotland. Battle of Neville's Cross. 1347 The English take Calais. Rienzi, last of the Tribunes, establishes a democracy in Rome. 1348 University of Prague founded. 1349 Dauphiny annexed to France. The black death in England. 1350 Order of the Garter instituted by Edward and John II., King of France. 1352 Marino Faliero at Venice. 1353 Turks enter Greece. '< 1354 Rienzi slain at Rome. 1356 Battle of Poitiers, September 19; 8,000 English defeat 60,000 French; the Black Prince takes John II. captive to London, where he dies. Charles IV., of Germany, signr the Golden Bull, the basis of tbh German Constitution until 1806. 1358 Insurrection of the Jacquerie in France. 1360 Peace of Bretigny, between English and French. 1361 Italy overrun by the Free Lances. Turks enter Greece. 1362 The English language ordered to be usd in legal proceedings, England. 1363 Austria acquires the Tyrol. 1364 Charles V. (the Wise) King of TaeM Philip, the Bold, Duke of Burguady. Treaty between Austria and Bohb ia, 1866 H. Van Eyck, painter, born. 1367 The Mamelukes conquer Armenia. 1369 Empire of Tamerlane founded. Langland's "Piers Plowman." 1370 Pope Gregory XI. goes to Avignon. 1371 Stuart line begins with Robert IU. of Scotland. 1374 Death of Petrarch. Rebellion against the Pope. 1375 Death of Boccaccio. I

Page  130 SUPPLEMENT XIII. ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY.? A. D. 1372 Richard II. King of England, June 22. Papacy restored to Rome. 1380 Battle of the Don; Dimitri II., of Russia, defeats the Tartars. Wyckliffe's translation of the Bible published. Thomas A. Kempis born. Russia wars with the Tartars. Charles VI., King of France. 1381 Watt- Tyler's insurrection in London crushed. Ghiberti, artist, born; died 1455. 1382 "Legend of Good Women," England. 13888 The Tartars burn Moscow. 1385 Death of John Wyckliffe. 1386 John of Ghaunt in Spain. Battle of Lempach; defeat of the Austrians by the Swiss, and death of Duke Leopold. 1387 German Empire divided. Fra Angelico, painter, born; died 1448. 1388 Battle of Chevy Chase, or Otterburne, between Scots and English. 1389 Margaret of Norway. 1390 The Eastern Empire loses power in Asia. Robert III. King of Scotland. The Canterbury Tales published. J. Van Eyck, painter, born. 1392 The Portuguese discover the Cape of Good Hope. 1395 Tamerlane, the Tartar, invades Russia. The Wakefield and Towneley mysteries. 1396 Battle of Nicopolis, the Turks, under Bajazet I., defeat the Hungarian Christians. 1397 Persecution of the Wycklifites or Lollards. Union of Calmar. 1399 Henry IV. crowned King of England, Sept. 30th; Order of the Bath founded. 1400 Birth of Della Robbia, architect and sculptor. Death of Chaucer and Froissart. 1401 Rebellion in Wales; Glendower and the Percies defeated. 1402 Battle of Angora; Timour t'he Tartar defeats the Turks and captures Bajazet I. Masaccio, painter, born. 1405 Prince James of Fcotland captured. 1406 Albany, regent, in Scotland. 1407 France interdicted by the Pope. 1409 Council of Pisa. Alexander V. made Pope by council of Pisas. 1410 Sigismund of Hungary becomes Emperor of Germany. 1411 University of St. Andrews founded. Battle of Harlaw; the Lowland defeat the Highland Scots. 1412 Birth of Fra Filippo Lippi, painter. 1413 Henry V. crowned, March 21, King of England. 1414 Council of Constance; Pope John XXIII. deposed. Sigismund, King of Bohemia, Emperor of Germany. 1415 Battle of Agincourt; 10,000 English, under Henry V., defeat 50,000 French. John Huss and Jerome of Prague burned at the stake, betrayed by Sigismund. 1416 The partisans of Huss take up arms; a severe war ensues. 1417 Cobham burnt. 1419 The Hussites take Prague. 1420 Paris captured by the English; Treaty of Troyes; Henry wins the French crown; birth of John Wessel. 1422 Henry VI. proclaimed King of France and England. Ottoman Empire reunited by Amurath II. 1423 James I. reigns in Scotland. 1425 War between Milan and Venice. The Paston Letters. 1429 Joan of Arc raises siege of Orleans, de. feats the English at Patay, and drives them from all their conquests in France except Calais. Charles VIII. King of France. 1430 Henry VI. crowned at Paris, in December. Amurath II. conquers Macedonia. Humphrey Duke of Gloucester. The Medici at Florence. 1431 Joan of Arc burned at Rouen. 1433 Lisbon the capital of Portugal. Council of Basle. Birth of Thomas Malory. 1485 Treaty of Arras, between France and Burgundy. Sicily and Naples united. End of Hussite wars. War of Turks with Venice. 1436 Invention of Printing, by Guttenberg. 1437 James I., of Scotland; murdered. James II. becomes King. Albert V., Duke of Austria, obtains Bohemia and Hungary, and is made Em peror of Germany. 1438 University of Florence founded. The Pragmatic Sanction; Albert V., of Austria, becomes Emperor of Germany. 1439 Council of Florence. Title of Emperor limited to the Austrian Hapsburgs. 1442 Battle of Vasag; Turks routed by Hungarians. 1443 Battle of Nissa; Turks again defeated. 1445 Birth of Leonardo da Vinci. The Arabian Knights issued (?). 1447 Nicholas V. Pope. Duke of Gloucester murdered. 1449 The Cforzas at Milan. Alphonso V. at Aragon. Peacock's "Represser." 1450 Jack Cade's insurrection. Early English Ballads. Birth of Dunoar; died 1530. 1451 University of Glasgow founded. 1452 Earl Douglas murdered by James II. The Archduchy of Austria created, with sovereign power, by Frederick III. 1453 Constantinople captured by Mohammed II.; end of the Eastern Empire. End of the French and English wars. The Mazarin Bible issued. 1455-'71 War of the Roses, between Henry VI. and the Duke of York, afterwards Edward IV. Battle of St. Albans. 1456 Battle of Belgrade; Turks repulsed by Hungarians. 1457 Frederick III. divides Austria with his relatives. 1458 Pius II. Pope at Rome. 1460 Birth of Skelton; died 1528. The Turks conquer Greece. 1461 Edward IV. deposes Henry VI.. of England. Louis XI. King of France. 1462 Ivan, the Great, of Russia, founds the modern Russian Empire. 1463 Turkish war with Venice. Close of Austria's war with Frederick III. 1464 "League of the Public Good," formed by the nobles, against Louis. 1467 Birth of Erasmus; died 1536. 1468 The Coventary mysteries. 1470-'92 Lorenzo de Medici flourished. 1471 League of Italian cities against the Turks. William Caxton establishes first English Sprinting-press. Battle of Tewkesbury. Warwick, king-maker. Birth of Durer, painter; died 1528. 1473 Birth of Copernicus. Birth of Michael Angelo, architect and sculptor; died 1556. 1474 Birth of Ariosto; died 1533. Ferdinand II., of Aragon, marries Isabella, of Leon and Castile. 1475 Edward IV. invades France. Ivan introduces cannon -and firearms into Russia. A. D. 1475 Birth of Sir John Fortescue. 1476 Battle of Murten. 1477 Russian war with Tartars. Artois and Burgundy united to France by Maximillian's marriage. Birth of Titian, painter; died 1576. 1478 Duke of Clarence murdered. 1479 Union of Aragon and Castile, under Ferdinand and Isabella. Great invasion of Russia by Tartars. 1480 Mongolian power in Russia destroyed. Mohammed II. takes Otranto. 1481 Frederick IV., of Nurenberg, purchases Brandenburg from Sigismund. 1482 Ivan assumes the title of the Czar of Russia. Birth of Raphael, painter; died 1520. 1483 Birth of Stephen Hawes; died 1512. Edward V. made King of England; April 8 murdered in the Tower. Richard III. usurps the throne, June 25. Charles VIII. King of France. Birth of Luther; died 1546. 1484 Spain invaded by Turks; first auto da fe at Seville. 1485 Bosworth Field. August 22, death of Richard I. Henry VII. crowned. 1486 Henry marries Elizabeth, daughter of Edward IV. B. Diaz rounds Cape of Good Hope. 1487 The Court of the Star Chamber instituted in England. Province joined to France. 1488 War between Russia and Sweden. The Yeoman of the Guard organized in England. 1490 Leonardo da Vinci, painter, flourished. 1491 Charles VIII. marries Anne of Brittany. Alexander VI. Pope. Sevnigorod defeats and annihilates the Tartars. 1492 Columbus sails from Spain, August 3, and discovers America, October 12; discovers Cuba, October 28; Hayti, December 6. Ferdinand conquers Grenada and destroys the Moorish power in Spain. Cesar Borgia poisons Pope Alexander VII. Henry sells the sovereignty of France. Warbeck's insurrection; quelled in 1498. Spanish persecution. of the Jews. 1493 Treaty of Barcelona, between France and Spain. League between Russia and Denmark. Birth of Correggio, painter; died 1534. 1494 Charles VII. invades Italy and conquers Naples. Lollards persecuted in England. 1495 Poynings' Act in Ireland. 1496 Naples lost to Charles. Spain accrues to Austria by the marriage of Philip I. with the heiress of Aragon and Castile. 1497 Cabot discovers Labrador, June 26; and surveys Hudson's Bay, July 3. 1498 Louis XII. King of France. 1499 The French unite with Venice and seize Milan. Battle of Lepanto; victory of the Turks. Mohammedans expelled from Spain. Swiss Confederacy independent. Perkin Warbeck executed. 1500 Pinzon discovers Brazil, January 26. Cabral, the Portuguese, lands in Brazil, May 3. 1501 Brasle and Schaffhausen join the Swiss Confederation. Negro slaves imported into Hispaniola. 1502 Spanish Moors compelled to adopt Christianity. Columbus sails on his fourth voyage and discovers various isles on the coast of Honduras, and explores the coasts of the islands; discovers and names Porto Bello, November 2. 1503 Reign of Montezuma in Mexico. Louis XII., of France, invades Spain. Portuguese in India. - Birth of Wyatt; died 1542. Birth of Mendoza, historian; died 1575. 1504 Death of Queen Isabella of Spain. Brazil explored by Americus Vespucius. Columbus, worried by the machinations of his enemies, returns to Spain, November 7. 1505 Birth of John Knox; died 1572. 1506 Death of Columbus, May 20; he was treated with the basest ingratitude by the Spanish Government. Buchanan born; died 1582. Rule of Charles V.5 of Spain, in Holland. Birth of Francis Xavier; died 1552. Yucatan discovered by Solis and Pinzon. 1508 League of Cambray, between Louis XII. and Maximillian, against Venice. 1509 Henry VIII. King of England; he marries Catherine of Aragon. Venice stripped of its Italian possessions. 1510 Russia again invaded by Tartars. Execution of Dudley and Empson. Ojedo founds San Sebastian. 1511 Pope Julius II. forms the Holy League with Ferdinand and Venice. Velasquez subdues Cuba. 1512 Selim I. made King of Turkey by Janissaries. Ponce de Leon discovers 'dhe Florida coast. Birth of Vasari, painter; died 1571. Birth of Tintoretto, painter; died 1594. Navarre annexed to Spain. 1513 England invades France. Battle of. Guinegate or Spurs; French defeat. Scotland invades England. Battle of Flodden Field; Scots defeated. Balboa crosses the Isthmus of Darien, and discovers the Pacific ocean. Leo X., Pope, encourages literature and the arts. 1514 Wolsey's power begins in England. 1515 Battle of Marignano. Francis I. defeats the Italians, Swiss and Germans. Maximillian I. secures the Hungarian succession. Francis I. becomes King of France. First English prose history. Birth of St. Theresa; died 1582. 1516 Death of Ferdinand, King of Spain. Rule of Cardinal Ximenes. Charles I. King of Spain. Accession of the House of Austria. Turks gain Egypt. 1517 Europeans first obtain a footing in China. Selim I. defeats Mamelukes and adds Egypt to the Ottoman Empire. Luther begins the work of reformation in Germany. Fernando de Cordova discovers the Mexican coast. Luther translates and publishes the Bible and Liturgy in German. Birth of Surrey; died 1547. 1518 Grijalva penetrates into Yucatan, and names it New Spain. 1519 Cortez lands in Mexico. Charles I., of Spain, elected Emperor of Germany as Charles. V. 1520 "Field of the Cloth of Geld" meeting of Francis I. wvh Henry VIII. Balboa passes through Magellen's Straits. 1521 Battle of Razau; Russia defeats Poland. Martin Luther excommunicated at the Diet of Worms. Conquest of Mexico by Cortez. Henry VIII., styled the "Defender of the Faith" by the Pope. France and Spain at war. 1522 Cortez made governor of Mexico by Charles V. A. D. 1522 First Scotch invasion of England. The Louvre, Paris, commenced. 1523 Italian League against Francis I. Clement VII. Pope at Rome. Berner's Froissart. Honduras conquered by the Spaniards. Verazzani's discoveries in North America. Birth of Rousard; died 1586. 1524 Settlement of New France (Canada). 1525 Battle of Pavia. Francis I. defeated and taken prisoner by Charles V. Peasants' War in Germany. Albert of Brandenburg embraces Lutheranism and becomes Duke of East Prussia and Fief of Poland. 1526 Ferdinand I. unites Bohemia. and Hungary to Austria. Pizarro discovers the coast of Quito. Selim I. defeats the Hungarians. Mongol dynasty founded in India. Tyndale's new Testament published. 1527 Germans capture Rome. Papal war. Insurrection of Moriscoes suppressed, in Spain. Death of Machiavelli. Birth of Camoens; died 1579. Sackville, earliest dramatist, born. 1528 Narvaez's expedition to Florida coast. Constable Bourbon at Rome. James V., of Scotland, reigns. Birth of P. Veronese, painter; died 1588. 1529 Diet at Spiers, Germany. Turks invade Austria. France and Spain sign treaty of peace at Cambria. Sir Thomas More, Chancellor. 1530 The Augsburg Confession published. Persecution of Protestants begun in France. Fall and death of Cardinal Wolsey. Reformation makes great progress in Switzerland. Italy conquered by Charles V. Russia makes peace with the Tartars. 1531 League of Smalkald formed by Protestant princes. First European Colony in South America. San Vincente founded. Royal. printing press established in France. Elliot's "Governor" issued. Death of Zwingle; born 1484. 1532 France annexes Brittany. Conquest of Peru begins. Calvin at Geneva. 1533 Ivan I., Czar, noted for his cruelty. Henry divorces Catherine, and marries Anne Boleyn. Birth of Montague; died 1592. The Hotel de Ville, Paris, founded. 1534 The Anabaptist war; they capture Munster. Henry VIII. is styled "Head of the Church"; authority of the Pope of Rome abolished in the kingdom. Carter's expedition to the Gulf of the St. Lawrence. Rebellion of Fitzgerald in Ireland. Foundation of Jesuit order. Comeggio died; born 1493. 1535 Execution of Sir Thomas More, in England. Cartier's second Voyage, enters and names the St. Lawrence, ascends the river as far as present site of Montreal. Mendoza founds Buenos Ayres, and conquers adjacent country. California supposed to have been discovered by an expedition fitted out by Cortez under Grijalva. Cromwell, vicar-general in England. Suppression of monasteries in England. Coverdale's Bible issued. Mendoza erects the first Mexican mint. 1536 Suppression of the Anabaptists, and death of John of Leyden. Anne Boleyn beheaded; Henry marries Jane Seymour. The Portuguese granted Macao, China. The Boulevards, Paris, commenced. 1537 English suppression of the monasteries. Death of Jane Seymour. Pilgrimage of Grace. 1539 Adoption of the six articles, England. First edition of Cromwell's Bible published. Cranmer's Anglican Liturgy. 1540 Execution of Cromwell. Greece subjected to the Ottoman Em pire. Henry VIII. marries Annie of Cleves, January 6; divorced July 9; marries Catherine Howard, August 8. James V., Of Scotland, dies. Mary proclaimed Queen of Scots; regency of Cardinal Beaton. Birth of Gascoigne; died 1577. Birth of Gilbert (magnetism); died 1603. Orellana sails down the Amazon to the sea. 1541 Great Tartar invasion of Russia repelled. De Solo discovers the Mississippi River. 1542 Catherine Howard executed. Henry VIII. takes the title of King of Ireland. Roberval's expedition to the St. Lawrence. 1543 Ivan IV., the Terrible, reigns, at the age of fourteen. Henry VIII. marries Catherine Parr. Death of Copernicus; born 1473. 1544 Grison League joins Swiss Confederacy. France at war with England and Spain. English invasion of France under Henry VIII. Birth of Tasso;- died 1595. University of Konigsberg founded by Duke Albert. 1545 Ivan IV. crowned by the Patriarch. Pope Paul III. erects Parma and Placentia into a Duchy. Aseham "Toxophilus." Council of Trent. 1546 Death of Martin Luther. France concludes peace with England. Assassination of Beaten, regent of Scot- land. 1546-'52 Charles V., of Germany, makes war on the Protestants, who are assisted later by Henry. II. 1547 Earl of Surrey, England, executed. Death of -Henry VIII. Edward VI. reigns under protectorship of the Duke of Somerset. Henry II. King of France. Battle of Pinkey. Death of Victoria Colonna; born 14 The Smalcadic war. Birth of Cervantes; died 1616 1548 Hall's Chronicle issued. 1549 Execution of Lord Seymour, England; arrest of his brother, the Duke of Somerset. 1550 John Knox's Scotch reformation. Udal, earliest English comedy. Birth of Coke; died 1634. 1551 Wilson's Art of Rhetoric published. 1552 The Book of Common Prayer published in England. Duke of Somerset beheaded. Metz successfully defended by the Duke of Guise. Close of religious war in Germany by the Peace of Passan. Massacre of Cazan, Russia. Birth of Sir Walter Raleigh; died 1618. 1553 Mary Tudor, daughter of Catherine of Aragon, succeeds Edward, July 6. Lady Jane Gray proclaimed Queen of England, July 10, but relinquishes the title. A. D. 1553 Restores the Roman Catholic religion in England. Trade between Enzland and Russia begun by the "Russian Company." Servetus burnt by Calvin. Birth of Hooker; died 1600. Birth of Spenser; died 1599. 1554 Lady Jane Gray and Lord Guilford Dudley beheaded. Mary marries Philip of Spain. Birth of Sir Philip Sydney; died 1586. Persecution of Protestants in England. Siberia discovered. Wyatt's insurrection suppressed in England. 1555 The English martyrs, Latimer, Ridley, Rogers, and Cranmer burned at the stake. Philip II. rules in Holland. Religious peace of Augsburg. Bale's "King John" issued. 1556 Charles, of Spain and Germany, retires to a monastery. Philip II. King of Spain. Ferdinand, his brother, succeeds in Germany. Reign of Akbar, the greatest sovereign of Hindoostan. 1557 Spain at war with France. Battle of St. Quentin; Philip gains a decisive victory. Alva takes Rome. 1558 Calais retaken by the French. Mary, of Guise, in Scotland, marries the Dauphine. Elizabeth accedes to English throne, November 17. Re-establishes - the Church of England. 1559 Francis II. King of France. Treaty of Cateau-Cambreris signed,"5 William Cecil Secretary in England. 1560 Charles IX. King of France; regency of Catherine de Medici. The Geneva Bible issued. Birth of Southwell; died 1596. Persecution of Protestants begun in Spain. 1561 Birth of Bacon; died 1626. Mary Stuart reigns in Scotland. Religious wars in France. 1562 Massacre of Protestants at Vassy. Huguenots defeated at Dreux by Guise. Russia and Sweden unite against Poland. Port Royal, Carolinas, founded by Huguenots. 1563 Guise killed at the siege of Orleans. Temporary peace with the Huguenots. The Escurial Palace of Spain founded. Tusser's Bucolics issued. Birth of Drayton; died 1631. 1564 Maximillian II. King of Germany. Florida colonized by Huguenots. Birth of Shakespeare; died 1616. Birth of Galileo; died 1640. The Tuileries, Paris, begun. 1565 Philip establishes the Inquisition in Holland. Mary Queen of Scots marries Lord Darn"ley. St. Augustine, Florida, founded by Melendez. 1566 Confederacy of "Guenx" (beggars) against Philip's cruelty. Murder of Rizzio, by Darnley, March 9. 1567 Religious wars resumed in France; Huguenots defeated at St. Denis. Alva enters the Netherlands. Assassination of Darnley, Feb. 10; Mary accused of connivance. Mary marries Brothwell, May 15; abdicates in favor of her son. James VI., Earl of Murray, regent. 1568 Mary escapes from prison, is defeated by Murray, at Langside, May 13, and seeks shelter in England. Bishop's Bible issued. 1569 Huguenots defeated at Jarnac and Moucontour. 1570 Rebellion of Moriscoes, in Spain, put down. Ivan massacres 25,000 persons at Novgorod, Russia. Hungary definitely annexed to Austria. Murray murdered; Lennox becomes regent. 1571 Birth of Kepler; died 1630. Spain allied with Venice and the Pope against the Turks. Battle of Lepanto; Turkish power crippled. Moscow, Russia, burned by the 'artars. Lennox murdered; Mar becomes regent. 1572 Rebellion of William of Orange against Philip's tyranny. Massacre of St. Bartholomew, France, August 24. Henry of Navarre marries Marguerite, of Valois. Birth of Inigo Jones; died 1652. 1574 Accession of Henry III., of France, the last of the Valois. Birth of Ben Jonson; died 1637. 1575 Elizabeth, of England, declines the sovereignty of Holland. Birth of-Guido Reni, painter; died 1642. 1576 Ghent pacified. Provinces in Holland unite against Spain. Accession of Rudolph II., of Germany. Frobisher enters San Francisco Bay. The Holy Catholic League organized. 1576 Birth of Burton; died 1640. Birth of Fletdher; died 1625. 1577 Birth of Rubens, painter; died 1626. 1579 League of Utrecht. Northern provinces of Holland declare their independence. Fitzgerald's. Irish rebellion suppressed. Sir Francis Drake lands in the Moluccas. 1580 Alva, of Spain, conquers Portugal; the united provinces renounce their allegiance. English take fortress of Smerwick, in Ireland, from Italians, and butcher 700 prisoners. Birth of Alexander, of Sterling; died 1640. 1581 Camapian's Jesuit conspiracy suppressed. 1582 Sante Fe, New Mexico, founded by Espejo. 1583 Birth of Hugo Grotius; died 1645. 1584 William of Orange assassinated. Henry III. killed by Jacques Clement; accession of Henry IV., of Navarre, first of Bourbon line. Expedition of Amidas and Barlow to America. 1585 Southern provinces of Holland subdued by the Duke of Parma. Treaty of Peace between Holland and England. Failure of Raleigh's Roanoke Island settlements. Davis Strait discovered by Davis. 1586 Battle of Zutphen. Sir Philip Sydney killed. Birth of Beaumont; died 1616. 1587 Prince Maurice becomes Stadtholder of Holland. Execution of Mary Queen of Scots at Frotheringay Castle. 1588 Assassination of the Duke of Guise and his brother, by order of the King. Destruction of the Spanish Armada off the English coast. 1590 Battle of Ivry. Henry IV. defeats the League. Barnevaldt, grand Pensionary of Holland. 1591 Birth of Herrick; died 1674. 1592 Sigismund, of Poland, in Sweden. Birth of Quarles; died 1644. Birth of Gassendi; died 1655. 1593 Henry IV. adopts the Catholic faith. 1594 Birth of Shirley; died 1666. A. D. 1595 Shakespeare's poems first issued. 1596 Capture of Cadiz by Essex. University of Barcellona founded. Birth of Descartes; died 1650. 1597 Bacon's essays published. 1598 Death of Philip II., of Spain. Philip. III. King; he banishes 300,000 Moors from Spain by A. D. 1610. The Netherlands ceded to Austria. Edict of Nantes in favor of Protestants, by Henry IV. Irish rebellion of O'Niel, or Tyrone; defeat of the English at Blackwater. Henry IV. commissions De la Roche to conquer Canada, in which he fails. The race of Ruric, who had governed Russia for 700 years, becomes extinct. Bodleian founded. 1599 Appenzel joins the Swiss Cantons. Birth of Vandyck, painter; died 1641. Birth of Velasquez, painter; died 1660. Modern History. 1600 Maurice, of Holland, invades Flanders. The Dutch East India Company chartered with a capital of $360,000. Chauvin's trading voyages to Tadoussac, Canada. Birth of the painter, Rembrandt; died 1669. Birth of Claude Lorraine, painter; died 1682. Portuguese introduce tobacco into India. 1601 Execution of the Earl of Essex, February 25. Alleged discovery of Australia by Portuguese. 1602 Siege of Geneva, Switzerland; Charles of Savoy defeated. Champlain's first expedition to the St. Lawrence. 1603 Death of Queen Elizabeth; accession of James IV., of Scotland, to English Crown, as James I. Union of England and Scotland, March 4. 1604 First settlements in Nova Scotia by Acadians. Port Royal, on Bay of Fundy, founded. Hampton Court Conference. 1605 Discovery of the Gunpowder Plot to blow up Parliament. 1606 Groat fire in Constantinople. Matins at Moscow. Demetrius, a pretended son of Ivan, and many Poles massacred. Liberty of worship given to Protestants, in Austria, by peace of Vienna. Australia observed by the Dutch. Silk and other manufactures introduced into France. Mantua ceded to the Emperor of Austria. Birth of Corneille; died 1684. 1607 Settlement of Jamestown?, Vs., by Lord de la Warr. 1608 Quebec founded by Champlain. John Sigismund created Elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Prussia. Ulster settlements made by the English. Birth of John Milton; died 1674. 1609 Truce of Antwerp; independence of united provinces of Holland. Moriscoes expelled from Spain by Philip III. The Douay. Bible first issued. Peace between Spain and the Dutch. Henry Hudson discovers Hudson River. Champlain's discoveries in Canada. / Virginia obtains a new charter. Hawkins at Mogul Court. King James drives the Irish from Ulster and divides the land between England and Scotland. 1610 "King James' Version" of the Bible completed. Henry IV. of France assassinated; Marie de Medici Regent. Louis XIII. King of France. " The Palais-Royal, Paris, built. 1611 The title of Baronet created by James I. Champlain returns to America, founds Montreal, and is in supreme command in Canada. Issue of the English Bible, "King James' Version." Carr, afterwards Somerset, favorite in England. 1612 Mathias becomes Emperor of Germany. English factories established in India. Virginia receives a third charter. Death of Prince Henry. 1613 Accession of the Romanoff Dynasty in Russia. Michael Fedorvoitz Czar. f Champlain explores the Ottawa River, Canada. The Overbury murder, England. Louis XIII. assumes the exercise of the Government. Princess Elizabeth, of England, marries Frederic, Elector of Palatine. 1614 English defeat Portuguese in Bombay. New Amsterdam, now New York, built by the Dutch. Smith explores the New England coast. Dutch settlements in New Jersey. Napier's Logarithms. 1615 Villier's Duke of Buckingham, favorite, 1616 The present Tsing Dynasty in China established by Mantchou Tartars. Death of Cervantes and Shakespeare. Harvey discovers circulation of blood. 1617 Ladislaus, of Poland, marches on Moscow. Finland ceded to Sweden. 1618 The thirty years' war begins in Bohemia, between the Protestants, under the Elector Palatine, and the Catholic Bavarian League. Sir Walter Raleigh executed. Matthias II., of Hungary, abdicates; accession of Ferdinand IL Australian coast surveyed by Zeachee and others. Kepler's Laws published. 1619 Execution of Barneveldt, Holland. The 'Dutch visit India and establish a united East India Company. 1620 Battle of Prague; defeat of Hungarian Protestants. Puritans arrive at Plymouth. "Great Patent" to Virginia company is. sued. Dutch vessels with first negro slaves enter James River. Navarre annexed to France. 1621 Spain and Holland at War. Philip IV. King of Spain. The Dutch West India Company formed. Lord Bacon impeached and overthrown. 1622 Seldom- and Pym imprisoned. Birth of Moliere; died 1673. 1623 New Hampshire first settled. First edition of Shakespeare's works. 1624 Richelieu's reforms, begins with the finances. England declares war with Spain. 1625 Prince Frederick Henry reigns in Holland. Accession of Ferdinand III., of Hungary. Accession of King Charles I., of England; he marries Princess Henrietta Maria, of France. Huguenot uprising. 1626 Death of Lord Bacon. I.~' [;;W

Page  131 SUPPLEMENT XIV. ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL' AND MODERN HISTORY. 1627 War of the Mantuan succession, in Italy. Delaware settled by Swedes and Finns. Cardinal Richelieu's scheme for colonizing Canada. The company of one hundred associates formed. War between England and France. Birth of Brossnetj died 1704. 1628 The Duke of Buckingham assassinated. Rochelle surrenders after a memorable siege. Petition of Right, England. Massachusetts Bay settled. Elliot sent to the Tower of London. Birth of John Bunyan; died 1688. 1629 English seize French possessions in Canada. Champlain made prisoner and sent to England. SCharter granted to Massachusetts Bay Company. Edict of Restitution. 1630 The city of Boston founded. Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, invades Germany.~ 1631 Treaty of Cherasco, between Louis of France and Victor Amadeus I., of Savoy. Birth of Dryden; died 1700. 1632 Charter of Maryland granted to Lord Baltimore, and settled by Irish Catholics. Canada restored to the French by treaty of St. Germain. The Cavalier Poets. Birth of Lock; died 1704. 1633 Champlain returns to Canada with new settlers. Battle of Lutzen; victory and death of Gustavus Adolphus. 1634 French Academy established by Richelieu. Spain at war with France, which is invaded. Assassination of Wallenstein. Ship money levied in England. 1635 Connecticut settlements at Hartford, "Windsor and Weathersfield. Rogers Williams driven from Massachusetts, settles in Rhode Island., Death of Champlain. The "Tulip mania" prevails in Holland. 1636 University of Utrecht founded. Claius' play of Creation. 1637 Pequod Indian war in Connecticut. Gov. De Montmagny arrives in Canada. The Islnnd of Montreal settled. Hampden's trial in England respecting "ship money." Prynne fined. by Star Chamber. Harvard College founded. First settlement at Brooklyn, Long Island. 1638 New Haven colony founded. First peace between the Iroquois and Canada. Turks defeat Persians, and take Bagdad. Solemn League and Covenant between England and Scotland. 1639 Van Tromp, of Holland, captures two Spanish fleets. Pacification of Dunse. Withdrawal of English army from Scotland. First printing press in America. Birth of Racine; died 1699. 1640 John of Braganza drives- Spaniards from Portugal. Portugal wins its independence. Beginning of the Long Parliament. First American book issued. 1641 Earl of Stafford beheaded. Judgment against, Hampden annulled. Ulster rebellion in Ireland; massacre of English. Fort St. George built at Madras. 164.2 Death of Galileo and Richelieu. Charles I. attempts to seize members in the House. Civil war in England. Battle of Edgehili, Oct. 23. Tasman coasts, South Australia and Van Diemans Land explored. Hobb's Leviathan published. Birth of Newton" died 1727. First ferry between New York and Brooklyn established. 1[643 Accession of Louis XIV., the Great, in France. Regency of Anne of Austria, and ascendency of Mazarin. Battle of Chalgrove, June -18, and Newbury, Sept. 20. Covenant approved by Parliament. Turrene on the Rhine. Torrieelli's Barometer. 1[644 Battle of Marston Moor; victory of Cromwell. Second battle of Newbury, Oct. 27. Charter granted to Rhode Island. Indian massacre in Virginia. Self-denying ordinance, England. Birth of William Penn; died 1718.:1645 Archbishop Land beheaded, Jan. 10. Battle of Naseby, June 14; decisive defeat of royalists. Battle of Philiphaugh; Montrose defeated by Cromwell. "Alexis, called the Father of his country, Czar of Russia. Royal Society of England founded. 1646 Charles I. seeks refuge in Scotland, and is surrendered to the Parliament. Birth of Leibnitz; died 1716. 164" Conversion of Indians in Canada to Christianity. 1648 Treaty of Westphalia. Switzerland's independence acknowledged. Holland given up by Spain, becomes a republic. End of the thirty years' war between Catholics and Protestants. Pomerania, and other territory, annexed to Prussia. Civil wars of the Froude. 1U48 Canadians at war with the Indians. The House of Brandenburg acquire Halberstadt and Minden. New Amsterdam contains about 1,000 inhabitants. 1649 Trial and execution of Charles I. Massacre and capture of Drogheda, Ireland, by Cromwell. Confession of Faith. 1650 Marquis of Montrose beheaded in Scotland. 1651 Leopold I. made King of Hungary. Charles II. crowned at Scone, Scotland, Jan. 1. Battle of Worcester, Sept. 3, and defeat of Royalists. Charles II. flees to France. "Barebones" Parliament. Birth of Fenelon; died 1715. English Navigation Act. 1652. England at war with Holland. "The Dutch, under Van Tromp, "sweep the Channel." De Ruyter defeated by Blake. 1653 Negro insurrection suppressed in Mexico. Peace between England and Holland. Death of Van Tromp. Long Parliament dissolved by Cromwell, April 20. He becomes Lord Protector, Dec. 16. 1654 Jesuits establish themselves among the Onondaga Iroquois. Russian victories in Poland. 1655 Spain and Englanc at war, which lasts five years. 1656 Russian Truce of N-emetz, or Wilma, with Poland. Prussia declared independent of Poland. Frederic William, the Great Elector. 1656 Jamaica conquered. 1657 Convention gives Cromwell power to appoint his successor. Death of Admiral Blake. 1658 Accession of Leopold I. in Germany. Death of Oliver Cromwell; Richard Cromwell, his son, succeeds him. 1659 Auto de fa, of the Inquisition, Mexico. Richard Cromwell resigns title of Lord Protector. Peace of the Pyrenees. 1660 The restoration. Charles II. returns to England; the mon-.archy re-established. Birth of Stahl; died 1734. 1661 Death of Mazarin. Colbert, Minister of Finance, in France. Execution of the Marquis of Argyle, in Scotland. Birth of De Foe; died 1731. The Royal Palace at Versailles. commenced; court opened there in 1672. 1662 ~Terrible earthquake in Pekin; 300,000 lives lost. Act of Uniformity, May 19. The Church of England restored. Charles marries Catherine of Braganza, May 20. 16e3 Canada becomes a royal government under Louis XIV. Earthquake in Canada. Birth of Cotton Mather; died 1728. 1664 France begins war with Holland. New Jersey sold to Lord Berkeley; settled at Elizabethtown. The English take New Amsterdam and name it New York. North Carolina settled. De Courcelles governor in Canada. War with the Mohawks. 1665 Second Dutch war with England. Death of Philip II.; regency of Anne. The Great Plague in London. Western Australia named New Holland, by Dutch..Canada granted to French West India Company. 1666 De Ruyter defeated by Monk. Mohawk villages destroyed by the French. Great fire in London. The French Academy of Sciences founded. 1667 Perpetual edict abolishes office of stadtholder in Holland. First Russian vessel built. Birth of Swift; died 1745. New York City; 384 houses. 1668 Triple Alliance; England, Holland and Sweden united against France. Treaty of Lisbon. Spain recognizes Portugal's independence. Russian ambassador sent to France and Spain. 1670 France and Sweden break the triple Alliance,. and declare war against Holland. First settlements of English in South Carolina. Champs Elysees, Paris, planted. 1671 Birth of Steele; died 1729. 1672 Coude and Turenne overrun Holland. Perpetual edict of 1667 revoked. William of Orange, stadtholder. The De Witts assassinated in Holland. The Holland dikes opened, and French driven out. The French acquire Pondicherry, India. Count, de Frontenac, - Governor of Canada. Paris Academy of Music founded. Birth of Addison; died 1719. 1673 Virginia granted to Arlington and Culpepper. Discoveries of Marquette and Joliet in the northwest. 1674 Death of the poet John Milton. Discovery of the Mississippi. 1675 King Philip's war in New England. Birth of Clarke" died 1729.. 1677 William of Orange marries Mary. "Paradise Lost" first published. 1678 Russia begins war with the Turks. Peace of Nimeguen, France. England alarmed by Titus Oates, stories of a false "Popish plot." Sir Edward Berry Godfrey found tourdered. Expedition of La Salle. Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress" published. Birth of Bolinbroke" died 1751. 1679 Habeas Corpus Act passes parliament. Archbishop Sharpe murdered by covenanters, who defeat Cloverhouse at London Hill, but are routed at Both well Bridge. 1680 East India Company begins trading in China. Execution of Lord Stafford, Dec. 29. Mississippi river explored by Hennepin. Charleston, South Carolina, founded. The Exclusion Bill, England. Origin of the Whig and Tory. ~ Mahratta power begins in India. 1681 La Salle sails down the Mississippi, and names Louisiana. De Frontenac recalled from Canada. Reign of Ivan and Peter I., the- Great, in Russia. Murder of La Salle, in Louisiana. The Cossacks subdued by Russia. 1682 William Penn settles in Pennsylvania. Delaware granted to Penn. 1683 Sobieski, of Poland, raises the siege of Vienna. Discovery of Rye House plot, to secure succession for Duke of Monmouth. Execution of Lord Russell, July 21, and Algernon Sydney, Dec. 7. Canada renews war with the Iroquois. Mahomet I. besieges Vienna, but fails. 1684 Greece invaded by the Venetians. Birth of Berkeley; died 1753. 1685 Revocation of Edict of Nantes; terrible persecutions of French and Protestants follow. Accession of James IT. of England. Argyle's rebellion suppressed, and his execution. Duke of Monmouth, natural son of Charles II., lands' at Lyme, June 11; proclaimed king at Taunton, June 20. 1685 Battle of Segermoor, July 6; defeat and execution of Monmouth. Texas colonized by Spaniards. Birth of Handel; died 1759. Birth of Bach; died 1750. 1686 William Dampier lands in Australia. Louis marries Madame de Maintenon. Alliance between Russia and Poland against the Turks. Birth of Allan Ramsay; died 1757. Birth of Young; "died 1765. 1687 Athens captured by the Venetians. Hungarian crown declared to be in the Austrian male line. Accession of Joseph I. Madame Guyon, and the "Quietists," persecuted. 1688 Trial and acquittal of the seven bishops, June 30. Abdication and flight of James II., Dec. 23. Landing of the Prince of Orange on English soil. Bonsset's Variations issued. Birth of Pope; died 1744. 1689 William and Mary proclaimed King and Queen, Feb. 13..James II. lands in Ireland. Peter the Great, sole sovereign in Russia. Cloverhouse's rebellion in Scotland suppressed. King William's war. French and Indians ravage New England frontier. Canadian expedition fails. The Toleration Act passes Parliament. Iroquois lay waste the Island of Montreal. Frontenac again made Governor of Canada. France at war with England. Birth of Montesquieu; died 1755. 1690 French and Indians destroy Schenectady, New York. Massacre of Salmon Falls. Siege of Londonderry. British colonies in America resolve to invade Canada. "Unsuccessful attack made on Quebec by the British fleet. Spain joins the "Grand Alliance" against France. William III. lands in Ireland, June 10. Battle of the Boyne, July 1; James defeated. 1691 French invasion of Spain. Aragon and Catalonia ravaged. Treaty of Limerick deprives James of power ini-reland, and grants amnesty to rebels. 1692 Beginning of the English national,debt. Insurrection in the City of Mexico. Massacre of Glencoe. Battles in Steinkirk and Landen. Birth of Bradley; died 1762. 1693 Battle of Mars-aglia; the Duke of Savoy defeated by the French under Catinat. 1694 Bank of England established. Mary, Queen of England, dies. Dictionary of French Academy issued. University of Halle founded. Birth of Bishop Butler; died 1752. Birth of Voltaire; died 1778. Birth -f1 Chesterfield; died 1773. 1695 Turks again invade Hungary. Bayle's Diction'ary published. Abolition of censorship of the English press. Namur falls. 1696 Trinity Church, New York, founded. 1697 Peace of Ryswick. Treaty between England, France, Spain and Holland. Peter, Czar of Russia, visits Holland and England, and learns useful trades. Peter suppresses the conspiracy of the Strelitz, and punishes its members with barbarous cruelty. End of King William's war. Birth of Hogarth, painter; died 1774. 1698 Death of Frontenac. First Partition treaty, regulates Spanish succession, and cedes territory to France. The Darien expedition sails. Second East India Company formed. Birth of Savage;.died 1743. Birth of Warburton; died 1779. 1699 Peace of Carlowitz, between. Turks and the Allies. The Morea ceded to Venice. Further explorations of the Mississippi. Fenelon's "Telemaque" issued. -. 1700 The French in Canada make peace with the Iroquois. Second Partition treaty in Spain, declares the Arch Duke Charles next in succession. Charles II., of Spain, the last of the House of Austria, dies, and is succeeded by Philip V., of the House of Bourbon. 1701 War of the Spanish succession begins in Italy and continues until 1713. Death of James I1., in exile, at St. Germain, Sept. 16. Spain allied with France and Mantua. The French found Detroit. The Prussian monarchy established by Frederick, and reoognized by Leopold, of Germany. Russia at war with Sweden. Total defeat of Peter at the battle of Narva, by Charles XII. Census of New York gave 6,000 inhabitants. 1702 Death of William 111. of England. Anne succeeds to the English throne, March 8. Beginning of "Queen Anne's War.'; Prussia takes Guelders from the Dutch. Holland, Austria.and England declare war with France and Spain. Treaty of French with the Five Nations. Massachusetts frontier ravaged by Indians. 1703 Peter founds St. Petersburgh, and makes it the capital of the empire. Portugal joins alliance against Spain and France. Irish parliament 'petitions for union. Birth of Jonathan Edwards; died 1758. Birth of John Wesley; died 1794. 1704 Battle of Blenheim; English and their allies, under Marlborough, victorious over the French. The English capture Gibraltar. Peter abolishes the Strelitz, or royal body guard. England passes the Irish "Popery Act." Battle of Donanwerth. 1705 Charles acknowledged King of Spain at Barcelona. Joseph I. becomes Emperor of Germany. 1706 Defeat of the French at Ramilles. Battle of Turin. The French raise the siege and surrender Naples and Lombardy. Birth of Ben Franklin; died 1790. 1707 Union of England and Scotland as the Kingdom of Great Britain. Nuenburg seized and Lecklenburg purchased by Frederick I. Holland, Germany and England at war against France. First expedition against Port- Royal, Nova Scotia, fails. Defeat of the allies, at Almauze. Death of Aurungzebe. Birth of Fielding; died 1754. Birth of Buffon; died 1788. 1708 Mantua ceded to Joseph I., of Austria. The French squadron routed by the English, under Admiral Byng. Discovery of Herculaineum. 1709 England determines upon the conquest of Canada. Battle of Pultowa; Peter totally defeats Charles XII., of Sweden, who flies to Turkey. 14,000 Swedish prisoners sent by Peter to colonize Siberia. 1709 Battle of Malplaquet; Marlborough again defeats the French. Birth of Samuel Johnson; died 1784. 1710 Capture of Port Royal, Nova Scotia, by the English, and name changed to Annapolis. Rout of Spaniards, under Philip V., at battle of Almenava. Sacheverell's riots in Great Britain; dissenting meeting houses destroyed. The "Tattler" first published. 1711 Attack and repulse of English fleet on Quebec. Russia at war with Turkey. Accession of Charles VI., of Germany. A slave market opened in Wall Street, New York. Birth of Hume; died 1776. 1712 The principality of Meurs acquired by Prussia. Peace of Aargau; end of the religious war in Switzerland. Accession of Charles as. Emper6r.- cf Austria, Birth of Rosseau; died 1779. 1713 Treaty of Utrecht between the great powers, and terminates the wars of Queen Anne. Newfoundland and Nova Scotia ceded to England. Italy divided; a part of the Duchy of Milan given to the Emperor of Austria. Barcelona, Spain, besieged. Frederick William I. becomes King of Prussia. Peter takes the title of Emperor of Russia. Birth of Sterne; died 1768. 17141 Death of Queen Anne. George I. becomes King of England, Aug. 1. Hanovarian succession begins. Treaty of Rastadt; Austria acquires the Netherlands. Birth of Whitefield; died 1770. Birth of Gluck; died 1787. 1715 Rebellion in Scotland under the Earl of Mar. Battles of Preston and Sheriffmuir and defeat of the rebels. Landing of the Chevilier at Peterhead, December 22. Louis XV., King of France, with the Duke of Orleans Regent. Austria acquires Naples, Milan, etc. Russia adds Esthonia, Levonia, and a large part of Finland to the Empire. Peter visits Germany, Holland and France. Occupation of the Morea by Turkey. Rule of Cardinal Alberoni in Spain. Prussia and Sweden at war. Death of Louis the Great; accession of Louis XV., his grandson. 1716 Great era of speculation. George Law's financial schemes. The village charter of Brooklyn first issued. The Septennial Bill passed in England. Birth of Garrick, actor; died 1779. 1717 New Orleans founded. Belgrade abandoned by Turkey. 1718 The Duke of Savoy becomes King of Sardinia. Peace of Passavowitz. Austria gains additional territory. Russia expels the Jesuits. Turkey re-establishes supremacy in Greece. Arch of St. Denis, Paris, 'completed. 1719 Battle of Glenshiel. Ostend East India Company founded. Mohammed Shah ascends the': throne of India. Robinson Crusoe published. 1720 Sardinia is made a kingdom. Law's Mississippi South Sea Bubble, and other schemes, collapse. Widespread financial distress. 1721 Birth of Smollet; died 1771. Birth of Foote, actor; died 1777. 1722 The Pragmatic Sanction settles the Imperial Crown of Germany on Maria Theresa. Death of the Duke of Marlborough. 1723 The Jesuits expelled from China. Birth of Reynolds, painter; died 1792. Birth of Adam Smith; died-ý 1790. Birth of Blackstone, jurist; died 1780. 1724 Philip V., of Spain, abdicates, but resumes power upon the death of Louis, his son. "Wood's half-pence." Great excitement in Ireland. Modern History at Oxford University. Guy's Hospital founded. 1725 Death of Peter the Great. Catherine I. becomes Empress of Russia. The New York Gazette founded. Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, established. 1726 Prussia concludes a league with Ger~many. Birth of Hutton; died 1797. 1727 Death of George I., and accession of George II., in England, June 11. Death of Sir Isaac Newton. 1[728 Birth of Goldsmith; died 1774. 1729 A city library founded in New York. Birth of Lessing; died 1781. 1730 Peter II., the last of the Romanoffs, de.. posed. Anne, Duchess of Courland and daughter of Ivan IV., becomes Empress of Russia..Birth of J. Watt; died 1[819. 1731 Birth of Cavendish; died 1810. Birth of ~Cowper; died 1[800. 1732 Birth of George Washington, Feby. 22. 1733 Georgia settled by Oglethorpe. Birth of Wieland; died 1813. 1734 "Lettres Philosophiques" burnt by the hangman. Birth of Priestly; died 1804. 1735 Charles, the son of Philip V., conquers Naples and crowned king of the two - Sicilies. Birth of John Adams; died.1826. 1736 Marriage of Maria Theresa to Francis I., Duke of Lorraine. War between Spain and Portugal. Birth of Mozart, musician; died 1792. 1737 Hungary again at war with the Turks. Birth of Gibbon, historian; died 1794. 1738 Birth of Benjamin West, painter; died 1820. Birth of Sir William Herschel; died 1822. 1739 England again declares war with Spain. Treaty of Belgrade between Russia, Austria and Turkey. Russia renounces her rights on the Black Sea. Invasion of India by Persia. Delhi sacked by Nadir Shah. Methodism begins in England. Prohibition of the publication of Debates in England. 1740 Death of the Emperor Charles VI., of Germany, last of the male line of the House of Hapsburg. Maria. Theresa, his daughter, becomes Queen of Hungary- and Empress of Germany. Frederick the Great, King of Prussia. Prussia advanced to the rank of a firstclass power. Ivan VI., an infant, emperor of Russia. New York Society Library founded. Swedenborg flourishes. 1741 Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony and France make war upon Maria Theresa, who receives support from Great Britain. Prussian victory at Molwitz. Breslau ceded to Prussia. Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great, imprisons Ivan VI. for life and reigns in his stead. Russia at war with Sweden. 1742 The Elector of Bavaria elected Emperor of Germany as Charles VII. 1743 The French defeated at Dettingn by the English. Birth of Thomas Jefferson; died 1826. 1744 Hostilities renewed in America between France and England, known as King George's War. Friesland annexed to Prussia. 1745 Capture of Louisburg by Massachusetts "militia, under Pepperell. Francis I., Duke of Lorraine, consort of Maria Theresa, elected Emperor of Germany. The young pretender lands at Moidart, Scotland. Defeat of the Royalists at Preston Pans, Jan. 17, and invasion of England. Birth of Hannah More; died -. Birth of John Jay; died 1829. Birth of Benjamin Rush;, died 1813. 1746 Royalists again Falkirk, Jan. 17. 1746 Total defeat of the Pretender, at Culleden, April 16. Victories of Marshal Saxe. Invasion of Shirley, Nova Scotia. French and English struggle for possession of India. Capture of Madras by the French. 1747 The French invade Flanders. Statd~holdership revived ii Holland. Execution of Lord Lovat in England. Klopstock's Messiah issued. Birth of David, painter; died 1825. 1748 The Peace of Aix la Chapelle. The House of Austria confirmed in the possession of Milan. France takes a part of Flanders. 1749 De La Jouquille becomes governor of Canada. French encroach upon Nova Scotia. Birth of Goethe; died 1832. Birth of Laplace; died 1827. Birth of Playfair; died 1750 Treaty of Madrid, between England and Spain. The first theater in New York opened. Discovery of Pompeii. Paoli's Corsican revolt, 1819. 1751 Lord Clive takes Arcot, India. Diderot and D'Alembert French Encyclopedie. Birth of Sheridan; died 1817. Birth of James Madison; died 1836. 1752 The Marquis Duquesne Governor of Canada; he prepares for war with Great Britain and her colonies. The French dispute the claim of Virginia to the valley of the Ohio. New style. of year introduced into England; Sept. 3 counted as Sept. 14. The Journals ordered to be printed by the British Parliament. 1753 Hostilities begin in the American colonies; French seize Hudson Bay Company's trading posts; George Washington sent to St. Pierre. Charles III. King of Spain. 1754 Kentucky settled by Daniel Boone. Peace between France and England in India. Fort Necessity built at Great Meadows; Washington surrenders it to De Villiere with honors of war. Kings, now Columbia, College, New York, chartered. 1755 Braddock and his army defeated by the French and Indians. Defeat of Dieskau at Lake George. French Acadians taken from their homes. Frontier settlements in New York and Pennsylvania harassed by the French and Indians. Niagara expedition fails. Lisbon destroyed by an earthquake. Birth of Dr. Hahnemann; died 1843. Birth of Mrs. Siddons, actress; died 1831. 1756 War declared between France and England. Beginning of the Seven Years' War. Austria, Russia and France allied against Prussia. Frederick invades Saxony and captures Saxon army. Montcalm sent to Canada and seizes Oswego, New York. The conquest of India begun by Great ( Britain. Admiral Byng executed, March 14. Dowlah, Viceroy of Bengal, captures Calcutta after a heroic defense by Holwell. 'The Black Hole tragedy, June 20. 1757 Fort William Henry, on Lake George, captured by Montcalm. Lord Clive's victories in India; takes Calcutta, January 2; Chanderuagore, March 23. Battle of Plassey, June 23, establishes English power in India. Battle of the Prague, May 6, victory of Frederick, Frederick defeated in the battle of Ko; lin, May 18. Defeat of Prussians at Battle of Breslau. Austria concludes treaty with France for division of Prussia. Victory of Frederick in the battles of Rosbach, Nov. 5, and Lissa, Dec. 5. Attempted assassination of King Louis of France by Damiens. Birth of Jonathan Trumbull; died 1804. Birth of Alexander Hamilton; died 1804. Birth of J. P. Kemble, actor; died 1823. Birth of Canova, sculptor; died 1822. ~ 1758 Louisburg captured by the English, under Wolfe. Cape Breton Island and Prince Edward's Island captured. Abercrombie defeated by Montcalm, at Ticonderoga. Fort Frontenac capitulates to Bradstreet; Fort George built.. General Forbes captures Fort Duquesne from the French. Prussians defeated at the Battle of Hochkerchau. The French seize Forts St. David and Ascot, India. 1759 Fort Niagara captured by the British, July 23. The French abandon Ticonderoga and Crown Point. Battle of the Plains of Abraham. Death of the French and English commanders, Montcalm and Wolfe, Sept. 1. Quebec surrenders to the English. Charles III., King of the two Sicilies, becomes King of Spain. The Prussians defeated in the battles of Minders, Cunersdorf and Maxen. The French driven back in India. England obtains much territory from Subadhar, of Deccan. Birth of Robert Burns; died 1796. Birth of Schiller; died 1805. 1760 Quebec attacked by the French under De Levi. Montreal captured by the English. Surrender of Canada to Great Britain. Death of George II., of England, and succession of George III., Oct. 25. Berlin captured by the Austrians and Russians. Battle of Torgan; defeat of the Austrians. Thurot's invasion of Ireland. Coote retakes Arcot, India. 1761 George III. marries Charlotte Sophia, of Mecklenburg, Strelitz. The French surrender Pondicherry, irn India. 1762 Revolution at St. Petersburg. Peter III. murdered, and Catherine II., called the Great, becomes Empress of Russia. Spain again declares war against England and Portugal and invades the latter country. Battles of Freiburg and Burkersdorf; Austrians defeated in Silesia, by Frederick. Jesuits banished from France. Lord Rute, Prime Minister, England. 1763 Peace of Paris. Canada ceded to Great Britain. Pondicherry restored to France. Governor Murray appointed governor of Canada, and first introduces English laws. 1763 Close of the Seven Years' War. Treaty of Hubertsburg; Silesia added to Prussia. Treaty of Madrid restores peace between Spain, Portugal and, England. John Wilkes arrested for sedition. Explorations of Willis and Carteret in Australia. Great defeat of native princes, at battle of Buxar, India, Oct. 23. S.. :." I E1 p

Page  132 SUPPL EMENT XV. ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY I 1763 Pontiac's war; Indians capture English forts and massacre inhabitants. The Sandy Hook lighthouse first lighted. G. Granville, English Prime Minister. Birth of J. Paul Richter; died 1825. 1764 Murder of Ivan VI., by order of the Empress. Indians sue for peace. End of Pontiac's war. British parliament decrees heavy duties on imports. The Pantheon, St. Genevieve, Paris, founded. Modern History. From A. D. 1765 to the present time, by Countries. CHINA. 1793 Reception of the English Embassy at Pekin. 1812 Edict against Christianity because of Jesuits. -1816 Failure of Lord Ambert's Embassy. 1832 Kingdom of Korea established. 1834 Opium trade prohibited. 1839 Opium seized, causing trouble with British. Chinese outrages in Canton. Hong Kong captured. Naval battles. 1840 Tpade with England forbidden by the Emperor. Canton and coast blockaded. War ends in a truce. 1841 War renewed owing to China's bad faith. Victory of the British. Treaty giving England Hong Kong and $6,000,000, repudiated by Emperor. 1842 Treaty of peace, at Nankin, with England, August 29. Hiong Kong ceded to England. The Chinese cities of Canton, Amoy, Foochoofoo, Ningpo and Shanghae opened to British. China pays $21,000,000. 1843 Treaty ratified by Queen Victoria and the Emperor Taou-Kwang. Hong Kong charter issued, April 5. 1850 Rebellion in Quang-Si successful. 1853 Nankin and Shanghae taken by rebels. 1256 Renewal of war owing to Chinese outrages on Europeans. Commodore Elliott, U. S. N., destroys Chinese fleet. 1857 Blockade of Canton. 1858 Capture of Canton by English and French. Treaty of Lord Elgin. Chinese pirates destroyed. 1859 Commercial treaty with United States. English Envoy attacked by Chinese. 1860 England and France at war with China. European allies victorious. Treaty of peace signed October 24. Surrender of Pekin, Oct. 12. Ratification of treaty with Russia. China forced to pay indemnity, and to apologize. Former treaty ratified. 1861 Allies restore Canton to the Chinese. Rebels defeated by French and English aid. 1864 Suicide of Tien-wang, the rebel emperor. 18@5 Prince Kung becomes regent during minority of emperor. 1868 Burlingame Embassy visit United States and sign treaty.:1869 Burlingame, Chinese Embassy, received at Paris. 1870 French, consul and many:priests massacred at Tien-tsin. 1871 Chinese apologize and give indemnities. Marriage of Emperor. 1873 Ki-Tsiang of age; becomes Emperor as Tung-chi, Jan. 22. 1875 Death of the Emperor Tung-Chi, Jan. 22; accession of Tsai-Tien, born 1871, son of Prince Chart. First Chinese railway from Shanghae to Woosung opened. 1877 Terrible famine throughout the Empire. Edict forbidding opium smoking. 1880 Serious troubles with Russia. 1881 Treaty. of peace concluded with Russia. 1883 Sacking of European quarter in Canton. 1884 Treaty of peace, with France, May 11. The Imperial Government sanctions the introduction of railways, June 20. The Chinese Government declares war against France, Aug. 15. French destroy Kinpai Forts at Foochow, Aug. 28. Repulse of the French at Tamsui. French admiral declares all the Formorsan ports to be blockaded. Insurrection in Korea. Assassination of the King's son, Dec. 4. Bhamo, Korea, captured by the Chinese, Dec. 8. 1885 Langson, in Cochin China, captured by the French, Feb. 12; evacuated March 28. Peace concluded with France, April 6; signed at Tien-tsin, June 9. 1885 Admiralty Board created, Dec. 15. 1888 Marriage of the Emperor, Feb. 25. 1890 British Consulate at Ching-Kung-Foo wrecked, Feb. 6. 1891 Floods and famine in Northern Districts, April. 1894-5 War with Japan and continued defeats of the Chinese armies and navies. 1895 Peace concluded with Japan, China paying a large indemnity and relinquishing her claims on Corea. Massacre of missionaries in the interior. 1900 "Boxer" uprising in China. 1901 Chinese government agrees to terms demanded by the powers. 1908 Death of Kwang-Hsu, emperor, and TsuHsi, dowager empress, Nov. 14-15. Edict issued appointing Prince Chun to regency and his son, Pu-Yi, heir presumptive. 1909 International opium conference held at Shanghai, February. 1911 Revolution, and general uprising. Republic of China proclaimed. 1912 Manchu dynasty abdicates. INDIA. 167 Nabob of Oudh becomes tributary to British. East India Company made receiver of Bengal, Bahar and Orissa. 1760 Treaty with Nizam of the Deccan. 1767 Alliance of Nizam and Hyder Ali, who attack the British and are defeated at Vellore. 1769 Hyder Ali, a Musselman adventurer, marches on Madras and compels English to form alliance. 1770 Terrible famine in Bengal. 1771 The Mahrattas enter Delhi. 1772 Warren Hastings becomes governor of Bengal. 1774 Office of Governor General created. Rohilla army defeated. 1775 Benares ceded to the East Indian Company; charges of bribery against 'Warren Hastings. 1778 Pondicherry captured by the British. 1780 Arcot taken by Hyder Ali. Hastings defeats Hyder Ali's invasion of Carnatic. 1781 Defeat of the triple alliance of the Nizam, the Mahrattas and Hyder All. Battle of Novo Porto, July 1. Treaty of Chunar, between Hastings and the Subadhar of Oudh. 1782 Tippoo Saib, son of Haydes Ali, secures the assistance of the French against the English. Trincomlee lost by the British. Hyder Ali succeeded by Tippoo Saib. 1783 French troops under Bussy arrive. Tippoo Saib captures Bedmore. 1784 Treaty of peace concluded with Tippoo Saib. * Pitt's India bill passes Parliament. 1785 Return of Warren Hastings to England. Succeeded by Sir John Macpherson. 1786 Lord Cornwallis appointed Governor General of India. Reform of the Company's Civil Service. 1788 Declaratory Act passes Parliament. Trial of Warren Hastings begins in Westminster Hall; Burke opens, Feb. 15-19; * Sheridan presents charges in relation to the Begums, June 3-13. 1789 Tippoo Saib attacks Travancore, Dec. 24, and is defeated. 1790 Travancore captured and plundered by Tippoo Saib. Treaty with Mahrattas concluded. 1791 Lord Cornwallis takes Bengalore. Tippoo routed at the battle of Arikera, May 14; Hastings begins his admirable defense. 1792 Peace concluded with Tippoo Saib. 1793 Renewal of charter of East India Company for twenty years. Pondicherry taken by the British. 1795 Warren Hastings acquitted. 1798 Marquis of Wellesley appointed Governor General. 1799 British take Seringapatam. Tippoo Saib killed, May 4. Restoration of the Mysore to the rightful Hindoo sovereign. Rajah of Tangore surrenders his power to the English. 1800 Surrender of Surat to the British. Nizam cedes Mysore to the British. 1802 Pondicherry given to France at the treaty of Amiens. The British receive further concessions. Treaty of Bassein, between the East India Company and the Peishwa, breaks up the Mahratta confederacy. 1803 The third Mahratta war; the British, under General Lake, defeat French and Mahrattas at the battle of Delhi, Sept. 11. Battle of Assaye; Marquis of Wellesley, with 4,500 men, defeats 50,000 natives, Sept. 23. General Lake- takes Agra, Oct. 17. Treaty of Peace with Scindia, Dec. 30. 1804 Holkar lays siege to Delhi. Gen. Frazer defeats Holkar at battle of SDeeg, No. 13. 1805 Treaty of peace with Holkar, who cedes Bundelcund and other territory. 1806 Mutiny among Sepoys. 1807 Lord Minto, Governor General. 1808 War with Travancore. 1809 Travancore subdued; mutiny at Seringapatam. 1-813 Ecclesiastical establishment formed. India trade thrown open to any British subject. 1814 Marquis of Hastings, Governor General. 1817 Mahratta confederacy dissolved. Ahmednuggur ceded to English. Defeat of Holkar at Mehudpore. Pindarrie war. 1818 End of Pindarrie war; peace with HolThe *Peiswa surrenders and cedes the Deccan. 1818 Oudh becomes independent. 1823 Lord Amherst, Governor General. 1824 Burmese war begins; British take Rangoon, May 5.:1825 British capture Assam, Feb. 1. Burmese defeated at the battle of Prome. 1[826 Battle of Pagham Mew ends Burmese Peace declared IFeb. 24: Burmah pays $1,000,000 and ceds large territory. English take Bhurtpore. 1828 Lord Bentinck, Governor General. 1833 The northwest provinces made a separate administration. 1835 Steam communication introduced into India. 1838 Slavery abolished in the East. 1838 Afghan war declared; Cabul captured by "the British, Aug. 7. 1842 Lord Ellenborough Governor General. 1843 Ameers of Scind defeated by Sir Charles Napier, Feb. 17. 1844 Lord Hardinge Governor General. 1845 Danish possessions in India purchased by England. England at war with Sikhs; battle of Moodkee, Sept. 6. 1846 British victory over Sikhs at Sobraon, February. Treaty of Lasore. 1848 Lord Dalhousie Governor General. Second Sikh war begun; Ramnuggur taken by General Gough; again defeated at Vyseerabad. 1849 The Sikh war ended with battle of Goojerat, Feb. 21. Sir Charles Napier becomes Commanderin-chief. Annexation of the Rajah to British dominions. 1850 Mutiny of native infantry in Bengal. I851 Beginning of the Second Burmese war. 1852 Pegu annexed to British Empire. 1853 Close of the Second Bvrmese war. Burmah deprived of its seaboard -provinces. First Indian railway and telegraph opened, Bombay to Tannah. Renewal, for the last time, of East India Company's charter. Bengal put under a Lieutenant-Governor. Indian Civil Service thrown open to competition. 1854 Ganges Canal opened. 1855 Calcutta Railway opened. Annexation of Oudh. 1856 Lord Canning appointed Governor General. 1857 Mutiny among native regiments at Barrackpore, Burhampore and Lucknow, May 6. The great Sepoy rebellion commenced at Meerut, May 10; Delhi seized by 40,000 rebels and the King proclaimed Emperor; mutinies at Cawnpore and Allahabad. Cawnpore surrenderd by the British to Nana Sahib, June 25. Siege of Lucknow begins July 1; General Havelock enters Cawnpore, July 17: victory over Nana Sahib, at Bithoor, July 19. Capture of Delhi from the rebels, Sept. 20; Lucknow relieved by Havelock, Sept. 25. Rebels routed at Battle of Cawnpore, Dec. 6. 1858 Battle of Futteghur, Jan 2. Sir Colin Campbell captures Lucknow, March 21. Rebels defeated at Kotara, July 14; at other points subdues the rebels. r 1858 An Act for the better government of India re'ceived royal assent, Aug. 2. Government takes control of India from the East India Company, Sept. 1. Lord Canning made first Viceroy of India. 1859 Thanksgiving day in India for peace restored. The Punjaub is made a presidency. Pacification of Oude announced, Jan. 25. 1862 Lord Elgin appointed Viceroy of India. 1863 Death of Lord Elgin. Sir John Lawrence made Viceroy. 1866 Bengal visited by a severe famine. 1868 Earl of Mayo becomes Viceroy of India. 1870 RailWay between Calcutta and Bombay opened. 1872 Assassination of Lord Mayo, Feb. 8. Lord Northbrook becomes Viceroy. 1874 Terrible famine throughout Bengal. 1875 Tour of the Prince of Wales through India; arrives at Bombay, Nov. 8. 1876 Prince of Wales sails for home, March 13. Lord Lytton appointed Governor General. A terrible cyclone causes loss of 220,000 lives. Queen Victoria proclaimed, in London, Empress of India, May 1. Great famine in India, continuing nearly a year. 1877 Queen Victoria proclaimed Empress of India, at Delhi, and other great cities, Jan. 1, 1879 Massacres at Cabul. 1880 Marquis of Ripon made Governor General of India. 1882 Riot between Hindoos and Mohammedans in the presidency of Madras. 1883 International exhibition at Calcutta opened, Dec. 4. Death of Maj. Gen. Francis Mardall. 1884 Death of Keshut Chunder Sen, head of the reformed theistic sect of Hindoos, Jan. 8. Formal installation of Mir Mahbub Ali, Nizam of Hyderabad, by Lord Ripon. The Calcutta exhibition closed, March 10. Terrible epidemic of small pox, at Madras, March 30. The Ilbert bill passes the legislative council, Calcutta, Jan. 25. Earl of Dufferin nominated to the Viceroyalty of India, Sept. 10. Lord Reay appointed governor of Bombay, Dec. 13. 1885 Indian Parcel Post inaugurated, July 7. Burmese expedition, from Calcutta, for Rangoon, Nov. 1. Hostilities against Burmese begun by Lieut. Gen. Prendergast, Nov. 16. King of Burmah unconditionally surrenders, Nov. 80. India gives prompt aid to England during Afghan war. India tenders assistance to England during Russian controversy. 1888 Marauis of Lansdowne appointed Governor General, Dec. 11. 1891 Massacre of native troops and English officers at Manifur, March 27. Defeat of the Manifurans by the English, May 5. 1893 Mints closed as to free silver by order of the Indian Council. 1899 Lord Curzon inaugurated Governor General, Jan. 9. 1905 Great earthquake, April 4. 1912 King George visited India, and received royal ovation. I SUPPLEMENT XV. ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL AND MODERN HISTORY. RUSSIA. 1768 War declared against Russia by Turkey. 1769-'84 Conquest of the Crimea. 1772 Catherine I. commences the dismemberment of Poland. 1774 Rebellion of the Cossacks. 1775 Cossacks' rebellion suppressed. 1778 Prince Potemkin becomes prime minister. 1780 Army neutrality. Russia, Sweden and Denmark declare that "free ships make free goods." 1784 Acquisition of the Crimea. 1787 War with Turkey renewed. 1788 War with Sweden. Treaty of Warelow. 1793 Second partition of Poland. Alliance with England. 1795 Final partition of Poland between Russia, Prussia and Austria. The partition of PolanC 2ompleted. 1796 Death of Catherine the <Jrreat. War with Persia. 1798 Russia joins the alliance of England and Austria against France. 1799 Suwarrow assists Austrians and checks the French in Italy. Russia forms an alliance with France. 1800 Insanity of the Emperor Paul. 1801 He is assassinated. Alexander I. becomes emperor; he makes peace with England. 1805 Russia joins the coalition against France, April. Battle of Austerlitz; Nopoleon defeats the allies, Dec. 2. 7807 Treaty of Tilsit; peace with France. 1809 The Turks defeat the )tussians near Silistria. 1812 War with France. Napoleon invades Russia. Battle of Smolensko, Aug. 17; Russians defeated. Battle of the Borodino, Sept. 7; Russians defeated. Burning of Moscow by the Russians, Sept. 14. Retreat of the French. 1813 Battle of Leipzig, and defeat of Napoleon. 1814 Downfall of Napoleon. The Emperor Alexander enters Paris, with the allies, in triumph. 1815 The Emperor Alexander organizes the "Holy Alliance," between Russia, Austria and Prussia. Alexander proclaimed King of Poland.1822 The Grand Duke Constantine renounces his right to the throne. 1825 Death of the Emperor Alexander. Insurrection of troops at Moscow. 1826 The Emperor Nicholas crowned at Moscow. War with Persia. 1827 The Emperor Nicholas visits England. 1.828 Peace with Persia. War with Turkey, Russians generally victorious, begins April 26. 1829 Peace of Adrianople with Turkey. 1830 Polish war of independence begins. 1831 Warsaw taken by the Russians, and the insurrection crushed, Sept., Oct. 1832 The emperor decrees that Poland shall henceforth form an intergral part of the Russian Empire. 1840 Failure of the Khivan Expedition. Treaty of London signed by Russia. 1841 War with Circassians. 1848 Russia aids Austria in suppressing the Hungarian Revolution. 1849 Russia demands that Polish and Hungarian exiles be expelled from Turkey. 1850, Conspiracy against the life of the emperor detected. Harbor of Sebastopol completed. Exiles sent to Kouish, Asia Minor. 1852 Visit of the emperor to Vienna. 1853 Commencement of the quarrel with Turkey about- the "Holy Places." 1853 Army sent to Turkish frontier. Conference of the great powers. War declared by Turkey, Oct. 5. English and French fleets enter the Bosphorus, Nov. 2. 1854 Allies enter the Black Sea. Battle of Citate, Jan. 6; Russians defeated. Ultimatum of France and England unanswered by Russia. Treaty between England, France and Turkey, March 12. Bombardment of Odessa, April 22. Siege of, Silistria, May 17. Siege of Silistria raised, June 2A.? Capture of Bomarsund, Aug. 16. Russia evacuates the principalities. Battle of the Alma, Sept. 20; victory of the' allies. Siege of Sebastopol begins, Oct. 17. 1854 Battle of Balaklava, Oct. 25. Battle of Inkermann, Nov. 5. Death of the Emperor Nicholas, March 2. Alexander II. Emperor. 1855 Sortie of Malakoff tower, March 22. Russians evacuate Anapa, June 5. Kars invested, July 15. Capture of Malakoff tower by the French, Sept. 8. Death of Lord Raglan. The Russians evacuate Sebastopol and retire to their works on the north side of the harbor; destruction of the Russian fleet, Sept. Russian assault on Kars fails. Battle of the Ingour; defeat of Russians by Turks, Nov. 6. Kars surrendered to Russians, Nov. 26. 1856 Council of war at Paris, Jan. 11. Amnesty granted to Poles, May 27; to political offenders, Sept. 7. Suspension of hostilities in the Crimea, Feb. 29. Treaty of peace at Paris, March 30. Close of the war. Crimea evacuated, July 9. Alexander II. crowned at Moscow, Sept. 2. 1858 Partial emancipation of the serfs on the imperial domains. 1857 Meeting of the Emperors at Stuttgardt and Weimar. 1859 Russia censures the warlike movements of the Germanic Confederation during the Franco-Italian war. Treaty with Great Britain. 1860 Commercial treaty with China. 1861 Insurrection in Poland begins. The Emperor issues a decree providing for the total emancipation of the serfs throughout the empire in two years; 23,000,000 serfs freed. Students' riots throughout the empire. 1862 The insurrection in Poland becomes general; it is quelled with great severity. Trial by jury granted. Increased privileges granted to the Jews. 1 Serfdom in the emoire ended. War with Asiatic nations. 1864 The war in the Caucasus ended. 1865 Death of the Czarowitch Nicholas, at Nice, April 24. New province of Turkestan in Central Asia created. 1866 Attempt by Karakosoff to assassinate the Czar, Sept. 15. Diplomatic quarrel with Rome. Marriage of Prince Alexander. -1867 Russian America, Alaska, sold to the United States for $7,000,000. Attempted assassination of the Czar, in Paris, by a Pole. 1868 Amnesty granted for political offenses. Poland disappears from map of empire. 1869 Socialistic conspiracies among Prussian students. 1870 Neutrality in France-Prussian war. declared. Gortschakoff repudiates treaty of 1856, as regards the Black Sea. 1871 Conference of the powers, at London, abrogates the Black Sea clauses. Many socialists imprisoned throughout the empire. 1873 Expedition against Khiva, which surrenders June 10. Visit of the Emperor of Germany to Russia. Visit of the Shah of Persia. New treaty with the Khan of Bokhara. 1874 Marriage of the Emperor's daughter to the Duke of Edinburgh. Visit of the Emperor to Germany and England. 1875 The island of Saghalien ceded to Russia by Japan. Japan cedes the Kurile Isles to Russia. War with Kholand. Baltic provinces incorporated into the empire. 1876 Russia encourages the insurgents in the Turkish provinces of Servia and Bulgaria. Capture of Khokan. Conquest of Khiva completed. 1877 Russia declares war against Turkey, April 24. Melikoff enters Armenia and seizes Bay azid, April 30. X Russians defeated at Batoum, May 4. Melikoff storms Ardaban, May 17. Investment of Kars, June 3. Passage of the Danube by the Grand Duke Nicholas, June 22-27. Capture of Tirnova, July 8. Plevna occupied, July 6; retaken by Turks, July 30; great defeat of Russians by Mukhtar Pasha. 1877 The capture of Nicopolis by the Russians, July 15. The Russians occupy the Shipka Pas., July 19. Severe fighting in the Shipka Pass, July 19, Dec. 31. Russian attack on Plevna partly successful Sept. 7-11. Great Russian victory at Aladja Dagh. Capture of Kars by the Russians, with great slaughter, Nov. 18. Capture of Etropol by the Russians. Capture of Plevna and Osman Pasha's army, by the Russians, Dec. 10. Emperor returns to St. Petersburg, Dec. 22. Erzeroum invested, Dec. 24. Gen. Gourko crosses the Balkans, Dec. 31. 187$ Russians occupy Sofia, Jan. 4. Servians defeated, Jan. 7. Capture of the Shipka Pass, by the Russians, Jan 8, 9. Batoum attacked without success by the Russians. Russians occupy Philippolis, Jan. 16. Russian occupation of Adrianople, Jan. 20. British fleet enters the Dardanelles, Jan. 25. Erzeroum evacuated by the Turks, Feb. 21. Treaty of peace signed at San Stefano. Skobeleff and Radetzky capture Turkish army in Asia Minor. Conference of powers at Berlin, June 13. Treaty of Berlin signed, July 13. 1879 Final treaty with Turkey, signed Feb. 8. Solovieff attempts to assassinate the Czar, April 14. Nihilists at Kieff and Odessa convicted. Attempt on the Czar's life by mining railway, Dec. 1. Discovery of plot to blow up the Winter Palace, Dec. 12. 1880 Explosion under diningroom of Winter Palace. 1880 Several soldiers killed and wounded, Feb. 17. Arrest o/f Hartmann, at Paris, Feb. 20. Gen. Melikoff made virtual dictator, Feb. 24. France refuses extradition of Hartmann. Nihilists convicted at St. Petersburg and Keiff. 1881 Assassination of Alexander II., by bombs thrown at his carriage, March 13; one assassin killed by explosion, another seized. P, Accession of Alexander III., who was not crowned until 1882, on account of fear of assassination. Trial of Nihilists, April 8. Russakoff, Sophie Pieoffsky, Jelaboff and others, condemned to death. Treaty of peace with China. Resignation of Gen. Melikoff, May 13. Manifesto of Gen. Ignatieff, May 23. Counter manifesto of Nihilists. New Nihilist plot discovered, November. 1882 lRetirement of Prince Gortschakoff. Anti-Jewish riots. Pan-Slavist speech of Gen. Skebeleff, at Paris. Death of Gen. Skobeleff, July 6. 1883 Accident to the Czar while hunting, Dec. 10. Col. Souderkin, chief of Police, assassinated by Nihilists, Dec. 28. Coronation of Alexander AIII., Czar of all the Russias, Aug. 27. 1884 Anti-J