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Fatherhood and Motherhood in a Diverse and Changing World LaRossa, Ralph
The Dynamics of African American Fathers' Family Roles McAdoo, Harriette P.; McAdoo, John L.
Beyond the Myths: Paternal Values of Latino Fathers Villarruel, Francisco A.; Chahin, Jaime
Becoming a Father: Marital Perceptions and Behaviors of Fathers during Pregnancy Curtis, J. Allison; Blume, Libby Balter; Blume, Thomas W.
Provisional Balances: Fathers' Perceptions of the Politics and Dynamics of Involvement in Family and Career Development Palkovitz, Rob; Christiansen, Shawn; Dunn, Christian
Postdivorce Father Involvement: Innovations in Child Custody Reform Lambert, James D.
Book Reviews Veihl, Christopher A.; Soderman, Anne K.; Clark, Jon B.; Manville, David L.; Weisfeld, Glenn; Stewart, Jr., Robert B.; Shehan, Constance L.; Mitchem, Stephanie