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Introduction: From Welfare to Well Being Blume, Libby Balter
Contemporary Family Policy: An Alternative Vision Eitzen, D. Stanley; Zinn, Maxine Baca
Chronic Poverty and the Struggle for Family Survival: The Rhetoric and Reality of Welfare "Reform" Polakow, Valerie
A Living Wage as a Prescription for Working Families Figart, Deborah M.
Urban Homelessness: Psychological Outcomes for Mothers and Children Harshaw, Terrie A.; Bouey, Renee M. Brockington; Blume, Libby Balter
The Context of Rural Economic Stress in Families with Children Imig, David R.; Bokemeier, Janet K.; Keefe, Dennis; Struthers, Cynthia; Imig, Gail L.
The Impact of Unemployment on Families Broman, Clifford L.; Hamilton, V. Lee; Hoffman, William S.
Family Businesses as Economic Phenomenon Kleiman, Robert; Peacock, Eileen
Commentary: The Changing Dynamics of Work and Family Levin, Marlynn
Book Reviews Ball, Debra A.; Periard, Mary E.; Lundy, George F.; Blume, Thomas W.; Barber, Betty L.